Monday, September 20, 2010

My beloved Lady - zeidel

My beloved Lady

Been such a long time i have not been in sl. i returned because i was wishing to explore my sub feelings again. Lets just say im not a total newbie to this scene, and wanted to go back and further in this time.
The day i first met My Mistress, i was wandering around wishing to meet people with similar affinities. i was not looking for a Mistress.

That day i decided to go to The Dominion Femdom, the people there usually show a very friendly attitude, and i was looking for a nice chat. I chatted with one Domme there, a Lady of the States, dont remember the name....... but then SHE appeared. i saw Her come and i politely greet Her, then we began to chat in local nothing really important. Then she IM'd me asking, "what was i doing with my back turned to the Ladies?" i deeply blushed and as i tried to explain, she smiled and we began to talk.

She took my full attention, then sl decided to crash her and i had to leave for a meeting. When i left for RL i couldnt get her out of my mind. She was a special woman with a kind soul, and loving heart. i never questioned if she was a Domme, i felt it. i longed to get back home and to log into sl and see Her again.

I returned to SL after my meeting and she sent me a IM saying, "Im sorry hun , I crashed." I returned to the Dominion and she was still there sitting on a couch with a boy infront of her, i sent her an IM anyways. i figured it was ok since She seem to have taken an intrest in me. She told me to wait by the couch, i did nervously. i waited a few minutes while she said goodbye to the boy and walked towards me, seeing her made me nervous, exited, and i had goose bumps all over me. i was very exited She had taken intrest in me and seemed to enjoy my company. We talked for hours, covered many subjets, i remember how she asked about me, my feelings, what i expect from a Mistress, limits, and always used a kind tone towards me.

She told me about what She enjoys in a boy, how she sees life, a little about Her rl, what she wanted from a boy and a lot more.... i dont remember it all, after all i was stunned by her grace and beauty. Suddenly, i realized time had flown by and i had to meet with the power company. i wanted to stay with her but i had to go. She nodded and said, "bye boy", i told her i would look her up when i returned she replied, "you better boy". I left with a smile, so anxiuos to get back and talk more to this lovely lady. It suprised me how much i wanted to get to her.

Finally, when i came back she told me to get closer and i moved closer with butterflies in my stomach. After chatting some more she told me i awoken her intrest, i blushed. Her silence as another Mistress was demonstrating a new hud. Then she said to me, "i want to buy that hud but need a pet" i sat silently. She said alot of boys could help her but that she were going to wait till i offered. So in 2 seconds i offered to be her pet to try it on. We continued to talk and then she asked if i like to dance, I enjoyed that moment, and felt like an horde butterflies awake in my stomach. I appologized in advance for stepping on her toes, she laughed and said, "well you can give me footrub during trials later". i could only reply, "as you wish".

We returned to Dominion a few hours later. I wanted to see the trials event that day. I arrived first and then the disaster struck. Miss Eva grabs me, "sorry your on trial today" , i was shocked but appologized for not being able to fullfill my duty and give her a footrub.

Unfortunately or perhaps fortune, my mic was broken i could not make a good roleplayer. But all i could think about was having to get to her, to sit by her feet again, pretty soon the judge gets tires of me and nothing happened. I was sentenced to get some things. i asked her if i may sit with her. She replied, "get over here and sit". She smiled and said, "where is my footrub boy," i started to rub her feet, it got me very exited and at that moment my trust in Her grew. She was very caring, about how i felt and very kind, taking interestest in helping me, and protecting me. I logged off, going to bed thinking of her and i craved to see her again. My feelings for Her were born. When i woke up the next day the first thing on my mind were her. i knew i wanted to be hers, to wear her collar, and to hear the lock snap as she made me hers.


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