Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark Night Of The Soul by Doc

It was his Dark Night of the Soul.  Bleak.  Damp.  Cold.  Rainy.
People sensed it.  He could tell.
He drank hot tea, but it didn't really help.
The coldness was flowing out from his soul.

She avoided him because she knew
He would be no fun at all.
He avoided her because he knew that she knew.
They didn't want to be close or to touch or to fake anything.

“It will be nice when it’s Spring”, he stated.
She nodded.
“I think we’ll be OK then.”
She didn't nod this time.

Three months later, he knew it was time to move on.
She saw him off at the door.  Quiet.  Not speaking.
He trudged down the lane to the main road.
His new friend awaited him there.

She said, “You drive.”  She slid over to the right side of the car.
He got behind the wheel.  The heater was on.  It felt good.
“Are you OK?” he asked her.
“Yup,” she replied.

The next day they got the license.
Two days later they were married.
Three days later they were under a palm tree.  They told her friends it was a ‘honeymoon’.
He wondered if he would die, victim of a freak accident – killed by a falling coconut under this very tree.

That night they made love.
No, actually he performed.  It was enough.
He felt unglued and far away… but
This woman didn’t really care.

He knew he was now in port.
Able to simply be.
To observe.
Not to be an object of affection.

She loved herself.
He loved the fact that she loved herself.
(She didn’t really care about him very much.)
He knew his jobs.

He looked forward to shoveling the snow
To washing the dishes
To fixing things around the house
To paying the bills.

She looked forward to a life where she was free
To not catering to any demands
To being able to come and go at her whim
To having no obligations to him or to anyone.

They were well-matched.
Two ships sailing parallel courses, basically on their own.

They grew old together that way.
When he died she remarried a few months later.  It seemed the logical thing to do.

Dirty Confession by Ronin

    I opened my eyes in a daze as the sting of Mistress' crop tore into the already tender flesh of my ass.  I don't know for how long I was passed out but it sure didn't seem long.  The sting of Her blow was a quick reminder of what had transpired before I passed out.  Mistress had  spent so much time preparing me for the day's event.  Her guests had arrived and I quickly gathered myself and got into position on my knees.  Before me stood my Owner looking as only She could.  My eyes traced up Her thigh high leather boots, Her stockings attached to a garter that ran under the tight, leather mini-skirt and Her small, tight top that barely held in Her breasts.  She was looking down on me with a smirk.  I barely noticed the assembled group before She spoke.. "Now my little slut, let's show our guests just how stretched you are....  Get into position!"
    Without hesitation I bent to the floor and pressed my lips to Her boot tip.  "Yes, Mistress!"  I spoke before turning on my knees and getting into position.  The thick chain attached to my collar gave me just enough slack to get into position.    Knees spread, back arched, I swayed my bruised, throbbing ass in the air, hungry for use.  I dropped my head and started panting lightly as Mistress turned to Her guests... "Who would like the first crack at him?" She said it with a laugh.
    "Oh, what the hell" a female voice spoke up as I heard the click of Her heel.  A quick peer to the side brought my eyes to the Mistress who spoke.  Her long, slender frame was strutting towards me.  My eyes widened at the sight of the long, thick strap-on that She was wrapping around Her waist.   I gulped softy at the sight of the dido that looked much bigger than the last training plug Mistress had used on me the night before.  She wanted me stretched but still tight enough to struggle when penetrated.

    The Mistress stepped in front of me and pushed Her boot towards me for proper greeting.  I immediately lowered my head and softly kissed Her boot, looked up to Her, and thanked Her for coming.  The Mistress bent down, clasped my chin and opened my mouth before sending a large wad of spit into my mouth, then closed it.. "You're welcome slut, let's see if you were worth the trip."
    I smiled nervously back to Her as I softly swallowed the wad of spit in my mouth. The Mistress stepped to the side and then between my legs behind me.  She slammed Her flattened palm square onto my bruised ass, sending a piercing sting rippling through my body... "IN POSITION!" She demanded.  I further lowered my head and ached my back, extending and spreading my ass up as far as I could, presenting it to Her.

    Before I could even breath, She lowered down and forced the large thick dido roughly into my ass.  As the dido split and penetrated my ass, I let out a scream of pain.  This seemed to please Her as She picked up the pace.. now fully thrusting the dido in and out and fucking me like the slut I've become.
    She yanked on my leash, demanding a better performance.   I fought against the pain and did as I was told.  I started bucking my body back on the cock, writhing my body, and starting to moan like a whore, begging for more between my short quick screams of pain.  This seemed to enliven Her as She started to beat my ass as She pummeled it.  "Come on boy!  Harder! Show me your worth!"  I became lost in the the display, pumping back against the dildo and feeling further spread and stretched.  The pain began to subside as I embraced the cock.  The Mistress was pleased and began beating my ass and fucking me. She began showing off for the room, who were enjoying the sight of her yanking my leash, spitting on my back and slapping my ass. She was fully engaged as I was feeling pain, pleasure, sweat and drool all at once.  I became fully engrossed as the slut that I now am.  "Goooood boy!" She exclaimed...."Come on, slut... FUCK"

    The Mistress, with the dildo completely drilled into my ass then be beckoned Her boy after a quick approval from my owner..."Come on babe.  Jump in on the fun!"

    Utterly dazed as the Mistress pumped and thrust into me and as She spit and beat on my ass, I didn't even notice the boy stepping in front of me and loosening his belt.  Mistress yanked my leash, forcing my head up to face the fully erect cock now inches from my mouth.  As the Mistress slid the Her cock all the way into my ass and paused, she looked to my owner.  "Do as you're trained, slut!" my owner demanded.  Pushing aside my natural hesitation I puckered my lips, leaned in, and softy kissed the tip of his cock as I was fully mounted onto Her strap-on.

    The boy laughed and smiled at me.  Before I could even react, he thrust his hips and pushed his rock-hard shaft into my mouth ALL the way -- until his balls pressed against my chin. He held them there.  As I felt his hand reach down and grip a handful of hair behind my head he spoke to his Mistress..."Let's give them a show, Miss!"  Before I could gather my thoughts they both started pounding.

    Lips wrapped around his shaft, my tongue flattened, I began to take the unrelenting thrusts of his cock. Moaning and laughing with his Lady, the boy proceeded to fuck my mouth with little mercy.  Drool dripped from my chin as I took it, sucking the cock. I held back my gag as the massive tip of it slammed against the back of my throat.   Concentrating on the cock I could now barley feel the pounding my now numb ass was still taking.  My ass cheeks were surely purple since the Mistress didn't let up. This slut (me) almost passed out at this point.

    In and out his cock thrust into me.. His firm grip pulled and pushed my mouth onto his cock... For what seemed like an endless time, his destruction of my body continued -- until his moans started getting louder and deeper...  "HERE IS COMES!!!.... The bastard quickened his pace as his pulsing shaft slammed in and out of my mouth. I began to feel him tremble. As a long deep moan started escaping his mouth I opened mine yet wider. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and when he started pressing back in.   As he slid in it erupted. .  A thick, hot stream of cum exploded into my mouth as I felt his grip tighten.  The boy held my face fully against him as the massive flow of cum filled my mouth. Interrupted only with Her firm slaps to my ass I guzzled every drop I could as the excess dripped down my chin.   Both seemed to revel in the excitement.  I was bringing them each to a crescendo of pleasure as they used all of me.

    Mistress slowed Her fucking as her boy slid his cock out of my mouth.  Gleaming and dripping with cum I proceeded to clean him up and lap every drop from his pulsing shaft.  I then carefully took in and sucked each ball ensuring he was fully cleaned.    Mistress slid out Her dildo and yanked my leash.  I then turned and took its entire length into my mouth and sucked it dry, cleaning every inch.  "That's a good boy", She said.

    She then lifted Her leg, jammed Her stiletto heel into my side and kicked me to the floor in a pool of sweat and cum...   turning to my Owner. She smiled. "I'm impressed. Your boy has come a long way!"

    As I panted and tried to calm my aching body, throbbing in pain, I heard my Owner speak.  "Why, thank You for the kind words. OK...WHO'S NEXT???"


    I let out a painful sigh as I tried to prepare myself for the next round.

Edging by Duncan

My Queen gave me a task today. She told me I needed to edge twice for her. When I woke up this morning, it was the first thing on my mind. I was so hard and horny. It was very difficult to take care of my normal morning functions first as a hard-on makes relieving my bladder very difficult. I suppose I could have edged right then but that would have been very difficult because my bladder was saying 'I really needed to empty' -- and I wasn't wearing a diaper. LOL.  I took care of that task, which eased the horniness a little bit and then I decided to grab breakfast. I was very hungry. I still could not completely focus on anything else as her directive was interfering with any other thoughts I might have had about the day.

I decided it was time for a shower and that was the perfect place to edge for the first time of the day. I ran the water and got in, 'Her Prince' at a 6.0 just from the thoughts of what I was going to do. As I lathered up my body, I quickly cleaned 'Her Prince', not rubbing it yet. I grabbed the removable shower head and began to spray my shoulders and arms, letting the soap run down my body. My torso was next, then my legs.  I worked the outsides first then switched to my inner thighs. I began to move the spray up my legs, and I then reached in between and sprayed behind 'Her Jewels', getting my anus rinsed off and clean. I then moved the spray forward to the perineum and finally to 'Her Jewels'. 'Her Prince' responded to this by jumping to an 8.0. I put some soap in my hand and began to stroke 'Her Prince's head and shaft, sliding my hand up and down. The water spraying 'Her Jewels' found the sweet spots and I kept driving myself crazy with pleasure and with thoughts of Her directing this scene. I rapidly reached a 9.0.

 I knew she would want more. I kept stroking and spraying all the sensitive spots. OMG! I reached 9.5 on the scale and kept edging -- for her. I counted the strokes to keep myself at 'the edge'. I counted off 10 strokes,  then 15 strokes, then 20 strokes. I felt that if I went much higher I wouldn't be able to stop. At 22 strokes I stopped.  I felt the first rush of an oncoming orgasm start to build and I worried that I might have gone too far, but -- I had stopped in time. I felt the rush at the base but luckily it only traveled a short way up 'Her Prince', stopping well before the halfway point up the inside of the shaft. I finished my shower, cooling down as much as possible as I washed my hair. Then I proceeded to get dressed and then to grab a cup of coffee and set out a bowl of cereal.

As I was pouring my cup of coffee I knew that I needed to let My Queen know that I had completed one 'edge obligation'. I did so as I said Good Morning. I did some work and then, having finished my cup of coffee and my cereal but still feeling hungry and horny. I put a couple of pieces of bread into the toaster and poured myself another cup of coffee. I was in the process of buttering the toast when she responded to my post on Skype. I was delighted to see her! We chatted about our day's plans before it was time to go to work. We said goodbye. I headed off to start my daily work.

All day long I couldn't escape an intense erotic feeling -- horniness -- but I was very busy.  I had almost no time to breathe nor to relax. Finally, after I had finished the work I had to complete I decided to check email and to relax for a bit. Though I found myself in my office I knew it was time to edge again from the nagging semi-hardness of 'Her Prince'. I was, fortunately, alone as I got up to go to the men's room.  I was hoping nobody would see the obvious bulge forming in my pants. I made it there without incident.

Once in the room I quickly undid my pants thinking that just unzipping them wouldn't be enough to help me put my parts back in place (as hard as I thought I might be once I was done edging). I pulled out Her semi-hard Prince and tickled 'Her Jewels' with my other hand. I then began stroking softly and as I did Prince rapidly became rock hard, going from a 4.0 to a 7.0 in no time. I relaxed and thought of My Queen and how good it felt to follow Her instructions. I felt waves of intense pleasure as I stroked 'Her Prince' and the pressure began to build.  First I hit 8.0 then rapidly on to 9.0.  I hit 9.5 but I kept going, trying hard to relax and breathe through the sensations. I felt the pressure build as I hit 9.6, most deeply feeling the intensity rapidly building as I focused on Her. I next hit 9.7 and though I felt my orgasm approaching, I was still not yet at the absolute point of no return.

I hit 9.8!  My legs started to tremble. I knew I needed to stop soon. I felt the cum begin to rise in 'Her Prince'. I felt the pressure build to the halfway point up Prince at 9.9.  I abruptly stopped. Then I relaxed and breathed -- but the pressure kept rising, I focused on cooling down! Finally the pressure slowed down, stopping right when it reached Prince's Head. I knew if I had stroked even one more time I would have cum; I marveled at how Her will stopped me right there. I breathed and relaxed. It took forever to cool down to a point where I dared to touch 'Her Prince'.

Finally I thought I could safely touch myself to put 'Her Prince' away. It was so very difficult to not stroke it some more -- and to then cum, but I had promised I would edge and no more.  I followed through for Her. As I was putting myself away I noticed a lot of precum on the tip of 'Her Prince'. It looked enticing and I wondered what it would taste like. Still, I just put Prince away, though I confess I was at least a little curious about the taste. I know why I did not; it was from a set of rules she gave me. One of the rules she had me remove was that I was allowed licking up my own cum after I'd cum. (This tied into an old fantasy of mine. I still was curious to discover it again in my thoughts if nowhere else).

As I sit here typing I am extremely horny for her but -- I know it will still be several hours before I may talk to her again.  I wonder what she has in store for me. I know only that I am happy to serve her today -- as she has ordered.  I am grateful to be in her service.

Thank you, My Queen.

It's Complicated! by Doc

“Is he your domme or your sub, Mitzi?  That should be an easy question to answer!”

This was becoming unpleasant, but Mitzi tried once again to explain to Sue the complicated relationship in which she was enmeshed.

“It’s not easy to answer!  Really!  He does whatever pleases me and he does what I tell him to do.  I snap my fingers and he usually is doing whatever I wanted him to do even as I’m telling him what to do.  I have him totally in control.  And he loves it!

“So he’s your sub!” said Sue.

“Not quite, Sue.  I kinda like to please him, too.  If he’s hot and tired and sweaty while doing chores and he calls for a beer, I run out to him with it.  And if he’s in the mood for sex and I’m not, I have sex with him because it pleases him so much.  I’m like putty when he makes demands on me.  I even cook his favorite meals (even when I don’t much like them) just to please him.  You see what I mean?”

Sue looked confused.  She decided to change the topic just a bit.

“Well, what about in the bedroom?”

“The same – except for the fact that we’re both masochists – and we’re both sadistic, too.”

“Huh?”  Sue felt as if she’d jumped out of frying pan into the fire.   “Please explain….”  She didn't know if Mitzi would, but she just had to ask!

“Well, sometimes when I’m in a rotten mood I do stuff to him – I mean hurt him physically – and he kinda  gets excited by that.  I mean, you know.  Erect and hard.  I love that!  I get off blowing off my frustrations and he gets hot and bothered.  It’s a win-win!”  Mitzi was grinning.

“So you decide what to do to him and how hard and he just takes it, right?  You’re the boss and he just takes whatever you dish out?”

Mitzi nodded.  “Yep – when I’m in a foul mood and want to get evil in the bedroom.  (I get horny when I’m upset….).” Sue nodded, but Mitzi continued.  “But…. Sometimes he is really bossy and loves to slap my butt and put …”.  Mitzi paused, wondering if she should go on.  But Sue was her best friend…..

“You were saying?” Sue said.

“Well, I like rough sex and he likes to put nipple clamps on my titties.  It hurts like the dickens but I do it because sometimes he gets really bossy and – well, I melt.  Do you know what I mean?”

Sue nodded.  She wasn't sure she did know what Mitzi meant.  She then said, “I’m thinking you’re both switches.”
Mitzi shrugged her shoulders.  Then she grinned.  “You know, figuring out what he and I are reminds me of something.”  She waited for Sue to comment – and Sue did.

“Yeah?  What?”

“It reminds me of biology when we had to do that exercise…. Figuring out what genus, family, and order different bugs belonged to….” Mitzi paused, realizing how weird this comment must have sounded.  She wasn’t far of the mark, by the puzzled look on her friend’s face.  She continued.

“I mean, Sue, that we have a complicated relationship, like I said.  We’re both not ‘normal’ but I really don’t know how I’d classify myself – or John – if I were some kind of sexology taxonomist trying to stick us both into slots on a chart or something.”
Sue nodded. “Yeah, you two are weird!  I think you’re aliens!”  She laughed.

Mitzi said, “Yep, we’re from someplace ‘outside’ of the known universe.  We’re secretly…. “. Mitzy paused and looked around dramatically as if they were being spied upon.  “We’re secretly….”  Again she looked over her shoulders.  And then she added……

“Human beings!”

Sue looked more puzzled than ever.


Spot's Kinky Adventure by Lady Lobbie

One day Spot walked in to the dungeon looking for his bone
Maybe it way in the chest
No just some cuffs

Maybe it is behind the rack
No just a paddle

Maybe it is under the bondage table
No just a strap-on

Maybe it is in the cage
No just a blindfold

Maybe it is....
Spot is grabbed, tied, blindfolded
To the table
His ass is fucked and spanked
There is his bone between his legs

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lady Chaotic's Top 12!

What were your favourite Confessions of 2014?  Lady Chaotic's are below.  Just search our archives to have a read. Thank you for another fantastic year of contributions!

1.January - "That's Why" - by Anonymous

2.February - "My Vagina is Scared" - by Lady Tora

3.March - "Raquel Welsh" - by Miss Eshi

4.April - "Confession" - by Louis

5.May - "My Book" - by Miss Karma

6.June - "My Happy Place" - by Ty Oddfellow

7.July - "For Fawna" - by Miss Eva

8.August - "How Many?" - by Anonymous

9.September - "Letter to My Daughter: Limes" - by Lady Danika

10.October - "Confession: Feelings" - by Rock

11.November - "Confession" - by Lady Promises Paine

12.December - "Confession of Confessions" - by Anonymous

Choices by Doc

I did as I was told.  Bit by bit I learned how to do more and more.  When I hit a barrier, I sometimes invented a means or a method.  Sometimes I’d go online and search for information.  Sometimes I failed and learned ‘the hard way’.

She watched me.  My skills were at her disposal.  She sometimes used them.  Sometimes she did not.  She slowly began to rely on me and we occasionally discovered I knew how to do things whereas she did not.  I was dismayed to see her falling behind me as I grew and as she shrank.  It was reminiscent of a job I once had where all the sales staff shared information and taught each other while the management stood back – uninvolved and consequently ignorant.  Ultimately empty ‘suits’.

I didn't like the dynamic between me and her.  When I tried to teach her she felt I was being insubordinate.  I stopped trying to build her up.  She seemed happy.  The phrase ‘fool’s paradise’ kept playing in my mind.
Finally everything melted down when it became crystal clear that she had become dependent on me and that her orders made no sense – or worse that they resulted in disasters.  She had allowed her strengths to ebb away by not challenging herself.  She had fallen victim to the Siren’s Call of ‘comfort’.
We decided (jointly) that I was not good for her any more.  She needed someone less competent than she was.  She needed fools to surround her in her Fool’s Paradise.  I left.  It was a friendly parting.  She thought me insane to leave, but was convinced that I was replaceable.  I knew she would have to go through ten to find one as able as me – but I had better sense than to tell her that.  Some lessons are best learned in the crucible of hard knocks.


My next lady was a better fit.  She challenged me to excel, but she was determined to always be my superior in fact as well as in name.  When I spent two hours, she spent four.  When I read a chapter of a manual, she memorized the entire volume!  When I learned a skill, she demanded I teach her everything I’d learned.  Then she went to learn from real experts. We competed.  She liked to win, but she liked to win fair and square.  She usually ended up doing everything better than me.  I admired her.  I respected her.  I obeyed her not because she demanded it, but because I couldn’t bear the idea of being thrown away by her as ‘unworthy’.

We knew that our relationship might eventually end.  Most do.  But I think we both knew that our friendship would outlast any ‘relationship’.  Even if I were not as good as she was in many areas, she knew I had strengths that could be useful to her.  She knew I had no problem with making her stronger and stronger, more knowledgeable and more knowledgeable.  I wanted her to thrive.  She wanted me to thrive.  We were bound by a respect more profound than titles or outward signs.  We were both real.

Reality.  No dream world.  No fool’s paradise.  Battle-hardened in the world of hard knocks.  Comrades in arms.  We were a perfect fit.  I don’t believe in love, but what we had was close to it.  Maybe better.

Listening by Doc

“You’re not paying a bit of attention to me,” she shouted.  He mused that she was only partly correct.  He was indeed looking out the window at a sparrow on a twig, wondering where it had been sleeping last night, but he had programmed a part of his brain to wake up at the words, “I want…..”.  That was really the part that mattered anyway, right?

“I’m listening to you,” he said, not quite sure if that was true – or partly true.  “What is it you want me to do?”

“I want you to listen to me!”

He thought about that.  She was talking.  He wasn’t deaf.  Her words were flowing along in an uninterrupted stream.  Did that count as ‘listening’?  He decided it was best to agree with her to avoid upsetting her further.

“Sorry….. You were saying something about what Janet said and what you said and how she felt about somebody I don’t know, right?”

“I don’t know why I put up with you!” she said.  He knew the answer to that!

“Probably because I do what you want me to do and because I don’t argue with you.  I do my best to help out when you need me to do something.”  She glared at him.

“What I want now is your input!  What do you think?”  She waited.  This put him on a spot.  No thoughts came to mind except one, ‘Shit, I’ve gotta come up with a thought and I have no idea what she wants to hear.’  He knew better than to share *that* thought!  He decided it was time for a question in the (most likely vain) hope that she wouldn't catch on.

“Well, I think you and Janet need to talk”.  That was safe, surely!  He continued, “Don’t you agree?” Done – he hoped.
“Janet and I have done nothing but talk about Gloria.  I’m asking YOU what YOU think.”

He realized he’d failed.  He had to make up something fast about somebody whose name he didn't recognize.  He suspected he was actually supposed to know who ‘the third party’ was. ‘Damn!’ he thought.  He was stuck in a blind alley.  A sudden flash!  He spoke, trying desperately to change the topic.

“I just realized that you had mentioned a while ago that you wanted me to bring the bag of rice up from the car.  I forgot.  Sorry.”  He actually *had* forgotten to bring the heavy bag in.  One of his jobs was to bring the groceries in from the car and to put them away.

“You are worthless,” she stated emphatically.  Once again, he disagreed.  He was useful for bringing in the groceries, right?  There were a thousand others uses he had, too.  He once again kept his thoughts to himself.  He decided to simply nod in submission.

“Don’t you agree?”   She was pressing in.

“I think I have my uses, Miss.  Don’t I?”  He wasn't sure if this comment fell under the category of ‘arguing with me’ which was prohibited behavior – but it was the truth.  Somehow he didn't think being accurate would save him.

She shook her hair.  Her eyes were not reassuring him.  She then smiled.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” she asked in ‘that voice’.  He had recently found out to his amazement that she seemed doubtful about her own appearance.  He loved staring at her.  True, almost no actual sex, but half a glass in better than none….  For once he could be fully open and not have to hide part of his thoughts.

“You are very cute.  I love your ears.”  That was a private joke.  She had been somewhat doubtful when he had long ago told her of his admiration of her very sexy ears.  She thought it was hilarious the first time he’d told her, but was now totally comfortable with his peculiar bent.

“You and my ears.  Most men would comment on my breasts!”  She wasn't criticizing him.  She was just stating what they both knew to be true.

He hoped the interrogation regarding his thoughts about her interactions about her social life was over.  Please!  She spoke up again.

“We don’t have sex enough, I think.  You never pay any attention to me!”

He agreed on point one.  He would have to think about point two.  It seemed a lot of his time was spent trying to sort out content from long meandering monologues she frequently engaged in.  Did trying to figure out ‘what’s the point of all this talk’ count as ‘paying attention’?

He responded, “We can have sex whenever you want.  You know that!  I’ve never turned you down for that, have I?”

“You and your one-track mind!  The only thing you think about is sex.”  He knew that was a lie, but why argue about it.  When and if she decided she wanted sex, she just needed to say, “I want….”.  She hadn't said that in weeks.

Just then he looked out the window.  Now there were two sparrows on that bare twig.  He wondered if they were ‘paired’ or just thrown together by happenstance.   He now wondered where they both had slept last night.

His mind was now once again subliminally monitoring for the words, “I want….”.  So far, nothing appeared on the screen.  He then began to wonder if frogs and birds have sex and – if so – whether they were blessed or cursed by not being able to talk.


So Lucky by Anonymous

It has been a long and tiring day.

We've been packing away Christmas decorations for the year. We've been vacuuming carpets. We've been cleaning the garage, the kitchen, entertaining the kids friends. It's been a long day.

A few minutes ago as the last boxes of the day were going into storage, Mistress told me to go prepare a bath for her, which I dutifully did. I made sure that the bath tub was clean. I ran her water at the temperature she likes it. I put her favorite bubble bath in the water. I put a clean cloth and towel by the bath etc. As she was getting undressed to get in the bath, she took her boots off and looked at them. She handed them to me and said "these are dusty. I want them cleaned". Half jokingly and half out of exhaustion, I gave them a quick shine with my shirt sleeve and said "good as new". She did not look amused. We talked about what she wanted done to her boots and off I went to clean them as instructed.

As I was sitting here half grumbling to myself because I am tired, I had one of those moments. You idiot! Do you realize how many men would kill or die to take your place?

Her boots are really clean and shiny now and I'm half embarrassed that for even a minute I thought I was too tired to clean them.

Despite having at least my fair share of life's challenges lately, I'm such a lucky guy.

2015 is off to a nice start.

You Know It by Anonymous

There she was,
Walking towards me as a shadow of pure malice,
Sweating out raw distilled want,
Almost angry that she needs to hurt me,
Every audible footfall sounds to me as clear as if it were upon my skull,
The poor light filtered through carelessly drawn curtains casts highlights,
Little sparkles of purest moon light,
Casting shadows of innocent upon her deviant intentions.
Her clothing hangs from her body like a second skin,
Clung to her form as if made from the syrup of desire.
I feel my pulse quicken,
Every fiber of my being tells me to flee,
The adrenaline in my brain yanks upon my neck to turn away.
It's too late,
I'm already so fucked.
My fingertips grip the sheets,
Nails strain against the fabric with fear and anticipation,
I lick my lips and taste the phantom blood that may yet grace them with it's presence.
She says nothing,
Just stares, towering over me.
My hands rise almost on their own,
Pressing them to the wall above and behind my head.
She smirks.
A sharp and well aimed slap to my cheek comes with an almost melodic "Good boy"
So fucked.