Saturday, December 29, 2012

Impromptu Confessions

A new year

A time to meet new people
Make new friends,

A time to go new places
Soar to new heights

A time to change into the person you always wanted to be,
It is time for a new year.


So many things to be thankful for this year!

We had a great orgy the other night when all the boys were on.   I took them one by one and fucked each one of them, then let them lick me until I had three great orgasms, then we went another round.

Well, to be honest Im just kidding about the orgy, but I am not kidding about being thankful.  Its been a great year.  With my boys, with the sim, with RL.

And this year... will only be better!   And who knows... maybe an orgy thrown in.   *g*


A beard covers your youthful face but not your pink blush.  I love it.  I love making young boys blush.  And you will blush a lot.


At the end of the year you are suppose to be thankful. So I want to give a shout out to a Lady for whom I am thankful for beyond any words. This Lady has been here for me through thick and thin. I have known her less than a year, yet I hope she remains my friend for many, many more. This Lady has given me a safe haven when I needed it the most and continues to be there, no matter what. So, Miss Fallen. I am thankful for you. I am thankful for your hugs, your laughter, your words of wisdom and your freaky dreams that you share with me. I am thankful that you and I are friends. I am thankful I can drop by whenever, without you ever sending me away. I am thankful for you. I adore you to pieces.


Dalia has a live in pink skunk who brings his A game

Sweet opens a public dungeon and teaches classes

Raffi writes a book about her life

Summer gets her own squad of military recruits to serve her in RL.

Susannah starts a series of wildly popular femdom podcasts

Casey gets Crissy's collar back and starts believing he deserves good stuff in his life.

Wycked finds a hot boy who appreciates her

And a few other private wishes I won't put here.  Use your imagination.


Secret crushes.... yep I have one.  And I will always be there for that person, to support and show them that I care.


I can misbehave. I can be inappropriate. Here, amongst all you of you magnificent Ladies, I need to learn to filter my juvenile thoughts just a tad bit better. I hope you give me time. :)


For next year I am focusing on improving myself for Her, my self confidence and self esteem. I believe I can be the man she knows I am.


I confess, As Miss Dalia was reading her poem, I got the hardest erection.


If dreams could come true
If wishes were unicorns
if days were eternal
if dust were gold
If life were an eternity
If you were mine

But you are mine ..... so where will I put the unicorn


I will guide you through all your secret scary places - the places that have previously made you shut down and run away. I will take you to the dark places we both need to visit. I will inflict myself upon you and infect you with my own desires and needs. You will hate me and you will love me. And I will own you.


Confession by Lady Sweet

I can see you're nervous.  You've been waiting for this with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.   You stand stiff as a board in the middle of the room.  The cross behind you, my toybags open for display to your left, as I stand before you, watching in silence, seeing your heartbeat pulsing in your neck as you shift from foot to foot.

I continue to watch you, knowing that my scrutiny is making your heart flutter.   You blush, your hands shake with the barest twitch, like you're not quite sure what to do with them.

I slowly begin to walk around you, my hands touch your shoulder and trail down the sleeve of your shirt, my nail barely touches your hand.  I can feel you holding back the urge to draw away.   I stand behind you, so close that my breasts press into your back, I blow softly against your neck.  You're breathing fast, trying hard to stand still, waiting.

My fingers stray to your head and I grab a fistful of hair, jerking your head back I whisper in your ear "strip".  Releasing you I walk to my bag and pull out a set of plain leather cuffs.   I look over my shoulder, I see you hesitate and then turn and watch as your pull off your shirt.  Your shoes follow and your hand shakes as you reach for the waist band of your jeans, unsnapping them.   I grin as you slide them down your legs and recognize that you're commando underneath.

I walk around you again, cuffs dangling from my fingers, slowly inspecting you and giggle wickedly as a blush spreads from your neck across your face.  It glows warmly across your hairless chest and I nod in approval of your cleanly shaven groin.

"Kneel" I say softly and watch you sink to your knees.

"Hands"  and you extend your arms to me.   I frown and you quickly realize your mistake and turn your palms up and drop your eyes to the floor.   I  buckle the cuffs onto your wrists then reach for your head and push it to the floor.

"Kiss the boot bitch boy" I utter harshly and as your lips find my leather clad left foot I raise my right and plant it firmly on your back, digging the stiletto heel into your shoulder.  Once satisfied I lift my boot and press against your shoulder, pushing you back into an upright position.

"Stand and turn slut"  I walk to my music player and press the play button as you obey my command and face the cross.

As the strains of Muse's - Undisclosed Desires begin to fill the room I grab your wrists and force you to the waiting cross, I fasten them high above your head and force your legs apart with the toe of my boot.

I feel your breath catch as I press hard against your body, Running my nails hard down your arms I whisper into your ear "please me, show me how it's done"

I hear your soft moan of resignation as I turn and peruse my toy bag and I smile,

Hanging By A Moment Part 3 by Kirby

(This is the final installment of this story, so no more cursing at me!)

Hanging By A Moment pt3

Every sensory ability I had was on high alert. It was hard to process it all, and I sensed my own fear. Her smell again was filling my head. A slight water in my eyes made the scene blurry. This is almost like what they mean when people say "caught with your pants down". Her warm fingers on my neck, and I could feel my own pulse pushing back on Her fingers. My ears were attentive to what She might say, but mostly my own rapid breath was surging like a concert audience. I was frozen. Was it fear only? Or, was it a mixed drink order? I'll have a glass of fear with desire. Make it a double. The eager rise between my thighs suggested that I got exactly what I ordered.

"Lock your fingers behind your head boy." Her words caused me to flinch, but my hands complied. Her fingers pressed deeper into my neck as Her claws retracted on my thigh. Quickly, Her finger had hooked through my belt with a slight lift. She was guiding me to the sink. My face felt the deep flush and heat as I realized She was going to force me to see myself in this predicament. My legs shuffled me to Her desired place, and I caught a glimpse. Quickly I looked away embarrassed. She pushed, and the moment my exposed hardness made contact with that cold porcelain sink, I sucked in a gasp. "You will want to watch this, boy. Your pathetic face. You will watch yourself. Watch your fear. I promise you will want to remember this...all of it." There was a hesitation, but my eyes found the way to stare back at themselves. She eased up on pinning me against the sink. She half moon paced around me. My eyes like the creepy cat clock followed Her movements. She stopped at my right side, and Her hand quickly moved to my unfastened belt. There was a tug and a zippy sound as the belt was pulled from my jeans. She folded the belt and lazily bounced it in the palm of Her hand as She resumed a predatory stalk. Every move She made seemed deliberate and calculated. I almost had time to dwell on it, but was brought back to the present when She pulled my jeans down. I felt denim bunch up around my ankles. My natural need was to cover myself. What if someone walked in? My fears calmed some, because I knew where it was going. She had my belt, so surely a quick spanking and we would be done. I was halfway to smugville in my head when I felt my own belt loop, and tighten around my neck. She fashioned it into a makeshift leash, and gave it a test with a yank. A normal person would be scared, but I felt that deep throb inside myself. I wasn't the only one that noticed. "Well, somebody is a bit excited." One hand rested on my backside, and the other yanked me down so that She could whisper into my ear. "Brace yourself over the sink, boy" What did that even mean? My fingers unlocked, and I had to bend slightly to grip that cold porcelain. My tormented eyes searching the mirror for Her intentions, and then I heard it. The sound of velcro coming away from its grip. Then I felt it between my legs. She had been packing a toy the whole time, and it was kept discreet by a velcro strap. My grip on the sink tightened.

It all got a bit hazy, because She worked with speed. She spit in Her hand and self lubed Her cock. Two points for kindness. She kicked hard between my ankles "Wider bitch!". The words moaned out of me as I took the stance, "Yes Ma'am." She took great care in lining up the tip of Her cock to Her desired entry. I looked in the mirror just over my shoulder in time to see that smile. It calmed me, and I was ready to receive Her. My neck snapped back with a stern yank of the belt, and She pushed in. I cried out, and struggled against my own desire. "Don't even think about cumming slut." She slammed me with what felt like anger. She slowed down in a slight reprieve. She forced me to take every inch to then give way to simple tip thrusts and a tease. She restricted my air, and then gave life back to me. She knew what She was doing. She fucked me up against that sink until I crumbled into a heap of a sobbing boy. My body was shaking, and there were tears streaming down my eyes. My cock and thighs wet with my own clear evidence of desire. She came down to my level to stroke my hair. A whisper filled my head, "You did real good, Mine. Let's get you home."

My Mistress took me home, and the entire car ride there, She kept a safe hand on my thigh. This was my fantasy, and She had made it come true. There is a trust between us. I can tell Her the more seedy desires in my head, and sometimes...She made them happen. She took great care with me that night. Standing behind me in the shower with loving hands reassuring me. We climbed into the bed we share for sleep. Just two apostrophes spooning with no words between us. This is pure bliss.


Happy New Year 2013 by Teegan

It has been a long year of ups and downs a roller coaster of emotions that was 2012.  As I reflect about what has been both good, bad and indifferent I close my eyes and my mind begins to wander.

When I look at you all I see is red.  Your red commands me in ways that I never thought possible.  You are on my mind at all times.  I think to myself how can I get my hands on you, I want you to invade all of my senses.  I seek you out even at times that are inappropriate.    

The memory of the sweet taste of your skin that moistens my lips, melts against my tongue, makes my eyes roll back into my head completely toe curling experience.

I wonder some days what I did to deserve such a treasure, a truly unique delicacy that is you. Flawless in every way.   .

My lips worship you as if today were the last time I would see you, taste you, smell you, enjoy you..  I fantasize of drizzling warm chocolate over your now wet skin licking it slowly and teasing you heightening the pleasure between us. I close my eyes and indulge myself in your decadence and sigh contently I could stay here forever..

The control you have over me astounds me.  There are days I spend fighting it.  Is this good for me?  Should I really partake in this guilty pleasure?  Should I feel guilty?

I open my eyes and pout a little wishing strawberries were back in season.  May your 2013 be fruitful!!

love teegan

Andy's New Years

I sat there, waiting. Where could she be? I kept checking the clock every minute or so, my foot tapping against the ground nervously. Could she really have stood me up? Was I just not worth it to her to show up? I got startled as a waitress came up to me, asking my name. There was a call for me. I knew it had to be her. Who else would phone me at the restaurant? I quickly run to the phone, grabbing it and answer with a shy, questioning "Hello?" It was her! The car had some problems, and she was still committed to coming. I agreed to wait longer for her, and happily took my seat with a bounce.
    Oh how the time goes by slowly when one stares at at the clock. But i had nothing else to really do. Every half a minute I would switch between my watch and outside, waiting to see her. Finally, an hour later she arrives! I snap up out of my seat to greet her. Handshake? hug? kiss her feet? What do I do? These thoughts all suddenly rushed to my head, but before I could think of what to do she offers me a hug. I let out a sigh of relief, and extend my arms out and give her a big warm hug.
    We sit down, talking about the car breakdown at first. We laugh, smile, joke as if we had known each other far better then just online for a month. We both picked hamburgers, going for something simple I suppose. They sure were big though! All through eating we talk so casually. How was each others days, about our pasts and future. It all seemed so easy, how was I able to talk so simply to her.
Oh crap, cheese! Cheese dripping down from my mouth and going all over the place. I expect a scolding, yet I hear cheerful laughter. I look up to see her smiling face, pointing at the string of cheese that was connecting my mouth to the burger on the plate. I blush brightly, quickly trying to get rid of the mess.
    We end up talking for a few hours, all the way up till we was the last people in the restaurant! Finally we decide to leave, not wanting to hold up the place closing up for the day. None of us ended up finishing all our food, It was just too much. With dogie bags in hand we get up and walk out the building.
    Holy crap its cold! With jackets and gloves we head to out vehicles. I a little electric bike, and her to the car. I feel kind of embarrassed showing her my bike, it seemed kind of like a toy of some sort. I am happy she showed interest, my heart races with delight. One last chance to make her smile, I show off my driving mask, with a picture of the incredible hulk printed onto it. Success, a chuckle! every time I hear that intoxicating noise my heart melts. surely nothing could be better. With one last hug, we say our goodbyes, and head off our respective ways.
    I don't think it could have gone any better to be honest. I see good times in the future for us both. My new years revelation is to try and be the best, most pleasing sub I can be for Mistress Dalia. I want to hear her laugh as many times as possible.

Anonymous Confession

This is my confession
I  teleported in the Dominion Femdom Sim wearing a Diaper and a white t shirt i want to tp away to another sim and ended up to this one but i got to like it here with the lovely ladys i had talk to last time.
Than i had seen Lady Persephone and Sub Dondas who i met here yes they had seen me wearing the diaper and told them i was at a diaper sim.
The diaper sim is for people that have a fantasy or fetish about it but alot do not know how it goes about it but i will tell in this confession there are different type of fetish to it Like.

1. There are some that just like being put in them or wearing them as a punishment or humillation but there is the option to just like the feel in being in one and not to wet or mess in them just to wear them.

2. The other option is to act like a baby to wear baby cloths to cribs to all sorts of baby stuff and to wet and mess.

Personal i did't mind wearing them in sl but i hate the all cute baby side to it some friends are like that but i rather wear it if it was for punishment or to be humillated or just to wear it thats about it
As for this confession it is true i did wear a diaper and yes i taken the punishment and await for the reply.

Resolutions by Lady Dalia

I Resolve:

To be more demanding,
To accept nothing less from you than,
Everything you are capable of giving.

To push, bend, pull and take
With hands, teeth, mind and body,
Every last bit of you.

To walk, boots on the ground,
Eyes to the skies and stars beyond,
Forging our direction.

To seek new ways to make you see,
Move heaven and earth,
To have you feel what you have never felt.

To push your freshly minted, shiny new limits,
Finding in you unlooked-for strength.
Birthing desires you never dreamed of.

To strip you down, naked and wanting,
Exposed and vulnerable,
Removing fear and doubt.

To make you want to crawl
Out of your flesh, writhing,
Till you beg for My mercy..

To free you of preconceived notions,
Expanding your mind,
Seeding in you new ambitions.

To fill your every thought,
Every waking need, encompassing you,
I will make you Mine.

To narrow your vision,
So when there is no one left,
You will understand "you and I'.

To carve my will in you,
Indelibly etching in your very being,
My dominance.

I resolve to be Me.

A Night Out by Lady Alyssalove

My eyes filtered around the dark room, lights flashing and music blasting in my ears, a headache slowly building behind my eyes, but I ignored the feeling. I was too busy, looking for that one boy who would satisfy my needs.

 These urges didn't come up often, the urge to dominate, to take complete control from someone. I brought my drink to my blood red lips and sips on it, the cold liquid flowing down my throat. My eyes roamed around the room again when I saw him.

He was walking in the door, a few friends behind him, but my eyes were only on him. He would be my victim tonight.

I drowned the last bit of my drink and I stood, my black dress flow down my legs and I slowly moved to the boy.

One of his friends touched his shoulders and pointed to me, saying something to the boy, whispering in his ear.

I glared at the friend, his blonde hair falling in his face and he looked shocked but quickly masked his expression and looking away.

'Good boy' I thought in my mind as I moved close to the boy.

"Hello," I said, my voice low and could barely be heard over the music but I knew he had heard me.

"Hello," He said and held out his hand. "I'm Eric, and you?"

I took his hand and gripped it hard, my long red nails digging into the soft skin of his palm.

 "Aly," I whispered in his ear, and pulled him closer. "Come with me boy, let us go somewhere more... quiet."

I saw him swallow, his Adam's apple bobbing, but he nodded his head slightly and I smirked, pulling him out of the club and across the street to a hotel and goes inside, moving past the front desk and to the elevator, pulling Eric inside the elevator.

I looked the boy up and down, finally being able to see his body fully now.

He was wearing a blue stripped shirt, and dark jeans. He was fairly short, taller than me by about 3 inches, but I knew he would look amazing tied to my bed, or kneeling at my knees.

"Um, where are we going?" He asked, a nervous edge in his voice as his eyes darted around the small space of the elevator.

I lifted my hand and guided his face so he was looking at me, letting my nails run over his face and smirks.

"We are going to my room boy." I said. "Where we will have some fun."

He swallowed thickly, but nodded.

"What kind of fun?" His voice was small and quivered just slightly and I smirked.

I let my hand run down his chest and to his crotch, gripping it tightly in my hand, loving the squeak that left his throat.

"Have you ever been dominated boy?" I asked..

He shook his head quickly and I griped his crotch harder, feeling his cock jump and begin to harden.

"You will speak boy, and you will refer to me as miss," I said. "Now, do you want to be dominated, and don't you dare lie to me."

I saw him swallow before hearing his soft, barely there, voice, "Yes Miss."

I smiled and slowly let go of his cock and balls as the doors open and begins to drag him to my room...

end of part one

Raffi's Winter Haiku

Three Times Eighteen Winter Syllables
      crafted sweetly just for Summer.


An old. blind masseur squeezes her plump cheeks. He cannot count the missing teeth.


Memories hide inside a diary; winter
tears stain the silk cover.


Slow dripping icicles draw the short day long;
her lover waits in the sun.

Salun's Confession

My whole life I’ve been very much submissive. Clean this. Clean That. Go run for this and that. Its something I’ve never really questioned and something I’ve never only for the slightest moment thought to dabble in the other side. Despite having very little chances to experience my submissive self in real life I believe that those handful of experiences have lead me to think of what an ideal Mistress would be like for me.

Long ago I use to be far less shy than I am now. A result of a very bad and demasculating relationship. So my ideal owner would be a Mistress that would help me learn to overcome my shy demeanor. Let me hide behind her when necessary but push me forward when she deemed it necessary for my growth.

She would give me tasks to do. Ones I would do without question and out of the blue.”Clean the House” or “rub my Feet” Random tasks that would help to ease her life in the tiniest f ways whenever possible.

I desire an owner who is active in the D/s lifestyle. Preferably events and gatherings. n which she can show me off. Take pride in her caged and collared submissive. And if she would allow it for me to even be open in my day to day life about my submission to her.Wearing her collar with her name on it in public. I wouldn’t want my owner to feel as though she and I need to hide our true relationship.

I adore the idea of an owner giving me a dress code of sorts. One whom would tell what I can wear to events, parties, outside of the home and inside. SOmething in particular I confess I adore is the concept of being made to undressed at all times when at home. Are even at events sometimes. As Part of her way of helping me overcome my shy demeanor.

She would take me out on a leash when I was a good boy and punish me when I have done wrong. Not in a sexual way rather to get her point across. A firm hand to keep her boys and girls in line when she was there and away.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hanging By A Moment Part 2 by Kirby

Hanging By A Moment (part 2)

(This is part 2, and there will be a part 3 to end the story off for time's sake. At the end there will be a choice to make and you all will decide the boy's next step. Enjoy!)

My eyes had left my wristwatch, and my eyes darted around nothing, as the roulette wheel spun in my brain. Think, think, think... Perhaps, I was taking too long to choose a path, or maybe She wanted to remind me of the only path to walk. I felt Her confident hand touch my chin, and direct my attention to Her. "It isn't rocket science, boy. I never ask twice." I quickly swallowed the protest in my throat and simply nodded. "Yes Ma'am." Was that my voice? It seemed too small to be birthed from my lungs. Whether I thought it, or said it, She seemed pleased. A swivel on my feet, and my long legs moved in the right direction. There was heat on my backside. I knew She was watching. A slow burn all the way across the red velvet carpet. I would not dare look back. Upon arrival to the designated table, I caught myself inspecting it for cleanliness. I imagined where She would sit and my hand brushed over the cheap vinyl covering to wipe away any litter. Why am I doing this? I should not care about the seat. What She couldn't see would not hurt Her, right? My thoughts were interrupted by an eager waitress. "A house red wine, and a...just a water with lemon please." The waitress went away to oblige the order, and I just stood there waiting for Her.

I could see Her making Her way across the bar to me. It was like I was looking through a fish-eyed lens. The obviously tailored trench coat was buttoned up, and Her black boots paraded in a sultry step. Step one, step two. She was met at the table by the waitress who set the drinks down, and I started fishing for the correct bills in my pocket. "No change. Thanks." I wanted that waitress far away quickly. The anticipation was killing me. What did She really want with me? She slid into the booth, leaned back comfortably, and claimed not only Her wine, but also my water. I could feel my frown, and the scrunch in my nose, and She obviously was fluent in the language of body. "Oh, I assumed this was for me too. My instructions never included a drink order for you, boy. Sit down. I will assume you were just going above and beyond in anticipating my wants." A sideways grin formed on Her lips and I knew there were no right answers. I elected to keep quiet, and slide in across from Her to take my place. There was a slight hesitation though. Did She mean sit down right on the floor, or was I supposed to be in the booth? Why was this such hard work? I quickly looked to Her for a hint on Her face. The booth seemed to be the right place. I was envious of how relaxed She appeared while I sat on the edge of my seat, tense.

The silence between us was deafening. Her gaze moving over my features, and I sat there like a lab rat. Twitching on the inside. My features must have put off an air of thirst, because She slid the water towards me. I took it greedily, and not because I was dying of thirst. I never knew what to do with my hands. That glass could of passed as a security blanket when I clutched it. Slight relief. My hands had something to do. She spoke. "So, boy, are you trying to figure how I could spot you a mile away?" I smiled slightly, "You mean it wasn't my grace, charm, and striking good looks?" That was meant to be funny, and maybe a little cheeky. This was difficult. I was not sure what to say. I did not have long to hand out a chuckle, before I felt a pain sear right between my legs. Quickly, I bit my lip down hard and my hands white knuckled as they gripped the table. Just a faint squeek from my throat. Yes, a lab rat. Slowly, I looked down to find the spike of Her heel pressed into my balls. "I'm sorry...Ma'am.". The spike let up slightly to give way to an almost comforting rub from Her foot against me. "You see, I like nice boys. Polite boys with manners." She leaned forward, and as She did the pressure of Her foot pushed in tighter. I sucked in a deep breath, while trying to focus on Her face. "Cocky boys have no place with me. Besides, you are not THAT good looking, boy. Understood?" I quickly became a human bobble head as I nodded enthusiastically. "Yes Ma'am, understood." She eased the pressure off, and I sat back with a sudden urge to grab and feel to ensure all my parts stayed intact.

This is not what I had in mind for my night. Was I really going to miss sleep over getting my cock trampled in a seedy booth? I was used to something different. As badly as I didn't want to make the rules, it was my reality. Many nights, after a show, 18, 19, and 20 year old girls offering me their pretend virginity for the night. They would suck my dick in the dressing room, if I wanted it. Just a bunch of silly girls that had nothing to offer me, and the truth was I really had nothing to offer to them. My craving was for something else. My need was to be taken, directed, forced, and then loved. These thoughts swam through my head while we sat silently. As I left my own head, the sensation struck me. Through Her very slight reminder, I had become partially erect. I also had to relieve myself. Mental note: Never guzzle water with a stiletto in your crotch. It is a confusing feeling. "Ma'am, may I be excused to the rest room? I won't be long." She seemed put off, but nodded to allow it. As I stood, I saw Her face register the reaction in my jeans. That brought a smirk to Her face, and I probably moved on my feet more quickly than normal.

There is a certain safety about being alone in a men's bathroom. Alone, and free to register the natural reactions on my face from what transpired. I unfastened my jeans while watching in the mirror. Self inspection time for sure. It was a brief inspection, but gave peace of mind that She had not removed anything important. Taking my shoulder width stance at the urinal, I closed my eyes and began to relieve myself. My left palm pressed against the wall, and my head bent down. I grumbled, "Fuck me I should have gone home." A sound of the door opening was a bit of an assault to my ears after enjoying some quiet. Just another drunk here to piss his booze away surely. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I felt the hand on my neck. I froze. Another hand slinked over my hip and down my opened jeans. I felt fire when the nails dug into my bare thigh and pulled slowly. There was only a whisper from Her, "It's time boy".

 (A choice has to be made for the last part. Does he run far far away? Or does he stay and go with it? You the listener decides.)

Kenge Christmas Surprise

I had just about had it with Christmas and the crowds and the carols and the whole mess.  I had to get off of the jam-packed sidewalk and none of the shops were very beckoning, all full of “Deck The Halls” and that nonsense, so I slipped into an office building just as the last of the workers were coming out.  There was no one around, so I thought I’d explore a bit.  I passed the female security guard at the desk, who gave me one appraising glance, decided I was harmless and went back to her copy of “Glamour” magazine.
Her phone rang and she picked it up, answered in a perfunctory manner,  and suddenly became very attentive.  She looked at me once more, in an entirely different way, then went back to speaking to whomever had called.  I sauntered off toward the elevators and got on the first open car.  I picked a floor at random and the doors closed.  Why not have a look around, I thought.  It was quiet and very few people were about.
I watched the floor signal rising through the numbers, 18, 19, 20.  I had pressed 22, and was surprised when the car went right past the floor without stopping.  When I got to 26, the doors opened on a darkened hallway.  I pressed the button for another floor, but nothing happened.  I waited, then pressed again.  Nothing.
I pressed the call button and heard a female voice answer.  I assumed it was the security guard.
“Is there a problem?”   She asked
“Yes, I’m stuck on the 26th floor, and I can’t get the elevator to move.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.  Sometimes that happens.  You’ll have to get out and let it go and take the next car.  Just push the Down button in the hall.  Sorry”
“OK.  Thanks.”
I stepped off the car and the doors hissed closed behind me.  I pressed the Down button, as instructed and waited for the next car.
I was surprised to hear the click-click of women’s high heeled shoes approaching on the marble floor.  There seemed to be several women approaching.
“Oh, good,” I thought, “Company on the ride down.  I hope they’re good looking.”
They were.  All four of them looked as if they could have stepped out of a fashion magazine.  Two blonds, a brunette and a red-head.   They looked me over as they came closer, seeming amused.
I heard the elevator rising, nearing the floor and in a moment the door opened.  Out stepped the security guard from the front desk.
The red head said, “All locked up, Gracie?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
I stepped aside so that the ladies could enter the elevator ahead of me.  After all, I am a gentleman.  The door closed and the car went down.  I reached out to push the button again and the security guard grabbed my wrist and slapped a hand cuff on it, then bent my arm suddenly behind my back.  The brunette seized my other wrist and soon I felt the cuff grip it.  My hands were bound behind my back!
“Look what Santa brought us, Ladies,” said the red-head.  The blonds lined up, one on either side of me and gripped my arms in surprisingly strong hands.
“Tonight, Gracie, you’re going to learn some new tricks.  Just watch and learn.”
“What the hell is going on here?” I shouted.
The red-head stepped directly in front of me and kneed me in the balls.  If it hadn’t been for the two women holding my arms, I’d have collapsed in a heap.  As it was I bent forward, groaning.  The red-head slapped my face very hard and said, “You are going to be used, boy.  You are going to feel pain, and then pleasure, and then pain again.  You’re our Christmas toy.  Bring him”
I began to struggle to escape the grip of the women who held my arms, but the red-head slapped me again, and pressed her knee to my groin.
“Uh uh.  Come along nice and quiet.  You may even like what happens.”
She turned and strode down the hall and I was frog-marched along behind her.  The red-head put her arm around the waist of the brunette and she returned the favor, whispering together.
We got to a pair of double doors, unmarked with any sign or number and the red-head opened them both.  I was roughly dragged into the room and knocked to my knees.  I heard the snick of the lock being turned.
“Good.  You’re on your knees. That’s where you belong and where you will be until we tell you otherwise.  Gracie, get the collar.”
The security guard stepped away, returning moments later with a thick leather band which she buckled around my neck.  The brunette attached a chain to the ring in the collar and handed it to the red-head, who jerked it making me fall forward.   The two blonds pulled me upright again, one of them taking my hair in her hands and tilting my face upward to look at the red-head.
“Here are the rules:  You call each of us ‘Mistress’.  You obey our commands and you serve us.  Maybe we’ll be lenient with you if you can remember those three things.   Maybe we’ll be gentle.”
This last comment was met with laughter.
“Stand up.  Help him stand up, Gracie.”
I was unceremoniously dragged to my feet.  And stripped.  I thought for a moment of knocking them down and trying to escape when the handcuffs came off, but there was no chance of that.  It was as if they’d guessed I’d try it and they were ready, holding me tightly until I was naked and the cuffs went back on.
I began to protest again and suddenly found a ball gag in my mouth and felt the straps to it buckled tightly behind my head.  Another slap stung my face and the red-head said “Shut up, boy”
She tugged at the chain around my neck, turning away and walking so that I had to follow.  I felt the other women touching me, pinching me, exploring me as I was led along.   One of them roughly prodded my anus and when I leapt in surprise she said, “Oooo!  A virgin!  It’s your lucky night, Gracie.”
I felt the metal cuffs removed and replaced with thick leather straps which were tightened on my wrists.  The same was done with my ankles, the women working in perfect, well-rehearsed moves.  I was then pushed forward and chains were attached to my wrists.  The chains, in turn, were fastened to hooks in the wall in such a way that my arms were spread out just above shoulder height.  My legs were kicked apart and a sort of bar was fastened between them keeping my legs about 3 to 4 feet apart.
More hands explored me, teasing my cock into erection, dragging fingernails across my inner thighs.  The red-head slid her hands across my chest, like a love would do, then grabbed my nipples, pinching and twisting.  I cried out in pain through the gag.
“Mmmmm.  I like that sound.  Let’s hear it again.”
She twisted again and I groaned.
The brunette said, “I do so like the sounds men make when they’re in pain.  It gets me so excited.”
She turned to the red-head and lifted her face, then kissed her hungrily.
“Oh, boy likes to watch!”  She said.  She opened her blouse and exposed her beautiful breasts, caressing them and thumbing her nipples to attention.  The red-head leant down and took her left nipple in her mouth sucking, licking.  I felt myself responding by growing harder.
“Your turn,” said the brunette and pressed her mouth to my nipple, then suddenly bit down hard causing me to scream.
“Ooooh.  Yes!  Scream for me, boy.”
She loosened the gag and pulled it out of my mouth, then she and the red-head each bit into one of my nipples.  I cried out in pain.  The two women, obviously excited pulled away then kissed again.  I watched the two blonds go to a cabinet across from where I was bound and open it.  Inside, hung in neat, ordered rows, were whips of various sizes.  They each took two floggers and came back, handing out their toys to the others.
“Gracie, you’ll watch first, to see how it’s done. To see how we mark him for our own. “
“Yes, Ma’am” said Gracie
All four women, two in front and two behind, began to beat me with the floggers, slowly, lightly at first, then working up to a frenzied rhythm.  Every blow caused me to cry out in pain and every time I cried out it excited the women to greater frenzy.  Soon my back, my chest, my legs were covered with welts and every inch of my skin was a stinging mess.
“You see, Gracie?”  the red-head panted, less from the effort than the excitement, “You see how to do it?”
“Yes, Ma’am”
“Do it, then.  Make him hurt.  Make him suffer.”
Gracie took the proffered flogger and swung it at me, rather half-heartedly.
“Show him, Ellen”
The taller of the two blonds stepped in front of me and wailed away with the flogger until I could feel trickles of blood begin to run down my chest.
“Good!  Now, Gracie.  I want you to draw blood from his back.”
Gracie, newly inspired, began to work on my back in earnest, until the blood was flowing there, too.  The women all made much of her accomplishments, congratulating her on her progress and having her run her fingers over my fresh wounds.  She came around in front of me, her fingers stained with my blood.  She looked at me with a wild ferocity and began to lick her fingers clean.
“I like it” she said.  “It’s salty and good”
She dabbed more blood from my chest and tasted again.
The red-head said, “Now, boy, you must say ‘thank you’”.
My head was in a fog.  I tried to focus on her and I said, “Thank you.”
Her hand swung around quickly, striking my face.
“Thank you, who”
I struggled with my overwhelmed mind, trying to recall what I should say.  I clearly took too long as another slap rang against my face.
“Thank you, who” boy”
“Mistress!  Thank you, Mistress”
“Better, but not fast enough”
Again I was beaten, this time ‘til I could hardly stand.  The Mistresses took me down and half-dragged me to a short bench.  They forced me onto it face down, securing my wrists and ankles to rings on the legs of the bench.  They went on to admire the scars and welts and blood on my back complimenting each other on a job well done.
Suddenly I felt a slap on my buttocks, then another, then another.
“No music?  No moans?  We’ll have to try a little harder.”
They walked away, returning moments later.  I heard a sharp whistling hiss in the air and felt a firey sting on my ass.  I couldn’t help but cry out.
“Oh, good!”
Then another, then another then another.  It seemed to go on for hours.
“Nice and pink!  Don’t you think so, Gracie?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“After you finish, Gracie, you won’t have to call us ‘Ma’am’ anymore.  You can use our names and leave the front desk to the new girl.  You’ll be one of us.”
“Thank you, Ma’am!”
Ellen, the tall blond was standing at my head with something in her hand.  She struck my cheek with it.  
“Look at this, boy.  What do you see?”
“It looks like a… like a cock, Mistress”
“Open your mouth.”
I turned my head away and immediately felt a rain of blows on my sensitive back.  I cried out and when my mouth was opened the plastic penis was shoved in.
“Suck it, get it nice and wet.
She shoved it into my mouth, pulling it halfway out and shoving it in again and again until I gagged on it.   They all laughed.   Gracie came forward with a harness, and the plastic cock was mounted in it. There was an almost ceremonial quality to the way the women strapped the harness around Gracie’s hips.  When it was tightened to everyone’s satisfaction, Gracie disappeared from my view.  Soon I felt a cold lubricious substance poured on my anus and rubbed in.  Fingers probed me, entered me, first one, then two.  I felt myself stretched open.
“He’s as ready as he’s going to get, Gracie.  Take him”
I felt a pressure on my sphincter, then a penetration, slowly at first, forcing its way deep inside me.   As the women cheered her on, Gracie’s thrusts grew faster and more violent.  She pounded at me, my cries of pain exciting the women further until they resumed flogging my naked back
My head swam and my vision blurred.  I couldn’t breathe.   Soon all was blackness.
I awoke, fully dressed in my hotel room, my body aching, my skin on fire.
I looked around the room for a moment and passed out again, my last thought being how I could find that building again.

A Sure Bet Part 2 by Gunther

A Sure Bet part 02. (From gunther)
warning (Contains forced gay and public humilliation)

The night was short and sleeping on the bus floor naked wasn't easy either.
Karen awoke me from my sleep yanking on my leash and ordered me to make coffee for all the members.
The bus kitchen had everything I needed, to make the coffee.
While I was working I could still feel that fucked in the ass feeling and dreaded what was in store for me today.
But I had no choice in the matter anymore, loosing that stupid bet, I lost my freedom and now was a slave/bitch to Karen and her pussy venom gang.
When the coffee was ready I poored everyone a cup and brought it to each member.
Karen had ordered me back to sit on the floor beside her bunk.
She sat on the side of the bunk when she yanked the leash towards her and snarled at me “Get your fucking tongue to work slut”!
She grabbed my hairs and forced my face against her shaved pussy, “Get to it we don’t have all day”!
I started licking her with long strokes , making sure her clit got that last flic from the tip of my tongue each time.
Pretty soon she was grinding against my face, till she came so hard.
When she regained her senses she slapped me hard in the face then kicked me backward.
Karen “From now on slut, you will do that every morning”, ”don’t you dare, make me tell you again”!
“Go wash yourself in the creek, your face is a mess”!
“Can’t have you walking around like some filthy slut,… not yet anyway”!
She snapped her fingers and I ran to the creek to wash myself.
The morning cold and the freezing water made me very aware of my nakedness and hairless body.
When I came back Karen was talking to one of the members.
Karen “Bitch,… this is Summer”, “In your case Miss Summer”!
“She will help you with your clothing and look”!
“I’ll see you in half an hour, to inspect you”!
“Then we need to ride to the nearby town”!
As Karen walked away Miss Summer was looking me over from top to bottom.
“So Eric,… uh sorry Erica”, “We got some work on you to do, so do what I tell you and you will be ready in time”!
“Don’t and you will find out later what that means for you”!
All I could do was nod.
Miss Summer had hat wicked grin on her face when she said “I got just the right outfit for you”!
She was abut to turn when I asked “What’s wrong with my clothes”
She turned and slapped me in the face saying “the correct phrase is (What’s wrong with my clothes, Miss Summer)”!
“And the answer is simple slut”!
“Last night you got so eager to fuck, we didn’t had time to get allot of wood”!
“So we ran out during and had to use your clothes to keep the flames going”!
“They are all gone slut”!
“Sorry” she grinned.
“B…but what am I going to wear Miss Summer”!?
Miss Summer “Oh don’t worry, I got just the right outfit in mind with your new status in the gang”!
She went to a cabinet and took some items out.
“Ok, I think this will fit you nicely “!  She handed me a bright red lace bra.
I was in shock, “I cant wear this I’m a man”!
Miss Summer just raised a eyebrow “You must be joking right, a real man wouldn’t let himself get fucked in the ass by a group of women and moan and cum like a bitch”!
“And a real man would know how to ride a bike”!
“Last night you sucked my rubber cock, like a slut in heat, so don’t you tell me you’re a man”!
I wanted to object “But I ……”! SLAP
Her hand print was on my cheek as she slapped me.
Miss Summer “Do as your fucking told to, or do I have to use the cane on your ass”?
Quickly I started to put on the bra while Miss Summer adjusted it.
Then she handed me some crotch-less panties , I stepped into and she slid them up my legs and set is so my caged cock was rightfully exposed.
“Oh that’s so cute, Erica”! Miss summer grinned witch only inflamed my humiliation more.
Then to my horror she handed me an almost sheer white top, witch when I put it on everyone clearly could see I was wearing a red bra under.
That and the fact it had Slut written on the front and back.
Next she asked me “Skirt or pants, witch do you prefer”!
Of course I chose the pants, no way in hell I was going wear a skirt in public.
“Can I have the pants, Miss Summer”! I said.
Miss Summer just laughed and said “Well its your choice slut, I would have taken the skirt”!
When she took an item out of the cabinet my humiliation increased and she handed it to me.
“But these are leather chap pants, I cant wear this in public everyone will see”!
Miss Summer “Quit stalling slut, you chose pants you got them”!
Reluctant and regretful I put on the chaps, which only seem to emphases more on the crotch less panties .
Next she handed me red women’s shoes with a 3” heel that had straps and a lock to secure around my ankles.
I was unsteady on my feet so she told me to walk around in them a bit.
Suddenly flashes went of and when I turned and fall on my ass another series of flashes went of.
“Stop you cant take picture of me like this, I said”!
Miss Summer “Why the fuck not bitch, it will go greatly with the video tape of you last night getting fucked up the ass from all of us”!
I was nailed to the ground with fear “You mean you filmed all that”?
Miss Summer “Of course you pathetic silly SISSY Slut”!
“That and its already posted on our website (Pussy Venom) under the section (Sissy bitch slut adventures)”!
“Your slut ass is a hit, lots of Women and men payed to see your loser ass get fucked”!
Sheer terror and humiliation went trough me and tears formed into my eyes.
Miss Summer “Oh what’s the matter Slut, you should be proud”!
“You made us more money in one night then we could gather in half a year”!
“There’s no turning back now, BITCH”!
“Now turn your sorry ass around and bend over slut”
“Spread those slut cheeks for me”! Slap
As I spread my ass cheeks I feel humiliated and vulnerable but what choice do I have.
She takes a tube of lube and roughly insert’s one finger wiggling it around then ad’s another.
Miss Summer “You like that don’t you bitch, I’m starting to wonder if you lost that bet on purpose”!
(Eric Moans as his prostate is stimulated) “Uhh yes ,… I mean no”!
“Your confusing me, I don’t want this”! (Moans louder)
Miss Summer ad’s another finger and stimulates him more “You sure you don’t want this”!
Eric “Plea…”!
Quickly she takes out her fingers and pushes in a large red tail butt plug.
SLAP, SLAP, SLAP Miss Summer “You dirty fucktoy, your enjoying this far to much”!
Miss Summer continues to spank his ass hard till both cheeks are bright red.
“Here suck on this”! she places a dildo gag into his mouth and secures it at the back of his head.
“There, now when your riding bitch to town with Miss Karen, everyone will see those blushing cheeks”!
At that moment Miss Karen walks in with Miss Evangeline, both have that typical cold look on their faces.
Miss Evangeline “Is that fucking slut ready”!
Miss Summer “Just finished with her blush”!
Karen checks his ass, then quickly spanks him a few more times hard.
Miss Karen “That is a nice shade don’t you think Eva”!
Miss Evangeline “Its missing something”!
Miss Karen takes the leash and yanks it to follow her “Oh, she’s got her appointment in town”!
She has that grin on her face when she says “You got the item in your side bag I hope”!
Miss Evangeline as Eric passes smacks his ass aswell “off course”!
“Your getting so spoiled aren’t you Erica”!
Again Eric has to ride bitch, while being cuffed to Karen and holding her breasts.
As they ride on the highway, they pass numerous cars.
Some are honking other people are clearly laughing and pointing at Eric on the back of Miss Karen’s bike.
Eric feels so humiliated , but has no choice he’s along for the ride.
Soon they arrive into a town with a very busy shopping street with various stores and shops.
Miss Karen shouts to Miss Evangeline “Lets park here, its not far now and I like to look at a few stores”! (Winks)
As Eric is released and steps of the bike people turn their heads and laughter and giggles from a group of girls.
One of the girls “OMG, look his thingy is caged”!
Another girl replies “They fit in such a small cage”? she mockingly askes.
Miss Karen just smiles and says “The Slut likes it when you give her a slap on the ass”!
A girl walks up and smacks Eric’s ass hard “Welcome to town slut”!
Eric face is bright red in shame and humiliation.
Miss Evangeline “C’mon Eric, give the girls a nice courtesy bow”!
When Eric doesn’t react as fast Karen yanks the leash.
Eric does as told witch only gets the remarks like “OMG what a loser”!
Miss Karen and Miss Evangeline then lead Eric in the street.
They stop at a shady tattoo/piercing shop.
Miss Evangeline “Oh that’s a cute one look the flowerprinted with the butterfly in the middle”!
Miss Karen “that’s perfect, with the text above it will be perfect”!
“And our pussy venom logo on her schoulder”!
Miss Evangeline “lets go inside”!
As the 3 go inside there’s a big tattoo’ed guy at the desk greeting them.
The guy looks at Eric and see’s his caged cockdangle from the crotch less red panties and smirks.
Miss Evangeline “Hi, we called earlier”
“This is the pathetic little sissy we talked about”!
“You think you can do that flower print with the butterfly just above his ass with in big letters above (SISSY SLUT)”!
Miss Karen hands him a drawing of the pussy venom logo “I’d like this on her schoulder with property of”!
The big guy just looks at the drawing saying “Shouldn’t be to hard”!
Eric is just shacking his head no as he cant speak with the gag in, but he’s just ignored”!
Miss Evangeline “Ummm, could you do her nipples and a lorum piercing aswell”!
“A little gift from me to you Karen”!
Miss Karen “Ohh, thank you Evangeline”!
“It be so much fun to leash him there and other things”!
“Isn’t Miss Evangeline nice slut”!
Eric is just shaking his head left to right trying to indicate no.
“Sometimes she can be so stubborn”, “I’ll have to punish you later for being such an ungrateful bitch”!
The guy leads them to a chair that looks like one from the gynecologist office only this one has straps to bind a person to.
Eric is reluctantly placed and secured into the chair.
Miss Evangeline grabs his balls firmly and say’s “Sit the fuck still or say goodbye to these Sissy”!
Eric stops squirming in his bonds seeing the angry and sincere face .
The guy starts with the piercings in Eric’s nipples witch now has tears flow freely from his eyes.
Miss Karen strokes his head “ It will soon be over fucktoy, be brave”!
Then the guy pierces Eric’s cock between the shaft and his balls and places a big golden ring in it.
The guy releases Eric and roughly leads him to a table to lie down on his stomach.
He then produces a rope to secure Eric.
The stencil is copied on Eric’s back and the guy starts to Tattoo the design.
Both Miss Evangeline and Miss Karen are admiring the guy’s handy work as it forms on Eric’s ass.
When he’s finished Eric is released , but his degradation isn’t over yet.
Miss Evangeline snap’s at him  “Shouldn’t you thank the man properly Slut”!!?
Eric just softly says with a shaky voice “Thank you Sir”!
Miss Karen “That’s not the correct way bitch”, “on your fucking knee’s in front of him, like the good little cocksucker you are”!
“And you better put some effort in it or I let him beat you up and fuck your silly ass”!
“Then again, you like getting some ass workout don’t you sissy”!
“I’m not goin to g….”! I said as I was punished in the stomach from the big bellied guy.
Big bellied guy  “Get to it faggit and I better not feel any teeth on my cock or being toothless is the least of your worries”!
Here I was, the breath knocked out of me, on my knees with this big bellied towering guy in front of me.
I wasn’t gay, it was all because of that stupid bet, my mind raced.
I was brought back to the moment when Miss Karen slapped me in the face saying “Get to it now sissy”!
The big bellied guy was balling his fist threatening me.
With trembling hands I opened his fly and took hesitantly his cock out, feeling sick inside.
Miss Karen “Go on, you can do it bitch, think it’s just another strapon”!
My hands stroked it, gently as it became semi erect.
Miss Evangeline took out a small digicorder and was filming it all saying “Go on slut, taste it”!
“Taste your first real cock”!
With disgust I opened my mouth as I went closer.
I could smell his male odor and urine.
It was clear hygiene was not a big thing for him.
The tip reached my lips.
Miss Evangeline “Lick it, show everyone how you love that smelly cock”!
As I did what was told, my humiliation and disgust grew but I had no choice.
Miss Evangeline “That’s right, sissy “!
“Tasteful isn’t it”, “ A real cock on your tongue”!
“Now be a good little slut and suck it for the camera”!
“I’ll call it “a virgin tasting” when I post it on the website”!
Both women and the big guy laugh out loud as I, faced red wrap my mouth around the faul tasting cock”!
“That’s a nice warm mouth you got there cocksucker, here have some more” the big guy says as he forces my head with his hands closer, giving me a gaging feeling.
Miss Karen “Now you know what’s it like for us”, “why hygiene is so important”!
“Now Suck it like you want your sorry excuse to be”!
Slowly I start to suck the cock in and out my mouth , feeling the cock swell and harden.
Miss Karen kneels behind me and slowly strokes my balls with one hand (whispers) “That’s it, suck that cock for me, yessss”!
“Your doing so well slut, slide your tongue on the underside”!
“Feel how you, send pleasure trough his body how you have control over it”!
Her stimulation cause me discomfort as my cock started to swell in its cage.
Not to mention her voice seductively whispering in my ear.
Miss Karen “Yesss, that’s it relax”!
“Suck that nice cock for me”!
Entranced by her voice and stimulation I eagerly suck at the cock.
Soon the big guy is meeting me and I sense he’s close.
Not un noticed by Miss Karen who rubs my balls a little faster saying:
“Now jerk him of and open your mouth”!
“I want to see him cum on your slut face”!
My mind races feeling I wanna obey obey her every desire.
Faster and faster I jack him of as he grunts calling me a dirty sissy slut, but I don’t care all I want is to please this women with the angelic voice.
Miss Karen “Look up at him, see how much pleasure you bring him”!
“Yess, that’s my good sissy slut”!
Suddenly the guy starts to spurt cum allover my face and in my mouth.
As his orgasm subsides he puts his cock back in my mouth and says “Suck it clean bitch”!
When I’m done I want to clean my face but Miss Karen stops me “Oh no you don’t leave it on slut”!
“Now turn your face to the camera bitch, let everyone see what a naughty sissy slut you are”!
I hesitate and quickly she grips my balls sending pain trough me and I do as she tells me.
Miss Karen “Now say (Thank you Sir, for that lovely cock and cum)”!
With a lightly tightening grip she persuades me and I say in front of the camera “Thank you Sir, for that lovely cock and cum”!
Miss Evangeline “There now was that so hard Cum slut”?!
Miss Karen “Now, stand up”!
As I do she takes the leash again and says “He realy made a mess on your face, good”!
Miss Evangeline grabs my wrists and cuffs them on my back.
“There now you cant wipe it off”!
“I want everyone in town to see what a dirty sissy cum slut you are”!
With that Miss Karen yanks the leash and we leave the store.
As we walk the busy street people laugh and point and my humiliation continues.
We come to a marketplace and in the middle there’s a statue with some benches on each side.
As I stand at the side facing it Miss Karen bends me over and ties the leash to the side .
Some people gather around making me feel very humiliated.
Miss Karen shouts to the crowd “As you see this pathetic Sissy slut just sucked a cock and craved for a facial”!
People around say all kinds of degrading comments and I see men and women laugh at my  predicament.
People “What a fag”, “Such a loser”!
Miss Karen “This bitch used to be a sexist pig  and now look at the sissy”!
“Ladies look at how small her thingy is” with that she releases my cock from its chastity.
And slaps it a few times making it dangle between my legs to the amusement of the still growing crowd.
Miss Karen “What’s even worse this sissy slut likes to take it up the ass and gets off on it”!
With that she pulls the red tail butt plug from my ass.
I see Miss Evangeline handing her a strapon from a bag she was carrying and then Miss Evangeline returns to filming me.
Miss Karen positions herself behind me and guides the rubber cock to my still gaping hole, placing the head at my entry.
She then grabs my sides and with one thrust goes all the way in making me scream.
Miss Karen “First step is the hardest slut”!
With that she starts to fuck me slow and deep.
One of the women in the crows screams out in delight “OMG.., look he’s getting hard”!
In my shame and humiliation I look down and see it for myself.
What the fuck is wrong with me I think, I’m being degraded and humiliated in public and yet I cant hide my arousal.
Do I like this ?
As Miss Karen starts to fuck me faster I starts to moans from the pleasure she stimulates within me.
But in my mind I’m confused do I crave this , do I want to be owned , humiliated and used like this.
As I struggle with myself, it occurs suddenly that pre cum is oozing out of my cock.
Miss Karen “Yes slut, cum for me”, “show everyone you like being my property and dirty little sissy slut”!
With that she gives my ass a slap and the sting sends me over and I cum like never before .
She withdraws from me and puts the cock cage back on me as people clap their hands for her .
Miss Karen “Clean yourself up bitch, your embarrassing me”!
I try to lick with my tongue as much as I can to the amusement of the crowd.
Miss Evangeline “Time to go home filthy slut”!
With that I’m yanked by the leash to follow ….

End Part 2

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Snake & Eve Part 2 By Lady Wycked

"Oh so my little pets want to please their Mistress, huh?", I taunt. As I press my flat palm into the damp whisper of fabric wrapped around Eve's pussy, the snake slithers down my arm resting on Eve's soft belly.

The snake lets out a sigh of appreciation. Oh how he adored his Mistress. Her, not the obvious heat source beneath him. Nah, she was almost good enough for his Goddess, "almost". And he enjoyed toying with the little femsub. He did it for Her. Oh how it made him ache, and it was an ache he was quite painfully familiar with. She liked to keep him desperately denied, and he was bound and determined to help Eve achieve the same level of need.

As I began working small slow steady circles into the soaked fabric Eve's body leapt forward trying to meet my touch. The more she strained upwards the lighter my caress. Whimpering and wiggling my little girltoy began to plead her case, "Oh god Mistress, I've never experienced an ache so unforgiving. Never have I had a thirst for anything as intensely as I thirst for your touch. But nothing fuels this god forsaken fire you've built between my thighs as the thought of pleasing you. Nothing."

With an insatiable hunger to satisfy and hoping to win favor, my little fallen Eve began to tremble from within. I was impressed with how my snake was seemingly picking up on my thoughts just as I began to exact them. Once I began moving forward towards Eve's body the snake nudged the blindfold down over Eve's eyes, depriving her of her sense of sight. I lean onto the bed between Eve's quivering thighs and raise my hand to her hard vulnerable nipples. Tweaking them roughly between my fingers I allow my fingernails to dig in slightly.

The reach upwards to her breasts caused mine to be mashed into her torso - pressing my torso into her hot crotch. I reach towards the bedside table where the snake surprises me yet again with his ability to anticipate my needs. He rolls the tiniest flogger off the table so I merely had to reach out and allow it to fall into my hand. This deliciously devilish implement was perfect for those specialized spankings. It was made from the softest deer hide and shaded with just a hint of pink.

I smile obviously pleased beckoning my cherished pet closer. The shared mind space between my snake and I, fueling my wicked intentions for my girlie toy. The snake came closer stopping in the crook of Eve's neck arching up and hovering at face level staring intently, hungrily, and adoringly at his Mistress. Watching her with complete awe and respect for he has seen this look before.

Not so long ago he was the direct target of her attention just  like this noisy little bitch now squirming under her touch. The little teasetoy was in quite the state. Even from way up her he was getting heady from the smell of her wet cunt. He could almost feel the pulsing of her needy pussy vibrating on the air. As tempting as Eve's wet sex and pert nipples ablaze with desire were, it was Her breath that he was intoxicated by.

He admired the graceful way his Goddess slid back down the length of Eve's exposed body. He coveted the way Her hair would feel being slowing dragged across flesh. Remembered how Her hot wet mouth a breath away from skin - tongue teasingly tasting the need that was evident and seeping from every pore felt. "God, She's GOOD!", the snake thought as he watched in appreciation as She danced the flogger skillfully across the whimpering little toy's breasts.

Each new contact of leather to flesh elicits moans and gasps from the squirmy little slut sending of the sweetest taste of torment and pleasure. The snake was becoming hypnotized by the intoxicating mixture of hunger, need, and lust that hung on her breath. Oh how he wanted to taste what she felt. "Oh look how hungry the little painslut likes the threat of a flogging. God she's dripping fucking wet.", I purr as I swish the leather across her belly. I turn the flogger business end towards me and I rub the outside of Eve's drenched panties up and down with the handle.

Smiling, I lower my face to her crotch and slide my tongue up the entire length of the glistening slit barely concealed by panties stopping only when my lips bump into a throbbing protrusion. As I swirl my tongue around the panty wrapped clit Eve thrusts upwards with all the strength she can muster. The snake hissed in disapproval. "My goodness, look at the greedy ill mannered little slut I have here. Eve, did I tell you to move?", I drill.

"No Mistress. No, you didn't. I'm so sorry. Please, I'm just SO desperate for you.", Eve whimpers.

"Well such blatant lack of respect and discipline cannot go without reproach", I growl. With one hand I hook my fingers into the panties right above the puffy pussy lips and twist the fabric causing it to ride up between the lips. Eve gasped and the snake shook his head, eyes glazing over slightly like a junkie who had just taken a hit.

I raise the flogger back and swing it, "this is for lurching you MUST show restraint", I giggle connecting flogger to exposed pussy lips. I thrash her puffy lips a bit bringing up a lovely shade of pink and heat to the surface. The poor needy lil femsub writhed without lifting and whimpered in the most beautiful blend of pain and ecstasy to fill the room. It sounded like a choir of angels falling from grace.

"You know Eve", I purr, "I bet you'd sound even better whimpering into my pussy". With one fluid motion I spin around setting my wet cunt on her face. With each strike of my flogger I grind hard on her face, lifting only briefly between blows. Underneath Eve, a dark wet blossom spreads through the blanket as her body leaks, unable to conceal her need a moment longer.

I think to myself, "how long would it take me to cum like this?". I find myself wondering if she'll cum before I do or if she'll pass out trying to outlast me.

Soap by Axelle

by Axelle Paramour

It didn’t surprise me she hand made soap. Something so consuming as the pain staking process of creating that which cleanses seemed fitting. She was in each layer, her hands in each encompassing pass over my skin. But that was her, she knew how to dominate me in a way that was distinctly hers. She was an open palm, an offering, not a demand.

It happened day by day, she moved like honey over me. The quiet whispers and wonderings didn’t matter, we moved at our own pace. From the very beginning she possessed a deep sense of who I was, she knew this was just my way. I took time to work through things, to figure them out.

I hadn’t realized I was broken, till she had moved every piece back into place. She had healed me without my knowledge. So many things seemed possible again, seemed attainable because she could see them. I carried a sense of purpose and belonging, I began to view myself in a different light. But the further in she crept, the more fearful I became.

She was like the sun, her light was overwhelming. To be stripped naked and seen was frightening, I slowly began to distance myself. My feelings never wavered only my ability to express them. She tried to hold on, but I let the breeze and my own fear carry me away. I chose the solitude because it was safe and all I had known for so long.

I still carry her with me, she is that which I measure everything against. She has shaped me and brought me thus far. She continues to carry me, for her words echo inside. The truth about the soap is, on days when I feel my weakest, I rub the bar against my wrists. In the moments when I allow myself to mourn her loss, when I bring my hands to my face to catch the tears, her aroma is there holding me.

Holiday Haiku by Lady Raffi

stark white snow outlined
black branches. Loss defined. Domme and sub shared same birthday.

Hanging By A Moment Part 1 by Kirby

(This is just a part 1 to the story. No other parts have been written. It will be up to the popular vote at the end as to whether the story continues into next week, or if it just ends because it sucks.)

I half leaned on the four top table inside the usual local haunt. The long neck Corona broke out into a sweat, and the lime bobbed slightly as if it was treading water. Just a habit, I ran a finger through the moisture on the bottle and carved out a smiley face. A slight grin came over my lips when I pulled my finger away and watched the smiley face soon become disfigured in veined trails. A typical night in a typical dive, a sigh, and I realized it was my own vocalization of boredom.

The low hum inside the establishment was suddenly interrupted. Someone had played the jukebox, and a song by Lifehouse was a welcome change in the auditory scenery. "Hanging by a moment..." My eyes searched through the lazy haze for the jukebox curious to see who would dare violate the usual hum-drum. She rested a forearm on the musical box, and it was obvious She was meticulously making Her selections. She seemed oblivious to the boy sizing Her up. This wasn't the sizing up of a cocky boy. No, this was just a flavor of curiosity. People watching was a result of boredom. The lyrics filtered through my ears, "There's nothing else to lose...there is nothing else to find..."

My eyes didn't leave the curvaceous brunette as the bottle came to my lips. A long draw off the weak beer, and then set back down. It took a moment for it to register that She had turned around. Her eyes locked onto me like heat seeking missiles,  and I fumbled. I straightened up too quickly, and the beer did a swivel on its base before I caught it. My eyes re-engaged Her after the little mishap, and I was all too aware of the goofy smile on my face. Dammit, I was not sexy when I smiled. My slight dimples would show, and appearing to be a dark, mysterious man would exit. All that would be left was a boy that often invoked from women the same sound when one sees a puppy instead of a raspy growl of want. My shoulders were mid-slump in self disappointment when I realized She was motioning to me, or was it beckoning? The song rang out, "There is nothing else...There is nothing else.". How true it was...there was nothing else. Just that manicured finger pulling me towards Her.

I was only half aware of my feet carrying me there. My mind kept reminding me that so many mistakes come back home from bars. I had been here before, but something was different. This beautiful woman and Her was clear She was not asking, but rather demanding. Some say moth to a flame and others white on rice. This was simply a boy following his instinct and natural attraction to something so complex. What could She possibly want from me? I resigned myself to believing She was about to mistake me for bar staff.

It seemed all in slow motion, but I was there...closer. Close enough to smell Her perfume. It was not sweet and flowers, but something more of a woodsy patchouli scent. The room was slightly dark as bars are, but a flicker of light danced behind those blue eyes. I could not will my eyes off of Hers until I was distracted slightly when Her sealed lips parted and She took a breath to speak. "Do you always lurk in corners and stare down complete strangers? It could be taken as rudeness...boy." I started to blink quickly, and I was aware that my own mouth was a gaping hole. Wait. Did She just call me boy? The words started to fall from my lips in a verbal suicide. "Uh, well, ummmm, I don't work here. Oh, gah, OK I am sorry Miss I think maybe I was just like daydreaming except it is night, so maybe that is really night dreaming..." I was bashing my own stupid skull in as each word fell. I was rambling badly. The look on Her face was pure amusement, and I felt the heat wave of a flush crawling out from under my shirt collar. Her eyes moved past me to another dark corner of the room. "There is a booth in the back boy. Go secure it for me, and a house red wine would be appreciated." I looked back to identify the booth, and then checked my wrist for the time according to Gucci. It was getting late, and I had to work in the morning. The song rang out in my ears with an oh so fitting lyric, "Hanging by a moment here with you...".

(A choice has to be made. Does he go home like a responsible adult? Or, does he grab the booth for the Lady, and order Her drink? Popular vote wins, and the story will continue at next confession. Does he stay, or does he go? Vote.)

A Dominion Mystery by Lady Fallen

A Dominion Mystery
Snow covered the lands of Dominion like a soft blanket. Trees were no longer the vibrant colours of autumn but stark against the winter back drop.
It was two weeks before Christmas and the Dominion was preparing for the celebrations. Many events had been planned and there was an air of excitement about the place, of expectancy until a small insignificant incident signaled the start of the nightmare that was to come.
Ladies and subs were gathered in the courtyard, chatting about this and that when Lady Fallen arrived dragging a crestfallen Eric and Steven behind her. “ Hey Fallen!” Lady Kivrin grinwavied at her. “What’s the matter with the boys?” Lady Fallen plonked herself down on a sofa and sighed. “I can’t find my damn strap-on anywhere, I’m sure I put it away in my toybox “ Eric whimpered “I hope you haven’t hidden it Steven” she said kicking him lightly in the balls smiling briefly as he grunted. Lady Ephany looked up, “that’s weird I couldn’t find my paddle today, kornet’s ass should be cherry red by now “ kornet sighed dramatically and looked mournfully to the floor.
Chief of police Lady Zarita was sat with some of the other fine officers of the Dominion police force as they counted their bribes and shoved the money down their bras. "We've had some strange calls today" Lady Summer said as she munched on a donut "Oh" Lady Zarita queried downing her third gin and tonic that morning. Lady Wycked nodded " snef daf lidnf lomsng dudlews" The others looked at her bewildered until she opened her mouth and they all saw it was crammed with pizza. "What my fellow officer was trying to tell you Chief is that Ladies are reporting strap-ons and dildos are going missing." Officer Eva Eames said helpfully. The Chief threw another shrimp on the barbie and mused on this "couldn't they just have mislaid them?" Assistant Chief Lady Persephone paused and the subs she had been juggling in the air fell in disarray around her "well, we have had 6 calls already this morning" Matria grunted as she trod on him and dug her heel in hard "thank you Officer Lady Percy phone" he managed to say.
 Rumours were rife ... a dildo thief was loose at the Dominion and subs were in fear of never being fucked in the ass again.
 Officer Gabrielle completed her paperwork despite many interruptions from Garth begging to have his cage removed. She opened her desk drawer to get the key and frowned "it's not here" Garth's jaw dropped open "GOM" he spluttered "it must be Madi ... or Dorsel ... or Michael ... they must have hidden it"
 In another part of the Dominion there was more concern..... there was no more lube ... someone had stolen all the supplies! Subs were wearing pained expressions as they carefully sank to their knees. There were reports of other strange thefts, Lady Sweet’s supply of ginger had gone missing, Lady Nej could not find Patrick’s nipple clamps … although unfortunately the awesome suit was still there … Lady Bambi’s dance pole had gone missing and Kevin had to resort to breakdancing to entice his Mistress!!!!!!
The police force had been busy taking statements from all those involved but were no nearer to finding the culprit. “Let’s go through what we know so far” the Chief looked at her officers. Officer Dalia filed her nails “Well we don’t know anything … do we?” Officer Eva was as helpful as ever “we could … could …” she faltered “Yes Eames Lady Zarita raised a carefully plucked eyebrow. “search everyone’s premises?” The Chief nodded “you know that sounds like a good idea, now we need warrants so we can go through everyone’s homes” Officer Eva raised her hand “I’ll go and see her judgery now” she said helpfully.
Her judgery was packing away her gavel to take with her to her new home. She smiled looking at it reminded of all those boys asked to beat their balls with a wooden spoon to entertain the Ladies .... ah happy days. Officer Eva arrived asking for a search warrant for all the ladies houses. "You think it is one of our wonderful Dommes?" Lady Lisa was not convinced "or a sub hiding his stash of toys in the ladies house" Eva suggested. Lady Lisa nodded "well in that case I will sign them ... the boys need their asses fucked the ladies need to fuck asses" Eva nodded thinking wistfully of ass fucking.
There was commotion among the Ladies and subs when they realised they were to be searched. Monty blushed furiously "if you find an orange latex dress it isn't mine" he thought for a moment "I'm looking after it for Carl" Of course the police officers did not believe this as Carl would never have worn orange because it would clash with his teeth. The Art Gallery was one of the first areas searched “does Hank look like he is capable of hiding anything?” Lady Janice pointed to her idiot who was busy building a house out of toe nail clippings.
Officer Gabrielle had to drag Garth to the medical centre where Lady Rafilla was holding a clinic. “He tried to saw his cage off” Gabrielle said exasperated. Lady Rafilla shook her head “I’m rushed off my feet, I have never had so many patients here. Mostly lube or lack of it related symptoms … and you would not believe some of the things I have to remove from subs asses.” She nodded over to the array of broom handles, bottles and bowling balls. Lady Crissy was looking at Sylver crossly “just because Jamie said he missed his ass being played with doesn’t mean you have to stick a wind up car in there!”
Lady Joie had her huge toy box brought to the Dominion courtyard. “ you can all borrow some of my things until all this is over” she said generously and opened the box. There was a gasp from those gathered as Tyler and Jack lay in it both tied up with paper chains and a brown bag on each of their heads. “My toys!” Lady Joie freed the boys “who did this to you?” but the boys couldn’t say as their attacker had took them completely by surprise. Plus there was an empty bottle of whisky nearby which may have explained why they had been surprised.
In police headquarters Heather was trying to get as much information as possible out of the officers for the news article she was writing. “have you any suspects yet “ she asked the Chief, notepad and pencil in hand “No” said the Chief Heather tried again “are there any clues?” the Chief looked at her “No” Heather nodded writing it down “and would you tell me even if there was?” The Chief shook her head “No” then threw Heather out of her office. “Nath take a picture” Heather hissed over to her assistant, “the camera has gone missing” he said sadly “why would they take lady Jem’s camera …” she stopped and blushed “never mind lets go and write all this up for subs daily paper.
Officer Zarita closed the door, and looked at the force “well occifers any ideas?” As officer Persephone relieved herself on her boy Dondas she thought aloud “At first it was just strap-ons but now its escalating” Lady Fallen agreed “even my police handcuffs have gone missing … how can I make arrests if I can’t cuff the preps” Lady Wycked corrected her “perps” Lady Dalia stood and smoothed her extremely tight fitting uniform “this is not the work of somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing .. they are obviously very experienced” There was a soft tapping on the door and Lady Susannah popped her head round the door ”hello there ladies. “ she stepped inside “I may have some information about all the crimes have been committed” The officers looked at each other “well we do need some help here” Zarita leant back in her seat. “ Kirby was at a dance the other day and he saw one of your officers there with the beast Chamster” Lady Summer nearly fell off her chair “Loser left the Dominion!” Susannah took a deep breath “It was Eva and she looked as though she was making a deal with someone from Bondage Ranch!” The police force where stunned into silence and lady Susannah left quickly. Zarita sighed “I can’t believe the Beaver could sink this low”Lady Kivrin shook her head “there must be miti …mitig.. minigat .um .. a reason she did it” Lady Nej polished her badge up until it glistened “we need to search her place” Lady Madeleine and Lady Lisa were informed of the situation. Lady Madeleine shook her head in disappointment “ the wine has finally affected her brain. She has committed a serious crime , subs asses need filling …this is a step too far!”
Plans were made and 2 hrs later the force swooped or rather strolled over drinking coffee to arrest one of their own. Eva was sat having cocktails with Mo and Coco laughing and joking together discussing the latest line of mash clothing a completely new material made out of potatoes . “so Eames you’re under arrest“ the Chief marched up to her and using her own bra ( as the handcuffs had been stolen) tied Eva’s hands together” Mo looked at her “why are you doing this to one of your own” Lady coco was furious “look bitches hands off her” “Eva Eames you are charged with stealing all the toys contraptions and lube  in the Dominion” Eva pulled at her binds “are you fuckin crazy” Lady Masie buing the humbler ready for Russell and turned away and when I turned back it was bloody gone, and the silly sod is crying for fucks sake!” Mo glared the the officers” well if Eva is here then she couldn’t possibly have stolen anything could she”. Lady Persephone untied the bra “so what were you doing with the person from bondage ranch?” Eva grinned “I was selling them pictures of chamster doing the nasty with Jettis” the ladies laughed for it was just the thing Bondage Ranch would enjoy.
Tika passing saw the police were at Eva’s and called in “Sorry to disturb she said looking at Eva with Zarita’s bra but figured it was one of their normal sex games “hey did you know Lisa is all packed up ready to go?” They all ran (well not ran for their heels would surely trip them up) to see Lisa and say goodbye. Lisa hugged all her friends her bags packed and the large container packed ready to be picked up to be shipped abroad. Lady Veronica was heard shouting ”Sistah Lisa!”! As she hurtled towards her.and enveloped her in a big Veronicacaca type hug. “Can I hug Lady Lisa like that?” Sonnic whispered and was trodden on by many ladies.
“I shall miss you al”l Lisa said seeming to be in a hurry to get away. Lady Madeleine looked over the paper work for the container “Lisa did you make an inventory for this in case it gets lost?” Lisa smiled “oh it won’t I’m sure” Madeleine persisted “you need to make a note of what’s inside. Lisa smiled “ I really need to get going the truck will be here soon” Zarita  placed a hand on Lisa’s shoulder “How about we look in the container pommy” Persephone opened the lock with Dondas’ teeth. And as the door to the container swung over the crowd stood open mouthed as dildos and strap-ons galore fell out. Followed by Lady Pamela a key in her hand “At last I can get out of these cuffs!” she celebrated gangham style. “Lisa how could you do this? “ Officer Eva asked. “well I was going away and to do who knows when I would be able to get any toys again and well it’s a fair cop” Lady Dalia  picked up a set of handcuffs that lay in the pile of ill gotten gain. Zarita shook her head with disappointment, “take her to the dungeons in the castle until her trial Persephone led the shamed Domme away “Don’t worry Lisa I will be your judge, and will show you as much leniency as you have showed others” Lady Lisa hung her head despondently for she knew she was screwed.
The police officers started sorting through the pile of strap ons and dildos the subs who had gathered to watch could not contain their excitement any more and as one turned and presented themselves pants down ready to be fucked. “Well said Lady Eva “you can tell they take it up the ass”
Peace was restored once more to the Dominion and the preparations for Christmas had begun in earnest. Yes it was a time to fuck and be fucked, to beat and slap, to hang upside down and to take what dirty slut deserved. It was a Merry Christmas for one and all.
The End.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Snake Pit & Eve by Lady Wycked Part1

As I walk into the house long before I reach the first of thirteen stairs I can smell the lust lingering in the air. That devious little snake, oh how he amused me. So full of the same needs I had, but embodied with a stronger need to see me sated than himself. He lived to serve my needs in anyway possible, even if it meant serving as a tool, an implement of teasing torture. A tool used on my precious gem, Eve. The ninth step and I can hear Eve gasp in tormented pleasure, "please snake please, I need a break. PLEASE stop touching me". The sweat that clung to Eve's hair and crevasses acted as a conductor to amplify the sexual current my pet snake fervently wielded against poor denied Eve. "I don't know why you wanna see me fail Her", Eve whimpered. At those words the snake arched back and thrust forward striking at Eve's swollen nylon mesh encased wet sex. Assaulting her needy slit relentlessly with his forked tongue, straddling and stroking the entire length of her tender and rigid clit. When I reach the top of the stairs I pause to slip off my shoes and out of my coat. The scent of frustration is even more thick than the blanket of snow clinging to and choking the trees out front. I smile to myself as I hear my poor sweet teasetoy Eve whimper under the assumed ministrations of an irreverent reptilian tongue. Each stroke of the tongue threatening to push her past the point of no return. I run my hands through my hair as I release the barrette sending it falling down and into my face. My hair still semi damp releases new girlie smells into lust filled nose cocktail. Sweat. Smoke. Perfume. And wet girl sex. I wonder if my snake will pick up on my scent or approaching body heat first. I'm a bit surprised I've made it this far into the apartment without my snake greeting me. And for a moment I wonder if it is in fact the snake working over Eve in my absence. Once I reach the slave's room I lean on the door and let my eyes drink in the scene. My incorrigible serpentine pet has apparently been enjoying the advantage I had afforded him by leaving Eve still restrained when I stepped out this morning. I came through the doorway and cleared my throat, it wasn't until that moment that the snake whirled around leaving his former station between Eve's legs to meet my eyes. As my pet moved his head to meet my gaze I could now see clearly the reason he didn't pick my scent up as I entered the house. The space he had been previously singularly focused on - Eve's cunt - was shimmering with pure unfulfilled need and lust. Looking upon Eve's teased and swollen sex it seemed almost alive, gasping and quivering as her restrained body finally began to relax sinking comfortably back into the bed. The snake quickly made his way to me as a child who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar might rush to his mom. I bend at the knee slightly to allow my wickedly predatory pet to slink up my calf and begin transversing my body curling around my chest to look into my eyes. His gaze saying, "Mistress, I continued the torment that you had been so skillfully exacting on your Evie. I figured it would please that I was increasing *both* of our need for that which only *you* can grant. I pray I have not overstepped my boundaries." I quickly reply, "come closer my pet I wanna smell her on you". Unblinking I was staring deeply into the eyes of a normally very dangerous very threatening predator. I stare further searching for any trace of malice, of which I of course found none. There was a time not that long ago when this cold blooded predator held the capacity to strikeout in attempts to sink his poisonous fangs deep into my supple skin. He could have easily squeezed me more tightly than he does, so tightly in fact that he could without much effort force the very air from my lungs. This normally lethal hunter looked back at me with nothing but adoration, devotion, and respect. I reassured him by stating, "you know my most cherished pet that you can continue to have as much fun with my teasetoy Eve as you'd like, provided you FOREVER remember it is my place alone to break either of you". "Oh Mistress, I would never!", the snake began before I placed one delicate finger across the snake's dangerously sly smile. "Shhhhh", I breathed, "of course you wouldn't my precious pet. And why would you when you have everything you could possibly want right -here-?". As I stare steadily into the snake's eyes I make my way across the room to my physically and spiritually drained Eve. I say to the snake, "I heard you merciless assault on my toy, you had her whimpering and begging. Just like I had you the day I rendered your fangs impotent against me. You remember that day, don't you pet?". I scan his eyes for a trace a hint of guilt and finding the completely devoid any emotion save worshipful adoration. "You seem to be finding some semblance of escape from your need by ever increasing hers", I say to the snake gesturing towards Eve. "Hmmmmm, let's see just how needy my lil precious Evie is today", I say, the snake slinking down my arm as I reach towards Eve. As my fingertips reach their mark I feel an almost electric surge as she arches pressing cuntsoaked panties even harder against my strokes. She gasps as she bites down on her trembling bottom lip straining her neck to raise her tired sweat drenched head to meet my gaze, her eyes pleading for permission. "I see questions welling in your eyes my dear teased Eve, what is it that you seek", I teasingly question. She whimpers slightly before clearing her throat and starting, "I seek permission to speak Mistress". "What is it toy?", I purr. Her eyes dart from mine to the hungry globes radiating from my snake and back to mine, "Mistress, please don't be too hard on the snake. It was getting difficult without a doubt, but I relish in any and every opportunity to suffer and ache for your pleasure. To build unrealized need so strong and paramount that it may be combined with that of the cruel snake's to be collectively washed over you my Mistress. Pllllease continue to allow us to perpetuate our need for you". It was then I saw something almost sinister wash over her expression as the corners of her pouty lips began to turn up ever so slightly. "I know how making me squirm amplifies the snake's need for you. We could keep each other at an almost constant level of complete sexual desperation.". And almost as rehearsed my slutty subs spoke in unison, "if it pleases you of course Mistress".

Submission For Confession by Altiaer

I wander the realm of possibility. I am free and now you are there. A flame, strong and bright, you arrest my decent in to unparalleled darkness. I stumble, stop, shudder and stare, losing myself in your wickering diffusion. A savior from the depths of shade. I've been here before it seems, many times, uncounted sorrows. I turn to leave, reconcile in myself a desire to capture your brilliance in this slithering inky eternity. You, warmth all shining light, draw me to you. Entice me, beckon to me back from my empty depth. I am filled with your presence, control of the sinking, umbral mass that is my world. I am so near to you now, I follow your glow to the extremities of your vast and heartening aura. Warped in this depressing, constricting ocean of loneliness, I slowly reach for you. I struggle within. What is comfort? Where is my old and constant friend? Lost in you. Lost because of you. Pushed away from you, ever expanding your presence. The massling, oil thick, oppression that is madness slowly melting away. I am forced, guided by you, to release from the bonds of that pit. And into the chains you weave forth. Binding us as one, you extract that which is your prey, enchanting, fascinating and seducing. Caught as bewitched by your drawing, me to you. I slowly, achingly, agonizingly relent my hold on my ever lasting restraint. Yet patient are you, your sirens call commanding me. Recoiled I release. And now, I can only be yours, enveloped and dominated by your embrace.

Shower Scene by Lady Vanda

Shower Scene by Vanda Foxdale I watch as my pet bathes himself thoroughly. You look to me and whisper meekly, "I am ready for my inspection Mistress." I stand and walk slowly over to you making eye contact as I step inside of the shower wearing only my bra and panties and speak to you in a firm voice, "Raise you arms for inspection, and do NOT for any reason lower them, and you are not allowed to touch me in anyway unless I order you to do so." You raise you arms and whisper, "Yes Mistress". Placing my hands on your chest I slide my hands down your wet body till my hands rest on your abdomen while moving my face close to your body and inhaling your soapy masculine scent. I move my right foot in between your legs and whispers against your wet skin, "Spread them." as I push my leg against the inside of your thigh. You spread your legs and whisper, "Yes Mistress". I press my thigh farther in between your legs so your cock and balls rest against my thigh, and I move my left leg around your right leg and straddle your thigh and slide up against your thigh. Sliding my hands around your side and to your lower back while pressing my breast against your chest and sliding my crotch up against your thigh harder. I raise my right hand and spank hard on your wet ass cheek three times while biting your chest and tugging on your skin as it is clinched between my teeth. I move behind you and turn you so you are facing the shower head, "Grab the shower head now." You do as instructed, "Yes Mistress." Looking down at your ass I notice the red hand prints on your left cheek, "Oh that won't do, I will have to make them match." raising my hand I slam three licks with my bare hand on your wet right ass cheek. "That's much better." I press my body against yours while moving my mouth to your back and dragging my teeth down your back, biting and nibble on your flesh. I grasp both of your ass cheeks and squeeze them with all my might while I slowly kneel behind you. I move my mouth closer to your right cheek and bite your wet flesh, sinking my teeth into your flesh. I grasp both cheeks with my hands and pull apart revealing to me your brown hole, and then I move my mouth in towards the brown center and slip my tongue from between my lips and trace circles around your brown hole. I press the tip of my tongue into the hole and pull out and press back in and repeat several times which coats it with my saliva. I pull your ass cheeks farther apart making your hole open up a bit for me and press my tongue in deeper before pulling my tongue from your hole. I then move my attention to the area between your hole and your balls and begin licking and sucking on the flesh there and pressing my mouth tight against it. I move my right hand up and grasp your balls and squeeze them firmly and pull down on them, and then release and move my hand upward, and press my index finger and middle finger against your tight brown hole. I feel you flinch a bit and grasp your left thigh with my left hand and shove my two fingers in your ass and moan as you gasp in pain, "Pain is pleasure my pet." pumping fingers in and out of your ass aggressively......Pulling out my two fingers and spitting my saliva on my fingers and reinserting three fingers in your ass and pumping in and out of your ass while licking and biting your left ass cheek. I continue ramming my three fingers in and out of your tight ass a little longer before pulling free of your ass. I grasp your ass on both sides and pull your cheeks apart revealing to me your hole as it is more open now. I move my mouth close to your the center of your cheeks, and I softly lick up the right side from the bottom to the top and then lick back down starting on the right side and then lick up the middle and stopping as I reach your open ass hole and lick circles around the outer area several times and then slip the tip of my tongue inside your open hole and roll my tongue around the inside opening and then push in and out a few times before pulling my tongue out and sliding up the remainder of your crack. All the while you are moaning. I pull my mouth from your ass and release your cheeks, and you whimper in dissatisfaction. I place my hands on your ankles and caress upward slowly..moving up your calves and then to your thighs and then to your ass cheeks; I grasp your ass cheeks and massage them by rubbing and squeezing and then move hands back down your thighs and calves. I speak firmly to you, "Now turn to face me my pet." You turn as instructed, "Yes Mistress". I look at your aroused cock before me and smile and then look up at you and lick my lips, "Place your hands back on the shower head my pet.", and you do as instructed, "Yes Mistress". I take your shaft in my right hand at its base and squeeze tight and pulling up on the shaft as to milk out any precum awaiting me in its tube. I watch you as your body jerks slightly at my rough play of your cock. I reach up with my left hand a caress your balls softly while continuing to stroke your cock roughly, and I watch your face as you seem to be enjoying my soft caresses on your balls then I grasp your sack and tug down and hold firmly in place and then you legs begin to tremble. I move my mouth toward the head of your cock and slip tongue from between your lips and lick up against the hole and moan as your sweet yet salty precum coat my tongue. I roll the tip of my tongue around the head of your cock teasing it's head completely. I then take the head of your cock into my warm and wet mouth and suck on just the head and rock my head from side to side while moving my hands to unfasten my bra in the back and pulling it from my shoulders and sliding it down my arms and then from my hands and tossing it out of the shower. I pull my mouth free from the head of your cock while I suck really hard which causes a loud smacking sound and a bit of pain to the head of your cock. I grasp my breast one in each hand and press them together and move upward and ease up in between your thighs toward your balls and press against your balls and rub my breast from side to side and then I ease my breast apart allowing your balls to slip in between them and then press my breast tight on your balls and pull downward, and I move my mouth to the base of your shaft and lick and bite its base while my breast hold your balls hostage. I feel your legs tremble against my body and smile knowing you are very aroused. I pull my hands from my breast which allows your balls to be released and take hold of your throbbing shaft into my right hand and and pull it downward and stroke the shaft and moan as precum slips from the hole, and I grasp my left breast with my left hand and pull your cock toward it and smear your precum all over its nipple and all around my breast and then move over to the right one and do the same thing. I release your cock and look up at you and order firmly, "Release the shower head and get on your knees my pet.", and you do as ordered and kneel before me and whisper "Yes Mistress" like a meek little lamb. I look into your blue eyes with a devilish grin, "Now lick both my breast clean my pet, and pay close attention to my erect nipples.", and you whisper, "Yes Mistress" and lean your head down and lick all around my white breast and then you press your tongue against it nipple and lick hard against my brown nipple and then lick upward. You roll your tongue all around my nipple teasing the already hard nipple. I see your hands rising as if you are about to grasp my breast and I stop you in your tracks, "Hands behind your back now!" and you do as instructed and continue teasing my nipple and then you suck it in between your lips and suck on it and tease it with the tip of your tongue as it sits inside your mouth. I grasp your head on either side and pull it tighter to my breast, "Suck it harder my pet." I moan out loud as you do as instructed and arch my back. I then pull your head free of my right nipple and guide your head to the left breast and you give it the same attention as you did the right taking it upon yourself to suck my right nipple hard as you were instructed to do previously, so I caress your head and whisper to your in a pleasing voice, "Oh yes my pet, you are a fast learner and that pleases me." You finish with my breast and raise your head and ask, "Mistress may I speak?" and I nod in approval, and you ask, "What else can I do to please my Mistress?" I look at you softly and caress your cheek and move my face to yours and kiss softly against your lips and lick out my tongue and trace your lips playfully and then tease the center of your lips with the tip of my tongue until you part your lips and allow me to slip my tongue inside your warm wet mouth. I moan as your masculine flavor coats my tongue and thrust my tongue deeper into your mouth gathering more of your flavor on my tongue and stroking your tongue with mine and tease your tongue into a playful game and we begin a passionate kiss and I press my body closer to yours allowing my breast to press against your hard chest and continue kissing for a few moments more before pulling my mouth from yours and looking into your eyes, "I do have something you can do that will please me greatly my precious pet." and I stand before you and look down at you, "Now you can bring your hands from your back and take my panties off." and you do as instructed and ease my panties down and I step out of them and you toss them out onto the floor with my bra. I lean back against the back of the shower and place my left foot on the side of the tub and look down at you, "You may eat my pussy my pet, and I will be very pleased." You move closer to me and begin kissing my inner thighs and caressing my legs and slowly move your way up to my center and playfully lick up between the center of my lips and flick my clit as you reach it. Then you move your hands up and tug my fat lips apart and reveal my center fully to yourself and you flicker your long tongue in and out of my hole a few times and then move your tongue to my swollen clit and roll the tip of your tongue around it and suck it softly and pull on it with your lips. I place my hands on your head as my legs begin to feel weak and begin to tremble. I roll my hips in a circular motion and press pussy closer to your mouth, and whisper through my trembling lips, "Oh yes my pet you are pleasing your Mistress so well." I begin to grind forward and back against your mouth as you suck softly on my clit, "Oh suck it harder!!" and you do as instructed and I begin to shake and tremble all over as I am close to an orgasm and I grasp your head and pull you mouth off my pussy, "I don't want to cum just yet my pet, stand my precious one." you do as instructed and I pull you to me and take you mouth in a deep kiss and moan as I taste my juices on your mouth. I grind my pelvic against your manhood and moan into your mouth as I feel its hardness against me and pull away from the kiss and look up at you, "I have more ways you can please me." and I turn my back to you and lean forward, "Come here and take my pussy my pet; it's so hungry for you." and you do as told. You take your swollen cock into your hand and slid it up and down the full length of my wet pussy and coat its head with my juices and take notices to press it against my clit and caress it briefly before moving to my aching entrance and pressing the head of your cock inside and holding while placing your hands on my hips and then you tug me fast and hard against you and full my pussy with your cock fully and I gasp in a painful pleasure as you slam into me, "Oh yes my pet, you know how your Mistress likes it." I roll my hips in a circular motion teasing your cock, "Now there is one rule pet for this adventure and it is..You may NOT cum until I tell you to and you will cum where I tell you to, understand?" and you whisper, "Yes Mistress" and begin to move your cock in and out at a nice smooth pace; you pull it out so that only the head sits in the entrance and press it back in fully and continue taking me like that till I press my hands on the wall and instruct you, "Take me harder my pet!" and you do as instructed and fuck me hard and fast. I fuck back against you and let you know you are doing a superb job, "Oh yes my pet..your cock feels so good and it fills my pussy to the max." and I roll my hips more and grind back against you matching your rhythm. I stop and look over my shoulder and pull my pussy from your swollen cock and turn to face you and kneel, "I want to tease my juices on your lovely cock. I lick up your shaft from the base to it's head on all sides and then take the head of your cock into my mouth and suck it clean and then I slip it deep into my mouth so that it sits in my throat and swallow hard on it before pulling my mouth free and standing back up and turning back away from you. "I want you to fuck my ass now my pet." and I lean forward and wiggle my ass in front of you. You grab the lube that is on the shelf in the shower with your right hand and grasp my left ass cheek with your left and hand pull my cheek so you can see my ass hole and you squirt the lube at the top of the split and watch it run down my center and watch as it runs across my hole and the you press my cheek together and then you squirt some lube on your shaft and stroke it and and coat it completely before placing the lube back on the shelf. You move closer and grasp each ass cheek in your hands and part them and place your cock in the center and run it up and down allowing my cheeks to caress it and then you pressed the head against my hole and I braced myself with my hands on the wall as you eased the head inside; you hold it there for a moment allowing my ass to adjust before you slowly press more and more until you are fully inside me and you hold it there as your bodies are pressed tight together. When you feel my hips begin to roll in a circular motion you know I am ready and you begin you pressing you cock in and out of my ass all the while holding tight to my hips. "Oh yes my pet, fuck my ass like a wild beast!" You tighten you grip and whisper huskily, "Yes Mistress" and you begin pumping in and out of my ass hard and fast and ramming as deep as you can with all you might and this goes on for several minutes until I feel your cock swelling inside my ass and stretching it further, so I begin rubbing my erect clit hard and fast and as I am about to cum, I instruct you, "Pull you cock out and cum all over my ass NOW!!!" and you do as instructed and as your hot cum drips onto my ass I scream out, "OH MY GOD..YES MY PET..I AM CUMMING!!" and you empty your load all over my ass and I instruct you to kneel and clean up your mess with your tongue, and you do as order. When you are finished I turn to face you and caress you head while raising my left leg to the side of the tub, "Now my darling pet clean my pussy of my cum." and you do a very good job, and I tap your shoulder and tell you, "Stand my precious." and you do, and I lick your lips and take your mouth and enjoy your flavors through a deep and passionate kiss. As the kiss ends I take your hand and lead you out of the shower and turn off the water and hand you a towel, "Dry me and when you are finished dry yourself." When you are finished doing as you were instructed I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom and over to the bed and I climb in and pat the bed for you to join me and you do. I caress your head and whisper against your ear, "You're such a good pet and you pleased your Mistress so well." and softly kiss against your ear, "Good night my precious." and I snuggle against you placing my head on your chest and falling asleep to the sound out your heart beating peacefully in my ear. THE END!! Written by Miss Vanda Foxdale