Monday, September 20, 2010

The Ghostly Tale of Domina Zaritala - Miss Hanna Gossamer

When Alexith Destiny rezzed a life-sized shrouded granite statue of a grieving angel, standing on a pedestal, in the Destiny family plot in the Dominion Ridge Cemetery, he had no idea what he had started. The statue was an eerie figure by day, frozen in a moment of grief and terrible pain. At night, the figure was almost unbelievably creepy; the shroud over its head obscuring the face until you were up close to it. There was a living air about the grieving angel, as if her arms could really reach out and grab you if you weren't careful.

It didn't take long for rumors to sweep through the sim and surrounding grid. They said that the statue - nicknamed Domina Zaritala - was haunted by the spirit of the mistreated domme who lay buried in the cold earth beneath the statue's feet. The statue's eyes would glow red at the stroke of midnight, and any living person who returned the statue's gaze would instantly be struck impotent, cock shriveling to a frightened thumb-sized nub. Any submissive who passed through her shadow would feel compelled to stay on his knees. And oh, there was also this tale: if you knelt at her stone feet at night, the statue would come to life and smother you in a dark embrace of cool stone thighs, your last breath gasping against the sweetly carved shape of sandstone labia.

If you spoke Domina Zaritala's name three times at midnight in front of a dark mirror, she would appear and pull you down to your knees, her stone hand resting forever on the back of your head, until your tears pooled on the earth at her feet. They also said that the spirits of wronged women everywhere would rise from their graves on stormy nights to gather around the statue as if part of some ritual bred of righteous indignation.

Around October, when the need for themed activities became apparent, people began visiting the cemetery just to see the statue. A greater mistake they could not have made. It was then that the local BDSM community decided to make the statue of the Grieving Domina Zaritala part of their initiation rites. In addition, of course, to the $250L needed to join the group. That October, candidates for membership had to spend the night kneeling beneath the statue with their backs to her dangerous shadow.

One dark night, two community members accompanied a new submissive hopeful to the cemetery and watched while he took his place underneath the creepy statue. The clouds had obscured the moon that night and the whole area surrounding the dark statue was filled with a sense of anger and malice. It felt as if a storm were brewing. Indeed, the two community members noticed that boiling black shadows seemed to be clustering around the body of the frightened candidate as he knelt there in bracelets.

What had been a fun initiation rite suddenly took on an air of danger. One of the BDSM community members lagged forward in alarm, intending to call out to the kneeling boy on voice, but he couldn't toggle on. As he drifted forward as if by no will of his own, the statue above the kneeling boy stirred ominously. The two onlookers froze in shock, frame rate plummeting, as the shrouded head lifted minutely, and seemed to take in the kneeling figure at her feet. They saw the gleam of glowing red eyes beneath the concealing hood as her sleek stone arms reached out toward the now cowering and paralyzed boy.

Voice toggled on! Shouts of alarm! The two community members teleported forward to rescue the new boy! But it was too late. The new boy gave one horrified yell of his safeword, and then his body disappeared into the embrace of the dark angel, Domina Zaritala. The two community members skidded to a halt as the statue thoughtfully rested her glowing eyes upon them, next. With gasps of terror, they fled from the cemetery before the statue could grab them too.

Hearing the screams on voice, a staff member hurried over to the Dominion Ridge Cemetery, sim crossing be damned. She discovered the avatar of a young male newbie lying at the foot of the statue.

He had evidently... out of PURE FRIGHT... disconnected.

The disruption caused by the statue grew so acute that Alexith finally donated it to the Second Life Smithsonian Museum at the IBM Sandbox, elsewhere on the grid. There, the grieving domina stayed for many months in storage, never again to plague those visiting the Dominion Ridge Cemetery. But I've heard the statue is up on XStreet now. And October comes rolling in.


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