Sunday, September 5, 2010

I want – Miss Callieanne

Just something short and sweet for confession. My longing and need for an almost absent boy and for once, I won't hide behind anonymity with my confession.

I want to violate your senses and put you in that space where you just crumble, i want you so tense with need and longing, to hear it in your voice, to wrench each drop of pleasure from you, to make you mine all over again

I want to make you crawl to me, pleading to give you release from the torment I can put you through, to slake my lust in that power over you with your body, to leash you to me and not let you go

I want to hold your shivering body close afterwards, see you turn to me, thanking me for your release, have you cling to me and seek my solace and approval in you, give you my love and help you come down from the heady experiences you go through
I need you, mine


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