Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Drinking Game by Anonymous

                                      The Drinking Game

He kneels before me, or is it she? At this moment I really don't know. My hand passes over a breast, a gentle squeeze and I hear the timbre in his voice change, an octave higher as he murmurs the words "I love you, Mistress". On the table is a jug, the liquid in it looks like a lovely white wine, but is it? I take a small glass and pour and suddenly inspiration hits me like a flash. The glass is full and I press it to his lips with the order to drink, and he does, no hesitation, his obedience tested almost to the limit. I watch in fascination as he swallows the liquid, only he and I know the contents. In THIS moment, I feel bonded to him as if he is totally mine and he is, this man/girl that places himself at my feet at my order and does the things I ask of him unquestionably. Again I fill the glass and press it to his lips and within moments the contents are finished. The look in his eyes is almost that of sadness, my fingers glide through his hair before tugging, hard and I press my lips to his ear, beginning to whisper what a dirty little slut he is.

I feel him move beneath me and I spread my legs, bringing his mouth close to my clit before issuing the order to lick. Almost passing out with pleasure the world melts away from me and WE are here in a room but the room fades away to blackness and now it's just US, I feel high, on emotion, on pleasure, his tongue licks, he whimpers and whimpers more. I let him lick further and then he begins to suck, my hips move and feels like I am fucking him, fucking his mouth with my clit and then it begins, In my head, the colours, the ecstacy, I moan and pull his head away but I'm not done with him yet. My hand moves between his legs and grasps the cock that he is so ashamed of at moments like this and I tell him he has no reason to be ashamed, that that cock belongs to me and if I want it hard then it shall be hard. I run my fingers over it, teasing, rubbing, my voice in his ear beginning to count.. 10, 9, 8, his moans become more urgent and he starts to beg. I laugh a little, he pleases me and I continue 7, 6, 5. I ask does he really want to come, just to hear him beg more, of course his answer is yes, why wouldn't it be. I make him beg more and bask in the sound of his pleas.

4, 3, and now, I know if I go to 1 he will come, right there on the floor at my feet. I stop with the counting, only to hear him beg more and moan so pathetically. My eyes come to rest on a small glass bowl and my hand reaches for it and picks it up. I give it to him and tell him he may come but to catch it all in the bowl. I laugh as the order is so quickly carried out and the evidence confronts me. I take the bowl from him and hold it to his mouth upended so he can drink and clean up after himself like a good boy should. I watch his tongue against the glass, licking with desperation to clean every little spot. I help him, my fingers taking the last drops and offering them to him. He takes my fingers in his mouth and licks and sucks, all the while I tell him he is my little slut. I look deep in his eyes and see the pleasure, the humiliation and I feel as always after these scenes that he is my tamed beast, my slut, and most importantly MINE and I, I am his Goddess.

Ikneel's Experience

It is hard to completely determine what is the kinkiest thing that ever happened to me, but this felt the most out there to me.

i arrived at my Domme's house and went through our normal rituals.  i removed my clothes locking them in this bag my Domme kept near the foyer.  i left the key on this shelf, where my Domme would collect it.

i followed all the other rituals we had.  i went around the house straightening up anything out of place.  i poured a glass of water for my Domme and brought it to her.  She was reading a book and relaxing when i got there.

After a few minutes, she looked up at me and out of the blue slapped me across the face twice. That used to make me so excited when she did that.  It would always hurt, but afterwards She would pull me close and rub my hair.

"You are to go to the bedroom, kneel on the bed, and put yourself into the ass up position."

i immediately went and my Domme joined a few minutes later carrying all kinds of rope.

i was put into a very tight - almost shibari type bondage - very hard to move at all.  My hands were palm down near my neck - providing the ability to keep my face up through some difficult pushing with my hands - this would pull my feet outward and back into me.  Every breath i took made me feel the rope in some new place.

Usually when tied like this i would be in for a spanking, so i was preparing myself.

Mistress laid down on the bed - just out of eyesight - continuing her book.  i lost track of the time as my mind moved back and forth from the ropes, to my pain, to Her comfort, and the constant rhythmic turn of the pages.

It felt so good to submit, so good to serve, so good to take the pain and the strain for Mistress.

After a while, Mistress said to me that Her boyfriend would be here in about an hour and by that time i would be begging Her and Him to fuck my ass.  i blush even writing this.  i had never done anything like this.  i know that i was skeptical as to whether i would be begging or even doing this.  i had never ever had to safeword.
Mistress got up and proceeded to alternate between cropping my ass, thighs and legs and stroking my cock.  In the tight bondage, everything was heightened and my body could not absorb the blows in the way i was accustomed.

Every once in a while, She would stop and ask me if i was ready to beg yet.  The first few times, i remember saying no and that i was concerned and scared.  This was met with chuckles and a continuation of the mind and body numbing cropping.  Then paddling and - i don't know - i lost track in all the sensation.

She would bring me so close to cumming and then suddenly the paddling would start.  i had so limited a range of motion.

After a while i said that i would do anything She asked of me - and to that she got her face right down in front of mine, and with this evil smile She told me that was not good enough.

She laced a hood onto me, and another sense was gone - heightening all the others.

The corporal punishment continued - followed by some rest periods and a few terrible times that she would ice me down - placing a couple of ice cubes in my ass to melt.

i wanted to please so badly and my thinking was all over the place.  i heard the doorbell ring and someone else enter the room.  i was terrified.

They went to the other room and i heard them having sex.  i was alone in my dark island trying to think what i would do.

i heard them both re-enter the room, and the paddling started again - it must have been the boyfriend because the strokes were so much harder - so unforgiving - so continuous. Then i felt her soft hands on my skin. Stroking my cock, gently squeezing my balls.  Massaging my muscles a little through the tight bondage.

Finally, i whimpered that i would be happy to be fucked in the ass if it pleased Her. It did feel so very good to please - to obey - to surrender - so very good.

My Mistress just laughed and said that my attitude was closer, but that i needed to beg for this - just not accept it.  The paddling and flogging and stroking continued. i was going out of my mind.
Between rounds i could hear Mistress and this boyfriend kissing and making out around me. At some point, i just felt this mental break.  KInd of an "all in" kind of feeling.

i started to beg to be fucked in the ass.  Of course, my first attempts were not sincere enough, and i was told over and over to ask for what i wanted  - to beg to be fucked.

Mistress would ask me why i wanted to be fucked and not until i answered that i needed to be filled that i needed the connection - that i wanted and needed the physical sensation - did Mistress finally agree.

i was slowly lubed up and stretched by fingers i could not tell whether they were Mistresses or not.  All during this i had to continue to beg and plead for a cock in my ass - and suddenly there was a sensation at the entrance to my ass and then a firm pushing and spreading of my ass.

The pain was high and every movement had become a strain for me - i didn't know how much longer i could take the bondage. i kept begging to be fucked and i was fucked very hard - throwing my covered face into the bed.  i could feel tears in my eyes from the exertion as i continued to feel the cock move in and out of me.

i just let go and surrendered to the process - trying to stay in the moment and be a good submissive for my dominant.

Suddenly, i could feel my Mistress's hand on my cock - edging me and edging me while i continued to be pounded in the ass.  As i felt the skin, of the man hit my ass, something just didn't feel right, but i was on full sensory overload.

Near my ear, through the mask, i heard my Mistress tell me i had 3 seconds to come - and i don't think she go to 2 before i was coming into the towel that hand been under me.

The feeling was intense and my ass spasmed against the cock - and suddenly the ramming stopped but the cock stayed in my ass - still hard - still unforgiving - still so incredibly exciting and embarrassing, erotic and insane.

When i heard my Mistress and her boyfriend in the other room fucking again, and i still felt the cock in me, i realized i had been fucked by a strap-on - probably worn by my Mistress.

She never let me forget that i had begged to be fucked in the ass and how whorish i had acted.

After some time, the cock was removed.  i was released from the bondage and suffered as the blood returned to all the places that had been constrained.  i had beautiful rope marks and a few abrasions on my body that continued to remind me of what i had done - who i had become - how it had happened.

His Torture by Lady Solde

He waits for me. Bound, naked, spread eagle, he waits.

I place my foot upon the stool, engulfing the slender length of my leg with my fishnet stockings. Pulling them up tightly to my thigh and clasping them on to my garter. Leaving the panties on the bed, I fasten the corset around my body, my breasts overflowing the edge. Slowly, I slide my foot into my favorite pair of red stilettos. Thoughts in my head turn to the many torture sessions that these shoes have accompanied me, and I laugh tilting my head back slightly. Shaking my head I remind myself that I have a task at hand that needs dealt with. My hand runs down my side, feeling the silkiness of the material against my skin and a sinister smile crosses my face.

The echo of my stilettos pounding on the floor stirs in my ears and my thoughts are of him. As I walk purposefully down the hall, my body begins to tingle and my heart begins to beat a little faster. The cool breeze created as I walk, gently glides across my pussy lips and I am very aware of my own excitement.

Stopping in the doorway, I just stand there gazing at him, his magnificent hard body. This is all mine, every inch, every crevice, every muscle, every curve, and he is here at my mercy. Earlier, I made sure that I secured him tightly to the bed, spread eagle, naked and I blindfolded him. All of this for a purpose, and this purpose was about to begin.  Watching him, I can see his chest rising and falling faster. I scan his body from top to bottom, resting slightly at his cock and slowly my tongue traces my bottom lip. However, his cock isn't my reason for today.

I walk over to the television and put in my favorite porn, only because I want the sounds of hard fucking to entice him and make him squirm before I begin the session. After a few minutes of the slapping and fucking sounds, I turn to look at him and I see his cock is responding nicely. His body squirming and I laugh quietly because he has no idea what is about to come.

From the foot of the bed, I look at my sub, blindfolded, naked, vulnerable and I cannot wait to begin. Slowly I move onto the bed, kissing his ankle as I do. Then, using my lips I kiss my way up his body, my hands caressing him as I do. Once my kisses reach his manhood, I stop and straddle myself over his hips. Sitting there for a moment I can feel his cool skin against my warm pussy.

Slowly, I begin to move towards his face and as I do, I am sure to rest my hips so that my pussy skims across his bare muscular chest. Marking him with my scent . Hearing a soft whimper from his lips, lets me know that I am doing exactly what I planned.

The whimpers do not effect me, in fact they increase my desire to torture him further. A cynical smirk crosses my face as I position myself over his face. The softness of my inner thighs flank his cheeks and i can feel their warm blush against my skin. I look down at him and firmly say, "Be sure to not touch my pussy or you will be punished further". My fingers find their way to his blindfold and I push it back onto his forehead. He takes a deep breath to attempt to breathe me in and I can immediately sense that he is ready to explode. My fingers find their way to my core, and I spread my pussy lips apart making sure that he is paying attention to me and only me. Swollen, red, throbbing, I begin to rub my clit and moving my hips against his face. Feeling his nose close to me,  he is trying to get as close as he can but remembering my one rule like a good sub should. Taking two fingers from my other hand, I gently slide them inside of me, burying them deep into the sweet darkness making sure that they get my sweet nectar all over them. As my fingers thrust deep inside of me repeatedly, the juices begin to flow gradually downward. My thoughts begin to fade and my body becomes a whirlwind of emotions as I inch closer and closer to erupting in pleasure.

With my fingers deep inside of me, and my hips moving to the sensual rhythm that beats silently within me, primal moans escape from the depths of my throat. My body tenses up, every muscle tightening in that precursor to sexual release, I thrust faster and harder deeper with every lunge. In the blink of an eye, my body begins spasming and I scream his name loudly as I bend backwards letting my hair fall down my bare shoulders. My release lasts a few minutes as my body shudders repeatedly and I notice that my fingers are coated with my warm sweetness. Slowly, I open my eyes as my body returns to normal and I see he is wanting. His eyes devouring me seductively and I bring my moistened fingers to his lips roughly inserting them inside his mouth, hooking them to the side of his inner cheek. He is like a greedy baby, suckling at their mother, but i don't give him the satisfaction.

Quickly, I remove my fingers and I laugh at his feeble whimpers.  My hands gently glide over his cheekbones letting him feel my bare flesh against him, and I bring the darkness back. With my task accomplished, I remove my body from his, immediately feeling the stark contrast of the cold against my ivory inner thighs. Walking down the hall, I don't even consider the condition that I left him in, that isn't my problem.

Satisfied, a smile crosses my lips as I begin to unfasten my corset and remove my garter. I shall have to do this again because it was definitely intensely pleasurable. He can just stay where he is for the time being.

He waits for me. Bound, naked, spread eagle, he waits.

Her Sweetness by Lady Solde

I wait in darkness. Alone. Bound.

For her I wait, spread eagle, bound with silk around my wrists and ankles, and I eagerly wait. The blindfold preventing me from seeing, hearing nothing but the sound of my heart beating, and I feel the cool air cascading over my taut, naked body. The cool air teasing me as I wait, the anticipation exciting me.

In the distance, I hear the firm clicking of her familiar steps. She is wearing her favorite pair of stilettos and I hear her coming closer to me. My heart quickens as I feel her approaching me, my body craving her. Then, silence.

In this silence, I can feel her eyes caressing me, devouring me, and my own body begins to respond to her, without her even touching me. Just knowing she is near, feeling her hungry gaze, smelling her exotic scent, excites me to no end and I feel my cock begin to harden.

Laying here vulnerable, exposed, blindfolded, bound and naked, I hear the sound of fucking coming from the television. Not just a soft sex, but hard and rough. Intensely erotic sounds and I envision that Mistress is watching her favorite porn. My body begins to ache for her, to touch her, to lick her and to please her. For that is my purpose in life, making her happy.

Almost as soon as the thoughts are finished in my head, I feel her. Her body crawling up mine, her lips kissing my legs, my inner thighs, torturing me with every touch. She stops briefly, then I feel her position herself above me and she sits down upon my belly. I can feel the warmth of her pussy against my bare skin. She continues to crawl up my body, letting her pussy drag against my skin, leaving a moistened trail in its wake. I whimper softly as my cock instantly hardens. I pull at my restraints wanting to touch her, aching in need, longing for her, but they just tighten around my wrists and ankles reminding me that I am at her mercy.

The sweet aroma of Mistress fills my nostrils and I know she is moving nearer to my face. Her inner thighs gripping my chest firmly, reminding me that she is in control. My own body begins to hurt. Not from pain, but from the desire and ache that I feel for her. The tremendous need in my loins causes my cock to throb in a pain that becomes unyielding.

As I lay here, trying to not explode my cum all over, she moves still further up my body and maneuvers herself over my face. I can feel the warmth radiating from her pussy. Her sweetness is so close, but yet so far away. I cannot touch or lick until she allows me to do so and I am dying to drink from her. Suddenly, Mistress pushes the blindfold from my eyes and I blink a few times to adjust to what is before me. Mistress. I see her glorious pussy before me, her lips perfectly parted, her manicured nails slowly flicking her clit. As I watch, Mistress begins to rub herself slowly at first, encircling her clit, moaning and seductively moving her hips. She is very aroused and I wonder if she knows that she is torturing me. As she begins to insert two fingers inside of herself, I am about ready to explode. Her fingers thrust repeatedly inside of her, as her other hand continues the dance upon her clit. Then, I am given a blessing from Mistress as her juices begin to drip slowly upon my face. My tongue reaches out to lick her sweetness from my chin. I lap up as much as I can being careful to follow her command of not touching her with my tongue.

I hear her moans becoming louder, her hips are thrusting against her fingers wildly and I know she is ready to cum. Watching her reaction is such a joy to me, As she orgasms, her back arches and her juices release over my face and again I lick what I can, but its not enough. I want so much more! I can see her fingers glistening with her own cum as they begin to slow down their thrusting inside of her. Damn, I wish I were those fingers! Then, as if Mistress can read my thoughts, she roughly hooks her fingers into the edge of my mouth and I feed hungrily, trying to get as much of her sweetness as I am able, afraid that she will pull them out at any second.

Confirming my fears, within seconds Mistress removed her fingers and I whimper because I want more.  She brings her hands to my face again, pulling the blindfold back over my eyes, pushing me back into the dark abyss. Her warmth dissipates and I hear her move away. The sounds of her stilettos growing faint down the hall.

My own body aching with desire and a need that only she can fill. Cock hard and throbbing to the point of pain, I lay in the darkness, bound, spread eagle, waiting for her.

I wait in darkness. Alone. Bound.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

7/20/13 Impromptu Confessions

Breathing in deeply,
Head back, eyes closed.
Flesh on flesh
Hot and Sultry
Nails digging in


Shes running things
a blur of voice and green and purple
but do we ever tell Her
thank, You, for making things so wonderful


On my knees. Looking up at her.
Sometimes my partner. Sometimes my lover.
Tonight I tremble before my goddess.

She looks down on me. Points to the bed and tells me to spread.
My wrists and ankles tied down. Cock and balls so exposed.
She runs her fingers down the shaft. Grabs my balls and squeezes.

Now she strokes. I moan. Oh goddess, it feels so good.
Oh goddess, I love it, It's been so long. So long. Mmmmm....

Goddess? Are...are you stopping?
No, please, no, please don't...stop.

She laughs and walks away.


There once was a panda so sweet
His submission was really a treat
His av couldn't kneel
But his service was real
He just won't stop kissing my feet!


A few weeks ago I was kneeling on the auction block wondering why I decided to go through with the auction besides Miss Eva's firm encouragement.

I heard a lady say some very nice things about me and found out later on , I need to thank Miss Tika for a very kind gesture on her part.

I was asked if I wanted to be collared again and I hesitated not knowing if I could do it again.

I kneel here before Mistress Dalia wearing her collar and I know that fate sometimes surprises us in some very pleasant ways.

Thank you Mistress for taking a chance on me



willing to take a chance when noone would
a dream that became real
even though, it is only for a week
She means so much to me
Ms Persephone, already


We are there for one another.  The good times, the challenges are ours to share.  My boys and I are committed to one another.  If you only share the good times and not the challenges with your SL partners, how do you know what they are made of, and if they are the people you think they are.


It's been three months since Mistress permanently collared me. I've never felt so happy, content, and complete in my life. Thank you for opening my eyes, mind, and heart to all that you have, my Mistress.


I watch.  Wait. I see you buck and twist.  No, not your body.  Your submission.
If I was shallow I'd say you are fighting me.  But I am not.
It is a battle within yourself.  Will you win through to me?
Surrender, my boy.  Surrender.  Let the tears out.


Summer eve, but where is Summah?
Tears of 100 words.
who's ridin' bitch, Pussy Venom?
Saddled sad without you.


I've not admitted to my Mistress yet, how much She means to me and how much I really love Her *lowers eyes


i am completely and utterly smitten by Mistress Coco


Someone asked me why I didnt bid for you.  The answer is simple.  I don't have to, and I don't want obligation to sully what we have.


he kneels to Her,
bares his neck for Her
pleading  for Her fire.

his NEEDs are Her secret desires
his every breath Her will,
Her voice courses thru him
in rhythmic songs of pain ad pleasure,
flowing through his very veins.

he will bend for Her,
his back a page for
Her scarlet song.

Writen on him
rhyme and verse in
fiery strokes of crimson,
with skilled leather rhythm,
his tears and screams Her sweet refrain.

100 Word Confessions

This week's Confessions are part of our 100 Words Writing Challenge. 'Cry' was the word chosen to inspire the writings.....

Cry by Casey Wildmist

The boy knelt at his Mistress' feet, tears running down his flushed faced, floating dreamily in subspace. With a low moan of pleasure he slowly shifted to settle his spanked ass back on his heels at her wordless gesture, lifting his head to meet her stare. A wicked grin spread across her face as she studied him, admiring the red marks on his back, chest, and ass before chuckling softly and addressing him in dulcet tones, "You did very well, Mine. You impressed me with your dedication to my pleasure, I knew you would cry for me sooner or later."


Cry No More by Lady Alyssa

No more tears.

No more need to be upset, no more need to cry. I am done with the feelings you have made me feel... no, you don't have that control, you never have and you never will have that control. I will never shed another tear for you, it was you who left without a word, and I cried then. Feeling so lonely, so... out of place, but no more. I am no longer lonely. I will no longer cry.

It is time; time to move forward and forget all you did.  I will cry no more.


Cry by Sillien

Mistress sat on the couch, silent, as he walked into her apartment. She gave him keys, and three days a week he came over to do her chores and play. Normally he’d be stripping down, crawling over, and placing kisses on her feet, but it didn’t feel right. The clothes stayed on and he just knelt right next to her, looking up at her face. It seemed soft. “Michael and I broke up. He’s moving to Atlanta. It’s done.” He nodded, wrapped his arms around her legs, and squeezed. She buried her face in his hair and started to cry.


Cry 2 by Sillien

“Don’t cry.”
“But it hurt, Mistress! You put all twelve inches in...”
She cut him off. “I said don’t cry. Take it like a man.”
Andrea rubbed her sub’s sore bottom.
“You liked it and you know it, slut. Besides, you know this all just training, right?”
“Training, Mistress?”
She gave him a smile that made his crawl.
“For the real thing. You’re going to take a real one in there very soon for me, pet. You want to be prepared, don’t you?”
He gulped. Almost started crying again, but kept the tears inside this time.
“Yes, Mistress. For you.”


100 Words by Anonymous

The doubts come at night, they tell me things i do not want to know, they present themselves as solid stone facts immovable, unassailable. The doubts tell me bad things, they whisper to me in the dark. Then She is here, I feel her hand on my hip, possessive, her voice says "you need to be quiet" and i say "oh" and everything is changed, doubts forgotten,  together we will step into our sleep. I am smiling.


Cry #1 by Lady Susannah

Stubborn fool insisted on playing the stoic. Well, tonight he’d learn just how stubborn SHE could be.

She drew back her arm, letting the singletail fly with a resounding, CRACK!

Barely a flinch.

Her eyes narrowed and again she lashed his naked back.

Again, no sound escaped him.

CRACK! Over and over again she poured her frustration and energy into her only goal that night – to make this boy give in to her, to cry out.

Arm sore, she walked around to his face.

Saw the tears coursing down his cheeks, kissed them gently and smiled.

He was hers, now.


Cry #2 by Lady Susannah

He had wanted to be hers for as long as he could remember. She was all that filled his thoughts, his dreams. She was the focus of all that he did, even when they were apart. He’d served her well these past months.

Today, she simply said, “kneel”.

He obeyed quickly, eyes downcast.

She lifted his chin with a finger and looked him straight in the eye. He returned her gaze and began to tremble, struggling not to cry.

“You are mine now”, she whispered.

Tears of joy filled both their eyes and no more words were needed that night.


100 Words by Lady Eva

Everything important happened there.  At night they huddled around the pine table they hated and cried.  In the morning he made strong coffee with the obscenely expensive coffee maker that took a quarter of the counter space. He'd triumphantly return and display a parsnip or piece of cheese or half a loaf of good bread on the old wood cutting board. The kitchen was their fire, their hearth. And sometimes she would surprise him, take the knife, jar, or flowers from his hands and make him kneel on the floor.  She'd point at the wide, antique boards and say,  "There."


100 Words by Lady Summer

The beaded curtains rippled and the scent of tuberose was thick. I paid good coin for this boy and he was damned well going to obey.

The brothel advertised smooth as silk chocolate boys and this one was hairless.  I glanced at him as he sobbed.

What is your problem boy? His nipple tassels swayed as he writhed on the tiles. I pinched him hard to get his attention.

He stopped wailing.  I slapped him across the face and rapidly wound some beads around his wrists. I glanced down again.

And he smiled.


Cry by Lady Roxie


I took a walk in the park today.

It was a beautiful day and I was feeling rather happy.

I noticed a bird on the grass.  It looked wounded and was flapping it's wings but going nowhere.  As I approached the bird, a stray cat came along and attacked the bird and ran away with it in it's mouth.

That made me cry.

It was only a bird.  Probably better off dead, but I cried for it anyway.  It was alive and now it’s dead.

It was a beautiful day and I was feeling rather sad.


100 Words by Aarman


My fingers straightened but my wrists were secured in place and my palms were bearing all my weight along with my knees.  My head up looking at her standing behind me through the mirror in front. I kept sobbing with each new painful caress of the whip on the skin of my legs and bare bottom.
The tears run through my cheeks and chin with each hit and dropped into a wine glass between my hands. Only when it was filled enough she was satisfied and stopped. Then she took the glass to look at it before drinking my tears.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Assistant Part Vll - Corrective Measures by Lady Crissy

[Note:  Last we saw these two,  aaron had returned with luke warm coffee... which did NOT go well with Miss Night.  She calls him over to her at the end of Part VI.....]

When aaron walked to my side of the desk at my order, I swiveled the chair towards him and paused.  His eyes were cast down, and I could see him tremble a bit.   It made me wonder what his mentor had said about me and my disciplinary measures, but no matter.  It would have been the truth, and despite what he had heard, he was here, and needed to be punished.

I pulled open the top drawer of the desk, and took out a bright red leather paddle.  It was bigger than the size of my hand and smooth, which is why I enjoyed it. I did enjoy spanking with my bare hand, but my hands were small.   It also made a very beautiful sound when it was brought down firmly on bare flesh, which made it my go-to tool for immediate punishment.

I set the paddle on the desk and looked at the boy, the line of his pretty skirt interrupted rudely by the hard cock underneath that tented it, spoiling the plane of fabric.  It was not a good look.  I decided he should be punished for that as well.

"Pull up your skirt and hold it up, boy,"  I ordered harshly.

"Ohh, yes Miss Night,"  he replied right away, his eyes going wide, and his face flushing red before he reached down.  He took the hem of the skirt in his hands and pulled the fabric up, exposing himself.

"Now listen to me, aaron,"  I said slowly and clearly.  "You will stand still and you will hold that skirt up just so until told otherwise."   I paused.  "But don't lock your knees - I won't have you passing out on me."

He nodded nervously and quickly added, "Yes Miss NIght."   I could see he was sweating under the pressure, his hands holding the skirt up were shaking slightly.

I picked up the paddle and held it in my hands.   I ran a manicured nail over the flat of it, still loving the rich color of it after all this time.  I looked up and then held out the paddle so that it rested right under aaron's hard-on. "Ever played ping-pong, aaron?"   I looked at him and smiled.  I heard a noise sounding like a cross between a moan and a small cry of surprise escape him.

"No, Miss Night,"   he responded, his voice strained.  I could see the beads of sweat on his face now.

"Ahh...well no matter, aaron.  You wont be playing, I will," I said, matter of factly.   I lowered the paddle and brought it up again with a small smack to the underside of his cock, and paused.  He sucked in breath quickly and looked then at me, his eyes showing me he was beginning to see how this game would be played.

I began slowly, with very gentle short smacks, bringing the paddle up over and over to meet with the underside of his hard cock, making it bounce until it began to meet the paddle on its way up,  I looked into aaron's eyes and watched as he winced and fought to stand still, an occasional small yelp coming when his cock hit the paddle just right.

"Repeat after me, boy,"  I began, pausing the small smacks and waiting to make sure he was focused on what I was saying.  His eyes were wide and on me.  Focus was an understatement.   'Miss..."  I said, bringing up the paddle to smack his cock again, but this time harder.

"Miss!"  he said quickly, his voice wavering and a bit high.  

"Night,"  I continued, bringing up the paddle again, which made a satisfying smack noise.

"Night!"  aaron repeated, his voice beginning to quiver.

I smiled.  "hates...."  I said next and brought up the paddle again.

"Hates!" he almost cried out, a small yelp coming from him.

"cold....."   I was enjoying every moment and the pretty sounds he was making.

"Cold!"  he practically exclaimed.

"coffee...."   I said, finishing the message and chuckling as I brought the paddle up again a little harder.

aaron started a bit and went up a bit on his toes at the sting fo the paddle, his voice going high as he repeated, "Coffee!"

"Very good, aaron!"  I commended and paused.  I watched him try to take a shaky breath, his eyes watery.  His cock was getting red and I was sure stung badly.  That made me happy, but not happy enough.

"Now, aaron, to make sure you really understand that message, you will repeat it back again,"  I said, smiling wickedly and holding the paddle in place again just below aaron's red and stinging erection.

 "Let's begin then, " I said and quickly brought up the paddle again. This time, hard.

"Miss!"   he exclaimed, then moaned softly.

 "Night!"  he said breathlessly, hissing a breath between his teeth as the paddle smacked his sore cock again.

 "Hates!"  he yelped in a strangled voice, his body beginning to tremble to match his voice.

 "Cold!"  he cried out after the next hard smack, his cock dripping.

"Coffee!"  he almost screamed out, his voice going high and sounding panicked after the last hard smack came up to meet his reddened flesh.

I sat back with the paddle, satisfied and just watched the boy, his body shaking, sweating, his cock very red now and leaking.  Ugh.  I looked down at the paddle and saw it, nasty precum on the beautiful red leather.   Oh no he didn't.  I looked back up at aaron, my eyes narrowing, and he looked at the paddle and then to me, panic in his face.

End of Part VII

A Quick and Dirty Little Thing by Sillien

He took his time walking down the hallway. If Mistress were there, he realized she would tell him to hurry his ass up and knock on the fucking door. So he did just that. The gentleman who answered was older than he was and much larger.

“You must be Kevin.”

“I am...sir. I was told to come here by...”

“By your mistress. Yes. I know. Kneel next to the chair by the computer.”

The gentleman sat down in the chair and clicked the mouse a couple of times. Kevin kept his head down, suspecting what Mistress told him to come here for but not entirely letting himself accept it. Those annoying noises Skype tends to make came out from the speakers.


It was Mistress’ voice. A tingle went down the boy’s spine.

Robert smiled into the camera. “Hello, Maxine. It’s been a while.”

“It has!” Kevin just knelt there as the two of them had a typical conversation between two old friends. A lot of talk about work, about the people who come and go. Nothing that pertained to him. Until he heard her say his name. His gaze shot up.

“Hello, Mistress!” He could see her lovely smile on the screen. She had her glasses on and her hair was up in a ponytail. Other than that she didn’t seem to have any clothes on whatsoever. “I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too, pet.” His heart melted a bit. “I want you to kneel back a few feet so I can see all of you. And get naked.”

He glanced up at the man sitting next to him.

“Why are you looking at him? I could swear I just told you to strip, slut. Why do still even have clothes on? Is something wrong? Do you need any help?”

His hands darted to the buttons of his shirt before he could even speak. “No Mistress. Please forgive me.” He was completely naked in less than a minute. Her face lit up at the sight of the steel chastity device encasing his cock. Robert stood from his chair and moved it out of the way. He walked right up to Kevin’s side, giving her a perfect view of the two of them. He could swear her grin got even wider.
“Face him, slut.” He turned to his side, face to face with the stranger’s crotch. There was an unmistakable bulge. “Take off his pants.” He didn’t dare hesitate, though his instincts almost made him do exactly that. All he needed to do was tug on the string of the man’s sweatpants and they fell to the ground, a half-erect cock springing out in front of the poor boy’s face.

“Do you belong to me, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress Maxine.”

“And you wish to please me? To do what *I* find pleasing, even if you do not?”

He gulped before he could answer. “Pleasing you is my purpose, Mistress.”

“I like hearing that, slave. You belong to me, yes you do. And now you are going to take that cock inside of your mouth for me.”

Kevin knew better than to let that whimper out. He closed his eyes and moved his face closer to that cock until his lips pressed against the head, the saltiness of that little dribble of pre-cum hitting his tastebuds. His lips traveled all the way down the shaft, and then back again. The dick started to harden inside of his mouth, filling him. A hand reached around and clutched the hair at the back of his head. A buzzing started come from the speakers. He knew that sound. That was the sound of Mistress’ Hitachi massaging her pussy. Her moist, delicious pussy. Thoughts of it filled his head as this man rammed his cock inside of his mouth.

Now moaning started coming from the speakers. Kevin started moaning too. His mind began to associate sucking this cock with his Mistress’ pleasure. That was all he needed really. All he needed to get into being face-fucked on camera. The other hand clenched the back of his head now and the ramming was rapid. The moaning was now, too. “Fuck his face, Robert! And don’t you dare swallow until I tell you too, bitch!”

He could tell the end was coming. Robert was grunting hard now. His balls were slapping up against Kevin’s chin. He thought the man was going to rip out his hair until, finally, the man began to spasm. And he felt it. The thick hot cum pumping into his mouth. Filling it like a slutty little hole. He turned to the camera. Mistress took one look at it and filled the room with a screaming orgasm. After a minute she looked back at him and spoke.

“Swallow it, slut.” He did. “Thank him.” He turned back towards Robert.

“Thank you for letting me suck your cock for my Mistress, sir.”

Maxine smiled.

“You are such a good little pet. Go home. get cleaned up. I’ll call you to put you to sleep.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Thank you, mine. Thank you.”


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Confession by Aarman


My hand was shaking uncontrollably and the coffee was spilling down the cup all over the plate as I tried to curve my back down closer to the table to sip it slowly. I could feel her eyes looking at me and knew she was smirking with elegancy and some arrogance as she made sure that as I put the cup down, her shoe barely touched my leg, making me even more uncomfortable if that could only be possible.

“You look cute when you shake like that”, she said letting me know for sure she was noticing while I tried not to look at her legs again.

Ashamed I didn’t answer, half of my mind was busy trying to control myself, the other enjoying the moment and wishing she would tell me to kneel down, there in the middle of the restaurant, I wouldn’t have cared.

I have met her a few weeks ago, and the first moment I saw her I knew she was something different. Her energy was very secure and her movements were full of grace, a lovely female energy, but at the same time very commanding. I felt like I could kneel for her quiet quickly and I’m sure she felt she could own me as fast, especially when my eyes fixed on her boots. I was instantly fantasizing about groveling at her feet, licking her boots.

As I tried to sip the coffee again, she moved a napkin to clean my cup and bring my mind back to the moment. “Thank you”, I said with my trembling voice. “It’s like you know what I need”. Her lips became wide and her white teeth shined in the smile a second before she replied: “I always know what’s better for you”.

Those simple words sent my heart racing fast, my breath shortened and quickened and my underwear suddenly become tight. Could she really know what I was thinking? Could she really know I was longing for her to tell me to kneel down and kiss her shoes?

In a way I felt she did and she was just teasing me. I felt she was enjoying seeing my so unsettling nervous for her, longing to for more of her perfume, longing for her power to be truly demonstrated above me.

Before I could notice she stood up after putting a paper on the table besides my cup of coffee, her hands touched my shoulders as she left without saying anything; She didn’t need to, her hands said it all when she braced herself behind my back. I was hypnotized and it took me a while to come back and see the note. It only had an address and a time.

I got there 10 minutes earlier, my hands were sweating and I could feel my stomach tight as I waited to ring the bell. In a way I didn’t wanted her to see me like this, nervous and anxious so I waited outside and soon a car came by.

She parked it and opened the door, her legs looking unsettling gorgeous as she moved to step out. She hardly looked and didn’t say anything as she passed by. I just knew I had to follow her. She didn’t need a leash or any other prop, she already had me and once I closed the door behind me I could feel myself very excited.

She led me to a place on the back, a very nicely decorated room but with very strange furniture, where as soon as I came in she spoke: “Kneel down and beg me to come into my presence”.

I looked around feeling ashamed wondering what to do for a second, but I was getting so excited there was no denying I had to do it and begged the best I could.

“Would you please be so kind to let me be in your presence”, I said with stumbling words.

“That would do this time”, she answered and turned around to arrange something in a piece of furniture before adding some dreaded words at the moment. “Now get naked”

Naked? I thought. My blood pressure intensified as I started to take my shirt off and stood up to step out of my shoes, socks and trousers. At that point she came to face me and noticed my already hard penis in my square cut tight underwear damped in pre-cum.

“What’s that?”, She asked and I couldn’t answer more than with a red face. “Is that for me?”

“Yes Miss”, I replied quickly this time, trying to gain confidence. “You have me this way”.

“That’s not true”, she said firmly pulling my underwear down. “Any strong woman like me would have you like this, you slut”.

Again my face got red, but my penis jumped as more blood was pumped in with her words as I again didn’t have words to defend myself.

“Say it”, she commanded, “Tell me what you are”.

“I am a slut?” I spoke slow and in a low voice but my words weren’t enough and I could soon feel a firm slap on my penis.

“Louder slut!”, Her voice rose again and this time as I felt my penis twitching and stinging hard I said it: “I’m a slut”.

As soon as I said the words her hand grabbed my hair and pulled me down and close to her, making me follow her to the furniture where she made me lay down on my back.

Before I could think again my wrists were tied together on top of my head and my ankles had the same fortune only that one was widely separated from the other and I was completely exposed. My penis was hard and pointing up as she moved to my right side and put a foot close to my face. I could see her shoe so close as she begun slapping my thighs and penis.

My eyes were fixed on her shoe and hers jumped from my twitching aching penis to my face in pain. I knew she was enjoying herself as she also used her hand to tease me, stroking me for a while before hitting me again as I was ordered to lick her shoe. The position and her skirt would allow me to see deep up her gorgeous thigh. It looked soft and I wished I would be allowed between them, but that night all I got was more torture on my penis and also some pleasure.

A strange pleasure on an aching penis that felt as hard as ever. I was as excited as I had never been. So much that I came while begging her to let me be a slut and do it.

She watched me as I moaned and felt ashamed. I think I imagined her touching herself while it was happening, but I’m not sure as all I could feel was my semen spurting on my chest, from where she then picked up some with her finger and coated my lips.

“I’ll see you soon slut”, was all she said before leaving me tied up there, as another piece of dirty furniture.

Confession by Russell

I am yours.

The ropes that bind me are like a lovers embrace, holding me still and tight
You know I am yours.
The ropes cut into my flesh, the bite makes me feel.
I look into your face so close but so far away and I wait
I wait until I feel like I must scream out for your touch,
Beg for your tender caress but I know that will only prolong the sweet agony
You know I am yours.
I watch you stand over me, I breathe heavily with longing
Then with a vicious tempo you sear my flesh
Leather against skin, clamps tearing,
Your manicured nails gouging deep red furrows,
Making my back arch and body writhe
Make the pain go ever longer
For it makes the pleasure stronger
Spank, and bite me
Make it so I can’t see
Have your way
I’ll do as you say,
You know I am yours

Laughter by Lady Dalia

I laugh.

It starts, with a quirk of the mouth, a tingle in my cunt.
You, a look of shocked delight.
You didn't expect this.
So easy this discovery and playfulness.
Mine, your balls and nipples.
The weight of a stretcher.
The bite of a clamp.

'Stand, turn around, I want to inspect.'
You do.
When done, your face is red but still you ask,
'Use me, please Mistress?'
I tease, until I know you will groan out your thanks to me.
You are my lovely slut.

'What will you do if I...'
Down goes the chain that clamps the nipples.
You shudder and moan.
I didn't tell you to stop fucking that ass.
Was that a whimper?
I giggle.

I push, you react; sometimes with a smart reply.
Smack, smack, smack.
Face and cock, feel my will.
I grin, feeling better.

Bent over, you fuck yourself.
I hear the squishy noises.
You emit those keening sounds.
I am wet.
I smile.
You are milked and still I make you carry on,
Fingers and tongue, cleaning your mess.

I remember the clamps.
Off comes the first and you let out a smothered yell.
A deep chuckle bursts from my lips.
I whisper in your ear,
'Rub it, tease it, rush the blood back.'
You comply, wriggling on the spot.
I smile with delight and touch myself.

Off comes the stretcher,
your hands not as still as you'd like,
You fumble, then groan.
I have you pull on the now cool sacs between you legs.
You, confused, let out a sound of too much pain and pleasure.
I throw my head back in delight and laugh.
I show you the glistening proof of my approval.

'The other clamp.'
You acquiesce, oh so reluctantly.
I let you know, I see your fear and love it.
This time, there is a yell.
You dance with the pain.
From deep within me something releases.
Laughter rushes along my skin and over my lips.

I am joyous and you are my bliss.

My Dream Guy by Lady Miyani

I dreamed of you last night.

Well, don’t we think we’re something special? I don’t always dream of you, but often, yes, Not like this, though. This was… different.

Are you sure you want to hear?

If you insist. We were walking together through the woods. Either it was summer, or we’d finally moved somewhere warm. Just the two of us, really alone, it was so nice. No schedules, no phone calls, no obligations. No one on the other side of the door. Just me, and you, and us.

You looked beautiful, mine - and very much as you do right now. Strong, and proud, with your eyes that warm honey-brown they get when you’re happy, and your hair that little bit too long. Just the way I like it. I’d finally gotten you out of that t-shirt you call a uniform, and as I watched you I caught flashes of blue at your chest, from your mark. And flashes of silver at your throat, from mine.

I keep telling you you’re my dream guy.

I was so proud, watching you. Knowing that you were mine, knowing that I carried your heart inside me.

But I’m so enthralled by you; how can a metaphor be enough? My steps began to slow as my breathing did exactly the opposite. My eyes crept up to meet yours when you turned, a question plainly written on your face. Oh, what a joy it was to see the question fall away, to see the first tinges of fear, mixed with a breathless anticipation. You weren’t sure of the game, not yet, but you knew me well enough to sense my mood.

I smiled - that special smile that seems to show a few too many teeth. Despite the excitement fluttering just beneath my skin, I felt the softness run out of my face. The angles sharpened, my gaze became cold, even a bit arrogant. I didn’t need to see it to know; I could see you. Your growing uncertainty, and a kind of settled surrender - the prey in you succumbing to its lot in life.

That was the moment I’d been waiting for, although I hadn’t planned it. My nostrils flared, and I exhaled. “Run.” Almost too soft to hear.

You weren’t sure if I was serious. I saw the corner of your mouth twitch upward, and I growled. You heard that.

“You don’t want me to repeat myself.”

I didn’t think people actually ‘gulped,’ I thought that was something used only for effect. But you proved me wrong, and then you were off. Crashing through the bushes like a startled deer - darling, surely you have more finesse than that. But if you wanted to make the hunt easier, I wasn’t going to stop you.

I didn’t just chase. Where’s the fun in that? I followed, and let you tire yourself out, and when you began to slow I came at you from one side or the other. I let you hear a snapped branch, or catch a glimpse of my hair. I drove you in circles, and let you find your way back to where we had started.

And there I was in front of you, just as exhaustion forced you to your knees. You raised your head to face me, looking hopeful. Had you done well? Had I gotten the chase I wanted?
“I thought I told you to run.” You didn’t have time to do more than flinch away from the disdain in my voice, and I was on you. My knee slammed against your chest and you were knocked back, my weight driving the breath out of you. One hand closed over your throat, pressing your head back, as the other flattened against your belly, my thumb digging painfully under your ribs. My lips were smirking, but my eyes were still hard.

A slow, lazy drawl, my mouth inches from your ear. “What are you, darling?”

I felt your throat working under my hand as you fought to swallow. “Yours.”

“Good.” My lips moved slowly downward, barely brushing your skin. My legs, I placed over your thighs, using my body to bind you in place. I flicked my tongue across your nipple, murmuring, “Say it again. What are you?”

A soft gasp, as my tongue sent shivers across your body. “I’m yours.”

And still further down, until my lips traced that favorite spot where hardness becomes softness, just below your ribcage. I breathed in the salty-sweet tang of your skin, sweat mixed with fear mixed with lust. With my teeth grazing your skin, my voice made a mockery of a pleading tone. “One more time?”

I heard your breath catch. “I’m yours.” And then there were no more words. I drove forward into you, grinding the flesh of your belly between my teeth. Human mouths were not made for this feast, but I did my best. And as I felt the hot, coppery rush of you over my tongue, I felt an answering wave in myself, a building pressure in the pit of my stomach, and lower. I let out a low moan as pleasure washed over me, sending vibrations into the very core of you. You tried to sit up, a scream forming on your lips, but the pressure on your throat threw you back down, and allowed for only a whimper.

My other hand found the wound my mouth had started, and was burrowing under your ribs in earnest now. My fingers curled around a rib and as I felt it crack, the dam inside me burst and I collapsed against you, shuddering, sighing your name. You arched up into me, as if in response - but really, there was just nowhere else to flee, to escape the pain. In a way, it seemed almost as though you didn’t want to escape. As though you would stay there willingly, through it all, if that was what I wanted.

Why is that, I wonder?

Finally, my questing fingers found their prize. I could feel it pulsing under my hand, impossibly fast. You weren’t breathing so easily now, which wasn’t surprising. Not if you think about what I had to tear through to get there. I raised my head - you looked so beautiful. I kissed your cheek, hypnotized by the crimson stains on your uncharacteristically pale skin. My lips found your ear again and as I began to squeeze, to crush the fluttering muscle in my grasp, I whispered one word.

(Laugh) What’s the matter, my darling, cat got your tongue? It may not be much of a bedtime story, but you did ask.

Love, it was a dream. You’re perfectly safe, for as long as I want to keep you whole. Now get some sleep.

You too. Oh, and by the way; what are you?

Good. Sweet dreams…

The Assistant Part VI: Truth & Consequences by Lady Crissy

[Note :  In the previous parts of this story, aaron has taken a job as "assistant/secretary" for Miss Night.  In the last part, Miss Night sent a very transforme, dolled up aaron down to the very busy cantina in their office building for a coffee.]

Sometime later just as I got off the phone with a client, there was a knock at the door. I looked at the small clock on the bookshelf against the wall and raised an eyebrow. Aaron had been gone for some time as I was buried in administration law and court rules. This ought to be interesting...

"Come on in, aaron,"  I called out, and the door opened.  Aaron walked in, coffee in hand.  I motioned for him to place it on the desk, and watched him step up to my desk and place the cup down on in front of me without a word.  I noticed that his hand was shaking a little, and looked up to see that his face was a flushed.  He smiled and turned to leave, but I stopped him with a word.

"Aaron,"  I started, and he stopped in his tracks, turning around.   "Where are you going, boy?"  I finished, retrieving the cup from the desk.   The cup was barely warm. I looked up at the boy sternly as he walked back to the other side of my desk.  "Its lukewarm, aaron.  I am not happy."  I stated.  I watched him lower his eyes and swallow hard.

"I'm sorry, Miss Night.  I was stopped in the cantina..., " he began to explain, his voice wavering with nervousness.

"Aaron,"  I stated, stopping him.  "You will let no one interfere with your duties.  You will be punished, but I will hear what happened first,"  I explained, sitting back and cocking my head to wait for his explanation.   I watched him blush a bright red.   Well this should be good, I thought to myself.

"Well Miss Night...."  he started again.  "...someone in the cantina, this guy..." he glanced up at me as he started.

"Spit it out, boy, before I lose my patience,"  I warned and narrowed my eyes at him.

He quickly lowered his eyes and looked down again continuing, " I didn't want to cause a scene, so I tried to speak to him...low, but firm."   I cocked an eyebrow,  now intrigued.  "I can take back the coffee and warm it, Miss Night,"  he added quickly.

"First tell me what it is that you spoke to him about, aaron,"  I inquired.

He paused and responded, "He pinched my bottom, Miss."   I stifled a chuckle and pursed my lips to suppress it.  "Then he called me a name, Miss."

"Describe him to me, and what he was wearing,"  I leaned into listen.  Aaron ticked off a list of characteristics and it didn't take long for me to figure out who it was.  I had seen the little shit chatting up some of the young ladies.  And more importantly, I knew who he worked for.  I put up my hand to stop him.

Picking up the phone, I entered in a familiar set of numbers and listened to the ring. When the phone was picked up, I got right to it.  "Philp?  Hi, its Night.  We have a little problem.  Mmmhmm.  Your intern just sexually harassed my new secretary in the cantina."  I paused.  'Yes, that's right.  You will see that he is gone by the end of the day, wont you?"  I asked firmly, clearly not interested in discussing the matter.  "I knew you would take care of it.   Oh, and the contract you asked me to look at?  If you have it to me today, I will have it back to you by tomorrow.   Fantastic! Bye for now, Philip"  I set the phone down and moved back to the task at hand.

I looked at aaron, who was looking up at me, surprised and confused.  "No one takes liberties with what is Mine.  Unacceptable."   Aaron nodded, and smoothed his skirt in nervousness, inadvertently showing the clear indication of his reaction to the situation at hand.  He blushed red again, seeing that I noticed the bulge.

"Slip off the girdle, aaron,"  I directed, watching the boy closely.  "I really do hate cold coffee."

"Yes, Miss Night,"  aaron responded, fear and excitement mixing in his voice. I watched as he pulled up the skirt a bit, and pulled down the very tight garment, getting it off finally with some difficulty and setting it on the chair.

His erection pressed hard against the fabric of his pretty skirt, tenting it. "Hmmm... now look at that," I observed.

"I can't stop it Miss Night,"  he started, until I shushed him firmly.

"Walk over here, boy,"  I said, motioning to him.  I watched him walk slowly over as I decided his punishment.  I absolutely hate cold coffee.

End of Part VII