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The Adventure by Anonymous

The Adventure After a few weeks of chatting in second life with a beautiful, strong Domme, I'm finally getting the chance to meet up with her. Finally, it's happening :) I've been told to meet them at a predetermined time and not to be a moment late, so this is my story. I walk into a dark cold lounge where a couple are seated on a couch. They are the only ones in here and are in the far back corner. I have been ordered not to speak and to obey her orders. She tells me to stand in front of them and to strip. When I am completely naked she order's me to close my eyes and stand with my hands by my side. When she has examined me, she order's me to play with myself until I am erect. Once I am stiff I am told to stop and put my hands by my sides. I am then allowed to open my eyes. The sub ( I assume but never knew she had) then stands up and walks behind me while she strips down to stockings and suspender belt. I feel my hands seized and tied behind me by her subby boy. She sits herself in front of me with one foot on the couch, her legs wide apart, revealing all she has to me. She spreads herself so I can see better, I hear the sub start to undress, the Domme starts to masturbate. Hey I didn't sign up for this! I am ordered to turn to one side and kneel down. The sub, naked, stands in front of me and orders me to suck his cock. I reluctantly suck his cock and lick his balls until he has a huge erection, the Domme continues to play with herself as she watches and I can hear the squelching sound as she becomes more aroused. Giggles emitting from her mouth. A small coffee table is brought and placed in front of me. I am ordered by her to bend over it. I suddenly feel a sharp pain as a whip is brought across my buttocks. I know I must not cry out as the sub continues to whip me. Occasionally he reaches under me to fondle my cock and balls to mix pleasure with pain. When my cheeks are glowing red, I hear him rustling some paper as he puts on a condom. I feel his cock between my cheeks as he enters me, gently at first, then more roughly as he proceeds to give me a good hard fucking. She laughs. The Domme starts to moan softly as she watches, the squelching sounds becoming faster. Just before the sub is about to come, he withdraws as per her orders and pushes me off the table. I roll onto my back. He roughly pushes my legs apart as he pulls off the condom. He kneels between my thighs and starts to bring himself off by hand. As he comes he points himself at my cock and balls and covers me with his spunk. He milks every last drop of come over me and then spreads it over my cock and balls so that my bush is matted with his spunk and my erection glistening with it. He stands up as his Domme gives a little cry and, moving quickly from the couch, mounts me. She is hot and very slippery. She fucks me hard and urgently. Neither of us lasts long. As I spurt long and deep into her, she milks me with the muscles of her pussy until I am completely drained. She quickly dismounts and squats over my face and orders me to lick her clean. I lick and suck her, swallowing my own spunk and her juices, until she is clean. She then stands at one side of me, her sub at the other. I am ordered to close my eyes. I hear the distinctive click and whirl of a digital camera. The sub puts his foot under me and rolls me over onto my front. I land at the Domme's feet. My hands are untied, the Domme rolls me onto my back with her foot. My clothes are thrown in a bundle onto me, I am ordered to dress and get fuck out. During the week I see her online and she tells me about the pictures she took (WHAT!) and that I will do all she says or she will show them to all my work people. Fuck, just great! Come over Friday to this address slut fuck boy she says, were having a woman's all night party and your the entertainment. What choice do I have? Cats

A Chance Meeting by Sonnic

A Chance Meeting by Sonnic Acoustic It was a cold winters night as Sonnic walked down the street, hands in pocket, he let out a sigh and watched as the fog of his breath disappeared before him. He had been out partying, dancing the night away till the club closed. He had spent more money than he bargained for and realized he had no money for a taxi ride home. He stood outside the club, pockets empty. He closed his eyes in disbelief, shaking his head, "You dumb fucking twat", he mumbled to himself. It was three in the morning and he still had three hours of walking ahead of him, he was fucked. As he walked every now and again he would take a breather, pausing for a cigarette. Suddenly a car pulled up beside him, the window rolled down, "Got a light?", questioned a lady from within. He blinked, his lighter flickering in the wind as he blew out a puff of smoke. "Yes, indeed I have", he replied as he passed her the lighter with a slightly raised brow. "Thank you", she replied, blowing a smoke ring in his face as she exhaled. "Can I offer you a lift?" she questioned. Her hair, clothes, and the car were black; the same as her eyes. He was instantly curious about her, she seemed different to him, something he had never encountered before. With out hesitation he flicked his cigarette away, "Yes malady, so kind of you", he answered as his nerves flared. She pushed the passenger door open and he stepped inside, settling in. "So what's your name?", the lady in black asked as she eyed him. "I-I'm Sonnic", he answered back nervously, playing with his hands in his lap. "Angelica", she replied simply, "But you may call me Miss Angelica." He froze in his chair for the briefest of moments and gulped, "Y-Yes Miss Angelica." He couldn't help but glance over at her as she drove, she was wearing long black leather gloves and knee length high heeled boots. He has heard about Mistresses in the past, but had never seen one in the flesh, till now. "I need to stop by my house for a minute Sonnic", she hadn't asked and pulled into the drive way of her home. As she stepped out of the car and walked into her her house, he anxiously rubbed at the back of his neck, uncertainty creeping in as he sat and waited for her. Fifteen minutes passed and then the light in the house grew dark, he gulped, and once again watched as she walked back to the car, this time, basket in hand. "What's in the basket Miss Angelica?" he asked as she entered and placed it in the back seat. "Oh you'll soon find out boy", she replied. He swallowed his nerves once more as she started the engine and drove. Some time later they pulled into his drive, he quickly exited and rushed round to the other side of the car to open her door as well. She stepped out and brushed against him, she was a little taller than him he noticed, he had to look up to reach her eyes. "Lead the way boy", she commanded as she reached into the back of the seat to retrieve the basket, "Of course malady", he replied. He hadn't expected company and as he let himself in he realized his place was a little untidy to say the least. He rushed about, scrambling to clean as much as he could, Come on in Miss Angelica and make yourself at home", he offered. "Nice place..", she voiced as she entered and wiped her boots on the mat. "... and don't worry boy I will." Hearing her knowing words he couldn't recall a time when he was more nervous. With her basket in hand she examined the place, he followed her, always a step behind. Finally she found the stairs and headed up, pausing half way she turned around to motion with her finger for him to follow. With an apprehensive swallow, he followed her, step for step, feeling a sudden overwhelming excitement overtake him. His palms were sweaty and his knees shock as he followed her through the door of his bedroom. She walked back to shut it as he stood near the bed waiting. She gave him a gentle push and he easily lost balance falling backwards onto the bed. He began to sit up and she swiftly gave him another shove to the chest, pushing him down and placing the basket beside him. "No, you stay right there boy", she murmured with a serious look in her eye. "Y-Yes Miss Angelica", he stuttered, wondering what was to be next. She reached into the basket and pulled out a gag, placing it in his mouth and tying it securely around his head. His eyes spread wide with surprise, he began to panic a little, squirming underneath her touch. "Don't be scared boy, you'll like it", she whispered, leaning close to his ear, calming him and making him more at ease. "Now stand up and strip", she strictly ordered as she rose and crossed her arms over her chest. Without hesitation or a moment to think he nodded and did as he was told. As each layer came off he became more and more aroused, a warm blush flushing his skin with embarrassment as his cock became erect. "Good boy", she cooed as the last piece fell away and she reached out to pinch a hard nipple. "Now kneel", she commanded sternly. He fell to his knees humbly and looked into her eyes with wonder. He blinked and gulped timidly as she reached into the basket, pulling out the first toy that would lead to new beginnings... To Be Continued.

Kitchen Door Poster by Rolf

Dear reader, this is a continuation of my story from a RL experience at a former farm house on the Swedish west coast some years ago. The first story covered the auction where a mistress, Katarina from Stockholm, bought me and then used me and tested my limits. Little did I know what would happen next.... This all took place in Swedish of course, but I have translated the quotes from memory into English. By the way, my RL name is also Rolf. .................................................................................... The kitchen door poster I had now been at the S/M camp on the Swedish west coast for two days and felt comfortable being owned by Madame Katarina, who bought me at an auction upon my arrival. I had argued with her a few times but she did not seem to mind except she had kept writing things down in a little black book and I had thought of asking her why. I had also made friends with some of the other mistresses and the male subs, but when I woke up on the third morning and crossed the courtyard to have breakfast in the kitchen in the main building I felt a change in the way I was being treated, and it was for the worse. I greeted three mistresses who were seated in garden chairs sipping tea and enjoying the morning sunshine, but they laughed at me and I could not figure out why. As I entered the main hall, two subs stopped talking to each other as I approached them. "Have your breakfast," one of them told me and giggled, glancing at his friend with a knowing look in his eyes. With a sense of discomfort I hurried down the corridor to the kitchen and I still remember to this day my absolute horror at seeing the poster on the kitchen door: "Rolf keeps objecting when his Madame tells him to do things for her. He keeps starting sentences with the word 'But ....' and the time has come to stop this nuisance, this bad behaviour. From now on his Madame will tick a box on the poster each time Rolf uses the word 'but' in conversations and each tick will result in one lash of the whip." I stared at the score, which stood at 35... In other words, I was going to be whipped 35 times. Goodness, this was too much for me. I opened the door with trepidation and entered the kitchen, where Madame Katarina sat alone at the breakfast table, a whip in front of her. She must have been waiting for me. This was so intimidating my stomach turned over and she saw my discomfort. "I am not going to whip you today." She spoke with that calm authority, so typical of her. "I shall wait 24 hours to see if your behaviour improves in the meantime. But the total score will stand, whatever it will be, and I will lash you accordingly tomorrow on your bare bottom. You are in big trouble." "But I didn't know you were going to do this to me," I protested. "Where is trust in all this?" Katarina smirked, pulled out a pen and wrote something in her black book, mumbling "36". "Just trust me Rolf, that you will get punished." I did not dare to say another word. Katarina smiled and said she was already seeing improvement in my behaviour. She rose, tucked the whip into her belt and left for me to ponder my fate. The tea and the sandwiches tasted of nothing as I worried about how severe my punishment was going to be in the end. Was she going to whip me in public? Surely not, she knew how I feared public humiliation, still do, yet she was already embarrassing me in front of the others. I realised I had to speak with her without seeming to object to her plans of course because that would only make my predicament worse. The day passed and I was on my best behaviour, but in the evening I had wine at dinner and said something that offended Katarina. She leaned over the table and slapped me in the face and my head went into a spin for a moment. Gosh, that hurt! I realised I had to remember I was the property of a sadistic woman. I must not judge her by her good looks, but by her mind. I was at her mercy and she knew how to get me. Late at night we were all dancing in the main hall and a lot of wine was being consumed and I started to relax, perhaps a bit too much. I had a brief argument with my Madame and at one point I talked back at another mistress because I can be rather opinionated and egocentric at times, a trait in my character that has not escaped a few mistresses in SL, at the Dominion and elsewhere. I woke up in the following morning with a headache from all the wine, got dressed and prepared to go and have breakfast, worried what the final score would be. I could have left this moment of course, jumped into my car and driven off, but it would have meant losing Madame Katarina, whose dominating manners thrilled me so much at times. Putting on a brave face I was ready for my punishment. I had to trust my Madame. But when I looked at the kitchen door poster and saw the final score I swallowed hard. Rolf Hultcrantz To be continued ...

A Year In SL by Saniyan

A year in SL I heard about SL about 5 years back, so last year I just created an account to check it out, I found dominion on my third day on SL, within this period of a year whenever I visited dominion I always tend to kneel at a specific location, and I love to observe quietly everything that is going on the courtyard, its maybe my way of learning and adapting. Within this one year I have learned a lot about myself by being a sub in SL, I have learnt to express my feeling, I have always been shy in RL so expressing feeling is a huge thing for me. I have learned a lot about D/s, I can say it’s a really co-dependent relationships where both the Mistress and sub need each other. I have been owned and released , in my opinion getting owned is a really proud moment for a sub, whereas getting released is always a bitter-sweet memory but mostly bitter to both side. Usually when a novel is being analyzed, the analyzer tend to try to figure out what’s the main theme of the normal is, and the conclusion of the novel is either the questions raised in the theme gets solved or not. If I was to classify my first year in SL to theme, I would say my theme is “Am I as sub or just a kinky person?”. I guess this is a question every sub tends to confuse themselves, I kind of got the answer when I was owned, I felt extremely happy whenever my Mistress was happy with something I did, it gave me a weird proud feeling, I felt happy kneeling by her side or just talking to her and listening to her. I think I am on the conclusion part since I got the answer but still I guess this will only be an end of a chapter.

The Dream by Dez

Written for Judgery Lisa as trail punishment. There i was just a normal day at work. It was getting late and most people had already left. I was stuck at the office, why there had to be 2 people sick today and why i agreed to do this extra work for them i said to myself. The reason why i knew good enough. It was to get in good credits with my chef. A good looking lady named Maria with a natural dominant character, i had a thing for her since she started working here. So there i was again alone on the workfloor with only Maria working in her office waiting for me to finish up. As time past, it got half past seven, nodding in excitement knowing with the amount off work left i would be done in thirty minutes and able to be back home for the dance event at the Dominion. I looked up when i heared a pair of heels walk slowly towards me, it was Maria. I contiued working when i felt her hand on my shoulder. "You still working boy" she said softly "how much work do you have left boy" she continued. She always called me boy when nobody was around. "30 mins Miss Maria" i replied. She grinned as she let her hand slide down over my chest "30 minutes you said" . "yes Miss, if i continue working Miss" i said as i tried to concentrate. "i am not sure i can wait that long for you boy" she said as her hand runned down over my crotch. I swallowed as i felt her hand pulled back feeling it run over my belly button over my chest. As her fingertips left my shoulder she said "when you are done boy, come to my office.". I swallowed hard as i Was frozen in my chair. I couldnt believe what she said, was this all a dream?? After about 5 mins i stood up and walked to her office. *knock knock* "yes you can enter" she sounded a bit pissed and i felt more submissive. I couldnt see her, the office was dark and the back of her chair was facing me. "so your work is all done boy?" "no Miss Maria, but You wanted to see me Miss?" i said nervesly. "so boy i have noticed you seem to like me, if you do then strip for me". I followed her direction and stripped naked. My cock stood rock hard. "i sence you are also pretty submissive, so kneel boy and close your eyes.". I kneeled infront her desk and closed my eyes. I heared the chair rotate, some cracking noises and then i heared her heels again. She walked behind me as i felt something wrapped around my face. "you can open your eyes now boy but you will adress me as Mistress from now on" she grinned."yes Mistress" as i opened my eyes but was still coverd in darkness."oh good boy, you have earned this" as i felt some soft leather been wrapped around my neck and wrists. As i heared the padlocks close. Suddenly i felt my arms spread as she laughes. She tied the rope to the desk "only to make sure you are not running boy". I started to get scared, why should i want to run. As the blindfold was removed i slowly got used to the light, there she sar in her deskchair. Wrapped in thight latex. My cock was growing harder as my eyes looked hungery. I was dreaming, my boss who is the most Stunning lady i knew, had me tied up in her office for her use. She move her black hairs off her shoulder and bend forward. She reached in the drawer and pulled out a whip. "you haven't finished your work yet... For that i have to punish you boy." she grinned as she got up and walked behind me. "yes Mistess but i didn't wanted to let You wait Mistress" i said nervously. I heared the whip as she warmed up her swing. "hold still and count boy. You will recive the douzen rozes." with that i could feel the whip land hardly on my back *twack* i bit my teeth as i started to count. Nowhere to go as i was tied down to the desk. There was the second blow *twack* my back started to to feel warm after the fourth hit. I felt my skin burn the intensity seem to only increase as the douzen rozes came closser to the end. "eleven Mistress" i felt my back burn intens, felt tears get into my eyes. *twack* i swallowed hard "twelve Mistress" i grid my teeth as i tried not to burst in tears. "oh my boy you did so good, you deserve a litle threath. She craweled on the desk, spread her legs around my face and smile "now be good and please me". As i reached forward i felt my skin burn. She grinned as she heard me squirm, as i licked around her lips she let out a soft moan. I worked my lips and tongue mistressfully (side note: not to master a skill but to mistress a skill) on her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pushed me closer as she was getting close to a orgasm. She moaned heavily, slapped my back The whip. The squirm i made triggered her orgasm. i felt her legs squeeze together. After that all blacked out. When i opened my eyes i was sitting at my desk, i rubbed my sleepy eyes. "Was this all a dream, just a dream?" when i streched my back i could feel something burn. so was this a dream or not, but when she walked in she just gave me a evil grinn... ~the end~

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Impromptu Confessions May 19 2012

A cautionary thought .Second chances.  Do you believe in them?  When someone falters and fails, hurts another, do you think it will be different for you?

 The leopard's spots, do they fade--will you take home a vicious cat,  letting yourself be fooled it's a tabby for the fireside.


I've been hers for months now, but it wasn't till very recently that I realized I was in love with her.


I confess that I'm scared shitless about meeting Miss Z.

(And also looking forward to it very much. I just hope I make it out alive.)


I love the male subs to have a naked chest while kneeling in the courtyard.


i have always wanted to be in a D/s, FemDom relationship in real life. i have been in my local community now for a little over two years. i know it takes patience, and getting to know people. but the more i go out, the more it seems their are less and less FemDoms in my local community. i just crave to be in a D/s, Femdom relationship.


BeforeI had a name for what I was when I just used to do things to men that made them moan and me smile heady with power. I met a man and spent one night with him, he was similar age to me and we had a very hot night. The next day I had a text he couldnt see m any more.. what we had done had gone against his religious beliefs and he saw himself as now a sinner and he had gone to conjfesion to try and cleanse his soul .....  yes I had converted someone back to christianity as he had been a lapsed catholic. Jeez fuck somone up the ass and they find god


Oh how I long to touch her.. to kiss her, to breathe in her scent... to lay with hand on over her heart and feel the beating under my fingers. I long to  run my fingers though her hair.. but to her I am just her friend... and probably always will be.

Trust by Rolf


I was on the floor, naked, on my back and had difficulties moving. I stared at the ceiling, which was white just like the walls in the sparsely furnished room.

I had arrived at this former farmhouse on the Swedish west coast in the morning and now it was late afternoon and I was at the mercy of a woman I had never met before. I listened for sounds, for anything that might alert me to what would happen next, but it was all quiet except for birdsong in the garden outside and I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. This was not what I had expected. But what had I expected?

I had been greeted at the entrance by a man in his early 40s, roughly my age, and he had asked if I was a sadist or a masochist. I replied that I was a switch but that I had decided to explore my submissive side at this week-long S/M camp. The man, one of several male subs at the camp, had left me in a room that turned out to be one designed for the auction, my auction! I had found myself on a tiny stage while one mistress after the other entered, everyone of them viewing me, sizing me up.

"We want to see your bottom before we start the bidding," one of them, a redhead in her 20s, told me  in a voice that made it clear to me I had to obey.

Yet, because was shy, still am, I said: "Whoever buys me will get to see my behind."

The women shouted at me to drop my jeans. I realised I had to do it and so I lowered my pants and underwear, baring my pert bum for a few seconds, and covered myself again. It was embarrassing.

But they roared with approval and the bidding began. I had set my eyes on a beautiful Gypsy-like woman of around 35 who had long, wavy black hair, dark mysterious eyes and a nice slim figure.

Luckily, she won me after some fierce bidding, which had flattered my ego, and she introduced herself as Katarina from Stockholm. She had taken me to the room where I was now on my back, on the floor listening for sounds. Suddenly, I  heard a door open and looked towards it, but saw nobody. There was definitely someone else in the room now but beyond my line of sight and I felt helpless. I was, in fact, utterly helpless.

What was Katarina, my mistress, going to do to me now? I tried to get up but the rope kept me in place. She had turned out to be heavily into bondage and here I was on the floor, tied up in tight knots. She had asked me if I needed to go to the toilet, but I was fine. She had then started tying me up, slowly with a soft rope to avoid friction against my skin. My hands tied firmly behind my back, she had proceeded to force my legs up into a foetus position and tied them together at the knees and ankles.

Katarina had reassured me that all would be well. But here I was, squirming on the floor, and I felt extra vulnerable given that I was naked.

Wearing a black leather cat suit, boots and with a whip stuck into her belt, my mistress suddenly appeared before me, her feet on either side of my body, and I was struck by the shere power she radiated. She now looked down on me, her hair partly covering her wonderful face, a serious look in those dark eyes.

She lit a candle and started to drip burning wax on my chest and I didn't know what to make of this. I had fantasized about receiving an OTK spanking, which was why I had come to this S/M camp on the Swedish west coast on a hot summer day. I had been hoping to receive a proper, stinging spanking with a hairbrush by an authoritative woman, but now I faced a truly dominating mistress who was dripping hot wax on my chest, which was twitching in pain!

I did not dare speak, but my eyes begged her to stop because it hurt, giving me a pain I did not want, something that didn't turn me on. But I could see in those dark eyes of my mistress that she was turned on. She was using me for pleasure, her pleasure. Now she let the burning wax drip down onto my stomach while watching my reaction with a degree of empathy.

The hot wax now landed closer and closer to my penis, which was not erect because I was afraid. As the wax dripped within an inch of my penis, I looked at my mistress with alarm in my eyes.

She saw my fear, apparently acknowledging in her mind that she had taken me to my limit although not a single word had been spoken.

"Trust Madame," she said softly. "Submit to me and trust me."

Katarina blew out the candle with a smile and I took a deep breath of relief.

She untied me, took off most of her clothes and sat down in a chair. I was made to kneel before her. She pulled me closer and embraced me and I buried my face between her firm breasts, enjoying this intimate moment like an unexpected gift.

My mistress caressed my hair, twirling a lock, and said it was time for my first spanking and that maybe she would give me a good whipping later. I looked forward to my spanking with a sudden surge of pleasure in my body, but I had never been whipped before. Yet, I trusted her and felt no fear.

Rolf Hultcrantz

The Dance by Heather


Fingertips lingering.

A soft chuckle.

You two dance. You can't dance, but dancing with her easy. Dancing with her feels natural. Sweeping her off her feet is easy.

She plays with your hair and smiles. You are hers. The moment you've worked so hard for, finally arrived. You are completely and utterly hers. There's no doubt. No questions. There's just you and her.

She's made you wait. Days, weeks, months even.

It's been worth it. Waiting is good. No rushing. Patience. You learned from her.

You learned to wait.
You learned how to please.
You learned how to share.

She runs her fingers down your spine. You get goosebumps. Every touch feels define.

Her hands are hidden in gloves. Her skin is delicate, fragile. But you feel her. You feel her touch. The soft beat of her heart. You feel her.

Her fingers are long, her nails are perfectly aligned on both hands.

You are hers.

The universe is you and her.

She stops the dance. "Come" She whispers. You follow. The leash between your collar and her hand never too far away from each other.

She sits in her chair and you kneel. You don't care that your legs start to tingle after ten minutes. You don't mind that after twenty minutes you completely lost feeling in your legs. Because you're hers.

She loves you. She's proud of you. You make her laugh. You make her smile. You know everything about her.

The way her hair falls on the pillow as she lays down on the bed. The sounds of pleasure she makes.

You're protective of her. You don't let anyone close to her. She trusts you completely and you trust her.

You have a bond. A connection. A relationship.

And I?

I'm jealous.

Someone Else by Zaira

She is with someone else.

When I see her name pop up, my stomach flips over.

When I hear her voice, I can not help but smile.

When she laughs, my world is brighter.

When she turns that tone, you know.. that tone, where her voice drips with seduction I can feel my body melt.

When she flirts with me, I think maybe. Someday.

Yet, she is with someone else.

My Miss Layla by Will

My Miss Layla

(to be read slowly)

We said we should wait,
But then we decided
That could be too late.

I approached nervously
Unsure what to feel,
Starting to shake
Was this all real?

The door was open
And there she was stood,
A smile on her face
This seemed far too good.

I entered the room
And knew this was right,
I gave her a hug
Made sure it was tight.

My knees were like jelly
My heart began to race,
But all I could feel
Was her loving embrace.

We kissed on the lips
And then talked for hours,
I could feel myself
Fall under her powers.

I think that she could
Be sent from above,
My beautiful Miss Layla
I've fallen in Love.

It Was Her by Lady Karyn

It was her

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think she would be the one to bring endless light into my happy little world.  She, was just about my height, her long thick strands of blonde hair swept past her shoulders, much like a feather, dusting down mid- section of her arm. The Silhouette of or her curves, sweet full breast, slender waist that blended nicely to her voluminous hips. Her skin was creamy soft of which that  illuminates the cherry tint when she blushes. Her big sea blues eyes reflect all the innocents of the world.  But don’t be fooled, this precious gem of a girl had a deep secret she would only share with me.

It all happened one chilly October evening, after yet another invite to my home.  Like all other gatherings, I had stopped by the local vineyard and purchased a couple of bottles of their best wine. From there to the local deli to purchase the cheese and a few other fresh items for the evenings spread. When I returned home, I prepared all the evenings’ snacks, from there to the fireplace to set the roaring fire, turned on the light jazz music then tidied myself for the rest of the night.

She arrived just on time, I heard her car pull up into the driveway, the closing of the door, the shuffle of her heels snapping to the pavement, drawing closer to the front door. Just like the many times before on her past visits, she pressed into the doorbell.
I called out to her to come in, I knew she would wait for Me to sing out to her, for she’s been here numerous times, each time always the same as before. I smiled over to her and welcomed her to help herself to a  glass of wine and a snack, but, this time, tonight she declined.

This time, I could sense there was something different soaring around her thoughts. For I have known her several months now, we’ve talked together, sometimes for hours on many topics as most female friends do. This time, this evening, something was different, I watched her body language very carefully, the tone of her voice when she spoke the walk in her steps.

She then proceeded to remove her shoes and place them close together next to the arched doorway that lead into the sitting area. I sat still in My overstuffed brown leather chair, hearing the crackling snapping from the logs in the fireplace.  I steadied my eyes on her with intense curiosity.

From there she clasped her small hands behind her back, much like a feather drifting through the air, she slowly stepped closer to my chair.  I took in a deep long breath watching her effortless stride, tilting my head to one side, locking my stare deeply into her sea blue eyes.

She stopped mere inches from my position, there she stood for a moment of which seemed like a lifetime. I watched her lower her without saying a word, the air became thicker, as though I could senses the electricity streaming from her thoughts into mine. She lowered herself down unto her knees at the foot of My chair, the glow from the fire dancing across her entire being.

I waited a moment more before I spoke to her, asking her what was roaming through her thoughts. She raised her hand and placed it gently on My knee, lifting her head upward slightly with her soft voice she proceeded to share the secret. Telling me she had many of nights were she tossed and turned.  Restless thoughts consumed her mind, desires burning deep within her soul. She explained to me in depth her wish, that I would be her Mistress.

I sat still for moments longer, my mind processing all the information she openly shared with me. I thought to myself, I’ve never encountered a girl, would I be able to handle such an endeavor. Yet, as she knelt still at the base of my feet, I felt the rush of power raging through My veins, her willingness to give my hunger to take.

Leaning back in my chair, I told her to strip down as god had created her. She did with such ease and gracefulness. I told her to stand up straight and tall, and to place her hands at her side. The girl did as instructed without hesitation. I gazed upon her, seeing her breast heaving with each breath, her stomach twitch when my eyes lay upon it. Her legs steady, knowing she is feeling completely vulnerable and yet so sure of herself.  

My lips curled up pressing my sinister smile; I rolled out a moan like a lion purr. My eyes spoke out a pleasing approval. I told her to rest back down on her knees. Not giving her the answer just yet of my decision. She cuddled back down to her knees, asked me in her sweet voice if she could kiss my feet.

Of course you may, I replied. The girl cupped my feet,  places each of her hands around the base of My heels, gently she clasped her fingers as though she was holding the most precious art in the world. Her head lowered in sequence, she laid her mauve lips to the tips of my toes, paying homage to each one. She showered her kisses in such devotion; I could feel her passion to submit increasing even more.

I had made my choice.  I had known this girl for several months and that evening; was the beginning of journey into uncharted waters. The girl was mine.


First Experience by Daniel

I have long known myself to be a submissive man. And throughout my life the best understanding i've gathered about my own submission, has been through experiences.

Once upon a time... scratch, that wrong sim... My very first experience defined me, this is a true encounter I have already shared with some of the wonderful folk here at Dominion.

In my early twenties I found myself exploring the web to learn as much as I could about the Femdom world. I could not get enough of it. I was fascinated and filled with desires.

After a while phantasm was no longer fulfilling, and I felt compelled to live out my newfound passion.  

So I looked and found a club in New York where I was working at the time. And after much hesitation took a baby step there.

As I arrived I was determined to be discreet, a well know club at the time, it was filled with wonders. Not all of them my kind but... I kept an open mind.
So I walked and set myself in the shaddows. And as I stood there I observed. Male and Female Dominants were there, Subs of both gender as well, some playing, other talking. I felt a bit out of place.

To better understand what happened next, I should say that I am not a masochist and do not care much for pain. To me pain can only be an extension of a gift made to my Mistress.

So there I was in the dark stalking everywhere thinking I was invisible, when I felt something. Have you ever had someone observe you very intently? It gives out a very specific feeling. I felt it throughout my body.
My instincts were not wrong, and,  as I looked around, I saw a Lady. A tall woman she had very strong gaze. She was extremely fit and seemed strong. Her gaze was so severe I could not behold it long. So I immediately lowered my eyes to the ground in embarrassment.
That to her must have seem like a signal, because she came to me right away and grabbed my arm. She led me to a recluse part of the club and told me the only two words I ever heard her speak: " get undressed"
Even though I was conflicted about living the experience, i was excited at the idea, and I obeyed immediately. She literally saw my excitement went to get ice cubes, applied them and deflated me and my ego.

Satisfied of that, she then slapped me a few times... I was in shock, it was completely unexpected and I took it without a word. But then, as she seemed to grow more enterprising she started beating me, and the Lady was STRONG, she hit m on the shoulders, in the stomach and I tried my best taking it. But this was too much for the naive young man that I was. I finally cracked and said stop. And thankfully she did. I got dressed and as I left the place I never looked back.

This experience annihilated any interest in the Femdom Lifestyle for the fifteen following years. But I was finally able to return to it and learn at a more reasonable pace.

Anonymous Confession

The SL Partner status, what does it mean? I mean within a femdom.  I've found myself wondering about it. Just what it would mean to the Mistress or her submissive. What type of relationship would that be. Would it mean that they have committed to more then just sl?  Is it saying they are ready to possibly meet or have met in R/L?  Or maybe just that they are very close in SL?
To me it says alot about a Domme and their sub when if they choose to do so. I think in my case it would show that there was more then first life and secound life there but a show of understanding and desire that they feel for one another. A devotion to one another that is clear to see. For the Domme, a commitment to her sub that puts him before the others she may or may not choose to play with or collar. For the sub, saying his Mistress' pleasure comes before all things. And that she is the one for whome he lives.
I say this because I wonder what others think..what it would mean to them. And perhaps I'm searching for the answer to my own question.. Is it proper to ask to be a partner? Can a Domme make a sub her partner, can a sub get down on bended knee and ask his Mistress to be his. I have thought of asking the one I wish to partner with. They mean the world to me. They hare my desire, my love, my everything. I've thought of this for awhile, though my thoughts, feelings have not changed. I still seek guidance in this. It isn't something you can just ask any time. Or even that you can seek to ask with out implying your wishes to the other.  So Perhaps to spark the conversation topic, to get imput from the comunity, perhaps alittle to seek approval I've wrote this confession. I confess my desire, though you may not know who I am. And I've written this in hopes that you may not even know my station. I confess my desire to you. The one who completes me. The one that sparks my desire and shows your own.
Perhaps some day I'll be able to ask. And recieve the answer I seek. Though for now I am thinking always of you. Near and far. I love you. And though I hide this desire from you, one day you shall know and I hope that it is accepted.
So I ask of you Ladies and subs, is my desire wrong? I wonder what thoughts you all may have of this?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Impromptu Confessions May 12/2012

I sleep alone in my bed, but I never feel alone. I don't have a teddy bear, what I have is so much better then that. It's something that I cuddle and pull close to me when the wind blows and it makes me feel safe.

what is it? It's a pillow that wears my Mistress's corset, her panties and bra. Sometimes I wake up and make humping motions against it.

That's my confession


Plugged ass,

bound limbs,

cock throbbing,



pulsing with desire.

His face buried in Her pussy,

her juices filling his nose, his mouth,

flowing down his chin.

Her thighs grip his cheeks,

Her fingers pinch his nipples

Moans fill the room,





i was stopped by the police and taken into the police car whil i had a butt plug in my ass - needless to say my Miss thought it was extremely funny


There was a cool Aussie called Z
Who liked to tie boys to a tree
She stripped and she stripped
She spanked and she whipped
Then ran round the D shouting 'wheeeee'

From Cimm ;P


In the dark I see you, my heart reaches toward you,
Your fingers entwine mine.

I look in your eyes and am rapt by their splendor,
Awash in the moonlight that rakes though the room.

My lips at your feet as my arms bind behind me,
I rise to your lips and they gently embrace.

Your breath on my face, like a fragrant wisp,
Speaking your heart as I bare mine to you.

As we slowly descend to the bed that awaits us,
My body so softly with tension does shiver.

Awaiting the chance to share what’s within me,
To show you my hearts, a flood of devotion.

Your hands reach out and guide me with passion,
My breath is forfeit and your glory my home.

We hold to each other as we learn what is pleasure,
Our hearts beating faster as we sync in our pose.

The sweat on our bodies, consumed by our fire,
Together we ride as our future unfolds.


There is a sub that drives me wild.  I don't own him, but I want him so bad.  When he speaks, I nearly die, I throb, I get wet, I ache.  Someday he will be mine.

I've never told a soul.


I often regret I don't appreciate  my family more. My need for them to be what I would like them to be overshadows my ability to accept them as they are.


I wonder if I ever really will be able to find a sub RL. I have no experience off SL, and am a bit old to be learning. It all seems so big, and I wonder if I should just give up.


He was so escited at his beautiful red rubber outfit. He stepped into it and I pulled it up slowly. The suit had no sleeves and his arms were encased in it .. he couldn't moves. the hood came over is head not covering his face ...which was just as well as i had a job for his tongue to do. The zip pulled down between his thighs and his cock was exposed for me to tease and tantalise.  So the boy had the pleasure of me riding his face teasing his cock and I ... had an allergic reaction to the fuckin suit and ended up with the outline of a very excited boy across my torso


I made My boy cum without touching his cock for the first time this weekend.  His yelling was so loud, that the only thing that was louder was My laughing.  So hot, so funny, but oh so pleasurable and satisfying.  I could hear the shock and the pleasure in his strangled moans and the cursing that ensued afterwards make me laugh so much I cried.   Then we both laughed together and our bond was made even deeper, his realization of how much I will teach him, how deeply I will draw him into My will becoming clearer with each experience like this.  He has no idea what he's in for.    *s*


If the rain stops
I will leave my bed
Venture forth to seek
All that I yearn for
to see those things
through your eyes
new and fresh
I wear your shirt
perspiration soaked
your aroma makes me
hot, juicy, delirious
Desire laying claim
to every breath
each thought
Every moment
you are my dreams made flesh


How People Can Change by Erique

How People Can Change


It is often said that it only takes a moment to create a reputation, but years to change one.  After all perception is reality, and once a person is perceived in a certain way then all of that person’s future actions are viewed through that pre-existing lens.  Prejudgments and prejudices die hard.

At the same time, one’s current behavior reflects and is influenced by the sum of one’s past experiences and environment.   The socially awkward geeky youth, may as an adult feel more than the ordinary person the need for social acceptance.  That desire for being recognized may be an unconscious part of that person’s make up.

At a minimum, then, it is hard for a person to not only change, but also for that change to be perceived correctly by others.  I would like to hope that both are possible.

In order to change, one must be self-aware, be conscious, of the things that cause one to behave in certain ways.  Knowing the things that motivate, allows one to consciously change one’s behavior, assuming change is desired.

As for me, I have seen how my past behaviors have affected others and have been self destructive to relationships that I have actively wanted.  Knowing this, I’ve tried to eradicate the behaviors that caused the problems:  excessive flirting and trying too hard to be liked.

I think it is working.  Sometimes people do change their bloody songs   I have a wonderful Mistress and we have settled into the rhythms of a good D/s relationship.  I couldn’t be happier.

Yet, I wonder how that is perceived.  Time will tell.

Doors by Rolf

Dear Lady Zarita,

I was told by Miss Eva that I could make a contribution to Saturday's Femdom Confessions Bar.  I was planning to write a short story called "Trust", which is about a relationship I had with a dominatrix in Sweden 15 years ago.

I won't have time to finish it so I wanted to offer you the poem below instead. It's partly about me and my encounters with mistresses in RL and SL, but I tried to write it in a generic way about the progression of a relationship between a domme and a sub.

I've shown it to one sub and two misses, including Miss Violet. They all liked it, so... over to you. Great if you find it worthy enough to be read on Saturday. I won't be around, too late. I am in the UK.

Submissive regards,


You opened a door for me
and I knew nothing about it,
feared what might be behind the door,
but you nudged me into a room
and used me for pleasure.

You opened another door for me
and I knew nothing about it,
feared what I might find behind it,
but you led me into this room as well,
and abused me for pleasure.

You opened many doors for me
and still I knew nothing,
until you pushed me inside
and took advantage of me again,
and in the end
all I knew
was I wanted you.

Rolf Hultcrantz

Clitoronomy 101 For Dondas by Heather

For Dondas I'm writing this confession
About many a subs' obsession.
We often hear at auction, "Tell us where the clit is located"
and if a boy answers correctly, more lindens are donated.
Today's confession, may it be a surprise
may reward me eventually with the nobel prize.
I have been wondering how to handle this
after all, it will lead to finding complete bliss
So even though it makes me uncomfortable a bit.
I present to you, 'A guide to find the clit'

The truth is. I can't rhyme. I can however write a story.  So boys. Pay close attention. This is as good as it is going to get from me.

Some people lay out the female body like a map. They know they need to go from top to bottom in order to bring ultimate pleasure.

The truth is. She.. she's not a map. She's gorgeous. She wants pleasure. From me. Free range. I'm not nervous at all. I don't feel like passing my exam all over again. No pressure. None, whatsoever. I got this. I hope.

"Are you ready, mine?" I nod. She lays down on bed pulling me with her. My body very much aware of touching hers. Her hands slide through my hair and pulls me closer to her. "Kiss me." I know it's the last order I'm going to get from her today. My lips slowly open hers and my tongue slips into her mouth. The touch of her tongue against mine, is enough to send me over the edge would this be about me. But it's about her. I hear the soft moan escaping her throat as I slowly slide my hand from her leg upwards. My mouth trails down to her neck, only to move on to her earlobe.

Checkpoint one.

I suck on her earlobe. She moans. I know I'm wet, I wonder if she is. I gently bite her earlobe and ask her to turn around. She wiggles her eyebrows as she turns around.
A wet trail appears on her back as I let my tongue slide down her back. I can feel her shiver underneath me. I kiss her buttocks.

Checkpoint two.

I kiss each cheek, twice. Deep down I want her to want me. I want her to know what it feels like. My mouth wanders all over her back. Sometimes with tongue, slowly moving to her sides, back to her buttocks. If I was a painter, this would be my best art work. I move down further. I gently push her legs apart. I smile because she's wet. She smells delicious. I can't wait to taste her. But it's not time yet. I kiss her inner thighs.

Checkpoint three.

As my mouth moves lower, my nails trail down her back. They leave red welts. Not deep enough to hurt. But deep enough to make her moan. I love hearing her moan. I kiss her legs. Let my hands follow my mouth. I massage her calves. I kiss the inside of her knees.

Checkpoint four.

I hover above her. Her skin so delicate, almost afraid to touch it any further. I brush away the hair in her neck and just breath. I know it will give her goosebumps. It does with me every time. She shivers again and I chuckle. I lay down next to her and she turns around. My fingers trail over her body, down her collar bone, between her breasts, down her stomach, alternating course when she slightly opens her legs, down her inner thighs, moving back up on the other leg. I lean forward and kiss her again.

Checkpoint five.

Her lips are full. They really are the best to kiss. My tongue plays with hers and she catches my lower lip between her teeth, letting it go with a grin. I blush slightly. If I look into her eyes, I'll drown. I'll freeze. So instead my head lowers and I draw circles around her nipples with my tongue. Her nails scratch down my back and we both moan as my lips move around and suck on her nipple.

Checkpoint six.

My hand moves down, covering her mount, I can feel her wetness, sticky against my hand. With my finger I slowly spread her inner lips further apart. She squirms. Her hand grabs my hair and pushes my head down. I grin. I know what she wants. I reposition myself between her legs and slide my fingers between her lips and then slowly within her. Her moans get louder. As do mine. As my fingers move in and out of her I kiss her inner thighs. I let my tongue slide up and down and her back arches. I need to taste her. I need to feel her wetness on my tongue. My mouth moves closer and closer to where she wants me. Her clit.

Checkpoint seven.

 I'll get real technical here. Once. Boys. (Not to leave out the girls, but I am pretty sure they all know where the clit is )the same. The clit is more sensitive than the tip of the penis and has over 8000 nerve endings and interacts with over 15,000 other nerves in a woman's body.  See it as a wire frame. Every nerve is connected to another. Like a labyrinth. The clit is as large, or larger than a penis. When erect it measures over 8 inches in length. The thing is. Once you find the clit. There's no doubt about it. Because the only function of the clit .. is ecstasy.. leading to orgasm.

I breath hot air once. I know what it feels like. That warmth on your clit before someone even touches it. It drives you mad. It drives her mad. Her one grabs the sheet as her other moves through my hair. I can't wait any longer. My tongue slides through her lips and more and more sounds of pleasure fill my ears. She tastes sweet. My tongue moves in circles around her clit, over her hood, but never touching her actual clit. She squirms and shivers. My own clit is throbbing like mad as must hers. As I add another finger inside of her my mouth covers her clit and I suck on it. She trembles and her moans are music to my ears.

Some like variation. Sucking. Biting. Up and down. Left to right. Licking. Some need consistency. I watch her every movement. I pay close attention. She's enjoying herself, and I'm enjoying her. My tongue moves over her clit, in circles, up and down, in a steady rhythm as my fingers keep moving in and out of her in the same rhythm. Timing is everything. Both her hands grab my hair. She's close. I can feel her throb against my tongue, her wetness increasing, the tension building. Her cries getting louder, I know not to change a thing now. Change will ruin the orgasm. I lick faster, harder, until she explodes.



Dancing by Rebelpoet


As we dance together in second life  (close, oh so close),
our avatars touch and slide across each other to the mad
beat of the heavy rock music, privately we start an im call.
    “Now strip for me.” she orders in her Chicago accent.
I strip down in real life exposing my cock, hungry for my Mistress
    “Stroke it”, she orders in her husky voice.
The avatars dip each other and I am touching myself
    “Now it's me stroking that cock.  My cock.   Tell me how it feels”
    “Good,” I moan.  “Your cock is so hard and throbbing,” and I stroke it hard and furious.
    “Faster,” she orders.
The avatars twirl and I increase speed.  Someone adds money to the sploder.  The screen is coming hazy.  I'm no longer in Los Angeles, she is no longer in Chicago.  We are together, we are one.
    “Fondle and pinch my balls,” she says next.
I moan for my Mistress and stroke and fondle her ballsgiving a groan as I pinch the tight testicles.
    “Rub one hand along those thighs and stomach.  Faster,” she calls out.  I start to rub my hand along her thighs and abdomen as I stroke faster and faster.  The music is pounding in my head.
    “Oh, my Mistress,"I groan.
She moans and I moan with her.   We moan faster and faster, more and more wildly.  We are one heart.
    “May I come?”,  I beg.
    “No, not until I do.  Don’t you dare cum without me.”
    “Yes, my Mistress,” I pant and squeeze the tip of my cock to keep from cuming.  She moans and I match pace.
    “Use those hips, Mine,” she orders.
    “Can you feel my wet pussy?”
    “Yes”, I moan.  “I can feel you.”
    “Then give it to me.  Give it to me!”
I know I will forever be hers in that moment..  I cum with a shudder and scream, so totally and completely, yelling, “my Mistress.  my Mistress”.
Nothing can part us, nothing can stand between us.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Fate Or Perseverance by Anonymous

Confession - May 12 - Anonymous please

Is there really such a thing as fate, or is it just more perseverance.

I have often wondered in the three years that I have been in sl is there really such a thing as fate? Does it really exist? Or is it just more perseverance and the will of the people involved. For me, at the beginning when I met my Mistress I truly believed it was fate. I mean, with the thousands of people on sl at any given time, what was it that night at the D Lounge that caused her to say hello to me? And what caused me to reply? And then what caused us to become completely inseparable for two wonderful years.

And then, was it fate that caused us to fade away? I mean I think so often what was it that caused us to begin to drift apart and go in our separate ways. And then what was it that caused us to decide it was time to move on completely, even though we both knew that our feelings for each other were so deep and so intense?

I often wonder why we made the decisions we did. We both said we were looking out for each other, knowing that it wasn't working out very well, but why did we still decide to end it completely??

And although I still think of these things, I know now that it is all water under the bridge, however I do not believe at all that it was fate that has brought us back together. I mean, fate had nothing to do with it. I truly believe it was our will, our perseverance, but most of all our deep and intense love that has brought us back together, and now more close than we have ever been.

I wake up each morning exceedingly happy, and she is the first thing on my mind. My eyes open in the morning, and my thoughts immediately drift to her, and the deep feelings and love that I have for her. Then I go about my day, thinking about her, wondering what she is doing, how she is doing, and I just long for the second that we can connect on sl, or any other means of communication that we have developed so strongly over the past few weeks.

Communication is such a huge part of a relationship, and even more so with a D/s relationship. We have both committed to regular communication, and in a few short weeks with just that we have become closer together than we ever were during all of the time we were together.

Now, we have the future to look forward to. A future that holds so much hope, so much promise. A future that I think about every waking hour, and I dream about every night.

Is is fate….?? No, it is just true love, perseverance and will!!!

I love you my darling Mistress.

My Desire 2 by Dark

The Desire Part 2
I lay, still handcuffed on the bed, my mind wandering, I heard Her in the next room, and the thought of the capsaicin cream filled my head. It was something new to me, and a little fear mixed with the excitement had created my now very heavy breathing. I heard Her returning and turned my head away from the door, to look directly up at the ceiling, my heart racing a little faster with each footstep, I knew She was purposely drawing it out, but this didn’t make anything any easier.
As She approached the bed, I felt Her fingertip touch the tip of my foot, and slowly run up the inside of my right leg, until it reached my aching cock. Her finger slowly slid over the head of my penis, causing it to jerk in excitement, then She continued to work her nail down the length of my penis, and back up to the tip again, making sure I stayed as hard as I would get. She reached down and grabbed my balls with her left hand, still bound tightly and aching for that sweet release that was nowhere in sight.
Suddenly I felt a slap to my balls, which caught me by surprise, and I winced and gasped as the pain took hold, then another, and another. She stopped and stroked them with Her hand, it felt amazing, and it certainly took my mind away from the pain. She then focused Her attention back to my cock, rubbing the shaft, and teasing the head with a finger, it felt so good, I could have exploded right there. But once again I was left in disappointment, as She removed Her hand and circled around the bed, until She was stood above me.
She knelt on the side of the bed, and positioned Her pussy right over me once more, I began to lick as I had done previously, working the clit and lapping at Her pussy like a starved dog, suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my cock and balls, and remembered the capsicum  cream. I froze briefly for a moment, and She knew that the cream had begun working. She pinched both of my nipples hard with her fingers.
“Don’t stop boy, I NEED TO CUM” She commanded, as She tugged and twisted my already sore nipples, I tried to take the focus away from the burning sensation, and concentrate on giving Her another orgasm, but it was challenging.
Just at the point I thought I couldn’t lick anymore, She came, rubbing Her wet pussy all over my mouth, I lay back in relief, frustration, and discomfort, as She moved to the side to see the expression on my face. I was still catching my breath from Her smothering me, and still trying to ignore the sensation in my genitals.
She just lay next to me, staring with a grin on Her face.
“good boy” she cooed, as She stroked my face with one hand.
She got a damp towel and rubbed away the excess cream, and to sooth my aching cock and balls. I felt great relief, but mostly great satisfaction in pleasing Her so much, as long as She was happy, so was I, no matter what it took. It was what I strived for, my only goal in life, making Her happy was what it was about, and nothing gave me more satisfaction than seeing Her smile through my actions.
She undid the handcuffs, and untied my cock and balls, and sent me off to get showered and dressed. I had imagined this first day so many times in my head, and no fantasy could have ever lived up to the reality.
She truly was my desire.
The end.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Desire by Dark

My Desire.
There I stood, I had been waiting only 10 minutes, but my heart pounded as if I had been here hours, the airport was busy, and I wasn’t even sure that I would recognize Her in the flesh. I scanned every single face frantically, trying to make Her out. The more my nerves got the better of me, the more frantic I became. I am sure that is Her, it looks like Her, but She walked right by me, obviously it wasn’t.  All of a sudden from nowhere I felt a hand on my shoulder and Her words penetrate my mind, like they had done many times before hand. “Hello my boy” She cooed in my ear, instantly making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, in so much excitement I felt as if I would collapse.

I turned around to face Her, She was smiling the biggest, most gorgeous smile, and I too was grinning from ear to ear. I had not even turned fully to be facing Her properly, when She grabbed me around the waist, pulled me tight to Her, and kissed me deeply. We stayed locked in a vicious lip battle for a couple of minutes, before mutually letting go, and just looking deeply and longingly into each other eyes. As She let go of my waist, She took hold of my hand and lead me from the airport, into the carpark, and to Her car. We drove in almost pure silence, both of us just enjoying the others presence, we had done this many times online, but in person it was so much better, me taking small glances at Her and seeing her smiling, just filled me with that sweet submissive lust. My heart had not raced this fast, and for this long, in as long as I can remember, but I loved every single moment of it.

We drove for what must have been nearly an hour, before we reached Her apartment, the place I had visually pictured in my mind so many times, but it was so different in the real world. I entered into the the doorway following Her like a lost little puppy, I was told to remove my shoes and enter up the stairs, and into Her apartment. Once inside and the door was closed She stood before and I just knew what to do, it was second nature, I knelt down and clasped my hands behind my back.

"That is good boy, but wrong, I want you to strip" She commanded, I instantly jumped to my feet and began to remove my clothing, all the while feeling slightly humiliated as She stood there fully dressed, just watching me. Once I had finished stripping off, I stood there, naked as the day I was born, feeling the little chills all over my body. My cock gave the only signs of my arousal as it began rising to attention, She came up to me and pushed me down onto my knees by the shoulders, I looked down at the floor, slightly embaressed, slightly aroused, well, very aroused, and watched her feet as She walked away. She went to the other side of the room, grabbed something, and returned. She put Her hand under my chin and raised my head to look Her directly in the eyes, She placed one hand around the back of my neck, and pulled on a leather collar, my collar! I had been collared to Her for a while, but the real collar meant everything to me. She locked the buckle on and raised me to my feet with one finger beneath my chin, She then grabbed hold of my balls with a firm grip, and the pain shot through my body like electricity, as She dragged me across the room, and over to Her bed as I scurried along behind Her.

She pushed me back, so I fell onto the soft matress, landing on my back. "Someone is pleased to see me" She teased as she ran a sharp finger nail down the length of my cock, making it jerk in both anticipation and excitement, it had been nearly 2 months since I was allowed to cum last, and I didn't think it would take much to tip me over the edge.
"Stay there, I will be back in a moment" She said as She turned around to walk out of the bedroom door, I couldn't help but peek and take a glance at Her magnificent ass, clad in those skin tight jeans, swaying from side to side, putting me almost into a hypnotic trance as She walked away. I laid there and couldn't help but smile, I had waited so long for this day, and it had now finally arrived. She walked back in some minutes later, and was wearing a T-shirt from what I could see of Her, as I dare not stare while She was walking towards me, so I could only see Her by slightly peeking from the corner of my eye. She climbed up onto the bed, and knelt over me. She whispered into my ear "You like?" as She knelt back to give me a better view of Her body, She was wearing a T-shirt, and my boxers, that was all! I wrestled with my dry mouth and racing mind to mutter the words "y-yes I ... I do Mistress.. a lot! She grinned as She leant over me, gripping my wrist with Her hand and I felt the cold steel of a handcuff lock around my wrist, She pulled the chain downward and told me to turn over and place my second hand behind my back. I did so quickly, as She snapped the second cuff around my other wrist, She rolled me over onto my back once more, and ran Her finger nail a few more times, up and down, the whole length of my now very hard cock, it jerked each time the nail made contact, and She giggled, pleased in seeing that I had keep myself in this state of frustration to please Her.

When She had teased me to the point, another touch would mean I would errupt in probably the most intense orgasm of my life, She stopped, stepped back from the bed a moment, and help up some thin rope. "We need to keep it hard, don't we?" She said as She bent down and began to bind my cock and balls at the base, it was very tight, and I let out a small gasp as She finished tying, and pulled it tight. She climbed back onto the bed and sat directly on my cock, pushing it violently downward underneath my boxers covering her ass.
She sat there for a few moments, before gripping each nipple between Her thumb and forefinger, and squeezing just hard enough to make me let out a small gasp, She smiled and held on, slowly rolling my nipples between Her finger and thumb, I could tell She was excited as much as I was, the devous, yet lust filled smile across Her face, the slow grinding of Her pelvis on my throbbing cock, all gave it away.

She let go of my nipples and She put one hand down beside my head, and I looked Her deep in the eyes. "Slap!" Suddenly I recieved a vicious slap around my face, I quickly looked down my body, staring at Her stomach "I am sorry Mistress" I stuttered, "I didn't mean to look at you" ...
"Silly boy" She replied "That was for fun, it was fun, wasn't it my boy"

"Yes Mistress" I replied, still feeling the sting on my left cheek, it did hurt, but the throbbing of my cock said different, it said all She needed to know as She felt it twitching beneath Her.

She stood on the bed for a moment, and I looked up Her long legs, and I watched as She slowly pulled down the boxer shorts She had put on, and tossed them over Her onto the floor, revealing Her natural, now very wet, pussy. She looked down at me and smiled, as She stood there in just a T-shirt, Her breasts barely visible from the baggyness of the shirt. She walked on the bed, a foot either side of my body, until She was stood with a foot either side of my neck.
I could not help but stare up at Her, Her wet cunt dripping slightly, as She slid a hand gently over Her slit. She bent down onto one knee, and then two, so She was stradling my neck, with a knee each side of my head, She brought Her fingers to my mouth and pushed them inside, to give me a taste of Her. I sucked on Her fingers as She slowly pulled them from my mouth, and as they exited, I licked my lips, and managed a meek "Thank You Mistress"

Desire and lust filled the room, the smells, the scenario, Her! everything was much more than I had ever imagined, and it was perfect! She took hold of the T-shirt and removed it from Her perfect body, Her magnificent breasts hung free, and She moved Her possition slightly, to bring Herself directly over my face, Her wet cunt inches from my face, as She lowered Herself down, I took a deep breath, inhaling Her scent as She put Her hands back and onto my chest to support Herself. I didn't need any instruction to start, as I began, I started licking Her clit, working my tongue around it, and flicking it back and forth the best I could with Her ontop of me, all I could smell was Her wet cunt, and it was driving me crazy. She suddenly grabbed hold of my nipples and squeezed tightly, I could feel Her getting wetter and wetter, and getting closer and closer to reaching Her orgasm, She squeezed my nipples with all Her might as She climaxed, I tried not to stop licking, but the pain was very intense, as Her nails dug into the soft flesh.

She stopped and just knelt there for a moment to compose Herself, She had actually collapsed on my face, once She climaxed, and I struggled beneath Her as I tried to get a breath, She giggled with "oops" and moved Herself back slightly so She was sat on my chest.

"Thank you my boy" She smiled, as She regained Her breath
"Now" She said with a pause, "I bought you a present", I smiled, and began to wonder what it was, She got off of the bed, and started to walk towards the door, when She reached the door She stopped and turned around, looking at me with a long pause and a deviant smile.

"Capsaicin" She said as She turned and walked out of the door.

To be continued!

Meeting by Anonymous

So many of us have been in this position, or at least plan to be:  meeting for the first time.  The truth is, I'm scared.  I'm scared for all of these reasons we're all scared about:  will you find me attractive, will you like how I smell, will you want to kiss me, will we be able to stand being in the same room, will we recognize each other and feel the way we do now??  No matter how much we try to lower our expectations, try to make sure we are being realistic, to be cautious, there is no way to protect yourself. There is no way to know until you stand face to face.  The answer to all of those questions might be 'no'.

 Still, I know that the potential for what might be is great. Maybe this will be the start of something amazing, of new dreams coming true.  But it could also be the end of everything.  It's the end of something to be sure. The end of 'how we are now'.  Come this fall, what we have now will end.  It might be the start of a whole new set of wonderful problems:  how to not be apart anymore, how to overcome this physical distance.  But it might just be the end period. And that's terrifying.

One thing I have learned in life is how utterly unbearable it is without hope.  For so long, you've been my hope.  The thought of not having you and also not having the hope of you is hard to even imagine.  But I know we can't keep each other in this dream indefinitely, that it's time to walk forward together or to let go of your hand and part.  This fall my life will change and I hope with all my heart that whatever turn it takes, you will still be with me.

A Surprise Confession by Jamie

A surprise
I logged in to sl and greeted my Mistress, she summoned me to the dominion and told me the most wonderful news I could have ever hoped to receive.

I was told to check my groups and that there was another title waiting there for me
 Again I worried a little, nervous at the thought and i wondered what this might be
I fumbled around with my groups and finally found were to go
My heart stopped for a moment as it said Mistress Crissy's, eagerly i gave it a click so it would show
Do you realise what this means boy was what my lovely mistress had said
But I could not answer I was so happy not a sound or a word did i type

Instead i  knelt upon my knees said something silly like WOW me Jamie stipe
It has still not fully sunken in, her strength and kindness fill me with peace
there is a tenderness and wisdom about her that i know will never cease.
So i try to write something here when really i want to tell all and spread the word
To shout it out loud and proud that I am now owned by Mistress Crissy Viper and she is my world

Red Shoes by Dany

shoes, every submissive man's weakness. Dany (now butch) loves shoes, especially red ones. This then, is a confession.

It must have started long ago with a foot fetish. Being submissive, one is always attracted to a woman's feet and the wonderful footwear that goes along with it. The high heels, the leather shoes, the smooth textures everything brings with it a sense of superiority over the male 'sub'. Red shoes however, are the prettiest. There's something about the color red that makes it so attractive. I'd be down on my knees kissing red shoes in a second. I'd love to get my tongue over a pair of wonderful red shoes and kiss them, and clean them, an act of submission to the dominant female. You Miss Persephone have red shoes with a tall heel, the smooth contour laced in black, the smooth red texture else where. Everything from the tall, sharp pointy heel to the smooth leather makes me want to beg for an opportunity to kiss them. Getting an opportunity to clean them with this dogs tongue would be one of the rare opportunities of my life. You are a Lady this dog respects the most, and certainly one who is much much superior to this lowly dog. dog noticed that there was a small strap that was part of the red shoes, wrapped around your ankles.  It looks amazing.
    Every inch of me wants to kiss those wonderful red shoes more than anything else in the world. this dog would do anything for that opportunity and will be honored if you give it to him. Looking at a lovely pair of shoes makes this dog hard, and it makes him want to stroke. The amazing smell of leather haunts this dog everyday. He hasn't sniffed leather in months, and is dying to get the littlest of bits.
    Red shoes are my weakness, looking at a pair makes me a helpless dog, on his knees, naked, ready to serve.
-slave dany

Aftercare by Lady Crissy

Her fingers gently traced the angry welts on his back, her red painted nails just barely more red than the raised skin Her fingertip slid lightly down, and down further to his ass where the welts continued.  She could hear him moan softly and draw in a hissed breath as she caressed the beautiful marks, feeling the heat radiating to warm her fingers.

She stood behind him as he leaned against the sink, and she could see in the mirror that his eyes were closed, his breathing quickening as she touched.  Leaning closer she pressed her lips to one of the areas of red raised skin and let the tip of her tongue trace where her finger had been just before.  She felt him shudder and whimper softly, and watched his hands grip the sink. She could taste the salt on his inflamed skin, and savored the taste of it on her tongue. Placing hands on his hips, she kissed down his back, gently touching with her tongue.

"Time to get you clean, My boy," she half whispered, letting her warm breath play over his neck as she moved closer and felt him take a deep breath, her touch centering him.

"Yes, my Mistress, thank you," he responded, his eyes opening and looking at her in the mirror.  "Thank you my Owner," his voice was filled with intensity, emotion, sincerity.

Her fingers moved to the chastity device, unlocking it and slowly removing it from his swollen flesh. A low moan came from him and he shivered, the sensation of being free of the restraint erotic all on its own.

She stepped back, placing the device on the table and slowly undressed as she listened to him breathe again more steadily.  "Into the shower, Mine." she stated simply and he responded, moving slowly to climb into the shower and stand.  She watched him as he moved, the welts still very red, his ass well used, and now his cock, released from its prison was fully hard as it always was when she allowed the device to be removed.

Moving behind him gently, she turned on the water and ran fingers gently through his hair, wetting it.  She poured a bit of shampoo in her hand and began to lather his hair as he sighed deeply, leaning against the shower wall.

"Back up so I can rinse, Mine."  she stated simply and once he had, she thoroughly rinsed his hair, massaging his scalp. She heard him hiss softly as the water flowed down his back and over the welts on his back and ass.

"Shhh.." she soothed, as she poured some liquid soap into a soft cloth and gently began washing him. Starting at his neck, then to his shoulders, down his arm to his wrist.  Washing gently the abraisons from the bindings, she moved to wash his hands then repeated the same on his other side.  She could hear his even breathing, and see the tension in his body begin to lessen.

Pressing her body gently to his, she reached around to was his chest, being gentle with his nipple, bruised but hard again.  He hands slid down his stomach then down one side of his hips and then down his thigh, and even further dwon his calves to his ankles where more red skin required more gentle washing.  Finishing with his foot, she moved to the other and worked her way up the other leg to his hip.

Standing again, she used more soap and slid her cloth covered hand between his legs, gently washing him and cupping his balls with the cloth, gently massaging the hard sac. feeling him moan and shudder, his cock jumping in its need. Moans became whimpers as her hand withdrew.

Rinsing the cloth, and adding a bit more soap, she moved more to his side and leaned up to his his lips with hers.  Her fingers gently touched his rock hard penis as she slid her tongue into his mouth, pressing her body to his.  His moans and whimpers against her lips and mouth continued as she began to gently wash his back with the cloth in her other hand.

Having cleansed his back she began washing his bottom pressing the cloth between his cheeks as she bit his lip and then kissed him harder, wrapping fingers around his cock and squeezing.  She felt him shudder hard and begin to tremble, fighting to gain control.

He pressed hard back to her, his ravenous lips and mouth searching for strength from hers for focus that would ancho him and fortify his obedience.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled and caressed the head of his cock, and kissing his lips again lightly, whispered, "cum".

The explosion was hard, immediate, and a strangled scream came from him as he had his first release in a very long time.  It was loud and long, a series of moans and grunts as he emptied onto the wall of the shower.  Leaning against the wall, his breaking coming out, panting, a breathy, deep litany of thank yous were almost drowned by the sound of the water flowing from the shower head.

Reaching over to turn off the water, she kissed the droplets of moisture on his shoulder, gently stepping out and drying off, putting on her robe.  Extending a hand to take his, he carefully stepped out where she held a towel, ready to dry him off.

"Thank you so much my Mistress,' he breathed, his voice hoarse, looking into her eyes as she pressed the town gently to her property, noting his continued erection.  She answered him with a smile, that he could not resist returning.  "My pleasure, property.  Now off to get some sleep."

The First Time by Dark

The first time by Dark

I saw as She entered, clad from head to foot, in a tight, shiny, black cat suit.
It was stereotypical I know, but She had assured me for the first time, it would be done, as She knew I had pictured so many times.
I was bound down, naked, on the bed, my hands bound with coarse, rough rope, tied tightly to the bars at the top of Her bed.
My feet similarly bound, to the foot of Her bed.

She teased me, tormented me, and made the fear inside me grow, I had never taken anything up there before, and I was sure
that this was going to hurt, a lot. She paced up and down the bed, running Her nails down my back, hard enough to leave a mark,
but soft enough to really turn me on.

I had only been tied down like this for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, but I was ready for almost anything. She teased me about how
Her strapon was going to penetrate my ass, how She assured me it was going to hurt, but She assured me I would like it. She always
had a way of making anything sound possible, even the things I hated the most I would of tried for Her.

She approached the bed and climbed on with one knee, then another, She took the lube in one hand, and I heard the squirt of the tube
as She generously lubed up the strapon!

She pushed it slowly against my unwilling hole, I was tense and not quite sure what to expect, I guess I always had that impression that it
would be nothing but pain. "Relax" She whispered, as She pushed a little harder just opening my ass enough for the tip of the strapon
to penetrate me. She held it there just long enough to give my mind time to start fighting with its self, enough time to begin asking the questions
of when it would go in, would it hurt, would I like it...

Before my mind could even finish the first question, all were answered as She thrust the strapon forward and deep into my ass, before slowly pulling it
back, I pulled against the bonds at my wrists, more in being uncomfortable, and still being unsure at the feeling I was experiencing. She pushed the strapon in and out
slowly, making me feel what I thought to be the full length of the peg, but as I would find out later, it was only half.

She continued to penetrate me, pushing it deep into my anus for about 10 minutes, my cock was aching from the rubber bands placed around them, trapping
the blood in the cock and keeping it extremely hard. I felt a small feeling of frustration, and could feel a strange sensation inside my, I knew the male G spot
was inside the anus, but was not sure if it would be hit or not. the sudden feeling of pure intensity took over my body as She slowly pulled it out for the last time
I felt great relief as She removed the monster from my arse, my cock still leaking what I thought was pre-cum from the teasing earlier in the day, and my ass
feeling a little sore, but I was happy to have taken it, and to have pleased Her.

She got off me, stood by the bed, and smiled. Seeing Her smile, made me smile, She reached down beneath me and rubbed Her hand, on the sheet, under my cock
She pulled Her hand up, "Did you know you could come from that?" She said, as I looked on, still thinking about the pegging.

"No Mistress, I didn't" I replied, She smiled and went to wash up, leaving me tied down on the bed.

It may have been my first, but I hope it will not be my last.

The end!

Sunday Afternoon by Anonymous Sub

Last Sunday was not your normal Sunday afternoon. Previous to this I had met some some people in real life Fem Dom D/s relationships and had got on with them. they told me that actually there is a scene within the scene. Forget about Pedestal, they said it is too clubby; they do hen nights there now.
Anyway they mentioned that I might be the type of boy who would be welcome at one of these events and they proceeded to send me details about past parties. No more than a hundred people maximum, 50 50 ratio friendly atmosphere and the chance to experience 8 hours of a truly Fem Domme world.
I said i was interested but to be honest I never really gave it much more thought. I was told you had to be recommended for this event and that you had to undergo a phone interview with the head Mistress and organiser  and if she accepted you then there was still a waiting list.  Places were limited and many went to known couples and only a few went to single male subs.
A telephone interview followed and we spoke about what experience I had and i mentioned about the dominion and second life. We also spent time talking about other interests and I spoke about my training regime at the gym and also some of my other interests. The lady seemed very nice and at the end of the interview asked me if I would like to be a house sub at the event. I was surprised and also a little flattered. I thanked her for her time but said I would have to discuss it with a Miss who knows me and who i trust with all my heart.
I spoke with Miss and raised my concerns, "What if i don't like it ?" "Am i just a slut?" "Should i go to a pro domme" "Should I try to ignore these feelings ?" All questions that Miss answered sometimes laughing but always truthfully and with knowledgeable authority.  She told me to go so I went.
The day came and the weather was awful, I had a difficult drive down there and had asked if I could speak to Miss when it was over she had said yes but text first as she  may be busy at the Dominion. I  thanked her and said i would.
On entering the event I was stopped by a burly bouncer type on the door. He looked at me and asked me for my receipt. I told him I didn't have one but gave him my number. He looked me up and down and I started to think I may have made a mistake. I was not as big as he was but i was in better condition and I was intent on standing my ground. afterall Miss had told me to attend. He finally found my number and apologised i shook his hand and he let me in.
Ahead of me was a table with a few fellow subs milling around I walked up to them introduced myself and then the Head Mistress came out clapped her hands and told us all to get changed and get our badges. I was stripped to the waist and wore black trousers and shoes as had been instructed. I also wore a collar I placed my name badge over my head on the lanyard and was then set to work in the kitchen.
I was part of a team of subs who prepared food and we were supervised by the head Mistress who spoke to all of us and told us how she wanted the food presented. Various different sissy maids came in and tottered about and then went out to serve the ladies. Rules were serve the ladies first and do not allow even collared and owned men any food or drinks. Leftovers were to be placed on the table and men could then help themselves to what the ladies had left.
I could hear the laughter and the hubbub coming format he main rooms the chatter and the occasional loud thwack. I checked the rota and saw that i was on duty in the spa room for an hour with a House Domme.
After wondering around the bar area and past the raffle I could now see the extent of this event. Lots of lovely ladies all in the finery with hats on magnificent outfits. Sissy maids collared' subs' unowned single men and a team of house subs of which I was a part of.
The spa room was exactly that and I entered and immediately saw the house Mistress on duty. I knelt before her and greeted her as my Miss had taught me to do. She smiled and turned around my name card. I said I was a little nervous as I did not know what to do.She smiled and said that is why i am here boy and then explained my duties Basically to be available for any Mistress who wishes to play to stop people bringing in glasses to the pool area and to be able to give her a foot massage when we were not busy.
The room started to fill up and i carried out my tasks diligently, when we were not busy I had to kneel by the Mistress's feet  at her right hand side and be available to her. It was at this point when a lady came in dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt. I went to ask her if she needed help. She told me she had had a terrible journey up from London in the rain and that she was doing a demo in the next hour. I asked her what it was and she said it was a secret. I moved a table for her and helped her unpack. The Mistress i was working with came round and they started chatting It  was at this point that i was introduced to Miss Sidonia Von Bork. the lady who i was helping. We took out a huge sheet and i was asked to hold it up and to turn my head. I obeyed this immediately, Miss Sidonia then disrobed and squeezed herself into a little red latex dress and a pair of black open toed high heeled shoes. Ok lets test this thing and she looked at me. I remembered what Miss had told me serve well but do not do anything you are not comfortable with. I said ok and the lady clapped with delight. Nipples or cock and balls she asked. Not the usual thing you get asked on a Sunday afternoon i thought and I chose nipples. she seemed disappointed but none the less took out what looked like an old fashioned cb radio some wires attached to it and clamps complete with crocodile clips. She then brought out a piece of wire set on top of some wood in the shape of a cock. Welcome to Buzz cock she said.
The purpose of the game is for the Miss to try and get all the way around the cock without touching the wire. If she does so then a shock will go into the sub, in this case you. I smiled nervously. She assured me that it was safe and that you should never mess with electrics through the body but from side to side as in my nipples it would be fine if a little "scratchy" she said. She attached the nipple clamps and immediately it made me giggle. whether it was nerves or what; it was making me smile and wriggle too. A few people had come in now and the Miss i was working with at the beginning held my collar and said "oh i like the wriggly ones". the laughing set off the machine the sound waves must react in some way and i got a light shock. Miss Sidonia laughed and turned the dial up slightly, keep quiet she said as she deliberately touched the wire. "Buzzzz" this time it was more than a little scratchy and i let out a yelp which in turn gave me an after shook. More people had gathered round now and someone shouted from the back that they wanted their sub next. Miss Sidonia took the loop all the way round the cock and kept hitting the wire deliberately saying "Oh dear I am sorry " and I am so bad at this" It was all good fun and the little jolts of electric that went across my nipples really made me jump. Towards the bottom of the wire cock she tapped it a few times and I was literally writhing and wriggling on my knees with the other Miss holding me and everyone laughing and giggling which caused the after shocks to be more intense. "Oh i am sorry boy i really am poor at this" she leaned over and whispered in my ear. thank you for been a good sport. now kiss my feet and thank me properly and I will see you later. She lent back and then unclipped my nipples. the miss who i had been working with tweaked them and laughed. You are quite a fun boy she said.
I knelt down fully and kissed Miss Sidonias foot and thanked her, she waved her hand to motion me away and i got a round of applause from the crowd who had assembled. Another sub was making his way forward and his Miss shouted cock and balls. Everyone including myself laughed. I made my way back with the house Miss who took me to some seating  with her.  The first hour was up and she asked me if i would like to stay for a while to give her a foot massage. I said i would but that i was also on duty for the beauty pagent and would need to go in a half hour. I knelt and then proceeded to start to serve be continued.

Scary by Anonymous

Why I’m so scared of Miss Persephone

A lady with a voice that screams classy, but with a tone that without even seeing her, you know that she is looking at you in the same way a lion looks at a zebra just before it pounces and tears out its throat. Although Miss Persephone isn’t so kind as the lion to quickly and swiftly put you out of your misery.  Instead she starts by tearing off your arms, beating you with them for a while, pours salt on the wound then shoves them up your arse
That is why I’m so scared of Miss Persephone.