Saturday, August 25, 2012

Impromptu Confessions 08/25/12

I wonder if Priapus will tell us if he is interested in a domme at Dominion


I want to confess that I'm falling in love....and it scares me, but I can't control these feelings that are building in me day by day, that's all in her hands now, every bit of control.


My first Dom session live rl was lastnight on cam. Loved it


At night I lay back unable to sleep. I try but slumber dosn't take me. I rest my eyes laying there thoughts swirling. Mind at peace but sleep dosn't come. My mind wonders to you as it always dose. You fill my thoughts. I can feel you close. Your scent comes to fill my senses. I know it is not true. Though I keep my eyes closed. I allow my senses to continue. The thoughts coming. Your scent filling my nose. Your touch against my nude skin. You nails as they mark me lightly. The feel of your lips teasing over sensitive flesh. Your hair brushing against heated skin. I can feel the blood rush through my body. I can feel you there with me. I breath in deeply taking in your sent deeper. I can feel your teasing breath, hear your soft laughter. I am content to lay there with you. To be with you. Feeling the lingering need and want that you've etched into my being. Feeling it thrive and waken upon your command. I lay there relishing in that feeling. Allowing my body to sink into them. To fold around me like a warm blanket. And though I know your not here in reality, in the physical plane I know your thinking of me My Mistress. And I am able to slip into the soft slumber to give to you the desire you build upon the raising of the morning star, which is only half as radiant and warm as your voice is greeting me in the morning. Love you Mistress and hope that you know and will relies  who wrote this.... Though others may not.


sometimes I can't stand my sub. he does not deserve me.


One day here at the D I hope at trials, auctions and boot camp there will be a huge screen so we can all see the real life person selling himself or going through hell.

Might be fun for all :)



I can't stop thinking of myself living in a world where all men are the slaves of women.  Born in slavery, inferior, dominated, degraded and humiliated.  Bought and sold....trained to serve under the harsh lash of the Mistress's whip.  The thought makes me weak, intoxicates me to think of myself living in such a world, weak, helpless and exposed.


I realized I was a domme:
After having sex for a while and unable to bring the man to orgasm, I became irritated. I sat up, laid him back, placed my knee on his chest and my hand on his throat. "Do it yourself!", I yelled.

He came instantly.


Feels all hot and sweaty getting fucked by my Mistress' strapon over and over my ass being ripped apart from the strain.  OOOOOOO Mistress!!!!! She smacks my slutty ass in response making me whimper in even more pain making me crave more.  I grab the bedsheets tight the pain ripping through my body with every deep and quick thrust she makes on me.


I live the day by spending nights with my boy
I love orgasms, 
for me
he delivers 
after time
now he keeps a record
how many?
that's a secret
but it's more than some people have in a lifetime


I must say that being at Dominion  has given so much to  personal growth, and identification.  I am very happy that this place exists, and the awesome staff that makes it work.
I am amazed how technology can bring us together, and also how it enable real life connections. I value this very high my life.


i seen a boy in the CY.. he is owned now 

i wish i told him how i felt..

He is happy and i feel awful

hoping it will not work out for him and her

My heart races when i see him and my heart crush

when she tp in and leash him

I wish he was mine


On the outside, I am a Domme, strong, confident, plotting to take over the day, but inside, I am afraid, scared sometimes, it bothers me to know that my social anxiety has risen to the heights of mountains over the last few years, so much so, that I cut myself off of people when they get too close for comfort.

I really envy people who have lots of friends, not so much that they can't keep track but that everyone knows who they are and becomes excited to be seen somewhere by them. It hurts to know I am alone. Trying to wrestle with myself through the stresses of RL only to try to be what I want to be in this virtual world we have all found and contribute to when we log in.

I only hope that things for me change, that I can let go of the fear and be happy, find what I am looking for and feel better about myself.


Life changes so quickly and veers off on so many different roads that before we know it we are in a place we never knew we could end up in. I have always been impulsive .. this   has got me into a lot of trouble  in the past, but for now it seems to have brought me some of the happiest moments Ive had on here in a good while. I have found that opening myself up to be accepting of other people loving me has done just that. I have also discovered that Iove and attraction can take many forms .... who knows where I will end up this time next year.


There once was a boy named Meraxes
Who was always late with his taxes.
He was in quite a spot
And was made a tea pot
He's learned to never be lax (es).


Miss Zarita makes me smile hearing her voice.  Wish she'd whip me to death.


There once was a domme called Zarita
Who was knownn as a  subby boy beater
With her tongue she could lash
with her fists she could bash
In her own femdom porn she could feature

When I Knew by Marexes

When I Knew…
By Marexes Balerion Sivarticus

Puberty is hard on everyone.  The physical and hormonal changes we all go trough can be strange and confusing.  In my case, these changes were accompanied by some interesting mental twists, thoughts and desires that made the whole process intense and overwhelming.  It wasn’t that I was just going through puberty, but I was having very deep and naturally submissive thoughts.  Though I was trying to understand why I felt the way I did, at age 12 I was too emotionally immature to be able to talk about these things so they stayed inside my mind.

As I began to realize my body was changing and certain things aroused and excited me I began to cultivate certain fantasies in my mind.  Though I didn’t know the terms for them then, all my fantasies involved submission, power exchange and Female Domination.  Even my desires with the local school girls and attractive young women living down the street were affected.  See, when I grew up, boys and girls in primary school called dating “going together” or “going with someone.”  It was an innocent version of being boyfriend and girlfriend.  For me at that time, I already wanted to be the girls slaves, not “go with” them.  I even had thoughts of going down the street to knock on the attractive lady’s door and present myself to her.  But that’s when fear gripped me and left me unable to take action on these thoughts for many years and unable to tell anyone about them.  What would the guys think?  Why did I think and feel this way?  Would the girls understand?  Would they know what I was asking them to do, for there was more to it than just obeying tasks?  I already knew I liked the concept of being held in an aroused and powerless state.  I already knew I liked kneeling and other subtle forms of humiliation/power exchange.  Of course I didn’t know what it was called then.

Thus I lived out my sexual fantasies in my thoughts and head for many years to come unable to tell anybody.  It wasn’t until I was out of college with the advent of the internet that I started to realize there were other people out there like me and that the things I had been thinking about actually had names.  Slowly I learned about it and what it was.  I read books, went to chat rooms and web pages.  The more I learned, the more I realized things I liked that I had never even considered.

Over time, my thoughts, desires, fantasies, fetishes and kinks have all changed, grown and evolved.  Some things have remained as constant as the north star, even from the very first fantasies I had involving my Heather Thomas in a pink bikini poster.  Namely that I am a submissive male. I want my love and devotion to be so deep that I am willing to be her slave.  I want a woman to take control over me; that I believe she has the power and ability to do so.  That I want to please, worship, serve and obey Her.  That I enjoy feeling the sense of Her power and control over me.  That I want to kneel and say “Yes Mistress,” kiss Her boots and worship as She desires.  To be spellbound and enchanted, enslaved and hypnotized.  That I want to love and enjoy every minute, be fully devoted, obedient and helpless and yet receive immense mental, emotional, physical and dare I say spiritual pleasure from it all.  And though I may not have had the words or emotional maturity and understanding to express any of this, I did know, in my mind and heart that it was all true from a very early age.

Unemployed In Summertime by Chattel

I wake up a few times during the night with the plug moving inside my back. as I open my eyes I feel the leather hood all around me and the realization of my state is the first thought that comes into my mind.

That is so exciting!

I rub myself a little bit but with every time I wake up I feel stronger cramps. I never had a but plug before for such a length of time. I quickly walk to the toilet to get a release. looking only through the eye holes I can find my way but I can not look around. It is all so un-natural and strange.

Sitting in the toilet I pull the plug off, a brief relief but I know it can't last, I might be looked at when I open my eyes so there will be no way to fool around here. I slide it back in and the go back to sleep. after a couple of more times of waking up aroused and going to the toilet like that I start to feel that my mind is settling in my new role. I go back to sleep plugged and hood, finally waking up moments before 7am, the morning session.

I walk from the bed to towards the camera that points at me. the moment I sit down the messenger window starts flashing.

"Good morning dog" it sais

Wow I've been watched as I woke up, this control is so tight!

"Good morning Miss Mag"

"Show me your but plug dog, pull it off and stick it back in"

I crawl on fours with my ass up towards the cam, it pops out so easily and slides in without an effort, it's actually so easy that I have to struggle to keep it in"

"Haha, you're a good dog, I'm very impressed with your progress"
"Time to switch to your day restrains, you have 15 minutes to shape up, and get snugged up in the double hood, muzzle, gag and posture collar"

"Oh and.. You've been so good that I'll reward you with nipple clamps to go along with it"

"Thank you Miss Mag!"

As I start to unzip the hood I hear a buzz coming from the messenger, my attention turns straight to it.

"I don't want to every see your ugly face ever again slave! now that the camera is always on - you will never take off your hood unless you are in the toilet/shower, is that clear?"

"Yes Miss"

"You should have known it by now, you're not a person anymore, you're a beast, I don't want to see any sign of your human face again!"

"Now go to the toilet and don't get out of it before you're restrained as the beast that you are, only when you are very tightly controlled you shall crawl out of the toilet and come back to me"

I hurry to do as I told, well hidden in the toilet, I play with myself some.. and I really can't stop it this time.. after all of this intensity I cum so hard!!
I take a few deep breaths before cleaning myself and setting back all the restraints, tough job that gets even more difficult after cumming, But I can't risk it. I get on fours just before entering the camera range and I crawl back to the spot on the floor before the computer keyboard"

"To the corner behind dog, hurry, on fours of course and facing the wall I've got some errands to run, it's a good time for you to learn your role, dogs spend a large portion of their life just waiting for their owner. you will get adjusted to it as your life revolve more and more around serving me. Do not leave the corner until I'm back, it will take anytime between 30 mins to two hours, I'll signal you can move with the messenger buzzer. Then  you can have your breakfast."

Wow this is horrible I think to myself as I drag myself to the corner, head pressed between the walls. It will take some time to recharge and get used to such a physical effort and boredom after cumming. This is getting to far I think to myself, two hours now? maybe it's not healthy for me. I keep my head tucked in the corner as the phone start ringing. I bang my head in the wall nervously and struggle to keep myself in place until I make a calculated decision if I am to continue with this or not.. In the meanwhile I don't want to risk anything and I know she might be watching.

The Pond by Heather

Since I seem to be making disclaimers a lot these days, I just want to say, this is not in any way related to any events that may or may not have happened.

So many stories evolve around love at first sight. Boy meets girl, girl meets girl, boy meets boy, in love they fall, they live happily ever after. We've all heard those stories. This story is nothing like that.

Considering the fact that I was born on open water, how long I have considered the ocean my home, it is scary to realize how much water frightens me. The pond is not far from here. We used to go there together. We'd play with the water with our feet. When it was warm enough we'd splash around and dissapear under water to try and frighten each other. My heart always skipped a few beats because she could hold her breath longer than I could.

When winter came about the pond froze shut. Instead of people swimming, there were now coats and scarfs and people ice skating. She grabbed hold of my hand, "Come on, don't be a whimp. You can do it." Reluctantly I got on the ice. I didn't fall over, but with her grip on me I doubt I could have. She giggled a lot. It was annoying and adorable at the same time.

We weren't in love. We were friends. Her boyfriend didn't like the ice. Nor the water. In fact, I often wondered how much he liked her to begin with. The last time I saw her, in the summer of 2002, I had never seen her more sad. I asked her what was wrong, but she did not want to talk about it. Instead she crawled in my arms and sighed deeply. "You've always been nice to me." I agreed with her. I had never raised my voice with her. I had been nice. She reached for her bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka. "Drink with me." I did.

A few hours later, it was safe to say we were both drunk. We laughed about things that were not funny. We looked at the stars and spoke stern words because we thought the universe spoke to us. I lay on my back, trying to keep my eyes open as her fingers played with mine. "What's it like?" She asked as she rolled over on her stomach. "What is what like?" "You know. Being with a girl."  I laughed. "The same as with a boy except for the dangly bits." She grinned and playfully slapped my stomach. "You know what I mean. Tell me. I want to know."

So I told her. I rolled over and pushed her gently on her back. "Girls are soft." I said as I grabbed hold of her hand and ran her index finger softly over her skin. "There's no facial hair." I said as I guided her hand over her face. She giggled. "Thank god!" I smiled. "Their lips are full, lucious and kissable." I pondered leaning over and kissing her, but it would have been too much. Instead I used her thumb and traced her lips. She caught it between her lips, which made chuckle. "Girls taste good too," she added. I nodded.

"What about the rest?" Her eyes locked on mine. "Well. Every girl is different. You can't compare one girl to the next." She grabbed hold of my hand. "Then tell me about me." I covered her hand with mine as I guided it towards her breasts. "Your breasts are firm." She chuckled. "Squeezable even," I said as I cupped her breast with her own hand. "Your nipples feel great as they grow hard under your skin." I didn't need to feel it, seeing it happening turned me on just as much. She swallowed and licked her lips.

I pondered my next move as she shut her eyes. "Your nails slowly scratching down your stomach gives you goozebumbs. It makes you ache for more." She whimpered a soft yes.

With my hand still covering hers, I moved it inside her pants. "I bet you're wet. I bet if you try, you can smell it. I bet smelling it, makes you want to taste it and I bet tasting it makes you want to touch it." I removed her hand from her pants, as I slide down my hand. She was wet. I dipped my finger inside her lips and slowly removed it, hovering it over mouth. She grabbed hold of my hand as her tongue moved over my finger. My moan was answered with a moan from her.

I grabbed her hand again and shoved it down her pants once again. She pushed her hips up as her own fingers dipped into her wetness. Her breathing got a little heavier as I used my fingers to circle her fingers around her clit. "Girls are delicate, you are delicate, you're also horny as fuck now. Some girls take forever. I bet you won't. Will you?" She shook her head. Our fingers moved faster. I let go of her hand and slowly pushed my fingers inside. "Don't stop." I whispered in her ear. Her orgasm hit seconds later. We both panted, and I removed from my fingers from her.

"Oh my god. That was brilliant! She laughed. "That was utterly brilliant, no wonder you like girls!" She jumped up. "Come on. Swim. Race you to the water!" I laughed as I got up. She was in the water first. I dived in after her. She swam over and placed a soft kiss on my lips. "I bet I can still win." I counted us down.. On 3 she laughed, on 2 she wiggled her eye brows on 1 she took a deep breath. We both dissapeared under water.

When I saw the police officer cover her body with a white sheet, it occured to me, I had just won the game.

Meeting Miss Z by Heather

Preparing to meet a Domme in real life is never easy. But preparing to meet Miss Zarita is not easy on a whole different level. Many times we had discussed the terms. She wanted a red carpet rolled out for her through the entire city of Amsterdam, which proved to be a little difficult, seeing as I had only been in Amsterdam once before.

The night before we met, Miss Z and I made arrangements. We were to meet at three o'clock and she specifically said to wait until at least 3.30 PM. Obviously the night before I did not sleep, seeing as I get entirely too nervous. The next day I got on the train, a bag filled with presents and unfortunately for Miss Z .. no red carpet.

I arrived at the spot at 2.30 PM. Better early than late I figured. I found the meeting spot and started pacing back and forth. I desperately wanted a cigarette, but was afraid if I had one, she'd kill me. Lots of pacing later it was 3.00 PM. I saw a woman walk up the stairs, I smiled, the woman did not. She walked right pass me, obviously that was not Miss Z.

I remembered Miss Z said she had red hair. I checked every red head that walked past me and honest to god there were a lot! I sent Miss Z a text saying I was outside. No response. 3.30 PM. At this point I thought she'd stood me up! 3.40 PM .. a text .. Miss Z was lost! I walked back outside to find her in the sea of people.

Out on the street I looked left and right and I saw a redhead grab her phone and call someone and at that same moment my phone rang. "Oh there you are!" It was Miss Z!

We hugged. Then we went for drinks, I told her about Lady Eva wanting me to spank her, she laughed and said something along the lines of it not going to happen. I gave her all the presents and she told me to keep them in my bag, obviously every Domme needs a sub to hold her things and I gladly obliged.

Miss Z is absolutely amazing. She's gorgeous, she's kind and she is scary, she also knows me way too well. Our meeting was entirely too short, we talked, we laughed and there were a few threats to make me crawl back to the train station. You see, I wanted a cigarette and I whined about it and Miss Z wouldn't let me, but that one statement shut me up really quickly.

Later when we said goodbye and I walked back to the train, I stopped right on the bridge. The presents were still in my bag. I tried to call her but it was too late. Hence meeting Miss Z shall forever be the day I forgot to give Miss Z her presents! But, we did meet, it was fabulous and anyone should be so lucky to have the privilege I had.


Meeting by David

The day I met Lady Z

We met in the park.
When I saw her, I thought ‘she’s not scaryyyyy’
And that’s what I told her too.
I went in to get us some beers.
I kept her waiting too long for her beer.
She was still not scary….well, maybe a little.

We had beers and ciggies.
We chatted and laughed.
She kicked my shin and I said ouch.
But that’s all.
Still not really scary.

Funny thing is,
it wasn’t even that weird meeting her.
She was just like I knew her from SL.
Just not as scary.

I walked her back to the hotel.
We hugged.
She’s definitely not scary.
I loved meeting her.
I missed her after.
I hope to meet her again one day.

Oh and yeah….she told me I’m sweet….and..
that I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.


Water Sports by Lady Dalia

People have the wrong idea about the lives Pro-Dommes live.  I mean yes, there is lots of time for spankings and bon bons but it's not all it's cracked up to be.  Most of the men that call, well let's just say naked and on their knees it's not difficult to find the urge to ridicule them.

Therefore Ladies, it was a refreshing surprise to hear a rather young British voice on the other end of my phone line one day.

"What do you seek?"

"Pain, Mistress"


"I'm a pain slut Mistress.  I regularly visit a Mistress in London but I am away here in Toronto and well, this one needs to see You."

"I see.  I'm free tomorrow.  1pm?"

"Yes, Mistress.  May i beg of You one other desire of mine?"

"What is it boy?"

"Watersports, Mistress"

"We'll see"

"Yes, Mistress"

I hung up in some surprise.  Most men that call dream of pain but are in fact wimps.  And watersports…  I had never done that before.  How would I be able to do it and still retain my own modesty?  After all this is a client and no way was I going to flash my pussy for just any boy.

I dressed with care the next day.  Silk stocking with an honest to goodness lace garter, the seams neatly lined up down the back of my legs, lacy black bra, a black wool crepe suit hugging my body.

I opened a bottle of water and started drinking.  After all, I didn't commit to doing it, but if I wanted too…

I was looking at myself in the mirror, black hair pulled into a chignon, Dior red lipstick to match my nails when the know came at the door.  I sauntered over in my 5 inch black leather stilettos, and opened it.

And there he stood, a shy smile on his boyish face, roses in his hands.

"Come in"

He stepped in and I moved past him, sinking into a leather chair in the reception room.  I eyed him from his well shod feet, up his rather snug well formed jeans, across his hard pecks covered in what I imagined was the softest white t-shirt, my own mouth forming a very feline smile in response to his and I looked into his darkest of blue eyes, "Hello Michael"

"Greetings Mistress.  Would you do me the honour of receiving these roses as tribute to Your beauty?"

"Yes, have a seat," I said, as I nodded for him to place the roses on the coffee table.

His breathing was a bit rapid and a flush crept up his cheeks the longer I stared.  Sweetness.

"This is a neutral room Michael.  You may speak here, I believe in open communication in scene as well"  I went over the basics of play with me as he began to relax a bit.  He asked some smart questions, always a bonus, and I ended with… "When we go through that door the rules change" I gestured briefly with my hand, "Are you ready Michael?"

He licked his lips. "Yes, Mistress."

I stood, walked over to the door and opened it.  I walked without looking behind me, stilettos clicking rhythmically, confidently on the wood floors.  I reached my throne room, took hold of my favourite riding crop and turned around.  "Strip"  He rapidly obeyed.  I pointed my crop to a spot on the floor before me.  He came without words and stood before me, I drank in his lightly tanned skin, smooth skin, his already semi-erect cock.

I walked behind and smiled, my eyes resting on the pertest, rock hard butt I had ever seen. I gave one lash of my crop on it.


He dropped to the floor, "Yes, Mistress"

"You are never to stand in my presence!"

"Yes, Mistress"

I took a collar and leash off the wall. He would crawl through my rooms, at my heels.  As I clicked the leash in place he reverently said, "Thank You, Mistress"

I led him through the hallway to the room I keep my horse and St. Andrews' Cross.

"Kneel wide"

"Yes, Mistress"

I went to the far wall and selected my toys.  2 floggers, wooden paddle, my favourite crop, and 2 canes.  I laid them out slowly over the horse, perfectly aligned.  I got the cuffs to match his collar off a shelf. I passed fastened them one by one, he slouched.  A slap echoed in the room.  "Position"

"Yes Mistress, thank You for the correction"  He was hard.  I grabbed him by the hair and raised one heel and ran the tip of it over his cock, teasing with it's sharpness.  A low hiss, escaped his lips.

"Thank You, Mistress"

"Crawl to the cross and climb up it, face forward"

"Yes, Mistress"

I secured him to the cross and took the lightest flogger and used it over his shoulders, thighs, butt and when his skin started to develop a slight glow I let the flogger curl up over his cock and balls.  Again he hiss.

"Thank You, Mistress"

I exchanged floggers but held it in my left hand as I opened my palm and started spunkily rapidly in taps warming the cheeks,he groaned out "Thank You, Mistress"

I backed up my hand and started delivering harder slaps to his ass.  As his breathing started getting harder I stopped.   I raked my nails over his thighs and now sore and sensitive ass.

"Aren't you all sweetness?"

"Thank You, Mistress"  And on I went with the flogger, heavier, thuddier, shoulders, thighs and ass… over and over crossing pausing on firm thud, back to rhythmic.  He had no idea what would come next.  I radially switch to my crop and he jerked… back to meet it.

I laughed, grabbing his hair, pulling his head back so I could whisper in his ear, "Good slut"

He shuddered, "Thank You, thank You, Mistress"

"Count each hit out" and he did thanking me over and over his voice sobbing near the 35th lash of my crop.

Onwards, crop to cane, the cane leaving a beautiful lattice over his skin.

And finally I released him from the cross and he obediently dropped to his knees immediately, "Thank You Mistress"

I picked up the thinnest of the canes and walked to him, kicking a stray pillow behind him.  I pulled his hair, forcing him onto his back, "Spread"

"Yes, Mistress" his though opening wide and I flicked at his cock with my whippy little cane and he cried.

"thank You Mistress"  He gasped over and over through his blubbering.

I stopped.  I knelt beside him, raising him up to kneeling beside me.  I leashed him again and stood.  We crawled back to my chair and he knelt, head on my knees.  I played with his hair making hushy soothing noises.  When he calmed I stood with words and led him to the bathroom.

"oh oh" he mumbled.

He knelt in the bath.  I removed his collar and cuffs and blindfolded him.  I ousted him back, allowing his knees to point up and spread as wide as possible.  I hitched my skirt up and straddled him, feet on the rim of the tub.

I relaxed and peed on him.  As the first drops him, it was like a song released from him, "Thank You for your beautiful champagne Mistress, the divine nectar of your body on this dirty slut, thank you for the gift I am not worthy, Mistress"

I got off the tub and closed the curtain adjusting my skirt.  "Wash up and dress".

"Yes, Mistress"

I sat on my throne with a smile on my face until I heard him opening the bathroom door. I walked to reception and sat, he followed.

"Thank You Mistress"

"My pleasure Michael"  He blushed at my sincerity.

"I wish I lived here.  You are the best I have ever had"

The End.

Feeling by Rile

My knees set upon the cold floor
This treatment makes my body quake
But I find myself needing more
This feeling in me will not shake
My pucker grips upon the plug
I hear her voice as I grow firm
Soon I feel her begin to tug
My lust fills the air, as I squirm
Another's laugh could then be heard
Embarrassment hit, and I moaned
I then released when given word
In her grip, I am truly owned.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elric's Confession

bless me, Lady *** for i have sinned. it has been many, many months since my last confession.

i have many things to confess but at the top of this list is to confess my undying love, devotion and service to my Mistress, partner and SL wife, Miss Diana Adored. W/we have only know each other since March this year but i have met in Her not only a Mistress that i can trust with every secret of my life, but a kindred spirit whose D/s needs and desires are a perfect counterfoil for my own, but whose real life has so many parallels with my own experience that my service to Her extends into Her real life even as far as practical help with Her son. In return, She as a great love and appreciation of my real life work and hobbies and supports me in my musical commitments.

When  i met Her, i was floating... in free-fall really, having killed my previous SL incarnation and returned to SL after a long period away and trying to deny the truth of my submissive nature.  I eventually found myself hanging out at the Strict Venus Femdom and mainly alone late into the night. One night, two Ladies arrived in what seemed like a very playful mood and i decided i was going to indulge Their playful moods and see what happened. One left very soon after but the other was not going anywhere. I offered to take Her on a tour of the sim and demonstrate the available facilities. This led us eventually to the dungeon ... more like a temple or church building (a very interesting and thought provoking concept) and i was asked, naturally, to hop onto some of the equipment, which i did. She asked me for control of my collar for one week. I agreed instantly. I realize this was potentially dangerous but i felt safe. She assured me it was only temporary and that She wasn't looking for any commitments in SL.

Bear in mind that this was the first night that i had ever set eyes on this Lady but i instantly felt a connection between us. We played and talked, using the equipment and started to get to know each other. We shared some details of our RLs and found more that we had in common. I made Her laugh and sang and played guitar to Her, which is my thing. When She told me to get into a large glass bottle (a genie jar, deduced from the smoke inside). I started playing with Her by pleading for my release from the jar. For some strange reason, i had a vision, or inspiration, whatever You want to call it. I offered to grant Her three wishes - anything She desired - in return for my freedom. She had no idea about my kinks or limits and i knew nothing of Hers, but as i said the words, something in my head told me this was right.

I had recently joined the Shrine and took Her there to meet the wonderful people i had made my friends. She instantly felt at home there, as i had done and for the next few days, we spent time there, both publicly and privately, all the time learning more about each other. We also did some exploring - i took Her skydiving, which i found great fun but freaked Her out a bit as She has altitude issues. As the week went on, i knew that O/our time together had been great fun for both of us and i found myself often thinking "What am i going to do at the end of the week?" I was afraid to voice the question as i knew She wanted no commitments and didn't dare hope to extend O/our time together. Out of the blue, She asked me "Are you up for consideration?"

My head nearly exploded as i sat at home in my chair grinning from ear to ear. The words "Yes, Miss Diana" stumbled out of my mouth.

That was the start of the journey W/we are now on. By the middle of April i had gone down and one knee and asked my Mistress to be my partner and this was later consolidated into a proper engagement and then later by O/our marriage, albeit informally, where we exchanged rings and pledged each to the other privately. W/we have had O/our share of trials since then, and are still suffering some of them, but W/we remain strong, resolute and devoted to each other and vow to take O/our relationship[ into RL at the earliest opportunity.

This will surprise many people when i tell you that W/we are separated by 8 timezones and over 8000 miles. W/we have worked out a schedule to be together at least twice every day (barring commitments) and it is working. We are very deeply in love and are in for the long haul. She is still very much my Mistress and still has total control over me. But She holds my gift as a precious jewel in the same way that i hold Her. W/we are truly two halves of a single soul and W/we both feel this constantly.

This is my confession and the sin of which i am guilty is that for the first time in a very long time,  i am so very proud to be who i am, what i am, and proud of the Goddess to whom i belong.

The Cleaning Lady and The Spanking Paddle by Rolf

                    The cleaning lady and the spanking paddle
                        By Rolf

Erik was in the middle of something on his computer in the study when the door bell rang. He sat up with a start. Who the hell was at the door? He wasn't expecting anyone. He was busy designing a website for a client. A slim man in his 30s with short dark hair and a mustache, he was self-employed and always worked from home.

The bell rang again, insistently.

Furious at the interruption, Erik rose and stormed downstairs to find out who dared disturbing him while he was busy. He opened the door and found himself staring at Claire the cleaning lady, who was startled to see him so upset although she knew he was short-tempered.

"Is everything all right?"  Claire, a middle-aged, strong-looking redhead,  asked with concern in her voice.

"Oh, I forgot you were coming today to clean the house." He looked at her with contempt. "Just get on with it and don't fucking disturb me. I don't want you in the study, do you understand?"

He left her abruptly and walked upstairs. Bloody cleaning lady. She came on the third Tuesday every month and it was always a nuisance to have her around because her vacuum cleaner made such a noise he couldn't concentrate. And she took two hours to clean his 2-bedroom house! Lazy cow, but she did a good job and he would never have the patience to tidy things up himself. It was beneath him anyway, he thought and sat down at the computer.

He went to the bathroom and bumped into Claire on the way. Taller than him, she suddenly gave him a knowing smile while continuing to dust a shelf. He couldn't understand why she had smiled at him like that. She normally never smiled, probably didn't like him. Greedy cow, Just wanted her money.

Popping downstairs to brew more coffee - he never offered her a cup - he ran into Claire in the hall and she grinned at him again. He shook his head, couldn't understand why she was grinning like that.

Finally, Clarie had finished cleaning the house and he paid her at the door, but didn't say goodbye, just slammed the door shut. Silly woman, grinning like the fool she was!

Erik walked into the bedroom to see if she had made the bed and that's when he realised why she had kept giving him that knowing smile.

He was deeply embarrassed.

The spanking paddle, his closely guarded secret, was on the bed! Claire must have put it there, but where had she found it? What business had that nosy cow opening his bedside table? But then the truth, the awkward truth, dawned on him. He had left it on the unmade bed in the morning after giving himself a spanking on the bare bottom...

Claire knew his secret. She now knew that he spanked himself. Goodness, he felt so ashamed. He had once told her that he didn't have a girlfriend and she must have put two and two together, hence the knowing smile. He sat down on the bed, burying his face in his hands.

There was only one way out of this mess. He had to cancel his contract with Claire.

He could not face seeing her again, but little did he know what would happen next.. be continued
Rolf Hultcrantz

Confession By Heather

It had been three years since I last saw her. But there she was, walking through the front door as if it was yesterday. She changed, but then again, so did I. Her long curly hair, once all the way down her back, hang loosely on her shoulders. She was beautiful as ever, perhaps gained some weight, but gorgeous nonetheless. I had always taken a like to her curves. She's voluptuous and many nights I wondered what it would feel like to trace my fingers all over her skin.

She smiles. "It's been too long, give me a hug." I do as she asks and hug her, not wanting to let go. "Things have changed quite a bit huh?" I smile, still not saying a word. "Come meet my husband." I choke. I knew she was married, but I had never actually met him. There's nothing special about him. He's a mathematic teacher. I always hated math teachers. He was no different.

We sit outside. I stare at her. I get lost in her eyes. They are the color of the ocean after a storm. Dark, yet so tempting and inviting. "Tell me what has changed in your life." I tell her, wishing she would talk more. It doesn't take long before she does. She's very affectionate and every time her fingers briefly touch my skin I wish they would linger longer.

"You know, you're like the daughter I never had." It is the sentence I dread most in life. I have heard it too often from people I wish had never said it.

She gets up and sits next to her husband again. They hold hands and I can feel myself getting jealous and protective. The heat outside is usually my enemy, but not today. Everyone is looking red, as am I, it covers those moments when I blush.

She loves him. I can tell from the way she looks at him. That look is love. I hate that look. Well, I hate that look when it is not aimed at me.

I get up and walk to the kitchen. I fetch a drink and before I know it she's right behind me. Her fingers run through my hair. "You have such pretty hair. I want to play with it all day long." I wanna say, "Go ahead" but I can't speak. I just nod. She hugs me from behind. "I'm glad you're here, I've missed you."

I feel bad. I feel aroused. I don't want her to stop playing with my hair. I don't want her to let go of me. I want her fingers to linger longer, I want her to touch me and my god, I want to touch her. I ache for her touch.

She spins me around. "You're quiet today." She doesn't want an explanation. She pulls my hair in pigtails and whispers, "You know, that's kinda cute." I blush. I can feel it. But she doesn't notice. We're all hot and sweaty. She smiles. "When was the last time I saw you?" I tell her. I tell her about the tattoo I wanted, who designed it, how she met that person and how she warned me not to do it. I remember exactly what she said. "What if you two break up?" I laughed and said we would never. We did. She chuckles, "Aren't you glad you listened to me?" I say I am. I would listen to everything she'd tell me.

She pulls me closer for another hug. She's a hugger. She's also a lot taller than me, which strategically places my face right in between her breasts. I close my eyes for a second and as my heart beats a million miles an hour in my chest, she whispers in my ear, "I'm glad you're not with her anymore." I look up and smile, "me too," I add.

"You're a very special girl, you know." I don't know. But if she says it, it must be true. "You deserve to be happy. Is there someone special?" I shake my head. She lets go off me. "You need to change that." I just smile.

"What do you want to drink?" She laughs. "You've forgotten?" I grin, "not exactly, but say it anyway." She moves behind me again and grabs my hand and guides it towards a glass. I grab it. Her hands covers my other hand and reaches it towards the wine bottle. I grab it. Or she does. I am not exactly sure who is control of my body at the moment. She pours the wine into the glass. It is the most sexual thing I have ever seen in my life. She lets go off my other hand and brushes aside my hair as her lips move closer towards my ear. "Good girls don't forget. That's why you'd never forget as well. Would you?" I can't speak. I literally cannot speak. I shake my head and she kisses my cheek.

It's been three hours. My cheek is still glowing from those full luscious lips making contact with my skin. I want more. I want one night with her. I want her lips on mine. I want to feel her tongue play with mine. I want her fingers to play with my hair. I don't even want sex. I want to lay with her. We can sleep, as long as her arms are around me. I want intimacy. I crave it.

Shadar's Confession

It was early afternoon when we got to the house in the suburbs of Warsaw. Even though the weather was nice and sunny the early spring temperature was still below zero. So I appreciated the fact that our kind host has turned up the heating. Well, with our party dress code we couldn’t have it any other way.

At first we were just talking and trying to bribe the dog of our hostess – Mistress Alexa.  – with some treat, because the dog was extremely shy. The submissive of the Lady – sub Natan – was preparing our party dinner, so I joined to help him. They are very nice people and I enjoyed their company a lot. We were talking about their femdom marriage and how they live the life style 24/7.

When most of the preparations was done, we came back to the living room and me and my female submissive friend – Gia we started to talk about our favorite subject – shibari – the Japanese art of bondage. We arrived well equipped to the party and I had brand new 8mm cotton rope, so we wanted to try it out. Gia made me turn around and she tied the dragonfly on me. It felt nice I guess it looked cool, even though I was still in my jacket because Gia  admired her handiwork. Being tied I felt very comfortable and time passed in the blink of an eye.

The party was about to start and all male guests had to strip down and put their collars on. My friend Gia being a female kept her clothes on, It was a femdom party. I was happy being tied which made a great excuse for not undressing yet, but it did not last long. I went to change and when I came back, it was the first time to be naked in front of so many people. To my surprise very soon I felt very comfortable with it, as if it was absolutely normal for males to be naked and in collars, occupying rugs and cushions on the floor, while women were fully and elegantly dressed occupying armchairs and sofas.

It was a very satisfying experience for me to serve on my knees – passing plates of food or pouring wine. Some Ladies asked to massage their feet and when it turned out that I am quite good at it, I had lots of work.  It was rewarding to see their stress go away and to relax.

Lots of things happened on that party but I would like to tell about one of them. Before that party I was mostly familiar with BDSM aspects of domination. But here I got a first taste of psychological domination. And everything started with the new rope.

Our Ladies wanted to have a shibari show and the only woman in the room familiar with this art was my friend Gia, and because of my love for the rope I was the lucky guy to be tied! First she started with my hands and tied them together in front of me. At the touch of the rope my cock seemed to get a life of it’s own, because it started to harden. That caused a wave of playful comments from the Ladies and enquires like – Is it getting hard because of the rope or because of the sweet female sub tying you? – Well honestly it was the fact of being tied and the touch of the rope. Then I was ordered to kneel and my tied hands were pulled over my head and behind my back, and then Gia tied them to the rope that encircled my chest. Then she made a nice loop tying rope behind my back and under my legs, turning me into a nice compressed little package on the floor. It was quite uncomfortable, I could barely move, it was also hard to breathe. I was delighted.

I happily suffered for some time feeling the strain on my arms and my discomfort grow. It was then that Lady Kayla started to ask me all sorts of difficult and personal questions. I was straining in tight bondage and at the same time I was straining to answer clearly and precisely to this beautiful Lady’s questions. And suddenly I realized that it hit a hidden button inside of me, which I suspected that existed, but actually it was never turned on by such a lovely Domme. I felt dominated and in the power of Lady Kayla and all of that happened only because of her words. It felt… absolutely fantastic.

I enjoyed this party very much and we were playing long in the night. Lady Barbara showed her hand made heavy duty toys and also put some to action. It was all great, but I realized more than ever, that I have a void in me, and it can only be filled by my own Mistress.

Names were changed to protect privacy of my friends.
By the way if you visit Warsaw and want a good rope, go to the rope shop – Linsznur on Plac Grzybowski, personally I love their 6mm hemp rope.

A Trip, A Whip and A Kiss Part 3 by Monty

A trip, a whip & a kiss

---Part three, the kiss---

As time passed my body begun to get numb, I was still restrained, I had been so for what felt like an eternity. The gag in my mouth had been there longer than any gag had before,  It forced my jaw open making it stiff and sore. I was trying not to drool, but it was hard, that combined with the fact that breathing was forced through the nose, as the gag simply did not allow enough air to pass, and the hood still covering my head made it all a rather unpleasant situation by now. I felt the moisture of my breath clinging to the hood, the warm air I breathed was by now making me slightly light headed. I may even have dosed for a moment where as my body would have hung from the restraints.

I Stirred to a sound, the distinctive clicking of heels against hardwood flooring. Immediately my senses heightened again, what would be next? my ass was still sore from the beating and the balm, my clothes still in tatters on the floor below me. I wished she would remove the restraints, allow me to rub some life into my body again, but I was more inclined to serve her and please her. so I remained quiet. I feel her hands on my back, it was still red from the flogging, her warm touch was a mixture of relaxation and pain. a comforting hand, that I know at any moment could turn into a whip again.
She did not say a word, and I could still not see her, It was my Mistress, right? I decided that was my assumption, though I could not be sure. I felt the hands sliding to my neck, my bare neck, I longed for it to hold steel around it, I craved it, but that was not for now.

Her hands kept moving until they reached the rim of the mask, slowly I could feel it rising, rolled inch by inch along my face, would I finally be allowed to see my Mistress? She rolled it up only as far as my nose, then her fingers began fiddling with the gag. I felt the strap loosening and then the ball falling from my mouth. I groaned carefully as I closed my Jaw "thank you Miss" I mumbled softly as I moved my jaw up and down to get some feeling back into it.
I felt her lips brushing against mine, but no more. "you've been good" she finally whispered in my ear, I was so surprised by her words that I didn't even realize that fact that I should have been paying attention to the sound of her voice. I had been given a chance but failed in knowing if it was indeed her.

I lingered in the pleasure of her lips having touched mine,  as I felt my right arm lowering, the ropes it would seem being readjusted, I didn't move, not even an inch. I could feel the ropes being pulled through the hoops, and I heard the sound of knots being rearranged. "There...." he mumbled as if she was inspecting her work. It took me a while to realize what she had done, but as I tried lifting my right arm I felt my left arm following the motion, the rope had been pulled from wrist to ankles, and back up to the wrist again, with very little slack other than to carefully hobble forward.

her hand on my arm as she lead me once again, I was smiling now, not because I was bound, or because of where she was leading me, but this time I had been alert, her mumbling had not gone un noticed and I knew now that it was my Mistress, even though I had not been able to see her yet. she directed me down, and I knelt. The mask, that I had been hoping she would remove in order to allow me to see her was pulled back down. the slight strip of light that had been visible at the bottom vanished and the darkness enveloped me again.
on my knees I felt her hand on my back again, a light push, trusting her I did not fight it, blind as a bat I allowed my body to fall forward, half expecting the hard wooden floor, only to be caught by pillows before me. "Mistress" I said softly as I struggled to roll to my back. "yes?" she replied and I sensed her sitting down beside me. "Thank you...." I whispered and closed my eyes in the darkness.

her hands were soft on my flesh now,caressing in a caring fashion, as if she were making sure I would be alright, that she had not hurt me to much. yet I was frustrated for the lack of vision, not being allowed to see her had taken a toll and finally it became to much, my lips parted for a moment before I dared. "Mistress... I beg to be allowed to lay my unworthy eyes upon you"  said in as clear a voice as I could.
She looked at me, not that I knew, but with a smile on her face she once more rolled the mask upwards, slowly, again leaving it to linger just below my nose. that strip of light showing again as she spoke "and why should I allow you your sight mine?" he queried with a tingle of humor in her voice.
I did not have an answer, I didn't know why she should, but I spoke at any rate "that I might remember the face that has done such wondrous things to me Mistress" I tried.

She laughed, it was a soft laughter that would have had me melt under any circumstances, as it were I Was naked and at her mercy, and the effect was if any increased. I was putty in her hands. I sensed her leaning closer, then her lips pressed to mine, she kissed me, claimed me inch by inch. every moment of the kiss making me more hers, Each lingering moment of passion giving up my submission to her further.
The kiss lasted several minutes, hungrily she claimed me with her lips, knowing exactly just how much it made me hers. the tenderness after the harshness of before, the love directed at me even in this vulnerable state.

Eventuality the kiss was broken, I felt the lingering taste of her lips on mine as she stood up. she moved away from me, again her heels clicking along the floor, as She returned she dropped something on me, "clothes boy" she explained as she placed one hand on my shoulder, rolled me over on my back again. I felt the restraints holding me lessen, and then, the rope was seemingly pulled from the hoops, I had my freedom of movement again, freedom of speech, everything but the freedom too look upon my Mistress had been given to me.

I sat there for a moment, not sure what to do, apparently I sat for to long as I felt a heel to my thigh "get dressed slut" she said plainly and removed the heel. "yes Mistress" I replied and began struggling with the clothes she had dropped on me, not an entirely easy task without sight, but after some struggle I had been able to pull the sweat pants on and buttoned a plain shirt. "thank you Mistress, for allowing me clothes again" I said smiling under the hood. She said nothing now, a hand on my shoulder helped pulling me to my feet, then, directed me to walk again. I heard the door opening, the familiar sound of shoes on the gravel as I felt another hand taking my arm. pulling at it roughly "come!" a new voice, I froze for a moment, but did as I was told.

The process seemed to repeat itself, the car door opening and slamming closed. the sound of an ignition and an engine starting, The movement of the car, again all under complete darkness for me. as the car came to a stop again, I heard that voice again, it was the same voice from the train, wasn't it? I wasn't kept in the dark about that very long, literally. the hood was now pulled from my head, blinding light of the warm summer day hitting my eyes. I blinked, saw the same woman from the train ride.
She smiled at me "I told you your Mistress would be happy with you slut" I blinked still not sure about what I was supposed to say, or do. "you're going home for now" she continued with a smile. I nodded silently

She opened the car door, motioned me out and handed me my back pack, pointed towards the train. "your ticket is in your pack slut, now be on your way, your Mistress will contact you once she has need of you again"

I got on the train without any regrets. my first physical experience with my Mistress. I slept well that night, and had many more encounters with my Mistress after that.

A Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strapon Part 3 by Gunthur

A Taste of My Girlfriend's strap on  Part 3  by gunther

Jim quickly did as instructed.
When he came out and when to the guest room bed he saw his own male clothes but on top of it wore crotch less pink panties.
He thought no one would see them under his pants so quickly got dressed.
As he returned to the bedroom Miss Carol was on the phone and mentioned him in and kneel at her feet.
Miss Carol “Yes, I think well be there in about 30 minutes”!
“I got the brand new products in the car, that’s no problem at all”!
“No five won’t be a problem”!
“Yes, Goodbye and see you in 30 minutes”!
Miss Carol put down the phone and inspected Jim carefully.
“Open your pants for a moment dear”!
Jim did as was told and revealed he was wearing the pink panties.
Miss Carol “Ah that’s a good bitch boy”!
“You can close them up again”!
Miss Carol was dressed in a suit when Miss Christie came out in a similar outfit.
Miss Christie “Ah, is he ready”?
Miss Carol with a grin “He is”, “All ready to go”!
Christie winked at Miss Carol and they went to the car.
Before he stepped into the backseat Miss Carol had him put on police cuffs hand on the back.
As they drove off Miss Carol was small chatting with Miss Christie about the weather and such.
Jim just stared outside the window his mind thinking about the fact that he was fucked like a bitch by the two women.
Suddenly he realized he recognized the houses as they wore driving.
His face went pale as a white sheet.
Jim “ Where are we going, Miss”? he asked.
Miss Carol “Oh, didn’t I tell you”!
“Silly me”!
“While you wore in the shower, your boss called”!
“She asked if you could come in and talk about a new project they got in”!
“Sounded big”!
Jim Was thinking about the Collar he had on it was in plain sight and he couldn’t take it of as it was locked.
“But I am wearing the collar” he panicked!
Miss Christie “Don’t worry about that, well figure something out”!
Somehow the words dind give comfort to Jim.
But he knew better then to argue, with his new owners.
They pulled up to the parking lot and all tree stepped out.
Miss Carol went behind him and held his cuffed arms when Miss Christie suddenly attached a leash to the collar ring in the front.
Miss Christie smirked “There now doesn’t look so ridicules anymore, does it”!  
Jim’s face looked terrified with fear .
He knew in the main Office building would be at least five women and his boss.
And besides his boss a women nearing her 50ties all of them, probably wore pissed at him for all those dirty jokes he used to tell to them men in the programming section.
As he would generally use the names of the women in the main office.
Miss Christie yanked roughly on the leash and Miss Carol yelled at him to follow.
Reluctantly he followed to the front door.
As they went inside he was surprised the place was empty.
A bit of relief came to his mind.
Miss Christie asked in a dominant tone “Your boss’s office is in the back on the right”?!

Jim dreadful of facing his boss like this reluctantly “Yes Miss Christie”!
Miss Carol Yelled “Show us Bitch Boy”!!!
And pushed him to show them the way.
Jim’s tears wore flowing freely from his eyes now.
As they closed on the office door of his boss.
He could hear female chatter from inside, now terror was flowing trough his body.
The women of the office wore in a meeting.
Miss Christie “Well, bitch or you going to knock on the door”?!
Jim’s hands wore still cuffed.
He turned his back to the door and knocked.
Miss Christie quickly gave Jim a kiss with her bright red lipstick leaving a mark on his lips.
It almost looked like he had lipstick on.
He could hear from behind the door “O shit he’s already here, and a lot of giggling”!
His Boss Margo “Comin, Jim I was just finishing a meeting with the girls”!
Miss Christie Pushed the door open and yanked him inside.
All the office girls including his boss started laughing out loud saying things like:I don’t believe it,o my god I’m going to pee in my panties from laughing, serves him right and such a pathetic loser.
Margo “Well, well Jim”!
“When Carol told me, what you’ve bin doing I couldn’t believe”!
“Hell, I should have believed the girls here when they complained about spreading rumors about them in the entire company”!
Some of the girls wore taking pictures with their cellphone.
“But you really are a perverted little bitch aren’t you. “!
“Well what do you have to say for yourself”!!!
Margo “Don’t bother, I know everything now”!
“In fact why don’t you drop your pants and take your shirt of and crawl to me under my desk”!

Christie undid the cuffs and then held the remote in plain view of him, mentioning that if he dind comply he’d get shocked.
Slowly he took his shirt off.
Then it hit him, he was wearing pink crotch less panties.
Miss Christie Snarled at him “Show the ladies what nice underwear and jewelry you got bitch”!
Jims face went bright red as he opened and took of his pants revealing the pink crotch less panties with his chastity caged cock poking trough.
Again flashes went off as Jim kneeled.
“Jesus, he’s wearing pink panties and a cage” Jennifer said.
Eva “Sissy, I’m going to send these pictures personnel wide”!
Margo “Why stop there, in the corner of my office is a camera its recording everything”!
“And Jim under the desk now”! she shouted.
Jim crawled towards the desk
Eva” Oh, I’m laughing so hard im going to pee in my panties if this continues”!
Kelly ” Oh look, look his ass is open just like a piggy lol”!
Jim crawled under the desk part out of shame part because he was told to.
Then he notices his boss isn’t wearing panties, he can see her clean shaved pussy under her skirt.
She  raises a bit and pulls her skirt further up then rests back into the chair!
Margo “Get busy , Pussy worm”!
Jim started licking her wet pussy, her scent her taste.
He soon eagerly was lapping at her forgetting the people around him.
That’s when Carol got in with a big box.
Miss Carol, “sorry there had to go back to get this box of treats”!
“Oh, I see bitch boy is already making amends”!
“better do it well, bitch boy”!
By now Margo was in a pleasure daze and about to cum.
Margo “Ahhh yes, so clossse”!
She grabs jims hair forcing him against her and cum’s hard.
His face is all wet and sticky.
As the orgasm subsides she kicks him falling backwards from under the desk. Again flashes go off.
Miss Christie “ I think it’s time for Bitch Boy’s submission party”!
Carol “go to the desk and bend over bitch”!
Jims does as told .
Carol “spread those whore legs”!
When Jim does she ties them to the feet of the desk, then she re cuffs his hands on his back.
Miss Carol “Well ladies, the bitch is all yours”!
Eva already has put on a strapon and definitely doesn’t like Jim.
Eva “You told everyone in the company i lied anal”!
“Well guess what, I do now that I got your ass bitch”!
With that she plunged the strapon into Jims ass who gasps in pain.
She fucks him hard each time slamming him against the desk.
Kelly walks to the front and takes both of his nipples in her hand.
Kelly “ Remember what you said about me bitch boy”!
“Tiny tit Kelly”!
“Guess what I’m going to do”!
She Pinches his nipples real hard.
“OMG” Jennifer says “he’s cumming, look his dick oozes cum”!
Eva “What a whore he likes to get fucked by a lady in the ass”!
Margo “I think I’m going to re assign him to this office”!
“The Job description ass office bitch boy should look nice on his resume”! “hhahahaha”!
“Then all of us can be served by him and do what we tell”!
Ave “Fucking this bitches ass will be a great stress reliever”!
Then she pulls out and says “who’s next”!

Jennifer comes up “Oh poor boy, is it a bit drafty down there”?
“Here let warm you up”!
Then she starts to spank him with a paddle.
Every time she spank’s him Kelly twists his nipples.
By the end of it all the girls drag his shaking body to the car and Miss Christie gently strokes him in comfort.
Miss Christie “you did well boy”
Miss Carol “yes, Boy you are almost through with your punishment”!

 End of Part 3

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Balloon Basket Ride by Anonymous

Balloon basket ride  by anon

One day Lady Na sent a message about an upcoming balloon ride, and told that it was urgent to fix one of butane gas burners in the balloon basket in order to get the balloon to lift. Lady Na was looking for someone who could fix the burner and get it to work properly, and she told the butane gas burner was needed to get enough lift force and warm air to fill the balloon. I said I could probably help her with that, and she was happy to hear what.
She setup a meeting, and came by car with a trailer, and I was already on the spot as she arrived with a car and a trailer.
On the trailer, the balloon basket was securely anchored.
 She told me that the malfunction probably was due to something along the piping inside the basket, and she ordered me to take a look.
I did as told and climbed into it, and knelt on a very soft wool rug.
“Miss, why do you have such a high quality rug in this basket?”
“I thought you need it comfortable in there, don’t worry, continue with your work.”
I started off by checking the gas pipes and for possible shut valves.
“How the is inspection going?” she asked
“It goes fine Miss, but I can not find out what could be the error. Are you sure the gas tanks are filled?”
“Yes, they are filled, and the basked is filled with the right stuff. Do is it light enough there?”, she responded
“It is a bit dark, but I see good enough Miss”, I answered her.
Suddenly the light condition changed, and I looked up. Above me I saw a rigid baggage cargo net cover now the basket top.
“Gotcha....... my precious”, she said with an excited voice
“Please let me out Miss”, I responded
She shook her head, and smiled as she looked down the into the basket, and I looking up.
“Do you think I drove all this way to let you out?  I want to have some fun with you”, she quickly responded.
She continued “Now,.... will give me your phone, we don't want you to mess this up by calling any one, right?”,
“But Miss, I have much things to do.”, I responded
“Yes you have, and that is at my place. I already checked your calendar, and you are just fine”,
She continued “Now, hand me the phone, I will exchange it with some hand-cuffs boy.”,and she smiled sarcastically down at me, and held some cuffs in her hand, just above the baggage net.
I lifted my phone to her, and she dropped the cuffs onto the furred rug carpet.
“Now cuff your ankles, like a good boy“|.
 I did as told, and did not think of it so much.
“Good boy, and now the wrists behind your back”, and she dropped another set of handcuffs through the baggage net.
I  hesitated a little, but did as told, knelt on the rug and let the hand-cuffs close around my wrists.
“Good boy”, she said with a big you in her voice.
Suddenly she pushed me forward from my kneel pose, and I fell onto my chest on the rug. I saw her climb onto the baggage net, and  slide down it into the basked.
Miss Na was now standing in my back and I was her little pray, caught right there under stuck under  the baggage net, no where to hide and no where to run. I struggled and squirmed, and saw her holding a hemp rope She sat down on my back, working on my ankles, and then on my wrists, and then on the ankles again, and then she hoisted them together for a hogtie. She pulled the rope even more, and the closer the hogtie became.
“Ahh... it hurts Miss”, I hissed out as I felt the cuffs dig into my skin.
“You are such a little piglet, for god sake lay still and don't you use that tone with me.”
“Yes, Miss” I said and let the cheek lower into the furred rug.
“I don’t want those handcuffs to close harder on you, understood?”, she pulled out a handcuff hey and used the pin to double lock the cuffs.
“Now, what is this all about you maybe wounder. Well, I will teach you how to behave and about domestic service.”, she said
“Domestic Service Miss?”, I answered
“It good for you to get some initial domestic service training, and you will gain that in my basement. That is were you will be held for the coming days”, she responded quickly.
“Miss, I don't have time for this”, I murmured
“Well, I don’t have time to argue either. Good things does not come easy. From now on you will do as told, understood?”, she said with a bit of anger.
She pulled out a harness gag from a bag around her waist, and secured it over my head.
I tried to resist the gag, but she shoveled it right into my mouth and pulled it tight.
Then she attached a small tube to the ball and started to inflate it. I felt how the ball expanded and finally filled out every single air gap in my mouth.
“That will keep you silent, for now.”
She climbed off the basket, and left me hogtied.
“Now is this not a happy day for everyone involved” she said as she observed me for a while.
I looked back at her with big eyes.
“See you in a bit, slave”, she murmured
I heard her jump off the trailer, a car door shut close, an engine start, and the trailer slowly starting to move.

A Dream Of Submission by Casey

A Dream of Submission by Casey Wildmist

After spending some alone time with Miss Crissy one afternoon, I went to bed with a striped ass and an ache between my legs, both sensations I'm coming to greatly appreciate, and they provoked the dream I'm writing about. My feelings of submission have grown by leaps and bounds since I've been under Miss Crissy's guidance and protection and this is just one example of that.

I settled into bed feeling all warm and fuzzy, aching and slutty, curling up on my side and drifting quickly off to sleep, where my subconscious quickly took control. I was kneeling before Miss Crissy, naked, wrists bound behind my back as she stood over me. The immediate sensation was of anticipation in making her happy, so I leaned forward to worship her knee high, black leather boots. I caressed the surface of each boot with my lips and tongue, breathing in the scent of the leather and savoring the taste of it as well. As I moved up from the feet of her boots, pressing kisses along the length of the shins, her hand dropped down into my hair, petting my head gently before her fingers curled into a loose fist and raised my head, tipping it back and directing my gaze to the strap on jutting out from her hips.

A sharp gasp was followed by a low moan as she spoke in that soft tone, telling me that she wanted me to try something new if I was comfortable with it, that she wanted me to worship her strap on with my mouth, something I never thought of doing, even in my wildest dreams. Unable to stop the squirming and shifting of my hips, I slowly licked my lips and leaned in, placing a kiss to the tip of her strap on, a shiver running down my spine as the feeling of giving myself to her fully flushed me with warmth. Her hand on the back of my head urged me forward gently, not forcing but encouraging me in this act of submission. My lips parted slowly and wrapped around the head of the dildo, tongue caressing the smooth surface. The rubbery material tasted strange, but I didn't let that stop me as I slowly took it into my warm mouth, exhaling through my nose as she pushed her hips forward slowly, encouraging me with soft words, telling me what a good boy and slut I was. As I took the strap on deeper into my mouth my mind quickly shifted from analyzing what I was doing to that wonderful floaty head space that Miss Crissy can bring me to so easily. I eagerly sucked, nibbled, and licked along the length of the shaft, moaning and squirming with rising desire to please her, to show her that I am hers without reservation.

After I spent quite a bit of time on my knees with Miss Crissy's strap on fucking my mouth, her fist curled gently in my hair and pulled me away, tilting my  head back to meet her gaze as she looked down at me with a smile, caressing my face and telling me how happy and pleased she was. I couldn't believe the warmth and pleasure that filled me at her words, the deep feeling of being under her control and power. To me, these feelings are the one thing that had been missing in my life, that piece that finally makes me whole.

And that is my dream of least the first one.

A Trip, A Whip and A Kiss Part 2 by Monty

A trip, a whip & a kiss

---Part two, The whip---

After what seemed like hours, but most likely was no longer than thirty minutes or so, the car finally came to a stop. I heard the door opening, and expected mine to open after it. it did not. "stay put" she said before closing her door, I heard the sound of her walking on gravel as she left me in the car. I felt an overwhelming scene of fear coming over me, and if it had not been for the excitement mixed with that feeling I would have followed my next impulse, running, bolting from this place while I still had the use of my arms and legs, running as far away as I could and leaving all fo this behind me. Of course I did not, I remained silently in the car, sitting still for a good 15 minutes before I heard that familiar sound of shoes on the gravel again, more than one pair this time.

The Door opened and I felt a hand on my shoulder "Mine..." she said and I know with those words who she was, even if I could not see her. She helped me out of the car, stood me up on my feet and guided me away over the gravel. my feet felt unsteady as I could not see where I was going, the sounds of us walking seemed so loud, but I realized it was the lack of vision making it seem that way. the sound of an old wooden door opening, her hands on my body as she guided me inside it was a rush of emotions and my body trembled slightly under her touch.

She lead me through the house, then her hands stopped me, and slid over my body "stand still, slut" he said empathizing the last word for me. "you will be bound" she stated "you will lose your ability to move, and you will not be given it back until you have earned it, do you understand, and accept this boy?" she queried, I was surprised that she asked my approval, but nodded and groaned against the gag. While I was scared, this was, in a sense why I was here, to serve her and I was not about to back out now. I felt her hands on my body again, the sensation of her warm skin on mine caused me to gasp softly, then, leather, cuffs sliding around my ankles, and wrists, she took her time, adjusted them until they were secure enough that I would not be able to escape them. I stood still through it all, willingly I allowed her to bind me, to take me to this place that I longed for.
suddenly I felt a sharp tugging at my left arm, had I been able to see I would have known she had slid a rope through the hoop of the cuff and was now sliding it through another hoop in the wall, the same rope would return to my ankle, and the cuff attached there.  

At least I still had my clothes on, was the thought that ran through my mind as the rope was pulled taut, leaving only enough slack that if I attempted to pull my arm closer to my body my leg would have to go further away. essentially offering me no possibility to move more than a few inches anyway. Another rope was quickly slid in a similar fashion through the hoops on the cuffs and wall on the other side, rendering me standing gagged, blinded and exposed in a very vulnerable position, my legs stood wide apart and my arms hung straight out dangling from the rope. Again I found myself thankful for still having clothes on my back.

As that last thought lingered in my head I felt her behind me, her body pressed slightly against mine, her breasts pushing against my back, her warm breath on my neck made me tingle. her hands sliding up my sides, almost ticklish, but still, unable to help it now., her lips touched my neck, a kiss. then her hands on my sides slid around my body to my chest, caressing up the fabric of my shirt until they reached my nipples, "so you say you like some pain, slut" he stated softly behind me, her fingers grasping around my nipples then, squeezing hard and twisting.

I groaned against the gag, it hurt for sure, but the pain was far from too much. it was still in a sensual space where it aroused me more than anything else. My entire body reacted to her touch, to the pain she inflicted. my muscled tensed, breathing grew more rapid, my cock stiffened in my jeans. then, as the pain heightened and the pleasure with it, her fingers dropped their grip and slid from my nipples. this time sliding along the lining of my shirt. Without hesitation then, she grabbed my shirt on either side of the buttons, she tore it open in one firm rip. buttons flew as my chest was exposed, her hands did not waste time, they begun exploring the flesh of her property, seeking out each crevice and bump of my upper body, I heard a gasp behind me, apparently she enjoyed what she had claimed so far.

Her hand left my body then and I felt a longing for her touch the moment they did, as if nothing other than the feeling of her warm hands on my flesh could satisfy the urges I felt at that moment The next time I felt her, it was not the warm touch of her fingers that I had expected, rather it was the cold tingle of metal against my back, and then the riping sound of my shirt being cut to shreds as she cut the remaining part of it from my body. she allowed it to fall to the floor. a tattered mess at my feet. I expected to feel her fingers on my flesh again, I did not, rather I felt a string of threads on my back. "did you bring the paddle slut?" she asked me, knowing I could not answer, the only thing I could do was make muffled groaning sounds against the ball gag in my mouth, trying to tell her the paddle was in my bag that I had left in the car.

She shook her head, as if she was truly disappointed, as if she did not have  set of paddles and had only made me bring one to make me anticipate more what it might be used for. The strands of her flogger slid along my back again, her warm breath on my flesh "well.. as you have not brought your own, I suppose my whip shall have to do the job" she laughed softly, pulled the flogger from my back and then, allowed it to softly fall back along the length of my spine. "you do want to hurt for me, don't you slut?" she asked as she allowed the flogger once again to fall along my spine. I nodded profusely to this as if to show my enthusiasm. she smiled and, taking a step back allowed the flogger to strike across my lower back, no longer with any gentle touch to it, the flogger struck hard and I groaned heavily against the gag, counted as best I could against it and tried to thank her for striking me. again it hit me, and again, over and over until the entirely of my back carried her mark, the redness of my skin stung and the lashes of the flogger had become almost routine. my eyes were glassy, I breathed rapidly and my body shivered. my knees felt week and my arousal had peaked.

She chuckled softly behind me "such a little pain slut you are mine" she said as she walked around me, letting her flogger fall softly against the bulge in my pants. I flinched, though not in pain as the strike was not meant to cause any.
She struck the flogger across my naked chest a few times, again judging by the severity of the strikes, more to tease me than anything else. Then, I felt a sharp tug at my pants, the buttons of my jeans were being unbuttoned and she had managed to tug them down slightly in spite of my widely parted legs. then the feeling of that cold metal against my heated skin again, the contrast made me gasp before that familiar ripping sound was heard and my jeans lay on the floor along with my shirt, nothing but a tattered mess of what they once had been. "seems you are happy to be here" she said in a slightly sarcastic tone as the flogger once more fell against my genitals. this time slightly harder, the blades of the whip caressing my balls, I winced in pain and gasped, groaning against the gag and almost fell against the restraints holding me in place. she simply laughed and seemed to enjoy my suffering all the more.    

Before I could respond the flogger had been placed to my chest again, along my stomach, until it reddened along with my back. I gasped, moaned and struggled against the binds, While she had apparently had enough of this toy. the flogger was placed to the side, I struggled to see anything through the thick fabric of the ski mask that was, for the record growing increasingly hot over my head, I saw nothing, I had no sense of what she was about to do until she did it, clamps were fastened to my nipples, one, then the other, a small chain dangling between them, the pain of the clasp made me scream against the gag, mostly for the fact that it had been so unexpected. I groaned, in pain, whining against the gag, only to feel a slap across my face "Stop your whining boy! you agreed to this, you are here because you want this!" She snorted. then as if to empathize just how much I was in her domain she added a small weight ot the chain between by nipples causing me to gasp for breath, but I refused to scream again. I tried to respond against the gag a muffled most likely un audible "Yes Mistress!" was offered.

As I stood there, struggling to regain myself, the pain shooting through my nipples likes rays, the mixed pleasure sending my cock pulsing. she had moved to my backside again, I had no idea, nor frankly at this point any thought of what she might do next, the pain had my full attention as I was trying to enjoy it for her, to stand it, though my nipples felt like fire. Her hand was on my ass, I barely felt it, not until it was replaced with a paddle, and a hard strike towards my right buttocks did I realize. I groaned, but tried to remain as still as I could as any movement caused the weights attached to my nipples to swing and cause even more pain, and I did not even want to guess what would happen if they were to fall off.

Again and again my ass was struck, alternating between my left and right, with uneven numbers of strikes, it was impossible to know where the next strike would land, and the sensations shooting through my body were immense. I moaned against the gag, drooling by now in my mask unable to hold it in my mouth, I was thankful she could at least not see it, I was sure I would have been punished for it.

Finally the blows to my ass halted, I felt her lowering herself down behind me, as if to inspect her work, the last thing I had expected was for her to reach around my body, take a firm hold of the cock she now claimed as hers and stroke it. I groaned as she whispered against my back "Such a good little pain slut, surely you have deserved to release, haven't you?" I did not know what to do, I could not agree with her other than to nod my head and groan some more. she smiled shaking her head "no? you don't think you've deserved it slut?" a little amused giggle was emitted from her lips as she kept stroking the cock, bringing me all but to the edge of an orgasm, a few more strokes and I knew I would be there, and she of course, stopped "well... if you don't feel that you have deserved to release... then I suppose you haven't hmm?"

I wanted to kick and scream I wanted the release so bad I could taste it, but I was robbed of even the chance to beg for it, there was nothing I could do other than to accept whatever fate she had in store for me. I felt her leaving my presence for a brief moment, then, returning she stood behind me again. before I knew what was going on, her hands were on my ass again, followed by an almost instant burning sensation, a pain heightening though my body as the rubbed something on my reddened ass. the tiger balm was rubbed throughly across my ass, it burned, it stung, oh god it stung. I cried against the gag, I struggled against the binds, to no avail. there was nothing I could do about it. not a damned thing. I simply dangled from my restraints as I fought with the mix of pain and pleasure coursing through my body.

For a moment the pain seemed overwhelming, but then, as she reached around to grab her toy again it suddenly felt less emergent. I moaned heavily against the gag, I wanted to beg, I wanted to plead for my release, I wanted it so bad, and she knew it. what was more, she played upon that want. once again she brought me to the edge, and once more I was denied. I was a blubbering pool of a slut by the time she approached for the third edging, my cock dribbled with a few drops of pre cum, but that as it. my eyes wide in the mask, by breath uncontrollable, I was an animal with only one want, one need in my mind at that moment. and this, that crucial point where I thought for sure she would allow me to release, she left me again, this time she left me for her own pleasure. "don't go anywhere, I'll be having a cup of tea" she said in a smirk and left me there.

I could hear her for the longest time, pleasuring herself, always within range of me, always out of range, I heard, but I could not see. I had no clue as to what was going on, but I knew the sounds aroused me greatly, I knew it made me want to please her, I knew it drove me absolutely crazy for release, release that never came. my throbbing cock eventually stopped throbbing, the erection slowly faded as the sounds of her orgasms were soon nothing but memories.

Rolf's Naughty Confession

        Rolf's Confession

Hi everyone, I need to make a confession so I guess I have come to the right place. I did something very naughty the other day. I woke up earlier than usual UK time and went on line only to find that nobody was at the Dominion. I was on my own!

I had forgotten to change clothes for my avatar since the night before when I had been serving Miss Lilith Ivory, my mistress, so I was still wearing my chaps with the bottom showing. Now, that is always convenient for my mistress, but I am not allowed to wear trousers with my bum showing at the Dominion unless accompanied by Miss Lilith or Lady Natt, who is my minder whenever my owner is offline.

So, here I was on my own at the clearing and I was thinking: when the cat's away, the mice do play. Normally I am well behaved, a good boy, but sometimes I am a bit of a tease, wanting to test the limits of patience of my mistress and my nanny.

I typed /1 rhrelease in chat and rose for a better view of the courtyard and its surroundings. I went for a walk around the Dominion, bottom showing, and it was such a titillating experience. Such a dare. Hehe, nobody is here and I can do what I want! It felt like running naked through a field hoping nobody would see me, or maybe wanting an authoritative woman to catch me out.

Tired of walking I thought of any other rules I could break.

Ah, furniture. I went to sit down on the couch where my mistress or nanny normally sit, me kneeling at their feet. I sat down and it was such a comfortable feeling - the mistresses have it good.

Getting cheekier by the second I took a photo of myself sitting there and saved it in my inventory, but suddenly I became nervous that a mistress might arrive. I TP'd away to the safety of Miss Lilith's mansion, where I have my own bedroom.

I noticed Lady Natt coming online so I greeted her in IM as per my instructions and told her about my little adventure. I was not sure how she would react, after all she is a police woman of the Dominion and she is my nanny, authorised by Miss Lilith to punish me whenever necessary. But she laughed, saying I had behaved like a child.

Miss Lilith came online and I told her too. She also found it funny, but decided I had to be punished for being naughty. I wondered if I was going to be put on trial and I was overcome with salacious fantasies. Maybe my mistress would spank me in front of everyone? Or maybe I would be locked in a cage with a timer for one hour every day for three days at the clearing? I love it when my mistress locks me up to do my homework.

"No trial," Miss Lilith said, probably detecting I was a bit too keen to be put on trial.

She ordered me to do self-spanking with the bath brush with that long handle. I had to smack myself 18 times - ouch. My bum was already bruised from several self-spankings ordered by my mistress in the week and my wife in RL had given me a big maintenance spanking with the paddle before going away mid-week.

"Be a good boy now," miss Lilith said.

Later I mentioned my little adventure to Miss Delila Piers, my former owner and good friend. She told me I could have been banned had I been caught in the act of flaunting the rules of the Dominion, of which she is a member just like my mistress and my nanny.

"Very naughty boy," she wrote, adding I deserved to be put on trial.

I told Miss Delila I had been spared a trial and instead been forced by my mistress to smack myself in RL.

"Aw darn," she replied.

I showed her the photo I had taken of myself seated on a couch at the Dominion.

"You look all girlie sitting on the couch," she said.

"Really?" I was miffed. "Won't do it again."

Rolf Hultcrantz

A Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strapon Part 2 by Gunther

A Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strap-on.

Part 2

The night for Jim in the garage was a hard one.
Trying to sleep on the cold floor his mind racing of what transpired the day before.
His butt felt sore from the inflated butt plug in it.
Furthermore his cock had swollen making him painful aware he was in chastity and badly needed to go to the toilet.

He flipped on the lights and at the end of the garage door he saw a bucket with a red string bow on and a letter.
He takes the letter and reads it.
“Dear Pansy, from now on you sleep here and pee like a good boy in the bucket”!
“I’m sure you’ll figure out how”!
“When done you’ll take a shower and prepare breakfast in bed for Miss Carol and me”!
“Be sure to knock on my door and await for instructions to enter”!
“When given, you will enter greet us properly good morning”!
“You’ll set the tray on the bed, and crawl your way in the corner, kneeling face to the ground and ass up”!
“You’ll remain that way, till told otherwise”!
Signed “Miss Christie”!
There was a “ps” saying:
“Don’t forget to remind us to punish you, for not cleaning the house properly”!

Jim’s heart sank. How could all this transpired so fast, just from wanking to a lesbian porn flick?
He had no choice in life anymore, with no money and no clothes - there was nowhere to run.
But he also remembered he had two beautiful women controlling him and he was allowed to lick them to orgasm.
He suddenly realized he was peeing in the bucket, doing exactly as he was told.
His mind was in total conflict with himself, was he a submissive?!
He heard the term before and has seen plenty of female subs in movies.
But this was different, did he really like the humiliation & degradation by these two women?
He dried off the chastity cage and remembered he still had things to do.

Quickly he went to the shower, letting the water flow over his body. He relaxed and his mind wandered again.
About how excited he felt doing what he was told yesterday.
The pride he felt when he was able to make Miss Carol and Miss Christie have a orgasm just with his mouth.
An intense feeling flowed trough his mind, only to be brought back when his hand touched the collar as he ran his hand through his hair.
He dried himself off and put the towel with the other dirty laundry, not wanting to get more in trouble.
Then he cleaned the shower and went to work on the breakfast.
As he went up he noticed the guest bedroom door was open and the bed was unused.
He knocked on Christie’s bedroom witch was only yesterday his and hers.

For a moment he paused then knocked again
“Come in Pansy” he heard in Miss Christie's gentle voice
He stepped in… .
He saw Miss Christie and Miss Carol both in bed, and naked from the waist up.
Miss Carol “Stop staring and get on with it”!
Quickly he did as told , went to his knees and crawled to the corner face down ass up.
As the women were eating, he could hear them talking to each other. How wonderful it was to have a servant bitch male in the house doing everything at their beck and call.
He heard some movement behind him from the bed.
“Get Over her boy”! he heard Miss Christie say
As he turned he saw Miss Christie and Miss Carol sitting naked on the edge of the bed.
Quickly he crawled over to them and again put his face to the ground and his ass up.
Right in front of them.

Carol “You can kneel Boy”!
Jim did as told but he felt confused , clearly this was a softer tone. Was this finally coming to an end?
Both started stroking his face on each cheek.
Carol “Good morning boy, hope you slept well”?
Christie “ You can Answer boy, no need to fear us”!
Jim “It was cold Miss, and I barely could sleep”! he said with a clearly scared voice.
Carol “Ahh, poor boy”!
“But you did a wonderful job on the breakfast”!
“Thank you so much, boy”!

Christie “Now, boy”, “There’s a paper on the night stand, a contract between you, Miss Carol and me”!
“there’s two choices here for you now”!
“You can either leave -we’ve put some of your male clothes in the guest room ready, and enough money for you to take a bus”!
“Or you can stay and sign the contract”!
“It say’s your staying out of your own free will and that you want to obey every order we give you without hesitation”!
“It also states that you’re a submissive and all this is consensual”!
Jim was still in a daze, and the soft hands on his cheek  from two beautiful women naked stroking his face made it hard to think.
Miss Christie “Think about it. Our relationship the way it was wasn’t working well”!
“You cant deny you did get excited”!
“The fact is, I don’t want to go back to the way it was, but I care about you and love you”
“And somewhere deep down inside you, I think you want this too”!
Jim's head was spinning all the thought’s in his mind, his cock pulsing against the confinements of the chastity device, the sight of the two beautiful women naked in front of him.
He was astounded hearing the words come out of his own mouth “Yes, Miss Christie, I wanna stay on and sign the contract”!
Both women smiled, then each kissed one of his cheeks.

Carol took the contract and a pen and let Jim sign his freedom away.
Jim quickly remembered that he still had a punishment hanging above him and said “Miss Christie,  I have to remind you of the punishment for yesterday’s shores not done well”!
Miss Christie looked at Carol who nodded.
Miss Christie “Thank you, for reminding us boy”!
“And since you gave us such a precious gift, I’ll go easy on you and say five bad points for yesterday”!
Miss Carol “This is going to hurt us, as much if not more boy”!
“But you have to learn, to do what we tell you to and do your best”!
Jim bowed himself in shame and dreaded what ever was to come.
Miss Christie moved a bit away from Miss Carol.
Miss Carol “Bend over my knees boy”!
Jim scared did as was told.

Miss Carol adjusted him a bit and he was at her mercy now.
The inflated butt plug was still in his ass.
Miss Carol “There’s no need for this now”!
She let the air go and slowly took out the butt plug.
Jim let out a breath of relief when it came out.
It clearly left a gaping hole.
Miss Carol “I want you to thank me after each spank boy”!
Jim “Yes Miss”!

Miss Carol slowly caressed his ass, then (Smack) her hand landed hard on his ass cheek clearly leaving a handprint.
Jim yelled out with pain.
Jim “Auuwww, Thank you Miss Carol for spanking me”!
That brought a smile to both Miss Carol and Miss Christie.
Carol again slowly let her fingers trail the red mark on the cheek then let her nails trace over his balls, knowing it would arouse him and cause discomfort  from the chastity device on his cock.
Miss Carol “There, there now”, “Boy calm down, there's only four left”!
(Smack) another hard blow to his other cheek.
Tears started to form in Jim's eyes but this time he bit the pain.
Jim again “Thank you Miss Carol for spanking me”!
Miss Christie, silently moved off the bed and winked at Carol.
She kneeled behind and with her tongue lightly licked his balls.
Jim was moaning and pleading for more and to stop at the same time.
Her teasing was making the cage too small for his swelling caged cock.
When Christie stopped and moved slightly away Carol smacked him again on the first cheek harder then before.
Jim's body again tensed from the pain but he tried to keep his mouth closed which muffled the yell.
Again Jim thanked Miss Carol for spanking him.
Miss Christie who was behind him gently slapped both cheek’s once.
Miss Christie “See were not so cruel are we, boy”!
“You still love us don’t you”!
Jim had a tear run down his face and said “Yes Miss, I still love you both”!
Miss Carol “Auh, isn’t he such a good boy today”!
“Tell you what, because you took your first punishment so well, you can lie on your back on the bed and for reward you can lick my wet pussy to orgasm”!
Jim slowly got on the bed and as Miss Carol straddled his face he began licking her.
Miss Carol “Hmmmm, that feels so good boy”!
“Such a nice pussy boy”!
“As of now you can wake us up every morning dong just that”!
“Eating both our pussies till we cum”!
Jim just kept on licking eagerly at Miss Carol
Meanwhile Miss Christie took out a strap-on from the closet and put it on.
The Cock was bright pink and about 5 inches
Slowly she start lubing it up, wanking her rubber cock.

Miss Carol  instructed Jim to get on all fours without letting his tongue leave her pussy
Jim managed to do that so now Miss Carol was on her back breathing heavy with Jim's face deeply buried into her.
He felt a strange feeling on his ass and jumped a little from the coldness.
Miss Carol quickly grabbed his head and held him tight.
Christie was lubing his ass up again and then placed her dong at his ass.
Christie “Time for me to take you, my Bitch boy”!
With one slow but determined thrust she went all the way in.
Jim yelled a bit but they were muffled by Miss Carols Pussy.
When Miss Christie was in she held it there for a moment till she saw him relax and licking again.
Slowly she almost pulled the cock out till just the tip was in.
Then rammed it home making Jim yell out again and again  as she started to fuck him that way.

This only added to the pleasure of Miss Carol who now grabbed his hair and was pumping and grinding her pussy against Jim's Face.
She came hard shooting “Aaii Goddd, yessss eat me Pussyboyyyy”!
As Christie was regaining her senses and Jim licked her clean Christie was fucking him hard in the ass.
Christie “That’s a good Bitch, yesss take it in your filthy ass my bitch”!
Christie stopped When Miss Carol regained her senses.
Miss Carol “Hmmm, that was good boy”!
“But now its my turn to take your ass and Miss Christy to be pleasured”!
Miss Christie took of her strap-on and took the position on the bed followed but a shacking Jim between her legs and started licking her .
Miss Carol went to the same closet as Miss Christie and took out a black strapon clearly a bit thicker but about the same length.
She kneeled behind him and place the cock at his gaping hole.
Miss Carol “you’re already lubed up and stretched enough ass bitch”!
“Time a little slut like you gets fucked good”!
Unlike Miss Christie, Carol grabbed his hips tight and fucked Jim hard, his pain caused him to neglect Miss Christie’s pussy eating.
Miss Christie “Keep your, fucking mind on the job Bitch”!
And she slapped him in the face.
Jim tried his best to lick her pussy but it was hard with the heavy rocking forth and back Miss Christie decided to grind her pussy against his entire face.
After a while she came hard, her hand firmly holding Jims face buried against her pussy.
While Carol gently kept on fucking his ass.
Miss Carol “Now, your truly our bitch boy”!
“And your pussy is nice and stretched”!
Jim was Pushed aside by Miss Christie and Miss Carol stopped and came next to her.
Miss Carol “Go Clean yourself up Bitch boy”!
“Don’t you fucking forget the tray”!
“Then go to the guest room and put the clothes on that are on the bed”!

End of Part 2