Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Horn of a Dilemma - Alexith

******** The Horn of a Dilemma - Alexith Destiny ********

Being a colossal nerd and a child of the 80s, I was right in to that movie “Back to the Future”. There were a few scenes where someone from the future would zap back in time to warn an earlier version of themselves to steer clear of a looming, life-altering catastrophe of unspeakable proportions. Last night, just before midnight, i could really have used a 2 hour older me to zap into existence right next to me (in my imagination future me is wearing some kind of quasi futuristic clothing even though that makes no sense) and scream into my ear “don’t be a bloody idiot! Stop! Change course NOW! No good can come of this!” But you know what, in the head space I was in, I would have told future me to bugger off. And anyway, what male wants to be confronted with the sight of themselves in silver lycra when they’re on the brink of cumming.

I made a really really...REALLY... stupid decision last night. Well more accurately, my cock did. Now I have a red circle on my calendar on the 29th of November 2010; a whole month. Let me rephrase that: a whole fffffffUCKing month! I woke up this morning in disbelief that I allowed this to happen. How did I get to this point, of gazing longingly at a red circle in my calendar, which just seems like a distant almost invisible dot on the horizon of possibility. How did i get here?

Well it all began last night. All day i had been consumed with restless aching desire, and last night, a thrill of excitement washed over me as Mistress, in a smooth, liquid possessive voice that almost breaks me with its potency, commanded me to slide on my bra and panties, and wait for Her on my knees as she showered and relaxed a while. Heart pounding, butterflies in my stomach, i did just as i was told and prepared myself for Her. The lace teasing over my ass i found my knees, looking down at the unfamiliar lingerie caressing against my skin. Time slowed as i felt my body responding more and more to the humiliating, teasing feeling of the feminine frills against my skin. My caged, owned cock throbbed inside the metal bars of the chastity cage. It looked so futile, and pathetically optimistic as it expanded and contracted over and over. I watched helplessly, knowing that these involuntary attempts at engorgement could only bring me resistance and frustration. I sighed. I shivered. I watched. I waited.

The cage was so hard and unyielding and its rigid confines contrasted painfully but deliciously with that soft whispering touch of lace. I ached for my Mistress to return and hopefully uncage me. Perhaps I would even be allowed to touch. Oh god i wanted to touch so badly; maybe even to stroke. Maybe .. oh god maybe i’d even finally be allowed to explode in bliss and completion, but i drew back from those thoughts. The desperation and anticipation was just too sharp. Acceptance. I needed to find acceptance.

“The choice is not mine. The choice is NOT mine.” I whispered these words to myself like a mantra as my personal demons of frustration, powerlessness and desire played tag team wrestling in my psyche.

I waited, exquisitely frustrated, craving Her arrival to the point that i felt my physical longing for Her almost palpably, like a thick dark blanket wrapped around me, heating me, confining me, keeping me contained in a world of want. I was poised on the edge of a pleasure that is no longer mine to take but only Mistresses’ to give. Surrender closing in on me, i closed my eyes, hung my head and waited trapped in the prison of my own frustration.

I had already taken a large step toward the huge decision i would make, later that night.

In the space of a hearbeat Mistress was there, and her voice hypnotised and electrified me. I felt both calm and impossibly out of control as She strode into the centre of my being, seized hold of the secret levers and buttons which guide my soul, and just TOOK what was hers. There was no time for me to reflect, bargain, process or falter. It was as though secret strings attached to every part of me had been taken and now i danced, like a horny Pinocchio, to Her puppeteering whim.

I uncaged for Her and then it was time for the nipple clamps. I dread these clamps. I truly dread them. They are cold hellish metal things, and even simply touching them as I lay them out for a session fills me with unease. But i did as i was told and my breath came ragged and fast as the nasty pinchy little bastards bit into the tender flesh of my nipples, squeezing them almost flat. Sometimes the clamps are bearable after a few minutes. Other times it is a grim struggle that seems to last forever as the agony they impose on my sensitive nerve endings blasts my mind, like white light. This time, it was very hard. I swore a steady stream of profanities under my breath and Mistress softly laughed. The sound of that owning laugh was beautiful, and yet ominous; like rolling thunder that presages a storm. Sharp, needling, coursing PAIN ripped through my body from my nipples right down to my lower stomach. FUCK. It. Hurt. I don’t remember perfectly but i think i swore for quite some time before i remembered that it might be a good idea to breathe.

My raging erection had vanished as pain became my biggest priority, but finally my tortured nerve endings accepted that the feeling would not be going away any time soon. My breathing slowly changed from ragged whimpering gasps to a slower more controlled intake, and finally that strange moment of convergence happened when the desire to scream and cry in frustration and pain slammed headlong into my surging desire. I had that strange trance-like feeling as pain and arousal collided and became one hot, potent, raging ball of energy deep, deep within me.

I couldn’t move. Every tiny movement of my limbs sent fresh stabs of pain through my whole body, and each stab of pain turned up the dial on my frustrated arousal. I felt like a tiny insect writhing under a magnifying glass as the heat of Mistresses’ intensity, will and dominance burnt every last remnant of my self possession to cinders, and desolation. I was Hers. I was ready to be fucked, not just in body but in heart, soul and mind too. No part of me was left unfuckable. Nothing was set apart, and every corner of my past, present and future lay prone and open for Mistress to plunder, penetrate... and FUCK.

I begged as the large bulbous plug circled my fuckhole. I begged like I meant it. I cried for Mistress to penetrate me and complete my purpose as Her fucking slut toy. I whimpered hotly as Her conquering hard probing cock POSSESSED me...drilling into me and splitting me in two. I opened up for Mistress as Her hard rigid force slid into and out of me over and over, the pain in my nipples and arse transformed into total surrender, and the complete knowledge that from my balls to my soul I was a slut, to be taken, drilled, moulded and possessed by Her.. by my Mistress... my Goddess, my conqueror, my plunderer.

“Please fuck me... oh god please Mistress fuck me.. i want Your cock.. i need it.. please fuckkk me Goddess” i whispered sluttily between my gasps as i felt the rigid demanding pounding of Her cock deep inside my flesh and soul.

I closed my eyes, hung my head and knew what i was; a wanton, owned slut. I had taken another large step toward the momentous decision i would soon make.

Then, thank God, it was time for me to stroke. Fifty quick sharp strokes Mistress allowed me and before i had reached ten of these jolts of pleasure my body was drenched with sweat and i was shaking. Each stroke had slammed me hard up against the edge of cumming violently all over the floor in front of me and i knew this was unthinkable... so i desperately clawed and pulled myself back from the cliff’s edge, and by the time i all too quickly hit 50, a different kind of pain swept through me. It was a pain of total frustration. Ravaged and owned, I fought the pain of being so close and yet so far to the pleasure i craved like a hit of sex heroin. Sobs came from my throat and i didn’t even recognise them as my own. Just the tiniest extra touch and i could reach that crescendo of elysium of forgetting and completion, but it wasn’t to be. It dangled just out of reach as i knelt at Mistresses feet, and i cried for Her, small plaintive begging sobs as slowly she had me try to find enough calm and control to proceed.

Finally i was ready to begin again and Mistress allowed me fifty more strokes, but these had to be slow. And i mean Slowwwwww. Every moment I sped up Mistress had me slow down more, to the point that each stroke i craved simply suspended me in desperate anticipation, with no chance to move any closer or further away from that agony of want and need. The pain in my body was forgotten now as my frustration reached a level I haven’t ever experienced before.

I wanted. I wanted. i wanted. I couldn’t have. In that moment this was the meaning of my existence. Yet again, I had taken another large step toward that fateful decision.

By now, i was in another place. Pain, humiliation and desperation, oh my! I was on the dark side of the moon and no reference point or home existed for me but my Mistresses powerful, owning indomitable will.

It all led to the point of a decision. At some point just before midnight, i found myself completely ass-fucked on the horn of a horrible dilemma. Mistress calmly, but with potent authority in her voice gave me a simple, agonising choice. She told me i could either cum now, and wait for a whole month before another chance presented itself, or i could choose not to cum now, and no such lengthy period of abstinence would apply. These were the choices Mistress gave me, in that sweet, deep, dark, powerful... god.. amazing voice of Hers.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I started with every intention of being sensible and saying “no” to cumming last night. In fact I opened my mouth to say “no”... but ... ummm...i was a little bit shocked when “yes” came out.

Then i baulked... “oh Mistress, please let me think... just give me a second to think about this i beg you!” i gasped as my hard rigid, red cock looked up at me as if to say “what the hell are you waiting for!”

I tried to bargain. I tried to find a loophole. Awash in arousal and pain and sluttish wantonness I quickly tried to assemble some kind of internal “pros” and “cons” list. For a moment the absurd image flashed up in my mind of me sitting at a bit of paper with two colums labelled “cum” and “not cum” doing a thorough SWOT analysis, but by the time that had flashed into and out of my tortured consciousness I had ten seconds to give my final decision.


“Please, just give me a moment Mistress.”


“Oh god cant there be another way?”


“Yes...” i whispered.

I think even Mistress might have been shocked at the sheer stupidity that one of her boys was capable of at that point.

“You choose a month of waiting and deprivation so that you can cum now?” Her magical voice again asked.

“Yes”.. i whispered again.

I wanted it too much. I know at some point.. probably very soon.. i will want it just as much, but in that moment i made the active conscious decision to fuck “future me” over so that i could have that moment of blissful release i had been so hurt, fucked and humiliated for. I took it, and future me, i decided, could look after himself. I ask every sub sitting in this room listening to this confession, would you have done the same? I’d be very interested to find out.

I came. Oh god i came hard... Perhaps this is strange, but knowing how stupid i was being, and how little regard i was having for what i knew i would be feeling tomorrow, made that moment of sexual release one of the most intense experiences of my life. Ultimately, knowing that what i was doing was destructive and that I was fucking over my future self drove me crazy. It was as though I was looking at my decision and screaming “nooooo” and “yesssss” at the same time equally loudly and desperately. Lost in that eternity, as if from a great distance i heard my Mistress speak.

“You better make sure You enjoy this. It’s the last for a LONG time”. Mistresses’ words ripped into my soul

I exploded that moment, knowing my hopelessness and that my fate.... was.... sealed.

I admit, i have tried bargaining with Mistress a few times since that night. I tried to convince Mistress that i had been of unsound mind and unfit to make such an important decision. I pleaded that it wasn’t fair that i should have to live with the consequences given that state i was in. Mistress calmly advised that i should think of Her as being like the Indonesian justice system. No right of appeal, guilty until proven innocent, with no such thing as time off for good behaviour. Even as i reluctantly slipped myself back into that cold hard cage, snapping the padlock into place, i pleaded with Mistress:

“But Mistress, it was like .... a... a hostage situation! It was like a gun ... of horniness ... was being held to my head!” was one attempt.

Shockingly, all such attempts have failed. My sentence stands.

In a last ditch effort i suggested to Mistress that She might let her three boys set up an emissions trading scheme (not unlike a carbon emissions trading scheme only in this case the emissions aren’t carbon). My hope is that perhaps i can try to bargain with Dave or Robb to “give me one of theirs” so to speak. Mistress wasn’t immediately dismissive of this idea, but She did point out that Robb or Dave might have other ideas! I’ll have to try to catch one of them after they’ve had a few drinks and see if i can enter into negotiations.

So, that is the story of how i got here. i am the boy who chose a month of deprivation and frustration for ten second’s blissful release. I’m going to be in chastity 28 days. 672 hours. 40320 minutes. I would calculate it to minutes but the number will have so many digits i will probably end up gibbering in a foetal position.

But yknow what? I think that decision was as inevitable as it was stupid. Maybe this natural idiocy is just the plight of being male? I don’t know. In any case, after writing this and thinking back to where i was last night, nothing... NOTHING could have changed that outcome. If Dr Emmet Brown from Back to the Future had flown in all crazy haired and offered to take me back to that conquered, owned and oblivious boy on his knees at that point in time, i’d tell him not to bother and to get on with saving the Clock Tower. There was no point. The deed was done. Maybe the deed was done the moment i met Mistress and realised that my purpose was to be owned by Her.

*Sighs* I guess i’ll only be enjoying my marmalade on toast for the near future... Unless someone has some working blue prints for a time machine?

Wheels Confession

Vagina Monolog

Towards the end of the readings about the Vagina Monologs Miss Eva asked if any of subs would like to share their first experience seeing a vagina for the first time but the conversation took a turn and time ran out. So Miss Tehgan assigned me the task of writing my first experience for confessions so here it goes.

My first time seeing a pussy came when I was sixteen. Not from my dad’s magazines or the ones I got the guts to finally buy at the local book store but the real thing. It was with my girlfriend that I have known since I was ten. We were friends and moving apart a few times but when I moved back close to her is when things really heated up. One day we were making out, hot kissing, hands roaming, deep in teenage lust with I heard a whisper. “fuck me”. I was shocked and speechless, I said your mom is just down stairs what if she comes up here? She said, “my mom won’t come up here”, then more heated kissing and then the same whisper, “fuck me”. Even then I was taking orders from women and she didn’t have to ask again, clothes came off and as her panties slid off there it was, what I dreamed about, masturbated to, and fantasized about and it was about to happen. The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw her pussy was, oh just like the magazines. Well I intended on doing everything I dreamed of to her, I rubbed my fingers over her pussy and by her moans and kissing me harder I was doing something right so I continued but when she grabbed my cock I stopped with my fingers and positioned myself over her and when my cock touched the lips of her pussy and slowly sunk in I thought, OH MY FUCKING GOD! And you can imagine feeling something that good for the first time I wasn't going to last long. With a few more strokes and biting my lip hard to try to keep for cumming from the best feeling I've ever felt in my life. I exploded with deep moan inside her. Then after some more kissing we quickly got dressed. My first time was over but my second and third time came that same day in different parts of the house where her mom wouldn't catch us. What can I say she created a monster and we fucked like bunnies all summer long. And thats my vagina monolog, I hope you enjoyed it.


Voyager's thoughts

Sitting in the corner of the Dominion
leaning out of this world sometimes surreal, sometimes so present
My time spent in the maze of my mind
lost in the dark corners that my imagination generates

She appeared as a north wind, clean and fresh
sweeping away the haze that crushed me
and, barely noticing, I began to follow Her lead
as if I could feel, smell Her fragrance in this pixelated world.

Now my head is full of energy
and asks me to follow Her, to please Her in anything that I am capable of
I have a goal now, I'm not just kneeling
like the botanical garden statue, letting the time pass by.

I am an engine that pushes forward
searching for my limits, without fear to discover them, to go beyond
with such desire to learn to serve Her
to find out how to put a smile on her face

And then, when Her smile lights my path
when I know that I am doing now good
I feel and know that She is satisfied and happy
and is what makes me feel so incredibly good to me.

Confession about a Dream - Heather

I have this dream. It haunts me. Seven days in a row now, I have been having the same dream and every time I wake up, I am soaking wet.

It all starts with me waking up, in my dream, in a warehouse. At least, it looks like a warehouse. It’s one gigantic room with nothing in there, except a cross and a bed. I try to move but I can’t. My hands are tied behind my back and my feet are tied together by a rope that is burning into my skin. My mouth is gagged and I feel like I am going to choke on the ball. My heart beats like crazy and it goes up another nudge when I hear footsteps. I look in the direction of the footsteps and I first see her boots. I don’t have a foot fetish, or a leather fetish, but when I see her boots, all I want to do is kiss them and show her how willing I am to please her. But I can’t move; the ropes are too tight.

She places each foot in front of the other carefully, making me aware of what she is doing, I follow her steps until she is right in front of me. I look up at her. My gorgeous Mistress, her long red curls draping over her shoulders. She’s wearing an outfit I have never seen before, but god she looks amazing in it. I want to tell her that but the ball gag prevents from doing so. I feel helpless and I am scared. I have never been tied up like this before, I have never been gagged before, but as I stare into her eyes, I can see she likes what she is seeing.

“My girl, my baby girl, my little one, all tied up. She must feel so helpless.” She chuckles and I wonder what has gotten into her. She isn’t speaking at me, she isn’t waiting for a response, she is just enjoying the moment, all by herself. Her hands brushes over my cheek and for a brief a moment I close my eyes, the blow of her hand to my cheek comes unexpectedly. Tears stream down my face, this isn’t her usual behavior and I am confused as to what she is doing or why she is doing it, but I cannot ask her, she has made sure that I will be quiet.

“There will no crying My girl. You are here to please me and those tears are not pleasing me, do you understand?” Her tone is firm and I know she is not just playing with me, I nod at her. She bends down and unties my feet and rubs the skin softly as I can feel the blood flowing through my veins again and she helps me stand up. “Walk a little pet, let’s see, you can walk right over to the cross.” I do as she tells me and I wait in front of the cross. She unties my hands only to follow it up with placing cuffs around my wrists that are attached to the cross.

“I want you to listen to me and I need you to listen carefully. I am going to remove your gag, but you are not allowed to speak unless I ask you a question and when I do ask you a question, you are only allowed to answer it with the word ‘no’.” My eyes grow bigger as I look at her, I am not ever allowed to tell her no, no matter what circumstances and I cannot help but wonder what she is planned. As she removes the ball gag I feel relieved. My mouth feels numb, but at least I can swallow like a normal person again.

I hadn’t noticed the flogger in her hand until then and I try to smile, but it hurts. She slowly drags it over my naked body, starting at my breasts, down my tummy and my legs. It feels good but I know it won’t last long. Any second now till the first blow.

She lets the flogger run through her fingers and laughs. “You can’t wait, can you? You want this, almost, as badly as I want it. I want to hear you moan, squirm, scream. This is not about your pleasure, it is about mine and you better remember that pet.” The flogger hits me on my nipples and I cannot help but moan softly. Her rhythm is steady and she flogs me ten times on each nipple, going from the left to the right and I can feel my nipples grow rock hard. She takes a step closer and rolls my nipple between her thumb and forefinger as her tongue flicks over my other nipple. My breathing fastens and when her teeth get a hold of my nipple I growl.

She let’s go of my nipples and runs her fingers through my hair. It’s comforting for me, but I know she doesn’t want to comfort me. Her hand grabs my hair together and she yanks my head backwards. “Have you had enough flogging pet?” I remember what she told me and tell her no. “Good because I wasn’t quite done yet.” She takes a step back and the flogging continues, each time she hits my body it’s harder than the time before and it doesn’t take long before I scream. My skin feels like it cracked and it is bleeding and that’s where she stops. “Are you in pain Mine?” I tell her no as my mind screams yes. “You are not? I am amazed, perhaps it is time for a different toy then, hmm?”

She walks towards a door and returns quite fast with a whip in her hand. I gulp and little beats of sweat appear on my skin. Whips scares me and we have talked about it numerous of times. “Guess what pet! Today I introduce you to the whip. Do you have a problem with that?” I tell her no again.

She cracks the whip over her head and the sounds scares me, I can only imagine how painful it must be on my skin but I don’t really want to think about it. “Do you think this will hurt pet?” I tell her no but scream yes in my mind again. She is fucking with my brain and loving every moment of it. “Hmm, really now? We shall see about that.” Her words are immediately followed by the whip cracking on my skin. It hurts like a motherfucker and I try to swallow down every tear that fills up my eyes as I scream. “Now tell me pet. Did it hurt?” I manage to get out a no and she laughs again.

She continues to torment me with the whip, letting it crack on my stomach, my breasts, my legs and I can feel angry welts appear on my body. I am not one for blood play, but without a doubt there must be blood everywhere.

An hour passes be quicker than I thought and I feel like I cannot take it a minute longer, the moment she places the whip on the ground. She walks towards me again and kisses the welts that appeared on my body. It stings, but it feels so good to have her attend it. Her soft lips brush against every inch of skin that I got and she turns me on so badly. I can feel myself getting wetter than I ever have been before.

“Do you think you can handle another hour of me tormenting you my girl?” I tell her no and this time I mean it. “Such a shame that is little one, because I am not done with you, I guess you will just have to live through it.” She unties my hands and says, “Get on the bed, face down.” She sounds stricter all of a sudden and the blow to my ass comes unexpectedly. I moan, my body is burning all over, but this, the spanking, it feels good, it doesn’t hurt as bad. This is good pain. This is what turns me on and she knows it.. She does it again as she crawls up the bed and sits on top of me. It feels good to have her close and a soft moan escapes my throat.

I wonder what is going to happen next, but I really am too tired to think about it too long. She leans forward and places soft kisses on my back. “I can feel her tongue trace my back the wetness between my legs increases again. She excites me more than I could have imagined. She moves back up and places her hands on my back. I finally grin. Fingernails. I love them. She scratches them down my back, leaving red welts behind, but these welts will disappear again, these welts I can handle easily, unlike the ones marked by the whip.

“Turn around, my girl.” I do as she pleases and turn around. She leans in closer and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I look at her expectantly and she laughs. She knows I want nothing more but for her to kiss me. And she does. Her tongue traces my lips and I catch it with my teeth. “Don’t get too cheeky with me girl, I can easily throw you back on that cross again and this time I will not stop until I am too tired to play with you.” Her tone is firm and I let go of her tongue. When her tongue enters my mouth I feel like I am going to explode.

We kiss, for ages, and it feels good, her kisses and are better than any tongue that ever entered my mouth. Her head moves lower, she bites my neck and I groan. “Do you think you can cum for me, my girl?” I tell her no and she laughs again. Her actions and her words don’t seem to match anymore. I can cum for her any time, any day, any moment that she desires. She is not just pleasing herself, she is pleasing me as well and it confuses me, since she had told me it wasn’t about my pleasure, it was about hers. I do realize, that me giving her what she wants, will please her and what she wants is all of me. So I give her, all of me.

Her head moves lower, to my nipples and she bites one first. Hard, I wiggle underneath her, she nibbles left first, than the right one. I close my eyes and just let it happen. Her mouth kisses down my belly and I gasp as I realize what she is about to do.

Her other hand slips down and her fingers move through my wet, wet, wet folds. I hear a soft “fuck, you are so wet” coming from her mouth as her fingers enter me. In and out, I lose trace of when she goes in and when she goes out. Her head moves lower, and then I feel like I am exploding. Her tongue moves through my folds and finds my clit easily. She slowly starts sucking and flicking her tongue over my clit. I don’t know how much more I can take. It feels like she has twenty hands that are touching me all over the place.

She moves her head up for a quick second as her fingers keep moving in and out of me, her cheeks are as flustered as mine. She reaches to the floor and chuckles and she holds a strap-on in her hand. She puts it on and I smile at her. I have been wanting her to do this. I have wanted her to take me, own me, make me her property and tonight it is going to happen.

She looks at me and her face is amused as she asks me, “My girl, do you want to make me happy? Do you want to please me and fulfill my every desire? Is tonight, the night, where I can take you … up the ass?” She waits for my answer and I panic. No. I don’t want it, I can’t do it. She knows this and I don’t know why she is asking me. It is a limit I am not ready to give up on yet. So I tell her, what she commanded me to tell her. I say no.

“I had you there for a moment, didn’t I?” She laughs and continues to say, “you may cum whenever you desire to my girl, you deserved that, tonight I will not stop you or poke you in the ass.” She laughs and I am unable to speak, thanking her quietly for being the person that she is, allowing me pleasure, to bring her pleasure. The strap on enters me and I growl, moan, make all the sounds she likes to hear. She is filling me up and it feels so good and in the back of my head I wonder what it would be like .. to have her .. down there.. but I am not ready yet. Her thumb rubs over my clit and I cum immediately. She lets the strap go in and out of me, gently this time, till I can’t take it anymore and she stops what she is doing and removes her strap on from me. “You are such a good girl; that was amazing.”

I feel myself drifting up to a deep sleep even though I am trying to fight it, I can’t. “Sleep my girl, sleep, you deserved it.” I wrap myself in her arms and smile as I think: “My Mistress rocks beyond words and perhaps the next time, I can truly give her what she desires.” But that … is a story for another time.

The Raven Mistress - Raiven islay

During a dark, windy night, while the Town of London slept sound and warm in their beds, a Guardsman named Carl Anson stood sentry at the Bloody Tower Archway deep inside the walls of the Tower of London. The wind whipped and and clawed around the ancient stonework as he gripped his rifle and huddled his scarlet tunic closer to his body for the hint of extra warmth. It was unusual this night he thought, the ravens that took residence at the tower would not settle, they normally would be deep in roost by now and locked away by the Raven Master, but here they were crying out into the night and flying around the Tower.
Suddenly the young Guardsman’s attention was snapped by the sound of movement and a dull yellow glow floating towards him. His eyes fixed onto the light as his throat clenched tight, the unmistakable sound of foot prints now drawing near. Quickly snatching up his rifle he pointed it to the light and called out shakily, “Who Comes there?”
“The keys”, came the reply from the Chief Yeoman Warder,
Carl almost collapsed in relief, it must be 9:53PM he thought, time to lock up the Tower.
“Who’s Keys?”, was his confident reply.
“Queen Elizabeth’s Keys”
“Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys”, said Carl he stepped aside and watched the Warden with the military escort pass thorough the archway closing the heavy wooden doors behind them and sliding the deadbolt across. Carl heard the dead bolt clank in its spot followed by the fiddle of keys locking it off and once again he was alone in the darkness.
The escort must have only been gone for less than ten minutes when the restless ravens became louder. Carl could not take his eyes from their eire flight patterns and slow, deliberate swoops. Out of the darkness something caught his left cheek knocking him to the floor, instictivly he grabbed his cheek as he landed upon the sharp gravel of the pathway. Picking himself up carefully he was surprised to be face to face with a raven, its dark, emotionless eyes peering deep into him. Slowly Carl picks himself up, his eyes not leaving the raven’s, terror grips at his throat as he tries to look away but the unholy hold of the raven’s hypnotic gaze keeping him there, almost like he is turned to stone. Footsteps all of a sudden fall into earshot down the path, coming nearer and nearer; the poor guardsman’s heart nearly jumping from his chest.
“Who comes there?” the trance-like challenge is spoken feebily
“The Raven Mistress” comes the reply.
The night was filled with the united cry of the ravens as they swooped in their drones to the archway, each one a twisted tale of torment from the past of former inmates of the tower now condemned to the form of a raven, this was their night, their one night of vengeance.
During the dark, windy night, while the Town of London slept sound and warm in their beds, the Raven Mistress was coming.

Luscious Duck Confession

I was asked by my long time friend Zarita to do a confession...... I thought it would be an easy thing. But, upon thinking about it, I really didn't feel like I had anything to confess. I am Domme. it is who I am. Not a role I put on and take off as the date and time of day dictates. I live the lifestyle 24/7.
I am owner to a male in real life. he is involved in every part of My life. When We/w first met and he found out I was involved in the BDSM community in My area he asked Me to take ownership of him. My answer to him was, "Have you any idea how much of a commitment that is?! It is like taking on another child in the amount of time and effort it requires!" I did agree to allow him to court Me.
Over the next year I assigned him tasks. Small ones at first with very detailed instructions, it was a hard thing for him, he was unaccustomed to doing things for others that required effort in any form. As the months passed I used him as My driver, errand boy, etc. As rewards for doing well I would let him sit at My feet, be around Me when I was out with friends and such and, if I was very pleased with him, I would beat him. If I was unhappy with him I would disallow contact with Me for periods of time. That, was devastating for him!
Almost a year to the day that I agreed to concider him as Mine, I accepted him as Mine. And now, three years later he is still with Me. Owned. Mine.

So, I suppose the confession I have is this.... I have been in Second Life a very long time. I still use My first avatar. I have seen things go on that I do not agree with. A careless attitude with regards to the lifestyle which is My own.

In Second Life a Domme/Dom will meet a bottom and within the hour that bottom is owned?! There is no seriousness in that to Me. Many People are clueless about what it entails and often are afraid to ask the questions that are needed to develope a heathly knowledge and understanding of what it means to Own and be owned. All this keeps the lifestyle, My lifestyle at a distance from Me here.

Time. Thought. Effort. Trust.

She Plays Me - Tuckamore

She Plays Me

When I touch her strings,
She plays me.

The overtones make me vibrate.
I touch her neck, she infuses me with harmony.
I feel her body against mine, it trembles.
She makes me sing.

I see her standing.
She cries to me.
I cannot resist.
Her call, like the sirens, lures me.
She ties me to the mast. She makes me suffer.
"I" cannot control "her"

HER power controls me.
I am helpless.
She is soft. Her lightest touch melts me.
Her strength, when she chooses,
Makes my world shake,
The tremors felt in everything around me.

My blood warms, warmer now.
My heart beats, stronger now.
My voice sings, inspired now.
She is a part of all that I see, touch, think.
She is a part of everything I feel.
She IS everything that I feel, all that I feel, all that I am.

I lie at her feet.
I worship.

She accepts.

Watched - Glenn Gothly

Well to be honest i have always had a thing for being watched, but even more than that watched and directed. Ever since i was a kid I was the one who would take orders and carry them out, even when playing. So as i have grown that enjoyment has blossomed into a desire to be directed during sex, an urge to have my MIstress watching me and telling me what to do to someone else for her own pleasure. Kind of the reverse of traditional cuckolding I guess.
I decided today i would write out a long time fantasy of mine, one which I would love to live out someday.

I kneel on the cushion you have been nice enough to lay out for me, my body naked, shining with a thin layer of sweat which keeps my skin ice cold from the cool breeze of the air conditioner. You have had me lit candles around the room and put on some soft music, a glass of chilled wine on the table at the end of your lounger. And just as you asked I have lashed my leash to the foot of your lounger. So I kneel now and wait for you like the good boy I try so hard to be.

I hear your voice in the hallway and immediately i feel excited and anxious, excited to know you will soon be here with me, anxious becuase i still unsure what you have planned for the night only that it will be a surprise. Wait a second who else is there, i can barely make out the words but i hear you talking to someone else,"He better be ready..... Took me long enough to find you.... Oh no he will do as I say...... No of course not he belongs to me." I hear you turning the doorknob and I bow my head my eyes cast down at the floor . I hear your footsteps approaching me and feel the sudden tug at my hair pulling my head back as you kiss me deeply, sucking on my tongue to the point of numbness untill you break the kiss and look down into my face. As I look into your eyes I see the desire burning there and immediately feel my cock stirring. "Thank you MIstress.." I say as I continue to stare at your stern yet loving expression. The edges of your lips curl into a smile as you say," I have someone for you to meet boy, " Turning your head to look at your guest,"Boy this is John, John this little slut is the one i was telling you about."

I look at the man you brought with you. He is taller even that i am and with a strong build. He is not naked like I am but very close, only wearing a speedo that bulges in a way that would make most men jealous. I know what you mean to have him do, having expressed this desire to me before, but I was unprepared for the size of this man, especially the bulge in his speedo's. I try not to let my apprehension show, but i know it does. You let go of my hair and glide around me to the head of your lounger and lay back, reveling in the soft upholestry."Are you not going to greet our guest boy. You know i hate rudeness."

I realize what you are say and immediately jump a bit," Of course Mistress, sorry. Its very nice to meet you John, how are you tonight." He just looks down at me a confusing mix of disdain and lust on his face as he looks at me and then looks up at you," He's looks pretty frail to me, You sure your bitch can handle this," he asks you, confusing me by his rude tone.

"Oh yes John, my little slut would never dream of disapointing me, would you babe."

"Never Mistress, I will always do my best to exceed your expectations."

"Such a good little boy. Now show your Mistress how much you love her and suck John's cock, and you best do a good job boy. " I hear these words and now what is expected of me and though i do not mean to hesitate I find my body shaking as i crawl over to his feet. My fingers fumble as I reach up and slowly pull down his speedos, yet even though i have done this before, even though my open mouth is only inches away from his already hardening cock, I can not move. I am frozen in place. I hear you move on the lounger and feel you grab my hair "I said suck his cock you little whore." as you push my head forward his cock sliding into my mouth, filling it completely as you push and pull my hair making me bob up and down his growing member. After a few moments i moan and whimper as I start to suck on his cock, you no longer need to guide my movements as I give myself over to the moment and start to suck hungrily on this mammoth dick in my mouth. You let go of my hair and i continue to bob up and down, Using my hand to slowly jerk the shaft of his cock while i bob up and down, i hear him moaning as my head twists to one side or the other while I continue to take more and more of the cock into my mouth with each up and down motion o my head.

"Thats right you little cock sucker, show our guest how much you love sucking cock for me," I hear you say. I know you love to watch this, how much you fantacise about it and i swear i hear small moans coming from behind me, I imagine what you might be doing but still trying to concentrate on my technique, trying to give the best head i can,"Move you hand and take it all in, like the little cock hungry slut I know you are. Deepthroat him baby while I watch." So my hand drops from his shaft to his pendulous balls and gently massages them as I try to take more of his long thick shaft down into my throat. Feeling the large head penetrate into my throat I gag, the oh so familar sound but I keep going, each time I bob up and down gaggging as it presses back into my throat, forcing its way past, and I speed up my rythym, the familar moans and whimpers almost drowned out by the sounds of my gagging against the huge cock.

In my mind I picture you pleasuring yourself while you watch, You love to hear me gag, you have told me how it makes you hot, and I swear i can hear you moan as i keep pushing myself past my gag reflex until finally I bottom out against his pubic mound. my nose pressed deep against his pubic hair. Hard to breath but still holding myself there as his cock fills the back of my throat, until I begin to bob up and down again, feelling his cock slide out of my throat and pulling half off his cock before swallowing it again. I try to slow the pace down, give my self some breathing room when i hear,"John grab the little bitches ears and fuck his face. Treat him like the whore he is."

"Gladly" I hear him say as His hand grab my ears painfully and starts to force my head up and down his cock as his hips pump back and forth. I gag as it is jammed into my throat over and over again. moaning and whimpering as my hand keeps massaging his thick tightening his sac. I grow lightheaded as I hear you from behind me,"Thats right fuck his face..... Suck that cock mine, make him cum down your throat like the little cum hungry whore you are. You are a cum hungry little slut aren't you?"

Moaning around the huge cock,"Yes MIstress, YEs MIStress" though truthfully i doubt my words sound like anything other than grunts and whimpers with his hge cock slaming back deep in my throat. Yet now John is moaning and his balls are tensing against. He keeps slamming his massive member in and out of my throat, pounding my face so roughly i wonder if my lips will be bruised under the force of his assault until I hear him cry out,"I'm CUMMINNG" and jet after jet of his hot sticky jizz sprays into my mouth, flooding it completely. So much cum shooting into my battered mouth and I try hard to swallow it all. Feeling some over flow through the sides of my lips flowing down onto my chin as he holds my head inplace now shootting over and over as he pumps his hips with ragged quick movements. Finally he lets go of my head and steps away sitting in a chair opposite you and i turn to look at you. Using my tongue to try and lick up the jizz that escaped my mouth, I see a small smile curling your lips as you say,"Such a good little whore, did you like suck John's cock."

"Yes Mistress I liked sucking John's cock for you."

"Good now come here baby and let me look at you" so I do as i am told, and crawl over to you. laying my head upon your chest as you gently pet my head whispering to me,"You are such a good boy baby. You made your MIstress very happy."

My eyes close as i feel your fingers gently going through my hair, then I feel John's hands upon my thigh.

I will do the rest of the confession next time.

Confession by Gabrielle Rhapsody

As I walk into my office, I notice that the kid from HR, Michael, is setting up my new assistant at his desk just outside my office. As I stride past, I barely give them a glance. Soon after, Michael quietly raps on my door. "Come in," I say, and he enters, the new boy following closely behind. Michael introduces my assistant as David. David smiles and extends his hand, which I dismiss with a cool gaze. Turning my attention to the HR geek, I instruct him to get the boy settled in and I would call for him when I needed him. Michael quickly nods and David follows him meekly out, closing the door quietly behind him.

I can hear Michael whispering to David that all "training" is done by Ms. Rhapsody. "She'll tell you what to do and when to do it," he whispers. "And you'd better do it quickly andexactly as she wants it or there will be hell to pay!"

Providing David with a sheet of paper entitled "Rules," Michael instructs him to memorize them, follow them, and never deviate unless I order otherwise. The rules are very strict, covering everything from time of arrival to dress code to even the exact preparation and service of my coffee.

Buzzing into the outer office.... I command into the intercom, "boy.... come into my office... now!" Within seconds, he is standing at my door, nervous, an anxious look on his face. I slowly stand up and move effortlessly around my desk. "Boy... whatever your name is...."

"David," he quietly replies.

"Whatever!" I brush his interruption aside. "I have to run out to a meeting. My office is a mess. Straighten it up for me while I'm gone. I may not be back this afternoon. Now.. make yourself useful and don't make me regret hiring you."

Striding out of the office, I don't bother to look back at the faceless nothing I've left to tidy up after me.

Suddenly, he realizes that he's been holding his breath all the time I was talking to him, not daring to let it out. "Whew," he exhales, turning to look carefully at my office. So many interesting pieces fill the shelves and corners. Artifacts of ancient cultures, antiques, genuine treasures..... but he knows better than to touch these things lest he break them and face the wrath of the Boss. Turning to my desk, an open cabinet catches his eye. What is this? Just slightly ajar but enough to peek into, his curiosity gets the best of him. Looking guiltily over his shoulder he leans in and peers into the dark cabinet. Unable to make out exactly what he is seeing, he opens the cabinet just a little more, revealing a strange array of ... what is this? Whips? All types of varieties of whips. Braided; single strand, floggers, long bull-whips.....

Fascinated... he begins to pull open the side drawers of the cabinet...... the top one contains various collars.... black leather... studded.... spiked.... chain-link.......

The second contains leashes of different lengths, sizes, and colors.....

The third..... various sexual apparatuses, lotions, and gels. Several strap-on dildos, butt-plugs, chastity devices.

The fourth and final drawer has leather bondage cuffs, blindfolds, and ball-gags.

"Finding something of interest, boy?" I whisper in his ear from behind. Jumping, startled, terrified, and guilty from being caught he quickly turns around. I am standing so close to him, he can feel the heat of my body against him, my breath on his face.

"Um.. no... no ma'am... I am sooo sorry. I... I... shouldn't have been looking in your personal cabinet. It was just.. um.. open... I was going to shut it. I was only...

Placing my fingers gently against your lips, I quiet him by whispering... "shhhh.....don't speak. Let me personally show you what you're so fascinated with."

Reaching into the top drawer... I remove a black leather collar of thick oiled leather. Before he knows what is happening, I loosen his tie and lift it over his head. Grabbing his white, starched shirt by the collar, I rip it straight down, sending pearl buttons flying across the room. I jerk it over his shoulders and down his arms, throwing it across the room to follow the buttons. Taking the collar and roughly placing it around his neck, I lock it into place with a distinctive 'click.' Reaching into the second drawer, I draw out a short black leash and click it onto the collar. Looking him straight in the eye, I place my finger tips underneath the collar and exert pressure, forcing him to his knees, hard!

"Now, boy," I smile, holding the leash in my hand..... how do you like the view from down there? You'll soon get used to it because that is where you will now be.... in my service, on your knees, taking care of my every whim... my every need."
Smiling, I turn on my heels, jerking hard on his leash, and
lead him into my private office dungeon..........

The End

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping with my boy - Maisy

My boy gets through jeans fast; they wear thin around the knees for some strange reason. So today I decided to take him shopping for some new ones.

This store has a great big disabled changing room....a room with bars, which are made to take weight. I will have to bring cuffs next time we go shopping. The lady managing the area agreed we could use it so my boy could show me the jeans, save him having to walk out into the shop to show me each time......however, that was not the real reason.

I always get excited by trouser hangers with the sliding clips, and I thought 6 pairs of jeans, which is six hangers, 12 clips in total and I have two bullet vibes in my handbag. I knew what I!

So we entered the changing room and I ordered my boy to strip to his underpants. He was wearing tight white pants, which I love. I took out one of my bullet vibes and told him to turn around and bend over. I teased his arse a little with the cold steel and slowly inserted it. He tried hard to stifle his moans so that the lady outside would not be too drawn to check all was ok.

I unclipped one pair of Jeans and ordered him to put them on and I just watched, opening the clips on the hanger.....teasing him, letting him know what I wanted to do.....

Once the jeans were on, I place the clips of the hanger on each nipple...he grimaced as the clips tightened on his nipples. The sight of this makes my pussy twitch always. I turned and sat on the single seat in the room and asked him to turn to show me how the jeans looked. I like them tight round the arse and balls; I like to see his form.

Smiling and ordering him to try on the next pair, again taking them off the hanger, letting the hanger swing on my fingers, I stood and placed the hanger onto the hook of the first hanger, adding weight to his nipples, I could see his cock stiffen....very nice way to ensure the jeans fit well.

Each pair was tried on and each hanger was added to the first to place weight on his nipples. Five hangers in total, I could see he was horny as hell and desperate to be used. But this was not my plan.....this was my tease. It was time to get home, I needed to write a confession for tonight....but I was not expecting to have this tale to write about.....

The end.

mi"kal song - Silk

i am: All songs unsung

i am: All tears unshed

i am: All dreams undreamed

i am: All hopes unfilled

i am: The golden bell in the mist

i am: The ice the sun melts

i am: The waters that part

i am: The night the sun burns away

i am: The joy revealed

i am: The home that is found

i am: The clouds wind scattered

i am: The lover's moaning

.i am: The cry in the night

i am: The sheild that shatters

i am: The willow that bends

i am: The shadow on the sky

i am: The echos all hidden

i am: The brightness roaring

i am: The runner running

i am: The song in chains

Internal Fight - Kyna

I haven't been writing in a while, mostly because my life has been mostly chaos. Granted i have a lot of time because i still don't have a job in rl. Which is bad for me, if i'm not moving forward i start to sink into depression.

I genreally have S.A.D which if short for seasonal Affective Disorder. Winters have always been hard for me, luckily i have had sunshine here.

As much as i have a lot going wrong i do have a lot looking good. I have many friends here online, I have my BF, and i have Miss Veronica I am getting to know. Who doesn't know i have written this yet. But she when when i send it.

I did tell her i do have these problems, and she is very caring and has been wonderful at motivating me. I try to return the favour as much as i can. I know as i am getting to know the subtle signals of her communication. She does as well.

Lately i know most have noticed i haven't been around. I have been in real Life, trying to fight this depression. I have been clinging to my Boyfriend because physical contact has been helpful.

I even found myself trying to hide my feelings from Miss Veronica, not wanting to be a burden. Even though deep down i know i shouldn't. She had told me many times she wishes to know me. I am generally an honest open book.

Its been hard to fight my usual actions, before i met everyone here, i would do disappearing acts. Not to attention. I go into a hibernation until the depression passes. Its been hard trying to log in now.

I know when i'm like this i need people more than ever, my friends and such. Its part of the reason i have been in RL and away. Because they are physically here. I know people are there on the other side of the screen.

But as i am a sensualist, what i can't get here on second life is and always will be is that physical contact. I will be loyal to the end, but as i embark on this i wonder how deep can this go for me.

This doesn't mean i am giving up, but maybe by writing thing i can continue to understand and see what happens. So if i seem sporatic, well i am right now, but i care for you all deeply.

Laundromat - Eroyan

Janice knew that living in the city wasn’t easy. But she never knew it could be so hard. Having moved from the little town she grew up in to the big city. She had such hopes and dreams of making it big as she supposed most small town girls did. But it had been a year since she had moved and the only job she seemed to be good at or even could get was working at the local gentlemen’s club.

She didn’t mind the work and was good at it. Janice also made sure to stay away from all those traps that got so many of the girls stuck in the work for their entire lives. She saved as much as she could and figured if things went well she only have to work there for a few more months before she could get into college and get the education she needed to start to make it big.

As it stood now her life was one of routine. Sleeping most of the day being a night owl and saving money, she went out now and then to enjoy the night life but lots of times she just found herself at the local Laundromat doing laundry for all her outfits and clothes she had to have to make the money she did. Janice had friends and some she even spoke to from back home but she usually spent most of her time talking to Lisa the girl who ran the Laundromat from midnight to dawn and usually the only other person in the place when Janice came in.

They would talk about everything and how they both were doing their best to be the best they could. Janice was always amazed at herself how easy it seemed she could get along with Lisa. If there were two people completely different it was them. Janice was your typical small town girl quiet upbringing that lived as simply as she could and let her darker desires out in her job. Lisa was the typical gothic city girl who’s dark desires came out in everything she did except her job. Working the Laundromat at night and an office assistant during the day, Janice often wondered what Lisa looked like in a prim little business suit with all the piercings in her ears.

Most of the time they just talked and chatted away about their days and what was going on but they had never hung out or anything along those lines. The kind of relationship, were the boundary of friendship was the time and place and nothing more. That all changed one summer fall night.

Janice had just arrived at the Laundromat and waved to Lisa who waved back smiling at Janice as she began to dump her clothes into the machine she always used. Janice noticed that Lisa was looking very cute this evening even if it was a little gothic for Janice’s taste. Lisa was in a long soft black cotton dress that bound in the front but showed off her cleavage to a tempting eye. Around her waist was a snug bone corset and Janice could hear the click of heels as Lisa walked around the counter. Lisa playfully bumped against Janice as Janice started her machine and giggled at her.

Janice asked if Lisa had a hot date tonight and Lisa nodded with a wink. Lisa commented that Janice was looking nice these evening to which caused Janice to laugh and turn around showing off her sneakers cut off jean shorts and scarf top. “The epitome of country girl on a summer fall night.” she said to Lisa.

“Well…you look good to me.” Lisa said. “Say would you like a drink?”

Janice shrugged and said “What kind?”

Lisa looked around and wiggled her finger to whisper in Janice’s ear. “It’s tequila I sometimes have a little bit while I work but don’t tell anyone okay? “

Janice laughed and promised not to say a word. She had to endure having a shot or drink with some unpleasant men during work sometimes. It would be nice she thought to have a shot or two with at least someone she could talk to without having to take her top off.

Lisa skipped over to the counter and poured out two doubles and slid one over to Janice. Raising their glasses, they toasted to each other’s health and down the hatch it went. Janice coughed and felt the burn and commented that was some good tequila at which Lisa said it was the best there was.

Another shot later Janice started feeling strange and sleepy. Got to thinking she had been pulling all nighters for too long and could tell she didn’t seem to be making her words come out right. Lisa just kept chatting away like nothing was wrong even when Janice mentioned something about feeling hot. It only took a moment and Janice realized to her horror what every girl at the club was always watching out for. Looking at Lisa and watching Lisa lock the deadbolt on the Laundromat she barely got out a weak “what have you done?” before she blacked out. Her last thought was Lisa had slipped her a Mickey.

Janice didn’t know how long it had been before she woke up but she knew she was in trouble. She didn’t even know if she was still in the Laundromat. She tried to move and felt the cuffs and chains for the first time. Struggling she looked around quickly and felt her nakedness. She tried to scream but could only grunt weakly. She felt the leather straps around her head the red ball gag in her mouth. Struggling, she finally noticed the mirror in front of her showing what had happened to her.

Janice looked and saw her naked body stripped and ankles wide apart with a spreader bar between them forcing her legs wide apart and no chance to close them. Her wrists were bound above her head hooked to a ceiling beam. A ball gag in her mouth the leather straps around her head carefully and her long hair spilling out down her back. She struggled again helplessly trying to free herself then froze as in the mirror she saw Lisa appear gently like a ghost from the shadows and felt the black cotton of Lisa’s dress against her back. Janice arched away from Lisa and Lisa took that moment to grab Janice’s hair and pull it tight. Janice let out a muffled yelp and Lisa just purred gently into her ear.

“It doesn’t matter if you scream or yell or struggle all night. But I will take you and use you and have you as mine.” Lisa purred in her ear. “I know you will come to love it your desires are clear to me even if they are not clear to you.”

Lisa released her hair and disappeared into the shadows. Janice panted and could hear her doing something in the darkness. “Take me? Use me? “Janice’s mind raced trying to reason what she meant by that. Then she felt the pain. Sharp firm against the soft flesh of her back and hearing the slap she jerked in her bonds. Instinctively she lurched away and struggled as she felt more strikes not only on her back but her firm round ass. Yelping and whimpering she felt the tears run down her cheeks as her back and ass began to burn with the heat and could feel them redden.

Through teary eyes she saw Lisa licking her lips and holding a flogger behind her. Striking her flesh and could see the arousal spread around Lisa and hug her tightly like a well known lover. Janice’s body jerked and her mouth screamed and muffled begging to stop. She couldn’t control herself just trying anything to be let free to stop but Lisa paid no heed. Only now and then did she let up to let her rest but then would resume. Not always striking her back and ass but sometimes her breasts her sides her stomach her thighs her whole body as a plaything to Lisa and Janice was helpless.
Janice didn’t know how long she was flogged just knew that he whole body was tired from struggling and trying to get free. Her hair was damp and her whole body glistened with a beautiful sheen of sweat. Lisa had said it was so and to Janice’s later astonishment thought it was beautiful as well, that’s when her body betrayed her completely.

She realized she wasn’t screaming behind the gag in pain it was moaning and she could feel her own arousal. Janice didn’t know what was going on but Lisa seemed to. Suddenly Lisa’s fingers were in her hair and pulling her head back to gaze into Janice’s eyes. Janice panted through her nose and put up a weak struggle but Lisa said nothing just licked Janice’s neck from the top of her breasts to her chin and around the gag. Janice tried not to shiver to moan but Lisa seemed to sense her body’s betrayal and Janice knew at that moment she was truly helpless because she wasn’t sure if she wanted saving now.

Lisa held her hair tight and her body arched hard, Janice could do nothing but look at the ceiling but she saw the candle and squirmed like a trap animal. New pain the sharp burning of wax the tight pull of her flesh as it cooled. Janice yelped but was too weak to put up much of a fight. Soon her sensation overloaded mind was forcing Janice to enjoy it again moaning at each drip panting with desire at the force the helpless feeling as Lisa used her naked flesh as a canvas for her wax. Janice was delirious in pain pleasure and confusion. She couldn’t figure out why she loved it how she could enjoy being forced to be another’s object of desire. To have no control, at the club there were rules lines of order to being an object of desire she played them well. But here there were no rules. Janice had no idea what Lisa would do to her what scared her most was she wasn’t really sure she cared.

The wax dripped on her flesh and cooled and made her body jerk and twitch till finally Lisa set down her candles and jerked her head forward and made her look in the mirror. “Look at you Janice…you are a beautiful bitch.” Lisa purred in her ear never out of control but even Janice could hear the desire in her voice for her.

Janice looked and instead of seeing a victim a woman kidnapped, bound, gagged, against her will, and tortured, she saw in herself all the lies and misgivings in her life stripped away, her true self laid bare. And on her chest and stomach the most beautiful painting she had ever seen. Lisa had used different colored wax had literally done a painting on her flesh. It was a green field on her stomach with a tree running up between her breasts and all over her breasts where the red and white flowering buds of the tree. Janice saw her desire for Lisa in her own eyes and moaned out loud and long.

Lisa didn’t say a word just moved behind Janice quickly and with a click of something Janice didn’t know suddenly and forcefully plunged something up into Janice’s pussy. It filled her and sent shock pain and pleasure all the way up into Janice’s brain. Janice went wild; Lisa was raping her adding the last think to a woman captured. Janice couldn’t help it she moaned could feel Lisa’s hands all over her groping and molesting her flesh as whatever it was thrusting in and out of her. Janice made the connection it was attached to Lisa because she could feel Lisa pressed close to her back and with each thrust could feel Lisa’s body move against hers. She moaned and screams and tensed and shook as her used body jerked in the bonds that held her securely.

Lisa increased her pace and strength and Janice could feel herself being fucked hard and deep. She watched the mirror couldn’t take her eyes off it as she watched Lisa rape her. She could barely breath her body betrayed every bit of her own dark desires and fantasies now. There was no place for Janice’s body or mind to hide. Lisa reached up and released her gag and jerked Janice’s mouth to hers. Janice thought “Now Now! Bite her scream for help” but wasn’t surprised when all she did was return the wild passionate kiss Lisa put on her trying to ravage Lisa’s mouth as Lisa was ravaging hers. She gasped for air and let out a moan so deep her toe’s curled and she wanted to beg for it to never stop but had become so primal and excited all that came out was animalistic grunting.

Finally Janice could resist no more and her entire body exploded in pleasure. Later she swore she saw God, it was like every Fourth of July fireworks show she had ever seen. Like every good lover she had ever had showed up and make her feel as good as they did all at once. Her mind sent out such signals her body lost all control and for a moment Lisa grabbed her tight and forced her to feel it all in her mind. Her body merely twitching and jerking in her embrace as her mind went white with intensity of how good it felt. Janice had never blacked out during sex but she blacked out then the last thing she heard was Lisa’s own powerful moan as Lisa’s own pleasure seemed to erupt at the sight of Janice’s wild abandonment.

Janice woke up to the sound of a buzzer. She Jerked away and was clothed and Lisa calmly from the counter said her clothes were done. Janice jumped up and looked at Lisa who calmly looked back and pointed to the dryer. “You were sleeping I put them in the dryer for you.” Lisa smiled.

Janice looked down was fully clothed jerked her head to the clock it had only been about an hour and half since she got there. She looked at her wrists and saw nothing on them and ran over to the mirror and pulled up her shirt and gazed dumbfounded as there was no redness no marks. Lisa got up “Is everything, okay Janice?”

“Uhhh I…guess... did we... never mind.” Janice was confused couldn’t figure out what happened. Did she dream it all? Was it just a perverse dream she had as she was waiting on her clothes? Janice was shaken she could dream such dark desires about Lisa, a girl she knew but Janice didn’t even know she was into girls, she had never had one before. Janice grabbed up her clothes and Lisa asked if she was alright again before Janice nodded quickly and left the Laundromat.
Janice got home as quick as she could and tossed her clothes into the floor and sat on the bed. She was tired still oh so tied like her body had been put through the ringer so to speak. Janice was shaken too she had never had a dream so vivid or seem so real or so dark and lustful. She kicked her shoes off and stripped to crawl into bed and gasped out loud as she turned and caught sight of herself in the mirror.

There on her stomach was the most beautiful wax picture of a flowering tree.

Assignment completed, time to relax - Anon

He walked quietly into a bar, his work completed, purchased a beer and settled unnoticed into a chair behind a table in a shadowy corner of the establishment. It has been a difficult assignment this time, and he has only just been able to complete his part of the task by bringing all of his skills and experience to bear. He is glad that it is now over. All that remains is for him to return home, but that will wait until tomorrow. Tonight he just wanted to sip a beer and take his time to relax for the first time in several months.

He saw her just a few seconds before he caught her scent, as she walked in to the bar and walked smoothly over to take a seat on a barstool, ordering a drink which the barman placed before her. She seemed to be deep in thought, since she didn’t move for a while after sitting, and then reached into her bag for a cigarette which she lit as she stood and, without looking at him, walked over towards him and took a seat at a table nearby.

Over the next half an hour several guys came over to try their hand at a chat up line, but each was rebuffed with a polite, yet cutting remark. After one particularly persistent suitor had been finally despatched, she glanced over to him and asked, quite politely, if she could sit at his table, and perhaps that way she would be able to sit and sip her drink in peace. He was pleasant in his response, and agreed quite readily, and they both slipped into silence once again.

After a little while longer, she thanked him for allowing her to sit there, and for the opportunity to avoid the attentions of any more gallant gentlemen. They started chatting, and soon were quite absorbed in each other’s company. They were getting along quite famously, perhaps because he didn’t try to chat her up, so it came as no surprise when she invited him for a coffee as the evening was drawing to a close.

As he settled into the soft divan in her lounge with a coffee in one hand and a small piece of cake in the other, they chatted as if they had known each other for ever! He felt so relaxed … yet now, he realised that he felt … too relaxed. She had fed him some muscle relaxant and although he could hear everything he couldn’t move a muscle below his neck. He had been trapped with the oldest trick in the book! He was helpless to prevent the her from removing every piece of clothing from his now drugged body, one by one.

After she had moved his body so that he lay across the sofa, he felt her sit down beside him, and start to place her lips on his naked flesh, and she started kissing him all over. As much as he tried to resist, he couldn’t prevent his cock from responding and starting to become erect, and when she started to whisper some sexy words in his ear he heard a moan, which was evidently coming from his own throat, and when she started gently stroking his cock he could not prevent his moans from increasing in pitch and intensity

During the next few hours she brought him to the edge of cumming countless times, and it was starting to get light before she started her interrogation. Each time she brought him close to the edge, she asked him questions about his mission, and when he refused to answer, squeezed his balls quite roughly. After a little while he realised that if he just shared some unimportant titbits then she would resume stroking him, but allow him to slip away from the edge just a little. Each time, he was getting more and more aroused, more and more frustrated, and letting more and more confidential information be disclosed.

Every hour or so she would get up and slip away to take a break, only to return dressed in something even more sexy than before, and he started to dread her return since he knew that he would be subjected to even more arousal, but also even more frustration. Every time he determined that he would tell her nothing more, yet every time he capitulated and told her even more.

This time, he flinched as she drew near, which caused her to smirk. "P-please..." he gasps. "I've t-told you everything I know now..." She regarded him thoughtfully. "I suppose you have," she said. "Then please, for the love of god," he croaked, "Please, let me cum. Please, god, let me cum!"

She smiled, and reached out to tap the tip of his penis. She watched it bounce, and a drop of precum dripped slowly from the tip. He let out a pained moan as he thrashed in his bonds. His cock is swollen to full capacity, the veins bulging; his testicles are swollen hugely, the skin is taught and shiny, and dark as a bruise.

However, these conditions are not the result of physical abuse. Actually, she has barely touched him at all; his cock is not even bound in a harness. What torments him so is pure, agonizing need. A need which she fans with a combination of her natural sexuality and sensual beauty, as well as her … psychic, powers. This soldier, like so many others, came equipped with psychic shields of course. But she knows the secret to breaking them down. During the entire interrogation, she hammered at his mental defences, but that she could do in her sleep. As she did so, however, she reached into the more primitive part of his mind, taking hold of his libido. She cooed and caressed this region of his psyche until he was so worked up, all she had to do was take her top off, and his willpower shattered like a thin sheet of glass.

Tears streaming from his eyes, he revealed everything to her in mere minutes. Now, all he can do is plead for the one salvation left to him: whatever shred of mercy she might have. She tapped the tip of his cock once more, sending a jolt through his loins which nearly made him cum right then. She leaned close, filling his gaze with her breasts, and tickling his ear with her warm breath. "Now that you have betrayed your people, given us another step with which to crush your little rebellion, you ask for mercy? Now that you are irrevocably a turncoat, you plead for your enemies to grant you their tender support?"

He let out a broken sob, and whispered, "Yes... please... please..."

She pulled her face away from him and gives him a cold, pitiless look. "Enemies of the State are shown no mercy. And a traitor is an enemy to all." He let out a scream as he felt her bore into his mind. He felt something shift in his psyche and he knew with an instinctive horror, that she had done something to him. His current level of arousal would never wane. And he would never orgasm again in his life. "Take him down to the pleasure pits. He is young and strong, and should fetch a good price."

His eyes opened wider in horror. "No! NOOOO!" His screams fell on deaf ears as she slid her shirt back on and left the room. She cannot help but grin slightly as she leaves. Serving one's country could be gruelling work sometimes, but every once in a while, you got to have a little fun along the way.

The end

Confesssion - Loth

A week in the life of....


my sweet Miss,

Thank you for the long time we were able to spend time together today, I loved just sitting at your feet again and belonging to you. I also really loved our play and hearing you say I did such a good job, thank you for that my Miss.
Love you much and I hope you have a real nice eve and a good night.

Hugs and kisses,


Sweet Miss,

Love you! and love it that even if we're both tired we can still be ourselves and just be...tired and sleepy :)
Love our chats, in text or voice, but I always do love to hear your voice Miss.
Sleep well tonight my Miss.



sweet Miss,

One more thing thats in my head that I wanted to tell you after reading fetlife and the post about long lasting relationships in SL.
There really is no doubt in my mind that I belong to you and only you, my Miss. Time seems to fly by and I cant think of any other way than spending a long long time together with you. I love you much my Miss, I feel so much trust and care, I have never found with anyone in sl before. Thank you for being my Miss.



Sweet Miss,

Today I appreciated very much our talk, about your concerns. I appreciate that you told me what was on your mind and that you explained it clearly what made you feel the way you felt. I understood it better after you explained it Miss.
I do want your Dominance in my rl too Miss, I really do, but sometimes its hard, specially cause you're not right here with me and its pretty easy to get lazy and chaotic again, and since thats pretty much my nature...but Miss, I try hard and with your guidance be it sweet and patient or sometimes strict, it will work, not over night, but it will go better each day Miss.

Love you,


Sweet Miss!

Today I realized again big time that I appreciate so much the way I can talk to you and the fact that when I come online (yahoo or SL) after a day away from home, I really look forward to seeing you and talking to you again. I realized it so much cause I never saw you online today, I was late and you were out already. I missed you so much.



love you sweet Miss, but far too much beers to type at all. what I can say is, I love you and I love how we can have fun together and laugh. Gonna try and sleep now...


Sweet Miss,

I loved how happy you sounded today when I logged back in much later than I expected myself. That was a really nice welcome my sweet Miss. Loved how we spend some time together and how I virtually snuggled against you. I do like to emote those things my Miss thinking of how that would feel :))

Have a nice eve my Miss and a good night.
Ill hopefully see you tomorrow.


My Trial - Hylarks

(My first attempt at an erotic BDSM story)

I moaned slightly as I fell to my hands and knees on the tile floor, pain still throbbing through my entire being. My body wet with sweat, my breathing shallow and ragged. The nipple clamps still in place along with numerous pegs strategically clipped tight on various parts of my body. Mistress took her time this evening, delighting in the pain that each clamp and each peg caused me. My skin was roughly pinched, stretched and twisted in preparation for each peg. I knelt with my legs wide open as Mistress placed all the clamps and pegs, then she left me in the room as she closed the door and turned out the light behind her. Mistress was going to break me tonight.

I pushed myself back up to my knees, struggling to catch my breath and control my rising erection. I cannot understand why I respond to pain the way I do. I crave it, need it, but fear it at the same time. Most times when Mistress applies pain I get fully erect almost immediately, and tonight is no exception. By the time the second nipple clamp went on I was rock hard, now with all the pegs in place the head of my cock is wet with precum.

I focus on taking deep breaths as I must prepare myself for Mistress’s return. I can hear her, working in another room. I can still smell the scent of her perfume as it lingers enticingly in the darkened room. I am surprised to find myself growing calmer as I adjust and get used to the pain I am enduring for her pleasure. Then I hear here walking towards the room and her hand hit the door handle, I breath in deeply preparing for my wildest dream and darkest nightmare.

I see her feet and I know she is looking down at me. Then she spoke in that voice that commands me, the voice that destroys any barriers that I may put up, the voice that I yearn to hear and obey. “Who owns you boy, who do you belong to?” I replied quickly, You Mistress. Her voice becomes a hiss, “exactly my boy and if I choose to hurt you to cause you pain for my pleasure?” I replied softly my voice quivering; "I am here for your pleasure my Mistress".

“You seem to like being on all fours instead of kneeling as I told you to my boy, so get back down on all fours right now.” I immediately obeyed. I was startled and quickly thought, how did she know? It was then I felt the first sting of the belt on my ass. I jumped as the swing hit true and stammered, "one my Mistress, thank you". “Now my boy, what did I instruct you to do as I left the room?” "I was to kneel and wait your return my Mistress". The belt struck true again; "two my Mistress, thank you". I stammered. “So when I tell you to kneel and wait for my return, what will you do my boy?” she growled. "I will kneel and wait for your return my Mistress", I whimpered. The third strike took my breath away and let me know exactly how disappointed she was in me. "Three my Mistress, thank you". I waited patiently for the rest of my punishment.

After what seemed like an eternity of bracing for another hit and anticipating the pain, I felt her gloved hand stroking my ass. She slowly and lightly traced a single finger over my ass down between my legs and cupped my balls. “Hmm, I bet you want to cum my boy.” My response was slow and broken as I was not prepared for this change of tone. "Yes Mistress, Your boy would like to cum very much". Her hand moved up to my still rock hard shaft, “still hard I see!” Yes Mistress, I moaned. “Good, maybe now you will follow my commands. You will wait here, kneeling, till I return. Is that understood?” Yes Mistress, I replied firmly looking right into her eyes as I did so. “Good, always remember that not only do I get pleasure from inflicting pain but in creating extreme pleasure too. If you have obeyed me and remain kneeling, maybe we will see what kind of pleasure I can get out of you.” I nodded quickly, unable to speak before she had shut off the light and left the room closing the door behind her. There in the dark, I remained kneeling.


Confession - Phantom

My Holiday Confession

I was staying in a town called Fresno in California , I was told this town had one of the highest mugging rates in the US so sensibly the touring group I was with decided to stay in our hotel. My confession started with after dinner drinks. I was sitting with a few Ladies and another guy, I don’t know how the subject came up but one of the Ladies mentioned her feet were aching and asked the other guy if he knew how to do reflexology, luckily for me he said he had no idea.

I quickly volunteered to give it a go although I’ve had little experience , and was lucky enough to have Her foot in my hands and proceeded to massage it and caress it which she seemed to enjoy and I certainly did , the rest of the group found it very interesting too, as this was all happening in a public bar! I gleefully moved on to the next foot and although I was finding this all very erotic , I was also feeling quite embarrassed.

She later asked me if Id found it arousing but I lied and said not really 


Our Houseguest – Tristan

This story is set in the Beauty sim where all roleplay is directed along the lines of the Beauty trilogy by Ann Rice.

by Tristan Starspear Our Houseguest

As the story begins, I'm outside picking a basket of fresh apples for you in the grove in front of the house. You call to me and I set down the basket before jogging quickly inside, dropping to my knees at your feet in the foyer. "Adam, I've called you in to let you know that my friend "D" will be staying with us for a short time while he searches for a new home. When he arrives, your to take his things to my room and make yourself available to see to any needs he has." then with a lingering look and a pointed smile, you repeat," That's Any needs he has." My eyes widen slightly looking up at you and I feel a blush rising across my cheeks, but I nod quickly and smiling slowly up at you, I answer, "yes my MIss, of course."

Sometime after that I was arranging fresh foxgloves in the vase at the entry when I heard a carriage arrive and the sound of a door slamming. Hurriedly I opened the door and padded down the stairs coming around just in time to see the carriage leave and the Master D standing there between two suit cases. Walking quickly up to him and dropping to my knees, my eyes down, I greeted him with a, "Good Day Master, welcome to the Baroness's residence." Brushing a bit of dust from the sleeve of his coat, he said, "well, if it isn't Adam. Did your MIss tell you I was on the way?" Nodding quickly, I replied, "yes Master, I'm to see you in and insure your comfortable. The Baroness is out on the grounds somewhere and shall be back shortly." Stepping back from the cases, I notice him withdrawing something from his coat as he replied," Very good, fetch these inside and I"ll be right behind you." Chuckling now," Your Lady has informed me of the rules of this kingdom and I'm quite looking forward to exploring them." Standing, I step forward and pick up a case in either hand, then turning I begin to walk inside.

As I start up the steps I feel D's riding crop strike me across my right bottom with a stinging blow! Caught off guard I almost stumble, recovering quickly, my breath catches as the fire from the crop burns across my backside. Following a couple of steps behind me I hear D with an amused tone in his voice telling me. "ohh your Baroness has already filled in Several important details Adam, including your status." At the top of the steps, the crop flicks quickly across my left cheek sending a flash of stinging pain racing across it! "Yes Master, thank you! Right this way to the upstairs."

Following me through the doors, his crop now flicking back and forth raining down light but still burning lashes back and forth across my backside, he adds. "Go ahead and take the cases where they belong I'll be right behind you." Nodding with a "yes Master." I walk to the stairs the begin to climb then. D's crop never misses a beat...first one side and then the other.. sometimes two or three to one side then the other receiving matching blows. Already well on my way to being trained by you to respond to training in this way, I'm blushing furiously as I reach the door of your bed chambers and enter.

My cock is by now throbbing, twitching each and every time the crop descends on me. Biting on my bottom lip I trap the moans that try to escape behind my lips. Upon entering your bedroom I carry D's bags to behind the couch and bend to set them down only to receive two more hard blows before I can stand again! By now my entire backside feels as if it's on fire!...Stinging.. tingling over it's entire surface, I know without question it's a bright shade of red.

Before I can turn and kneel again, I feel his hand on my upper arm stopping me. In a deep low voice he tells me as he takes a step nearer. The step bringing his clothed body up against the side of my naked one. "That's a boy. Spread your legs wider and stand here for me." Breathing in deeply trying not to let my breath shudder as I reply, "yes Master." I spread my legs and stand for him. Tossing the crop onto the couch, he brings his left hand around to rest lightly on my chest, fingers splayed out... with his right hand I feel him running his palm across my heated backside. For a few moments he squeezes, and pinches it in several places. Patting it lightly, he then slaps both sides hard with his hand! I close my eyes, my face I"m sure as red as my bottom in humiliation. Throughout his explorations I fought to keep my hips still only succeeding partially. I'm aware how swollen my manhood has become and how it's bobbing in the air before me as I reacted to his hand. Still squeezing and pinching with his right hand, his left now travels down and finds first my left nipple then my right. His fingers pinch and tug on them. Twisting and pulling until they are both almost as hard as my cock! Fighting hard to contain my moans, my breaths come out as light whimpers as he seemingly impartially uses his hands on my body. "Hmmmm... not bad so far boy. Now lean over slightly and rest your hands on the back of the couch. Spread those legs a bit wider!. Yess.. that's it. Just like that."

Not done yet, not allowing me to kneel or leave the room, I stand in place as ordered. Back to biting my lip along with squeezing my eyes shut, I'm only too aware now how aroused I"ve become. The thought flashes through my head that I'm not allowed release without you being there and giving permission, so my heart races as I wonder what he has in mind. Taking a breath and trying to force calm on myself.... I gasp out loud as his left hand leaves my chest and drops to curl around my shaft squeezing it hard. My knees grow weak from the pleasure and I dip my head to my chest squeezing my eyes tighter. Squeezing them so hard tears leak from the sides. Just when I think it can get no worse. He lowers his right hand and using the middle finger draws it slowly up between the cheeks of my ass, coming to a stop over my opening. Rubbing in a small circle against it with the pad of his hand...teasing it as his left hand leaves me and cups my balls together squeezes then kneading them. By now I"m panting as though in exertion. Opening in my mouth I take in several gulps of air. The Master then returns his left hand to grip my cock hard. Pulling back towards my body with a firm grip, stretching the skin tight, he uses the tip of his middle finger and enters me suddenly to the first knuckle! I gulp in a breath and throw my head back, eyes flying open! He leans in close enough I can feel the contours of his body molded to my side.. his breath warm against my face, his tongue flicks out and drags up along the backside of my ear.

All this together has only served to rob me of all of my calm. Heart pounding in my chest.. I stare at the painting above the fireplace trying to focus on that and not what he's doing to me! Suddenly, his lips brushing against my ear, his voice impossibly low, almost a growl. He says,"Your Mistress was correct, I Will have good use of you while I"m here. You Will serve us both Very well." Even before he words end... his fist pumps my organ hard..back and forth rapidly all the while gripping it tighter and tighter. At the same time.. the finger in me thrusts to the second knuckle and begins to work in and out! Almost not able to stand, my eyes again slam shut and I begin to cry in earnest. A huge sob racks my chest. The conflict So intense! I'm desperate to not cum without your permission, but this man is playing my body as if it were his own! He is dragging me kicking and screaming towards an orgasm I'm terrified I can't prevent! HIs finger invading me now all the way, fucking my ass, and his left hand, with my cock in a death grip, stroking me so fast and so hard I feel my balls slapping first his hand then my body. Unable to control my hips as though they have a mind of their own, I writhe in his grip. First shoving myself into his hand then backing up onto his finger as though to impale myself on it.. The whole while my face is Burning hot from the fleeting image I picture of myself reacting as wantonly as I am with this male! Losing another sob, I give a half strangled plead as I feel myself perched on the edge of cumming! "pleeeease.. Maaaaster..." I manage to force out in a whisper.

Just as I think there is no going back.. that this man is going to rip from an orgasm from me no matter what I do! He releases my cock and withdraws his finger just like that. Shuddering and almost falling, I support my weight on the back of the couch, my breath held even as I feel my cock still tingling. The glistening precum dropping from it's tip. Sucking a deep breath into my lungs I almost jump out of my skin as his hand once again slaps Hard against my ass! "Now! turn around and find those knees boy!" Spinning as soon as the words leave his mouth, my hands snap behind my neck even as I drop to my knees facing him. Still breathing as though I'd dashed a mile as fast as I could my eyes fly wide open as I see You standing just behind him! Dropping your eyes between my legs to pass over my throbbing erection then coming to rest on the floor.

You tsk and shake your head. Putting your hands on your hips you say, "you'll be cleaning that up with your tongue my slave! That's before you dance to the Master's crop all the way downstairs to fix us drinks." As my eyes fall between my legs to see where I've littered the floor with multiple drops, I hear the Master ask you in a conversational tone. "This is the one you told me about that's never had a man's cock in his ass?" With a soft laugh you reach out and place your hand between his legs, giving the bulge there a firm squeeze, "Yes but somehow I feel certain you're going to be able to help me with that." with a knowing smile your hand leaves him even as your other finds the crook of his elbow. "Now then," fixing me with a look. " bend over and take care of that." Kneeling forward, my hands still behind my neck, I begin to lap at my 'accident' as my heart begins to race in anticipation of the weekend ahead!

Proper sucking up - Lethal

Greetings my Mistress. I hope your day is going fantastic. I am just driving along trying to think of the proper words to use in my letter to congress I am writing in an attempt to have them declare June 6th (for clarification that is Mistress' Birthday) a national holiday. Thinks of Mistress. Thinks of Mistress. Thinks of Mistress. Oh, there was one more thing Mistress. Nothing really. Quite inconsequential. Probably not even necessary to bring up and bother your greatness with. But...last night a silly baseball team I like to follow when my head is not virtually and very hopefully one day really, buried up your magnificent butt, made history and advanced to the league championship for a 7 game series against the mighty Yankees with the winner advancing to the world series. The first two games are in Dallas on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. And I was wondering, my glorious perfect Mistress, whom I exist for, love, worship, and owe my life to, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I put an appeal on facebook to see of any of my friends, especially the corporate ones, might happen to have an extra ticket they would be willing to impart with. The games are already sold out. Again, I love Mistress Lisa, I love Mistress Lisa, I love Mistress Lisa, all hail the mighty Woman :)))))

Post script. Mistress got a good laugh, could tell that my mind was focused on her, and i did end up getting to go to game 2 of the series which we won.
Post post script...we won the series from the Yankees last night and are now advancing to the World Series. A major sucking up i think is in my very near future

Bouddicea Inc - part 1 - Alex

I eyed the elegant silver ring on the table in front of me suspiciously, silent and indecisive. I glanced up at the statuesque and gorgeous woman sitting across the table from me, and immediately wished I hadn’t, as She was staring at me appraisingly. Her calm presence and poise only made me feel more uncertain and nervous.

I adjusted my tie, cleared my throat nervously, and finally broke the silence “So, the job is mine if I agree to wear this … device around my… umm…” I trailed off and pointed down toward my crotch area. The serene and gorgeous woman simply nodded slowly.

I couldn’t believe I was even considering this ultimatum. It was a gross invasion of my privacy, and even as She nodded a flush of anger and embarrassment came to my face. The lockable ring was in fact a behavior modification device capable of administering a sharp and extremely painful electric shock through the skin it touched. It was controlled even at great distance through a remote control unit that She alone possessed. I had no idea what an electric shock to the balls would feel like, but I had received a jolt to my finger through faulty Christmas tree lights a few years back and let’s just say I made damn sure I didn’t go back for more. The thought of voluntarily wearing something capable of causing me that much pain in such a sensitive area made my head spin. If I had been interviewing for any other job I would have told her to go to hell and marched out of that office without a second’s thought.

The fact that I was actually considering taking that small silver ring and snapping it around the base of my balls right then and there showed how desperate I was to work for this Woman. God I admired her. Last year alone her face had made it on both Time and Forbes Magazine, and little wonder. She had single-handedly forged a company that was now one of the world leaders in “experimental technologies”. Bouddicea Inc in a few short years had come to span the globe in influence and its profits it had made from its life-changing technologies had left its competitors in the dust. After an exhaustive interviewing process that had lasted weeks I actually had an opportunity to land a job here as a mid level executive. In fact, even better, I would be working closely with this amazing and charismatic woman.
I took the cold ring and held it in the palm of my hand. It was surprisingly heavy, and elegantly hinged rather like a hand cuff. It was cold and smooth. I steeled myself, met her calm, intelligent gaze and hoarsely uttered the words “I accept”.

She rose elegantly and offered her hand, smiling. After weeks of grueling interviews, I had finally started my new life with Bouddicea Inc. The rest was a blur as two immaculately dressed men respectfully entered the room, bowed their heads to my new boss deferentially and ushered me away. They led me, half dazed, to a medical facility within the building, where a white coated medic explained that she needed to verify the instalment of my behavior modification device. Blushing furiously as she watched I dropped my suit pants, took the ring and snapped it in place tight around behind the base of my balls. As the lock clicked in place I knew there was no turning back. I closed my eyes as she stepped forward and closely inspected the ring. She nodded and smirked a little as I pulled my pants back up. She ticked a form on her clipboard and welcomed me aboard.

It was Friday. I had the weekend to get used to my new odd piece of intimate jewellery before work began at 8am sharp, the following Monday.