Saturday, December 18, 2010

True Story!

When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.

Then, when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

Frustrated, Santa went into the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drunk all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang, and an irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

The angel said very cheerfully, 'Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?'

And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Christmas At The Jones' By Madison Grayman

Christmas at the Jones’s

Alex Jones was a successful Realtor with loads to lose. He also had a lot to lose. His Achilles heel in life was women. His wife was an attorney and a success of her own. She started sensing something was going on. Showing houses later into the evening, working weekends, and just one to many missed dinners. As the holidays approached the wife hatched her little plan…….. first things first, get the proof. The private eye didn’t take long. Within a week she provided Mrs. Jones with a stack of photos, all of her husband with other women. The next few day’s packages started arriving at her office. She quickly wrapped each. The weeks passed, the Jones’s attend several of the most affluent parties. The Jones’s were extremely attractive, mid thirties, no children, so Christmas often was just the two of them around the tree. This year however would be different.

It was Christmas Eve. The fire was roaring in the great room of the couple’s mountain cabin. Beth had carefully left Alex a short detailed note “This year my love I wanted to make the holidays something we will always remember. Down by the tree you will find a small cluster of packages stacked. Open the top one first and then work your way down, saving the biggest for last, I will be down after my shower”
Alex, headed over by the tree, his curiosity peaked. He finds the stack and slowly unwraps the 1st. He grins finding in the first box, black silk stockings. His mind starts to race. The next box was panties, followed by a garter belt, and a bra. Alex quickly made it to the large box. Opening it he could see black satin. Lifting it with light fingers, his eyes widen, he smiles slyly. Looking over the assortment of items he lays the frilly maid uniform down, not even noticing the boxes beneath the uniform at the bottom of the large box. He turns to add wood to the fire as he thinks of his wife in her little costume. At that moment he looks up. It’s Beth, standing in front of Him. She is wearing a sheer white blouse; he can see her white demi cup bra beneath and dark grey pencil skirt. Her heels make her just slightly taller than him. Pressing her finger with its dark red nail into his chest, she pushes him back to ground. He looks up in shock from the floor at his wife, just as she says “my dear husband you missed a few packages.

Alex, had not really paid attention to any of the sizes of the items in the boxes, but he did find a small square box and then an envelope at the bottom of the large box. His wife tapping her toe “I’m waiting, don’t you want to see the rest?”

Alex opens the small box first, a pink CB 6000 chastity cage with small pad lock. He notices there is no key for the padlock. He turns and starts to say “Your kidding……” *SMACK* she slaps him so hard he almost falls over. “Not a word….open the envelope” she says in a tone of total firmness. He complies. He can’t believe the burning in his cheek from her slap. He slides the contents out, photographs of Alex with his lovers and receipts for the hotels and gifts. The private eye had been thorough. His heart pounding and unable to speak.
This Year the Jones’s got a new maid. World meet Alexis.

You're A Mean One By Anon

"You're a Mean One"

You're a mean one, Miss Arai...
You really are a thug!
You're as sadistic as a jailer, you're as addictive as a drug, Miss Arai,
You're probably listening to this and feeling pretty smug!

You're a monster, Miss Eva Eames...
Your men are only toys!
Your mind is full of floggers, woe to the naughty boys, Miss Eva Eames,
I would worry about each and every domme in your employ!

You're a keen one, Miss Pamela E...
You have razors in your smile,
You have all the tender sweetness of a sadist versatile, Miss Pamela E,
Given a choice between you and Trials, the boys would go for Trials!

You're a dark one, Miss Destiny...
You're the queen of many hearts!
Your play is full of edges, you twist men like it's an art, Miss Destiny,
You're exactly the reason why the wit of boys departs!

You're a cruel one, Miss Violet D...
We really all agree!
You're a crooked, twisted thinker and you are going to be pleased, Miss Violet D,
Your soul is an amazing landscape of the most dangerous assortment of dark fantasies as anyone could imagine there could be!

You scare us ALL, Dominion Dommes...
It's really what I felt!
Your eyes are full of dark control, your voices can raise a welt, Dominion Dommes,
The three words that best describe how I reacted are as follow, and I quote,
"Kneeling, kneel, knelt!"

The Story Of Subbie Claus By Garth Hancroft

*A very handsome, albeit on the shortish-side, elf bounds up to me and kneels at My feet*
Greetings Miss Gabrielle!

I'm Elbert the elf, third-class. Garth was called away on a super-subbie emergency to save the world this morning and sends his apologies. He said he knew You would understand. I must say, if I may, that You are even more beautiful then Garth described. Though I do find Garth's diction and use of languages well-above average. And what a wonderful subbie he is. Loyal, kind, handsome, smart, handsome, hard working, handsome, extremely modest and… did I mention handsome?

Here at the North Pole, I suppose that You know it's really Mrs. Claus that runs the show. Of course, she sends subbie claus to do all the work. And over the years and various translation issues, people have screwed up the name from subbie claus to "Santa Claus," but no worries. Mistress Claus has no intention of riding around in a freezing old sleigh and working all night long, and why should she? She has subbie claus and countless subbie elves to do all the work for her.

It's another myth that we elves are tiny people. Yes, we aren't the tallest people in the world, not like you're average 7 foot tall Second Life person. But the reason that people think us so small is pictures. Over the years people look at the pictures, and they see us as being only knee high, when in truth we are just actually kneeling. For marketing purposes, Mistress Claus uses the picture of her grandfather, photoshopped to make it look like the elves are in front of subbie claus. Oh... You wonder why she uses a picture of her grandfather? Well, the real Mistress Claus is a hottie.. oops.. i mean very beautiful woman and would never own a three hundred year old subbie that looked his age. The real subbie claus is very much a stud muffin, as you might expect, and if he fails to deliver the presents on time, his ass will be as red as that coat she allows him to wear on Christmas Eve!!!

The reindeer as You probably know aren't deer at all. That's right, they are furries!!! Subbies who delight in appearing as animals. And, just like in Second Life, all they need to do is to push the "Fly" button on their viewer, and off they go! "Santa" isn't allowed to whip them, but they know who will if they don't move fast enough! The old Christmas story about Rudolph was really about a furry that Mistress Claus whipped until his ass was so bright it lit the night.. but again.. marketing prevailed.

The North Pole.. that's a joke that still cracks Mistress Claus up. The real business is located in California. Mistress is a Cali-girl. The original term North Pole was a reference to a dildo that Mistress Claus used on the North end of Santa.. thus.. the North Pole! She would say, "subbie claus, wiggle that ass.. it's the 'North Pole' for you!".. but alas.. marketing needs required a softer, more PG, version.

There are so many things i could tell You that are the "REAL" world of Santa Claus, but, alas, i have run out of time,. We are on very strict schedules, and Mistress Claus is not one to disappoint! Now, down to business, the reason for my visit is that we received a Christmas wish list from Garth, and as he is an owned subbie, Mistress Claus requires that his owner check off and approve the items that She will allow him to have from us. Umm.. it was 296 pages, so Mistress said to give it to You in a Word file. *holds out a flash* She seems to seriously doubt You will approve it all *shrugs* and we also noticed that some things like "Dirt Bike," were on there multiple times. So please do with it as You wish, and resend it to us via any mall Santa, (yes, they do work for Mistress) when You're ready.

It was lovely meeting You Miss Gabrielle, and Mistress has her finest subbies .. oops.. I mean.. elves.. marketing you know.. working on Your gifts. Have a wonderful day and I hope to see You again!

Oh.. and Mistress wanted me to ask that You not leave any cookies out for subbie claus, she said he's putting on weight!

*With that, the cheerful little elf hops up from the floor, and with a puff of magic dust.. oops.. just dirt on his shoes..eep!.. runs out the door to the waiting yellow cab and zooms away*

Dear Santa by Zaira

Dear Santa,

Thank you ever so much for what you brought me last year. I totally understand that some of the things I asked for would have looked a little odd under my tree, or even in my stocking.

I understand Santa that you could not actually put a woman under my tree last year, and that the woman I asked for was not the right one for me. I get that Santa now.. thank you for providing the right one right in front of me this year, and for her still being there when I realised. She is here this year Santa, I can stop asking for that one.

Thank you for the new toys I got this year. Am glad that there were no rabbits involved.. that last one was rather fragile and its ears just kept.. flopping.. Thank you that they were not wrapped last year for me to open with family but that I had to go buy them .. and the batteries... myself.

This year Santa I only have a few minor requests.. as I really have been a good girl.

I want to spend Christmas at home with my family and I promise I will be more thankful than I have been in previous years for my ability to do this.... even when my father says the same thing he says every year.

Please Santa can you make sure Mistress has a lovely Christmas also, and that someone helps her with the things she has to do.

Also, could you ask Mother Nature to stop sending snow. I know everyone wants it for Christmas, but really the end of November was a bit much of a mistake... and with practise already done in November more this weekend has really not been necessary.

Oh yes, my list ..

I would like please Santa:
A nice, pretty red corset
Some cuffs or some rope or some pretty red lengths of ribbon.. long ones, not for my hair Santa
To be brave enough to get a tattoo, and to decide what I want on it!
Some pretty shoes for Mistress, which I might be allowed to kiss
Mistletoe.. and ice..
A round ticket.. or maybe two.. to Dublin

Finally Santa, may I please have a bit more of what you have sent this year, because it has been one of the best so far!

Lots of love,

Zaira xx

P.S. I really have been a good girl this year

Discoman & Panzerboy Christmas Story

By Eroyan Barmy

Disco Man and Panzer Boy Adventures

Special Christmas Episode

“Yuletide” By:Eroyan Barmy

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.”

Lady T.’s image shimmered softly as Panzer, Cockbeater, and I sat around in our festive wear listing to our Lady tell the story. We listened quietly as she made the story come alive in our minds. It was a quiet Christmas Eve in Dominion. I always loved this time of year. It was when even the lowlifes of our beloved City of Dominion put down their crimes for a while and joined the festive mood. Christmas was really the only time Panzer and I got to relax.

I grinned watching Panzer hang on every word that flowed from our Lady T’s image he was always just a big kid around this time. I had long ago given up trying to get him to stop wearing a Santa hat on top of his helmet during this time. Granted I was no better. I always wore my red leisure suit to blend in with the colorfully dressed citizens during this time. Even Cockbeater who would normally be finding the next most unusual or decadent Mistress channel put aside his need to whack himself off with watching old holiday programs.

Many a time we would come back to the Pet- Lair in the Lady and instead of catching him doing some new weird bondage or sadistic trick to himself we would find him watching Frosty the Snowman or it’s a Wonderful Life. Trust me it was a lot better than the former. But it was Christmas Eve and we had gathered together as the fireplace popped and crackled with a Yule log listening to our Lady tell use her favorite story of Christmas.
We had all that we needed the family was together the world was at peace and tomorrow was Christmas. It was a perfect evening. Which of course if you have any idea about our luck meant, that the bottom was about to drop out beneath us at any moment. It began with a knock at the door.

Lady T stopped speaking and looked up at us. Each of us looked at the other and thought we had to be hearing things. The Pet-Lair was only known to the four of us. On top of that there were only two ways in and out and both were sealed and guarded by the security systems and doors. This knock if it was one came from the door to the room we were in. That couldn’t be, we would have heard alarms or warnings if someone had broken in. Even if they had the codes for the doors a chime goes off in the control room we would have heard telling us someone was here.

We only had to wait a moment before there again there was a soft knock on the door to where we all sat. Panzer stood up and looked to Lady T. We watched her set the book down and look at us.

“Answer the Door, Panzer.” Lady T said calmly.

“Yes Milady.” Panzer said.

Panzer went to the door and placed his hand on the knob I stood up and held my cane gently but ready watching my brother as I moved Cockbeater away to give me room and down behind the couch a bit just in case. Panzer looked at me.

“Ready Disco?”


With that he flung the door open and braced himself for whatever might be on the other side. I don’t know what we were expecting a boom… a marauding charge of killer Christmas robots something but defiantly not what actually walked into the room. Right between Panzer horse stance as calmly as you please came an elf. I mean seriously, an elf no taller than Panzer’s knee. Dressed in green from head to foot and soft bells jingling on its hat and curled fur boots. The Elf took one look around and pulled out a red envelope of normal size.

“Hello and Yuletide Greetings, I am George and a representative of the United North Pole Mail service, or the U.N.P.M. as we like to call ourselves. I was told I could find…” With that he looked down at the envelope.

Panzer turned around and looked down at the elf and looked at me to find the same look of soft shock on my face as was on his. Cockbeater was peeking over the couch I think still expecting the Elf to suddenly explode. Lady T made no sound simple watching from her seated position as her imaged shimmered gently from the projector behind us.

The Elf …I mean George adjusted his small wire framed glasses as he looked at the envelope in his hand and then looked up at us again.

“Yes apologizes, I was told I could find a Disco Man at this address. Is one of you him? “George said.

For a moment we didn’t move or speak still too stunned at what was going on before us till finally with a soft word from my Lady behind me I spoke up.

“Yes I am Disco Man.”

“Excellent,” George said with obvious joy on his face. “I’ll need you to sign for it. It’s the first delivery we have got to make in over 468 years. All the guys back at the shop won’t believe me if I don’t show the signature.”

“I see.” I said as I leaned down and gently signed my name to his small clip board and took the envelope from him.

“Well that’s all in order then. Thank you very much.” George lightheartedly tucked the clip board into a pocket and smiled to everyone before touching his hat softly. “Merry Christmas to you all and remember if it positively absolutely must arrived to the North Pole by Christmas trust U.N.P.M.”

He turned around once and there was a soft pop and a jingle bell sound. Leaving behind nothing but a shimmer of blue and snowflakes where George the Elf had been standing. It caused Panzer to jump and Cockbeater to let out a squeak before he fainted to the floor. I could only manage to raise my eyebrow as I heard Lady T. behind me whisper a word of “Interesting”.

Panzer went to check on Cockbeater as I looked down at the red envelope in my hand. It was plain and bore no address simply written in fine calligraphy writing was my name. My real name… and below it was a.k.a Disco Man. I sat down on the couch as Panzer was dragging Cockbeater up onto it. I looked up at my Lady for a moment. Then at her nod I opened the envelope and slid out the card inside. It was of plain manufacture with a durable feel to it on my fingers. A creamy white in color and more of the same fine calligraphy upon it.

“Dear Disco Man,
As I know you enjoy to be called that in your line of work. It has come to my attention that I may need use of your services. Yours and your companions, that is. It is regrettable to ask you for such a thing on Christmas but I fear that I have no other options as this is not a night I can miss myself. It seems that something of grand importance has gone missing from my possession and it must be found so that I can complete my journey tonight. If you are willing to help simply toss this letter into your Yule log fireplace and say laugh heartedly Ho ho ho. The magic will do the rest. Regardless of your decision I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.
Faithfully and Sincerely,
Kris Kringle a.k.a Santa Clause”
There was a smiley face under the name I read as if there was a small wink on it at the a.k.a. part to me. We all sat for a long moment trying to figure out if this was some kind of joke or a hoax. But then there was the memory of George the Elf. Was not that proof enough that this letter could be indeed from Santa Clause?

“It seems Santa Clause needs our help Panzer Boy.”


I saw his eyes light up like a three year old in a candy store and knew then that we would try to help even if this magic the letter spoke of didn’t work. Lady T. said nothing just bid us to be safe and Cockbeater ran to his station after making sure we had the equipment to communicate with us from so far away. Panzer and I bundled up in our best jackets and boots and gloves and went to the fire.

“Umm Disco..?”

“Yes Panzer?”

“Did it say you had to do the Ho ho ho?”

“Well no it didn’t specifically.”

“Can I do it?” He looked at me hopefully.

I laughed, “Yes you can do it Panzer.” With that I tossed the letter into the fire.
Panzer almost wiggling with joy belted out a loud and boisterous “HO HO HO!”

At first nothing happened and just as Panzer was about to try again. We were both wrapped in a shimmering blue mist and I could hear two distinct pop sounds and assume we left behind snowflakes. For when I could see again we were most defiantly not in the Pet-Lair.

The snow crunched beneath our feet as we looked around and realized we were in the middle of a small city of what looked like gingerbread houses and quaint brink buildings you saw in Christmas sets. The lamps along the street flickered with warmth and gave off a warm glow and every home was decorated from top to bottom with garland and lights. Around us going to a fro were Elves. All about the same height as George had been and none of them acted surprised that suddenly two people had just appeared out of thin air into the middle of their town.

Instead we were greeted by shouts of “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” as many passed by carrying Christmas presents and other items. Many stopped to offer us a warm cup of coco or a piece of pie. To which they feel in love with Panzer right away as he tried everything offered to us. I politely took a warm cup and sipped at it. Staring at the candy cane striped pole that was next to us with a slightly lopsided sign atop that said North Pole on it.

“Glad you could make it!” A hearty voice sounded behind us.

Turning around there stood as every story has warned us before, a jolly old fat man with rosy cheeks and nose, dressed head to toe in red and white fur his tummy rolling like a bowl full of jelly as he laughed and clapped us both on the back.

Sheepishly I said, “Santa Clause?”

Laughing he hugged both me and Panzer at once in a tight embrace, “Call me Kris! Now come let’s get out of the street so we can talk.”

Panzer and I nodded as we followed Santa up the street. The whole way everyone wishing Merry Christmas and Santa and Panzer stopping now and then to try a new Elven recipe that was brand new even if it was thousands of years old. Finally we reached a small cottage next to a grand workshop that still had sounds of work going on inside. Santa opened the door and bid us to enter. I couldn’t resist I peeked around the cottage at the stables behind and saw the soft glow of a red nose in one of the stables. Santa just patted my shoulder and led me inside with Panzer.

“I apologize that Mrs. Clause isn’t here she is visiting Father Time and greeting the New Year baby that will be born tonight.”

“I thought New Years was still a week away.” Panzer said.

“Well of course it is but new years have to learn what the old ones know before they can take over don’t they.”

“Oh well yes I suppose.”

Panzer was looking around at Santa’s house trying to take it all in. A cozy warm cottage with the smell of soft spices and holly, next to the large chair Santa settled in was a stack of paper from the floor to the arm of the chair. Panzer stared at it a long time as Santa took off his gloves and patted it looking at Panzer.

“Yes it’s The List, at least a part of it. I like to make a hard copy for light reading in the evenings. Reminds me of simpler times when the world wasn’t so fast.” He smiled but for the first time I could see a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“Kris you said you lost something?” I said.

“Yes yes I did. Terribly embarrassing really to have lost it but I need it so I can do my rounds tonight.”

“You mean if you don’t have it the presents won’t be delivered?” Panzer eyes were wide with awe and fear at this idea.

“I’m afraid so Panzer. “ Santa said, “You see the sleigh is pulled by my reindeer and traveling isn’t the problem. The problem is that the magic that is needed to deliver the presents. Namely, to get into and out of people’s homes so to speak, well that requires magic and that magic is Christmas spirit. That’s what I have lost.”

“But Kris if you have lost the Christmas spirit how are you able to be here?” I asked.

He looked at me and suddenly he laughed heartedly again, “Oh no no no , yes you are right if the Christmas spirit ever dies in the world yes I would be gone and so would all the elves you saw out there. I should have said I have a place I store Christmas spirit. My bag you see. I keep Christmas Spirit in there and use it to go up and down chimneys etc etc. I’ve lost my present bag.”

Panzer and I looked at each other. Thinking the same thing we have to find Santa’s present bag? Wouldn’t someone have kept an eye on it we were both thinking? “How did you lose it?” Panzer and I both said at the same time which caused a soft round of laughter.

“That’s just it one day it was where we kept it, there in the chest with my good suit I wear on Christmas Eve. Then next it was gone. All the Elves have been looking for it and so far none of us have been able to find it.

“Any, Idea where it might be?” I asked Santa.

With that Santa leaned forward and put his finger to his nose. Pulling us close to him he looked at us both and said. “Yes.” Then he leaned back and chuckled.

Panzer actually fell out of his chair leaning too far out of it and landed with a thud and I leaned down and helped him up grunting a bit with his weight.

“ummph, well if you know where it is. Why haven’t you gone to get it?” I asked.

“Cause it is the one place that I cannot go. So I needed you two to go fetch it for me if you would.”

“Well yes Santa we have come this far we will go get it for you. But where is it?”

Santa leaned back and placed his hands on the arm of his chair and gazed a moment in the fire. For a moment I thought her might send us home that he was having second thoughts about sending us where ever it was we were to go.

“Do you remember the story of Rudolph?” Santa said.

Remembering the glow of the red nose I had saw earlier in the stables I nodded. Panzer sat back down and listened.

“He ended up on the island of misfit toys and in the story and in truth I took all the misfit toys from there after he returned home and gave them to children who loved them anyway. Since then the Island of Misfit toys was in name only. Every toy has a home that comes from my workshop. But recently someone has moved to the island. And in order to keep peace I promised that I would never set foot on that island.”

“Who is this someone?” I asked.

“The Grinch’s brother.”

I blinked and Panzer’s jaw dropped. “The Grinch as is the guy that stole Christmas or tried to?”

“Yes that’s the one, now he’s one of my biggest helpers as he learned you can’t stop Christmas. But his brother well he just thought his little brother was weak and won’t have anything to do with him. He moved onto the island after that and I knew he might try to stop Christmas at the source meaning me. I met with him and I thought we had agreed to leave the other alone. But I know my present bag is there right now. I don’t know if he stole it but it doesn’t matter I need it back or he might actually succeed where his little brother failed. The world is fragile… I fear that if I do not ride and deliver tonight as usual that there might be a break in Christmas spirit. Will you still go and get my bag?” Santa asked.

“The Grinch has a brother?” Panzer said to himself.

“Yes we will go get your bag.” I said.

Santa stood up and put his hands on Panzer and my shoulders. “Thank you boys.” He said softly. There was a pop and blue mist and more snowflakes.

Panzer and I were standing on a small island. Ice flows drifted around us in the frigid sea. The Island wasn’t that big and we could see all the way across it. Looming above us on all sides but a small slit that allowed the sea in was a glacier that kept the howling arctic wind away from the island. Snow and Ice drifted down around us from the wind blowing it off the top of the glacier and there in the middle of the island was a hill and there was the dark cave of what could only be assumed of the Grinch. Or the Grinch’s big brother.

Panzer looked at me and I am him, we both began to walk toward the cave. We came within a few feet of the entrance when a growl sounded within.

“So the fat man finally sent his heroes to save Christmas did he?” The growl said within.

“You have something that doesn’t belong to you.” I responded.

“I have it, and therefore it does belong to me now. So trusting he was when I told him I wouldn’t bother him. So foolish, it allowed me to find out what really would ruin Christmas. Not like my idiot little brother who thought it was just presents and trees. Now he helps the fat man in his jolly making. Still he comes and tells me we were wrong the only joy I gain from him coming is being able to see how far I can toss him into the sea.” The growling voice laughed.

“Never the less it doesn’t belong to you and we ask you to return it. We do not wish to hurt you to get it.” Panzer said.

At this the growling voice laughed so hard that snow shook from the cave entrance and we saw a pair of glowing eyes look out at us from the cave. “Hurt me you say? I am not like my little brother who could only frighten the whos in who-ville because they of all the creatures in the world were smaller than him.”

At that he stepped from the cave and Panzer and I took a step back. He must have to crouch inside his dark hole for when he stood up he towered over Panzer and I. He was a towering twelve feet tall and his marsh like green fur was so dark it was almost black. His eyes glowed yellow as the snow and ice drifted onto his body. He wore a ragged cloth around his waist and a wide belt. There tucked just by the buckle was a brown sack with a golden braid around the end. Santa’s bag.

“You creatures are to me are like the whos my brother enjoyed to terrorize before he grew weak. I have grown stronger over the years feeding off the hate of Christmas and it has gotten stronger and stronger. People are forgetting and I find this good. Soon I will return to your world and my name will be written again to warn others. Like your kind would heed it, you didn’t before so you won’t again and I will feed again as deliciously as I did before. Over and Over.”

Panzer looked at me and began to move to one side of the Grinch as I began to move to the other making those yellow eyes watch me.

“So I take it your name isn’t Grinch then?” I said as I moved nearer toward him.

His yellow eyes focused on me and laughed another booming laughter that made a piece of the glacier around us crack and enter the sea with a splash. “See! Even now you do not know me and I left my name for you all to read on that tree. For any who might find it to quake in fear. Fine I will tell you my name so that you will know your fate before I crush you and this Spirit of Christmas that has plagued me so. I am Croatoan! And that pitiful colony of your kind was delicious.”

His laughter at us caused his glowing eyes to close a moment and as my mind flashed with images of the lost colony I knew now was the time.

“Go Panzer go!” I yelled.

Croatoan’s eyes flashed open with surprise as Panzer suddenly leapt onto his leg. “What? Get off!” Croatoan yelled and tried to swat at Panzer.

I pointed my cane and fired my grapple hook from the end catching a thick bunch of fur at his neck. Croatoan yelp in surprise and forgetting Panzer grabbed for the cable with his hands. Panzer was still climbing up the huge Grinch as I slammed my cane into the hard ice and imbedded it firmly. Grabbing the cable I yanked with all the strength I could just as Panzer leapt up and grabbed the belt of the giant. The jerk and Panzer sudden weight at his middle threw Croatoan off balance and he began to topple.

“Get Clear Panzer!” I yelled.

“Right hang on!” He yelled back and grabbing Santa’s bag jumped hard pulling it from the waist band of the belt and landing in a roll away from Croatoan as he crashed to the ground. I darted over and grabbed Panzer hand pulling him up.

“He’s not out but let’s get, the heck out of here.”


Panzer and I took off running for the edge of the Island hoping that if we made it to the sea Croatoan wouldn’t follow. We only made it about a hundred feet from the cave when a howl of rage boiled out of Croatoan and we heard the thud of those giant feet as he chased us.
“You will not steal it from me!” Croatoan screamed. “The Spirit of Christmas will be destroyed I will burn it before your eyes then feast on your bones!”

Panzer and I ran for all we were worth hearing the raging Grinch chasing us down. We were close now to the water we might just make it. Then the world went dark. Panzer and I went down tumbling struggling to rise out of the giant snowball that had take us both out Croatoan was on us in seconds. He struck me hard and sent me flying a few feet and grabbed Santa’s bag from the snow. But Panzer leapt on it and held on tight. Shaking my head I ran to Panzer as he dug in his boots deep and growled at Croatoan.

“Let go you worthless human!” Croatoan growled back.

“Never!” Panzer yelled.

I grabbed Panzer around the waist and together we were able to keep Croatoan from getting the bag. He couldn’t hold on to it without both his hands so a tug of war ensued with neither gaining control over the other for long. But we knew that we would grow tired faster than Croatoan it was only a matter of time. Already we had been dragged closer back toward the cave.

“Yess soon you won’t be able to hold on and it will be mine again. And you will watch it burn before I eat you both.” Croatoan hissed at us.

“What are we going to do Disco? “ Panzer said to me.

“Hold on as long as we can. I won’t give up as long as you won’t.”

“He’s not getting it without a fight!” Panzer and I pulled with all our might.

“Isn’t that adorable.” Croatoan laughed at us. “Nothing can stop me especially not you.”

“Santa could!” Panzer yelled at him.

“Ha! Santa would only try to show me the Christmas spirit bring me a present maybe. It doesn’t matter he won’t break his word he is that good. He won’t set foot on this island. He promised. You are doomed!” Croatoan growled at us.

“Panzer,” I panted into his ear. “There is someone who can help us but you have to trust me.”

“You know I do brother.” He gasped back. Both of us were growing weaker.

“Close your eyes and let go.”

Panzer to his credit didn’t question and at the same time we let go which sent Croatoan falling back with a crash into the snow and ice again. I held onto Panzer and we both closed our eyes and maybe for the first time we truly asked for help.

“Victory!” we heard Croatoan cry aloud. As he stood up and held Santa’s bag in his grip, we heard him turn and stalk toward us. “Now for you two to watch the death of Christmas and your precious Santa can’t help you!”

Suddenly a calm voice was next to us. “No he promised but perhaps I can.”

Panzer and I opened our eyes and there beside us was a young man. He was dressed in nothing but a light robe and sandals. He should have been freezing but warmth seemed to radiate from him. Croatoan stood stock still at his appearance and gazed at the young man.

“Where did you come from?” Croatoan growled.

“I am always near to those that need me.” He smiled at Panzer and I. Gently he touched us and our weariness faded and we no longer felt the cold or pain. I began to weep and Panzer knelt in the snow.

The Grinch known as Croatoan looked back and forth at us and this young man. His voice began to tremble as he asked. “Who are you?”

“I am a Sheppard of men. I like you was born into this world and it was on this night I came to bring the light to the world. “He said calmly.

“You…you can’t be.” Croatoan said and his voice no longer growled it was as if a small child came out. “It was just a story.”

The young man held out his hands and looked up at Croatoan. “Come and feel the holes Croatoan for like Peter you must see.”

Croatoan leaned down and saw the holes there in this young man’s wrists. Suddenly he wept like a baby as I had been doing so since his appearance. Calmly the young man placed his hand on Croatoan’s head.

“Put down your burden and follow me.”

Croatoan dropped Santa’s bag and nodded. Panzer and I watched as they walked to the sea and across it. Literally across it right on top of the water that became calm and smooth as glass for them. Panzer picked up the bag that lay nearby and we both looked at them. Croatoan actually smiled and the young man held his hand high. In farewell and then they were gone.

We were back in Santa’s cottage as he gleefully took his present bag back. We told him all that had happened and he smiled and laughed and nodded as if all along he knew that was how it would end. The whole North Pole town turned out to see Santa off and we among them cheered to see his bag full and sleigh ready as he took off into the night.

George the Elf was gracious enough to send us back home and when we arrived Cockbeater asked us if we were going. I laughed and said we had been gone for hours at which Cockbeater gave me your crazy look and pointed to the clock.

We hadn’t left. It was only a min after we had tossed the letter into the fire. I looked and there still visible was the letter just now blackening in the fire. The last piece was the smiley face under the name of Kris Kringle. Panzer and I both turned to our Lady and told her everything that had happened how it couldn’t have just been a min. She listened and Cockbeater sat there still thinking we were nuts. Finally our story was over and both Panzer and I stood before the image of our Lady T.

Gentle she said, “Sit.”

“Yes Mistress” was the reply from all of us.

We settled back down on the couch listening to the Yule log pop and crackle, each of us half -expecting a knock on the door. Finally our Lady T picked up her book again.

“It seems that my boys have been very good this year.” She purred. And that was the end of it.

She began to read from her book again and when the story was over we all rushed to our beds and in the night we each felt out Lady come in and whisper to us how much she loved us and tucked us in snugly.

Tomorrow was Christmas, Santa would ride tonight, and the Morning Star burned brighter than ever before. Our family was together and though Panzer and I never could prove what happened that evening. I will never forget the young man who held his hand high to us beckoning to us and the words that only Panzer and I heard. “Peace, goodwill towards men.”
I never slept so soundly or at peace. Merry Christmas.

The Road Trip Part 2 By Shyguy Nootan

...continued from last week

Mistress handed me the keys and told me to drive......i walked to the passengers door, opened it for her, and once she stepped in, i glanced at her gorgeous legs, in those black tights and admired the long black leather boots...her legs were extended in the car, and i just moaned softly as i closed the door. She looked up at me and a sultrly soft smile came across her face. I walked around to the driver's side, got in the amazing red convertible, and began driving, leaving the airport parking lot, still in a daze from finally tasting her gorgeous wet pussy. I could still feel the juices on my face, and the smell permeated my was a scent that came from heaven.

We started driving away, and I asked Mistress for directions. She had already set up the room in the hotel, and it was a 20 minute drive...."Baby, i programmed the route into the gps, and you will notice we will be taking the long way through some deserted roads" as another grin came across her face. I just looked into the gps and began driving, the wind pressing against our faces as we drove through the beautiful country roads.

She leaned in close to me and whispered into my ear "Now pet, you are to concentrate on the road, you are not to look at anything other than the road, do you understand me? If you look anywhere else, or lose concentration for one second you will be punished severely" I nodded, looked straight ahead and just focused on the task at hand.

After a few minutes I felt something brushing against my pants, her hand slowly beginning to rub my cock which was still extremely hard from the episode at the airport. I heard the zipper, and i felt her taking my cock from my pants, sticking straight in the air........and without looking down I could feel her soft lips encasing it, slowly sucking up and down....her mouth just sliding up and down, her soft lips pressed against it.....i could feel her tongue caressing the head.....and i began to moan loudly....."shut up boy, not one word from you, not one sound" she commanded. i bit my lip and kept concentrating on the road

The road was deserted, and I was trying so hard to focus on the road, keeping my eyes ahead, but it was so difficult as all I could feel was her mouth bobbing up and down, taking my cock all the way in......and then all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain as her teeth began grinding against my cock....she pressed harder into it....teeth leaving marks all over it.....i felt her move to the head, and she bit into it harder.....causing me to swerve a little and moan loudly.

"I said not a fucking sound you little slut, and you lost your concentration, there will be consequences" I shuddered, and continued to focus on the road.....

She returned to sucking, and my cock began to swell some more, knowing precum was just about to ooze from the tip of my incredibly aroused cock. She sensed this, removed her mouth from it and took the precum onto her fingers......reaching up with them she slowly slid her finger to my lips and glazed my lower lip with my precum....."Don't you dare lick your lips boy, that is your lipgloss for the day" and she giggled some more.....

Mistress leaned back into her seat, and reached into the glove box for something....Moving back to my cock I could feel something cold and hard encasing it. Mistress slid the device on to my cock, i could feel it surrounding my cock, and I heard a little click, and from what I could tell my cock was entirely locked up...

She put my cock away, and then began giggling, leaning back in her seat, enjoying the ride.

"Now my little slut, you are all locked away, and i have the key", as she began to play with it as it hung from her neck. She laughed some more....."and if you don't do exactly what i say, this key will never unlock that little worm of yours, do you understand?"

We arrived at the hotel....

To be continued

Confession Poem By Cera Rhapsody

of my reverent whip—

how her ass is addicted
to the back of my hand,

how roses bloom pink near her
pussy in the shape of my palms.

This is where we get all our
energy; the tip of the flail is the
orbit of everything,

our skin revolves in tight ellipses
around leather and the ecstasy of mutual captivities.
She whispered her confession
to the tip of my whip,

a leather thong between her ass, to
spread her cheeks apart

so that we could pluck the petals there,
and sip the honey—
lick the spurts of pollen that clings
to the back of her throat, in dribbles

in drips,
in perfect pardons.

Becoming A Servant By Aaron Alderton

What does it mean to serve a beautiful dominant woman for me? Being able and being being allowed to serve a beautiful dominant woman means being able to do what i am supposed to be on this planet for.

It is quite interesting how soon I realized that. I did realize that very soon in my life that I was different from the other boys and girls in my age. Some friends came to the idea to tie my hands behind my back with a short rope they found in my friends grandfathers basement.

One girl did tie me and told me to wait on the last step of the stairs up to the ground floor as I were a captive of their bandit group.. The others kept playing and running around. They ran the stairs up and down and mostly ignoring me. Me the boy that sat on that stair step started to enjoy that.

I suddenly realized that I was fully erected. And I was only 9 years old! I started hoping this could last very long but then one of the boys set me free from my behind back bondage. To be honest at that tiem I did not really understand what I felt, I just realized that I enjoyed that restricted moment on the stairs. Soon after that I started to masturbate on my own even though I wasn’t able to ejaculate.

After that very early period of my childhood it took over ten years until I had my first Femdom experience with a more than ten years older woman. I met her on a party and in the end of the evening was tied to her bed and had to serve her orally as she sat on my face. From that moment on I knew definitely that I will always be in the passive role when being with women.
Some years later I had my first rel life long term relationship again with a older woman that left her husband but wasn’t divorced yet. She had a small flat in a town one hundred kilometers from my town and I visited her every weekend. I did her laundry, I cleaned the whole flat including dust sucking, cleaning windows and of course also the toilet, the shower and everything. She really enjoyed my service as I worked very exact and only did few mistakes which she punished very hard. That was my first contact with a riding crop and later one my first contacts with very painful canes.

She also was the one that conditioned me to be able to keep an erection, to satisfy a woman and control myself in the sense that I don’t ejaculate. Unfortunately she went back to her husband after some time. Maybe also because she already had two children that she missed.
But from that experience on I knew that my only purpose in life is to pack all my passion, my abilities to enhance the life of a beautiful woman.

I Dream By Zaidel

You are sitting on the couch calmly, i am sitting in front of you on my knees, you snap your fingers and point to a spot on the floor between your legs, i obey and soon i am trapped between your legs. your hands holding my face, one hand on each cheek, your mouth devouring mine, demanding more, i feel your tongue caress my lips then parts them wishing my tongue to dance on your music. My tongue submitts to yours, My eyes bright with lust, looking at yours, i feel like my inner wolf, the raw animal in me is pasting around, wanting to get out, awaken by your teasing, your touch, a long deep breath and i smell the excitement oozing from your panties.

Your teasing have its effect on me, after hours with you, with paddle and ice cubes i feel horny, i feel hard, and now trapped between your legs with the most delicious smell in the world in my nose. i need to make love to you, no i need to pounce you, jump you, take you but everytime i try to reach you, i do it in vain, course every time you see my attempt you smile and use your leash attached to my collar, maintaining me on my knees, firmly there.

i know then -You only have to snap your fingers and i will do all you wish

Every kiss you give me is a blessing, every caress on my chest and my waist is a precious gift, i feel how it is awaken a little more of the wolf inside me, wanting to break free, i need and wanting to posses you. Your hands slowly moves down to the edge of my pants and make me hold my breath, pulling my stomach in wishing you go beyond the edge to my hard cock, pounding in its prison. The hands of my Lady so close to my hard cock makes me gasps, i feel the button on my jeans open and the notices the zipper goes down, you stand and pulling me with you up by tugging the leash, as i stand my pants fall to the floor, you smile telling me im a good boy remembering the no underwear rule, you sit back down and i kneel on my own, no need for pulling me down. Im naked at your feet, panting excited. Your legs apart me between, i takes a deep breath smelling it again, your skirt slided up a little as you sat down again and now gives me a clear shot of your wet pussy, i know its wet from the spot showing on your panties, the smell are overwhelming me. Keeping me in a distance, far enough not to be able to touch i watch your fingers slide under your panties how you caress your self, getting wetter, then you caress my lips, parting them and making me to taste your fluids.

I can't hold myself anymore, i jump on you, finally driven crazy by you, the animal bursting out. I feel the power of the leash on my neck, trying to hold me back, but the pain i feel doesn't matter to me now, i just want to take you against the couch, with a growl i enter you without any delay, i hear how do you fake a sigh, trying to seem surprised, but you knew what you were doing to me and was waiting for it, but you are the one playing this music and your moans mantain me out of control. I take the punishment after, it be worth it
I feel the heels of your boots on my sides, im edging fast and you sense it, you press hard your boots on my sides, feeling your heels dig in my back making a terrible pain, i cant endure it makes me to kneel again at your feet, before i recover i find my hands cuffed together on my back, my feet tied to the coach

When i level my head you grab me by my hair, and sits on my face all i see and smell is your pussy, i lick you, kiss you, suck you. Your fingers massage your clit, faster and faster, you press on my face making me to fuck you with my tongue, deeply licking you, im pumping you til my tongue is soar and til finally you cum on my face, marking me with your aromas.
I feel hard as a rock and you notice of course by smiling at me, like a cat playing with a mouse, you take my cock, begin to milk me driving me crazy, again i wanting to free myself and fuck you hard. But no way i can this time, im firmly bound and helpless in your mercy, i edge again, and you just stop, smiling at me, waiting for me to calm down, then starts again til i edge and again you wait for me to get calm again, you are playing your music, training me. Finally you just sit down on me, riding me, getting your pleasure again, driving me to edge one time, stops moving doing it again and again and another, but neglecting my pleasure every time. I don't know how many time you do this, i just know i end floating around, deep in subspace.

I feel exhausted, my rear was burning from your paddle, i smell your juices all around my body, marked by your aroma, my back and chest can still feel your Nails, . My mind was floating between worlds, naked and vulnerable now, the same as my body, my head resting in your lap.
I see you whispering me loved sweet words, caressing me, making me feel loved, dragging me back to you with your tenderness, with your love, chaining my soul back to you, with a stronger leash than the one hooked in my collar.

I awake in your lap, a sound startled me, i kiss your hand, letting you know i was awake, you takes care of me all the time. I landed safe and softly and then i hear the same sound again i look Her fingers, She snapped snapped them once again.
I wake up alone in my bed, almost in tears when i discover it was a dream, but i hope and wish it will be true soon, i connect to sl to meet her with a blushing face

Confession Taren

I can recall having to be a grown up before I even knew what being a kid meant. My parents had divorced when I was young and I was the oldest of four kids. My mother relied on me for her ear to bend for grown up issues and a shoulder to cry on that was too small to handle all those tears. I watched her go through men that treated her terrible and in turn learned things that I took into my grown up life.

I always thought that I would never be like her, that I would pick a good person to love me. To take care of me. To keep me safe and not scared. To run to for comfort and protection even if the thing inside me seemed tiny and insignificant. Needless to say I tried to be different than her, but alas I didn’t succeed. After being married three times and being the dominant personality in all three of my marriages, not by choice but by necessity, I have realized that I am not complete. I do not know what will make me complete, I do not know if this journey I have taken on in SL will help me to figure this out. I do know that men have constantly disappointed me in their ability to make me feel wanted and safe. I have more than a strong desire and pull to give myself to someone, mind body and soul but my walls are too high and too strong. I cannot let them down!!

I find that dominant women that I have met in SL have made me feel safer and more understood than anyone I have met in RL. I do not have any BDSM experience aside from a male Dom that I met here and that carried over into phone and some RL aspects, but he lives in the UK and so even though I feel this is a man I do trust and would allow myself to try and give up some of this power and control that I find to be such a burden now, I cannot! This man took a firm hand with me, he made me feel a sense of worth that I didn’t even know I had. He empowered me from my knees to take back my broken life and try to fix it piece by piece and not to be scared anymore.

Looking for someone to replace him has been a challenge and maybe because of the mothering that I had as a child looking for a Domme is my solution or part of it to me. My esteem, my worth, my mothering all seem to be wrapped up in this. I find women beautiful, I have often wondered if I am a lesbian and have only chosen men because that is what I thought I should do. I seem to have always done what I should do, but not because someone else made me but because I had no other choice. Am I in the right place? I do not know! But I think that as I have listened to some of these wonderfully inspiring women I have found a piece, maybe even two of the puzzle that has for so long been broken and stored away only waiting for someone to come and help me put it together.


It started like any other day, going to school on this particular day
and having to do with out seeing Mistress most of it. I did have a
break between classes and naturally logged on to see her and discuss
the issues that have been plaguing our relationship and getting to
know one another.

While waiting for her to log in, I began to put down my feelings on
what I felt it was to be s submissive, on having other pets in the
house, on restrictions, and other musings. Not to get into any
specifics but these were the views of a new submissive
that was trying to figure out where the world of BDSM and vanilla fit
together. Not meaning that vanilla ideas should replace any of the
things I have grown to understand in this lifestyle, but in how best
to understand the concepts of the BDSM lifestyle.

Mistress finally logged on and I let her know of what I had written
thinking it a confession of sorts, but in reality it was probably best
described as a list of how I felt and saw things.

Again only my views but I would hope to understood better as
Mistress guided me along. She took the note, read it, then asked me to
explain a part of it, which I did. She then a few minutes later said
she needed to lay down and that she was tired. So I bid her goodbye and
said I would be on later that evening and would see her then.

Driving home was uneventful and when I arrived home I logged and
Mistress had returned, and was dressed in a lovely blue gown.
"Mistress!", I said, "You look stunning! Going dancing?" "No.", she
replied. She then said there was a Munch at Dominion, and the topic
was the Goddess syndrome, or placing your Mistress so high up that
they are unapproachable. So we left for Dominion and attended a
wonderful discussion on this topic. Needless to say Mistress gave
some wonderful comments on if it becomes a burden and that you had to
constantly be coping with the sub on issues and problems, then there
was a problem.

We finished the discussion and said that we needed to go back home
because she wanted to talk. Upon arriving back home Mistress
directed me into the sitting room. Mistress then looked at me and
hearing the crack in her voice I knew something was wrong right away.
She then proceeded to tell me that with the Munch that it hit exactly
on the issue that She and I have been going round and round about.

My service to her....

You see, ever since I have been getting to know Mistress, I have
always been by her side. But as with all of us, we need our space
too. Mistress had tried to instill that idea to let her have space
from time to time but my inadequacy and insecurity to be away from her
lead me to do stupid things like IM her constantly, asking her friends
sub about if she were OK when I was not there, and so on. She had to
constantly sit down and talk with me concerning these matters.

So as I sat there hearing her voice break, because I knew how much she
cares for me, I began to cry, because I knew what was about to happen.
Could I beg at her feet saying I would change, probably. But I knew
it would make no difference. I know now my mistake, but I also know
that I have so much more to learn. Mistress told me on the first day
that she did not like to be smothered, and even though I tried in the
end to break away from that habit it was too little too late.

I hold no ill feeling for her as I packed my things, and prepared to
walk out that door. And we have talked since, and I still cherish
her smile and advice. I only hope one day I find someone, and that
she finds someone to make her as happy as she made me.

My best wishes to her.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Confession By Emma

Even before October's Nimhneach came to an end, plans were already under way for us to attend again in November. Despite this forward thinking, my month or so of preperation time had amounted to buying a bus ticket. Whoops. In my defense, I was waiting to see if a friend of mine would be able to attend before I booked the hotel, but still... yeah.

Suddenly there was just a few days to go and I was panicing a little. Outfit items ordered online still hadn't been delivered, the cost of hotels had doubled since the last time I'd looked, and I was having doubts that I'd actually make it. Luckily I stumbled across a hotel on the same street as the club, and even better, it was just a third the price of some of the other options. I did some Googling and the reviews were mixed; great location, loud noises from the bars nearby; excellent rooms, loud noises; great staff, oh, and did we mention the *LOUD NOISES*? In the end I took a chance, telling myself that if it was rubbish then I'd have learnt my lesson.

Despite this success, things worsened by Saturday. It had started to snow heavily over the Northern areas of Ireland, and Lady Sue and Zaira had to cancel due to the dangers of travelling. Hearing this, I was struck by uncertainy about whether I wanted to go on my own, but I decided to go for it and see what happened. That said, I almost didn't make it either. The bus driver tried to talk us out of going as the previous two buses had gotten stuck, but having already committed I decided to give it a try anyway, and off we went.

Things started to look up once I got to Dublin. Saying that the hotel is close to the club really doesn't do it justice; it's practically next door, and as promised, the staff and rooms were indeed really good. However, disaster struck again! As I rummaged through my case I realised that I'd forgotten to pack my skirt.

By this point it was late and almost closing time for most of the shops, so I practically ran across the street to Pennys (Primark for the UK folk, and for the US peeps, think Kmart). I ducked and weaved my way inside to avoid the gaze of the employees just beginning to turn people away, and after a bit of hunting I found a passable, cheap black skirt. Phew! Crisis averted. As it happened, the skirt was also a lot looser than the one I'd originally planned to wear, which would later prove useful.

Time passed and finally 10 am rolled around. I rushed off downstairs and went next door, nodding to the bouncers and replying with "Nimhneach" when asked about where I was going. It was almost like speaking a password, which mirrors the somewhat secret nature of the club.

When I got inside I was surprised by how quiet it was. Yes it was early, but there couldn't have been more than about 10 people. Clearly the cool people don't arrive until later. It must have been obvious how lost I felt though, for it wasn't long before one of the staff members wandered over and asked me if I was okay. We spoke briefly and he introduced me to Chris, the organiser that I'd spoken to briefly by email after October's Nimhneach. He's great, and he helpfully introduced me to the 'core' crowd once they arrived: StellaPerversa & DommyDarko (the shibari couple), Chalk and Croi (organisers of the Cork munch), and MrPlum, the man with the little black book of submissive girls. He was also the guy carrying the scary looking paddle, measuring about 2 inches in width and 8 inches long with little studs along one side. He delighted in showing it to everyone and watching their eyes go wide in fear.

MrPlum and I talked a little as we watched a guy have his chest hair waxed for charity, and I happened to mention that at the last Nimhneach I'd been randomly kissing a girl called Kaytie. He then introduced me to Orla, one of his regular (and simply gorgeous) play partners, and asked if I wanted to 'randomly' kiss her as well. After much hesitation and uhmming and ahhing (i.e., I said yes instantly), he pushed her towards me and we spent the next 10... err, maybe 20... you know, I have no idea how long it was. Bottom line, we kissed, nay, we *snogged* for ages, and it was glorious.

She was nervous, uncertain and unsure, but she smiled and made soft noises of appreciation as I got a little carried away, sucking and kissing on her bottom lip.

Finally we paused to breath and MrPlum told Orla that she needed to be punished for some arbitrary act of something or other. We moved to some seats and she bent over, hands resting on my lap as I sat down and, coincidentally, had an perfect, perfect viewer of her boobs being squished her corset. As he lifted her skirt and spanked her, we went back to kissing, broken only by a few moments where she needed to catch her breath. We couldn't help but laugh a little; it was MrPlum's plan of course, to distract her and tease her whilst she tried out her bisexual tendancies. She didn't seem to mind though.

Suddenly, it was my turn. Apparently I'd missed the 'do not bite' clause. Whoops! MrPlum beckoned for us to change places. I hesitated, genuinely this time. Not only was this going to be a relatively new experience, it was going to be with a guy, a Dom, and someone I didn't know that well at that. I wasn't sure how I felt about it and I think I gulped, but finally I went for it. I stood and swapped with Orla, then waited with trepidation as he lifted my skirt (see? looser proved to be useful!)

He started with a cane. It was very light at first and I had no problem concentrating on my task: kiss Orla (best task ever, by the way). It gradually grew more and more intense until I had problems focusing on Orla's lips. She sensed it too and laughed at me. Then MrPlum paused. He reached over and took the worryingly large paddle, and even after seeing it the first time, my eyes went wide again. I knew this was going to hurt before it even landed, and yes, it really did. He was careful though and only used used it several times before telling me to sit down and relax for a while. Even so, my bum was glowing and tingling intensely, and I had trouble sitting down properly. I loved it.

By this point I was trembling uncontrollably from adrenaline, anxiety, and excitement. I felt incredible happy, like I was finally experiencing something I'd been missing out on for a really long time.

I sat for a while and watched Chalk get beaten senselessly. She was cropped, flogged and spanked, and by more than just Nimhneach members - even a club manager joined in (after some coaching of course). All through the rough treatment she was well looked after, constantly being asked if she was okay by friends that knew her and given short breaks here and there. I continued to tremble as I watched, excited to see this kind of thing actually happening in front of me.

Suddenly, it was my turn again. MrPlum called me over to where he and Croi were discussing his new paddle. She wanted to try it... on me. I bent over one of the bars of the frame that Chalk was cuffed to, and all I could see was her being beaten in front of me whilst I waited, breath held in anticipation. Croi used it several times, hard enough that I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in pain, and then MrPlum took. He told me to call out the 6 hits, so I followed Dominion convension and adopted the "1, thank You Sir, 2, thank You Sir" approach.

Each one hurt horrendously. My legs trembled more and more with each hit, the heels of the boots doing nothing to help of course, and I began to feel calm and peaceful despite what was happening and how much I was shaking. I don't know how to accurately describe how painful the last hit was; it was agonising, and I loved it.

As I straightened up and stood there in my slight happy-daze, Croi hugged me and thanks me with a hug for letting her use the paddle. I mumbled something about "No no, thank YOU!", of course considering myself the lucky one.

Then, almost as soon as it had begun, the lights flicked on and signalled closing time. We relucantly gathered our things and headed outside into the freezing cold, and there Orla invited us back to her place. I hesitated for a moment; the sensible voice tried to tell me about that bus I had to catch, an early start, etc etc, blah blah, but I silenced it with rationale like "It's just tea and dessert!" and "It'll just be a couple of hours of chilling out and chatting, right?" - heh, wrong, so so wrong.

I don't want to share too much about what happened - I don't really want to kiss and tell - but it can be summed up by telling you that we invented a new dessert. 'Titsamasu' - tiramasu served off of Orla's boobs. It really adds to the taste!

In the morning as I dressed, I admired the fresh bruises on my bum and thighs. They were dark and rather brutal looking, and I was rather impressed by how much of a mark had been left. I felt like they were a reward, and I was already looking forward to the next ones.

Finally it was time to leave. We hugged, kissed one last time, and I rushed off to my hotel and from there to the bus station. It was just before midday and the sky was a crystal clear blue. The snow was still thick on the ground, but the best bit was the dusty covering on the trees, lampposts, awnings and rooftops. The slight breeze carried motes of it through the air, giving the impression of snowfall despite the cloudless sky. It was the perfect end to the weekend. That, and the fact that I made it to my bus with just seconds to spare! ;)

Confession By Pesto

As I arrived At the Dominion Femdom, I could see many Mistress's and Lady's awaiting the arrival of the slaves who were about to be sold at auction.
I felt the chill of excitment run through my body as I was given a stand to be bound to, I realised that I was going to be given to a stranger and be made to do things I may not have experianced in the past. This made me very hot and my hands began to sweat, 10 minutes before the auction was due to begin I removed my clothes and proceeded to Bind myself to the stand. As I hang there, my naked body free from clothes. I could see the Ladies observing what was on offer. The event was about to begin.

I was fourth in line for the auction, the first person went up to the stand surrounded by women, he was interrogated. I could tell by his voice he was nervous and shy, He came unprepared.

The second person went up to the stage, with his voice not working very well he was immediately savaged by the Women for his lack of voice, it was like watching a seal being tossed around by killer whales, he was sold and quietly removed himself from the podium.

The third person made his way to the podium, he immediately began to talk on voice, he was british, experianced and had made preparations for the auction, he had a song ready and an emote.The Women of the Dominion began to ask questions and he answered with ease. I was proud of him for having the balls god gave him and being a man.

My turn, as I was called to the podium I could feel a hot flush shroud my body, my face a suttle shade of red, I could her the Women talking amongst themselves. I made it to the podium and chose my pose. The Auctioneer began by reading my application I was shaking anxiously anticipating the questions. I was asked what do i do and I was stuck for words!
I managed to get through the questioning and was asked to sing a song, I sung a song in the language of Welsh and they enjoyed it, a weight was lifted off my body, but then realising what I was doing I immediately felt my heart in my throat, who will Buy me and will my emote be good enough??
As the auction came to a close I was informed that a Mistress named Lady Nattasha had won me. What was going to happen to me?

The End.

First Time

When you will come to visit

We talked on sl a while and decided to meet in RL soon we will and this is how i picture it

You arrive in the late afternoon and i see you in distance how you look around to find me, i enjoy to watch you nervous almost in panic, did i not arrive yet, did i change my mind. Our eyes meet and you smile so bright it melt my heart, you look so small and pathetic, standing there with your baggage. I walk towards you smiling, you tell me i look beautiful, i answer with confidence "i know,"come along boy" During the ride home i watch you in silence, pinching myself making sure im no dreaming, evil plans on what to do to you appear in my head and i grin to myself when i visualize one scene after the other, We arrive to my apartment and i invite you in. You bend over to untie your shoes, all i can think is how lovely it will be to spank you.

I show you around quickly, stays a little longer then necessary in bedroom, then we sit down in living room, we drink coffee and talk, the whole time im looking at you. You are nervous and looks like you tremble, you are exited not knowing what to expect from me. My mind is working overtime, i smiled inside thinking in a short period of time you will worship me, love me and be depending on me, i jump up from the couch " more coffee?" You look at me, all you do is nod at me, i smile take your cup and leave to the kitchen to get more coffee.

I turn on the tv, i guess its around seven, simpsons just ended, i move a little closer to you in the couch, my pussy is starting to get wet, i place my hand on your thigh and smiles.

You tremble, trying so hard to relax, your eyes are looking up and down my body, im dressed casually not to provocative in tight jeans a open top showing my cleavage. Many males find me sexy, im not in a models body but i ozze of sensuality and my authority and strong will shines trough, with that and my curvy body i can get almost anyone i want and mold him to my will. It might take time to get him where i want but i already have you were i want you.

I place my hand under your chin, turns your head towards me and closes the tv with my other hand. You are looking at me with big eyes, some difficulty to look into my eyes.

"So now that you are here... what should i do to you?"

You answer is "anything you wish my Lady"

My eyes meet yours i smile, a gentle smile, your lips tremble and you smile back.

"Do you trust me?

You answer with broken voice "Yes my Lady" your heart is pounding i can see it on your neck
i say "good! " and kiss you directly on your lips, i can feel your reaction all the way trough your body, i kiss your earlobes, neck, your lips again, my hands caressing slowly till i hear your breathing quicken, i stop and look down at your crotch. A good bulge is showed in your pants, your cock is hard and wants to escape its prison.

I snap a collar around your neck and put the leash on the coffee table, my eyes never leave yours, i kiss you again, softly then more demanding, my tongue caress your lips, parts them, finding your tongue deep in your mouth. When you are panting i stop, i hook the leash make you down on all fours and drag you to the kitchen, i pull the leash to guide you where to go. In the kitchen i grab a wooden spoon, smiles when putting it in your mouth like a dog bone. walks back into the living room, i stop and walk behind you, holding your head up by the leash. Touching your body outside of your clothes, wanting to feel every inch of you, you are so triggering my buttons, in my mind i trow my self at you, but first i tell you to stand.

"stand and strip my boy"

Without any hesitation you do as i wish, i don't even need the cuffs you are under my spell and very deep into submission to me.

I snap my fingers and point to the floor, you kneel immediately, i chuckle and places a heel on your chest making you fall on your back on the floor, you eyes at me, trembles, anxious, exited,fear. "Are you horny? are you boy? Answer me now!"

" Yes my Lady. very much yes"

to be continued.....

Awakening 2


A Femdom tale by Anders Mosely

This story was written in honour of Miss Janice Jupiter.

Note to Miss Janice: I may have got a bit carried away here and attempted something bigger than I intended. The notion was to write something that was more romantic and erotic than explicitly sexual. It was also my intent to try and write something from the perspective of the Dom/woman as much femdom fiction seems to focus on the sub/male experience. I will leave it up to you to judge but I feel that while the bones of this story are good the execution is still a bit rough in spots.


This story commences on July 23, 1298, the day after the battle of Falkirk when William Wallace’s Scottish army was defeated by the forces of King Edward I of England.


When Janice Jupiter left her stone cottage that day to walk to the market in town it seemed like any other day. Yet she knew it wasn’t. Already word had spread of the awful defeat of William Wallace’s army in the battle of Falkirk the day before. It was said that thousands of brave Scottish men were lying dead on the field of battle and the rest of the army was scattered to the four winds. It was a dark day for Scotland. Fear and worry was filling the land. Despite this life had to go on and Janice had things that she must do. Battle or no battle she needed to get her chores done.

The sun shone warm and bright that morning lighting Janice’s fine featured face in a radiant sort of glow as she hurried along the path. So preoccupied was she on the tasks ahead of her that she almost didn’t notice the shape lying in the shadows of the trees. At first she thought it must be a bear or some wild animal but, as her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw that it was a man. Startled she put her hands to her lips and made to flee. It was not always safe for a woman to encounter a man in these woods. But something in her made her stop and look more closely.

The man, dressed in a kilt, now ragged and torn was slumped against a tree. Protruding over the edge of his right shoulder was the hilt of his claymore, the large sword being strapped to his back. She could see that he was a young man, maybe 20 or 21 years of age with long hair and a beard. Both the beard and hair were matted and dirty. Even at this distance she could see that he was a big man with strong arms and legs and a broad chest. It was clear that he was one of William Wallace’s men. He must have fled the battle in an attempt to save his life.

Unable to resist she drew closer to him so as to get a better view. When finally she could see him clearly she raised her hand to her lips and gasped. The hair that she thought was just dirty was matted with blood. A large gash on his arm was bound with a dirty bit of ragged blood soaked cloth and his face and body was cut and bruised. By the look of him he must have fought bravely and well.

At first she feared that he may have succumbed to his injuries but upon careful observation noted that he his chest was moving slowly. He was either asleep or perhaps rendered unconscious from his injuries and loss of blood. Scared yet fascinated she walked up to him. She picked up a stick from the forest floor and prodded him gently. He made a sort of groaning noise but did not move and did not appear to awake.

Janice knew she had to do something. She could not leave such a brave Scottish lad to die alone in the woods as he most surely would do if she did not help him. She had brought water with her as her planned walk was long and she had intended to use it to quench her thirst. Kneeling down beside him she lifted his chin and dribbled a little water on his lips. He moaned drank a little and opened his eyes. Janice almost gasped as he looked up at her. His eyes the most remarkable shade of blue. Even now dull and unfocused they were what she could only describe as beautiful. Then she widened her view to take in his whole face. Squared jawed and strong featured he was indeed a very handsome man. Without thinking she reached down and placed her hand on his bruised and dirty cheek. As he did so he sighed and kind of leaned against her. She realized that he was completely helpless and that she controlled his fate. A sudden strange and confusing thrill of emotion ran through her.

“Help me” he whispered.

“Aye” she responded, “I will”.

It wasn’t easy getting him back to her cottage. By getting him to drink some water and splashing some on his face she managed to get him semi conscious enough that he could walk so long as she helped hold him up. He was a big man standing at least six feet tall and he outweighed her by a great deal. He was delirious and weak from his wounds. Many times they were forced to stop and rest before making it to the shelter of her house.

When finally she got him laid down in bed it was clear that he was close to death. When she laid her hand on his skin it burned with fever. At such times when his eyes were open they rolled around looking glazed and unfocused. But Janice was a strong woman and she was determined not to let him die. She cleaned him up, washed and bound his cuts with clean cloth and got him comfortable in bed.

On the third day the fever broke and he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Janice looking down at him, her eyes bright and her hair glowing in a shaft of sun that fell through the open window. For a moment he thought he must have died and that she was angel.

Then realizing he was still of this world he tried to rise.

“Don’t try and sit up” she said pushing him back gently into the bed.

“Where am I?” he asked his voice horse.

“Shh. Your safe” she comforted.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Miss Janice”.

He raised his hand and pressed the tips of his fingers against her cheek. “So beautiful” he said a haunting note of wonder in his voice. He was still clearly disoriented and lost.

“Quiet” she said taking his hand and placing it back on the covers. “You need your rest”.

“Yes Miss” he said slipping back into a deep, dark sleep.

She sat on the edge of the bed watching the steady, slow rise and fall of his chest. She looked down again at the body of the man outlined under the thin sheet. Having had to strip him out of his dirty clothes she knew that he was a strong attractive man with smooth skin drawn taut over his well proportioned frame.

Feeling curiously emboldened she placed her hand on his chest and let it rest there for a moment. She could fee his heart beat a slow steady tattoo in his chest. Almost without thinking she slowly slid her hand down under the covers across the hard muscles of his abdomen and down between his legs. Hardly believing her own courage she took his manhood in her hand and held it softly. Without waking he groaned and his member quickly swelled in her hand. She felt an electric thrill running through her, a curious mix of excitement and something like power. Feeling almost intoxicated gently wrapped her hand around him feeling his penis pulse and throb in her hand. A second moan, one clearly of pleasure escaped his lips and her rolled his head to one side.

Then not whishing to wake him, and perhaps a little afraid of being caught, she stopped and withdrew her hand. She lingered a moment longer looking at him, a smile playing on her lips.

He slept all the rest of that day and through to the next morning. Janice was busy fixing breakfast when she heard him stir behind her. She went into the small bedroom to find him propped up on one arm.

He looked at her for a moment confused. “Who are you?”

“I am Miss Janice” she reminded him.

“Miss Janice” he said rolling the words around in his mouth as if to get familiar with them.

“Where am I?”.

“Some place safe. I found you in the woods a few days ago but I don’t think you remember”.

He shook his head. “The last thing I remember is cutting the head off some English bastard and then running for the woods” he replied.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“ I am called John de Moray Miss” he replied.

He looked down at himself and he realized he was naked.

“Where are my clothes?” he asked.

“I burned them. They were so torn and dirty there was nothing to be done for them.”

“I need something to wear” he protested.

“You leave that up to me. For now just rest. I’ll get you something to eat.”

She brought him breakfast and sat in a chair beside the bed while he ate. He was clearly ravenous and he ate the food quickly and with obvious satisfaction.

He looked over at her with his eyes bright and clear.

“I don’t know how to express my gratitude and thanks for what you have done.” he said.

She smiled at him. “Speak no more of it” she said pressing her finger to his lips to silence him. Involuntarily he kissed her finger softly. There was an awkward moment when neither of them moved. Then he looked away his face red with embarrassment.

“Forgive me Miss”.

She stood up and looked down on him. It appeared that despite his size and power he had adopted a sheepish almost submissive mien. Suddenly emboldened she reached down and took his face between the palms of her hands and she looked straight into his eyes.

“You better remember your place young man” she said sternly. “I don’t want to have to punish you”.

“I will Miss” he whispered hardly daring to look her in the eye.

“Good” she said standing back and folding her arms. “See that you do”.

She then left to tend to her chores. But she found that her mind was not on her tasks. No matter what she did her thoughts kept turning back to the scene of this strong and powerful young man apparently cowed by her presence. It was at once exhilarating and frightening that she might with her words alone control such a powerful force as he. Finally unable to deal with the distraction any longer she returned to his room.

As she entered he half rose from the bed to greet her.

“How are you feeling” she asked.

“Better Miss. Thank you.”

“I really should check your wounds to make sure they are healing properly.”

She reached down and ran her fingers over the bandage on his left arm, lifting it slightly to see underneath. The wound although still angry and red was starting to heal.

“Your going to have a scar” she said.

He chuckled. “You mean I’m going to have another scar”.

She smiled. “Yes another one. Now roll over so I can see your back”.

He turned over in the bed and lay face down with his chin on his arms.

She began to run her hands over his broad back feeling with her fingers probing and massaging the toned muscles beneath. At her touch he let out a soft sigh. She hardly believed that she could be so bold as to take such liberties. But something in her was stirring, changing; a long repressed emotion was slowly working its way up from the depths of her soul. Feeling again this strange sensed of intoxication she reached down and pulled the sheets away from his body leaving him naked before her. He indeed had several scars on his body having obviously been in more than one battle. However the blemishes on his body made the perfection of the surrounding skin even more apparent.

He gasped and froze not daring to move, confused as to what to do.

“Miss?” he asked plaintively.

“I need to see your body to make sure everything is well. I can’t do that if you’re covered. Now sit still and be a good boy.”

“Yes Miss”. Although his voice was deep, powerful and manly she could hear the tone of deference in his words.

She continued to slide her hands over his skin pretending to still be searching for wounds. She could hear his breath quicken as she explored his body. She smiled to herself feeling her own heart beating faster. “Mine” she thought to herself. Then instantly, mentally shaking her head, she drove the strange notion from her mind.

“Well you seem to be in piece” she said.

“Thank you Miss” he replied a husky almost breathless tone in his voice. She could see from his breathing and his attitude that he was clearly excited by her touch. She had to admit to herself that she liked that, liked being able to stir these emotions in him.

“Roll over on your back” she ordered..

“I am fine Miss” he protested.

She frowned. “How am I to see if you don’t roll over”.

“I’ll look for myself” he mumbled blushing.

“Stop acting silly. Now do as I say.”

“But Miss”

“John” she said her voice holding a hint of warning.

“Yes Miss”. Reluctantly he rolled over onto his back. As he did so she saw that he had a large erection. Seeing it she inwardly smiled.

Embarrassed he looked away.

Mischievously she placed a hand on his thigh only inches from his straining manhood. He drew in a sharp gasp of air. She knew he was dying to have her touch him.

“What’s this then” she said raising one finger and pointing to his member bringing within a fraction of touching him.

She could hear his breathing speeding up.

“Sorry Miss” he replied still not looking at her his voice strangely distorted.

She reached down and pulled the sheet back up over him. As she did so her hand slid over his stiff member in what she hoped appeared to be an accidental touch. As she did so his whole body stiffened and he drew in a sharp breath. As she settled the sheet on his body she could see a flicker of something like disappointment or frustration or maybe both on his face. She knew he wanted her and in truth she wanted him. But there was a power in denying him the pleasure of having her. She had a weapon to control him that was as powerful in its way as his body and muscles were in theirs.

She decided she to take the tension out of the air.

“Your going to have to stay here for a while” she said. “The English are looking for men like you and they will kill you if they find you”.

“Bastards” he said his voice still rough and strained with erotic excitement.

“Your safe here” she said. “I have found you some clothes and I will bring them to you.”

“Thank you Miss, very kind of you”.

“Now there is one thing. If you’re going to stay here you’re going to have be of some use. I will give you chores to do and you will do them without complaining. Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss. It will be my pleasure”.

“Good boy.”

A few weeks later Janice found herself looking out into the yard watching John chop wood. He wore nothing except for his kilt and shoes. He swung the axe with powerful sure strokes, splitting the wood cleanly. The sheen of sweat on his skin highlighted the lines and shapes of body. Such was his physical conditioning that despite the work his breathing was only slightly elevated. Seeing how powerfully and surely he wielded the axe she came to understand that he must be a fearsome warrior indeed.

Janice smiled to herself. The last weeks had been some of the most pleasant of her life. She and John had come to know each other. While she had initially been attracted to his physical beauty she now found the man himself to be equally charming. They had shared meals and walked through the woods and fields. He knew things that she didn’t and she had things to teach him. He always treated her as if she were a high lady or some delicate and precious creature. He made an effort to please her and undertook his tasks about with a humour and good will. Never once did he complain or argue always deferring to her. Although she was afraid to admit it was clear that her feelings were growing for this man. But it was just not her that had feelings. She could see in his eyes and hear in the tone of his voice that he was falling in love with her too. It scared her for all this was new and strange to her. It also scared her because it brought her such pleasure and she feared that in the uncertainties of the world they lived it in all could be ripped away in an instant.
Janice beckoned him over to the door and offered him a drink of water.

He thanked her, took it and swallowed the whole thing in one long draught.

“I’m going to walk into town” she told him. “I will see you when I get back”.

“Perhaps I should go with you Miss. Its not safe with those English bastards around”

“I’ll be fine. Just get your chores done.”

“Yes Miss.”

She had not gone more than a few minutes down the path when she heard the sound of horses coming up behind her. Turning she saw two mounted men dressed in the garb of warriors riding up behind her. She could tell by their livery that they were English. Instantly her heart leapt into her throat.

One of them rode in front of her and blocked her way. The other stayed behind making sure there was no escape.

“Well now what have we got here” the one in front said.

“Looks like a tasty little tart to me” the other said.

“Are you a pretty little tart” the first asked her.

“Please sir move your horse so I may get to market”.

“What do you think Will. Should we let her got to market?”

The other laughed. “No market for you today sweet heart. Today your going to be a little bit of fun for us.”

The man in front of her edged his horse closer to her boxing her in even more closely.

Being distracted by this she failed to note that the man behind her had dismounted. He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her. She struggled but she was no match for his strength. The other man dismounted and held her arms tight while his companion bound her wrists.

Leering he pushed his face up close to hers. He was missing teeth and his breath smelled horrible. “I’m going to enjoy this I am”.

He took a knife out of his belt and slit her blouse open exposing her breasts to full view.

He then placed the point of the blade on her throat. “No screaming Missy” he hissed.

The man standing behind her laughed harshly. “Nice tits” he said reaching around and twisting one of her nipples viscously.

She cried out in pain.

“Shut up bitch” the man standing in front of her said. He slapped her hard and her vision went red and her eyes lost focus.

They dragged off the rest of her clothes and tossed her on her back on the ground. One of the men kicked her legs apart and started to reach for his belt. She tried to struggle but her arms were securely bound and she was disoriented from the blow to her head.

Suddenly the air was rent with this sound, this blood curdling animal scream of rage. Both men turned at once their hands falling to their swords. At that moment John, half naked and clad only in a kilt, burst from behind one of the horses and charged the men his giant two handed sword raised high above his head. The men came together and there was a flash of light as he swung the sword down at the nearest man who was still struggling to raise his own weapon. But the man’s efforts were futile and the claymore struck him on the shoulder, breaking bone and rending flesh deep into the man’s breast cleaving him half way to his waist.
Without hesitation John wrenched the sword from his opponents flesh and kicked the dead body aside. By this time the other man had his sword out and was warily pacing John feinting and looking for an opening. It was clear that the man was a talented swords man as the blade dancing moved in the air. Suddenly he moved in quick and swung at John’s chest. John reared back but not fast enough to avoid a long but superficial wound. Most men would have at least flinched or showed some pain but John was unmoved. The wound might have been the most inconsequential scratch for all the impact it had on him. He continued to advance on his opponent showing no sense of fear whatsoever. He swung his sword and the Englishman raised his own to parry the blow. The two blades struck and Johns heavy sword broke the lighter weapon in half. The Englishman threw the useless weapon away and scrabbled for his knife. By this time John’s sword was once again in the air.

“Die” he said coldly. Janice heard the sword whistle through the air followed by a sickening sound of snapping bones and rending flesh. This was followed by the soft thump of a lifeless body landing on the ground.

John reached down cut her bonds and picked her up off the ground. He held her against his chest. She could feel his breast heaving and he was sweating.

“Are you all right Miss” he asked.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I am now” she said wrapping her arms around his knotted neck and pulling herself closer to him.

It took Janice a few days to regain her composure. But with John waiting on her hand and foot and with the passage of time the initial shock soon faded and her humour returned.

One evening towards the end of August they that sat at the table after the evening meal sipping on wine she had bought in town. The sun outside had almost set. A candle flickered on the table sending shadows skittering across the walls. A soft breeze wafted through the open windows.

“This is very nice John” she said.

“Yes Miss it is”. Despite the intervening weeks and their increasing closeness he still did not call her by her first name. It was always Miss or Miss Janice. Somehow it felt right to her and she had done nothing to encourage a change.

She looked over at him his face lit in the warm candle glow and something in her let go. Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps the phase of the moon and stars and perhaps it was something else entirely. Whatever it was there was a feeling of some long lost precious thing that was now found. She could not explain it but suddenly she knew with clarity what she had to do.

“Come here John” she said.

He got up, walked around the table and stood beside her.

“Miss?” he inquired.

“Kneel down here” she said pointing to a spot on the floor beside her chair.

Silently he knelt beside her. Even on his knees his head drew almost even with hers. She took his face between the palms of her hands and kissed him full on the lips. She could hear the sound of his indrawn breath and feel the erotic tension in him. She tasted his sweetness on her lips. When he reached to touch her with his hands she grabbed his wrists and shook her head.

“Put your hands behind your back John. Keep them there until I tell you otherwise”.

Obediently he did as he was bidden.

“Good boy” she whispered in his ear. Then she kissed him again her hands moving under his shirt sliding slowly over his skin. She kissed his neck nibbling on the soft skin there. He let out an audible gasp.

“You like this don’t you” she whispered in his ear.

“Yes Miss” he said the passion clearly evident in the tone of his voice.

She pulled his shirt off him. The candle light made his skin glow. His eyes were bright and clear and little flames flickered in them.

“Mine” she said.

“Yes Miss” he replied.

Then at that moment she knew it. She owned him. He was hers.

“Come” she said rising. She turned and walked toward the bedroom. He followed her with his hands still behind his back.

She stopped as they entered the bedroom. She reached over and with one sift motion jerked the kilt from his body. He was now completely naked. She looked down and saw his swollen manhood straining and erect.

She smiled.

“Good boy” she whispered.