Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maddie's Punishment

The following is a punishment task fulfilled by Maddie Short and issued by our judge at The Dominion Femdom's Trials & Punishments.

gertrude stein once said that punctuation is for the feeble minded but she used a hyphen and a period and i found her words nestled between quotation marks so there is that there are also numbers your number is up on my wall in neon i was told bright flickering pink or magenta there are other numbers too one year three hundred sixty five days of picking grass out of the green indentations in my knees and after that long anyone would have their number come up also four four being the charges leveled against me the root of which is ultimately cleverness but it is hard to be clever without the aid of a comma to signal breathing because cleverness requires breathing take a breath i told myself while naked and rocking gently in the cage before my turn on the chopping block however i came away with all limbs intact and a severed sentence or was it severe i am unsure as i have been stripped of my tools and relegated to an unpunctuated existence at least for the duration of an apology which i still have yet to elegantly word but i will get to that because the Dommes of the Dominion do not allow dalliances alliterative flourishes aside my time my number was eventually to run out after all the grass had been well plucked and replaced in the courtyard where my series of transgressions occurred a slip of the tongue a ringing phone a cleverly crafted moniker all of which didn’t slip past the seemingly singularly focused but in truth multivariate Dommes of the Dominion no they do not miss a thing that is how a girl that sat quietly and rocked to and fro with the regular sway of a metronome ended up with her name in neon after all just breathe i say to myself now but without punctuation there is no signal to do so just endless rows of words perfectly aligned to lead to the simple statement that i am sorry but not sorry that my name ended up a number in neon however this is not an apologia but an apology so i suppose i need to qualify my desire for cursive argon numerals i try to be good in every meaning of the word be it girl or submissive or steward of the Dominion but goodness is at times forgotten like blades of grass plucked from the knee and carried by the breeze to disappear into a field of which it can seem only the weeds stick out dandelions buckhorn pigweed stand tall amidst our matted sea of grass they stand above but i for a moment as a blade of grass stood tall and was noticed but probably for all the wrong reasons probably four to be exact four momentary transgressions more weed than grass so an apology is truly due and i am truly sorry however that is not to say that i regret my moment when i rose high enough to drink in the brilliant light of the sun that is not to say either that i will intentionally break the rules again but perhaps maybe i am a different species of grass altogether the sort that grows high with a small thistle on the tip the type that is rooted in cleverness breathe i tell myself once more just remember to breathe in spite of the absence of commas they are not necessary neither are apostrophes or periods or quotation marks and gertrude only ever hinted at the immutable truth that neither a sentence nor an apology needs a finite end?