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My Life As A Beaver by Tiven

My life as a Beaver,

 I'm writting my story, please take it as true

 a place named dominion, it made me feel blue.

 in name of amusement,  a beaver was i

 because of one trial, a  missed auction and wine.

 i damed up the lakes, i gnawed on my wood

 i swam down the rivers, in search for some food.

 i finished my story, believe me it's true,

 this place named dominion, will never be blue

Let Go by Gia

Let Go
By: Gia Reverie

So rest here, darling.
You’ve been striding for some time now.

Relax your head upon my shoulder…
Shut your eyes and forget everything for a moment.
Feel the warm breathes of reassurance
Tickle your delicate ear.

Place your hand in mine…
With interlaced fingers I’ll help guide you.
Feel the caress of another's flesh
As you begin to trust.

Quiet your mind and open your heart, precious.
You’ve been broken for far too long.

Relinquish your heart…
Part your lips and exhale all that troubles you.
Feel the seams begin to close
As you slowly begin to mend.

Fix your gaze upon the horizon…
Open your eyes to what lies ahead and leave everything else behind.
Feel the freedom that’s awaits you
Let it entice your soul.

Smile, speak and laugh, dear one.
Your lips have been idle for a lifetime.

Settle down your anxieties…
Take a step forward and try not to stumble.
Feel the ground beneath your feet
Follow the path with confidence.

Swallow your insecurities…
Choke them down and don’t allow them arise again.
Feel the bitterness glide down your throat
As you begin to realize your worth.

Lift your chin-up, sweetheart.
You’ve been looking to the rubble for a long time now.

It’s time to let go…

Shadows Part 1 by Lady Persephone


Shadows were etched by limpid candlelight upon the heavily velvet draped room. Silence was broken only by the crack and splutter of the fire in the hearth and the scratch of pen on paper. Ancient aged ancestors peered down from deep flocked walls; forever framed in antiquated clothing long since discarded on rag yard heaps, sold for a few farthings.

A heart felt sigh echoed in the tranquility as she replenished the ink, blotting the paper energetically to prevent a dark bead scarring the neat script which almost blanketed the page. The whole evening had passed in contemplation and writing this manuscript; the late Winter night whistling it’s lament under doors and rapping at the sashed windows.

She could have had the gaslights lit to fill the room with an imitation of daylight but the soft archaic candlelight seemed more in keeping with the task in hand; an old friend who would conceal the secrets from prying eyes.

The bell of St. Mary’s church tolled the hour of 11 o’ clock; a log shifted in the grate sending a myriad of sparks flying into the darkened recesses of the room.
 A small movement at her feet drew her attention, she spoke without looking,
“tend the fire boy”
The only sound heard as he crawled to obey was the click of a knee joint, worn dry by years of devoted service. His body rejoicing at the reminder of his station in life; her life.
She was scarcely  aware of his movements as he ministered to the fire, or his return to her feet where he curled dog-like and content. A smile curled her lip delicately; some people pitied her the spinsterhood that labeled her existence, some women suspected that the manservant she had employed for so many years was something more than a paid employee.

She pressed her slippered toes into the boy’s soft underbelly. For years he had kept it taut and firm , muscles finely honed perfect horseflesh for the connoisseur of the male body. He wasn’t as old as her, he’d seen some 68 summers, she a handful more; of those years over 2 score  had been spent together.

The pen stopped moving as she recalled placing the advert in The Pall Mall Gazette all those years ago, how it had stipulated the qualities necessary in her future employee.
Wanted Male General Servant

Wanted by refined lady in the shire county of Northamptonshire a male servant who needs to be of good character and able to undertake indoor and outdoor duties including: gardening, cooking, daily household chores, maintenance, and stable work. Rate of pay is 10/6 per week with two days off each calendar month. Room and board is included.

His reply had caught her attention at once, it’s whole tone had stirred something deep inside her. Something akin to a lone howling wolf receiving a response from an unexpected compass point. His letter, even after so many years, nestled between the pages of her never read bedside Bible. The page appeared before her eyes, the words engraved in her memory,
“May I be granted the honour and privilege of becoming your servant, I will endeavor with every fiber of my being to follow each and everyone of your instructions to the best of my ability.”

His references were exemplary as if he had been created magically to match her advert. She had advertised several times before but had found not one of the respondents suitable.

The connection between them had  proved immediate; he blossomed under her control and she, for the first time in her life, could breathe freely and revel in the way she had been born. Tongues in the village had wagged but there was nothing to see, he always walked two steps behind her, eyes lowered, obedient, polite . When visitors arrived he was always the perfect servant, unobtrusive yet available at the click of a finger or ring of the bell. The relationship had evolved  almost nonchalantly from the touch of her hand on his arm to a permanent place next to her, under her, beneath her, until the perfect symmetry had been attained.

Her eyes returned to the boy at her feet, the hair once chestnut brown now greyed  and thin, she knew every pore on that neck; the way his head dipped in a permanent position of submission, her heart ached with love and memories of  endless passions shared.

 The candle was burning low, she was close to completing the missive; this one she would deliver herself. She signed it with a flourish, read it through, happy with the result.

The night deprived her of sleep, she held him close; another memory danced before her sleepless eyes. The first time he had been invited into HER bed, the look of fear in his eyes as if he would be consumed by some unseen force, and the passions that had forced sleep to flee.
She laughed, all those deliciously devious things they had done, in parlour, kitchen, stairs and stable before reaching the bed. Memories piled one upon the other
until Dawns golden fingers threaded through the chink in the curtains.

Ribbon by Axelle

Ribbon by Axelle Paramour

The light filters in through my lashes and I roll over, burying my face into the pillows, trying to find darkness and hold on to any semblance of Her. I dreamed of ribbon again, tightly wound lengths and lengths. Circular pastures from the tips of my toes, over canyons and curves, passing this shy glance and that hopeful touch. Encircling me completely till it reaches the top and unfurls like a crown of locks upon my head. It doesn't cover much, just the insecurities and inadequacies dripping from my frame. Patches of flesh peek beneath the ribbon giving up any false bravado worn, for She can see through to my bones. I long to reach out and graze Her own ribbon, the loose tendrils She resides in. I understand about worship now, for I hover around Her like one may pay homage to something holy. On knees covered in longing I grovel at Her feet, painting Her as the Athena in my heavens.

Oh sweet seraphim sent to whisper commands and channel all that is I into things yet to be known. Beautiful creature, with God like grace, She is my unmovable mountain, my ruling sea. She has become all encompassing, shadowing me in Her divinity. She is that which I measure everything against, has become fixed like the moon in my star speckled skies and it's at night when I feel Her the most. I have become Her enslaved for She fills me with thoughts of Her. Words whispered aloud, confessions and prayers, offerings to my idol. To be anything to Her, to be something She considers.

I'm just where She wants me, desperate to link myself to Her. I find Her intoxicating, as She frolics around me, Her moves full of purpose to tempt me down the rabbit hole. Down, down, down as She becomes the reason for everything. I can feel the flourish, how by being the constant She's made herself more then a want, but a need. I dreamed of ribbon, of Her making a tie to bind. Her hands encircling me with claim as the plead builds on my lips. I let out a wistful sigh, inhale hope and exhale into the pillow, turning and opening my eyes to the light.

Submission As A Gift by Anonymous

I have been looking at the question in Fet Life asked by Miss Tika, and have been thinking of a way to say what I want to say without offending anyone. Looking at the responses so far, I know some may not agree with me. But my Mistress allows me my say and I feel this way.

In my opinion, when one thinks of answering this question, one has to answer another question first. "What is submission?". There could be many answers to this as we all have different opinions and answers. There are submissives who are submissives to submitting. They will submit to anyone or everyone, so that they can feel needed. On the other hand there are submissives who will not submit easily. Submissives who will wait for the right person to submit to.

My answer to what is submission is - it is about feeling and experiencing. It is about connecting to my inner self. It is about celebrating what I am, what I can be with Her. It is about taking my Mistress's hand and going through experiences and feelings too profound that I have not dared to walk on my own. To discover each other and be one with each other, knowing each other in the journey. It is about surrendering our doubts, our fears, our relentless analysis and comparison. Any short comings that I may have eventually reflects on Her too, and therefore it is important that we know each other.

Is this not the case with Dommes too? Does a Domme accept anyone's submission? When a relationship forms, there is an exchange taking place. Doesn't the whole term Power Exchange imply an exchange of power between those concerned? It is given and taken, given and taken again, in a loop, often improvising with feedback, other times not.

It is a well a received romantic cliché that evokes a sense of demure grace, innocent in its devotion. It conveys purity of heart in the submissive and honour in the one whom one has chosen to receive his/her gift. So is the gift of Dominance. One can often say that One loves someone more than themselves. I would disagree. One loves themselves the most. This is not in a negative way. If we do not love ourselves, we would have let others harm us too many times. Our sense of protectiveness kicks in when we know that we are in harms way. It does that to me at least.

I was born and brought up in a society which believes men who are submissive are weak and is betraying the ideals that have been in existence. Because of my upbringing and effects of my culture , I had to struggle against my wants, desires, self-doubt, pain and shame to admit that I am a submissive. The journey has been not been easy and has often been painful. My submissiveness is hard earned.

I do not go around asking to submit to just anyone whom I meet and especially because of this, the person whom I submit to is special to me, to be worthy of my devotion and submission. To me, that is very important. When I submit to someone, I am giving them the power of my will, of me, my hard earned submission, knowing I might be commanded and used, sometimes in ways that I may not want to. If I am not in the right hands, I might be subjected to abuse. I am opening myself to that possibility as well.

Is it necessary that my submission is always accepted? No, not really. When I allow someone to be in control of me, I am, in my opinion giving them something special that is not received by others. Something special, something that is unique to me. So to me, yes, it is a gift. I am giving myself to someone. In my opinion when the Domme gives Her Dominance, it is also a gift. Something that many is looking for, but not everyone gets. So isn't dominance a gift as well? Isn't submission and dominance mutual gifts that complement each other rather complete each other?

Having said that, I am also of the opinion that submission and dominance are gifts only when we are true to ourselves and to each other. My Mistress has given me the gift of Her dominance and She has received (please read both in present continuous) mine. To me Her dominance and my submission are unique gifts.

Wondering by Zhengyi

bored again searching wondering
looking itunes searching movies
browsing find Life 2.0
view trailer what's this
Second Life hmm google
select name select avatar
downloading wondering what for
starting registering membership premium
online wondering camera annoying
searching searching wondering why
find bdsm teleport first
wondering store observing shoppers
ask about kneel pose
sent to open collar
teleport select collar steel
searching google open collar
viewing commands mind racing
new search femdom go
teleport teleport looking looking
empty sims empty sims
no one talking ignored
The Dominion People Conversation
kneeling animation observer tag
questions answers conversation interaction
zhengyi why zhengyi pronunciation
voice chat new unprepared
guy in all white
criticized sent to change
The Dominion back again
listening watching learning responding
freebie cloths google skins
wednesday munch listening learning
thursday off work early
The Dominion back again
rezzing sent to cell
Trials and punishments wondering
anticipation anxiety unsure which
my turn oh gosh
laying kneeling listening new
no defense for new
pinching twisting nipples singing
failing badly words unknown
over exit stage left
kneeling listening contemplating.. fun?
dancing watching listening laughing
meeting talking learning fun
kneeling listening fading tired
surprising shopping cart appears
laughing laughing plowed into

The Meeting by Darius

The sunlight poured in through the window of the restaurant, lighting his face.  His hair was reddish-blond, his eyes a bright blue.  She watched as she sat across from him in the booth, studying his reactions, watching his nervous movements.  He scratched his fingers back and forth across the tabletop, his eyes darting to and fro.

The waitress came up from behind him, startling him as she placed two cups of coffee down on the table.  He chuckled an apology, and she grinned, watching calmly from behind dark sunglasses.

He tore open two sugar packets and fixed the coffee to his liking.  He took a sip, then put it back down on the saucer with a clatter.  “So, how was your trip?” he asked.

“From my house?  The fifteen minute drive was uneventful.”

He reddened slightly.  “Right.  You live here.  Sorry, I'm a little nervous.”

She smiled again, and her voice was calm and soothing.  “It's okay, love.  I expected that you would be.”

He nodded.  “We've known each other for a year, though.  I thought I'd be a lot more relaxed.”

“It's not the same, is it?” she asked.

“What's that?”

“It's much easier behind a computer screen.  You have time to think, to weigh what you say.  I can't see your reactions.  Here...” she paused, then inhaled deeply through her nose.  “, I get your reactions, unfiltered by what you want me to know.  I see you.  I hear you. I smell you.” She leaned forward and purred, “...hell, I can practically taste you already.”

She saw him shiver a moment, and his eyes moved, searching for something.  He nodded absently, and she saw him looking around the restaurant, trying to key on anything else to break the tension.  She took his hand in hers, and he started.  “Look at me,” she said.

He did, and she lowered her dark glasses, her green eyes boring into his blue ones.  “Did you really drive all this way to try to find a way to avoid revealing yourself to me?  Why must you change the subject?”

He licked his lips, and got a puzzled look.  “What subject?”

“The reason you're here.  Why are you here?”

He gathered his thoughts and bought time by taking a long drink of his coffee.  He swallowed, and his face took a wry look.  He quipped, “Well, I guess I was kinda hoping you would fuck me.”

She raised her eyebrows and said nothing, squeezing his hand.  After a moment, he apologized.  “I'm sorry.  That was crude.  You know I use humor as a defense mechanism.”

“Oh, no,” she said mirthfully.  “It's okay.  I'm going to fuck you.  You can be sure of that.”

His mouth dropped open a little.

“But...” she continued, “ could have have something like that without coming all this way.  Why are you here?”

He looked down then.  “Because you' Mistress.”

“Look at me.”

He looked up at her.

“Say it again,” she whispered.

He struggled to keep eye contact, and she felt a stirring in her, a desire to pull him across the table and take him right there.  Her loins clenched.  “Say it!” she commanded, a little louder.

He jumped and said “Mistress”...a bit louder than he had intended.

The waitress, who had appeared again from behind him to refill his coffee, smiled a little at the exchange.  She topped off his cup and stole a glance at them both.  “More coffee, Miss?”

She looked up and smiled pleasantly.  “No, thank you, just the check, please.”

He was blushing crimson now, knowing that the waitress had heard, as well as one or two others in the restaurant, more than likely.  “Well, that went well,” he murmured.

“It will get easier as you say it more” she said.  “But I think you needed to say it.”

“Probably.  Should you call me 'Mine' now?”

She ignored the question, slipped a shoe off, stretched the foot under the table lazily, and placed the toe against his groin.  She clenched her teeth behind closed lips as she felt the hardness there, restraining herself again.   I should take you right fucking here on the table, she thought.

He moaned quietly.  She closed her eyes and removed her foot from his crotch.

“Well, your body certainly seems ready for me,” she cooed.  “How's the rest of you?”

“Still nervous,” he said, apologetically.

“Mmmm.  Believe it or not, that's making me excited.  What do you think, Love?  Should I take you?”

He swallowed hard, his dry throat making a clicking noise.  He tried to speak, but nothing came out.  He nodded.

“I think I should too,” she whispered.  She leaned across the table.  “Come here.”

He leaned across, as if to kiss her.  She stopped him by putting a finger against his nose, then extended her long, pink tongue and dragged it up across his lips.
He shook visibly, and whispered “Oh, God...”

“You have to ask me,” she said.  “I want to hear the desire in your voice.”

“Please” he moaned

“Please what?”

“Please...please take me back to your room, Mistress.  I need you to take me.”  The floodgates opened, and she felt his pent-up desire start to flow out.  “Please, Mistress...I need you to...”

She moved the finger from his nose to his mouth, silencing him.  The waitress returned with the check, and she stood.

“I know,” she said.

She retrieved money from a small purse, and left it on the table.  She took his hand and he stood next to her, visibly shaken.  She led him out the door into the bright sunlight.

They walked across the parking lot that way, her walking briskly, almost pulling him along behind her.

As they came to her room, she released his hand and retrieved the key from her purse.

She opened the door, and watched him.  She knew he could see the bed, with the toys and cuffs laid out meticulously.  His breath hitched for a moment, and he neither spoke nor moved.

She pressed against him.  “Once you enter, I'm not going to let you leave for awhile.”

He nodded.  “You still haven't called me 'Mine'.”

“I know.”  She waited.  Slowly, as though he were dreaming, he walked inside.  She followed, closing the door behind them.  He walked to the bed, examining the toys.

She took off her skirt and blouse while his back was turned to her.  She hadn't worn a bra. She left her panties on.  They were soaked.  She'd restrained herself so far.  She wouldn't be able to much longer.

He started to turn back to her as he spoke.  “God, I don't even know what half of these things d....” He froze as he saw her mostly naked body.  She walked to him, took his hand in hers and kissed it gently.  She looked up into his eyes.

“You're going to say it first” she said.

He breathed deeply, and started to say something, then stopped.  Slowly, he dropped lower, and found his knees.  He looked up at her, his eyes wide, but unafraid.

She smiled down at him, and slowly lifted one leg, hooking it over his shoulder.  His pupils dilated, and he moaned quietly.  “Ohhh,” she cooed.  “There you are.”

He nodded and licked his lips as she reached down and curled her fingers into his hair near the nape of his neck, pulling roughly.  “Say it,” she commanded quietly.

“Yours,” he whispered.

She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and reveled in it.  “Yessss.  MINE,” she growled.  She slowly pushed him back to the floor, pushing his face into her sex, enveloping him in her warmth and scent.

BD-sms by Lady Clarissa

This is from a dialog i had with my sub with SMS. This explains the title : BDSms

SHE : 9:40 AM : Morning my lil one. Bonjour ma chose. How does my "sub of the ring" feels today with his new toy ?

HE : 9:44 AM : Good Morning my Goddess. I feel it btw my legs. I have to leave them a bit opened up when i'm sitting. I love to feel it. I'm thinking of you all the time. This shows my belonging.

SHE 10:12 am : It's really incredible what is possibly done with a simple curtain rod ring ! Smiles at her sub and slides a foot between his legs

HE 10:15 am : I'm  totally yours my Mistress, and i let you. Oh you're gonna drive me crazy if you keep on with your foot

SHE 10:17 AM : I am GOING ? Do you mean i'm not already driving you crazy ? You're disappointing me.

HE 10:20 AM : Oh this is not what i meant my beloved Mistress. I'm  sorry, please forgive me. Of course i'm totally …… Even before being yours, i was melting for you. I do apologize and please, i beg your pardon for this mistake.

SHE 10:26 AM : laughs… i love you my sub. Je t'aime mon soumis.

SHE 10:28 AM : i go on sliding my foot between your legs, while you are submissively kneeling at me. A lil yank on the leash reminds you not to move.

SHE 10:33 AM : I keep on stroking your inner thighs with the tip of my stilettos. I lean forward and hold your collar, pulling you closer towards me, whispering in your ear : "déshabille toi ma chose". Undress my lil slut.

HE 10:35 AM : i obey promptly and look down, eyes fixed on your shoes. Obeying you excites me a lot.

SHE 10:46 : Now i slowly caress your cock with my pointy shoes. I take your face between my hands and kiss you softly, let my hands slide on your shoulders and scratch your skin

HE 10:50 AM : Oh my… Mistress, you're gonna  drive me mad. i'm at work… i have to keep things under control, and i can't anymore. I'm feeling your soft lips against mine, and your pump against my cock, it's growing…. and your nails increase the pleasure … oh gosh… you're gonna kill me, my Goddess

SHE 11:01 AM : I take my pump off and keep on stroking your balls, your cock with my bare foot, while my nails run on your torso. I stop on your nipples to pinch them, stretch them… sighs.

HE 11:06 AM : mmhhmm Mistress, your sub craves for touching himself

SHE 11:13 : I hold the leash in one hand and the crop in the other hand. My two feet circle your cock and you feel the soft touch of my stockings where your skin is the most sensitive.

HE 11:18 : omg… I can't anymore my Mistress. I'm really very very excited my Princess

SHE 11:26 : My feet squeeze your hard cock. "Bouge tes hanches mon soumis. Branle toi entre mes pieds. "  Roll your hips and move your cock between my feet.

HE 11:29 AM : you're an amazing Mistress

SHE 11:32 AM : you'll tell me later how amazing i am. But for now, i want you to focus on my feet, your hard cock and the crop, slapping your butt

HE 11:36 AM : Please Mistress, would you allow your slut to touch himself ? i'm so hard, so hot, so everything for you. Thank you for being my Owner

SHE 11:39 AM : I want you to crave for it, to beg. I want you to obey my orders, without any objection, immediately. I want you to show how much you belong to me.

HE 11:42 AM : Yes Mistress, i really want it, yes i obey you, i will do as you wish

SHE 11:50 AM : You can do it better. I said : i want you to BEG. I increase the rythm of the crop on your side and the pressure of my feet on your cock

HE 11:53 AM : Please, please my beloved fantastic Mistress, I must wait your order to touch myself, will you allow your sub ?

SHE 11:59 AM : Be indecent, obscene. The hit of the crop is harder on your skin and you feel your skin burning delightfully

HE 12:01 PM : My wonderful Mistress, do you allow your slutty sub to touch himself, thinking of this exciting scene ?

SHE 12:03 PM : Oui ma salope… Yes my slut… mais je veux t'entendre… but i want to hear you

HE 12:04 PM : Yes my Mistress, i call you

SHE : Allo ? where are you my sub ?

HE : kneeling in the toilet Mistress

SHE : great. Now, you may stroke your hard swollen dick my lil slut. Branle toi !

HE : Yes my Mistress, but i'm scared someone hears me

SHE : Obéis ! Maintenant ! Obey ! Now !

SMS : 12:40 PM from him : Thank you my divine Mistress, my Goddess, my Owner. I hope you had as much pleasure as i did, obeying you. Obediently and humbly kissing your feet

SHE 13:00 PM : Merci mon soumis pour ce merveilleux cadeau. Thank you my sub for this precious gift : your obedience. Thank you for your trust. I love you my slut.  Je t'aime mon soumis.

HE 13:08 PM I love you too my Mistress. I fully trust you and will always do my best for you. You're amazing. Submissevely cuddling your feet.

Jack's Request Part 3 by Lady Tora

This is the third part of a fantasy I wrote for Jack, my partner  I have talked about in another confession.  In part 1 Jack asked me to wear something in particular and sent a car to pick me up to met him driven by the obnoxious Jake.  In part 2, I reach the destination and discover that Jack has arranged for us to spend an evening in a sex club.

* * * * *

I am even more shocked when Jack breaks the kiss and slides to his knees having rarely shown his submission to me in public.  His hands slide up my legs and around my hips, again hugging me to him.  I can't help but chuckle when somehow despite the noise around us, I hear him gasp and then moan.  He has discovered that I am not wearing any underwear.  My hands slide down his shoulders and between us until I find his tie, taking it like a leash, I jerk it so he has to look up at me.  Let the fun and games begin.

I was about to lean over and bite at Jack's lips but I am distracted suddenly by the sound of Jake's chuckle.  I turn to look at him, glaring at him, wondering what he finds so amusing.  But before I can grill him, Jack takes one of my hands in his. "Follow me Mistress." He says and I focus back on him.  I can't help but look at Jack quizzically considering he has hardly ever called me that in public; an amused smile plays across my face as I nod my head and I let Jack lead me through the room to a bar area, curiosity again getting the better of me.
I notice that all around the next story are large windows that are covered with curtains from the inside. Jake takes a seat at the bar and flashes me a playful grin. He chuckles, telling me to have a good time and I will see him later. I give him a curious look thinking why would I see him later? He just laughs and I forget about it as Jack pull me toward a door just left to the bar; I am determined to forget all about Jake and just concentrate on whatever Jack has arranged for us.

Behind the door is a set of stairs that leads to a hallway that branches to the left and right. Jack leads me down the right hall to the first door. He produces a key and leads me into what looks like an upscale hotel room.  It is decorated in the same colour scheme as the club with a large inviting bed being the prominent feature of the room.

Jack guides me to the centre of the room and flashes me another sexy smile before again sinking to his knees in front of me.  His hands slide up my legs rubbing and massaging the smooth skin.  When he reaches my thighs, he pulls, coaxing me silently to be closer to him.  I step forward and slide one hand down to grab his tie again and another to bury my fingers in his hair letting out a soft purr of arousal.  He answers with a low moan and nuzzles the front of my dress; I can hear him breathe deeply taking in my scent.  He lets out another moan and slides his hands further up my thighs, raising the hem of my dress.  He leans forward to swipe his tongue at me but I jerk both the tie and his hair, pulling him back.  He lets a groan escape and I jerk his hair harder, forcing him to look up at me.

"I am sorry Mistress.  I want to please you you so badly, I have forgotten my place.  Please forgive me."  I nod my head, an amused smile again peaking through, still a little surprised that he is following protocol that he has only witnessed before and never actually followed.  I release my grip on his hair but keep my fingers in it, going back to play and teasing.  He looks up at me expectantly, "May I Mistress?"  he asks softly.  I pull his tie a little and arch an eyebrow at him, "May you what Mine?"  I know exactly what he wants but I always enjoy hearing him say it.  "May I lick you Mistress?  Taste you..."  I jerk the tie and and he almost yelps, "Please."

My fingers dig into his scalp and I move my hand holding the end of the tie so that I can both pull and push him into me.  I grind my crotch against his face and he lets out a deep moan.  But before he actually gets a taste of me, I jerk his head back and growl at him.  He swallows and looks at me nervously; I can tell he is trying to figure out what he has forgotten.  "What do you say Mine?"  I growl at him.  "Sorry Mistress... Thank you Mistress" he stammers and I push him into me again.

His tongue laps at me hungrily, taking long deep swipes as I grind and thrust my hips against him, keeping my grip on his hair and tie so he can not pull back.  His exploring becomes less urgent and moves to tease and circle around my clit in the way he knows that will make me crazy.  I gasp and move my hips in rhythm with the movements of his mouth and tongue.  It is not long before I throw my head back, my back arches and I cling to Jack, my fingernails digging into his scalp.  My orgasm flares and erupts through me, stealing my breath and making me feel scorched before finishing like brandy spreading slowly on a cold winter night making my limbs feel like mush.  I slump against against Jack and he wraps his arms around my hips, holding me upright.  I take a moment to catch my breath again before I tug on Jack's tie, beckoning him silently to stand.  I capture his lips in a hungry kiss, tasting myself before I purr against his ear,  "Good Pet."  I grin at him mischievously, "My turn."
Jack looks at me quizzically but stands still.  I reach out to place my hands on his chest, sliding them lightly over the material of his shirt.  My fingers glide up to his shoulders and over to the collar before sliding to the middle, searching out the first button. I undo it and trail my fingers slowly down to the next one. I listen to Jack's breathing, waiting for the subtle changes that tell me how aroused he is.  I get the buttons finished and slide my hands over his bare belly and up his chest, slipping under the material at his shoulders.  I push the fabric off his shoulders as I press myself against his chest and nuzzle his neck.  Jack moans but continues to remain still.

I pull his shirt down his arms and finally off, still pressed against him.  I drop it on the floor beside us and slide up hands up his back, holding him as I kiss and lick at his chest.  I move slowly, savouring how he tastes and feels against me, how his breathing changes, becoming more laboured.  I lick and suck on each nipple in turn before moving down his chest.  My hands slide to his hips and I push against him until he is forced back against the bed and falls back lying on it.  I crawl on with onto the bed, straddling his legs.  I lick, kiss and bite at his belly knowing how much that drives me crazy with desire.  I can feel his ab muscles tighten and Jack moans.

I nuzzle his crotch with my face, feeling how aroused he is as his hard cock presses against my cheek through the material of his clothing.  My hands slide down his legs and work on getting his shoes and socks off.  He gasps in surprise as I bend and place a soft kiss on the top of each foot.  I grin to myself at catching Jack off guard and go back to nuzzling his crotch as my hands slide back up his legs and search out his belt buckle and fly.  Undoing them, I pulling his pants down as I kiss down one leg, tugging them finally off.

I kiss my way up the other leg and nuzzle his cock through the fabric of his boxers, making him gasp and moan, lifting his hips and grinding against me.  I place a well placed bite into one of his thighs and growl his name, warning him that he is to remain still.  Jack immediately stops grinding his hips and whispers, "Sorry Mistress."  I place a soft kiss on the spot I just sunk my teeth into before My nose runs along the shaft of his cock through the fabric, searching out the head.
I smile as I can feel the fabric is slightly wet from his precum; I open my mouth to let my tongue lick at the damp fabric and I hear him growl with lust, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward, silently asking that I take his cock in my mouth.
I growl and slap at it, making him jump and whimper another apology.  He grips the bedspread and I know he is trying to remain still.  I bend my head back and my lips enclose over the head; I draw as much of him into my mouth as the fabric will allow.  I suck hard and possessively, my tongue pressed against the underside of the shaft as I sense him fighting to keep from thrusting and grinding his hips, knowing that if he does, he will get bitten again and it won't be his thigh this time.  I don't need to see Jack to know that his eyes are closed, his mouth hanging slightly open and his face is painted with complete lust and pleasure having seen his face so many times before like this.

My hands slide to Jack's hips and tug on the waist band of his boxers, pulling the fabric down.  I release him so that I can slide the boxers down his thighs, feeling his cock spring free.  He impatiently kick the boxers off and his fingers cup my face, pulling me up the bed so that he can kiss me.  He pulls back and moans, "Take me Mistress, I belong only to you.  Please take me..."  I grin because that is exactly what I am going to do.  The only question now is how.
 To be continued...

An Ode To The Ladies Of The Dominion by Wheels

Per Miss Lisa's request to write a poem from trials...

an ode to the Ladies of the Dominion
they are such lovely women
the Ladies rule with an iron fist
and if you're bad they'll get pissed
but if stick around and prove yourself worthy
the Ladies will warm up to you and you'll have less to worry
so keep you head up and watch your behind
or you'll find yourself ejected and flying Dominion Airlines

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady Z Confession by Wheels

This confession has been a long time coming since it was something I was supposed to do from trials months ago, but better late than never right?  Since its been so long I’ll refresh the reason why I have to write this confession.  On the third anniversary of the Dominion we had a special trials in which Lady Zarita was the judge.  She called up both Dommes and subs but it was when she called up Lady Gabrielle and asked her to pick a song to sing and Lady Gabrielle said, “how about the bitch is back”, this is where I got myself in trouble as I typed, “perfect lol” in local.  Miss Eva was the first to comment on that and said I’d be up for trials the following week and true to her word I was.

Now in front of Miss Lisa with charges of calling Lady Zarita a bitch I knew this was going to be a tough spot to get out of without being too embarrassed but I thought I had the perfect defense.  As Lady Zarita has said may times when one of the Ladies joking called Lady Zarita a bitch, her response was always, “that’s queen bitch to you”.  You’ve all heard that, case closed right?  Umm no, I was sent a note card from Miss Lisa named, “bitchcraft”.  My first thought was oh no and I think I even voiced it as well because I have heard this sang by Miss Lisa to Lady Zarita before and now knew I’d have to sing it.  With a quick look at the song “witchcraft” on youtube to get the tune down without taking too long to keep the Ladies waiting.  I tried not to laugh as I was about to sing but that was hard because I knew this was going to go badly but it was going to make the Ladies laugh and that’s the point so I had fun with it.  I began to sing, ummm badly then finally Miss Lisa grabbed the hook and left me off and I could stop singing, which was a relief because I had lost the tune in my head and was just butchering the song.

Whew, done punishment over but then Miss Lisa added that I had to wright a confession to Lady Zarita in tribute to all my memories of her at the D.  Wow this is going to be tough, there are so many, where to start?  I was first intimidated by her and kept quiet but I did that a lot when I first came to the D.  But as time went on the fun times and funny stories grew and grew like…..

Things I no longer eat or when I do Lady Zarita comes to mind.  I think all here know of the baby carrot incident and if you don’t you don’t want to, trust me.  Also over year and half ago she had a sub that had the tag “Zarita’s marmalade” and with a good reason, as she made him edge with it.  Ok, check that off my list, then only to hear she had done the same with peanut butter, I stopped eating my peanut butter on toast the next day.  Then one of my favorite moments here, Miss Lisa on trial and Lady Zarita as prosecutor charging Miss Lisa with all kind of things and the back and forth between the two was just priceless.  But some of the best moments happen in the courtyard late at night when you least expect them.  Lady Zarita skipping around a newbie to the D, calling him sweety, hot dog cart races, her huge yellow bus, and all the funny conversations that are too many to mention.  Lady Zarita is truly one of a kind.  Lady Zarita, I once went on trial for saying you’re a big softy inside as if I was going to ruin your reputation but Lady Zarita as your close friends already know, you have heart of gold and if I have to go on trial for saying that I will.

Hugs Lady Z

What One Day May Bring by Wheels

What one day may bring…

To finally feel Her after all this time, a hug, a kiss, and a tease.
To hear Her words, whispers, and moans not in a headset.
To feel a click of a collar She has placed around my neck.

This is what I think about before I log on and after I log off.  I see this one day and can’t wait for it, it drives me each day.  To bring all of what you have here into real life.  I can imagine the day to day things and at other times bowing my head and saying, “yes Mistress”.  Fully submitting to Her in every way and trusting Her totally.  Waking up one day and seeing Her and it’s not a dream.

Yes what one day will bring.

Wasted by Anonymous Domme

Many mistakes we commit through the course of our existence;
Hearts broken, lives lost, virtues compromised,
From tiny errors in judgment to great chasms of regret.
We tend to cling to them, excuses becoming blankets
Keeping us comfortable and warm in the chill of despondency.
Owning our mistakes, looking them straight in their cold, hard visage
Is too wide a leap to bear for so many of us.
We seem to prefer the toastiness of our obliviousness
Which is at least familiar albeit a waste of our precious lives,
Like sands running through the hourglass – bit by bit it fills,
Counting moments, the breaths of time.

Rye's Confession

My First Time Collared

It was maybe 10 years ago.  I was visiting a dear friend that I have known for years and loved.  We had been lovers for sometime but I never knew she had Domme interests or desires.

We had some wine.  I was at her house.  We were on the sofa kissing and fondling a little bit when she said "stay right there, I will be back."

She came back in the room dressed in a black tight dress, very short...simply that was tempting enough.  Then she said, "not one word from you....I am going to do something I have always wanted to do."

I was still lying on the couch...she came over and put a leather collar around my neck that she had been hiding behind her back.  I was both surprised and very curious what she had in mind.  The leather was thick and a bit rough.  It had a metal hook in the front that closed it.  When she put it on she said "I want you to do anything I ask."  I nodded and felt myself getting very aroused.

She noticed and reached down slapping my cock through my hurt.  She said "I will tell you when to do that boy."  I was dumbfounded.  She had never been like that at all to me and I was so turned on by the strength.  I tried to relax and get un-hard.  I was not working.  She slapped me again....saying "down!"

All that did was make it worse.  She gave me another glass of wine and said to chug it....I did

She told me to get up and kneel.  I was amazed, throbbing and hardly knew what to do.

She said, "it seems like you can't control that thing can you boy?"  There was no way I could help from being hard.  I said "no, I can't" and she said we'll see.

I was so surprised by all of this...I had known her for quite a few years.  I had no idea where this was coming from but she seemed to really know what she was doing.

She told me to stand and undress.  I cock was very hard.  She said "kneel again and jerk that silly thing for me."  My heart skipped ten beats....I had to remember to breath.  I had never done that in front of a woman before....I was so embarrassed and yet so aroused I could hardly think.

I licked my hand and started...she watched and smiled.  It was incredible.  She kept watching and after a while when I was starting to feel terribly terribly good she said "stop, boy.  Come here"

We went to her bedroom.  She told me to lie on the bed and start again with my legs apart.  She knew how much I love a woman's scent and she stood over me on the bed.  I noticed she was not wearing panties.  I was almost crazy with need.  She squatted down and put her pussy close to me and said "do it again, faster this time."

You have no idea how mad I was with need....I stroked hard and fast..imagining I was deep inside of her.  I thought she was going to let me cum that way....but as I started to get close again she said "stop"

I was aching.

Then she really surprised me and took her vibrator out of her night stand.  I knew it was there and had used it on her before.  She put KY on it and smiled.  "do you want another glass of wine, you might need it" she said.

I said no.  She told me to open my legs and she slowly worked it into me....GOD, I thought....I was totally mad with heat...

I had done that by myself before but never with someone else....she pushed it in very far and worked it in and out...then she said..."you are still hard, boy, jerk again"

I became lost in the feelings as  my hand moved on my aching cock.  She kept moving the vibrator in and out and I literally became lost in the moment.  Lifting my hips up off the bed a little I stared in her eyes....I still could not believe this was happening.

She said " it" I did.

I could not help my was so incredibly intense.  As I started to get close she just kept pumping the vibe in me and said "don't stop, but don't cum"

I got closer and closer and closer....right on the edge.....I begged please....she said "do not stop...but do not cum"

She reached down and pinched a nipple and I could not help it...I came perhaps the hardest I have ever cum...I spurted everywhere.

She grinned at me and said "now boy, you are mine."

It was that very night that I realized that I have very deep submissive was for me completely amazing and we have been dearest of friends every since.

Dreams Of The Past Part 2 by Lady Siofra

Part2 ___________________________________________________

The quiet moment was soon broken as the door opened. Her head jerked to look and soon found the face of another girl. This girl looked simply human and looked upon the still confused pointed eared woman.

"Good morning m'Lady Sierra... " It was as those word were they kept to an over filled closet. At once the previous memories crashed up on her. She stumbled and the maid rushed over to catch her.  the warm skin jolted her with a familiar feeling, and a name.

"Thank you Keela.." she said softly as she was steadied. She could see the worry in the girl's eyes and could feel a warmth in her soul. She gently caressed her head. the girl was shorter than her. Her hair was a lovely auburn, and cheek rosy with health with a touch of freckles. Those eyes that gazed up to her were as the early morning blue skies.  "I'm well now. " Sierra remembered to say.

She could see Keela relax and move swiftly to a closet to bring her clothing. The outfit was lavish, and dated, there was a feel of perhaps the Renaissance and a touch of fantasy.  The girl moved with grace, gentleness, and speed. Even the tugging of the corset felt barely noticeable. She turned to look in the mirror as she flowed like water to the slow and her shoulders were bare, but sleeves were attached to the chemise of silver. the gown and corset were dark indigo which the color only show in light danced upon the fabric. It was a slim fit that moved comfortably.

She nodded to her maid "good work girl, have they been waiting long?" She looked back to the girl and another pang was felt in her heart, as if it knew something she didn't.

The girl lowered her head slightly " not long M'Lady, as you bade me to awaken you when they arrived." She then lifted her eyes with respect to let Sierra know she was attentive. There was something else the girl wanted to say, but it disappeared quickly, as if her duty overrode what she wished to convey. "Shall I announce you M'lady and prepare the tea?"

As much as Sierra wished to ask, something told her to wait. "Do so Keela, and remember no mistakes, I picked you because I know your skills."

Keela dipped into a curtsy "yes M'lady, and right away" she awaited the dismissal before slipping out the door.

--------to be continuesed----

My Only Owner by Anonymous

I must admit that my first days at the Dominion last December were very exciting: i was entering in the world of my dreams and found myself staring (or rather, perving) mesmerized at the sight of the beautiful and elegant ladies that exude confidence and glamor, but also kindness and generosity to the guys like myself, who are starting and want to learn about the femdom principles. I spent some evenings reading their conversations (public conversations in open chat, that is), listening at them talking, reading some notes about the rules and guidelines of proper service and sub etiquette. I talked very little, hesitantly in public, concerned about making mistakes or perhaps offending any of the ladies with my ignorance of what a sub must or must not do. But I´m not stupid and i knew if i put proper effort i could achieve many things, so i was decided to learn as much as i could in order to get ready for the day when i was going to be owned and could put my brain, my heart and my muscles at the service of my goddess. Coz that was my final goal and purpose: to find my queen and to put myself at her service. I know that sounds presumptuous, but that was what i was hoping for, and dreaming of.

And before i was ready, She appeared. She summoned me to her feet and started asking me questions, and then She began talking about Her likes and dislikes, and soon we were engaged in a broad conversation about almost everything ; we chatted at length for a few days about many things, from music to work, food, sex, domination, travels and cultures, and even some politics, She dropping witty and funny comments at every topic, fascinating me, and soon i started missing hours of sleep and skipping RL dates or cutting them short to be able to talk to Her, to be with Her. I rewrote my profile at Her suggestion and grew hopeful she would consider me as Her sub, boy, slave, servant, butler, warrior, bodyguard or even punching bag if She ever needed one.

We arranged for voice calls, which i admit i was reluctant first, and She started asking and commanding me to do things that i wasn´t ready for, but She managed to push, soft and charmingly till all my defenses, bridges and shields were dropped, and i abandoned myself at Her feet in a way i never thought a man could relinquish his will. I was at Her mercy and i felt so much at peace with myself and the world, and begged Her, and soon i felt Her hands locking softly a collar around my neck, with Her name engraved, like the one that was being built around my heart, and i felt pride and liberation like i had never experienced before, and I'm not ashamed to admit it was the most beautiful feeling in my life.

My existence started to gyrate around Her, Her likes, Her wishes, Her dreams, Her mood swings, Her pleasure, Her laughing, Her songs, Her timetable, Her pets, Her meals...  we shared our lives, our tastes, our confidences, i spent hours at Her feet, massaging Her legs, worshiping Her calves, adoring Her hips, softly licking Her inner thighs and up, massaging Her labia with my tongue, rubbing Her divine clit with the tip of my manhood, rock hard, making sure i was not to cum and reminded to concentrate all my efforts, my thoughts and my feverish passion at the service of Her pleasure. I fed on Her moaning, Her giggling, Her breathing... my cock about to explode, my heart beating furiously, raging as She came in an orgasm, and with each one, with each call, with each meeting, falling on my knees before Her, after She was pleased, adoring Her and feeling Her ruling soft hand running thru my hair, Her warm voice complimenting me... and i felt so horny but also so special, so gifted... so happy.

As a matter of fact i could barely believe my dreams had come true and i wondered if i possibly deserved that much happiness, specially when i heard other fellow subs that hadn´t been too successful in finding owner for some time. But then i was quick to forget it and put my fears aside when i was with Her, and She summoned me on my four,  resting Her divine butt on my back, and i felt i had always belonged there without knowing it, and this was the way things should and would always be.

One evening that i admittedly was late, things had changed at Her place. The portraits i built with Her image engraved were not there anymore. I run around and found my own pics had been removed, and my heart sank deep. I knew something BIG had changed, and waited for hours, anxiously. She didn´t show up that evening. I sent Her two IMs. But i didn´t want to sound overly preoccupied or annoying. I knew my Goddess had other interests and i didn´t want to bother Her or to sound too needy. Tho i did need Her. Badly. The day after when i anxiously logged in, She had replied my IMs with a brief note, telling me to hold tight. Now i was scared, very. She didn´t log for the next two long days and i admit i spent them obsessively perving at every profile and stalking anyone landing close to Her home and at the neighboring sims. And yes, checking Her profile every few minutes, or rather, every few seconds.

The third evening when i logged i found Her at home and with my heart pounding furiously, but trying to keep my cool, i asked Her what had happened. She dropped the news, that i had somehow feared. You may know the drill, so i will spare you details: She had different plans, and there was no room for me in them, and She was sorry for me... My world crumbled around me, i could barely react, i felt numb and foggy and silent,  i wouldn't allow myself to bug Her, or plead, or pour any drama or grief on Her. She was my Goddess, i was Her servant, not the other way around. If She wanted me out, i had no say and no option but to leave Her alone, if She so wished. So i left and spent the rest of the evening sat in some empty sim without really knowing what else was about to happen, clueless as i had never been before. A battered dog, they say, and that´s how i felt, without purpose and hurting for every pore. Cliché as it may sound, i felt like a blade piercing my chest.

It took me a few days to compose myself. When i got convinced She would not contact me anymore and She would not take me back, i gathered the strength to remove Her collar around my neck. Went around exploring, dancing and shopping and after a while I returned to Dominion. Here i had a few meaningful conversations with some beautiful, kind souls, both Ladies and fellow subs, got encouraging words and tons of support, which i really appreciate, you know i do, and i decided it was time to move on, to force myself overcome grief and get ready again in this universal quest for happiness and love. With a heavy heart, as they say, and now i know what they mean by that.

I failed. It´s a month now and I´m stuck in the same place. I can´t stop thinking of Her. I can´t look for anyone else than Her. I go to the same places where we used to dance, to shop and to play. I crave for Her voice and Her giggling and long for the time spent with Her, like if it was a dream and i suddenly woke up. I know those times are not to come back, i realize i lost Her and the pain keeps coming back. I don´t even fully understand the reason, but the consequences are clear and Her absence its unbearable to me, as it is the thought that all was just a mirage, smoke. But i must be true to myself and admit that i haven't stopped loving Her, and maybe i never will completely. I still drag Her long invisible leash and i´m not even sure i want to get rid of it. I guess that makes me pretty ineligible for service, at least for now, since I´m useless for anyone but Her, even if She doesn´t want me anymore. This is the bare truth, and I can´t keep fooling myself or others any longer.

I want to thank you all and everyone for your patience and kindness and say farewell in the hope one day i will be healed and can return to this great place.


Mistress by Lady Slacker

"Hello Mistress"

I get goosebumps every time I hear that. roll off my boy's tongue.
"Hi, my boy" I reply. I am rewarded with a big smile and tight hug around my waist. I love the feel of his skin and heat against my clothed body. I stroke his hair and smile down at my boy.

"Have you been a good boy today?", I ask.

"Yes Mistress", he replied

"Good", I smile down at him

He doesn't want to let go of my waist. I stay a few minutes longer enjoying his warmth before saying, "Enough my boy."
He reluctantly lets me go. I can see the sadness as he bows his head and looks to the floor. I place a finger under his chain and raise his head making him look me in the eye "Baby boy, I am not going anywhere."

A smile creeps across his face. He takes my hand and gently kisses it. I smile at my boy proudly.

I bend down and whisper in his ear, "You are mine and no one else can have you!"

He nods his head, smiles brightly and says, "Yes Mistress"

Confession by Tiven

Please hid my story, for it is the story of an innocent man falsely charged, and unjustly convicted.
It was one dark and cold february night, when i decided to visit my  favorite SL sim: The Dominion. I landed with my spirits high, eager to bow at the Mistresses and to salute my sub colleagues when, out of the nothing, Miss Eva, one of the major authorities in The Dominion, arrested me. There was no, accusation, no rights reading, no explanation. I was forced to remove my robes and was put in a prison cell which i shared with three of my colleagues. It was freezing, i was shivering and my toes and fingers were turning blue. Suddenly, after being threatened and verbally abused, i was led to a mattress and forced to kneel infront of the Judge, whom, guess what!, was Miss Eva, the same person who arrested me was judging me! The trial started, and i was assigned a lawyer, Madi they call her. I cant prove it, but i'm convinced she had been payed to sabotage my cause. The trial was a farse, i was convicted because of my accent didn't sound spanish, and i was forced to dress up as a beaver put on maracas and was shot out to the sky in a rocket.

And here comes my confession: i enjoyed every single moment of that dark and cold february night.

Beast by Scarlet

Everything has its beast
and I am but a pawn
in this evil game from which I spawned
The king towers above My space
but I am the one who controls his fate
I look into his dark eyes
and I cry "Let Me break these chains"
The buzzing of the menacing flies
Keeps My voice unheard
and I must drag this weight with Me
and do My best, to set free
the essence of My being
Life cannot be perfect
for anyone
Everything has its beast
there are only tales of certain peace
Fables, broken by My fears
My mind may hold many terrors
but I an a tower of many tiers
I posse beautiful gifts from kindness, care, and love
Nothing can hold Me back from setting free that dove
My white bird will not be deceased
I can smile in this captive state
For I know
Everything has its beast
And there is no hope in pitying yourself
The chains will only pull you back
In any direction that we take
The atrocities of life are our only stake
I will keep upon My path
Through this shattered glass
Life bleeds happiness in unknown places
Its finding through a hall of discriminating faces
with the boulder attached to your ankle
with the anchor holding you in place
and with only yourself to guide
that makes the tears that are cried
A beautiful sadness
A present absence
Being afraid of everything
Is being fearfull of nothing

Burnt Confession by Anonymous

The first time I met DB, I had to correct his Fetlife profile-he said he was Domme. I was cracking up as I politely pointed out the difference between Dom and Domme and how the two words had come about and that they were pronounced the same when vocalized. While he was sincerely thankful for my correction of his beginner blunder-I got a good look at his picture. And it hit me-that overwhelming feeling of protection. This was curious to me because he was not-yet-physically in my presence. About 10 days later (or somethin like that) I was at a kink party wherea majority of my community goes, and he keeps walking by the pool room-and we keep making eye contact. I didn't expect him to be there-but the feeling came back again.

Later, I'm talking with a few friends and he walks up and we are introduced and he tells me I was the one that informed him about  the correct use of Domme. And it hit me very hard. He's not Dominant, he's sub. So I tested it just by touching him and telling him where he should feel a violet wand... not only through his clothes but without. And he did. We wound up inthe pool together relaxing as part of my aftercare for him and talked the rest of the night. We connected on so many levels that are not imagined, that it's rediculous.

For the next week we spent every evening together, talking, playing lightly since he's new, and it was wonderful. That saturday was my birthday, and he took some of my friends and I out for a nice lunch and paid for it. He said he'd call me later.

He texted that he got back together with his ex-girlfriend that night. My humor is a bit twisted so I was able to laugh about it sucking really bad, but at the same time it's another one of life's practical jokes on me.

The one party where I took them as my guests-thinking we could handle us being around each other and play it cool-people noticed and they came to me and asked me about him being with her, when it's obvious he wasnted to be with me. I played it cool and helped them with their scene. Both so new neither one knows or understands how to process pain or to give it at a moment when it can be processed effectively. Shakes my head-that was hard.

But this is harder: we still see each other 2-3 times a week, and text or call daily when he's not with her. The physical turn we have for each just by being in the same room or knowing each other is around is overwhelming.

I forgot my glasses at his place and he freaked out thinking he was going to get burned. The connections we have with each other are still there and are just as strong.....but this is what followed:

It was not my intention to leave my glasses in your bed. I forget where I put my glasses everyday, which is why I don't always wear them. I am truly sorry they were there.
You say you don't want to hurt S, because you love her. Then I ask you this and I want an answer-why did you get involved with me at all?
Because it's not S you just burned, it's me. You've basically told me in your texts-since getting back together with her that I was nothing but an intellectual and sexual curiousity while you waited to decide whether you wanted to be back with her or not. And now.. I'm "The Other Woman" and "Second Choice". I deserve better than that. I honestly believe there is a strong attraction between us, but now is not the time for it to be acted upon. I'll let the future take care of itself and let it unfold as it should. If it happens that we can act upon it at a later date and have the means to do so, then it'll happen. Timing in life is everything.
I would never do anything to burn you intentionally or unitentionally in any shape, form, or voice...a stupid absentminded mistake...I won't let happen again.
I will not come by your house again. Bring my glasses, and your pyramid.We can still meet for lunch or coffee occassionally-maybe icecream... but it's best if we stick to seeing each other at events most often.
Flames much dimmed,

written about 7 hours ago:
I'm very sorry for burning you, it was completly unintentional. I don't think you left your glasses intentionaly, I know you wouldn't do that. When we got involved i had no intention of getting back with S. but through talking with her I realized I wasn't able to let her go without giving it one more chance. I'm not the type of guy who trys to have intimate relations with more than one woman at a time, but when we are together I can't deny the attraction I have for you. I had no intentions of you and I fooling around the other day and I really thought we could take a nap without being sexual, but the attraction took over again. I take full responability for my actions and could have stopped at any time but chose not to. That was my choice, not yours.
Our paths have crossed for a reason, nothing happens by accident, I truely belive that. What our future holds for us is not seen yet, it it will unfold in it's own time. There is an incredably strong energy between us when we are together. I can't realy put my finger on it. I feels like we both become stronger and feed each other in some way without diminishing each others strengths. Sometimes it feels like we "butt" heads, but it"s because of the power we both have at our disposal. There's a certain mutual respect in that I think.
S will be goning home at 9:30ish so we can meet today. Let's have coffeee or something so we can talk for a bit, ok?
Sorry again for putting you in this position.


written about 6 hours ago:
Check your text log. You dumped me on my birthday to get back together with S.
Come by the house, I have coffee here. If you want creamer, there's milk.

In the end we acknowldge there's something very strong between us, but what we gave life to will have to be nouished carefully by each of us sperately, until a tme we can do it together.
While he has her, I have other partners to explore and get to know, but that protective feling is going to have to be there first, before I decide I want a man as my sub who has a lot of the same qualities aas DB>

I Remember by Heather

I remember her legs. I remember how impressed I was by her legs. They were long, but fit her perfectly. The legs of a runner perhaps.

I remember her hugs. The hugs that lasted longer than I had expected and how incredible safe I felt in her arms.

I remember her kisses. Going from sweet & gentle to possessiveness. I was hers after all.

I remember how we played miniature golf and how she had a hole in one. On the wrong course.

I remember how sick she was, yet she didn't show it. There was chemo, she was tired, but she kept up appearances.

I remember how she explored my body and how right it felt.

I remember how she made me blush. Deeply.

I remember her birthday present to me.

I miss you. Lately, I have realized, that even though there were things that weren't right, you were the only person that I have ever met in real life, that made me feel submissive to my very core.

I remember I was heart broken when we left, after 48 hours. I remember how much I cried and how you called and said we'd see each other again.

I spend 48 hours with you, and 3 months with her, yet you were the one. I wish it had been three months with you.

I still miss you. You were real. You still are.

I miss that safety. I miss your hugs. I miss your kisses on my forehead.

I have written many confessions, many about her as well, with a different outcome each time. I think I'm ready to see it all in perspective.

I hope, one day, we will meet again. As friends. Because I want to thank you in person, for believing in me. For encouraging me.

In 48 hours you have left a deep impression. And that .. says it all.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Confessuion by Jamie

Ladies and subs, it will soon be Valentines day a day to profess a secret love or maybe a not so secret desire to submit.

As many of you know this Lady is an established member of the Dominion. She is kind yes kind but do not mistake that kindness for weakness.

Delightful is her manner as she skips through the courtyard greeting new Ladies and making sure all is well.

You may notice that she dresses differently everyday a new outfit but always elegant  beautiful.

Control is the name of the game. You meet her and you feel it resonate from her, so perfect and so natural.

Right from the first time we met I knew she was special, not only beautiful in my thoughts but her actions and her presence seem to have an aura about them.

Incidently she is an incredibly intelligent Lady who can get into your mind and stay there as long as she pleases. Her pleasure always and a dream for me to serve and obey her

So I am telling everyone here that submitting to this wonderful lady is what i would like to do and hoping one day it may indeed come true.

Submission to this Lady is a condition of the heart, she makes my world full of purpose and gives an end a start.

You know her name already and if you do not by now Look back along these words I have wrote for her name is hidden somehow.

To The Lady by Eroyan

 To the Lady, who gave me so much.

    When I decided to go to Dominion that day, I had no idea what would happen to me. I was still just traveling to places that interested me. I had been here before and teased, listened and spoke with others but it was just a place.
    That day… I don’t know how to describe it. I arrived and there she was, sitting and talking with others. I think there were about three other subs around and maybe a Lady or two, but the simple fact is, I can only remember her. How she sat, how she spoke, how she laughed, I for once was ultimately dumbfounded and in awe.

    It was as if my brain sent a telegram to my heart which read:
From Brain to Heart: Attention! : Stop
Learn as much about this Lady as possible. : Stop
All other thoughts and actions suspended. : Stop
Action to be under taken immediately: Stop
By Order of Higher Command: Stop: End.

    At the same moment as I knelt there and just listened and gazed at her in absolute amazement at not only her but myself. My heart sent a letter to my brain.
My dearest companion and love,
    We must take upon ourselves a grand duty of actively seeking this angel from heaven and implore her for favor. Never have I skipped so many beats trying to merely see what you do. But never have you been so distracted at the feelings and energy I pick up from this beautiful woman. She already has disrupted our thought and feelings and we have yet to even know her name. I suggest my love we start there.
    Ever devoted, your love.

    This is the only way I can describe what I felt when I first saw her and the journey I would undertake. It was a split second agreement that for good or ill, I had to know this beautiful Lady. So I began and it was not easy.

       After introductions, I tried so many things to gather more of her attention and get to know this elusive Lady. I teased her and that was not received well as normal. I knew a bit more how special she was and demanding that she was not to be wooed as so many others with hollow promises or playing. I learned when to tease and when to be slightly naughty, but I was slowly working to being tolerated. For at first I am sure I was seen as one who could not commit nor was willing to.

    I worked on myself, took steps to be ready for that. She grew daily in my mind as one I wanted to take more chances with, than I had taken in so long. But the work was not yet done. I spoke of many things doing my best to attract her attention. Spoke of weather and goings on in second life and sometimes real life. I found conversations revolving around my real life seemed to interest her most, but her real life interested me as well. I had to know who she was. There were conversations were some succeeded and others failed. Some where I walked away smiling and others kicking myself for being so stupid.

        I had finally managed to be at least accepted at her feet. I was permitted the joy to kneel there before this beautiful Lady, to drink in the warmth that seemed to flow from her. One could easily get drunk off of it and I did so many times happily.
   I was afraid too for not only could I barely speak to her, I knew she was a sadist. I had never really had anyone that took pleasure in causing pain. At one moment I doubted…Can you do this? I asked myself. Will you be willing to accept what she wanted to do just for her pleasure even if it doesn’t please you one bit. Are you willing to commit to that? For you know you must, if you are to make her happy. I did not speak or visit for a couple of days till finally I knew my answer.
    It had been almost three months to the day since I first saw her and not a day had passed that I still did not stare in awe at her. I had tried everything to gain her favor. I had privileges, kneeling at her feet, being able to speak to her privately. Things I did my best not to abuse, but was more than eager and happy to use when I could. But I had run out of things to talk about. To say, to even think up, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

       Finally without warning, my heart commanded my brain, and without thinking. I swear I only remember after the fact, these events. It just happened. I knelt before her and looked up into her eyes. Those pools of such depth and calm shaded by the warmth and fire of her hair along a snow white field of her skin made me shiver and without any thought to myself or her or anyone I let my heart cry out to her. “I have been trying to get to know you for three months now. And Miss…your making it really dang hard.”

  I actually remember snapping awake at this moment and just said in my mind. “Oh shit, what did I just do?” A heartbeat and silence, then she laughed.

    Oh my god she laughed. Not a cruel laugh, not one of contempt. A purely mirthful teasing laugh that went up my spine and wrapped itself around me, I can only say it is still the most wonderful laugh I have ever heard, almost like wind chimes on a perfect spring day. I breathed or tried to. It was so lovely, it was a laugh of such heartbreaking beauty and it wasn’t for something someone else said, or someone else did. It wasn’t a joke or anything other than me… I had often wondered why afterwards it felt like I just belonged to her that I don’t recall how long it was till I was owned after this. Looking back it was then, right then when she laughed that beautiful laugh for me that I belonged to her. It was that instant I was lost to any other but her.

  She smiled at me and I was invited to her home for the first time. As I mentioned before, I think we both knew that there was nothing else that needed to be said. I was hers for as long as I could be. I had made my choice.

   They say that home is where the heart is. That absence makes the heart grow fonder. I really hope… I can come home.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

From your ever, stubborn troublemaker.

Jack's Request Part 2 by Lady Tora

This is the second part of a fantasy I wrote for Jack, my partner  I have talked about in another confession.  In part 1 Jack arranged for a night out complete with something to wear and has sent a car to pick me up.  I have no idea where we are going.

* * * * *

Jake opens the door for me and stands holding it, watching me with interest.   I stand contemplating my options when he flashes me another amused look.  I flash him a pissed off look back but remind myself that I am suppose to be having fun.  Since Jack is not here to play look but can't have, might as well torment Jake.

I turn so I am facing Jake; holding the door, I lower my ass into the car, making the hem of the dress ride up, giving Jake full view of my thighs and pussy.  I sit for a moment with my legs wide, letting him hungrily take me in before I swing my legs in and pull the door shut.  I see him laugh and go around to climb in the driver seat.  “I can’t tell you where I am taking you, so don’t even ask.” He drawls before starting the car.
I flash Jake a smirk and nod my head.  Sitting back in the seat, my legs naturally slightly apart continuing my little game of look but can't have.  For the most part I ignore him and look out the window, trying to figure out from the streets and scenery, wondering where I am meeting Jack.  I cross my legs and Jake groans, making me turn my attention back to him.  Our eyes meet in the rear view mirror for a moment before I give him another knowing smirk

"How about you concentrate on getting me to the secret location without killing the both of us." I command.

He laughs and flashes a grin I can see via the mirror. "Yes Mam!" he drawls mockingly.

"Yes, Miss." I grumble, automatically correcting him without thinking.  He looks back at me through the mirror, giving me a questioning look but I again ignore him, turning back to look out the window.  Out of the corner of my eye I see him shrug his shoulders and his eyes shift to concentrate on his driving.  We drive through the city, going through downtown before heading into a part of the city I am not familiar with.  Seems to be mostly an industrial area.

We stop in front of a non-descriptive building that appears to resemble a warehouse.  I study the building for a moment, wondering again what Jack has arranged.  Why would we be here or all places?  It is a good thing I have complete trust in him.  I glance over at Jake as he interrupts my thoughts and announces we have arrived.  I then question Jack's judgement and whether I really should trust him considering Jack was the one who hired Jake.

Jake slips from the driver seat and hurries around the car to let me out, holding out one of his hands to assist me in getting out of the car.  I slide one of my hands into his and pause to think about how they seem soft and smooth, odd to me for a man. Keeping my legs together and partially holding the hem of my dress down with my other hand, I swing my feet out and manage to stand without giving Jake yet another show.  He groans and looks honestly disappointed. I chuckle softly and smirk as I make my way to what I think is the door.

My smugness instantly disappears as I realize that there is no way I am going to be able to walk any great distances in these shoes without some sort of assistance.  I hear Jake chuckle behind me and moves quickly to reach the door before I do.  He knocks on the solid steel door and we stand watching for it to be answered and opened.  It is cooler now than it was earlier in the evening and my nipples are hard and erect, pressing against the thin material of my dress.  I am on display again for Jake to admire and does quite openly; licking at his lips and rolling his tongue around his mouth like he was thinking about how they taste.

I glare at him but before I can put him back in his place verbally, the door opens to reveal a large, well-built, tall, handsome, and sharply dressed dark skinned man.  There is no mistaking that he is security.  Slightly behind him and off to the side, blocking the entrance is another large obviously security type man; this one however is fair with closely buzzed sandy brown hair.  They have to be ex military I think to myself because of how they look and stand but they are more built like professional football players.

They don't seem to notice me, let alone what I am wearing; or not wearing for that matter and the exhibitionist in me is a tad disappointed.  Instead they are focused on Jake, giving him friendly smiles and move out of the way to let us both in, closing the door firmly once inside.  I glance around and I am surprised at what seemed to be just an average warehouse is actually some sort of upscale club.  The foyer is decorated in rich red and black with plush furnishings, tasteful art, and dim lighting.   An older gentleman appears out of no where to greet Jake, calling him Mr. Micheals and telling him all of the arrangements have been taken care of.  Jake hands him the keys to the car, thanking him before dismissing him and turning back to me, giving me one of his dazzling smiles again.  I can do nothing but survey the situation with interest and try to figure out exactly who Jake is.

He beckons me to follow, through one of the archways into another dimly lit room.  This one is decorated like the foyer but much larger.  This seems to be the main room of the club.  The plush seating is arranged theatre style around a small stage that currently houses a big bed.  My eyes widen and my brain snaps to attention as I first hear the distinct sound of pleasure and I register that there is a couple fucking on the bed, centre stage, while anyone and everyone can watch.  I stand fixated for a moment, watching in awe as the couple move together, totally ignoring the crowd and just concentrating on pleasuring each other.   I must look very surprised, realizing that I am in a sex club, because Jake laughs before ginning. "Welcome to Eden."  He turns and approaches one of the wing back chairs, speaking to whoever is sitting there.  That person rises and turns toward me and I smile, my eyes lighting up and breathing a small sigh of relief when I recognize the person is Jack dressed as handsome as ever in loose fitting dark dress pants, an elegant cut but simple, light coloured dress shirt and a silk tie that seems to be about the same colour as my dress.

Jack approaches me and flashes me one of his sexy, knowing smiles.  His eyes hungrily sweep over my body as he licks his lips.  Jack takes one of my hands and pulls me toward him, half lifting me as he hugs me to him; pressing himself into me so I am instantly aware of how turned on he is at the moment.  I wrap my arms around Jack's neck and entangle my fingers in his hair as he kisses me urgently, shocking me with the intensity and the need conveyed in his kiss.

I am even more shocked when Jack breaks the kiss and slides to his knees having rarely shown his submission to me in public.  His hands slide up my legs and around my hips, again hugging me to him.  I can't help but chuckle when somehow despite the noise around us, I hear him gasp and then moan.  He has discovered that I am not wearing any underwear.  My hands slide down his shoulders and between us until I find his tie, taking it like a leash, I jerk it so he has to look up at me.  Let the fun and games begin.

To be continued...

Even When She's Asleep by Jamesbond

Even when She's asleep.

by jamesbond Trenchmouth

She lets me drive her BMW .Well,kind of.
I sit behind the wheel,but it's really She who drives.
She sits in the back seat,Her long legs stretched  languidly across the plush leather.She has attached a  leash to the cock ring i am ordered to wear,the leash snaking its way from Her hand to my perpetually rigid cock,exposed and throbbing between the buttons of my open fly.
I sit behind the wheel,steering , using the gas pedal,glancing at the instrument panel,stopping and starting in the traffic,keping an eye on the road.
But it's really She who drives.
Sometimes She will use her cellphone and talk to Her friends,largely ignoring me except for the odd tug on the leash,amusing Herself as i wince quietly at the cock ring pinching my erect penis.
When a small pool of precum dapples the head of my  mercilessly teased cock,i see Her in the rear view mirror covering the mouthpiece of her phone with Her hand while She says to me " if you get any on My seats,you will pay the price."
Most Wednesdays, She likes to go shopping.She will have me park at one of Her favourite designer stores,
tying Her end of the leash to the metal bracket that harnesses the rear seat belt.'Wait here and make sure you stay hard while I'm away' She says ,that exquisite smile curving her lips like swallows descending.
There i will wait for an hour or more,amidst the smartly coated chauffeurs in their assorted shiny limousines waiting for their masters and Ladies,thankful for the tinted windows that hide me in my exposed state from passing,inquiring eyes.
For Sunday lunch,She will order i drive Her to a current favourite restaurant where She will usually meet Her business partner to review the week ahead. On Sundays , i am considered 'off-duty',which really  means  i am not required to wear my cock leash, though i am not allowed to leave the car while i wait for Her in the parking lot,She will have the kitchen at the restuarant send me out something to eat of Her choosing.The meals are usually small (a tuna sandwich or a small green salad,but never both together).
The food delivery is always accompanied by a hand written note from Her.
i have kept all of these notes in a drawer by my bed.
They contain messages such as' your lifestyle involves a lot of sitting,we certainly don't want you getting flabby and out of shape now,do we?'
Another reads ' if you really need to use the washroom you may do so, but be careful with My cock when you take it out of your pants to pee.'
Perhaps the most chilling note i kept simply reads ' Remember  it's My car.Don't drop any food on the seat while you eat or I will drive home with you in the trunk.'
Tonight  is Saturday night and She's going to a party on Long Island.As we drive across the Expressway,the lights of New York City  receding in the side mirrors of Her car, i feel the familiar tug of Her leash emanating from the back seat. As She yanks my  cock left and right,i look up into the rear view mirror,watching the lights of the oncoming traffic throw red reflections across her delicate cheekbones.She smiles at me,and for a moment we are both acutely aware of the deep submissive space that She controls in me.
We leave the Expressway and take a long wooded road to an address She had given me earlier,scrawled on an old business card.
We take a right turn through heavy  iron gates and thread our way down a tunnel of  ancient oaks along a driveway to an imposing stone manor.There are couples walking about in expensive evening wear,tuxedos and ballgowns,but none of them looks the way She does.Not one of them shines like She does.
i drive Her to the front door and gaze transfixed as She leaves the car and floats between the white pillars up the flagstone stairs in Her long silken black dress cut at the side to her  hip ,the slow descent of her long blonde hair tangling gently in a simple string of pearls at her neck, Her tall heels centring the flow of Her every movement as if  She had ordered  gravity to provide Her perfect symmetry with every step.
i  am ordered to remain in the car as always,rolling down the window enough to hear Her say,'wait for Me at the end of the driveway,I should be there by midnight.'
Again She has tethered me by my cock to the back seat belt,so i drive cautiously around the circular driveway to the end,finding a parking spot beneath a lone pine tree a few feet off the main asphalt.
Afraid to fall asleep in case She summons me,i turn on the radio and find a late night jazz station.
Hours pass . It's close to midnight and i am lost in the strains of Billie Holiday singing Stormy Monday,when  i see Her walking towards the car in a sliver of moonlight.She is walking with an elegant,dreamlike sway and carrying a half-filled martini glass which She sets on the hood of the car.
She opens the back door and greets me with a capricious  'hello my boy,having a good evening?'
i smile and say 'yes thank you my Mistresss,i hope You are too'.
'I am my boy and about to enjoy it even more' She replies,closing Her door and passing me the key to the glove box which She always keeps locked.
'Open it and pass Me what You find inside' She whispers. As i open the glove compartment and its small light illuminates the interior,i feel a shiver run down my spine.There,resting above a road map of New York State i see an intimidating  pink strap-on ,the vivid pink translucence of the cock reflecting in the halogen glow of the glovebox light.
'Pass it to Me' She orders and reflexively i do.There are small beads of anxious sweat trickling down my chest,but i know there is no way out.
i am told to fold the driver's seat over ,to lower my pants and to lie across the slightly humped seat with my face down.
What follows is a series of images that are  burned into the hard drive of my brain forever:
The glimpse of Her hand cupping a cube of butter She must have taken from the buffet table, the sensation of the melting butter being applied deep into my quivering ass,the feel of Her hand at the base of my neck as she holds  me in Her grip,driving my face hard into the padded leather dashboard as She impales me repeatedly on that gargantuan cock  ,the sound of Her pearl necklace rattling in my ear,her ardent whisper in my ear 'don't ever forget whose ass this is sonny boy'.
Most evocative, is the image of that martini glass on the hood of Her car,rocking with Her every  thrust,a  lonely olive bobbing in the moonlit glass ; a cork on a vodka ocean. The unmistakable sound of the glass finally slipping and falling to the ground.Her scream of fulfillment,the endless downward motion of her nails as she leaves four parallel bloody paths down the centre of my back.
She sleeps all the way home,a half smile on her adjective-defying  lips,a strand of hair across her eyes,a vision asleep.Billie Holiday has long since gone to bed and John Coltrane has taken over her place on the radio as the New York skyline twinkles into view.
My ass feels seared and i shift uncomfortably in my seat as i drive.
Cock ring in place as usual,the end of my leash curled around her fingers, a twist of brown leather across her delicate white wrist.
'Isn't it remarkable',i say out loud to myself, 'even when She's asleep, i am Hers.'
i am not totally surprised to hear a soft sleepy murmur from the back seat,'Yes,even when I'm asleep.'

A New Way by Anonymous

We had met several times when I had visited the city. On the surface there were no romantic feelings just wonderful, powerful sex …. But the sex was built on a foundation of simmering passion, the sort of passion that made every nerve ending tingle. But no matter how wonderful the sex was, there was an element missing … because it’s taste was vanilla and mine was not. Yet I had seen enough to know I could lead this man down a path he didn’t know he wanted to go.
So it was arranged he was coming to the hotel straight from work and I had a few surprises waiting for him.I answered the knock on the door wearing a peach, short , satin nightie and smiled as I saw him standing there in his business suit, briefcase in hand. He looked me up and down his eyes twinkling, but before he could speak I took hold of his tie and pulled him to me kissing him hard on the lips before turning to walk back into the room. He followed putting down his briefcase and standing a little uncertain as to what to do …. He knew this was going to be different.
I looked at him and murmured “strip” he tried to laugh it off “you want me to perform a dance for you?” My gaze didn’t waver as I looked at him “strip” I repeated then added “leave the tie”. He hesitated just for a moment before removing his clothes carefully. Because he knew I hated him dressed only in his socks he removed them first then carefully folded his trousers and shirt and hanging his jacket on a coat hanger I had left out for him. His cufflinks lay on the night stand next to the bed. He did all this methodically as though trying to keep hold of his composure. “Give me your belt” he handed it over without question, then pulled off his boxer shorts tossing them to one side. He stood there naked nervously biting his lip as I walked around him like a lioness circling her prey, the belt was in my hand I cracked it against his ass and he jumped startled.
I tightened his tie around his neck and using it as a leash led him over to the chair I had placed ready. “Sit” I didn’t look at him but stood behind the chair waiting. I smirked seeing the red mark on his flesh where the belt had stained it then he sat and waited for what would happen next. I took his arms and pulled them behind the chair looping the belt around his crossed wrists and pulling it tightly. Walking over to the bed I picked up the navy blue silk scarf I had left there and making a blindfold from it covered his eyes making sure he couldn’t see. Leaving him there I went to the mini bar and took out the bowl of fruit I had left there “I hope you’re hungry” I walked back over to him and straddled him  bowl in hand.
First I took out a strawberry and ran it over his lips “eat” I ordered, his mouth opened teeth sinking into the fruit and he chewed it slowly trying to remain cool and in control … which was a pointless exercise as his cock was already hard and erect. Next I took a grape, he bit into it then realised I had it between my teeth, he moaned as his lips brushed against mine. Taking the piece of orange I fed it too him holding it in the air a little making him reach for it. Slowly I fed him the fruit and he started to eat it hungrily I could see his composure slipping and stepped away and slipped out of my nightie. I straddled him again  and gave him my fingers to suck, leading his mouth to my breasts where I had drizzled some of the juice from the orange. He gasped a little and suckled on them hungrily.
 My fingers threaded through his hair, gripping on a few strands and tugging on them hard. His head jerked up and I kissed him hard as I rubbed my pussy over the tip of his cock. He tried to buck upwards wanting to enter me “oh no, you don’t go there unless you are told you may” I walked away from him to the bathroom leaving him alone as I went to clean the juice off my body. I could hear him “ Are you there? Where have you gone?” He was sounding a little anxious “ did you think I had left you ?” I walked back over to him and removed his blindfold. He blinked as his eyes got used to the light, then focused on me, facing him sat in the edge of the bed naked. “Oh god” he muttered. I have no illusions about my body …. Hell it was a while ago now that 21 had come and gone … but I knew how to use it and I spread my legs exposing my pussy to him “is this what you want?” He swallowed and managed to squeak out “yes please” I laughed “Well it’s not about what you want to do … is it” I slipped my hand under a pillow and took out a purple dildo and stroked it down my slit. My gaze never left him as I stroked my clit with the dildo letting out a moan of pleasure before thrusting it into my now wet pussy and started to fuck myself slowly. He struggled in his binds trying to free himself “oh god” he said again “please … please” I leant back supporting myself with one hand and went faster and faster my eyes now closed as I arched my back and he whimpered stilling as he watched me orgasm.
I stood up the dildo in my hand and went to him holding it out “suck it and taste me” I ordered . He obeyed immediately licking and sucking the dildo, I could see he had hardly any control now and was hanging by a thread … I decided to help him along and straddled him again allowing the tip of his cock to enter my pussy and rocked my hips back and forth teasing him. Tossing the dildo away I stepped back away from the chair and he looked at me confused, his breathing rapid. “Now I am going to take the belt from around your wrists and you are not allowed to move … do you understand?”  He nodded and whispered “yes” freeing his wrists he sat there very still until my fingers wrapped around his cock and started to stroke him “now you are not allowed to cum” I moved my hand faster “ I can’t cum?” he closed his eyes his hands gripped the seat of the chair tightly “not until I say so” I let go of him and slapped his cock his eyes flew open in shock.
 I sat on the edge of the bed once more, my thighs splayed so he could see how wet I was. “Please” he looked at me almost in tears  “please I can’t take anymore” I smiled “please” he begged as I sat further back on the bed. “Fuck me… and hard” he looked uncertain “ I can.. ?” I nodded. He didn’t need another invitation and joined me on the bed entering me swiftly groaning as I squeezed his cock inside me. His control gone he started to fuck me hard as he had been instructed, my nails dug into his back and scratched him he whimpered then managed to say “please may I cum?” He had learnt quicker than I had hoped “not until I have” I moved underneath him fucking him back matching him move for move and when I came I cried out with pleasure. “please” he whispered, I bit his ear “you may cum now” after  gaining permission it did not take very long his whole body shuddered with the intensity of his orgasm and he lay panting on top of me “it’s never been like that ever” he said in amazement. I stroked his hair and whispered to him “there’s a good boy”