Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Recurring Fantasy - Mel Meskin

I am waiting at the bus stop with my Girlfriend. We are sitting in the bus shelter, just the two of us. The weather is cool but dry. My Girlfriend is dressed snugly and very attractively in expensive, warm, thick, cream coloured pinstriped ladies pants, with some gorgeous brown 3 inch high heeled leather boots on her feet. Up top she is wearing a co-ordinated cream coloured cowl neck sweater. Over all this is a luxorious raspberry pink woolen winter coat with a matching leather belt, and cream leather gloves on her hands. She is wearing dark pink lipstick and has short dark blonde hair. I am immaculately but casually dressed for her in black cord stretch jeans, a black roll neck sweater, and a navy blue warm padded jacket. She holds my hand reassuringly and keeps me close to her. When the bus arrives, my Girlfriend ushers me on to the bus in front of her. She then pays the driver for the both of us, and guides me to a seat. I take the window seat. My Girlfriend sits next to me, protecting me from the central isle down the bus. She smiles at me reassuringly and holds my hand on the bus.

It is now late evening and time for bed. I go up to bed first and get undressed. My body is completely shaven below my eyebrows, and I am wearing a CB6000 Short on my penis. I slip on a clean pair of mens cream latex underpants, then slide between the sheets and wait for my Girlfriend. When she comes into the bedroom, she is wearing a long raspberry pink satin nightdress. She smiles at me lovingly and gets into bed beside me. She pulls the covers over us and draws me close to her, pressing her body against mine and cradles my head against her breasts. She talks to me lovingly and strokes my hair. She then wraps her legs around me, and tells me to go to sleep.

My Girlfriend is not my girlfriend. I belong to her completely, She is my Mistress, my Lover and my Protector. Safe and secure, I drift off into a deep and contented sleep.

Behind the Scenes - Russell Applemoor

Its with a heavy heart that I must announce that during the Adam & Eve Party I was distracted from the event and I only spent a few minutes enjoying the event.

I neglected to inform Mistress Maisy that I had the house to myself and some privacy and I tried not laughed as I heard her call me a stupid cunt, a fucking idiot, and a few other tidbits as I had wasted a hour of potential play time.

Mistress wasted no time in getting caught up. in the matter of 45 minutes she had pushed me into edging 10 times or 12 …I dont remember…I was more concentrating on keeping hard and not coming as it all blended together in one big blissful experience.
I forgot about dominion and the world as I concentrated on her voice and her breathing imagining her next to me watching. She plays a numbers game and that adds a sense of urgency to the play. Mistress added a new aspect to the game also when she lets me edge and I had to keep balanced until she told me to stop with out any warning of countdown. I found that to be really a turn on….I didnt know if I was going to edge for a minute or 15 seconds…the anticipation was awesome. We finally arrived at 15 edges for the day (12 for the session) and 3 at my office earlier in the day.... my balls were tight and heavy with cum every time I cupped them I could feel the extra weight.

Mistress told me I was out of luck because I wouldnt be cumming and that I was going to be sent to bed wanting and aching for release that night. After what I thought was the end of our play I was mentally preparing my body to deal with the need and ache and do something to get my mind off it…..But I was very wrong on that thought. When Mistresses RL boy..I'll call "G" walked in and the next thing I knew Mistress told me to stroke myself as she took "G's" cock in her mouth …I could hear the delicious sounds she made and I dont know if it was my imagination or if I actually did hear "G's" soft moans as I knew the pleasure that was running through his body. I was rock hard in a moments time and how I didnt cum at the beginging is still a mystery to me I stroked my cock and I listened to her long strokes on his cock trying to time them together. The pressure I was feeling in my groin was intense and when she told me to stop stroking myself I was literally shaking and quivering …my body was covered in perspiration and I was burning up. Again I thought I was just being worked up some more so i could be sent to bed horny and frustrated but Mistresses plans were a bit more extensive than that. Again Mistress told me to stroke and get on edge as she sucked what I envisioned was a very hard and hot cock in her mouth the precum coating her tongue…I was in a zone at that time and the world could of ended and I wouldn’t have noticed, I dont remember all that well but I think I was begging Mistress to let me cum…I was focused on her voice her sounds and when she told me to cum….I actually didnt comprehend it at first …but when I was sure of what Mistress said ….in a matter of a few seconds I had coated my stomach and my hand in hot cum. I was ready to roll off my chair and crawl to my bed ….but I still heard moans of pleasure coming from Mistress as I found out that "G" was stroking her pussy and I could hear the soft moans that came from her headset….I was rock hard again.

I am no longer a young boy and my stamina isnt what it use to be but with Mistress that night I felt like I was 16 years old again. I heard Mistress order "G" to the bed and the next few minutes after that are sounds and memories that will be burned in my head forever….The bliss of Mistresses words and moans …Knowing that she rode her lover and RL boy and that he was filling her pussy and her Arse with his cock as I was allowed to listen is a experience I wont forget . Telling him to cum in her and to fuck her harder is almost a fantasy come true…If only I was there and tied up as I watched you then cleaning you afterward s with my tongue would it have been any better.

I do feel bad that I kept Mistress from enjoying the event but I hope the group will not judge my actions too harshly.

The Groom - Roxana

You should never have had those extra beers that night. Nor, should you have confessed your inner most secret desire to your friends on your bachelor night.

If you had kept your stupid mouth shut, you would never have known what you were missing out on, and life would have continued on as planned.

But no, you had to be the big smart man. A man of the world and brag. You sealed your future with just a few choice words, words spoken in drunkenness and pride.

That's where I came in.


Through a friend of a friend I was asked to show you how deep the rabbit hole went. And I being bored on my visit to my home town, gleefully accepted the request to break the bunnie from his cherry.

You had always had the desire to spend the night with a Dominant woman, subjected to her whims and commands.

Well little bunnie, I was either your dream come true, or your worst nightmare.

I was given your cell number 8 days before the wedding, and told to make your wildest dreams come true.

You were told a gift was about to present itself and to prepare.

It started with text messages. Telling to you go to a place at a certain time. I hid in the shadows to make sure you were able to take commands.

You turned up, and bought the clown mask from the store, and wore it on the bus home. I sat at the back of the bus listening to your feeble excuses when people looked at you. Ours is not a big village. There was no way to hide. A joke, a bet, a silly dare before your wedding you told the folks who boarded the bus along the route.

I sat and giggled at the back. You had no idea I was she. And, how I was about to rock your world to its foundations.

I wonder if you knew then what you know now, would you have continued? I think not.


The messages come through thick and fast, then turned into commands. I told you all the things I was going to do to you, and how you would respond and feel to my commands. I know you were hard just reading the text.

You had no idea where they were coming from. I covered my tracks and hid my phone number. It would not have helped you anyway, It was a prepaid phone your friends bought me for the fun.

You were told to go to the adult store and tell the assistant who you were. The guy behind the counter who greeted you had served on his knees to me in the past, and as as the good subbie boy he was, handed the list to you of things to be bought.

I giggled when he phoned me and told me the look in your face as he loaded up the basket of goodies. It took quite a bite out of your wallet too. I wondered how you would explain that charge on your credit card to your new bride.

Time came you were told to go to the main hotel in town. I told you to bring your new toy bag. I told you how to dress.

Wait in the lounge bar for further instructions.

From the dinning room, I watched you knock drink after drink back. I smile to myself, knowing how nervous you were.

Then came the text. The room number. At last.

You were edgy, secretive in the way you acted. It must have been hard to act that way around all these people you grew up with, and your wedding just 3 days away.

Oh I send you an email warning you to not do this. I told you it would change you. I told you that you had no idea what you were getting yourself into. I told you little bunnie to run away and not think how deep the rabbit hole went.

But bunnies are not known to be smart. I got a message back through the grapevine that you "Needed to do it to get it out of your system"

Who was I to deny you.

I heard the room door lock behind you, as you pushed your way from the side of the hole and jumped that faithful afternoon.


If you though you were a man when you entered the room, I left you in no doubt how deep the rabbit hole was. I redefined your perception of life that day.

I left while you lay sleeping in and exhausted slumber, and slipped away quietly. Your naked body and the scattered toys around you.


Like a thief in the night, I slipped into the church to see your face as you married.....

But you bad bunnie did not turn up, did you?

I saw the trail of destruction you left behind you.

You were a coward, and left the village the night before.


I know you tried to find me.

Your messages were passed through

But I had long left the UK to return to my home in America.

I know how desperate you were to relive the glorious time we spent

But you were just a little smart ass slut to me.

Just a toy to amuse me for the few days I had left of my trip.

Do I feel guilty.............

Hell no.

I gave you courage

I gave you freedom

I gave you the opportunity to realize your destiny


I wonder if you had your time again, would you trade the gifts I left you to return to innocence?

I think not.............

Anonymous Domme

I am a domme...
I don't usually play with other girls. While I have more than enough fire in my belly to nearly introduce most boys to their maker, I have a soft spot for women. Oh, I'll boss 'em around. But when it comes time for the leather to strike flesh, both my wind up and my follow through are significantly more measured.

Being a sub, or a servant? Not really in my nature... however... when it comes to intricate or interesting bondage, I am a very willing participant. Predicament bondage can be particularly enticing. I guess I can subscribe to being a victim when it involves endurance or standing up to a challenge. Due to my dominant disposition, the most challenging moment is the application of that first circle of rope or strap that signals my physical surrender. However, once the deed is done and my wrists are snuggly tied and cinched together or otherwise tethered to some stationary object, the contest is on.

It's very common to see Asian mistresses demonstrating the art of rope bondage such as shibari at fetish gatherings and conventions... and whenever I am in the audience at such a exhibition, my heart races at the thought of being the subject. There is one particular Asian Mistress I have seen several times who is particularly stern and physically fit. You are more likely to see her dressed in a tank top, shorts and sneakers than in fetish gear when demonstrating her skill.

More often than not, her female subject is left to hang like one of the exhibit decorations, glistening with sweat in a beautiful web of intricate roping. And while I have a hard time tearing myself away, I usually move on to tend to other business. Once, I returned quite some time later, perhaps an hour or more, to find the same subject in the same position, drenched in sweat, gritting her teeth. She was grunting as passers-by were encouraged to poke her resulting in her swinging back and forth like a tortured pendulum.
And as I passed by the helpless girl and offered my pokes to keep her in motion, I stood on my tip toes, looked her in the eye and said, "I'm jealous."

School Days - Part 2 - Loth Siamendes

That’s illegal isn’t it?

Loth stands there, his legs shaking softly, his hands trembling, listening to the sound of the slow slapping of the ruler. The teacher says nothing, but he feels her eyes staring at his back.
Somehow she apparently has sensed whats going on in his head and she suddenly speaks again: ‘Yes Loth, don’t doubt it, that’s exactly what Im planning to do and with little shits like you, I doubt anybody will ever care if its illegal or not’. Loth gulps hard hearing her words, still not able to believe that’s is what was going to happen.
Suddenly she stands right behind him and he feels her placing the tip of the ruler on his back, in between his shoulder blades. He shivers. She drags the ruler all the way down his back, slowly ending at his belt and stops there, while she whispers in his ear: ‘Now Loth, I want you to undo this belt and you’re gonna lower your pants…..and boxers too, is that understood?’ She stands there waiting for a response, but Loth is not able to speak. He turns his head and his eyes meet hers. Her face says it all, this Lady is not kidding. Loth gulps hard and nods his head in her direction. His shaking hands grab his belt and he slowly opens it, feeling his pants lowering a bit already. He opens his zipper, holding on to the edges of his pants, hesitating for a second he remembers the look on her face and slowly drops his pants to his ankles. He pauses feeling the cold of the room on his legs, giving him goose bumps. Did she really say boxers too? Does she seriously want him standing here in front of her in his naked butt?. The thought scares him but somehow it seems to excite him as well, as he sees a little buldge appearing at the front, through his boxers. He blushes, feeling relieved now she’s standing behind him and hoping hard she stays there.
‘SMACKKKKKK’, suddenly the teacher strikes him with the ruler, hard on his still covered butt. He wishes he had put on some leather boxers this morning cause the smack goes right through the fabric and he feels a sharp painful sting going through his butt, making him jump up a little, his hands both grabbing his butt. ‘BOXERS OFF NOW’ she says in a loud voice, clearly meaning business. He doesn’t hesitate again and pulls down his boxers seeing them drop to his ankles. He blushes and shivers, turning himself a little so that his back is fully towards the teacher, afraid she sees whats going on at the front. He feels her eyes in his back, checking out his butt. As a nervous response he squeezes his butt cheeks, she apparently notices; ‘you SHOULD be nervous little boy’ she says, ‘that first smack was nothing, nothing at all compared to whats coming’. He gulps hard but his cock responds in a whole different way, he feels it slowly become harder. Soon, he wont be able to hide that anymore. He blushes. ‘Now Loth, you’re gonna bend yourself over that desk, your upper body flat on it, you may place your hands on the edge of the desk for some grip, you’ll need it. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT move your hands towards your butt, you’ll be very sorry if you do that, understood?’ . Loth bends over, his semi-erect cock touching the cold desk, his hands seeking for the edge of the table, gripping it hard. Loth feels his legs shake and closes his eyes, still not believing what’s happening to him. He hears the teacher move behind him, close behind him, he can sense her perfume, almost feel the warmth of her body. Then suddenly, without any advance warning, he hears the woosh of a ruler moving fast through the air and before he knows it, it hits his butt hard with a loud ‘SMACKKKKKK’. ‘OwwwWWWWwww’ he cries out and feels a painful sting going through his skin. He wiggles his butt, trying to shake of the sting and hears the teacher giggle softly. ‘STAY STILL’ she suddenly says in a loud voice and immediately Loth holds still. The stinging pain fades away slowly but before its fully gone he hears the ruler woosh through the air again and ‘SMACKKKKK, SMACKKKK SMACKKK’. The ruler hits his butt fast and hard, one after the other, increasing the stinging pain in his butt with each blow. Not daring to make another sound Loth closes his eyes and bites his lower lip, grabbing the table tight. The teacher goes on hitting his butt hard with the ruler. Loth didn’t count but she must be around 20 blows now, ‘how much more can he take of this?’ he thinks. ‘Oowwwwww’ he moans softly and as the pain increases, his butt feeling like it is on fire, he feels a tear well up in his eye, he sobs. The teacher continues smacking his butt, the pain in his butt now becoming more spread and because his whole ass feels like its burning, each blow seems to be less stingy. Loths starts to get used to this pain and while it hurts like hell, his muscles relax and he hangs his head on the table with a big sigh, fully accepting his punishment. She smacks his butt a couple more times and then suddenly stops. He doesn’t hear a thing but feels her eyes staring at him, at his butt., checking the marks she made. Loth doesn’t move or make a sound, he doesn’t dare, he just lays there bend over the table, softly sobbing. ‘Well, well’ she suddenly says ‘not Mister tough guy anymore are you Loth?’. Does she really expect him to answer that question? He blushes at hearing her words. ‘Get up’ she suddenly orders him. Suddenly he realizes how stupid that must look, him with his pants and boxers on his ankles, a burning red butt and tears in his eyes, looking like a 12 year old boy. He blushes hard and slowly starts getting up, his butt throbbing with pain as he moves it. Then he feels his cock touching the table edge again and as he looks down he sees its still pretty much erect. ‘OMG!!’ he squeaks to himself, softly but loud enough for her to hear. ‘Excusez-moi Loth?’ she says and looks at him with a questioned face. He stands facing her side wars, not daring to turn around and with his hands in front of his semi-erect cock. Of course this draws her attention straight to his crotch and she giggles. ‘Turn around and face me Loth’ she says. Blushing hard he slowly turns around his hands still on his cock. ‘Now, get your hands up and behind your neck, NOW’. He squeaks again at the sudden loud words and immediately does as told, his cock out in the open, for her to see. He blushes and gulps softly, looking towards the ceiling, not daring to face her. Well, well, well…’ the teacher says. ‘I think Loth kinda likes this sort of attention, doesn’t he?’ she says as she walks towards him and grabs his chin pulling his face down so he has to look straight in her eyes. Slowly he starts shaking his head, looking at her with wide eyes. ‘Oh? You don’t? well in that case, it must be some mistake by nature then’ she points at and touches his cock with her finger a couple of times, causing it to immediately grow even harder. He gulps. ‘You know what Loth? If this is a mistake of nature and you’re not at all turned on by any of this, I’m sure you wont mind it then when I put you in the corner right now, standing there, in your bare red butt with me sitting here for the duration of your erection. In other words Loth, you can come out when that cock is hanging down again I’m sure if it is how you say it is, that won’t take so long, will it?’. Loth gulps. The teacher walks around him and starts pushing him gently towards the corner of the room. They go slow cause walking with your pants on your ankles isn’t that easy, he stumbles a few times. ‘Now, nose against the wall and your hands on your back Loth and not ONE word from you, got it?’. He nods and does as told. He hears the teacher walk back and sitting down in the chair, he can feel he eyes fixed on him. Loth looks down and gulps, his cock stands up straight and continues to grow. The thought of her sitting there and looking at his naked, throbbing, red butt, seems to arouses him even more than that spanking. Loth sighs and knows it…..this is gonna take a while….

Hers - Roxana

He did not know it could be this way
He sat artifical darkness
his eyes bound
darkness created by her
He waited for her words

They came as a whisper
and he did
and he did
hardness came
tightness came
swelling came
but he did not, he could not

Her words became his world
Just as she wanted, just as he needed
In a growing need
Her eyes on him, he could not see
but he knew

she was as a director
taking her time
orchestrating each move
until he moaned
and she smiled
smiled at his need
his want
She had control
He gave it too her
He was hers
She reminded him over and over
and he obeyed
stroking, touching, a need overwhelming his sense
he got so close
precursors to what was to come
she smiled

She teased, she prolonged
she made him wait
what he had she wanted
she would taste
she would take what he gave
she wanted as much as he did

She took him to the edge and kept him there
His moans filled the night
Yes was all she said
repeated over and over
until he was ready to erupt
erupt to fill he
to give her what she needed

She positoned herself
she knelt
all 4s
waiting for entry
entry only on her command
and then she pressed and said fill me
he did, slowly
deeply, inch by inch
into the warmth
into the wetness
until they moved as one

He moved deeper
until he could hold no longer
she commanded to cum
he did and she dis
as one
deeply, filling, mixing

she was satisfied
he was relieved
they lay together
she holding his cum
he holding her in his arms
she smiled
he was content
she owned him
he was hers

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looking In, Looking Out - David Lorefield

i peer through the glass and scan the room. Familiar objects flash across my vision, tempting me to reach for their well-known touch. The room is well lit – brighter than i would like - and i suddenly feel irrationally exposed; vulnerable to the glare of the lamp in the corner. i have to control myself so as not to flinch.

he is there, as always, sitting at the desk staring intensely at the screen in front of him. i pity him his shallow existence with its drudgery and routine. i have known him for so long now; the familiarity settles on me like a mantle on a dark, damp night. i know his every thought, every emotion and every desire. Yes, i pity him. his world will never be as rich as my own; so full of wonder and beauty. Poor boy.

he types on his keyboard. I see his fingers as they type and I know what he is saying; who he is talking to. he doesn’t know that i watch; a voyeur, a peeping tom constantly monitoring his actions, reading his thoughts and mining his psyche. I don’t always watch from here – i have a number of vantage points where i can remain perfectly concealed; secluded and yet seeing all.

he is talking to Her again. i don’t blame him. Who wouldn’t want the attention of such a Lady. But i know just how hopeless this venture is. i see the doom approaching slowly, surely from over the horizon, knowing that no force will stop it and that in the end there will be more sorrow that he can bear. he should abandon Her and return to his own life, his own world. he doesn’t have a place in Hers. Move on, my friend, before it is too late.

If only he knew; if only he realized. he cannot hold Her the way i can. He cannot sit under the tree and caress Her face or hold Her tightly in his arms. He is not of this world; not of the real world. And all the time he spends talking to Her, pleading with Her, will never allow him to cross from his stark reality into this wonderland.

So here i kneel before Her at The Dominion, peering out through the glass, straight into the face of that pale imitation of me.

Poor boy – This is Real Life!

eric's Confession - ericF McCauley

Maybe it was the relief of all of the stress that I was feeling with my return from vacation. It is possible that I did not get enough sleep last night. Was it the effect of jet lag? I was sitting in my office reading various reports on endowment funds when I heard a whisper echo in my head, "Slut." It was the voice that I had heard on Sunday, which upon hearing, I felt my skin tingle, my lips dry, and my heartbeat accelerate.

She needled me playfully in the midst of our conversation. She nudged me closer to my deepest desires. We had only spoken a few times up to that point, so her teasing was only a nudge. When she lightly pressed me to where she wanted me to go, my body and my mind moved with her.

It was the soft caress of her voice that drew me to be interested in her to begin with. I admit feeling that she was beyond my reach when I first heard her. I could feel her bright smile piercing inside of me when she approached me unexpectedly with a warmth that I felt travel all the way to my toes. My smile grew and my body responded to her as she formally introduced herself to me on the street.

Sunday was different. She made me writhe with her perfectly timed jabs at my desires and with the banter that we exchanged. As I listened to her explain to me how she just knew that I was a slut, my mouth watered, I was drawn to press my lips to the skin between my finger and thumb and suckle, my hands balled into fists as she touched me with my own deep desires and my toes curled at the feeling of the level of impact that she had on me. That she had over me.

Hearing Her voice made my mind into a kind of mush. So many different things moved through my mind and my soul as I heard Her voice. She talked about installing an intercom in my desk and taunting me during each day. I can only imagine what She might say. My mind wrestles with the idea of looking through my office doorway and seeing Her walk inside. Watching Her closely as She makes Her way in, turns to the door and shuts it.

She smiles as She reaches the edge of my cluttered desk, shaking Her head in a tease. Her voice floats through my head as She says, "You really should do something about this desk slut." My body quivers as I hear Her voice, shift in my chair, lick my lips, knowing that with each movement, i am confirming what She has already concluded. I am a slut. Being a slut is part of me. There is nothing that I can do or want to do to avoid that reality.

As She moves closer I stammer, letting out a soft voice as I look into Her eyes as my body is drawn to lean in Her direction. "Miss I am a piler with my work. I'd be lost without my stacks." I see Her smile once again as She leans over slightly, making sure that my eyes are focused on Hers, "I know slutty boy. We will take care of that problem in other ways."

With that, She lifted Her purse from Her arm and set it on the papers and files resting on the corner of my desk. My eyes drift down to Her purse as they widen, feeling my cock rising within my chinos in anticipation, knowing that She notices every movement of my body when She's looking at me. "I have something for you in here, that I think You will enjoy."

Her hand disappears into Her purse and I lean even closer to the open purse, rocking just a bit, then catching myself as I try to control my movements a little better. My cheeks are flushed and red. My toes curl as Her hand rises from Her purse, lifting a small toy from it, and sets it on the desk. She closes Her purse, slides it back on Her arm as my eyes move to the toy resting in the middle of my desk, the hair on the back of my neck standing out of desire to please Her, and out of a sense of fear that someone might knock just at that moment.

My eyes rise back to Her as She says, "Take it boy. The intercom has been installed in Your desk, and this toy will help me use the system more effectively. Pick the toy up, and suckle on its head, just so i can see what You'll be doing as i instruct You over the intercom." My lips part widely, not out of protest, but out of a deep desire to fulfill Her desires and, as a result of fulfilling Her desires, fulfilling mine.

I lift the toy to my lips and wrap my lips around the head of it, suckling it into my mouth as my eyes lift to Hers, seeing Her smile turning into a bit of a dark grin. She gives me a playful wink, then turns. I see the back of Her suit and Her flowing hair as She opens the office door, just in time for me to gasp, and slide open my desk drawer and slip the toy inside, panting just a bit.

I shakes my head as my mind suddenly clears, blinking, trying to figure out where I had just traveled. Did She just walk into my office? I don't think She did, but I feel Her presence here.

The voice that I heard today was not caused by stress, lack of sleep or jet lag. The voice seemed to come from deep within me. It was her. She quietly, but firmly slipped into my head, touched my body, and ignited a hunger that was resting deep within me. The feeling was electric.

I tilt my head and open my desk drawer, feeling a grin rise on my lips as I look inside. I slowly close it, my smile growing as I look to the door and lick my lips. "This will be interesting."

I Am The Domme Without A Boy - Anonymous

So many things occupy my life, and the desire to change them all to suit me, occupies my mind for days without sleep. Its hard for a woman like me to admit to any struggle for control. Control comes naturally to me. Vanilla ladies call it "showing leadership skills". Some Men call it "bossy". My mother calls it "willfull".

Knowing myself better than that, I am totally unsatisfied with these descriptions. These categories and boxes that everyone I know seem obsessed with stuffing me into smell like death to me.
How does one label themself? A good friend of mine who happens to be a well known Sociology Professor tells me that "People ARE the truths they live by".

Here is what I know to be truth:

"All war is based on deception. Attack where the enemy is unprepared, be where he does not expect you."

-Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

The world is full of lies. Most of us pick our way through life carefully avoiding the confrontation dishonesty brings. Others get caught up in it, believe what they want to, or make up ones of their own to fill the gaps. Half truths or the "White" variety, it makes no difference. Some of us will not rest until we have met each of them head on, and torn them utterly to the ground. I dominate those lies. I am in this box.

"Serenity, is learning to happily participate in the suffering of the world"


Life is difficult. Anyone who says its not hard to make rent and hold down a job and have a life and try to love is either a certified genius or a few meters short of a full dash. I learned this early. When you become as jaded by the masses as I am you begin to wonder if the world holds any wonder or joy. You begin to doubt your importance and if you will eventually leave the planet without making any lasting contribution. Will the world even know you were here? Probably not. In the grand scheme of the universe, I refuse to be saddened by the fact that I am inconsequential. I dominate that sadness. I am in this box.

"I did it my way"


Whose rules do we live by? Gods? Our mothers? Strange how some seem to think they are one in the same. Do I obey rules because I believe in them? The rules that have exception rarely bend the way they need them to, the safety net that should umbrella us all only covers about half. I make my own and apply them when I choose. If they don't work I change them. I am authority, and I hold no respect for it. I am in this box.

"Those ruby slippers look like they pinch like a motherfucker, girl."

-Ru Paul

Beauty will get you far, as far as OZ even. But beauty combined with attitude will get you a contract with M.A.C. cosmetics and your own Bravo T.V. show. A couture closet and a mouth like a sailor. Whiskey bottles tucked neatly away in my Hermes bag. My 13 piercings all hold diamonds. I am in this box.

And here I am, a Domme without a boy. Too busy for someone who needs my time. Too proud to admit I need one too. Unable to explain who I am and what I want. Unsurprised when they shy away, one after the other, back onto the grass. I imagine they must be thinking something like " I don't even KNOW where to begin pleasing THAT woman." And yet I'm happy, mostly satisfied by everything around me. It must be so, for I wouldn't allow it any other way. I am in this box.