Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome To Your New Life -Anon

Terry had high hopes for the party tonight at Clarissa's. He had just completed a 6 month navy cruise and this was the beginning of a long awaited furlough in London. He'd already made up his mind that if he didn't see any chance of scoring in the first hour he'd head for Soho and find a working girl to take the pressure off his swollen balls that had a lot of pressure built up during the long cruise.

Terry was a good looking young 19-year old, tall and muscular, and if he hadn't already decided on the night's plan would probably have to grab his engorged cock and stroke off. So Able Seaman Browning arranged his eager cock down one trouser leg and went down and grabbed a taxi.

On the way there he reflected idly on his invitation, because Clarissa was a stuck up bitch he tried to chat up in school because she was such an incredible knockout. Sure, stuck-up maybe, but that incredible body and that pouty full lipped mouth drove him crazy in History class for a whole year, only to get shot down on his first chat up line. And now she's in London with him. Strange coincidences in a small world.

Ah well, and then finding an invitation from her in the mail on his first day of liberty. Maybe she finally relented, he thought. Maybe she just likes the uniforms. More likely he thought she needed some extra guys around for fat dumpy girls at the party.

When he got there, a strange looking doorman, maybe seven feet tall with a hawk-like face looked at him carefully with the strangest smile and was overly polite in holding the door open to the old brownstone on the west side.

"Welcome sir," he said, "and I hope you enjoy the evening."

"Um, yes, thank you." He walked to a very old elevator, the old fashioned kind with the grating, and punched the button for the 13th floor. It was kind of odd having a thirteenth floor, he thought, because he read somewhere that they renamed it usually because some people were superstitious.

In any case he heard music from a door in the panelled hallway, and laughter and giggling, so he entered. He smiled; the big room was full of young guys like himself and stupendous women in low-cut sheer dresses that rode up to their crotches. Most of the women were in their thirties or forties, but all stunningly attractive ladies that he had never otherwise seen outside of a film. And it was funny but all the guys were kids like himself, late teens or early twenties, and he had to admit it, muscular studs like himself.

Oh well, he was angling over to the opulent food and drink table when he heard his name.

"Terry! Terry, don't you remember me?" He turned and his jaw opened. Clarissa, even more stunning with a low cut blouse almost to her distended big nipples coming over, and then kissing him on the mouth, her tongue he swore brushing his, then holding him as she smiled up at him.

"Oh, sure, hi, you look … you look unbelievable."

She blushed, "do you think so, really? I'm just so glad you could make it."

"Well, I'm, um, glad you invited me. It was a little surprising because I didn't think you even knew when I was coming in to port."

"Oh," she said, smiling, "we keep track of our boys in the service.

We know it's been so long. It must have been hard for you." She said this as she fell into his arms, her belly against his crotch, and he tried to use will power to stop his already swollen cock from erecting.

"Ah, well, that part is true, six months at sea is a long time."

"I know," she agreed, "I know what deprivation means too. But tonight, my friends and I have decided to show our boys how much we appreciate that sacrifice."

He couldn't help wondering if that meant she was going to put out or not. They danced, and he was surprised for the first time cut in by another female. The girls tapped each on the shoulder to cut in just like guys would at a dance. The next one was a voluptuous mid-thirties blonde who hunched her crotch into his, humped his hardon, as her big breasts mashed his chest, also asking him how his long tour was.

What he found was that every one of the voluptuous beauties liked hearing how long he was deprived, several sighing and squealing with delight as they ground themselves against his hardness. He was now getting really turned on, and somehow the punch was making him even hornier. He knew that booze made it appear to make a guy hornier but all it really does is lower inhibitions. But when he went into the bathroom he found a couple odd things. For one thing the mirror was missing. Not even a bracket in the wall for one. Okay, but then when he unzipped he discovered what he felt in his trousers.

His balls were bigger, and he couldn't help drooling precum from his inflated cock. Using cold water he finally got his cock soft enough to relieve himself, sighing with relief. A couple of other guys were in there, and he found in chat they had also been on either long tours of isolated duty or cruises like himself, and were primed and ready. Terry grinned as he returned to the party, but had to arrange his hardon again as he went out.

When he went back to the punch bowl he sniffed it, and it was tasty, but had an odd fragrance, and somehow it seemed to make him want to drink it. He could feel his balls inflate even as he sipped it down, and then felt a tap on his shoulder. Clarissa smiling at him, and she looked so hot!

"Well, Terry," she smiled, moving forward, kissing him softly, "I think we can skip the formalities, don't you think?" She moved her hand down and felt his probing erection, sighed with pleasure, and then moved it to cup his inflated balls. Whispering into his ear, "I know I’ve had enough pleasantries for the evening, and we both need something more, don't we?" His throat was so tight he couldn't speak, but had the vague impression that every woman at the party was also embraced with a young man. In fact the chesty blonde dish was squeezing two males, and one seemed to be trying to unfasten her blouse and then his knees seemed to give out.

"Um," he said, moving back, feeling his hammering pulse as she squeezed his glans, his head getting dizzy. His own knees seemed to get weak, and after some more making out, he noticed none of the men standing any more, and all the women were turned, smiling at him, as Clarissa murmured things in his ear, but he couldn't tell what they were. Looking around the room to see where the guys went he realized they were laying in crumpled heaps around each woman.

A blonde voluptuary put her hand on her hip, as if to say 'well?'

"What, um, what's going on?" he mumbled …

Clarissa didn't reply, and lowered him to the floor as his consciousness fled.

He had strange dreams, vivid erotic imagery, and finally a ray of light was flashing and going away. After a bit he realised it was a door opening. He heard the hum of electric motors, and conveyor belts, and also realized he was naked, standing up. His hands were uncomfortable but secure manacles overhead, and his bare feet on a rubber covered floor. Looking to right and left he saw that on each side separated by several feet were other young naked secure men, most still unconscious.

“Good morning Terry”

Startled he looked up. It was Clarissa in a tiny thong bikini and heels and rubber gloves.

"Clarissa! My God! What's going on here? Let me loose!"

Moving toward him, "I'm afraid I can't do that, Terry. Like my outfit?" He couldn't help but stare at her generous curves, and even in spite of the situation he hardened instantly, making her giggle with pleasure, and cup his balls again, hefting them with a professional appraising feel. "Every now and then we get a boy from the farms and they all recognize the place. It's a milking facility all right."

"Are you crazy? Look, if you’re some terrorist group it won't do you any good. You know my folks don't have any money!"

She giggled, "terrorists? Do I look like a terrorist to you? I don't want anything that you can't provide, Terry."

Laughing as she had a thought, "oh, I see, because you saw so many young servicemen. They are a very convenient source I must admit, but we certainly don't discriminate. We take servicemen from all countries. I don't want you to think I'm not as patriotic as the next girl."

"But, but, what are you then? What's this all about?" "Tsk, It's probably a waste of time to say this. None of the other girls ever bother to explain but you were a classmate and I suppose for old time’s sake.

(Sigh) ”Okay I might as well tell you that we’re looking for good slave material. Boys that rebel are the most sought after slaves, demanding a certain level of skill and expertise from our slave trainers, and yielding the highest price from the wealthy Mistresses that attend our quarterly slave auction.

“Your cock has already betrayed you as a particularly suitable candidate. You are going to learn what it is to be broken, to become totally reliant on you Mistress, obedient in every way, and all because you are unable to control the urges with which you will soon become very familiar. You will learn what it is to be totally consumed by unfulfilled lust, to crave to serve your Mistress, just so that She might give you the occasional offer of relief.

“Terry, welcome to your new life. Learn well and learn quickly and you may even get to enjoy it.”

Things I'll Never Say By Gia Reverie

Cheeks becoming flushed as i try to collect my thoughts,
Forgetting to breathe as You wait in silence.

Digging my knees into the ground,
as i clasp my clammy hands together, tightly, behind my back.

i look to the ground, too afraid to look at You,
Trying to swallow my insecurities, but i choke instead.

i'm feeling so nervous trying to be so perfect,
but i know Your worth it.

All these things i want to say,
yet i just sit here, with the thoughts flooding my mind.

One day i'll say what i want to say,
One day i'll say what i need to say.

Stuttering and stumbling over the words i try to purge,
Gasping for air, as the words on my tongue slip away.

…one day…
…one day…

When Day Becomes Night - Anon

I am sure many submissives would agree that their owner is like a sun in their lives.

There was a sign on the gate, it said "The Dominion"
Almost as soon as I came though the gate,
My path seemed so clear
The sun rose slowly over it.

All the bushes had been neatly trimmed
The edging on the grass and been snipped
The flowers were planted neatly in straight lines along the edges of my path

Above me, the sun shone
The sun was so bright, it almost blocked my vision
It led me along my path
It was my sun

There were times where rain threatened, and my sun seemed to hide
A sudden thunder storm which I did not see approaching surrounded me
I felt small and insecure. like my sun had forgotten about me
I was afraid but I loved it all at the same time

But the sun came out, it shone against the rain and sent a rainbow though the sky
I trusted the sun and once more it warmed me

I thought when I rounded the corner, my path would be the same
I thought my path would be bright and my sun would be closer
But it was not.

Around the corner the grass became tall, and wild so it scratched at my legs
The flowers were small and less vivid
Night fell, and my sun was gone

During the night, all I could focus on was my missing sun
I closed my eyes and longed to walk backwards into its light once more
I can not move backwards
The path I was moving along, was gone

As I found the courage to open my eyes
I could pick out the smallest of stars in the distance
The twinkled, and danced
Some were brighter than others, but all shimmered

A few now shine bright enough, to guide my steps once more
Even though the path is unclear as I move though the grass
I make my new path, under the guidance of the stars

My sun is still out there,
It is a star now and helps to guide my new path with the others
I hope that one day, one of these stars may become my sun
The sun is after all, just a star which is closer

Vamerya Vallejo Fantasy Story

Damn it I am going to be late! Arggh what a day. * I pound my head on the steering wheel in frustration* Not like I was afraid of the dark being undead and all but it was an inconvenience having a flat tire. I make a quick call on my cell to let them know I am going to be late to the party. Ok remember yourself Vamerya no hitting the car or you'll get dents in this beauty. I had just bought a new Ford Mustang convertible recently and had them paint it in a metallic dark purple. Thinking about buying it unfortunately brought up a picture of the annoying stinky salesman who I had to fight not to bite on sheer principle. Sometimes humans can be real annoying but on the other flip of the coin they can be so useful and ... Mmm tasty. Head comes up hearing the incoming car. What luck a single man in the car. I put on my emergency light blinkers and get out of the car slowly. Making sure to flash a lot of thigh into the oncoming cars headlights.

He walks up steady and I can hear his heart beating strong but faster then it was. He stops when he sees me leaning against the car. How many times does a man see a woman in a tight mini skirt, thigh high boots and a strapped leather top that shows lots of naked skin. I see him stop nervously and take it all in. He notices the cars tire, but I see him stop and give me a full once over. I could see him fully before he did me. I definitely appreciated this mans nice big strong build. I heard him chuckle and say, nice night for BDSM isn't it? I burst out laughing. It sure is I say, tapping the crop against my boot. I knew he was fascinated with it because I could see his eyes follow it.

How can I help you, Maam? His voice was smooth deep velvet and I was gonna play with him! I don't care what mama said. It's fun playing with your food sometimes. Well now darlin I drawl out in a nice southern accent. I would appreciate some help with this flat tire. I say half in jest and half for real. I might break a nail! He just chuckles good naturedly and says we can't have that now can we? He walks over to the tire and he smells so fucking tasty I lick my lips and about that time my stomach growls loudly. He looks up at me and laughs. You didn't get to eat yet I see either. I say no not yet. I was looking forward to being fed by some young nubile men I said. He said why would you want young when mature men are so much better? Is that so I say? I watch his strong muscles flex as he changes that tire. He said yes Maam it definitely is so. You offering I say? He looks up and says, yes maam I am.

Well now how about that for a turn of events I think. I look at him and say crawl to me right now! His eyes widen and I see him come to me quickly. Magnificent I think as I look at this big rugged man at my feet. Take that shirt off! I watch him look me in the eyes as he takes it off slowly. showing off his body to best advantage. He looks fantastic but he knows it. I chuckle to myself. You'd think a man your age could have more muscles then you have now. I see him blink and look down at himself and stick his chest out a little more. Really? That's supposed to help I say? I jab at him with the crop. I slap his biceps with the crop, definetly could use some more bulk here and here as I smack the other bicep leaving a nice welt there too. Flex them for me, I say. I watch him slowly bring them up and flex his muscles. I watch them ripple in feminine fascination. His smug look of satisfaction gets to me and I tell him to stop flexing and put his hands behind his head and interlock his fingers. I'm quite disappointed in their size I say disdainfully. His mouth drops open. The size? I nod, the size. I walk over and lay a couple quick slap on each bicep. I watch the welts come up. What do you say to me for giving you instruction? He was a little slow so I laid another stronger slap to the back of each bicep. Thank you, Maam he says in a quieter less assured voice. Now ... take off your pants I say. I watch you stand up to take them off. You have a fabulous body and I admire it before watching you slide back down into a more submissive position. Good job I think you're beginning to learn.

I find myself hungry, I say as I look at you. The double meaning not having been lost on you either. Are you willing to feed me puny man? I raise an eyebrow. Yes, Maam I wouldn't mind feeding you at all. Good! I say as my fangs come out and I surge toward you in hunger. I see you rear back in surprise. I soothe his mind and say, I only want a couple sips. I let out a quick breath against your neck, my fingers stroke his strong lovely neck and I sniff it appreciatively. You know who and what I am you fangbanger, I saw your profile on the list they sent out for the party. You know my bite is orgasmic and you will lick every bit of cum off my boots I say as I sink my teeth into your neck. Taking slow drugging sips, enjoying your fear and the sweet tangy taste of your blood. I let your orgasm rise up from the rush of adrenalin and the pull of me holding you still as I take what I want from you. My hands wrap lovingly around your neck, holding your head so gently. Each sip brings up your pleasure, I build it up slowly and steadily. With each pull you can imagine my lips on your cock, I suck and swallow down more of your warm red blood, I moan it feels so good sliding down my throat. I see your body arch up as I orchestrate your orgasm, and I smile, knowing you will spill out just as I said you would. I hear you cry out as the white fluid splashes all over my lovely black leather boots. I ease out slowly and lick the wound closed. Letting you slowly sink down to the ground, you gasp for breath and we see a car coming from the house in the distance. I know its someone coming to check on us. You fall to my feet and I can hear you thanking me for your orgasm. I run my fingers thru your hair and tug it back a bit and look you in the eyes ... Now clean up my fucking boots!!!

Jade And Bishop Meeting

My Bishop Travels for his career in first life, I don't. My job keeps me home in a small town on the California coast. Home with a husband who knows I am in second life with a Partner. He also knows how I keep my boys on a leash, and make them edge for me. He doesn't mind because when I log off, I am back in reality ... I am in my Home, with my husband.

Funny how I always told people I met here in Second Life that I would Never meet in First Life. It was just wasnt in my vision. Bishop and I had discussed it several times and since we are both married, we agreed to keep Second life and first Life separate.

We have been together for 10 months now. We have a wonderful relationship. It has out lasted many because of love, trust, and understanding. We know first life takes Priority always. We are totally devoted to each other. He is my alpha and I am his Mistress. Although we don't see each other everyday, we do communicate daily in skype or emails. He fulfills a part of me that is missing in my life, and the feelings have grown deep between us. Some may frown on our relationship here in SL while most everyone understands.

One day during a Mentoring session I announced I was going to Partner My Bish and someone commented on RL married people getting married in SL. During the discussion Lady Eva asked me if I would ever consider meeting Bishop in real life. I quickly answered " oh No" and she said "Awe Really?, thats so sad to love someone and Never have the opportunity the meet?" I said "No .. we're both married and its just not happening. It can't happen."

Well after the mentoring session I kept hearing Eva say "AWE REALLY" Over and over in my head . she made me think about it and I realized how sad it really was. She planted a seed in my head and it started to grow. I told Bishop about Lady Eva's question and he said , "well it could happen, I travel to California often". ... I smiled and went silent with my thoughts...There it was... Out there..... out in the open.... embedded in my mind... it was possible... my smoldering thoughts quickly turned into burning flames of desire. In that moment it was no Longer "I wonder if we would ever meet, it was now a matter of when we will". time passed and we talked about it but thats all it was, just talk. the summer had arrived and he traveled less as family vacations took him back to his life along with moving into a New home. My new job kept me away at least ten hours a day. Us meeting grew less and less realistic but the thought never left my mind completely.
We kept in touch daily with quick little I love you's and chit chat, but my heart ached for him more and more. I missed seeing him on skype and in SL.
I missed hearing his voice, talking to him, edging him and watching him cum for me.

One day He logged in, we skyped, and I could see my Handsome Love. He was mine for three whole days.
I could see his mouth pronounce each word and watch his tongue do that unconscious thing he does to his lips. I made him laugh and smile with those beautiful Paul Newman eyes. He listened to me speak of how I wanted him cum and he would let out moans just hearing my voice as I instructed him.I kept him on edge the whole time and when i allowed his release it was pure ecstasy. We talked for hours afterwards and then I excused him to get cleaned up. He checked his email and I watched his face as it lit up. He smiled as he said
" I have a Meeting coming up in August with the National Guard, and your not going to believe where it will take place".... my eyes widened as I hoped it was where i thought.
You see I live two Blocks from the National Guard Armory... so when he said that, My heart Leaped into my throat and I damn near fell out of my chair . I said "No Way" he smiled as he shook his head yes and I knew instantly... I was finally going to meet my Bish, feel him in my arms, smell his scent, run my fingers through his hair, touch his warm flesh , kiss his soft lips, taste his mouth, grab his cock and squeeze it, scratch his skin with my nails and feel him pressed up against me. I shook it off as i heard him say " Are you there.... are you okay baby"? and i said " Are you really coming to my Town? he said I can if you want. and I said I want, I want I want , he said Ok what ever my baby wants she gets.

June came and went so fast. July did too and next thing I knew he will be here next week. I mentioned it to a few people and they were happy for us. Lady Roxana asked if i was Nervous. and I said No should i be? She just laughed at me.
she got me thinking and 10 minutes Later I sent her and IM and Thanked her for making me Nervous. She rolled on floor and laughed at me. then she said I wondered when it would hit you... your too calm.
the weekend came and went and it was Monday.... I looked for places to have Lunch, or dinner.... things for us to do. all I could think of was " Be a Good girl" its just a fun meeting and your married.
Tuesday came and i got the email " 2 more days... have you changed your mind yet?" my reply was Simply NO... along with directions to the Apple farm which was a very popular restaurant gift shop and Hotel.

Wednesday came along with an email saying.... " My Darling, I wont be on tonight, but ill see you tomorrow around noon" I couldn't sleep, I stayed awake until 1am thinking of how I would be browsing in the little gift shop and I would hear him come up from behind me and say " Hello my Darling" I would turn around and he would take me in his arms and kiss me slow, long, wet, deep, passionately wanting with desire.
I found myself standing there in the kitchen 10 minutes later a spatula in one hand with a silly grin on my face. One hand roamed my neck ,chest and shoulders. my pussy was soaked just thinking about him.
I made a Lasagna dinner and cut the center out and saved it in a zip lock container for him to Finally taste, since I brag about my cooking to him. I sat back at the computer and turned on the music as I took out my Glass emery board and sharpened up my nails. I Painted them and used Vitamin E oil on the cuticles... when they dried I was off to bed.

Thursday morning 630 am my eyes opened and then the alarm went off. I got up, started my bathroom ritual that i do every morning .
I started the hot water and added Lavender pedals and bubble bath. My white lace nightie fell to the floor and I slowly stepped into the water. I lay there thinking of him and found my hand slowly rubbing my clit while the other was caressing my breast. With my eyes closed I could feel both my nipple and clit harden as my legs twitched and pussy spasmed. I made sure every inch of my body was softened up with a loofa. I opened a new Razor and started with my Long legs.... then a Pumice stone for the heels of my feet after a long soak. My fingers looked pickled as I washed my Hair with Paul Mitchell. I played again with my clit and began to finger myself pretending it was his fingers gliding in and out of me. I could feel my slippery juices flowing through the water as my clit hardened. All I could think of was being with him. Lusting him, wanting his cock so far up inside me it made my pussy spasm and twitch. I looked at the clock and had to hurry. His Plane landed 20 minutes ago. I was out of the tub and wrapped up in an oversized white bath sheet. I went to my bedroom and layed on the bed lusting for him. I called his cell phone, He answered " Hello my baby" MMmmmmmm just hearing him made my pussy twitch. we talked a bit and he was on his way. We discussed again about the meeting place and said "I love you see you there". since it wasn't going to be till noon I decided to go into work anyway and then Fake sick and leave early. My plan was set. I hurried out of the tub and patted dry. I applied Lavish body lotion all over. I took my hair out of the towel and scrunched it up with John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, I turned the Blow dryer on low and worked my hair with one hand as the other moved the dryer about. I put on my Cover girl eyeliner and outlast lip color and was dressed and out the door on my way. I wanted to wear Jeans and be comfy, but since i had to make it look like i was going to work, i just dressed as if i was.

I went to work and complained of a tummy ache. went to the ladies room several times through out the morning, only to look at my face and flash myself a smile. giggle a bit because I knew what I was up too. It was 930am and I called him again. he was just outside Gilroy. I counted down the minutes.
At 11 am I made my last trip to the ladies room and announced I was going home sick. I was Finally out the door and on my way. it would take me 30 minutes to get to the apple farm. so i had some time to kill.
I got on the freeway and headed south. I decided to get gas and wash my car too. my calculations would get me there 10 minutes to noon
11:20am i was on the freeway again. I looked at the clock and decided I would drive faster so i could sit longer and relax as i waited for him.
this way I could make one last trip to the ladies room in the Apple farm and see my face. I wasnt nervous to meet him. It was more like .... what are we going to do? we had till 6pm that night. should we go to a movie, walk on the beach hand in hand, go to his hotel and check in.
I opened a stick of gum and chomped on it as i was getting closer. I pulled into the parking lot and it was 11:50... I found a parking spot and pulled in. I pulled down the Visor and opened the mirror , yup, I was still me, still wanting to see him, still wearing Hottie outlast lip color and gloss, eyeliner was intact and my rosacea made my cheeks pink. with my long black hair and tanned skin i drew in a deep breath and opened the car door and stepped out. I so wanted to be wearing my heels but it was too late for that. I looked up and There he was.... across the parking lot ... i stood for just a brief moment.... I felt a smile grow on my face, he was facing side ways, I was glad i made him turn left and right while on skype, and put on his sunglasses too... because that was how I recognized him. He turned...... away from me as he didnt see me and MMMmmmmmmmmmmm Nice ass! I started to walk toward him and he turned again and our eyes met.... well we had sunglasses on... but he stood for a second and I dont think he realized it was me. I flashed my pearly whites and waved my hand .... I wanted to run to him .... feel him.... his arms around me.... but I remained calm and walked slowly toward him.... he walked toward me with a smile I had seen many times. When we finally met he put his arms around me and we hugged .... I buried my face in his chest and neck to smell him making a memory. Mmmmmmmmmm Ill Never forget his scent as long as I live. We pulled back and looked into each others eyes and we leaned in for that Long awaited kiss. I grew shy and nervous that someone would see me kissing him , my eyes closed and as I leaned in I felt his lips press up against mine, warm, wet, soft... It was heaven in his arms... It felt right and I belonged there. I wanted it to go on forever, but I pulled away being in Public.
We headed into the gift shop. I was nervous as I knew he was looking at my back side I slowed down he walked next to me his hand on the small of my back. We walked around aimlessly and I said Lets just go babe, let get outta here. I was uncomfortable and the place was very crowded. I didn't want to explain to anyone why I wasnt at work or who I was with.
I couldn't get out of there fast enough. He offered to take his Car. .

We headed out to the parking lot, made our way back through the cars. we both laughed and smiled and I wondered was I dreaming? He opened the door for me and closed it behind me. every bit a gentleman like I had dreamed. he watched for traffic and pulled out and I looked at his profile.... i smiled and just couldnt believe I was here, with him. he turned and looked at me and we both broke out in laughter I told him, " I just want to Ravish you" as we drove off . He laughed as he reached his hand across and offered it to me and I quickly took it. his hand was cool and dry not nervous and clamy at all. I grabbed hold of his arm with the other hand and layed my head on his shoulder. I just couldnt believe I went through with this whole meeting thing. here he was, My Boy, with me in RL. I was just in such amazement that i forgot to tell him where we were going.
We drove around Old San Luis Obispo and took the long way to his Hotel. when we arrived and he parked. he looked at me, leaned in and gave me another kiss. I was more relaxed for this one. no one was around to see. He knew before I wasn't going in with him. I waited in the car. I told myself, your married be a good girl , before you forget, your not a cheater ... yet...lets keep it that way ... I could hear Anne Murray singing it in my head. I turned up the music on the radio and I laughed when I found Bell Biv Devoe's "Do Me" playing on the radio.

"You can do me in the morning
You can do me in the night
You can do me when you wanna do me"

before i knew it I was dancing in my seat singing along adding my own lyrics " Do me baby just right" .

I was looking toward the door so he wouldn't catch me singing.... and as I turned my head he had come out the back door and was coming toward me. MMMmmmmmm such a handsome man. I was able to give him the once over again. He walked with class. A very successful Business man wearing very nice slacks and polo shirt. his whole ora was suave and sophisticated... yummy. I was so happy that he was a part of my life.
back in the car and off we went. I showed him where I use to work and the little park near the beach where I ate lunch. we pulled over and just as we were about to get out , I saw a co worker... we decided against the walk in the park and drove to the pier instead.
when we got closer the pier was so crowded and there was no parking... the line to the world famous "Splash Cafe" was out the door. I didnty really want a Bread bowl of clam chowder. we drove father down the road and thought about a drive on the beach. but being it was a rental car, he decided not to try it.

we headed back Stopped at an Italian Restaurant, we sat in a semi private area and we talked a little bit. I was so nervous, i couldnt look into his eyes. he has these Blue eyes that just melted me. his soft smile was just perfect. we ordered our food and then i took his hand in mine and jokingly proposed to him. we both laughed and it made it easier . but i still had a hard time looking into his eyes. We had a delicious Lunch, and the whole time his eyes penetrated my soul and i found it difficult to focus. my eyes wandered around the room hoping everyone would see me with this Handsome man and yet hoping I didnt see anyone I knew.

We left the restaurant holding hands. again like a gentleman he opened the door and off we went. we drove to a few beaches up the coast and ended up at Morro Bay. we parked near "The Rock" and watched people. we talked a little more. He was leaning in toward me , and i leaned in toward him. I held his arm and bit his shoulder as i scratched my nails up and down slowly and constantly on his arm. i reached up and pulled his face toward mine and we started kissing. That was the beginning of a nearly two hour make out session.
I wanted to feel every bit of my boy. I wanted more...

To be continued a long with Bish's confession next Saturday


I don't know when it happened. Was it a word, a look, a touch, a gesture that made me wish she was the Mistress I longed for.

I have spent a while looking for her, but not knowing her. I meet her by chance sitting there on the lawn. She happened to notice me, and commented me in my attire I was wearing that day.

We continued to talk and soon we were asking to friend each other, at the same time.
I had been talking to other Domme, and had two or three that showed an interest in me. But she actually showed only a curiosity. But we talked. We talked, until there was no one else around us in the courtyard. Then sadly, I had to go.

I looked again for her the next time I showed back up at Dominion, but did not see her. I was afraid to IM her because of the normal rules, not knowing if I had permission to since she was a friend and all. Then a short time later, her IM popped up. “Hey  How are you?” she said. And then we talked again. Again, it was conversation to make my heart sing.

I began to think about her all the time, wanting to get to know her more. But she is a very serious Lady, and after our talks drifted to the possibility that I was interested in being her boy, she said that she was not just a one boy Domme, and how I felt about it. I let her know that I had no feelings about it because I know a Domme knows what is right for her. But it did not bother me in the least if I could be near her.

We talked some more, and after a time it began to seem certain she would want to consider me. And just the other day, she said she was very, very interested in me! But I would still have to wait. She wanted to make absolutely sure and said we should wait a little bit longer.

But, I don’t care! Anything to have the chance to be with her is all I desire. I will wait, I will let her know all there is of me. I will listen, to all she will tell me of herself and her house. And I will desire, to be hers if she will let me.

Anonymous Confessions

I confess, a Mistress here at the dominion has taken my heart a mind on a wild ride and I’m loving every second I’m near her. She has a laid back nature about her but can quickly snap you back in line with just a word. We’ve never been alone together in sl but the IM’s are always close and personal whether its getting advice, playful flirting, or a total mind fuck of an emote to tease the fuck out of me. Oh does she love to tease and admit I eat it up and want more and more. I was in the courtyard one night and she was on voice talking to me and a few other subs when out of the blue she says, “did I tell you to stop sucking?”. Now if it was meant to quickly grab the attention of the subs it sure worked on me! I had her in IM and commented of what she said and she quickly laughed it off. But a little later we were talking and I told her, “I’m still thinking of your, did I tell you to stop sucking comment Miss”, she laughed again then this popped in my IM………

Thinking about my hand wrapped around the base of a pale pink strap-on, my fingers slick with your saliva as I push the gleaming wet head against your bruised lips, pushing it inside your mouth, ordering you to suck it until your cheeks cave in and your eyes close and you're breathing swiftly through your nose, feeling my other hand gripping your hair and pulling your head onto the shaft while my hips move slightly, just slightly, feeding you the length of it, asking you again, "Did I tell you to stop sucking?"

Now be honest my fellow guy subs, did you cock just jump to attention? Because mine sure did after reading that and a silence came over me. Oh my god is that fucking hot! And I told her so in IM which she laughed again telling me she wasn’t even trying. If that’s what she can think up so quickly you can imagine what my mind is going through thinking of what a scene with her would be like and oh how I lust over that thought. With putting her emote in my confession she knows my thoughts, will anything happen? To be continued.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Boy that is now Mine - Anonymous

A dark red glossy nail tip flicks over a hard nipple, red and swollen from being clamped and pulled, a gasp. Soft full lips brush over his ear, tongue gently tasting the skin on his neck. He shivers deliciously, moans coming from deep in his chest.

This boy that is not Mine

Sliding my top up and off, then leaning in, pressing belly and breasts hard to him, skin sticking to sweat coated skin, the sound of a shaky breath sucking in quickly, a shudder. His reddened bottom, hot to the touch, as I press close to him.

This boy that could be Mine

My fingers reach above us, languidly following the strands of silk rope knots, binding, biting deeper than flesh. Touching the blindfold, the smooth leather, discouraging distraction from the suspension, the exposure. I whisper his name, and feel the shiver sink inside him

This boy that should be Mine

Listening to his gasps, whispers, moans after riding the edge for some time now. Body vibrating, nerves raw, every shift of my body brings pleas. Some for release, for more, for anything I may want to give him, which I answer with a soft laugh.

This boy that will be Mine

Sliding arms around him, I hold him, the sensation of skin against skin making him cry out, voice choking, thick with need. My fingers moving to touch his cock, hold it, a strangled cry, hips jerking in response. I slide the cool sheath over him, sliding him into it firmly, fingers deftly closing the device. A hoarse moan, and nodding of his head his acknowledgement of the act of yielding to my control. The lock gently clicks, lips pressing to his cheek, tasting tears.

This boy that is now Mine.

Confession - Anon

Yesterday my Mistress was with me all day, from the time I got up till the time I went to bed, she talked with me; loving me and encouraging me to be all I can be for her. I woke up thinking of her as I showered she was at the front of my mind. I could not help myself I was so aroused as I thought of her.
I immediately began playing with myself like the little bitch that I am when I am with her. My orgasm was so strong I thought I was going to loose my balance and fall. I literally had the shakes as I toweled off from my shower. All day long my Mistress chatted with me loving me and providing the guidance I require to be the best sub I can be for her. As I was heading home I could not do anything other than thinking of my Mistress and I had an orgasm with out doing anything other than driving it made me squirm in my seat making it very hard to think about driving.
I found my self speeding home at that point trying to get to my Mistress. That evening as my Mistress and I were together she tortured me so sweetly causing me exquisite paint and pleasure like that others have seldom ever experienced or heard of in their lief time. She caused an Orgasm so strong I could barely walk afterwards I was covered with my own cum. Legs shaking and arms quivering covered in beads of sweat. As bed time neared my Mistress spanked me till my ass was red and bruised, I was so turned on as I always am when My Mistress disciplines me I had to play with myself. I love my Mistress so and she allowed it, knowing she approved of what I was doing I lay on my tender red ass playing with myself as she instructed. Just thinking about the spanking from her paddle caused me to climax again I screamed for my Mistress so loudly so lost in what happened. covered in cum again . I feel asleep dreaming of how much I love the woman who dominates my world. I have never had 4 orgasms in my life and I love her so much for giving them to me. I would do anything for my Mistress.

My Confession - Irish

Every boy is and deserves to be no more than an object.

I had prepared the food, drinks and dressed the room for Mistress's dinner party, cleaned up the kitched and returned to my room - stripped and laying on my bed, awaiting my next instruction. My sister slave entered the room, asking me to go back down to dining room and and wait for MIstress there.

There I knelt waiting for a number of minutes when Mistress entered the room smiling with my cuffs in her hand, this was unusual as she was never interested in play so close to a party - I knew this would be different.

I was instructed to my feet and my hands were cuffed behind my back, my sister slave was instructed to take me to a point of arousal and call for Mistress. Mistress returned to me smiling at my condition.

A blindfold was placed on me and I was told to stand with my feet together I was slowly but surely wrapped in tape and from head to toe with my mouth held open in a ring gag. The tape was cut at my groin exposing my cock and balls and I was pushed back onto a table at the side of the dining room, my sister slave then fastened my head, waste and ankles.

The ladies began to arrive with their boys and girls and were all given a tour of the room including my displayed body and all were encouranged to play with my cock and balls. I was placed as entertainment for the guests and thats all that I would be.

Throughout the evening my cock was touched, stroked, slapped, squeezed & pinched; sucked by both male and female submissives and my mouth was filled with fingers, other body parts and the juices of other submissives.

It was the most humiliating but also the most arousing evening of my life.

Adventures in America - Heather

This is not going to be a typical confession of girl likes to meet Domme and has dirty thoughts. In my opinion it is way more than that, mostly because what I am about to tell Y/you, has happened in real life, not so long ago. It was July 30th 2010 when I got the most precious birthday gift ever.

I had already spend almost three months with my Mistress Brigid. We had our ups and downs. Many people had warned me up front that it would not be the same as in Second Life, but I did not listen to them. I needed it to be the same, little did I know, it could be better than in Second Life. I feel, now that I am back home, I have left my home behind. I feel like a stranger in my own country, my family does not understand why I feel so sad, they do not know about my Mistresses and I do not want them to find out, especially my mom would not understand, but anyway this isn't going to be a drama story haha.

Mistress Brigid and I had been on the road 12 hours, that went from talking all the time, to almost no talking at all, when we were almost at the motel where we were going to meet Mistress Loni. She did not talk because She had been behind the steering wheel all that time, and I did not talk because I was too nervous to speak. Maybe some of Y/you remember a story I once wrote that was called "at some point, a girl has to stop running." It was a story about me meeting my Mistresses at a motel, I got scared, ran away, came back and all well ended well. Little did I know back then, that story was about to become reality like a year later.

So there we were, pumping gas in the car across from the motel, when the phone rang. "I can see you, Heather, far away, but close enough now." I gulped, this was no longer a silly game, this was reality, She was across the street and in less than 5 minutes we would be face to face. My heart started pounding, every muscle in my body tensed up and I got scared. Mistress Loni and I have this thing ... I joke around, She gets angry, I run away, She gets angry, but all ends well. I was scared it would be the same now, we only had three days all together and I did not want to fuck it up. Mistress Brigid parked the car and ran into Mistress Loni arms, I just stayed in the car, trying to swallow down my nervousity, it didn't work. I finally decided to get out of the car and there She was, my Mistress, for the first time ever and She totally did not look like the woman I had seen on cam for so long. I was a bit in shock, She was gorgeous, do not get me wrong, but She had been very sick and all the chemo took its toll on Her. But then, when She grinned and laughed at me, I knew it was Her, my Mistress, finally. I decided that the brat approach would be the best way to get over my nervousity so I said: "well, do I get a hug?"

As I write this, I imagine gasping Dommes and chuckling subs, maybe E/everyone thinks that was a disrespectful thing to say, but it was what I needed, Her and I always have had a different connection than me and Mistress Brigid. When I said that, I felt better and She laughed, so it was all good. She hugged me, tightly, just when I thought I would pass out from the lack of air, She let me go and said: "you really are beautiful, Heather." I blushed, someone can tell me that 100 times and I will never believe them, but I was glad She didn't say: "get down on your knees and give me 20."

All three of us walked up to the motel room, got our stuff settled, they were kissing in the bathroom while I took a few deep breaths. We went to sleep, they in their bed, me in mine, I had to listen to them having sex, which let me tell you, is very uncomfertable if they think you are a sleep! Not once in my life have I tried to fall asleep harder than that day, although pervert as I am, it also excited me :)

When I woke up, it was July 30th. My birthday. They woke me up with snuggles, hugs and kisses. That in itself was already more than I had hoped for. During the day, we hiked up a mountain, played pirate mini golf and they .. got me drunk. They enjoyed doing that, I started talking more, felt more confertable, flirted a bit with both, and when we got home to the motel I was told to take a shower. I knew what time it was. Play time.

When I got out of the shower, Mistress Loni was standing beside the bed with hand cuffs in Her hand. I gulped and moaned at the same time. It was exciting to see, for me bdsm is very new, I am still learning, I have never worn hand cuffs, I have never been gagged and I have never worn a blindfold. "Touch them, Heather." Mistress Loni held the hand cuffs in front of me and I touched them. "Good girl, now take them from me." I did as She asked. They were heavy! She chuckled when I realised that and said, "we won't be using them tonight, it is your birthday and I want you to be comfertable." I was a bit dissapointed but I knew they both had the best interest for me in mind. Mistress Loni layed down on the bed and Mistress Brigid lay down next to Her. "You know Heather, you have been with me one day now and I am still waiting for you to kneel for me." I fell to the ground immediately, She intimidates me and She knows it. "Good girl, now go kneel for your other Mistress." I seriously ran over to the other side of the bed and kneeled down. Mistress Brigid rolled over and grabbed my hair as She pulled me closer and kissed me. "Well done, Mine." I looked at Her, not knowing what they expected of me next. She knew however. "I want you to crawl back to your other Mistress, babygirl." My eyes grew bigger, but I did it because I knew it would please them both and at that moment I wanted nothing more but to please them both. Mistress Loni told me to get on the bed and we all snuggled for a moment, just like we did in Second Life all the time, it was very nice, because know I now that next time we will do that in Second Life, it will just be like in Real Life. It is precious.

Earlier that day we went into a sex shop and they had bought a blindfold. It was pink with like cheeta spots, it was absolutely hidious, they agreed with me, but all the other onces were too expensive. Mistress Brigid got off the bed and grapped the blindfold, then crawled next to me, so Mistress Loni and I had to move. I was in the middle now. That position was familiar to me as well, and I started to get more nervous again. I am very insecure when it comes to someone else taking control in bed, as a sub that might sound stupid but it is how I feel. Mistress Brigid kissed me again and I could feel Mistress Loni's hands run over my clothing. "These need to come off Brigid." Mistress Brigid chuckled, "mhm, and this ... needs to come on." Then Mistress Loni laughed hard and said, "true true, and she ... needs to cum." I grinned. They have the weirdest humor, but I love it.

My clothes were removed quickly, the blindfold was put in place and then for the first time ever, instead of being scared, I felt loved, home, comfortable, at ease .. Mistress Loni kissed me. A moan escaped my throat quicker than I had expected. Hands were everywhere, in the beginning I could tell whose hands belonged to which Mistress, but at some point I lost track and it indeed felt like 50 hands were touching me. Mistress Brigid teased my nipple, She sucked it, flicked it, scratched Her nails over it, it felt so good. I turned red as a tomato when I heard Mistress Loni whisper, "I wonder if she tastes as good as she smells." To which Mistress Brigid replied, "Why don't you find out?" And that is exactly what She did. There was no moment that led to Her action, because from feeling nothing but wetness down there, all I could feel was Her tongue sliding through my wet folds. If at that point I still had any thoughts running through my head, they surely were gone at that point. Between Mistress Brigid working on my upper body and Her licking me, teasing me, edging me if you want to call it that, I had no thoughts at all. All I wanted was to please them. When I could feel myself getting closer and I did something I have never done in my entire life, I asked them for permittion to cum and they granted it. Hearing it from them, at the same time, was enough to drive me over the edge, it were the best two orgasmses I ever had, because yes, I had two, of what I can remember ;)

They simulaneously crawled back up and whispered in my ear, "I love you My girl." It didn't feel like something they had agreed upon to say at the same time, it was something they said seperately, but they both meant it and at that moment I had never felt more loved.

The rest of the night was interesting to say the least, but .. out of respect of my Mistresses I will not tell Y/you about that, though it lives vividly in my head and it always will.

The next day Mistress Brigid and I had to go home and we both cried our eyes out. Not once had I expected to feel like that moment, leaving part of me behind, I wanted nothing but for Her to come with us.

Now, two weeks later, I am back in Holland. My time in America has taught me so much about who I am, what I want and need. My last days with Mistress Brigid were cut short because Her son was killed in an auto accident. She had to leave and I couldn't go with Her. My visa would end that Monday and there was no way I could stay longer. Even though those last few days were extremely difficult and I couldn't be there for Her in person, I was there for Her on the phone, that time was hectic and sad, but we got through it.

This has been a life changing experience, and it will be for every boy or girl in this room if they ever get the chance to meet their Mistress. Don't assume it will be the same as in Second Life, things will be different, but that does not mean it will be different for the worse.

My Mistresses want me back. Permanently and one day I will. I will most likely spend two weeks with them around Christmas and I cannot wait to see them Both again. They have changed my life and I cannot wait to kneel down in front of them and this time ask them if they will pretty please use the handcuffs :)

- Heather

My New Toy - Marcus

Last weekend Mistress and I spent an hour selecting something special online, I laughed looking at the various types and in the end the one that seems to be the best fit was selected and I was told to order it; filled with excitement I placed my order.

A week later the parcel arrived, on Friday, but it remained unopened until Mistress was ready for it, it just sat there on the floor by my computer, unopened, just sitting there, I know I can’t touch it, I can’t open it and especially I can’t try it on, the feeling so strong to open it, but I knew I must obey and so it stays where I placed it until Mistress desires it.

It’s now Monday and Mistress has just shown me how much I’m a slut, a cum hungry dirty slut, she tells me to open the parcel which I do with excitement, tearing open the parcel and removing the package within, I open the lovely case it comes in and place all the parts on my desk.

‘Okay’ she says, ‘put it on then slut’, ‘yes my Mistress’ I say as I start to assemble all the parts, I place a suitable sized ring about my cock and balls and slide a bar into place and then picking up the main part I slide the cage over my cock, I’m aroused but it slides on and into place, I pick up the lock and fit it through the fixing hole and slowly I push down on the lock, hearing a very satisfying click as it locked my brand new Cb3000 into place, my Mistress’s cock now firmly locked for her pleasure not mine, ‘I hope you heard that my Mistress’ I say, I’m told that my voice had totally changed at that point of being so calm and contented.


The feeling of having my cock now locked up in real life is such a powerful feeling of submission, it’s hard to explain it fully, I can no longer touch myself even by accident, I reach down and all I feel is this plastic box, it’s almost a part of me but with no sensation what so ever.

That first night I slept with it on it felt pretty comfy, it wasn’t until the early hours when I was brought out of my dreams by this stretching pain, I felt around my cock which was incredibly hard and realized my erection had forced the cage up along the shaft with the loop, in turn the loop had forced my balls up my cock, effectively my balls were forced tightly up to the middle of my shaft and unable to dangle. The pain was pretty intense and that was the only night I had to remove the CB.

One aspect that it’s taken me by surprised is the fact that I’m now forced to sit down when going to the bathroom as sometimes it can act like it’s very own water sprinkler system spraying my pee everywhere other than the toilet I’m trying to pee into, it’s taken away one of my fundamental man abilities of being able to stand and go to the bathroom.

I’ve now been wearing it every day since; I go to work, drive my car and talk to my customers, the plastic cage snugly locked around my cock, I realize at this point it’s a novelty to wear but I honestly I look forward to the time when it becomes something that’s worn because I’m owned and it’s ordered and not something that I feel I’m excited to wear, and at that point the true meaning of the cb will be felt and realized.

Poem - Silk

"this poem was written by silk and another slave while they were on gor.. before silk met his Mistress ."

An empty chaliceOnce was fullNow drained Discarded ‘neath sullen skyNeither youNeither i
A painted smile on painted lipsWords you want to hear
An empty glass for you to drinkCome quench your thirstAn empty plate for you to eatCome take your fillFlowerless vaseOn empty tableCome choose your bloom
A painted smile on painted lipsWords you want to hear
A gloved hand full of youNot iNever seeing past the skinThe beat of lonely heart withinWords unsaidSongs unsungVoice unheard
A painted smile on painted lipsWords you want to hear
Unseen tearsUnder moonless skyEmpty handHolding empty heartShattered dreamsSharded glassI once was more than
A painted smile on painted lipsWords you want to hear

Travelling Alone Part 3 - Zaira

As the engines began roar and drop in level she leaned in, I could feel her breath on my cheek as her nails traced along my thigh “girls like you should wear skirts, it is easier” she said as her fingers caressed the inside of my leg. I glanced around the plane, more to check if anyone was watching or not, than to stop it or look for help. I was so excited, I wanted nothing more in that moment than for her to touch me. The seat belt signs flicked on and she reached around, pulling the far side to the one between us and left them on my belly before she pulled at the button on my shorts, unfastening it and slipping down the zip she then clicked the seat belt into place. My hands sat still, to my sides as I took in breath after breath, Would she.. Was she.. ? Her lips drew to my ear as I felt the warmth on my earlobe she whispered “Do you cum often girl?”

I looked to her in shock and then with the slightest of nods I dropped my eyes, I could not meet them, I was totally embarrassed at such admittance to what was, a total stranger, even if she was beautiful. She leant back slightly as the crew moved around, checking bags were away and belts were fastened. She handed me my jacket, “Hold this around you,” she ordered sharply and I grasped it over my front as the crew moved past, on to the next row and the next. As they moved back to the front and out of sight she murmured in my ear, “you will show me how you do this.. how you cum, before this plane lands.” I know I took in a gasp of shock, I couldn’t, I would be seen, it would be noticed I would be in trouble.. the look which followed from her left me whispering quickly “okay.” It didn’t feel like the right thing to say back, but I could think of nothing else as her hand pulled the jacket down from my chin to my hips, covering where she took my hand and placed it against the shorts she had opened. My mouth was dry and I slipped my tongue over my lips as the engines continued to roar in and out, the ground grew closer. Was I really going to do this? Her hand pulled back my shorts, pushing them down slightly and then with her legs crossed to block part of the vision she reached around my bare shoulders, holding me slightly against her.. facing the window as the plane once more dropped and roared back to life she whispered “you had better be quiet though” as my fingers found my clit. I was soaked. It felt so good to run my fingertips over pussy and back to my clit, feeling it become harder, firmer, her fingertips draped over my shoulder, caressing my skin, teasing close to my breast which I ached to have touched, to feel her hands on me.

As I grew closer, so did the ground, my breathing was muffled and hidden, gasped out while the engines were loud and held in when they cut off, the lightest of moans escaped.. what I hoped would pass as a nervous flyer. Brushing her fingertips though the ends of my hair she whispered, “You better time that well girl, cum as we hit the ground." I knew that was when there would be the most noise, as the tires hit the ground and break across the runway.. how was I to know when that would happen though, or how long away it was, how would I be close enough until then, but not push myself over.. how loud would landing actually be as my fingers danced circles over my clit. Her second hand reached to my knee, pulling it towards her as she held my trembling body, my thighs spread under the jacket.

Suddenly with a bump, and relief we hit the ground. My orgasm exploded within me, shuddering silently against her body, all moans and heavy breath lost in the squealing wheels below us as others gasped at the landing. It travelled though my body, trembling tension in my thighs against her palm, my belly, my shoulders as I was held to her, feeling her take in every movement.

Looking to her wide eyed as the plane began to slow and taxi towards the building I moved back onto my chair. She removed her hands from me and dusted off her pants. I sat there, struggling to breathe and feeling weak all over as my head spun with pleasure. As we stopped and the lights pinged on I quickly fasted back up my shorts, fixing my top down over them and crossed my legs. She laughed when she saw this but said nothing as she stood and removed her bag. Moving off the plane I waited while she left, and for the sensations to lessen before I stood, with trembling hands reclaiming my own bag and following the groups of people off the plane.

A smile spread over my face as I passed them, so unaware of what had just happened. I did not see her as I waited for my baggage until I was about to leave. She was suddenly in front of me, her bags already claimed and reached around to the back pocket of my shorts, pushing a small card into them she laughed “Let me know when you are back in the UK, girl.” Before turning sharply, clearly amused and leaving me standing there, flushed and wanting more.

The Puppet - Lethal

For days which turned to weeks which was now turning to months it kept going on and on. In reality, in my mind, for 30+ years it has been going on and on.
One day it would be a large plug up my ass as i did my RL Tasks, the next day it would be using her name in a convo with three different people and the following day it would be taking an increased beating from her while she impatiently waited for the delivery guy to show up. The more time he took the more severe my beating got.
And it was not just the tortures or the tasks. Day by day my attachment to her grew as well. I felt love and need. I was mortified. You cant love your owner can You? And needy slaves are surely the worst kind yes? I very hesitantly brought it to her attention and asked her about it. Trying to phrase my words to not appear that i was being needy or Love. Mistress let out one of her trademark laughs and told me of course i was supposed to be needy. She expected it. And She expected to be loved. She told me, eventually on her time, how it is part of the total submission that she wants. She reminded me often that this was real and not a fantasy. She even reminded me that we were both 'considering' each other. I grew more dazed by the day. I threw up the occasional RL defense and was always very quickly shot down. Mistress rules me like a Lady who holds all the cards, knows it, embraces it, and thoroughly enjoys it. There was a time when i could say i love it or like it and it may have mattered but she took that enjoyment from me and kept it for herself as well. She did so by ending the consideration and making me fully hers. My tag reflects exactly what i have become and sink deeper into being every day. i am Mistress Destiny's puppet. She controls the strings of my RL and SL life. It has happened and it grows by the day and i am powerless to resist. Not that i would ever want to. Everyone has their own level of control they seek to gain or give up when it comes to BDSM. And there is almost always a mirror for that person. A guy that just wants to occasionally play a little can find a Gal who is looking for the same. A Lady who just wants to occasionally dominate behind closed doors can undoubtedly find her a mate who desires the same. And, even a guy who wants to fully give it up and dive into unrestricted slavery can find his mirror...even after 30+ years of looking. Mistress Destiny has come into my life like a summer squall line dancing across the Texas plains. Lightening, Thunder, the occasionall twister, and the magnificent power that can not even be described. Its beauty to the eyes, power to the soul, and if it grabs you...your life will never be the same. And the perfect storm it has been. Thank you all for listening.

To Someone in Particular - Anon

To Someone in Particular

I remember the day we met, and the reason we started talking. I screamed like a girl, but it was a damn big spider, ok? I called you Josh, because I thought that's what he said your name was, but of course I was wrong. I was so embarassed when I found out, and I asked why you hadn't corrected me. "I didn't care what you called me, as long as you were talking to me."

Of course I remember. Because you won't let me forget. You get some kind of perverse joy out of quoting yourself, out of reminding me of what we used to mean to each other. You want me to think that you're just that devoted, that you won't give up on love that easily. But you're a manipulative son of a bitch, you know that? If your 'heartfelt confession' doesn't reduce me to tears, you up the ante, until you know you're hurt me.

What's the point? It is really worth ruining all of the good memories we have, just to know that I'm hurting as bad as you? I am, ok? I didn't want to do this. Watching you leave hurts more than anything I've felt before - or it would, if you would actually leave. All I've wanted since I made you mine was to keep you in my arms forever. If there was a way, I would find it. You used to know that.

So tell me, please, why you feel the need to torture me? What happened to the love and understanding you said you'd always give me? What the fuck happened to you?

You know what? I'm done. I'd hoped I'd never have to put up walls, never have to keep you out. But you're not the person I fell in love with, the person I was so proud to own. You can beat yourself bloody against the barriers I've erected, for all I care. And I have a feeling that you will.

You want a confession? Here it is. If you don't shut the fuck up, you'll never have the chance to speak to me again. And I can't wait until you realize that you want that chance. Let's just hope it won't be too late.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jerbo Toxx 2 - Confessions - Listening


There I sat, listening. Tied to the chair, and sitting in a bare room. Not a stitch on, waiting for my Mistress to come into the room.

Waiting to hear a sound, any sound The click, click of a heal. Or, the slap, slap, slap of her whip as it hit against her thigh. Listening for her breathing, her smirk, or any word that would betray her presence. Even the smacking of her lips as she chewed her gum as she normally did.

But not a sound.....

I knew she was toying with me. She always did. She loved to tease and get me to the edge, loving to see me squirm for release. My mind began to race...thinking of what she had planned for me.

My erection grew in anticipation, but being tied I could not afford to gain my own release. But my mind raced on, Listening, waiting, and my cock continued to throb with want and desire for her to return. Listening, straining my ears to hear a pin drop. Still my mind raced on, thinking of all the things she would do to me once she arrived.

How long I was there I did not know, but as my mind raced I approached the edge...teetering, and tottering, my cock throbbing. But so close and no more. I could feel her on me, her caress, her touch, her teasing every inch of my flesh as she always did. And all this while I continued to listen.

Then, just as I approached the edge for what he thought was the 100th time, I heard a sound....was that footsteps? My body mind exploded.....and so did I....pushed over the edge, by my wants and desires. My moans escaping as the door opened.

"Sorry pet.", she said. "I had to step out for a bit and talk to a friend. Now where were we?"

Tonka Truck! Thoracic

During the summer between French & English Kindergarten, friends of my parents got married. To bribe me into being ring-boy for them they gave me a really cool Tonka truck. It was a big sucker! I loved that truck!
A few months later, i brought my truck into class for show & tell.
At recess, i’m playing with my truck on the floor of kindergarten class and this other boy who also became enamored with my truck began endlessly whining and trying to play with my truck.
Yes, i knew about sharing, being generous, etc, but i felt that this boy really didn’t deserve that consideration due to his attitude. On and on he went “gimme gimme gimme!” carrying on, crying, the whole performance. He was really grating on my nerves.
Finally, i just couldn’t take it anymore. i lifted the truck in one hand and shouted at him “You want it – Now you’re gonna get it!” and hit him across the head with the truck!
i know that i didn't cut him, or give him a concussion or anything extreme like that, but don't recall ever apologizing to him.
if i could turn back time, that's one of the few things i would change about my life.

Fox and the handbag. Part 2 Bryn

Despite Miss's injunction to keep up, the fox actually has no trouble matching her stride with two of his, although she steps smartly to the front of the shop, pushing the door open with one fluid movement.

The fox moves through the door just behind her, hearing the tinkling bell, and will always remember savoring both fear and delight at actually crossing the threshold of the shop, at entering that world for the first time. The look on the shopman's face as they enter brings a grin from the fox, when the man finally closes his mouth and says "Can I help you Miss?" - it appears he knows her name - the fox can't resist sticking his long tongue out at him, although catching sight of his Miss's face in the glass front of the counter he quickly retracts it. Suppressing a smile she turned her attention to the shopman, speaking to him confidently about discounts and wrapping and PINs in a way that seems marvelous to the fox.

As the shopman moves to the window display she remarks quietly "You and I are going to have a little conversation about manners later, fox." The fox nods silently wondering if it is her quiet voice brings a sinking sensation to the pit of his stomach, or if it was the strange emphasis on the word "conversation" slightly over-enunciating each syllable, or simply the thought that scarcely ten minutes after meeting her he had displeased her. Just as he feels his chin begin to quiver, the thoughts are driven from his mind by the man returning with the bag. The fox moves half a step closer to the counter, standing on his toes watching the bag being laid almost reverently on the top of the stack of tissue paper, folded and cocooned doubly, sealed with a sticker then slipped into a carrier bag, which itself has what appears to be velvet-rope handles knotted through brass eyelets. The fox looks on fascinated by the idea of having a bag to carry a bag in.

After exchanging post-purchase pleasantries the girl picks up the bag and passes it to the fox, wishing the man a good afternoon, she leads the way from the shop and down the street, the fox hurries after her careful of the precious cargo he carries,, not sure where they are going but knowing he needs to follow without being told.

Passing the alley the fox suddenly remarks "I need to get my bundle Miss." and vanishes between two piles of cardboard cartons only to return a few moments later with what looks like a bundle of rags, tied with an old belt.

"What have you got there fox?" she asks an amused smile on her face, her nose slightly wrinkled at the state of the bundle.

"It's just my treasures Miss, you can have them if you like" he offers her the bundle shyly and for a second almost reluctantly then holding it up in an open paw for her to take if she desires.

"Thank you, but I think you had better carry that - we can examine them later. " She seems genuinely pleased with the offer of a mysterious and somewhat unclean bundle of rags . "Come on, " she says, "Lets get you home and hosed down."

"H..hosed? Yes Miss." he replies nervously.

No Amount of Prayer Can Get Me Into Heaven/ Gia

My cold, pale hands will never sate the desire for your touch.

i slid my hands over the skin between my hips and my ribcage for what seemed like hours, still damp with slowly dripping water from the shower. Following from my protruding hips, into the dip of my waist, and up to my semi-visible ribs. Then back again. Trying to conjure up the heat another person's hands would leave there.

All i can do is choke on the words She spits out and cringe from the politeness and affection She shows me, because i feel so undeserving.

i am so unreal.

And i need to feel something stirring in these veins of mine.

Remind me my veins aren't filled with filth. That i am not filth.


Shivering beneath a black satin sheet. Curled on the floor, cushioned by the burgundy carpeting. The softness of the carpet and the sheet was almost euphoric.

i do so love satin and velvet and other various soft things. Snuggling with softness.

i am exhausted. But in a good way.

My bicep aches. i scratched off two oval-shaped, dime-sized pieces of skin with my finger nails. My arm was itchy and irritated.

i just forgot to stop scratching when the itching sensation stopped.

Dried blood is underneath my nails. And i can't help but try to taste it. Like metal and copper. i remember the taste of deep wounds.

The wounds we are inflicting on our own flesh is appealing because it pours from my skin to let you in.

Could you kiss the dirt away if i pulled back the skin, the filth, the bruises, the stains, the scars, the burns, the lies, the deceit, the taint, the sin, the everything?

My skin tastes like blood and fear.

My cheeks are smeared with crimson tears and mascara traces their path.

i shut my eyes. and i see You. In silence we just sit, absorbing each others presence.

Don’t wake me because i don’t want to leave this dream.

Laying it on the Table. anon Domme

*Laying it on the Table*

I agreed to *lay it on the table*. So we met.

*I don't really know you * he said

I looked at him in astonishment and sheer speechlessness. Who was this boy? Was it the boy I had loved and cared for, for 12 months as Mine. The boy I had laughed with, cried with, danced with, disciplined, supported, listened to, talked to, played with, been part of my Sl family, stretched myself for .. the boy who had whispered *I love you * many times in my ear.

*It doesn't really crossover into my rl, because I don't really know you*'s not *real* ...the words kept reverberating in my brain as he repeated them.. bouncing off my seemingly dead receptors, trying to find a place to lodge that might give some understanding, some comprehension to this strange foreign language he was speaking.

"I'm afraid* he said.... again the words would not compute. " I sometimes feel scared at what you will do to me .. I don't want to come in somtimes because I'm scared. I want to please you, so I havn't said anythin". Again, no signals were being recieved. Who was this boy?

"I go to Dominion, I see all the beautiful avs and it's just not real. I'm in the lifestyle in rl, I live it , breathe it and it's just not real. Nobody looks like that. " Who was this boy?

And then..
"I don't want to leave you, I care for you, I do" love" you. It was my fault, I should have communicated..he said.

I sat there letting the storms of feelings and confusion wash over me. Knowing I had to let him go. Knowing I could not trust what he said anymore. Here I was a strong powerful Domme, feeling my heart get shot to pieces, feeling it scream inside of me, feeling betrayal, feeling inadequate, feeling like I had failed, feeling I did not know what was *real* anymore, the footing was loose and I was falling.

I sat there and could say nothing as my voice would not work.. the emotion clogging my throat and capacity to speak. I wrote my farewell in nice clean text, crisp and neat, with no blurry teary lines to mess up the meaning. I wrote so calmly and so composed. *I love you but I cannot go forward*.I was sorry he had felt this way and I did not know . I wrote some nice well meaning words for a good future and best wishes, thanked him for being finally honest and i hoped everything worked out in his life.

He made a quick goodbye. I know he was churning inside, but I could do nothing this time but watch him go.

The cards had been laid on the *table* and the table had been turned upside down as they flew off and shattered my reality. I no longer knew which way was up. The *table* was on it's head.

The little blue flag appeared at the bottom of my screen.
"XXXX is offline" Then it disappeared. A piece of my heart went with it. My confidence and trust l laid like confetti in tatters around it.

Birthday Surpise Neku Nagy

He was tall with a well tanned skin and athletic build, a deep voice and... with Casanova's behaviour. She was elegant and smiling; a Princess, a woman without problems, with a tender grandmother that cared for her with love.

They both disembarked from the boat and were directed to the exit. He stopped at the Taxi rank while she continued on. Suddenly, just as he put his suitcase on the ground by his side, an expensive sports car - the kind that attracts attention - pulled up by the side of him. "Would you like a ride? asked the Princess. The pretty Princess thought he had a “sensual” voice. Looking over his expensive dark lenses he said: " Yes Princess, thank you!, take me anywhere you are going."

While they were driving, he explained that he didn't have any place to stay in the town yet, so a 1 or 2 star hotel will be good enough to sleep 5 or 6 hours, before he had to catch the next Boat on his Secret vacation trip. He was a free spirit like the old Hobos of the trains. She said: "you can stay at my house" . I have an old house with four empty rooms, and I live alone with my grandmother. He smiled like the cat that is going to eat the bird and no one has noticed. - "Oh thank you and if your grandmother is as lovely as you, I will be delighted to meet her."

They reached the Old, beautiful mansion which was evidently very well taken care of. They went in and she showed him to a bedroom with a delightful four poster bed - the kind that had a roof canopy. Then, the impressario prepared himself to conquer the Princess. He put on boxer shorts of cotton that emphasised his sex and showed off his well defined stomach muscles. His erection was becoming notable.

He lay down on the bed for a moment ,… and then heard a strange noise! The roof of the bed was coming toward him and before he knew it Leather belts had captured him! He Fought and fought but they could not be loosened. He listened and heard steps at the door . The Princess entered with a simple flowery cotton dress. A smile lit up her lips when he saw him bound. She started to yell at him "why did you did this? Why did you have to touch! See what has happened?" and then, quite suddenly, she turned and shouted “GRANNNNYYYYY” ... and an old woman, dressed in leather like a Dominatrix appeared in the room and said in her croaky voice"My cute Princess you didn't forget my Birthday, and this time he is almost naked!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Choosing a Different Book - Neku Nagy

All was dark. The blindfold made no possible any glimpse of light go through. His hands tied up, his feet tied down, and his belly resting over a support linked where we was tied. A flashing sound emerged from his body and he could not avoid to shout. Something just hit his right buttock.
Remembered that he had spoken with a beaufitul woman that was looking at him all the time at the library. She revised with indulgence the books on the terror section.She was nothing really special, but she was very elegant with beautiful charming eyes. In his head, he could imagine her, ironing and folding sheets and old clothing. He had planned not to lower his eyes when she would notice his gaze on her. He holded the book firmly and stared at her steadily.
Other sound and other ache, but this time a voice aproached his right ear: Woman: The weaker sex? You should choose a different book!

The way you make me feel - Zara Charisma

There are some things in this world that I never thought possible..such as making a deep connnection with someone through inspired rl words and delicious pixel interractions.
You live on the opposite side of this Earth but it feels like you are a whisper away.

Time disappears when we are together, there is so much i want to see and explore with you and i am absorbed by the thought of having these shared experiences.

I crave you, like a decadent rich tasting sweet, you indulge my mind and body; a guilty pleasure i cant get enough of. You let me explore my desires and dominant tendencies without fear or judgement.

I attach my leash to your collar, a calm decends like a mist over us with our connection. I let you kneel at my feet, your submission a precious gift given to me each time we meet.
Your presence inspires me to want to stretch your comfort, to devour you, to playfully torture you and bring you back, healing you with my love.

Your devotion so arousing to me, i feel a rush of erotic feelings and creative energy each time we connect. You service me, my desires, without question, without hesitation, and you do it so well and i feel fulfilled, i feel whole, i feel calm.

A night with Mistress - Ranic Bellic

I have a confession.

I want to be brought inside by a Lady. Told to strip out of my uniform.
I see her take my gun and then a blindfold goes over my head.
I strip naked and my wrist are cuffed behind my back.
I am then told that She has a present for me. I hear heavy foot steps walking toward me. I smell the scene of a male. She racks my gun, putting a bullet into the chamber and puts it to my head. I am told to open my mouth. I smell the musty smell of a cock in front of me. I am told to lick. I extend my tongue out and quick snap it back once it touches the cock. She then pushes the gun harder into my head and i start licking the tip of the cock. I then take it inside of my mouth and start sucking it. I hear Her and Him moaning, and the sounds of kissing. My own cock is now rock hard from the entire scene. Forced to suck cock at MY gunpoint. I feel the cock throb and suddenly, i feel my throat filled with cum. He pulls his cock out and starts cumming on my face. i feel the hot cum drip down my face. He grunts and finishes off on my face. I hear her laughing as my face is covered in his cum. I then am walked to a large dog bed on the floor and thrown down onto it. My ankles bound. Laying there, thinking about what is on my face, and what i just did. I now hear them in the other room. I hear them fucking. He is fucking her hard. The headboard is cracking against the back wall. I lay there while they fuck. Knowing i can not have what He is getting. that i am stuck here, with a cum covered face, unable to do anything about it. I lie there on the bed, covered in cum. Awaiting my further fate. What She wants to do with this cock sucking slut of Hers.

.Dear Diary, Mostly Fiction - Kyna

Dear Diary,

You probably would have love to have been there tonight. I was able to put on that satin skirt, the one the frills out when I spin. And yes i have to admit what i love the best was having my hands or who ever was dancing with me trail their fingers over. So please don't tell, I don't know why hide these feelings inside. I know I'm not a slut, even though the word against my ear in bed...well you know gets me heated.

I digress because that was not the point of what I wanted to tell you. Are you ready? Tonight while at the club I flirted dangerously close to ending up in bed with Lindz. She was wearing another trashy Gothic style skirt. The plaid skirt barley covered the soft skin of her butt. SHe had also picked to wear some torn up fishnets. We drank and danced, and much like always she was getting drunk fast.

You know how she is when she gets drinking, all touchy and she loves to make-out with the girl or girl she is with. Course you know I could never cross past that line with her. Friendship is friendship. Well she was sitting is Jason's lap being a the sadistic tease she usually is.He of course was trying to return the favor.

I don't know if it was what I was drinking, or maybe if it was just the sight, the flame to my moth. I moved in and looked to Jason and looked to him. "No..No you're just missing it." Lindz of course looked up with her gray eyes, i got lost in them for a small moment before i heard her Utter the challange. "Really now, if you can do"

Who was I do say no, so i took on the best teacher stance I could and ran my black painted nails up along her thigh with enough pressure to leave those lovely thin red streaks. You should have heard the moan that pushed past her red painted lips. But i wasn't finished there. I leaned in so i was betwen her legs and straddling over her right thigh.

I looked over to Jase with a sly smirk before reaching into his emptied drink and grabbed the ice. Then took it and pressed it with my hand flat against those lines. So vivid against her pale skin. slowly it slid up as she eyes looked to hers. She was used to being the sadistic top, but she also loved this sensation. She whimpered and grabbed at me and I smiled a saucey smile as i leaned in.


"Yes?" she whispered back.

My lips hovered over hers as my hand lifted up cooled by the cold ice melting in my hand and i dropped the last down her cleavage. "Enjoy" with that i turned away and walked off too the dance floor.

Lindaz and Jase left soon after, but when I checked my Text messages later, she left me a message. "Just you wait."

After the Party - Sylver

Well I was asked to write the continuation of that night...the one with the play party. As I've already told you the night was rather long drawn out tease session of watching others exploring those interesting, delightful torments. So the ride home was not one with out it's conversations. Talking about the whip, the flogging, the play in general. We touched on verious aspects of what had happened. So as to keep it fresh in my mind and to give her idea's I'm sure.

We made it back to the house and I carried the things in. The black bag was placed in the play room..a place i've only seen to this point. Most of my time here was serving drinks, doing chores, cleaning outside, and kneeling. The most play was sensual and learning the day events how to wake Mistress and having to leave the door open when using the bath room. Trying to be open about everything while am there. It took some time getting used to alot of this. But over the weeks i've adjusted. Tonight however we had placed the bags down and everything was in. I had removed my clothing at the door only to be wearing the collar and leash which she took into her hand. and gave a tug now.

I took it to mean to follow her. Which I did with out hesitating my feet moved with her. She took me back into the play room where the leash was removed and placed aside. And she pointed to the cuffs. I placed the ones around my ankles and then she helped with the wrist cuffs. Each one adding to the possible restrictive properties making me squirm slightly, she could see a the excitment build in me and smirked more to herself but i caught it and blushed. As i stood my heart stoped for a moment wondering what was going to happen. I heard other voices down stairs from the house hold but those where blocked out and The cross was where I was lead and placed. My body facing the cross with arms attached to the top and legs spread and hearing the click of the chains attaching me there upon the cross. My heart beating abit faster she turns on the music.

Starting with her hand she begins to rub down my body, a nice sensual touch feeling the carress relaxing my body exciting me. Drawing that desire that rest within me to the surface her fingers exploring my body. The sense of her breath as she moved close against my back. My eyes closing as i relax leaving myself into her touch almost purring. Her nails scratch down my back sending a sensation through me and lips part moaning almost on their own accord. The touching stops as the musice changes, or I should say the sensual slow touch stops, her hands made their way gropping against my ass cheeks and dug her nails in and as the music began to change her hand lifted slapping each ass cheek. A yelp escaped my lips but then i settled feeling the smacks as they continued. Feeling the heat build within them and they get harder as the music goes along. My ass checks getting warmer and her smacks growing hard, each one in time with the music's beat body shifting heated but at the same time trying to be still. The Music slowed again and so did the swats to my ass. She then walks away and i relax again breathing in and out calming myself.

She comes up behind me again. the music begining to start i feel the touch of leather straps across my back and ass cheeks gently carressing at the moment. Slowly sliding over my red flesh. As the music becomes more intense she begins to lift the flogger and puts it to use, my back feeling the leather slap against it. I Seized up at first feeling it expecting something different then the feeling i got eyes had clenched tight but then feeling the slapping sting of the straps again and then again. Across my back lightly at first then abit more firmly my muscles going from tense to relaxing as the flogger hit against my skin, thise one feeling more like tiny straps hitting against the flesh more to prepare then anything. Remaining still. The slaps came faster and heavier feeling the sting abit more deeply then before. She worked over my back and ass, thighs till they were nice and red.

The next toy on her list however was not to be the kind flogger. As she approached me next her hand gripped my hair and tugged my head back she whispered near my ear as she approached though what she said I do not recall as the excitment shot through me the feeling of my hair being pulled she took the crop and smacked my nippes, she had spent the night before torturing making them bleed with her finger nails digging into them. They where still very senstive and caused my body to jerk slightly the chains rattled as she held me by the hair and a soft whimper escaped my lips eyes looking up to her before she pushed my head back to the cross. The crop was then traced along my senstive back and down my ass lifting she began the assault on my skin, a smack to the inner thighs as they opened more, against my balls and cock as it hanged there hard for her. The touch of her hand making sure of that. She lifted the crop against my ass again and again. She got abit harder with this tool making me jump slightly and whimper, my heart pounding racing, not sure what way to go. As the stings hit eyes closing breathing abit faster trying to find a way to go in my mind to process this. Though I could have simply escaped it...all it took was to utter the word...utter that word...but no that word would not come from my lips. As the crop hit again my lips parted and a soft groan came following the yelp and i'm sure she smiled..though i could not see her the sweat coming from me and my body on the cross. Her touch sending a shockwave through that red flesh. Nails feeling like daggers as the blood had surfaced against the skin, breathing abit heavier it was with her touch this time that she teased and tormented My body. Keeping the arrousal that she owned there. She reached down to give my cock a few strokes with her hand. before backing away.

I did not see what she grabbed...but this time when the music came i could feel the stinging of small cords across my back Jumping and yelping out body excited in a different way eyes closed and squirmed and it came harder tugging on the chains and they came across my flesh again and again. I found my body pressing back against it almost craving the pain that it inflicted. my heart was pounding my breath was coming faster. Small growling moans came from my lips as i could not remember what exactly was happening i was here and there...she stopped...her touch calming me...stroking gently and she whispered...asking if i was ok...stroking my hair...nodding softly "yes Mistress" she walked away...there was something else she wanted to do...this she took a knife and came up behind me...I stilled myself as she ran it over my back..making small slice but not deep enough to draw blood just the tip all over my back and ass she teased about carving her initials inot my flesh...and even ran the tip over my balls...i whimpered and held very still while she ran the knife where she would. Slightly scared and very excited..She did not linger with that before she placed it away...

When she returned it was with the flogger again bringing me back into that place in little time where i pressed back against it..this time she didn't stop with flogger in one hand and a long thing stick in the other she slaped my ass with the stick and my back with the flogger alternating as my body jumped i lingered for a moment and it was not long before i began to press back into it again. I'm not sure why but i wanted the pain that it gave. I can not recall much after that except the next moment i was resting on the floor my head in her lap and her fingers stroking my hair. calming me drinking some water as she had me stay like this till i had calmed down. Enough...then when things had relaxed i was to clean the equipment and place it away...

Faux fox and the handbag - Bryn Forcella

The fox's snout presses against the plate glass window, steaming it up from the outside despite the warmth of the morning sun, as he stares longingly within. An ear flicks as the door to the shop opens and with a whisk of his tail he is gone done the side alley, before the man can fully emerge from the doorway, making as if to throw something at the fox. "And stay away! " the slightly paunchy figure of man turns, sighs and re-enters the shop.

The red fox grins to himself, slow humans will never catch him, but maybe he shouldn't push his luck, nonetheless he peeps around the corner, hearing the door self-close, his ripped jeans only slightly more filthy than before he entered the alley with its piles of refuse and broken boxes, moving slightly forward he turns his head and can just make out the pink-orange bag that goes with his fur so well, distorted through the angle of the window. He sighs softly and is about to turn and leave when he feels a sudden pain in his neck and his footpaws are lifted from the floor

Scrabbling wildly and twisting, snapping at the air in panic he brings his front paws up to his neck to scratch and tear at whatever has got him only to find himself grasped by the wrists, and a soft voice speaking in his ear. "Calm down little fox you aren't going anywhere, right now." The voice adds matter-of-factly "You smell terrible." The statement takes all fight out of the fox, he knows, as only a fox can, just how he smells, and weeks of sleeping in allies and dumpsters has taken its toll, his fake 501s are begrimed and ripped far more than fashionable, one blue Converse-a-like trainer is laced with string to his left foot and even he can no longer recognize the designer label he sewed on his T shirt a scant month ago.

"What were you doing fox? "she asks the miserable creature, turning him to face her.

"L..looking at the bag.. the orange-pink Gucci" he replies sniffing back tears.

"You really want that bag then fox?" she asks, eyes narrowing. What would you do for it?"

"Anything!" the fox replies without hesitation .

"Anything Miss." the girl corrects softly "You must call me Miss."

The fox nods, having an instinctive desire to please "Anything Miss. " he says a little more quietly. The Miss sets the fox down, and he immediately rubs his neck ruefully, "I''ve never been caught by a human before Miss" he says

She smiles at him - rubbing her hand "I've never caught a fox before, I held on as tight as I could." He catches her eye and grins back laughing, golden yellow eyes catching the light in response to her hazel gaze.

"You can have the bag, I get a fox in return." she takes his hand paw in her larger leather gloved one and pulls him after her towards the shop. "Keep up fox!"

"Yes Miss. " he replies happily.