Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anonymous Domme Confession

Tonight was the night.

I had been waiting for his call all morning. He was here in my town again. This time He was here for me and only me. There were no business meetings to attend, and no job for the next three days, Just time and plenty of it. I was going to make the best of every moment.
I had been on the phone with him for the last three weeks making arrangements.

Hours of planning when and where we were going to spend our second encounter together.

I felt like a teenager. My arousal state was at it's peak and my animal instincts were making me wet.

I sat at the airport watching the planes come in. With each one I could feel my heart beating faster in my chest.
Finally, his plane landed. I waited anxiously by the Luggage carousel as people picked up their luggage. As I looked at my watch I felt eyes piercing the back of my head. I turned around, and there he stood, with the most beautiful smile. I couldnt believe it, there he was... oh my gawd looking better then the last time we met. Without words spoken, he took me in his arms and kissed me slow, soft and deep. His arms around me pulling me close. My leg curled up and my heart pounded as I moaned into his mouth. My fingers felt his soft hair and my arms held him close.

We stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes... and when we both pulled away, we just stood there looking into each others eyes, and then we smiled.
We grabbed his luggage and headed straight to the Hotel.
When we arrived, he had everything I told him to bring.

I too had a few things of my own as well.

I had him strip and shower while I filled the bucket with Ice. I needed a drink as I was a bit nervous. I placed my precious but few toys neatly on the dresser making sure every thing was in order. Hand cuffs, butt plug, cock rings, Blind fold, lotions and oils, I lit the Archipelago Havana candle to fill the room with the scent of Bergamot, Cuban Tabacco and Ylang-Ylang. As I went to check on him, I saw his reflection in the mirror. I stood in the doorway admiring him from behind. I watched as the sudsy bubbles lathered his broad shoulders and backside. My eye followed as they dripped down his spine to the crack of his perfect ass. I reached down and felt myself, my finger parted my moist lips and I was very wet. I ran small circles around my clit and felt my juices soak my fingers. I lusted for him, I had been lusting for him a very long time. When he was done I watched him towel dry. MMmmm he was perfect in my eyes. I popped my head in through the door as he stood there naked. I said to him "I love my bubble baths, run one for me."

When the tub was full he kneeled down to stop the water. At that moment I wanted to press myelf up against his warm muscular back and lay on him. I felt my nipples as they harden at the thought. I drew in a breath and softly spoke " Now mine, I have been waiting two yrs for this and you're going to do exactly as I say", he stood up and looked into my eyes and murmered " of course". Never looking away from each other, I took my long dark hair and pinned it up off my shoulders.

I reached down, then took his hand and placed it under my silk robe onto my breasts. Looking deep into his eyes I slowly dropped it to the floor. There we stood completely naked and I was never more excited in my life. I gave him that look, the one thats says 'it's Ok', as his hands began to squeeze gently I felt them tremble as well. I moved in closer for another kiss hoping to calm him, as I didnt want his nervousness to effect his performance. I wanted to taste his tongue and feel his hot breath in my mouth, a long, deep, wet kiss with nibbling of the lips. I reached down taking hold of him with my fingers spread wide to manage the girth of his now long, thick, cut cock. MMMmmmmmm Thats mine boy. My mouth began to water. I wanted to wrap my lips around his shaft, feel his stiff cock in my mouth badly.

As I kissed him I imagined my tongue swirling around the head of his cock slowly, my tongue would flick near the head under his shaft, then around the tip into his slit tasting his salty precum. I'd wrap my lips around his shaft, use the suction powers of my mouth to both draw him in and release him over and over I would then change up the amount of pressure as my lips pout. I wanted to feel his cock hit the back of my throat and push its way deep inside, while my lips squeezed down around him with a sucking pressure as my tongue swirled. It took all that I had not to drop down and take it, lick his balls and suck them one by one into my mouth while I stroked his cock. I felt a gentle bite of my lip, I opened my eyes and pulled back. "I love you mine", "and I love you". I turned to the oversized jaccuzi bath and stepped in while he held my hand like a gentleman. I slowly sank deep into the warm bath water, I drew in a breath and told him, " let me soak for ten minutes while you stroke for me, and remember No Cumming." I handed him the sponge... closed my eyes and slowly I exhaled.

He kneeled next to the tub stroking whilst I soaked. hearing him moan and grunt while he stroked was making my juices flow even more.

I reached down and felt my clit and with very gentle finger swirls, my body would twitch and buck slightly. I plunged my fingers deep inside me as my other hand reached across my chest and gently began rolling and pulling my nipple. My tongue escaped my mouth to lick my lips, just before they were sucked in to be bitten down on. My head tilted back as my body arched and bucked again. I heare him breathing heavy now and I knew he was close. He started to whimper and begged me please to let him stop, he was so close. My eyes never opened when I told him "Yes Mine, stop touching My cock now". He thanked me and kneeled down by the tub again as he began to wash every single part of my body.

I leaned forward as he began with my back. The warm water was sucked up into the sponge and released as he gently placed the warm sponge on my back and swirled around to make sudsy bubbles. He washed my shoulders ever so gently, working his way down the front, being careful not to rub too hard around my erect nipples. I leaned back to relax as he worked his way down to my tummy. I opened my legs wider, and took his wrist guiding him down deeper. He managed to get his rather large hand down between my legs, rubbing gently back and forth agaisnt my pussy. My legs twitched as he passed over my clit sending shock waves through out my body.

He lathered up the sponge again and continued down each of my legs and between every toe. He placed a soft kiss on each toe as he washed them and then as he worked his way up the back of my thigh, he gently held my leg up ever so carefully continuing with my bath. I began fantasizing just what I really wanted. I wondered if I opened my legs a little wider if he would try to peek from under the blindfold. I smiled and opened my eyes.

I sat forward, looking at his manhood. I reached out pulling him closer to me and began kissing him. I didnt think his cock could get bigger or harder, but it did... I whispered "come here Mine" into his ear as I pulled him into the tub with me and although he was still wearing the blindfold, I placed my breasts in his face my tummy rubbed against his chest, as I slid down slowly lowering myself toward his cock ...

I felt the head of his cock pressing my pussy lips as it neared the opening of my vagina. and his hands were now on my hips pulling me down onto him... I wanted to see his eyes when he penetrated me for the first time .... I lusted for my boy and wanted his cock plunging deep into me dipping in and out of me deep and fast. I nearly lost control as his cock touched my pussy... I opened my eyes and realized...

Now wasnt the time. I kissed him again and said I'm done with my bath, get me a towel Mine".

I stood up and waited for him to get out too, he grabbed a towel and helped me step out of the tub. He began to pat me dry. He helped me put on my robe and I headed back into the bedroom. He quickly toweled himself off again. He followed me to the bedroom and I handed him cuffs. I had him place them on one wrist. I forced him back agaisnt the bed and had him lay back. I pulled the cuffs between the bars and the cuffed his free hand. There really was no need for cuffs, but it was fun to think I would have my way with him and there was nothing he could do.

His erection was still hard, so I grabbed some ice and approached. He couldnt see, but he could hear. I placed some ice on his cock and he tried to move but ... I just laffed as he could only move his legs. I told him if he moved again he may regret it. He quickly apologized. I went for the cock rings and lube, when I returned his erection had begun to soften enough for placement, I squeezed on the lube and slid the cock ring onto his cock and it immediately began to harden again. No words were spoken at this time. I'm sure he could only Imagin what I was going to do, what I had planned for us. We had only just begun.

He squirmed on the bed as he heard the swish of my Flogger cut through the air. I watched his toes curl as he braced for impact. "Im not into pain mine and I know your not either... But theres always a first time for everything". I laughed as he squirmed. I gently let the tassles brush over his balls and up his shaft. I continued up his chest as well and back down. Ever so gently as it raised goose bumps on his skin I knew it tickled. His nipples were hardening as the tassles touched. I leaned down and licked them softly, then I gently blew cool air on them to speed up the process. He tried to pull his arms down but the cuffs held him in place. I told him if he moved his legs up off the bed, he would regret it. After several minutes of teasing I gave his balls three quick lashes, which he was not expecting at all. He Jumped quickly and let out a Groan... "Good boy, you handled that well". I enjoyed it some, but its not an everyday toy for me I have to be in the mood. I asked him how it felt and he replied, "that sucked, my balls are stinging" He raised his head to try and see but the blindfold was still in tact.

"It Sucked? wow, I didnt think it sucked". then he said , "well just the painful part sucked". I laughed and said "well, I didnt really mean to hurt you too badly". I grabbed an ice cube and rolled it around his balls to help take the burning sting sensation of pain off his mind.

Then he said "wow thats really cold". all I could do was bite my lip to keep from laughing. I did giggle a bit. it was fun.

I got the lube and the butt plug and told him to relax and bend his legs up toward his tummy so I could stick the plug up his ass.

My Boy is so not into butt plugs either. I lubed up the plug and as he squirmed around the bed he begged me" Please, not that", I said "why not mine? dont you want to make me happy?"

He said "of course I do, but there are other ways I can please you".

I enjoy the tease part and he knows I would never do anything he wouldnt like. This is how we play. lots of teasing and denying. but Very much Love, Trust and Passion.

I Looked at my Boy laying there helpless, unable to move and I felt Power over him, everything about him aroused me. I wanted to Devour him. Dropping my robe, I crawled on top of him pressing my breasts upon his hairy chest. I began to kiss him. His lips, nose, chin and worked my way down his chest licking and sucking on each nipple. I continued down his tummy and around his hips down each leg to his knees and back up.

I stopped at his pelvis and burried my face taking in his scent deeply in. MMmmmmmm I began to kiss his cock. my tongue swirling around slowly, flicking up and down near the tip under his shaft making tiny circles, then up over the tip to his slit tasting his salty precum as I squeezed and milked it out of him. I wrapped my lips around his shaft again, sucking to draw him in, then releasing him over and over. My mouth salivating so much, it was running down over my fingers onto his cock and down his shaft. My lips pouting and adding pressure, I wanted to feel his cock hit the back of my throat and push its way deep inside. Again my lips squeezed down around him with a sucking pressure as my tongue swirled around the tip and my hand twisting his shaft stroking up and down slow and then fast. Lube wasnt needed as my saliva was very slippery. There was pleanty of it. He let out moans of desire and told me how good it felt. I worked my way down licking and kissing his balls then I sucked them gently one by one into my mouth, while I stroked his cock vigorously. Holding them in my mouth, I pulled back and clenched my lips so there was no escape. his balls were so smooth when my tongue lingered over them. I made him flip over, which twisted his hands now and there was no freedom at all. I pulled his ass up and told him, "On your Knees mine, ass up" he did this quickly. I wished I had a strap on, but it didnt matter at this point. I began stroking his cock again from behind as if I were milking him and then I started again with his balls, sucking them back into my mouth pulling and tugging. I then released them as I licked slowly up his taint. Again he moaned out "Oh My Gawd that feels so good" . I continued up and around his ass flicking my tongue up and down and back down his taint. His cock was amazingly hard and I didnt want him to cum just yet. I had to make my self stop stroking. I continued licking around his taint and ass. Sucking his balls in and out while I rubbed my own clit. I was ready, it didnt take long to feel my own juices running down my leg. My pussy was soaked and frothy as I worked my clit. I wasnt going to let him blow his wad on the bed. As much as I wanted to taste it, I wanted him to shoot it so far deep inside me, I wanted to feel his hot jizz fill my pussy as our cum mixed together. I stroked him again, his cock felt like a hammer in my hand. His moans let me know he was close and his groans became louder as his hips bagan thrusting. "Slow down Mine, dont you dare cum"! I removed his blindfold and unlocked the cuffs. I wanted to see his eyes. I needed to see his eyes.

I laid on my back and slid under him working my way up, until he was on top of me. We kissed as My legs wrapped around him and as I looked into his eyes I whispered into his mouth " Fuck me" "Fuck me now, I want all of it", he started kissing me again as he guided his cock to the entrance, Our eyes never blinked or looked away as he penetrated me, we became one... his cock slowly slid deep inside me. His hands clenched mine as he pulled them over my head and held them. My Pussy sucked on his rock hard cock and I felt my orgasm starting. It felt so good as I began to reach my climax. I started moaning and couldn't fuck him hard enough or fast enough. My legs wrapped around his ass pulling him deep into me, feeling him slam up against my cervix, Oh my god it hurt so good. I could tell he was so close, I had already begun and I said to him as I gasped for breath... "Cum with me"

As we both felt our orgasm cumming, our moans of ust, heated passion, love, desire had come to climax.... he leaned down and kissed my mouth again .... I began moaning more and bucking under him as he thrusted deeper with rythm, Harder and faster, we both drew in a deep breath, my back arched as my head tilted into the bed. He leaned into me as we reached our climax together we let out our breath and collapsed he continued kissing me holding my face looking into my eyes and he whispered into my mouth "I love you, my Darling Jade"... "I love you too Mine".

The end

Trick Or Treat By Miss Destiny

Trick or treat?

“So what’s it to be, my boy, Trick or Treat?’, I chuckled, posing the question to my naked boy as he lay tied to the bed, blindfold on, completely helpless. His breathing was quite rapid and I could see his chest rising and falling a little more rapidly. I imagined what was going on his mind as he tried to decide which would be the right choice. There was no right choice, of course. I raised my voice slightly as I grasped his right nipple and pulled hard, ‘Well? Answer me, slut!”, I demanded. Finally, he muttered, ‘Treat please, Mistress’. I guess he was hoping that perhaps I’d gone soft and would give him something nice. No chance!
“So you want a treat, do you, my boy?” I muttered as I picked up the tub of Honeycomb ice-cream I’d brought in from the freezer. “Well, I have decided to give you some ice-cream and it’s your favourite – honeycomb flavour! Aren’t, I good to you?’. He smiled from his prone position on the bed, ‘y..y..yes Mistress, very kind.” I took the lid off of the ice-cream tub and scooped some into a bowl, then climbed onto the bed, next to my boy.
I began to work on him, using my hands to stiffen his already hard cock. His breathing grew louder, heavier as I worked him hard. Soon he was throbbing and as hard as a rock. “Please Mistress, may I cum?: He asked, knowing full well that he would be denied. However, he is an optimistic soul and always asks so politely. “Don’t be silly. of course not”, I replied, taking a spoonful of ice-cream into my mouth. I looked at his face, his lips were parted, there was sweat on his brow, but of course he couldn’t see a thing through the blindfold. I bent down and plunged his cock into my mouth. He cried out loud and bucked, “Arrgh…argh “ he cried as I swirled the ice-cream all round his shaft, coating him in the ice-cold dessert. I lifted my head up and laughed, then took another spoonful of ice-cream which I tipped on to his cock and massaged into his balls and penis, he shivered and shook as I ladled more and more ice-cream onto his genitals. I laughed as his manhood shrivelled and shrank back, attempting to escape from the frozen agony.
“Happy Halloween” I said, as I laughed loudly and left the room.

Nightmare by Lady Siofra


Have you ever had a dream
not just any dream
but one that stays with you
It can be good or bad
yet it still haunts
i have a few that stand out
some more than others
like this dream i had list night
it starts out dark
and slowly enters light
not just like but color
and the first thing i see are bars
cold metal that i reach for
they are an arms length distance
sitting up i look about
discovering i’m behind them
not just that
but someone is on the other side
a figure
a tall shadowed figure
i peer deeper and see
its a woman
i can’t see my wardens face
but i know who she is

Confession By Lady Tora


I shakingly typed onto the screen, struggling to remember how to breathe. My vision blurred a little and I suddenly didn't know what to say or do. And to a control freak like me, that is the scariest feeling.

I stared at my computer, wishing the words he had typed to cause this reaction would somehow magically changed into something else. I blinked and shook my head, trying to calm myself. I looked at the screen again. Nope. They were still there.

"I was talking to a new Domme on the weekend and I told her that my Mistress is interested in watching a Domme with me..."

A flood of emotions surged through me and I struggled to make sense of them.

"Why you are talking to other Dommes?" I typed into the chat. I purposely breathed in through my nose and exhaled through my mouth, waiting on his reply. Relax I kept telling myself. My natural urge to kill and ask questions later barely contained.

"I only talked to her. The conversation that we had that you were interested in watching a Domme watch us and possibly you watch her. And this one is the only one that I talked too and she's new and wants to learn from you.....I don't want you thinking that I was talking to a whole bunch because I wasn't."

I sat stunned for another moment, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Was this some dumb horrible joke or was he really that stupid? He didn't really answer the question but in the interest of gaining control, I ignored it and forged on. I could feel myself shaking and I was not sure if was fear or anger; maybe it was both.

"Why did you not talk to me about this first?"

"We did talk about this last week..."

I growled at the screen, my fingernails gripping the desk. The emotion of anger winning and flaring to the surface like molten lava in a barely dormant volcano. If I was an atomic bomb, the blast radius would have been the size of the continental US.

My fingers banged on the keys of the laptop; hard tattoo that matched my fast beating heart.

"Yes... we had one conversation about FANTASIES and I don't recall saying EVER Mine, go ahead and contact a Domme YOU like. What you should have done was say BEFORE you talked to her, Mistress, check out so and so... I would like to contact her regarding the situation we talked about... is that OK with you?!"

I growled again before my fingers flew at the keys once more; beating out the words like I was hitting him and not the keyboard.

What the fuck was he thinking?! How dare he share such personal information with someone he didn't really know let alone I didn't know or trust.

"We also talked about you being with another man in that same conversation but did you go out and contact another sub too?!"

"Would you like to contact her? I said to her she would have to go to you if you wanted to talk...." was his answer.

OMFG! He really is that stupid. I palmed my face, reminding myself that throwing the laptop across the room was not going to accomplish anything. Again my fingers angrily attacked the keys.

"Fuck Mine... FOCUS - We are not discussing if I am interested or not - We are discussing the fact that you contacted another Domme without asking about it FIRST."

"I want you to know that I am so comfortable with you...I can talk to you about anything...I want you to know that....and I don't hide anything from you. But you are mad at me...I explained myself and yes should have talked to you are the one and only are amazing to me."

I tried to remember how to breathe properly again. My chest hurt and all of my muscles seemed to tense. My anger had reached a boiling point. I was going to kill.

"I am happy that we are open and honest and I am glad you told me but FUCK MINE - STOP FUCKING THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF - because that is exactly what you were doing when you contacted her... you were not thinking about me and making me better... You were bloody well thinking about getting fucked by someone else."

With that the anger let go and the room began to spin. I suddenly felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. A huge gaping hole seemed to open up and it quickly filled with mistrust and hurt. I was sinking and I shakingly typed out another message; the screen becoming blurry.

"I don't know what to say right now other than I am hurt at the moment. TRUST is a huge thing for me and I feel you have violated it... I TRUSTED you to be loyal to me... I TRUSTED you to behave yourself... I TRUSTED you to know what could be shared with others and what was private... I TRUSTED YOU..."

"I am sorry Mistress. I am stupid. I am so sorry. Please... I am begging you. I am squirming on my knees. Scared of how mad you are at me. I am stupid.... stupid, stupid slut."

"You are stupid... that is incredibly apparent."

I groaned at what I had just typed. The sinking feeling was becoming overwhelming. I needed to walk away and become calm enough that I could think clearly. Mostly I needed to get myself under control again. I was acting like a crazed wounded animal. I needed to get away and lick my wounds.

I sighed and rubbed my face, trying to at least keep it together long enough to sign off from the conversation with him.

"I don't know what to say or do at the moment other than to tell you that you are not allowed to contact me. No emails, no instant messages, no notes on FetLife, no phonecalls, NOTHING. You are to think about what you did and why I am so upset while I figure out what to do from here. I will let you know what I have decided when I have decided it. I mean it. NO CONTACT."

With that I signed off the computer.

Confession By Anonymous

Surrounded by cold and the dark of despair,
My world is so empty and I drown in its depths.

The lead of emotions are pulling like quicksand,
The more that I labor to be free, I sink.

Sadness and pain leave me feeling so empty,
My eyes fill with tears, no way out in sight.

My body is aching from lonely desire,
A hole deep within me, pleading to be filled.

Then from deep in this mire a memory assaults me,
A vision of beauty, a beacon of hope.

Is it you that I picture, your eyes focused on me,
Your hand reaching to me, to pull me from low.

One look at your face and a light does rekindle,
A warmth and compassion that none can compare.

Your arms wrap around me, as I kneel beneath you,
Embraced oh so tightly, the sadness erased.

Your wrath and your kindness has given me solace,
Now I can return to you, all that I take.

In the dark I see you, my heart reaches toward you,
Your fingers entwine with mine.

I look in your eyes and am rapt by their splendor,
Awash in the moonlight that rakes though the room.

My lips at your feet as my arms are bound behind me,
I rise to your lips and they gently embrace.

Your breath on my face, like a fragrant wisp,
Speaking your heart as I bare mine to you.

As we slowly descend to the bed that awaits us,
My body so softly with tension does shiver.

Awaiting the chance to share what’s within me,
To show you my hearts, a flood of devotion.

Your hands reach out and guide me with passion,
My breath is forfeit and your glory my home.

We hold to each other as we learn what is pleasure,
Our hearts beating faster as we sync in our pose.

The sweat on our bodies, consumed by our fire,
Together we ride as our future unfolds.

And So It Begins by Lady Avian

And so it begins.

Your words are what caught my eye. The way you’d placed paper to pen. Measured strokes of your hand as your fingers looped to give form to thought. The skill of your expression. So comfortable in your submission you willingly lay bare your vulnerability. My curiosity was immediately piqued. I had to know more of this boy. When I saw you appear in the courtyard I didn’t hold back. I engaged you in a conversation which was so revelatory that it is still on-going. The spark was immediate and mutual. The coincidences bringing shared laughter and amusement. When I was ready to take the next step, calling you to your knees at the sacred spot at my feet, my heart raced as you approached, took your knees, your face upturned to meet mine. The path is bending, boy – do you feel it? I straightened my spine - staring at you with growing affection. My outward calm belies my excitement and intensity. A long moment passes. I am taken by the exquisite beauty in the simple act of you kneeling for the first time before me. Of all that that single, symbolic act represents to me. And, to you. My legs uncross, hair spilling over my shoulder as I lean forward, closing the gap between us. After flashing you a wide, bright smile, I break eye contact -my lips drawing close to your ear to form two small words laden heavily with multiple meanings, “Good boy.”

-Miss Avian

The Bridge by Anon

From the other side of the bridge
I can see you as we stand
The brige seems so long today,
You feel so far away.

I can see you standing there, at the edge.
I can see them behind you, calling you back.

The voices behind you murmer..
"Don't go there, don't go to that one.
You will be hurt, that one is no different to the others. "

The voices behind me scream
"Don't go there, don't go to that one.
She will hurt you, she will bring pain."

I stand and watch as they pull your back,
Wrapping a thread around your arm

I watch as they attempt to reclaim you
I watch as they run their fingers back around you
A thread running between you, and them

I watch
I watch
I watch

I take a breath and step forward.
I will risk it
I will move
I ignore the voices of doubt
Which SCREAM at me

I watch, unable to move, attached to the spot
As you turn back towards them
I watch your back
Now and then as you look back towards me, and smile

I want to leave
I want you to turn back to me
Yet all I can do is watch

From the other side of the bridge

Winning Miss Destiny by Wheels

Winning Miss Destiny

The third anniversary auctions were a lot of fun. After all both Dommes and subs went up for various things, times, and was great to give to the sim that we all love. Then hearing what some of the Ladies were offering to raise money for the sim well, “whew”, even a bigger reason to pony up some cash! Hearing Miss Destiny offering up and hour or so of pose ball sex while emoting, now that would be hard for any boy to pass up. But as I was seeing my now Mistress at the time it wasn’t what I was after. Then Miss Destiny adding that she would read the winning person a story, ahh perfect my opportunity to bid and win. When I did win I got the shock of my sl, The Miss Destiny kneeling, yes kneeling at me and if that wasn’t enough she told me to stand. Seriously did anyone get a picture of that? That was worth the 10k right there.

Later we talked about what kind of story I wanted her to read for me. I asked for a femdom story that had the added kink of strapon play and Miss Destiny didn’t disappoint in the least. Just a few days ago we found time together and Sweeney was able to join in too. She gave Sweeney a few instructions of what to do while during the reading and said to me to do whatever my Mistress restrictions allowed me to do. Which in a fast IM I asked but dammit Mistress was on her text viewer and away in a meeting so as Miss Destiny began reading the very hot story, ummm I had to hold off, well until Mistress logged back on.

It was a long story so Miss Destiny broke it in two parts and at the end of the first part she had plans for Sweeney so I thanked Miss Destiny very much and tp’d out. I told Mistress Ephany about the story and she was sorry she missed it and missed Miss Destiny reading. But for the second half of the story, Mistress was able to be there and as Miss Destiny gave Sweeney instructions once again and I got my own instructions in my IM and with the hot story and what was told in IM I had a nice smile on my face. Which also lead into some fun of our own but maybe for another confession.

Thank you Miss Destiny for the story, it has added to our fun and to Mistress picking out stories to tease me with. Hugs you Wheels.

Red Riding Hood Went Wrong by Lady Mo

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had beautiful big brown eyes, long brown hair, lovely, juicy red lips and rosey cheeks. One day this girl grew up into a ripe, luscious beautiful woman. She still had big brown beautiful eyes, her brown hair was longer falling in locks down her bosom, her lips were juicier and her cheeks were lovelier than ever before.
She lived in an old cabin her granny left her after her death and her only friends were animals of the woods that were surrounding the place where she lived.
One sunny day, it was late fall, sun was going through the branches of ancient trees, air was still warm, smell of fresh cut wood ready for the winter was mixing with the smell of autumn dried fruit. A lovely lady with beautiful, big brown eyes and long brown hair, which was falling down in waves covering her ripe woman's body, that blossomed and was mature, just like this autumn itself, decided to take a walk around the woods and see if she can find any delicious truffles she made such a tasty soup with. It was their season and she believed if she searches for them closely she will still find some well hidden under the dirt in the big dark forest, under the trees.
She was excited by the idea and hurried to dress herself. She put on her red velvet dress that was falling down to her feet, covering her perfectly shaped figure in curves, she also put her shiny red shoes on, threw over her darker red silk coat and finally, put her red satin-fur hood on. She rushed outside, determend to walk around the big dark forest as much as possible and get most out of the beautiful day that was passing by so fast.
Soon, she found herself wondering around the woods and going deeper into it. She shook her basket and made odd face being unpleased with how few truffles she tumbled into so far. All of the sudden she thought she spotted something by that tall dark tree, she rushed to it. As she was approaching she started to realize large dark shadow in the distance. It made her more curious so she lengthened her walk and soon enough she approached to her goal. Her eyes got wider, her cheeks got more red as she was catching for her breath realizing shes looking at the back of big dark creature. The creature heard her breath and slowly turned towards her, its face was dark under the dark hood it had on, only thing she could spot was big dark eyes that looked straight into her with odd yet warm hunger in them. She found herself suprised but interesingly not scared.
It slipped her lips." Who are you?" Creature started to breath deeper and that made her ask louder. "Who are you?" All of the sudden creature responded in deep, firm voice." I am a big bad wolf." She raised her eyebrow with her mouth still half open in suprise and gasped. "Oh you are a bad big wolf?" He didnt respond back just stood tall in front of her examining her reaction, watching for one tear of sweat he could spot so he can smell from afar. He liked what he'd seen. He liked how she smelled and he started to feel urge to come closer to this wonderful being and smell her scents. Instead of that he stood there, observing her breath. All of a sudden he heard her speak.
"I have heard about big bad wolfs! My grandmother warned me about them in one of her stories. He kept on looking at her with his big warm eyes that were filling with a lust to scent her now. She spotted the sparkle in those dangerous eyes and tried to remain calm. At that moment she could hear his deep voice saying to her. I am very tired big bad wolf and i am trying to find a place where i can have a warm soup and good night rest for today. Do you know of such place, Lady?" She nodded to him that instant. She responded after a short moment of looking at those dangerous, dark eyes." My cabin is half hour of walk from here, i usually dont invite guests but i have made fresh truffle soup and havent had a chance to share a meal with anybody in a while. You can use a shed behind my house later for your rest only if you promise to behave!" She almost yelled that out in the excitement of realization what she has just done! She invited bad, big wolf, the one her grandmother warned her about so many times to her own home. The thought of that surprisingly excited her and not in an innocent way. He nodded in acceptance of what she just said and could hear her half whispering to him." Follow me."
She doesnt recall how fast they both arrived to the cabin, she showed him with pointing her finger to the chair to him where to sit and he did so. She was moving around fast putting the soup on the stove knowing he was watching her every move. She bit her lip and proceeded with her doings. She recalled the old book she has been reading about rtuffles and she was now sure she has invited big, bad wolf to eat her soup for one reason and one reason only. To poison him. She grinned and never felt such a joy from knowledge it is her wit and not well intentions that exicte her so much. And they were all turned towards and against this strong, dark creature that has been sitting now in her kitchen waiting and not knowing for this poison to eat.
She read many books and they often made her imagination go wild. Now milliona of crazy thoughs were rushing her mind, she soon had a wicked plan. When the soup was warmed enough, she took porculan plate off her wooden shelf and poured in slowly some of her evil plan. She turned towards him, finding his eyes gazing hers, walked to the table with a plate and set it in front of him. He grabbed his spoon and started to swallow the delicious soup fast, while drops of it were falling onto his dark, thick beard.
She kept on observing him and he kept on eating. All of the sudden he slowend his eating and whispered. "Oh, i feel dizzy". She grinned this time more. "Are you really?", she asked. He nodded and tried to get up from the chair but didnt managed to do that. He slipped and fell over the table. His body was now bended there and he didnt moved anymore probably realizing he shouldnt try to make such a move anymore. In such condition. In that moment, she approached him from behind. She bend over along with his body, pressing her heavy breasts on his back, reached his ear with her lips and whispered in it." Do you want me?" He started to cry out barely heard, "oh yes i want you Lady, i do." She pressed her body against his stronger, grabbed him for his neck with one hand while other was on his behind rapidly trying to find its way. "How bad do you want me?" she whispered loudly in his ear, him being able to feel wet air coming from her mouth on his skin. He cried out this time louder," i want you to do whatever you please to me divine Lady. I bow to you, i want you more than that divine Lady". She found her way, stuck her fingers in his behind and started to work there while her other hand went on his balls grabbing them pressing her body strongly against his. She loved it from the bottom of her being. He moaned and loved it more! She was doing her thing very fast, knowingly, like it is something she has done many times before. His knees started to shake soon, he begged her for more, moaning and groaning. At that moment she took her hands away from his crotch and stuffed both of them into his big mouth. Eat your own dirt, big bad wolf. He was sucking it hungry, loving kissing each finger of hers, smelling it, adoring it, She shoved her fingers deeper his throat. He panted more like a dog now than some bad big wolf. She smiled knowing what she has learnt before. Any wolf can be her private dog, and this was where red riding hood went wrong:D

by Mo xD

Depths Of Despair by Persephone

Depths of despair

I cry out to the cold night shadows, share the tortuous thoughts in my head; they contain a chill that no fire can thaw. Benighted in ancient parkland, knotted roots claw the ground , clinging to the earth in a desperation that mimics my own tremulous hold on this world. Breath rasps in my throat as my brain forces functions to continue, when I so desperately want them to cease. The release of the body into nothingness, a place where no thought or feeling can penetrate; for none exist. I curse Shakespeare and all rote learning as Hamlet’s words haunt my head,

To die, to sleep--
No more--and by a sleep to say we end
The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to. 'Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep--
To sleep--perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

I lay my back to the crumbling bark of a venerable oak, flakes of it’s autumnal skin graze my flesh through the thin chemise that is my only clothing. My eyes glance back towards the Victorian edifice that was until bare moments ago my home, my solace, the abode where all love , pleasures and desires dwelt. I sink to the mildewed bed of leaves at the foot of the timeless giant that gave support. I call my mind a liar, fooling me into thinking existence might not end here, now, forever ; I just need the tool to accomplish that purpose that Hamlet so feared.

Inspiration hauls me to my feet causes them to speed one before the other, bare soles on the narrow woodland avenue. The route wends to the water’s edge, a vast lake emerges from the gloom , reflects a million moons in its depths. I sprint apace to greet those cold orbs with my pale moon -drawn skin. Bitter glacial water breaks my stride, I dive; icy arms embrace my body piercing each pore with divine pain. Elation assists me striking out towards the engulfing darkness , I praise this annihilation of all senses and sensibilities. Approaching the point where no more decisions can be made, body numb, limbs leaden and unresponsive. I descend into the arms of the nymph, consumed, departure timed logged as designated by the eternal stars.


In the opulent bedroom of the grand Victorian house a body lay bound to the wrought -iron bedstead, his body kissed with bruises old and new. Draped over a lamp lay part of the cause of his demise, a black leather mask, solid and unforgiving. Circling his throat a seamed silk stocking; one he’d removed from her body with deepest love and devotion, offering it to her on outstretched hands. If she could have heard his last words, had they not been deprived of life giving air, she would have heard the response he always gave “ thank you Mistress”.

A Slave's Promise - My Whole Heart by Robb

~A Slave's Promise - My Whole Heart~

She called me into her study,
as I crawled in, and approached her desk.
She turned to face me,
crossing her legs,
and looked down at me,
as i knelt before her.

"What do you have to tell me,
hmm boy?" She said.

i paused, lowering my eyes,
slightly breathless,
as i began to speak.

"I don't know how you got there,
but somehow you slipped
so very deep into my thoughts,
my desires, consuming me.
Feeling you deep within,
my whole heart."

"I think of being yours,
being with you,
wanting to be along your side,
to hold your hand,
brush it along my cheek,
embracing it with both my hands,
as I look up from my knees,
to the woman before me,
who possesses,
my whole heart."

"I feel my humanity
when I am with you.
I can't shield my feelings,
my vulnerability.
I feel my heart beat faster,
I smile more often,
I let you in,
to see deep within,
my whole heart."

"I desire daily,
to be the one,
that makes you smile,
cries with you,
dances with you,
grows with you,
that cares for you,
and be the boy that gives
you, his whole heart."

"I kneel here,
waiting for you,
to see in me,
the boy that longs
to be yours,
utterly and completely,
your possession,
allowing you to drink freely
from my sweet submission.
Taken where you
wish to lead me.
I reach up to you now,
completely at peace,
holding up to you,
the greatest gift
I have to give:
my whole heart."

i look up into Her eyes,
as She caresses her soft hand
along my cheek,
brushing away my tears.
She leans over, kissing my cheek,
i lower my head,
my heart racing,
as She kisses the top of my head.
i close my eyes,
as She lowers her lips along my ear,
and i hear Her whisper "Mine",
and the "click" of the lock,
to the collar about my neck.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever by Cats Sands

Setting: Lovely fall day, wind whispering around the concrete jungle and the trees changing colors. The squirrels gathers nuts and the ants diving deep down into the ground.

Naked and kneeling at your door, house all cleaned, ready for anything you require Mistress. This is my new wonderful life.

You see this is the new life My Mistress has chosen for me and I greatly am thankful for the choice of me as her full time subby boy. MY job in life is to take care of my Mistress and become your best boy, your confidant, your friend, your lover if you so please, we could travel the world together, eating at the best restaurants on this planet, exploring life to the fullest. Enjoying each other company to the fullest.
If you so desire, I could be your slut boy, your pain slut, your punishment post, your experiment, I would be what ever you required. :)
Of course, as you are a diamond shining brightly I would polish and protect and keep you glowing with happiness. Ohhh!

I hear you coming as you open the door, I'm kneeling and smiling brightly, you come in and say hello boy,
I beam and kiss your extended hand. I take you coat and hang it up. You point and say follow me boy. I follow you to the living
room where you sit down and you order me to remove you shoes and massage your sore feet. I ask you about you day and you tell me all about the guys and woman and the politics of the work place. You order me to get you a cold drink, which I do. you say thanks for the foot massage.

Tonight your in a calm mood so we just sit and enjoy each others company, You watching TV as I have to sit at Your Knees watching You :) but some nights depending on your events at work and Your ever changing moods you have come
home and spanked and whipped me, stuck pins in my balls and cock, bandaged my body and genitals, tortured my nipples, humiliated me by making me go to the store and get you something girlish and telling the service woman
it's really for me like pantyhose or panties. Eating you till you have had many many orgasms then forcing me to masturbate on my supper food, telling me to go into the shower, then you come in and slowly turn the hot off, laughing as I shiver and shake while thanking you as required :) Some night's You just screw with my mind confusing me and sending me into a deep space. Asking me those questions that there is no correct answer and humiliating me to no end.

Other night's you ask a girl friend over and I end up serving You both, dancing, stripping, teasing, pony rides, torture, cbt, and I always thank you with a smile my Mistress.
I'm not a friend of that strap on device You purchased a few weeks ago, but I know You love using it on my ass, totally embarrassing me as I have to tell "Please deeper My Mistress"

One night You told me You might bring a real man home to fuck and You might let me watch...maybe... I don't want this to happen but I'm at Your mercy especially after telling me I might have to clean your pussy after his leaves.

So after You talked on the phone for an hour and watched some TV we go to bed for the night and I give you a few more orgasms so you can sleep deep and soundly. I fall asleep beside you holding you tight. I dream of Strawberry fields forever.

by Cats Sands

The Journey Into Slavery by Bozzer

It was a cold, damp, moonless winter’s night, but John didn't mind that. He was all set up for yet another great Friday night out with the boys. John worked hard all week as a designer. The weekend was his time to let his hair down and meet some new women. John was conventionally good looking with his chiseled chin and muscular body, he liked to workout at least 3 times a week. He used these devilish good looks matched with his charm to great effect on the Ladies. John never liked to tie himself down to one woman, but he didn’t know how different things would be after this weekend.
He walked briskly and with purpose down the road to meet with his friends. Tonight was going to be another great night he thought to himself. The traffic buzzing past him was swishing through the water on the road. John took little notice of it as he walked; another 5 minutes and he would be with his friends drinking a nice pint. There was an alley way coming up, a short cut, it would bring him out just round the corner.
As he got about three quarters of the way down the alley, a van pulled across the end of it. It wasn't till he got a bit closer that he noticed it had mounted the pavement and was completely blocking the exit. He stopped for a second, confused. What was happening? Just then he heard footsteps coming up from behind him...and fast. He turned to see two women coming at him with such speed he just froze. Before he could regain control the ladies had pushed a hood over his head and were dragging him backwards. The hood was a makeshift affaire nothing more than a small hessian sack. John flinched and bucked trying to remove this sack but only managed to make it itch and scratch his face.
The two mysterious ladies dragged him into the back of the waiting van and John heard the door slide shut. The ladies set about John’s clothes with great efficiency stripping him naked within a few seconds. John tried to cry out and make them stop but just found something hard and round shoved into his mouth and tied behind his head. This pushed the sack right into his now stretched mouth increasing the irritation. The van drove off at great speed John found it hard to keep still in the back. His hands had been tied in front of him with a chain leading to his ankles. He pulled against his restraints and tried to wriggle free. His attempts to get loose just lead to laughter from the two ladies in the back of the van.
After what seemed like an eternity on the cold hard floor, the van stopped and the engine was switched off. The silence that fell was only broken by the door sliding open. John was dragged out of the van by these strange ladies, ladies he had hardly seen or heard. John scrambled to his feet as he felt the van disappear from beneath him. Just as he stood up the chains, which bound him were pulled harshly taking him off balance. John followed the pulling of the chains his mouth aching and drool running down his chin. The ground was a hard, rough gravel driveway. He felt each stone stabbing into his feet with every small, restricted step. He could hear the clip clip clip of heeled shoes in front of him, then they stopped and a door was opened.
John’s mind was a-rush with thoughts: where was he? What was going to happen to him? Who were these people? He was desperately trying to think of anybody who would want to kidnap him. He was in no way powerful enough for it to be terrorists and not rich enough for gangsters . . . so who could they be? John was led across a smooth cold floor, a blessed relief from the sharp stones. The pace was quick or quick to John with his ankles bound so tightly. He then felt a hand on his chest stopping him from moving. A cold, husky but sexy, female voice said, “We are going down some stairs," the voice continued, "watch your footing I don’t want you falling on me." They started to descend the stairs John finding the edge of the step before descending. Once at the bottom he felt soft cool hands on his shoulders positioning him. He heard the clip clip clip of the shoes again as the voice spoke once more.
"I am going to remove the gag and the hood," she said, "you will stand there and keep quiet." He felt the gag being removed and moved his jaw to try and get it working again. Then light hit his eyes as the hood was whisked from his head. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the room.
"What the fu...!," he started to shout as a hand slapped him hard across the face.
"I told you to be silent," came the sharp reply.
Finally John could see his captor, a tall slim woman with long flowing red hair down past her shoulders. She was dressed in a black basque and tight leather trousers with thigh high 8 inch stiletto boots. Her full red lips matched her perfectly manicured red nails, and she had deep blue eyes you could get lost in.
"You had best learn and learn fast if you know what is good for you," she said, "you may not be here long but whilst you are there are some rules for you to follow. You will only speak when ordered to do so. You will address any lady you see as Mistress and you will always kiss the Mistress’s boots when greeting them. Do I make myself clear?" John a little stunned replied,
"is this a joke?", and he received another slap across the face before the Mistress said, " ...the answer is ‘yes Mistress’ before you drop to your knees and kiss my boots." John stammered out a questioning, "y-y-y-yeess Mistress?" Then his head was pushed down to the floor and guided to the Mistress’s boots.
"Kiss them!" an impatient order was barked at him. John leaned forward and kissed the toe of each boot. As he went to stand once more, the hand pushed firmly on his head.
"No, no, boy you stay down there now. That is your position from now on, beneath me and any other lady you may see.”
John tried to relax into this new position. “Much better, now let me show you your sleeping quarters as it is getting late and you must be feeling tired. You also have a big day ahead tomorrow."
She grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over to a cage some 4 feet square. As she opened the door John protests, "how the fu....?" He is cut short with a swift kick to the groin. He hadn't realized how exposed he was. John crumpled down into a heap on the floor, a tear coming to his eye.
"Now get in!" She barked again. John crawled into the cage and screwed himself up to fit. The Mistress reached down and swung the door closed with a clang. A padlock was then snapped shut on the door. Standing up she said,
“now do have a good night boy.” The Mistress turned quickly and walked over to the door, switching off the lights before leaving.

A Mistress's Touch By Robb Darkbyrd

~A Mistress's Touch~
I kneel quietly
at Your side.
I feel as Your hand
runs along my neck,
Your nails tracing my skin,
running into my hair,
my eyes flutter,
and i sigh contently.
I lay before You,
Your body straddling mine.
The intensity of Your eyes,
posses me completely.
I feel as Your fingernails,
trace along my shoulders.
You suck one of Your fingers,
between Your soft, full, plush lips,
and i feel Your fingernail snake down
the center of my chest,
leaving a wet, serpentine trail.
I pant as i feel You touch,
and close my eyes,
only to feel You claw down my chest,
marking me as Yours.
I kneel before You now,
my soul and my skin.
You approach me,
my heart quickens,
as You stop before me now,
and bend, Your lips near my ear.
I feel Your soft warm breath along my neck,
as You claw your nails up,
scratching slowly the underside of my hard cock,
i arch my back and a moan escapes my lips,
exposing the slut You bring out in me.
I feel the touch of Your thumb,
teasing the head of my cock,
desperation consumes me,
i ache to feel Your full touch,
as You tease the first drops of precum from me.
Just as quickly, You turn and leave,
the sounds of Your heels echo,
along the sounds of my desperate panting.
I approach You,
as You demanded.
I crawl in, on all fours.
Stopping just before You,
as You lift your skirt,
revealing Your exposed flesh.
You smile, noticing my need,
as you slide a finger,
between Your legs,
coating it with Your wetness.
You lean over,
and gloss my lips,
with Your own passions.
The scent overcomes me,
as You command me not to lick,
my heart racing, my cock throbs,
as visions of utter and pure lust fill me,
the need to crawl between Your legs,
to kiss your wetness, with a lover's tongue,
to feel Your hands, pull at my hair,
to have You mark me as Yours,
with the sweetest nectar within.
I desire You so,
to be Your possession,
Your toy,
Your plaything,
Your good boy,
Your lusty slut,
to feel,
A Mistress's Touch

The Yard Sale by Madison Grayman

Yard Sale Treasure by Madison Grayman (Fiction with roots of reality)

It all started at the Dominion Yard Sale. There was much excitement in the air. Lindens flying as the auction grew and grew with amazing items, subs, and Ladies going up on the block all for the good of the Dominion, the community near and dear to all of us.

I waited until she quietly told me in IM that she too was going to be on the block. She said “it is good for the Dominion”. I wished her luck acting like I was not interested, but in reality my tiny heart beat so rapidly.

After selling 4 kidneys (not even mine) and turned in my aluminum cans for recycling I was confidant I had enough.

The idea of serving this special, kind, giving, amazing Lady for a week was intoxicating.

The auction began and right of the gate there was a bidding war. I neared my limit, looked for more kidneys to sell, but but…..i did it…I won the auction. She sweetly welcomed me to her feet and that was where my life started to change.

We left the auction and she invited me to her house. There we entered into her office……think oval office amazing then triple it….she is Lady Gabrielle after all.

I knelt as the paper that would change everything was slid before me across the Dominion Oak Hardwood desk. Even the pen was a one of a kind made of gold fountain pen.

I started to read….

Lady Gabrielle Rhapsody’s Assistant Contract

Said submissive hereby agrees to the following conditions in honor to have the opportunity to be my personal assistant. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable:

1. In IM, I am to be addressed as Grand Diva of the Universe of Gabrielle.
2. All times will be in LGT, not SLT, but LGT Lady Gabrielle Time

3. You will dress impeccable as You are now representing the Grand Diva of the Universe of Gabrielle.

4. Each day You are to provide an agenda of events in LGT and will be creative with how you present said agenda.

5. When we travel, you will go ahead and then send the Limo ( the teleport) once you are at the front door. The Grand Diva does not walk.

6. I expect my drinking water to come from a spring in the Amazon and be served at 56 degrees in a 16.98761 oz Drinking glass as that is the precise about of water I need to be at the top of my game as Grand Diva of the Universe of Gabrielle.

7. This should not have to be in the contract, but I come before anyone else. You are here to serve me 1st, but you also represent me so I expect you to help others.

8. And the last one that covers everything else “you will preform all other duties as assigned to perfection."

Sign here: Madison Grayman

And with that signature I became the Assistant to the Grand Diva of the Universe of Gabrielle.
The end

The First Time by Miss Destiny

The First Time by Destiny Teardrop

You have an apprehensive look in your eyes. I love that look: kind of inbetween fear and arousal.
I have you lying on my bed, wearing nothing but your collar. How beautiful you look. I adore you most of all when you are at your most vulnerable, just like this.
My heart swells with love, my sex throbs with desire. I can feel hot wetness between my legs, every one of my nerve endings is awakened by the sight, touch, smell and taste of you. I smile at you, ‘I love you, my slutty boy. I think I’d like to play with you now’.
I lay beside you, propped up, my right hand cupping my cheek, as I idly start to stroke your semi-hard cock. Soon it is rock hard and I grin as you utter little moans of pleasure. I start to gently tap your cock, playful little taps from side to side. Then I increase the speed and the pressure, slapping your cock back and forth, ‘Look at this, look how it responds to my touch! What a slut you are, my boy’, I laugh, as I spank your cock hard, then harder, watching it spring back and forth. You whimper a little and answer ‘yes Mistress’ as I tell you what a silly little thing it is.
Next, I move down the bed and look up at you, smiling as I bend my head down and begin to run my tongue along your shaft, cupping your heavy balls in my hand and applying a gentle squeeze. I feel you tense, nervously, afraid to relax and enjoy the sensations of my hot mouth as I explore your erect cock with my tongue. I nip you gently, then take your throbbing cock head into my mouth. I apply a little pressure with my teeth. You jump slightly and gasp. I release the grip and begin to circle your shaft with my tongue, slurping, licking, sucking, as I release your balls and stroke your length with my firm grasp. You writhe slightly beneath me, moaning in ecstasy as I tease you with my mouth. Suddenly, I bite down, quite hard now and you cry out and tense up, unable to move. I take my mouth away from your cock and look up at you, my eyes watery and wide, lips parted, coated with saliva. God, how I adore you. How I love to tease you, pleasure you, hurt you.
My sex is dripping now, coating my inner thighs with my silky moisture. I deftly swing my left leg over you and hover above you, looking down into your eyes. I smile at you, ‘I love you, my boy’ I whisper, as I lower my hips slowly and take your hard cock inside me. You audibly gasp as you feel my hot, wet, sex grip your manhood. I lean down further and kiss your lips, you hungrily kiss me back. I catch your bottom lip between my teeth and pull, then suck, then pull. Sitting up on you now, grinning at you as I begin to ride your cock. Slow, rhythmic movements, you lie quite still, closing your eyes, breathing heavily as I take my pleasure from your cock. I speed up, clenching my cunt muscles tightly, my arousal growing fast now. Up and down,up and down, I ride you - my boy, my fuck toy, my sex toy, Mine! Almost instantly, I’m there, at the brink of my orgasm. I grip your shoulders, digging my nails in hard as my climax washes over me like a tidal wave, causing hard tightening around your shaft as my muscles contract. You hear me cry out loudly, as I shudder and shake above you. You pant loudly, ‘Mistress, please may I cum?’ you plead, the desperation very evident in your voice. I’m still riding you, indulging in my own heaven, but I manage to mutter, ‘yes my boy, cum for me, cum now’. You start to move your hips with mine, we thrust together, lost in our passion until I feel you tense and you say, ‘I’m cumming’…as you gasp loudly and explode inside me. We ride as one, hard and fast, then slowly the pace decreases as our orgasms subside. We are locked together, sweat on our brows. I reach down to my cunt and coat my fingers with your cum and mine, then push them deep into your mouth, ‘suck, lick, enjoy, my boy’. You greedily lap it up. My dirty boy, such a perfect little slut for me. I love you so much.

Anonymous Sub Confession

Confession October 22 - Please make Anonymous

What thoughts and feelings run through a boy's head and mind when a long term relationship comes to an end, or is on a break. There are so many feelings....hurt, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, name a few. I have recently been through many of those feelings going over a month here in sl without the woman i love by my side.

It is such an empty feeling to think that what you have all shared is only going to be a distant memory. Those feelings of emptiness are so difficult to explain, so difficult to articulate.

They say time heals all wounds, but we all know that sometimes we feel that time will never heal the wounds that we are feeling.....

But then in my case there was a rekindling of the spark, the passion, the intensity, and most of all the love. After a month we were back together, and in many respects it was so much like when we first met. There was the intensity, the love, the devotion....all those feelings that were on hold for that time were back, and in many respects were intensified.

I am a very happy boy now, content, devoted, loving, and i cherish every single minute i get to spend with Mistress. Sometimes it takes not having what you really need and love to truly realize what you missed and how important it is in your life.

So, hold on to hope, hold on to your dreams, because you never know how things will turn out in the end. This life is short, live each day to the fullest, and do the things that make you happy, and spend them with the people that truly appreciate you and make you happy.

Domme Anon Part 1

Tonight was the night. I had been waiting for his call all morning. He was here in my town again. This time He was here for me and only me. There were no business meetings to attend, and no job for the next three days, Just time and plenty of it. I was going to make the best of every moment.
I had been on the phone with him for the last three weeks making arrangements. Hours of planning about the time, When and where we were going to spend our second encounter together. I felt like a Teenager. My arousal state was at Peek and my animal instincts were making me Wett.
I sat at the airport watching the plans come in. with each one I could feel my heart Beating faster in my chest.
Finally his plane Landed. I waited by the Luggage carousel.

As people picked up their luggage I anxiously waited, then I felt eyes piercing the back of my head. As I turned around, There he stood, with the most beautiful smile. There he was... OMG looking better then the last time we met. without words spoken, he took me in his arms and Kissed me slow, soft and deep. His arms around me pulling me close, My leg curled up and my heart pounded as I moaned.
We stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes... and then we both pulled away and just stood there looking into each others eyes.
we grabbed his luggage and head straight to the Hotel.
when we arrived, he had everything I told him to bring.

....and i had a few things of my own as well.
I had him strip and shower while i got things ready. when he was done i had him run a bath for me. I love my bubble baths.
when the tub was full he kneeled down to stop the water. at that moment i stood behind him and said, Now mine, I have been waiting two yrs for this and your going to do exactly as I say. he murmered Yes My Darling. I placed the blindfold over his eyes and took him by the hand and stood him up. I turned him toward me and placed his hands on my Breasts as I slowly dropped my silk robe to the floor.
his hands began to squeez gently as i moved in closer for another kiss. long deep and wett with nibbling of the lips.
I turned to the bath and stepped in while he held my hand. as I slowly sank deep into the water i layed back to enjoy what was about to happen.
I handed him the sponge and he began to wash every single part of my body
he began with my hands and arms, being careful not to rub too hard around my erect nipples, down my tummy and legs and between every toe. he kissed each toe as he washed them and then worked his way back up. I leaned forward and as he washed my back I began fantasizing just what i really wanted.

I pulled him closer to me and began kissing him I felt his rock hard cock and I wanted it. I pulled him into the oversized tub with me and although he was still in blindfold, i placed my breasts in his face as I lowered myself down onto his cock ...

to be continued

New Plastic by Miss Eloise

I've a new boy. He is beautiful, eager and unselfish, desirious and wanton, artistic and brilliant. My reflection in his eyes is substantial, and he aches to please me.

He is a touch mysterious, even aloof at times to those who don't know him, but this boy burns hard and hot, and, he burns for me.

This boy has had a sheltered but privileged life, and because of this protected upbringing, he has an innocence about his cravings. I of course delight in that, and am debauchery filled enough for twenty souls and will treat him accordingly to my folly.

I've instructed him to shave his delicious balls. I want them sensitive and fresh, tender and yielding to any element I might entice him with. I've instucted him to slather his naked body with vaseline from his lips to his feet. He is to don a clear dry cleaners bag, a blindfold, and stand with his back to the wall.

In I walk.. tiptoeing in on 6 inch heels, no words, just tension.
I hear a slight sigh, and turn off the lights.
I approach him, slowly pacing one foot in front of the other,
leather from my skirt squeeking and giving, a bottle of bubbly mineral water in my hands.

I turn on my music. It's massive attack, the perfect music for affecting a boy's body, a gorgeous boy in a clear plasic bag,
I take a swig of water and swallow. Wetting my throat, my tongue, my lips. I push my boy against the wall a little, and move closer to his ears.
I whisper how delighted I am to have him with me, and reach around to his balls to check the slick, baby soft skin. From my wrist, I pull a clear rubberband, and truss up those balls and ample cock in my own brand of art infested fusion.
I put one foot between his legs and kick them apart a little more. I need room to work.

From his tailbone.. right above the split of his ass, I put the flat of my tongue against his plastic bag. I lick up his spine, and create a vortex of heat coupled with sliding, soft tongue.
I follow the bumps of his spine.. all the way to his neck
and trace a huge letter "S" on his back with my tongue.
That letter gets traced with my long red nails. Slowly teased, and taunted. My hands find his tight, muscular ass, spread his cheeks and pop my hand on each side loudly. He groans, I hiss, and breathe in air he's just exhaled. The vaseline makes the plastic stick to his skin, and any motion makes it amplify.

I take his arm, and bend it behind him.. push into him and turn him around. I see his cock is devilishly hard, veins presented, and dripping the tiniest portion of pearly precum.
That precum gets some vaseline added to just his cock head, and he begins to be edged, while I lick his naughty plastic encased nipples and tell him NOT to move, twitch or flench.
He does as instructed, not moving but struggling to NOT move.
He is edged beyond justice, beyond stopping, his breathing is ragged, I take a sip of cold bubbly water and push his cock through my tight lips, pushed so tight it is like a virgin entering for the first time. Water spews over him, onto the floor, he moans, but does not cum.
My mouth is removed, he is edged more, waxed in the vaseline, unable to thrust..
I take a tiny pair of scissors and cut the plastic from his torso, with one swoop of my hand
edge him into the plastic and pop the clear rubber band from his person.
He is instructed to cum.. he never forgets protocol,
Please my domina, may I honor you?
I tell him.. he already has.
and he pops.

I am joyous.
Thank you Cole, I adore you.

Anonymous Domme Confession

A woman who likes to speak often of love and sisterhood and support, IMs me to ask if my ex sub can dance with her. She wants to make sure I'm okay with the two of them dancing together. Of course, I have no issue with a dance and appreciate the IM and tell her so. My sub and I have only recently ended the 'official' aspect of our relationship but are mired in the roots of almost three years that still twine around and hold us together. We've had problems. He's had problems. We must step back from the D/s for awhile as he sorts these out. It's a difficult and complex time with deep feelings involved.

That dance between the lady and the sub, supposedly rooted in kindness, turned in to an encounter. Edging on the dance floor as I stand nearby. He's out of control so his behaviour doesn't entirely surprise me, yet disappoints me deeply. As for her, a woman worried I might be concerned about a dance, it's a blatant disregard for my feelings and my situation.

It was 'a mistake' she said when asked. Four mistakes really...maybe more, who knows? She works on the spin and by the end of the day her version of the story is unrecognizeable to me. As for him, he's retreated in to silence, not even attempting to offer any explanation or justification.

I can deal with the effects of his actions. The pain ends with me. Her situation is far more complex. She was given the position of mentor, leader. Others looked to her to maintain the standard. In this way her deceit hurts more than me. It's a betrayal of what we stand for, our community, the respect and trust we work so hard to build and maintain, all of which she signed up to nuture and preach. And perhaps that's the worst part of it all.

Confession From Miss Ephany

Chances we take in life can sometimes bring great reward or extreme heartache, but without these risks we may never experience the greatest of joys. I took such a risk one night and it brought me the most wonderful man I have ever known. He has brought such light into my life a song into my heart. He saw in me something I never dared see for myself and in giving him an opportunity I have gained the most beautiful of gifts....him. Each day I wakeup and hear his soft snore and see his sweet face, I know I am the most blessed woman on earth. So from the bottom of heart, thank you Wheels for filling my heart and giving me a more love than I ever dreamed possible


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anniversary Confessions

The following confessions are part of The Dominion's 3rd Anniversary celebrations, October 14 - 17th, 2011. Thank you to our lovely hostess, Lady Zarita, and to all of our contributors.

A Letter To The D On Our 3rd Anniversary by Miss Destiny

An open letter to everyone at The Dominion on the occasion of our THIRD Anniversary:

Dear friends,

For the past three years, The Dominion has been many things to me. I want to share with you some of my feelings about our very special sim.

The Dominion has, for me, been a vibrant community: a place to meet with others, share common beliefs, aims, values and ideals; to chat about everything and anything, knowing that it is all underpinned by our commonality: that being our interest and involvement in Femdom.

It’s been a place of Fun: a place where I have laughed until I cried, holding my aching sides, having to run to the loo as I nearly peed myself. Roaring with laughter at Zarita’s introduction of the expression, ‘your Judgery’ during The Trial of the Century.

The Dominion is a hive of creativity, where I’ve often been struck dumb by the amazing talents of people, ranging from Eva’s breath-taking event sets, Joie’s collars and leash holders to Jenn’s daleks, to name a few.

The Dominion has been a place of learning and growth: a place where I have grown as a Domme and as a woman; where I have learned from personal experiences, but also from watching others, helping others, talking to others and from making mistakes, sometimes more than once. But ultimately, a place of nurturing and growth. In this respect, the Mistress Mentoring Programme is I think, one of the greatest achievements of The Dominion.

Sometimes The Dominion has been a sad place, where my heart and those of my friends has been broken. Or I have felt sadness when somebody we thought we knew turned out to be somebody else, or even several other people! Those times have really hurt. Even more heart-breaking, have been the times when we have suffered loss or pain through death and illness of friends and loved ones both on SL and in our first lives also. For me personally, during the past two years, I have lost a precious grandchild and a dear submissive friend, but with the help of my friends at The Dominion I was able to cope, because it is also a place of hope; where, despite our sorrows, we have carried on, better and stronger than before and have triumphed over adversity, determined not to be beaten. Where we, as strong women, have held each other up and when needed, held each other close and whispered, sometimes without words, ‘you can do this. Hold your chin up high, smile and walk tall. I’m standing right beside you. You will get through this’.

Which leads me onto friendship, the Dominion is where some of my best friends, in any life, exist. It hurts when they leave, as several have. It’s hurt as much as a first life friend just disappearing from my life. Sometimes, I have struggled to understand how they have just gone, dropped everyone and not kept in touch in one form or another, but then I remember those who are still there, who also feel their absence and it makes it easier. There are many people who I really enjoy spending time with: Janice, Mo, Violet, Summer, Cera, Heather, Jade, Joie, Hanna, Gabby and many more (apologies to those I haven’t named)….but, I want to take this opportunity to briefly speak about some of my very closest friends.

So in reverse alphabetical order, starting with Zarita: you and I have had our ups and downs, but I want you to know that I love you and I think I finally ‘get’ you now, at last! We have much in common, but also much that is different about us and I think we know that and have stopped trying to change each other, so we are now able to complement each other. Zarita, I admire your integrity, your honesty and your strength. I think we have stood the test of time and this past year, we have grown closer. Thank you for being my friend, Sheila.

Zaira, you are a very special young woman who I am delighted to have met personally. You are one of the wisest, most level-headed people I know and I value the advice and friendship you have given me over the past 18 months or thereabouts. I wish you happiness, in abundance!

Wheels, you are a dear friend. You are loyal, loving and kind. I’m honoured to call you my friend. You contribute so much to The Dominion and I hope you get at least half as much back from it as you put in.

My very special friend, Silk; you have been a source of great comfort, strength and support to me for a very long time. You are a talented poet and writer and you are a sensitive and caring man. I can rely on you, that isn’t something everyone can say about a ‘virtual’ friend. I am so glad you are finding happiness on Second Life. You deserve it. I love you and treasure your friendship.

Maisy, you are such a wise and good person. I wish I were more like you. You are compassionate, kind, sensible, stylish and sexy. My heart has ached for you this past year, as I’ve watched you suffer with trauma after trauma. I hope and pray that all that is behind you and you are now in a beautiful hiatus of love and good times.

Hylarks, you have been my rock for a very long time, our paths have crossed, parted and changed, but we remain close friends and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. You are a genuinely good man and I hope, with all my heart, that you find your way both on SL and in your first life.

Eloise, ah the unique the irreplaceable, dear Eloise. You make me smile, daily. You are such a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I am delighted to have spent time with you earlier this year and I will be forever grateful that The Dominion enabled us to meet and become friends. You have so much positive energy and enthusiasm, despite having many trials and troubles to overcome. You are a gem of a friend. The day I left your home to come back to the UK, you gave me a silver bracelet with a charm that says ‘Always’, you said it was to remind me of our ever-lasting friendship. I wear it every day. I love you, Eloise!

Lastly, but in no ways least - Eva, you work so hard and have such commitment to The Dominion and to us all. However, I want to say that as a close, personal friend, you have always listened and ‘nodded’ (Eva gives great ‘nods’!) when I needed to sound off, but have also given advice and opinion when required. Ultimately, you have always stood by me, even when I’ve been stupid and foolish, which has been quite often! I know that you too have had a hard time this past year both on and off SL. You keep so much to yourself, so as not to burden others, but I hope you know that I am here for you, always and wish you nothing but joy in your life. Eva, thank you for The Dominion, but most of all, thank you for being a true and loyal friend. I love you.

To conclude, on this third anniversary, I would say that The Dominion is my Home, not the one where I sit on the sofa watching TV alone, wishing my boy was here, but a place where I feel happy, safe, comfortable, loved and secure. Where I know I can speak my mind, sometimes even disagree, but still be accepted and loved for who I am. A place where I can say ‘sorry’ and be forgiven. A place where I can relax, and unwind. Moreover, the place that, no matter where I go, I always come back to, the place where my heart is.

So, I’ll close with a huge ‘Thank you’ you to everyone who makes The Dominion the truly amazing place it is. Here’s to the next three years!

With my love, always and happy returns on our third Anniversary


For The Old-timers by Lady Madeleine

For the Old-timers
A Tale of Exile, Survival, and Redemption

We left.

Not all at once, mind you. . . we wandered away from OWK in twos and threes. MadameA, the Queen dethroned, was one of the first. The First Mistress, Evangeline Eames left soon after. Blu Akina drew herself up in Panther fury and quit any place that would drive out her friend. I, the High Judge, stayed longer than I should have, thinking that something might be salvaged. Raffi packed up her medical bags and left nearly always under the threat of a ban by the sub owner. Many you would recognize (including our gracious Lady Eloise and Ember Camel) and many you probably don't recall (Shiloh and Seyrin and Vidor). Some of us left loudly and flamboyantly. Some of us all but snuck off in the night with the rent unpaid and the coffee pot still on.

We'd all found status in that strange Kingdom for awhile. But the warring had become intolerable and the owner's lack of will impossible to work with. We packed up our subs and such that was ours and set out to find a sim that didn't cater to subs, that wasn't owned by a man, that didn't treat its Mistresses as high-class call girls. In our Exodus, the promised land was not set up to answer the question "How can we find women to service all of these subs?"

We landed on a far shore, that proclaimed itself "light-hearted." We shuddered, but weary from OWK's battles, we sank gratefully into its conversation pit. The owner graciously welcomed us (and those who came before . . . and those who were to follow). Like little groups of refugees taking blankets and warm cups of soup, we settled in the "light-hearted" courtyard, where, for some reason, the pole-dancing never ended. We licked our wounds. We told war stories. We welcomed daily newcomers. We waited.

All the while, the pole dancing continued, but instead of pleasing subs, the dancers were getting steadily more rude and grating on our nerves. We learned that we were not meant for light-heartedness. Our place was no more where subs were encouraged to sit anywhere and say anything than it was where the focus was on subs' sexual desires. We ventured, occasionally, away from our little camp fires, but found no place we could go, at least not one big enough to take us all and with an atmosphere different enough to make the transfer worth the strength.

Yes, we heard whispers. There were always whispers. Maybe MadameA would open a place. And she did, but we discovered it catered to lesbians. Some of us moved. Many of us just stoked the fire and sighed. Tamar invited all to a sim opening and many of group spent a giddy few afternoons thinking that we'd escape the our exile's camp. The sim went as soon as it came. We returned back to the circle, to the pole-dancing. God...the endless pole-dancing! We brooded away the long summer.

We all knew Eva, or at least knew of her. She had been the First Mistress in that other place and one of the first of us to leave. She'd hired me as High Judge, which I thought made her an excellent judge of character, but we rarely socialized. She'd been quiet in our new outpost and then, mostly absent. When she returned, she said that she was opening a place, maybe we'd like to come see it. In true Eva fashion, she arranged for private tours for many of us and the offer of the title of "High Mistress." We approached cautiously.

I remember seeing The Dominion for the first time. The striking blackness of the ground, the towering castle, the seating area by a crashing sea. As I looked around, Eva explained that this was to be a sim for Dommes. Subs that followed the rules (please see the notecard) were welcome. But this was to be a sim owned by a woman and run by women. The community would not come to a halt because a man was not available to consult and make decisions. Our place was not to make sure all the subs were enjoying themselves. There would be a mall, but it would be a classy place, thank you very much.

"They can buy their collars and cocks somewhere else," she said. There was not a dancer's pole in sight.

By October, we were thanking our former hostess, picking up our meager belongings and wishing well the many subs milling about the light-hearted courtyard. She had not parted the Red Sea, to be sure, but Eva had brought us to the Promised Land pretty much intact. Exhausted from the journey, we sank into the conversation area with the few subs who made the original move kneeling at our feet. Quietly. Then, with her usual grace, Eva welcomed us home.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Dominion by Lady Tora

I have been lucky to be a member of the Dominion for over two years now and I am thrilled that it has reached such a milestone as its 3rd Anniversary. Over the years I have seen the Dominion thrive and grow to be a strong force in not only the FemDom community but the BDSM one as well.

I have heard grumblings about how the other groups in the BDSM world view the Dominion, with its strict rules and protocol and I applaud Eva for standing her ground and keeping to her vision. I salute the staff and liaisons who help keep that vision and propel it forward. To those who would criticize the Dominon or work to disrupt it, I would like to say in the eloquent words of Nelson Mandela:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are all powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are we not to be?
You are a child of God; your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine as children do; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Happy 3rd anniversary Eva! Happy 3rd anniversary to the staff and liaisons that make Dominion the special place it is. May you all continue to live without fear and be a light that shines in both the FemDom and BDSM communities. I wish you many more happy anniversaries.

Ode To My Mistress by Axelle

Ode to my Mistress by Axelle Paramour

These words are not a confession, they are more manifestations of memories, like old photographs pulled down from the back of a closet and handled with care. They are not the whispers of something secret, for my love of this place and it’s community is no mystery either. This arrangement is more an ode to bricks and morter, to the laughter and requests of strong women, to the sense of shared ideals and acceptance. This place is not for the faint of heart, it’s a certain type of person who calls The Dominion home. To try and find the common thread that teathers us all together would be futile beyond our shared desire to be here. Annerverseries by nature are a time to be nostalgic, looking back I realize it was within my first couple of days here that I became enamored, that I fell in love. Being new I had preconceived notions of this place, I had heard the warnings and marveled at the cautionary tales but it was a single event that swayed my thinking, that cemented a feeling.
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was urged to attend Confession by a Lady. I arrived and pullled up a piece of carpet, settling in to hear what I assumed would be some sort of “naughty storytelling”, this was a FemDom after all. But these weren’t chronicales of someone’s latest round in the dungeon, they were memoirs. Bits of people shared for all there fellow campanions to see. This brazen act of openess was something to strive to be apart of. After each revelation of tragedy and triumph a kind word was offered or a hug shared. I was astounded, this was not what I was expecting but I’ve learned The Dominion is hardly what you’d expect. I wanted to entertwine myself in this tight knit community so I took the advice of a very smart girl and made a place a person.
I would consider The Dominion my Mistress, I would attend to her and her inhabitants like I would for the one I would submit too. Our road hasn’t always been an easy one, like any tale of great love it’s riddled with curves and dips. There have been moments of happiness and moments of woe, times of uncontrollable giggles and times of uncontained tears but I wouldn’t trade in a bit of our days together. I am grateful beyond words for my Mistress in the hublest of ways. I know our days our numbered, I know eventually I’ll call another Mistress, kneel for and submitt to someone else. Until that day arrives she will be mine as much as I am Hers.

No Turning Back by Gia

~No turning back~

It all changed with a simple click.
Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.
But my curiosity didn’t kill anything.
Instead it produced something
…Many things….

It allowed for new friends,
Interesting conversations,
….sweet memories….
A few tears,
And plenty of laughs.

Be it luck or fate,
I arrived at the Dominion.
Like a moth to a flame
Like an addict to a needle
I always crave more.

You run through my veins,
Through my mind,
Each person I interact with
Enabling and satisfying
My obsession.

Time away doesn’t eradicate my feelings
But only leaves me begging for more.
With skinned knees I return,
Trembling with wide eyes
And infatuation.

Breathe it in…
Like that first inhale of euphoric powder.

It’s a safe haven
A home…
Where the most beautiful people reside.

Thank you Mistress for your creation,
That has flourished into something spectacular.
Thank you to the loyalty of those that continue to return.
Thank you for the memories.
And thank you in advance
For the new memories to come.

My First Trial At Dominion by Rebelpoet

The Dominion is celebrating it's three year anniversary and Mistress Veronica volunteered me to write about my first trial experience. So you may be wondering what a trial is? Well it's where subs, primarily, are stripped down and brought before a judge for charges of misconduct. judgments vary from wearing silly or humiliating outfits, performing services, and spankings (preferably in rl and sl). While being highly entertaining, it is also a teaching tool. It's a way for subs to learn what might upset a lady and how to treat them as well as the fact that there are consequences to actions.
I am a former agoraphobic and did not leave my room for several years. Large crowds terrify me. And the thought of using the mic almost caused me to have a panic attack when my Mistress told me that she would require me to use it. But after working with Mistress for a little over a week, I told her one day, "I'm feeling Adventurous."
"You are?", she said.
"Yes, I think I want to go on trial," I replied.
"Trials are for bad boys, Sweet," Mistress Veronca told me.
"So I haven't been bad?," I asked a little cheekily.
"No, Mine, you haven't," she pointed out.
I was a little disappointed and decided I would see what would happen if I went to the Dominion and just hung out. So I got there and rezzed in and aligned myself with the other subs kneeling and didn't really pay attention to what was in front of me. So I happened to be sitting much too close to the rear of a Lady. She got irritated and called me on it. The next thing I knew Mistress was being sent an IM about putting me on trial and then I got back an IM from Mistress saying, "Be careful what you wish for, Mine. You are going on trial."
Then it occurred to me that I would have to strip naked and not really understanding how big it was, I had bought a rather large cock. Although it being called "The Titan" should have been a clue. I hadn't figured out how to configure it so the coloring was off as well. It was really too late to buy another cock. So I fretted about that for awhile.
Eventually it became time for the trial and I was told to strip. I did as I was told and took off my clothes. Then I heard, just as I thought I would, "Oh my, Rebel, look at that cock. A new charge will have to be added."
I gulped and was herded over to where the other boys were waiting. And there we sat kneeling all naked and all in a row. I was nervous and sweating in real life and I remember begging Mistress to let me out of it.
She told me, "No, Honey, but I am right here."
I can't remember the other boys trials because I was so nervous. Every time a new boy was called I was worried that I would be called. As it turned out I was the last one called.
"Come in front of me," Lady Destiny said with her English accent.
I came forward kneeling before her naked. She read off the charges of staring at a ladies ass, having a too large and poorly colored cock. and then my Mistress added that I had come to the Dominion without permission. I didn't think that had been fair because we hadn't talked about restricting my access before. But I was afraid to say anything.
The judgery then asked me if I had any defense. I tried to explain how I had just gotten the Phoenix Viewer and wasn't used to it. Mistress even confirmed that she had just gotten me to use it. But it wasn't enough to get me off. And due to my leering eyes I was sentenced to wear dorky glasses. I was then told I would have to buy a new cock that was more representative of my actual cock at my expense. Lady Destiny then asked me if I had anything to which I could spank myself. Thinking I would be a good sport, I mentioned that I could get a ruler. And after being given permission went to my desk and pulled it out. I described how it was a wooden ruler but didn't mention how thin it was. Lady Destiny then decided that I would be spanked by Lady Summer. She told me to bend over and stroke my cock, while getting five lashes.
So I stood up and bent over stroking my cock while slapping my ass with the ruler. But the ruler didn't make much noise against my ass as I slapped it, but I counted off, "One, thank you Ladies." Slap. "Two, thank you Ladies." and the ruler was small enough that it really didn't hurt. I was interrupted because they couldn't hear anything and had to start again. But again they couldn't hear the slap. As i was told to repeat the beatings something in me snapped and I was suddenly out of sub space. My voice became monotone and I just wanted to get it over with. I'm told that at that point Lady Destiny sent an IM to Mistress and asked if I was all right. Mistress then told her that she was a little worried. I heard the dinging of an IM, but didn't feel like answering it or figuring out who it was from.
Then Lady Summer asked me if my cock was hard. As if the public humiliation and the pain from slapping would excite me. All I could think about was how embarrassed I was and feeling on the spot. I told Lady Summer that my cock wasn't hard and she said with disgust, "All right slap your cock five times with the ruler". Wanting to get this over with, I complied and hit myself five times rapidly. The metal guide along one side of the ruler hit my cock and it stung. I said, "Thank you, Ladies."
"All right get up", Lady Summer said.
"Get back to your Mistress," Lady Destiny ordered right after that.
I was feeling humiliated and like I hadn't been a good sport, although doing the whole thing was hard for me. I looked at my IM and saw it was from Lady Destiny asking me if I was all right. I sent her back an IM and said I was indeed all right. She told me she was glad and that I had done well.
I went back to Mistress and we talked about the experience. She said that I had done well, but could tell I had left sub space and become resistant. We talked about what it meant to surrender and that was the start of me becoming aware that I needed to question myself when I was feeling resistant and concentrate on what Mistress wants instead of myself. She told me that she hadn't initially wanted me to go on trial because she didn't think I was ready for it. I had just barely gotten on voice and with my history didn't want me having a panic attack. When I left subspace she was worried I would indeed have one. And while I did leave subspace, I didn't have a panic attack. And it was due to the fact that I knew Mistress was guiding me and there that I didn't.
While trials at the Dominion are entertaining they serve an important purpose, they allow subs to learn proper behavior in what is meant to be a fun way. Subs learn about proper etiquette and how to treat a lady and what it means to be a sub. By listening a sub can learn what charges might upset a lady and get the opportunity to see what it means to submit. I learned from this experience to be damn careful of where I place myself in the courtyard. I learned that public humiliation does not turn me on and spanking myself publicly does not excite me. I also learned to really try and stay in subspace and to work on refocusing my thoughts when I start to feel resistant. Most importantly, I learned that despite fears I can get through anything if I just trust my Mistress and realize now that the Ladies at the Dominion are actually performing a service by being willing to instruct and mentor.