Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Touching by Cam Inventor

Touching - by Cam Inventor

Mistress loves to touch her property.  Let me tell you about a few of the ways.  Sometimes, when we are curled up in bed together, she’ll reach her arm out, slide her hand under her property’s balls, and curl her fingers round them, enclosing them in her palm.  This isn’t a foreplay thing, or punishment.  It isn’t stroking or squeezing.  It is just holding. Owning.  I love it when she does that. It makes her boy feel all warm and loving. And very submissive.

Sometimes, she’ll have her property undress before her.  She’ll make it stand there, naked, while she touches it all over.  Some of it is inspecting, analytical; which is exciting.  Some of it is pure curiosity; wonderment - and he loves how she finds that wonder.  It makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

Other times, she’ll chain her property up in a cupboard and hang weights off her property’s balls while she gets herself ready to torment him further.  She’s still touching it even then; letting his mind wander. When she’s ready, she’ll take her toy out, ready to play with it, and the last form of touching I want to tell you about today.

She’ll make her toy stand, those weights pulling painfully, while she crops him, clamps his nipples, makes him swing those weights back and forth, stroking her toy’s cock until it’s rock hard, right on the edge, then snapping her hand away.

And as it softens again, she delights.  Her attention has made her toy start to leak, its precum draining out of the end of her toy’s cock, forming thin strands as it drips slowly.  This is where she wants her toy; helplessly leaking into her hand.  Totally in her control, kept right on the edge but denied any release.  This is when her touch controls him totally.

Her touch makes him hers.  That’s why she loves to touch it.

New Boy by Brian


I was standing and watching from the foot of the bed as I was laying in my bed sleeping and you were there kneeling over my head and you looked to be running your fingers over my cock through my boxers.  From the foot of the bed I could clearly see your hand motion yet you were not touching me, my cock was hard and then cum just started pouring out into my boxers but it was like an unnatural amount and you started laughing as I laid there spurting and then poof you were gone.  I looked down feeling the cum sliding and dripping over my skin, I laid there in some strange state of satisfaction as I felt the flow stop and now it ran down over my balls.  Content and relaxed I slowly drifted off again, when I woke up I realized it was nothing more than a dream and that my balls were still full of cum after 10 days of denial.


The Glory Hole
The forced bi learning curve.  For weeks we talked about and looked at all sorts of forced bi porn, images and so on.  This was something that I never found any sort of interest in at all (I was and had always considered myself straight in my mind).  It was such a turn on for you and was just kind of there for me.  In time I slowly began to look forward to our conversation about it and looking at the images and then after weeks I found that I was searching this out for myself of my own free will.  At times it makes me still feel a bit uneasy, but with the level of excitement it brings to you it brings also a new level of excitement to me.

After a time there was talk of the glory hole, with this came new levels of excitement but also fear of the unknown.  You had prepared me for that moment for 5 weeks before sending me there.  I was dressed in pink panties and a little tag that stated "Waiting for Mr. Right"  You instructed me to go in the stall and sit there, I was anxious and afraid and there I sat.  It seemed like an eternity and no one was interested in the slutty boy kneeling there in the stall.  You called me home after some amount of time and I felt I had failed you, I was disappointed to let you down.  A few days passed and we went back, I was determined to prove myself to you, I sat and waited, watching and looking around.  You arrived and you stood and watched, You found some soap and made me stand there with the pink panties pulled down around my thighs bent over for all to see.  I waited worried about what may happen as you stood and watched me.  There was little excitement and again I felt that I had failed you.

I was now determined to suck a dick for you at the glory hole, I found myself going there on my own trying to accomplish what you wanted so badly.  I sat in the stall waiting and as you arrived I sat again disappointed when suddenly a cock slipped through the hole.  Now the disappointment was gone and the fear kicked in.  I was afraid to touch it like it was the plague, I knew you would be disappointed in me again so I leaned forward letting my tongue slide over the tip.  The cock grew hard and I closed my eyes and slide my lips over it sucking and bobbing my head slowly at first then more as I knew you would only be pleased if I made the cock cum.  It did not take long and I felt it pulsing in my mouth before it started to spurt. the cock pulled back and shot most of the load onto my face as I sat there shaking.  I had "Done it" it was not as bad as I had made my mind up to believe.

You took me home, you were proud of your new boy, you were turned on and so was I, turned on more than I had ever seen you.  I had done it and you were throughly excited about it.

I have not been back since that day to the glory hole, I am sure you will send me again when it pleases you.

Anonymous Confession

I am one of the unowned subs, one of the quieter ones, who comes and goes and tries to help build and sustain The Dominion community.  You have probably seen me off and on, off to the back kneeling and listening.   I have friends, both on sub side, but mainly with the Dommes.  I have gotten to know several of them and they make me smile, laugh and that special feeling that only a dominant woman can produce.  That is the reason  come around, to the dances and to the events.  I think some perceive me as aloof or disengaged.  I am not partnered up (even though it has been close)

But there is another reason, really.  I hope to find that special someone.  That Domme that I can serve, make smile, feel proud and to enjoy the power, intimacy and connection that can exist between a Domme and Her sub.  It is my pleasure just to be in that relationship and to share the feeling, openness and honesty that it creates.  I have come close, and met some truly wonderful people.  But it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe it will come back and that spark we feel will grow again, but for now, the search continues.

But maybe people see me as boring.  I don't wear an animal avatar, I don't go crazy in the events or trials; I don't speak and say provocative things in the courtyard.  Most times I sit and listen, watch and observe.   and I don't have a Mistress to engage with here.

But ...and this is my confession... there is a deeply submissive and kinky side to me.   Scratch that hard cold surface, and a stew of sensual thoughts and desires resides within.  My fetishes are locked up tight, but they venture into things and places I haven't shared with anyone.  They maybe common kinks and fetishes on the vast menu of D/s, but I suspect that most of the Dommes here would be shocked, stunned and amazed that I was into that.  Total power exchange, name calling, total submission, cross dressing, pegging, forced bi, avatar control, speech and voice restrictions, all those sorts of power tools.  That is much different from what I share on my profile, in my chit chat or even in more in depth discussions.

You all know me, but what you don't know is that inside, there is a strange odd world swirling around waiting to be opened and exposed.  I have my crushes here, and some Dommes just blow me away.  I get shy and quiet and could never approach them,   I just hope they take a liking to my wit and personality and recognize that my attempts to engage them, however feeble and meek, are the ways I try to engage and attract you and try to give You what a sub can give.  And yes, I still have those crushes and still want to engage those women in my own oblique and halting ways.

I will continue my search for Her, my Dulcinea, my One.

Confession by Anonymous

"White Lion 6.00 Tuesday.Don't be late. Mistress"

It's ten to six,getting dark and pissing down as I walk past the doors of the White Lion for the seventh time.I even managed to approach the door once before turning away at the last second. With each failed attempt I'm getting angrier with myself.I've driven 160 miles to get here,I can't back out now.I know I want this,no,not want I need this,the chain biting into my cock is evidence enough of how much I yearn for this to happen.I won't back out now surely?

How the fuck did I get here?

"Mistress seeking sub/slave for possible L.T.R." I wasn't sure what I wanted,I knew I'd fantasised for a long time about being"owned",but if I had the chance would I be too scared?I figured there was only one way to find out,so I sent off email number 67 without any real expectation of even getting a reply...I was wrong.

Two days later,Mistress wrote back asking me to give more details of what my hopes were,my fetishes,if any and what my hard limits were.I replied saying I love bondage,humiliation and mild pain and that my limit was anal penetration.

After a few more emails I was ordered to get a webcam so my training could begin."Training",simple word,but it awakened long buried feelings,I wanted to be trained,to please Mistress and I felt no shame or guilt,more a release and longing to submit.

For the first webcam session I had to be naked,(as I would be for all subsequent sessions).We chatted amiably about this and that for a short while,and in the middle of talking about the weather,one word appeared on the screen in capital letters,"KNEEL". I fell to my knees instantly,and waited,and waited,and waited.Finally words appeared again,"Wank for your Mistress,slave,but just as you are about to climax,remove your hand"

I felt incredibly embarrassed that this woman I'd never even met held so much power over me.At the same time I was very very excited by the idea of giving up choice and control.

I started running my hand up and down my cock,slowly at first then more rushed and frenetic as the moment of climax approached.I don't know how I managed it,but just at the last second I pulled my hand away,leaving my cock pulsing on the brink and with pre-cum dribbling down the shaft.

Another message showed,"Good boy",it said,"Again"

This was repeated six times over the course of an hour or so. After the sixth the message simply said,"Well done slave,I will be in touch" and the screen was blank.

There were five more sessions that involved candle wax and cock and ball bondage.At no time was I allowed relief.

After the last session I was ordered to buy a length of chain and a small padlock and given instructions on how to bind my cock and balls with it.I was to do this after wanking and climaxing so my cock would be flaccid.I was to bind them in such a way that the chain would be tight fitting but not cut off blood supply,but if I got the slightest semblance of an erection,the chain would bite into my cock painfully.

Once I had done this I was to post the keys to myself,but not open the envelope when it arrived.This I was to hand over to Mistress unopened when we met.

Shit! We're going to meet?!Now it was getting scarily real.

I had a few days holiday owed and we arranged a rough date and place to meet.

Right! I'm going in this time.As I turn I see a woman coming from the opposite direction toward the pub,she's about 5'8",wearing a 3/4 length black leather coat that's belted at the waist showing off her full figure.Her stiletto healed black leather shoes click clacked on the pavement as she drew nearer,I could now make out the full scarlet lips and shoulder length auburn hair and finally,her startlingly beautiful green eyes. She was now just a couple of paces away from me,and smiles warmly at me.

Oh fuck,no going back now.

She takes her hands out of her pockets," Hello, Derek",she says,"Nice to meet you at last"

"Hhhello,Mistress",I manage to stammer She moves as if to kiss my cheek,but instead places her lips close to my ear and her hand reaches down and gives my balls a painful squeeze,and she whispers, "Mine I believe"

Weight by Anonymous

It's heavy,

The weight of your hand upon my head guiding me down,
The chains dangling from my wrists,
The weights

It's heavy,

Your gaze down at my willing compliance,
Your judgment of my interpretation of need,
Your presence,

It's heavy,

The expectations of me as a tool for your pleasure,
My own idea of what this means,
My mind,

It's heavy,

But I am weightless with but one thing.



Anonymous Confession

I walk over a rounded, wooden bridge, and hear the tap of my heels as I walk down the stone steps. A field of lavender spans out in front of me, and I run into its midst, inhaling its fragrant aroma. Lying down, I close my eyes and just breathe; enjoying the sun on my face. I think about the beautiful world in which I live.

After a time of reflection, I continue my walk down the carved steps to see a wishing well. There I see you standing; looking into the water. I believe I've seen you before, but decide that whether I have or not to approach you.

You hear someone walk up behind you, but before you are able to turn around, you feel an arm reaching up, brushing your cheek as the soft skin of my fingers cover your eyes. You feel my body press into your back as I raise on my toes and whisper, “Stay still,” my breath hot on your neck. “Keep your eyes closed.” I command, as I purposely drag my lips along the back of your ear.

I remove my hand from your eyes. “No peeking,” I say with a smile in my voice. You feel a one-inch strip of leather sliding around your throat; the smell of rawhide reaches your nose. The belt slowly cinches tighter, until it slightly restricts your breathing. I feel your heart beating faster as I pull you back into me by the belt which is looped around your neck and held fast in my right hand.

With my left hand I push firmly on your shoulder. “Kneel.” I order. I can feel your Adam's apple move the strap as you swallow; your body lowering. I slide the belt around so the end slides through the buckle, tightening the noose until it fits perfectly around your neck. Pulling a small pocket knife from my brassiere, I snap it open and using the sharp end I twist a small hole through the leather. I slip the prong through securing it into a makeshift collar. You hear a small click as the pieces of metal touch. The excess length of the belt becomes your leash.

I move around to stand in front of you; belt draping from my hand. It is intoxicating to see you on your knees before me; your eyes still closed; obeying. I take a couple of minutes to drink it in. Then I authorize you to open your eyes as I pronounce, “It is a perfect day for a wish.”

As we both regard each other; streams of sunlight dancing around us; you smile and say, "Yes, Miss."

The End

Impromptu Confession by Lady Lobbie

 open the door taking a quick glance to the rug to my right; yes there he is naked and kneeling. I walk through the home inspecting his work running my fingers over the surfaces nodding I make my way back to the living room. He is still there his breathing is slowly and steady. I sit down with a sigh I see him twitch and grin. “You have done well today slut.” I inform him “Thank you Mistress.” He responds without lifting his gaze from the pale pink rug on with he kneels. “But your day is not done.” I see him gulp and chuckle. “Get your ass over here now fucker.” He crawls over the floor towards me. Still no looking up “Look up at me slut.” I commend him with he does with a worried look. I kick my shoes off one at a time making sure they hit him “oooff, Thankyou Mistress.” I slowly peel my stockings off his eyes following ever movement I’m making. I suddenly shove my toes in to his mouth he starts sucking and licking them like the good little slut he is. I sit back relaxing. Quickly growing bored I kick him in the balls with my free food he mumbles “Fhankyou Mistress.” I pull my foot from his mouth and glare at him “Have you not been taught not to speak with your mouth full?” I ask. He looks down again “I’m sorry Mistress, I’m but your slut, I’m here to please you. “  I shove my other foot in his mouth to shut him up. He once again sucks and licks my foot. I swing my free leg back and forth seeing him wince ever time it comes forward.  Feeling relaxed I pull my foot from his mouth and swiftly kick his balls once, twice. “Thank you Mistress.” He says his eyes streaming. “now slut, food and drinks chop chop. Oh and you better keep your foot out of your mouth because only mine belongs in there.”