Saturday, August 20, 2016

She Said...

She sent the text message from the taxi cab " ten minutes until my arrival cunt make sure everything is prepared"

 " Yes Mistress" was the rapid reply.

Most people would think they were nuts meeting this way. They had never set eyes on each other in real life, not even cammed one to one before and now well now....

The back door of his house was unlocked as instructed. She gently pushed it open and with a rush of adrenaline confidently walked into the game.

She quickly scanned her new surroundings and entered a small room to the right. Smiling, she noted the crystal wine glass, chilled bottle of rose wine and array of milk chocolates presented preciously as she had instructed for her arrival.

He had sent her photographs of his home's interior so she knew he was waiting in the room opposite.  As she smoked a cigarette and sipped her wine, she imagined how he must feel, - nervous, apprehensive, horny and most probably terrified.. He would know she was here now. He would have heard her heels tapping on the tiled floor..

Time to up the game.

She stood in the doorway and glanced around the room. He was displayed as instructed. Hooded, gagged, naked, bent over the dining table with shackled ankles and cuffs. The sense of power was intoxicating and all her senses heightened as she began walking around him.

She would not touch him yet she would just make him very aware of her presence.

Walking around him she stopped at each table picking up an occasional cane or flogger to examine. Each step echoed by the tapping of her heels.

She left him alone again and sipped some more wine. The drama of it all made her feel that she was watching herself from above. it was almost an out of body experience, everything felt so much sharper than when she had played before. She felt invincible with the power of his submission.

Walking back into the room she picked up a  leather paddle and placed it gently across his right buttock. She heard his intake of breath, paused slightly then paddled both arse cheeks until they glowed  red.

She  threw the paddle down on the table close to his head and walked back out.

After a leisurely cigarette she strode back in.

Not one word had been spoken yet and as  she rubbed her hands accross his arse cheeks he trembled slightly.

It was time to up the game.

The cane was first, ten strong strokes on each arse cheek, The birch which soon became her favourite was next and she delighted in its sound as it swished through the air before impact. The martinet was exquisite as it marked its target and the glass cane tore the screams from his throat. In the next hour , the sjambok, the various canes, the leather floggers all played their part in his demise. His tears were rather fucking delightful.

Roughly she grabbed the back of his hood and pulled his face towards hers and broke the silence of the last two hours " Hello cunt. nice to meet you ". She kissed him, pushed his face back down and walked out..

Watching from the doorway she saw him tremble and shake.

She approached him and placed her hand over his, His shaking intensified, She needed to take the cunt down from his position.

Kneeling in front of her still hooded, she asked him if wished to continue. He  quietly replied yes. She slapped him hard  full force across the face. "yes what !" she demanded.

Immediately shocked by the contact of her slap and the sheer sensory overload of the past hours he crumbled.. Overwhelmed his whole body shook.

She grabbed him by the collar and made him crawl beside her to the other room.

She lifted a glass to his mouth. Drink she ordered.
She placed a chocolate into his mouth. Eat she instructed.

Tomorrow is another day cunt.

He Said...


Mistress had arranged to visit me and had told me that our first meeting was to be special: I was to be naked and helpless in bondage before she even entered the house.  I spent most of the day in a delirium of nervousness and excitement, trying to envisage what this would be like.

Eventually, I got the text saying that Mistress would arrive in 10 minutes, and so I prepared myself. When Mistress arrived, I was spread-eagled over the table, cuffed and naked except for a latex hood and ball-gag. I was immobile in darkness, but I heard the sound of the outside door opening as Mistress entered, and there was a short nerve-wracking delay as I heard her heels on the tiled floor outside the room. Then I heard her enter and walk over towards me. Without saying anything, she picked up one of the discipline instruments, a paddle I think, and gave me 10 strokes on each arse cheek, then left the room again.

Almost immediately, my anxiety about meeting this way evaporated, although it was replaced by a different sort of nervousness as I began to wonder what Mistress had planned. I had set out Mistress’s drinks etc in the room next door, and she spent a little time through there, relaxing from her trip. I waited in the darkness, nervous and unsure. Then I heard her return, and our discipline session began in earnest.

I don’t know what it was like for Mistress, but for me it was incredibly exciting to be so helpless and have Mistress using me. She appeared to try in turn a variety of our discipline instruments: a range of canes and floggers. Each one seemed to have a special pain attached to it. I could feel the spread of each flogger as she whipped my arse and back, and could hear the swishing sound of different canes as she moved from one to the next, each noise preceding a stinging blow. Mistress is expert at what she does, and I had no idea from one moment to the next what was going to happen. After a while she spoke to me a little, and it was just wonderful to hear Mistress’s sexy voice in real life. I lost count of the number of blows that landed, and the pain from each new implement seemed to merge into the pain from the one before. Some of the floggers landed with a heavy thud. Some landed with a sharp sting. Some of the canes were heavy. Some of the canes were thin. But each created pain in a different way, and as time passed, I felt myself slip deep into sub-space.

Eventually, I seemed to float out of awareness, and then I heard Mistress telling me were going to stop. I did not realise it, but apparently I was trembling. So Mistress released me and took off my hood, and I was finally able to gaze into Mistress’s beautiful eyes. Mistress was very kind to me and helped me recover, and then we spent an absolutely perfect evening together. It was so wonderful to spend the evening with my beautiful Mistress, knowing that we had begun the start of our relationship in such a special way.

The following evening, Mistress hooded me and cuffed me to a door-bondage device, and then she began to beat me again. It was just as exciting as the night before. although the pain was worse, partly because I was still hurting from the day before, and partly because I think Mistress was hitting me harder. She spoke more this time, and that made it even sexier for me, especially when she whispered in my ear while she pulled me by the hair back from the door, ‘Remember, you are just fuckmeat’. After a while I began to drift again, and Mistress decided to take me down from the cuffs. I think I was begging her to stop, but am not completely clear on the last bit. Mistress said I was trembling again, though once again I was not aware of it.

Mistress is so expert in her ability to dominate. The following night Mistress made me dress in a pink sissy dress, and called me ‘Cynthia’ for most of the night. I felt silly and humiliated being dressed that way, but I confess it was weirdly exciting to feel the nylon of the stockings and the silkiness of the panties and dress against my bare skin, and to know that Mistress had transformed me into a sissy for the evening. Mistress made me prepare and serve her meal, with me stumbling in high heels, and each time I entered the room she was very strict and authoritarian with me, which immediately began to push me down into subspace.

Later on, when we got into the dungeon, Mistress made me kneel and suck on a black latex dildo, forcing my head down onto it so that it pushed deep into my mouth and throat. Then Mistress made me stand and fitted a blindfold. She shoved me over a chair and pushed a vibrator dildo into me – I was not sure how to process the feelings as the vibrations were really strong and I could feel them deep inside me. After a while Mistress replaced the vibrator dildo with her strapon dildo. I felt utterly submissive as she was doing it as I felt that Mistress had complete control over my body. Then she started shoving her strapon in and out of my pussy harder and faster. I could hear her laughing as she was doing it, and more than anything that is when it most felt as though I was utterly unable to do anything but lie over the chair and have Mistress roughly use me that way. After a while Mistress made me get up. She pushed a dildo inside me again and made me sit on the chair. She stood over me and shoved the black dildo in and out of my mouth. Each time she shoved the cock deep into my mouth I reflexively moved back and felt the strapon cock sliding deeper into my pussy. Eventually, Mistress relented, and the session came to an end.

It was a wonderful weekend, I am already looking forward to seeing Mistress again. Being together in real life is so much better than just being together on SL, although I think our SL time is going to be so much more enriched now we have met in real life. This account has been about our Ds play. But we spent many happy hours just being together, and I hope Mistress enjoyed being with me even just half as much as I have loved being with her, and that this was the start of our happy ever after.

Two Way Street Part 2 by Anonymous

Two way street Pt.2

I could feel it. That gnawing, rising, tingling, hungrily smoldering fire pouring through every damned vein in my body. It felt as though my cock was coated in one of my Lady's more innovative torments all over again. This time however, it was simply searing need that kept me hard enough to have been carved from marble. My strength was failing me at this moment. My head rolled back defeatedly and meshed my hair with the carpet. Legs gripped lightly to one another, putting gentile pressure on the pistoning member still pounding between them. My eyes rolled back and gazed aimlessly across the room into nothingness.

Oh no, not yet. That glinting gaze caught the corner of my eye and without thinking I looked. I focused in and peered into the black inferno, wreathed in silver ice. The endless hunger for the most delectable entertainment silently roared forth demands for a better show. And that fear, the indecipherable momentary fear of even the slightest disappointment shivered down my spine. Before I'd even comprehended what I'd done, my body was moving autonomously.

Straining and elongating my arms, I writhed my way down further under my partner. I could hear a disappointed whine through panted breaths that my neck was now out of biting reach, and the scattered teeth marks could not be added to. The grip upon my wrists tightened as if anticipating some vain escape attempt. Laughable. The smirk of my face could have been the most malevolent I'd have ever expressed had it not been only visible to one unsuspecting nipple. Leaning forward, breath hissing from between teeth that would scarcely part in time for the grin I had, and within the boiling cauldron of my mouth his flesh was taken. Firm pressure ringed in sharp sentinels guarding against any sudden extraction. The tip of my tongue dancing around the areola tauntingly.

My knees twisted and rose, pushing his legs farther apart and making any further grinding of his drooling breast against my skin very difficult. The soft whimpers of surprise and anguish delighted our conductor, hinted at by the soft laughter in the distance. One hand left my wrist and reached down, hooking it's self under my knee and pushing my leg up flush with my stomach. He angled himself, aiming to thrust himself into me. But my hand was free and my mind was swimming with the need to please, the desire to fuck and the ceaseless hunger for some kind of sexual release. Fingers shot up and entangled themselves into any hair I could get a grip on, pulling him over to the side. The surprise and energy of it caught him off guard, and we once again switched positions. He was now on his back with knees up, and I was laying between them. One knee sat firmly on the floor, and the other was all that separated out stomachs.

The fall propelled me close enough that our eyes met, and desire overcame both of us for a moment. We kissed, violently. Hungry mouths gnashed teeth at each other in a maelstrom of passion. Slight hints of pain sparkled in the ocean of desire that poured from us both. He released my other wrist so I could prop myself up better, and he could get a better grip. Fingernails marred the so far unmarked white flesh of my arsecheek and left paler scratches in furrows of rose pink. My knee slipped form between us and feel aside his hip, and my body shifted to... Fuck... Right there.

The engorged head of his cock rested up against my puckered entrance and I now had nowhere to go. Our mouths parted, his teeth bared in anticipation caught my eye and all that could escape my mouth was a pitched gasp. It popped into my prepared little hole, still well lubricated from earlier... activities. Well, this contest would be no fun if we had to take time out to consciously apply all the necessary safeties now would it? My body tensed right up, and slowly sank down to sit upon his lap. Eyes glazed in defeat and breath held, taking in every sensation that prickled it's way up my spine.

The joy in finally being able to fuck something more than the heated void between our bodies was clearly audible in the noises accompanying every breath. His hips wasted no time in encouraging me to repeat this motion, and soon lifted us both only to sink down rapidly, and have my backside follow suit to sit back in his lap. Every re-sheathing of his cock within the bowels of my hungry body works whines and whimpers from my wordless mouth, and any resistance to this action melted away. All I could think of was the pleasurable sensation of fucking...

Craving by Matthew


It's in the nuanced way she seeps into his mind.
A slow dance they do, playful at first, but then clearly more orchestrated.
Each day bringing a new understanding to the word "craving."

Early on the boy finds it startling how the conversation can turn from something
so vanilla as discussing each others day, then without missing a beat
she asks "how hard is my cock?"
The boy feels his heart skip a beat and he doesn't even recognize the soft
distinguishable moan that has escaped his lips.
Already the craving, the desire the boy feels, is growing.

Each day her words are like seductive tendrils that slip deeper into the
dark recesses of the boy's willing mind.
Caressing his desires, stirring a need, long held dormant.

Throughout his work day, she is ever present in his mind.
The pink scrunchie around his hard, thick cock almost seems to vibrate under his dress slacks. Her enforced chastity crashes through his concentration continuously;
focused utterly and completely on her. Simultaneously he finds himself blushing and smiling at his current predicament.

Creating a need, a desire, such a craving to be close to her that
he writes her initials on his wrist and sends a picture to her from his phone.

She smiles at the surprise picture that popped up on her phone and texts back "good boy." Even across the vast distance between the two she elicits an audible "ohhhh" from him.

Daily, the cravings grow. The boy feels the sensation of floating, dropping,
as he slips into this most blissfully, vulnerable state.

Giving himself over to her now is such a natural, organic act.

Such a craving she has elicited in him.

Craving to please her.

Craving to be with this woman. This thoughtful, intelligent, complicated, sexy woman.

Craving to be her companion, her confidant. To be let inside her world.

Craving to be her bitch, her slut. Hers.

Several months later, she invites the boy into her study; taking him by the hand and leading him in after her, then as she settles into her chair she motions for him to kneel before her  She sees the intensity in his eyes, the quiet anticipation, his shallow breathing, and in his touch as he gently caresses his cheek along her legs as he kneels before her.

She strokes her hand along his face, then she nudges the boys chin up, her intense gaze meeting his eyes.

"It's been a few months now, since you and I started this dance..." she begins, the boy fully enraptured with her every word, nearly breathless. She starts again "and I am pleased with our journey thus far. Are you prepared to continue that journey with me?" Tracing her fingertips along his neck in achingly slow serpentine circles.

She nearly squirms in her chair, thinking of the boy. Her boy. How wonderfully he has submitted to her, the emotional stamina he exhibits, and how their lives are now so intertwined.  

She catches herself, a slight smile rising, and waits.

Slightly breathless, the boy whispers "I crave to be yours."

Submission by Anonymous

Up front, my apologies if this turns out to be long in length.

In the last couple of weeks, I've pondered what it means to be a sub, I've heard what it means to be a Domme, and I've thrown myself out to the wolves in a manner to better understand myself.

But throughout all of this, I've thought only little about what my true confession would be.... Not until tonight.... not until now.

As I think upon it, never has the princess by day, slut by night concept been more true in my life as it is now. I live a double life. There are the sights I allow those in my personal life see, and another that those who I only trust with my deepest darkest desires know. I'm an innocent guy, at least that's what most people see in me. I'm quiet, shy, reserved. I talk little and typically am lost in my own little world. That's not to say that I don't keep an eye upon my surroundings...

But I realize more and more as I delve into kink that that isn't everything to me. And I find myself yearning for something... more...

The deepest confession is my darkest sins. The desires that would make my relatives sick. It is the glorious sting of the whip and flogger, the loss of control at the hands of another, the screams and moans of the deepest throws of passion and lust, yeah.... we all have that dark side. But some more than others.

The more I descend in, the more I rise up. The more I find myself upon my knees, the more content I am to stay upon them. I find that our deepest desires lie upon the darkness of our souls, nay not they are dark, but that they are the very depths of which the human soul wants, Needs, LUSTS FOR to be filled with glorious light. And only in certain ways can they be filled. Ours just happen to lie on the more wild side of things.

It's taboo, reckless. It would alarm some people, and terrify others. But to fill a role as we do, simply takes a constitution that most people just don't have. They're frightened... frightened of my heretical behaviour.

They're frightened of me.

But they don't know it.

I wish to keep it that way...... for now.

All of You... You understand. You understand that this is who we are. You know how the world looks upon our savage delights. Oooo how wonderful they are..., but they shall never know because they fear it. We're different, and the world hates different. We lie outside the main stream, but somehow we revel in it.

And I start to understand it in the same way that I understand being a fur. It's just who I am... It's just who we are. In that I think is the deepest confession. Finding out who one is, and exposing it, enjoying it, not being ashamed for who I am, but instead to find those who understand and appreciate it.

It's that I've found here. It's why I keep coming back. The draw of friends who are willing to let one be who they are, there is no greater freedom. Freedom to be on my knees? To some that would seem more like a prison....

To me? It's the greatest freedom a sub could be honored with. That's my light in the darkness.

First Contact by Lady Lobbie

The train slowly pulls in to the station, I grab my bag and make my way to the doors taking a deep I breath in I step on to the platform. Scanning the people there I cannot see my boy amongst them.  Rubbing my temples I pull the handle on my case and make my way out of the station.
Stepping on to the pavement I see a café, Ah a nice cuppa just what I need I make my way in side and order, I find a quiet table and pull out all my paper work, as I sip my tea I look at the map working out where my hotel is seeing that it is quite a distance I think it will be better to take a taxi. Suddenly my phone vibrates on the table picking it up I see that it is my boy calling, wrinkling my nose I decline the call. Sipping my tea I try to relax but my head is spinning, I rub my temples again finishing my tea I make my way to the taxi rank I had seen at the station, my phone vibrates again looking it is a voice mail I decide to hear it when I get to my hotel.
Arriving at my hotel 10 min later I get out. Entering the doors I head to the desk giving my name I’m handed the card for the door. I make my way to the room placing my case I flop down on to the bed; pulling out my phone I dial the number for my voice mail.
Beep “Hello Mistress.” I hear the sound of my boy’s voice. “I’m so sorry I was not at the station when your train arrived, the road I would normal take was closed so it took me a lot longer to get there than I had planned. By the time I had arrived you had gone. I can only apologise. I know I should have given myself more time. I hope to hear back from you.” Click the message ends I close my eyes for a moment and shake my head and mutter “men” under my breath. Dialling his number he answers on the first ring “Mistress I’m….” “Stop right there.” I say cutting him off. “I forgive you mine, I have arrived safe if not a little tiered and I’m currently at the hotel, now would you like to join me here?” I ask “Oh.” He gasps slightly. “Yes please Mistress I would like that very much.” I give him the address. I pick up my case and start unpacking.

15 min later the room phone rings. I pick it up. “Hello, this is reception we have a Mr Grey here for you.”  The voice on the other end tells me. “Can you ask him if he’d like to come up? If he does send him to my room.”  I tell the voice “He says he would love to and is on his way.” A few moments later there is knock on the door. “Enter I call out its open.”  I’m sat on the bed as he enters the room he smiles at me and without a word kneels at my feet. I wrap my arms around him and he does the same to me. I look deeply into his eyes before kissing him hard thrusting my tongue in to his mouth I hear him moans a little as we kiss. Pulling away I smile “Hello mine.”  He swallows hard catching his breath. “Hello Mistress.” We stay for a moment like that. “Now, I say to him to address your lateness.” I open the top draw and pull out a paddle, Jeans and undies off.” I command him with he does without hesitation.  “Bend over the bed.” Is my next instruction to him, he is bent over the bed his bare ass on show. “So mine just how late were you?” I ask. “10 min at most Mistress I promise.”  He tells me “So 10 you were late 15 I had to wait here 10 it took me to get here so we missed out on 35 min together because of your lateness. So I think I will spank you 35 times.”  He nods his head and I get to work on his ass the redness in his checks building nicely. Soon enough I reach 35 and the tension in my head as gone.  I rub some cream in to his ass and he moans in pleasure. I ask him to sit on the bed and as he does I see he has an erection. He blushes as he sees that I have noticed pushing him back on the bed he gasps. Lifting my skirt I pull off my black lace panties tossing them on to his face I climb on to him pinning him down, kissing him hard and deep I slide my wet vagina on to his hard throbbing penis he grunts softly his hips thrusting to mine. I fuck him hard and fast until I finally reach my climax panting deeply he looks in to my eyes “Mistress…. Please may I cum.” he begs, looking down at him I smile. “Only after I do again.” Now rocking slowly my hands move to my breasts, teasing my nipples and caressing my breasts I rock and bounce slowly on his cock. He bites his lip and I smile letting my climax build s l o w l y making him wait for his. After 45 min I finally give in and orgasm again my juices soaking his cock. I hear him grunt and see his face flush as he cums. I collapse on to him and smile and kiss him softly then whisper. “Good boy and thank you mine.” And as I drift off to sleep I hear “Your welcome and Thank you Mistress. I love you.”


Heat by Lady Dalia

Nothing is hotter than the sound of my hand on bare flesh, spanking, feeling skin tighten and lift to meet you, a dance of heat, desire and sound.  No tool could ever replace the hand for intimacy, caressing, teasing, demanding.  Every hand is unique and only my touch speaks of me, lingering over red skin to be remembered..  Dalia

The Point by Anonymous

The point.

She stared at him.  He was such a beautiful sight.  Naked, on his back on the bed, his feet cuffed to his ankles.  He was probably expecting that she would use the strap-on, as she had on so many other occasions.  But not tonight, she had something else planned entirely.   She smiled to herself as she inspected her work.  Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest.  Her nerves were tingling with nervous anticipation.  They had talked about this, his desire to have it done, her desire to try it.  It wasn’t something most people would consent to, or have an interest in, but that was ok, they both knew that they were far different from other people.

Slowly her fingers trailed from his ankle to his knees, her nails dragging against his skin.  A delicious shiver ran across his body at her touch.  She continued to run her nails over his skin digging in a times, leaving bright red lines over various parts of his body.  He wiggled and moved, unable to keep still or silent as she laughed and dug her fingernails in harder.  She was at times gentle and playful, tickling his sides, making him squirm.  The entire time; telling him what a good slut he was, and she was going to have fun with her filthy whore.

Earlier in the day she had prepared her surprise.  How difficult it was not to let on, to keep it a secret.  She was so excited to play with him, to do this that she spent hours dreaming about it, planning.  From the first time he mentioned it, she had fantasized about what it would be like.  What it would feel like.  She had no doubts it would turn him on.  He would be hard and aching long before she even got to what she had planned.  She’d told him they would do something new today, but not exactly what.

This particular activity didn’t seem to have any special safety equipment to sort out.  She’d researched, watched videos, spoke to others online that had tried it.  “Keep it clean” was really the only advice she’d had.  So she took due diligence, and make sure all the tools were sterile as possible.  Other than the tools and lube, all she had was an ice cold damp hand towel, which she’d taken from the fridge and placed over his face, both to shock him a bit and to keep him from watching her as she worked.

Reaching down she wrapped her hand gently around his balls.  He jumped a bit at first, uncertain as to the intent of her touch.  She smiled quietly to herself at his tensing and whispered in her low, soft voice “Relax, Mine”, which he did at the comforting tone of her words.  As she felt the weight of him, the soft, stretchy skin in her warm hands, he started to harden for her.  Taking a steel cock ring, she slid it down his shaft and began working his balls through it.  The harder he got, the more difficult it would be to put that on.  After working his balls through it, she gave his genitals a nice tug while pushing the ring against his body to be certain nothing was pinching, and to know it was on securely.  She chuckled as her boy groaned and became fully erect.

She stroked his shaft a bit, running her thumb up and down the length of him pressed against the back of his shaft.  Swirling the pad of the finger against then up and over the tip of him.  His soft moans of pleasure and quiet “Thank you, Mistress” being the only encouragement she needed.  She continued touching him right until she began to notice just a slight bit of pre ooze from the tip of him.  “That’s my slut, good boy” she told him, in a light playful voice.  A breathless “Yes, Mistress” his only reply.

She uncovered the tray she’d had on the bed with them, and looked over the lube and the small assortment of thin, perfect 27 gauge sterile needles that she’d ordered special for this occasion.  Yes, they’d played with needles before.  But not like today.  No, today she was going to do something new. She had his consent; the blindfold was more to keep him calm.  Taking a bit of sterile lube she covered the top of his shaft in it, making him even impossibly harder for her.  The slickness of it against her warm fingertips, making her fingers slide deliciously over him, making her chuckle and he groaned even louder.  No doubt he was thinking she would ride him.

Luckily he was quite veiny when rock hard.  This made it easy to mark his shaft with red and black sharpie.  Red for blood vessels to avoid.  Black for where to place the pins.  No doubt he could not tell what she was doing, and was a bit confused by feel of the pen.  Once marked to her liking, she tossed the pens back on the tray.  She leaned forward and whispered in her boy’s ear in her most demanding, velvety voice “Are you ready, my darling boy?”  There was of course only one answer when she prompted him in this way.  “Yes Mistress” was the nervous reply.

Slowly she tore the first needle from its package.  It’s plastic gray bottom in her fingers.  She pinched some skin at the base of his penis and let him know “You’re going to feel a slight pinch on your penis…” and using the plastic end for leverage she slid the needle quickly through the pinched skin.  Her boy gasped loudly “Holy Fuck!” he yelped as his body went rigid.  To his credit, he remained rock hard.  She opened another pin and ran it through the skin of his cock right above the first.  Her boy groaning with each prick.  The more needles she ran through his skin, the more pre-cum leaked from his shaft.  He’d figured out what was happening, and was just as excited as she was.

After 27 pins, she removed the towel covering his face, which was no longer chilled, now being as warm as his face.  Allowing him to lean up slightly and look at her beautiful handiwork, he stared at his hard, dripping penis in awe.  It was nearly outlined with the little grey nubs that were the signature back end of the needles.  Gingerly she ran her fingertips over the top of his shaft, his cock jumping with the touch of her.  “It’s so sensitive, my Mistress” he said reverently, with complete awe for what he was witnessing.  She unlocked one of his wrists from its cuff so her boy could touch it.  Which he did, wide eyed and maybe even with a bit of fear.

“So my boy, you think I could get you to come with all those pins in?” she said with a wicked bit of laughter.  His voice shaking slightly “I’m sure my Mistress, you could do anything to me…”