Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gloria Into The Labyrinth by Doc

Gloria led him down the garden path.  She had an imperious attitude and an indifference that was off-putting – until people got to know her.  Then they either hated her, or followed her like the children of Hamlin behind the Pied Piper.  She would lead those brave enough or foolhardy enough to follow her off to a cave – perhaps the entrance to a labyrinth -- never to be seen again.  At least in not in Hamlin….

He was one of the enchanted.

And after being seduced into a trance, he awoke to find his mind was no longer exclusively his.  Neither was his body, totally naked.  It was real.  The When he glanced into a mirror, he peered at a familiar face. It looked as it always did.  Real.  But -- when he closed his eyes and let his mind wander, he found himself in a labyrinth.  Happy but lost. Confused.  He was inside of a dream -- called ever further into its twisting passages.  He was wandering, lost inside his mind, his convoluted cavernous spirit.  And he was there with Gloria.

He thought of Dante’s trips through the realms of the Great Beyond: to Heaven, to Purgatory, to Hell.  But Gloria was no innocent Beatrice; she didn’t have an ounce of innocence in her.  Still, he followed.  Into the labyrinth.  Enchanted.

She played a pipe and the tune was hypnotic.  She played his pipes.  He danced to the tune.
“If this is slavery,” he thought, “I am content with slavery.”  He knew he might be betrayed, or find himself face to face with something he couldn’t cope with deep inside the twisting passages.  He prayed she wasn't leading him to a Minotaur.  Somehow, he trusted her.

His life had always been a journey.  He was always on a trail.  He had seldom found anyone he cared to travel with.  And then – Gloria.  She looked at him, sized him up, questioned him a bit, listened to him for a while and then uttered two simple words: “Follow me!”

He did.  And he was still doing so.

Into the heart of darkness, perhaps.  On that famous highway: The Road to Perdition.  Maybe.  But he’d never visited the town of Perdition.  Not yet.  Perhaps that’s where Gloria was leading him.  It really didn’t matter.

He gazed at her buttocks, down her thighs to her slim ankles.  There, on a gold chain was a single key.  She had possession.  He was hers.

Breathe Me In by Anonymous

I reach that space
The line between conscious and make believe
Drunken haze cut my sharp reality
Torn dreams and bent mentality
The skewed view that occupies my mind
In the time she occupies my body

I become something else
her feverish re-imagination of my form
shifting moment to moment with fluidic desires
reforging in the fires of her unquenched lust
for the control she already has

She tears at my skin
wanting to break me open and crawl inside
mess with the very fibers of my being
strum at them as if playing me like her musical instrument
taunting from me the exquisite noises that spell out the symphony of her fantasy.

Wet tears, bare fears, sweaty palms
she appears
deep inside my mind
Taking away my sense of self
giving me a sense of purpose
giving me a sense of ownership
that's all I become

in the hot heated moments of this painful playtime
wrenching at my understanding of how the world works
I enter hers
her world
where every moment she seeks to tear me apart
into invisible atoms of pure submission
and breathe me in.

An Exquisite Corpse Part 2

by: Bambi, Eli, Susannah, Joracus, Summer and Nej
Edited by Nej

I crept silently along the dark, damp wall, looking furtively around me, searching.  I had heard there was a Femdom here, but the place appeared to be in ruins.  The moon was high and the light shown softly over the crumbing castle, casting long shadows.  The grounds were overgrown and deserted; cicadas chirped loudly in the background, creating a loud hum.  As I slowly circled the ruins, working my way steadily toward the center of the demolished castle, I heard faint rustling behind me, barely audible over the roar of the cicadas; the air was still and cold. My pace quickened, heart pounding.  I jumped over the low, rock wall, crouching down, praying I wasn't being followed.  Suddenly a cold blast of air ripped through the night and then -- everything went still.  I peeked slowly over the cold, rock wall searching for someone, anyone. As I scanned the grounds a shadow flitted across the night sky.  I squinted looking closer. “What was that?” I thought silently to myself.  I inched forward, craning my neck to get a better look and suddenly a woman materialized in front of me.  She was a translucent shape, clad in leather, dark hair pulled back severely; these accentuated her angular features and pale skin.  A long, leather bull whip hung from her right hand.  Her thigh high boots shone in the moonlight.  She stared at me.  Then, moving closer, she leaned in and whispered, “Follow me slut, I know what you’re here for.”

I stared back at her and I felt the anger rising. I took a step back in shock. In all my years as a musician in Second Life, no one has ever greeted me with such insulting words. Then I heard her shout "Get on your knees, bitch ".  I managed to say, "Excuse me, are you talking to me?  I was invited here to play music at an event and is this how you treat visitors?" She shouted again:  "I told you once, slut: men kneel here!" I spoke. "What? Listen, Lady, I am a respected musician and I certainly did not come here to be insulted like this".

She sighed softly and her gaze never left my face. “I don’t think you know why you came here, boy. In fact, I don’t think you know the first thing about who…or WHAT…you really are.” The look on her face was beginning to scare me – it was almost…predatory. “Look," I said, "let’s just forget this whole thing! I’ve clearly made a mistake.” I turned and strode toward the door, only to find my way blocked by the most massive person I had ever seen, holding a very large bull-whip. I heard her chuckle softly behind me as I stumbled to a halt.

I spun around quickly looking behind myself, only to find nothing there. I looked around, violently, trying to find the source of the noise: a chuckle. Beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I got more and more nervous. It happened again. Again the chuckle.  Spinning around once more I saw it, standing there now in front of me.  I was staring blankly.

I froze, feeling icy cold hands gently stroking my neck. I attempted to wrestle away from those hands -- but they wouldn't have it. As I writhed, they steadily became firmer, almost monastic in their grip. Sharpened fingernails reminded me to be still. As I tried to control my breathing, my mind raced ahead. Who is this behind me?  Who is that chuckling fool in front of me? Perhaps they are friends. While reaching out to the amorphous being in front of me I thought I detected the glimmer of a tear. I said: "Lady, would you like a drink?"

"I would not." She leaned back in her chair, regarding me coldly. I shivered. "Boy, I don't think you truly understand why you are here..".  I replied: "L...ady? Am I not here to serve you?" She laughed a cruel laugh as she stood and slowly approached where I now cowered on the floor. Leaning down she tipped my face back and ran a fingernail down my cheek, the pointed toe of her boot pressing against my naked cock. "Oh, you will serve me, boy!" I screamed as she placed a cold, metal collar closed tightly around my throat, chain attached. Cold laughter echoed in the chamber as she dragged me to the stone slab and chained me to it. She was not gentle, and my sobs of pain and my pleas for mercy were greeted with a broad grin.  It never reached her eyes. "Scream as loud as you want, boy!  Only the ghosts will hear you!" Then I felt the cold steel of a dagger -- opening my flesh, my warm blood dripping down my side. "You see boy, you will serve me -- with your life." She gestured with her blade to the far end of the room. To my growing horror I saw the ghosts of subs long thought to be exiled coming to claim me.  As a brother!

A Different Time by Hypno

There is a different type of time on SL -- a time where reality is wiped a way . A strange reality that we crave. A still stretching of society that seeps in. A time away from work, away from worry -- into this abyss that they call SL. It's so different and yet so familiar: those times when we think we can get away from it all -- so happily.  Most of us are on our knees whereas the Dominas all perch on their chairs. All and all in the same boat on some level. Consider that a) much like me you're a grunt trying to get a little sliver of what you hold dear; b) you find yourself moving into some sort of alternative of perception; C) you're in a new surrounding that you can't fathom; or D) all of the above. We are all indeed a part of this reality, this essence of perception. As we come through time and have both positive and negative experiences we all come back to this juncture. We think of it all day, all week, a couple of times a month and it's different then we perceived . We make SL something special each time when we log in. We all make a difference. -- This is just a writing . A glimpse into what crossed my mind.  After sitting all day in a chair waiting to come online. Pulsing pounding hunger racing through my veins....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I Live For by Anonymous

That Gleam,
That Sigh,
That Moan,
That Cry,

That Glimmer,
That Fear,
That Arch,
That Tear,

That Pleading,
That Begging,
That Screaming,
That Needing,

That Freedom,
That Release,
That Bliss,
That Peace.

The Assistant - Party XIII - The VIP by Lady Crissy

          [Note:  In our last segment of The VIP,  aaron was attending to Miss Night's VIP client, the Mayor, while the two of them chatted over business.  Much to his surprise, the Mayor was about to allow him to give her a foot rub... but not with his hands....]


I chuckled as aaron fumbled to get a good position and begin, his cock already hard as a rock.  I handed Helena the contract I had drafted, and she accepted it with a smile.

"Oh, aaron?" I began with a wry smile, watching his face turn to me.  "I have something for you before you begin."  I stood and walked back over to my desk, opening the top drawer.  I took out a small black velvet bag.  I walked back over with it and stood above aaron, who was looking very nervous.   He was always so excited about my surprises.

I slid a hard silver case out of the bag and opened it, taking out a very gleaming stainless steel cock plug..  I showed it to my guest, cradling it in my palm.  I chuckled to myself as I presented it to her like a fine wine and watched her smile wickedly and nod in approval.   I leaned down and took aaron's pecker in my hand and slowly inserted the device. It had a pretty little bulb on the end of it, looking like a very small metal wine cork in an amusing way.  Well, it was amusing to me, and that was all that counted.  aaron whimpered as it slid into place and shuddered.

"Now, that's much better,"  I commented.  "It wouldn't do for you to make a mess in front of our guest now, would it?"   I stood and looked down at the slut, now plugged at both ends as his face and neck again flushed red.

"No, Miss Night,"  aaron replied, his voice deep and breathy, his eyes beginning to shine with that blissful state of surrender I enjoy so much.

I watched aaron begin his task then as she read, and I went back to take my seat.  I could hear aaron trying hard to not make noises and watched Helena break only a bit of focus on her reading to stroke aaron's hair gently as she reviewed the document.  By the time she was done reading, aaron was panting lightly and trembling, but still rubbing his cock along her very well manicured feet.

"This looks perfect,"  Helena stated with noticeable relief and satisfaction in her voice, handing the document back to me.

"Fantastic!"  I responded, taking the papers and replacing them on the table in front of me.  "I will fax it to you after I've added a few small details for your approval."

I turned my attention to the slut at her feet.  "aaron, that's enough.  You are such a whore,"  I ordered and watched him stop and slide back from her feet.

"Yes, Miss Night,"  he croaked, lowering his eyes.

My guest looked at the boy and tilted her head, then she looked over at me.  "He did very well,"  she commented, nodding.  "May I?"

I nodded with assent and I watched her bend down, taking the plug between her fingers and pause.  The whimpering started again right away.  That, and the squirming.  I heard her laugh.

"I think our guest would like to hear some of that signature begging of yours that we heard earlier, slut, "  I suggested with a smirk.

"Mmmhmm... "  Helena responded, tapping the plug with a lacquered nail.  aaron made a choking sound.  His whole body stiffened.

It came out in a torrent.   Lots of "Please, Miss!"  and strangled noises.  She kept up the steady tapping on the surgical steel. I even heard some squeaking, and a what sounded a little like a cat after its tail has been stepped on  When she finally tugged and pulled the plug on the performance, so to speak.... there was a totally different type of torrent.   I rolled my eyes as aaron screamed like a bitch and messed the carpet.

My guest was laughing hard and placed the plug on the glass table with a small clink before standing.   Her laugh made it all worth the price of a carpet cleaning bill.  aaron was still at her feet, panting and seeming close to fainting, cumming his brains out.

I stood as well and stepped closer to and then around aaron, hugging her tight. My guest spoke first.  "Well, I never thought that I would be laughing as a part of resolving this matter.  I've been so focused on doing the right thing.... "  She was smiling wide, and I had not seen this carefree smile in some time from her.

I took her hands and spoke, "I know that sophia means a lot to you. She's been Yours since before you came into office.  The fact that you want to adopt her child so that you can raise her together is wonderful. I'm so happy for the both of you to take this step. It's my pleasure to help,"

I looked down at aaron next. He was looking more composed, but sheepish.  "Get to cleaning up, slut!", I instructed.  "I'm not planning on being her all night."   I watched him stand slowly and move to the closet.

I walked Helena out of the office and to the elevators, "Go get 'em!"  was all I said to her (with a smile) as the elevator doors closed.  The fact that I would support her in the coming election went without saying.  I walked back to my office in time to see that aaron was almost done cleaning the carpet.  "That's enough, boy.  Take the other plug out and get dressed.  I am taking you out to dinner."

He paused and looked up at me. "McDonald's again Miss?" aaron said.

"Tsk,   Don't I always let you get the Happy Meal?  You are so ungrateful." I pretended to scold.   aaron grinned and got up, carrying his clothes with him to change in the adjoining bathroom.  I began to shut things down, securing, then locking,  the documents in my cabinet.  I yelled to aaron, as I began to walk out of the office  "I will meet you down in the garage, slut!"

As I walked past aaron's desk to the elevators, I ran a fingertip lightly over the little plastic toys all lined up on his desk.  Then I smiled a bit.  

The End.

Something Beautiful by Sillien

She scraped the bottom of one shoe along his cheek; the other pressed down on his balls. The sight of her squirming and wriggling sub brought a smile to Lynn’s face. She bent over and laughed right in his.

 “Look at you, bitch. Do you know how pathetic this looks?” The toe of her shoe slipped into his mouth, slowly fucking it. “My God, you are such a little whore. You love every minute of this.” There was no way of knowing what he was trying to say with his mouth stuffed like that. It amused the Lady nonetheless. “That’s enough of that, I think. We’ve had you well-stuffed, little slut.” She lifted her foot to tap at the exposed nub of his butt plug.  "And now I do believe that it’s my turn.”

His eyes locked onto her legs as she took slow strides to the dresser. Her hand slid in, and out came the face dildo. She shoved the nub in his mouth and tightened it around his face. Her face lit up as she smacked the rubber penis back and forth. Muffled yelps barely escaped his lips. The room grew dark as her thighs then wrapped around his head, her fragrant cunt lowering to the tip. Her body shivered as she slid down its length, her clit touching his nose.

 Lynn reached back to take hold of his nipples while she rode the fake cock secured to face. Her nails dug in. She tugged. Twisted. Pulled. His yelps pushed her to ride faster; his nose pressed against her clit -- bringing her ever closer. Making her moan. Making her thighs squeeze tighter until, finally.....  Finally, it all flowed out of her. She sat there and breathed for a minute before sliding off, looking him in the eyes.

 “You are such a dirty little thing, slut. Get yourself cleaned off and come to me in the living room.”

 All he could do was nod, the rubber dildo bouncing up and down.


 They sat on the couch afterwards. Just talking. Holding each other with a bowl of strawberries in front of them.

 “Stop laughing!” She flicked his nose with her index finger. “There’s nothing funny about wanting to be a doctor!”

 Danny couldn’t stop. “I’m sorry! It’s just… hard to imagine you swearing an oath to do no harm, you know? That would seriously cramp your sex life…”

 He got a punch in the shoulder for that comment and she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “Fine. It’s your turn. What did you always want to be, Mister smartypants?”

 He looked away from her, his hand reaching up to stroke his chin.


 “No, I want you to lie to me.”

 He chuckled and nodded. “ I’s nothing specific. I just always wanted to be…”

 He paused for a long while as he tried to find the right words. His eyes looked nowhere in particular, with that thousand-yard stare quality to them.

 “Have you ever looked at a perfect sunset? The kind where you have clouds scattered about and it looks like the sun has set the sky is on fire and it’s enough to almost make you want to cry? Or heard a song that you couldn’t help but play over and over again because of how it made you feel, even if it was almost unbearably sad but just so full of emotion that you felt compelled to keep going? Maybe you’ve been to Niagara in late winter, and seen the falls frozen over. Thousands of gallons of water rushing over the ice without end.”

 He looked back at her.

 “I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to be anything concrete. It’s never been about what I did for a living. I have always just wanted to be...something beautiful. That’s it.”

 Lynn took a deep breath.

 “And yet you like…”

 “Being told that I’m a dirty little slut? That I exist to serve a Lady like yourself?” He smiled and shrugged. “It’s good to have some perspective.”

 She leaned over and pulled him in, cheek to cheek.

Miss Fawna's Story With My Puppy by Lady Fawna

I keep imagining you under my feet at the board meeting...I miss being naughty and playing with you when I should be working. I love to have you under my feet, me stepping on and squishing you. You know that is where you belong. Squished under my beautiful feet and your cock and balls between my toes. I want my puppy nice and hard. Bound and made to suffer for my pleasure. Teased and denied my ass on your face.

I straddle you and your tongue is just out of reach for a taste. That is where I want you to be. I desire to spoil my prince...because I am your Queen. I am your everything. I am your home. When you kneel  before me you is at peace.  The collar slipping around your neck grounds you.

Sometimes I can't stop thinking about how much you cum when I finally let you release. I love having you in cock bondage, seeing you so tight and purple. I love to have you on the ground before me as I sit on the throne, using you as my foot rest, sipping my drink as you pant and ache for me.  With just a press of my heel you are under my control completely. My one high heel presses firmly against your chest as the other one presses against your cock and balls. That's when you make 'the face'. That face! I love to see that agony -- your mouth wide open in a silent scream. I love to see your eyes desperately searching for my gaze, and then the relieved look on your face when I lighten up my hold.  That's when I love to see 'that' smile. You know then that you are fucked completely. You are going nowhere.  You can't understand why to take this torture from me -- but you do.

I order you to worship me, loving how your lips feel on the tops of my feet, against my tight calves, and then on my smooth thighs. I want your face between my hips.

I adore sitting on you, owning you completely, smothering you with my sex. You are such an obedient boy. I love to make you nothing more than a mindless chair for me...a quiet foot rest...a hungry and eager puppy...  You are just a mound of clay -- to become whatever I desire you to be.

The best is when we miss each other over long periods of time apart. We begin to crave each other's touch. I know you love being craved by me. I fantasize about having you with me. Tied to my bed. Laid out completely for me. Having you in total restraint so I can tease and torture you to my heart's content. I wish to make you my play thing.  My little toy. My treasure. Then I dream of devouring you for hours. For days. For weeks. Owning you completely. Thinking of that makes me very wet.

I love to look down at you as you kneel before me, your collar hanging where it belongs.  I love to pull you to my breasts.  Holding you between them.  I drag my freshly painted nails up your back. I love it when you beg -- to be mine. I love how you beg --for me to tell you more.  For me to describe what I want to do with you.

I love how denying you release make your harder; how my words connect deeply with you. And in those moments you are my possession. You are mine.  Mind, body and spirit. I control you completely. There is no escape. You are 100% owned my me. My little puppy being stretched, crushed, smothered and milked and subject to all the delicious torturous pleasures I desire. All to please me.

You belong to me in so many perverse ways. I love the long and slow delicious agony I give you with my wickedly evil and heavenly blow-jobs. I love it when you give me your "tribute" of pre-cum. I love to make you dizzy and drippy, trembling with anticipation. You need this, and you need me to take you there. I am the only one who knows how to destroy you and build you back up. And I so love controlling you with your CB device.  Holding you. Preventing you from having a full erection.  Binding you in place. Leaving you no room for release.

Truth be told, though, the one thing I miss the most is -- your kiss. That sweet connection we have when our lips meet and our passion takes over. When you grab my hair, and hold my body.  When you show me your animalistic side! .I can't begin to tell you how much that turns me on because.... Because in the end I know you will submit to me. I let you show me your Dominant side because I love knowing that I can and will bring a man like you to your knees, knowing I am the one who contains that power.  It feels amazing. It's these images that fill my dreams.

What I don't tell you is that YOU are my fantasy.  That YOU are my pleasure. That I treasure everything that makes you who you are:  your nerdy movie trivia, your obsession with comic books, your hippy and groovy way of seeing the world, your mischievous Hans-Solo-scoundrel attitude.  And your amazing, colorblind, open, generous, peaceful, and beautiful heart.  These are what please me.

Lost Loves, Found Loves by Anonymous

There are all kinds of Loves: old loves, new loves, good loves, bad loves, comfortable loves and exciting loves.

Over our lives we experience them all, and all of them make each of us more complete persons. Our loves inspire us, anger us, excite us, bore us, enlighten us, and frustrate us. Unfortunately love is not everything we need to create a lasting relationship. We need time together, time apart, flexibility, respect, trust and most importantly letting each other "be me". There are times it becomes evident that we find ourselves in a place that has become dangerous. Sometimes we can make little changes to our behaviors, to our goals or to our needs, freshening up a relationship.  We use that flexibility required to shore up our love. Sometimes it is impossible to make the changes -- unless one person changes who they are in a huge way. Oft times those changes make a relationship untenable; the change required will make one of us into a new person.  Too incompatible or needing changes so great that none of the persons involved are able to flex that much... Then we have a lost love.

Lost loves are painful, emotional, frustrating, and sometimes debilitating. Yet they are often times the most valuable of experiences -- because they become a source  of immense personal growth. When all parties realize and accept that things must change there something comes into being as valuable as a love and that is a treasured friendship. When not everyone can accept necessary change it becomes difficult. It can easily result in the need for a permanent split from each other's company. Almost everyone experiences this kind of ending. Would that everyone would experience the former kind of ending as well.    

We all also experience found loves. The excitement, allure, confusion, doubt, and personal growth found in this kind of love are treasures. Some of these loves burn with the fire of a supernova -- rapidly expending the energy they contain within and so hastening their ending. Some of these loves burn for years, only to unexpectedly explode as some fuse ignites explosives hidden beneath the sand. Some of these found loves grow and burn for decades, dying a natural death at the end of their years.

One can rarely tell which kind of love one has found at their beginning. The intentions of all parties usually is to burn for decades -- ending naturally. Life is rarely that easy!  In the end all a person can do is be him or herself.  Love unconditionally.   Work to grow one's love.  Endure whatever fate may bring.                                                                      

Grieve No Longer by Anonymous

What is a sub without a Domme?
Why must I feel I have no purpose?
What is a bird without it's song?
Why does your absence make me nervous?

When you left you took myself
What is smoke without a fire?
When can one redefine them self?
What is life without desire?

When I talk with those that care.
What is a mistake without forgiveness?
When I slowly open up to share.
What is a cure without a sickness?

What once bled now slowly heals.
What is a tear without a sadness?
What kept me down is lifted off.
What is sane without some madness?

When torn and broken, fresh from the fall.
What we were is what has made us.
When friends come to your unspoken call.
When care makes us courageous.

What is a Domme?
The creator and destroyer.
What is a Domme?
The blacksmith of hearts and souls.
What is a Domme?

Boy Toy by Doc

Boy Toy

Tick tock
Went the clock
“What are you doing right now?”
… She giggled.

Click clack
“No more slack!”
“Now you won’t do that again!
…She angrily shouted!

Boo hoo
She watched as it grew
“Maybe later,” she chortled.
… She laughed aloud.

Moo moo
“Now do that again!”
“I like when you talk like a cow!”
… She grinned.

Shhh.. shhh
And then, oh so gently
She walked out the door
… And vanished.


A Laughing Domme by Lady Avila

Last Thursday I had my second play-date as a domme. It was then that I found out that I really am a sadist. And one who loves to laugh.

I placed some clothespin clamps on his skin. He really made funny faces with the pain they gave him. My mood got better every clamp I placed upon him. This fun -- before what I really wanted to do -- was almost too much.

I started giggling as I took my rope flogger and with that rope flogger started to flog those clamps off of his body. (Of course is it hard if one is not yet used to using a whip!) He wasn't used to this

But I am talking about me. When I did miss several times those swats did hurt him; he made the funniest sounds -- which made me laugh even more -- the result: I missed more and more clamps.

The last little terrible clamp was a tough one. I tried several times but kept missing.  The damn thing didn´t let go -- until my sub turned his head and took it off with his mouth.  In pure despair!

At that I rolled on the floor -- laughing. That is me: a laughing domme.


A Domme's Wet Dream: Two Voices by Lady Danika

by Danika Stonesoul

I am half asleep. I know this but I do not fight to wake up. I am in that beautiful half-state where you 'feel' your dreams... are aware... can remember.

And I have a cock.

In My dream I am standing in the middle of a dark, luxurious room and one wall is lined with mirrors. It is warm and I am nude. The walls are painted a deep plum color and there is a black couch in the center.  I hear a knock and he comes in, kneels at the foot of the couch, and then sets his forehead against the floor -- in supplication.  I know he is waiting for me.

I cross the room in a few easy strides. I am not a man. I am still myself, still a woman. But I have cock.... thick, hard, and pulsing with need. And even in this half awake state of dreaming I take in a slow, shaky breath and arch my body slightly, like a wave going from my toes all the way up. I start to pant very softly.

I stop in front of him and move around to sit on the couch, my legs straddling his large body. He is not a small man after all. He looks upward, inclining his head.  I lean down down and let My lips graze his collar.  He moans.

"Suck me," I say.

He hesitates, but only for a moment., and I gasp at the feeling of moist warmth on My skin. I coo, and hear him let out a small aroused whimper as his lips surround My cock, his tongue flattening along the underside and then pulling back to flick at the head.  I feel the pressure build, the tingling sensation in the back of my throat and along my jaw, and I lean my head back as he teases me.  I feel the suction stop a moment as he blows cool air over that hot trail left by his tongue and I shiver and look back down.

Our eyes lock and he goes back to kissing along my slender thighs before taking My cock back into his mouth. I moan softly at the feel of his tongue on My cock. Though My legs tremble slightly I lean forward to push my fingers into his hair. "That's it, boy.  Suck me."

I buck hard and cum hard. And in my half dream state My fingers wander down to curl into the folds of My pussy and flick against the pink bud between the lips.  I cum in real life too and wet My fingers with My cum. He is lying next to me.

He rolls over and I stick My fingers in his mouth.


The Companion Piece: Her submissive’s Dream
by Jordan Wolfe (jordan.enchanted)

I wander as if in a dream…the senses and textures, sights and sounds and scents of the place are all too real; and yet, it seems, born of my imaginings.

A doorway stands before me and, as i have been so well trained to do, i knock politely before daring to enter.  The door pushes open, soundlessly, and i move into the dimness of the room beyond.

Mistress is there – standing in the middle of a room lined with mirrors and flooded with the soft, flickering light of a fire…and candles have been placed all about.  Her body glows, lit by  gentle tongues of illumination that caress Her.   She is naked…beautiful…a Goddess in corporeal form.  She commands the space, Her confidence emanates across it in a way that twists my stomach, not unpleasantly, in my desire to serve and please Her.

And…She has a cock.

I move to my appointed spot, at the foot of the black leather sofa in the center of the room.  I kneel for Her, and lean forward to place my forehead on the floor.  And i wait.

She moves, the soft padding of Her bare feet the only sound in the room, beyond the softly crackling fire. My own breath sounds too loud in my ears.  i feel Her closeness as She moves before me – sense Her long, shapely thighs framing me in my supplication.  i dare to look up, finding Her there. Her posture is one of command and desire, and the swollen member – that should, but does not quite seem foreign to Her body – stands erect, rooted in the soft plumes of pubic hair at the V of Her legs.  She leans down, perhaps to scold me for rising from my slave position.  Her lips are close to my ear. Her breath is warm on my skin.  Her soft kiss graces my collar.

“Suck me”, She says, in a voice that leaves me with no uncertainty as to Her will.

I glance up, as if to plead my case.  Her look dissuades me from any attempt at negotiation.  I am at once repulsed by Her demand, yet at the same time i want only to please Her.  The chasm is closed by my recognition that this:  that Her cock and Her desire are a part of Her, just as i am a part of Her.  I am Hers; the debate in my mind is quickly decided.  I move forward, and my lips and tongue find Her.  Her flesh, rigid and throbbing…Her hips, pushing forward slightly in Her urgency and want; Her fingertips finding and gently guiding me as i close my lips around Her thick cock.

The strangeness fades as She begins to move and moan as i service Her. It is Her taste in my mouth – Her skin, Her essence and Her scent -- as strong and as evocative as always.   My desire grows as i feel Her respond, Her body quavering with lust, Her fingers closing to grasp my hair as i please Her with my mouth.  I kiss her thighs and i blow cool air on Her swollen cockhead, and then  i close on her again, taking Her deep in my mouth and throat.  “That’s it, boy.  Suck Me!” She moans as She slowly moves to fuck my face.

She cums -- hard -- and the explosion of thick, viscous liquid takes me by such surprise that i swallow involuntarily.  i close my eyes as She empties Herself into me.  When i open them, i am beside Her – in Her bed – and She is moaning. She moves slowly.  i know She is touching Herself, and i hear Her whimper as She cums.  

i roll towards Her, and She feels me there.  Her fingers, wet with the savory freshness of Her spent juices, find my mouth.  I suck them, greedily, murmuring a soft “Thank You, Mistress” as best I can -- around Her fingers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

D/s Haikus by Jettis

staring down at me
fire in Her eyes, burning hot
my soul is Hers now

She commands worship
consuming all my thoughts now
complete surrender

there’s no escape
closing my eyes doesn’t help
She defines my world

Women understand
men struggling to keep up
failing every time

Under Her boot heel
the pain intense, relentless
suffering, thank you

so close yet so far
begging and pleading for it
doesn't seem to help

where has She gone now?
She knows her absence hurts me
crying all alone

The Dance by Duncan

                                        The Dance

A late Autumn's day in a dark dreary November. Rain is tumbling from the sky. Winter's chill can be sensed right around the corner. Today, however, is different. Today I met a truly lovely Lady. I don't know what it will lead to, but I know what has been. Today we danced. The dance was fun and flirty, not dark and demanding, enlightening and entertaining, not dry and dreary. A like intellect had been found: one I find to have wit, to be welcoming, to have charm, to be graceful, to have spirit, yet to be engaging. I don't yet know the true depth of this soul I have met, but find it is intriguing. Who is this vision of loveliness I see before me? The questions remain. The answers are revealed slowly. What I have learned thus far has numbed my pain during these dark dreary autumn days. I find myself to be ever more curious, reveling in each new discovery as Her answers reveal themselves. She is a most complex being -- with what appears to be many layers of joy and delight. Today we danced and the dance was amazing. Let this dance linger day by day for, as we twirl and twist, the layers of Her reveal themselves. I suspect my own layers have been completely stripped away open to Her.  I am ready to submit to Her whims and fancies. Today we danced a dance of discovery and joy. Thank you Ma'am for the dance.

The Biker Part 2 by Connor

   The Biker part 2:

She strolled casually out of the bar...He watched her in his mirror, walking towards him...She stretched one of her long legs over the bike and sat down behind him....She reached up and grabbed his hair, pulling back on it....She put her lips by his ear...."You will call me Miss until I say otherwise...and you will do as you are told until I throw you away." She yanked back on his hair -- hard -- to emphasize her demands..."Drive, bitch!" she said loudly.

He straightened up the bike, slid his foot back (catching the kickstand), then dropped it into gear…A few minutes later his mind started to race -- as fast as the bike as it moved down the road. “What the fuck did you get yourself into, bro?” he thought loudly. One minute in the bar, the next here with this crazy-ass psycho…sexy, hot, I wanna-do-right-here-and-now...chick.

He knew from the moment she grabbed him that she was doing to him something that no other women had ever done for him…She was his dreams -- the type of woman that could make him do the things that…

He snapped out of his thoughts as she dug a fingernail into his side…”Turn down Grove Street, biker boy!" she yelled into his ear, "... it’s up there on the right." He jogged the bike past a couple of old ladies in their Ford, rolling a bit on the throttle, revving the engine... He chuckled mischievously as they jumped from their senior road stupor…'Loud pipes save lives!'…He moved into the turn lane, and then turned onto the street…She yelled into his ear again, "Number 419!" Then she bit his ear lobe -- hard enough to make him wince.

He pulled into the driveway, set the kickstand, and leaned forward a bit to let her get off the bike. He glanced into the rear view mirror and viewing his ear saw a drop of blood. ”Son of a bitch” he mumbled.   She glanced back at him, smiled, took her keys from her pocket, and started towards the door.  Holding the keys out as she reached the porch she dropped them on the ground in front of him.  When he bent over to grab them she stepped on them.He looked up at her.  She looked down at him….  "Your position is wrong for lifting, biker boy.  You need to be on your knees when you pick things up for me.  If you lift something -- incorrectly -- it could cause you pain" she said, with an evil twinkle in her eye.

He looked back out to the street…embarrassed and thrilled.  Not seeing anyone he dropped to his knees to grab the keys. As soon as he hit the ground she had her hand on his neck, pushing it down so that his head was touching the ground.  She then put her foot on his shoulder.  Her foot wasn't pushing or holding him in place by any force that a passerby would have imagined. This force was far more powerful -- and they both knew it.

His instincts told him he was vulnerable.  He fought them -- fought them hard. He was part of something that would eat you alive if any weakness was shown.  He had often been one of the beasts that chased prey and he knew full well that he was playing with fire -- but being here right now, with this woman, pushed him beyond that primal fear.  It put him in a place that made 'all that' seem insignificant.

He handed her the keys; she took them and opened the door. She then walked in without a glance back. He grumbled a bit and started to get up to follow when he heard her from inside.  "I wish a drink, boy.  Would you like something as well?" He hurriedly got up and went inside, closing the door behind him.

“Sure I could go for a cold one...what ya got?” He saw her head whip around; she gave him a sharp look that would slice steel…”Sure I could..." she mimicked. He stared blankly thinking 'what the fuck did I do wrong?'  Trying again he said, "Can I please have a drink….umm, what was your name again?" She looked at him, obviously thinking 'Why do I bother with men?' Then she remembered -- and smiled.  "I did not give it to you... but I will allow you to call me Miss."

"Miss? Miss what? Why Miss?"  Again the look.  He shut up. She forced a smile as she took down two glasses and then a decanter of whiskey.  'High style broad" he thought.  The Miss poured two glasses and handed him one...He reached out for it saying, "Thanks".  She held it.  He looked up…"Umm... thanks, Miss?" She nodded and smiled at him.  "Good boy".  Then, after she watched him drink, she set her own glass down, untouched, as he finished his.…He smiled at her before he noticed her glass and then he looked at her quizzically.

She guided the wobbly biker into her playroom. It was a pleasant enough room: sturdy wooden furniture.  It was not too old fashioned, but it was also not frail and spindly as some modern pieces are. She had spent a lot of money designing both this room and the things in it. To the untrained eye it would appear normal in all ways -- a nice cozy sitting room -- but if that person looked closer they would see that the legs were bolted to the floor and would notice rings set in places to look like decorative additions.

The Miss sat the biker on the couch and she then helped him off with his leather vest, hanging it on the wall opposite, so it would be the first thing he saw when he came to his senses. She knew some of these bikers were more concerned with their damn vest than with anything else.  She made a mental note to ask this one more about that -- if he was 'the one'. As she moved back toward him she grabbed a set of shackles, chains, and locks from a hook on the wall.  She quickly chained him to the couch.

 The sedative was light; he would be in full control of his faculties shortly. As usual. This was the point where she always grew anxious.  When they woke up they would always struggle a bit.  Only the ones that were 'worthy' would stop fighting it and accept what they were -- completely.

The ones that 'carried on' she convinced that they asked her to chain them.  She would say, "Fine if you don’t like it I’ll set you free"  That's exactly what she always did, sending them on their way.  This one though.... He was different than the others...This one she knew was 'the one' she had always dreamed of.

She knew deep down that he was going to be hers forever. The Miss sat in her chair and waited for her boy to awake…..

To be continued.

Anonymous Confession

I am his everything
I am his whole world
He adores me
He would do anything for me
I made him that way
Did I?
It is kind of scary.
What if he is disappointed
One day
What if his fantasies and dreams
Don't come true
That would destroy him.
It is kind of scary.

The Man In The Cage - An Allegory by Doc

                              The Man in the Cage: An Allegory

Jeremy lived in a cage – most of the time.  Well, not really.  Only from when he came home from work until he left again the next morning – and sometimes all day Saturday.

Joanne would meet him at the door, give him a peck on the cheek, and point to The Cage.  He would obediently enter it and she would lock it behind him, placing the key on a peg on the wall just a few feet out of reach (for safety, she patiently explained the first time….).

The cage was one meter high, two meters high and three meters long, or (for you Americans) a bit over three feet high, six and a half feet wide, and a bit short of 10 feet long.  “It’s big enough,” Joanne told him his first day.  That was seven months ago.

Today was an unusual day, as Jeremy only realized later.  Today, Joanne wasn’t there at the door to give him a peck on the cheek.  Her best friend Karen was waiting.  He didn’t dare give her a kiss, but it was obvious she had no desire for it anyway.  She pointed at the cage.  Jeremy entered, wondering.  “Whatever is going on?”  He maintained silence.  That was one of the rules.

Karen squatted down, legs spread before him.  Though she wore (as she did on all her visits) those tight jeans.  THOSE jeans.  Jeremy frequently imagined things… including images of what might lay beneath the denim.  THAT denim.

She spoke.

“Joanne isn’t coming back, Jeremy.  Not today.  Not ever.”  He felt a shock run through his body.  The only word that echoed was “never!”
“Listen to me, Jeremy.”  He did, though it was difficult.  (Never!  Not ever!)  “Joanne found someone else; that’s the bad news.  The good news is that I am moving – no, actually – have already moved in.”  Jeremy stared into her eyes.  He was a bit shocked to realize that he knew she was not kidding.
The world was moving.  His world.  It was spinning.

“Yes, I can see you’re shocked, Jeremy.  That’s to be expected.  But let’s understand each other.  It was my idea, not hers originally.  It took a lot of work to persuade her that she should follow her dreams – and her new love – and turn your key, the key to this cage, over to me.  And I want you to know that nothing is going to change – at least not for a while.”

She paused.  Then she repeated herself, as if daydreaming, “… for a while.”

Jeremy nodded.  He tried desperately to manage a smile, not quite pulling that off.

Karen stared at him, fixing him with her gaze, then letting it wander over him.  He felt naked.

“I have plans for us, Jeremy.  I know that Joanne has simply left you the comfort of this cage, feeding you scraps from her dinners and breakfasts, and letting you sleep in there on that filthy sleeping pad in that sorry sleeping bag.”  She paused.  “That is going to change.”

Karen smiled.  Jeremy looked up expectantly – hoping.

“No, Jeremy, not that!”  She giggled. “I have other plans there.  No, Jeremy, what I mean is that you are going to start doing my chores from now on.  You’ll just sleep in there – by yourself.  Do you understand?” He nodded.

Karen got up, turned, and walked away into the kitchen.  Jeremy gazed at her long thighs, her tight butt and her trim calves – all encased in denim.

Jeremy knew he would now simply lie in his cage after doing his regular job, then his home chores, and dream.  Dream of what beauty lay under those jeans.  THOSE jeans.  The jeans he would never see Karen shed for him.

Anonymous Confession

What no one ever tells you is how you don’t break once. You won’t be severed in two, a single clean cut, easily sewn. You will break a thousand times, each moment reminded of the space left behind. The fracture sets in like a chill overshadowing warmth; then you have to go back to a place where your future does not involve him. You put away the memories of things never said or done , both cherished as much as any tangible truth. You break as the reality walks up your spine, when your hands move to spell his name. He is no longer the first person you’re allowed to seek. Pieces when he still haunts the most intimate of places…

I still can not cum without seeing your face. I never admit to anyone that this is so, how -- even from where I stand -- this can be true.

You owned me, as much as I owned you. It begins with my hand, but all I end with is yours: long and not so slender, sliding and exploring in a nature that I grew to love. The heat in my own skin is no longer mine but yours. You envelope me, your skin pressed so near mine that I become a raw nerve. I push the thoughts back down, hidden deep.  I come so close, without invitation.  You are in this place.

Your face. Your face is all I can feel anymore.

Pain Addled Brain by Anonymous

The tingle of lightning surging through my skin
The sound of thunder ringing in my ears
Pain tolerance starting to wear thin
Further distracting me form my fears

Sweet surprising silence
Am I deaf, or blind, or numb to the sensations
fingers caressing welts, marks of her intentions
tingling heat reminding me of the corrections
All of her attentions
bring be back again

It's a funny thing
Endorphins flow from the ebb and flow
Of strikes that make me sing.
Fading away
tingling heat, eyes on her feet, head down in defeat
waiting for her to say

Good boy
Bad boy
what did I do again?
My mind is foggy
The floor is soggy
Feeling groggy
Coming down from the high that keeps me sane.

It's my addiction
Heals my affliction
It is her passion
My daily ration
Of pain

I submit to her
Not from fear
or lust
or binds
or trust
But pain
and love
and need.

Anonymous Confession

Sometimes I look around at these boys and feel nothing. Then, I see and hear one who is intelligent and possibly sexy. I want to pull his pants down and chat at the same time. How hot is that?

Any takers?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Confession by Anonymous


I wanted to tell you one of the last images I had -- before I was told to stop; before I knew it had better stop.

In this image, I'm at home, at the far end of a room full of books, with my laptop open on a wooden desk. I'm completely focused on the laptop. I'm still in my work clothes, long grey skirt and a blue blouse with long sleeves, the cuffs rolled halfway to elbows. I know you're standing in the doorway watching me, my silent boy, but I ignore you and continue doing whatever I'm doing.

You walk across the room to me, and I continue to ignore you, my shoulder to you, my face impassive and lit by the monitor. And you do not try to touch me, or speak. You sink down onto the Turkish carpet that's thrown over the hardwood floor in this room, kneeling close to my chair, close to my leg. I'm sitting with one knee out, thighs slightly parted, as if I might get up at any moment.

I feel your hands, encircling my ankle, your fingers drifting down over my knee high sock, over the shape of my high heeled ankle boot. I ignore you while you nudge my calf with your hands to give yourself leverage, and remove the boot altogether. I feel your hands tracing the elastic of my knee sock, working it down over my leg, my foot. You remove the delicate sock, my bare foot flexes slightly, small and warm in your cool hands, slightly damp.

And you go down onto your belly on the old carpet, your rough cheek resting against the musty bristles of gold and red, your head positioned next to my bared foot. You lie there with your arms straight at your sides, your head turned, my newly bare foot an inch from your eyes.

And then I move, my boy. My lithe foot lifts from the carpet and disappears somewhere above your head, and then presses, clammy, against your cheek. The ball of my foot is a cooling, damp pressure of naked flesh against your skin, my painted toes curling to nudge and push against your closed eyelids, against the side of your nose. I push against the fat of your unshaven cheek, I knead your face with small movements of my toes.

And I just leave my bare foot there, the weight of it resting against your face, cheek, jaw. The slightly sweating skin sealed against yours, moving sometimes, toes stroking into the short silk of your hair. Like you belong there, belly down on the floor, beneath me.

I never spoke.

It was indescribable. And it was the tip of iceberg.

Confession by Doc

Wheels Within Wheels, Turning

Eileen whispered her secret to her best friend: “It’s the control
that I love!  The power rush!”  Karen nodded.  “It isn't the money.
It isn't the benefits.  It isn't even the leisure time it generates.
It’s none of those”.    Joe listened, standing mutely in the corner.
“He’s just so easy!  And when I snap my fingers he does what I tell
him to do.  I never had that before.  I knew I was missing out, but I
didn’t know what it was that was missing.”

Karen  nodded again.

“Watch!,” said Eileen.  “Go make us some coffee!  And bring me the
box that’s lying on the nightstand, too.  In that order!”  Her man
moved, without saying a word.

“He certainly is quiet,” remarked Karen.

“Oh, I told him this morning to stay mute for four hours.  He still
has two hours to go”.  She paused. “I have the timer on the stove set
so we know when his time is up.  The stove is handy.  I wonder who
came up with the idea of a timer on the stove….”.  Joe was nowhere to
be seen.

Karen looked at the door into which he’d disappeared.  “I wish I had
one like yours.”  Eileen giggled.  “You mean my stove?”  Karen gave
her a dirty look. “Nooooooo…..!”
“Oh, you want my Robo-Boy?  Ha! Ha!  No way.  He’s mine…. “.  Then a
strange look came over Eileen’s face.  “On second thought, maybe we
could arrange something….”  She was thinking.  It was obvious.  Karen
tilted her head, watched Eileen’s face, which now exhibited a funny

Karen spoke first.  “I want a Robo-Boy of my own.”  Eileen stared
into Karen’s face, searching it for … for something.

“OK.  I have an idea,” she finally said. “But first I need to know
how badly you want a robo-boy of your own.” She paused. “I mean
REALLY!”  A silence lay over the room.  The only sound was the
percolator in the other room; the only smell that of brewing coffee.

Karen knew what to say.  “I want a guy like Joe desperately, Eileen!”

Eileen chuckled.  It was an evil laugh, fraught with unknowns.  “And
what will you do to get one,” she asked.  Karen answered immediately,
“Almost anything.  Almost.  Not anything, but close.”

Eileen then whispered into the ear of her friend, “You are fucked,
Karen.  I know what you want.  I know what you need.  I have control
now.” She blew into Karen’s ear.

Karen tingled all over.  She realized she was indeed ‘fucked’ as her
friend indelicately and crudely put it.  She simply asked, “What do I
have to do?”  And Eileen just as simply said, “Take Joe home with you
today.  Use him.  Take advantage of him.  And return him in good

Eileen looked at her friend’s puzzled face.

“I have a guy coming over today.  Your job for me is to distract Joe.
 I’m in the process of getting myself one more today.  Joe would just
be in the way.”

Karen nodded, only slightly shocked.

Then Eileen giggled.  “I figured I’d expand my scope today.  It seems
I might have gone from one subbies not to two but to three.”  She
grinned.  “Are you ok with that, Karen?”

Karen mutely nodded.  She knew her role now.  Apprentice.  Trainee.

Joe entered the room with a tray.  On it was the coffee.

Karen turned to him, “Joe, you’re coming home with me.  We leave in
20 minutes.  Bring that box Eileen mentioned, too!”  She paused.
“Oh, and Joe, forget about your time of silence.  It has been
extended.  I don’t want to hear one fucking word from you for the
rest of the day!  You’re going to be cleaning my house this afternoon
and I don’t want to hear a word from you until I send you back

Joe nodded.  Eileen giggled.  “You’re good, Karen!  You learn fast!”

Eileen shuddered as she felt her power.  It was nice having
everything in delicate balance – while she pulled all the strings!

Girls Night Out by Kane

I do not know how long i was in my isolation hood; time has no meaning when it's on. She had left me tied to the foot of our bed, naked, just wearing my cock cage and the hood, in a face-down position.  My knee's we're aching. Knots were forming in my shoulder blades since my ankles were tied to my wrists. The words she had left me with were: "I'm off out with the girls tonight. Be good, and try not to piss yourself".
Time dragged....

Suddenly, i felt a breeze against my naked skin. She had returned, i felt the door open. I heard no sounds, no key in the front door, nothing. Christ this hood was "too" good.

I felt her fingertip trail down the side of my cheek, and then her hands , slowly opening the ear muffler so i could hear her. She purred into my ear..."Tonight my pet, I have something special planned". It felt like heaven to hear her words. "Are you my good boy?"she asked, and I shivered at her words. She only says that when she is about to test my submission to her. "Oh Christ" i thought, a brief moment of panic coming over me before i controlled myself.

She adjusted the ear muffs on my hood, so i could hear only the muffled sounds of her heels, clicking on the wooden staircase, as she walked away.

Time passed -- how long, i have no idea -- and then i heard her heels click on the bottom step. Three steps up, i heard another, louder, heavier step, following her "click click click" up the stairs. The bedroom door opened. My heart was pounding in my ears, my heart racing, my stomach doing somersaults. The bedroom door opened, and Mistress and her guest walked into the bedroom. She removed the ear mufflers. Her voice sang in my head, loud and crisp as she spoke to the the guest..."Ignore this worm all trussed up.  As you can see, he can't see or say a thing". I heard a man's laughter.  My blood started to boil, and I gargled in my throat,

The pointed toe of her heels in my ribs shut me up quickly.

I heard kissing, then clothing being removed and thrown onto the floor, then shuffled footsteps behind me, and finally the slump as they fell onto the bed. I heard my Mistress moan loud, screaming "ohhhh fuck... yes", and i knew he had entered her.

I sank... into myself... into the void...

Time passed... and i have no concept of how long had passed while this man pleasured my Mistress. I heard them both groan as they orgasmed together, i sank deeper into my void. Like a hammer pounding on an anvil, pushing me down deeper.

I heard Mistress climb off the bed, walking around and removing the blinders on my hood. My eyes were blurred, blinking away the bright light as i felt her untie my wrists. "Did you enjoy that, my pet?" she asked before telling me to put my chin on the bed. Nodding vaguely in a daze, my vision focused and i saw the men who had pleasured her. Lying naked on the bed, dark-skinned, his cock grew harder and he simply smiled at me as Mistress climbed back onto the bed.

She took his cock in her hand, stroking him until he got hard again. She looked me dead into my eyes and smiled as her lips lowered around his shaft and she took him in her mouth. She kept staring at me and smiling with his cock in her mouth as she sucked him hard. Taking her lips from around his cock, she took it in her hand -- for a moment just smiling at me before straddling him. Facing me she grinned widely as she lowered herself onto his cock. I saw her throw back her head and moan as she lowered her cunt onto his shaft. Slowly up and down she rode his cock, her face flushed; she was moaning loudly as she took him inside her. His hands grabbed her hips and she started fucking him harder.  I could hear him slapping against her body groaning, louder as she fucked him hard.

Mistress's chest was rising and falling fast as i watched her face writhe in pleasure. She lowered her eyes to stare at me again as she came hard on his cock, her face twisted in orgasm as he continued to fuck her hard.

Then she climbed off his cock, bending over in front of me, her face close to mine as he took her from behind. I looked up to see them both grinning at me, their groans almost in unison as they fucked a mere foot away from my face. The void came again, and i gladly let it envelope me. Letting the sounds of her pleasure comfort me. My eyes went vacant as i watched them cum together; she was half screaming when he came inside her. They kept on fucking for some time, and i heard Mistress and her lover cum a few times until the both stopped, and collapsed on the bed, breathing ragged.

The room fell into an eerie silence then nothing all i could hear was the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I just stared... vacant.. Lost in my void.

Five...Ten Minutes passed before i heard the man climb off the bed with a groan, and then heard his footsteps around me as i saw him pick up his clothes and dress. With a chuckle, which i believe was at me, his deep voice said "You're right, he IS a good boy". He walked out the bedroom, his footsteps echoing down the stairs, and i heard the front door close behind him.

Mistress climbed off the bed then, removing the padlock holding my hood in place.  She slowly unbound me and helped me up onto the bed. She took my head, placing it on her chest as i sobbed softly into her breasts. "My good boy" she said. as my arm wrapped around her waist. "Did you enjoy watching me cum over and over as that black guy fucked me, pet?". I nodded on her chest as i cried.

"My cunt is still throbbing.  God, i feel raw!"

I sobbed.

"Are you my VERY good boy pet?" she asked me. Finding my words, i whispered a soft "Yes, Mistress".

To which she replied "good, then prove it". She placed her hand on the back of my head, pushing my head between her thighs....

She chuckled to herself as she softly purred..."You have a mess to clean up, my lil cuck".

Pirate Femdom Part 3 by Duncan

When we last left our femdom crew they had captured a ship and were teaching a loud mouthed bully his new place while helping his wife explore a new side of her personality: that of being a true Dominant...

The crew led bye Green Eyed Sue looks on in full support as a new dominant lady is born. Clarissa quickly learns how to deal with her craven husband turned sub. She pulls her arm back and swings the paddle forth. *Smack*. Her former husband grunts and snickers at the force of the blow. "Hah! I knew you didn't have it in you" he sneers. Clarissa doesn't cower this time; her new sub is there and she feels the power she knew was there. The next stroke falls and Her sub screams, "Dammit, dear, that hurts"

"Hmmm, I see we have much work to do dear. Did I not tell you how to address me?" calmly states Clarissa. Her new sub is starting to accept that this is his new life -- and realizes how excited he is. From deep within himself he feels the call of submission. He also feels the burn of a new stroke to his ass. "Two, Ma'am" he says meekly. Clarissa says, "Come again, worm? That was the first one you counted -- and it was done so halfheartedly I am not counting it. You will start clearly and with conviction to count the next one as number one. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear." he whispers

SMACK! "What did you say? I can't hear you, and I don't think anyone else could either. You will speak loud enough for all to hear.  Is that clear?", she scolds.

"YES DEAR!!", he cries.

"Much better!  Now we begin in earnest." She begins the punishment.

The new sub begins the count, accepting his new and strange feelings of submission. As the strokes mount he finds himself in a strange place of peace and contentment. His! has opened up a place he never knew existed deep in his soul: a place of peace and contentment. He finds himself strangely aroused with a desire to please her. Nothing else matters.

The strokes mount higher. He continues to count, with more conviction and pain than he ever imagined he could bear, but he finds from her hands he can bear it. His devotion to his, his Mistress... grows.

Finally she stops. He finds he is exhausted, but hard as steel. Clarissa and the crew notice and begin to laugh. They find it very funny to see this worthless crumb learn his true nature. Clarissa looks to Green Eyed Sue wondering what is next.

Sue smiles warmly at Clarissa and says "Lets talk over on the other ship. We can discuss your new life in detail."

[To be continued]

To Touch by Anonymous

Soft as the petal from a rose,
To touch the skin of a woman
coating her body in silk and scent.
burying my face in the warmth of it.
I find myself lost.  Wanting to be as close to it as I can.
Leaving no space for air or light between us.

To touch her flesh leaves me with goosebumps.
Gives me a chill, a flush to my face.
Blood rushing to my fingertips as they explore her body.
She feels their coolness on her open spaces.
My hands travel to the softness of places.
Bringing pleasure and a smile to her face.

Lone Seaman by Doc

He was Magellan, sailing west – ever west – toward his port of departure: Oblivion.

The sun was high, the swell slow and rhythmic.
Storms behind and ahead no doubt.
Memories of islands where – ever so briefly – he tarried to bring food and water on board.
Now at sea again.

He gazed up at the rigging.  The sails, like his past girlfriends….
Whipping in the wind, free and high above him.
They drove him on.  Across the cold sea.

He climbed, the better to unfurl the last sails.
To tend and mend and hold the white canvas in his rough hands.
The sails looked so white from far below.
Up close they showed wear and tear – but sturdily did their work.
Again they reminded him of women.  So many women.

He had hung some tiny pennants, triangular, pretty, at the very pinnacles of the masts.
They gaily swirled in the wind, making his three-masted barque a delight.
Sturdy oak.  Carried along by the breeze.  Over the dark sea.
Who were the pennants?  Who were the sails?  He fantasized.
Again: women.

He then set the wheel, tying it in place to make the rudder fast.
He gazed up at the tiny white cumulus clouds, high above his craft.

And he opened a book of tall tales.
Fantasies wrapped in the fantasy of his journey.

He sailed alone.  

Sweet Sweet Boy by Anonymous

Sweet, sweet boy...

When I remember the fun times we have had, it makes me smile. And get more than a little wet.  And I do think of it.

Mostly when you contact me to tell me of some good news and you are full of joy and warmth and openness.  It is a turn on for me when you come right to me after logging on to share your greatest achievements, to ask advice, or to hang out and have fun.

Sometimes even when you come to me with troubles that you have told no one else, I find myself thinking -- about the torment and teasing, the demands and orders that I knew will release you from your tensions and that make me very happy and satisfied.

There is always a tension there when we chat, beautiful in its simplicity, with sex simmering just under the surface of a friendship that has realized many aspects over its time.

Some say that having played sexually with you would be a bad thing for our friendship, but for us it has simply deepened our affection and understanding.  The sharing of need and desire, sometimes boldly, sometimes with subtlety, has created a bond that endures in each of us, When we come together it flares and feeds each of us emotionally -- and sometimes sexually.

Some who are very perceptive have asked me discreetly why I do not own him.  I am thankful your Mistress is perceptive and realized the depth of our relationship from the start.  She has told me privately that she supports our relationship in all its aspects, but that is between her and me. We will decide what is best for you, boy.

So when you message me and say hello, so excited and beaming your happiness to chat,  I sometimes slip into imagining you moaning and begging, and the way your voice shows me just the right respect along with awe and need.   Who can blame me for not wanting to change a thing?

The Assistant -Part XIII - The VIP by Lady Crissy

The Assistant -Part XIII -  The VIP

[Note:  This story is part of the continuing adventures of Miss Night, and her submissive assistant, aaron.]

There was enough work that I could have worked all night and still not put a dent in the stack of cases, but five o'clock was coming and with it the end of another very busy day.  I looked at the clock and noticed it was just about time for my last appointment of the day.   I usually didn't schedule appointments after five, but I booked this appointment after usual business hours for a reason.  My prominent clients from the D/s community appreciated discretion, and I gave them nothing less. Tipping the building reception and security staff to stay a little later was a small price to pay. Literally as well as figuratively.

I buzzed aaron at his desk in the outer office, and when he answered I told him to wrap up his other work and to be prepared to take notes for my last appointment.  I could hear the excitement in his voice. I had recorded the appointment simply at VIP, so he knew this client was special.  He understood that sharing the trust of my high profile clients with him was a big step, and a unique opportunity.

It wasn't long before we both had wrapped up our work and I heard aaron's light knock at the door.  I called to him to come in and he walked in to stand at the other side of my desk awaiting instructions.  He was dressed in a light grey suit, white blouse, stockings, and chunky pumps; the color on his nails was a pretty neutral color.   He was really getting the hang of this, I mused.

"I have a very special client coming in, aaron.  You will be on your best behavior,"  I stated.  Not an instruction or request, but a statement that I expected to become reality.  "She is very stressed right now with so much in the air, and she is coming to get some assistance on a very delicate matter,"  I continued, watching aaron closely.  He was focused and listening carefully.   "You and I will make sure she is well taken care of,"  I concluded and tipped my head, my eyes still on the slut.

aaron responded with a curt nod,  "Yes, Miss Night."  He was fidgeting a bit in place, a bad habit he had when he was very nervous.  I sighed.

My phone buzzed and I answered it, reception informing me that my expected appointment had arrived.  I  could tell from the girl's voice that she was a bit nervous as well as curious,  and I rolled my eyes.  I explained that aaron would be coming down to escort my guest up to the office and hung up, cutting her off before she could fish for anything more.

"Our client is used to being treated well, aaron.   Go downstairs and show her up,"  I directed and watched him move a bit more quickly than usual to the door, hearing his pumps on the carpet to the elevators.

A short time later I heard the ding of the elevator and the light murmurs of light conversation in the outer office before the door opened and aaron walked through, wide eyed.  He held the door open and stood aside for the very well dressed and poised Lady who strode in with a very self assured steps.

I stood and greeted my client with a smile, stepping around the desk to hug her solidly.  I could see aaron's still slightly slack-jawed look out of the corner of my eye and I shot him a FFS look before ending the hug and taking my client by the hands.

"Helena!  Its always good to see you but we need to make sure that next time it's around more fun circumstances."

"Agreed," she stated simply.  She took a deep breath, smiling.

I motioned to one of the two comfortable chairs at the side and I watched her sit, crossing her legs and getting comfortable.  I sat on the opposite chair.   aaron walked over to us, and I glanced down to make sure the documents I had placed on the small coffee table earlier were in order.

When I was satisfied that I had everything, I paused to look up at aaron, who was still standing and looking very unsure as to what he should do. I gave him a harsh look and he slowly lowered himself to the floor at the side between the two of us.  He knelt and smoothed his skirt before picking up his steno pad.

I turned again to Helena.  "I'm actually surprised you were able to break away.  I saw your brilliant re-election campaign speech at city hall on the news last night.   Are you sure the city can spare its First Lady?"  I asked, smiling warmly.

"Oh, they can do a lot more without me than you might think"  she said, chuckling.   I noticed that even as she was talking, she was looking aaron over carefully.   She inquired, with interest, "He is so pretty.  Does he have to wear so many clothes?"

I smirked knowingly and curtly ordered the slut to disrobe.  aaron looked up from his pad of paper slightly with surprise before setting it aside.  He began to undress, folding and laying his clothing gently on the ground next to him as we watched.  His motions were fluid, without hesitation.  I watched him settle back on his knees, totally nude, a pile of clothing next to him.

The Mayor smiled, "Oooo look at that all bound up tight."  She chuckled, seeing the leather nine gates around aaron's parts.

"It's excellent for helping him to keep focus,"  I responded.  I paused, then continued, "I know something else you might appreciate,"   "aaron. Turn around and show our guest my other motivational tool."   I watched the slut turn bright red before turning around.

"Bend over, slut!"  I ordered, and watched as he did so, clearly revealing the jeweled ass plug he was wearing.

"Delightful!  How pretty, "  Helena exclaimed with a grin as the faux amethyst sparkled, dead center in the middle of his cheeks.

"Enough of you showing off, slut.  aaron, go sit next to the Mayor. Maybe she'll give you the honor of giving her a foot rub while we chat."   I saw the nervousness in his eyes, the change in the plan totally throwing him off since he was originally assigned to taking notes.  His arousal at the suggestion was clear, but in his eyes I could see the concern that he would not be able to serve as ordered.

I picked up the small recorder I had at my side and waved it, raising an eyebrow.  Taking a breath at seeing I had the recording of the meeting covered, aaron moved closer to our guest and settled closer to her feet.

Watching aaron get comfy, I smiled wickedly and pushed the button on the recorder.  Not the record button of course -- but the play button.  We were treated to a very loudly broadcast recording of aaron.  There was grunting, panting, moaning.  I watched the slut's face and neck grow bright red and his cock twitch in its cage.

"Oooops", I smirked, feigning chagrin and shared a laugh with Helena.  "I forgot that was on there," I said with false surprise, turning it off.  I then pressed record before setting it down on the table.

"Oh my.... what a wanton tart he is,"  she said with an understanding smile.   She turned to look at aaron.  "Well, well, little slut.  You can rub my feet now."   aaron moved closer, still flushed,  and slowly removed one of the Lady's shoes.  He had just begun to rub her feet gently when she gave a loud "Tsk!"   aaron stopped and looked up, wondering what he had done wrong.  "I said you may rub my feet, boy.  Not with your hands, use your cock, slut,"  she said with a grin and a wink to me.

I smiled and winked back.   I thought, "This meeting is starting off very well."

To Be Continued in The Assistant - Part  XIV - VIP Benefits

The One by Rex

You are the one.

The one whose deft hands can paint me in colors only known to you and me. Colors that fall between each spectrum, and we take time to name them all. The one who can reach into the fathoms of me and pull out the tainted, tattered skin surrounding a wanting heart. Rebuilding that which, in your mind's eye, I had lost, . The one who was given the power to build me up or break me down, to give me strength even as I fall to my knees. The only one whose presence ignites a fire within me that I hope will never die out.

You are the one, and I'll always remember.

- Rex

The Reward by Kane

I shiver nervously in my cage, as my bare skin touches the bars.  I shift to try and get a little more comfortable... Comfortable, ha! The damn thing is barely adequate enough to house a dog! But I'm not complaining; she had it specially made to her measurements. This is Her cage. (A bit of leg room would have been bloody nice though....)

I raise my head, hearing her walk through the door, i smile, taking in the sight of her. God she is so beautiful.  Is it strange to say that she always looks more so after she isolates me?  It wasn't long this time, only a few hours, after my 'minor offense': burning her toast.  Well, thats what She said anyway.  It was only dark brown, not black. I had argued that fact, hence my incarceration. Four hours later and it felt like i hadn't seen her in a week!

OMG, she looked amazing.

She reaches into the cage and i smile and look into her eyes as she strokes my cheek.  I lean into her hand slightly, and shiver in excitement.  "I wasn't really angry at you. I just needed an excuse to keep you out from under my feet for a bit, while i sort out your reward", she says to me softly.

Looking up at her frowning.  "Reward?" i question.  "Oh yes pet, tonight, you're going to have what you have been fantasizing about for a while: two dominas.  Do you think you can please us both pet?"  My jaw drops, and i pause, receiving a quick slap across the head for delaying. "Yes, Mistress i will do my best!"

"Just be my very good boy.  I know you will".   With that she leaves the room, after giving me a few instructions. I hear her walk downstairs.
I smile  and get started, showering quickly and putting on my wrist and ankle cuffs, locking the padlock on them, and dropping all my keys into the velvet bag she keeps for them. I place my latex hood over my head.  The hood immediately throws the room into darkness.  It was a simple thing she brought for me; she loves me wearing it when i lick her cunt because it doesn't cover the mouth. I lock the padlocks to my ankles as i bend over the bed -- plopping them into the velvet bag and throwing it behind me, i wait, bent over, naked (bar the hood). Waiting on her return.
I hear the doorbell ring and though I can hear my Mistress answer it, i cant really hear what was being said from this distance.  I only hear muffled voices in the darkness. Excited, i start getting hard, OMG, this is going to be amazing!

I hear them both walking up the stairs; my cock starts throbbing.  I hear the door open behind me; they both walk in. Mistress immediately notices my erection and says "My my my, are you a little excited pet?". "Yes i am Mistress," i quickly reply.  I hear her opening drawers, getting toys out , and it isn't long before my ass is lubed and a large plug is shoved 'up there'. "In preparation" Mistress explains; i moan as she slowly slides it into my ass.

I hear them both move to either side of me, then i feel the floggers -- a pair of them -- whacking my ass in almost synchronized rhythm. It isn't long before my yelps of pain became cries..... I hit the void.  The pain is a fire inside my skull, i embrace it, i scream and I cry as both these Domina's flog me with no mercy. I hear Mistress chuckle and mock me, saying, "That pathetic little cock isn't hard now, is it pet?  That should be lesson enough for getting hard without MY permission!". With that the flogging stops, and i hear  Mistress climb onto the bed. She grabs the back of my head, and pushes it between her legs. I need no cue to start licking her cunt -- hungrily.

"Now for your reward, pet, i got you a new strap-on with which my friend is going to fuck you now.   I fucked myself with it this morning when it arrived, and it feels so good.... so be a good boy and take it".  With those words i feel the other domina before me.  Shuffling closer i feel the tip of this new strap on pushing against my ass -- and  then push in.  I can't help but moan aloud. Christ it is big! Jesus, this domina fucking my ass is not being too gentle about it! I am moaning and grunting as i lick my Mistress's cunt, and i hear her moans of pleasure -- and also the grunts from the other domme fucking my arse hard.

"Enjoying that new cock inside you pet?" she asks me and i mumble into her cunt, hungrily lapping and pushing my tongue deep inside her. She arches her back, allowing me to tongue fuck her. My ass is being fucked harder, pushing my face into Mistress's cunt as i fuck her with my tongue.  "You should see the huge grin on my friend's face right now!  She's loving fucking your pussy ass", Mistress says as i move my tongue up to her clit. Pushing my tongue flat against it  i shake my head from side to side. Mistress starts moaning and groaning.  I know she is close; pushing my tongue back inside her, i fucked her with it again.

The domme behind me breathes heavier and grunts with the effort as i moan in ecstasy, i hear Mistress scream "I'm going to cum, you filthy little cunt".  I feel her cum all over my face.
Then..... Then.... i feel my ass filled with something warm..... My mind reels......

OMG.....This is a man!

I tried to pull up my head to scream "No!", but my Mistress grabs my head as i scream into her cunt.  "That's right my little cock whore, its official now.   You so enjoyed that cock inside you, moaning like the dirty whore you are! Didn't you pet!?"  I nod, words escaping me, my void mind starting to reel..... Mistress has just let a man fuck me...

I put my head on her thigh as the man pulls out my ass.  I feel her touch on the side of my face, and soothing words and sounds come from her lips -- but i can't  really understand what she is saying....

The End