Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Confessions from Saturday Up Now!

Hello, everyone! I hope you haven't been too disappointed that it took a few days for me to post these confessions from Saturday evening... but they are worth the wait. Take a few moments to sit down with a cup of hot coffee or tea and really enjoy these tales of submission. I do believe they're all sub fantasies this week, and very well written ones at that.

This last Saturday's FEMDOM Confessions event is continued proof that it's one of the best events at Dominion. What a great way to spend your Saturday evening, sitting in a cozy, out-of-the-way bar with your friends, and listening to these great confessions - not to mention that fun hour of Twenty Questions that everyone has been talking about.

Make a date! Come out next Saturday and spend it with us. We want to know about YOU, and we want to hear YOUR confession!

The Quest - David Lorefield

The wind blows cold from the north. Winter's chill can be felt in every fibre of my being. As i walk deeper into the wilderness, i have to steel myself against the assault of the weather and focus on my task.

"Go to the Northern Reaches in the depth of winter. When you reach the Blood River, you will cross it. You will then head west towards Mount Thorn and keep to the river path. After two days you will enter the foothills and must find the withered tree at the entrance to a narrow ravine. Enter the ravine and continue until you can walk no further. In a hole in the rock above your head you will find a silver chest. You will bring this chest to Me. You must return to Me with the chest before the rising of the full moon in 14 days time. When this is done, your questions will be answered, your doubts will be dispelled and you will be My boy once again."

These were the words spoken by my Mistress one week ago. My preparation was hasty, knowing that time was against me. i have only the most basic of provisions and i must find the chest before the morning, else i will fail to return on time and may not even be able to return at all.

Before me stands a withered tree in the lengthening shadow of Mount Thorn. The light takes on its evening shade as i turn into the ravine. Step by step, i proceed into the dim channel with a growing feeling of trepidation. As i walk along, i reflect on the events that brought me here.

Having fallen from my Mistresses favour, my sadness had been growing and my hopes had been fading. i was at the point of throwing myself at my Mistresses feet and begging for my freedom, either by the door or by the sword. Then from the depths of my despair, a word or two of hope fell upon me and shone a great light in my darkness. my Mistress has returned hope to my life and i must prove myself worthy.

"Mistress, what can i do to prove myself to You? What can i do to cause You to bless my life again?"

"Mmm, there is one thing - a quest. There is a treasure that I desire and no other boy has been able to bring it to Me. If you can do this, you will have proved your love and devotion to Me and I will bless you."

i light the lamp but the wind makes the flame dance and gutter. The light helps a little but casts many wavering shadows to confuse my sight. Into the darkness i slowly tread, still stumbling over rocks and stones out of my vision. Suddenly, the passage narrows and a black wall of rock looms before me. This is it! In front of my face i see the crevice carved from the rock; a square-cut chamber the size of a man’s head. i push my hands into the hole in the rock but feel nothing. i push my hand further inside but feel the cold damp rock at my finger tips. There is no chest; no treasure.

All hope is lost to me. i drop to the cold floor of the ravine in despair. The wind continues to bite and the night air burns my lungs with every breath. How can i ever hope to redeem myself? i look up to the sky, kneeling, and prepare to curse the Heavens for this cruel game, this dagger twist of Fate. i ready myself to cry out in protest at my plight. But then the wind drops, just for a moment, and in that brief heartbeat my thoughts turn once again to my Mistress, waiting at home for my return with Her treasure. i lower my gaze to the floor, ashamed of my selfish thoughts. This quest was not for me but for Her. The teardrops well in my eyes and i thrust my head back once more.

“Esteemed Goddess, in Whose dreams we all live, please forgive this stupid boy his selfish thoughts. i beg only one thing from You – the strength to return to my Mistress and to bear Her wrath for my failure. Please keep and protect me that i may fulfil this wish.”

As i uttered these words the wind dropped, and for a second i feel as if a warm breath has been blown through my body. The chill subsides and my shivering slows. Then i hear the gentle pad of footsteps behind me. i turn to see a vision standing before me - a vision of my Mistress. It must be the cold – i am failing in strength and seeing the waking dreams of the One i wish to see more than anything. But She takes a few steps closer and reaches out for my hand. i feel Her warm touch and She speaks to me in the darkness.

“You have done well, my sweet boy. Better than any before you. They lost hope and had thoughts only for themselves and curses for the Goddess in their self pity. But you have shown that You consider me above all else, even yourself. i have something for you, my boy. Something you came here to find.”

She holds out Her other hand and it in nestles a small silver chest. She releases my hand and slowly lifts the lid of the box. Inside i see the gleam of metal and look more closely. i cannot believe what i see and i clasp my arms around Her waist, hugging Her tightly. My collar!

“You have earned this, my darling boy. W/we are once again whole and complete. Take it and wear it with pride. You are Mine again and i am pleased. You have blessed Me as i have blessed you.”

As i look up into Her eyes, with my own full of tears, i know that the journey home will be easier.

Good Morning - Anonymous

Good morning my Love,
I just check my diary before I jump in the shower ... wishing I could
have you with me... wishing I could take you into the shower, the
water warm and slightly stinging *ahh!* on our skin...

Reaching for the scented shower gel, pouring it into one hand and
starting to clean you Mistress, starting at your feet, feeling the
water cascade down over my back, massaging between each toe and along
the soles of your feet.

Moving up, firmly massaging your calves, the backs of your knees, the
fronts, your thighs, my hands roving and cleansing over your buttocks,
fingers delving briefly between your cheeks, touching you momentarily,
smiling as I do so.

Moving up over your belly, your lower back, reaching your breasts and
pushing them up and together,biting my lower lip as I feel blood rush
into my cock, making me hard, but not wanting you to touch me, wanting
only to cleanse you, to pleasure you, Mistress...

Finishing the soaping of your skin by stroking and massaging down each
arm,knowing I have not yet completed my task....

Taking the shower head, spraying it over your body, moving slowly
downwards, watching the bubbles and suds wash down your body, leaving
you slick and glistening.

Now, Mistress, I take my wet razor (it is powered too, so vibrates
slightly), and my special shaving gel, I kneel at your feet once more,
gazing up at you with a faint smile on my lips. "Mistress, would you
open your legs slightly for me please?" I ask; You smile down at me
and wordlessly open them a little so I may gain access.

Putting shaving gel onto my fingers, I gently massage into your pubic
area, ensuring none of the little hairs are missed. Taking my razor,
switching it on, I press it to the sensitive skin around your sex, and
begin to remove all of the hairs, continuing until, when I run my
fingers over you, it feels smooth to the touch.

Taking the shower head, covering your most sensitive parts with my
fingers, rinsing the shaving gel away... but.. Mistress, I don't feel
my fingers are sensitive enough, not sensitive enough to be certain
you are completely smooth..... So, I bow my head towards you, kissing
around your sex, licking gently the freshly shaved skin with my

Licking all around, outside your pussy, to the very edge of your
labia; pushing your legs wider apart, feeling you lean against the
glass of the shower enclosure, pushing your hips out to me. My hands
on you now, touching your lips, open them as if opening the petals of
a flower, inhaling deeply the faint musky perfume of your body -
Licking - You Mistress..... Licking you until I feel your own juices
flowing and allowing me to taste and swallow you..... aah!

"Mistress? I - I need to cleanse your anus too, would you turn around
for me please?"

Chuckling to yourself, you do turn, leaning gently against the
enclosure, your legs straight, feet apart, I gasp now as I realize
what I am about to do, as I do each time I am presented with this

Placing my hands on your cheeks, pulling them apart gently. watching
the water cascade in rivulets between them; moving my mouth onto you,
licking you, worshipping you as I want to do, it's why I am here.....

My tongue delves against your anus, pressing and licking in little
circles around you, pushing... wanting to be inside, wanting in fact
to fuck your ass with my tongue Mistress...My hands holding you, one
moving under so I can thrust two fingers inside your soaking cunt,
fucking you with them, pushing them in up to the knuckle as I lick and
cleanse your sweet anus... ahh! Baby...

Moving more urgently, tongue moving in and out rapidly, fingers
jamming inside you, feeling your body tense, your breath catch in your
throat as your orgasm takes you higher, then... ohhhh! Mistress!
Feeling your legs weaken, I hold you, lifting you and taking you to
the bed, covering you with towels, drying your body, kissing you all
over as I dry you, laying down, next to you, my hard, wet cock pressed
against you... holding you close...

I Love You, Mistress...


Your Slave, Your Slut...

The Note - Cole Wardell

Opening the door to the restaurant I am greeted by the familiar some of coffee and pastries. I come here on a pretty regular basis to get some work done on those days when I just need time out of the office. I glance over and notice my regular spot open at the coffee bar, waving to the friendly face that I have grown to know well, I take a seat. This isn’t really a normal day for me here. There is no computer over my shoulder. No work needs to be done today. I have come here to be alone with my thoughts. A ball point pen and a note card is all that I carry with me. Sitting there I think back to the day she instructed me just what to order to be sure I was thinking of her. I do so again today. The girl behind the counter starts a chai latte for me as I take out the note card and stare at the blank canvas. I have been wait for the right moment to sit down and write to her. It if funny how the digital age has changed us. Here we are meeting in a world that is built to exist online and yet our relationship is more intense and real than any that I have ever experienced in my life. With this note I want her to see another part of me. I want her to have something tangible that I have created just for her. She has seen my face in a picture, read endless things that I have written for her, heard my voice in the most intimate of moments, but now she will be able to see me in a totally different way. The rattle of the cup on the saucer brings me back to my surroundings. I smile and thank her. Pausing, I look at the girl for a moment, thinking back to the time before my Mistress had come into my life. I can remember the way I would look at women and what my mind would do. I was always looking closely to see if something was different. I would look into their eyes hoping that I would see something to let me know this was what I was searching for. The constant wondering if anyone was out there at could understand what I was feeling and who I really was. Then I found that one perfect woman in a place where I didn’t get to look into her eyes, but rather got a glimpse into her heart and her mind. That was all that it took. The connection was clear. Today I sit here at the bar and no longer look around wondering or searching the way I had before. My life is different now. I turn my attention to the card and slowly begin to write. My hand guides the pen and it becomes an extension of my mind. I can hear as it cuts into the soft stock of the card as if I was etching it forever into stone. My heart pours out the love I feel for her. I tell her how much she has changed my life and how much she means to me. These are all things I have told her before, but now she will see handwritten especially for her. My focus becomes more intense as I write as everything around me begins to fade away. This feeling has been happening more and more frequently. There is part of me with her at all times and even when we aren’t together I can feel my heart just giving itself more and more to her with every beat. I feel her in every single thing that I do. At this point I am writing feverishly, trying to express all of the feelings that are rushing through me. I come to the end of the note and sit back slowly in my chair. Taking a sip of my drink I carefully read over what I have just written her. I can’t help but smile and get a bit choked up knowing that she will soon be reading this very note that I am holding in my hand. The buzz of my cell phone startles me causes my heart to pound. There is something so purely exciting about that moment right before I look at my phone wondering if it could be a message from her. I slip my phone out of my pocket and look down. I can feel the tiny beads of sweat forming on my nose. It is her. Somehow she knows when I am focusing intently on her. I one the phone and read…”Where are you right now, Mine?” I respond quickly and tell her, knowing that I have describe this place to her before and once she knows where I am she will have that mental picture of me sitting here in her mind. A couple of moments pass and my phone lights up again. “Are you alone?” Again I respond quickly that indeed I am. I hit send and feel my pulse steadily increasing. I bite my lip anxiously as the next message comes through. “Go to one of the private bathroom and call me, right now.” I slide off the stool and take a deep breath. The walk to the restroom seems to take forever with each step seeming heavy than the one before. Every time that I am about to talk to her or even when I just hear her voice my heart feels like it is going to beat out of my chest and my stomach feels like it is doing flips. I open the door to the private bathroom, quickly step inside and lock the door behind me. I dial her number and anxiously listen to it ring. She answer in her soft beautiful voice, “Hello, Mine”. Quietly I answer her, “Hello my beloved Mistress. I am so happy to be talking to you”. I can hear her moan softly in the other end of the phone and sigh. She begins to tell me how much she has been thinking about me and how strongly the urges have been to use me. I start to breath hard knowing that she can tell she is having the desired effect on me. I am quiet just listening to her as she has instructed me to do. “You are going to listen and you will only speak when I ask a question or I tell you to. Is that understood, Mine?” I answer her with a simple, “Yes my Mistress.” “My boy, do you know what I want right now?”, it is silent for a moment and before I can answer she whispers, “I want you to lower your pants and briefs and edge for me right now.” I do as instructed, undoing my pants and feeling them slide down my legs and fall to my ankles. Listening to her closely, I ease my briefs down feeling my cock bouncing a bit as it escapes the constraining fabric. I moan softly into the phone as I take my cock in my hand and begin stroking. Slow even paced strokes, up and down my rock hard shaft. “I want you to stroke and when you get to the edge you are to stay there, do not cum.” She began to tell me the fantasies she had been having over the past couple of days. Just listening to her talk made me so very eager to cum. I stroked hard and felt my knees become weak as she began to pleasure herself. The sounds she made brought me right to the edge. I continued to stroke harder and faster, moaning into the phone, letting her hear every thing I was feeling. She was getting closer and closer to climax and my felt as if I would explode at any moment. “Harder. Faster. Do not stop. Stay on the edge…..” She began to cry out loudly and I knew that she had reached her peak. I tried containing myself, but I was panting now, stroking for her. I whimpered and quietly begged her, “Please Mistress. Please allow me to cum for you!” There was silence on the other end of the phone. My heart pounded even harder. “Stop!,” she said sternly followed my a very satisfied moan. I stood there my cock rock hard and aching to hear those simple word. “I told you not to speak unless you were told to, but you begged me to allow you to cum.” My stomach sank as I realized I had lost my focus. “Pull your pants back up now. You are denied my slut.” I whisper into the phone, “Yes Mistress. I am sorry I failed to follow the rules this time.” There was another long pause before she responded saying, “I love you my slut. I know how much you want to please me and I will allow it….soon, but you will remain chaste until I am ready to allow it.” With that she said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Pleasing - Eroyan Barmy

Writhing.........pulling.......panting.....body covered in sweat.......grunting.......animalistic noises........can't see....can't move....can't speak......struggling......muffled begging......the strikes of the whip.....body arching violently...screaming behind the clinging to my scalp....moaning.....can't belive how much this turns me on,makes me want it.....want more......need more.....god please give it to me.....more more more!!

Gasping....feeling the grip in my hair.....struggles more playful that trying to escape....the pressure on my hole between my cheeks.....the jerk...the hiss of dirty words growled at me......clawing at my anything...feeling the thrust...body moving forward,jerking.....the grunt the moan.....feeling the thrusting ......body responding....trembling...taking it....loving it..... needing it....the thrusts into me the pull of the grip and the force back onto the strap on over and over and over.....moaning and screaming.....jerking and twisting.....trying to drive myself back harder and harder......losing control.....don't care....just need her....need my Mistress....pure desire....pure want...... thank you!! thank you!!!

Two bodies moving as chains are my lovers embrace....the gag.....moans...her kiss.....the collar....her devotion....i am hers.....i need what she does to me.....pleasure....all voices crying out in the spark of heaven and love......slowing...panting.....she laying on me....purring happy.....pleased....i supporting her....purring have pleased.

Two Poems - zaccheus Deerhunter

The door closes and the noises start

Her keys clink on the counter top

You’re waiting the bedroom curled up on the cot where she left you

Where she told you to be sure you were when she came back

You can hear the smacking kisses already and the laughs.

He has an annoying laugh.

“Come here boy, there’s some one I want you to meet”

It’s almost sung, like a schoolyard taunt.

You walk in to the living room and kneel

Naked, of course, before her and this boy she’s brought home.

He’s naked too. He laughs at you in your collar, a curt chuckle.

“This is Brian,” though she might have said Bob or Rich or Damien. Does it really matter.

“And he’s going to fuck me.”

The words stick in your chest and you can feel the familiar sting rising

The sting that makes you hard and angry all at the same time.

She grabs his cock and leads him to the couch

Shedding that tight white skirt that frames her perfect ass so well

The blouse goes too, leaving her in that pink negligee set that makes you so hard

Your eyes go straight to the crotchless panties

Framing the place you long to be.

His cock is bigger than yours. She slides down on it fast, taking it all into her and moaning a deep throaty moan

She faces you, riding him backyards, watching your eyes. He is the pack animal, the breeding stallion.

See this? She asks. This is what I need. A big hard cock filling me up. Stretching me out. Making me cum like you can’t.

Get over here and help, slut.

The words make you even harder, because it gives you a chance.

A chance to prove yourself to her.

You move between his knees and she grabs your head and pulls it into her cunt

You can smell the sex and the sweat on his balls.

She yanks on your hair like a kite string guiding you up and down over her clit and you lick all over her

And him, your tongue catches his shaft

Every couple of strokes, you find your shame battling your loyalty, your lust, and your pain.

He’s already grunting deep grunts. He tastes like Axe and asshole, the kind of douchebag that’s laughing about setting the high score on Deerhunter at some bar, like it’s the crowning achievement of his life.

Your tongue is making her even crazier and all the lust in the room is making you harder.

You’ve learned how to serve her and you love doing it. Tongue, clit, lips and shaft start to merge into one sex. You don’t care anymore. She grabs on you hard as she fucks him, afraid maybe she’ll fall off.

You work all the harder because you have one mission. Serving. For Her.

See boy? She starts talking to you? Look at what he does to me. Splits me. You want to be in there don’t you.

Yesss Mistress, you plead between licks.

You cover her clit with your mouth and suck. From outside you can feel her muscles squeeze on his cock, and know she’s close.

Keep licking you dirty whore, she says. Remember this. Remember who you belong to.

Maybe now you’ll understand, slut. Maybe now you’ll understand.

He grunts that stupid grunt one more time and cums insider her. You’re sure he doesn’t undertand how lucky he is.

She explodes into fireworks. Yelping and Howling and barking with pleasure.


In among the noises you hear it.

She’s calling your name.

She’s screaming out your name.


She sent this one home and as he walked out the door, you did what you always do

Your tongue is always the sponge,

and you can taste him on her thighs

In her cunt

around her ass

she patted your head approvingly. She loves the clean up.

You wash her in the tub and she is ready for bed

You hold the sheets back for her and she says, come here pup

The bed is a platform of relief and she’s snuggling up under your chin and burying her head on your chest

Her breathing slows, she is quickly asleep

You watch and listen, absorbing the little noises she makes.

Shortly, a shadow falls over her face and you can tell there’s a dream, a remembrance of something long ago.

There’s a murmured “no, don’t”

a sharp cry, a curse,

You pull her closer and promise yourself that you will build a fortress around her

Be the man and the boy she deserves

And fight for her like you’ve never fought in your life.

Another Anonymous Confession on Spying

it was 9:00 pm, and I was in my room upstairs, trying to sleep, when i heard some noise coming from the basement. it sounded like like my brother and his girlfriend.
I decided to check so i walked to my closet and opened it up, wiggling around to get in the back. no one knew but there was a little trap door in it that opened up, and it had a vent to the basement. I took out my spy camera (its like a cord with a little camera at the end and a mini tv on the other) and placed it down the vent a bit and maneuver the camera so i could see my brothers bed.
There I saw him, and his girlfriend, making love. Now this was the first time I saw this, And I have been wanting to use my spy-camera for this
purpose for a long time. I was naked at the time (i sleep in the nude) and I noticed as i watched i was getting a hard on. Well I did not want to waist
the opportunity so I decided to masturbate. Just hearing my brothers girl friend moaning underneath him exited me that it only took a very short while till I climaxed. I then pulled the camera out, got out of the closet, cleaned up, and went back to bed.

Confession of Earlier Years - Anonymous

When I was about 16 our neighbours had two daughters. One of them was a year older than me the other a year younger. The younger sister was a real beauty with long blond hair and flashing blue eyes. I had hardly noticed this girl before until one fine June day I saw her sunning herself in the backyard. It was like someone hit me with a baseball bat. I was head over heals in love with her from that moment on.

I would often see her sunning herself in the back yard. When I knew she was there I would make up excuses to go into our yard so I could watch her and on occasion talk to her. Over the course of the summer we became friendly but not intimate. I have to admit that I just wasn’t able to must up the courage to ask her out.

Our neighbours had a clothes line that they used on occasion to hang the wash out on. One day I was working in the back yard and I happened to glance over and saw that hanging on the line was a pair of this girl’s underwear. I stared at them and, almost as is if possessed, I snuck into the back yard and stole them.

I took them home. I held them to my face. I stared at them wondering that they had clung to such an intimate part of that glorious body. Then I just couldn’t help myself. I had to try them on. Just the act of pulling them over my body gave me a huge erection. For a while I took to wearing them under my clothes because it gave me some sort of perverse erotic thrill. Eventually I disposed of them. Oddly I have never had the urge or the desire to wear women’s clothes since that time. Clearly there something special about her that brought out something special in me.

And that Miss is my confession to you.

Anonymous Poem

I have of late found all my Mirth, because i have the best Mistres on Earth
If as a submissive i have a offended She punishes me and all is mended
and this weak and idle theme is no longer a yearning or a dream.
Mistresses do not reprehend if you pardon i will mend and as i am an honest slut i hope to please you very much
I will make amends ere long else the boy a liar call
I give you my self as unequal friends and Your dominance shall restore amends.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Another Day At School - Loth Siamendes

'rringggggggggggg’……’arghhh, what…huh? Oh, fuck…it’s my alarm, another fucking boring schoolday with even more boring lessons given by my stupid annoying teachers’’. Loth wakes up slowly, annoyed already by the stupid alarm that took him out of a great dream. Time for another day of school. He gets up slowly, his eyes still half closed and still half a sleep in the shower. With a face like he’s gonna kick someones ass, he gets downstairs where his mom is in the kitchen making his breakfast. ‘Good morning my sweet son’ she tries her best hoping he will show her a smiling face and some sweet words in return. ‘Grrmmmmblllll…’ he replies and grabs the sandwich his mother has on a plate in front of her, grabs his bag with nothing more in it than his phone, musicplayer and earphones and a little bag of weed, and walks off, not saying one more word to his mom.

He walks to school, slowly, smoking, getting high. When he arrives, the school bell already rang and classes have started. Ofcourse he doesn’t give a damn and walks straight into the classroom he’s supposed to be in, a class in French. The French teacher is one hot Lady. Dark curly hair and blue eyes, always dressed in pretty short skirts and boots and she doesn’t do a great job on hiding her boobs either…nice boobs Loth must admit, he grins. As he walks straight into the classroom in a not too quiet and subtle way, his teacher clears her throat loudly ‘Ahummmmm?’. He stops for a second but shrugs and walks on. ‘Excusez-moi Mister Loth????’ She tries again to get his attention. He ignores her and with his back facing her way he slowly walks on to his chair and sits down. Little does he know….when he sits down and turns facing the teacher….he gulps soft as she’s standing right in front of him, looking stern into his eyes, one of her hands on his table holding a ruler. The class is silent, not knowing whats going to happen next and not daring to say anything. Loth doesn’t dare either, the look on her face says enough, not in a long time has anyone looked at him that way, they never dare. He looks at her, his mouth shut with a semi-nonchalant look on his face but his heartbeat raising. She starts again. ‘I said, excusez-moi Mister Loth? That IS you right?’. That’s obviously a rhetorical question, he thinks but decides she might be expecting an answer anyway and the way she looks at him….he nods slowly. ‘Well then, Mister Loth, I cant help but notice……you WERE LATE’. The way she says those last words.....he gulps again and looks around him, trying to see if his classmates can tell he’s not that comfortable. She goes on, still facing him sternly ‘this hasn’t been the first time, has it Loth?’. He shakes his head slowly, looking at her with eyes that slowly grow wider. ‘and it hasn’t been the first time you break a rule either has it Loth?’. ‘ Miss’ he stutters. ‘Im getting pretty annoyed with your behaviour, young man, very very annoyed I should say. Therefore, this time you will STAY after class and don’t dare sneak out, you’ll be in far more trouble then. Is that understood?’. Loth slowly nods, his heartbeat high, already little drops of sweat falling down his back. Whats happening to me? He thinks ‘why do I let her talk to me like that? Why don’t I just get the fuck out of here?. He doesn’t get it, but he doesn’t dare move and sits there not saying anything during the whole class, his thoughts going everywhere, not knowing what will happen.
The school bell rings again, class is over and Loth has spend the last 50 minutes sweating, wiggling nervously on his butt while still trying to look as cool as ever. His classmates leave the classroom and in his head he doesn’t hear anyting else but ‘RUNNN LOTH RUNNN while you still can’. But he sits there, frozen…not able to move one muscle. The classroom is empty and his teacher takes her time putting her stuff into her bag and cleaning the board…not saying anything but he can feel her eyes on him, watching his every move. Suddenly she stops and sits down behind her desk, legs and arms crossed, looking at him with that stern face again. He gulps. ‘Loth….come here’. He slowly stands up, his hands and knees shaking, and slowly walks towards her. ‘Stand there’ she says as he is right in front of her desk. She stands up, picking up that ruler again and starts walking around him, behind him, looking at him. ‘So, you are kind of a smartass, aren’t you Loth? Kind of a little rebel, doesn’t care about anything, do you Loth’ she starts in a slow, stern voice. Loth doesn’t dare say anything.
‘Well, Loth….rebellious little boys don’t scare me and I know just the trick to zip up that smartass mouth of yours’. He gulps again. What did she mean? Trick? What the fuck is she talking about? Suddenly he hears her slapping the ruler against her hand, slowly. He worries but thinks ; no wayyyy, that’s…..thats….illegal isn’t it? His doubts makes him worry even more, he shivers ….

To be continued….

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Discoman and Panzerboy Adventures - Garlak Grand Finale - Eroyan Barmy

"Boogie Oogie Oogie"

This was it. The time had finally come. All the days and weeks of work and fighting all over the city was coming to this. My ribs were bandaged tight as I rode with Panzer in The Lady through the darken fields of the farmlands outside Dominion. We had him and all his thugs. Dominion Fem Cops were racing from all over the City of Dominion to 2314 Maple Leaf Rd. The information we got, let Cockbeater focus everything he had on the spot. Bought recently by an anonymous buyer two months ago the land was left barren and in disrepair even thou several contractors and equipment had been seen there. The hill that predominated the land wasn’t there two months ago. It was new and according to Cockbeater was putting off massive energy and heat readings.

We had him that son of a bitch that had plagued us for weeks with mayhem and he wasn’t going to get away this time. Garlak would pay for his crimes against Dominion and against Lady Evangeline. More importantly we would stop him once and for all in his plot to take over Dominion and I planned to do it no matter the cost.

The Lady was leading the first line of Dominion police like a pole position car before the race. Panzer and I were loaded for bear as we tore out onto the gravel road towards the house.  Crashing through the driveway gate and sending planks flying everywhere we gunned The Lady hard up the drive with several Dominion’s finest behind us. A police chopper roared overhead and illuminated the area with its spotlight. It was then that all hell broke loose.
Leaping from the ground like a vengeful hornet after someone disturbing the hive, the shoulder fired rocket, smashed into the chopper’s tail sending it out of control and slamming into the ground.

 Radio traffic broke out onto all channels. Calls for back up mixed with maydays and curses as well as exclamations of shock and surprise. The hill wasn’t just a hiding spot the damn thing was a bunker.

Gunfire erupted and roared from the hillside pinging off cop cars and The Lady as Panzer thumbed the weapons and returned fire. Covering as many officers as possible we watched as they spun their cars around and dived out to use them as shields from the amount of metal being poured from the hill. I flicked the switch on one of the launchers and with a repeating thump of the gun poured illumination rounds over the hill. Sparkling and burning white the hill and land light up like midday and what we saw wasn’t good. Dotted all over the hill was small bunkers and slits which seem to all be alive with fire and sound of guns and rockets being thrown at us. 

Dominions finest was holding the line but were pinned down from the amount of fire being thrown at us. Return fire was given without much effect. The hill and prepared fortifications Garlak and his Gorean Guard had put in was just too much for hand held pistols and even the rifles.  Besides they just had to keep us out long enough for the rockets with the drug to be launched. Then it didn’t matter they would have won.

Pinned down with only The Lady as any effective weapon against the hill we were all in a tight spot. Panzer drove and fired like a madman as I used illumination as well as the other weapons to nail guards in bunkers or keeping their heads down with fire. We took out guard after guard position, but there had to be at least a hundred in that hill, for as we would quiet one bunker another would break out with fire. We had to storm the hill in force or not even Panzer and I would have a chance of winning.

“What the hell are we going to do Disco?” Panzer shouted over the roar of gunfire. “A lot of the cops are pinned down and the rescue workers can’t get in here cause of the firefight.”

“We’ve got to figure out something Panzer. We can’t win this one alone. We have got to get a hole in that hill somewhere and get inside. It’s only a matter of time before Garlak launches and we can’t let him do that!” I shouted back at him.

The radio crackled to life as Cockbeater came over the com. “Disco you got to hurry I’m reading several organized heat signatures warming up at the top of the hill. I think its Garlak’s rockets.”

“There is our answer Disco”

“Yea thanks Cockbeater now you wouldn’t happen to have a really big can opener do ya? Where a little busy with all the lead being thrown at us at the moment to even figure out how to get inside.”

Bullets pinged off The Lady’s armor and we were knocked about by rockets shot at us. We didn’t have time.  Garlak was prepping for his launch and there was no telling how long we had, but we had to get in and get in now.  Then... call it an answered prayer, a wish, whatever it was... it sure was cutting it close.

A huge ball of flame exploded from the bunkers and slits in the hill from the north side. Rock, dirt, and pieces of concrete landed all around and the fire fight slacked as everyone took cover. Panzer and I stared open mouth as a hole big enough to drive the Lady into was blown out.  It was in the perfect spot too as that side offered the most protection. Due to the slope and was only protected by three bunkers, two of which were taken out in the explosion.
I grabbed the radio and screamed into it. “North Side! North Side! Breech on the North Side!”

Radio traffic erupted again as orders were given and the assault began in earnest with The Lady roaring up to the breech and blasting everything that moved inside. Blinking for a moment I could have sworn I saw a man with a funny hat waving us toward it but lost him in the smoke and violence as Dominion’s finest sought revenge for fallen comrades and justice. 

The hill erupted into even more frantic firing but positions were being abandoned and falling back inside to protect the bunker. Panzer made quick work of the guard that had thrown up a small barricade with the machine guns and blew out the sealed door leading from the ruined hillside. We piled out into a group of bad ass Fem Cops who having used The Lady as cover were ready to put it to the guard tooth nail and high heeled boot to their ass.  More Fem Cops and officers were rushing up as the assault began. Just as Panzer and I moved with them to head into the bunker I heard my name being shouted over the thudded roar of grenades and gunfire from inside the hill.

“Discoman! Panzer up here!”

Turning I saw that crazy musketeer from the caves again waving us over and up the hill side. Grabbing Panzer, I rushed over to him.

“Gentleman Caller what are you doing here?”

“I told you we were after the same thing. Just because I want to see Lady Evangeline safe doesn’t mean the jobs just done at that.”

“Right we got to stop Garlak from launching his rockets or we are all screwed.” 

He nodded and started up the hill.

“Where are you going?”

“He has to launch them and if you notice the hill is getting wider.” He pointed at the top of the hill.

Sure enough through the smoke and dust I could see a light pouring from a crack in the top of the hill and it was getting wider. Two bay doors appeared to be opening up at the top and it dawned on me that would be the quickest way to get to the rockets and probably Garlak instead of fighting room to room in the hill. We would let Dominion’s finest have their fun, we had to stop Garlak and now.

Panzer was right with the Gentleman and me as we raced up the hill over bodies of guards and equipment they left as they ran inside to defend the hill. Racing along, the light grew brighter and brighter on the hilltop and we could just make out the glistening tips of rockets rising into view. 

“Panzer, grapples we got to hurry.”

“Already on it Disco!”

Panzer in mid stride whipped out the grapple gun and fired three shots into the ground ahead of us. Tossing Gentleman Caller a hook and reel we all lined up and slapped our hooks on the anchors Panzer had shot and without even slowing down and leapt out into the blinding light,  The reels spun and whined in protest as the lines were fed out. Shooting past rack after rack of rising rockets I glanced down in time to see the Gorean guard in the fight of their lives. The entire center of the hill was hollow and it looks like the Dominion moved faster than I thought. On one end of the chamber black suited Fem Cops were blasting away at Gorean guard who were holding them off with sheer brute force. 

Gentleman Caller, my-self and Panzer were dropping right in on top of the guard from a way they probably didn’t expect. The reel lines yanked us tight and slowed us down enough to let us move without holding on for dear life. Scanning the area I shouted at the others.

“G.C.! That’s the launch command area!” Pointing to several techs running around below us in a central platform we were dropping down too. 

“Got it Disco I’ll handle them!”

“Panzer Grenades!”

I chucked two by the time Panzer had grabbed a fist full and jerked all the pins out with his teeth and let them go.  I’m sure the techs and guard wondered why they were being pelted with pins before the grenades bounced among them. Explosions rocked all over the place as guard went flying and Dominion’s finest took the chance to press forward to swarm them. We hit the platform and G.C. drew his blade and went after the techs. Panzer went right and opened up on guard trying to make their way across the catwalk to the platform. I rolled and came up on the other side in time to drop a sniper and take out a tech running for his life.
It was only a matter of moments before the Black Leather Dominion police were there and giving us the time to look at the controls to shut down the rockets. The guard was being forced back into the southern side of the hill now through two large doors slowly closing to slow us down. I ran over to G.C. and Panzer.

“What’s the story?”

Panzer ducking from a grenade that exploded on a catwalk to our left yelled to me.” System is locked out! Countdown is reading 25 seconds till all rockets fire.”

Looking up above me I could see we were talking about ninety rockets all aimed in a circle around a launch tower high above us. 

“Disco!” My medallion came to life about my neck. “No time... just do what I say. Take your medallion and crack open the back. Take the green wire and pull it free then hook splice it to the internet connection on the back of the computer with the countdown. I will do what I can.”

I looked at Panzer for only a moment as I pulled my medallion off and ripped the back off it. G.C. pulled the computer tower up onto the table as Panzer flicked out his knife and scraped the internet wire exposed and I wrapped the exposed end of the green wire around the other.

  We ducked another explosion and returned fire from a counter attack of guard coming from the south of the hill. Glancing at the monitor the countdown read fifteen seconds but I was watching as all sorts of programs suddenly began to open and filter across the screen. Cockbeater was working with blinding speed back at the Pet –Retreat. Panzer nailed another guard as G.C. was taking them out with his pistol crossbow he came up with. I watched the monitor and the countdown got to five second. Programs on the screen snapped off and a message flashed across it.


“We got to move now!” I shouted. Grabbing Panzer and G.C. I pushed them over the side and jumped into the crates below us just as the chamber went white with  fire from ninety rockets igniting above us. The platform we were on melted from the heat pouring down on it. You couldn’t see, yells and gunfire, choking white smoke and the smell of burning fuel filled the area. It cleared slightly and I looked up to see ninety missiles burning their way across the night sky. I lost my medallion, I couldn’t even ask Cockbeater what went wrong what had happened. That’s when Garlak’s laughter erupted into the room.

“You’ve lost! The Dawn of a new Dominion has begun! In a few moments you will all belong to me!”

That’s when I saw him turning into a side room.  I jumped up after him racing through gunfire with Panzer and G.C. right behind me. Panzer barreled through two guards that tried to block us and I’m sure I heard bone crunching when they hit the wall from his hit. We still heard the laughter ahead of us as we raced into another chamber. Garlak was waiting for us along with his brother who pulled his sword and Garlak for the first time unfurled his whip. Panzer fired at the same time I did, but the bullets pinged off Garlak and his brother. Some kind of shield was around him.

“Ahh, poor Disco and Panzer.” He motioned to the shimmering around him.” Like it? Another little gift my pet Eva made for me.”

“She was never your pet!” I growled at him.

“You should just relax and join me. It will be a glorious moment in Dominion. A time when those that should rule.. will.” He pointed to a monitor on the wall. “In a few moments the missiles will infest the crop with my drug and the few select targets such at Dominion Police Headquarters, as well as a few other high level places will be directly hit. Allowing me to really take over the city and bring Dominion back from this foolish notion it has created.”

“We will still resist you as will others.” Gentleman Caller said.

“Then you will have to die along with them.”Garlak hissed back.

“Brother! Changing the order is one thing but killing people I …I don’t think I can do that.”

It was Hylarks which surprised us all. Garlak stood staring at his brother in anger as Panzer just shrugged at me then a light bulb when off in his mind.

“You! It was you that called me!” Panzer said to Hylarks.

Hylarks seemed to gain strength and looked at his brother Garlak. “Yes it was me that told them where we were. I joined you because I believed what you said as always brother. But I am not a killer and Lady Evangeline didn’t deserve to die. I had spoken to her when you …”

“Shut up Hylarks. Betrayer of the vilest sort. I knew all about you talking to her when I wasn’t around when you thought I wasn’t watching or having you watched. You were always weak. You always wanted a strong woman in control, you never broke free of it. No matter the glory I showed you.”

“You showed me nothing brother but how to bring pain to those that didn’t want it! At least Dominion doesn’t force anyone to be a certain way and to destroy  is wrong!”

“Then you shall die as a traitor as well!”

Garlak swung his whip with blinding speed and it moved right through Hylarks shield. Hylark was able to block the whip with his sword but the tip whipped around and struck him along his back. His body lost control as the electrical charge coursed through him and he dropped writhing to the floor. 

“Now!” I shouted realizing that things could pass through the shield just not high speed ones. This fight had to be close and personal. Which to be honest it was.

Garlak recovered in remarkable time and lashed out at G.C. with his whip. G.C. danced over the whip with a flourish and drew his rapier dancing along a table towards him. Panzer came up on Garlak’s left and landed a punch that would send most people flying. Garlak staggered back then landed one onto Panzer’s jaw. The rock hard muscles rippling from throwing his whole force into the blow  Panzer reeled and fell flat on his face stunned. Growling Panzer put his hands down to get up but Garlak was bringing his whip up to strike down my brother with fury. I dashed in and landed and flying kick to his chest that sent him head over heels to his back just at G.C. came up and placed his rapier to Garlak’s neck. 

Helping my brother up, we moved next to G.C. with a very pissed off Garlak looking up at us.

“You’ve stopped nothing! Even if you kill me the city is in chaos and none of your precious Ladies will be even be thinking about taking control. A new order will rise anyway I have won.” He began to laugh then a look of shock went on his face. “NO NO!”

I turned and looked at the monitor tracking his missiles and saw they had all turn towards the open sea. Each one of rockets where dropping into the ocean before detonating harmlessly under water. I turned back to Garlak grinning. 

“Good old Cockbeater.” Panzer said.

“Yes seems you got beat again and this time by a guy that whacks off too much to Mistress Channels.” I laughed.

Garlak hissed at me and G.C. pressed his rapier to his throat a bit.

“Easy now there lad you’ve been bested. Just relax I’m sure some of those lovely Ladies in black will be along to collect you soon.”

“You may have defeated my rockets and ruined my plans. But I am not bested.” He moved his hand quickly as he spoke and flicked a switch before we could react.

His shield erupted around him and sent all of use flying.  All of us landed hard near Hylarks who was groggy but coming around.

“Owww.” I said favoring my ribs as Panzer was picking himself up off the floor slowly. G.C. was hanging over a railing coughing. We had all been blown back about six feet when we heard the crack of Garlak’s whip.

“I will have my revenge on you four before I am ever bested.” Garlak growled and stalked towards us. “Lovely thing that shield... it can be reversed. Something I never told my brother just in case. In case he ever got to close for comfort.”

Panzer threw a chair at Garlak who laughed deflecting it and stalked forward. It was then I looked at G.C.

“I know this seems like an odd time but did you set off the explosion on the north side?”

Laughing himself as he slid off the rail to a slump next to Hylarks he looked at me. “No... but I knew it was going to happen.”

Panzer stood ready to take the first blow trying to guard us all with a leg from the chair Garlak had deflected.

“How?” I asked trying to find the gun I dropped when we got blown back.

“She told me.”

“Who?” I scrambled trying to think of anything to do to stop Garlak as his whip crackled with energy and swung in a high arch over his head to strike at us all. I crouched just behind Panzer with his club and over G.C. and Hylarks.

Suddenly the whip stopped in mid air. There was a gasping and shocked sound from Garlak. Panzer’s mouth dropped wide open as did my eyes. Garlak was held tight in the grip of what had to be one of the most seductive women we had ever seen. She had moved so fast or just appeared out of nowhere. As If materializing right behind Garlak she was clad in tight black latex that showed the curves of her body. The thigh high laced boots fit perfectly. The dark hair in a ponytail and pale skin glinting like porcelain, she was every submissive man’s wet dream and more so. We couldn’t move just shocked into awe and desire for her. Then G.C. spoke up.

“Oh…. her.” He grinned and dusted his hat off.

Garlak struggled but couldn’t break free. Even when the woman squeezed and the bones in his wrist crunched. He screamed and dropped his whip. She hissed at him and her voice was mystical almost unworldly when she spoke. 

“You’ve been a bad boy. Now get on your knees.” She kicked at the back of his legs and he went down to his knees hard still holding his broken wrist.

“You fucking bitch!” Was all he got out before she slapped the back of his neck with her gloved hand and sent him to the floor in a heap out cold. 

She looked at him fixing her glove casually then glanced at us. At which Panzer dropped his club and just gawked. I slowly stood and helped G.C. up. This Fetish Goddess who just dropped into our midst grinned softly, the ruby red lips pulled back and was those two hints of fangs I saw? Shaking my head, she was in front of Panzer now. I didn’t even see her move. Panzer blinked and she reached up and closed his mouth softly.

“You shouldn’t leave that open might catch flies.” She said to him.

Panzer just nodded then blinked again. “Yes …I mean Yes Ma’am!”

“Good” she purred.

The sounds of Fem Cops booted heels echoed down the hallway heading our way. She looked at all of us then blew a kiss to Gentleman Caller. Then unbelievably she melded into a smoky shadow and disappeared as the room was filling with Dominion’s finest. Seems the day was won and so was the City. Maybe now we could all take a break for a while and relax. Rubbing my sore ribs I knew I needed it.

As we helped each other back out of the hill and watched as captured Gorean Guard where piled into police vans and rescue workers tended wounded and others I looked at Gentleman Caller.

“Her name is Huntress.” He said knowing my question.

“Is she an ally or what?”

“That’s hard to say… she is defiantly one who does her own thing.”

“What is she?”

“A Hunter of course if you want to know more you will have to ask her.”

“How would one find her?”

“Oh you don’t find her, she finds you.”

We piled into The Lady as Lady T invited Gentleman Caller back to the Pet-Retreat for rest and relaxation and perhaps a little fun. Lady T’s little fun usually was a lot of fun. But G.C. would have to decide for himself if he was up for it. Dominion was free and safe again. 

Garlak was placed in Lady Pamela’s private prison for extremely naughty boys. In her capable hands we were sure he would regret whatever it was he had ever done in his life much less what he had done to Lady Evangeline or the City of Dominion.

 Hylarks had being taken to headquarters after what we told the Cops about his help. It looked like he would be punished but it seems he would only suffer for a while. We heard later that Lady Evangeline herself actually bailed him out and made him a house slave and assistant in her home. From all accounts he couldn’t be happier.

As for Gentleman Caller well he was out there in the City someplace doing his thing. Rescuing and avenging Ladies as he saw fit who where wronged. We worked with him now and then on small stuff.

Huntress…well were not really sure what she’s up to. But we hear rumors now and then. Criminals getting off of crimes on technicalities suddenly going missing, dark stuff, we haven’t run across her yet. Nor has she found us. But I don’t think we will forget that dark beauty and power ever.

As for Panzer and me? Well we do what we do. Along with Cockbeater and our Lady T. Heading off crime and fighting the good fight as long as we can. The City of Dominion is full of fine people. People free to decide what they want and how they want it. We don’t care if you want to be Master or Mistress, sub or slave, or just a normal person going to work every day. We just want our City to be safe, and when it needs help, when she’s in danger, when it looks the darkest and there seems to be no hope. Disco Man and Panzer Boy will be right there to save the day.

((Special thanks to Kael for allowing me to borrow Huntress from his stories and bring her to Dominion. I hope that he knows that he is free to use any characters from my stories in his own anytime.))

Confession - David Lorefield

The sunlight filters through the trees just outside my window. Iridescent patterns play games of tag on the ceiling as the light reflects from the lake. My eyes are still half closed - i have not yet woken fully.  But as i rub the sleep from my eyes, i can feel that it is going to be a good day. 

Rising from my bed, naked as always, i move to the table and uncover the bowl of clean, clear water that I placed there last night. I take the cloth, soak it in cold water and using the cleansing salve given to me by my Mistress, i wash myself. Every inch of my body is scrubbed and purified before i take the rough woven drying towel and remove the excess moisture from my skin. my skin is now glowing red from the roughness of the towel but it doesn't matter.

My clothes lay neatly folded in the corner of the room ready for me to dress. i take them item by item; my woolen leggings, plain white shift and worn sandals; and dress myself slowly.

Now that i am dressed i open the door and leave my room. The house is strangely quiet but peaceful. my Mistress must be in the garden enjoying the morning air. i walk outside and see Her standing by the lake. She is radiant in the morning light and my heart skips a beat as i gaze upon Her.

"Good Morning, My boy", she breathes softly. "I am glad you are awake. I have many chores for you today. But if you serve me well, there will be great rewards too". I lift my eyes to look directly into Hers and see that well-known glint of mischief and promise that so often has me falling over myself trying to please Her.

"How can i serve You today, Mistress?" i ask, longing to bring at least some mote of happiness to Her life during the waking hours of the day.

"you can serve Me well, My boy, as I'm sure you will".

  i smile, as i know She is right.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To The Goddess - Anonymous

"Goddess, keep and protect me until the morning."

My last words before bed. I get off my knees and climb into bed, trying to stop the thoughts from swimming in my head. Will i ever resolve these issues? I drift off into an uneasy sleep, full of dreams of my Mistress and not being able to please Her, no matter how hard i try. 

The Creed tells me to be open and honest with my Mistress about my feelings but i know that in being so i am causing Her pain and anger. If i keep these feelings to myself, She will not be disturbed by them but i will not be true to Her or myself. The truth is plain to see - i am no longer favoured by Her and i must accept this gracefully and move on, accepting my own responsibility for the situation. But i cannot calmly walk away when to do so would be to give up on my hopes and dreams.

The worst thing of all is the feeling that i am no longer needed, no longer wanted, no longer desired. i know this feeling well and have striven for many years to avoid its clutches. But my actions have not been positive - i have just been running away in the hope that it did not see me. i failed. Like the dream i had when i was a child, i am on a staircase with evil and danger stalking me from both ends, coming towards me and with nowhere to run. i can't escape. i must face my worst nightmares and once more venture into the dark in the hope i can find a glimmer of light to guide me.

i approach the edge of the abyss, the darkness....
"Goddess, keep and protect me until the morning."

and leap...........

Discoman and Panzerboy XII - Helpful Information - Eroyan Barmy

I was sure he was dead. I couldn’t leave him. How could I? He was my brother. I left Lady Eva behind cover and made my way back to Disco. I had wrapped her head from the falling pipe that had struck her as we escaped the basement. The tremors were quieting from the overheated reactor when I got back to the sublevel to look for Disco. The steam and heat made it hard to see I shouted for him over and over. I never heard him. I knew he went towards the reactor. I searched through the piles of pipes and debris calling for him. Pleading for him to say something, anything then I saw a flash of white from a pant leg. Screaming his name I ran to Disco and with strength even I didn’t know I had I threw the fallen grate off of his limp body. Nearly in tears I checked him and he still had a pulse but his breathing was shallow. I hurriedly lifted him over my shoulders and made it back to Lady Eva. Putting them both over my shoulders I barely remember the fast paced flight back to the Pet-Retreat and helping Cockbeater get Lady Eva and Disco into the medical bay. 

I stood there fidgeting as Cockbeater looked them over and telling me Lady Eva would be fine, just a knock on the head. Disco was in bad shape from heat exhaustion and broken ribs from the grate that had fallen on him.  I couldn’t take my eyes off my brother laying there on the white table with IV’s in him and a respirator over his face. Cockbeater was doing all he could and gave me a thumbs up after stabilizing Disco. That’s when I slumped to the floor and cried like a baby. 

“Panzer…” Lady T’s soft voice whispered to me.

“Yes Mistress?” I said through tears.

“He will be alright you must be strong now for him and me.”

  Her voice was trembling and I had never heard that before. It brought be back from my own grief to support my Mistress and the rest of my family.

“Yes Mistress I will be.”

“Good boy,” she breathed deeply as if a weight was taken from her.

“What do I do now Mistress? Garlak and his brother took several crates of rockets from the D.B.S. building and I’m pretty sure his drug is loaded in them.”

“Then we now know how he plans to deliver his agent to the people of Dominion. He will need a place to launch them. Do you know what kind of rockets?”

“Mistress I was a little hurried so know I don’t know what kind exactly. From the glance I did get it appeared to be a medium range rocket. “

Lady Eva stirred from her cot in the medical bay and groaned. Cockbeater went to her and told her to lie down to relax she was safe. She looked at him then me and nodded softly to me. I waved and bowed softly. The image of Lady T that had been hovering near me from the holo-projector turned and regarded Lady Evangeline.

“Please do as Cockbeater asks you Lady Evangeline you’ve had a nasty bump on the head when my boys rescued you.” Lady T said.

“Thank you Lady T.” Lady Evangeline responded.

Cockbeater looked a little surprised as did I that Lady Eva seemed to know who Lady T was.

“Before you rest I must ask you Lady Evangeline if you know what kind of rockets that Garlak took from the sublevel of the D.B.S. building. “ Lady T purred teasingly almost as she spoke.


Lady Eva shook her head as if to clear it then her eyes went wide and she gasped. Which brought me to my feet and listened intently, without Disco around I had to focus. Glancing at my brother I resolved then and there that someone would pay for what they did to him.

“Oh God my lab.” Lady Eva cried. “The xr33 experimental rockets, that’s what he wanted from me when the bastard forced that drug on me.”

“What does the xr33 do?” Cockbeater said beating me to the punch for the question of the day.

“They… they aren’t suppose to be military used. I designed them to speed up crop production. For spreading fertilizer or seed themselves. It’s a non explosive rocket that does have a small charge that explodes at a pre set level to spread its payload over a wide even area.”

“What is the range of the xr33?” I asked.

“About three miles with current fuel capacity.”

Looking at Cockbeater I asked the other question of the day. “Is that an effective deliver system for his drug Cockbeater?”

“Yes it would, but the drug is more effective if ingested or breathed in which might explain the airborne quality to the rockets he plans on using. Skin contact will have a slight effect but doesn’t seem to induce the full on control I think he would want.”

“So we tell everyone in Dominion to wear breathing masks for the next few days.” I said “Till we find him and eliminate the rockets and drug.”

“I doubt it Panzer. I have a feeling that even if Garlak used the rockets over the city that it might be covering up what he might really be aiming at.”

“And what might that be Cockbeater.” It dawned on me just as he said it.

“The collective farmlands to the east, supply the City with about forty-five percent of its food supply. That seems like we only have to worry about less than half the city the problem is the food they supply isn’t just things like potatoes and vegetables. They also provide things like corn and grain that gets produced into several things other than food. If he infects the crop even if we prevented anyone from eating it we would have to destroy the entire crop and that could make things very bad in the city anyway.”

“That’s about fifty miles of farmland Cockbeater!”

“I know I know I will get the satellites on it right away.” Cockbeater left the room to his monitors to begin the search.

“Mistress with permission I will begin to search the area as well.”

“No Panzer you must leave that to Cockbeater. With his equipment he can search faster that you can. You are needed here so you can respond quickly to what he finds.”

“But Mistress!” I started.

“Panzer! You will obey me boy. You are still not big enough I can’t put you over my knee.” She hissed at me.

“Yes Mistress” I sighed but sat down. “I hope you feel alright Lady Eva.”

“Yes thank you Panzer. I just need to rest.” She looked over at Disco and sadness crossed her face. “He saved me too didn’t he?”

“Yes Lady Evangeline, that’s my brother Disco.”

“Will he be alright?”

“Cockbeater says he will. I just shouldn’t have left him.”

“Panzer, Disco did what he had to do, as you did. You did the right thing and got Lady Evangeline out of harm’s way.” Lady T purred at me.

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” 

I got up and left, excusing myself as Lady Eva lay down to rest and Lady T gave me permission to go. Walking into the bay I did my best to take my mind off of Disco, the crops, Garlak and how bad I wanted to get my hands around his neck at that moment. I began to occupy myself with reloading The Lady and checking the equipment on her to keep my mind off things.

It had been about two hours since I had left the infirmary. Cockbeater was scanning mile after mile of farmland hoping to spot anything out of place for me to go check out. Lady T had spoken to me now and then telling me Disco was doing alright. I always thanked her and appreciated when she checked in on me. I wanted to know how he was doing. But I couldn’t bring myself to go back and see him on that white table with the things coming out of his arms and the machine supplying him with oxygen. 

Lady T has just given me another update and her image had just flickered out from The Lady’s console when I reached under the seat to get the rag I had dropped while cleaning The Lady. Something glinted at me and picking it up it was Disco’s communication medallion. If must have fallen off when I was taking him out to get him to the infirmary. Thinking he would like to have it when he woke up I wrapped it around my hand and slid out of The Lady into the bay. Steeling myself for having to see him again in that terrible condition I began to head to the door that would take me inside. 

I stopped about half way there. Was that static? I looked around and listened. Taking another step I heard it again. Yes it was static and it was coming from the medallion. Was Cockbeater forgetting Disco was unconscious in the infirmary? Or did he suspect I had it and was trying to reach me. But why, he saw me go into the bay he could just use the intercom or the communications inside The Lady to contact me. Gently I took the medallion and pushed the transmit button.

“This is Panzer; Reception garbled just picking up static. Retransmit.”

There was a burst of static then a click. I waited not knowing what was going on. Then a voice that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it spoke.

“Luxembourg Road, Pay phone outside of Leather n Lace Cinema. 8pm”

“What?” I said back. “Who is this?”

“Luxembourg Road, Pay phone outside of Leather n Lace Cinema. 8pm. don’t be late”

There was another click and burst of static and I stood there dumbfounded. What was going on and how did they isolate the communication signal. I looked at the clock it was 7:42pm already. I might get in trouble but I had to take the chance. I ran to my bike that I kept in the bay and hopped on. Roaring to life I hit the gas and had to duck under the rising bay door as I shot out onto the streets. 

“Panzer where are you going?” Cockbeater asked me in my helmet.

“Can’t say at the moment no time, you need to change the communication codes I think someone was able to hack them.”

“Uhh well okay but what the hell do I tell Mistress?”

“Tell her I will accept whatever punishment she might give me but I have to do this! Panzer out.”

I flew through traffic and red lights. Thank goodness I was lucky and a Fem Dom Cop didn’t see me or I would have a heck of a time trying to explain that the voice from the pretty little medallion told me to be at the Leather n Lace Cinema at 8pm. I’m sure the first thought would be pervert, then deciding if they should cuff me or if I would just like that too much. Laughing to myself I thought probably the latter.

I nearly took out the dang phone booth when I roared up on it. Barely stopping an inch from it, the phone inside was already ringing. Jumping off and grabbing it hurriedly I shouted into the receiver.

“I’m here! I’m here! This is Panzer.” I shouted.

“Good, I know what you’re looking for and I know where to find it.”

“What exactly am I looking for?”


I paused and looked around not seeing anything out of place I took a deep breath. “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know that.”

“What is this going to cost me?”


“So why are you helping me?”

“Simple I don’t believe in it anymore.”


“I suggest you have a look at 2314 Maple Leaf Rd. There is a rather interesting hill on that property. Make sure you look under rocks.”

“Rocks… what?”

There was a click and the phone was silent. I looked around again trying to see anyone that might look out of place but I knew I didn’t have time. I had to get back to the Pet-Retreat and get Cockbeater to look at 2314 Maple Leaf Rd. I leapt back on the bike and roared back to the Pet-Retreat even faster than when I hurried to get the call.

The darken figure in the alley watched as Panzer boy got back on his bike and roared back down the street. The trench coat and hat made him blend in well with the alley and the town’s people far better than his normal attire. Granted he wasn’t a fool. Dangling at his side was the blade he carried and the baldric that held it was snug against his shoulder under the coat. After a few moments he looked about at the people walking along the street and turned to walk into the darkness of the city with his hands clasped behind him. Turning along the next road he passed under a street lamp and before getting into the black sedan that was waiting for him. He only had one thought as he settled inside.

“Forgive me brother, but you shouldn’t have tried to kill her.” 

Genuine Confession - Russell Applemoor

Earning Back Trust. 

I have only just met Miss Violet and today I was the lucky boy who pierced her with the tenth arrow. Its funny how circumstances and luck draw people together. 

I won 24 hours with Miss Violet to help her work within her house and do tasks she needed completed. I was a bit surprised when she asked that I come to her home so soon…and I was even more surprised that she wanted me to write a letter to my Mistress Maisy in regards to the title she saw over my head “Earning Back Trust”   

Mistress Maisy is pretty open in regards to her life and I am also. Last Sunday I made a mistake that caused my Mistress in SL and My Mistress in RL some Aggravation and stress.  I will not go into details here because I am not sure how much should be shared but I lied and with my lie I hurt both wonderful woman in my life and caused them to have a reason not to trust me. 

I have apologized to both ladies and have been in a desperate struggle to prove myself to them.  It is a rough road that leads to submission and when it is in your RL and SL its no easy task to balance the commitment between two Mistresses. I made a conscious choice for selfish reasons that ended up hurting my credibility…It jeopardized my goal of seeking submission  and I am sorry that it impacted My Mistresses in such a negative way. 

I wanted to say this in a open forum so that all could know that I made a mistake and I am truly sorry for the hurt I caused. I don’t deserve the love these two wonderful women give me but I am thankful it is there and that they are there for me to pick me up when I fall. 

I also want to thank Miss Violet for asking such a unselfish thing of myself and giving me the opportunity to tell my Mistresses how much I love them. 

Trust, earned or lost 

Do you have it from the beginning

Do you earn it 

Does it take long

I think trust in earned and lost

It must never be questioned 

For questioning trust is questioning your friend

If you have to question your friend did you ever really trust them to begin with

If trust is lost, will you ever get it back

Will you ever be close to that person again

Will you ever hear their secrets

How will it ever be the same 

They might not ever fully trust you

I know how this feels

I have lost people’s trust many a time before

Why on earth don’t they trust me

I wish they did but I understand  


I hope I can earn back what I have caused to be lost.

Changing Desires - Anonymous sub

The other day my Mistress teased me and said ...I'll bet you will suck  cock for me?

I have never had the chance to do this in in RL but I wont deny that I have had urges for years to experience a bisexual relationship....and In SL I know it could happen in the flash of a eye ..or better yet in one quick TP.

In the days following  I found myself lying awake at night, wondering what should come next. I started  surfing the net and I came across a website that published erotic fiction submitted by its members. I went to the most popular story lists, and soon found myself reading about a man who discovered he was bisexual . The passages where he had sex with women turned me on a lot, but so did the parts where he was being fucked by another man. The descriptions of an orgy, with gorgeous men and women having mad raw sex made me intensely curious.

Wondering what it would be like with my Mistress watching me...pleasuring herself  .... My sphincter  clinching on a  thrusting cock,  gagging on the hard shaft as it explodes in my throat, coating my tonsils in sticky cum, knowing that it pleases my Mistress and turns me on to no end

It seems funny to think about this I dont believe I am gay.  I love playing with women's breasts and the taste of her pussy when she becomes  aroused and worshipping her body and soul

Last night I was lying on my back with my feet propped up on my headboard. I was masturbating to  a scene where Mistress had secured me and another boy was raping my ass as Mistress looked on amused  when my own cum came flying onto my hands and stomach. I found myself opening my mouth, as I licked the remainder from my hands and savored its feel in my mouth. The salty taste was just as exciting and arousing as a woman's cum, and I enjoyed spreading it on my lips and rubbing it into my nipples.

I hope Mistress will figure out who wrote this and take a poor boys fantasy into consideration .....

On Hundred - Destiny Teardrop

He's waiting. I know he is.

I know he is there, naked, kneeling, hard. Waiting for me. As instructed. 

I know he is nervous, excited, anxious. His heart is beating fast. His stomach is in knots. He is sweating a little. I smile.

I feel the same, but I am the one who must remain calm, controlled, disciplined. He must not see my insecurities. 

I approach the room, feeling the soft plush carpet sink underneath my stilettoes heels. I turn the handle and for a second I think I hear an audible gasp, a short intake of breath, but maybe it was my imagination?

He is the position I instructed him to be in: Submission - kneeling, arms in the air, head bowed. His cock is twitching slightly and is semi-erect. Again, I smile.

I approach him swiftly, confidently and stop immediately in front of his bowed head. The tips of my shiny black stilettoes touching each of his knees. I feel him tremble. I speak, "Look at Me", I command. He raises his head and his eyes lock with mine. I smile softly. He speaks quietly, almost a whisper, "hello my Mistress". 

I lean down and cup his chin with my hand, then kiss him, full on the lips. Within a split second I have grasped his hair and pulled him up and bent him over the dresser. He gasps and moans as my grip tightens on his hair. I push his face down firmly on to the dresser and bend down, hissing in his ear "whose bitch are you? hmm? who do you belong to, slut?". He splutters, "you, my Mistress, only you". I let the pressure ease from his head, but he doesn't move, he doesn't dare. I don't need to restrain him. He knows. My words are enough. 

I need to hurt him. This boy I adore, I need to see his arse cheeks turn red. I need to see the welts appear on his flesh. I need to hear him moan and whimper. I don't know why. I don't care why. I just need it.

Swiftly, I unbuckle my belt. He moans as he hears the familiar sound of the metal. I slip the belt off and push the soft black leather up to his face, "breathe in deeply, My slut. Isn't it beautiful? Don't you just love the smell of the leather?". 

"Yes Mistress...I do". 

"Kiss it"

He looks up at Me, his eyes imploring me. He knows what is going to happen next. He kisses the belt, the instrument of his pain and pleasure. 

Smiling, I say to him, "I am going to cause you pain now, My bitch. Do you know why?"

"Because it pleases you, my Mistress. Because I am yours and because you can".

"Good boy, that is correct." My pulse quickens with anticpation. This big strong man who could knock me down with one blow, is totally submitted to me. Devoted, adoring, and all mine. 

I rub his plump, round arse cheeks with my right hand. Softly stroking, massaging and kneading each cheek in turn. I reach under and cup his balls. He gasps.  I feel their heavy weight in my palm and smile. I reach under a little further and grasp his cock.  He moans deeply, his desire evident. He is rock hard, throbbing. I reach along the length of his shaft and feel the wet tip of his cock. Bringing my hand up to his mouth, I wipe the precum along his lips, "lick your lips, My boy, don't waste a drop". He obeys, of course and I smile, again. 

Standing up straight now, I place my left hand firmly on the small of his back.

Grasping the buckle in my right hand, I draw my right arm back to it's fullest extent and prepare. He closes his eyes and tenses his body.

"Are you ready, My love?"

He nods "Yes, Mistress. I am always ready for You."

I lift my arm back further and up high then bring it down fast and sure, feeling the belt make contact with his flesh, he yelps and jumps. Quivering under my firm left hand.

"1, th..thank you Mistress"

One down, 99 to go. And again, I smile.

Boy Voyeur - Hamilton Outlander

My confession, nay, my desire is to sneak into dungeon while Mistress is with Her girl with me, completely naked up behind the ledge, peering down on T/them without being seen.  First the girl lays on the bed, eying Mistress eagerly.  The air is cool and has  a soft rose scent that Mistress so loves.   The coolness of the air and the two sexy, voluptous ladies eying each other, make T/their nipples grow extremely  hard.  I lean further out, softly fondling myself.  

I watch as Mistress eases onto the bed.  Her fingers brushing Her girl's face, moving the hair out of her eyes.   Mistress softly kisses the girl, sending visible shivers through her.  She climbs on top of the girl, taking her right hand and binding it to the bed.  She moves to the left, and repeats for the girls legs.  

Mistress licks her finger, letting it pop out of Her mouth.  She slides Her wet finger up the girl's inner thighs, making her moan softly.  The girl's hips twitch as her desire grows.  I lean further over the ledge watching as the tension mounts.  The girl moans as Mistress' fingers move closer to her open slit.  Mistress smiles lovingly at the girl as she slides a finger into her opening, massaging the girl tenderly.

The girl arches her back, struggling with the chains as Mistress continues to massage the girl's sex.  Mistress bites the girl's nipple, causing the girl to moan loudly as her desire builds.  My own breathing grows deeper as I watch the action, my arousal nearly complete.  Mistress takes her finger out of Her girl and sucks it into her mouth, moaning as she sucks the silky desire from Her finger. 

Mistress crawls up to her girl's mouth straddling her.  She gives the girl permission to touch Her.  The girl's tongue lashes out, licking her Mistress wildly back and forth.  Mistress lets out a soft moan as She plays lightly with Her nipples, feeling Her girl's tongue.  I lean further over the ledge, my breathing becoming ragged with desire as I continue to stroke myself rythmically.

Mistress lowers Her hips allowing Her girl to access all of Her as she leans down on Her girl.  Mistress' hands rub the inside of the girl's thighs, spreading her wider as She lightly kisses Her girl's opening.   The girl moans loudly as Mistress begins teasing her.  Mistress' body begins to squirm as She feels Her girl's tongue penetrating Her, rubbing her engorged lips.  I climb up on the wall, leaning further out, nearly slipping as I continue to look on. 

Mistress looks back, smiling at Her girl, giving her permission to orgasm whenever she wants.  The girl's moans wail out louder as she burrows into Mistress, hot sex.  Mistress and the girl's tongues flick each other in rhythm, both sucking and licking their swollen clits.   Mistress' back begins to arch as Her moans echo off the stone walls in the dungeon.  Mistress and Her girl both reach climax with the girls hips struggling against the chains as her moans ring out.   As my excitement grows, I lean over further losing my balance and falling onto the floor with and oomph!  

Mistress moan cuts off mid way through as she looks over angrily at the source of the sound, me.  I mutter "utoh" as I start to scramble away.  Mistress sharply commands me to display myself and stand quietly with my back to them while she finishes with Her girl.  Mistress lays over on the bed pulling her girl's head back to the pillow .  She kisses Her girl softly, and  instructs Her girl to wash and get dressed to go out.  As she does, I can feel Mistress' eyes glaring at me.

I see Mistress pick up Her favorite riding crop out of the corner of my eye as she walks over to me.  My skin begins to shiver from the anticipation and fear of what will be coming.  Mistress runs the crop down my back, "boy, What have I told you about watching without My permission."  I try my best to answer, but all I can do is mumble.  Mistress lashes out across my ass with the crop, "Answer Me boy!".  I can tell by Her tone that she is very angry this time.

My eyes flinch as the crop strikes across my ass, burning my skin.  I  grit my teeth saying, "You said that I would severely regret it, Mistress.".    She steps in front me, "Oh so you do remember.", as She runs the crop over my manhood.  A soft groan of fear escapes my lips.  I cry out as She brings the crop down striking my nipple, leaving a savage welt.   She laughs, "This is just the beginning, boy.". 

She cuffs my hands, and attaches the chains to the rafters.  I wince as I see Her swap out the crop for the whip, rembering that I nearly passed out the last time she used it.   Mistress gives me another steely glare as She loosens the whip.  My body tenses up as She walks behind me.  I scream out in agony as the first lash cuts an angry furrow in my right shoulder blade.  The second lash,  across my ass, causes me to scream again.  "Oh Mistress!  Please!  I promise it won't happen again!".   

Mistress walks back in front of me, grabbing my manhood and squeezing it hard.  "I believe you have learned your lesson, boy.". She unhooks the chain, freeing him.  "You may go now.".   A sob of relief escapes me as I stumble toward my cell.  Mistress smiles as I head to my cell, "Don't get too relaxed boy, I am not done with you!".   I turn, giving her a half smile, "Yes, Mistress."  I think, "That will be most interesting." as I continue on to my cell.

It's Time - Anonymous Mistress

The boy lies sleeping, his golden curls caress the pillow, beneath his head the fabric creases. She watches him in the almost darkness, by now she knows the sound of his breaths, the soft whimpers as he dreams, the murmers, the sighs. The chink of metal as he turns beneath the covers, his ankle chained to the end of the bed, his cock held in the leather belt that she so loves to run her fingers down, HER cock. She watches him, breathing in the scent of him, leaning over him pulling the sheets up around his shoulders, keeping her boy warm in the night, her lips close to his ear as she whispers to the sleeping boy "I love you, mine". Not time to wake him yet, she slips away, her heels clinking against the wooden floor, her mind racing over what she will do with him today. 

She prepares the room, no cold walled dungeon for her, more an oasis of peace, silk clad walls, deep carpet, cushions  piled high, the daybed with it's comfortable matress, she pulls the sheet taut and tucks it in, checking each of the rings in the legs to make sure they are tight, his cuffs and shackles in easy reach, she moans a little in pleasure as her fingers touch the metal, bringing the images of him bound in them rushing to her, licking her lips before moving on. The light leather belt holding the strap on they selected together laid ready for her to put on. Touching it briefly her cheeks flush, wondering how she's going to feel the "first time". Biting her lip as she concentrates on the thoughts of him writhing in pleasure as she inserted his plug that last time, finally the largest pushed deep, prepearing him, his hips rocking back to take it, he on all fours at her feet. How they lay together on her couch for the hour, her hand touching, pressing it, moving it, teasing him, making him moan and beg in her ear. 

Her eyes drift to the costume that hangs on the wall, walking to it slowly, her fingers caress the lace,wander over the satin, knowing she'll dress him with care today, getting hotter and hotter as each piece is placed on his body and smoothed into place. Even now her breathing deepens, blood rushes to engorge hidden places, her heart thumping. Her eyes linger on the room, she conjures the vision, leaning against the wall a moment as her hand slides down her body finding the throbbing heart of her, lingering as she moans, her eyes closing only to be jerked from her daydreams by the chimes of the clock in the room below her, letting her know "It's time".... 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Confessions of the Evening 09/06/2009

Tonight's confessions were filled with lust, humor and mayhem, beauty, and unexpected twists.  We had a huge crowd with 52 at one point - just for the Confessions event.  It was so much fun to sit in the smoky, crowded bar and hear the hush fall over the crowd as the confessions were read, one by one.  

Every week, I am amazed at the soul, the talent, and heart put into the confessions themselves.  Folks who write these - Dom and sub alike - are really putting themselves out there.  We do not see their countless revisions, the emotional angst of revealing their true selves.  Sure, not everyone takes it that seriously, but many do.  How many of us have revealed very intimate, personal things to complete strangers, feeling a tremendous weight lifted, savoring in the anonymity of it, grateful for the ear that would just hear, for the shaking of the head that would understand our secrets. 

Later on the evening when playing Twenty Questions, we really got a feel for a lot of our friends and their wilder, younger days... how tolerant we might be at a Thanksgiving dinner gone awry, and reliving some of our first moments in BDSM scenes. 

Thank you all again for another amazing evening at Dominion.  The confessions are out there for all to see tonight - please see tonight's separate postings - and I look forward to next week.

Don't forget - Confessions can be submitted via email at - anonymously or with your name attached.  They will be read at the FEMDOM Confessions event and published here unless specifically requested not to.

And, of course, I do hear...  private... confessions. ;)

Until next week.

- Ravanys Lavendel, Esteemed Lady of the Dominion.

Dominion Edge Fantasy II - Hamilton Outlander

 As we left off last time, the Ladies were doing there best to make him fail...

  Mistress makes one last deep intake, her tongue flicking my shaft furiously.  She breaks off, still rubbing my manhood as she looks at the other Ladies, "What do you think, has My boy passed the test?".  The first lady breaks Her kiss, "I think your boy has performed well.  I sure liked kissing his soft, sexy lips.".  The second lady releases my nipple rings, trailing her fingers down my chest one last time as she eyes my perfectly proportioned body.  She nods, reluctantly, "The boy passes. I did my best.".   The final Lady gives my ass a hard squeeze, removing the plug and running her fingers up my back.  "I sure thought I had him with the plug. Aye, he deserves to pass.".  
Mistress beams, "Very good boy. I knew you could pass this test..".  She smiles proudly and looks at the other Ladies,  "My boy deserves a reward.  Hmmm, what should he get?", as she continues gently fondling my bulging manhood, "Get into the display position, boy.".   I quickly get into position as She looks at the other ladies,  smiling, "If anyone would like to help reward My boy, They are welcome to.".  She smiles proudly at  me, "You may cum when you desire, boy.".

Mistress leans over  wrapping her hand around my aroused manhood, tugging me to the bed, and laying me on  it.  She steps to the foot of the bed and attaches my ankle cuffs to the chains.  Next, she crawls over me , teasing me as her short skirt rides up her body.  She brushes against my raging  hardness as she continues locking my wrist cuffs to the chains.   I struggle with the chains as one of the Ladies tickle my feet softly.   Mistress grabs my hair pulling my head up, slipping a blindfold on.  I shiver with anticipation as the room goes dark.  My ears strain to hear as Mistress lets my head fall back on the pillow.  I sense the presence of the other ladies as they gather around the bed.

Mistress staddles me as I feel her lowering herself onto my rigid manhood, riding slowly up and down on me.  One of the Ladies fingers grab my nipple rings, her cool fingers making my nipples harden with excitement.  Another Lady crawls on the bed, her fingers traces my lips.  I respond by licking her finger.  She slaps my me softly, "I didn't tell you to lick My finger, boy!".  "Yes, Ma'am", I moan softly as Mistress riding up and down has me very distracted.  The lady crawls over me, straddling my face as she lowers herself.  "Now you may lick, boy", she purrs.  My tongue slides into her silky warmth as Mistress continues to ride me harder and harder.  The Lady tugging my nipple takes the barbell and twists and tugs hard on me, forcing me to gasp and moan with delight at her roughness.

The remaining Lady rubs my legs, her hands slowly going up and down my thighs.  I feel her lean against me as she reaches for something.  "That's the trick!", She exclaims.  The lady begins tickling me with a feather duster.  I struggle fiercely against the chains as my body involuntarily jerks and shudders from her tickles.  I moan louder as the combined efforts of the Mistress and the Ladies heighten my arousal to nearly bursting.  Finally as Mistress slaps my hip,  I can withstand no longer.  With a muffled shout I release, making Mistress cry out also.  I feel her tighten as she releases in response to mine.  The Lady on my face goes rigid and begins moaning as She is also affected by U/us reaching our peak.

The Lady tickling and the one tugging my nipples both sigh.  "I wish I could have been part of that."  I hear the other one, "Me too.".   The Lady on my face slips off and sits on the pillows as Mistress continues to stay on top of me.  Mistress leans forward removing the blindfold and kisses my lips passionately.   She pulls back, her tender blue eyes gazing into mine, "I did not expect you to last this long!  That was wonderful."   The Ladies all nod in agreement, with the one by my head smiling happily.  The other two look at Mistress.  "OK you two had Your fun.  When do We get Ours?".