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Trials & Punishments by Duncan

I was arrested a few weeks ago by the lovely Lady L. It seems she took offense at SL's random designation of whom my subhugs should go. It decided they should be offered to a sub with the same first letters as her. Unfortunately the timing couldn't have been worse. Time and time again I had expected to be able to fill my court time, but other obligations kept getting in the way. Finally I was informed I would be tried in absentia. Since my initial arrest I have started a trial period with an awesome Lady. I admit I had hoped she would say no to my having to go on trial, but she wholeheartedly decided I truly deserved my fate having not been able to go before the Bar and face proper judgment for my crimes.

It was decided by the court I should describe how I should be punished for my transgressions. In my opinion I should be freed because the other sub was at fault for having the same first letters or SL is at fault for not giving me options to choose from, but I understand this most logical solution would not please the court or my Lovely Lady and was indeed thrown out by the court as not being an excuse.  

For my punishment, I should be taken to the middle of the courtyard and stripped to expose my ass. My Lady should then take me over her knee to spank my bottom with her selection of implements until I am in tears and my cheeks glow as red as Rudolph's shiny nose or worse. Afterwards she should tie me to a table and tickle me mercilessly until I can barely breathe, begging for forgiveness and for her to stop.

After that phase of punishment My Lady would decide if more is warranted for having the temerity to show why I believe I am innocent in this Confession though I am truly remorseful of my inability to go to court to defend myself. I can only hope my confession truly shows my remorse for missing trials as I know My Lady will take me to task if she feels it is not sincere.

Submissives Are Not Heat And Serve by Lady Devi

Submissives Are Not Heat & Serve

A Dom walks into  a unique supermarket where there is a case in the freezer department filled with boxes with the faces of girls on them.  Red hair, blond hair, or black...a Dom has His choice.  Tall, short, skinny or fat, a Dom has His choice.  The directions on the side of the box simply say, "heat and serve."  The Dom thinks He has found gold and so He picks up one of each.  He races home and puts the first box into the microwave and out comes the blond kneeling at His feet. The first few days seem to go alright but then on the fourth day, the girl's body wilts and go limps.  No matter how hard the Master tries to hold the girl up, she simply flops over and lays in a heap.  It seems the girl has no spine so out to the trash He carries her off.

Not discouraged, he walks back into the house and He throws the second box, with the red hair into the microwave and heats it. Once again, out pops the girl kneeling at His feet. The girl is spicy and has a fire within her and He cannot believe His luck.  A girl so full of life is sure to be the one.  A few days go by without a hitch and the Dom is happy as can be.  The fourth day arrives and He is shocked at the sight He sees.  A girl with no fire and rather bland kneels before Him.  He swears even her hair is now dull and without shine.  He quickly disgards her and runs back to the house...with one final box, this one must be it!

He takes the last box and follows the directions of simply heat and serve.  Out comes the girl with long black hair, kneeling at His feet. At first she seems deep and full of life.  Fresh from the box, a Dom's dream come true, so obedient and pleasing.  He thinks to Himself this must be the one and the last one for Me.  Two, three and even four days goes by causing Him to sigh in relief.  But the fifth day starts a new day to a girl who is stale.  The life seems to have gone and when He stares into those deep brown eyes of before, He sees only a blank stare.  In great despair, He tosses the last one out and slumps down on the sofa.

A few days later, He sees a good friend who has a submissive at his feet and who has been there for years.  His eyes perk up, seeing there is hope and thinking He missed one from the shelf.  He asks His friend which box He had picked up so He could run and get the same.  But the Man only laughed and chuckled as He said, "My dear friend, this girl did not come in a box that You simply heat and serve!"

This girl of Mine was created with time and care, like that of a homemade stew.  With just the right ingredients between U/us, and the time to let the flavors melt together, only then did W/we become Master/sub.  W/we started out as friends and took the time to learn which ingredients W/we each had, happy to discover that many overlapped.  Then slowly, as the heat simmered between U/us, only then did I start to take control and she give it to Me.  I carefully stirred, salted and tasted along the way, leading the relationship.  She willingly followed because of the care I took.  Only then did I turn up the heat and really start the cooking.  I placed a collar around her neck only then..when I knew it was right.

You see My friend, submissives are not simply heat and serve, they take time to be so delicious!!

By Lady Devi

New Year's Resolution by Anonymous

New year resolution
"This year as well, you have been a dissapointment"
Oh, it feels so bad to be a dissapointment! I've been nothing but a waste of time! I was given the opportunity I so longed for, and I messed it up. I know I've been good this year, and I've been bad, (I know, I really tried to learn from it) but the total sum is, evidently, minus. Dissapointment. Again, and straight for who knows how many years.

I don't know, it sounds little suspicious, I really had a good feeling this year and most of the time I've been good. I did get offended a few times, I did feel ignored and reacted with some passive aggressive, but that's really nothing in volume comparing last years, I didn't do much drama. I've been pleasing and I've been said to be have "mildly impressed" quite a few times this year. But maybe the expecations were still higher.

Can this whole thing be a mindfuck? ohhh, I must never ask that question! That question puts in doubt everything, the good and the bed, it can mix up everything and blindfold me in that emotional world which parts of are just a part of my imagination anyway. in which I feel quite helpless as it is. and when I feel as if something may not be real or not take something seriously I end up getting hurt.

Maybe it's time to give up then. Maybe I've been a dissapointment too long  I should really take the cue and quit. But she give me a cues, if I really bored her I'd be simply gone, if I get so lucky and she would spare me and only dump in a far place to be mostly on my own.

I must not give up because when I'm about to give up, I must remind myself this is all just a mindfuck, a game, a play, a fantasy that can not exist in reality. but just as I understand it, voom, that understanding is gone and it all returns to be as real as it can be. just without any exit door this time.

So giving up is not an option, and this is not a mindfuck either. If so then the only conclusion that comes out is to try much harder next year there's no way around it. Maybe if I'm really good the good vs. bad deeds scale will shift dramatically and next year I'll get the "Mildly impressive" title. Oh that might be poisonous for me - I'm not sure how it will affect me but I might become fat and sick. She might have to employ some mindfucking to avert this from happening, just for my own good, which is still her interest oddly.

Happy new year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Spontaneous Confessions 12/20/14

Besides your genitalia (or pink parts), what do you consider the most erogenous area of your body and why?  How do you like that area treated?

The soft areas of skin on my body... behind my knees, the insides of my arms, my neck, my inner thighs.  Just a soft touch on these areas make my whole body tingle.  My eyes close and I draw a sharp breath.  It's heart stopping, arousing... total pantie dropper!

Besides your genitalia (or pink parts), what do you consider the most erogenous area of your body and why? How do you like that area treated?

fingers over my tummy ,
it makes me squeel like a little piggy and giggly like a little schoolboy . something i cant stop if i wanted to .

Besides your genitalia (or pink parts), what do you consider the most erogenous area of your body and why? How do you like that area treated?

I love having my inner elbow kissed, licked, stroked with a finger or feather.  It gives me incredible chills and tingles.  It's a soothing, yet stimulating, sensation.

I also like when a man kisses up your arm, like Gomez would do to his wife Morticia when she spoke French and drove him wild with desire!

Confession of Confessions by Anonymous

I cannot think of a damn thing to write for Confessions.  I promised to write something, yet I have this terrible writer's block.

I tried to force the words from my keyboard, wondering how our regular contributors always manage to deliver such creativity, week after week, entertaining us with rich tales of truth and fiction.

Not me.  All that seems to flow from my fingers lately is nonsense.  I want the fluidity of a free-flowing stream of consciousness.

Perhaps I am merely hung up on the idea of an actual 'Confession'.  It takes me back to my adolescence, attending CCD (catechism) and being forced to visit 'the box' to confess my sins.  I never liked it.  It felt dark and dirty long before I discovered just how dark and dirty I am.

"Confession submissions should be sexy, stimulating, and femdom oriented" I think aloud.

I stare at my blank notecard.  "I've got nothing."

Why is that?  I'm sexy, stimulating, and femdom oriented!  I should be a natural at spewing out these confessions.

Yet, I'm also very private, reclusive, and an avid voyeur.  I love to spectate and observe.  I love keeping secrets.  I like creating moments and memories, by myself or with others, but always with a secure level of intimacy.

So, as I sit here, beside a virtual campfire drinking pixel hot cocoa, and watching the digital dots of snow falling about me, I chuckle and say, "Oh, fuck it."
Here is my confession: I fail at writing Confessions.

However, despite this shortcoming, I vow to remain a supportive audience member, and express my gratitude to the other contributors for sharing your talents and submissions which compel me to keep participating in this special event.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Shopping by Dash

 Christmas Shopping by Dash

We've been at the stores for hours.  You walk ahead, a few steps. I follow behind.

We a drive at the jewelry store.  The bell rings. The woman behind the counter waves as you enter.  The counter near the back of the store has the earrings.

I put some of the bags I'm carrying on the floor. You point to a pair near the top of the display case.

"How about these?" I nod, smile.

"And these?"

"Hmm. Those seem like something my grandmother might wear. Those may not be the most flattering on you."

"Then I'll have to go with these. More carats!"

I laugh. You smile.

"Good choice," you continue. "Go ahead, honey, sing the song. Only two more times." The corner of your lip curls.

I sigh. "…two more times."

"Twelve iTunes gift certificates,"

"Eleven imported chocolate bars,"

"Ten designer tops,"

"Nine pairs of socks,"

"Eight visits to the spa,"

"Seven pairs of jeans,"

"Six pairs of shoes,"

You laugh, "That's right, including those sling back pumps you seemed to have a physical reaction to."

"Fffiiivvvvveee new lipsticks,"

"Four bottles of wine…"

You nod, and laugh.

"Three running tees,"

"Two pairs of diamond earrings...  That sparkle."

You smile. "Pay the woman."

"Yes Ma'am." I hand over my card. The earrings are given to another clerk to wrap. You step in beside me.

"We've got one more stop, baby. Now we'll get something for YOU." You smack my ass. "You might have to sing a little louder after that. You know how the leather muffles everything."

For Confessions, Part One by Sandy

The walk home
Part one

While walking home I always walk past this house were a very attractive lady lives I have never had the courage to speak to her when I have seen her as there is just something about her. She is always dress very sexy and with her long blonde hair and beautifully formed body make me want to masturbate when I get to my home which I have done before.

But this time I was walking past her home and she approached the fence and said hello to me
The Lady “hello how are you”
Martin “oh hello I am well”
The Lady “I’ve seen walking by most night I’m guessing your heading home is it far”
Martin “not really just down the road”
The Lady “well my name is Nikki”
Martin “hello Nikki my name is Martin”
Nikki “I was wondering if you could help me with something”
Martin “sure I’ll be happy to help”
Nikki “it’s in the house I’m having trouble with moving something”
As she turned and started to walk towards her house, I thought wow my wildest dreams have come true she has spoken to me and now I’m going in her home. As I followed her towards her home watch her as she walked, it was a big house at least 4 bedrooms, as we approach the door it was a dark oak door she open.

Nikki “come in please let me take your coat and back”
Martin “thank you”
I handed her my coat and bag and she hung them in a cupboard. I looked down the corridor there were a couple of doors coming of the main corridor.

Martin “you have a nice home”
Nikki “why thank you I thought we could have a drink before so we could chat about what you are going to move”
Martin “yes sure”

She opens a door next to her and point Nikki “please take a seat what would you like to drink” oh Martin “tea is fine” and she shuts the door behind her.
While she is gone I have a look around the room it looks a bit like an office with a comfy leather office chair behind a big oak desk and one other chair that looks a bit up right with arms. I notice a few of the books on the shelves are of and erotic nature and one title I notice is called how to break a man. It also dimly lit. As I hear her returning I jump in the upright wooden chair opposite the desk as she enters.
She opens the door and enters the room “are you ok Martin”
Martin “yes thank you would you lie a hand”
Nikki “no it’s ok”
She places the tray on the desk and goes and sits behind the desk. I reach for a cup of tea and try and get comfortable.

Nikki “ so let’s talk what it is I need someone to move a box from upstairs in my bedroom down to my shed it’s a bit heavy for me so I was wondering if you could do it will pay you of course how’s your tea”
Martin “oh its ok you don’t have to pay me it is a pleasure to help you I have always been meaning to say hello and the tea is great nice and sweet”
As I slowly sip away at the cup of tea looking across at her I notice her bra is showing through her white shirt. All of a sudden I start to feel a bit hot and a bit dizzy.

Martin “is it hot in here Nikki”
Nikki “no are you feeling hot”
Martin “yes a little”
As I try to move my legs but I can’t and feeling my eyes getting heavy like I was tired.
Nikki “that will be the drugs taking effect don’t fight it let it take effect”
What did she say oh my god she has drugged me why what is going on. As I slur my answer to her

Martin “what do you mean? You drugged me why”
As I drop the cup to the floor and pass out.
While I’m knocked out she has strapped me to the chair at my wrists and ankles and changed her outfit as she starts to waves smelling salts up my nose and I start to wake but in a hash, opening my eyes I start to see a bright light and I see Nikki stood in front of me she is now wearing a tight red Latex dress a pair of red court shoes, her hair is pulled back showing her full face.

Nikki “ah there you are nice to see you awake now” as she slaps me hard around the face and then again on the other side with the back of her hand “that should wake you up now while the drugs fully were off you want be able to speak but by the time I’m finish you’ll have agreed to everything”
I look after and try and speak but I can’t so I just look at her unable to speak.
“so I bet your wondering what happened well I have been watching to for a while now and have decided that it is time to start your new life a couple of day ago I followed you home” my eyes widen “and you live suck a crap life and after some enquires I have found out that you’re an only child, your parents are dead and you are quite well off. So after this you are going to sign your life over to me all you worldly goods will be mine”
She walks behind me and whispers in my ear “that’s right you belong to me now my property” and she walks back in front of me and just stands and looks at me.

After about 10 minutes of thinking Mistress Nikki picks up some scissors and starts to cut my clothes from me “now let’s see what I have to work with slave M oh didn’t I tell you that is your new name hope you like it but I don’t really care” as she continues to remove my clothes and toss them into the bin “now that’s better naked ready for your collar, chastity, my brand and maybe some nipple piecing’s.
I try to scream and a little gets out “wwwwwwhhhhhaaaaaa” Mistress Nikki looks “oh I think the drugs are wearing off now where’s that gag” as she force a big ball gag into my mouth forcing my mouth wide but unable to speak.
Then she steps back “right then now I’m going to play with you that’s right play till you sign this bit of paper” I shack my head in defiance and she just laughs at me “HaHaHa your attempts at getting away won’t work and don’t think you’ll run away” she holds up the collar “see this collar it is fitted with a lock and shock device if you leave this house without me it will shock you till you pass out and how do you  think you’ll look naked running down the road before your arrested and returned to me that’s right the police will know you belong to me and will return you to me”.

As she raise her foot and push the shoe into my groin and heel deep into my ball sack “does that hurt I don’t care now sign” I shake my head as she leans forward and starts to slap me around the face with one and then starts to dig her long nails into my nipples and starts to twist “SIGN THE PAPER SLAVE!!!!!!!!” you will learn…………………………… end of part one

Of Trains, Lists, and Music by Doc

                    by Doc Nolan

The day before she left, he had asked her if she would recommend him to one of her girlfriends.  She had declined, explaining, “You’re an acquired taste.  I really don’t have a clue who you might appeal to…”  As she drove off in the U-Haul the next day, he mused on those words.  It was one of those days that he felt like a man, huddled in a wool coat, watching trains come and go -- on a windswept platform.  One after another.  So too were women in his life.  They came.  They paused.  They left his station.
After her truck had disappeared around a snow drift he went inside and made a cup of coffee.   He pulled out a yellow legal pad and a stolen ballpoint pen that had the word “Chase” on it.  He chuckled.  He was neither being chased nor chasing right now.  Simply in a valley, between events, wondering which mountain to climb – or whether to just stay in this quiet valley.

He listed a number of women he knew, one per page, and then made two columns on each sheet.  At the head of the left-most column he put a smiley face.  At the head of the right column he put a similar face but this one bearing a frown.  After he did that, he stopped.  He simply lacked enough data to go further and to make any evaluations of his prospects.  He put the pen down.
The phone rang.  It was Alice, one of his ex’s friends. “She dumped you, huh?” He replied, “How did you find out?”  “Oh, she told me yesterday.”  He didn't like the tone of the last remark, but he let it past, simply remarking, “I see.”  He then added, “Why are you calling?”

“I thought you might want some company,” she said, quite gaily. The last thing he wanted was to listen to Alice’s inane chatter today.
“Uh, can we take a rain check on that?,” he said.  He heard her sigh over the phone.  He wasn't giving her the response she’d hope for – obviously.

“Oh”, she said.  “Yeah, sure…. I guess you have things on your mind, huh?”

“Yep.  And things to do….”, he added, hoping that she would take the hint.  She did.  The phone call ended quickly.

He looked down at his yellow-pad.  He realized he no longer needed any sheet for Alice.  He tore hers out and was going to crumple it up, but paused.  “Why waste paper?” he thought.  He turned the yellow sheet over and put the words “Groceries to buy” at the top.  He laid the paper aside.

He looked around the empty room.  It was nice not having to ‘report in’ and account for his actions, misdeeds, thoughts, comings-and-goings, and so on.  This was like a vacation!  He decided to do his prospect lists later.  He picked up a novel he’d tried unsuccessfully for weeks to read -- over his ex’s yammering.  He had never been able to get into it due to her interruptions.   As he opened the book he realized also that he could now play music without the distraction of the TV being turned on -- to Bloomberg.  He chose Prokofiev’s Second Violin concerto.  (“Maybe I’ll listen to Mahler’s Fifth tomorrow – when I have more time”, he said.  The fish in his aquarium ignored him.)  Then into his mind’s eye flashed an image of Inspector Morse, enjoying the Overture from Tannhäuser.  He grinned.  Wagner, he thought.  Yes, definitely Wagner, too!

At that instant the phone rang – again.

It was another of his ex’s friends.  One he didn't know that well.  Mary (or was it Murray?).   He had meant to ask his ex about that, but he hadn't gotten around to it.  There was a lot he never got around to doing with his ex.

The woman on the phone simply said, “This is Murray. I’ve been waiting.”  What a strange way to start a conversation!
“Uh, she’s not here.  She’s gone.”

“I know”, the voice on the other end of the line said.  “I know a lot.”  She repeated herself:  “I’ve been waiting.”
“What do you mean, Marie?”

“Murray – since you don’t seem to know my name.”  Pause.  “I’ve been waiting for the fucking moron you’ve been living with to move out, you ding-a-ling.”  He was shocked.  He barely knew this woman!

She continued.  “I’ll be over in an hour and 30 minutes.   Have a meal ready for me.  I want to discuss your future with you.  I have plans.  Do you understand?”
He mumbled, “Uh, yes.”  And the line went dead.

He wandered back to his yellow pad, in shock.  He looked at the pad.  He looked at the pen.  As he put the pad back into the drawer, he gazed at the ballpoint again.  Again he read the word “Chase”.  Then he sat down, hit the start button on his CD player.  The sounds of Prokofiev’s sonata filled the room as he d stared out the window.  He was being chased.

With a start, he looked down at his watch.  Time was passing!  He walked into the kitchen.  Objectives:  start cooking a steak, open a bottle of wine, and roast some veggies in the oven.  He didn't have much time.
He didn't want to disappoint her.

It seemed his vacation might not be as long as he’d imagined it might be.

Outside he heard the sound of a distant whistle echoing across the winter landscape. A train was coming through town.  He wondered if trains still stopped at the platform….  Then he opened the refrigerator door to start work.

Part Two by Sandy

Part Two
“SIGN THE PAPER SLAVE!!!!!!!!” you will learn that you have no rights anymore and I make the rules, she continues to twist his nipples harder and harder and pushing her heel harder “you will sign this contract and powers of attorney and start your new life you know you want this so sign the paper” as she continues with the torment of the poor soul in front of her.
As he looks at her feeling her heel in his balls and her twisting his nipples just wanting to scream as he moans behind the gag thinking please stop I don’t want this as all of a sudden he feels the back of her hand across his face again and again as she screams at him to sign the paper. Thinking how he can make this stop he does want to be a slave and he hear her say “oh look your get hard are you turned on I hope not as that thing is mine not yours” as she grabs hold of it and digs her nails in and squeezes. He screams behind the gag as she increases the pressure on everything. As she leans forward and whispers “if you sign the paper this will all stop and I’ll give you a treat so come on you know you want this life”.
As he shakes his head screams “NO!!!!!!!” from behind the gag she then grabs his chin and looks deep into his eyes and says “fine be like that I need a break but before I go and have this break I have something to show you” as she lets go and stands up and walks back behind the desks and opens a draw.
“hhhhhmmmm no not that oh yes that and them perfect” as she picks up some items from the desk and walks back to him “now look at what I have for you while I have a break mmmmmmm some nice clover clamps” as she grabs hold of his left nipple and squeezes it and attaches one to the left nipple and give it a  tug “that’s secure” as she moves to the right nipple doing the same as before and looks into his eyes and he winces from the pain from the clamps. “You know this will stop when you sign the paper but as you have refused you can now wait till I get back now for the next thing”.
As she picks up a strange looking strap “mmmmm this will differently hurt and to be honest I don’t care and I think you’ll sign after this” as she grabs hold of his balls and wraps the strap around his balls as he feels her start to attach straps up his cock. He starts to feel as if pins are pushing in to his skin as she grabs hold of his cock and begins to squeeze his cock he screams as he feels the pins and her grip of his cock “oh we’ve not finished yet” as she picks up a small black box and plugs some wires in and then he hears the click as something is clipped to the straps.
As she laughs “Hee now I can see that you’re wondering what is happening well let me tell you this while I’m away, I can control this from the other room” as he starts to feel a tingle on his shaft and balls “nice isn’t it that is on one I’m not coming back till I hit 20”  as she stands and ruffle his hair and walks to the door she turns and says “you remember how far my house is from the road so no one is going to hear you screaming” as she opens the door and walks out laughing.
And then all of the sudden the door swings open and he hears “almost forgot” as she turns off the light and shuts the door again. And he hears her walking away. As he sits there strapped to the chair in the dark his mind starts to have strange thoughts.
If I sign this will all stop as all of a sudden the pulse on his cock and balls starts to increase it makes him jump and he flicks back to what is going on. While he struggles at his bonds he starts to feel the clamps on his nipples starting to dig in and as he moves it feels like they are being squeezed. He then tries to get the gag out of his mouth but to no avail.
As the time progressed and the pulse on his cock and balls started to get intense he could feel pre cum running down his cock and then like someone had started to stab his cock and balls with hot pokers the pulses went from pleasant too painful as they continued he started to squirm and shake and began to shout but to no avail the gag was restricting his sound and cry’s for freedom.
After what he thought had been hours and the intense pain on his cock and balls like he was having his cock and balls set on fire he started to cry only wanting it to stop he would do anything to make it stop as he sobbed behind the gag the pain just increased and increased he closed his eyes shaking his head he could take anymore.
All of a sudden the he heard the door swing open and the light came on and he opens his eyes and saw her standing before her with the piece of paper in her hand as she spoke “right then slave oh look you’ve been crying tears of joy I think, well I’m not stopping the device on your cock and balls till later” as she picked up a pen and in a sexy and sultry voice asked “now are you going to sign” to her surprise he nodded “good slave” and she puts the pen in his hand and the piece of paper under his hand and his hand shaking he signs the paper.
She takes the paper and looks at it “mmmmmmmm your all mine now but there’s a catch now its bed time for me you can just sit there and wait till the morning oh yes I’m not turn the setting down you belong to me and tomorrow your new life will begin”. As she leans in to his ear and whispers “sweet dreams my slave and if you think today was hard tomorrow will be worse” giggles as she stands and walks to the door and turns back and says “I can’t wait to break you in tomorrow my slave night night” as she turns the light out again and closes the door.

To be continued

Spontaneous Confessions 12/06/14

Would you prefer wild, energetic, violent play or calm, sensual play? Describe why.


I think it depends on the circumstances, the mood, and the partner.  There are some that, just by their cuteness or their softness, beg for my abuse.  I like the whimpers and the sharp gasps.
Then there are some, that I just want to curl around and penetrate their mind.  To leave my imprint on their psyche.  To slowly, softly, insinuate myself through their barriers -- like water shaping rock.


Prefer? In some situations I'd like either. Or both.  Or one after the other....

Soft kisses on bloody lips. Gentile  teasing before a stinging storm...


Why is it either/or?

It really depends on many factors: mood, energy, chemistry with the other participant.  Also, one can lead to the other.  Thank you, done.


Wild tigers move slowly and deliberately as they stalk.
Every motion is spare.

To engage the senses, one must be intense.
To be intense, one must focus.
To focus, one must go deeply.
To go deeply, one must remain calm.
To be calm, one must still the distractions.
To avoid distractions, one must be in the moment.

Thrashing about, worrying about positions and gear and performance and images all take one out of the moment.

Providing entertainment to others is one kind of play.
A better form of play ignores others.

The Perfect Sub by Lisa

If I had a magic lamp,
The first thing I would try.,
Is wish to be the perfect sub,
To please and satisfy.

I would use the second wish
To let me read Her mind
.So I could use Her thoughts to serve,
Her needs ahead of time.

My lamp is filled with wishes
So I might as well continue
A wish to know just how She feels.
What She needs for me to do.

I'll use my next wish carefully.
Giving it some thought.
I wish that I was super strong
To carry Her where She wants.

A wish for all the knowledge
My brain could possibly keep.
I'd have the answer to every question.
Before Miss would even speak.

Of course a wish for riches.
A gift for everyday.
Some are small but what she wants
She likes things done that way

I think a wish for TPE
May be just what I need.
A sub that is too perfect,
Could be a handful indeed.

One last wish that I will want
Would be made just for my Mistress
The power to take all wishes away.
And let me be just a submissive.

Lisa  11/26/14

The Barn, A Story Of Service by Anonymous

As the sun sets behind the trees, the flickers of amber light and shadows danced on her soft face. We had turned down the country road almost 30 minutes ago and I had not seen a single house. I kept driving; Mistress had not given any new directions. Christmas music played on the radio and the car thermometer read 45 degrees.

“It’s going to be a cold night Mistress” I said. She looked at me with only a smile such a wicked Domme could pull off “Not so cold my girl, not so cold.”

A few more miles passed and she pointed to a gate coming up on my right. I pulled in, she hopped out and, to my surprise, pulled a key from her jeans pocket. The chain and lock appeared ancient. The lock was covered in rust, but easily opened. A few minutes later we arrive at the house.

“Mistress where are we?”

“My vacation home. I thought we could spend the weekend here, my pet. Now get the bags and come along.”

Mistress told me that the house was built in 1894 by her great-great-grandfather and that she had bought out the rest of the family's interest in the property a few years ago. That night we just relaxed. I served her dinner in the living room beside a nice fire and then we went off to bed.


“Rise and shine pet! You have a busy day of slave labor out in the barn!”

I got up and started to get dressed when Mistress stopped me. “Just your boots, girl.”

 I protested. “Mistress, it must be freezing outside.”

“My pet, the barn is heated.” She grinned and marched me, naked, from the house out to the massive stone barn. She opened the door and flicked on the lights. She laughed. “See? The barn is well renovated and modern.”

It was.  It had polished concrete floors and the old stalls had been completely refinished.  It was... well... a BDSM paradise with every toy, whip, crop, and restraint one could think of right before my eyes. I began to grin and to get excited by all the possibilities. My mind dreamed of what my Mistress might have in mind for me in such a wonderland.

“Alright.  It has been a few months since my last time up here, so today you are on cleaning and conditioning duty. You will find all the leather care supplies you need in the closet over there and -- just to make it interesting....” She giggled as she locked a tiny dog shock-collar to my leg, just above my boot. “There! That will keep you in the barn. I have an invisible fence perimeter around the entire barn. And now, as you can see, I have a few hundred toys and they all need attention. You have 24 hours. The bathroom is over there.  A pet bed and blanket are over there, if you get tired.  And don’t worry; I’ll bring you food at the appropriate times, Pet. Now chop-chop!”

And with that she walked back up to the house, leaving me confined in the barn for the next 24 hours with my chores. I melted!  (She knows me so well). I joyously set to work, serving my Mistress, lovingly conditioning the leathers, cleaning the toys, and making sure her country hideaway would be put into proper condition.

How Is Barb Doing by Doc

“So how is Barb?” I asked.

“She’s doing fine I think.  Aren't you going to ask how I’m doing, Billie?”

I gulped.  I was over Barb, and often wondered if I’d ever really been into her.  As for Erica I was slightly attracted to her, but after my last roller-coaster adventure with Bard, I only wanted rest.  How could I make Erica feel appreciated without charging off into something premature?

“Uh, sorry about that Erica.  How *are* you doing.”  I knew this was late and might elicit a grumpy response.  I got worse.  Total silence.  Finally I took the hint.

“I guess it’s obvious Barb and I are over and done romantically, right?  I mean, we’re friends and all, but that’s more to do with loyalty and support than with feelings.  Do you understand?”  My fingers were crossed.

“Well, she’s screwed up, but I guess I can see why you ask about her.”  She paused.  “I’m NOT fine, Billie, since you asked.”

Now it was my turn to stay quiet.  Eventually she resumed.

“In case you hadn't noticed, you dumb-ass, I have feelings for you…. Which proves I’m an idiot, obviously, since you have nothing but a lump of iron for a heart.”

“Oh!”  I mean, what was I going to say!?  I knew I was very romantic, not to mention sexual, but I needed a rest.  I wanted some solitude.  I wasn't ready (yet) to be a slut for another demanding woman.  I just wasn't.
“Oh, and Billie, you should know that Barb thinks you are a jerk.  I just figured you should know!”

I knew I should say something, but – though I doubt Erica knew it – I’d known how Barb felt in what I referred to as “The Last Days”.   They were not fun.  Worse than her taunts had been the knowledge that she wasn't getting any satisfaction from venting at me.  She was just fueling her own unhappiness.  I knew she would be better off without me.  I simply waited for her to storm off in a huff.  It took longer than I thought it would.  Still – I bore her no animus.  I don’t hold grudges very well.  I guess I see people (including old girlfriends) as simply bundles of contradictions, joys, hatreds, and so on.  I don’t see the point in getting emotional over facts.  They are.  People are.  It’s all ‘out there’.  It’s not my world to judge.  It’s just the strange place in which I pass time.

“So, don’t you have anything to say?” It was Erica, barging into my reveries and meditations.  I actually appreciated her interruption.  I get very wound up in my own thoughts and a good jolt from outside keeps me ‘connected’.

“Sorry, Erica.  I was thinking.”

“Fuck you and your thinking, Billie.  You need to wake up.”  I listened, wondering if she meant I should pay attention to her.  Probably.  She continued.

“Did you get laid a lot with Barb?  Huh?  Did you?”

I didn't dare answer that!  First it would have been very disloyal without Barb’s permission.  Second, how could I tell Erica that Barb was totally into tease-and-denial (with me being denied and her doing all the teasing).

“Uh, well…. Uh…..”  My voice trailed off.  I looked at Erica’s face and saw a strange look come over it.  A very, very strange look!

“Billie, in case you hadn't noticed – and apparently you have NOT noticed – I have some ‘interest’ in you.” She paused.  “Shall I be more explicit?”

I definitely knew I could use some clarity.  Figuring out vague allusions and reading between the lines were not only exhausting, but I often drew the wrong conclusions.  Guessing.  Not my forte!
I simply said, “Please!”

“I want you, fucked up as you are, Billie.  I want your obedience.  I want your affection.  I want your loyalty.  I want sex with you.  I want to hurt you when I feel like hurting you, and kissing you when I feel like kissing you.  I want control.  I want power.  I want you to cater to me.  I want it all, Billie.”

She had laid her cards on the table.  It was exhilarating.  Honesty always did that to me.  I looked at her breasts.  I knew she saw me staring.  My eyes dropped to her crotch.  She saw me doing that too.
“Would you like to be my slave, Billie?  Just as you were Barb’s slave?”

I knew I wasn't quite a slave nor had I ever been.  My mind bent to no person.  Well, not exactly.  My body bent to any aggressive woman’s sexuality; that part of my mind connected to my sexuality usually followed.  It was just that I observed that part of me from a distant place with the rest of my mind.

I nodded in response to Erica’s question. “Uh, I think so.”  I could already visualize Erica filling Barb’s boots.  Literally.  Barb had worn boots as she teased me.  She claimed to enjoy ‘messing with my mind’ and used to say, ‘I want you to get a hard-on every time you see a woman in boots.  I want you to think of me.’  She’d obviously succeeded.  I was hard.

“What are you thinking, Billie?”

“I was just thinking of you naked and in boots, Miss.”

“Good!  Now you have a question pending and you haven’t given me an answer, Billie…..”  I answered honestly, though obliquely.

“I would very much like to be physical with you, Erica.  And to get to know you in ways we haven’t yet…. But I have a request, Miss.”


“Can we wait until the first of the year?  I’m still in recovery from my ‘adventures’ with Barb.  I am not ready.”

She grinned.  “Of course, Billie!  I can wait!  But I have a condition.”  I wondered what her condition might be. “No sex of any kind until you are ready for me – and then you do anything I tell you to do!  Agreed?”

I nodded.

“Oh, Billie, did I ever mention that Barb used to call you ‘my slut’ when we talked about you?”

I shook my head. “No, Miss.”

“Well, just in case you wondered, she told me all kinds of things about you.  In detail.  And I’ve been waiting a long time to take her place.  What do you think of that?”

I didn't know what to say to that at first, but then said, “I think you and she are very good friends.”

It was her turn to nod.

Delicious Darkness by Anonymous

Her eyes being eaten by the advancing front of darkness was the last thing I saw.
Embraced by the black of not-knowing.
The long, still, almost silent pause before the oncoming storm of desire.
My eyes dart about the expanse of nothing looking for any kind of hint about what comes next.
All I can see is the shadow of her eyes.
They're burnt into the fabric of my mind.

Hand on throat, I am greeted by forceful direction.
A loud thud as my back greets the wooden table, forcing a grunt from within my bowels.
Cringing and clenching my jaw to refrain from further noise.
I feel vulnerable.
Bent over backwards, on tiptoes for balance.
Her hand leaves my throat and takes my wrists to slam them against the wooden surface, high above my head.
A wordless command to keep them there is whispered through my flesh.
I obey.

My lips meet the faintest touch of warm flesh.
Kissing instinctively at whatever I am presented.
A foot?
No, palm and fingers pressed to my mouth.
Two curling, invading, forcing their way into my maw and taking over.
I suckle them, and curl my tongue over and between their forms.
I can feel her explore, and push the limits of what I can swallow, deforming my lips against her advancing palm.
Convulsions convince her she's deep enough.
With a few heaves of my chest as I restrain a gag she draws back.

I get a wet-handed slap to my cheek.
Hissed breath through sharply closed teeth.
Reddening skin spattered with saliva shows off her handiwork.
Her affection.
Hair tugged to put me back in the proper position.
Again I am presented something.
Soft and delicate.
So warm it tingles.
Lips pursed to kiss reverently.

The wider, warmer expanse of skin holds steady against my face.
I am to explore it.
Arm perhaps.
No, wider, as if stomach or breast.
No, a sweet scent catches my attention.
Soft inner thigh resting just above my face.
I strain to reach farther.
Kiss along it.
Scratching my back against the wood, clawing fingernails into the surface for traction.

Her hand finds my hair again, fingers gripping that leash.
Holding me still.
I feel her leg grind across my cheek and motionless lips.
The creak of joints taking the strain of her weight combined with my own.
Cool air parts us for a mere moment before...

She drops herself upon me.
Soft fabric forms to the contours of my face.
I can not breathe.
The sensation her lips mashed to me beneath the thin covering.
My mouth parts wider.
I kiss against her, mouthing with my jaw.
Hungry and impatient.
Teeth lightly trace the moistening barrier between us.
I can't help but growl and whimper, denied such contact by a thing so small.
Her hips roll, and grind herself against me.

My chest begins to heave and tense as my need for air becomes noticeable.
Her captive grip holds so tight I bare not even flex my back in need.
My nails draw lines in the wood grain.
Eyes water in the void.
My body, starving.
She raises herself but for a moment, and I take a breath.

As soon as my lungs are full with the cooling kiss of oxygen, she slams herself back down.
Bare moist flesh meets my open and willing maw.
Finally I have permission.
Finally, my tongue can greet my lady.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thankful Note by Miss Lauren

OK.... a little note I'm submitting that my boy Dar gave to me on Thanksgiving.  Thanks,  Lauren

It's turkey time in America, we're preparing festive meals,
Yet in this time my mind soon turns to strappies, gags, and heels.

I dream of food and friends, oh yes, and a restful post-meal nap,
But more than that I long to be stretched out across Her lap.

A helpless whelp, with rising welts, face trapped between her thighs,
While Thanksgiving feasters stuff their face with candied yams, and pies.

Grandma stayed up late last night, baking things with which to treat me,
And Mistress stayed up plotting different ways in which to beat me.

We all take pause to count up blessings, of family and friends we've met,
The one that I adore the most, I'm thankful I'm her pet.

Thankful and Grateful by Patrick

        So you all want to know what i am thankful and grateful for.  Well, let me see.... First one is pretty easy.  It is my life.  There are a few things I might like to change but overall not to bad of one I must say.  How many people do you know get to live their dream?

     Second would be my family.  We have had our ups and downs but I know that they are there for me whenever I need them -- and the best thing about being raised by five sisters (and me being the only boy) was no hand-me-downs.  So I think that is one is for the grateful column,

       Third would be my Mistress Nej Xue.  Words cannot express the thankfulness and gratefulness I have toward her.  She allows me to be me, which in turn helps me thrive as a submissive . Sure she can be mean sometimes and say "No nukes", but if that the price that I have to pay to wear her collar well then I think I am making out pretty good there. So I guess you can put this one also in both columns: thankful and grateful.

     Next would have to be The Dominion.  Without this place I would never have been able to learn what I have learned and to have met some awesome people along the way, experiencing things I might not otherwise have been able to . But most of all The Dominion is a place I call my home-away-from-home.

   Last, but not least, is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They have given me much joy over the years (along with a lot of heartache too). But that is half the fun.  The other half is watching games with friends and having a good time, with some good-natured ribbing . Reason for this is 'cause I root for my Steelers in Browns town -- which is Cleveland . After all, how boring it would be if everyone rooted for the same team.

    Well, I do hope that everyone noticed I did put Mistress Nej and The Dominion higher on my list then the Steelers!
    These are the things I am thankful  and grateful for -- so what are  yours?

Thanks Giving Confession by Lady Lobbie

It warms me up
Makes me smile
Is best when he’s on his knees
The feeling last more than a while

Size defiantly matters
The bigger the better
Long and slow to enjoy
And it makes me so much wetter

Good at any time of day
And any where
Better strong than weak
And I am not going to share

Ah don’t you just love
A wonderful mug of tea
Served of course
By a boy on his knees

This is what I’m thankful for

---from  Lady Lobbie

Thanks Giving Day by Doc

“Well, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Day, Freddie,” she said.   “Yes, I did, Miss.  Thank you for asking.”  She was now going to lapse into silence; I knew this because it was her pattern.  Sure enough, she was quiet – probably doing something important.  My evil mind jumped around, thinking of her filing her nails, or leaving the computer to go make a pot of coffee.  Important stuff.  Ha, ha.

She came back in about five minutes.  (I’d used the time to read – actually skim – an article in Science Magazine.  Why waste time?)  “Oh, I forgot you’re still here,” she said.  “What did you do on Thursday?”  She was being polite.  I was OK with that, but still decided not to kill the conversation with some stupid comment like, ‘Nothing in particular’ or worse.

“I spent a good bit of the day online, Miss.  Mostly.  Some studying, too .   I went out with a couple of friends to eat at a cafeteria, too.  No reservations required.”  I refrained from saying aloud ‘I poured myself a Scotch and water to get through the annual cafeteria ritual.”  She would have considered that highly ungrateful – since the folks I went out with had gone out of their way to include me.  She would have been totally correct to call me an ingrate.
I knew I should be grateful when Gloria and Dianne invite me along.  I really should.  They’re good people and their hearts are in the right place.

At least this year I kept my mouth (mostly) shut and didn't put a damper on their fun.
“You’re quiet, Freddie.  Thinking about something?”
“Oh, just about Thanksgiving, Miss.” I paused.  “I guess the next big event is Christmas, huh?”

I knew she didn’t want to hear about my opinions on shopping.  Ughhhhhhhhh.  I left that off the conversational table.

“You are a very fortunate person, Freddie.  Do you know that?”

I knew that.  For one thing, I liked her.  More important, she liked me (or seemed to anyway).

“Yes, Miss.  I am.  I’m in good health.  I have a house full of books – and that means hundreds of interesting people lining my walls. I eat well.”  By this last comment I meant that I eat every day.  I remembered the time, in my 20's, when I ran out of money and had to borrow five dollars from a college chaplain.  Two days without eating was my only experience of hunger.  An image from my past flashed before my eyes.  I’d been stationed in Thailand.  It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and – as I walked down the street under the blue skies – I heard a rustling in a dumpster a few yards away.  Then I saw what I will always remember: a grimy kid, no more than four years old, climbing out of the dumpster with a scrap of discarded food in his filthy hands.

“I remember, too, Miss, people who have had far less than I do.”  I chose not to explain.
“Miss, I know you have had a rough life, too….”.  I paused.  She had shared some real horrors from her childhood with me.  Things no woman should ever have to experience.   She was silent.  I didn't really expect or want her to dwell on those things today.  It had been a mistake to even say what I had said.  I decided to try to fix things up a bit.

“Miss, I want to say something now – just because we’re between Thanksgiving and Christmas. “


“I just want to thank you for being part of my life, for being open with me and letting me be open with you….”  I thought a bit.  “It isn’t mostly the sex thing, though I really appreciate that, Miss.  It’s more – well – just being allowed to be myself.  You don’t judge me.  I like that.  A lot.”

She then said, “That cuts both ways.  I feel the same way.”

“Is there anything I can say to express my feelings for having you in my life, Miss?”

“Yes,” she replied.  “You can simply say to me, ‘Thank you!’

I did.

I meant it with all of my heart.

We both knew that a world where few could be trusted, she was my boss, my friend, my advisor, my guide, and my lover.  She in turn knew I was not going to betray, misuse, or manipulate her.
I think we are both very lucky.

For us every day is Thanks Giving Day.

Thankful Confessions Something by Anonymous

I felt her silently enter the room
In the dark only her tiptoes were heard
I wondered if she was full as the moon
Shook it off knowing that was absurd

Quietly she laid down on the bed
Looked at me to see if I was awake
On my arm I rested my head
And whispered "you are as beautiful as the lake"

Quickly we fell asleep
Dreams came and went
Feeling breath after breath so deep
And thankfulness for the day sent

Bad Gratitude by Miss Monday

Sometimes, when things happen in life... bad things, we want to sink and wallow in our suffering.

"It's horrible and it'll never get better!"
"Why me? Why now?"

Things we love taken away.  People we love, leaving us.  Our hope and home compromised.  The feel of loss and loneliness.  We feel ugly, unwanted, unloved.  Discarded and forgotten.  That one person we wanted so desperately has left, and you're left with unrealized desires and tears.  Our world ... the tenuous reality we have worked so hard to create is shattered and our world will never be the same again.

This is what we should be thankful for.  Getting shaken up, having that comfort, how ever minimal, taken away.  Because we are meant for better, greater things.  Deeper things...

To leave something you wanted behind, something that really wasn't for you.  To return to the status quo and start over.  This is what life is about.  Finding our way, discovering what is best for us.

I lost that which I held most dear.  The one person I worked for, bared myself for... Only to turn around and be lost again when he left.  I thought myself lost.  Steeped in tears and the cobwebs washed away... I was closer to being me, to being found than I ever imagined.

Sometimes we lose what we think we want, and end up finding what we really need.  I found myself in those hard months after the break up... And I found the one that compliments me, adds to my life, and allows me to add to his.  I found my family.  I found my Home.  I found my Love.

And I am grateful for the bad things.

How Wild Things Are Won by Argosian

How wild things are won,
its like this-
It starts with glances
with a glimpse of beauty
such careful distance.

It starts with uncertainty
    And then
    Ringing around edges
        Circling corners
A fragile and delicate dance
Until at last
You meet in the center.

Is where all things come to a stop
There is a moment
Of perfect stillness
When no breaths are drawn
In between the pulse of heartbeats
Infinitesimally small
Where the connection first sparks to life.

Confession by Miss Vixie

A recent RL encounter (true story):

I'm at a local dungeon at a women's-only party. I've already had one play date when Caitlyn comes outside where I am, to have a cigarette. That's what I'm doing. The sweat is still on my breasts from spanking and flogging Carrie. I'm naked from the waist up.

Eventually I ask Caitlyn if she'd like to play, and we negotiate the scene. It's obvious from our talk that she's something of a pain slut. This looks like fun.

I lead her inside to a spanking horse. She strips down to her panties and takes her place. As I carefully tie her in place, I wonder if I'll get to remove those panties later.

Her breasts are small, too small to permit extensive clothespin play, but I start off by putting a couple gentle clothespins on her nipples. I tell her it's up to her when I remove them. She's skinny as a rail, but with a nice little ass.

After a few experimental spanks, I get out my deerskin flogger. I start going at her lightly for a couple minutes.

"How's that, dear?" I ask. She wants more, and harder. I oblige.

On it goes, with me checking on her every couple minutes and her asking for more, and harder, each time. I continue to oblige her. Eventually I'm flogging her harder than I've ever flogged anyone, and she wants more. And harder. Finally she's satisfied with the pain level. Oh, my!

That ass is starting to get nicely red, I noticed. I've worked up quite a sweat with the flogging and I need to switch tactics to conserve energy. So I go to spanking.

It's actually easier to apply serious pain by spanking than with a deerskin flogger, so this is something of a rest break for me. But I know I won't be able to keep it up for long. So I switch strategies after maybe ten minutes of the spanking.

"Would you like to cum, dear?" I asked her. "Yes, please, mistress."

"Good girl", I say. "And, mistress?" she asks. "Yes?"

"May I have some pain with my orgasm?"

I think I can manage that.

I don latex exam gloves. She's too young to have an allergy, really, but I ask anyhow. She denies it. I slooooowly pull down her panties.

I get out the lube (I always have a tube in my kit) and start to gently lube her up, starting at the clit and working gently inside. Soon I have two fingers inside her, then three, then four. "Fuck my hand, dear" I tell her needlessly. She's already doing it.

I wouldn't care to say how many times she came, but it must have been two or three times at least. I keep her suspended in ecstasy for ten or so minutes, then finally I must quit. My back is starting to hurt from the position I'm in. I untie her and she dresses, smiling at me as she does. We head outside for another cigarette.

She's half my age, so I'm not considering her for a relationship or anything. Turns out it's a good thing I didn't get attached, as she moved to San Francisco from here (Los Angeles) a week later. We're still friends on Fetlife, though.

Anonymous Confession

Why do I have to love you?
What was it that made me fall?
I remember a time I was happy.
Now torture defines it much more.

I know I will never escape it.
It will follow me tho life will go on.
Even as I'm sure I will find it again,
For you it will never be gone.

I stood by and watched it take over,
My body, my heart, and my mind.
Never felt fear in letting it grow,
Getting deeper with the passing of time.

Then just when I thought I was in the right place,
Where nothing could spoil the flow
Things began to crumble around me.
And changed the direction I'd go.

It may be that you do still love me.
Your saying I'm the one you adore.
But Its obvious because I know you so well.
You've been thinking of  someone else more.

So this is where love becomes painful.
Unable to just stop how I feel.
Where separation from you would just kill me.
Destroying my plans and our deal.

And yes it does stop hurting.
If given the time to heal
But I'll keep this love forever saved
In a place in my heart I can feel.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Spontaneous Confessions 24/11/14

Q: How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

A: I've always been prone to taking charge and leading my peers. Always. Within the context of BDSM, a submissive use to follow me around like a puppy dog. At the time, I always thought of him as a friend. One day he said to me, "You're a Domme and you don't even know it!" Thus began my curiosity and journey into what many call, The Lifestyle.

- Promises Paine

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

I realized when I was four and I wanted everything and made sure everyone knew.  I had them at my beck and call.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

How did I realize I was submissive? Well... I guess you could say it was more of an underlying trait. I've always enjoyed pleasing people. I've always enjoyed seeing others gain pleasure from work that I have done, or favors that I have performed, or just... my presence. Entering into the D/s world was sort of an "Oh shit, there's a word for this!?" kind of deal. It lead to a whole new world of discoveries about things I can enjoy doing for another or enduring for another.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

There was never an "ah ha!" moment.  Over the last few years I just started to explore D/s and just naturally found my way.  Like a leaf floating down a stream.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

The idea that I was submissive came gradually as I realized my sex life was subject to the whims, desires, wants and needs of women. Honestly, I've been attracted to strong women most of my life (though not sexually) because all the women in my life (mother, aunts, etc) were strong Italian and Irish-American women who didn't put up with any BS from men.  The sexualization part started with my first college girlfriend (Sharon) who was heavily into tease and denial.  Any sex I got over my youth was at the whim of my partners; it was 'out of my control'.  As I began to visit topless clubs in my 30's, it was obvious that the ladies decided who they'd spend time with -- not me.  --- Anyway, as the twig is bent so grows the tree.  And nothing has changed over the years.  Man proposes; woman disposes.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

It is perhaps one of the questions that I find difficult to answer. I did consider myself to be Dominant for a major part of my life. During later years, I realized that I wasn't so much of a Dominant and that what I perceived to be my Dominance was in fact a result of social conditioning. This made me look for experiences in the other side and it started bit by bit. That is all I can say.

Confessions by Lady Paine

This morning on my way to make coffee, I paused to watch the sunrise from my patio. The sky was a vibrant Caribbean blue and the clouds were wispy thin stretched across the horizon bright like pink cotton candy. The tree in front of my balcony was black against the glow of the sunrise smiling behind it. All was silent and still, the way I love it. A lone hummingbird flew into the dark tree, hopped around briefly then flew away. In this moment, I thought of you.

- Promises Paine

Trials Confession by Dez

[My Trial punishment was to contain two writings. First, a poem about fur. Second, a confession about how much i enjoy The D's court system.  I combined these two into a slightly bigger story.  Here it goes -- all for nothing].

The door opened, She walked in the room casually; I was kneeling in front of the bed, facing the door that She had just entered. She wore a full-length fox-fur, buttoned up. I sat there naked. She took Her time as She walked closer to the bed. I sat there in position as She had told me to half a hour earlier. "Get ready, assume your position, and eyes straight at the door." That is what Her text message had told me to do. She started to unbutton Her coat; I kept my eyes to the door but, for a brief moment, i saw Her. She looked stunning and the fur looked beautiful in the dim light As She walked past me i only felt the breeze of the coat as she opened it. Intentionally or not, the fur just barely touched my shoulder. I swallowed, and i felt my body tense. She opened both of the closet doors.  Behind them was a rack full of different kind of coats and above them a shelf with different toys. She ran her hand through the coats, i wanted to turn and dive in the closet with Her but my body couldn't move.  All i heard were the sounds of the hangers moving and turning. Her footsteps came closer and stopped; then i felt the fur on my back on both sides. She stood behind me and bowed down. The soft fur trailed down my back, and i closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation. As a blindfold was pulled over my eyes, i felt the sleeve of the coat run down along my face.  It hit my shoulder. I started to breath more deeply and I felt the fur slide down on my shoulder. A squeeze of my nipple made me grunt, and my nipple started to feel more painful. A smile formed on Her face. The fur moved up my shoulders and it then disappeared completely from my body. I moved up and backwards and then i felt Her tug on my collar. My body was not putting up any resistance. She guided me to the bed and she tied me up spread eagle. She ran Her hand up my chest, Her fur touching me again. I started to breath more deeply as She trailed Her finger down to my pelvis area. I let out a soft moan as I felt the run of Her finger. She smiled and she started to dig Her finger first into my upper leg and then up to my belly button.  It moved from left to right over my stomach and back, then moved up to my nipples. I grunted and I bucked my hips up. I breathed heavily. The pain from Her nail and the soft fur sensation right after it made me very horny. She clamped one of my nipples between Her fingers and twisted it. She smiled to see my reaction.  "Boy, I am feeling in a wicked mood!" After a short pause She ran Her fur over my nipple.  A moan from my side followed . She continued.  "I want you to tell me a poem -- a poem about fur!". A quick "Yes, Mistress!" followed from my lips. I took a short moment to think of what to say next. As She lay down next to me, I started:

    "Fur, when i see you passing by, all other thoughts start to fly
    Your looks are luxe and divine, what else can i define"

I felt Her hand again, rubbing the fur over my body, guiding it over my arms and down my chest, and up along my neck. I continued.

    "Your beauty draws me closer, i just want to take you to discloser
    So i could able to wear you, it makes me envious like blue"

She moved the fur down over my legs; i moaned softly as i felt the fur  briefly making contact with my balls. After that i had a hard time staying focused.

    "To feel your warmth and softness, even it if was just finesse
    Oh beautiful beautiful fur, when we finally touch you make me purr"

She then trailed the fur up and down my cock three times. I started to purr softly. She giggled.  "You really do purr." She then pulled the fur away from me, got off the bed, and grabbed a whip from the shelf. She swung the whip, testing it. "Boy! Now!" I heard how serious She was about this from the tone of Her voice. I started to feel my bindings for the first time as i tugged upon them. She continued.  "I will give you once chance to come clean to me." I panicked, since i had done nothing wrong. Nothing that i could think of, anyway. She swung the whip again in the air. The bindings really got a hold of me as i struggled harder; I was completely at Her mercy. "Just confess it to me, boy." As She grabbed my cock with a hard, firm grip I felt my body tense up. It grew more painful as She squeezed harder and harder. My mouth opened but no words came out. Then, out of nowhere, a slap! i started to feel a stinging on my inner leg which got warm and red. Then again I felt this on my other leg. I bit my lip to hold in my screams. She let go of my cock and pulled off the blindfold. "Does this clear your mind, boy?"

My eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. I swallowed as i saw Her officer's outfit. "Yes, Mistress; yes it does, Mistress.  I do confess." I then said, whimpering, "I secretly enjoy the Dominion Court System so very much. From being locked up in the cages naked to the trial itself to the punishments. I love the joy it gives the Ladies as they watch me being led to the Judge and being told the horrible things that i have done. I like the public votes that always seem, with cheering, to find that i am guilty even as I plead and beg 'Have mercy on me!' But those outfits Mistress! The killing attire of the officers is what is 'the cherry on the cake' for me."

She spoke.  "Boy, oh boy -- I had a hunch from watching you there. A dozen roses for you. Do you understand why, boy?". I knew my fate had been decided.  In a weak and defeated tone I replied:"...because i did not tell You of the secret pleasure i get out of the Trials at the Dominion, Mistress." After a brief nod She then started to cover my body with twelve whip marks.  I counted them and and I felt my body burn from each of the twelve. She gently started to rub the sleeve of Her coat over the spots that She had whipped.

"I forgive you, boy".

The end

Sisyphus, 2014 by Doc

                        by Doc Nolan

“What’s up, Sisyphus?” said Diana, out for a hunt.
“Just rolling along like always,” said Sisyphus as he started -- pushing his stone up the mountain for the umpteenth time.  “You keeping control of your critters?” he asked Diana.

She nodded with a smile and then asked, “Would you like some company?”

“Sure!  Rolling this rock up to the top of this mountain gets old after a few hundred years…. So what’s the news from Mount Olympus?  Has Zeus been screwing around and getting into trouble with Hera same as always?”

“You sure don’t keep up with the latest, Sisyphus!  The gods and goddesses all left there ages and ages ago.  Mount Olympus has been bought and they’re putting a Disney park up there for tourists.   You really need to stop with the rock-rolling and catch up!”

Sisyphus grunted. “I wasn’t given the option, Goddess.  Besides, this sure beats what Tantalus got for his sentence, from what I’ve heard.”  Diana gave him a squirrelly look.  “You mean being locked up in chastity forever?”  She paused. “Oh, you mean the ‘cover story’.  Ah!  He never really had to stand in the water and watch it recede every time he had to take a drink.  They prettied up that myth.” She paused.  “Aphrodite told me the real story.  He was hanging around Hera and someone reported him. Zap.  Off to his eternal punishment:  being sent to the Island of Lesbos with his dick in a sling sitting in a puddle of water”.

Diana chuckled.  “I guess he’ll be a good boy there.”

Sisyphus was getting a bit bored – but the news about Mount Olympus was enough to keep him asking questions.  “So…. Diana.  Uh, do you think that now that the gods and goddesses are globe-trotting, I might get a break doing my time?  Do you think?”

Diana grinned.  “Well….. I might check for you.”  She thought a second.  “I think they’re living outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, now.  Some place called the San Fernando Valley.  I might have that backwards.  I could ask when I go over there next week”

“Are they still a party crowd or have they settled down?”  he asked.

Diana laughed out loud.  “The gods and goddesses quieting down?  You have been away too long!  Hey, they are as wild as ever.  They love it over there! The gods like the babes, and all the goddesses have rich boyfriends.  Lots of them are now in the porn business!”

Sisyphus, pushing hard against his rock, had by now rolled it about a hundred meters up the mountain . He dreaded having it roll back before its time.  He’d been told “up to the top and only then is it to roll down!”  He finally asked, “What is porn?”

Then Aphrodite laughed and asked,  “Wanna screw, Sisyphus?  Or would you rather watch me get laid?”  She lifted up her robes.

“What about both?”  he said, his eyes riveted on her nakedness.

“No way!   Keep rolling your stones, dreamer!  But to answer your question, you ignoramus: porn is a lot like being in a theatron except that the actors aren’t all guys.  The ladies are ‘active’, too.”  She grinned. “The gods and goddesses always have liked both screwing and watching.  Now we ladies get to have our fun, too!”

Sisyphus stared.  “It sure doesn’t sound much like Mount Olympus in the old days!”

Diana nodded.  “Yeah, it’s better. … Oh, you asked about getting your sentence commuted before.  You don’t like rolling this rock up the mountain?  Or watching it roll down again and then having to roll it up again – over and over – forever?”

“What do YOU think?”  Sisyphus wondered about Diana sometimes!

Diana ignored his question.   “Maybe I could get you to trade places with Tantalus.  He’s really boring and – if you were locked up in chastity instead of him – I bet you could attract a real following.   I’d come by and tease you for sure!”

“You would?”  Sisyphus figured being unable to have sex for all eternity couldn’t be worse than having to roll a stupid rock up a mountain forever!  “What do I need to do?”

“Ah”, said Diana.  “I thought you’d never ask!  I have quite a long list of ways you could please me!  Oh… I forgot to mention one thing that ties into that..... ”

“What’s that?”

“Well, if you take Tantalus’s place, your mouth will be totally free.  I’m sure we could get Aphrodite to teach you her favorite techniques for having you eat pussy.  I think you'd be good at that.  And hunting wild boar gets old sometimes.  Would you like that, Sisyphus?”

He grinned.  “Yep”.

Diana replied, “Don’t go anywhere.  I’ll be back next week.  I’m going to call in some favors from the gods (and the goddesses).  I’m sure I can work something out for you.”  Sisyphus liked her attitude.

As Diana walked away, Sisyphus stared at her butt. “No more rock for me!  I’m gonna be eating pussy for all eternity,” he said.  He began to chuckle.  Then he stopped, wondering if that would get boring, too, after a few hundred years…..

He shrugged his shoulders.  “I’ll worry about that, later!”

Regeneration by Niki

The figure in the smoke coughed and looked around in confusion through the haze and dark, alarms sounding and lights flashing. Some of those lights were red. Ignoring the rest, flashing red lights usually meant something bad was happening. Or has happened. Or will happen.  Chronology was sometimes a hard thing to understand, especially in here.

"In here," the figure thought, recognition sparking. They searched through the haze of memory and smoke for the exit, stumbling towards it as if they were relearning to control their limbs. Gasping and coughing, they reached the door and lurched through, arms and legs moving the right way as much by coincidence as by intent.

The figure emerged, momentarily blinded by the sun, and turned to see smoke escaping from the blue box. "Something’s not quite right," they thought, taking an awkward walk around the box, which was only a few paces per side. “Of course," they exclaimed, puncuating with a snap of the fingers, "bigger on the inside! And why shouldn’t it be?” Memory began to flood back, a jumble of images and sensations, deeds great and small, enemies and companions.

The change had happened unexpectedly, there hadn’t been any time to prepare. The circumstances were a blank, as if the memory had simply been erased. One moment they were one way. The next moment, they were another. The intervening events gone, like pages torn from a book.

“Well now, let’s see if we can get this sorted,” they said, as if talking to an audience. That no one else was there didn’t seem to matter. “Hmmm, it’s just not working quite right” they said taking a few more experimental steps, arms and legs going where they should now. “It’s not the clothes, though they don’t fit right,” they said, shaking their head at the previous one’s fashion sense. “No, it’s almost as if something… is… missing.”

Realization dawned. “THAT explains it,” they said, reaching down to check. “Of course my gait will be thrown off without those bits bouncing around down there,” hands continuing the exploration. “Yes... hips, hipper, body curvier. Ah, there’s heart two, and heart one…” Heart one forgotten, she looked down, newly formed breasts straining the fabric of her shirt. “Well, it’s about bloody time,” the Doctor said, and collapsed.

Confession by Anonymous

The snow had been falling for hours, so thickly that I couldn't see through the windshield of the car.  When I saw the headlights coming toward me on the road, I swerved and went into a skid.  I felt the car slip off the road and slide down an embankment.  That's when I lost consciousness.

When I came to, I assumed I was in a hospital and I looked around for a nurse or doctor or something.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself in what looked like a basement room with walls of stone lit by dim fixtures on the wall.  I tried to rise, and found that I'd been chained to the bed on which I'd awoken.

A wash of light suggested that a door above and behind me had been opened and I heard the sound of footsteps descending a short flight of stairs.

A tall woman with cascading red hair approached me.  She was clad in shiny black latex from head to toe and a mask covered her eyes.

"I see you're feeling better.  Good.  I'm sure you have many questions and they will all be answered in time.  For the moment, I will tell you that I found your car and you in it and had them both brought to me here.  I am in need of a new plaything and you will be it."

"Let me out of here!  What do you think you're doing?", I shouted.

"No one will hear you, so save your breath.  You are mine.  You will do as you are told and I will do as I wish.  For example.."

I watched her walk across the room to a table in a darkened corner.  She came back with a strip of cloth in one hand and what appeared to be a many-tailed whip in the other.  She wrapped the cloth around my head, covering my eyes and tied it with brutal swiftness behind my head.

"Now, we begin," she said.

I felt the leather of the whip slide teasingly over the skin of my chest, my groin, my legs.

Then, the first of many blows began to fall

Chores by Doc

He had been in sales for years and was very used to hearing, “Yeah, right.  But what have you done for me lately?”  It was, however, a bit novel to hear that phrase from Judy.  She was usually very happy with him, but he’d made the mistake of saying ‘but…’.   He wondered if he should bring up the past, but went ahead anyway.  (He was feeling experimental and daring and curious).

She added, “Just because you got laid last week doesn't mean you’re entitled, you know….”  She hadn't added anything else.  He let the silence envelope them both.  Neither she nor he had any desire to break the tension.
She spoke first – after several minutes and after finishing her coffee.

“So… what HAVE you done for me lately?”  He wondered if she expected a response.  Was this a rhetorical question, or did she expect him to speak?  He resolved the question with one of his own.

“Do you want me to answer that, Miss?”

“Fuck, no.  Just shut up.  I’m going to make a list of your chores for today.  While I’m doing that, get into the kitchen and wash and dry the dishes.  Oh, and put them away.  And after you finish that, there’s a load of clothes to be put in the washer.  Follow the directions on the detergent package – and no ‘extra’ soap.  Just do what they tell you to do on the label.  You got that?”

“Yes, Miss.”  He left.  She had a yellow legal pad and a Sharpie (her favorite writing tool) in hand.
After he finished with his tasks, he decided to go to his office to study.  Class in three days, but ‘don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do immediately if not sooner’.  He didn't like the indefinite ‘what you can do today’.  That left far too much discretion – and opportunity to procrastinate.
He wasn’t a believer, but he believed in sin.  Disobedience was one of the cardinal sins.

An hour later, she called him to the living room.  “There! Read it!”  He picked up the pad, which had been thrown on the floor.   (She liked to watch him pick things up from the floor as she stood – or sat – over him.  It was one of her quirks.)

He immediately noticed that she had put together seven pages with the word “continued” at the bottom of each page.  At the top of each page was a day of the week.

“You have outdone yourself, Miss.”

“Yes.  I decided to keep you busy.  Oh, and after you finish skimming my assignments, I want you to take some magnets and put all seven sheets on the refrigerator door.  I don’t want any ‘I forgot’ excuses.” She paused.  “Can you read?”  This was – he knew – a rhetorical question and he knew better than to say ‘yes’.  That would have been judged ‘being a smart ass’ and being a smart ass was not one of her compliments!

As he reviewed the list, he breathed a sigh of relief.  She had included, “Study….”on each page, with the added words “… for a minimum of three hours a day, broken into three hourly blocs.”  She liked the fact that he took his classes seriously.

Looking further, he noted his ‘bedroom duties’ were included.  They didn't leave much to the imagination.  Also she had listed all the jobs she hated to do: vacuum, iron, dust, and so on.  She spoke up.

“Do you have any problems with this?”

“No, Miss!”

“Good….. and now, if you’ll look at the first day, you’ll note that I’ve put down: ‘Cunnilingus, 45 minutes or until told to stop.’  You’ll notice there’s nothing there about intercourse.  Any problem with that?”

“No, Miss.”

“Good…. Now I know why I keep you around.  And as for cunnilingus, I’m in the mood.”  She paused.  “You know how horny it makes me bossing you around.”

He nodded.

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Strip and get to work!”  She paused again.  “Did you finish all the dishes and put the clothes in the washer?”  He nodded.

“Good.  I hate doing that crap.  Start licking.”

Living Fountain by Serf

Here is a story that makes a good listen,
a tale of a sub on his most humiliating mission.
A task so laughable to anyone but him...
A task transforming the serf to nothing but a piece of trim!
You may wonder what that last statement means...
well, i'll tell You that it will exceed Your most decadent dreams.
Think of a pathetic man actually craving the worst of luck
and think of that man so degraded that he would wish he just remained a cuck.
And think of a Woman so magnificent to inspire so much lust
that a man degrades himself for Her every whim and must.

W/we will call that Heroine by a name known as Mystical
and for Her slave it starts on a evening that he would say was anxiety's pinnacle
and it is here that W/we see the sub and the start of the story,
he is summoned to fulfill Her most perverted glory!
he arrives at the door as a total nervous wreck
knowing full well that on line tonight would be his own neck.
he crawls over the threshold into the Vixen's house
where Miss Myst lords over him like a cat to a scared mouse.
he quickly shuffles to Her on his hands and knees
and in a begging whimper he simply says the word: "Please..."

"Oh, I will use you tonight. Don't worry about that!
Now you must meet my friends, Robert and Matt!"
In a dramatic gesture Miss Myst pulled back a curtain,
With heart pounding he knew now that his fate was certain.
The two men stood grinning like a pair of demented and dangerous fools
wimpy lambs on any other but here they were like prancing bulls.
Those menacing toros looked at him with hungry eyes;
instinctively, he grasped onto Miss Myst's magnificent thighs.
The victim breathed in Her glorious and elegant odor
as Her hand clasped his trembling shoulder.
She spoke again with a laugh in Her voice:
"You have a few options and to you I kindly give the choice
but always know that this slave comes with ties
and to enjoy my special property will come with a price!"

"Of course!" the men cry out in a drunken reply,
The sub looks terrified with a look that says "Why?"
and Miss Myst looks at him with a widening smirk on Her lips
while the men ogle his mouth and the back end of his hips.
"Well, boys, what will be your snack?
Is it the front?" Holding his face and then slaps his bum: "Or the back?"
"Both of us want to take it first..." says one holding onto his chin,
"it is too bad that it does not have a twin."
Everyone laughs except, of course, the slave-boy
for today he fully realized that he was nothing but a toy.

"Take him both in the arse and in the mouth and fill in his holes
and cum in his face, cum on his chest and cum in his nose..."
Callie said with all confidence as She continued:
"He is here to see that I am always amused.
Both of you work him and work him at the same time
cum in his mouth and in his arse... he will be fine!
It's all funny to me and that is what he is for, he is so lost....
Now I it is time for a decision and I will make a cost!'
So the men agreed that one would rape my face.
the other would take the sub's ass causing his full disgrace.
AndMiss Myst named Her price and if You want to know the score,
She further humiliated Her serf by making him a 5 dollar whore!

What lesson can a pathetic pet learn from this tale of woe?
Could it be the teaching of a man losing his ego and his soul?
Or could it be that the man will finally understand the power of a Woman with Mirth and Malice
Her presence and control alone is the universe's palace?
One thing he can not ever forget to discern,
is that on that night Callie made him a fountain of sperm,
A ornament for Her amusement and spectacle for Her profitable return.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Impromptu Confessions 11/15/14

There was this one time at the Dominion I will never forget.......

I wasn't looking to connect with anyone here.  A friend asked me to come to the courtyard to meet someone, and we ended up hitting it off.  It's turned into the beginning of a wonderful, and hopefully long lasting adventure.

I recall the time when Garth won the "run the D for a day" auction lot, it was a bit ago but I recall tping in and laughing so much during that time. He had the place in such a mess, I was shocked Eva didn't have a panic attack. It was a fun day for those with the sense of humor to enjoy it!

I entered the D/s scene as a submissive when I was only just turned 17, having graduated high school early and gone on to college. I was from a small rural baptist community and when I discovered kink, I was instantly enamored, but I'd never seen a "Dominant Woman" before because of my background and so I did not really understand or know that they existed.

After many misadventures in SL, I was "cornered" by several female submissive at a Sim and given a landmark to the Dominion. They told me, "You're not a sub, go there instead." I came to the Dominion on an alt just to see it... terrified and nervous. I suppose mostly of what I might discover about myself.

I will never forget that first visit- how right it felt- how it was just and instant 'fit'. I have never looked back...

Last winter I walked far out onto the ice  -- hundred of meters from The Courtyard -- and, in the dark,  watched fireworks in the black sky -- as I IM'd with my former mistress and best friend forever in both RL and SL.  The music was soft.  It took me back to my childhood in many, many ways.  It felt very very real !  I can see the whole vision in my mind's eye as I write these words.

A long time submissive friend IM'd me while we were all sitting around the Courtyard.  He IM'd me to tell me I looked beautiful and begged to be allowed to worship me by being beneath the beautiful shoes I was wearing.
I made him work for it, yes I did.

                                                                       ... I'll never forget it.

Kinky Confession by Lady Persephone


Lazily I counted on my fingers the kinks I had explored, some I went on to repeat time and again, others a titillation tasted and put aside.

Let's stick to the pure sexual stuff, start with water sports, it's one of my all time favourites . It's not just the act itself, intimate and thrilling. It's the sounds of my piss as it descends and crashes against the body. The way it can make a boy gulp and choke, filling his ears and  nose with the pungent odor. Oh yes, the odor when certain foods and drinks have been devoured and imbibed, knowing that as they wend their way through your body the final destination is on a face. Not always a face, nothing is sweeter than fucking an arse before withdrawing and then pissing into the open anal cavity. You may have guessed that I'm partial to piss play.

Bondage, well I don't over enjoy the slow tie you up with rope stuff, I love the clipping  cuffs onto chains.  Being prepared in a Lego brick D/s sort of way, building solid inescapable situations. I need to know that you know you cannot escape, that turns me on. I know that caning an immobile body makes my belly ache with passion and I am never quite 100% sure I'll stick to your hard limits as they are not mine.  A few times I have overstepped another's hard limits, it breaks the bond of trust and D/s health and safety regulations. A warning  will have been issued but overwhelming need blinds us to potential disaster.

That was two of my kinks - if you want to know more of them I will need ten IMs asking me to continue.

That Wasn't So Bad by Anonymous

i sit here in my silence wondering, waiting, and hoping. I have been a good girl; I did everything She asked me to. And yet still i sit cross legged on the floor looking up at Her begging Her silently with my eyes. She slowly flips the page of Her book and occasionally peeks at me from the corner of Her secretive blue eyes and a knowing smirk can be seen in the creases. Even if i couldn’t see Her beautiful mouth i would know it was there. i start to fidget a little rocking softly back and forth feeling the nakedness of my pussy touching the soft carpet. The fibers rough and soft. In a way the feeling reminds me of Her hands when they are cupping me. It feels familiar and i softly sigh.

She clears her throat and the sound alone places goose bumps along my flesh. “Come here baby” She says. i look up eyes so wide and i try not to smile but it spreads across my face anyway. “Yes Ma'am” i stretch my legs out wide and crawl up onto my knees and make my way to Her. As i approach She slowly but deliberately takes the time to place the book mark carefully in Her book and set it next to Her on the nightstand. She gently places her hands in her lap and watches me as i crawl towards Her; i go slowly because the tease is part of our game that we both enjoy. i arrive at the edge of the bed and look up at Her my blue eyes trying to look as innocent as possible, but the longing in me is palpable. She reaches down and strokes the top of my head and runs the backside of Her hand down my face, I almost suffer under Her touch, knowing that She won’t give me what I want until She is ready. This denial has been so very hard for me. “What do you want baby?” At this i can’t help but smile like the Cheshire Cat and in turn She smiles back at me. “Well before I allow you to please me with that eager mouth of yours I’m going to do as I please. Do you understand?” i nod a resounding yes and sit back on my haunches and place my hands behind my back. i look down and wait.

She stands up and reaches for the drawer next to the bed and starts to pull out the rope, i try my best to keep my head down and sit still but i can already feel the wetness between my thighs that Her voice alone caused start to become more intense, the throbbing ache inside knowing what is about to come makes me gasp sharply. She comes around behind me and starts tying my hands with slow methodic movements that would seem more suited to a skilled surgeon. She pushes me down roughly after my hands are tied and strokes the back of my hair, down my neck, down my back, cups my ass for a brief moment. Her hands always feel almost electrified when they touch my bare skin. Before i even know it i feel the sharp sting of Her hand contacting with my ass. First one cheek and then the other back and forth in a rhythmic pattern almost as if She is a playing a symphony just for us. i try to be silent and not make a sound but a squeal escapes my throat and rides on along my tongue and escapes my barely parted lips as the smacks get more intense. The feeling is soothing and ecstasy at the same time. i never want Her to stop and as that thought crosses my mind She moves Her hand down and cups my pussy and a chuckle rolls out of Her “Eager are we girl?” I almost feel shame at my soaking wet pussy giving me away, but i know She wants me just like this and i want nothing more than to get my reward so i stay quiet. i hear the sound of Her grabbing the strap on and my eyes widen with anticipation.

i squeeze them shut defying my body’s natural reaction and hike my ass up just slightly. This time the laugh is more of a guffaw than anything and i stifle a giggle, She leans over me and whispers in my ear “I’m going to fuck you in this tight ass of yours and you are going to be a good girl so you can get what you want, understood?” i squeeze my eyes tighter closed and nod softly. I feel Her back away from me and grasp my hips and pull me towards Her. She grabs the bottle of lube from the nightstand and i can feel the warmth of the liquid slide down my crack and against my ass and the waiting hole that has never been used. She guides my hips and i feel Her slowly slide the tip against me rubbing my pussy juice with Her cock right up against my waiting virgin asshole. i grit my teeth and wait for it wondering if it will be like i always thought and dreaded. Before the thought can fully come into my mind She slams into my pussy and starts to fuck me like only She knows how, i moan and buck back against Her forcing Her deeper inside me the aching inside me is anguish. She grabs a hold of my ass digging Her nails into my flesh and leans over and bites the nape of my neck hard, i cry out a little, i can’t help it. “No baby I get what I want not you” She says as She agonizingly withdraws from my now beyond soaking wet pussy and then swiftly She shoves Her cock inside my ass. It’s so full, i had been a good girl and cleaned it just like She asked and i was astounded at the feeling of being filled so fast and the pain being pain but then not pain?? She slowly withdrew from the first initial stroke and i let out a sigh and a gasp at the same time. my eyes opened and i waited, it seemed an eternity. As soon as i had let my mind process the pain but not the feeling She slides Her glorious cock into me again and this time the fullness was even less and the vigor behind the thrust not so shocking as She started moving in and out of my slippery asshole at an excruciating slow pace, eyes wide open i realized that my body loves this i could feel my pussy throbbing and the tension in it building with each drive of Her cock into me, overwhelming me. The sensation was different than when She fucks my tight pussy for this was an even tighter hole and She was panting behind me and as i heard those noises coming from Her i couldn’t help it my body took over and i begged Her to fuck me harder, deeper, faster, whatever would make Her happy and satisfied. Regardless of what i had been telling my body all day she betrayed me and was begging to cum, the feeling of being so full was almost too much to bear. Then She stopped!!i turned around knowing this could ruin my chances at my reward, but i didn’t care. When i strained my neck around to look at Her, She was sitting back on Her thighs and stroking that beautiful cock with a glorious smirk crossing Her face. My lips parted. She grabbed my ass and spun me around and my face was right in front of my prize. She looked down at me and winked “what a good little girl you were, now you can lick My cock clean of you baby”.

I looked up and opened my mouth and winked back at Her as I slowly lowered my mouth onto Her taking it all the way to the back of my throat. A heavy moan escaped me and I came right then, knowing full well that I would be punished for not asking permission to release Her orgasm, i didn’t care I came and came as I sucked Her dry and as I finally lifted my mouth off of Her with not a spot missed i said “now that wasn’t so bad was it (in Her tone of voice) and giggled.