Tuesday, December 14, 2021

PayDay by Rorke

 He shivers as he holds the position so familiar to him by now; knees splayed wide and core engaged to push his chest out, back straight with a raised chin but lowered eyes. His wrists crossed in the small of his back while the silence washes over him and his fingers absentmindedly trace against the sealed envelope. Time almost becoming irrelevant with each drawn out minute of anticipation forcing his mind to focus and he feels himself become one with the room, blending into the still surroundings.

This is all just a formality really. His wages have been set up to transfer directly to her account for many years now but every payday he kneels in her office, just like now, to present her with the unopened payslip. Truth be told, he has no idea how much he makes because it doesn't belong to him, all he sees is the basic allowance she gives to him for 'essentials'. This day holds another special meaning too, however, it is the one day a month he gets released from chastity (assuming all the factors such as his chores and behavior are acceptable, of course)

The stillness of the room is suddenly broken by the mahogany sliding doors to the office scraping against their runners followed by the staccato click of her sharp heels and  the subtle notes of vanilla perfume fills the atmosphere. Instinctively, his hands raise to offer the slip as she passes and unceremoniously takes it from him.

Hearing her perch on her desk, he steals a very brief glance up while she studies the paper. The sharp intake of breath and a whimper of need escaping his lips as the heavenly picture of the tight grey dress revealing lacey stocking tops donning crossed legs

Her voice breaking the silence with a, "Good boy", causing his heart to warm before she continues, "However, I have a date tonight so your release will have to wait....you can fuck off to your chores".

Swallowing that rising disappointment and turning it into the dedicated, burning submissive energy and whispers his thank you before placing a kiss to each of her heels and crawls off to his chores. 

The Butterfly by Skye

 The Butterfly

Cocooned, trapped, encapsulation be,

but there must be more to life, for me to see.

a elaborate spread of the wings take flight, 

gracefully, drifting around the light. 

the sunbeams falling gentle down from skies, 

as he flutters with imperfect tries.

his strength grows, as tested against a fail,

be it a soft snow storm, or damaging hail.

as winter falls and safety first, he shall seek,

the small angelic creature, seems no longer so meek.

a power filled, winged, perfected one, 

misses the safety, of where he begun.

time to fly, onto great things, 

the little butterfly with his beautiful wings.

Teased and Tormented by Shine

 I awoke to find herself bound to the bed I had been strapped to the night before only to find now Mistress had just walked in the door. As I'm lying in a pool of her own juices dripping and throbbing even more just by the sight of her.

" I see you kept yourself nice and busy my little whore " 

As she slaps my naked inside thigh. Just then I jumped up as the slaps sending tingles all through my body. Running her nails up her inside thigh and back down the other side. 

" Yes Mistress "  I said with a moan all the while writhing in pain and pleasure

Mistress could see the look in my eyes knowing I was ready to be taken then and there but she had an idea.

Slapping her once more leaving fingerprints on my flesh before grabbing the jug near her. Opening the door and grabbing some ice that had fallen throughout the day, and walking back inside. 

"I have a little present for you girl" She said holding the jug of ice.

My eyes widened as I lay there helpless and all I can do is watch, drip and shake.

Laying the jug on the side of the table lifting some of the ice up and out of the jug and laying it on my nipples.  Rolling her fingers tips around her nipple , twisting her nipple making it all pert before slapping it leaving pink fingerprints all over my boob. 

" Oh god , oh shit " I screamed loud out into the air as my nipples become all pert and hard at the touch of the ice kissing them and meltin

" I didn't say it was a nice present now did I " with a devilish 

grin on her face. 

Running her hand up my thigh letting her nails caress my stomach and the top of her mound just taping and waking up my clit. All the while letting the ice melt and drip down my stomach to my clit and dripping all the way down my slit to the bed. 

Gasping as the ice melts.

" Oh shit! " gasping as the sensations running through my body.

" Have you been a good girl today " She said grabbing my face and looking deep into her eyes.

" Yes Mistress " I Said while gulping as the ice melted around me. letting the cool air in the room bring all the goosebumps over her skin

" Good girl " Kissing my lips deeply staring deep into my eyes and dropping her face.

Rolling her hand up my thigh in between my legs starting to flick her clit with all four fingers softly back and forth back and forth in rhythm with my pelvis. Flicking just to make me wet enough to do what ever she wanted with me.

" Do you want this girl " She said with a smirk.

" Yes Mistress, Please Mistress" I  said.

Mistress started deep into my eyes and slapped her clit hard. I jumped high into the air as the ropes round my wrist caught me and the goosebumps cover my entire body.

" I SAID DO YOU WANT THIS GIRL " She commanded. 

" YES !! MISTRESS !! " I replied pleadingly. Letting out moan after moan unable to control them any longer. 

" Good Girl , Next Time Louder ! " She said Sternly.

" Yes Mistress , Sorry Mistress" I said bitting my lip hard staring deeply into my eyes.

Flicking her fingers back and forth rapidly letting her clit become so swollen and engorged I couldn't hold back.

" Can i cum please Mistress Please " I stuttered unable to concentrate anymore. 

Mistress staring into my eyes grabbing the ice from the jug and pouring it onto my stomach and clit and throwing the jug to the other side of the room.

" Oh Fuck !!" I screamed louder again, Shaking , Trembling. 

Writhing all over shaking shivering, Pulling against the ropes shaking the bed. As I thrashed as the ice started to melt making so many sensations rush through my mind.

" Can I Please Mistress " Staring deep into her eyes for an answer.

Mistress smiling wickedly continued the Torment not answering but staring back menacingly, with a big grin on her face. 

Flicking rapidly faster and faster sliding her fingers down inside me starting to pump my pussy working with the rhythm of my own body, my own pelvis humping her hand as she thrusted her fingers in deeper matching the rhythm and speed of the other hand. 

Faster and faster my body convulsing and dripping all over the bed the moans the screams uncontrollably. As it now starts to become full force of her fingers, flicking my clit rapidly relentlessly.

" Oh God Oh Fuck Please Mistress Please" Begging, Pleading with Mistress.

Teasing and tormenting continued Faster and Faster. Not stopping. 

" Oh Fukkkkkk Pleaseeeeee!" As my  eyes rolled back into my head. my screams getting louder and louder.

" Cum for me Whore !! " She Said.

" NOW " Mistress demanded.

Losing all control releasing all of my juices and squirting all over the bed and the floor as my eyes roll back into my head completely and  passes out.

As Mistress slides her fingers out of my dripping wet pussy. She smiles rolling her hand round my neck and lifting my head up. Wiping her dripping wet fingers round my lips dripping it into my mouth. 

As I softly stirs Mistress slides her fingers into my mouth, almost gagging me with them. 

" Suck it bitch " She said with a smirk

" How do you taste " She grins.

Sucking her fingers deeply rolling her tongue around tip and diving deeper. 

" Yes Mistress " I said muffling with her fingers in my mouth.

Removing her fingers from my mouth slapping my swollen clit once more to watch my body react and jump. sending tingles all through my entire body.

" Fuck !!" I screamed and jumped shaking the bed.

" Good Girl " Mistress said with a smile...

"Rest now..... Round 2 is Later" She smirked 

As she covered me with a blanket kissed her forehead and left me to sleep..

p.s No this did not happen I was told by Miss Eva to write this so here ya go lol 

An Artist's Work by Anonymous

 As I pulled into the driveway of a remote farm cabin on a dark, cold night in rural Vermont, I reflected on how I ended up here.  Two months earlier, I had met with old friends to celebrate 25 years since business school graduation.  Since then we had gone our own ways, some into finance, some into business and some into oblivion. I generally hate these sorts of things, but after my wife and I had split after 25 years together, and our kids had become adults.  I consider these events are “forced fun,” with people who knew a younger me, a different man.

After I checked in, I was given a card and told to learn innocuous bits of information from 3 classmates also in attendance.  I looked at my names — two people I knew well, but the third was Anna.  Anna was the “artsy chick” 25 years ago, and no one knew what she was doing in business school in the first place; she was into art, horses and poetry,  We nicknamed her "The Artist."  We had shared a couple classes and drinks back in school, but I don't think I had thought about her since the day we graduated.   I found my way to her and noticed she had matured into an attractive older woman, with the same mature artsy vibe.  She looked as if she had just stopped by on the way home from a horse stable rather than attending a business school reunion.  We caught up on old times, although we didn’t have much to share, and had a pleasant chat.  I learned she was single, and lived about 2 hours outside of Boston, on a Vermont horse farm.  She painted, horsed and did who knows what in Nowhere, Vermont.  She and I casually agreed that if I was ever in the area I should come by and share a glass of homemade wine; we traded numbers and created a pleasant connection, even though we really had no friendship to rekindle. 

A month later I found myself in Boston on business, and had my meeting cancel.  My friends suggested a ski trip to Vermont, which happened to be close to Anna’s farm.  Recalling our pleasant chat, I thought, why not call her and take her up on a glass of bad homemade wine, some likely sub par goat cheese and see her Vermont country life.  After a couple texts, here I was. 

As I rang the door with a bottle of champagne in hand, I looked forward to a glass of wine, some artsy discussion of art, the old times and a flirty dance of two mature people.   She did look amazing, radiant, even as she wore no makeup and had plainly been working on the farm all day.   She smiled, and invited me in. She then rather bluntly said, "You can put the champagne there" and nodded towards a cluttered oaken table.  I had, of course, expected a more enthusiastic reaction, but The Artist did smile when she saw me, and that put me somewhat at ease.

As she turned away from the door, she rather matter of factly said, “Ok, Don, please take off all your clothes, fold them and leave them on the mat by the door.”  Her tone was casual, but commanding, as if she was telling me not to pet the dog.  It was not a question, but rather a command.  My brain kind of froze, but I knew I had a choice, right then. Say “no" and walk out. Or, stay and obey. I thought, Ok, she can't intimidate me, I will show her.  I am not ashamed of my body, I am in good shape, and besides, when is nakedness with a woman nicknamed The Artist a bad thing, ever

As I gathered my thoughts and stripped, she had moved to her living room and sat in a chair, next to a raging fire.  I had expected her to be naked too, but, to my surprise, she was quite fully clothed and content.  She said she had put a towel down on the couch, motioned for me to sit across from her and to “make myself at home.”  

What then proceeded was one of the most normal, yet stilted, awkward conversations of my life.  We chatted as if I was not, in fact, naked or sitting on a towel on her couch.  I learned she was single, owned 500 acres of Vermont countryside and was quite content.   She knew of my wife’s passing, that I had just sold my company, and was learning to re-engage with life outside of the pastoral world I had created and lived

After 30 minutes or so without acknowledgment of my naked body or the situation, she said “hold out your arm.”  It was said in the same tone she had used before and not a question or request, it was a statement.  I did as I was told.

She took my hand, and turned my palm face up, and tucked it under her armpit to hold it still, which exposed my forearm and bicep. leaving both her hands free.  She then pinched about a half inch of my skin, my flesh and pulled it up.  To my shock,she then  pushed a thin hypodermic needle through the pinch, piercing it through and coming out the other side. A very sharp needle, with a biting quick pain, like a shot at the doctor office. A prick, painful, but not excruciating.  

Half of me wanted to scream out in horror.  But, I didn’t.  I watched, grimaced and let her push a needle through my skin.  When she was done, she calmly said “you were talking about your ski trip, please continue…”.  My mind was blank.  Skiing?  I just had a needle through me!  I am naked in front of you.  And then I  realized —  I was rock hard.  Erect as a circus pole.  Now THAT was embarrassing.

As I stumbled on, she took my other arm, rotated it palm up, inched my bicep and slid another needle through my flesh.  It hurt of course, but perhaps the shock had worn off and it wasn't as hurtful as the first one.  I endured.

I noticed that a drop of blood was leaking out of my arm from the needle.  Anna noticed too, and casually lifted and rotated my arm, as I spoke of skis and rental cars, and licked my bicep, taking the blood and leaving behind a slick trail of saliva.  The disconnect between the words out of my mouth and the physical dynamic playing out

But I was also excited, mentally and physically.  I ached, yearned, and the casual sexuality, the raw physicality of the needle, of Anna, her presence transported me to another place.  My skin tingled, my senses were chaotic, and the darkness and fire sharpened the sensation. Anna's smell, her words, her tone, her and licked the blood trail.  And me.. My cock was hard, sticking straight up and positively yearning for something.  And very obvious and very undeniable.

After more meaningless chit chat, she motioned for me to stand.  I didn't think twice, and stood motionless in front of the fire.  At this point I was not so surprised when I saw another needle in her hand, and knew what was coming next, as she pinched a skin fold on my chest, just above my right nipple.  I felt the sharp pain, the piercing sensation, the needle threading my skin.  And then a second needle, on the left side, a matching pair of needles matching the two in my arm.  Anna then again licked up the slight drip of blood leaking down my skin, tasting me but leaving a cool sensation from her tongue behind.

I do not remember the exact words or what happened, but I do recall my very prominent erection, my hardness and aching for her, for physicality, for connection.  She led me to her bedroom, which was a small back room in her barn-like house.  It was rustic, functional, and plush even.  A room inhabited by a woman who made her world and lived in it.

She pushed me down on the bed, and said, "I suggest you not move.  The needles will tear if you thrash and they catch on the covers."  Such an obvious statement and yet i heard the tone in her voice, her command.  I then watched as she casually took off her jeans, and her panties, and mounted me.  One knee on either side of my chest.  I noticed her full, curly mound of pubic hair. her cunt, her lovely sex.   Before I knew it and without words or a kiss or even a touch, she rocked her hips back and impaled herself on my rock hard cock.   I had been mounted pure and simple.  Anna used her hands to keep herself steady as she rocked and used my cock.   I desperately managed in my head to keep myself from orgasming because I simply did not want this to end.  But I also knew She didn't want this to end and my orgasm would seem impolite and unwanted.  I knew she didn't want me to cum.  She had a plan, and I couldn't alter it by trying to force my passion

Anna fucked me as she rode and mounted me.  She was in her own passion, her own world using my erection.  She fucked my cock, moving up and down and pushing her hips forward and back for her to stimulate her clit on my groin.  I felt her rock steadily faster and in her own rhythm as I tried to match it,  Her breath got shorter, and shallower and I noticed her nipples becoming firmer, pointed even.  Her eyes were glassy, her hands pushed more firmly on my even as she rocked in and out on my cock.   I knew her orgasm was coming as she rocked herself faster and more intently, with passion and fire.   She then bucked, and pushed intently, hard on me as her torso and butt quivered, feeling her orgasm on me.   

After she orgasmed, her hair falling, her hips gyrating and bucking she collapsed forward on my chest.   Her heavy body tweaked the needles threading my chest, which I had seemingly forgotten about.   That quickly returned my body to someplace real, and she whispered in a throaty voice, "you may cum now..."  I then exploded into her, feeling my cock thrust and balls constrict and my orgasm pulled from me by Anna and her body.   But I knew this wasn't my orgasm, it was what She had crafted.  The Artist, indeed.

What followed that evening was a meal about which I recall nothing.  And, it was if our passion had not happened, my bleeding spots were the only reminder of what had transpired, even as I could scarcely stand to look at her, in awe of what she had just done.

In the days and weeks that followed, she did not return my increasingly aching calls or texts.  I never saw her again.    

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Winter Confessions Sunday, December 5th!

Femdom Confessions returns Sunday December 5th at 2 pm SLT!  Submit your original writing via our dropboxes at The Femdom Confessions space or by the landing point in The Courtyard.  Submissions can also be given directly to our hostess, Evangeline Eames.

As always, anonymity assured if requested.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Almost Goodbye by Anonymous

 Almost Goodbye - by ANON

You hesitantly reach across the couch, across the divide, to touch my hand, an uncharacteristic conciliatory gesture. I stare at your hand. Your voice sounds strange, unfamiliar, when you ask, "Are we okay?" I raise my eyes and search your face, still stung by your willingness to walk away from me, from us. I pause before answering, "I think we can be." You open your mouth to speak, but for once, I have no need for your words. I need you to show me, not tell me. I close the space between us and press my mouth to yours. Pulling back, I whisper, almost plead "Show me." I desperately hope you'll understand what I'm asking for, what I need. And you do. 

Your mouth opens to me and I push my tongue into you, but it's not enough. Acquiescence will never heal this gaping wound. I start to pull away, but your arms are around me, holding me to you, preventing my withdrawal. Suddenly your tongue is inside my mouth. Urgent. Hungry. Desperate. "Yes," I think, "Show me. Prove to me that you couldn't walk away, not even if you wanted to. Show me that your need for me is too great, that my hold on you is too powerful, unbreakable." You don't wait for permission. I groan against your mouth, against the lips that are crushing mine. I hook my hands under the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head, disrupting your hands and your lips, but they return instantly. You force the left cup of my bra down, exposing my breast, and your mouth claims it. I cry out, arching my back. My fingers thread through your hair holding your mouth to me. Your hands waste no time. You push my skirt up my thighs and jerk my panties aside. Without warning, your fingers are inside me, two fingers. I gasp and cling to you, nails digging into your back, marking you, hips thrusting forward to meet your invasion. "Fuck me," I whisper, my tone demanding. From your throat comes a sound akin to a growl. I reach for your belt, clumsily tugging at it. Impatient, you take over with your free hand. Belt. Button. Zipper. I push your pants down to your knees, desperately needing you inside me. You pull me on top of you, grabbing your cock and guiding me onto it. Your hands find my hips and pull me down hard. My cunt engulfs you entirely with one swift movement. My eyes widen and then close, my body tenses, and I cry out sharply. I press my hands down on your shoulders, holding you in place. You thrust up into me. But you need more. You easily shrug off the pressure of my hands on your shoulders and lift me, flipping me onto my back, your cock, no *MY* cock, never leaving me. My legs instinctively wrap around your hips, pulling you deep. You thrust. Hard. Urgent. Pounding. Knocking the air out of me each time your body crashes into mine. I struggle for air. I scream. You don't stop. You don't pause. With a final thrust you groan and your cock spasms inside me, filling me with your seed, with *MY* seed. You collapse on top of me. My legs wrap tightly around you, not letting you go, holding you until you soften inside me. You begin to come to your senses. Realizing what you've just done, you anxiously push yourself up to look at me. You start to speak, but I cover your mouth with my hand, "If you apologize for that, I will never forgive you." When you nod, I remove my hand and pull your weight down on me, holding you, stroking your back lightly with my finger tips, searching for the half-moon indentations left by my fingernails. 

At some point, I rise and take your hand, leading you to the bedroom. I stand beside the bed, watching, as you finish undressing in front of me. Then you reach for me, slowly undressing me. Your lips adoringly brush kisses against each inch of newly exposed skin. Dropping to your knees in front of me, you lower my panties to the floor and press your mouth between my legs, worshiping me with your tongue, tasting the familiar mixture of my fluids with yours. You teasing my clit expertly, just as I've taught you, until I cum on your face. You hold me up when my knees buckle. 

We move to the bed and fall into a deep sleep in a tangled embrace. Hours later, I wake with your mouth on me, peppering small kisses on my breast. I look down and see the bruises left on my skin by your greedy hands and the bruises left on your skin by mine. Your lips close around my nipple. With a soft whimper, my back arches into you. I feel your cock hard against my thigh. We make love, slowly and tenderly. I roll on top of you, moving on you, engulfing your cock. Your hands gently tease my breasts. This time, you hold back, letting me move on your hard cock, your thumb massaging my clit, until I cum, then rolling me onto my back and thrusting into me until I look up at you and offer the barest of nods. In response, you instantly release inside of me. 

It's dark now. We lie beside each other, your cum dribbling out of me. I snuggle into you, needing to be close. You hold me until I'm asleep. As I dream, you lie awake feeling anxious about what is to come. You know there will be suffering after enjoying my body so freely. Making love is ALWAYS followed by pain, intense, almost unbearable pain, but it's worth it. With these thoughts on your mind, you drift into a restless sleep filled with dread and anticipation of what's to come. 

Bad Memories by Killian

 So, bad memories, where to start? I don't enjoy humiliation, it's not a kink of mine, so in the spirit of confessions, the title and over-sharing I'll go with this one.

They say it takes tens of thousands of hours of interaction for humans to reach an acceptable level of social comfort, or roughly to the age of 25. As a young man in my early twenties I had absolutely not reached that point. I was a perfectly happy child, rarely in the limelight and content with mostly solitary pursuits. I was never really much use with women, I never felt particularly comfortable with them and the memories are so very painful in hindsight.

I never did manage any experiences at college despite living my best life through IRC. So when I made it to London for a first real job I was determined to pursue my lifelong dream of submission. I did what any sensible person would do - I hit the message boards and with a remarkable degree of luck the first advert I responded to somehow landed a NSA attached date with an extremely attractive woman who was perhaps 15 years older than me.

Incredibly, she was for real. As attractive in real life as her pictures, and seemingly as enthusiastic as promised. We met on a Saturday morning in a smart Central London hotel. I was painfully awkward when I think back to it, but she complimented me for wearing a shirt as we made our way up in the lift to the room. I put my arm around her, it wasn't so bad, maybe this was going to be ok.

In her room, a small suite, she suggested I lie on the bed and she disappeared for a moment to change into the most gorgeous lingerie that years late I still don't think I've ever seen better. We see the past in rose-tinted glasses, but I can honestly say she was the most beautiful person I've ever been with. I had stripped down and laid back on the bed. She straddled me while I was still barely able to speak, we kissed, my hands in her hair, and then I realized that I could not get it up. She tried her best, and god knows it was nothing to do with her, but I couldn't get a response. She offered a handjob, but I was broken and I could maintain enthusiasm. I apologized profusely, made my excuses, and left, ashamed.

And so began a lifelong problem that I've still not managed to overcome. I'm sure it's psychological, but decades later I've never quite managed to overcome it. As bad memories go it's hardly the most traumatic, but of all the negative experiences I've ever had, whether personal or professional, this is the one that still hurts the most.

I never heard from her again, I look her up every so often, she's still stunning.

Cuckold by Rorke


He jumps and grimaces a little at his desk, with a hurried glance around he sighs in relief seeing those around him engrossed in their work and paying him no heed. Subtly adjusting his trousers and feeling the bump of the ingenious cock ring; bluetoothed to his phone to send an electric shock to his sensitive balls upon receiving a message from her; and picking up the phone: 

"No dinner needed this evening, boy,"

Sighing with a soft shake of his head at the brief message as he simply replies, "yes, Goddess, thank you, Goddess", and thinks such is the life of a male in a Female Supremacist Relationship. No matter, he muses, everything will freeze, it was going to be a special meal for her before the ritual of presenting his pay cheque to her but she must have other plans...Then suddenly, very suddenly the realisation dawns mixed feelings of excited frenzy and pangs of jealously hit him while the dread grows. It can only mean she has a date!

The rest of his day is a blur, just an out of body affair with him reduced to basic functions while his mind races. These were always difficult for him, while he had accepted long ago that he would never have that type of intimacy with her and his service to her was way above anything these men could experience, he could never help but feel that male envy of them having something he only will ever dream of. Plus, there is the added torture of who she was with, would he meet him? More often than not he did which always left him unsure of whether that was better or worse. 

Most times, he was just required to drive them home and fix them a drink before being sent back to his chores or to his room but that depends on her mood entirely. It could range from the extremes of being made to provide entertainment to one time being made to sleep in the car while they fucked all night. Again, he was very unsure which was worse.

Home time now, hurrying back as quickly as legally possible (the time he was caught speeding is another story for another time!) to prepare himself mentally. With no dinner to prepare; aside from the dog's and his own basic meal; his chores before she arrives home were light so he hadn't even that distraction to take his mind off of it. Kneeling naked, he could only try and process the feelings, "Suffering is service and service is freedom", he repeats over and over to himself.

He lost track of time ages ago but knowing her it is around 11pm when the door pushes open and is breath is taken, as it always has been from the moment he first heard her heavenly voice, filling his ears with her excited laughter and chat while his eyes dart to her heels. Bracing for the next set of feet he will see and swallowing hard, about to crawl forward as she grants permission to greet her, he freezes....

A second pair of heels and bare legs enter his view!!!

His hesitation earning him a slap to his cheek, causing his ears to ring, as he mumbles his apology and hurriedly kisses her feet.

The greeting complete, he kneels up and his jaw just drops. His Goddess stands before him, as beautiful as ever in the long, flowing skirt with a tasteful split exposing a thigh and the white top clinging to her form.

"Well, greet Miss Maddison, boy...where are your manners?", came her rhetorical question as he lowers his forehead to the floor in greeting, bringing a chorus of laughter from the guest. Hardly daring to breath as the young blonde Woman in the black dress allowed him to kiss her feet while conversing with his Goddess.

What ensued was an evening much, much worse than anticipated but somehow much, much better. It was decided that if they had to wear panties then so did he...so...in front of this gorgeous young Lady he had just met, he had to pose in his pink sissy panties under constant ridicule, reminded that his were staying on tonight, unlike theirs.

This was very different in a physical way too, as while he avoided looking at the males, he had to tear his eyes off her. And even the waiter service (or maybe maid is more accurate) was more difficult as he was making cocktails to their exacting tastes opposed to just grabbing a beer!

Finally, after a game of musical statues at his expense which seemed to last for hours, his Goddess gave the sudden curt instruction, "Fuck off, boy".

Crawling from the room and closing the door to the sound of female laughter, moans and kissing, he sighs but smiles...this is his place and wouldn't want it any other way.

Invisible by Meldoran


Life is often made of crossroads, of decisions that must be taken trying to rely on logic, intelligence or maybe even just common sense. There are times, however, when common sense does not help; times when you realize that the choice is almost forced, whether you like it or not. At that point you can only suffer, just trying, for pure survival spirit, not to be overwhelmed by events.

Forgive me for this perhaps inopportune beginning, but I personally feel it is necessary.

I awake from my slumber, open my eyes, and slowly look around. It is almost unreal what is happening here. I am in a cage, not so small that it forces me into extremely uncomfortable positions, but still a cage that severely restricts my movements. This is the place where I am ordered me to stay by Mistress. The cell door is ajar, but Her command is stronger than any lock: "Do not move unless you are told otherwise," were Her last words before she left me. I know She has something in mind that I am unlikely to like; I have learned to know that Her imagination is unmatched when it comes to obtaining pleasure, even and especially through my suffering. But I also know that any attempt to rebel cannot succeed. Maybe I was able to fight back more in the beginning, but over time I've given up. I just can't fight back, assuming I want to. And I don't want to.

I am naked in the little prison, but not completely. The manhood is not caged, as Mistress usually requires. Instead, there is a sort of ring fastened around my shaft and scrotum, a toy I've never tried before and which Mistress wants to inaugurate today, of all days. Not knowing how it works unsettles me, but then I don't have much to do. I have my collar, of course, and my beads, that are completely stuck in my butt, complete my meager equipment.

It's dim around me. I quickly notice that the cage I'm in has been moved from its usual position and carried away from Mistress' bed, a bed I can barely see.

Mistress is lying sideways, as far as I can see, on the side of the bed nearest me. I can't make out her contours clearly, but I can hear her unmistakable moans. I can tell she's having fun with someone, but who? It's probably Cam, but whoever it is is hiding behind Mistress. I also hear an unfamiliar moan, which makes me realize that there are three people on that bed.

I have no idea who the third person might be, and maybe I don't care. Maybe I know him, maybe I don't know him. Maybe he's a friend of mine. I know that the refined perfidy of Mistress could relegate me to someone I might share my time with. I shudder at the thought. All I know right now is that the atmosphere is permeated with sex, with desire, and that the lack of clear vision is heightening the other senses and increasing my sense of frustration. It is obvious that my presence is not accidental: Mistress wants me to be there, but why? To emphasize my role and make it even more obvious? To feed Herself with my natural but suppressed desire for Her pleasure? I don't know how to answer.

I touch my hard member, I know I am not forbidden. Mistress moans again and again, speaking words, sometimes broken, that give me a picture of what is happening, "Move over and don't you dare cum. Instead, take his cock in your mouth and make it nice and hard. You know it's even nicer than yours?" Cam's grumble is a clear response, somewhere between offended and eager to please Her. I see him move and nuzzle himself between the third person's legs as he guides his head onto his cock. Mistress seems to be watching, amused and aroused...but only a few seconds pass and a sudden pain hits me on my member. I let out a moan which Mistress notices and turns to me for the first time, "My little slut, what was that?"

The darkness is not such that I cannot see an almost satanic grin on Her face. I don't have time to recover from the pain, and a new one hits me, even more intense, there, between my legs, coming from the ring I wear. I begin to understand. Mistress is using something that gives me electric shocks to my member, obviously dosed according to Her whim.

I'm still moaning, the pain tending to soften my manhood; fortunately enough, Cam's moans are louder, and so the sound of his eager lips around the stranger's hard cock draws the Mistress's attention away from me and calls her back to Cam, "Good, ... that's it ...." Saying that, she reaches behind him and starts stroking his hard member, causing Cam to moan even more audibly. I catch a glimpse of Mistress' hand move with methodical rhythm, causing agony in Cam, making him even more dependent and pulling him into a subspace of his own.

The atmosphere is charged with eroticism, it is charged with sex. But it is also full of domination, control and dependence. It's clear that Mistress is pulling the strings on all of us. In relation to me, it's quite obvious: I'm in a cage at her behest, forced to witness sex that isn't mine, and made to suffer for Mistress's distant pleasure. But Cam and the stranger are also obvious tools in her hands. I watch Cam nearly drown himself, banging his head against the stranger's pubic bone, while Mistress expertly stimulates and arouses him, keeping him docile with her deft movements.

There, now, Mistress turns...she looks at me as she continues to masturbate Cam...she smiles at me...I think she smiles at me...and a wave of immense pain seizes me...it forces me to bend and gasp as if a hand, Her hand, is gripping and squeezing my balls, with determination, with malice, leaving me no escape.

I look up painfully, and she signals me with her index finger to come closer. I move with extreme difficulty, the cage is small, I open the small door and slip out, on all fours towards Mistress. I don't have time to take a few steps as a new incredible pain grabs me, making me gasp again. I collapse to the floor and hear Mistress chuckle in amusement. "Well, well, well, is that so difficult? ..."

I get back on all fours and trot laboriously toward her. As I draw nearer, even in the spasms of recent pain, I manage to catch a glimpse of the stranger, and my heart beats to my throat; the semi-darkness does not help, but it seems to me that he looks familiar, that he is Giulio???!!! No, no, I cannot believe that Mistress's sadism would go so far. Him?

She signals me to settle down, sitting, leaning, resting my head on the bed, exactly in line with Her hand, which continues to masturbate Cam. I understand immediately what she wants me to do. Still shocked with the acquired stranger's identity, I open my mouth, just in time for Her hand to accompany Cam's cock to my lips, sliding it in little by little. My mouth is full, so full that I get a gag reflex that I struggle to suppress.

Mistress smiles and enjoys the scene: a kind of human chain, a chain of servants pleasing each other just to please Her. The slave's mantra comes to mind... "Her pleasure is my pleasure," as the piece of meat reaches down my throat and begins to thrust between my lips. Mistress seems aware of my difficulty, because she reaches down, grabs Cam's balls (who moans in pain) and pushes Cam's cock even deeper, nearly choking me. Satisfied with that, then she stands up on the bed, almost riding the human chain and positioning herself with her sex right in the Giulio's face.

"Now you lick me, because I want an orgasm right now...In fact...I want you all to come, but after me....like a real chain....I will....then you...then Cam....you won't, Mel, since, as you know, you're the low man on the totem pole, poor you..."

I hear Her words almost in the distance, like a dream, or rather a nightmare, of which I am the involuntary protagonist. I hear the lustful gasp of Mistress as she holds Giulio's head in Her hands and presses it against herself....beginning to murmur words of pure lust... Knowing who it is that's giving Mistress pleasure right now ... hic et nunc... kills me even more than this piece of meat entering my mouth hard and throbbing. It literally drives me insane to know that he, only he, will bring Mistress to her climax. I moan and feel myself dying.

The atmosphere is growing hotter. Mistress' excitement is like a catalyst for the other two. I can only suffer and prepare myself for the orgasm of the one who thrusts into my mouth for Mistress' sadistic pleasure.

The road to apotheosis is short, heralded by a hoarse cry from Mistress as she squirts, fierce as ever, and I imagine with deep envy what Giulio must be feeling now, whose face Mistress has surely baptized with a crop of sweet precious fluids. Only a few seconds pass, and then Giulio himself cums too ... judging by the grunts he lets escape. A few more seconds, seconds of uncontrolled movement, and Cam cums too, copiously, filling my mouth with cum I can no longer hold back. Some of it spills out just as he collapses on the bed, dripping from the sides of my mouth.

There is nothing to say: everything was perfectly synchronized, almost as if it had been organized down to the smallest detail. Everything seems to be over. But, of course, it's not like that. Yes, it's true, the atmosphere gradually fades into a relaxed silence, a complacent satiety of the senses. But not for me, I know that, and Mistress knows it. She studiously ignores me as she talks to the two on the bed, "Divine, just divine. I knew I could count on both of you. On you, Cam, who are such a slut. And you too (turning to the one who was a real friend to me), well, I can't help but say you have a future ahead of you, a future as a pleasure provider for me. I'm sure someone here will be more than happy with that. " She laughs.

I just don't exist, except for that last lunge that makes me bleed. Today my function is merely accessory. After all, it is to confirm what I am, an instrument of pleasure in the hands of Mistress. And today my role is to be invisible, to not exist except as a vessel for pain and cum.

As she slowly rises from the bed, she looks at me with a smile and says, "Poor baby, today is a bit like Lent for you. A penitential abstinence. And your cock doesn't seem very happy about it. Let's take care of it for a bit ..."

I throw myself down and kiss her feet passionately as a tear wets my face, a tear of frustration but also of total submission to her. She lifts one foot and places it slowly on my head, pressing down and whispering, "Tomorrow, if I choose, you may exist again. But today you do not, you are invisible, you are nothing. Yes, kiss your mistress's foot, annihilate yourself in this act of absolute submission. And enjoy it."

And as She pronounces the last word, She works for the last time on the remote in Her hand, snickering evilly and pleased, giving me an immense ache in my testicles just as my tongue slides between her toes.

Just invisible...

The Spa by Cam

The lucky ones amongst us males are the spa boys. We live in relative luxury but that doesn't mean we don't still have to earn our keep.

The Ladies come to the spas, to pick and choose - for pleasure or for mating. The spas charge by time and by service. We all have our favourite Ladies, and sometimes throw in little extras, which don't get logged in the ledger.

My own favourite is visiting today. Sometimes she picks me, sometimes not. I stand patiently in the line as she slowly walks down, inspecting each boy in turn. Some of them she touches, grasping their chin and tilting their heads, or running her hand over their chests. Once or twice, she cups the boy's balls, or strokes his cock. Just to see if she can get a reaction from him.

While we're in the selection room though, there must be no reaction. We must stay like statues. One of the less experienced boys whimpers almost inaudibly as she grabs his cock. One of the trainer's steps forwards, clips a leash to his collar and leads him off, without a word spoken. We all know he's going for some re-education.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see she's approaching me. I think I'm in love with her, but it's forbidden to speak of such things. I want her so badly. Not just for service but forever. To serve her only and be with her all the time. But males are too precious a commodity these days to not share.

I stare straight ahead as she approaches me, fixing my gaze on a spot on the wall opposite. She touches me. My skin erupts in goosebumps. Fortunately, reflex actions are tolerated. My pulse quickens and her hand rides down my body, wrapping itself round my cock and weighing my balls. I feel myself stiffen.

"When did he last service someone?" She asks, turning to the spa manageress.

The manager flips through her smartphone. "Last week. Well, almost two weeks ago" she says, without looking up. "Unusual, for him. But business has been slow. Everyone is on holiday this time of year."

"Perfect," the Last says. I wish I knew her name but I know her only by her looks, her bright eyes and her perfect smile. The curves of her body...and of course the fit of her cunt. "You know the services I've requested today?"

"Yes, of course. We'll bill your account accordingly," replies the manager. The Lady clips a leash to my collar and leads me from the selection room and towards the pool.

We spend quite some time at the pool. She sunbathes a while, and I run lotion all over her milky white skin to protect her from the sun's harsh rays. I make a point of turning it into a massage. She lets me get close...soooo very close to her sex but I know the time is not yet right, and veer my hands away at th last moment.

I fetch her drinks when she wants them, swim with her a while. She takes advantage of this to stroke my cock hard while I'm in the water. She presses herself up against me, letting me feel the heat of her pussy in the cool waters.

Eventually, she heads for the shaded patio and takes some lunch.  I kneel by her table patiently. Occasionally she offers me a bite of food but those are strictly treats. I'll get fed by the Spa later. It makes me feel like her pet, and I love it. I rest my body against her smooth calves while she eats.

After dinner she leads me to one of the chambers. She lies on the bed, puts me on the floor next to her and strokes my hair. "I'm going to take a little nap," she says, "but you know what I'll want when I wake up."

I nod, not daring to speak. I watch and listen as she settles down to doze. I think I fall asleep for a short while myself but I'm woken by the sound of her stirring.  I know what sh likes. I've served her often. I clamber up onto h bed, carefully so as not to disturb her and insinuate myself between her legs.

I kiss and caress them, working my way up to her labia, tenderly approaching her in the way I know she likes. She's rented me so many times. Although I don't know her name, I know her in the best way possible.

I kiss her pussy just as she wakes. I feel her fingers run through my hair. She twirls it, gripping it softly but firmly as she parts her legs and allows me to lap softly at her cunt. Her smell, her taste... everything about her I enjoy more than any of the other Ladies I serve. I want her to call me 'mine', to possess my body in the way she already possesses my heart.

As I attend to her clit with my tongue, she cums, pulling my head tight down onto her, denying me air until she is satiated. Often, as she slumbers in post-orgasmic bliss, sailing on that ocean of relaxation, she'll have me make love to her, to fit myself inside her and keep myself ready, moving slowly, until she's ready for her second.

Sometimes she pushes me away, tells me I'm done. Once or twice she's even dismissed me completely, back to the shower room and then to the waiting room until I'm selected again.

But not today. She seems urgent, not relaxed. She grabs me and pulls me up to her. My cock pressing at her wet pussy. She grabs my head, one hand over each cheek, squeezing.

"I want you" she says, almost grunting the words.

I'm taken aback. Ladies aren't supposed to…

"I want to call you Mine," she says, wrapping her legs around me.

I finally break my astounded silence. "But it's forbi…"

"Sssh." She presses a finger to my lips. "Only we will ever know. Her other hand reaches down, touches me and guides me inside her.

"You're going to become part of me today. Inseminate me."

I don't know what to do. Normally it's a regular thing for a spa boy to provide sperm for reproductive purposes, but it is always purely business, functional. This level of emotions attachment is completely forbidden.

"Do it," she says, gripping me tightly with her inner muscles, and with her legs. Give me my seed. Give me a baby."

I can't help myself. My need and lust for this woman, whom I know intimately but also hardly know at all overpower me. My cock twitches, despite myself, I cum in her, pumping her cunt full of seed.

I start to weep. If I'm found out it'll be bad for me. If she's found out, it'll be worse for us both.

As I relax and we uncouple, she tells me to lay sideways. She wants to prop her hips up on my back, to give her a better chance of conceiving. I lie there, worried for myself but more worried for her.

After about an hour, our time is up. Reluctantly, she gets up and I dress her. She clips a leash to my collar again and leads me back to the exit.

The manager is there, waiting for us. My Lady hands the leash over to her and waves her card over the payment terminal.

"Did you enjoy your treatment today?" Asks the manager

"Yes. Very much," says my Lady, looking at me. "Except for one thing."

"Oh?" replies the manager. "What was that?"

"The bastard came inside me without permission" she says, and turns sharply on her heel without looking back before he manager can reply.

I feel sick, knowing what punishment is coming my way, but also knowing she did it to protect me.


Untitled by Anonymous

 thirsty, wanting, delectable decisions await,

the fall of the ice cold trickle over this untold fate.

promise to fulfill the craving, this beautiful rapture, soon gushing free,

into the scent filled calm waters, i long to drown in to me. 

cautious, painful, burning desire,

the yearning flames, are raising higher.

heat rises into the darkness, yet as it calls,

the soft screams, are heard, the sound within the walls. 

potent to the mind, as in anticipation taught,

in just for a moment, i pause, where nothing i thought.

the sensuous, upon the tongue of that sumptuous taste,

into the throat the warmth, of ones sweet zesty flavour some haste.

the frivolous moment where i shall be,

calmly, drifting into the night, just sipping my tea.

                             -Tea Time

Untitled by Anonymous

 Sometimes the moon's orbit wobbles around the earth.   Those wobbles produce higher and lower tides, and dramatic events on  earth.   The gravitational attraction isn't a straight path, no matter the strength of gravity's pull.  And sometimes for me my path is not clear, my commitment is wobbly, and I forget the path I am on -- the path with Mistress.   But her pull, her path, her power is always there...undeniable, unshaking and a law of nature.   

It is best to let the law of nature take over and to follow her path, listen, and follow.  Einstein conceived of a planet's path through time space similar to a bowling ball moving over a mattress -- the object moves through a smooth path carved for it.  The easiest way is to follow the path created in a straight line.  Deviance from the path and wobbles cause friction, bumps and instability.

I often forget these truths as I get swallowed up in personal thought, drama and life.  And yet she doesn't.  For that I am grateful, and it is her nature.  She can't change her pull, and my attraction to it, no matter how I might try.  It is the nature of the bond, of D/s of us.

Thank you Miss for being there.   For not letting go, for not letting me spin off into a self-centered, untethered world of uncertainty and loneliness.   For being you and crafting Us.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Anonymous Confession

Femdom life and a committed female led relationship are not always whips, chains, leather and lace.  Rather it is a life of service, devotion and rules, structure and guidelines.  I take pleasure in pleasing Miss, seeing her smile, making her life easier and better.  She delights in the peaceful life guiding us.   I have given to her, she takes, and it is a natural power exchange.  But one that is not selfish or life  committed solely to Her whims and solitude path.  She enjoys pleasing me inasmuch as it demonstrates her power and ability to cause that pleasure and her regulation of our energy and dynamic that empowers her.

Last Saturday started as a desultory affair.  I had been working all week and was rather stressed.  I had performed my daily service including cooking, cleaning and organizing our flat.   I folded her clothes, but my usual delight in feeling her panties, her clothes was missing.  My mind was occupied, even as she prompted me to snap out of it, focus and find meaning in devotion to her and us.  As much as I tried, I couldn't break the cycle.   Saturday is also my "hygiene" day.  Mistress unlocks my chastity device at the beginning of the day, places it in the cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting as I shower/ It is then replaced when she desires. After a workout, shower, and after I shave all of my pubic hair, after I am then inspected for hairless smoothness as she desires, it is replaced.  Usually, but not always.

This Saturday was different.  After showering and a shave, as I awaited inspection, I found instruction: kneel at the foot of the bed and await Her.  I was afraid...I knew this week was difficult and displeasing.  Not full of the seamless power structure and ebb and flow of life, but rather distraction and dissonance.  Punishment to refocus surely awaits.
After what seemed like ages but was probably no more than 10 minutes Mistress came in the room.  And an appearance she did make.  Clad in birght shiny skintight latex from head to toe.  Black, shined up and oiled, hugging every curve, showing every inch of her divine body, pulsing as she moved.  Perched atop tall (but not outrageous) heels, she strode in.   Her hair was tied up and back to frame her lovely face which betrayed a glint in her eye and the power she felt.

My body and cock instantly responded of course.   My freed cock, instantly sprang to attention, responding to her, involuntarily almost.  I couldn't have stopped the raging erection if I had tried, which I didn't try to.  I reacted to her, as she desired, and I was helpless.  In rapture, yes -- but powerless in her presence.  In addition to my cock, my nipples tensed, my body tightened, air sucked out of my lungs, and my eyes focused on her.

And mentally, too, my perspective shifted.  Not to the struggles of the world, not to my looming punishment but to her, to the  Latex, to the shine.  She knows I adore latex, the look, the touch the smell, the squeak.  Oh the lady doth torment me even as she appears as a vision before me!    I have been conditioned I suppose, to respond to her.  I shifted from awaiting inspection of my shaven body to focus on her.   On Her power, her smell, her very presence.  These are the moments that seize and course through me, make my life full of color, feeling, emotion.   Gratitude for such a presence in my life.  Passion that is not only inspired but provoked, yanked out and awakened. from daily life.
After I recovered a semblance of my wits, she strode over, and put her finger under my chin to life up my eyes to meet hers.  I would have fallen over if she desired, I suspect.  Rather she said, "Time to focus, slave boy.  Remember me.  Who I am for you."  I mumbled "yes Mistress,"  knowing she saw my body's display of her power, my reaction and powerlessness.  "Now you will be mine and follow, not think, follow."  She then handed me a bottle of oil, and said simply.   "Worship your goddess."

I took the oil knowing it meant I was to shine. To feel the latex, smell it.  To feel her body, feel her body through it, under it, as I served. I stood, and as I did my hard cock brushed against her leg...and I felt the twitch in it, the reaction.  Desire, inspired and created, a gift from Miss.  Not punishment, but freedom.

As I lotioned rather mindlessly, in circles, and poorly I suppose, i felt her hand grab my hard erection. Lightly, almost lovingly, as she whispered to me "And how is my cock?  He seems to enjoy this?  Has he missed me?" I croaked "Yes, Miss."  even as she knew the answer, as if there was any other possible reply.  

"My cock will orgasm when I say, and will deposit your devotion on my boot, do you understand?"  
"Yes Miss, of course."  As her rhythm sped up and my mind went blanker and blanker, feeling her power, her will, her control over my body, but also my mind.  My sexuality, my emotions, my lust.  I felt the powerful urges, the physical clenching and tightening as the hormones surged through me.  Pre orgasm desire, holding out but also letting her dictate my reaction, as if i could make such a choice, now.
As her cock got harder and harder, She simply said "Now!"

Her cock and my body responded as trained and a spurt of white semen came out and covered her glistening boot.  My eyes clenched shut as my body orgasmed.  I went blank for a few moments, feeling the ecstasy and emotion.

And I knew what came next.  Miss simply pointed to her boot.  Wordless.   I knew what she wanted, even as I despised the act -- clean her boot, eat my orgasm and feel the power she had, over me, over my orgasm inside me.  I knew she liked watching that struggle, surrender and visual representation of power incarnate.I lowered myself and put my tongue out to lick up my orgasm.  The gooey, salty taste that even now, years into our relationship and countless orgasms later, that made me gag and recoil. But I did it, as I always do, because I know it pleases her.

After I completed my task, I looked up to see her smile.  "Good boy" she said, and with that turned around and left the room.   I stared at the Latex covered ass and just smiled.   My Mistress.  My Life. Her World.

Anonymous Confession 2

Well I did it.  I bought a beautiful Brazilian Horn stiletto switchblade.  9" of ultra sharp stiletto blade that springs out with a stroke.  Polished, glowing and ready.

Those of you who know me now know who your perverted psycho writer is.  Those of you who don't probably best hope you don't find out.  

You know how I ended up as a "sensual domme"?  I was pleasing the men.  The men who ache for a tame seductress who wants to tie them down and make them cum like a fountain.  Oh yep they will bend the knee for that fantasy.  And as a woman shocked by her own desires I counted myself fortunate to have men around me who wanted to let me control them.  And I took what was offered and gave what I thought I had to give.  I was fucking grateful.  Yes I want to tie you to the four corners of the bed....now I would like to spank you - lightly......and now I want to......oh you need to cum?....oh ok, can't neglect the almighty cock.  Would you like a little oral first?  

Oh lord it is embarrassing how very much I bottomed from the top.  And for how long.  Because the message that you must cater to men's desires goes that deep, at least for me.  And it took a long time to recognize that being gentile and careful and catering to what he wants by instinct, is not dominance.  It's not female led.  And it is not at all satisfying.  Not for me.  

I am ready to let your desires go.  I want to be the owner and mistress of the man who is truly mine.  The one who will be available for my desires, which tend to the violent; without question.  The one who is my whore.  The one that I adore.  

I like to whip, and wound and cut.  I like to slap - oh I like it a lot.  I like to punch.  I like to choke and restrain by the neck.  I like to use my hands.

I want to splay you and bind you, then run the point of this stiletto over you, down your torso, down your thighs, the point poised on your taint. pushing just enough to cause I fuss.  I want you hard throughout, including as i incise my name on your cock.  i want to pattern your thighs with bloody designs.  I want to watch the blood dry on you and crack.  I want you to hold my blade between your teeth carefully, as I fuck you to my cum and yours.  Yours NOT FOR YOU.  Yours because it fascinates me to see your cum dribble over your dried blood as you turn into a pretty pink painting for me.  Then I want to wash you, dry you; salve and seal your wounds; ensure you heal perfectly.  The love that I have for your body is unmatched.

A little irony to end with.  I asked my submissive a long time ago why his previous relationship had ended.  "Oh, she pulled a knife on me" was his response.  If all goes to plan, he is about to find out the meaning of "tip of the iceberg".  Wish me luck.

Henrik's Confession

Femdom Confessions 18/4-21

HUMILIATION! It is a curious and strange thing for me with humiliation. I really love it, get turned on by it, and at the same time i feel so extremely embarrassed and yes humiliated. Often this is in my brain because the act of humiliation is not always a scenario where anyone else but me and, of course, the Domme who has made me do the said thing knows it is even happening unless it is an act of public humiliation or verbal humiliation in front of O/others.

The act of being humiliated has been on my radar and sexuality since i was very young. Actually, i would say the very first sexual scene i can remember was 5 girls from my street where i would spend time after school as one of them was my neighbor and her mom worked at daycare so i would often go there to hang out until my parents got home. It must have been when i was about 10-11 i think, but I'm unsure since it is so many years ago, however, they wanted to see my penis. And i was reluctant and did not want to so they overpowered me and tied me. After this they were giggling, laughing, and smiling at me as they pulled down my pants and underwear making my penis exposed to them. This was so humiliating to me and of course i was beet red in my face but the thing that was strange to me and i did not understand at the time was that my penis was rock hard. The act turned me so on to be both tied up, dominated, and humiliated by this group of girls.

Now when i look back, this has played a big part in my sexuality and formed me into being a slave and wanting to submit to Dominant Women in my life. This humiliation was, of course, very much physical and very public to all involved however for me with humiliation that is not always the case. 

Lately i have been lucky enough to find a wonderful and amazing Domme Who very much loves to play with humiliation and enjoys playing with my embarrassment and She has taken me places in my humiliation were i had never dreamt of going and never imagined to be feeling so degraded but also enjoying it myself. These acts of humiliation are much more between just Her and me and not involving others directly but still the mind fuck in my brain and where the humiliation works for me is the “what if everyone around me knew” and that makes me feel so humiliated when i view myself kind of from the outside in and through the eyes of those around me feeling and thinking i know how they would think of me if they knew and in my mind probably laugh at me.

One of the things the Domme has made me do is to wear beautiful and sexy panties to work under my normal clothes. Of course, no one could see it but the feeling i had of the lace panties constantly touching my penis and knowing in my mind this was happening and with the whole office full of my Female and male colleagues around me. The funniest, and also for me the most humiliating, thing happened on Thursday as i was talking to one of my female colleagues. She was wearing a green blouse and i was wearing a green polo shirt. She and i often joke around with stuff also about having color coordinated our clothes for the day. And i said to her “we did it again today color coordinated our shirts” and she was laughing and then she said well at least only out shirts and not our underwear. This made me blush instantly because i was sitting there in pink panties and my thought was maybe…? So the humiliation of that act suddenly in my mind became even more real and intense because of her joking comment where she had no idea how close she was to hitting home. 

Mon Capitaine IV by Meldoran


She had sent me to sleep in a kind of dark, windowless cubicle. There was no bed, no cot, just a couple of blankets on the floor, and a wrinkled pillow. I fell asleep with difficulty thinking back to Her last words..." Welcome to your nightmare of depraved submission, slut." They rumbled in my head as I kept asking myself, "why depraved submission? Why slut?"

I remembered Her, back in college, when I certainly hadn't treated Her well; but after all, it had been a teen story, to which I hadn't given any particular importance. I wondered confused whether all this justified such revenge. But more importantly, what was going on inside me? What was this about me not rebelling, not telling Her to go to hell, but instead submitting to Her whims, even the most bizarre? And why, inside me, did I seem to get pleasure from the way She treated me? What was happening to me?

I got to sleep with difficulty, and the night was quite restless. The cage that She had secured to my cock had caused considerable discomfort, if not pain. Luckily She had made me remove the gigantic plug that She had previously stuck in my ass. However, when in the early morning I heard noises beyond the door of my little room, I felt quite sore and upset. It was Saturday, with the perspective of two more days similar to the previous one.

I got up and opened the door, just in time to see Lady Mary walking towards the kitchen, smiling at me, "Good morning, my dear. Come on, breakfast is ready". I must have been crazy, because the mere sight of Her made me kneel, and follow Her on all fours, which obviously pleased Her, but she didn't comment on it. "To start the day off right, a good breakfast is just what you need, don't you think?"

Who knows, maybe I was expecting something unspeakable, but instead I was offered a 'normal' latte with some stale bread, all in the same dog bowl I had used the night before. But, in retrospect, it was probably the only normal thing about that whole day. I took to eating the soggy bread as She spoke to me, "After breakfast, after you've cleaned everything up, you'll join me in the living room, where we'll spend some time together. And where we'll have fun." As she spoke, She looked at me smiling; She was in her homely outfit, but still simple and refined at the same time, really charming.

"Come on, mon capitaine, show how much you love your Mistress." She moved one foot closer to my mouth, took off Her slipper, and without giving me time, forced me to open it and slipped all five toes between my lips, pushing energetically until I almost choked and hurt. "Oh, but then you really love me...look how you suck my toes...but I assure you that before the weekend is over you'll be sucking more than that...". The not-so-veiled threat made me wince, even more than the foot She was mercilessly pushing down my throat.

The torment lasted a few minutes, and I strained not to vomit, so deep she pushed her foot. As soon as she was satisfied with the blatant humiliation, She removed Her foot, emphasizing my labored breathing with a sneer, and stood up, ordering me to clean everything up and join Her in the living room as soon as I was done.

I cleaned and tidied up with extreme care, but very quickly, because I wanted to hurry and run to Her feet, even though I didn't know what She had in mind. I then rushed into the living room, where She was waiting for me sitting in an armchair. I can't help but say that She was divinely beautiful, which made me strangely fearful: the aggressive and authoritative male I thought I was was gone, making way for a weak and submissive little man, at least that's how it seemed.

She motioned for me to kneel in front of Her on the floor, which I did instantly. She looked at me smiling without speaking, and I felt myself emptying. Still, without speaking, She approached me slowly, grabbed me by the hair, forcing me down and simultaneously bringing my face under Her. I did not oppose. At one point, still holding me by the hair, she whispered, "Let's seal our love pact, come on, open your mouth." So saying, She collected a copious amount of saliva and let it drip between my lips, sadistically letting some of it soil my face and beard, and spitting hard at the end. "You're a servant girl, my servant girl, you know that?" and so saying, still holding me underneath Her, She slowly grabbed my earlobes, pinching them with increasing force with Her nails, until the pain became very intense.

"What do you say, we're still on time for earring holes? You'd make a gorgeous slut with a nice pair of raunchy earrings." Her laughter shook me inside, but I couldn't fight back. I felt myself sinking. "Don't worry, I won't make them for you, at least not now. We need to do something else now." She then took the plug, that giant black thing that I had already gotten to know, stood up, went behind me and, without any compliment, pushed it into my ass, causing me indescribable pain. "Good, little slut, very good."

She then returned to sit in the chair in front of me, smiling at me, and relaxed comfortably, placing Her feet on my hands and ordering me to massage them. In the meantime, while I obeyed, She slid a hand down Her white T-shirt, slowly, until she reached Her panty covered sex, which She began to caress teasingly. Apparently, seeing me naked there, massaging Her feet, excited Her. "You know, I'd love to feel your filthy tongue here, between my lips. Do you think you deserve it?"

I answered without thinking, "Yes, of course I do!" "Wrong answer, my dear. I will allow you to honor me with your tongue, but not on my sex." With that said, She slid further into the chair, displaying Her bottom to me in a provocative and somewhat obscene manner, intimating, "Lick it.

I looked at Her, noting that She always managed to surprise me. Licking her ass? But what had I become, less than an abject being, good only to lick Her most horribly unpronounceable parts? Still, I didn't react. Still, I lowered myself and let my tongue explore the roundness until I found the hole...caressing and adoring it. "Good...so...do you understand the relationship between us? I pound your ass, you lick mine..."

Hearing Her say those words was upsetting to me, and even more upsetting to see, almost from the outside, what I was like. Licking Her ass while She was giving me excruciating pain, as my member burst with grief in the metal cage. She was panting harder and harder, grabbing my hair violently and pushing my face against Her, almost howling "Cunt! Cunt!"

She came profusely on my face, drenching me with Her juices, while my pain showed no sign of abating. Begrudgingly She pushed me away, laughing in delight at seeing my state. "What is it, mon capitaine, something wrong? I wouldn't say so, given the exuberant state of your cock." She lowered Herself slightly forward until She took my cage in Her hands, and to my surprise She fumbled to remove the cage itself, so that my member shot up, hard and throbbing. "It seems to recognize its Mistress, and greet Her. We shall return the greeting."

She took something from the little table next to Her, I had no way of knowing what it was, and She lowered herself again, wrapping my member in Her hands, placing something between my skin and Her fingers sheathed in a glove She had quickly put on. I had only a moment of panic, and immediately a rush of immense pain spread from my member to my entire body. "You know, the healing virtues of nettle are well known...maybe we'll discover that it's also good against excessive arousal?" I understood what She meant, seeing the member completely wrapped in leaves of that herb. I looked at Her, almost crazy with pain and seeing how much She loved torturing me. Although she had had an orgasm only a short time before, She was obviously very aroused. Evidently, the greater my suffering, the greater Her pleasure.

She continued to move Her fingers with a deliberate slowness over my cock, masturbating me with the nettle. I was panting. I was moaning. She was smiling. She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. "Think of what you've lost, acting the way you did, you stupid bitch..."

The pain was unbearable, but so was the voluptuousness that that kiss was giving me. My cock was on fire, torn between endless agony and equally immense pleasure. I closed my eyes, but that kiss sadly ended, and with a sudden change, Her teeth grabbed my lips in a painful grip, but it only lasted a moment.

She flinched. "Follow me, on all fours, like a dog." I obeyed, following Her as fast as I could, and we moved into a larger room, in the center of which stood a sort of medieval pillory. I shuddered at the sight of it. "That's right, here the hands, and here the neck. Yes, like this." She shut me down and I found myself pinned, but totally exposed, unable to defend myself or stand up to any possible offense. But that clearly wasn't enough. "Now we're going to play a nice game, for which, however, you'll have not to be able to see, otherwise the pleasure would be lost. Yours, and mine. So, you'll have to put on this blindfold, which will serve you...well, it will be useful for something." She put on me a black thick blindfold, which completely occluded my vision, and further amplified my feelings of fragility. I felt her fumbling with something, but I couldn't figure out what. "What is my little slut waiting for? An award? A prize?"

It was then that I felt Her grasp my head firmly, and at the same time, a hard object pressed to my lips. "Open!" I opened, and she sank a fake cock into my mouth, without any hesitation, and without any mercy. "Suck, slut, suck, tell me how you like your Mistress' cock, tell me you wanted it and craved it..." and as She spoke She pushed that horrible contraption all the way down my throat, beginning a kind of satanic dance, a sabbath in which She was the priestess and I was the sacrificial victim. Even if I wanted to, I could no longer rebel. I could not move my head, nor could I try to refuse that hard monster that with merciless rhythmicity was breaking through my mouth and making me drip rivers of drool. Her arousal seemed to increase, at least I thought so because her voice became almost hoarse and dark. "You slut! I'll pay you eventually! A penny, I'll pay you! That's what you're worth, a penny!"

This perverse dance lasted for a while, I can't say how long because time no longer had any value for me at that moment. And my other senses were also dulled, just pain, sorrow, and humiliation. It was then that I did not feel that someone else had entered the room. She, still holding my head firmly in Her hands, stopped and pulled the member from my mouth. I gasped, coughing and moving my aching jaw. "Open, again, let's not lose the rhythm" I opened, and felt my mouth filled again...but this time it was no longer Her dildo, but a real cock...hard...strained to the point of spasm. I was horrified at the thought of what was happening, as I heard Lady Mary's laughter, which made me shudder "But look...mon capitaine...a male like you...a real man…blowing a cock with the mastery of an old whore...who would have thought it!"

She let go of my head, but by now I had no reason to try to escape. The cock of that mysterious visitor had taken the place of Her dildo and was moving in my mouth, rubbing on my palate and pushing down my throat. I no longer understood anything, I no longer existed, but I could still hear Lady Mary's voice booming inside me as She brought herself behind me and placed her hands on my bareback. "Hic et nunc, here and now. My vengeance admits no delay in its implementation. And you will remain my slave for life. For always. Mine."

She threw a coin on the ground, saying: "I paid you, whore. I am buying you, for eternity." She sank Her nails into my flesh and ran Her fingers through it, surely leaving deep marks on my back. And the pain and humiliation merged into that one word, "MINE!"

Remote Control Boy by Cam Inventor Jules


I'm walking into the lounge from the kitchen, holding a coffee for her and a tea for me.  She looks up from her book, stares straight at me and says two words, in quick succession.



Something inside my head goes bang - like a fuse, or a firework.  I'm frozen - literally unable to move.  I can see, I can breathe...my heart is still beating, fortunately.  But all my muscles are stuck solid, like I'm a statue.

She gets up from her chair and walks over to me.  She puts her hand on the back of my neck, feeling the small scar that's there.

"Remember, a few weeks back," she says, gently rubbing the scar. "You fell and hit your head.  You ended up in hospital and had to have that minor operation?"

I want to nod.  Of course I remember waking up feeling like I'd just stepped out of an industrial washing machine but I can't move - my eyes meet hers.  All I can do is scream with them.

"You didn't, of course.  That was a little lie."  She reaches down and cradles my balls, stroking my cock.  I can feel it - it feels as good as ever, but...I'm not responding like I should.  I remain...flaccid.

"Ready."  One word.

The rush of blood to my cock is so sudden I feel for a second or two as if I'm going to pass out.  Almost instantly, I have the biggest erection I think I've ever had, and I feel right on the edge, as if I am about to cum at any moment.  At the same time, I feel as if it is impossible for me to cum.

"I had you implanted.  Its new, experimental.   It's taken the last three weeks to graft completely to your nervous system.  But now, you're..."  she giggles, stroking the hard cock between my legs and feeling her clit convulse at the thought ... "my biological sex toy.  Voice activated."

I say nothing - of course I can't; I'm stuck in place.  She takes my tea and puts it down on the table.  She takes her coffee too, and starts to sip it before it gets too cold.

"What do you think of this?"

I feel a rubber-band ping in my throat - my vocal chords are working.  "I...What the...is this legal?"

"Shut up." My mouth snaps shut. "I don't care what you think anyway. Put some clothes on, we're going out."

I start to move again - I feel strange; moving yet not really in control as I walk to the bedroom and pull on a shirt and trousers.  I put on socks, shoes, and a thin jacket and head to the front door, where I seem able to control myself, yet I am oddly unable to move from the spot.

Mistress appears, pulling on her jacket, and opens the door.  "Follow."  I follow her outside and close the door behind me.  We walk down the road to the shopping arcade, where there's a coffee shop Mistress likes to frequent.  We're in the queue, when she turns, lifts herself up on her tiptoes and whispers in my ear


Oh god!  I get a strange warmness in my crotch; that feeling that men know when their prostate is active, and I feel a sticky warmth oozing out of my cock.  I look down in horror.  "I'm..." I gasp, covering myself up with my jacket and glaring at her, ashamed and furious.

She just grins, turns to the counter and places our order.  I continue to leak into my pants. I hurry behind her to a spare table where we sit down.  I hope nobody has seen me but I feel sure they have.

"You can stop now" she says, as she pours some milk into her coffee.

"What the actual..." I start to hiss at her, still not quite believing what she's done.

"Oh yes, lamb.  It's quite real.  The latest tech.  We’ll finish our coffee and then I’ll take you home and you’re going to fuck me for hours."

We finish our drinks, almost in silence.  What more control does this thing have over me? It seems total.  She has fun using the key word “ready” as we walk down the street, but soon enough we’re home.  As usual, I strip – not being allowed clothes indoors without permission – and wait nervously for her next move.

“Ready!”  I spring to attention again.  “Mmmm…nice – and all mine! Now head to the bedroom and lie on the bed.  Once you lie down, freeze.”

“Y….yes, Mistress,” I say, nervously.  I walk to the bedroom with my hard cock waggling in front of me, and stop as I get to the bedroom door.  What happens if I don’t get onto the bed?  I feel my foot move, without me telling it to.  I’m dragged towards the bed.  I try to hold myself back but as much as I strain against myself, my muscles move me, laying me down on the bed, stretched out, and I become immobile.

Mistress enters the room, naked.  I try to look and admire her body, but I can only glimpse out of the corner of my eyes; I can’t turn my head.  She climbs on top of me, mounts me and starts using me.

“Quiver.” My cock starts twitching.  The muscle contractions soon become agony, but there’s nothing I can do to object.  She rides me as I twitch in sync inside her.

“Lots more I can do, Mine.  I think I’m going to have you strip in front of my friends at a party, and freeze.  Then I can brand you and you won’t even flinch.  Or I can get you on your hands and knees in a bar and have all the men take your cunt.”  The ideas keep coming, increasingly breathlessly, as she rides me to her orgasm and cums hard, lying down on top of me to rest, my stiff cock, still “ready”, still inside her.

She kisses me hard. “Yes. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this, toy!”

Rorke's Sissy Alphabet


A is for Attention- Both to detail and your pose.

B is for Bustier- worn under those male clothes.

C is for Chastity- Lock that cock in a cage.

D is Denier- I hear 5 to 15 is all the rage.

E is for Estim- What a distracting teasy treat.

F is for False Nails- Long, sharp and neat.

G is for Gown- it's love at first sight.

H is for Hair Removal- Lest you give someone a fright!

I is for Inspection- Show them what you got.

J is for Jessica- That's you new name, is it not?

K is for Knickers- frilly and lacy to amuse.

L is Lube- for when you're anally abused.

M is for Mistress- The Goddess you serve.

N is for Naughty Corner- It's what you deserve.

O is for Oral- now that's both cock and cunt.

P is for Penis Gag- That fills your mouth to make you grunt.

Q is for Quickly- you'll snap to your tasks.

R is for Red- The colour of your Basques.

S is for Suspeder Belt- Clipped to those stocking tops.

T is for Tied- Rope around your wrists, ankles and cock.

U is for Understanding- She knows you're a sissy.

V  is for Voice- Make sure it's sweet, soft and pretty.

W is for Waist- A clincher and corset brings it in.

X is for XX- Might as well throw that Y chromosome in the bin!

Y is for Yearning- For her attention and to cum.

Z is for Zipper- Do it up and start the fun!

Stallion's Confession

My confession.   

I hope this is the correct way to do this.   

I feel like its almost impossible to find an outlet for my personal Kinks.  I like Femdom I love to be around Strong women. But I am not much in to being a simple sub. I have been in the past, in various forms. 

An obedient soft slave of sorts. that wore a collar and did as told. Trying hard to be a good boy.   

I have also been a Defiant disobedient slave and sub.  And disobeyed and did as much as i could to be punished. 

These can be fun, But sadly they do not really scratch the Itch that builds up.  

I am a Role player at heart. And love to play out scenes. Where I get to play the Cocky Arrogant defiant and lusty type.   A Barbarian.   The boastful guy at the gym. The pushy Head of the football team.  

The men that often I feel deserve to end up in trouble and being taught a lesson.  These types of roles, play in to my kinks very well.   I also enjoy just being the nice guy or maybe the Ill fated Slave that does not know what is coming. Lured in by a pretty face or a smoldering Temptress. Who turns out to be a Femme Fatal. 

No matter the theme. The desire is to find myself Bound maybe Gagged, I love being a Captive. Being Held and bound and locked up against my will.  and seeing a woman walk towards me with Lust and Mischief in her eyes.  A desire to see me struggle and fight. But ultimately be at her mercy. 

To be teased, taunted, and tormented. 

Watching her eyes slip over my body. Seeing the way being bound puts me on display for her.  Her hands explore pull at my hair, Pinch at my skin. Scratch her way down to pulling away the last bit of covering I have Letting my pride and lust fall free for her to see. 

In my fantasies I am well gifted. A large length of flesh that hangs for her to admire. She looks at it like its a meal. Like a cat looking at a cornered mouse.  She is going to have her fun at my expense.  And I cant stop her. 

Soft touches. As she takes it in her hand. coaxing it to wake for her. To rise to her bidding. She lets it go and steps a way. giving me more to look at. Slipping from the clothing she wore. Letting me see what I had desired.  At first I think maybe this will be fun. Maybe this is just going to be a bit of Kinky play.  But she quickly dispels that with a snapping kick. 

Her foot now bare flashes up to catch my low hanging fruits. A swift strike that makes me want to buckle and groan. Trying to protect myself. But bound as I am, I can't....   She laughs, Seeing me so powerless. She steps closer and this time her strike is a lot more intimate. Her body close Breasts pressed to my chest My semi hard length trapped between us as she drive her Knee up. Watching my face, my eyes as she does. 

It leaves me coughing and almost retching as she steppes away. Letting me have that small reprieve. She moves slowly hips swaying. She uses her body as a weapon. As the pain aches in my belly, She draws my eyes and my mind away from it.  she works to raise my lust as well. Her rear, her back, her legs, She touches herself. Leading my eyes where she wants them to go. She teases me with her body. Touching herself. Then looking at me, Her eyes falling down to my manhood,  at the part she is focused on. 

She stops her tease as she steps close again. This time she is gentle. once again caressing and coaxing my pride to rise. Taking it in hand she starts to slowly stroke it. She uses the wetness from her own lust to stroke over the tip. working the soft skin down to reveal the swollen plump head. She toys with it. Bringing the hard flesh back to life. After the shock of the previous pain. 

Any protests I try to make die in the gag. As she takes her time and works the hard flesh to be as rampant as she wants it to be. She glances at my eyes. She knows this feels good. Even as the rest of my body aches she makes me feel this, pulling me from the pain in to the lust again. Making me feel both, to mix the two in my core.  

In time she pulls her hands away. leaving the turgid flesh to bounce freely.  Watching it jump and jerk as i tense my inner muscles. The sounds i make as if begging her to continue.  She has me on that edge. Now she backs away. A hand moving over her body again.  She speaks,  A soft laugh as she watches me so bound and powerless and still begging with my eyes.  She tells me she wants to play a game.  She wants to see how well I can resist her charms. If I can do as she wants me to, no matter how hard it gets. 

If I Win. Well she will give me what it was I Really wanted. 

If I loose though. Well then She will gets what she really wants.   

I am torn. My body is on edge and I cant really think straight. I give her a look and nod. 

She smirks.  Telling me I did not really have a choice. But likes to see how eager I am . 

She comes back oil in hand. She pours some in her hands and coats her inner thighs. As she steps up to me. Her hands move up over my chest as her legs wrap around my  screaming hard length. She crosses her ankles and using me to keep balance she starts to roll her hips her legs stroking back and forth forward and back over the trapped flesh. her hot and still wet sex pressed to the hard member. as she grinds on it her own face showing how good it feel. She Pushes and pulls rolled her thighs against each other as she moves and watches the way my skin flushes and my heart starts to race.   

She turns her rear now pressed to my belly. Her legs again wrapping around as she starts to push back in to me. Pumping and huffing. Her oiled hands reach for the head the end of my lusty member that she can see poking from her thighs. She starts to roll and twist her hands around the tender sensitive head. Making my body shudder and jump. She tells me. sternly. I am not allowed to make a mess. I have to hold back to keep enduring. 

Its a loosing battle. She has already gotten me too close. And now .. Now I am gritting my teeth and bearing down on my inner muscles trying to hold off. But as her hands toy and polish the head. Its far to much. I let out a screaming moan. As the first gush of my lust jumps free. She watches as it spills. long Ropes of lust falling to the floor as she keeps her thighs working. 

Its just a few moments But it feel like an eternity. As she slowly stepped away. looking at the mess she shakes her head. She is disappointed she says, but her eyes give away the excitement she is feeling. She walks to a table and returns with a device. It opens to show a stretched elastic ring. Seizing my sensitive length she pushes the stretched ring to the base and then lets the device release it. It bites in tight. making the hard length look strangled as the veins stand out and then start to darken.  She smiles her wicked smile. And walks back to the table. This time she picked up a pair of shears. Her eyes are vicious and lust filled as she walks back. opening and closing the blades. in a snapping motion. As she looks at the strangled flesh. 

She looks in to my eyes and says since i failed that I obviously do not deserve to keep such a big toy. Since i cant control it.  She places the blades around the glistening member and leans in and drags her teeth over my chest. I am struggling fighting trying to get free. My head tossing my hair whipping around, Then i lock eyes with her.  I can see the lust and pleasure she is feeling. The burning heat of that look as she snaps the blades closed. 

 ......   As you can see My kinks are dark and wicked. Very hard to find someone that likes to play these out. And have fun with the wicked play.     I don't mind being a good boy. Being an obedient boy. but for me the real way to scratch my itch is to put me in the deep dark dungeon and make me beg for mercy that will not be shown . 


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Confession by Matti

 My name is Micael, I m 26 yers old and I was hitchhiking to Portugal with a friend of mine, when we got stranded somewhere between France and Spain. Standing on the ramp to the motorway, the few cars who took to the ramp were mostly occupied  by German families, filled with air mattresses, snorkels and sunburned kids. It was already past noon by now and we had been standing here since the crack of dawn. I noticed how my arms and face also got burnt by the sun, no shade just heat. We ran out of things to say hours ago. I was thinking, I m tooo old for this shit - I should just be sitting on an easyJet or train, as i was cursing my nostalgic friend who talked me into this idea. Why would anyone take us? Flies buzz, the sun shined. A honk. We both looked up and saw a car on the other side of the street. My mate jumped up and full of hope  - ran over to talk. He leaned down to the window. I made out the driver and at least one girl on the back seat. My friend came back, explaining that they were going to a town half way to our destination, but only had one spare seat. We argued back and forth and I told him to go with them and that we would meet in Lisbon. I already sketched out my plan to pack and walk to the train station. He looked at me making sure it really was okay and I reassured him, giving him a hug and waving him off: ‘I ll be fine! Don’t worry! I watched them drive up the ramp and walked back to my backpack... 

I'm woken. Woken by a jolt. I must have nodded out…I tilt my head, but see nothing. I' m in the boot of a car. I hear the engine roar. Past events come in flashes. I remember the road.

 A bottle green Range Rover. A young couple. The woman was driving. I recall happily entering their car. They were both Spanish, she introduced herself as Maria and her partner on the passenger seat as Julio. I remember looking at her bare legs from the back seat as she pushed down the gas pedal. I remember her red nails as her fingers wrapped around the gear stick, her long hazelnut coloured hair blown by the wind coming through her open window. I remember her eyes catching mine in the rear view mirror as I was oggling her. 

She said she would bring me to the next bigger town, there I could catch the intercity train. I remember feeling so lucky. Lucky that I was on my way and lucky to spend the next two hours sitting here on these luxurious leather seats flirting and chatting. I remember stretches of desert outside. Small empty villages and me thinking what on earth must one have done to end up living here? 

It's dark. I try to lift my arm to touch my head. I can’t. It s hot and I m sweating. My hands hurt a little as the rope Julio tied me with rubs against my wrists behind my back. I realise that I must sound crazy - but I wilfully agreed to this…or did I? I feel dizzy, my thoughts jump and race….Yes, I stepped into the boot of Maria s Range Rover deliberately. Well, she did push me in at the end and slammed it shut, me being frightened a little that I might have angered her somehow. 

How did it come to this?  Let me  try explain. 

As I lay uncomfortably in the car boot, weary of the next bump on what must be my grovel road, behold, I am thinking back.

Two hours into our drive Maria had slowed and stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. Julio disappeared, probably to take a piss behind some shrubs. I got out as well and watched Maria stretch her long beautiful arms over her head. She smiled at me. After complementing me on my adventurous spirit she asked me out of the blue if I ever had random sex with a stranger. 

I was perplexed, fixating on her beautiful red lips, trying to read her dark brown eyes. Before I could answer she came up close and ran her nails down over my sunburnt shoulder as I bit my lip, being very turned on. I winced and wondered about Julio when she shot again out of the blue asking with her low silky voice: “Are you a masochist? You seem to be reacting in a very unexpected manner to my touch.” She smiled at me. It was this devious smile of hers combined with her incredible voice which must have cast a...psycho-sexual spell on me.

 All I could do was nod and smile back sheepishly before I gathered myself trying to respond in style. Just when I was about to start, she cut me short and walked around her car, her black ankle boots grinding into the dusty earth as she opened the boot. I followed her with my eyes. She beckoned me over. I glanced inside the boot, there was a blanket, a dog bed…ropes. It looked very cleaned up and new. I looked back towards her trying to process what I saw, when she reached inside the boot and grabbed the rope with her right hand. Slowly, Maria walked up close to me and stepped on my right foot with her left. She wrapped her hand around my waist and pulled me close. She placed a kiss on my cheek and brought her lips very close to my ear.

The desert wind blew warmth across my chest. She whispered, her smooth voice teasing my ear drum: “ You can choose to be taken to my house, if you so wished. If…you felt adventurous.” She smiled at me, her big, soft lips so close. Or…she could just drop me off at the train station…"It really is not far anymore from here now, just a 15 minute drive." 

I swallowed hard, feeling her hand still resting on my hip as I became aware of my bulge squeezing desperately inside my pants. I looked up, catching a breeze in the late afternoon sun. Julio had reappeared without me noticing. Maria stretched out her arm to her side, holding out the rope without averting her eyes from mine. Without words, Julio came up to take it from her and walked behind me. 

Has Julio ever said a word, I wonder? Why was he so quiet? 

I kept looking at Maria, yearning to hear her voice again as I felt Julio take my arms and pull them behind my back slowly. I could have resisted. Maria smiled at me and came closer again, approving of my decision. I felt like putty. I wanted Marias approval and I loved her attention. As Julio expertly tied my hands behind my back, Maria slowly unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to brush my nipples. I let out a moan, embarrassed and capitulating inside me, feeling a deep turmoil within my chest, I felt immediate relief as I breathed out. Maria smiled at me triumphantly and squeezed my nipples harder, and harder as I groaned out loud and jumped back in surprise, when I realised that Julio has finished tying me and even though I twisted and turned,  I was unable to free my arms. Maria laughed at me, her voice a mix of excitement and pity, perhaps. 

I turned to her, as the pain ebbed away from my nipples. My heart jumped in my chest as she guided me towards the boot, her hand pushing me softly from behind. Her smell and touch so close. She asked me again, “So - I take it you want to come with us, little boy? “ I looked at her and nodded. Maria looked at me, almost insulted: “ Is that how you answer me? A silent nod?” 

Immediately I felt the urge to say “Yes”. “Yes Maria.” She looked at me silently - her dark eyes piercing deeply inside my soul. “ I ….I …want to come with you” I stammered, as I stood wiggling before her, my fingers fumbled behind my back. Maria broke into a faint smile and suddenly, without warning, slapped her palm across my cheek, throwing her head back excitedly as I stumbled sideways to find Julio steady me. I shivered a little. She looked at me imploringly. “ You gonna cry now ? Like a little baby?” She pouted her lips in mock pity as she stretched out her finger towards the tip of my nose. 

As I grappled with my pride, she took my arm and shoved me in the boot of her car. I looked up at her sparkling eyes as the lid closed over me, shrouding me in darkness. I heard their steps as they walked away to open the car doors. I felt my heart beat hard. My head spun, my cheek burnt and my sunburnt shoulders rubbed against the rough blanket.

Suddenly I heard steps again. Maria. She opened the boot briskly and leaned over me holding something in her hand. Did she seem annoyed with me? I tried to read her mood as I helplessly stared at her, feeling very exposed and vulnerable, with my hands tied behind me and my shirt half off my body, laying twisted on my side. Slowly Maria grabbed my hair, shoved a rubber penis gag in my mouth and tightened it behind my head. I mumbled and whimpered as my eyes tried to catch hers. She stood back and looked at me, seemingly satisfied with herself as I wiggled before her. “ Now you can ponder in silence for the remainder of our trip how you want to answer like a grown up - adding after a moments silence “Should I decide to ask you something again, little boy.“ She giggled as she closed the lid, slammed the lid shut, leaving me filled and alone and at her mercy, with the image of her foot pressing down on the gas pedal, burnt on my mind as she accelerated, delivering her willful bounty to her hidden realm.