Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Previously on The Walking Dead" by Lady Nej

"Previously on The Walking Dead" by Nej

Rick sighs deeply as he watches Carl teach Baby Judith how to throw rocks at stuff across the camp. There was a time when he would have put a stop to such things, but these days, knowing how to aim a rock may save her life. He turns over in the tent, just in time to catch Darryl putting his pants back on. He grins. "Does Michonne know you've got those?" They both kneel as Michonne enters the tent, Darryl getting slightly tangled in his pants. She tips him over. "It's not me he needs to worry about." Darryl spots Carol at the fire and rushes out of the tent, grabbing at pants and crossbow as he goes. Rick tries not to giggle. Michonne snorts "Men wearing pants indoors, what is this world coming to." She eyes Rick up and down. "You have exactly 5 minutes to clean up, cum and meet me by the fire dressed and ready to hunt. I suggest you get started." She gives a low chuckle as she exits the tent, leaving Rick scrambling to comply....

Darryl wordlessly helps Carol gut and spit the freshly caught squirrels. "I know it was just you and Rick for a long time. And I understand that you needed the cuddles," she looks at him sideways and notes the blush starting at the tips of his ears. "Rick is a good cuddler; I'll give you that." They wordlessly continue prepping breakfast for a few minutes. "What did you use for lube out here anyway?" Darryl grins and points to the can of squirrel drippings. She wrinkles her nose in disgust, then tchs in exasperation at the grin, "Dammit, Darryl, do I need to put you in a cage?" He shakes his head, "No ma'am." Carol cuts the testicles off a particularly big male squirrel and tosses it into the fire where it sizzles before it burns. Darryl pales. She says softly, "Good boy."

Somewhere in the forest, a man in a Hazmat suit cleans off his weapons and walks away from the pile of walker corpses lying around him. He thinks about the past, and one face keeps floating to the surface. All evening long, as he removes the helmet, makes a safe camp and prepares his meager supper the face remains in the forefront of his consciousness, like a beacon in the night.... Rick. Rick. As Morgan drifts off to sleep one thought burns in his breast.. Rick.... I will return to you .. and your sweet, sweet hiney......

A Love Like No Other by Anonymous

I never felt a love
like this before
it's a love  like no other
something i have always hoped for

A love with friendship
humor and heart
a bond so strong
it would never part

A love that makes you smile
from ear to ear
A love that is joyful
without any fear

A love that is beautiful from the inside out
A love with no tears,
pain, or doubt

A love that of submission
collared as your boy
A love that of slavery
I am your pet toy

A love with soul
so tender and true
A love that I only have found
only in you

this is my love for Mistress Nathalie

For Fucking Carl Shit Wit (Carl Colberts) by Anonymous

There's someone I know
Who I really can't stand
I wish he would bury his
Head in the sand or
Move to the moon or
Deeper out of space
Whenever I see him
I make a weird face
Today during recess
Outside the yard
He suddenly gave me
A valentine card
I wish that he hadn't
It made me upset
It was the prettiest one
I could possible get

For Lady Holly by Anonymous

Control, and barely touching, that is You
A few words are enough to capture me
To put me in place is not hard for You
Molding me in a shape You want me to be

But that is still a wish, I like to keep alive
Dreaming of freedom in captivity
I am not that far yet, I know I need to strive
Practicing in not clinging and flexibility

For me it is not about goals or destinations
It is walking along unexpected paths, experience sensations
Supporting each other on bumpy roads even too
I hope there will be more days I can follow You

For Lady Tanarra by Anonymous

You are the sunshine in my SL life; I know i cant be here as much as i would like but when i am here and see You i feel my life fulfilled. Five roses to You on ST Valentines day.

For Miss Evangeline Eames by Anonymous

During all these dark nights,
when cold and ice bites,
there's one place i go,
that makes me feel right,
a Domme that created,
a home for all subs,
At Miss Eva's place,
i give all my love!

For Miss Summer by Anonymous

When i met Miss Summer i thought,
What a stunner!
But she's already taken,
i thought what a bummer!
I can't wait till she's free!
To take advantage of me!
I'll be on my knees and
hopefully she'll pee on me

Happy Valentine's Day by Anonymous

So the most common phrase when it comes to Valentines Day is "Be Mine".  For a submissive, saying this phrase could very well lead to a whole lot of trouble, and even more painful punishments.

Instead, to the Lady who has captivated me entirely, I simply say, "I'm Yours".  With or without a collar around my neck, we both know that I am Yours, entirely.  All You need to do is ask, and it shall be done.  I wake each day with You on my mind, and with each thought, my heart pounds faster, each breath catching in my throat.

My place, when You allow it, is at Your feet, and there is nowhere else that I would rather be.  Though no formal ties bind us, I am bound tightly at Your feet Miss, and today, on Valentines Day, my request is not "Be Mine," but rather, please let me stay.

Happy Valentine's Day Miss Evangeline by Anonymous

Miss Evangeline,
I hope you a jolly pink Valentines day
I wish you a enlighten walks and wonderful thoughts
days of jolly sounds and a barking happy dog
Birds singing in songs in jolly spirits,
I wish you rays of glimmering light on snow-laden branches
I wish you a jewel like clear crystal water
Pure living,  a Diamond,  for your Valentine days,

Interesting by Doc

It had all started with a simple comment: “I find you interesting!”  The comment had come out of the blue.  It blindsided him.  He hadn't noticed her.  She was simply a face in the crowd.  The comment struck his brain like a lightning bolt.  No anger.  No sneer.  No dripping contempt.  Just a statement.

He responded, “Why?”  He could think of many reasons why someone might find him interesting, but most of those were buried either in his colorful past or in his mind, protected by a triple moat of Silence, Distraction, and Obstruction.
She chose not to respond.  She smiled a crooked smile and simply said, “Because!”  He wasn't the only one hiding a lot.  He returned her grin.
It wasn't much of a love affair.  They mostly talked, but he kept staring and she noticed that.  She seemed to enjoy his less-than-gentlemanly stares.  In turn, she would occasionally touch the back of his hand, or rest her hand on his knee.

“Why me?” he finally asked.  As usual, she smiled – and evaded his question.  “Why not you?” she replied.   “Besides,” she added mischievously, “how do you know you aren't just one of many?”  He didn't pursue that.  He knew he might well be one of many.  He was OK with that.  A starving man doesn't turn down bread crumbs.

Their ‘relationship’ gradually developed.  It filled out.  She probed him with questions.  (He found that flattering….).  He asked her about herself.  She would then grin, and – lately – put her hand on his upper thigh and then try to distract him by asking, “Do you like that?”  He would nod.  He knew better than to press her for answers when she didn't want to tell him anything.

Once she said, “Do you know why I never answer your questions about me?”  He shook his head.  “It’s because I don’t want to shamelessly lie to you and tell you things that are total fabrications.”  She then giggled.  “I like keeping you in the dark, you know.”  Again he nodded.
When they got to the early stages of love-making, so far just foreplay, she told him something that stuck with him.  “I like power.  Did you know that?  And when I know every single thing about you and you know nothing about me then you will have no power over me – and I will have total power over you.”  He knew she was right.  It was a bit intimidating.  Still, she now would let him see her nude – and she would let him touch her gently, everywhere.  “Higher!”  He would go higher.  “Down there but softly!” And he would do that as well as he could.  He didn't dare ask her for reciprocation.  Only once had he dared, asking “What about me?”  She had laughed aloud.  “You?  I think you are gradually learning that you come second and that I come first.  Right?”

He didn’t know whether to take that as a double entendre.  He decided it might be best to not suggest that.  When she tossed her hair and giggled at his silence, he was tempted to ask ‘What do you mean?’  He chose not to.

One day, she announced, “I’ve decided to keep you.  But I have one condition.”  He nodded yes without even asking what the condition might be.

“I want you to know you are not number one in my life, nor even two, nor even three.”  She giggled.  “Your job is only to be interesting, to amuse me, and to entertain me by telling me about your life and emptying your mind for my pleasure.”  He listened intently.  She continued.

“I already have a man who fucks me perfectly well, so I don’t need you for that.  And I have another man who provides for me so I don’t need you for that either.”  He gulped.  “My condition is that I use you as I please.”  She paused and accepted his silence as assent.  She continued.

“Now I will tell you one thing and one thing only about myself that you should finally know.  Are you ready?” He nodded, weakly, knowing she had him in the palm of her hand.

“I am a woman who uses men.”

He nodded, since he’d known that for quite a long time.

She then asked, “Do you have a problem with being used by me?”

He shook his head ‘no’.

“Good,” she said.  “I thought as much.  Now tell me a story!  And make it very, very erotic.”

He did his best.  They were alone.  As he told his tale, she opened her purse, removed a small vibrator and slipped it between her legs.  “Do you have a problem with me masturbating as you tell me stories?” she asked, intent on him

“No, Miss!”

“OK.  You are now officially my Court Jester.  I think I’ll call you “Scheherazade” from now on.  Oh, and from now on I intend to tell you all about my sexual adventures with my main two men.  Did I ever tell you I’m sadistic, too?”  He shook his head.
“You are finally going to find out about me, Scheherazade.  I think you will find that I also am quite ‘interesting’.  She laughed aloud.

He was still telling his story a few minutes later as she orgasmed – several times.  He didn't pause.  He figured that if she wanted him to stop, she would tell him to do so.


Grizzly Lake by Doc

The sun was setting over the mountain on the other side of Grizzly Lake.  The grueling hike up from Highway 23 had led the couple into a cirque almost a thousand feet above tree line and almost half a mile ‘up’.  The four mile trudge was worth it.  Though they were less than 25 miles from Aspen, they were as alone as if they were in the northern reaches of the Yukon.  The sheer rock walls – impassable – towered above them.  The sky was cloudless, and the forecast was for no chance of rain whatsoever, so they laid their pads and quilts on the ground and simply watched the sun disappear.  It was still several hours before ‘sunset’, but the shadows of the peaks engulfed them long before then.

“I’m glad we came,” she said.  He replied, “I’m glad you talked me into it.”  He paused.  “That was a fucking tough four miles.”  She grinned. “No shit!  I must be very persuasive, huh?”  He smiled and then said, “You amaze me!”  She didn't reply.  She just savored the feeling that came over her as he said it.

They sat for a while, floating in a world of almost total silence.  He could hear his heart beating, though -- maybe because they were at more than twice the altitude of Denver?  He listened to her breath as she leaned against him.  She smelled of sweat, but he kind of liked that.  He was sweaty too.  It wouldn't take long for the dry air to take care of that, leaving them salty and dry.
“Am I worth it?” he asked her.  He knew she’d know what he meant.  “I think I’ll keep you around for a while – as long as you satisfy my kinky side.”  She grinned. “Otherwise I may trade you in for a new model.”  He returned her smile.  They both knew he was both willing and able to keep her needs met.  For that matter, his need for affection and adventure were met by her saucy and bouncy attitude.  She was tough inside and very nice to behold on the outside.  She looked into his face.  “What are you thinking about, mister?”

“I thinking you are a delightful pervert, and I’m honored to be of service to you.”  She looked across the lake, gazed up at the mountains, and – without looking back at him – said, “Tonight I want more magic.  Tonight you will service me, my stud.”  And then she looked into his face.  He nodded.  They both knew he was (and had always been) putty in her hands.
She then said, “Look into my face.”  He did.  And she slapped his face.  She knew what she was doing.  “I like you because you’re such a masochistic slut.  Did you know that?” she said.  They both knew the answer.  He simply said, “I am hard.”  She knew that too.  They both knew it.

They resumed their silence.  A half hour later, he suggested they start dinner.  She nodded.  He fired up the alcohol stove, poured some water from his Nalgene bag into the titanium pot, and began to boil the water for their Mountain House dinner: lasagna.

Afterward, as the stars began to peek out, one by one, he said, “Aren't you glad it’s not February 14th?”  She laughed.  “Yeah, Valentine’s Day! God, I wonder how fucking deep the snow here must be in February!”  He laughed.  “I ain't coming here any time after October 1st, for sure.  My dick would be permanently sticking straight up – and you wouldn't be enjoying it, either.”
She chuckled.  “You have that right, mister!  I’d be curled up with some hunky guy in Aspen getting laid. I sure wouldn't be up here saving you from hypothermia!  That’s a ‘definite’!”

A shooting star flashed across the darkening sky.  Dusk was turning into night.

“Did you see that?” he said.  “Yup!” she replied.  Then she added, “I’m thinking I’d like you to ‘take care of ‘my needs’ right now,' mister studly. Can you handle that?”  He looked at her, put his hands on her breasts, felt her breathing, sensed her excitement and drew her close.  She looked up.

“Not my tits!  Lower!  Do it the way I like it!”

He did.  She made sure he entertained her for a long, long time.  His turn was when she decided it was his turn to cum.  She was in control.  Over an hour later, looking up at the stars, he decided to say aloud what he was thinking.  “You are a very, very selfish lady.  Did you know that?”

She nodded. “Yep.…. Now shut up and take care of me some more!”

“Yes, ma’am!”  And he did exactly what she told him to do.

They fell asleep several hours after sunset.  The Milky Way was shining from horizon to horizon.  The black mountain outlines hid the stars around Grizzly Lake.  They were snuggled together under a thick quilt, insulated from the icy ground by their pads.  Both were snoring, entwined in each other’s’ arms, warming each other.  They were sticky and smelly.  It didn’t matter.  They were a good match.  Overhead the stars whirled by, an occasional satellite silently slid across the blackness, and the moon came up in the east.  They didn’t notice.

Miss Persephone by Anonymous

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Vodka costs less
than dinner for two.

So here you are,
a bottle quite large
for the mistress
who's surely in charge.

Mistress Persephone's Valentine by Lisa

Dearest Mistress,

   I'm glad they made this special day, for us to show we care.
   It brings to mind just how I feel, knowing that You're there.
   I know that I will always have, a special love for You.
   Being Yours is wonderful, and makes me special too.
   Happy Valentines Day Mistress
   Love, Your girl

O' Mistress Of My Heart by Anonymous

Mistress of my Heart
Brilliance of your face ,
the heavens in your palms ,
trembling I Kneel .

Dances of my eyes ,
staged on your grace ,
saying make me your slave .

Your undraped frame ,
becoming the hourglass ,
balances my nights and the days,

O Mistress of my heart ,
I offer my soul and my whole
For you to shake, play or fade

O Mistress of my heart,
I offer my complete submission
For you to take, shape and dominate

O Mistress of my heart,
days of my life are yours
my past, present and future lies in your hands

Poem: Valentines River Raft by Anonymous

Red soft and sweet floating day for beloved candles
Righteous time, an upright thought, comes in mind,
Shimmering shadow flickering in ray of light,
Murmured babble, on creaking wood, gifts
increased possession of freedom, floating,
Elated feeling of unknown, dull and fortuned
Rattle sound, heeling, stretched, pounding hearts,
Lives night dream in tight spaces, dangling keys.

Your Valentine

Poem: Feb 14 by Anonymous

Lady of Dominion
24 for a lovely day
7  for a happy week
365 for wishing you a great season break
Mentions 1 on 1 when new things arise
2 and 7 fo your sweet heart
Wishing you a Sweet  Rose on Valentines Day

The Sentiment by Anonymous

I come to you with shaking hands
Bitten lips,
Elastic bands

Stalwart nature stripped away,
No composure,
Soul dismay

Dropping down to hit the floor,
Piercing gaze,
spots my core,

With abated breath I whisper-scream,
Hands turning upwards as I plead,
Give me agony as rich as cream,
Take my life, my love, my need,

Tear from me that which you desire and spill the life's blood from my being. Drink of it, paint your name with it across my unconscious husk and collect it to forge me into your marionette. Please take me, all that I am and everything I can be. take my flaws and torment from me a sweet screamed symphony. I need you to cut into me the rules I live by, so that I may revel in your constraints.

Please take from me every last breath of my own and leave me with.... Nothing.

To Lady Evangeline by Anonymous

Do not be disillusioned, take your time "In the middle of noisy people"
Impulse feeds of breaths of the world, thi-s- wor-l-d becomes rich.
Exempt from rustles and cries of thi-s- other wor-l-d, some world becomes silent.
Silence is good.
Crowd noise is terrible but it will not stop anywhere.
Except in disillusionment.

thank you for what you are and what you do and did in thi-s- wor-l-d

To Lisa: The Vegetarian Way

You may not "carrot" all for me
The way I care for you.
You may "turnip" your nose
When I shit on you
But if your "heart" should "beet" with mine
Forever "lettuce" hope
There is no reason in the world
Why we two "Cantaloupe."

To Miss Mo by Anonymous

The jungle is dense as a world
The world is dense as a country
Our countries are dense as a village, sl is a mixture of this set.
if I found you here, I'll find you everywhere.
I'll find you in the jungle and among the multitude of beings
I will know it's you.
I look forward to reborn by your side, here and elsewhere and now.

♥ Miss Mo^^

Valentine For Miss Eva by Anonymous

Dear Miss Eva,

   Just a Valentine to thank You for making my SLl such a special experience.  I have found a place in Your sim that could not be replaced by any other.  I am grateful for that.  I hope You enjoy this special day knowing that You are loved and appreciated.

Sweet Valentine by Anonymous

Sweet Valentine
Hope your day is tender and sweet
Hope your Valentines day comes a great meet
I wish you all a treat
I wish you Miss Evangeline a happy daily walk
Filled with bird songs and jolly dog bark
Wishes you a terrific day
Sunshine and white walk on creaking snow

Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Romantic Confessions & More....


We're making some exciting changes to our infamous FEMDOM CONFESSIONS event!  Starting this Saturday every Confessions will have a THEME!  We'll encourage you to write confessions to the theme although non-themed confessions will always be welcome.  We are also going MONTHLY and moving the event to 2 pm.  So, here's how we are kicking off.....


-Saturday February 14th @ 2 pm SLT!
-Drop us your romantic confessions anonymously or not in our special Valentine's mailbox in the courtyard.  Poems, fantasies, remembrances, homages, all are welcome!
-Dress up in your favourite romantic or Valentine inspired ensemble if so inclined (optional)
Lady Chaotic is your hostess!  Don't miss it this amazing event!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Impromptu Confessions 1/31/15

What was your last impure thought? What were the circumstances?


'Cause, look at me.
And look around.
Surrounded by hotness.


Last night I had impure thoughts about Nick Jonas.... Of course they included his Calvin Klein's shoved his his mouth and a bag over his'


Right about now, thinking about my impure thoughts. But then again, how can we classify thoughts as 'pure' or 'impure'? They are thoughts.... What is pure for me could be impure for you. It depends on so many aspects, including our background, upbringing, religious influence and so on. Well, maybe that in itself was an impure thought.


My last impure thought was about 15 minutes ago: receiving a full body massage from an attractive Asian girl while my slave watched.  She even did a yoni massage!  In public!  For everyone to see!


I can't think of anything to write (really) as i am too private for that --  even if this is anonymous.  LOL.


My most recent impure thoughts were last night as I was picking up lube, or as we call it "jerk juice", and I was debating which blindfold to buy myself for my birthday.  My boyfriend recently said the magic words: "It's been years since I was blindfolded!"

Game on! Impure thoughts to follow!

Passion and Porn by Doc

“Are you watching porn again?”

“No, dear…. I’m playing a video game.  Why?”

I heard her grumble.  “Well, you used to watch porn all the time.  I figured that since you aren't 'getting any' from me, you’d be whacking away in there.  What gives?”

“Honestly?   Most porn lacks ‘soul’, spirit, errrr…. Humanity.”  I didn't need to say that, but .... she asked a question.  My response sounded dorky.

“And that’s a problem?  I thought you just liked to see naked people having sex….”  She sounded irritated.

I decided not to comment.  How do you explain that once you’ve seen it all – a zillion times – that you look for something deeper than just flesh-on-flesh.  You want ‘passion’!  

It’s strange: when you use the word ‘love’ around the ladies they all seem to know what the word means, but the guys…. The guys either look at each other, puzzled, or smirk.

Likewise, you ask women about ‘passion’ and you often get similar blank stares.  Most of the ladies I've met seem to know love and they also understand indifference.  Many even seem to understand pleasure and comfort and orgasms, too.  (Cosmopolitan magazine?)  And then there are those who look as if they’d overhead something disgusting.  (It takes all kinds to populate a world – even those who ‘do it’ to only, and sadly, satisfy the ‘needs’ of a male.)

But, I thought, ‘passion’ is frequently an orphan word.  It lives on the planet of adventure and curiosity and fun.  It is as distant from most porn as abstinence is.  Orphan planet wandering with no star to illuminate it.

“You sure are quiet in there.  Are you still playing that video game – or are you watching folks fucking on your computer?”  She didn't approve of me and my computer.  It was an obstacle for her.  A frustration. I considered answering, but trying to explain that I was writing my ruminations on passion would be futile.  One doesn't discuss rainbows with blind people….  I chose not to respond.  She didn't follow up.

‘Passion’.  I decided to look up the definition: “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”.  Yes!  I felt like pumping my fist in the air!  “Feeling” was the first word that leapt off the page.  “Excitement” was the second.  Yes!

Then I heard her again.  “Have you taken out the trash yet?  The garbage men will come and you’ll still be on that computer doing – whatever you are doing.”

I replied, “Yes, dear!  I’ll get right on it!”  And I did.  I took out the garbage.  And later I vacuumed.  (The carpet was sadly overdue for it.)  I thought as I vacuumed about porn and passion.  I wondered if many men went from porn channel to porn channel in a long search for passion in a flat, bland, comfortable, boring and – ultimately pointless – world. I wondered if many women would understand the male need for adventures, for passion, for excitement, and men's desire for women willing to jump outside of the standard “American dream” of consumerism and bland comfort.   It had been a long time since I’d been pulled along by an adventuress.  They had all vanished from my life when I finished my college days.

Now, sex with a woman of daring – now THAT would be something to turn into true porn.  Definitely! And then I did the obvious:  I decided to look up the word “pornography” online  Hmmmm.  “Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”.  Ambiguous.  What about a display of sexual activities intended to stimulate BOTH erotic AND emotional feelings?

“When you finish vacuuming, you know you didn't wash and dry the dishes, right?”

“Yes, dear!  I’ll get on it right after lunch, OK?”

“No, I want it done right away.  Otherwise you’ll forget or you’ll start making excuses… That's not a request.  It's a command.”

I went to work.  She could hear the water running in the sink so she didn't ‘get on me’ again.  She knew I was washing the dishes. The thought, "She had ears that a bat would envy!" ran through my head. "Never ever let that escape your lips," I told myself.  I knew the analogy, though meant analytically, would never be taken that way.  She would 'read between the lines' and what she read there would mean big trouble for me.  I could write a book on ways to upset women.  I knew my mind was wandering so I brought it to heel and focused it on the real issue.

 “Perhaps this is what female domination is all about”, I thought, a wry smile on my face, but I knew better.  It just had to involve at least a little of that elusive and orphaned thing called ‘passion’ too.  Right?

 I felt very protective.  In a world of routine and porn I felt as if I were one of a few silent guardians for that abandoned and ignored child named “Passion”.  I decided that even if I couldn't fly high above the world and have an exciting and passionate and abandoned life, I was still doing ok.  I knew that my life was still meaningful as long as I guarded passion deep inside my soul.

After I washed the dishes I polished the silver.  It was turning black and needed work.  Passion would have to wait.  I had chores.

My Dirty Thoughts by Jesse

My dirty thoughts:

    As i was working on my avatar shape (in the nude, of course) I couldn't help but think, "Why?". Aesthetically, i wanted a better looking avatar. Selfishly, i wanted to look sexy for my Goddess.

As i was adjusting my nipples, i reflected on how much i love having them played with in RL -- sucked, pinched, twisted, clamped, and pulled. I also noticed that my penis was too big for my current shape and size; my old shape was over seven feet tall. As i resized my penis, i couldn't help but think of all the prolonged teasing i had endured -- first the chastity and then the eventual orgasms. i also had dirty thoughts as i was shaping my hips and buttocks.

Memories of spanking and ass-play came into my mind, as well as other more intimate thoughts. As i was finishing up, i couldn't help but think it was a better looking avatar.  I hoped that my Goddess would agree.

The Path by Doc

The process is king
Memories litter the path and as one trudges along, one picks up some to carry
The yoga of walking is like that of serving a lady
She comes; she walks along awhile; she leaves the road
One remembers her words
Her scent
Her kindness
But above all her discipline.

One serves a woman as one obeys rules of grammar
Or as one submits to the arbitrary but consistent caprices of a foreign language.
It serves no purpose to fight a newly met woman – unique in her many facets.
In command of oneself one chooses to submit to new ways of thinking
New rules of perception.  Hers.
Or one does not….

No matter what, reality remains.
One does not tell a book how to be read.
One reads the book as it is written.
One does not impose one’s will on an exotic language.
One accepts it.

There is a certain joy in never stepping off the path.
Instead one enjoys the constraints and opportunities that one’s progress along a narrow trail entail.
So too submitting to a lady.

Not all women are worth following.
(It’s hard to obey a woman who has no self-awareness; she is like a dandelion.  Blown to bits by a passing breeze, scattered to the winds….)

Still, a few women are awesome
Like trees who have sunk roots into the rocks.
Oaks clinging onto cliffs.
Mesquite – perhaps grizzled and a mess – who earn respect because they are survivors.

One may only rest under such a tree a short time,
But one learns from its existence
One learns from such a woman that walking a path – from past into the dark night ahead – is an adventure.
She shows you the way.
She is the yoga; she is the law.