Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Following Instructions by Anonymous

I logged from SL and made my way up the stairs to my bedroom. I was wearing just a soft cotton dressing gown and the floor was cool on my feet as I stepped lightly up the stairs. I moved quietly through the room as I had woken up early to check some emails.

Undoing the belt of the robe, it falls open as I walk into the bathroom. My cock is semi hard just from typing to Her. Her voice is imprinted on my brain.

I turn on the water and hold my hand under it checking the temperature. As I wait a few seconds, thoughts and memories race through my mind. Her voice...Her instructions...Her words. "edge".

I move under the shower head and let the water cascade down over my shoulders and my neck. Down....down over my ass and my legs.

I think back to the gym. Wearing  a pair of silky panties. Each movement draws a delicious sensation. Each step....each rep...each lift......divine.

I close my eyes and rub my body with coconut scented shower gel. Feeling silky fingers sliding over silky skin. my hands rub over my chest...pausing to tease my nipples...pinching and twisting. My hands slide down lower. one to my growing cock...the other behind me. My fingers...searching out my asshole. My finger circles my asshole...soaping it up. Imagining Her behind me....her strap on cock nudging my hole.

My other hand circles around my cock and stroke slowly. Long, silky strokes. I push a finger inside my ass.....moaning as I speed my strokes. Teasing myself....wiggling my finger.....taking myself to the edge.

I feel my orgasm building.....bubbling up inside me. Then I hear your voice......"I told you to edge...not cum....you are not allowed to cum."

I sigh as I  calm down and slip my finger from my asshole. Removing my hand from my twitching cock.....I cut the hot water......then the cold. Stepping from the shower, I grab a towel and dry myself. Smiling slightly. I can't wait to hear her voice again.