Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Gorean Master - Anonymous

Note about this confession - It created QUITE a stir at the Dominion.  After this confession was read, I received so many IMs about it, I almost put something in my profile as a standard response to politely decline stating I could NOT reveal the source...  Ravanys NEVER reveals who the confessors are. 

I have a confession to make.  I am a Gorean Master.  I have been in Second Life for over 2 years now, and I really enjoy doing what I do.  I have always been harsh with the subbie boys that frequent Femdoms and BDSM places to submit to Mistresses, and I came here to Dominion one Saturday to track down a friend of mine who I had mapped who was here to pull him out.  I just couldn't let my buddy go down like that, you know?  

I was standing at the castle wall of the Dominion and reading notecards, browsing profiles, and I find this woman - she's amazing.  I can't put it into words, but she DREW me in.  The next thing I know, I'm sitting at her house, talking to her, engrossed in what she's saying and ready to do just about anything just to spend more time with her.   Of course, I didn't tell her that.  I kept up my tough guy facade.   She was barely even interested in me, and didn't even message me after she basically dismissed me. 

The truth is, I'm a fool... A fool for her.  And I don't care anymore.  I made an alt, and now I'm here.  And being very good and quiet and obedient, quietly enduring all of the kneeling and the yes Miss's which I hate... just so I can have a chance to hopefully get close to her again.  If anyone who knew me saw me here, I would never live it down.  But I have no choice.  I have to be here.  I want to belong to her more than anything else.

When I kneel near the circle, I have such a feeling of self-loathing, I can barely stand myself.  I'm very well behaved, don't get me wrong.   I never let it be known that I am feeling humiliated, betraying my own words and history.  I have written lonnnnng forum posts about how submissive men are nothing but weak fools who don't know their place.  And here I am!  *I* am the weak fool!

On one hand, I hate it.  On another hand, I love the fact that I have been proven so wrong.   I have been reduced to the thing I have hated the most, and here I am, powerless to stop it.

Will you see me?  Will you notice me?  Would you take a chance with me?  I just want a little bit of your time.  I've never felt anything like how I feel when I am with you.  But I can't bear the shame of the exposure of who I have been to everyone who knows me.  It's a conflict I can't face just yet.

And that is my confession to you, Miss Ravanys and the Misses at Dominion.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anonymous Domme Orgy Fantasy

Sometimes, when I am at The Dominon, and I may be the only Mistress there. I imagine that the four or five boys present all beg me to use them, all at the same time. 

I order them to strip and get their cocks hard even though they are already hard - then they lavish their attention on me. Licking me from head to toe. Paying special attention to lick my armpits clean, and my navel, and of course, my sex. 

They are lining up for their turn, growling like animals, jostling for position, wanting to be the one who gets the most licking, in the most intimate places.

I cum, over and over again, they stroke their cocks, keeping them hard, as instructed by me,  but are not permitted to cum. They ooze precum and, when ordered, they  lick it off each other's cocks. 

The panting and groaning and moaning is overwhelming. Their bodies and mine glisten with perspiration.

It is an orgy of licking and sucking.

Sleeping Beauty Confession - Anonymous

My confession relates to reading a book by Anne Rice (writing under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure) called "the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" (followed my two other similar titles) or "Beauty" for short.  At the time I had not really experienced orgasm denial - my experience was perhaps more like orgasm delay (for maybe as long as an hour or two!).  

For those that are not familiar with the books, Beauty is awakened from her hundred-year sleep by the Prince, not with a simple kiss, but with a deflowering, initiating her into a world of sexual adventures. After stripping her naked he takes her to his kingdom, ruled by his mother, the Queen, where Beauty is trained as a slave and a plaything. The rest of the naked slaves in the Queen's palace are princes and princesses sent by their royal parents from the surrounding kingdoms as tributes. In this palace they spend several years learning to become obedient and submissive sexual property, accepting being spanked, being publicly displayed, crawling around on their hands and knees, servicing their masters and mistresses, until they return to their own lands "being enhanced in wisdom".

The part that caught my attention was that the tributes (ie slaves) are expected to be very evidentaly sexually aroused (boys hard, girls dripping) at ALL times, and are not generally allowed release - not for days, weeks, and even months!!  At first the mere idea left a feeling of "no way, how could anyone endure that !!!" yet as the idea wandered around my imagination I found myself becoming increasingly aroused, despite my "better judgement". 

Public Domination - Tanja Zanzibar

     The sun was shining brightly that warm spring day, but you could not tell that from the darkness of the club. The boy timidly followed his Mistress, the leash tugging at the tight collar wrapped around his neck. His eyes and head are lowered respectfully, but he scans the room and notices the people scattered about. A slow chill travels up his spine as he looks ahead and notices the contraptions lined up throughout the club.

     His Mistress leads him past the crowd, into a back corner. The boy lifts his eyes, letting them fall on the strange contraption in front of him. He begins to tremble as his eyes lift to his Mistress', the look of intent in her eyes making him whimper  in fear. She looks down at him, her soft spoken words enough to make him obey, "Come slut boy....let's see how good of a boy you can be." He smiles up at her, "A very good boy Miss."

     She steps towards the machine, running her manicured nails over it as she looks at him, "I want to see what this little contraption does...maybe let it violate your ass a bit...what do you think?" He turns his head again to look at the machine, a soft whine leaving his lips as his eyes widen in fright. The boy does not want to displease his Mistress so he bites his lip and nods, "Yes Mistress, anything for you Mistress."

     "Get on it now slut." The boy quickly moves to the strange machine. He stradles it and lays there trembling as his Mistress walks around the machine attatching the chains to his wrists and ankles. He can feel her fingers brush against his skin as she does this, the feeling electrifying his already tense body. His eyes close, still remembering thier last session. His Mistresses marks still red and blistered on his sensitive ass cheeks.

     She stands in front of him as she locks the final chain to his collar, her hands reaching up to make sure the chains are secure. She reaches to her waist, slowly untieing the whip and draping it over his shoulder. She watches him shiver, wiggling against his chains as she slips the whip down his back. She suddenly raises the whip, sending it whirling through the air with a flick of her wrist. The hiss turns to a *crack* as it makes contact with his ass, the welts from before instantly turning red and inflamed. The sound of the boys cries are music to her ears.

     She steps forward, letting her hand slide over his ass, running a finger down the crack before quickly sliding one unlubed finger in his ass, her hand pressing down roughly against his back..."Slut likes to have his ass violated, doesn't he?" The boy whimpers as eh feels the finger forcing it's way into his ass. "ANSWER ME," she shouts. His words are barely audible as he shakes in fear..."Yes Mistress, Your slut loves it Mistress."

     She sticks another finger in, spreading her fingers a bit as she stretches his ass..."you got horny watching those videos at Dominion, didn't you wanted to be that man getting that big, thick, black cock shoved in his ass...?" The boy bites his bottom lip whimpering and squealing as the second unlubed finger forces its way in, "Yes Mistress i got very horny Mistress, and Yes i wanted to be him Mistress." Her words are powerful, "That's because your a cum slut, MY cum slut." The boy blushes a bit and whispers, "Yes Mistress i am Your cum slut."

    She growls softly as she steps around to the front of him, gripping his hair and raising his head, her eyes glaring down at him..."You do realize I am going to rape your ass until you scream, don't you slut?" The boy looks up innocently as his head is forced back the look of intent in her eyes and her evil laugh making him tremble. "Y..Y..Yes Mistress," he stammered. "You want to be a cum slut, I am going to treat you like one...and if you dare to cum before I tell you to, I swear I will beat your ass and leave you chained for all to see. Do you understand me?" His head bobs as best it can in it's restraints, his voice gone, as he is too frightened to speak.

     She steps back away from him, walking behind him as she admires the red welts on his ass. She scrapes her nails across them as she walks by. The boy squeals loudly as the nails score across his red and swollen flesh. "Now, I am going to turn on this little machine slut, and everyone around can watch you be fucked by it. How does that make you feel?" The boy whimpers, "Like a stupid little slut, Miss." Her lips curl into a smirk, "Oh that you are." The boy lowers his head, feeling his cheeks go as red as his ass.

     Her hand slowly slips down, coming to rest on the machine, her nails tapping it slowly. "The thing is, I don't know if I should warn you when I turn it on, or just flick the switch and let it go..." The boy scrunches his face in anticipation as he hears his Mistresses nails tapping on the machine. He tries to brace himself, not sure whether to relax or tense up. "What ever please you Mistress," he says.

     "It's rather funny really...seeing you chained here, helpless, ass up in the air so everyone can see....I know some of them are having thoughts of having the pleasure of sticking something in that tight little asshole." With that she gives a flick of her finger, smiling as the machine comes to life. She watches as the machine slowly creeps forward, slipping into the sluts ass. His whimpers get stronger as he bites down on his lip, the unlubed toy forcing its way in to his tight asshole, slowly but relentlessly.

     She walks back around to the front of him, her whip trailing over his flesh as she does. The boys legs shake with effort, his body shivering as the whip slides over him. She grips his hair again and lifts his head, her lips so close to his ear, "You like that don't you slut?" The boy opens his mouth, a wavering breath escaping, "Y...Y...yes Mistress." She steps back and looks down at him, "I want you to shout to everyone how much your a slut that loves to have his ass fucked." He throws back his head and shouts, "I AM A TOTAL SLUT, WHO LOVES THE FEELING OF SOMETHING BIG DEEP INSIDE MY ASS!!!" She smiles softly, "That's my good slut."

     The boy whimpers as his body strains in the unnatural position. She rubs her hand down his back, gripping his ass cheeks and spreading them wide as the machine pummels his ass. The boy moans, feeling her cool hands on his sore ass, spreading him wide as the machine tears his ass to shreds, his cock is already rock solid beneath him. She presses her body up against him, her elbow digging into his back as she kisses his red ass cheeks before biting down softly. The boy whimpers and squeals, his body shaking violently.

     "You love it, don't you slut? I bet you want to cum already, just having that in your ass." The boy nods and whimpers, "Yes Mistress, and this vibe thing is driving my cock wild Miss." She turns up the speed again and the boy moans loudly as the toy starts driving into him faster and harder. "Don't you even think about cumming yet," she growls. "Uu uu uunderrrrr stood Miss," he squeals quickly. She reaches over and flicks off the switch for the machine, smiling as she hears his pants and whimpers of pain and pleasure..."Poor little slut wants to cum...but I control when you cum." The boy tries to catch his breath as the machine slides out of his ass and to a stop. Wimpering "Yes Mistress you are in control Miss."

     She reaches up, unhooking the chains from his collar and arm straps, before moving back and releasing his legs. "Get up," she whispers. The boy springs to his feet after he is released and stands humbly before his Mistress. She turns and moves to another machine, her boy following slowly behind her. "Get on this machine." The boy obeys his Mistress, stradling the contraption, as she steps forward and chains his shackles to it. She then steps back, reaching into her belt, and pulling a pink strap on from within. She steps into it, adjusting it to make sure it is secure. The boy watches her out of the corner of his eye, his body beginning to shake.

     She watches him tremble a bit, before slowly stepping forward, "Now that your ass is good and primed, I am going to fuck it." The boy whimpers softly as his body is held tightly by the bar and whispers, "Yes Mistress." She rubs the tip of the strap on against his puckered hole before giving a quick push of her hips and sinking it deeply into his ass, her hand coming down on the boys already tender ass. The boy moans loudly as he feels his ass spread by the cock, the hand sending shocks of pain up and down his body.

     She bends forward, ramming the cock in his ass, reaching up to rake her nails down his back, leaving red lines zigzagging over his skin. She raises her hand and brings it down again on his ass. The boy breathes hard moaning with each thrust of the cock inside him. His back arching further as the nails rake down his back. He squeals louldy in pain as the hand slams down onto his ass thinking it must be dark purple it hurt so much. He tries to hide the tears already welling up in his eyes.

     She growls softly as she reaches up to grip his head, forcing it back to look at her..."You fucking love it love this....god what a fool you are." The boy looks at Mistress sternly glaring at him as she pummels his ass, his cock throbbing with each thrust his body on fire but filled with pleasure at the same time. She shoves his face down into the carpet, pushing, muffeling his moans and whimpers. He moans louldy as his face is driven into the carpet, feeling the birn as the carpet rubs against his nose.

     She fucks his ass faster, her hips seeming to move in a whir as she feels his ass gripping the strapon. "Here is what is going to happen slut. I am going to whip you, you are going to count, when we reach five you will cum and I want you to cum so loud that everyone can hear it, do you understand me?" The boy cries out desperately, "Yes Mistress." The boy moans loudly with each thrust, desperately trying to block out the pain he is about to feel, from his mind.

     She raises the whip and brings it down sharply on his ass. "ONE!!!!," he cries out as the pain, almost unbearable, slices through his skin. "You better do better then that slut. I don't think your screaming loud enough." She whirls the whip through the air, letting it fall on his ass again. "TWO!!!!," he screams. His tears slide down his cheeks into the carpet, unable to comprehend how his cock can be so hard and ready to cum with such pain. She growls as she shifts her hips, pushing the dildo deeper into his ass. He groans loudly as it drives deep inside of him.

     She rears back, her arm whirling through the air, before flicking her wrist and sending the whip flying through the air and letting it land squarely on his ass. "THREEEE!!!!!" he screams in pain as his body writhes on the floor. The tears slide down his cheek one after another. His ass feeling like it is on fire. "Please Mistress, no more...I can't take anymore Mistress," he cries out. Her eyes turn angry with rage as she shouts, "Shut the fuck up slut, you have no say so in this."

     The whip whirls through the air, the swish heard soundly before the sharp crack is heard as it lands squarely on the bloody welts already on the sluts ass. "FOURRRRR," he cries out as she drives the dildo in deep and the whip slashes across him. He whimpers and cries loudly into the carpet, trying to last, knowing there is only one more to come. She grips his hair, raising his head so he can see the people watching him being fucked in the ass by his Mistress, "Look slut...look at them watching you...ohhh it is so beautiful." He looks at them through his wattery eyes the pain searing through his body.

     She slides the whip over his back, laughing softly as she lifts it, whirling it through the air and letting it land on the carpet beside his head. The boy squeals loudly, hearing the crack, but realizing it never touched him. His cock throbs, almost on the verge of exploding. "Don't you dare cum until you feel that whip on your skin do you hear me?" She reaches under him, gripping his cock in her hand and squeezing. The boy moans, his Mistresses touch almost making it unbearable to stop himself, "YESSSSSS MIstressss."

     She drags the whip along the carpet, the cock still pummeling his tight ass, suddenly she lets out a loud growl as she swings her arm back. The whip sizzles through the air, all of her force behind it as it lands squarely on his ass. "FIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEE," he screams out, the pain unbearable as he cries loudly suddenly feeling his balls tighten, his cock throb, and cum explode out of his cock. His ass throbs as his body pulsates around the dildo with each thrust, his body tensed up. Squealing and writhing as his balls empty themselves, feeling Miss staring down at his body as it shakes.

     The boy is unable to stop himself from crying and whimpering as he lies there on the floor shaking and panting, his body spent, his ass bleeding and on fire. She growls softly as she leans forward and gently rubs her hand over his bruised and beaten ass. She kisses his neck, his shoulders, his ear as his whimpers fill the air. Her tongue flicks out licking away his tears as she whispers...."Such a good little slut." The boy whimpers, feeling Miss's tongue run along his cheeks licking up his tears and weakly says, "Thh thank you, Miss."

     She slowly steps back, the dildo slipping out of his ass as she walks around to the front and unhooks him from the device, pushing him to his knees. She crouches down in front of him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders, kissing him softly..."You are so good for your Mistress My little slut." He whimpers softly against Miss's face shivering as she holds him tight. She leans in whispering softly in his ear so no one else can hear. He holds tight still shaking, his body confused and on fire, and pleasured and spent. His lip quivers as new tears slide down his face whether from happiness or pain he is unsure, but never wants to let go.

     She stands back up in front of the boy and smiles...."you did very well My boy, I am very proud of you." The boy kneels and hugs his Mistresses hips, his head bowed low as he whispers, "Thank you Mistress, anything for you Mistress." The boy embraces her hips tightly, never wanting to let go. He whimpers softly, almost mewling into her as he hugs her as tightly as his weak body will allow. He looks up through big wet eyes and whispers, "Did i please you Mistress?" Her lips smile down at him as she leans in to kiss the top of his head, "Immensely my boy." He smiles weakly, his heart and soul beaming on the inside.

Anonymous Dominion Sub

We are quietly sitting in the circle at Dominion. I would be kneeling in front of Miss on all fours facing away from chair. Her high heeled shoes or boots would be resting on my lower back and bum. The conversation would be going on as normal and whilst still talking in front of everyone Miss would casually slide a heel into my tight ass, acting almost as if nothing has happened as I sit there squirming, the conversation just continuing as usual as i sit there feeling my cheeks turning pinker getting more excited. Looking out across the circle, trying to remain calm as he is certain They must have noticed something.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Story - Anonymous

   The Air was cool upon my flesh, A slight breeze hitting me and causing my flesh to shiver. The Shiver was nothing compared to what shivers would run down my body soon. Facing the wall on my knees in the old barn, Having no clue how you found such a place or why you choose it it in the first place. The Wood was old about dry rotted to where it was going to come crashing down any moment, I worried not over that as I knew you would not put me in danger. Running my tongue over my lips, my mouth dry with anticipation.  Beams of lights finding ways in to light the dilapidated place, the sun was setting and soon there would be nothing but complete darkness.
 A tease, You teasing me with your presence I would hear movement or something shift behind me, Hear you breathe next to my ear. Making my body tingle with excitement, just to be turned down as nothing came. My body and mind craving for your voice and touch, eyes closing as my hands tighten on legs. Finally after 2 hours of sitting here in front of your loving eyes as you just observed me and tormented me, Just the thought of me being stripped bare on my knees, not able to see anything but the wood in front of my eyes. Your hand coming around to the front of my face, Seeing a bundle of silks in your hand I knew what was to come, More of my senses being taken away as you move your hands and bind the silks over my eyes. Finally I hear the sound of a thousand angels singing as your voice breaks the quite late evening calmness.

"Now Mine you are not to speak during this, not one word at all, total silence except for the sounds of your discomfort and pleasure." A Nod of my head in understanding was all the was given. My mind racing with thoughts as Speech was now taken from my senses. A finger raising to my nose I do not move as a strong scent of Mint is smelled there, so strong that it is all I can smell, Over running my sense of smell and causing all other scents to be blocked from my nose. Growing nervous, not from fear or fright but from anticipation. Thoughts running through my head as I ponder what you had in mind to do to "Your" Body. Tormenting me once more as you go quiet and stay far behind me, getting ready for your evening with your boy.

 Hearing a familiar sound behind me makes my hands tremble, The sound of a strap being undone, Such a strong sound. one I had grown used to and grown to love. thoughts racing so fast I could not keep up, But everything stopped at a suddenly as I felt the cold leather of the flogger run down my back, causing the flesh to grow goose bumps. A Soft sigh from my lips as my back arches into it. He Would not speak it, but my body would show it. A simple gesture of submission, showing I belong to you and no one else. 

 A booted foot brought up against my back, the heel digging into the flesh leaving it's mark as you guide me down more, My body bending moving to lay it against the ground and my knees. A Forceful grab of my hands pulling them back, making the muscle strain and ache. Rope tied into a loop securing them tightly and attached to another rope hanging from a beam to keep my arms up and taut. My Body aching already from the position as you do not give any time for adjustment, now with my body lifted giving you a clear view of my ass. A Loud smack is heard followed by a cry mixed with pain and pleasure. A red Welt forming on the left cheek of my ass as the flogger pulls back once more, swiftly and without hesitation a mark to match was sent to the other cheek followed with the same cry into the darkening evening.

Leather sliding against the flesh of my back in a caring and nurturing gesture, I knew all you did was for my protection and you love for me.  Submitting to you was one of the fondest memories in my head and it was for reasons like this. You knew how to torment my body, Torture my mind and Sharpen my senses. you always made it to where the only thing on my mind was you, The only touch I craved was yours as no one else was quite as firm and loving as yours. Most would view this as a punishment, but not me. This was truly a gift, for the feelings I would feel before the night was up were nothing short of magical. Sex was never involved in our play, Pleasures of the flesh took place, But not sex. Sex was to vile of a word for what you did to my body when you took the notice to use me as a vessel of pleasure.

 Your voice breaking the silence once more as a gloved hand came around and took the soft piece of flesh into it. Feeling the cold smooth feel of the leather that wrapped such delicate skin made a moan come from my lips as you breath hit my ear with your words "You want this Mine, You want everything. The touch of my hands, Of my lips, My breath on your skin, the leather of my flogger when it strikes and caresses your body lovingly." Wanting to speak so badly, so many things running through my mind, feelings left unsaid I held my tongue and just gave a nod as you squeezed the hardening muscle in your hand before pulling away. Soft caresses again from the flogger over the still stinging rounded cheeks of my ass, I could feel the love coming from you through the leather, as it caressed and teased. Suddenly withdrawn and sent down on the top of my ass right below my back, causing me to cry out once more and arch my body, straining against the ropes and moving high up until standing at a bow. Quickly the rope is adjusted for the position to were I can not lower once more, Your idea and plan the whole time I was quite sure.

Such a sight to behold I am sure for anyone who happened to be watching, A completely devoted boy trusting his Mistress without question, bound and blind folded, Scent gone from the air as the mint over powers anything else. Feeling another hand on my body, this was not yours and I knew it at that instant. The feel of a silk gloved hand causing me to tremble and withdraw a little, not able to move much "Stay Still Mine!" Your words causing me to stop the strain as the hand slides down to cup the round cheeks of my ass. Confusion worry and excitement flooding my mind having no control or no clue who was there with you. I could not feel any love in the touch but I withstood it at your words letting them examine me in front of you "Mine do you want your Mistress tonight?" The teasing words I knew the hidden meaning in them, but oh gods did I want you, I always wanted you. Your Touch and your caress, your eyes upon me and your words in my ears. Only giving another nod of my hand as the hand continued to explore, I could feel the smile and the pride from across the room, I knew you were pleased in my head. "Good Mine, I want you to want your Mistress tonight for when you do not get it it will teach you even the most behaved boys do not get what they always want." a slight whimper coming muffled from the gag at that, the hand with drawing as the rope was undone, My Body falling to the floor I move to my knees as quickly as I can being bound. The silk hand was gone and your leather one replaced it, Whispering in my ear where no others could hear such "Good Boy Mine, You make your Mistress proud, now look around." The blind fold removed you urge me to turn around, My eyes adjusting to the soft light of candles within the place. Slowly making out forms of many people there, a blush coming to my cheeks as my skin heated from embarrassment. The group of people watching, some slaves other from their clothing told you they were Dommes. My fear of being the center of attention taking over as I cringe a little and try to hide my face behind you. Catching my feelings you walk away not allowing me to move "No Mine, Do not hide. I would not have invited these people here if I wanted you to hide. " 

 Bottom lip turning white as you untie the rope and lift me onto my legs and lead me into the crowd as a new pair move forward to take their place. 

The experience and humiliation leaving me with a deep feeling of satisfaction and embarrassment, but a greater Love of you, A greater love of our relationship and trust for one another And a deeper Love of you My Mistress. For I am nothing with you, my entire being devoted to you completely.

Anonymous Confession About A Confession

I have come here to confess… to confess that one of the confessions read here several weeks ago at one of the first FEMDOM Confessions events has haunted my dreams… and my daydreams ever since.

It was an anonymous confession written by a Lady of the Dominion. It was a Lady who said that she was not bisexual, but who had a burning fantasy about keeping a girl in a cage… forcing her to drink glass of water after glass of water… but not allowing her to relieve herself.

She confessed that she could not tell in this fantasy if she herself was male or female, and that her own identity was somewhat blurred. But the girl in the cage was very clear. She was young, beautiful… innocent. It was a fantasy about innocence being corrupted.

The teller of this tale confessed that she would wait until the girl was in absolute agony with need to go to the bathroom, and then she would be ordered out, bent over a table or bondage horse that would only put more pressure on her bladder… and then the teller would ravage her from behind… either as a male… or a female with a strapon… it was unclear.

But that wasn’t the focus of the tale. The focus was the plundering of this poor, innocent, inexperienced girl. The ravaging of her until the crashing of hips against her ass… the rigid phallus sinking into her… and the pressure against her stomach was too much… and in utter humiliation, she lost control of her bladder.

The young girl was left sobbing, shattered, humiliated… broken. Innocence lost.

I am here tonight to confess, as I said. I am here to confess that the confession written by this anonymous Lady has brought forth a powerful desire that lingers just beneath the surface of my skin. A powerful ache… a wanting… to be that girl.

I don’t yet understand exactly what this means, for I wouldn’t want to experience this fantasy as myself. But the thought of being her… being that innocent girl… tormented, tortured… humiliated and broken by a Lady… holds such a powerful sway over my darker desires.

And so… I have come and confessed my secret desire. Whether I can be absolved, I’ll leave to you. But perhaps, at least, you can help me understand what I am feeling, and what this very deep, very powerful urge in me truly means…

Target Practice - Tommy Warden

Right now, i’m cuffed to a St. Andrews cross, with my front exposed, my hands above my head, and my legs splayed apart along the legs of the cross.  i can see my Mistress work.  She is looping a cord through the ring in my Prince Albert piercing and tying it to the pull-chain on the nipple clamps that i’m wearing.  She pulls the chain of the clamps up, with the cord pulling my cock, up towards my mouth.  “Open wide, boy”, She orders.  As i open my mouth, She puts the chain between my teeth.  “Now hold this there, in your teeth.  Trust me sweetie, you really don’t want to let go!”  She laughs wickedly.  Holding the chain in my teeth, with the cord looped around it and through my PA, pulls my cock up towards my face.  If i scream and let it go, the weight of my cock and the chain will pull the nipple clamps off.  That’s the least of my problems, as She is now clipping clothespins up and down the exposed bottom of the shaft of my cock, and onto the skin of my exposed scrotum.  i can feel their bite as each one sinks into the thin skin, and i know from experience, that that feeling is nothing compared to when they will come off…

She turns and steps away from where i can see towards Her toybag.  She says languidly, “I’m so glad for this opportunity today.  You see, I’m a bit out of practice with this particular toy.”  She steps back into light where i can see.  In Her left hand, She holds a four-foot long, leather-braided singletail.  She stands there a moment, smiling slightly, letting me take in the sight and wonder what is coming, before She breaks the silence again.  “You know what’s coming, dear boy?” She coos in a honey-dipped voice.  “Target practice.”  I stand there bound, on the cross, the chain attached to the clamps on my nipples and the cord holding my cock exposed, with my cock and scrotum covered up and down in clothespins.  “Now… you know that you want to stay very still, my boy.  You know what will happen if you let go of that chain.  You wouldn’t want to spoil my aim now either, would you?”  She giggles softly.  i watch Her stretch now with the singletail, holding it in both hands and using it to stretch Her arms above Her head.  She takes several practice cracks in the air, in the narrow space between my head and my bound arms.  i can hear the whip crack, actually crack, in that space… the sharp sound inches from my ear.  Even this nearly makes me flinch… and now i force myself to relax and stay still.  Warmed up now… i watch as She eyes a target… a clothespin right near the top of my cock, right below the head... She turns away, looks over Her left shoulder, pivots, steps, and fires…

Getting Ready - Maisy Dollinger

Fantasies, oh I have so many.

Getting ready

It's been a while since I had been to the Torture Garden in London for a party, and I have been looking forward to this for a long time..

This time I had a new boy accompanying me.  He arrived at the deserted warehouse, on time and wearing his best suit.  I do love a man who dresses smartly.  He knew this about me, and although I had not been explicit, it showed this boy always listened and picked up on my desires.

He was new to the Torture Garden and I wanted to show him off as I like my sluts to be.

Layed out on the table was a latex hood and pants, the pants were crotchless and I knew he would love the feeling of anticipation the exposure that they would give him......especially in the play rooms.

I sat on the table with my legs crossed next to them and asked him if there was any particular reason he was still wearing clothes and on his feet.  He responded "i am sorry my Mistress, this boy......Your boy is overwhelmed and excited"

I  uncrossed my legs and crossed them again, drumming my nails slowly on the table as he undressed and knelt at my feet.  It pleased me to see the goosebumps form over his body from the chill in the warehouse, and I could sense his heart racing.

"Are you nervous?" I asked, he nodded and looked to the floor.

"Look up and under the table boy, there is something there for you.  Pull it down and open it"

"yes Mistress" he responded, clearly nervous.

The package was wrapped in black plastic, and contained 2 boxes. One contained a steel plug and the other a chrome CB 6000.

I jumped down off the table,  taking my boy by the chin I kissed him deeply and hard..."mmmm it's good to taste what is mine"

Reaching down I grabbed his balls and cock, wrapping my fingers around his full bulge, I knew it was full as he has been forbidden to cum for the previous 3 days.  But bring himslef to the edge every day when he  woke, during his lunchbreak and before sleeping each night.

"Stand up handsome"

His cock was bulging with the touch, which I knew he had craved so long.  "you will have to get soft if you are to wear my device boy"  I held his cock and slapped his balls "do you hear me?"

"Yes Mistress" he replied sounding ashamed of his excitement and clear arousal

Leaving the room, I shouted over my shoulder "compose yourself boy, I will be back"

I went to a small room and closed the door behind me, the whole warehouse echoed.  Slowly looking around the room, admiring the beams and many possibilities for suspension.  We may have to come back here after the party for some fun.

I took off my rain coat and stood admiring myself in my new latex.  I had always loved shopping from Demask and had just treated myself to a wonderful corset which I chose to wear over my red latex catsuit.  It looked devine.

I turned to check my ass on my way out and smiled happy with the result.  Opening the door, I could see my boy, handling the new toys and smiling, I took the chastity device and placed the cuff ring around his cock and balls of his now composed cock, sliding the cage neatly over his swelling cock before the arousal took over again and padlocked him securly in place.  

Lifting his caged cock, I placed a finger over the opening tracing a line over his dick head with my nail.  

Smiling to myself seeing his cock making the device rise up as the blood rushed in, I reminded him that he will feel that tightening many times tonight, especially when I introduce him to the play areas, and enjoy him, pleasuring me, pleasuring others and pleasuring himself.  

Perching again on the edge of the table, I order him to get dressed.

"is there no top to this Mistress" he whined.

"Do you see a top? get dressed boy and no more talking until I ask you a question"

The boy nodded, again his cage rose......he is such a slut......tonight will be fun.  He slowly dressed, placing the pants on being careful not to tear the latex, the smile on his face was so wide now.  The smell filled the room, and there is nothing like the scent of latex mixed with a boys perspiration..........his perspiration.

He swept his hair back and pulled the hood over his head, struggling to find the zipper at the back.  Watching his transformation was exciting and arousing for me.  I love to see peoples reaction to new experiences....especially ones which satisfy my kinks.

Once more I came down from the table and stood behind him.  "Bend over boy!" I commanded, he silently did as he was told, and I was pleased he kept silent, maybe this boy will be obedient afterall.  " Place your arms and your chest flat on the table and spread your legs!"

I could hear him moan as his cage touched the table......"Did you say something boy"........he shook his head.  I dragged my nails over his spine as I took the lube from the drawer in the table.  Tracing my nails over and over his spine, leaving a line, so red and pronounced, like a seam in a stocking all the way to his ass.

Placing a latex glove on my left hand and pumped the lube onto my fingers, making circles around his asshole...the boy  was silent, but clearly aroused as his body twitched.

"Is the cage feeling tight my slut?"

The boy nodded "it is Mistress"

Inserting two fingers deep in his ass,  pushing the lube deep and preparing his ass to be filled......."that should be enough my boy"  as I withdrew my fingers I could feel him move with me not wanting to be left empty, this made me laugh.

Taking the cold steel plug, I ran it over his ass, teasing him, letting it touch his balls and back to his ass..."do you want to be filled boy?"...nodding frantically he gasped "yes Mistress, please fill this boy, he is Yours to use as You desire, this slut just wants to make you proud every day Mistress, especially this evening"

Pushing the steel plug slowly in his ass......feeling some resistance, turning and pushing, his muscles tightening around it........and then......pop it's in.  This plug is so wonderful and has a ring perfect for leashing.  in the draw she pulls out a length of chain and clips one end to his plug and the other to his collar.  His body is comsumed is goosebumps as the chain lays against his spine, raw from the scratching.

Finally I attached the leash handle to his collar and lead him to the door, he was Mine, My slut, I was proud of him, and tonight so many would get to enjoy him.

The Black Widow II - Anonymous

The confident stride that he used to walk into the apartment was a facade, you could see the tiny hairs sticking up on the back of his neck.  He was afraid of what he walked into, of what could possibly lay behind the doorway to the side, of what stood behind him.  His hands nervously slid into his pockets fidgeting hoping I wouldn't notice the actions and take them for what they were.  

"There is a drink there for you if you'd like it" I said with a subtle hint of the pleasure I was taking in seeing him there.  I didn't know his name and I didn't need it, I'd give my own name for him... outside of that door he was probably another college kid, spending onother weekend wasting away his money while daddy paid for it all.  But here behind the door... he was mine, my toy to play with... soon to be trapped in the web..

I passed by him, needlessly brushing against his arm and dragging my fingers down to his hand before I sat down.  The boy's head nearly spun around shocked by the touch, and you could see the electricity shooting through his body.  Oh yes, he was already trapped, he was going to be the perfect fly to squirm and wriggle in the web I had laid out and would build around his form soon enough.  

He sipped the water, his voice unfaltering as he whispered softly," Thank you for inviting me over... Ma'am, I never thought this was where might night would land me." I offered a gentle laugh and grabbed myself a glass of water," I am sure that your friend there was convinced that he would be the one going home with a beautiful woman didn't he?" The most subtle blush began to grow on his cheeks and the water stuck in his throat before beating a bright full crimson. "Well, yes... and I can think of no one more beautiful this night.  He is certainly envious..."

I drank my water slowly as we chatted about various topics, the beach mostly.  I stood before him as he sat in the chair, I was leaning against the counter, keeping one arm on the counter as I watched his body every reaction; waiting for all of the anxiety to leave his body... He needed to feel safe about getting trapped in the room next door, no point in needlessly scareing the boy just yet.

There it was laughter and that sense of calm in his frame, he leaned back on the barstool in the kitchen now.  The deep green in his eyes began to sparkle, I set down my glass and spoke in soft firm tone, "Put your glass away and take off your jacket, shirt, sock and shoes.  Fold them and place them on the couch and come with me".  I didn't wait, I knew he would be scrambling out there, fumbling with the ties of his shoes folding the jacket and following the sway of my hips as I disappeared into the other room.  

The light was low, only a few candles lit before he entered the doorway, The shadow cast a long near romantic glow to the room.  One white candle offered him the sight of what lay on the table the long strands of black rope, one of which rested in my hand.  I had taken off my heels.  And only the faintest sounds of my bare toes called over the wooden flooring as I  apporached him silently.  My eyes ravaged his body," Are you ready for what I have planned for you?" I let my hand run over his chest  flicking a button open here and there, keeping my eyes on his.  I am sure at this point he could see what I had planned behind them.  And it almost took me oofguard when he swallowed and whispered back, " Yes Miss I will do what you ask of me". 

"Good boy, slide onto your knees but don't sit back on your heels." I watched as he crouched on the floor, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights, trying to be hidden behind some screen of masculinity.  This was going to be a delicious evening.  The black rope slide over his wrist, double over and back a few times, before I secured the ends and let the extra rope hang.  I began to hum softly as I worked on his wrists and then his ankles, I brushed against him every so often, spoke softly to him.  

I stood back, as the rope gauntlets had been fastened together behind his back and he now stood in the doorway, his ankles attached to eyelets at the base.  He looked so angelic in the light from the kitchen behind him, from the sight of his pants he was rather enjoying his treatment, now caught up in my web truely, I smiled and ran my hands down his chest. "How does it feel angel, to know I have you secure, and held tight just how I want you..."

He leaned forward trying to get close find a way to touch me, I could see it in his eyes, he was hungry...  so I gave him a little taste.  A mischevious grin flashed over my lips as I reached down and unzipped his pants not taking my eyes from his.  "You are going to love what I have planned for you... " 

"Yes Miss... "

The Burrow - Anonymous

My Mistress woke her sleeping pet
Burrowed deep in her own dormant heart and body
To the dawn of her Mistress's voice,  body , touch

Her Mistress breathed life into her pet's mouth, her mouth
Her Mistress urged, massaged and commanded woman back into her pet's body, her body
Her Mistress bound the present into her pet's mind, her mind

Her Mistress's pet kneels ready serve her Mistress 
Mouth, body, mind open to receive her Mistress
Leaving fear in the dark, empty burrow

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Ordeal - Anonymous

Days had passed since that stormy night, and he carried about his duties one by one, each in exacting form and execution, perfectly for them.  Mistress and her Protégé were all he lived for, rising early to prepare breakfast, staying up late to make sure everything was in its place before retiring to his cell,  in which his Mistress had given him a satin cushion and blanket as a reward for his service.  Day after day the routine came and went, until one evening, he was summoned to his Mistress’s study.   

Walking up the long hall he could hear voices from behind the oaken door, laughing and talking as he approached.  Knocking gently, he knelt and waited for the door to open.
“Come in.” The Mistress commanded.  

Opening the door, he crawled to the front of her desk and knelt, eyes down, the smell of her Protégés cigarette filling the room.  Footsteps moved from the back of the large desk to the couch that sat near the fireplace. 

“Over here.” She pointed, snapping her fingers.  Crawling without delay, moving deftly across the room stopping a mere foot away from my Mistress and her girl.  Dressed in leather and silk, the very vision of a Dominatrix filled his eyes.  Her girl took a long drag from her holder, the tendrils of smoke wafted above her head, curling around her face as she smiled.  “We have come to a decision about you boy.” She seldom used his name anymore, as he was a mere possession, nothing more. “You will tell us everything you want to try, do and experience, and we will give it to you, for one night.  If you survive, you will have a permanent place here as my Protégé’s plaything.  Mind you she has a wicked sense of humor, and will just as likely flog you within an inch of your life, than please that little male…”she paused, taking a drink from her wine goblet. “Thing.   If you fail, if you cum before you are allowed, if you displease us in any way, I will cast you out, as you are, never to return.”
Never to return, the words hit like nails.  He had grown to love his Mistress and her girl, the playful way she would tease him, the hours spent holding her ashtray, the times he went out with his Mistress, collared and leashed, so proud to be hers.  Was it worth one night of pleasure, one night of every fantasy rolled into one, and what would they use, how would they pick.  Worry spread across his face as the pair looked on.

“See Mistress, he’s pissing his pants already.” Laughing, pointing at the man before her.  Taking another drag, she sent a cloud of silver bliss in his direction.  “I knew if you did this, he would turn pussy and run.” The Protégé got up and walked across the room stubbing her cigarette out in the crystal ashtray.  Pouring a glass of wine, she put it to her lips and drank.  “Might as well send his ass home now.”

Motioning for her girl to be silent, she raised her hand and looked at the boy.  Collared, nude, and kneeling, he was as dutiful and as proficient as she had seen. 
“So, boy.  What will it be?  This is a one time offer.  And your time to accept is quickly running out.”

Looking at his Mistress, the thoughts colliding in his head, what if this, what if that.  

“Tick tock tick tock…”


“Yes what?”

The boy looked around at her girl, smiling broadly, lighting another cigarette.

“Yes Mistress, I will take the challenge.  One night.”

Smiling broadly, Mistress rose from her sofa and walked over to him, caressing his hair and his cheek.

“Then prepare yourself boy…for a night you will never forget.  Or you may wish to…”

It would have been easier to tell her what he didn’t want, than what he did.   The list, long and expansive, but complete.  He looked it over one by one, removing an item here and there.  One night, he thought, they couldn’t possible do it all in one night, or could they?  So many pleasures, and could he perform as they commanded.  It had been many days since he had be ordered into chastity, and the mere sight of the Protégé’s cigarette made him exited.  Watching his Mistress and he girl play, the absolute passion, the lust that rose within him, never to be revealed.  Putting the final touches on the list, he slid it into the envelope and placed it where he was commanded to.  Returning to his cell, having made sure all was well, he fell fast asleep.

Dominion Mistress Confession - Anonymous

I am a Mistress that frequents the Dominion. There are a lot of hot, beautiful boys that come to the circle daily. I have collared a couple of them, but very few ever seem like a good fit for very long. Last week, an ex-boy of a close friend came up to me after one of the events and asked if I would be so kind as to let him massage my feet. We started chatting, and despite myself I grabbed and kissed him and started to play with him. He wasn't at all shy, and caught onto my game fast.  So I took him home where one thing led to another, and he was brought to edge time and time again until he was begging with the need for release. It was killing me to deny him, but I had to.  Had to play it out.  This boy was wonderful, I could imagine slapping a collar on him faster than anything, but instead just told him I was done with him that he could go home. Today he IM’d me and said that he was looking forward to the next time he could massage my feet. So am I, though I’ll play it cool.  God...  if he knew how hot he really made me...  What on earth am I going to tell my girlfriend?  She released him, but still he was hers.

Never More Scared - Anonymous

Last year I decided to explore a bit with a profession mistress in the area.  I hadn't been to her before, but had researched her on the web and it seemed that some of our likes/focus's were compatible.  So I took the plunge and contacted her, first by email, then phone and then in person.

We met in a rental dungeon down in Los Angeles, a loft conversion, and she met me in a black jeans, and a black button down tucked in fitted shirt.  

Shorter than me, a redhead with intense eyes and a strong presence (no surprise).

My fetish is latex, and the scene proceeded with latex in mind.  The dungeon room we were in had a padded table, suspension rig, and accoutrements all around the room.

I had told the mistress that I was tempted by the idea of breath play, not dangerous but roleplaying emphasis.  She dove into the idea and seemed very excited about it.

The scene started where I was caught trying on latex and mistress catches me.  She was wearing a tight red latex skirt down to her knees, and a black latex top dipping down to show her cleavage, everything outlined and my eyes could not stay away from looking at her (rubber being my weakness)

She held me next to her telling me that I would pay for getting into her latex and pushing her rubber curves against me, my hands slid up and felt her hips and she laughed then said "You will pay for that slave..."

I was stripped of everything but my rubber briefs and shirt, then the mistress proceeded to bind me in heavy nylon ropes, heavy chest harness, around my hips, through my legs, wrists and ankles pulled behind me so I was laying on the bondage table chest down, hard knot of rope under me, pressing in a bit too hard, as she laughed and trailed her hands along my bound rubberized form.

"NOW slave, you will learn not to try on my latex"

Hooking a hoist to the rope harness between my wrists and ankles she laughed and triggered it, and I was suddenly spinning around over the padded leather black table, the ropes tightening into my rubber, my muscles, my skin.

It was intense, I had never been suspended before, and I am a big guy, 6ft, 200lbs... my breathing came in pants and I watched the mistress every time I swung in her direction.

She walked around me and held up a gas mask, black, a british model and laughed "You'll regret what you asked for slave" and she tugged it over my face and snugged the straps tight around the back of my head until the mask was snug.

I admit between the ropes, the chest harness not digging in, painful, suspended above the ground, the rubber gasmask that had been a source of erotic focus before now seemed to constrict my breathing even more, as the lenses fogged I watched the mistress trying to stay calm as she held up her latex gloved hand.

"Let's see if it has a good seal, hmmm?" and with that she pressed her latex covered palm over the breathing port of the mask and watched me laughing.

The mask clamped down on my face as I tried to draw in fresh air and I grunted panick rising more as the feeling of lack of oxygen took hold on a low low level with me.

She released the port after what seemed like an eternity, and I gasped in air and looked at her with wild eyes.

"Did you like that slave?  Will you try on my latex without my permission again?" I shook my head and said "no mistress no"

She laughed and clamped her gloved hand over the port again and I moaned as my air was cut off.

At this point, I was completely helpless, panicked, and this being my first session with the mistress, I did not know what to expect in the way of mercy.

After toying with my air for longer and longer, with my body jerking in the suspension ropes, ankles wrists tight together and powerless she stopped and shook her head walking away.

I then felt her touch the zipper to my rubber briefs and felt cool air on my cock and balls as they fell down, the suspension's cruel arch of my body causing them to spill down.

She laugh and slapped my cock, and then showed me something I didn't recognize.  Shiny chrome, with a black handle, it looked like a fly swatter almost, and had an electrical cord running from it's base.

"Let's see how this focus's you slave" and her mouth twisted in a cruel smile and she held it against my balls.  SNAP, SNAP I jerked and the suspension I was in spun me around as she laughed and spun me back "Did you like that, a little electricity on your balls slave?"

Again and again she zapped my balls and I groaned but didn't call out for mercy.  Pain being something I could handle more than the panick of not being able to breath.

She leaned close and said "I want someone else to see you, and my suspension, do you mind slave?" and I shook my head "No mistress if it pleases you mistress" I said in a subdued voice.

She left me alone and I spun slowly in the candlelit dungeon, spinning over the black leather bench, my balls and cock pointing down, the rest of my body arched and straining against the ropes, my face caught in the tight intimate grip of the rubber gasmask.

"Don't you think he looks cute?"

I heard her voice but was unable to see the mistress, and whoever she had brought in to see me displayed naked.

"He won't cry out, do you want to see?" and I heard another woman's voice say "yes of course" in a amused tone.

The mistress walked in front of me and reached under and grabbed my balls roughly pulling them down farther, and then started to shock me with the chrome wicked electrical wand.

I jerked and panted, not panicked but retreating into some other place.

"How much do you think he can take?" and I heard the other woman answer something back, then the shocks started to come on the tip of my dick, painful sharp repeated SNAP SNAP SNAPPPP
and I finally cried out, the pain breaking through my other space and I jerked and moaned in the ropes.

"THERE! better slave" and the mistress patted my side and I spun groaning in the dark candlelit dungeon.

Then she laughed and grabbed my head in both hands and closed off my air... "You're not done yet, slave not by a long shot..." and I began to be afraid.  And as she held my air away from me, longer and longer and I felt like I was trapped and jerking against the ropes panick rising a hot wave uncontrolled as she leaned close and stared into my eyes intensely smiling happy at my panick,

I had never been more scared in my life..

Whitey Tighties and The Beginning - Ravanys Lavendel

It was the winter of my junior year of high school, and my friend and I had decided we wanted some holiday money.  So, we applied to work as seasonal help at the major department store, JC Penney.  She ended up working in Women's Clothing, and I was assigned to the credit and catalogue desk to help there and also with giftwrapping, since I had skill in that area.  

I was tall, 5'8”, with long, dark brunette hair, big, dark-brown eyes, and a winning smile, a helpful attitude, and I did very well in the department I was assigned to.  I enjoyed helping customers find what they needed in their searching in the catalogues, phoning in their orders, ringing up the deliveries that would come, and wrapping their gifts.  It gave me a very grown-up feeling, even though I was a teenager, being able to work diligently with other adults, garnering a paycheck, and learning about professionalism in the real world.  

One of the best things about working in the catalogue department was talking to people intimately about the things they needed. I really got a sense of other peoples' lives, a little inside look at their common, every-day, sometimes very intimate behaviors and routines.  I didn't understand at the time why my heart beat a little faster, why I hung on their every word.. when they would tell me about what bedding they needed, what underclothes they wore... but I do now.

He was tall, in his late 30s, early 40s, and well dressed.  He had a dark tan, black hair, striking blue eyes, and a professional haircut.  His cologne was amazing.  I could tell he was well built beneath the sport coat he wore, the way his body moved as he walked up to the counter, but the surety in his demeanor, in the way he moved seemed to erode little by little as we began to converse.  

“Ma'am,” he says, his face flushing just a little bit...  I know he didn't know how young I was.  The brightness in my eyes, maturity in my expressions... the way I dressed and appeared belied my youth.  He was instantly attracted, and I could tell.  It was all over his face.  I had seen the expression enough times in the boys I went to school with to know.  I had him... easily.

He had his thumb stuck in the pages of the catalogue and was scratching the back of his neck.  He was definitely uncomfortable, and I was soaking in every drop of his unease.  I leaned forward, giving him a sure look, “Can I help you?”  I asked.  

He replied, with his southern drawl, “Yes, Ma'am, maybe you can... I need to figure out the sizing on this... my wife isn't here... she usually does all this.”  I knew already he was married by the beautiful, gold ring on his hand.  I nodded, my eyes not leaving his, my lips curling into a smile and said, “Of course.  Well, for just a little bit, I'll step into her shoes and hopefully get you to the right place.”  I grinned, taking the book from him, our bodies closer.  You know, sometimes when you meet a stranger, there is an electricity, a palpable buzz between two bodies, and you both know that the other's heart is beating a hundred miles a minute.  I know mine was.  I could tell his was.  

He let the book fall open to pages of men almost naked, save for their boxer briefs.  His face instantly, terriby reddened, and I looked at him straight in the eyes, and then back down.  He was embarassed!  How delicious.  I nodded and then said, “So you need sizing.”  I looked down at his ass just a moment and then back up, “You're a... say.... 34?  32 waist?”  

He cleared his throat and nods, “32, yes, Ma'am.”  I tilted my head and turned the next page over.  I knew what was on the next page, of course.  I had looked at these pages many times as the hours grew long for distraction.  I had decided I loved the look of the white, tight underwear I saw on the men.  I could see very clearly their bulge beneath the underwear.  I imagined stroking them over top of the fabric, teasing them until they could no longer hold that nice, striking magazine pose.  I fantasized about being the director in those photos.  About telling them how to flex their ass muscles that I could see so clearly because of the lines of the underwear, and how very white and revealing it was.  I also liked them because I could tell the new trend was to wear boxer briefs.  Everyone was buying boxer briefs.  I always liked to go against the grain, so to speak, and the thought of making a man wear different underwear to please me made me so aroused – even as a teenager.  

The boys were constantly wearing boxers at school with their pants hanging just a bit below.  I could see them.  It repulsed me, their flaunting.  Their open sexuality, trying to get girls' attention, bragging on how great they were.  I wanted to make all of them switch for me.  Hide that arrogant attitude and admit they were powerless.  And here was a grown man, still wearing boxers.  Oh, he should change, I thought.  Never... too late to change.

I turned the page, and I could see the fine tremor of my fingers as I did, “Had you considered these?”  I asked.  I just let the words hang in the air, not giving a reason for them.  Not trying to qualify my question.  I just waited for his reaction.

He quirked a brow and looked at me, “Oh, no, I wear boxers,” he said.

I smiled, nodded my head, “Yes... you said that, sir.”  I turned the page back again, “But... “ and I looked back up at him, “Had you considered these?”

He chuckled and jokingly said, “Well, Ma'am, they are a little cheaper.”

I smiled, and he could see in my eyes that I was excited, and I could tell by the way he shifted that he was definitely responding to it.  The thought of him wearing the underwear that I had chosen... even though he typically wore something else... it made me so aroused, so wet.  I could feel my panties getting wet, my thighs rubbing together beneath my pantyhose.  I could feel my skin warming, my body responding as the idea kept repeating itself over to me.  

I looked down purposely at his crotch and then back up to him... a gesture that was risky, but I was already sure.  “I think you'd do well in these, really.”  And his smile faded.  He took a deep breath and sat the catalogue down and said, “I'll do that then, Ma'am,” and grabbed his wallet.  When he handed me his credit card, his hand lingered on mine, and it was the most powerful top space I think I'd ever been in, in my life.  That first time.  

From that day on, I never looked back.  It was always a quest for more control.  I have always struggled with embracing different aspects of my dominance, what is right to me, what feels natural, what must be, and what I can tolerate.  But it all began here, and I did.  I embraced it, loved it, and now I live it joyfully every day.  

Can't Stop Myself - Anonymous

I can't stop myself.

I arrived on time, two weeks in a row, and listened to her voice as she read the Confessions out loud.  She doesn't know it, but I used her voice to fantasize and stroke my pitifully little cock to orgasm every time.  I haven't been the last two times because I feel so guilty.  

I have thought about just telling her, just getting it out in the open, but I'm afraid she will tell everyone what a dirty slut I am and get very upset with me.  

Note from Ravanys, who received the confession from an anonymous account, after reading this particular confession aloud:  What I'd like to say at the end of this is...  Yes.  You are a dirty slut.  And if I find out who you are, you little horny boy, I'm going to unleash my displeasure upon you for using my voice to cum without my permission.  I'm going to inflict physical pain and humiliation upon you until I feel I've received the compensation I'm due for your indiscretions until you're completely absolved from these terrible deeds.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Confession - Anonymous

Being Dominant is a complex thing, and manifests itself in many different ways, even in the same person.  Sometimes I feel the need for mental control, other times it is purely physical, wanting to 'handle' or discipline.  And on other occassions, it is purely sexual, purely sensual.  

There is nothing more erotic for me than traditional role reversal while making love, especially after a session of physical discipline when my boy is particularly passive and soft.  That's when I am feeling tender, when I want to lay my boy down.  I want to place my hands on his thighs and to spread them open for me.  Lay the  weight of my body on his,  and have my hand reach between his legs and pet him, my mouth against his ear, telling him to beg me to come inside him.   I love how soft he is, how sweet, how submissive.  There is no greater pleasure for me than to put my hands on his hips, and place my cock firmly against him, and slide inside, slowly, watching his eyes as he opens himself to me.  Making love to him, my boy.  This sweetness, his softness is intoxicating.  Nothing in the world is better than this.