Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Lust Him - Anonymous

I'm at The Dominion. Chatting to Ladies and subs, relaxed but expectant. The familiar box appears in the bottom right corner. He has logged on.

My heart beat quickens, my stomach flips:  My boy is here. My gorgeous, sexy, funny, clever, horny little slut is here to worship at my feet.

He arrives and scurries over. I grab his leash. He greets me in his usual fashion. I am smiling at my computer. I am smiling at him. My own, MINE. I am proud of him. He gives me my power, he brings out all the best that is within me. He fires me up. He excites me. He makes me feel like a Goddess. 

I want to deovur him, consume him. Possess his very core. I want to claw at him, bite him, grasp him, tease him and torment him. I love to hear him cry, beg, and whimper. And moan, oh how I love his moans, his desperate, animalistic grunts and gasps. 

His presences makes me wet. My sex throbs just having him at my feet.

I want to know him inside and out, I want him. I WILL have him.

I am the ying to his yang, the control to his yielding. His submission empowers me. He completes me.

I lust him. 

It is beautiful.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Discoman and Panzerboy V - Eroyan Barmy

“Water Works”

It hadn’t taken us long to get from the latest scene of Garlak’s mayhem back to the Pet-Retreat to link up with Cockbeater and Lady T.  As our Lady T listened in on our conversations through the hologram that floated over the small pedestal in Cockbeaters lab, we paid attention  to what he had to say about this new drug we found that Garlak and his brother were making. Only moments before they had disappeared in an impressive display of pyrotechnics through the middle of Mistress Plaza after a chase that had involved half of The City of Dominion’s police force and us in hot pursuit along with their truckload of the S.I.D. as Cockbeater had dubbed it. S.I.D. was the submissive inducing drug we were learning about in the lab hoping that after all the talk about how it was made and its composition we might find out if there was any way to fight it and its effects it had on people.

“So basically it’s like ecstasy and acid rolled into one.” Cockbeater said.

“That doesn’t sound that bad.” I replied.

“If that was all it was Disco you would be right.” Lady T’s musical voice purred from the hologram. “Tell them the rest Cockbeater.”

“Yes Mistress, You see Disco it makes you feel really good and very open to suggestion. I was wondering how Garlak planned to take control without being present when all the women that might be affected by it came under its influence. Then I found the reason.”

“Well what is the reason Cockbeater?” Panzer asked him.

“There is a chemical encoding in the drug… something that’s piggy backing the drug while it gets induced into the victim bloodstream. I’m not sure exactly how they made it up but it seems that whatever it is gives a basic set of orders to the person. Making them either just obey one person or follow a set of directions to get them to the place where this person might be. Either way the long and short of it is anyone under this drug will obey without question the one giving the orders.”

“Great so we have to worry about Lady Evangeline now. Cause from what we heard Garlak has given her some of this drug and she might not be so eager to escape next time we run across her. Is there any way to combat it Cockbeater?”

“The drug itself can’t be fought you will have to let them come down from their feel good trip on their own. But the chemical that’s piggy backing it has to communicate with each other to work right. It has to talk to other components, according to my findings it sticks together but looks non-threatening to the body.”

“Cockbeater lets say I don’t know anything about chemical composition or how the body defends itself. You want to tell me if it can be fought or not”

“You never studied Disco.” Cockbeater replied. “Now don’t laugh but from what I gathered the best way, is to use aspirin.”

“Aspirin?” Lady T repeated from the hologram.

“Yes Mistress, It should thin the blood enough to make the chemical have to over extend to talk to each other. And should trip off the body’s defenses and let the white blood cells attack it and destroy it.”

“Alright and I take it you have something already prepared for my good boys to use Cockbeater?” 

God I always loved when she called us her good boys. Sent shivers of pleasure down my spine I’m sure it went down Panzer as well from his grin.

“Yes Mistress, Besides small bottles of regular aspirin I also have some hypo-sprays set up with a few charges in them in case they need to do it on the fly….umm Mistress am I a good boy too?” Cockbeater tentatively asked.

Lady T’s laughter sent thrills down all our spines and you could see her dark shape of that lovely outline in the hologram move with mirth. Her long hair flowed as she shook her head.

“Yes Cockbeater you’re a good boy too.” She purred.

“Thank you Mistress!” Cockbeater skipped about and handed us our new toys.

“Disco and Panzer.” Lady T’s form looked at us.

“Yes Mistress?” We both said in unison.

“You two take your new toys and head back to the Plaza. Follow that tunnel you found and see if you can find out what happened to Garlak and his brother. More importantly if you find that drug destroy it.”

“Yes Mistress”

“Good, I have spoken to Lady Pamela and she has the known exits to the sewers covered with members of her force. She knows you will be going in, but try not to rile anyone up. They are all a little jumpy. Things are getting confusing on the streets in some of the bad areas and we don’t need to be getting mistaken for trouble makers. Alright go boys.”

“Yes Mistress” And both Panzer and I moved to the bay were The Lady was parked to head back to Mistress Plaza and down into the tunnels.

We nodded to Cockbeater who told us good luck as he moved to track and keep an eye on things from his consoles as best as he could while the image of our Lady T wavered a little and then blinked off. We slipped into The Lady and headed to Mistress Plaza. It was a rather uneventful ride besides we heard on the radio that Lady Marla Key had won the election to the City of Dominion senate from the south side. She was a strong Lady and it was good to see the south side finally putting someone in their spot that could handle that tough area. But we didn’t have time to speak about political matters for long as we pulled in next to the crater that Garlak had made with his explosives in the middle of Mistress Plaza.

Hopping out and putting on some protective waders which I must say didn’t match my suit at all we slipped on some headband flashlights and slid down Panzer’s rope into the dark tunnels of the sewers. 
Knowing the trail would be cold, we could only hope that we would find where they went or at least if we were lucky, locate where they had taken the drug to store. We moved carefully along with Cockbeater’s directions from the maps he was looking at to finally make our way down the most likely path that Garlak had taken out of the sewers. As we continued we began to notice more and more items that seemed out of place. A track in the middle of the sewer that shouldn’t have been there tipped us off to our first big clue. Following that we found a tunnel that wasn’t on the maps. Branching away from the main tunnel we continued to follow the tracks deeper into the unknown. Always being mindful of ambush or traps for they had to know eventually someone would come looking for them.

Finally we came to a round chamber what had to be hundreds of feet below Dominion. There were several caves and freshly dug tunnels off of this chamber. It was also where the tracks stopped. I don’t know if it was the fact that someone had the time to dig all of this without anyone finding out that surprised us or the fact that it was empty. Completely and absolutely empty not even an attempt at a welcoming party for us.

“Well dang I would have thought that we would have at least got to beat someone’s head in Disco”

“Yea it is defiantly weird Panzer. Go to all this trouble to get away and know you’re going to be followed and then leave nothing to slow anyone down. “

Lifting my communication medallion I spoke to Cockbeater. “Beater can you read me?”

“Yea it’s a little weak Disco but I can pick you up.”

“We are in a large dug chamber with other caves and tunnels off of it what can you tell us?”

“One moment.”

We waited a few moments and scanned the area for clues to the whereabouts of Garlak and the drug. Too bad he didn’t leave a few of his Gorean Guard around to ask. 

“Disco, if you can read me, it looks like you’re in part of the glittering caverns. But no one had any idea that the caverns caves and tunnels extended that far under the city. From my scans the tunnel you came down of course returns to the sewers. The tunnel to your left leads to the caverns itself. While the tunnel on your right leads towards the river. If I had to guess it seems likely that Garlak moved the drugs out into the glittering caverns. They could be well outside the City by now with that stuff.”

“That’s wonderful news Cockbeater.” I said adding as much sarcasm as possible.

“Hey, not my job to make the answers happy, just my job to answer them.”

“Right, have some of the Dominion Police check out the caves and the locals if they saw anything. Panzer and I will follow it from here and hopefully get lucky.”

“Okay watch your back. Cockbeater out.”

Nodding to Panzer we began to move towards the left tunnel when the sound of metal on stone caught our attention from the tunnel on the right. We both dropped behind an empty rail cart and peeked into the darkness.

“What do you think Disco?”

“We’ll I hate to chase noises in the dark but we need to make sure nothings down here before we move on.”

Panzer nodding crept forward from spot to spot as I covered him. Reaching the right tunnel he motioned me to him and covered me as I sprinted to him. Slowly we worked down the dark tunnel listening and moving carefully. Switching off our flashlights on our head straps I flicked on my night vision as did Panzer. So far it was eerily quiet and empty as we moved down the tunnel.  Even with our night vision on the tunnel only illuminated enough to let us see a few feet further than with our flashlights. The good thing was we didn’t let everyone know we were coming.

After a few minutes of walking we saw that the tunnel was getting narrow and not as tall as it was. We must be coming to the end. That was when Panzer grabbed me and pulled me to the side against the wall. Pointing I edged out slowly and looked. The end was in sight and laying there on the floor were bodies. Counting quickly I could make out at least four and they looked like they were some of the Gorean Guard. We waited for a few moments before slowly and stealthy moving out from cover to cover till we could check them out better. Getting close it was Gorean Guard and there were about eight of them down here. All of them were dead from what looked to knife wounds. This must have been the welcoming party we expected, but who had taken them out and why. Just as I turned to Panzer to get his thoughts, I saw him.

“Panzer look out!”

Panzer turned just as I shouted and brought up his gun. Out of the shadows leapt this man that moved like lighting. From what I could see I thought the carnival has to be in town. He was dressed in a fluffy shirt with form fitting leggings and high leather boots. About him was a tunic with some sort of cross pattern on it and a large floppy hat with a ridiculously large feather stuck in it. Panzer got a shot off but it went wide just as the man… this musketeer… sliced Panzer’s gun in two.  I shielded my eyes from the flash but Panzer caught the brunt of it. The night vision goggles making the sputter and short from his gun seem tenfold. He dropped to his knees in pain was he was blinded by it. Then he came after me. I only had time to bring up my cane to block his rapier as he tried to run me through.

“Dastardly blaggards! I’ll teach you!” He yelled at me.

Before I could even get out what the hell he was talking about I was in the fight of my life. His rapier and my cane clanging together in the dark as we fought with thrust and riposte and swings and misses. I did my best to keep him on me and to hold my own against him. Than to let him turn his attention back to Panzer and try to finish him off. It was only after about the third parry of his thrust that I realized this guy didn’t have on any goggles somehow in complete darkness he knew where I was.

“Who the hell are you?” I was finally able to shout out as I swing with my cane and was blocked yet again.

Laughing like an old Errol Flynn movie he locked blades with me then shoved me a few feet back. Staggering I regained my balance and saw him doff his hat with a flourish and salute me with his blade.

“Why I’m the Gentleman Caller. And as much as I would love to stay and chat I’m afraid it’s time to go before more of your fellow ruffians show up. I do thank your leader for leaving the surprise for me but I don’t think he meant for it to be used this way”

 He pulled something from his belt and it was then it dawned on me that even though he could tell where we were in the dark. He couldn’t tell who we were. This guy thought we were Gorean Guard.

“Wait we’re not…” I never got to finish the sentence cause at that moment he pushed the button on top of the tube he pulled out and we found out what Garlak really had planned for us. 

The Wall behind him erupted in an explosion and water from the river poured into the tunnel sweeping Panzer and me off our feet and rushing down the tunnel like a wild amusement park ride.

“What the hell!” Panzer shouted as we raced back down the tunnel and into the large chamber which began filling up fast with churning water from the river.

“Just hang on Panzer!” Grabbing his hand and gripping the stone wall as best as I could as I finally found a handhold on the wall.

Straining, I got Panzer next to me and holding onto the wall as the water tore at us to drag us into the sucking middle of it as it filled the chamber. I just hoped we both had the strength to hold on till it equalized and we could swim out. That is if it ever would calm down. 

“Do I even want to know Disco?”

“No and now is not a good time for explanations!”

Pulling ourselves along we had to dodge chunks of rock shaken loose by the rushing water till we finally managed to pull ourselves up on a small shelf of rock above the water.

“This isn’t going to last long Disco. That water is still rising.”

“I know. There is a tunnel across the chamber but it’s still a good ten feet above the water and without your grapple gun we will just have to chance the swim till it gets close to jump inside. How are your eyes?”

“I’m okay, let’s get ready, the waters almost to us.”

That’s when the most unexpected thing happened.  With a crack and thunk an arrow hit the wall next to us with a rope attached. The other end came out of the tunnel we were hoping for. I looked at Panzer a moment then pushed him toward it.

“What if it’s a trap?” Panzer shouted over the roar of water.

“Then we will deal with it if it is. Now get going brother!”

The rope held as we quickly scrambled along it to the tunnel. Panzer just got inside as the water tore loose the arrow and I had to hang on tight as I was slammed against the wall. The air knocked out of me I tried to breathe and got a mouthful of water. I felt my grip slacken and scrambled to get a hold on the rope again before the water torn me away. Then I felt Panzer grab my hand and jerk me into the tunnel.

Coughing and panting I slapped Panzer on the shoulder. “Thanks Panzer.”

From further off to my right I head Panzer say. “Umm Disco….”

Looking up I saw that the person who saved me wasn’t Panzer it was that crazy musketeer.

“Terribly sorry about all that gents I thought you were some of those Gorean boys.”
“Who the hell are you?”

“As I said I’m The Gentleman Caller. No time for small talk now. That water will be up to this tunnel in no time. There is an exit at the far end of it. Hurry along now.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“Up… and I’ll probably see you around soon. After all were both trying to save Lady Evangeline aren’t we?”

With that he grabbed another rope and swung out over the raging water exactly like an old Errol Flynn pirate movie.

“What do you know about Lady Eva?” I shouted as he climbed up the rope swinging his feathered hat with a flourish again before disappearing into a hole at the top.

Panzer grabbed my shoulder. “We can worry about him later, lets go Disco now.”

So we ran and kept running even as we heard the water chase us down the tunnel. But this one went up and this time the water couldn’t catch us. Coming out into the sunlight we stopped and rested by the entrance as we let out clothes dry and caught our breaths.

“Now we got musketeers running around Panzer.”

“Well the more the merrier Disco. What do we do now?”

“We need to get The Lady and link up with Cockbeater. The one good thing is this water will tell us were all the exits are.”

“Where the hell are we Disco?”

“I don’t know… Cockbeater do you read?”

“Loud and clear Disco.” Cockbeater said over the medallion. “Holy Crap!”

“What Cockbeater?” I asked him hurriedly a little shocked at his outburst.

“According to my tracker you guys are about three miles out of town. How did ya’ll get out there?”

“Don’t ask…oh and Cockbeater?”

“Yea Disco?”

“Send a cab.”

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Suppertime - Anonymous

Like petals of a flower
no like a true work of art

Making its own dew 
as a small whole of a larger part

pleasure can not be had without it
nor can there be life

causing the owner both pleasure abounding
but also causing Her much strife

A fleshie mound does surround
to protect or maybe 
to show

the depths of her happiness
when pleasure begins
to sew

Kiss along the field of red
or blonde, or brown,
or black

place your fingers along the globes
that come together to form 
a crack

run your fingers up and down
but gently as your mouth 
does press

whisper into the petals of dew
things you'd like to confess

but please don't cease tell it 
what you wouldn't your priest 
as the petals you should kiss

slowly and with much passion oh.....
the taste you can not dismiss

There's something to be said my friend
about the smells that you now find

From the tips of Her pleasure 
to the crack of Her behind

let it permiate your nose my friend
let it get deeper and deeper within

Let it help you find nirvana
or a close and pleasurable second

oh i may seem crazy but please don't argue
let us find a truce

To agree upon the lovely nectar within 
we're all addicted to it's juice

To get it men and women alike have 
destroyed and conquered and lied

to drink from this lovely fruit 
to have what is inside

But that's as far as i'll go and that's the most i'll say
about the part of the lovely gender
whose powers allow them to get their way

For if you do it right my friend
you'll know instantly by Her sounds

and you'll know by the waves my friend
what a lovely way to drown

Pleasing His Mistress - metta1 Waco

Good morning.........

.....sweet boy :0)
How is my boy today? :0)
I trust you are well and deadlines are not too exhausting. 
How was your morning run? I always imagining you in the shower after a long run. MMmmmm.........wondering where the little soap bubbles found their way. The thought of you soaping up, watching the bubbles slowly slide down your arms, back,  and chest... Slowly sliding down your firm runners ass, MMmmm, what a wonderful thought to start my day. 
But, I don't think I would be standing there watching you for long. My desire would grow for you, and I would have to slowly slide my bathrobe off and slip into the shower with you. Feeling the hot spray hit my nipples......firming them up instantly. Is it  the water they react to...... or is it you? 
  Your eyes are closed because of the soap, yet you smile as you feel me slide in behind you. I glide my hand down your back....lubricated by the soap. I pretend for a moment I am a soap bubble as I trace the line it runs........down your spine and along the crease in your ass. I feel you clench your ass as my fingers runs all the way down your sensitive skin....tracing the line where your ass and the top of your legs meet. Over and over I caress you.........watching your back arch as your excitement builds. I whisper in your ear "need your back scrubbing baby?" You hand me the soap smiling, "yes, and not just my back." 
Grinning I take the soap and lather my palms. The soap glides on effortlessly. Starting at your shoulders, gently massaging your neck and working my way down. A moan escapes your lips as I sweep my soft soapy palms along your waist and across your hips. I press my body into yours and continue to "scrub you" with my body. I know you can feel my hard nipples caressing you. The sensation of your skin on my nipples quickens my breath and I gasp at the sensations running through my body. I feel my juices start to flow as my desire and passion rise. I hear you inhale deeply as I slide my hands around your waist and down to your hardness. 
Reaching for the soap again, I lather and return to your aching shaft. I gently, but slowly... wash your swollen crown with one hand while the other hand is busy caressing and washing your balls. I feel them tighten under my touch. Your moaning is now making me more and more excited. You arch your back into me and gasp. The rhythm of my hand on your hard cock gets a little faster, and I watch you put your hands on the shower wall to steady yourself as I pleasure you more and more. 
I add a little more soap and hear you let out a loud moan as the extra slippery sensation hits your nervous system. Your cock swells more and more, and jumps wildly in my enclosed hand. 
Faster I move.....your muscles tighten in your back and arms as you feel yourself building. I release your balls and slide my hand to the crease in your ass......slowly I slide my hand between your cheeks. The muscles in your ass tighten around my hand as I slide the lubricated fingers up and all the way down to your balls. You spread your legs wider to allow me better access, and gasp as I caress the sensitive area around your anus. You are close.....very close. 
You start to moan and beg me to release you from your passion. I smile and decide you need to wait a little longer. "Please Mistress.... don't stop" you whisper breathlessly. "please.....don't stop." I hear the desperation in your voice. "Please....Ill do anything......just don't stop." 
"Are you my beautiful boy?" I whisper in your ear. "Yes" you respond. "Why should I let you cum boy?" "Because I am your boy......because it pleases you........because I would do anything right now.....anything........oh god" 
I remove my hands from your body and whisper in your ear "sshhhh.....just breath my beautiful boy........just listen to my voice." You inhale and exhale slowly....struggling to focus. "That's it........., just breath....., relax........, and listen to my voice. "Yes Mistress......yes" you whisper. 
Sensing your muscles relaxing, I return my hands back to your body. Your cock jumps in my hand and you throw your head back,  as a loud, low moan,  escapes your lips. Building the rhythm, your muscles tighten as you start to build again. 
"What does my boy want?" I whisper in your ear. "To please you my give you anything to please you." "And what is it that pleases me boy?" "To take your pleasure and delight in me......what ever way you choose Mistress." 
You swell harder and harder between my fingers. "OH GOD......please Mistress, I need to cum." I ignore your pleas and continue to slide my hand up and across your throbbing head. 
"PLEASE..............PLEASE..................I need to cum" you plead desperately. "PLEASE...........Ill do anything............ANYTHING................OH GOD...................PLEASE...................ANYTHING.  "And if I let you, will you scream my name out a the top of your lunges boy? "YES.........YES........PLEASE LET ME CUM." "Then give me your gift boy" I command into your ear.
"OH GOD!!!.................OOOHHH!!!!!..................GOD!!!!!!!" Like a raging torrent you explode in my hand. "MISTRESS ROXANA!!!!....................OOOHHHH!!!....................MISTRESS ROXANA!!!!" you scream out loud, not caring if the neighbors can hear you. Fountains of passion flow and coat my fingers. I continue to rub in rhythm with your contractions as more and more of your seed is released. "OH God....." you whimper as the last of your strength is spent. Your knees start to buckle as you get light headed from the effort and I put my arms around you to steady you. 
Grinning I lean forward, closer to your ear and say "anywhere else that needs washing boy?"

Lesson In Limits - Anonymous

a soft caress along my cheek
Her hair against my face and lips
Her eyes searching deep into mine
Her kisses like a silky fine wine

a smile graces her lovely mouth
a look of approval in Her eyes 
like nothing that happens will happen
as i'm guided by Her every passion

So much power but it doesn't appear so
everything is mutual right???quietly agreed
but suddenly my mouth is moving 
where i wouldn't have percieved

She turns over which i didn't expect
oh how her hair kisses the back of Her shouldes
how the line of Her sides and hips all meet
so shapely and curved for my eyes to greet

Her legs open slowly but that's not where i'm to go
Her hips wiggle just a little there's that look again
but this time it's joined with a smile
to allow Her a darker sin

it's so soft and yet firm to my touch
but i'm not to use my hands my face a blush
my lips move slowly along Her skin 
to kiss a place very few lips have been

She arches Her hips now my hands may move
parting the lovely firm globes Her passions approve
it doesn't smell so bitter asone would think
a mix of shampoo, soap, and Her skins rosey pink

i kiss along the walls 
where the firm globes kiss
the tiny hairs a welcome bliss
so feather soft is the touch of my mouth
avoiding going any further south

a moan escapes Her lovely lips
as She moves Her waiting hips
She has other plans my tongue's direction changes
asmy needs She rearranges

a willing puppet on Her strings
something within me gladly sings 
all without words justa look or stare
This almost isn't quite that fair

my lips go south till they can't any longer
they're met by no lips that can often pucker
my tongue is pulled from my mouth willingly i assure
but this is a place to kiss i didn't think to endure

hours go by and there's little left i haven't kissed
of this forbidden area that many would miss
so lovely and round so beautiful to see
but She did this as a reward to me

Knowing what i didn't a limit to push
another taboo is willingly crushed
not at all what i expected but how i adore
The suprises Feminine Dominance has in store

The Slave Auction - Anonymous

The Slave Auction

Boy Number 1:
He'll always be at your command, 
Never stays out late at bars.
Likes a gentle word a firm hand,
Yes... but does he take it up the arse?

Boy Number 2:
He has a new outlook on life,
Much experience and many scars.
Done with conflict, done with strife,
Yes... but does he take it up the arse?

Boy Number 3:
He's enjoys being in stocks,
Into heavy metal guitars.
For you he'd cut off his long flowing locks,
Yes... but does he take it up the arse?

Boy Number 4:
He's given up cigarettes,
Given up cigars,
Never cusses or takes bets,
Yes... but does he take it up the arse?

Lady Number 1:
She is a beautiful Lady and a wonderful friend,
We're happy to say She is ours,
An auction is always enjoyable when She attends,
And She always wants to know.... does he take it up the arse?


I saw the door .. 
I was in the right hotel (I checked for the hundredth time)
I knocked, my clothes were all in a small holdall by my side, and the blindfold covered my eyes - I could see nothing at all.
I continued to stroke my swollen, throbbing cock - and I had taken the viagra 3 hours ago, as instructed.
I heard the door open just a millimetre (thats not very far for the non- millimetre people)
it seemed like an hour, yet was probably only a minute ... and the door opened.
"come here"
I heard Her speak.   My heart skipped a beat.
I have a friend here tonight, but you will perform for me as you usually do, my slut.  Start stroking - I want to see you hard.
I was hard in an instant.  panting, I told Her so, knowing that Her friend was sitting at Her side.
"I want you to get to the edge" - I was becoming used to this, and I was there so very quickly.  My Miss was talking, I so wanted to call Her my Mistress :)
I was hard in an instant .. and instructed to get my fleshlight ready for use.  A little lube and I was ready.  
"Get ready to fuck, my pet".  I nodded, the evil toy was all ready to tease my throbbing cock, I had no escape.
"Now" - I needed no further instruction.  I inserted my manhood into the fleshlight, and found myself thrusting ... so very hard, so close to exploding ... 
fuck, pet. ... 
fuck - and get so close ... I'll count to three
ONE ...
TWO ...
pauses ...
should we let him ... tell him ...
two and a half ...
CUM pet
I emptied myself ... pumping, throbbing, writhing, SOOOOOOOO enjoying the cum that I had not expected.
Thank You Mistress
and Thank You Miss

Anonymous SL Bitch Session

Okay...this isn't your normal confession.  It's more of a bitchession.  I am going to complain.  The top 5 things annoy me about people in SL:

1.  People who leave their mics open.  TURN OFF YOUR MIC!  No one wants to hear you eat, breathe, or verbalize every thought that enters your head.  No one is THAT interesting.

2.  People that don't tip DJs and live performers.  Even if you can only afford 10 lindens, if you are going to enjoy the music you should tip something.  The artist will appreciate the sentiment.  Guaranteed.

3.  People who devote their whole profile talking about how smart and wonderful they are.  You may as well put 'insecure'.  Same thing.

4.  Boys who don't get the concept of submission and service.  Kinky sex and D/s are not one and the same.  

5.  People who have nothing to contribute yet complain things are 'boring'.  Want to have fun somewhere?  Make some fun.  Everyone is responsible for their own good time.

Just in case you think I am a total's my top 5 favourite things:

1.  People who spend their time and energy helping others, be it total strangers or aquaintances.  I see it alot:  random acts of kindness.

2.  Boys who offer help to a Lady or another boy with no expectation of anything in return.

3.  People who can bring the fun, tell a great story, do something goofy, sing a song, help make a good time.

4.  People who have high standards and hold themselves to them first.  I see alot of that too.

5.  Women who love other women in a real spirit of sisterhood.

The Woman Behind The Machine - Anonymous

My Dear Sister Ravanys,

As you know, I am the woman behind the machine.

The lines on the back of my stockings go all the way from the top down to the bottom, and that is how I prefer everything in life to function.  The women in my family have controlled businesses and events throughout time in this part of America ever since Dorothy Hancock whispered her firm admonitions to her husband, John, during the birth of our great nation.  We have always preferred to remain hidden, our power  communicated and exercised through our husbands, our hired CEOs, legislators, and bank presidents.   To betray the secrecy of our legacy, Sister Ravanys, is unthinkable, unnecessary, and frankly unpatriotic, not to mention dangerous.  I am very, very satisfied being the woman behind the machine.  It is what I do.

Each morning, I wake to go over financial reports, be briefed on news from one of my personal assistants, and take a car to the office.  From there, I usually take a private jet to a round of meetings in whatever city it is I'm visiting.  Every week, I have a briefing with the Commerce Secretary in Washington, and my husband holds a seat on the New York Stock Exchange where he dutifully caries out my wishes to the letter.  My circle of assistants, lovers, and friends is small, but none of them ever fails me.  It just isn't done, Ravanys.  Ever.

It was on one such trip that I met him... back in February, I believe.  And since then, things have been a bit more taxing for me.  Uncomfortable, even.  Of course, I could never tell anyone else this...  That's why I'm confessing to you, Ravanys.  I know we have an understanding, my dear.  I was flying out from New York a little further south, where I had a meeting set with the President of a company who had put in a request for more funding.  Very little gets by me, but when I am focused on one thing, I have tunnel vision, and so it was in the elevator that day, on the way to the 30th floor.  That's when I heard his voice. 

“Please watch your step, ma'am...” he said, his eyes fixed on mine, and he extended his hand.  His dark brown hair was a bit tousled, and he had a beard, a beautiful grin on his face, and brown eyes that sparkled with an intelligent, attractive soul behind them.  Uncharacteristic of me, I took his hand, thoughtfully looking at him, and walked inside.  His suit was finely tailored, but it was easy to see the graceful, muscular movements beneath the wool fabric.  “Thank you...”  I paused, hoping he would give his name.  And he did.  A glance to my assistant was all that was needed.  I would know everything about the man within a span of a few hours – his position, where he lived, what his favorite foods were, his financial history, what cologne he used, and anything else I wanted to know.  I had found something interesting, and I immediately wanted him.  

I may not have mentioned this just yet, Ravanys, but, like you, I always get what I want.

It turned out he was a mid-level manager, but brilliant... so much potential.  Research had showed that he'd systematically worked through many of the company's issues, and few had not noticed his efforts.  Discreet questioning had revealed what I knew – and I am never wrong – that he was a true gem.  I had handpicked nine CEOs in the last twelve years, groomed them all, and I know quality material when I... am escorted into an elevator by one, Ravanys.  Not only was he that kind of man... but he was even more.  When I began to investigate deeply, I discovered much more about him...  MUCH more.  I found a secret love of his to be controlled by powerful women.  You can't even imagine the way my lips curled up, the dizzying pleasure I felt when I read that he had a discreet love for Femdom.  Dorothy Hancock would be so proud.  He was simply ideal.  

I had been careful the last few months, getting regular updates on his progress through my assistant and his contacts in the company, waiting for the right time.  It may take months... it could take a few years, but I had already written the plan and was sure.  So you can imagine, Ravanys, my surprise when I heard he was leaving to go work for a competitor.  Over breakfast that morning, I wrestled with the idea of completely ceasing funding for his company, and just backing the other, but I decided it was time to finally show my hand to the President.  

“Hello, my dear, how are you?  Yes... Of course.  I hope I didn't catch you at a busy time... Well, thank you for taking this opportunity to discuss a sensitive issue with me.  There's a profile of a man in your employ that I have been looking over, and I am quite concerned.  I've just heard that he's going to be moving on with a different company.  My assistant is sending over the information now to you, if you could take a look.  Yes.. I can wait... Yes, that's him.  Yes... I think it's very important for him to stay on, and for you to do whatever it is necessary to keep him there.  Not too much preferential treatment, mind you... but I have a feeling about him.  Yes, whatever it takes.  Thank you, my dear... you've always been wonderful to work with.  Yes, I haven't forgotten, and I do appreciate you.  Thank you... Goodbye.”

The reason why I'm contacting you now, Ravanys, is because that one simple encounter in the elevator has invaded my dreams, my thoughts recently, my dear.  What should just be a simple matter of choosing yet another man for a position I need filled has become something more.  Every piece of information I learn about him draws me closer, and I am, every day, wanting to know more and more about his little world.  I've almost become embarrassed at the number of times in a week I ask Charles for any additional updates about the man's activities.  I even hired a private car to take me past his home just a few days ago... I can't even put my finger on why I'm so intrigued by him, but I've got to get a handle on this almost-obsession.  I know you understand, and you can be discreet, and perhaps bearing this burden up to you, my dear, will relieve me somewhat of the ache that I have to touch those fingertips again, and to meet those eyes, to wield my power over him, and consume him with my will.  

Until then, I will do whatever necessary to protect my identity.  I can never cross that line – there's just too much at stake.  But a small piece of advice from your lips would be appreciated my dear.  Thank you for hearing me.  

I am ever your friend.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Edge Fantasy - Hamilton Outlander

The naked boy is kneeling in the dungeon, alone, bored.  He took the little pill Mistress gave him over an hour ago.  He wonders what was in the pill, but doesn't dwell on it as his trust of Mistress is unwavering.  He looks around, examining himself, noticing the slightest arousal of his cock.  He thinks, "Hmm, that is unusual."  

Just then, Mistress shows up.  He looks up expectantly as she enters the dungeon.  She walks around Her boy, inspecting him.  There is a slight smirk on her face as She notices his arousal.  She looks sternly at him, "boy have you been pleasuring yourself while I was gone?".  The boy shakes his head, "Certainly not, Mistress.  I think it was the pill you gave me."  Mistress reaches down grabbing Her boy's cock.  Her touch instantly makes him aroused.  She smiles sweetly as she looks into his eyes, "Boy do not question what I give you.".  She stokes him causing him to moan with desire.  

She eyes her boy closer, "I have a surprise for you tonight!  I have invited some other Ladies to watch you take this "test". The boy looks around  cautiously as Mistress guides him into the center of a circle of Ladies.  She orders him to display himself.  As he does, she grips his cock and strokes him firmly yet slowly.  She grins as she watches the beads of perspiration form on his forehead, and his full arousal.  

Mistress looks around the room to the ladies present and explains to them, "My boy has been trained and promises that he can withstand any edging that is performed on him.  He was given a Viagra 2 hours ago.  If he fails this test, his punishment will be most severe.  Any of You ladies are welcome to participate in administering the test.".  Mistress fondles her boy's scrotum as she strokes more firmly.  Her boy's hips sway slightly as She rubs him.  Mistress bends forward, kissing his nipple and taking his piercing between her teeth, she tugs firmly.  The boy continues to stand as Mistress teases his cock and body.  Her tongue glides down his ripped abdomen, circling his navel.  The boy lets out a soft moan, feeling the tension build in his body as she focuses on his zones of desire.  

One of the other ladies rises from her chair and begins to rub his chest, her fingers closing on his nipple rings.  The boy moans louder.  Mistress looks up at him sternly, shaking her head no.  Another lady joins in, kissing him softly on the neck as Mistress kisses his cock as She continues to stroke it.  His moans become more urgent and louder as his desire increases.   A third lady joins in, her hands rubbing his ass.  The boy startles as he feels the hands on his ass.  Mistress wraps her mouth around his cock, her tongue flicking over the head.  The other Ladies continue sucking and tugging his nipples, and kissing his lips, sucking his lower lip.  The boy cries out, his body feeling raw with desire.

Mistress bites gently on his cock, warning him.  The first lady's tongue enters his mouth, twirling her tongue around his.  The second bites harder on his nipple, twisting and tugging with her mouth as  Her fingers pinch and tug the other nipple.  The third Mistress' fingers part his ass,  Her hands exploring him.  The boy's body  pulses with desire, but he is able to overcome his desire as Mistress' bite serves as the warning he needs.

The Ladies force him to squat slightly.    Mistress continues working on him, her hands and mouth driving him wild, as she is doing her best to make him fail the test.  The Lady kissing him bites his lip, her fingers tracing his face.  The second lady begins twisting on both nipples, her mouth and hand working him over roughly.  The third lady reaches into her bag, pulling out a plug.  The boy is so focused on the Ladies in front of him that he does not realize what is about to happen.  He gasps in surprise as the plug enters him, the raw ache increasing a hundred fold.  The boy's body goes rigid as he remembers his training.  

Thus ends part 1.  To see how it ends...will be determined another time!

Discoman and Panzerboy IV - Eroyan Barmy

“Where the Hell is Batman when you need him?”

“Welcome back Disco fans. When we last left our heroes they had been captured by the evil and diabolical mastermind Garlak. Oh no! And now seem to have found them bound and slowly sinking into a huge tub of vanilla ice cream. Will they be able to escape in time to stop Garlak from making off with the beautiful Lady Evangeline or will they become the surprise at the bottom of a dairy queen sundae? Hang in there Disco fans and find out! Another episode of Disco Man and Panzer Boy Adventures is Burn Baby Burning its way over right now!”

Looking around and wondering where the hell that voice came from I ignored it as both Panzer and I did our best to think of a way out of our predicament. Only moments before Garlak had left laughing telling us that it was time for dessert. Unfortunately the dessert was us. We were up to our chests in melting ice cream before I suddenly remembered that the rope we were bound with was the same they used to bind there drug bags with. Made by midget pigmies in the lower Amazon basin it was incredibly strong but another aspect was it was terribly stretchy when wet.

“Panzer I got it!” I shouted

“What what have you got Disco Man?” he replied.

“We have to soak the rope and get it wet. Hold your breath and dive into the ice cream when I do!” 

“What are you nuts?”

“Just do it Panzer!”

Holding our breaths we dove under the surface of the ice cream. Working quickly we moved and lathered the rope with the melted ice cream around us. Suddenly like a loosen rubber band the ropes stretched as they became soaked in the milk. Both of us came up for air and held to the side of the tub of ice cream. Panting as the rope binding us slide over our heads and slipped down our legs.

“Holy rubber bands Disco Man” Panzer said.

“Yes milk does a body good Panzer.” I told him

“I never would have thought that could have worked.”

“Well now we have to get out of this tub and hopefully catch Garlak before he makes off with Lady Evangeline.”

“There Disco Man.” 

Panzer pointed to a wench and pulley system that they must have used to drop us into the ice cream in the first place. Nodding I took out my Disco hook from my Disco belt which Garlak had foolishly left around my waist and threw it at the lower button on the wall.  The wench kicked on and lowered the hook to let us climb out, soaking wet and cold onto the catwalk. From there we made our way through the door that Garlak had taken. I am sure he wasn’t expecting us to survive our encounter but I love giving people surprises.

“I wonder how we do it Disco Man.” Panzer said as we found some of our things laying in a room a little down the hallway.

“What do you mean?” I asked him picking up my Disco cane.

“Well I mean… how we get into these scraped and then get out of them. It’s like someone is dreaming up these situations and controlling our destiny.”

“Things like that only happen in the movies Panzer. This is real life.”

“Yea I guess you’re right.”

Arming ourselves once again we met hardly any resistance as we hurried after Garlak.  Not sure what we would find when we made our way back to the main factory floor we prepared ourselves for anything. Upon hearing voices ahead we slowed and peered through a window in the upper offices of the old factory to see what was going on. There was Garlak and his brother Hylarks speaking as many of their cronies moved about loading bags of drugs into the back of a truck. Lady Evangeline was nowhere in sight to our disappointment. Taking out my Disco hearing ball we listened in on their conversation.

“Everything is almost in place Hylarks. And with Disco Man and Panzer Boy out of the way no one will be able to save the City from what I have planned.”

“Yes it does seem so. We only need another few truckloads of the special drug. Then we can deploy it and use it against the City.  You will be Master of all Dominion brother.”

“And you will be Prince of the New Dominion brother. It took some rather hard doing to get Lady Evangeline to even come up with the drug. Granted she didn’t really…. made up some useless junk that was close. But close enough that my own scientists completed the job… at least enough to administer it to her so she would do a proper job.”

“I wonder how she would feel if she knew she made the chemical that can induce submissive behavior in anyone.”

“Probably be proud of it… except she doesn’t expect us to unleash it on all the women of Dominion and make them our slave’s brother. We are on the verge of revolution, as I said nothing can stop us now.”

“But brother did you really leave Disco Man and Panzer Boy to die in a huge tub of ice cream? I mean why not shoot them? Or at least leave some guards to make sure they died.”

“My dear Hylarks…do I tell you how to run your plans? Or worry about the times I catch you watching that Lady Destiny on the English Mistress Channel? “

Hylarks Coughed and looked around. “Well umm no you don’t.”

“Exactly… your secret is safe with me and besides there is no possible way they can escape.”

Panzer and I looked at each other grinning for a moment. Then took in what they had said slowly. A drug weapon to enslave the women of Dominion, this was bad very bad, and worst yet they seemed to have been able to control Lady Eva into making it.  If she was still under the effect of the drug there was no telling what Garlak might make her do.

“Holy drug rehab Disco Man. If Garlak and his brother can figure out how to get that drug induced into the City the whole place will be thrown into chaos.”

“Precisely Panzer Boy and we will have to stop these dastardly deluded deranged destitutes of diabolical drudgery before it’s too late.”

Panzer just kind of looked at me weird then shrugged.

“So what’s the plan Disco Man?”

“We have to get to the Disco mobile and warn Cockbeater at the Disco Cave that he needs to find ways to neutralize this drug and to find possible ways that Garlak might use it against the City.”

“Disco mobile? You mean The Lady. And Disco Cave? Don’t you mean the Pet-Retreat?”

Shaking my head for a moment I look at Panzer. “Yea that’s what I said wasn’t it?”

“Yea I guess. So anyway shall we?”

“Yes let’s go.”

Walking out onto the catwalk above the main floor of the factory Panzer wasted no time in firing his shock collar gun dropping two of Garlaks Gorean gang boys. I tossed one of my stun grenades into the mist of a knot of them sending them all to the floor out cold. Garlak and Hylarks looked confused then realized what was going on. Hylarks moved to protect his brother but did shoot him a satisfying look of I told you so before ordering his minions to the attack.

“What? How? Damn you Disco Man!” Garlak shouted at us. 

“Thanks for dessert Garlak. Now it’s time to pay the check.” I chuckled in reply to him as with a resounding POW to the kisser I took out one of his thugs as Panzer zapped a few others easily.

“Hylarks get in the truck it’s time to leave.” Garlak said.

Bogged down with a small horde of Gorean guard we weren’t able to stop Garlak from speeding away with their load of the Submissive inducing drug. We wouldn’t catch them anyway if we didn’t make it to The Lady in time to chase them. Having lost my communication medallion in the ice cream I couldn’t even call Cockbeater to try and track them with his equipment. Luckily it was only a short while of pows, bamf’s and bongs that we took out the Gorean guards Garlak left behind and made it to The Lady. Hopping into the driver’s seat and Panzer in right behind me we hit the ignition and rocketed out after Garlak. He had a good ten min on us but no sooner had we gotten into The Lady than Cockbeater was on the case tracking Garlak through the streets of Dominion. 

We raced down 32nd Avenue south and swung onto Dominion Street. Cockbeater had spotted the truck in the traffic cams at the intersection of Dominion and Worship Streets. Racing along we heard the City of Dominion police scanner erupt into an a.p.b. for Garlak’s truck and descriptions of Hylarks and him. 

“Calling all Cars...Calling all Cars...This is an all points bulletin for the immediate capture and subduing of two males.  Get this… dressed as Vikings driving a refrigerated white semi truck. Truck is identified with license plate Tango Charlie Alpha 14467 Dominion tags and has Dominion Ice Cream on the sides. Suspects are armed and to be considered extremely dangerous. Also wanted in connection to the kidnapping of Lady Evangeline.”

Catching up to the truck half way down Worship Street we were soon joined in the chase by some of Dominion’s finest. I have to hand it to Garlak he seemed to have no fear racing through the City of Dominion as he did his best to elude us and Dominion’s finest. Spike strips deployed gun shots at their tires even our own E.M.P. device seemed to have no effect on the truck as we did what we could to stop it.  Finally the truck followed by what seemed to be the entire police force of Dominion screeched to a halt in the middle of Mistress Plaza down town. Quickly the Fem cop’s spread out and encircled the truck drawing weapons and pinning in the brothers. Panzer and I jumped out and hurried around to get a look at the brothers just in time to see them duck into the back of the truck through a door in back of the driving cab. Before negotiations either civil or otherwise could be conducted for their surrender an explosion rocked the street sending smoke and small chunks of asphalt raining down onto us and the police. Picking ourselves up from the ground and taking a few moments to check on the Ladies and officers around us we turned to the truck and stared in awe for a moment. 

The truck was down flush to the ground, the cab a twisted hunk of metal and the park plaza a cracked jumble of masonry surrounding it. Dust was settling as Panzer and I rushed to the truck and threw open the back of it. What we saw disturbed us even more. A hole had been blow in the street and the bottom of the truck holding the submissive inducing drug was gone as well as Garlak and Hylarks. Dropped right into a sewer tunnel below the street, it had to have been all planned, for there was barely anything left.  In a huge illusionist puff of white smoke and pyrotechnics just to keep our heads down. It must have only taken moments to wisk them to safety as well as their cargo.  Only one bag of the submissive inducing drug was left. I grabbed it without thinking and tossed it to Panzer. 

“Make sure some of that gets to Cockbeater to analyze.” I told him. Then I heard the click.

Turning I saw a round device with a timer begin to count down. About the size of a basket ball it read one minute and fifty seconds. Written on the top in hastily scribbled letters was a message. “Check Paid in Full.”

“Holy ticking time bombs Disco Man!” Panzer shouted.

Not really knowing what I was doing I grabbed the bomb and raced toward the river that ran nearby to dispose of it. Panzer was behind me shouting to drop it and get away. But I couldn’t help myself something drove me not to let this one go off. Racing down the blocks I saw an abandoned park and was about to toss it there when I all of sudden a little league baseball team showed up for practice. Panting I raced through the field as one of the boys pointed and the kids went wild seeing one of their heroes in person. Not stopping for autographs and only about a minute to go I raced down the other block to the river. Spotting an empty armored car outside a bank I planned to pull the guard out and throw the bomb in. Knowing the explosion would be contained in the armored car. Then wouldn’t you know it…. I noticed a little old lady about to get smashed by an un-attentive asshole talking on a cell phone in his car. Sighing I dashed over and grabbed the old lady out of the way in time. Apologizing for the rough handling I kept running. No time to turn back now only forty five seconds left. Finally making it to the river I wound up to throw the bomb from the shore when I noticed all the sunbathers that had decided to pick this day of all days to enjoy a picnic or swimming at the river.

Panting and looking around I grumbled to my-self “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

Finally noticing the restaurant river pier I raced for it. Dashing past startled onlookers and patrons of the restaurant I ran to the end with only a few seconds counting down before throwing it with all my might into the river and diving to the wooden deck as it exploded in huge gout of white water. Panting from running so hard and blinking as the bomb induced rain shower rained down. I could have sworn I saw a shark blow up when I tossed that but figured there was no way, not in a fresh water river. Panzer finally caught up to me.

“You alright Disco Man?”

“Yea Panzer I’m fine. You still have some of that drug?”

“Yea its back at The Lady and Cockbeater says we need to get home. He has some information and Lady T wants to speak to us.”

“Alright let’s go.”

As we heading back through the restaurant we got stopped by the crowd of Ladies and Gentlemen that wanted to drink to our health and congratulate us on saving them and the City again. Seems word travels fast in this town.  Mired down in the City’s kindness we couldn’t easily escape this as we had from Garlak and still be polite. So we endured the praise embarrassingly for a while till finally Panzer and I was able to get near each other again after much handshaking and hugs.

“Lady T will understand us being a little late but we really need to get going Disco Man.”

“Yes our work is done here. Let’s leave…but inconspicuously…..through the window.”

So there we were slowly repelling down the side of the restaurant and pier to the shore below. Panzer was first and I right behind. We knew no one would see us no one ever does really. Never could really figure that one out but oh well just lucky I guess. We would get to The Lady and back to the Pet- Retreat for a bit of a rest and be back on the heels of Garlak in no time. Panzer brought me out of my thoughts.

“Disco Man want to explain to me, why you been talking so weird today?”

“Me? What about you Panzer all those, Holy this and that, you’ve been doing all day?”

“Okay good point I’ll shut up now.”

We looked around hearing that strange voice again and decided it was best to just ignore it. Its one thing to be a superhero it’s another to admit you hear voices.

“Disco Man and Panzer Boy save the day again in the gleaming City of Dominion. But what of Garlak and his evil designs upon the City? Will Disco Man and Panzer Boy be able to stop him from making the whole city having a bad acid trip? What does Cockbeater have to tell our heroes and will the mysterious Lady T be able to guide her boys to victory? Find out and join us again… same Disco Time… same Disco Channel!”

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Secret Desire - Anonymous

It is not unusual for a sub to fantasize about submitting to certain Lady or Miss that they respect; and may from time to time let his or her mind wander into this fantasy. When you think of the Lady’s and Miss’s that frequent the Dominion and the variety that they represent it is only natural that a sub would fantasize in this way. From the deep sultry voice of Lady Syrianna, to the feistiness of Lady Tanja, the calm and cool Lady Cat to the soft spoken and fun loving Miss Sara and an endless list of others, subs have something to see and fantasize about in all the Mistresses here at Dominion. All of it healthy and normal, providing you are an unowned sub, which I am not.

I admire and respect all the Lady’s and Miss’s of the Dominion, as I should, and try to act accordingly whenever I am around them as any sub must. However I find myself deeply attracted to and fantasize about, not just one Lady of the Dominion, but three. Now I must state at this point that I love and respect my own Mistress deeply and will not behave in any way that would hurt her, this is why my fantasies till this point have remained silent and I shall remain safely anonymous. I would never look to submit to any of these Lady’s in actuality but do fantasize about submitting to them even for a short period of time. Who are these Lady’s that have entranced me you ask? I am only happy to provide the answer as to whom and a brief description as to one reason why I am so taken with these Lady’s of the Dominion.

The first attracts me for one main reason, her zest for life. It is this zest for life that makes her the playful and fun loving person she is. As a sub, you only have to be here a short time to realize that when this Lady approaches the courtyard and does not go directly to a chair to sit, things are about to get interesting. When she hits the stone courtyard, stops and spins on her heel to face the subs “littering the lawn” most subs get slightly nervous, but in my opinion this is when her true self shines through and I find myself most attracted to her. It is this mischievous persona that I wish to submit to. To see, if only briefly, life through her eyes and maybe just maybe take some of what she sees and feels into my own life. I have long felt this way about Lady Zarita Shan and always look for her when I arrive at Dominion. I find my heart racing when she is there and it aches when she is not.

The second attracts me for the love and patience that she shows to subs in general and because she wears her heart on her sleeve. The very fortunate and lucky new subs that get the opportunity to spend time with Lady Destiny Teardrop will find themselves on the path to submission safely and securely. To see Lady Destiny work with a new sub is pure joy. To witness her firm but loving hand patiently guiding a new sub through his first few moments of submission is sublime. To watch her giving praise and showing great pride when the sub follows correctly even the simplest command is encouraging. This dedication demonstrates to me how comfortable she is with her Domination, how much she loves being a Mistress and how much joy she feels in helping even the most unworthy of us subs. I find myself yearning to be close to her, to have her guide me, help me find my true submissive nature knowing that I would benefit from her guidance if even for a short time.

The third Lady had me entranced from the moment I heard her voice and became addicted to her laugh. Lady Joie Arai is also, for me, the most enticing Lady I have met besides my own Mistress. I also know that this soft spoken and outwardly gentle Lady has a dark and sadistic side and it is because of this contrasting ingredient that I find myself very attracted to her. To be able to submit to her to experience her contrasting personalities for me would be heaven and hell combined and something I deeply crave. To place myself in her hands, to have her control me through pain, to give my body to her willingly, knowing what is expected and to please her in this way would give me both great trepidation and great pleasure and enhance my own ability to submit.

These Lady’s of the Dominion have long held me entranced and secretly are desired. I will continue to feel this way even though I know I can never divulge who I am to them. I will continue to admire them, in secret, from a distance and will always wonder what it would be like to be able to submit to them. 

“No I am not a Gorean Master or an Albatross, just a secret admiring sub of the Dominion.”

Friday, August 14, 2009

Discoman and Panzerboy III - Eroyan Barmy

“The Docks”

The Lady roared onto the pavement with a vengeance. Panzer threw her into a hard turn as we race to the docks.  The Docks was one of the oldest parts of Dominion known for more of the illegal aspects of city life and villainy. It was also one of the few places in the City of Dominion where not always were women in control. There are freemen in the City but the docks were controlled by one of the major gangs in Dominion known as the Un Subbie Gang. A group of freemen or escaped pets that had taken offence to the current rule in Dominion and fought against it, sadly not in a civilized manner but more through carving out a piece of Dominion for themselves. They sold drugs, practiced thievery, even so far as to hijack cargo off some of the ships that made port all around simply breaking with all authority in every way they could. They tended to be a nuisance more than real trouble but that seemed to be changing. 

As Panzer pulled The Lady into a side alley and flicked on the overlay camo on her. I thought about what this might mean. Dawning on me for being so silly in my thoughts it’s no wonder Lady T sent us here. If a man like Garlak was in the city he might need troops to help him. And if there was one gang that might be persuaded to help him it would certainly be the Un Subbie Gang especially with their devotion to disrupting the status quo as much as possible. 

We watched and waited knowing that the corner of Keeper Avenue and Warf Road was a favorite sell spot of the gang’s dealers. What we needed was information and that required a little persuasion sometimes. So sometimes you just have to find someone to persuade. We sat in silence thinking about what had transpired in the past twenty-four hours. Deep in our own thoughts I have no idea what Panzer might have been thinking as he watched the small group of men across the way making deals to cars that pulled up or slapping a few of the destitute women that worked the streets on the ass as they passed. I do know we both smiled when one of the Ladies that got slapped knocked the teeth out of one guy with a really good punch to the cheek. We had a fleeting moment we might have to spring our trap early to protect her but it seems his buddies thought him landing on his ass and losing a tooth was so funny they couldn’t enact revenge due to laughing at him so hard. 

All I can really relate was my mind was a blur with thoughts of what Garlak was doing with Lady Eva where she was and if the Un Subbie Gang was with him. What about the other major gangs in the city? The Freemen Society are uptown thugs, about as close as to actually mob that can exist in the city. Mostly hidden and secretive they never did dirty work themselves just had gangs or hired thugs do it for them. But we know they had money and finances to fund Garlak if they swung over to him. Then there were the Slavers who ran sway over the power plant areas and ghettos on the lower south side of Dominion. They specialized in kidnappings and illegal slave selling as well as gladiatorial fighting; anyone was a target for them. There were even cases of Mistress’s disappearing and never seen again. My sweet Lady of Dominion had her bad spots but none of the gangs had ever worked together before. I was beginning to realize that Garlak might be able to change that and it could be extremely dangerous in more ways than one.

Panzer nudged me and I came out of my thoughts to see the one guy that had been slugged was heading away from his buddies. Obviously ticked off that they found it so funny he was heading home or perhaps back to a gang house. It didn’t matter to Panzer or me we both looked at each other knowing that he was about to have a little detour in his plans.

I moved to the rear seats and readied myself by the sliding door as Panzer eased The Lady into gear and edged out down the street heading toward the gang member. The overlay camo does its job well making the van appear like a simple black van of non descript nature. Panzer drove normally and flicked a switch on the middle console. The small barrel of gun popped out from the side of the van by the hood and there was a whoosh of air as Panzer aimed and fired. The small electrode slapped the gang member right in the back of the head and unleashed a jolt. Not enough to knock him out completely just enough to make him groggy. Just as it hit Panzer sped up and I flew the side door open reaching out and grabbing the thug before he fell to the pavement. Jerking him into the van, Panzer gunned it as I threw the guy into the opposite seat and hit the restraints button. 

With a snap and clank the gang member was pinned to the seat by metal bands around his arms and chest, waist and around his lower knees. Startled he struggled and screamed at us to let him go. I said nothing as Panzer put a little distance between the corner and were we picked him up at. We both ignored his protests and struggling as no one could have heard him outside of The Lady even if they were leaning against the van herself. After a few miles I turned to him. 

“You got a name?” I said

“Fuck you! Let me go prick!” he replied

“Sound like he has a potty mouth Disco.” Panzer said to me.

“Yes it does maybe we should wash that mouth out with soap.” I said to Panzer

“You don’t know who you’re messing with bitches your both dead you know that?” He screamed at us. “Dead and I’ll make sure I pull the trigger you fuckers!”

“Definitely a potty mouth” Panzer said.

Nodding I pushed a button and a bar of ivory soap popped out of a holder catching it swiftly and showing it to the thug.

“Well as you won’t tell us your name we will call you potty mouth. Now tell me what your gangs been up to in the area.”  Looking at Potty-mouth and brandishing the soap at him.

“I’m not telling you a damn thing!” Potty-mouth yells at me adding a weak attempt to spit at me as he does.

I move and grab his hair and hold his nose closed firmly. It doesn’t take long till he opens his mouth to gasp for air and I shove the bar of soap in his mouth holding it then as he struggles uselessly.

“I wonder why we can never have a civil conversation with people like this Panzer. It would be nice to not have to use the soap.”

“Well Disco you know how some people are, just stubborn I suppose”

Gagging and dry heaving sounds is all we hear from Potty-mouth for a while till we ask him our questions again. Once again we received unfavorable responses so more soap treatment once again. Panzer and I spoke about baseball and other things as we waited. We had done this before. Eventually they would tire of the soap or more importantly the concoction Cockbeater had worked up and put on the soap would make them more open to suggestion. Oh sure we could have just made him drink it or give him a shot. But Lady T was right; the soap was just too much fun to do to bad boys.

 Finally after about half an hour of working him over with the soap he seemed ready to talk.

“So Potty-mouth ready to talk?” I ask him

Panting and trying to get the taste of the soap out of his mouth he struggles weakly and Panzer moved to put the soap back into his mouth. At which he cringed away from him and yelled. 

“I’ll talk I’ll talk damn it! Uhhh pardon my French please!”

Nodding to Potty-mouth I spoke calmly. “So tell me what the Un Subbie Gangs been up to.”

“Nothing besides the usual I swear!” His eyes dart from side to side as he spoke telling us there was more to it than that.

“Do you want more soap for lying to us or should I just let Panzer beat the hell out of you?”

“NO NO!” panting he slumps in the chair, “We are expanding operations into the upper south side moving in more dealers and hookers into that spot.”

“The upper south side but I thought that was no man land between you and the slavers neutral territory between the gangs to keep the peace.”

Nodding Potty-mouth told us more. “Yes it was but Bill said that it had been worked out that there wouldn’t be a war that the slavers were cool with it as long as we didn’t mind them moving into the east side areas. Using the East Bridge to move traffic through as it’s on the edge of the docks. We all took it to be cool cause it meant more money for us and if anyone would have a problem with the slavers moving into the east side area it be the Society boys. So we figured hell let them fight it out.”

“Bill? A.K.A. Wild Bill leader of Un Subbie boys told you that?”

“Yes...yes he did say it was all arranged!”

“How can that be Wild Bill and Slave Master of the Slaver gang have hated each other for years. Now you're telling me they are all buddy buddy?”

“I don’t do the upper stuff man I just sell my share of dope and do what I got to do! That what I know!”

“What do you know about Garlak?”

He shot a look at me as his eye flashed wide for a moment then clamped his mouth shut.

“Not…nothing.” He said.
“You know,” I said to Panzer. “Detective Lady Pamela did tell us to contact her if we found any information out about Garlak or someone that might know what he is up to or who took Lady Eva. I bet she would be rather interested in meeting our Potty-mouth here.”

“I bet your right Disco. I’ll call her on the radio.”

Panzer went to the front and I sat down as the guy looked at Panzer and me. He nearly tore the seat off the hinges trying to get our attention.

“Wait wait for god sakes wait! I know enough that I don’t want Lady Pamela to get a hold of me!”

“Okay so spill it.” I told him.

“Okay look this new guys in town talked to Bill and a few others a few weeks ago. Started recruiting for some plan he had to take over the city. Half of us thought he was nuts but some listened and joined up. I got no idea where he is held up but I know that Bill knows. He probably has something to do with the treaties going on. “

“That’s all you know?” Panzer asked him.

“Well….okay look I know that there is suppose to be some meeting tonight at the new drug plant in the upper south side. I don’t know if this guy your after is going to be there but I know Bill will be. But you can’t let them know it was me or I’m dead!”

“Where is the drug plant?”

“At the old ice cream factory on 32nd Avenue south.”

“Thanks” I tell him and open the door to The Lady. 

Panzer switches off the auto pilot the Lady was on and hits the gas as I toss Potty-mouth out of the Lady and onto the sidewalk. Grinning as I move up front with Panzer I look in the rear monitor in time to see Lady Pamela give a small wave and grin as two of Dominion’s finest cuff the guy to take him in on at least drug charges.

“Think he will be mad?” I ask Panzer

“He wouldn’t be the first or the last the little punk”

“Let’s get to that plant.”

“On our way Disco.”

The Lady roars through the streets and I update Cockbeater with my medallion communicator and he began to feed us images and information as we skidded at full speed onto 32nd avenue south. From what he was getting and picking up it seemed that there were several heat signatures from inside and a large heat sources throughout the building. Panzer stepped on the gas and we raced to get there in time.

The old ice cream factory loomed ahead of us looking quite abandoned and run down but according to Cockbeater that was a simple disguise. All his instruments were reading power and machinery in use as well as people moving about inside. As we roared nearer to the factory Panzer glanced at me.

“Subtle or my way?” He asked.

“Subtle is out the door on this one brother.” Strapping myself into my seat “This time we do it your way.”


Grinning Panzer flipped off the camo and The Lady sprung to life from the darkness shining like an angel dropped to earth.  He hit a few more switches and the missile pods popped up and the machine guns slide out from the top. I won’t bore you with everything Panzer activated let us just say I made sure to put in ear plugs. Flipping up the control stick, as we roared full speed at the factory door, Panzer hit the triggers all at once. Missiles streamed from the pod and gunfire roared from the turrets as the door was blow in, out, every which way just as The Lady crashed into the factory sending startled workers scrambling for their lives and white power erupting from the stacks of drugs lining the walls. We screeched to a halt in the middle of the factory as bullets began to ping of The Lady’s armor. Panzer never let up, sending the gun turrets here and there and taking out thugs on the cat walks and doorways unloading on us. I jumped to the rear seat and took over the net catcher to bring a few down for questioning later as well as the flame thrower making sure to hit the stacks of drugs and pushing back anyone to stupid to get close. Cockbeater kept feeding us information helping us keep track of things in the mayhem. It wasn’t long before we took the main factory floor and geared up to take it to them in the bowels of the factory were some had retreated and were The Lady couldn’t go.

Panzer went first looking like some crazy gun merchant who carried all his guns on him as he went. I was right behind him and though I only carried my cane and a shock pistol I did make sure to strap a few assorted grenades and a blade to my thigh if things got nasty. This wasn’t supposed to be nice or merciful. This was a battle in a war that had gone on for a while in this City.

We moved with skilled precision and knowledge fed to us by Cockbeater. Every engagement was taken one at a time. We beat down, took out or subdued all in our path. Like two avenging angels or demons we stalked the factory and destroyed those that stood in our path and every bit of drugs or ways to make it we found. Our frustration weld up in us at our failure before and we took it to the miscreants that dared to defile our Lady City of Dominion. Panzer knocked heads together and I didn’t care who I sucker punched. We were on a mission to stop the Un Subbie gang and blowing up their factory would certainly put a cramp in their plans. Then we heard it.

A scream… a woman screaming… both Panzer and I jerk our heads up and looked at each other. We raced toward the sound and came to the boiler room in moments. What we saw shocked and horrified us. Lady Evangeline in chains being handled roughly by Wild Bill of the Un Subbie Gang and some of those Viking thugs we had fought yesterday. Panzer let out a roar and charged forward barreling through two thugs at the stairs sending them screaming over the railing to hit hard on the floor. I leapt over the railing and landed on a Viking about to pop my brother with a crossbow. Will Bill was screaming for them to stop us as he wrestled with Lady Evangeline to get her into a back room. 

Tunnel vision was what it was. All I could see was Lady Evangeline and Wild Bill. Panzer and I blasted and cut and hit our way through the wall of Vikings and Un Subbie boys like a hot knife through butter. Wild Bill just got the door slammed shut when Panzer hit it full force rocking the very brick around it and causing dust to drift all around. I let out a kick at the door lock at the exact moment and it crashed inward.  The room was empty… then we heard another scream and a curse from Wild Bill down a dark tunnel to our left. We raced ahead running down the darkness till we came into the light. I barely remember hearing Cockbeater trying to get contact with us. Something about our signal was fading. The sounds of dirt floor changed to metal clanging as our boots hit a different floor. We weren’t paying attention just wanted to get Lady Evangeline and we both forgot one of Lady T’s most important rules to be Careful.

We saw light ahead and rushed into it seeing Lady Evangeline with a knife to her throat and Wild Bill looking at us. He was trapped and had no place to go down here. I grinned seeing his cheek bloody from a deep gash that Lady Eva had given him. A quick glance around showed him alone though this was an odd place. It looked like a lab of some sort but there was far more high tech equipment here than what was needed to make drugs. But our concern was for Lady Evangeline.

Panzer raised his shock collar gun. “Let her go.” He growled at Wild Bill.

“Come a step closer and she dies.” Wild Bill yelled back. “You know me Discoman you know I’m not bluffing.”

I placed my hand on Panzer’s shoulder. “He will Panzer don’t shoot him.” I moved my eyes upward so Panzer saw what I did.

A cable hung from the ceiling that crackled with latent power. I then moved my hand to take hold Panzer’s grapple gun. If we fired at the same time I should be able to grapple Lady Eva out of the way just as the cable would hit Wild Bill. Then before we could carry out our plan Wild Bill fell into a heap. Both of us moved to get Lady Evangeline as she scrambled away from Wild Bill. But a man stepped out of the shadows and jerked her up holding her hair tightly as she grimaced and spat at the man. I stared at him he looked almost exactly like Garlak but didn’t sound the same and wore just a sword at his hip and not the whip I had seen Garlak wear.

Ignoring the spittle on his cheek the man looked at us both and pressed a small pistol to Lady Evangeline’s ribs. “Ahh that quite enough out of you two thank you.” 

Flicking a switch on his shoulder belt that held the sword at his side the floor dropped out from under me and Panzer. We landed in a heap about fifteen feet down as a grated cover slid out to cover the pit. Picking ourselves up off the floor we looked up in time to see the man above us. Then we saw Garlak.

“Good work Hylark. I wondered how long it would be before they found this place.” Garlak said as he looked down at us.

“You won’t get away with this Garlak!” I yell up at him

“Oh I won’t? And who is going to stop me with you two out of the way hmmm?” 

He let out that laugh that haunted my memories from our first encounter and Panzer shot at them anyway though the grating was so small the bullets and energy charges dispersed or panged every which way. Garlak then nodded to Hylark who dropped a small canister into the pit from a hole he opened. The gas filled the chamber and we both dropped into darkness. The last thing I remember was Garlak saying “You did a fine job brother.”

It was cold damned cold. When I was able to open my eyes I was wet and cold and shivering. I was bound and not in a good way. I could feel Panzer moving against me. We were bound together back to back. We still had our clothes on so that at least meant it wasn’t a play session of Lady T’s. Looking around I saw we were half buried in what seemed to be white sand. Except it seemed the sand melted. And we were slowly inescapably sinking in it. We struggled a bit trying to work the ropes loose then I heard that same deep chuckle we had heard before. Garlak stepped out onto the cat walk near us and was grinning as he observed us both.

“What have you done with Lady Evangeline?” I yelled at him.

But ignoring us he paced a moment and then turning to us he put on a look of seriousness. “For crimes against the normal order of things I condemn you both to death. But first dessert I think.” At this he laughed causing us both to be very confused. “Enjoy your sundae Disco man and Panzer boy.”

At that he walked out leaving us and that’s when we realized we were bound together and slowly sinking into a huge tub of vanilla ice cream. No wonder we were wet and cold. Our own body heat was going to kill us by sinking us into the ice cream till we froze to death or drowned in the melting ice cream.

We both got to working on our ropes as best as we could without making us sink faster or further into a deadly sugary grave. I couldn’t help it I just looked at Panzer for a moment and said.

“What would Batman and Robin do?”

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Confession - Anonymous

Its been a long day as the hours wind down on the clock. My heart racing for class to be over and for the weekend to finally be here. I count the seconds…. 3….. 2…..1, and the bell rings. I jump up to leave and You stop me and say wait for You after class. You have some things You need to talk to me about.  I callously glare at You, wishing that it could have been any day but to day that You had to make me wait.  I watch all my friends leave, and see them calling friends and I see texts asking if im going to party tonight. I reply I’m busy with our beloved Math Teacher. They laugh and ask me to call them later. You sit at the table staring at me, pulling out files, and peering at me over them. You tell me that my  grades are dropping and that I need some special attention.  You tell me that You’ve been keeping Your eye on me for quite some time.  She slowly gets up from Her desk, pulling out her chair and walks toward me. I look at her strangely  trying to figure out what She is doing. You tell me there are ways of getting my grade up. I ask do You want me to get a tutor or,  pausing for a moment. You say You could give me some personal instruction. You press a button, and all of a sudden the desk that I’m sitting in grabs onto my legs and arms. My hands on top of the desk are immediately seized by iron clad steel as well as my legs. The top of the desk divides in two and my moves my hands above my head. It seems like something one would see in the movies. It’s like a torture rack.  I begin to try to yell, but you put a gag in my mouth. I am unable to talk or move. You walk back up to me grab a pair of scissors and smile at me coyly. You slowly sway Your way in front of me. You move  down over me slowly, as I first feel the touch of the cold metal from the scissors upon my skin. You begin cutting off my shirt and my jeans. The scissors slowly traveling up my body. With each snip, shivers of an illusion of dissaray and excitement flood my body. I bite my lip in the thought that its your tongue and not scissors as if you can you read my thoughts you begin to kiss down my chest biting my nipples and running nails down each of my sides leaving trails of red, like a beast marking its prey. You finally reach the end with scissors and begin to rip off my shirt. You look at me in my boxers. You tell me “ Such a cute little boy.” You say you’ve been noticing me staring at You for quite some time. You tell me that You found my secret stash of stash of erotic drawings and poetry written about You in the trash. I look dismayed, fearful of what you might do. You tell me that You enjoyed them and figured You might help me come up with some better stories.  You smile again, but there seems something more devious in Your  gaze.  I begin to grow larger,  and You slap it down. You tell me im not ready for that yet. I need to tell You a few rules. You are to call me Mistress and You are my pet. You will do as I say and You will not tell anyone else of this, otherwise I will show the board the drawings you drew, do you understand boy. I nodd my head and You take out my gag.  You begin to play with me a little bit, over my boxers, graciously moving Your fingers over  it slowl.y  I begin to get hard again. You grab the scissors and cut off my boxers. Then You move back to Your desk and pull out this large round thing. You put this around my cock slowly, pushing it all the way down onto my cock. I feel a lot of pressure, but some pleasure from it.  You tell me that now I am to begin my tutoring session. You run up to the board you tell me that I really need to be able to focus to do well in class. I need to be able to follow instruction. Then you press a button and the ring begins to vibrate, I begin to squirm around, but You look at me scoldingly  and tell me not to move. I try my best to heed to Your instruction and nod my head in agreement as I still am squirming slightly as  the cock ring  is vibrating and causing me to grunt uncontrollably. You tell me that  I have to maintain composure in the midst of any situation and stay focused on you. You walk up to me slowly running fingers across the tips of your lips as you come to my side. You walk up behind me and begin massaging my chest with your fingers and running your fingers down below around the tip of my cock stroking it slightly as you whisper in my ear, do you think you can do that? I softly manage to gasp out a moan yes…yyyy y yes . I get a chill from the air around me. I already had begun to sweat a little bit  so the briskness of taking my shirt off took effect. Then you grab a permanent marker and write Mistress’s Bitch along my shaft and across my chest, marking me further as your own. You have something secretly in store for me to test my allegiance to you, but first you must get me ready. You cover my body in oil so that I almost glisten. The oil makes me feeel every inch of my body as air passes through the room. Every move you make makes me jump in excitement. You can see cum leaking from my cock as your run your finger along it and press it to my lips as you tell me to suck your finger clean. You  finally press the button and the vibrator stops vibrating around my cock. You walk up to the board and tell me I must pay attention to everything I say. If I fail to remember everything you tell me I will be punished severely by being assigned tasks to do the next day during class. I look worried because I don’t want anyone to know that this has happened to me . You tell me there are 4 levels to the test and that each one has its own task. What you don’t tell me is that most don’t make it past level 2.  You begin instruction as you just start telling me the rules of your house. I must not do anything or go anywhere without your permission. I must always come to you for approval of schedules. I am to do everything you ask of me. Then you begin to laugh and say well you are suppose to be learning a little bit of history as you begin to tell me about roman government. You ask questions about what you teach me and I answer everything right. I know that if I fail I will be punished. You then laugh and say well done little boy you’ve made it on to stage 2. You l.augh a little bit and ring in the intercom and say let them in. I hear people walk in the door and I have no clue who it is. I can hear them gasping from behind me but I don’t know who they are.  They walk in front of me and its two girls I had crushes on in my class.  They are wearing their uniforms and look a little red in the face.  Tight white shirts tight up on the bottom in a little tie and green plaid skirts with kneehigh socks and stockings and little ties. I notice something I hadn’t noticed before though. The same ensigna that was written on my chest is written across their belly.  I can’t tell if they are looking at me and laughing or if they almost seem to be…. It cant be. They seem to be excited. They answer to you the same way I am instructed to do. Mistress, what do you want us to do, the girls ask. You tell them that I have reached stage two and that they know what to do. They look at me and grin as I begin to grow fearful of what is about to happen. You instruct me to pay attention in the midst of whatever happens.  You begin to teach more about Roman society as the two girls begin to make out with one another. Softly caressing each other’s cheek lighly. As their tongues begin to wrap around one another. Casually looking at me in play. They undo each others ties and grab the other with them running their hands up and down each others bodies. I must stay focused. Ceasar fell due to Brutus and this was suppose to lead to a republic but just led to a separated monarchy. I’m having trouble focusing as they slowly take off one another’s clothing. You look at me and grin as you press the button on the deal drawing my attention back to you. You tell me to keep focused, as I again look back at the board. They begin to take off each others clothing and kiss and caress each other’s body. Biting each other’s nipples and each other running their fingers along the edge of each others panty line occasionally going in. They slowly take off each others clothes, skirts, bras, underwear. My heart races to keep focus, to keep my mind on the task at hand.  You ask me about  another question, but my eyes and mind are now completely gone.  You smile and turn on the cock ring again to get my attention. You tell me, boy answer the question. I tell You I don’t know the answer.  You tell me well then You know that You must be punished.  The girls laugh as they already know what is about to happen. Mistress instructs them to show the boy what happens when he doesn’t listen. The girls grab their purses and their clothes.  They pull out a razor, I look astonished as to what is going on. Then they pull out some cream and begin shaving my body. My legs, my chest, my arms, every inch of my body. I shiver at each stroke of their hand. You, my Mistress, looking on in delight as a wry smile begins to develop across Your face.  You begin start touching Yourself as You watch me receive my punishment. My cock straining under the ring as it continues to vibrate and shivers and pleasure feel my body as the girls touch every inch of my body. I am now shaved completely, and the girls begin to put their clothes on me. They put on their tight white lace underwear and their  short plaid green skirt. They put on their matching white lace bra and blouse. The feel of the lace on my now shaved skin sends me to another dimension as my body strains to  keep composure. Watching as the naked girls use me as their dress up doll while my Mistress looks on biting her lips in ecstasy seemingly getting closer and closer. Then the girls put a blouse on me and makeup. They show me what I  look like in the mirror.  I feel like a slut. The Mistress laughs at my expression and tells me that is my punishment.  As she licks her fingers , she presses the button again. These letting me go. She tells me I must go home like that, and that tomorrow will be another tutoring session. Next time if I get more questions right, I might actually get to be the one touching Her. She tells me to study hard, and run along little slut. She tells me not to take the cock ring off either. She may turn it on at any moment. She also tells me that I’m not allowed to cum.  I run along and do as I’m told. I can’t wait for the next time I see my Mistress.