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Shangri-La by Kirby

Shangri-La (My Pussy Venom Story by Kirby Deed)

It was my fifth year as an investigative reporter with the Tribune. I had researched, explored, and cracked every mystery, or myth, from razorblades in apples to inappropriate touch by airport security. Who needed law enforcement when a reporter could talk to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The city was in a dull lull, and my hands were itchy for something exciting. Had this city lost it's appetite for sorrow and destruction? The chair moaned as I leaned back in a heavy sigh. My eyes closed. Perhaps a power nap was in order.

I felt the pencil tap on the sole of my leather loafer, and I sat up in attention. Was there something exciting on the horizon? A moment would tell. “Deed, I need you to take a look at this. There are reports of missing men all up and down the eastern shore. They vanish like in some jacked up Bermuda Triangle. The police say the trail is cold Deed. Get out there and find out something. Here is the file. Happy reading.” My boss dropped the thick files in a thud on top of my desk. The average guy my age might cringe of the thought of work, but I was hungry. I was still trying to prove myself, and it was a known assumption that this case was probably passed over by the more senior reporters. That inner voice said, “Suit up Deed.”, and I did.

I poured over every nuance inside the files. A short two year period, and more than a dozen men missing. There was no rhyme, or reason, to the selection. The men varied in age, nationality, and professions. No bodies had been discovered. No unusual violence reported. There was nothing special about these men. Their last known locations were full of potential witnesses, but no one remembered these men, or so they had said. My investigative instinct told me to go to the Nexus Lexus database and search anything that resembled this case. I needed to know if this was limited to just the East. The computer fired up like Old Faithful, and my fingers tap danced on the keyboard. The influx of information caused a severe arch in my eyebrows. “Well, I'll be damned...”, I mumbled. A click of the mouse, and my printer was wheezing out more pages than there was paper. I laid out a sinister spread on my desk, and there it was...the possible most recent victim: Eric Gunther. The research did not end there. Every bar that these men had disappeared from were known to cater to biker clubs. Eric Gunther was last seen at a rally in Springfield, Illinois. Was that the connection? It had to be. So simple to figure out, so surely the cops had gotten that far. I called information, and Eric was listed as a public number. The voice that answered the line was not too impressed when I introduced myself. I explained that I was investigating Eric's disappearance, and the woman identified herself as his wife. She was able to tell me the name of his motorcycle club, and the leader's name. I was thanking her for the information when she said “Hey, if you find him, don't bring him back.”. Click, and silence. I shook my head, and made travel plans to Springfield. I was going to find Jim of the Wild Hogs MC.

“That pussy got out rode by a bitch. You believe that shit? Fuckin' disgrace.”. The unkept man was kneeling by his bike mid-repair on something. I spoke, “Right, I get that he lost some sort of race, but what happened to him?”. Jim was barking at his lady friend to bring another beer. “Look, eh, I am sure his ole' lady don't want him back, and I ain't too certain what you want him for, but he is gone man. Gone in more than one way, you get me? Go check with them bitches. Dykes on bikes, or Pussy Poison, no no it was Pussy Venom. Go see them cows, and you might find that bitch. We don't want him back.”. Seemed that no one wanted this guy back, so why should I keep going after the story? At this point I was intrigued. I could feel that buzz in my blood when breaking open a story. This could be big, and dangerous.

Another night of research had passed. I had spent the night in some dive full of smokers, and pool sharks. The sneers were intimidating, but I held firm to my cause. Pussy Venom. The leather jackets adorned many different patches, but none were close to what I was looking for. I had waited around and spotted the drunkest man I could find. For a whiskey, and a pack of smokes, he spilled the details he knew. I had semi-coherent directions to the Pussy Venom clubhouse. Some joint just beyond the county line called Confessions Bar. The drunkard had told me that the rumor was the former leader named Karen was doing 20 on an assault charge down in Texas. The person I was looking for went by Summer. It didn't sound so scary to me. How bad could a woman named after a season be?

My rent-a-car pulled into the parking lot leaving a trail of dust behind it. The front of the large building had polished motorcycles lined up neatly like twin V soldiers. Each backed in for maybe a quick getaway. I checked my appearance in the rear view mirror, and straightened my tie. My loafers were foggy by dust, but still moved easily towards the front door. It was propped open, and I stepped inside.

“Who the fuck are you?”. The woman stepped towards me, and she did not look intimidating. I gave my ego a spit shine, and dressed my face with my best smile. “Hi, the name is Deed, and I am here on a story for my paper. I am looking for a woman named Summer.”. My eyes fell onto the woman's purple, leather jacket. The name patch said Nej, so this obviously was not her. My thoughts were confirmed when she hollered towards the back. “Hey, got some pretty boy here asking for Summer.”. She looked me over and said “Come on back. You can wait for her over there.”. I hesitated for a second, but made the move deeper into the clubhouse.

Nej returned to her place by the bar reading the newspaper. I found myself standing a bit front and center to the room. There were several ladies busying themselves with a wide variety of activities. A woman sitting in an overstuffed chair was peering over her glasses menacingly as she knitted something in their team colors. “Shine those pennies in your shoes yourself, or did they squeak out of that tight ass of yours, boy?”. I was taken aback by her words. The name on her jacket read Susannah, and I started to answer with a chuckle, “My ass?”. Her attention was already fixated back to her knitting. She didn't seem she could be bothered with my presence. I meandered over by a table occupied by two ladies having a drink. I would have assumed they had liquor, but as I got closer, it seemed they were engaged in conversation over hot tea. Their names were Fallen and Persephone. Beautiful, yet very intense expressions on their faces. I cleared my throat and parted my lips to introduce myself. My words did not get far before two sets of eyes were stabbing through me. “What the fuck, boy? Can you see this is a private conversation? Perse, this boy reckons himself as an equal I'd say.” The woman I had identified as Fallen was sneering at me. Persephone pursed her red lips, “Right, stop with the fuckery boy and assume the position. Come now, we don't have all day.”. What the hell was the position? Both ladies were moving to stand when I felt the hand grip my shirt collar from behind.

I had whipped around with some effort, and the woman had released me. My eyes were big as saucers. This was not normal. People, much less women, did not just freely put their hands on one another. I think I had found this Summer. “State your business quick, boy. This is not a circus act. Who are you, and why are you here?”. The stutter in my voice had me sputtering like an old Ford. “Kirby Deed is the name, and I am just a reporter from back East. I am investigating the disappearance of several men. The path has led me here.”. My eyes darted around the room that was now quite crowded with women. They were all standing, and I felt surrounded. I had at least a foot in height over them, but this was so intimidating. I wanted to back away, but there was a dangerous sense behind me. Suddenly I realized they were all laughing. Had I said something funny? Summer stepped towards me, and asked “Got a list, boy?”. My fingers fumbled nervously with my satchel and I produced my list of names to the leader. As she looked over the list, my arms clutched my satchel like a teddy bear. The natural instinct to close up around these women was taking it's course. Summer pulled a tube of lipstick from her back pocket and crossed out two names on the list before she handed it back to me. “Those two are not ours. Got your information. Now feel free to fuck off.”. She was mid turn to walk away when I spoke up. “Well, are they alive?”. She stopped and looked at me over her shoulder. “More alive then they have ever been in their pathetic existence. Portia, check him out.”. A woman moved quickly over with some space age contraption that she moved over my body in an inspection. I had no weapons. It dawned on me how foolish I had been for coming without protection.

Seemingly, I had passed the inspection and was perhaps led...through this back area that opened up wide into a quite serene courtyard. There were naked men in pink collars kneeling at the feet of several other women. Other men were involved in what appeared to be chores, exercise, and shuffling back and forth between orange mats and green mats. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw Eric Gunther strapped to a wooden board and two women were tossing knives at him like a sideshow carnival act. Each knife came so close to hitting the man that it caused me to flinch and squint my eyes. The two women had there names clearly etched into their jackets. Summer went over and whispered into Eva's ear. The tall, super model like woman just looked as if she belonged in a castle. It only took three strides of those long legs to be right into my personal space. She was shoving some paper at me. “Those are the rules. Take a moment to read over them. Feel free to kneel as you do so. There are no gawker tags here, so make it snappy. Are you Italian? We all know how Italian's are with sauce stains, and hair gel. Maybe you need a bib, aye?”. Her words flew through me so quickly, I only had time to take the paper and stare down the front of my shirt looking for a stain. Damnit, there it was. She said to kneel, but that did not compute. The other woman Fresenius came over with an inviting smile and said, “I think I'll call you Gumdrop. Eva, just give him that visitor's badge and let him take the two hours to think about it.”. She seemed nice, but then she did roll her eyes over the think about it comment. Eva let out a disgruntled sigh and slapped a “Hello My Name Is” sticker right to my forehead. “Stand still!”, she barked out. She then proceeded to write on the sticker, and it would prove to drive me nuts wondering what she wrote the rest of the time I was there.

I saw so many things that day. My fingers kept pinching at my skin until I bruised myself. What planet had I landed on? Raffila was cooking a turkey while also training some boys to be ponies. A kind voice, and a matriarchal air about her. Mo, and Eshi, taking photos on a mock runway and yelling at boys in dresses through megaphones. Crissy was demanding peak performance from the boys in the form of pullups and situps. Wycked and Sweet were taking inventory of the club's branding irons, tattoo guns, and needles. I could not get the symphony of evil laughter that came from that room. Clarissa was working a desk fielding inquires, and entering the gang into more rallies. It seemed she also doubled as legal counsel for the club. My guess was that she stayed very busy. Dalia and Coco were teaching classes at the Pussy Venom Montessori School for Boys. They strolled casually in their stockings and heels, and I did make note of the riding crop they carried too. Every woman was involved in something that supported the club, or they were relaxing in leisure. There was one thing that really stood out. All of the boys, no matter the position, had a look of peace and contentment that made me jealous. How could this dominion be Shangri-la?  There was much animosity thrown my way by the women, but it was evident that I was disturbing their daily routines and schedules. I was a representation of all they rejected, but I would have to mull over exactly what I was representing. I was not permitted to speak to the men, and I was sent on my way. Before I left, Summer told me, “You would probably make a good boy with some training. If you come back, don't come with that sticker. Come for keeps.”. The isolation of my car was a welcomed relief, and I looked at myself in the rear view to see the sticker on my forehead. It read, “Hello My Name is...Gumdrop.”. I smiled and left the sticker in place the entire long, introspective, drive to my hotel.

I wrote my investigative story. Work days were plagued with a restless feeling. My boss was suggesting a few days off. I would go home at night and fall into my bed thinking “Pussy Venom...have I been bitten?”. I woke every morning to see that sticker now stuck to my bathroom mirror so strategically, that it still looked like it was on my forehead. On the 10th day, I packed a bag, and went into work early. My desk was clean and neat, and that is where I wrote my resignation letter.

“Effective today...Shangri-la. Kirby Deed”.

I walked up to the door of that clubhouse, and knocked. When the door opened, the Lady had to look down, because I had indeed found my knees. “Hello Miss, I'm ready.”


Pussy Venom Rap by Kirby

Sock Monkey
That funky monkey
Sock monkey junkie
That funky monkey

Got this sentence
That's more than real
Dress as a Sock Monkey
And write about Pussy Venom
That's the deal.

Put my ink pen down
And brought my tight mic up
Put a little Pussy Venom in my cup
Those Ladies don't really need a man
But when I saw them coming,
Baby I ran

Pussy Venom hit fast,
And they said "boy you comin with us"
I flailed and fought
and made a huge fuss.
So many tough Ladies
I was no match most definitely
After all,
I'm just a Sock Monkey

Made to ride bitch
And I didn't feel so well
They took me to Dominion
And now that's where I dwell

Sock Monkey - that funky monkey
Sock monkey junkie
That funky monkey

They beat your ass anytime, and anyplace
When it is time
You get Pussy Venom right in the face.
Relax and most def
It can be nice
Just learn to lay there and take it
Or you will endure it twice
Coolin in the courtyard
The Ladies were feelin funky
Somebody said
"Hey, get the Sock Monkey"

Sock Monkey - that funky monkey
Sock monkey is now a junkie
Sock Monkey junkie
That funky monkey

Pussy Venom Gang by Midnight Shadow

Pussy Venom Gang (by Midnight Shadow)

Webb collapsed onto the bed, his head throbbing and his vision a bit blurry, as he just laid there. He could feel his tight anal-star now gaping like a black hole, breathing in and out and the strong scents from wet, cum/pussy juice stained sheets making his nostrils flair. He could make out the faint giggling and chuckling of feminine voices coming from afar as one of them spoke, ”Have a good night rest. We’ll be back in the morning to check up on you, naughty boy.” which was followed by the sound of a door slamming shut.
Webb he laid there, breathing heavy and trying to wrap his mind around exactly what had happened letting his mind drifting off to the events earlier tonight…….

Earlier tonight…..

It was the same night as  any night in this motel joint. Small town, little population, everybody knew everyone else. Kind of like the options to meet and friend new people was diminishing day by day. Webb had been idling at his usual bar-stool, eyes locked on a football game highlight whilst all the while trying to make sense of the fact, why do they still call it football when they play with their hands? He reached for his drink when a soft, yet firm, drifting voice resonated against his eardrums, ”The seat taken?”. Webb turned to gaze in the direction of his voice and his eyes came to rest on a tall, blonde haired woman, seemingly in her late-thirties or early forties. Her deep blue eyes seemed to have an enchanting feel to them as she smiled at him, ”Are you expecting somebody?” Webb managed a sly grin, ”Um, no. Please have a seat.” He motioned with his hand as she slid into the empty barstool, ”New around here aren’t you?” She smiled back at him, curving those luscious lips into the sort of tease-seductive grin that no man could try and resist, ”Yes, I am. I’m Diane and you?” she offered her hand as he shook, ”I’m David. May I buy you a drink?” Diane chuckled at him, ”Oh? Only if you have a good drinking threshold.” David couldn’t help but smile as he signaled the barman for another round.

An hour later……

David felt a slight tug on his shoulders followed by a deep whisper and a flow of hot breath against his warm tanned skin, ”David, am tired. Do you think we could go to your room and rest for a while?” David turned in her direction and gently slid an arm around her waist, ”Sure, Diane.” He was sure he she could sense a light sparkle in his eyes as he led her to his motel room. Fumbling with the keys he managed to get the door open, playfully dragging her inside and letting her luscious form rest against his form, enjoying the gentle caress and the heated skin. Diane looked up with those deep blue eyes and whispered, ”David, why don’t you relax a bit and I’ll be right back…” she gently patted his cheek as if patting a dog after a job well done and he strangely felt compelled to oblige. She blew a soft kiss in his direction as she shut the door behind her.
David set on the edge of the bed, wondering if she had ditched him or something when he heard the soft rasping on the door. He almost ran over to the door, pulling it open to see not only Diane standing there in the doorway but another lady following suit. ”Hi again David. I hope you don’t mind I brought my mate Karen around as well.” She winked at him, gently caressing the underside of his chin as they both stepped into the room. David, dazzled and not believing his luck, shut the door behind them, ”Oh not at all Diane. Hello Karen, I’m David nice to meet you…”. David took a long hard look at the other woman, she was a tall brunette, seemingly in early forties as well and wrapped in a long overcoat. Karen stepped closer to him, sliding her hand gently behind his back, caressing the lower back all the while letting her fingertip gently graze against his butt cheeks,”it sure is nice to  meet you dace. Very nice…” as he hand gently squeezed his asscheek. David winced and unsuccessfully tried to stifle a soft moan as he felt Diane stepping on either side of him and her hand resting on his other asscheek before squeezing it hard. ”There’s just one thing you should know David..” she hissed in a seductive yet commanding tone as he could feel both of their other free hands rub, caress and massagealong the insides on his thighs riding up along his crotch. ”What’s that Diane?” his words barely a mumble as he was just feeling weak in the knees. ”It’s Miss Diane and Miss Karen, for the rest of the night. And if you are a good boy, then maybe every night…” the words trailed off as David looked at them both his mind a mix of emotions and confusion as he just stood there. Thoughts obviously clouded by the caress and squeezes on his crotch and asscheeks. David swallowed his spit as Miss Karen moved around and faced him, staring at him dead in the eyes, ”Do you like what We are doing to you David?” her hands continuously caressing rubbing his crotch as she chuckled,”mmhm yes you most certainly do..” as she wrapped her fingers over the throbbing bulge that was straining against his pants. David nodded as Miss Diane stood behind him and pulled his hands upwards over his head before slipping on the steel metal cuffs. ”What…Diane!..” he tried to yelp out in words but all the came out was a painful “oohhhh oufff” as Miss Karen tightly squeezed his balls through the fabric. ”Stand still David.” Miss Diane growled in a lo , domineering voice as she held his hands above her hands,”mmhmm good boy. Now, let’ s get rid of these clothes. Must be getting hard for you.” They both giggled as if taunting my apparent helplessness. Miss Karen then roughly my face, ”Now look here boy, Miss Diane is going to strip you naked. She’s gonna cut your fucking clothe off. So if you move an inch, we might need some band-aid and you don’t want that do you?” her voice scared him to his core yet he did not dare move as he felt the cold steel of Miss Diane’s blade caressing his skin as she cut away at his threads. Slowly he felt his t-shirt give away to reveal his toned athletic chest and not long before his pants followed, allowing his throbbing hard cock to pop out. Miss Karen grinned at him as she stroked and squeezed his cock and balls whilst he could not help but spurt streams of precum in her grip, ”Hope you aren’t cumming are you slut?” she taunted him and called him a slut. And this is what he felt like, a slut. Here he was with two strange women, scared confused unsure, yet throbbing hard and naked in their hands. Miss Karen stepped aside as Miss Diane stepped around in front of him letting her eyes rake a good long hard look before smiling and grabbing his hard cock in her hand, ”Follow me boy.” David yelped in pain and pleasure as she tugged hard on the shaft leading him to the bed. “Climb up on there. Kneel for us like a bitch does. You heard me.” David dare not refuse as he climbed onto the bed and kneeled on it. His tight firm asscheeks raised up in the air as he leaned on his cuffed hands for support. He could feel Miss Diane caressing his asscheeks,”Mhm such a good tight ass…” as she probed his tight asshole with her fingertip before raising her hand and planting her palm firmly on either of his asscheeks. David groaned in delight as he felt his cock twitch and his ass sting from the spanks.”Mhm thinks he’s gonna enjoy what’s coming to him Diane.” Miss Karen spoke as she approached him by the side and pinched his nipples.”Ow!” david yelped a little as he felt an unfamiliar cold metal against his chest and before he could react he felt the harness clamp shut on his flesh,”ooohh….fuck…it hurts” David wailed to deaf ears as he felt the same harness clasp onto his other nipple flesh. The pain vibrating through him as his whole body and mind shook in pleasure and pain. As if this wasn’t enough, he felt a thick probing tip of an object rubbing over his tight asshole and a firm hand stroking his cock in a milking action, ”You’re gonna be good naughty boy aren’t you David?” Miss Diane’s intoxicating voice echoed in his ear and he could not help but mumble, ”Yes, Miss Diane…” and was rewarded with a hard firm spank to either of his asscheeks. ”Lay down on your back.” Miss Diane slapped his ass gain as he shifted to his back, his cock standing erect, gleaming with the precum coating and his eyes resting on the beautiful Miss Diane, sporting a strap on cock about 8-10” long. “Should we have him wear the mask Diane?” Miss Karen grinned as she stood by the side of the bed and reached for his cock , continuing the milking motion. ”No I want to see his face when I fuck him in his tight ass.” Her lusting voice resonated against his ears as he spewed another fresh stream of precum onto his belly,”he sure likes the idea it. Hmm, you didn’t even know yourself you were such a slut, did you boy?” Miss Karen chuckled at him as she milked his cock whilst she leaned on to the strap onto spit on it and applied some lube onto the cock and his asshole. Miss Diane then placed her she-cock at his tight resistant  asshole, ”Open wide bitch” as Miss Karen climbed on top of him ,her legs on either side of his as she pulled his legs back and wide , holding them in place. Miss Diane pushed the tip of the strap cock against his tight asshole, slipping it in slowly,”mhm fuck so tight…” as David moaned, ”Fuck Miss it hurts….”. She couldn’t help but push harder and more as she fed his ass inch by inch her strap cock. The shaft disappearing slow and firm into the asshole, digging tunnels in his anal cavity as he withered and moaned hard, ”oh Miss. It hurts..oh fuck....please.” “Yes boy fuck it…the pain will all be over soon..” hissed Miss Diane as she slid the shaft in holding it there whilst Miss Karen stroked his hard throbbing cock. The sensation of a strap on buried deep down in his tight ass and the brutal cock milking he was being subjected to was edging him closer and closer to the climax as Miss Diane found her rhythm. He could feel her thigh slamming against him as she buried her strap on in his ass. His ass now welcoming the invasion as she rammed in and out. The firm hand stroking his hard cock as he heard the faint suckling and murmuring sound of a sloppy kiss being shared between the two ladies.  Miss Karen got off me still gripping the cock as they both spoke, ”Cum for us slut, cum for us, you naughty cock loving bitch.,” It was all that David needed that final push which sent him over the edge. The state of bliss took him over as his cock erupted like a hot volcano over his belly, staining his skin with his own thick jizz. The hot white lave exploding out of his cock tip in short rapid bursts as they both giggled,”Mmmhm fuck  yeah you nasty lil fucker…give us that cum..” David shook as the orgasm travelled through him before finally dying down.  What the fuck….was all he thought as he felt the cock slid out of his once virgin asshole. He could feel the gaping hole that his asshole now was as he laid there. This was the hardest orgasm he had ever had and strangely, he liked it. He wanted more , he craved more. Wishing that this would never stop……..
“David…David…wake up sweetie…it’s Miss Diane…” eyes opened lazily to gaze at Miss Diane’s pretty face looking down at him. ”Miss? What happened…”Miss Diane gently stroked his hair as she spoke, ”You dozed off after last night. Wake up there is a friend of mine I want you to meet.”

Oh boy………..

Vespa Boy by Dondas

Vespa boy, by Dondas

Splutter, splutter. She coughed. I gave her a hard shake side to side. She coughed and then she was dead. I pulled the clutch in and rolled to a stop. My beloved Vespa had ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. She gets so thirsty out on the open road. As I looked along the long, straight stretch of road, the sun was beating down on me unmercifully, with no trees to hide under. I checked my phone, but no reception, and I hadn't seen a car for hours.

It was then that I saw her approaching through the heat wave off the bitumen. The Lady on a stunning Triumph with a sidecar rolled to a stop next to me and cut the rumble of her engine. I quickly forgot about how beautiful her bike was when she took off her Helmut and I saw her shining lips and long eyelashes. She spoke low and soft. "Hey boy, having some trouble?" I stammered for a moment at being called boy before replying "y,y,yes, I’I'm out of fuel". She took a look at my Vespa, then at me, and back to my Vespa. "At least I can see your not trying to compensate for anything" I felt myself go red. She carried on. "Two stroke I imagine?" I nodded "Bit like you then? Two strokes and your off boy?" I felt myself get even redder. “Yes, two stroke fuel Miss”. She smiled at being called Miss. Perhaps she could tell I was sub? Most of us Vespa riders are. We don't like controlling too much power, but like to get out and about. She motioned to her sidecar and said sweetly "Hop in and we'll get you some fuel boy". I smiled as I climbed in down next to her boots and we sped off down the road. I glanced up to see her reach inside her jacket. The patch over her breast read "Pussy Venom" That was a new one to me. She handed me a flask to drink, and watched as I opened it and drank. It made me feel drowsy. The road was beginning to speed by and the rev of the engine, sounded like a lullaby. Everything seemed to be rushing by, until I couldn't keep my eyes open and slumped inside the sidecar.

Next thing I knew, I was lying in long grass under the shade of a tree. I looked about and it was all quiet except for the soft breeze through the leaves and the sun was much lower than it had been. I moved and could feel my arse ache. I looked down to see my jeans on backwards and my Vespa parked next to me under the tree. I got to my feet rubbing my arse and checked my fuel guage. It was full. What had happened? Was it a dream?? I couldn't help but grin when I took of my jeans to put them the right way round and found myself wearing a Ladies pair of panties. I got my aching arse back on my Vespa and rode off into the sunset..

Pussy Venom Story by Anonymous

My name is David. And I love bikes. This is my story.

The sound of the bikes in the distance made me shiver. They were coming. The whole gang, by the sound of it. I couldn't stop watching the horizon. I could just picture them cresting the black asphalt, cutting the twilight blue sky with their silhouettes, their speed and their power exhilarating even from a distance.

I stood up from the bench and tried to ignore the flutter in my stomach. I knew I was crushing the plastic cup in my hand, but I didn't care, not at this very moment. I saw the people on the benches further down begin to stir, to button their jackets, adjust their scarves, and stand, one by one, in singles and in groups. I loved this. How all of us were here to pay homage. To worship the riders of bikes. To listen to that particular music. To admire the muscle.

Then they were upon us. The whole gang, in their skin-tight lycra, the tiny chinks and clinks of their bicycle's metal frames a sound like tiny bells beneath the whisper of the slim tires against the road. I almost forgot myself. I almost forgot my moment to worship them. My arm jerked forward as a biker with dark hair and a blue helmet swerved near to me, reaching, reaching as if for the very heart that banged in my chest. He took the cup of sports drink directly from my hand. His sweating fingers brushed mine. The tattered fabric of his gloves slid across my skin, making me breathless with the intensity of the contact. And the cup was gone.

The sound of the bikes disappearing into the distance made me shiver. God, they were beautiful. Watching the whole gang leave made me feel weak. Weaker than anyone would believe, given my 6'2" frame, leather pants, chains, and bulky black leather 'Pussy Venom' jacket.

Venom Party by Miss Pamela

Venom Party
by Pamela Emmons

Steven felt strange.  He recognized that he was regaining conciousness, as the sensation was not unfamiliar.  Being a twenty something yuppy from the posh upper east side he had plenty of experience in partying hard, very hard... then "coming to" in a strange apartment the next morning.

But this was different.  It was not unsual in such a state for him to have difficulty peeling open his eyes.  He felt his eyelids lift... but only saw black.

"OH MY GOD," he thought.  "I've gone blind!!  This time I actually drank myself blind!!"

He then tried to find a way back onto his feet, and quickly realized he could not move.

"OH MY GOD!" he thought.  "I'm paralyzed. And I'm blind!  I drank myself paralyzed and blind!"

His mind raced...  Was he pinned under the wreckage or debris of some horrible accident he was in?  His arms and legs were outstretched but immobilized.  That was an unlikely explanation.

After clearing his mind a bit he realized he was tied down...  tight.  And by the feel of the air drifting across his bare skin, he was most definitely naked.

He heard footsteps and muffled talking... and every now and then, a burst of laughter.

Then the familiar sound of a creaky door opening and... then the slow clip-clop of serious shoes on a wooden floor approaching.  There was more than one pair of footsteps approaching.  There was the jangling of zippers and buckles as they approached...  and the room suddenly filled with the seductive smell of leather.

Steven let out a quite "hello?"

"Summer... for fuck sake... you didn't gag it?" he heard a voice say.

"Fuckin' Eames...  It's YOUR loser... you gag him."

With everthing happening, Steven was particularly concerned he was being referred to as "it".

A hand grabbed onto whatever was covering his eyes and roughly pulled it away. After regaining his vision, he recognized that he tied spread eagle with leather straps to a large and very weathered four poster bed.  Two very dark and menacing women with leather jackets standing over him.

One turned to walk away and he was barely able to make out the words PUSSY VENOM in heavy lettering on the back of the jacket.

"Okay Summer... as fucking usual...  I have to do everything myself," said the woman on the left side of the bed.  "But let's make it functional."

The one called Eames leaned over the bed and put her face nose to nose with Steven's.

"Hello loser," she said loudly.

Eames produced a black leather contraption.  On one side was a large wad of leather which was unceremoniously shoved in his mouth.  He felt the woman fasten straps behind his head which held it in place.  As she moved away, Steven saw what looked like a huge black cock protruding from the gag perfectly perpendicular with his face.

Eames leaned back to admire her handy work.  "Much better."

Just then the door flew open with a bang and a third woman yelled... "Cupcakes...  Who wants cupcakes?!"

She entered with a plate and walked towards Eames.  On the plate were festively decorated cupcakes.

"I made these specially for you Eva!" the third woman said.

"NOW we've got a fucking party!" laffed Eames.

"So Summer...  you wanna take a ride?"

"Damn straight!" Summer replied.

Steven could just see the head of his cock, and he knew it was getting hard.  He watched as Summer unbuckled her belt and peeled off her skin tight leather pants.

Eames was peeling the paper off of a cupcake, smiling a very mean smile.  Summer was standing on the bed directly over the huge black cock on Steven's face.

"Oh wait wait... check this out..." laffed Eames.

Steven watched as Eames pulled a red and white maple leaf flag on a plastic skewer out of her baked confection.  She approached the bed, and Steven watched nervously.

Steven watched in horror as she gently grabbed the head of his now rock hard cock and slowly slid the plastic skewer with flag still atop, an inch or two into the moaning boy's cock slit.

Eames put her hands on hips and looked off into the distance like a conquering explorer.

"I claim this loser in the name of The Commonwealth of Canada!" Eames bellowed.

"Wait. Is Canada a actually a commonwealth... or is it PART of British Commonwealth" asked Summer

"Who the hell cares?"  Eames shot back. "Now get busy fucking his face." be continued?

I'd Like Another Dose Please by Sillian

I'd Like Another Dose, Please

It was just past eleven at night when I took my nephew’s toy poodle out for a walk. The thing had been yipping and yapping and his owner had fallen asleep for the night, so I let my brother guilt me into taking it out. I had just moved to northern California recently to be closer to them and was quite clueless about the lay of the land. In what would end up being the most pleasurable mistake I ever made I decided to walk down a street I hadn’t before.

The dog did his business and promptly fell asleep right there on the spot. I poked it with my finger. No reaction. I called out it’s name. “C’mon, Twinkle, it’s time to go.” No dice. I thought about dragging the thing the home for a second, but then I’d feel obliged to bathe him. I shook my head at the thought and scooped him up, holding him in one arm.

Ready to head home, I glanced down the streets and... I was a little lost. Hrm. Which way was it, dang it? It’s very uncomfortable to be in a brand new town so close to midnight when one’s holding a toy poodle in his arm. It was too warm for a jacket, but if I had one I would’ve stuffed the critter in there. Oh well. I looked down the street towards the town center and wondered if I might find someone to give me directions.

As I got closer to the bar that sat on the corner of an intersection I started hearing music. It sounded like that AC/DC that all of the kids are into nowadays. Never quite my cup of tea. Still, I was sure to find a friendly stranger to show me the way home.

This was a side street that led to a main road, and the bar's front was there. Here was the entrance to the parking lot and the bar's back door. It was half-full with motorcycles, and at the far end by the woods sat a couple of dumpsters. Two men stood there, relieving themselves. One was of average size while the other was most burly, and they both wore leather jackets with jeans and wore bandanas on their heads. I made my approach.

“Excuse me for bothering you, gentlemen, but it seems I’m lost and would greatly appreciate some direction if it’s not too much trouble,” I said from halfway across the lot. They zipped themselves up and approached me up to a couple of feet or so, closer to my liking really, and crossed their arms. They looked at me. Then the toy-poodle in my arm. Then back at me.

“What the hell is this?” the large one asked the other.

“I don’t really know, Roscoe, but it looks a little lonely, dontcha’ think?” They smiled at each other. In hindsight this would have been an excellent time to dart away, but I admit I can be a little slow on the uptake at times.

They both grabbed me by the shoulders. A hand the size a plate covered my mouth and muffled my cries for help as they dragged me back to the dumpsters. I stiffened up as them shoving me up against the wall was imminent, and just as I was a few inches from the surface the large one pulled me back. “Hold on now, Titus, wait one second.” I was confused enough to not realize that this would have been an excellent time to yell for help. He took Twinkle from me and gently placed the dog on the ground way off to the side, patting his head for good measure.

Then they shoved me against the wall.

Roscoe held me in place with those meathooks of his while Titus forced my pants and underwear down around my ankles. I squirmed and tried to scream and maybe even whimpered a bit. Okay, I definitely whimpered. Titus unzipped his own pants. He leaned up against me, pressing his disgusting cock against the crack of my ass. I was completely frozen with fear. I was sure that even if the big one let me go I would not be able to move an inch.

And then they arrived. Two valkyries charging in upon their metal steeds. To this day I swear I heard Wagner blaring as they charged into the lot. One, who I would later learn was Miss Lacey, had a bob of hair that looked as though it was spun from pure gold. The other, Miss Sinn, shook out a long mane just darker than the color of blood. They were clad in leather, and the backs of their jackets screamed “Pussy Venom” at me. This would just be my first dose.

I should note that I was wrong earlier about not being able to move. Roscoe let go of me and I dropped to the ground. This was the exact spot where they had been peeing when I first saw them.
At any rate, the two brutes began marching towards my two divine saviors. There was anger in their eyes. Titus pointed a finger at them.

“You! You bitches are the ones that broke the toilet in the men’s room, ain’tcha? You think that’s funny? Huh?”

Miss Lacey grabbed the finger and twisted it until I could hear a snap as I crouched behind the dumpsters. Roscoe’s eyes went wide and Miss Sinn’s fist slammed him hard in the throat. Both men were on the ground. The ladies stood there shaking their heads. I made to stand up, but slipped on the puddle at my feet and quickly found myself drenched. I crawled out and knelt just a few feet from them.

“Oh thank you, ladies, thank you so very much. These two meant to rape me! Can you believe it? You saved me.” My heart melted like that butter you dip lobster in and a smile filled my face as I looked upon them.

Miss Sinn glanced down at me.
“Uh, yeah, sure. Whatever, man.”
They began to walk away.
“Ladies, please, let me repay you! Please! Let me serve you, I beg of you!”

Miss Lacey raised an eyebrow at me. “Dude, you really had nothing to do with this. Go away. Clean yourself up. Jeez.”

My eyes lit up.

“By your command, Miss! I will clean myself up immediately!”

They stared at me. I was so happy to be there with them staring at me. Then they walked into the bar. I got up to take myself home, but I still didn’t know the way. A quick search of Roscoe’s pockets rewarded me with his Droid. The lockscreen had boobies on it. A quick glance at the map showed me the way back and I went on my way. Halfway there I remembered Twinkle and had to go back. Then I finally returned home.

A hefty bribe to the bartender the following day revealed their names and that those ladies showed up every other Wednesday. Every night I would think of them. I wanted so badly to touch myself, but I kept myself chaste for these ladies who had claimed me. Oh, how I belonged to them! I swooned night after night while I thought of being their obedient little servant.

The day had arrived. I set my plan into action. I strutted into the bar clad in a leather jacket, jeans, and chaps. I thought the sunglasses were a nice touch, too. And there they were, sitting at the bar. I took a seat next to them and politely asked the barkeep for a shot of his strongest drink. Miss Sinn blessed me with a glance.

“What are you doing?”

What was I doing? I informed the proprietor that these ladies’ drinks would be on me and I swiftly got on my knees behind them.

“No, seriously, what the hell is going on here?” Miss Lacey spoke without turning towards me.

I stammered at first. “I...I am here to serve Pussy Venom, ladies. They looked at each other. Then they looked at me.

“I’m so sorry,” Miss Lacey said, “but we’re all full at the moment. We’ll, uh, let you know if a spot opens up, okay?”

“Thank you, ma’am." I wrote my phone number down on a napkin and left it on the bar. "My contact information, ma'am, so that you might get in touch with me as soon as that..."

Miss Sinn cut me off with four words that filled me with joy.

“Get lost. Jerk off.”

Now in hindsight I may have heard the punctuation a little wrong... Regardless, my face lit up. Tears filled my eyes.

“Thank you, Miss Sinn! THANK YOU!” I leaned in to place my lips on her boot in reverence. She pulled it back as if to kick me with it, so I pulled back. They squinted their eyes at me, so I shuffled off and out the back door and planted myself behind the dumpsters.

It took me the better part of a minute to get my zipper down with my hands trembling like that. I hadn’t dared to hope for such a gracious gift so soon. It was stiff. So stiff. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to pump it. Furiously. It was bigger than I had ever seen it, all thanks to my goddesses. My palm flew up and down all four inches of it. I began to moan softly. My hand stroked faster. My breather quicker. Then quicker still. Moans turning into low grunts. Ohhh, I could feel my cum coming to a boil. Those grunts getting louder. I clenched. My prostate would soon release it’s package. I was practically screaming out my pleasure. Almost there... almost... annnd...


I turned my head as the back door had been kicked open and the bar’s owner stepped out. He hadn’t seen me.

“What the sam hell is going on back here?!?”

I darted into the wooded area next to the bar and ran. My hand wouldn’t stop and continued to tug at my cock while I put some distance between myself and the establishment. I stumbled here and there until I finally fell on my face about a hundred yards away. That forced my hand from my member. And then I came. Ruined. Completely ruined. I lay there for about an hour before I could pick myself up and make the walk home. Once there I would wait by the phone for the call to come to their service.

Famous Last Words by Kirby

Famous Last Words

(This story is to meet our group punishment)

We were just kneeling around, as subs do. The Ladies were occupied with deep conversations. They all seemed so enlightened, and just could not be bothered with the boys. Being the good boys that we are, there was no way we could allow boredom to slip in. The Ladies looked so content in each other's company. I just knew they wouldn't notice. I turned to steven and jarrod and said "I have an idea." Steven said "Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?". Jarrod filled in the missing link, "Boys night out!". It had to be done.

We slipped out to go don our finest clothing. It was a night for a seedy bar and being in the company of vanilla women. It was a time that briefly our egos could come out to play. This was going to be super cool. We were twitterpated with excitement for the night. Jarrod said, "We are so cool and nice. The women will be all over us! I think I will find me a brunette.". Steven chirped, "We can poll shark them too with our mad pocket skills. Just think of all the money and girls we can get.". I nodded excitedly, "Hells yeah, and I am totally gonna booze it up and then grab some ass. Girls love that shit.". Yes, the further we got away the more the evil Lollygagger curse took us over. We did not even realize that is was creeping into us.

Back at the Dominion, the Ladies were so, so deep into the topic of Quantitative Domination and the side effects of FemDom Radiation. Lady Eva cocked up and eyebrow as She looked around. She noticed something was missing. It was distracting to Her, but She could not put Her finger on it.

The three wise men had arrived at the old Liquor and Leave Bar. They tossed the door open and a dramatic fog followed them inside. Jarrod was adjusting himself like a gangsta. Steven licked his fingertips and smoothed out his eyebrows like a pimp. I squeezed some extra hold gel into my hand and ran a fresh layer of hair gel into my hair like.....well like I always do. We were dressed to kill, and in unison we did the pretty boy swag right into a gaggle of chicks. Steven had pocketed Miss Fallen's official Dominion American Express and started ordering drinks for the whole bar. Jarrod hopped up on the pool table and started gyrating. He was using the ole' Magic Mike to seduce the vanilla girls. I stripped off my shirt to tempt the girls into cheap feels and offered kisses for $1 each. We were drunk in our egos and the finest vodka.

Lady Eva sprang up mid discussion and shouted "Sound the alarms!". Oh yes, Her super powers were great. There was no mistaking the tell tale sign of nausea. When that hit, the Lollygagger was attacking their property.  Miss Fres called out "Suit up Ladies!". Miss Fallen was receiving the bank fraud alert for the credit card usage on Her cell phone, so they knew were the attack was going down. Pussy Venom to the rescue! They cranked up their Harley and put a few Bondage Ranch boys in the bitch seat as bait.

Meanwhile, back at the Liquor and Leave Bar, the boys were in all sorts of compromising positions. Jarrod was lying across several girl's laps and being fed bar peanuts. Steven was grinding into his dance partner while smacking her ass. His British hoots and hollers were driving the girls crazy with lust. My pants were unzipped, and a botox lipped beauty was on her way down. The Dominion was just a faded memory. A sudden crash through the door stopped the whole bar from activity. More than a dozen women in purple leather jackets and mirrored aviators had crashed through the front wall. We were too deep in our egos to bother too much. We did not even recognize the Ladies. All I heard was was Jarrod grumble "Female drivers, pshhhh.". We tried to go back to our dirty little activities, but the ray beams from the Ladies aviators had the girls frozen. We rose up in anger. I shouted "Hey! I was just about to get my knob polished by this trick!". Steven kept trying to smack dat ass, but his hand was repelled with a shock. "This is not fair! I need my ass smackery!" he cried out. Jarrod's mouth struggled like a fish out of water, "Food! I need food and ball tickling! I'm dying!". We were so consumed with our lust and debauchery that we had not realized the Ladies were now amongst us. They fired angry words at us. Lady Eva growled out "Useless." Miss Fallen snarled "Pathetic wastes." Miss Fres gritted Her teeth, "Disgusting.". Miss Summer was scribbling on a notepad, and the Judgery stepped up quickly pounding Her gavel on each boy's head. I remember just before blacking out, that the realization hit. It was the Dommes of the Dominion. They were the mysterious, and often misunderstood heroic Pussy Venom!

When we came to, we found ourselves bent over that pool table with asses bared. I could see it in the other boys faces. The familiarity coming back to us. The Ladies barked orders of not to cum as we took it up the ass. They were using the fabled Anti-Lollygagger Dildo guns on us. Every thrust made it feel as if a mass was being forced up our throats. The other Ladies cheered and hurled insults at us. All at once, we got our relief, but not in the form of an orgasm. That mass in our throats came up and each of us spewed up a big pile of bullshit. It evaporated quickly and I swear I heard a little voice call out "Damn you Pussy Venom! Foiled again!". Our asses were freed, and we each dropped to our knees in gratitude. We sang out, "Oh thank You Pussy Venom for saving us from the evil clutches of our egos! Please, please take us back to the Dominion!". Our leashes were promptly attached, and we were led back to the rides. We got in the bitch seats quite contently, and were taken home. Oh, they did hose us off. The stink of tramps was washed off. We joined the Lady Heroes for a courtyard discussion and we sparkled like we were brand new. The conversation got deep and Jarrod whispered, "Hey, I got an idea..."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Boy Runner Party 1 by Charlie

This is a true story
The Boy Runner ( a tale of an 18 year old school boy)
 by Charlie Vanalten
 Part 1

PLEASE NOTE: in some traditional schools the male teachers are still called Master and it is in this sense the word is used in this story.

The run started as usual and soon the boy was lagging behind by quite a way, the master always ran with the slowest person to give encouragement to him. On this occasion the master went on slightly ahead of the boy just to see what the others were doing ,satisfied that all was well he started to fall back to the boy, but  before he could get to him a lady called out to him and asked the master if he could help her. She had locked herself out of her bungalow. The master looked around and found a small window had been left open but he was too big to get into it. He waited for the boy to reach him and asked   if he thought he could get through the window. The boy thought he could and if it meant he wouldn't have to run he was willing to try.

The master lifted the boy up to the window and the boy put his arms through the window opening but found that his singlet had become caught up on something, he couldn’t get it free. He pulled himself into the window and the singlet tore allowing to get further inside. The master called out to the boy and told him that he would be back on the second lap of the run to make sure that he had managed to get into the bungalow alright and that he had to make sure all of the other members of the class were doing the run properly. The master left and the boy carried on trying to get into the window. As he got his hips into the opening his shorts got stuck on the same thing that his singlet had and as he struggled his shorts tore along the side seam but he got into the bungalow safely. He went to the front door and let the lady into her house.

As the lady came in she noticed that his shorts and singlet were torn , she said that seeing as she had helped her to get in she would make repairs to them for him. She asked him how long it would take the master to get back to them and the boy said about 30 minutes. She said that she couldn’t make the repairs in time but would try. By the way what is your name. "Roger" the boy said. "I am Janet" she said. She told him to take the singlet off while she put away her shopping and to go and sit in the lounge but asked if he would mind taking off his trainers as they were a little muddy. He took them off and put them by the front door. He went into the lounge and sat on the settee. She came into the room and asked for the singlet, she looked at it and said it was worse than she thought it was at first but she would try to stitch it. “Sorry” she said stitching is no good as the material had stretched out of shape and it’s  to badly torn.

At this point there was a knock on the front door, it was the master. Janet explained what had happened and said that she would buy Roger a new singlet and shorts and if she hurried she could get to the shops in time to get them now. The master looked at the Roger's shorts and said that he shouldn’t go out like that because they were badly torn and that he would bring the boy his clothes as soon as school was over. It was now 2:30 pm and school closed at 4:30 so he should be back here by 5:00pm at the latest.

The master went away happy that he had done the right thing. Janet looked at the shorts and took hold of the torn sides and pulled them and the shorts tore even further up in fact right up to the waist band, she looked and noticed that there was another piece of material inside of the shorts and asked Roger what is was. Roger said that there built in briefs which were allowed him to only wear the shorts and not have underwear on as well. Janet put her fingers under the cotton brief side and felt the material, pulling it up slightly, high enough for just one finger to go under the edge , she continued to move her hand further under the material until she had his cock firmly in her hand and started to rub it, Roger became agitated as his cock got bigger and bigger in her hand.

Janet gave Roger a towel and told him to put it around his waist so that she could take the shorts to the shop to get the right size, with the towel on Janet pulled his shorts down . She noticed the bulge in the front of the towel that was getting bigger quite noticeably but didn’t say anything. Janet said she would be about half an hour and went out to get the clothing from the local shops.

When she returned she said that she tried to get the same things but they didn’t have exactly the same items but thought that they would be alright but he would need to try them on. She gave him the shorts and told him to put them on. She turned away from him, as he dropped the towel she could see him in a mirror ,she watched as he bent and noticed what a wonderful  body he had. Roger pulled the shorts up and said it was alright as he had them on. She turned and looked at him, ”I’m sorry that I couldn’t get the shorts with the inner brief, they didn’t have them, but maybe I could sew them in from your old ones“. He thought that it would be the best thing to do as it was part of the uniform to have the liner.

She took the liner out of the old shorts and  said that she would need the shorts that he had on, but first he should try the singlet on. He put it on but it was too long ,the bottom was nearly half way down his thighs. She told him to stay still while she marked it off so that she could alter it for him. She told him to pull the singlet out of his shorts and pull the bottom over them. She put her hands up under the singlet and pulled the shorts down, he stepped out of them so that she could take them. Only then did he think about the fact he only had a singlet on. She placed her hands onto his  chest and slowly moved them downwards towards the bulge that was in the front of the singlet. Roger had had many erections before but usually when he was in bed.

 She stopped moving her hands downwards and moved them back up to his chest, she started to gently touch his nipples with her fingers through the thin material. She noticed that they were both getting harder. She said "I am going to have your  soft body very soon and then I’m going to have your nice hard cock in me as well".
She grabbed hold of the neck line of the singlet and dragged him into the bathroom and pushed him into the shower cubicle and turned the water on. With the extra weight of water the material stretched and the bottom was now below his knees. The shower was turned off and the lady poured shower gel all over him and started to rub it onto his exposed skin and the material of the singlet until there was lather all over him. She hooked the singlet over the shower control behind him and left the cubicle. She stripped off until she was naked, then she went back into the shower. Roger had his eyes shut tight to stop the soap from getting into them so he didn't see her nakedness.

 She unhooked him, then taking a pair of scissors she cut away at the bottom of the vest, she made the bottom just long enough to cover his cock and balls. The material being full of shower gel was easily pulled off of his body, He tried to keep his hands covering himself but she was stronger than he was and pulled his hands away from his cock, and started to rub more of the gel onto it until it was really stiff. She pulled his foreskin back and then washed the soap away but held onto his balls. He felt her hand tighten around his balls as she said "now Roger ,you are nice and hard and I’m going to have you cum into me at least once before you leave.

She dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his cock down then she started to suck on his erection. He thought his cock couldn't get any harder but he was wrong, he felt it get harder as she sucked and soon he was writhing, willing her to suck harder. He felt the urge to push his cock deeper into her mouth but she pulled away from it and stood up. She pulled him out of the shower and told him to lay on the mat on the floor, as soon as he was on his back she stood astride of him and lowered herself onto his cock. She bounced up and down on his cock and soon he felt an urge to thrust as well, in fact he pulled her onto it and then gave a big heave  as he shot his hot sticky sperm deep into her. She got off of him quickly and started to lick up the rest of his sperm from around his slowly fading erection.

After she had finished she took him back into the shower and washed him off, then she put a towel around him and told him to go into the lounge and sit down on the settee, she was going to put the liner into the shorts.  The boy wondered just how he was going to do sports again as she had cut and shortened the singlet but he needn't have worried she had thought of that already, she had bought 2 singlet’s and 2 pairs of shorts both had a liner  but she had cut out one of them because she noticed that she could see through the material of the shorts , and she wanted to see more of this boy.

She was soon back with the shorts with the liner in and she gave them to the boy to wear, he was putting them on when there was a knock on the front door. Janet quickly looked around but as she was still naked she couldn't open the door, she told Roger to open the door and if it was his teacher to let him in  but you must tell him that I had to go to another shop for your singlet, Ill be in the bedroom. Roger waited for her to get into her bedroom then went to the front door and opened it. It wasn't the PE master standing there it was another of the teachers, it was Miss Stevens the English teacher.

 Miss Stevens was about 40 years old and always wore a smart black suit, a white blouse and a cravat, her hair was tied in a bun and she wore dark horn rimmed glasses.

Miss Stevens asked the boy where the lady was, Roger told her that she was at the shops trying to get another singlet for him. "Oh in that case "she said "I’ve got your clothes here in the car, I was going to take you home, but I had better wait until she gets back with it so that we can see if it fits” . Roger told her that the lady wouldn't be long as she had gone out the back way, she said there was a short cut to the shops from the back of the house. Miss Stevens said she would be right back, she had to lock her car. Roger left the door open and went to the bedroom and quickly explained the situation to Janet, she was dressed by then and thanked him, then she hurried down to the kitchen before the teacher got back.

 Miss Stevens came back. Roger and Miss Stevens sat on the settee to wait. They sat chatting about school and why the PE master couldn't get there with his clothing, apparently he had to get home fast as his mother had been taken ill. After about 30 minutes there was a loud noise from the kitchen and the lady walked into the lounge carrying a bag. She saw Miss Stevens and asked who she was, Miss Stevens explained the situation and asked if the boy had been good. The lady said he was brilliant and if it wasn't for him she would have had to break in. The lady opened the bag and told Roger to try the singlet on, it was a perfect fit this time.

 Miss Stevens said that they really should get going as it was getting late. Roger asked if he could use the loo before going, the lady said "yes of course, Ill show you the way". Roger followed the lady to the loo, she told him "it might be best if you changed into the other shorts they are a better fit, but unfortunately they are the ones without the inner brief, and put these ones into the bag with the other singlet ". Roger changed into them and took the bag that had the spare singlet and now the shorts with the liner. He went back to the lounge where Miss Stevens was. Before they left Janet told him that he was always welcome to call in if he was passing. Miss Stevens went out to her car, unlocked it and sat waiting for him.

His Chair by Sillien

He stood at attention, his eyes staring straight ahead, as she circled him. Every few seconds she would slap the tip of her crop against her palm with a light 'whap.' A nervous twitch shook his body a bit. His naked body, completely exposed to her hazel eyes. One of the crop's blows struck the slave in his rear instead and a yelp escaped from his lips. The lady smiled.

She wore a lovely purple corset, tied not so tight as to make her uncomfortable, with matching panties and heels with black silk stockings. She knew his fetishes well, and they would definitely have an affect on him. She traced a line from his groin all the way up to his chin with the tip of her crop and softly said to him 'Remove my panties.'

This slave has such a soft touch, she thought, as he hooked his fingers around her bottoms. His knuckles brushed against her stockings as he fell to his knees at a slow pace. The Lady was happy that he chose to perform this carefully and didn't resort to tugging them off like an animal. He was face to face with her pussy for a brief moment before rising back into place.
She took a glance around at his room. A rather normal looking room with a sofa, a television, a coffee table, and just like most men he had 'his' chair. A spot for the master of the domain to plant himself after a hard day at work. This one was a leather easy chair, quite large, and rested just a few feet from a fireplace. Some of these thrones looked as if they had been passed down from one generation to the next. Rips and tears were patched with duct tape while broken legs were fixed by putting a phone book underneath. William's had none of these signs. It was rather new as he had just moved to this city two years ago. It felt... strange to the young man as he watched the Lady sit herself down in 'his' chair. Neither of the two women he had dated since moving here had done what this woman had just done. If he was feeling possessive about it Melissa couldn't tell, though, as he didn't utter a single word in objection.

The leather squeaked as she wiggled her behind to get herself comfortable, which wasn't very hard. The cushions were particularly soft and just seemed to mold themselves to her figure. She let herself go limp and just relax for a moment while staring at the fire. 'Get down on your knees and remove my heels,' she said. It was a very soft voice, William thought. She never raised her voice at all. The words were spoken as a simple command as her eyes watched the fire the whole time. He knelt down and placed a soft kiss on each shoe right before slipping it off her foot and setting it aside. He stayed there, motionless, staring down and waiting for Her to speak to him again.

Her hand drifted to an end table by the chair that had a half-dozen magazines scattered on it. Time. National Geographic. The usual. She picked up Time and started to idly flip through the pages. She closed it for a moment and stared at him. He was trying not to show it, but the boy was nervous. He was pretty good at remaining still, but his breathing was quicker than normal. His eyes stayed down, looking upon her feet. She spread her knees and leaned towards him. She placed her hand on the back of his head and drew him in slowly. Pulled his face forward, closer and closer. Stopping and resting his head with his nose no more than an inch from her pussy. She lifted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder, leaned back into the chair, and flipped through the magazine. Occasionally she'd find an interesting article, but usually pretended to read while she closed her eyes and listened to the fire.

William wasn't able to stare at that pussy very long before his imagination got the better of him. He wouldn't dare to let his tongue out for a lick without being told, but he could taste it in his mind all the same. Staring at that lovely slit. Taking in its scent with every breath. Wondering what it might feel like wrapped around him. His cock had stiffened considerably. It was aching. Wanting. His breathing was more rapid. He closed his eyes, trying desperately to get his mind off it just a little. The scent still struck him square in his face, but it was helping a little. It was helping. Until he felt a sharp smack on the top of his head. He peered up at her and the scowl on her face. Her voice wasn't raised but disappointed.

'Don't turn away. I want your eyes on it. Keep them open, and looking straight ahead. Am I clear?'

William nodded his head and set his gaze back on the Lady's pussy. She shifted her right foot to rest against his cock and lightly rubbed the silk against it. She set the magazine down and turned her head towards the fire, looking into it. Her hand slid down to her lips and her fingers slid up and down her slit very slowly. The scent was overpowering. The pussy was starting to glisten just a bit. William's cock was stiff against the side of her foot. It turned her on. Not just that he desired her, no, but how well-behaved the boy was. It had been a whole hour since she placed his head down on the chair.

It was just about time for her to go. She took her fingers from her pussy and spread some of her juices on his upper lip. She pushed at his shoulder lightly with her left foot, pushing him back to a position where he was kneeling straight up. And finally she started to rub her pussy on the seat of his chair, coating it with her scent. Claiming it. Marking it as hers.The Lady stood up and began to put her clothes back on.

'I'm afraid I have to go home for the night, William. I do have some instructions for you, though. First of all, if you have any desire at all to serve me I strongly suggest you resist the urge to relieve yourself. And second,' she began to smile to herself, 'you are not at all to sit in that chair. Am I clear?'

'Yes, Ma’am,' he responded.

And with that she walked out the door, the click clack of her heels outside getting quieter and quieter until only the crackling of the fireplace was left. He stayed there, kneeling, for quite some time, trying to wrap his head around what had just been done to him, before getting himself to bed.

Confession 2 by Jarrod

As the thoughts ran through my mind trying to depict what was before me it was completely baffling as she continued to stare at me seeing the clear confusion in my eyes and without another word a quick slap rang across my face as that familiar stinging sensation quickly returned to me, she then spoke in a soft voice unlike any I had heard before "You are probably wondering what you are doing here boy..." the only thing that registered in my mind was her calling me 'boy' not once has she ever refereed to me in this way in our fifteen years of marriage it was unbelievable.

As I opened my mouth to speak another strike came from the other side and a harsh tone from her lips "You will not speak unless given permission..nod your head yes or no for now." with that I simply gave my head a quick shake, "Good" she said, "Now answer my first question boy" with that I gave it a bit more vigorous shake nod of my head as I looked up into her soft eyes that I had fallen in love with now full of dominance.

from there she came closer kneeling slightly so that her face was closer I could smell a sweet scent in the air as she bent before me her eyes traced over my red face, as if someone were inspecting a fresh piece of meat, she then brought out her hand as I flinched away in reaction her eyes grew angry as she spat at me saying "Do not always assume I am going to hit you" and with that she smacked me once again "Now lets try this one more time" as she brought her hand forward to my face my body's reaction was to turn away but with sheer will I forced myself to stay in that position shaking slightly as her gentle soft fingers caressed my red throbbing cheek "Now see not everything will be painful but in time you will come to learn why you are here...".

She then stood back up turning her ass before me I then focused on her a moment as she stepped away back into the shadows she was wearing what seemed like a tight leather full body suit, something I never knew she was into or even had in the wardrobe from there I could hear the three softly speaking to themselves as I strained to hear what was being said, but with no luck stopped and focused on my surroundings, that is when the most burning agonizing pain struck my thighs having been sitting in this unfamiliar pose for this long period of time using muscles I had yet to feel caused me to topple over attempting to find a comfortable position, laying on my side only brought a slight release from the pain but little did I know this action of self satisfaction would only bring me more suffering.

As they noticed what I was doing I could feel the anger rise up in the room my wife and the two other figures returned from the shadows, as the mystery women forcefully brought me back to my knees and quickly removed my shirt from my body as my bare chest became exposed to the elements and then proceeded to hold me there as I cried out "Please my thighs are killing me" with that I heard my wife's voice from behind me as she was rattling around "Oh, I will give you something to cry about.." with that the first thing I heard was a quick rushing of air before I felt the quick crack of a whip across my bare skin feeling the two figures hold me still as I with all my might attempted to rise to my feet and get away from this horrible pain that was now radiating over my back, I could hear was laughter from the two as tears started to roll down my face no words were coming from me as I mouthed out in complete horror for them to stop but my speechless pleads were unnoticed as another strike came across my back. My whole body was telling me to get away with all my might but I could not as strike after strike rang through the air and  it felt like an eternity had gone by as the pain coursed through my body, my face was covered in the stains of tears.

The two women finally let me go as I toppled over and hold myself slightly. I then felt a figure behind me as the warmth of her body knelt closer her face leaned down to beside my ear as she whispered "That was only should be glad that I stopped there for I was having plenty of fun" this woman was not who I thought she was hearing her voice her words her actions it was unlike anything I could imagine why was she putting me through this. I then lurched forward as she started to run her fingers over the clear marks in my back a soft moan escaping her lips as she soothed the pain "Mmmmmm I am quite the artist" she proclaimed as she stood to her feet and looked down at me "Don't act so pitiful that was nothing compared to the things I want to do to your body Mine.." I just laid there unable to move, the ordeal I had just been through was taking me quite a long time to cope with.

Without any more noticed I was quickly grabbed and dragged to a small room where I was tossed inside without care my wife then said "I am all worked up over whipping you like that, I am going to go have some fun with these lovely ladies while you sit here and think about everything.."

  with that the blackness over took me as the door was slammed shut and I was left to my own be continued

Aftermath by Anonymous


Smiles sympathetic
Eyes understanding
Words of condolence

No licking my wounds in private
No hiding away
No taking a moment to breathe.

A hollow laugh
Jaw tense with the effort of holding it together
Eyes bright, shining with emotion that threatens to spill over
A mask of pain
The invisible wall
Keeping  intruders out
Keeping me in.

Sometimes our enemy
Sometimes our friend
It makes you further away
Further than you ran
Not as far as I want you to be

No chance to forget
When you won't let go
But I don't miss you
Not  even a bit
How can you miss someone
Who treated you as though you didn't matter

Sometimes good things come from bad
And when you can face forward
And not fall
You walk
One step at a time
And never look back

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Interview With A Plumber by Charlie

Interview with a Plumber for Magazine
Magazine Interviewer : Female age 30       designation in interview  MI
Plumber                           : Male    age 24       designation in interview   P

MI: Can you tell me a bit about your life as a plumber and What sort of premises that you normally work in and any interesting or strange things that you’ve experienced while on the job.

P: Well I work in all sorts of places, ranging from commercial premises to private dwellings. I’ve worked in historical places as well some of which were meant to be haunted, but although I don’t believe in such things a few of the other trades people left the job after working in the so called haunted room, they never came back either. I had to do some work in the room but nothing happened while I was in that room but something weird happened in the new shower room I was installing.

MI: Oh please tell

P: Well I hadn’t connected any of the pipe work to the water supplies and when I had completed fitting the shower head water suddenly started to flow out of it. I got soaked to the skin. I checked the pipe work ,just in case one of the other trades had connected it, but no, the pipes were still open in other words not connected, I still have no explanation why this occurred. When I went back after checking the pipes the floor in the shower room was completely dry.

MI: So you never found out how it happened then

P: No, not a clue but the owner said that it was probably the poltergeist at work.

MI: Did anything else happen on that job ?

P: Yes but this was after the whole place was completed, I got a phone call one afternoon from the lady of the house, she asked if I could go and see her the following day, preferably in the afternoon. I asked her if there was a problem with any of the installation and she told me that her washing machine gets no water into it, and could I check the pipes.

MI: And did you go ?

P: I was just about to complete the job I was on ,so I told her I would be able to go but it might be nearer to 6pm than the time she said. I arrived there at about 5.45pm and she showed me the problem. I had installed the pipe work in the newly built area of the premises, the pipe work ran under the concrete floor in a duct, I turned the stop cocks off and disconnected the hoses to the machine and slowly turned the valves, nothing came out. that in its self was strange because I had checked that everything did have water before I left the job a week earlier.

The only thing it might have been was the stop cocks might be clogged with something. I carefully took the top off of the hot valve and water flowed, so I quickly replaced that valve. Then I checked the cold, exactly the same thing so I thought the valves must of been faulty from the manufacturer. I reconnected the machine and tested but no water went into it. I checked the electric valves on the machine, they were fine, then I though the hoses might be blocked , but they were clear as well.

  By this time it was well after 9pm. The lady gave me something to eat and coffee to drink as I was determined to find the fault that evening. I retraced my steps but there was water at the valves and under pressure, so no air blocks. Then I had an idea just what it might be, when I was an apprentice the chap I was working with had a similar problem it turned out in that case the flexible hoses had delaminated. That means the inside had become unglued from the outside section of the pipe and had twisted under the pressure. I replaced both pipes and tried it again. It was now 11.45pm but the lady needed to get it all working for the following morning so I said I would be happy to solve it that night.

Well the hot water worked fine, but the cold was now leaking at the connection on the hose to machine. I took it off again ,went to the van to get another gasket but I didn’t have one so I took out another new hose, I went back and removed the old one again, then connected the other one to the machine and then to the valve and turned the water on. The machine was started ,water ran into it, right I thought problem solved. But on the rinse cycle guess what, no water to cold again. I turned the valve off and took the pipe off of the machine end and then on the stroke of midnight water poured out of the hose and the force it came out made the hose thrash about.

The lady was standing nearby and got soaked and I tried to turn the water off by the valve but instead of it being easy as it was before it took all of my strength to close it, by this time I too was soaking wet. I reconnected the hose and turned the water on , the machine ran to the end of the cycle. The lady had gone to change out of her wet clothing but on her return she said when I was trying to turn the water off, it looked like the hose had turned towards me and had moved up and down in a deliberate fashion.

 MI: Well at least you found the problem, did anything else happen after that?

  P: Yes, the  lady said that I should get out of my wet clothes, she would go and get me a towel to dry myself. Have you ever tried to take a wet shirt off, its nearly impossible, it sticks to you as though it had glue on it. The lady returned with 2 towels one large and the other was smaller, she helped me get my shirt off and  told me to take my shoes and socks off which I did. She told me to use the bigger of the towels to dry myself and that she would just be making some hot drinks in the kitchen, and when I was dry and had the smaller of the towels around me I was to join her there for coffee and I was told to put my clothing in the dryer with hers.

Well I stripped and dried myself and then put the clothing in the drier  .   I put the smaller of the towels around my waist but it wasn’t quite long enough to tuck in, the ends overlapped but not enough to tuck in. I held it around me and went into the kitchen.

She saw the problem and said that she would sew some ribbons on the ends of the towel so that I could let go and have the coffee. As good as her word she soon had the ribbon sewn on and I tied a bow  so that the towel stayed up. The opening ran down the side of my left leg more to the back I thought, but it turned out I was wrong on this point. I stood leaning on the work top as she handed me the coffee, she was at the other end of the kitchen, she was wearing one of those white cotton towelling dressing gowns. As she turned towards me I felt something tugging on the end the ribbon, she just stood there and watched as the bow came undone  and the towel dropped to the floor. I hadn’t touched the towel and had both hands on the coffee mug.

  I tried to turn away from her but she was faster and she told me not to move, she said she knew that I hadn’t undone the towel so it must of been that dam poltergeist again.  As she approached me the belt on her dressing gown came off and her dressing gown opened up and something pushed the  robe over her shoulders and down her arms. She was naked just like I was.

MI: Oh please go on, this is getting interesting, our readers will just love this.

P: Well I tried to turn away so as not to look at her but try as I might I just couldn't turn, she  looked like she was being led as she got closer to me and her eyes were fixed on mine but she looked completely blank. She actually moved more like a puppet than a human. Her hand reached out and she took the coffee mug out of my hand and put it on the worktop, then she took my hands and put them onto her breasts, I felt her hands on my penis and then she started to rub it slowly, I tried to get away from her but although I’m generally a strong guy I found that I couldn’t move, it was as though I was being held there.

  I never believed in ghosts until that point in time, I do now by the way. The next thing I remember was being on my back on the floor with her astride of me and she was moving up and down over my erect cock.

MI: How long did this last for ?

Well to be honest I don’t know, but it must of been quite a while. I am convinced that she couldn't help herself just as I couldn't, I don’t think I ejaculated but at 6am we found ourselves on the floor  in the lounge on the white bear skin. We both came out of a sort of trance at the same time. We were just laying next to each other , we were still naked. I had some red marks on my body and she had the same marks on her breasts ,thighs and buttocks. They looked like finger marks but the hand size didn’t match mine and the ones on me defiantly weren’t hers.

MI: Was that the end of it ?

P: Well no, we both were a bit embarrassed about it, but she reacted first by touching the marks on my body and slowly moving her hand down onto my penis where she rubbed it slowly until I got an erection, she got onto her hands and knees and told me to fuck her from behind, well that is exactly what I did.

MI: And did you cum into her ?

P: Oh no I pulled out and she let it spurt out over her back then she got up and took my hand and we both went into the bathroom where we showered. I went and took my clothes out of the dryer and she got dressed up in her bedroom I think. When I left her she said that although she really didn’t mind the poltergeist she would be selling the house just as soon as she could.

MI: Did you ever see her again after that ?

P: Yes, she asked me to re - plumb her new house, this one was clean ,no ghosts and no poltergeists. After that I never saw her again.

MI: Have you had any other sexual encounters while working ?

P: Yes, twice more after that. And only one other time when I was an apprentice.

MI: Would you mind telling our readers what happened.

P: Not at all, Actually it happens quite a lot, that is women coming on to people who do work in their houses, while hubby is away the ladies want to play.

 MI: Please tell us about  the one when you were an apprentice first.

  P: Well as you know apprentices are not allowed to work on their own, but on this occasion I was asked by the boss of the company if I could just replace a washer in a ball valve in the tank in the roof space of a house. It was on route for me to the place we were working at. Its one of those simple jobs that should only take a maximum of an hour if all went well.

 MI: How old were you at that time ?

  P: I was just coming up to my 18th birthday, it was the next week, its in August.
  Anyway just before I left home the phone rang, it was the boss, he told me not to call to the house on the way to work but I should call on the way home, he gave me the customers phone number and address and he told me to phone before I went just in case there was a problem. It was one of those hot humid days and the heat just got worse as the day wore on. The chap I was working with decided it was far too hot to work on for longer than normal where we were and he told me to call the customer to ask when it would be convenient for me to go.

I was told any time would suit her, I asked if she had steps to get into the roof space while on the phone. She thought the steps would be long enough but wasn’t sure. On my way home I called into the house, I was still in my overalls but wasn’t wearing a shirt under them or trousers but did have shorts on. She told me where the steps were and showed me where the trap door was to the roof space.

The steps were long enough ,just. As I bent down to pick up my tools she asked my why I wasn’t wearing a shirt, she had seen down the front of the overalls obviously, I told her it was far too hot for a shirt as well, then she asked what else I didn’t have on ,and then laughed. I told her that I was wearing shorts so she was safe  and laughed myself.

  I got into the roof space and started work, but the valve its self was old and rotten I called to her and asked if it was alright to change the whole thing. She said it was fine. I replaced it and turned the water on and set the height. I was about to get out of the roof when she took the steps away. She looked up at me and said "if you want to get out  you will have to take the overalls off and throw them down". Well I looked around but it was too high to jump down and there was nothing up there that I could use either.

 MI: So did you take them off ?

  P: Yes there was no alternative was there. She put the  steps back and I asked her if she would take my tools from me. She climbed the steps and took them and put  them on the floor I dropped to the top of the steps but still held onto the edge of the trap door because the steps were a bit rickety. Just then the steps were pulled away and I was left dangling, the top of the steps were just out of reach. She climbed the steps and looked up at me ,then she undid the laces on my trainers and took them off then she took my socks off. She stood on the highest rung ,reached up and undid the draw cord on my shorts and then with a quick tug on the legs of the shorts she pulled them down. I was hanging there completely naked and could do absolutely nothing about it.

  She took my shorts and the rest of my clothing and threw it all down the stairs. I could see it all falling down in the gap between the sets of stairs and hit the floor 2 levels below.
She put her hands on my legs and slowly pushed them upwards but stopped short of my penis. She got down and pushed the steps so that I could get a foothold, I closed the trapdoor and started to climb down but before I got to the bottom she put her hands around my waist ,grabbed my cock and told me to turn around to face her. By this time I had a huge erection.

She stayed on the steps and gave me some cord, she was still holding my cock but her hand was at the bottom, she told me if I wanted my clothing back I would have to do as I was told. She told me to put the loop on the cord over the end of my cock then give her the other end. Well I did it just so that I could get the hell out of there. She pulled the end she had  and the cord tightened around my cock, then she started to climb down the steps with me following fast to stop the cord getting taught. She pulled me along like that into a bed room, she told me to get onto the bed and lay on my back. She knelt astride of me and tied my hands to the top of the bed, then she took the cord off of my cock. She tied my feet to the bottom of the bed and then she left the room.

MI: Oh please tell me the rest.

P: Well she came back but this time she wasn’t alone, there was a girl of about the same age I was with her. The girl was told to take a good look at me and touch me if she wanted to. By this time my cock was soft again but it didn’t stay that way for long. The girl looked at the woman and hesitated but then at the bequest of the woman she started to stroke my cock up and down, she pulled my foreskin back and the woman leant over me and put my cock in her mouth, she sucked just the once and stood up. The girl did the same but she stayed there sucking it. My cock got even harder. The woman told the girl to undress and that she would show her how to use a mans cock. The girl got naked  as did the woman.

MI: Oh dear, this sounds bad to me.

P: Yes it was , it wasn’t good for me either. Anyway the woman got astride me and lowered herself onto my erection she told the girl to see where it went and then when the girl had taken a good look the woman got off of me, the girl got over me but couldn't get the right position, but the woman got her exactly right by kneeling over my face and I assume getting the girl to drop onto my cock. I felt my cock being slowly swallowed by the girls cunt in fact very slow. Then I felt her rise and fall as she gave out little screams of joy. The woman got off of me and told the girl to enjoy, she looked at me and told me not to cum into the girl.

The woman left the room, well I tried not to but the girl stayed even though when I told her that I was Cumming, I tried to stop myself but I shot my load into her, the girl got off of me and sucked my cock again. She said that it was wonderful and thanked me for letting her experience it, I smiled but to be honest I didn’t really have much choice. I heard the girl leave the room and then heard the shower going.
The woman true to her word did bring my things back but when I was set free and tried to find my shorts, well they just weren’t there nor were my socks I put the overalls on and the trainers and left the room. I thought it was all over but it was not to be.

MI: Oh what happened next.

P: Well I got my tools and started to go down the stairs, I got to the bottom and more or less ran to the front door, but it was locked. I heard a voice asking if I wanted to get out, it was coming from one of the rooms that were just off of the hallway. I went to the room and just as I got to the one the voice came from, the door opened. There was a woman of about 35 standing there, she held a key in her  hand and told me you will be needing this to get out, but instead of giving it to me she dropped it down the front of her dress. She said if you want it you will have to find it. By this time all I wanted was to get the hell out of there.

MI: Well how did you get out in the end?

P: Well I was coming to that. I told her that if it was sex she was after she was too late and the reason why. Well I thought that was the best thing to say but she said that she knew all about what had happened, it wasn’t the first time either. You had better come in here young man and take a look at something. Well I was a bit miffed but I did go in.

  She had a television in the corner and a chair was set just in front of it, she told me to sit there then she turned the set on. It was showing a picture of a bed, at each end of  the bed there were ropes, two at each end. She flicked a switch and then the picture changed to a girl who was astride a man tied to a bed. I stared at the screen, the man was me. The woman said that she had watched it all and that this was a tape that she would be looking at for quite some time to come, but back to your problem, getting out of here.

Stand up my boy and turn to me she said ,well I did but instead of me having to find the key she found it for me then she walked behind me and put the hand that held the key into my pocket well not the actual pocket but the opening next to it, then she hung the key over my cock, which was once again beginning to harden up. She told me I could have the key but I mustn’t put my hands into the pocket opening to get it. Well the only other way was to pull the zipper down on the overalls.

Because she had already seen me naked I pulled it down and took the key I thought I was fairly fast but not as fast as she was, her hands were all over my chest in no time flat and she pushed the overalls over my shoulders and down to the floor. She said I had a nice firm young body and now it was her time to have some fun.
Well to cut a long story a bit shorter she had my cock exactly the same way that the girl had it, but this time I actually enjoyed it.

MI: I think it might be a good time to take a break, would you like something to drink, coffee perhaps.

P: Thank you ,yes please.
***************************coffee time*********************************

MI: Now tell us about the other times if you will.

P: Well the first of the two wasn’t very much at all, I was working alone in this house that was being renovated and being made into flats. The top one was complete and furnished, I was on the floor below that. The electricians had finished for the day and I only had about half hour to go before I too would be going. I was just packing up when there was a knock on the front door, well the agent said that there might be a caller coming to look at the top flat so I went down and opened the door.

 There were two young ladies there, they gave me the agents card and said they were looking at the flat and that they were expected. I told them I could take them up but I was leaving shortly, but I couldn’t let them stay there on there own because of all of the flooring that was missing. Well they said it wouldn’t take them long to see if they liked the flat so I said ok. I took them up and showed them around the place. In the bedroom they grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed ,one held me down while the other undid my shirt and trousers, I was stripped naked in no time, they knew just how to do it, in fact they used my clothes to restrict my movements as I tried to get away.

  They both got what they wanted by the way, one used my cock and the other made me suck on her clit. Then without a word they left the room and then left the house, before I could get dressed again.

MI: Oh I bet you really liked that.

P: Actually yes it was one of those things that don’t happen very often.

MI: tell me about the last sexual encounter you had. But first would you mind terribly if we sat on the softer seat, this hard chair is starting to hurt me.

P: Sure no problem.

MI: You sit there and Ill sit next to you .

P: Well on this day again it was hot , I just had my  Khaki shorts on, they were the type that had a clip at the top and a zipper for the fly I also had a tee shirt on and trainers, nothing else.

MI: What no underwear ?

P: Well no I don’t usually have underwear on, on hot days I mean.

MI: Well its hot today don’t tell me that you aren't wearing any under those shorts today either. Mind you they look like running shorts to me, so they have a built in liner if I’m not mistaken.

P: Quite correct about the liner and no I’m not wearing underwear.

MI: So what happened on the last sexual encounter.

P: This one was the longest ever and in some ways the best. The company I worked for then had won a contract to refurbish the plumbing in a private school during the holiday period. The head mistress lived on site in the small attached house next to the school building. It was the weekend and the rest of the staff never went into do any work on weekends making if better for me to get on faster. Its strange just how much people slow you down. Well I had completed the section I was working on and went to see the headmistress to show her how the new equipment worked.

She looked and checked that it all worked satisfactorily then asked where I would be working on the next stage.  I told her it would be on the wall adjacent to her house, and it might get a bit noisy with the drilling and told her to see me if it got too much for her. And the other place would be the new basin to be fitted in her office. She asked how long it would take to do the work on the wall next to her house I told her about 3 hours and it would be complete then. She told me to call her when I needed to get into her office so that she could unlock the door.

Anyway I completed the first bit in record time 2 hours 10 minutes. Then went round to her house to ask if I could get into her office. She came to the door  wearing  short dressing gown, she said I was early and that she had just had a shower. She asked if I had finished the section and I told her that I had. She said I had better come in and offered me a drink. Naturally I accepted, but I thought she meant a cold drink or coffee but she poured out a large whisky, well I don’t usually drink alcohol but I couldn’t really say no now.

She said that she would show me the quick way to get to her office, she took a key off of a hook and told me to follow her, well I drank the drink rather fast so that I could follow. She went down into the cellar and along a passage, at the end was a door at the top of some steps. She told me that she would have to stay with me while I was in her office as there were confidential files in there. She opened the door with the key and walked in, we were in her office, she locked the door saying that if it wasn’t locked it would swing open.

She opened the outer door so that I could get my tools and the basin then she closed it and relocked it, by this time I felt a bit strange, light headed, I thought it was that whisky. She took one look at  my face and said that I looked hot and did I feel alright.  I told her that I didn’t usually drink alcohol and thought it had gone to my head. As I worked she asked me if I was feeling alright as I still looked very hot, well she was right I did feel hot. She said that she didn’t mind if I took my tee shirt off if I thought it would help to cool off, I started to take it off and to my surprise she helped. She put the shirt on her desk and then sat at the desk and started to read some of the papers that were on it.

When I had finished the work she asked if I would take a look at the drawings for the next stage, she went to a filing cabinet and took the drawings out and laid them on her desk. I walked over and leant over to see them. She sat down and pulled her chair closer to the desk then pointed at the drawing, she asked me about the section and how long it might take to do. Well as I was studying the drawing I felt her hand brush my leg, she apologised , I said it was alright thinking it was just an accident but as soon as I said it was alright she said good because I’m going to do it again. This time she placed her hand flat on my leg and moved it upwards then she undid the clip on my shorts and pulled the zipper down.

  She saw that I wasn’t wearing underpants and immediately grabbed my balls  and pulled my shorts down with the other hand. She stood and put her foot on the shorts . Now my lad you and I are going to have some fun, but first you are going to have another drink.
 She let go of my balls took out a glass from her drawer and poured another large tot of whisky into it. She gave me the glass and told me to drink it. I had no way of getting my shorts on again and she grabbed my balls and gave a small squeeze and then told me to drink the whisky. Well I drank it naturally, I wanted to keep my balls after all. I was really quite drunk by now but thought I could still get away from her, but the mind plays tricks on you when in that state.

I had forgotten about the shorts around my ankles. As I fell she let go and helped me onto a long soft couch she removed my shoes and shorts and unlocked the door that went to her house. She told me to get up and to follow her, I did  but was staggering a bit. We reached her house shortly after, she had left my clothing in her office by the way.

MI: Oh please carry on, this is getting really sexy now.

P: Half way along the passage she took hold of my cock and more or less dragged me along by it, then in her house she took me to her bedroom and pushed me onto her bed. She removed the dressing gown she was wearing and told me to touch her breasts and then to suck her nipples, well I was too far gone to resist her. I had to do as she wanted. At one point I remember she had me over her knee and was spanking my ass while she held onto my cock, and I do know that she sucked my cock several times but as for the rest I’ve no idea what happened. But you can bet that she had my cock in her at some point.

 I awoke late at night  naked in the passage, I looked for my clothes and  found my shorts, I put them on , I had a choice, walk to her house or walk towards her office, I chose the latter. As I got closer to the office I thought I heard voices but it could of been a radio. The door at the end was closed so I slowly opened it, she was there waiting for me with one of the other female members of staff.

MI: Did you find your other clothes ?

P: I did , yes some time later though.

MI: Please tell me what happened next.

P: It was strange, the other staff member walked to the door to the passage and told the Head to go home, she held the door open and then locked it after the head mistress had passed through. She turned to me and apologised to me for what had taken place and told me that the head mistress would be taken to task over what had happened. She told me that she was the deputy head mistress and she would make sure that the head wouldn't be around to cause more trouble for me. I of course asked what she meant. She told me the head was going on a holiday later that week. I was given my clothes and went home.

Sure enough the following day there was no sign of the head mistress, just the deputy head. She was waiting for me to arrive and wanted to know where I would be working that day. I told her I would be sorting out the school showers in the morning and in the afternoon if all went well I would be fitting the new showers in the staff quarters. Most of the work had been completed in the staff area, it was just the final connections to be made and the shower cubicle to fit.

I was called up to the staff shower area by the Electrician, he needed to get the connections made on the shower door and the overhead light, so I left my apprentice to carry on in the girls shower room. Between the electrician and myself we got the cubicle in place and the door was connected to the power supply and tested.

By 3.30pm we had completed the girls showers and had moved all of the tools up to the staff shower room. I let my apprentice go early, he had worked very hard that day and deserved to go early.

MI: So you were on your own now.

P: Oh no the other trades were still on site. They usually worked until about 6 pm.

MI: I see, please carry on.

P: To cut a long story short I completed the work on the shower and went to find the deputy head, to show her how it worked, it was about 7 pm. I found her after a short time and asked if she would like to see how it worked. To be honest with you I wanted to see it working as well because I had never seen such a shower before.

I explained to her where the power control was, to turn the power on and off to the shower (it was outside of the main shower room) and told her that it was to stay off while I showed her the controls otherwise the water would flow and the door lock would engage until the shower was turned off, this was to stop the floor getting wet outside of the shower cubicle. She asked if the light worked, I looked around for the switch but couldn’t find it. Then I remembered what the electrician said, it only came on when the shower was powered up.

She seemed satisfied with the controls but wanted to see the shower working. I did explain that it would only work if there was someone inside the cubicle, she seemed satisfied with that and asked if I would like a cold drink, nothing alcoholic just juice. While she was away I cleared my tools up. She returned  with it while I was sweeping up and said she would put it in the shower cubicle to keep it away from the dust. I didn’t really take much notice  I just carried on clearing up. When everything was tidy I stopped and stepped into the cubicle to get the drink. She closed the door and I heard it click, the water shot out from all sides and above me, then the spray pattern changed to a gentle flow from above only and then to a different pattern.

  I could hear her laughing as I yelled out as the water hit me from all sides. I knew the shower would run for five minutes before I could turn it off, but she didn’t want to wait that long, she went outside and turned the power off. The water stopped but the door wouldn’t open. I told her the power had to be on for the door to open if a cycle had started. She just stood there in front of me laughing, then she said “You know what I want don’t you, the only way out is to comply, take your clothes off I want you naked just like the head saw you”.

MI: And did you ?

P: Oh I tried to get out but it was no use the door wouldn’t shift, so yes I stripped.

MI: Oh I would of loved to have been there , but please carry on.

P: She told me to turn around so that me back was towards her and to strip naked, then stand still with the clothing on the floor until the power came on and the door opened. As soon as the door opened I felt her hands on my back then she gave me a towel to dry myself, I was instructed to step out backwards leaving the towel on the floor with my clothing as I did she gave me another smaller towel to put around my waist. I was told to follow her, we went down the stairs and into the school shop near the entrance to the school. I was to go into a cubicle where she would hand me items to put on. 1st thing she gave me was a grey pleated skirt, to my astonishment it fitted, then girly panties then a white blouse, I must of looked stupid, I know I felt stupid anyway. She told me to come out and follow her back to the girls changing rooms. I will be leaving you for a short time she said, but don’t bother trying to get out  because all of the doors are locked. Someone will be with you shortly.

Sure enough someone else entered the changing room, it was an older woman, dressed in a dark suit with a white blouse open at the neck, she had dark horn rimmed glasses and her hair was tied in a bun at the back. She carried a long cane which she prodded me with as she told me to follow her. She took me into one of the classrooms, she sat at the teachers desk and told me to stand next  to her. She took out a book and opened it, I could see pictures of men in shorts all different lengths of shorts, I could see that all had huge erections though. She said as you can see we have a pretty good selection of pictures of men in shorts, but we need a few more, you have been chosen to be our next model.

She stood up and undid the buttons on my blouse and pushed it over my shoulders, then she sat down and told me to stand closer to her. I felt her hands go up under the skirt and then she pulled the panties down my legs. I started to get an erection but it soon disappeared when she brought the cane down on the desk with a loud thwack. NO, not yet we will tell you when she screamed at me. The deputy head then came back to my relief, at least she appeared sane not like this woman. She that is the deputy gave me a pair of shorts to put on, then I was to stand on a small stool.
MI: It must have been late in the evening by now, and surely you must have been very tired. Didn’t you complain.

P: I did nothing but complain but it made no difference, they just smiled and said the sooner you do as you are told the sooner you will be free to sleep.
Back to what happened next. As soon as I was on the stool the older woman pulled the skirt off of me then she told me to stay very still. She went to the desk and took out a large pair of scissors, the deputy head took hold of the shorts I was wearing by the bottom of the left leg and the material was cut at the hem and then torn upwards , they did the same to the right leg then the back of the shorts were cut away just leaving a strip of material between my legs and across the front.

The older woman took a look and then she stood up, went to the desk and took out a camera. Several shots were taken. The deputy was told to get me hard, it didn’t take long more shots were taken, then she pulled my cock out of what was left of the shorts and the older woman seemed to shudder slightly but carried on taking photo’s.

The older woman nodded to the deputy, then told her to go and get the other items, and to take her time coming back. The deputy left smiling. The older woman put the camera down and then took hold of my cock and rubbed it slowly, then she picked up the scissors and cut away the rest of the shorts. It was strange but I actually felt more excited with her doing this to me that I had at any other time. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck, it felt wonderful. I started to get the pressure build up but as soon as that happened she stopped, pulled back and squeezed my cock hard, it hurt like hell. Needless to say the erection stopped.

The deputy came back with more clothes. There were Khaki shorts, a khaki shirt with badges a scarf with a round thing and khaki socks with black tie up shoes, I recognised it as an old type of scouts uniform. They made sure it looked very smart on me and took several photo’s. Then they opened up the front of the shirt and took more. Lots more in different states of undress until at last they only wanted 2 more different shots.

One with my cock hanging out next to my leg and another with it sticking out between the shirt opening, no shorts on for the last shot. The first of these two was agony, the pressure on my cock was huge as it was forced to be held down like it was.

MI: So they let you go then I suppose.

P: Actually no, but they did let me sleep in the staff room for a while. I heard them talking before I fell asleep, then I heard a car pull away. I’ve no idea how long I slept but I was awoken by the older lady. She gave me a pair of white running shorts that had a liner in them, these actually. A pair of overalls with pop studs down the front my trainers and a white cotton singlet. She told me that I was to wear  the overalls the following day for work and only the shorts and singlet after work. The deputy head wants your cock tomorrow and just to get you in the mood I’m going to have your wonderful cock now.

She stood in front of me and removed her jacket and skirt, then her panties, then the blouse and bra, her breasts were much bigger that I thought. They burst out from the confines of the bra, her nipples were standing erect and I could see that they were very hard. She moved towards me and took my hand indicating to me she wanted me to stand up, as I did she lowered herself to the floor and then pulled me down so that I was on top of her. She had me tit fuck her, she leant forward on every thrust and her tongue touched the tip of my cock sending waves of pleasure through me. Every time I felt like cumming she stopped and waited for the feeling to subside, then she resumed doing what ever it was at the time. After a while she got astride my body and lowered herself onto my cock, she rode me like she was riding a horse, up and down faster and faster, she was insatiable. But this time when I started to cum she just carried on until my hot sperm shot out into her, I don’t think I could of stopped if I had tried.

MI: Oh wow so the older woman was the best, but what happened the next day ?

P: I’ll not go into the plumbing side as it would take too long but during the day at various times when I was on my own the older woman would come into the room and rip open the overalls and make sure I wasn’t wearing anything underneath them, then rub my cock a few times until it got hard then do the poppers up and leave as though nothing had happened. It got very frustrating I can tell you. But at the end of the day when all of the other trades had left the site she came back and did the same again but this time she pulled them right off so I was stark naked again. But she gave me the shorts and singlet and left with the overalls and trainers. She told me to go to the gym where the deputy head would be waiting, and use your imagination, she likes to play act things out. She has always wanted to teach boys in the gym, so act accordingly.

Sure enough she was there but this time she was wearing a very short gym skirt and a white blouse. “Ah good you are here at last, you have been told to report here because you were late for your gym lesson with the master, is that correct, boy” she said. I of course remembered what the older woman said and replied “Yes Miss”. “Well the master cannot take you he got called away so I’m going to have you instead. Now apparently you are no good at head stands, so you will practice them, I’ll support you”. As it happens I was fairly good at gym at school and head stands were easy. I was told to get into position and kick up into a head stand, she stood in front of me to catch my legs. I could see right up her skirt, she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

After doing head stands she decided it was time to do hand stands, this time she stood behind me. As I lifted into the stand I felt her pull my singlet out of my shorts and gravity did the rest, the singlet fell to the floor, she put her foot on it and told me to stand up. “You need more practice at those “she said “so get into position again and this time  I’ll give more support”. This time she held me not by the legs but by my hips, she was still behind me so I couldn’t see what she was doing but I soon found out. She pushed her hand up inside the shorts and pulled one side of the inner brief to one side, this made my cock slip out from the inner and stay just under the outer layer of the shorts. “Ah good you should be much better at that from now on, I think it’s the bars next for you, boy”

Sure enough she told me to go to the wall bars, climb up a few bars until she told me to stop, then put my arms through the bars and lift my legs up. “No , No that’s wrong“, she screamed “I’ll show you how, come down and watch me”. I did as I was told. She climbed up higher, her hips were at my head height, she lifted her legs so that they were at 90 degrees to her body then spread her legs wide open, I never saw a thing but just the thought of it gave me a hard on. “Now boy its your turn, get up there and show me what you’ve got”. I climbed up so I was at the same height, hips at her head height and lifted my legs, I started to spread them but she told me to keep them straight. She walked forward while I held my legs out then she told me to lower them and drop down two sets of bars.

“I can see that your arms are slipping, so Ill just use these belts to hold them onto the bars, then you can do it properly” she said. She climbed up and strapped my arms to the bars and told me to do it again. This time she pulled the shorts off of me, then told me to lower my legs. She stroked my cock a few times and then strapped my legs to the bars as well. “You have a lovely long cock, it’s a pity to hide it in those shorts you know, so from now on you’ll stay naked, and I will exercise all of your wonderful body, oh and I have a surprise for you, we are going to have a few visitors, I’m sure you will perform for them just as you have for me”.

MI: Oh I say , so now you are stuck and cant get away, and stark naked as well. Tell me what time was it at this point?

P: I’ve no idea what time it was but it was dark outside. Actually its strange you should ask, quite suddenly the lights in the gym went out, I could hear a sort of giggling outside but had no idea what was to come next.

MI: oh please do tell.

P: I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone, it’s strange isn’t it when that happens. I soon found out that my feelings were correct though because I felt several hands touch my legs. The hands were soft , much softer than the hands of the others that had touched me before, the hands moved slowly up my legs then the bars started to creak and hands were on my chest , slowly moving downwards my skin was tingling with the different sensations as the hands moved closer and closer to the thing that I was sure they all wanted. Then one found my cock and there was a squeal of delight, soon more hands found it and they all seemed to move as one as they started to rub it, one or two hands felt my balls and another went behind me but the majority stayed clamped onto my cock. One by one they stopped rubbing  and I had the feeling that they were no longer in the room with me.

MI: Who do you think they were, have you any idea.

P: Well I do have an idea but I cant prove it, and I’ll not say as I think you might already have an idea. At this point the deputy head returned  but the lights stayed off , my cock was once again rubbed and was also being sucked until it was hard once again. She climbed up the bars and I just knew that this time it wasn’t to undo the straps, this time she was holding onto the bars and her legs were either side of me. I felt my cock enter her as her muscles squeezed my shaft tightly, she moved with ease taking my cock deeper and deeper into her hole. I tried to thrust as well but the straps held me tight, she was in charge and I was just a thing of pleasure for her to use as she liked.

 The older woman took lots of photo’s of  us going at it but the one she liked best was the one where I could hold out no longer . The deputy had just got off when I shot my load, there was a flash and several more in quick succession. Then more as the deputy sucked me dry. I can’t remember much more but I found myself on the floor in the gym with the shorts next to me, there was no sign of the singlet. Just outside the door I found the overalls and my trainers.


It was strange, after that nothing else happened the job got finished and the company I worked for got  several other private school jobs over the following months. Then one day out of the blue a letter arrived where I was living. It was one of those big brown envelopes with the cardboard backing. As I climbed the stairs to the flat  I wondered what on earth it could be. Inside I found lots of photo’s, pictures of me naked and in all sorts of bits of clothing as well as me and the women in really very sexy positions. Although I knew the photo’s were of me, my face had been blurred out, but the covering letter said this:-

 Now you are to meet me in the following place, you are to wear white shorts with an inner brief. The outer is to be made of silky nylon and the inner cotton, you are to wear a white tee shirt and white trainers, nothing else. You will go to this address
Sexual fantasy Magazine
Brick Street

You will be asked to give an interview and you WILL if not these photo’s will appear in the magazine the following month, but with the faces un blurred, you might also like one more I have, but you will only get that if you do as I say on the day.

MI: I’m so glad you decided to come today otherwise your face would be all over town.
Right stand up and lean forward I’ll soon have that tee shirt off, now  get those trainers off as well. She pulled the tee shirt off me and I removed the trainers then she took me into a small room and told me she wanted the shorts, you can hand them out to me. I did as I was told because I had no real way out of this did I. She gave the shorts back but the inner brief was missing. She rubbed my cock through the material of the shorts but never actually touched it. My cock tried and succeeded to escape the shorts, it moved quite fast down the leg and out the bottom, it was only then that she pulled the shorts down and had me all to herself.

I did get that missing photo, it was the one that showed me cumming, the problem is there is no way to know if it was ever copied being digital.
I had problems getting home as well, wearing just a pair of nylon shorts and a tee shirt with trainers tends to make you stick out from the crowd, if you get my meaning. I only had a few miles to go so I decided the best thing to do was to make out I was training , so I started to run.

I was only about half a mile from home when the rain started, slowly at first then heavier. One of the people that saw me running was a close neighbour in her car, she stopped and told me to get in. As I did I noticed that she started to smile, it had never occurred to me that nylon shorts tend to go transparent when wet. Although I was only about 50 yards from my home it took over 6 hours to get there, but I enjoyed those 6 hours.