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The Encounter by Axelle

The Encounter by Axelle Paramour

My adolescents was filled with her face, she was the woman I wanted to be and the one I wanted to be with. Teenage crushes can be consuming. I had moved to the city from my small town because she had in my favorite movie, if she could do something, so could I. When I heard she would be in town, I couldn't help but let me mind wander to the possibilities. It was so unlike me to pursue, but i felt like if maybe I could see her in the flesh and not just on a screen, it would be enough.

I scoured the internet for news, what she was in town for, who she was to meet, where she would stay. I confirmed it as much as I could and when the day came, I worked myself up and sought her out.

Upon arriving, I was slapped with the reality that I wasn't alone in my pinning. Other admires lined the front entrance of the hotel where she would be staying, we all waited on edge, trying to crane our necks to see the tell tale limousine emerge from the distance. When the sleek blackness appeared we all rushed forward trying to catch a glimpse, but the chariot turned the corner onto a side street. Through the commotion, I lost sight of the car and missed her slipping in the private entrance. Missed moments were nothing new to me, I let out a sigh and wondered at what to do now that the opportunity had slipped through my fingers.

It was early afternoon and since I missed breakfast I figured grabbing a bite would soothe my wounded heart. I head across the street to the less opulent hotel's tea room. Walking in I was hit with the silence, so very different from the chaos across the street. The tea room was a cozy place, elegant without being stuffy. I grabbed a table near the back, took my seat, and begin with my newspaper.

She sat a few tables away and immediately I'm overcome with how beautiful she looks in person. I peer at her over my newspaper, hoping our eyes might meet. Then suddenly they do, I'm struck with the pools of blue eyes, momentarily I'm a bit dazed. The corners of her mouth lift slightly and from a place I didn't think I had in me, I'm up. I cross the length towards her and I don't even ask if I may sit down, I just do. I see the pot of tea on the table, I eye it, then her. Her smile widens and she nods slightly. I pick up the tea and pour more into her cup.

She turns the pages over and I can tell her reading is coming to an end. The last refill I offered was silently declined and I fear that she may decline anything else I may offer her too. My mind races, how can I keep her close? Just what else can I do for her? My eyes flicker over the crumbs on the table cloth, that's just it. My devilish little mind fills with a bit of glee and I move to brush them off, accidentally-on-purpose knocking over the cold tea cup as well. She's shocked and a bit taken aback by my clumsiness. I apologize profusely and try to dab at her with a napkin. I look up at her with all the innocence I can muster and suggest that a hot bath may warm her up and clean the tea from her damp skin. She considers and I hold my breath till her decision is made. She utters one word, "Come", and she rises and turns toward the stairs. I allow the smile to cross my face as I follow her up, to her awaiting hotel suite.

She lets us in and heads to the bathroom. I follow, trying to keep my nervousness in check. She looks to the tub, then me, before taking a seat on the bench in front of the vanity. I push back my sleeves and move to draw the bath, checking the water with my wrist and adding some of the bottled offerings on the ledge. i let the water run and go to her, picking up the hairbrush on the counter, I move to comb her hair. She doesn't say anything but let's out a soft hum as she smiles serenely. When she's had enough she heads to the tub, removes her clothes and climbs in. I turn the water off and take a seat on my knees as she begins to wash.

When she comes close to finishing, she looks to me and hands me the sudsy puff, I take it from her and trace my hand over all the places she's already covered, paying close attention to the swells of her breast before moving between her thighs. She parts the and let's out a small pleased sound, I drop the sponge and slip my fingers in there. Slowly I traces her lips, feeling them smooth and soft between my fingers. She reaches out and places her hand on the back of my neck as I continue to tease her, letting them work their way inside.

I can hear her breathing becoming more labored, her other hand is gripping tighter on the edge of the tub. The sight of her breasts rising and falling with the effort has my own sweet spot aching. I curl my fingers a little north inside of her, applying just that bit of extra pressure as the pad of my thumb teases her clit. I lean forward and bring my mouth to her neck, my lips are tracing the outlines of her collarbone. I can feel as her hips begin to rise to meet each beat of my fingers, her hand grabs at the back of my head, taking a handful of my hair. I pick up the pace as my tongue begins to playfully lick at her flushed skin, her moans grow louder and her thighs have begun to shake a bit and I can tell she's close. I tease her clit harder and whisper how much I've loved her and I open my mouth wide, biting firmly on her neck. She let's out a load moan and yanks on my hair as the waves of her orgasm spread through her. It is only when I can feel the last wave leave her that I pull my fingers out and have a taste. She opens her eyes then, looking towards me she breathes, "Good girl".

Red Shoes by Dany

shoes, every submissive man's weakness. Dany (now butch) loves shoes, especially red ones. This then, is a confession.

It must have started long ago with a foot fetish. Being submissive, one is always attracted to a woman's feet and the wonderful footwear that goes along with it. The high heels, the leather shoes, the smooth textures everything brings with it a sense of superiority over the male 'sub'. Red shoes however, are the prettiest. There's something about the color red that makes it so attractive. I'd be down on my knees kissing red shoes in a second. I'd love to get my tongue over a pair of wonderful red shoes and kiss them, and clean them, an act of submission to the dominant female. You Miss Persephone have red shoes with a tall heel, the smooth contour laced in black, the smooth red texture else where. Everything from the tall, sharp pointy heel to the smooth leather makes me want to beg for an opportunity to kiss them. Getting an opportunity to clean them with this dogs tongue would be one of the rare opportunities of my life. You are a Lady this dog respects the most, and certainly one who is much much superior to this lowly dog. dog noticed that there was a small strap that was part of the red shoes, wrapped around your ankles.  It looks amazing.
    Every inch of me wants to kiss those wonderful red shoes more than anything else in the world. this dog would do anything for that opportunity and will be honored if you give it to him. Looking at a lovely pair of shoes makes this dog hard, and it makes him want to stroke. The amazing smell of leather haunts this dog everyday. He hasn't sniffed leather in months, and is dying to get the littlest of bits.
    Red shoes are my weakness, looking at a pair makes me a helpless dog, on his knees, naked, ready to serve.
-slave dany

Parking Lot Assignment by Jeffery

The Parking Lot Dilemma

The rain pounded down on the windshield, seemingly with no intention of letting up. He sat in the parking lot, gripping the steering wheel so tight little specks of the rubbery material came off in his hands.
How had it come to this? What was he really doing here in the parking lot of this bagel shop? And was he really going to go through with this?
His pulse thudded in his neck like a mountain stream does when the snow melts. He fought to control his breath and rested his head on the wheel for just a moment. Then he lifted his head and let out a long, slow sigh.
He knew he was going to go through with this. He had no choice.

For weeks, it had been that way. She brought him to his knees quickly and he knew almost immediately he would do anything for her. She knew it too, and used it to her full advantage. From the moment they met, he bought the drinks, held the car door for her, pulled out her chair. That first night she told him “You’re so well-behaved. I like that” and something in the way she said it made his cock stir.
He blushed and she saw it and smiled.
When he drove her home she turned to him and simply said “Come inside” and before he really knew what was happening she had forced him down on his knees and ordered him to pull her panties off and lick.
He found himself doing it willingly and she barked orders at him and yanked his hair hard to put his mouth in the right places at the right time. She came over and over and over until he lost track of how long he had been kneeling there and all his could smell was the smell of her juices as they flowed all over his face.
She pulled his head out of her crotch and dragged him to the couch. She undressed him and took his swollen cock inside of her, cumming again and removing herself before he could. Then she took him into her hands and jerked him off. Whispering gently and shushing him until he came. She took a salty puddle of his cum onto her fingers and shoved it into his mouth. He sucked her fingers dry.

For weeks it continued and he yielded more each day. She told him to crawl across the floor to her. He did. He felt her press the dildo against his ass and somehow he knew he must let her. She ordered him to kneel next to her while she ate. She called him boy. And one night she smacked him and called him a little slut and the mix of shame and desire he felt welled up in him and made him so hard that he almost burst and single tear slid down his cheek.

Now he sat in this parking lot, wearing pink lace panties underneath his light-tan khakis, with a butt plug shoved in his ass. Every time he shifted in the seat he felt the plug dig in a little more. He noticed he was sweating.
Someone would notice. They would have too. His pants would get wet on the way in and someone would notice. They would laugh and he’d be humiliated.  And of course that was what she wanted. But…it was just coffee and a bagel she ordered him to get. Five minutes in and out…he could handle that, right? His cock was hard and the fabric of the underwear caressing his balls only made it harder to think. If there was one thing he was sure of, it was his overwhelming desire to make her happy. He had to do it. He craved her approval like nothing else he had craved before.
She even toyed with him this morning as she set the trap, right after she got done straddling his face and enjoying another orgasm.
“You’ll do this for me like a good boy, won’t you?” It was a mixture of and order and a coo, said in way that made him want to drive through a brick wall if she told him to do so. She pressed a long leg into his cock as she asked. “You want to please me, don’t you?”
He moaned out loud and she brought the plug and the panties to bed and ordered him to roll over. She rubbed the cool lube on his hole and shoved the plug inside quickly, making him grunt.
Stepping into the panties he got dressed and she rubbed up against him, kissed him and grabbed his crotch before he left. “No umbrellas allowed,” she hissed.

He couldn’t waste anymore time. He opened the door, hiked his pants up and made a break for it, stepping awkwardly between the raindrops to keep the plug in place.

He was breathing heavily and drenched when the door to the shop closed behind him. As he glanced up at the menu, a familiar voice made him jump.

“Hey sexy,” she said in a voice loud enough for everyone in the shop to hear. “Nice panties.”

He froze in fear as he felt his cock go rigid.

To be continued?

By Jeffrey Wordsmith

Friday Night Part 4 by Lady Raffila

Seated at her dressing table, the mistress glanced over a rather large selection of fragrances lined up on the gleaming mirror surface of the table.  Her sub stood
behind her. He gently teased a lock of her deep red hair with a hair brush, trying to untangle a knot.  His brow line knotted into a frown as he concentrated on the task.

"Don't pull it, be careful, god don't pull it," he muttered to himself, mindful
of the mistress tender scalp and even more tender sensibilities.  If he caused her
the slightest bit of discomfort, he knew he would pay dearly for it later.

The mistress sat straight and still.   She wasn't in any mood to torment the sub, while he struggled with her long hair. Even mild humiliation could be risky, while he held the hairbrush.  Her head ached dully, she wanted the brushing to end as quickly as possible.

"Did you know that they use Obession at zoos, spraying it around the big cats to stimulate
their sense of smell?"  she asked.

"No, mistress, I did not know that," he replied.
The mistress was a fountain of odd facts.  The sub had learned many strange bits of
information, during his service to her.  He sometimes found a way to pop one of these unusual tidbits into his conversation to impress his family, when he went to see them on Sundays.

He wondered if his mother would cook one of his favorite meals this week. Only two days til he could go home to see her.  He liked the way his mom piled the food on his plate and urged him to have second helpings.

His mistress refused to offer him a second helping and often made him reduce the amount of food on their plates. She said it was the easiest way to watch your weight. "Portion
control" she called it.  "Half-starving ourselves," he'd think to himself.

He was a strapping big boy, little fat and lots of muscle.  Mistress liked him to take body builder poses so she could feel his muscles.  He liked flexing for her.  She made him
practice flexing and unflexing the muscles supporting his penis, too.  He could make it jerk and jump inside her.  She seemed to find that movement very erotic.  He found it
fun, only if she'd let him release, which she rarely would.  And never inside her.

The sub sighed, wondering when she might let him release normally again.  She's taken
a fancy to milking him, which he loved and hated.  The mistress sighed too, wishing
her hair dressing would go more quickly.

She's purposely chosen a cosmetology student, when she'd selected a new sub for herself.
When the boy had passed his exams and received his license, she let him work for a year
in a good salon, before deciding he'd reached a level of competence sufficient to her needs.  At the point, she required that he stay home and devote himself exclusively to her.

Friday nights, she was exhausted after a long day at work.  She wished that the femdoms could secure a Saturday night from the dungeon.  "Wouldn't it be lovely, she said to the boy, "if we could take a nap and not have to rush thru these preparations for tonight?"  He nodded, "yes Mistress, these Fridays are very hard on you."

She smiled.

"Well hurry up and finish the hair, boy, so that we can get going." she said with a trace of
urgency.  She grabbed the bottle of Obsession, sprayed some on her neck and looked at the boy in the mirror of the dressing table.
"I wonder if I should turn him into a big cat?"  she mused silently.

 The boy caught her look in the mirror and felt a sudden twinge of fear.

Being A Dog by Dany

Being a dog, literally.

my name in SL is dany nexen, and i have been lucky. lucky to have good Mistresses in the past. These have been Ladies that have taught me a lot, about submission and also about being a good person. i tried to be a good slave, and for the most part i hope i did well. It was however in those 'busy' RL times that i've sucked (a lot). Miss J is one of the best Ladies i've ever known, and although we do not talk anymore,  i still feel that i owe her another apology. For what you ask? As Miss Eva puts it .. i just 'fucked off'. i was put on trials and was made into a dog. i've been contemplating the idea of being a dog for a very long time. i feel that after all this, since i am finally moved on, i shall stay to be a dog. i shall also try and be the best of dogs. being a dog in SL, i would let my Miss control me fully in RL. Over the years, this has been a key learning. RL control is vital to any D/s relationship. i am finally ready to completely let go of my RL sexual desires. The one thing that i never did was lie. i never lied about anything, but it still feels like i cheated. I missed writing emails like ordered, i missed keeping in touch. it is only appropriate that Miss J was angry, and i was finally let go. i miss Miss J , those were some of the best times in SL.
    it makes me sad; but also presents me with an opportunity to tremendously improve myself. i shall now try and be a good dog, one worthy of a Ladies time, scraping off her hard wood floor for a piece of leftover bread.
    slave is moving on, from being a dog, to ironically .. being a dog! It is time to put the past behind me, and put all the the learning into being a a good slave, a dog, a lowly submissive dog.
    -slave dany

Afternoon In The Playroom by Anonymous Domme

I set out all my toys in a deliberate display.  I want their eyes to widen when they come on the room.  I want to see their faces as they see what has been prepared, what is waiting.  For a few weeks I have picked out a soundtrack and have queued it up.  Four hours’ worth of scene music picked to move like an amusement park ride.  Starting soft and slow, building in intensity and urgency, climaxing and then; restful, peaceful music until it all starts again.  Once the room is set, I go to my room to meditate and prepare myself for the afternoon.

When the first sub gets back from my errands I am sitting waiting for her.  She walks in, addresses me, sees how I am dressed, and drops to her knees.  Her face is turning slightly pink, and she has a huge smile.  As she is spoken to softly, she risks several glances up at me.  I love when they do that.  The coy longing, sneaking looks, letting their eyes play over my skin.  How I feel wanted when I notice their gaze and they drop their eyes to the floor suddenly, the flush of being caught mixed with desire dancing plainly across their flesh.

She gets up and crosses the room as asked kneels directly in front of me.  I slide my fingers through her hair and grab a handful forcing her head to tilt up a bit.  Her eyes widen in shock and then desire as I press her face against my crotch “Kiss me.” Is all I command.  And wordlessly she does as asked and kisses the outline of my sex, I can feel her hot breath even through my panties.  “Now follow me.  And crawl.”  Heading to the playroom slightly faster than she can follow I leave the door open and turn in time to watch her enter.  She giggles a bit and lets out a little gasp “Mistress!” as she sees all the toys laid out and the bench.  My grin is ear to ear as I get the response I am hoping for.

I tap the bench and she lays on it.  “Feet on the floor and your ass right to the edge.” I tell her, smiling.  She does as told and I work my magic.  I know her body, the way her skin moves, the way it tastes, her scent, how to make it ache with desire, need and release.  I begin tying her to the bench, and touching, caressing, stroking, teasing her.  I pull at her nipples and bite one as I pinch the other until she is gasping.  I run my nails down her stomach, up the insides of her thighs.  I make her squirm and wiggle on the bench and then slap her hard across the face and tell her to be still.  This does nothing of course but make her wet and want even more.  I love it.

Finally I slip my fingers between her moist lips and probe her sex gently.  “Look at you, that pussy of yours is so wet. You naughty girl, did I give you permission to be so wet?” I tease.  She just moans “No my Mistress.”  I chuckle and slap her pussy hard then place my damp fingers in her mouth.  “Clean them off good my girl.” And she suckles her juices from my fingertips with great care.  I finish my work and she is there naked, spread open on the bench, tied down and completely at my mercy.  Just the way I like it.

As it turns out…  also just in time for my boy to arrive.  Yes this is going to be a terrific afternoon, I can tell.  But as for the rest of you listening….  You’ll have to wait until next week to see what I have in store for this pair.

Anonymous Confession

Jealous doesn't seem right, but it's the word that comes to mind. I watch as you divide your time, ever mindful of what is theirs and what is mine. I'm still searching for the words to articulate how I feel about this, maybe they haven't arrived because I'm afraid of the conclusion.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journey To Submission by Anonymous

Journey to Submission

It was a rainy night when he sat in front of his computer and logged into SecondLife. He thought of exploring SIMS and came to a Place called Dominion, landing in the Courtyard, the members favorite place for Discussions and Chats.

Walking towards the gathering, he sees all the males kneeling and all the women seated on black chairs. He hears voices for the first time in Second Life, making this world more real then he ever imagined. A woman in a beautiful gold colored dress shouts in voice,

"Kneel boy! This is a FemDom!"

He kneels down for the first time, the grass feeling nice. Down in front of the beautiful woman, he watches her commanding submissives with her lovely voice. He begins to hear comments about his profile and her laughter. He becomes nervous, his heart beating faster.

Soon after the expected amusement, she came near him, her boots touching his legs. She commanded two other boys,

"Move your asses over here and form a "circle of love" with me in the center."

They came, forming a circle around her, their knees touching.

"Get your clothes off and no gaps in the circle boys."

His legs began to tremble as he made sure his knees met with the others. His cock erect, he smiled and looked up at her face. He had discovered submission on that day.

He starts coming to the courtyard again and again. Waiting to meet the special Lady, he would submit himself to. On one fine evening, as no one sat in the courtyard and he kneeled alone, he began to hear the sound of boots. A Lady in black latex emerged from The Dominion forest and she walked towards the courtyard. When she was close he greeted her in local chat, but she ordered him to get on voice. He was instantly nervous. She stared asking questions and he tells her of his shyness and nerves. She rolls her eyes and says,

"We DO like boys nervous here. GET. ON. VOICE. BOY."

He obliges and greets her on voice, struggling to pronounce her name. Subs began arriving one by one as he still struggled with it. He was was made to repeat the greeting over and over till the pronunciation was correct. The Lady began using her sperm shooter, aiming it at all the subs, the courtyard quickly becoming full of it. She sat on one floating in the air as she called him to sit with her. He was all to happy to jump up on the sperm and join her. He felt her warmth and the smell of latex. It was one of his happiest moments in Second Life.

He understood the pleasure of being a submissive to a Dominant Lady and as the days pass on he continues to come to The Dominion, that very special SIM, in search of that very special Lady.

A Date With A Domme by Lady Layla

A date with a Domme.

The boy arrived on the platform in the night sky surrounded by planets and stars. Straight away the Miss started with the direction, “Please stand and disrobe!”
He wasn’t expecting to go right into it but he started to undress and replied assertively "Yes, Miss."
“I wish for you to feel at home here boy, this is our special time together”
The boy blushed and he knew that this is indeed a treat for them both.
She beckoned the boy – “this way”
The boy saw the two alabaster pillars and his breath caught in his throat and his eyes sparkled.
She called “please position yourself”
 “ Yes, Miss” he replied softly and raised his arms, she shackled him on each side by the wrist and the ankles, she stood back and sighed, gazing upon her beautiful Muse, he was certainly very pretty naked. She left him restrained for a while she took him in, examining how his body strained and moved while he was held in place..
He began to speak very softly, “I feel you there Miss, watching me”
Clearing his throat he said “I want to honour you with every moment, to fulfill your command as best I can”
She smiled “Tell me boy and what of your desire to release?”
“My desire is very strong Miss. It grows more after each time I edge for you” He blushed as he spoke of it.
She went on to tell him, “we will continue with edging- I wish for you to interact with yourself while we are together but you are not to release –also before you sleep and when you first awaken in the morning - but you do not release - is that understood?”
His voice quivered” Yes, Miss. I understand clearly.” His heart began to beat harder in his chest.
She ran her slender fingers down the boy’s chest, her nails gently passing over the skin, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Good boy” she whispered.
The boy released a soft breath, feeling his desire rise as her nails ran along his soft flesh, and her kiss drawing a soft moan from his lips. His body began to react, hardening, flooding his shaft with a steady rush of blood.
Her hand moved lower - cupping his shaven balls in her hand as she placed a kiss upon his lips and a hand reached to his hair.
The boy let out a soft moan, feeling her hand cupping his balls. His shaft thickens and hardens fuller, and he let out a soft whimper of desire. His body shuddered in his bonds and he looked at her with need and worship in his eyes.
She kissed him again and pulled his head back by his hair, lowering her mouth to his neck where she placed a soft kiss, her mouth opened around the flesh of his neck and she bit down firmly but tenderly, her hand still cupping his tightened balls.
Her hand slid over his balls and she placed her palm against his engorged cock, feeling the heat resonating from it as it pulsed with desire and anticipation, her biting transforming into a suck and a kiss once more, pressing herself close to him.
She began to undress, kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her shirt.
The boy groaned with desire, feeling her caressing lips, her palm against his fully erect shaft. His muscles flexed and strained in his bonds as his body ached for her. His eyes locked on her as she undressed, and the ache within him grew even stronger. A dribble of clear pre-cum ran from the tip of his cock, and down his shaft as he trembled in his bonds.
She gazed upon him again and leaned in for another kiss, nipping at his lip as she forced her tongue into his mouth, kissing him with desire and passion, her fingers stroking his shaft and collecting the juices, she pulled back, placing her wet finger onto his lips, her hunger rising, she kissed him deeply collecting his juice as she pressed against them.
The boy moaned with pleasure as she stroked him, his body trembled with desire as her fingers collected his clear slick pre-cum. He could taste himself on her lips as they kissed. His entire body ached with his want and need, his desire for his Miss burning in every cell of his body.
She stood in front of him bare chested and she reached around into her back pocket pulled out a velvet blindfold and attached it to him securely.
She moved away and turned to view him and said "you look stunning my boy"
The helpless boy shivered as he had his sight taken away. He hung there in his bonds, trembling, panting, and breathing deeply with his desire. His engorged shaft pulsed now fully erect.
She released him from the bonds, and walked him forward, he stood still with his hands behind his back. She walked around him, lightly touching him intermittently poking and pressing his skin.
She traced a feather from her pocket all over his chest to his midriff, she crouched and ran the feather from his toes to his inner thigh, being very careful not to touch the genitals and then back down the inner thigh on the other side to his foot, she repeated this a few times, watching his cock as it danced and twitched in anticipation
She leaned forward very close to his cock, “boy?”
 Y... yes, Miss? His voice trembled.
 "Do you feel the heat on your cock boy"?
The boy took a sharp intake of breath, "I... I do... Miss."
"Do you know what that is boy"?
He let out a whimper, full of desire. "You, Miss?"
"Yes boy Me" - "Can you guess what I am about to do boy"?
His heart began pounding hard in his chest, and he was struck speechless for a moment. He grasped for words, for thought, as he tried to answer, "I... I just... I don't know... Miss..."
Her eyes twinkled at the sight of the pre-cum upon the head of his cock. “don’t be alarmed boy” She whispered as she leaned forward parting her lips and moving her tongue out of her mouth, taking just the head of his cock between her lips, sucking upon it like a juicy peach, tasting him once more - how sweet he was in her mouth, she pulled back and licked her lips, she remained crouched to watch his reaction closely.
His body strained and he griped his right wrist with his left hand. His body trembled as a rush of intense pleasure flooded through his body as her warm mouth surrounded the head of his cock. His pre-cum had a hint of sweetness to it and she was enjoying giving him this pleasure. His mouth fell open as he moaned with ecstasy, he clamped his eyes shut hard behind the blindfold, feeling the intensity of pleasure, and then the feeling of her saliva cooling his glands as she pulled back... leaving him glistening.
"How do you feel boy”?
 I... am... so... very... aroused... Miss.  He said in a trance.
 His entire body was quivering with need, and his senses were swirling with his desire for her, whirling like a maelstrom inside him and around him.
She breathed upon his neck as she moved her hand over his buttocks. Smoothing first his right cheek with the back of her hand and then the left. She took a handful of right cheek and squeezed if firmly - then moving her left arm back she spanked his arse firmly. She looked as the cheek reacted by tightening and turning pink almost immediately.
His rump felt tight under her grip. His skin was soft and warm, and taut with lean muscle. And as she swung her hand down, he heard the tell-tale sound and he gasped. The strike on his arse was clearly heard as her perfect hand cracked loudly against his taut flesh.
She wrapped her arms though his arms, which were still placed behind his back and around to his chest, kissing his shoulder and pulling him close.
She whispered “Boy”?
 “Y... yes... Miss?” He quivered
"Get Dressed - We are done for tonight" - She removed the blindfold.
 He blinked as the starlight returns to his eyes and he looked over his shoulder at her. His gaze clearly showing how deep in the depth of his desire she was, how much he wanted her, how deeply he ached for her.

The End - A rather long short story by Layla Beningborough :)

Be Mine by Anonymous

  I have seen you here at the Dominion before. I see you kneel eyes forward, back  straight, chest out,hands neatly clasp behind your back, a serene smile on your greet everyone as the come in. I heard you speak " Hello Lady Gabrielle, Hi Garth, , Hello Miss Eva..hello  subs."   My breath hitched, my heart fluttering  and I say to myself " I would love to hear that voice  call my name, beg for me to let him cum, : Mistress..please let this pathetic sub  cum for you  or  please allow this boy to kiss your  feet"  But alas his attention is focused on someone...I see him look at her  with complete  adoration and devotion , and I want it, I want is so bad I can taste it.  But for now   all I can do is look , smile, be calm and  composed  , if only he knew. My insides are screaming  " Why can;t you be mine?!?

   What has happened to me?  I have   reduced myself to the likes of a Highschool girl with a mad crush over the jock in school...I thought i have passed that but no. Everytime I see him log in  to the DOminion   my legs weaken, my heart starts beating fast and wetness forms between my legs, crossing my legs is of no use  for it just spurs my cunt muscles to contract and more fluids gushes out of me.  It is wrong for me to say,  I wish I was your  Miss.but  I can;t  deny how  I feel. But for now  all I can do is look at you and adore you from afar. Hope you glance my way and smile at me. that should get me through another  week

   For now  I wait quietly and patientl;y . Good things to those  who wait  they say.... and one day  your lips will call my name, its my lap that your head will be laying on, its my paddle and whip that shall mark every inch of your body and I shall call you "Mine"

Compliance 3

Compliance 3

He paid his money, twenty pounds, and handed it to the lady behind the till then followed the line of people waiting to get changed behind the curtain. There were giggles going on behind the material and a mixture of Ladies and men would appear dressed in all sorts of outfits; appearing from behind the curtain at regular intervals. His turn came and keeping his mind on the task at hand he got changed as quickly as he could boots slipped off and on; he folded his trousers and top into his back pack. He took out his collar and his top and shorts and changed into them quickly as the queue was building outside. Once changed he handed his bag to the attendants and made his way up the stairs
He did not feel at all nervous as he went to the top of the stairs and was greeted by two house subs who were there to present the ladies with flowers as they arrived. He smiled politely and nodded. Once at the top of the stairs the club opens out into a number of different rooms and spaces. Each sets of doors are held open by the house subs so the ease of moving around for the ladies is greatly increased.
Mistress had given him a task and this was to get caned. Now in this club there is a Maitre de service; Ladies will ask if a submissive is available for foot massage, spanking or whatever. The lead house sub will ensure that a suitable match is found for the lady and as a result you can go on the menu for the ladies delights. He thought that this would be the best way to fulfill his Mistresses request. He heard the words come out of his lips before he could see the Maitre de write his name and the description next to him. Available for hard caning. He repeated it back to him and then said, "lots of ladies like to do that they get fed up with subs who just do foot massages" He smiled nervously and made his way to the bar for a water.
The club began to fill up he saw a few of the people he had met earlier in the bar, some people started to play in the main room and use the equipment there. a few subs had started to lie down in the trample cage in the hope that a lady would soon pass there. He wished he could contact his Mistress now at this point to tell her how he was fulfilling her task and to let her know just what it meant to him to be following her instructions. There was a hand on my shoulder it was the Maitre de again. He said "I have someone who I think you should meet. He took a sip of his water and then followed the house boy through the crowd making sure he was careful not to step on any stray sub's legs as they knelt before the ladies who were seated. He led me to the back of the main room where on a slightly raised seating area there were a group of ladies all chatting smiling and laughing. The Maitre de got on his knees as he approached the ladies and as he did so he followed. The Ladies smiled at him and he was obviously well known to them. He greeted them by kissing there feet then he spoke with one of them a little longer and kept turning and pointing to me.
He remained on my knees motionless and looking around so as not to upset or offend anyone but did not go too close but did keep in the area so that he could be seen but not heard. The house boy motioned for him to approach the ladies, He shuffled across and this seemed to amuse the ladies He was introduced to the three ladies Mistress Monica, Goddess Sarah and Miss Simone. Each of the ladies directed his view to their feet and he placed a polite kiss on their shoes and said greetings to them. Goddess Sarah knelt down close to him and whispered in his ear that she likes to cane. she questioned him about his experience and why he was there. He told her that his Mistress had ordered it and she seemd to shriek in delight with this. "Well then. she said menacingly, We better not let you disappoint your mistress had we." She beckoned him to bend down on all fours and present his bottom to her. With this one of the other ladies came around to the front and placed her heel in front of his face. She lowered herself to him and whispered focus in on the heel boy. From were he was he could see the heel and also what looked like an artists container, this must have been the cylindrical container that held the cane. He felt a tug at the waistband of the shorts and then just when he thought it was going to start Goddess Sarah again leant down towards me and said "you know the safeword?" he replied "yes" The safeword is red and it is posted all over the club in all the rooms but he had no intention of using it just yet.
He felt his shorts taken down fully and then a few playful smacks on his bottom by Goddess Sarah. He could see the heel in front of him and beyond that, as people do, some subs had stopped walking around to see what was going on. he closed his eyes and focussed in on the task.
He felt the first crack of the cane, it seared into his bottom and it seemed as though there was a fiery line been burnt into his flesh. His breath rushed out of his mouth and he winced a little. Then a pause and he felt the heat of the first stripe. Again the cane fell this time a little lower and with more foce this time. He kicked his feet a little to try and aleviate some of the pain. Focus on the heel boy, came the reply. Another came down, the burning sensation was just as intense and he did cry out a little with this one. By now the whole top side of his bottom felt as though it was on fire but it felt so good, so hot and so very right. The next two strokes came  in quick succession and it caused a great surprise he had been expecting to be allowed a little recovery between the strokes, but there was none. Goddess Sarah then proceeded to Cane at will using quick strokes interspersed with longer more severe strokes that caused welts. He felt his whole body shaking and fearing the next stroke not knowing what type it would be but needing to take it with good grace for his Mistress. He rested in his elbows and could feel each hot stroke on his bottom, it felt as though it had been well and truly punished. His head was reeling from the endorphine rush and also the fact that here he was getiing caned for his Mistress at her orders, time could have stood still.
Goddess Sarah bent down and said "are you sure you have never been caned before". he did not reply anything just looked up at her and smiled.
"that's all for now boy she said. Now go and get me a drink and then come and tell me about this wonderful Mistress who sends you to Pedestal. " He thanked her for her time and asked if he could rub his sore bottom. She smiled and said " I like boys who can take a hard caning" Now get me a drink, Vodka cranberry and no rubbing. He slowly pulled up his shorts and wanted staright away to let his Mistress know that he had obeyed her with this first task. The head felt giddy and was almost whirling around but he felt safe knowing he had obeyed. He stood slowly and offered the other ladies a drink to which Goddess Sarah beckoned him to hurry up. with much haste then he made his way through the crowd to the bar. Desperate to let his Mistress  know how he felt at this time owned, controlled and in love with her.

Confession by Lady Willow

Confession By Lady Willow
Switch? I don’t think so!
In my world women run the show, plain and simple. Men are employed as assistants, secretaries and gophers for the top ladies in my firm. My story begins with my exciting promotion and the awarding of a large new client account. With such position comes an additional work load that requires an assistant to see it through. Deborah in HR had called up to my office to advise me that she thinks she had found the perfect boy to fit my requirements. He was new to the company, just moved to the city from some far off place I had never heard off. Although he seemed rather brazen, Deborah assured me he was skilled and would be able to perform; perhaps keeping a tighter leash might do the trick she suggested.
From my office door I had a direct view of my new assistant. He sat quietly at this desk, taking in the new surroundings with what looked like a bit of a smug expression. I watched him for a moment as he tested his keyboard, rearranged the pens and stapler. As if his sixth sense had suddenly kicked in he turned his attentions to me, our eyes instantly locking in a somewhat intense gaze. Like the alpha of a wild wolf pack I held the look. I didn’t blink, nor turn my attentions elsewhere. I was surprised at how long he keeps his eyes on mine before breaking, but soon averted his stare to papers on his desk. I grinned at his defeat and secretly applauded myself for the show of dominance.
For several weeks this seemingly harmless event became regular routine. At some point in the day I would watch him, and when he felt my stare he returned the look, holding it long enough to slightly raise the hairs on the back of my neck before his eyes would drop and he returned to his work, this alpha bitch always winning out in the end.
As a deadline closely approached I came to realize the short hours of the work day were just not enough to get everything completed on time, and some afterhours work would be required. I suggested to my assistant, although somewhat unorthodox, that we continue working on the account that evening in my condo. He was quick to agree, and suggested perhaps he would bring over some take out.
My large dining room table lay covered in files, papers and other necessary equipment required to complete the task at hand. I returned from the kitchen with 2 glasses of wine and offered him one even though I was certain he was not worthy of the expensive vintage. We mulled over the papers, comparing notes, making necessary changes to the calculations and in the end putting together a rather impressive presentation. I picked up our empty plates and returned to the kitchen to place them in the sink. As I turned I was shocked to find my assistant hovering only inches away, his hot breath touching my face. I froze instantly, I never allowed anyone to get that close. The look in his eyes was seductive yet assertive and I was at a loss for words. He leaned into me, forcing me back against the dark marble counter top. His lips touched my neck, gently at first then quickly becoming rougher. I parted my lips to allow the gasp to escape. This was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Of course I was experienced with men, but always they succumbed to my instruction, I always took the lead. A slight sigh of relief developed as he dropped to his knees before me, this was a position I was comfortable with; I was expecting him to wait for a command. Instead he hoisted up my skirt, its heavy material locking it in place from sliding back down over my hips. He buried his face into my crotch, his nose digging in as if a hog routing around for scraps. His teeth clenched down on the silk fabric of my panties as he started to pull them down, I was thankful I was shaved completely as his actions would have certainly pulled out a few hairs.
My mind was swimming, my inner thighs damp with excitement. He popped back up in front of me, smiled and spun me around so fast I nearly lost balance, my hands sprawling out across the counter to steady my weight. He pressed himself tightly against me, the sound of a zipper being lowered echoed through the kitchen. I froze again, unable to move, for the first time at his mercy. I felt his large shaft slapping softly against the cheeks of my ass, was he spanking me with his cock? The nerve. His manhood explored up and down the crack of my ass, he stopped when he reached my clit, grinding it with the tip. He reached up and pulled the elastic from my hair, now freed it fell down around my shoulders. He grasped my shoulder with his left hand and pushed my face down against the cold stone surface. With his right he rammed his now very hard cock deeply past the wet petals of my sex. The action was fast and intense, I gasped but that soon turned to low deep moans. My hips slammed into the counter with each pounding, there would be bruises I was sure of that. Before it began it was finished. I yelped as the orgasm overwhelmed me, he groaned and pulled out as quickly as he had entered. I was still unable to move, I felt the added sensation of the combination of our sex juices sliding down the inside of my leg. As I turned I caught only the glimpse of him has he walked out the door. That night I lay in bed, I kept the damp undies on, the smell of our carnal actions still lingered in the air.
The next morning began like all others. I woke up, showered, dressed in a classic black pant suit, gathered the papers from the night before and left for work. I walked slowly down the row of cubicles, the familiar morning greetings assaulting me as I passed. I sat at my desk, flipped through files, did some organizing, answering emails, all the things I normally did. Until now I had not bothered to look up, why I wasn’t sure. But as much as I was trying to forget the previous night it had begun to invade my mind. I raised my head, my eyes casually drifting out my office door, only to land on my assistant. His attention was already there, had he summoned me this time to our daily routine? As always I locked in the stare, determined to put him in his place. Something was different though, his eyes sparkled, the corners of his mouth were lifting into a grin, and then he winked at me. My eyes bulged, my bottom lip dropping, probably to the floor and with that I blushed and dropped my gaze…dammit he had won.

My Will Be Done by Lady Layla

The day was long
I desired his touch
I wished for his submission
I wanted him so much

Now he is mine
in my tender care
to teach and to cherish
to lay it all bare

from friend to considered
it has been such a thrill
I am lucky to have met
My wonderful Will

No. 5 by Demus

I am writing this in shame of my actions, and I beg forgiveness for my sins.

I was recently invited to attended a d/s party as an unattached and unowned slave. To be used by the women in attendance.

I felt a little nervous at first but the other slaves at the party make me feel quite welcome and helped me to behave appropriately, kneeling for the ladies and kissing boots as necessary. I had another purpose also, I was helping to prepare food, I didn't really know what was expected of me and I didn't pay much care to the presentation. So of course I got severely berated and set a punishment for unacceptable standards. I was stripped and caned for at least 20 me some nice red stripes across my fleshy ass.

After my punishment I was told to redo food and fortunately this time it was of an acceptable standard. I enjoyed a short period of peace and quiet but then I was spotted in the corner by one of the ladies, she beckoned me over and had me remove my shirt this time, with all the ladies watching she applied some very tight metal nipple clamps to me. The pain was very sever and it felt like they were piercing my skin, I was paraded around the room like a dog with the ladies laughing at me. After a while the numbness took over and when I was still the pain went away, every now and then a lady would walk past and flick them to my horror, the pain was so intense I could have cried.

Now this is where I am very ashamed of myself and i behaved really very badly at during the evening I sneaked off into the kitchen, the pain was so bad that I had to remove them, this in itself was very painful and it was all i could do not to scream out. I continued to hide for the duration of the party and it was only right at the end that i put the clamps back on and returned to the room where the ladies were playing. They were all so proud of me that I had kept them on the entire time and they pat my head and kissed my cheek as they were leaving. They never knew what i did. I am very very sorry.

Notes From A Dog by Anonymous

She told me in that slow,whispered voice She uses at times such as this, that i would be restricted from touching what isn't mine.  i knew what She meant.  This cock that She seems to seize and make Hers so easily,elegantly through word and gesture, making the space between us suddenly close and intimate.

A day passed and the discomfort grew .In a long meeting, i had to shift about on my chair several times, to ease it.
In the moments in which She crossed my mind, i felt instantly aroused. Standing on the subway train, holding on to an overhead strap as it rattled and swayed, i felt sure that the seated passengers, their eyes at crotch level, were able to detect my 'affliction'.

i am the the kind who can't help but wonder what it is that delivers this surge of kinetic energy across cyberspace. How it is that a voice, a motion a suggestion pushes me deep into a submissive robotic state that i don't wish to wake from.

She had begun to call me Her dog. i saw it as a fitting symbol of the one who acceded to Her every direction, stayed at Her heel, stood up and begged at the snap of Her fingers, lay down and was quiet when She directed it. A dog without a collar, but a dog who hoped to please her enough to earn one.

Another day passed and then, hard, swollen and aching She led me into a voice chat where She instructed me to slap Her possession 6 times.With my hands quivering, and her breathing softly across cyberspace in my ear,what followed was painful in a way i hadn't experienced before.

Dissociative in the sense that it didn't feel it was my own hand slapping at this cock, but Her hand.  Unreal as i watched this reddening shaft and heard Her laughs of satisfaction when every blow caused me to whimper. i counted and thanked Her. i bit my lip as i prepared for each slap,anticipating the cold fusion of pain and adrenaline that i knew would pulse through me imminently.

i looked down as my (Her) hapless cock as it was thrown left and right against my thighs with each slap. And then She said:'doggie, you may seek release tonight ,but only in this way:

find some time alone,strip naked in a bathroom or wherever you find some asylum, kneel down like the dog you are on all fours,and stroke yourself until you release. And dog, she said,you must clean up after yourself'. i didn't need to ask how, i knew what She meant.

'Yes lick it up',was her curt, but to the point instruction.
It was the next morning and i woke up early, after a restless night. As if in a trance, i went to the bathroom and stripped naked.Knowing i would have soon have to lick the floor clean, i used a sponge soaked in hot water,and wiped the floor as thoroughly as i could. (i deliberated using cleaner but wondered what toxic agents lurked within it then decided to rely on the hot water sponge.)

i knelt on the floor, hard, throbbing, relishing the thought that soon i would find release. And then something unexpected happened.

i didn't yet feel that this cock was mine. it felt i was taking possession of something that didn't belong to me. i paused for a while and then an idea occurred.Slipping on my robe, i opened the bathroom door, went along the hall to my home office and found a magic marker in my desk drawer. A blue one with a felt tip.

Returning to the bathroom, undressing and resuming my place on the floor, i wrote her initials on the shaft of my stiff cock, the letters slightly diffused across the ridges of my stretched skin.

This seemed more appropriate. i began to stroke. Images and echoes of words She spoke reverberated in my mind.That tantalizing stream of suggestion that wrapped me in deep submission filtered through me and i could not help myself from moaning quietly, every stroke seemingly  connecting to a word She spoke, a pause she might use to make a point, the  palpable grip of Her hand in my hair pulling hard as She said in a hoarse whisper,'good doggie,good doggie,'.

i knew i would not last long and in a series of shudders, suppressed cries and codas of whimpering,i exploded onto the cold  marble tile of the bathroom floor, a jagged pattern of a river that had overrun its banks. i could not help myself from slipping from my knees onto my belly, exhausted and grateful, heart pounding and suddenly calm.

i knew i had to still clean up,but that was a duty that belonged to another space in time.A moment that would come after i relived the last 2 days and the small brushstrokes that make up this portrait of my submission to Her.

When i eventually stood up, i looked down at my cock.Her initials were mostly obliterated by the friction of my hand.
Only the 'C' was still vaguely visible.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Compliance by Anonymous

He put away the phone and made sure he had enough time, he then settled back in position. He closed his eyes and  kneeling knowing his place was at her heel wherever she was in this world. He gave thanks to this divine lady and carefully recited the submissive prayer she had taught him. It gave him strength to carry out her wishes but he also felt it stretched out to her and kept them close. Although it felt so right to be on his knees for her it was always a bit of a head space moment.
Carefully he showered taking special care to wash he smiled and wondered how his body may look afterwards. He had been in training in an attempt to help him focus and also because he thought it would please Mistress to know he was working hard for her. His soap sudded bottom was firm and taut and his legs muscular as he tip toed he saw his calf muscle flex. He smiled to himself and hoped his new boots, black of course, would not rub on the bottom of his muscle.
He dressed but not in the clothes for his task, he neatly folded those into his ruck sack. The shorts and top were placed inside as was his collar and wallet. He wore his trousers a shirt and a jumper; all tight fitting. Over this he placed a body warmer , he was ready to leave the only thing that may have given it away was his boots. But under the trousers he thought these should be ok. He checked his phone and then left the hotel for the night ahead and the task at hand.
 As he made his way through the busy south London streets he looked at the faces he saw as he passed. Would they guess were he was going? Had anybody else been given such a task as this. He allowed himself a small smile as his heart rate quickened as he approached the meeting place.
The meeting place had been arranged online and he had told Mistress about these details.  The Vox pub was situated on 9 Elms road. Up at the back was a roped off area, reserved and around here in the darkness away from the rest of the pub was the meeting area. He took a deep breath and approached them, before he could do so a lady came down the stairs to meet him held out her hand and said "hello I am Lady Kayleigh. "
He stammered hello back and gave her his name and just somehow knowing he had been told to be here "ordered" if you like, just suddenly well up in him. She smiled "First time"
"Yes" he replied " I was ordered to attend by my Mistress". She looked at him quizzically and simply said "What a good boy you are and how wonderful that your Mistress is letting you in, serve her well then."
She allowed him up to the area and introduced him to a number of people. A firm hand shake for the subs and a polite and well mannered kiss on the hand for the Ladies, whilst keeping his head bowed This was how he had been taught by his Mistress to greet ladies. He made polite chit chat with most people there telling them that he was nervous and had been ordered to attend. He ordered a drink that had been prescribed by his Mistress a dirty Martini. He had to explain to the bar man what it was, Gin, Vermouth, ice, a twist and olives. Olives always made him smile after his Mistress had used them in a play session with him. How appropriate he thought. He sipped the drink slowly and made it last as ordered. He bought a few drinks for people but always refused as he had been told one drink then water by Mistress.
The chat finished and there was a movement towards the door headed of course by the ladies. He was about to enter another world. a place were women rule that was not just in his heart but in the real world. He had been ordered to attend and he followed excitedly. Shortly he would be following part of his task and be granted admission to Club Pedestal.

A Gift by Neil

She walks in the door and slowly looks around the room, the blood red nail of Her index finger taping the card held loosely in Her hand.  The card simply reads "A GIFT" with a time and address printed across the bottom in black ink.  No other information was present, and the messenger that delivered the card was unable to give any insight on who it was from.  She had tried to dismiss it from Her mind, but the thought kept creeping back in.  Her curiosity finally got the best of Her and one hour before the appointed time She was getting into Her car and now here She was.

Her eyes are drawn to the figure in the center of the room.  A naked male, bound and hanging in mid air by way of an intricate set of ropes.  Always one to be in control of any situation She moves slowly, surveying the room to find that no one else is there.  She walks toward the bound male, each click of Her stiletto heels echoing through the room.  Walking up behind him, She begins to admire the delightful way he is bound.  When Her hands touches his flesh a quivered breath leaves his body as it jerks, but the bindings allow very little movement.  He is bound in an upright position.  His legs bent at the knee so that each ankle is bound to his upper thigh tightly.  Another rope binds his calves to his lower thighs, and then finally around the knee joint.  The other ends of the ropes are tied to hooks in the ceiling, causing his knees to be pulled apart as well as supporting part of his weight.

Slowly Her finger traces the ropes, examining them, being a student of fine rope work it was obvious that whoever did this was a Master of the art.  Her hand moves to the rope harness binding the core of his body.  The work is magnificent, running between his legs, around his waist, then up his body.  She marveled at how the rope sectioned off parts of his flesh, there was something about a well bound male that made Her pulse increase and Her body heat up and this specimen was exceptional.

His arms were bound above his head, first at the elbows, then again at the wrists.  They were bent at the elbows and the wrists were tied off to a rope that went around his head.  As She followed that rope around She noticed that it went through his open mouth.  She ran a finger over the rope as it traveled through his mouth, his moan making Her want to smile, but She kept it inside.

Her finger continued down his chest, this time the nail dragging across flesh rather then the rope as She soaked in the human artwork.  When Her finger reached his cock Her lips turn upward in the smallest of grins.  The hard cock was bound as well, the rope was thinner, crisscrossing up the shaft, digging in deeply to the flesh as it twitched.  His balls were bound, the rope wrapped round and round, stretching them away from his body, and then tied off to the floor.  She could not help Herself as She reached out and gave the rope a tug, his grunt sending a quick wave of excitement through Her and She released the rope and walked around him slowly.  She just looked at him for a long time admiring the craftsmanship as well as the finished product.  She loved how the ropes looked, and how the artist used multiple ropes to support his weight, yet done is such a way that they extended to the sides, leaving his front and back exposed and unobstructed. It was perfect.

Turning, She walked to the table along the wall.  She looked over all the items placed neatly on the table, clamps, floggers, whip, cane, each one looked to be of the highest quality.  She picked up a flogger and began to run Her fingers through the leather strands.  As She turned around again She noticed the large, overstuffed chair along the other wall in front of the bound male.  She walked to the chair and sat down, playing with the flogger as She crossed Her legs and looked at the helpless male.  Next to the chair there was a table with cold bottles of water, a bottle of Her favorite wine with a glass, and a bowl...filled with... rubber bands.  She laughs and thought to Herself...Someone has been paying attention.

Standing She moved to Her victim, Her fingers drifting over his body as She walks behind him.  Then it begins.  Smooth, steady strokes across his back, moving downward to his ass, then circling around to his chest and pelvis, covering his entire body as She circles him again and again.  They were light to medium in force, turning his body a nice red color.  Then "TWACK" the first hard strike lands and he grunts and jerks in his binds.  Her hand moves over his back, examining the lines that the tails of the flogger had made.  She drags Her nails across them hard...then "TWACK"  another strike, harder then the last.  Stroke after stroke rain down on him, the lines and welts from the tails making a lovely pattern over his body.  She takes Her time, as if the flogger was a paintbrush and he the canvas.  Each mark placed precisely where She wanted it.

Time seemed to melt away as She moved form one implement to the next, each one leaving a different mark, producing a different sound as She conducted a symphony of pain and pleasure, his pain and Her pleasure.  Finally She sat down in the chair and poured Herself a glass of wine.  Her body glistening with perspiration and flooded with a euphoric sensation. She sipped the wine and just looked at him as he hung there, he had taken everything, the sounds he made making Her body quiver.  She thought to Her self, what a lovely sight, as She absorbed it...the bound male, the beautiful ropes, the lovely marks that She painted over him, the flickering fire in the background.  It was then that She noticed it, something in the fire.

Taking another sip of wine She placed the glass down and walked to the fire, then reached down and took hold of the leather handle and pulled it from the fire.  She felt a wave of passion deep inside Her as She looked at the glowing end of the rod.  It was only about a half of inch square, but very clear, Her initials glowed on the end of the rod.  On his ass, or thigh, they would be almost unnoticed as small as they were, but She smiled non the less and quickly spun and walked to the table, grabbed the bucket of ice that held the water bottles and moved to him dropping the bucket on the floor.

With Her free hand She grabbed hold of his hard, bound cock, then looked into his eyes for the first time.  Deep into his eyes, but there was not fear, nor a begging look for mercy,  it was more a look of...devotion...desire to please.  She smiled and pressed the red hot iron into the head of his throbbing cock and then they both screamed, him in pain and Her in pleasure as Her body explodes in orgasm.  She drops the rod into the bucket of ice, releasing his cock and shivers, basking in the glow.  As She regains Her composure She sees him, the thrashing subsiding and She grabs a hand full of his hair.  She smiles as She looks into his eyes again, moving Her lips to his, almost brushing them as She whispers "Thank You", then laughs and tosses his head, spins on Her heel, and walks out of the room.    

Confession by Dark

When I first stumbled into Second Life, I wasn't sure what I was looking for, what I would find, or even what made me start
using it. I had only ever seen Second Life on a documentary, and I must admit I was intrigued about it,
I began using it, and just wandered around for half hour, then closed it. The next day I came on and out of pure
curiousity I searched for "Femdom" there were far more results than I anticipated and I had no idea where to begin
so I just began near the top, after going to the first femdom sim and being ignored by everyone I tried to speak to,
I went back to the search and tried again, I brought up a femdom page and was ready to teleport, as I went to click
on teleport my computer froze and the mouse flew down the page and clicked something else, all of a sudden the loading
screen appeared and I was being teleported to a new location "The Dominion". I arrived at a fairly busy time and there
were maybe 10 or more people present at the time, I was quickly passed the rules and began to read, being so new to
Second Life I couldn't even manage the kneeling animation, I could barely even locate the invetory, but with a little
help I managed it.

I had considered just quickly Teleporting away, fearing there was no way I could function being a day or 2 old in a
place with so many rules to follow, but I persevered, I learned that there was a joining page to become a Dominion sub, and after a couple of
hours I already felt I just had to join! but I was 250 Lindens short, all of a sudden I got a message saying I had
been paid 250 Lindens, Ms Susannah had kindly leant me the money to join, I was now a Dominion sub, kneeling and
speaking with people in the sim, I thought I had done well for around 4 hours total Second Life time.

Patrick went on to be my biggest helper in the begining, I owe him a lot, he spent up to 6 hours a day for my first 3
days there helping me find things, get clothes and hair, and get to grips with things in the Dominion.
That is not to say other people had not helped me, as I had numerous helpers, all of which I am extremely grateful to.
Yes the Dominion had rules, but it was not how I expected after entering and reading them, everyone was polite, kind,
respectful and a lot of fun to be around, which goes to show, if you show respect, you receieve respect!

By the 5th day I was already up for the auction, and after doing trials and spending my time as a gnome I had no idea
what to expect, I wasn't sure I wanted to do the auction, but Miss Eva thought it would be a good idea,
and would help me get to know people.
So on the auction day I was pretty nervous, I find it difficult speaking out to groups of people, and had no idea what
to expect, there were only a few Ladies I had actually spoke more than 2 words to so there was a big chance the winning
bidder would be a completely new person to me. What would be expected of me?
what would I need to do? would my lack of Second Life experience, and my inability to do anything hold me back?
I mean, I could barely dress myself, let alone build, make things, landscape, or do anything I thought a worthwhile selling point
for a Second Life Dominion Lady. So with some kind words of advice from my new pal Patrick I hit the Auction. Nerves
got the better of me at times, but I struggled through, My poem was read fast and a little stuttery, but I completed it!
I noticed 1 bid, then 2, then 2 Ladies bidding against each other
I didn't know either of them, I had only seen them in the courtyard, but had not held a conversation with either.

The winning bidder was announced, it was Lady Joie, I went and found Her, and knelt before Her and just enjoyed the rest
of the auction, over the first 2 days, Lady Joie and Axelle both helped me look my best, improving my looks and style and
also giving me a pretty good confidence boost. At first I wasn't sure what would happen as I had never spoke to Lady Joie
before and I was a little nervous, but as the week progressed and Lady Joie and I spoke more and more, my Second
Life experience was definateley being enhanced, I could now dress myself, locate things, use animations and gestures and
learnt the joys of Mesh. But every good thing must come to an end, mustn't it? By the time the friday during my week
period with Lady Joie arrived, I knew there was only a day left with Her, and I was so grateful for everything that Lady
Joie and Axelle had done for me, not to mention the fact I enjoyed and looked forward speaking with Lady Joie each day,
But I was in for a pleasent surprise when Lady Joie offered me a week extension, I jumped at the chance replying
That I would consider it a personal honour, I had enjoyed the first week with Lady Joie so much, there was no other
answer to give!
So here I am 2 weeks after my auction experience, and things have gone amazingly well, I have met amazing people,
had a lot of fun, learnt alot of new things, and I enjoy every second at the D!
the only question that remains is what the future of Second Life holds for me, the only thing that is for certain,
is that it will involve the Dominion, my new Second Life home!

Confession by Tuckamore

Preamble: This was written in real time. It was written in the 45 minutes before my Mistress's alarm clock went off, to wake her for work. I entered her dreams, from 2500 km away, half the width of a continent. Two time zones. My desire was to please, but it was written with the mixture of desire and fear, as I deeply feared she would not welcome the intrusion and would be angry at me for the presumption.
Tuck (tuckamore.abonwood)

I come to you softly Mistress.

Like a warm, gentle ghost. Slipping under the covers, trying ever so carefully not to wake you. I don't want to wake you. I just want you to feel me, to know that I'm there with you and to sense my love, to infuse you with my love and make you glow and smile. Please don't wake Mistress. Just let me love you. Open to me. Repond to me so that I know that this is a good thing; that it's something you want.

You're lying on your side Mistress, curled up in the cacoon of peace , warmth and comfort. I want to share that with you Mistress.

I'm naked. I press up behind you . You are wearing only a top, a soft, silky top. You feel me, and press backwards slightly, wiggling so my cock is on the back or your legs, urging and throbbing. You can feel that too, and you squiggle a little more. Your breathing is still steady, still soft. You're deep in your sleep, in your dream. Don't wake Mistress. I don't want to disturb you, rob your precious sleep, but I do want to give you pleasure, to make you smile, to make you moan.

Oh so gently I slip my hand up under your top, and with the lightest touch, massage your breasts. First the right softness, then the left smothness.I want so badly to roll you over Mistress and kiss them, but that would surely wake you. The tips of my fingers on your nipples will have to suffice Mistress. I heard your breath catch there for second Mistress, when my fingers first touched your nipples, but then it returned to its steady pattern, but if I could see your face, I would know that it's smiling. Would it be smiling?

Perhaps I should stop.

Your hair is a graceful mess Mistress, around your face, around your neck. My head is buried in that hair Mistress, smelling it, nestled into the back of your neck. I kiss it gently, and reach with my lips and kiss behind your ear. You roll back tighter against me. But you are so soundly asleep Mistress.

With no urging from me, you lift your left leg, and my left leg slips smoothly, and oh so naturally between yours. My cock slips to the back of your vagina, and its head rubs against those tiny perfect hairs, and I feel your ass start to grind into me as your vagina and the little girl in her hood realize what's there and enjoy the pleasant sensation of the soft hardness.

This is not what I want though Mistress, I just want to please you, to enter the depth of your dream and meet you there. I want to turn the velvety blackness of that dream, into a soft red, a fire that will grow in your loins and envelope you without pain, just with warmth and flickering colours.

I want to meet your soul there Mistress, to have our souls merge as do our bodies. To have every secret niche of your mind and soul enter mine, meld with mine, so that we can talk without talking, love without touching, the perfect sharing. There would be no secrets because you are me and I am you. There would be no desires, because there would be fulfillment without thought, without asking.

I move my hand between your legs. You are still on your side, me at your back, my left leg between your legs, pushing gently, rocking gently. My cock hard, reaching for your introitus, hearing the entry hymn, just a touch of moisture leaking from its head, meeting the moisture sliding to receive it.

I press the heel of my hand, against your vulva, my four fingers cupping your incredible heat. My fingers stoke you gently, back to front, one finger slowly dragging between the inner lips, knowing you are already moist and and urging against it.

I'll do this for a while Mistress. I know if I touch your clit, you'll wake. I don't want that. It will be OK though if YOU want it, if you do it naturally.

Your alarm clock is going to ring in eleven minutes Mistress. I've been pressed against you, loving you for almost an hour now. I hear you moaning. It's nice isn't it Mistress, this non invasive, unselfish, perfect loving.

Oh my Mistress, you HEARD me. But you didn't wake. Oh my.

You're rollng over Mistress, in your sleep. Are you sure this is what you want Mistress? I won't be able to resist Mistress, you know that. I'm so ready, and so are you.

You have to lead Mistress, because I don't know if I have your permission to do this. I don't know how you'll react when you wake. I just want it to be a dream Mistress, to have our bodies meet in a place we've never been before, to have our minds and souls meet in a place they didn't even know existed.

Your head is nestling into my chest. Your right leg lifts over the top of me, and I feel the gently thrusting of your hips. I'm not moving Mistress.

But everything is fitting so perfectly Mistress. The head of my cock finds his mate, kisses her little pink head, and rubs against her. She's oh so coyly peeking out from under her hood, her lips swelling to kiss him, to take him in. It's so very natural Mistress. I just slip into you, but I don't move. We just lie next to each other. I'm trobbing inside you. We don't have to move. I feel your vagina undulating, with only the gentlest of rocking from your hips.

How long can you do that Mistress? How long can we enjoy this? Your alarm will jerk you out of your sleep in two minutes now.
Come to me Mistress. Cum for me. Please Mistress.. I want so to please you. Please.
Our world spasms in such a union, such a coming, such a cuming. I reach to your depths and I find you there. You take me into your depths and give yourself to me. I am so blessed, so honoured, so privileged.

Your alarm drives me away, but you know I was there in your dream. You know that from now on I'll always be there, to summon up at your command, to give you every possible pleasure before you even think you want it.

You touch yourself, amazed at your moistness, and you bask in the afterglow of your dream. Dream? Dream? You raise your fingers to your lips and realize that it's more than your own moisture. Much more.

You smile.
That's what I wanted.

Confession by Shittel

What I learned about women since my daugher was born.

It's a tricky one, the generalization of women, when written by a man.. hmm.. a male anyway.
 Usually being male is the is another word  for being chauvinist. and rightly so. So, at the risk of sounding chauvinist. I will say a few words on the matter.

I learned I loved the idea of having a daughter, probably more than having a son. I don't want to do manly stuff with a son.. I don't like football, I would never take him hunting.. and I fear to have to be manly enough for him.

With a daughter it's all about feelings and warmth. I was amazed to realise I actually understood her, her behavior and motivation till she was about 3 years old. I thought it would take much less for her to become cryptic to me as all women.

Women are smart and their feelings are complicated, boys would love to play with technical toys while girls are - well, about feelings. Their emotions are complex and the motivation for behavior is sometimes hidden from the eye, from my eye anyways.

It took some time to understand my daughter's  feelings. It will get harder as I grow older and she becomes a teenager. Even now it sometimes takes some time to understand why she kicks me when I tell her good morning. (seeking "negative attention"? upset with me coming home late the night before?)

A boy would say what's on his mind, I think. She demands that I understand her even with no words spoken. Maybe that's what I got the kick for.

Appearance is extremely important to girls, I learned. This seems like a born difference. I never thought about what I'm going to wear tomorrow till I was.. well, didn't happen yet.

The day before we went to he circus she told me before bed she was so excited to go to the circus for the first time. In her life it's what she's going to wear and this and that - described in great details. I would never think about what I am going to wear a night before going to the circus for the very first time in my life!

Other women I learned about are other kids mothers, It's best to keep distance from them. especially when they are with their kids. They are lionesses, each and every one of them. Never argue with them about anything when the kids are around - never fight over swings in the park, or precedence on anything like parking - especially when they are on the way to pick their children, or when they have just picked them up or it will become messy very quickly!
That's not a bad thing to say about mothers. They take their natural role as the protector of their offspring and will not let anyone step in their way or in their car's way.

I'm very happy to be a father, my daughter is the best thing that happened to me in my life, at 4 she seems to be needing my attention and support less than before, though of course, she still need them, I hope she will forever . I love every second I get to spend with her, When I have another child I wish her to be a daughter too.

Oh and Women, I adore them.

Neil's Confession

He was kneeling in the courtyard of the Dominion when She came out of the castle and walked down the stairs towards him.  He began to greet Her when She cut him off, a look of urgency in Her eyes, "Neil, come here now".  Without hesitation he hurried to Her as She sat down in the chair that he has seen Her in so many times before.  "I have an opportunity for you Neil to be of help to Me but You must agree quickly as there is not much time.  I have an event I am giving for the Ladies of the Dominion and my boy was called away unexpectedly and I need a replacement.  That replacement I have decided is you"  He looks up at Her with wide eyes, squirming just a bit as the excitement flows over him and he stutters out a quick reply of "Yes Miss...I..I...I would be honored"

She smiles at his response and giggles as She says.  "Well of course you would be silly strip and be quick about it.  The event starts in 15 minutes and we still need to get prepared."  She pulls out a piece of thin rope and watches as he stands and strips quickly, his face blushing just a bit as he reveals his naked body while all others around him remain clothed.  Before he even has time to fold his clothes She reaches out and takes hold of his balls, yanking them to bring him closer to Her and begins to bind them with the rope.  Her hands move quickly, obvious that She has done this many times before, within a few moments they were bound and She held the rope in Her hand as a makeshift leash.  She smirks as his cock grows and She gives it a few strokes then a hard slap, then stands, turns towards the castle, and heads off, giving the rope a yank with little concern that he will be able to keep up.

She speaks as they walk, "you will be used as a demonstration tool boy, you will not speak, you will not whine, you will not question anything.  All you will do is react, that is what I am looking for.  Ohh...and it goes without saying, you will not cum unless given permission."  They walk into a room with about 15 chairs, a few Ladies already mingling around.  She leads him to the front of the room and begins to bind him to the X frame, no longer even acknowledging him as She greets the Ladies while She secures his wrist and ankles tightly to the large, wooden X.  He deftly tests his binds once She is finished and just watches silently as the Ladies fill the room and take their Seats.

"Welcome Ladies, if You don't mind let's get started.  Today's class is on CBT and I will be showing You all some of My favorite techniques, and then at the end of the class I plan to have a little hands on contest that should prove to be a lot of fun"  He try's not to show his surprise, but inside he is caught totally off guard.  He closes his eyes for a moment and hears Her words again..."All you will do is react"...He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes again, ready to do his best as something inside him clicks and all he wants to do is make Her proud.

She pulls over a cart with all kinds of items on it.  She talks to the class and lets Her hand drift over his chest as She moves from one side of the frame to the other.  She drags Her nails the last part of the way and hears his moan, feels him press his chest into Her nails, and smiles to Herself at his reaction.  For the next hour She focused on his cock and balls, binding, clamping, slapping, flogging.  After each torture she would rub and stroke him to the edge of orgasm as She spoke.  "One thing I love to do is mix things up, switching from pain, to pleasure, until the poor boy can't distinguish between the two.  That's My favorite part, when I get that total rush of control and know I own him, right down to his orgasm."  And he knew She was totally correct.  Each torture was more intense then the last, and each edge, more powerful and frustrating when She would stop just short of his release.  His body would tense as he pulled on the restraints, the moans, groans, and grunts growing louder and more consuming.  She used ice, hot wax, heating rubs and ginger and a variety of other items , showing how each one brought out a different reaction from a helpless boy.  By the time She had finished, he was covered in sweat, his chest heaving, and his body jerked at the slightest touch.

"Now Ladies, it's Your turn.  As You can see I have him all worked up for You.  So now for the real fun.  Each of you will have 2 minutes.  60 seconds to make him cum, and 60 seconds to administer a torture if he does not cum to try and prevent the next person from succeeding.  The Lady that makes him cum, takes him home.  Now who would like to go first?"  The Ladies all break out in laughter and She moves close to his ear and whispers..."Here's your chance Neil, all you have to do is hold out for the Lady of your choice.  But I think this will make things a bit more interesting" and She laughs and places a blindfold on him so he cannot see which Lady is using him.  She drags Her nails across his flesh again  as She moves away and again sees, and hears his reaction and Her smile widens, filing away the information for later use.
One by one the Ladies came up and make their attempt.  Some very serious, wanting to win the boy and take him home.  Others more playful, just enjoying the game.  And some more sadistic.  Using all of their time to make him suffer.  He squirmed, strained, moaned and thrashed in his binds as each Lady took their turn until all had made an attempt.  The Ladies laughed and joked, commenting on each other's technique.  One of them smiled and said,  "Guess it's time for round two"  and the group roared with approval but their host smiled and moved back next to the bound and quivering slave.

 "Um....Ladies...can I have Your attention please"  They all quieted down and looked up at Her, the smile growing on Her lips as She places the nail of her index finger at the base of his twitching cock.  She presses the nail into the flesh and slowly pulls it up the underside.  The boy begins to thrash in his binds, his back arching off the frame, every muscle in his body straining, and a cry of total ecstasy erupts from his parched lips and he explodes in orgasm when Her finger reaches the top of his cock, the first spurt of white hot cum shooting out of him like a fountain.  Then the cry turns to frustration as his hips start pumping desperately.  Searching for Her finger, for any contact to pump out the rest of his load, but finds nothing but applause and laughter from the crowd.  She moves to his ear and whispers as he writhes in his binds..."looks like your all MINE now neil"        

Integration by Lady Crissy


I have asked a lot of boys to write about their fantasies over the couple of years that Ive been at the Dominion.  Many are of chance encounters with women who then "initiate" them into the lifestyle.     This is my response.   This is the the morning after their "initiation" and what happens in my fantasy.  :D

Part II - Integration - When fantasy becomes reality.
by Crissy Viper

I woke early, as I usually do, and stretched, glancing at the handsome boy next to me,  in my bed.  His breathing was still slow and even, he was still sleeping,  I had to smile, remembering his feeble protests that turned into moaning quite quickly in the shower, right before I fucked his sweet little hole for the first time.  Lathering my fingers, I pushed two of them inside him first and though surprised, he did not try to move or leave.  The dirty slut wanted it all along, but Im sure he didnt expect this when I brought him home from the club.

When I then lubed his ass and worked my strap on inside, pushing and stretching his virgin ass, I got it all the way inside him and I could feel his ass sucking it.  By this time he was making little noises in his throat, little cries of pain and pleasure as my strap on taught his ass how to open and accept it.  When he had taken it all in, I grabbed his cock with my hand and squeezed him tight.  His whole boy shuddered hard and trembled, and he let out a low strangled moan.  I started stroking and slowly, gently fucking him at the same time. Hee trembled even harder and cried out "oh my god!" over and over.  I, of course, stopped before he could cum, and let go, slowly sliding out, so he could feel the emptiness in stark contrast with the fullness just before.

He nearly slumped into the wall and then sat on the edge of the bathtub to catch his breath. He looked up at me and then down, not sure what to say or what to do.   I gave him a moment while I dried off and dressed, coming back to help him dry off as he sat.

He had so much to learn and was probably still so very confused at how much he had wanted it once it had begun.  He stood up to look in the bathroom mirror and I moved in behind him to hold his hips and press against him, pinning him to the sink.  Closing his eyes, he moaned, telling me exactly what I needed to know.  I laughed softly and put my lips to his neck, biting down firmly, slowly.. As I continued to bite down hard enough to mark his neck, one of my hands moved to grip his cock.  I felt it jump with electric excitement from my touch,  and I took my time slipping the nine gates chastity device on him.  I secured it, and at last closed the lock with a satisfying click that made him shiver as I kissed his neck, inspecting the mark with satisfaction.

Taking his hand, I led him to the bedroom.  Ordering him to lie down, he did and I pulled the covers over us.  I held the boy close, listening to his breathing slow and then become even as he drifted off, exhausted.  I smiled, knowing he would not leave, and I slept.

The morning sun filtered in through the blinds and over the sleeping boy.  Handsome, toned, she could tell from their conversation highly educated.  Single at 35, it was likely the typical relationship for him always felt lacking, as no one had tapped into his submissive feelings and needs. Her finger caressed the nine gates and felt him grow inside of it. He moaned softly in his sleep and she moved her hands to squeeze his ass cheeks firmly.   His hips jerked and he woke up suddenly with a startle.

I moved my hand to cup his balls and gave them a firm squeeze, listening to the boy moan with need.   "Please...." the strangled whisper came out, and the mantra continued as I fingered his tight and full balls roughly.   'Oh... the device.." ; he moaned feeling it holding him firmly. as he ached, so full and needy.

"Shhhh....." I told him, and listened to his breathing become almost panting in his excitement.  Teasing his cockhead with a fingertip, i could feel it leaking heavily.   I stopped and slid off the bed.

"Sit up, boy" I said simply and I watched as he obeyed. At first, he stared down, studying the device, his face showing shock and wonder.  As I stepped away from the bed, I could feel his eyes on me.  I walked to the table where I had left the cleaned strap on.  He moaned, his body beginning to tremble as he watched me take my time to strap it on and secure it.

"Up and on your knees, boy"
"Yes, yes of course, " he stammered, scrambling quickly to his knees. I looked into his face - fear, need, anticipation.  All the right ingredients, I thought and smiled.

"Are you sure this is what you want?", I asked, walking slowly toward the bed, my hand slowly stroking the dildo.  I noticed his eyes dart from the dildo to my face, his lips slightly parted.

"I promised if you stayed..., "  I began as I got close, taking his hand and pulling him down from the bed to stand in front of me.  "...that I was going to fuck the hell out of you."  Putting my hands on his hips, I turned him around to face the bed and pushed him down onto it.  I kicked his legs further apart and heard him whimper.

I slid my hands over his hips, caressing them, enjoying the feeling of willing and quivering flesh under them.  I moved closer so that the dildo pressed against his hole and watched his ass clench and unclench in anticipation..  I pressed the lubed head of the dildo so it penetrated his hole and held it there.  I heard a sharp intake of breath.

"I asked you a question, fucktoy."
"Yessss, yes Ma'am, please." It was almost a sob.

 I raked my nails down his back as he exclaimed and hissed a surprise breath through his teeth.  "yesssssssss..."  he breathed, his back arching.

"Please do me, I'm begging." he said, his voice cracking, but barely over a whisper.

"Louder."   I could hear him swallow hard and see him visibly tremble.

"Please take my ass!' came out a big loud and his face flushed a deep red as he heard the words himself.

Laughing, I pulled the dildo back and spanked his ass hard.  Once, twice, again and again, I broought my palm down on his reddening skin and listened to him.

"Oh! ... God, yes! ...  Thank you!"  he repeated as the strikes came down and I noticed him bend over further in his need.

"I'm so glad to hear that." I said, placing the dildo so it pressed firm to his hole.  "Yessss!"   I heard him hiss as I pushed in firmly and felt it stretch his ass.  I held his hips and pushed in further, listening to his low strangled moans as it penetrated him deeper.  Easier this morning than last night, but no doubt sore, he groaned until the dildo touched his sweet spot and his whole body went stiff, shuddering, and he cried out.

Pulling back almost all the way I out, I heard him try to catch his breath, before I plunged back inside him, but not quite all the way.  I held it there, inside him and reached down to grab him by the hair. with one hand, the other still on his hip.

"Oh god!  Please.. pleease!' he begged, his ass greedily pulsing around the dildo.  Holding his head and hip, I tilted my hips back and began fucking him with short forceful thrusts.  Deep, but not deep enough to give him that special pleasure which I would reserve for special occasions or rewards.   I listened to the moaning, the begging and his body began to shake hard.  I knew he was close to cumming.

"Not a chance."   I laughed, pulling out of him and smacking his ass again hard.  He moaned and I told him to turn around and kneel.   He did so, though still very shaky and I instructed him to breathe deeply, stroking his hair and face.  I gave him some time to recover and pulled him close to let him hug my legs as I stroked his hair and shoulders.  I stayed until I could hear him take a nice clear, strong breath and felt the trembling subside.

I stepped away briefly to take off the harness and picked up the key from the table.  I walked back over and offered it to him, holding it out.  He looked at it, swallowed, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes.  I wondered if he was gathering the will power to take it or the will power to leave it there.

When his eyes opened, they were clear, lucid.  Looking up at me, he wrapped his hands around mine, closing my fingers around the key.

"It scares me, but I know was meant to be yours, Ma'am."

"Good." was my response as I pulled back my hand and slipped the key into my pocket.   "Then one more thing before we get some breakfast, "  I said as he looked up at me, his handsome face expectant.  "Then that is Owner to you, My slave."

Then End.. ?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Miss Bella by Ash

I  dont  have  a  lot  to  say  that  I  can  put  in  to  words, I  just  dont  have  a wide enough volcabulary  to find the relative  words  to say  as  I need  too .

Miss Bella  was a  strong  minded  person that  knew  what  she  wanted, and  knew  how  to get  it , she  was  a  widly respected  woman  and  Mistress
 she  was  my Mistress,

 the  highlight  of  my  day, was  to  be  at  her  feet being  pleasing  or  just  to be  around  if  i  was needed to be  pleasing .
I was never  disapointed
and  I  hope  that  I  never  disapointed  her

I  loveed  her  more  then anything  and  would  do  anything  for  her.

I  liked  that  Mis Bella  would  never  have asked  of me  somthing  I  was not  into, altho  if  I  had of been  asked,  I  would  have .

I did  not  know  that  Mistress   had such a  terrible  illness  before I submited to  her  but  it  would  have  made  no  difference, I would still have  submitted

I  had from that moment  that  I  would  soon  be  released but  I  didnt  want  to leave  and  I  dont  believe Miss  Bella wanted me to  go .

but  we both knew  it  was  for the  best  for  both  of  us. when the  right time  came.
I  prayed  for  her altho I don't follow the beliefs of my  religion
I  washed  that  I  could  take  the illness for  myown  so  that  Miss Bella  would  live free of the  illness .

i  still wear  the  braclette that  I  made  for  her  and  now  I will never  take  it  off .

I will always  remember  Miss Bella
and  will always  have  her  space  in  my  heart