Saturday, June 29, 2013

Impromptu Confessions 6/29/13

My ass is open for her like a little pussy,
My useless cock locked away, its pleasures out of reach.
I'm a little slut, waiting to get fucked.
Begging to get fucked.
To be taken by her. Claimed by her.
If I'm lucky some of my seed might dribble out of clit as my hole is pounded by her.
I pray that after she's done with my ass I'm blessed to have my face between her legs.
To kiss her womanhood. To lick it gently. To worship it. To hear her breath and maybe.
I can give her pleasure that I can't have.


I'm not gay, but I almost cried when part of DOMA was struck down this week. Mostly from the reactions I read from the people affected by it. And same-sex marriages started up again in California yesterday. This was a happy week.


I'm a total slut for my Mistress. I love the way she makes me squirm and beg for more of the torment that puts me in this state.


In a month it'll be a year. One year and there's still a part of me that longs for him. He was never ready and could never be the person I needed, but I loved him. There's that side of him that no one knows but myself, beneath it all it's a beauty I've rarely seen. I'll never tell him, for fear of being consumed once again. 


when I was a zombie for today hunt, i thought i would get a craving for brains but i didn't so does that make me a failure as a zombie?

I am want him.  

He surprises me.  He makes me smile.  He's attentive.  He thinks of me.
He's not mine but he could be.
If I could see my way forward, to let go of fear.
To possess and not possess.  Can I bend?

I don't know where or how or when, but I will have him.


A Haiku for my boy:

Waking to his tongue
lapping softly on my clit
so glad he is mine


It kills me that I can't be with my boy. We spend time together online, but I want to be with him in RL too. One day. 


Confused, I guess I really am,
Got no idea who I am.
Hit the spot, piss them off,
get lost in the emotions along the way,

Frustrated, tired of missing out,
Got nothing to throw down,
So here I am, Still again,
silently I kneel before you... again..

But how can I,
That I don't know,
Just who I am?

I am the animal,
I am the leash that you pull,
Living my life,
keeping my eyes closed,
I am the animal,
No longer able, now I fold,
Lost in my life,
secrets that I hold.

Confused, I guess I really am,
Got no idea who I am,
Domme or sub, Fem or male,
doesn't really matter anyway,

Frustrated, You have no fucking idea,
Just how am I supposed to live?
Question my life, hit the spot,
shut down myself and kill all that..

I have known, now.
Forget my life, yeah,
For nothing else matters for me,

I am the animal,
I am the leash that you pull,
Living my life,
keeping my eyes closed,
I am the animal,
No longer able, now I fold,
Lost in my life,
secrets that I hold.

Cold I am inside,
Nothing left to find,
Life is life, But I complain,
I can't live the way I want to.

Cannot live the way I want to,

I cannot be me, 
I cannot see,
For all that you find,
is just Second life to me.

What am I inside?
What can I be?
What turmoil am I now?
What a mess I have turned out to be.

I am the animal,
I am the leash that you pull,
Living my life,
keeping my eyes closed,
I am the animal,
No longer able, now I fold,
Lost in my life,
secrets that I hold.

404 Error by Samantha

                                          404 Error
                              by Samantha Elizabeth
The Sounds of hot love being made resonate as she pads in. She was home early from her job, the supervisor having told her there was nothing more for her to do that day. Her ears perked up as she padded quietly in. She recognized one of those voices, and scowled when she heard it utter a cry of pleasure. "He had better be pleasuring himself to online porn..." she mewed quietly to herself.

She padded upstairs, listening in on the couple. She shook her head. Nope, he was with someone, and on the bottom for certain judging by the moans he was making. It was more than she could handle, and with a growl, she opened the door, busting in on them angrily. Her pet, the blue and black husky lay under a rather appealing black dragon.

"So this is what you do while I'm gone huh, My pet? Ask your friend over and play about in the very bed -I- provided you. Well, this certainly has a cause for punishment."

The dragon looked stunned, trying to pull out and back away from the seemingly furious female. The husky flipped over and crawled to her paws, pleading with a studdering voice, "I..I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't mean..."

She cut him off with a near yell. "To Get Caught!!!!" She growled again, looking down at him, resisting the urge to kick him then and there. "you disgust Me, My pet..."

"I'm sorry Mistress."

"Shush. I'll deal with you in a minute. As for your counterpart here...." She slowly turned her gaze upon the shivering dragon, who had by now backed against the wall, with a smile none-too-welcoming. "Stand up Straight!. You look such a pitiful sight like that, scared like a rabbit!" She padded rapidly up to him as the husky hung his head in shame. Her work was quick, chains hanging from the wall were soon cuffed around the dragon's hands. A few short clicks and a turn of a lock. "If you want to see that tail hole of his again, you be a good boy now. Understand?"

She didn't wait to see the dragon's reply, turning instead to her pet. "Get on the bed, you little slut." She padded to the night stand, pulling out several chains and other items for her pleasure, most notably, a glistening, black..whip. She already knew her pet would answer her command immediately, such as she had trained him to do, and She purred, turning around with a wicked grin and began to tie her pet down, first by the paws, and then by his feet. "Don't either of you go anywhere," she giggled playfully as she padded from the room.

Without much thought upon what she would do, she found her best domming outfit, a true dominatrix outfit. Black, shiny latex that hugged her so tight that her nipples almost shown through it. It stretched down her body, showing every natural curve, every well kept line. She purred, finding her 4 inch heels, that bared the same black shine that suited her so well. A single zipper ran up the front of her outfit, so teasingly so for any pet of hers as it ran from just above her sensitive sex, to her neck, lying perfectly in between her covered breasts. She pulled the whip, giving it a snap that would be heard by the husky and dragon as the loud "clip-clop" of her heels hitting the floor signaled her return.

She smiled as she entered the room, padding silently around to the windows and shutting each blind in turn, darkening the room to almost a pitch black. Her feline eyes had no trouble guiding her through the room, and the husky and the dragon try their best to follow her movements, both getting nervous as she passed swiftly and silently by. She found the light switch, a modern one that allowed her to adjust the brightness of the light. She moved it only slightly up, a dim, hazing glow slowly lit up the room.

She smiled, another wicked grin as she crossed her arms, the whip end hanging just below her waist as she glanced over both of the quivering males at her mercy. For this, she had none for her pet, and every bit for the dragon.

"Well Mine, it seems you have brought a new plaything to Me. But it also seems that you have forgotten some of the rules I laid out for you. She slapped the whip handle twice against her other paw. "Now he gets to see what punishment shall come down on My pets who don't follow My rules."

Padding to the bed, she raised her right arm, the whip securely placed with a tight grip in her paw, and let it fall. Each individual end slithering across the husky's belly, drawing from him a cry of pain. She looked him over, not satisfied with that as she flicked her wrist once more. Another sweet gasp and moan of pain she drew from her pet. She flicked her wrist once more, this time drawing a cry from him. She growled.  "Next time you'll think twice about letting one of your friends fuck you without -MY- permission."

She tossed the whip to the side as she grabbed the bar she had set on the bed earlier, as well as the cuffs. The Cuffs, leather, dark red and pink, with silver rings were then roughly placed around the husky's legs at the ankles. She smiled as she then attached the metallic bar of her pleasure to each cuff, forcing his legs apart. She then untied his legs, drawing them up and hooking the bar to a hook that was hung from the roof just for this purpose.

With a lustful growl from seeing her pet so defenseless, she listened to him quietly whimper for her mercy. Mercy she still didn't have for him. "You're whimpering is irritating Me, Mine." She muttered, pulling a muzzle from the night stand and slapping it onto the husky's muzzle, tying it tightly underneath his jaw. She growled and untied his paws, but she had her plans for them. The husky could only watch silently as his arms were then pulled up, could only feel the helplessness he was in as his paws were then tied to the bar that separated his ankles.

she looked him over, admiring her work as she then unhooked the husky, letting him lay on his own as she thought of one last thing. The husky wouldn't be able to move, as dropping his legs would pull his upper body up, and pulling his arms down would bend his legs to more than he could bear. She then rotated the husky around so that the dragon could look over the ass that he was laying into just several minutes prior.

The snow leopardess then pulled out a pack of masking tape. While she would have preferred duck tape, that would have been a nightmare with fur. She stretched out a piece, cutting it from the roll as she hooked out a black marker with a single claw, writing upon the tape before she picked it up and padded to the back of her pet, grinning wickedly at her joke as she placed the tape over the husky's exposed ass. She padded around, taking her place beside the bed, her arms crossed, the whip, picked up in her way over, hung limply over her arms and down to her side , her wide, wry and wicked grin shining in the darkened room.

The Dragon looked down, his eyes making out the writing on the tape that covered the husky's ass. A chill ran down his spine as the words suddenly became clear to him, "404 Error. Access.........


The end :)

Anonymous Confession

I love the Lady,
But she isn't here.
There is space between us,
And my heart grows colder in her absence.
Is it fair that she is all I have?
That she has paths to affection and another person's touch that are closed to me?
No. But no one said this would be fair.
I knew what was down this road before I set foot on it.
I knew how lonely it would feel.
I'm left wondering what use I really can be to her.
Is telling me to yank a clothespin from my nipple anywhere near as gratifying as doing it with her own hand?
What does telling me to edge in the shower really do for her?
At times I think this isn't the kind of pain I signed on for. It's a cold, numbing pain.
It's the pain of loneliness, and I am suffering.

Confession by Impy

On a Saturday afternoon, I decided I would take part in an sub auction at the Dominion.  I was purchased by Miss Clarissa, who immediately gifted to me to Miss Persephone.  Having never seen, nor attended an auction like this before, I didn't know what to expect, and not being one to think fast on my feet (well, knees in this case) let's just say it didn't go well, as I felt bombarded by questions I couldn't answer properly or coherently.  When it was over, I was quite frustrated and flustered, to say the least.

I left the podium and went over, still in my birthday suit and knelt by Miss Persephone.  The first thing I asked her if I should get dressed.  She said no, and instead gave me a bunny suit, and told me to wear it.  She would later give me instructions to wear it the entire week she owned me (except while pole dancing at another sim, which involved another request she made).  She then instructed me to write a confession about it, and you are reading that now.

The outfit itself was a bit cartoonish, as to say it wasn't an attempt to look like a genuine, real live rabbit.  For that reason, I refer to myself in it as a bunny, and not a rabbit.

The first thing I felt was a funny kind of playfulness, a very non-sexual playfulness.  Other people in sims would interact with me a bit differently, also in a playful manner, whether it was comments about being careful not to step on me, or how they were thinking of wabbit stew, a tug at my ears, or things along that line.  Sometimes there was an initial surprise, especially among people who knew me already.  Change my hair - no big reaction, become a rabbit and they are shocked. LOL

For some reason one event sticks out in my memory.  At the Dominion, there was a Chattel Survivor Event, and Miss Persephone was a judge.  I arrived after it started and found a place to sit in the vicinity of Miss Persephone.  She was sitting next to another judge, and neither had a sub around, so I kept my distance.  Then Miss Persephone IM'ed me and told me to come next to her, which I happily did.  As I looked at the screen, seeing me as a bunny rabbit sitting next to Miss, I saw a certain playful smugness (for lack of a better word) emanating from me - almost like my avi was saying "Yea, I'm up here with my Miss, I'm cool".  If I was still in my human form, I would have been proudly kneeling, but conveying a more serious attitude, as if to say "I am at my Miss's feet, as I should be".

Before this experience, I would see other people in SL wearing animal or furry avatars, and while I had no problem with it,  frankly I didn't see the point of it.  But after being a bunny for a week, I could see how it brought out a different aspect of me, one I liked, and I hope others like too.  A bit playful and silly, and not too serious.  And while I have been playful before in SL, it often had sexual undertones, which is understandable when I'm pole dancing or at a CFNM (clothed female, nude male) sim.  But this brought out a playfulness that was just fun, and nothing more, and I enjoyed it.  Now that my time with Miss Persephone is coming to an end, I won't be required to wear the bunny suit as I go from sim to sim, but I do think I will keep it, and bring it out every now and then, just for the fun of it. Thank you Miss Persephone for showing me this new way of enjoying my time in SL.

The Adventures Of Ted Part 3 by Patrick

When last we left Ted , he just got out of the glory hole after the Ladies had their fun with him and he expressed his wishes to stay and was told about the Dominion and now the continuing saga of the adventures of Ted:

As Ted dresses he is giving the directions to the Dominion, Miss Raffi saying " Well Ted since you chose to stay I will show you the secret entrance to The Dominion. Do you see that little pad there on the floor?"

Ted looks about and in the corner of the back room spies what Miss Raffi was talking about, and nods his yes as he finishing putting on his shoes. Miss Raffi watches him do this and gives him a stern look and says " Excuse me Ted, how about a yes Ma'am instead of a nod yes." Ted straightens up and clears his throat saying " Yes Ma'am, I am sorry Ma'am. Miss Raffi walks Ted over to the teleporter  and tells Ted that if he takes this he is going to a whole new world of wonderment and excitement of which he has never seen before. Ted is taking this all in and not really believing what he is hearing as Miss Raffi talks he just nods his head politely up and down.

After Miss Raffi is done talking Ted says his good byes and thanks the Ladies for showing him a new way of life, he takes a deap breath and mutters more to him self " Well here goes nothin ." As Ted clicks on the teleporter his body starts to feel weird as it does he gets all light headed and things go black and then the next thing Ted realizes he is on the steps of what  appears to be a castle he looks up and sure enough it is. Ted takes a look around checking out his surrounding as he does he notices a courtyard with few people milling about and some chairs for sitting . He thinks to him self well now this place might not be so bad after what I just went through I could use a seat boy am I wiped out those Ladies were rough.

As Ted makes his way off the steps he walks over toward the courtyard and eyes a chair while  he is doing this he is greeted bye the people in the courtyard. the first one to do it is Madi and she says " Hey Ted welcome to the Dominion!" Then Lady Gabrielle say " Hello Ted". Ted has like tunnel vision or something cause he hears none of this as he walks closer to the chair. Ted sits down and goes OUCH! and rubs his butt a bit before sitting down and then goes AAAHH! Maybe sitting wasn't such  a great idea after the time he just had with Ladies at the club. After Ted finally found a comfortable position Miss Tika who happens to be in the courtyard at that time looks over and sees Ted sitting on the chair and says " Excuse me there Ted, are you comfy?"

Ted looks up and finally notices the people in the courtyard and says "Oh hiya! Why thank you for asking yes, I just had a rough couple hours." As he says this Miss Tika gives him a stern look and says "Well Ted the chairs aren't for males but for the Ladies."  Ted looks at Miss Tika with a quizzical look. Ted says "UH?" Miss Tika looks over toward Madi and says " Excuse me Madi can you pass Ted there the rules please, and Ted please get off the chair." Ted goes "Ok sure sorry I didn't know." Miss Tika says well Madi  is passing you the rules so please read them so there will be no excuses." Madi says" Here are the rules Ted , if you need help with them please feel free to ask for I am a liaison here." Ted says" Ah ok thank you Miss Madi." Madi replies back "  Thank you Ted but I am not a Miss but am a sub." Ted goes" OH ok sorry I was told by the Ladies in the club that I should use the title Miss when addressing a Lady."

Lady Gabrielle is taking this all in as she sits there with Madi kneeling by her feet and says " Yes Ted that is true unless they are a sub of course. Since your talking about the club I assume you have met some of our Ladies already?" Ted says "Oh yes as he rubs his bottom and grimaces . I was told about this place and that they  like boys who take it up the ass, and I just fund out I am one of those boys so they sent me here."

Upon hearing this Miss Tika, Lady Gabrielle and Madi all started laughing till they were almost crying. When Miss Tika was able to gather her self a bit she said " Yes Ted that is what we are famous for." And then everyone started to laugh again. Ted didn't know what was so funny either way while they were laughing he was reading the rules and started to scratch his head thinking holy cow these are strict.

Ted looks up and says "So these are for real the rules and if I wish to stay I got to go by whats on this paper uh?"  Lady Gabrielle goes" Yes Ted we take our rules very seriously here and if you don't abide by them well then you won't be here long." Ted replies " Ah well that seems fair enough , will I find a Miss here that will do some of the things that the Ladies did in the club?" Madi goes " Well Ted that is up to the Lady to decide , however we do have an auction every other Saturday and who knows maybe someone will bid on you." Ted is thinking this over and remembering the time in the club and a smile comes across his face and says" OK I will give it a go then." As he is saying this he gets down on his knees into the kneeling position.

Just as he does this Miss Nej and her awesome sub Patrick come into the courtyard greeting everyone as they do.  Everyone in the courtyard greets them back. Ted recognizes Miss Nej right away and waves , he then proceeds to open an IM with Miss Nej saying " Hey Miss Nej remember me ?" Miss Nej isn't paying attention to Ted but instead talks to Madi and says "Say Madi can you help out Ted here with the rules please." Madi replies back " It has already been taken care Miss Nej." In a stern voice Miss Nej says "Well seems someone needs to read them again." At this time Miss Tika replies "Excuse me Nej but what did he do?"

Miss Nej explains that Ted IMed her without permission in local, poor Ted has a quizzical look on his face not knowing for sure what if anything he did wrong. But as Miss Nej explains what happened all the Ladies in the courtyard gasp and Lady Gabrielle goes" Tsk tsk Ted that is one of our rules." Miss Tika adds " Well Ted I did say for you to read the rules so there would be no excuses if you broke one didn't I?" Ted is looking all around and goes "UH . all I did was say hello to Miss Nej in private."

Miss Tika replies "Ted if you read the rules then you would have known that you must ask permission first to talk to a Lady in private. and since you didn't  I am going to send you away for a bit so that it will give you time to read the rules , I am not banning you but if you come back and don't follow the rules well that could be the next step. Good bye Ted I hope you will learn a lesson here." As Miss Tika gets finished talking she ejects Ted from The Dominion sending him back to whence he came.

Once Ted is gone Lady Gabrielle and Miss Tika both ask Miss Nej if she is alright and she say " Oh of course how could I not be having the best sub in the world." As Patrick kneels by her feet  he looks up and smiles. Miss Nej goes on to say well I hope I haven't deterred Ted in finding his place here." Lady Gabrielle replies " Well Nej that will be up to him of course, he has the rules and knows how we feel about them , so hopefully he will take Tika's advice and read them.  

Will this be the end of Ted and his new found dream of becoming a submissive , is he back to his life of ramen noodles and beefarino. Only time and Ted can answer that one stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of the Adventures of Ted.

The Assistant Part V - Setting The Bar by Lady Crissy

[Note:   Last we saw Miss Night and her newly hired assistant aaron, she had directed him to visit a Miss Constance in order to prepare for his new position and to carefully think about his choice to accept her offer.]

I was just opening my first emails of the day on Tuesday morning when my phone buzzed.  I smiled, noting the origin of the call.  I picked up the phone and listened to the voice on the other end.  After a moment, I responded, "Why yes, I've approved it." I listened to the awkward pause on the other end of the line.  "Is there anything else?" I asked rhetorically, then hung up without waiting for an answer.

A short time later there was a knock on my door.  I braced myself and sat back, ready for it. Experiments are always chancy.   The door opened and aaron walked in.   A much transformed aaron, that is.  From his chunky pumps up to his red A-line skirt and smart blazer that matched it in color.  His make-up was simply done, tasteful, with lips a vintage red with just a touch of orange.  With his skin color it looked good, not whorish, lucky him.

Aaron walked into the office, to the other side of my desk, and stood.  "Sit."  was all that I said, still taking in his appearance.   The wig was short, and very natural looking. Constance is an artist.  Aaron sat smoothly, legs together primly and modest.  Since I knew that less than a week ago he had short, well kept straight boy short nails, I knew the new ones were fake.  The color matched the lipstick, a nice touch.  He sat across from me stiffly, as if he was afraid to move much.

"So tell me, aaron, how many pairs of stockings did you ruin before getting this pair on?"  I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Three pairs, Miss Night", he responded, a slight sigh in his voice.

"Now that can't be a complaining tone I'm hearing in your voice...."  I began.

"No, Miss Night,"  aaron said quickly.  "Simply learning Miss, its... new."

I nodded, acknowledging the truth in that.  "And hows the girdle feeling?" I smiled, smirking.

"It's.... doing the job, Miss,"  he replied, squirming a bit at the mention.

"I'll bet it is,"  I chuckled.   I saw forward again and looked directly at the boy.  "Listen closely, aaron.  I won't repeat this twice."  I saw him nod and swallow nervously at the change in my tone.

"You will not speak unless spoken to, or given permission.
You will dress for my pleasure, as male or female, at my whims.
You will perform your duties as my secretary unless given instructions that I desire your actions to deviate from the usual vanilla tasks.
When in my presence you will stand unless told otherwise.
You will address all my visitors as Miss, Mr or Ms as directed.
When you are not here serving me in my presence you have only three restrictions - no sex with yourself or anyone else, no drugs or alcohol, and no activities that might otherwise impede you from your commitment to serve me."I paused.

"Are we clear?"  I looked at him and waited.

"Crystal clear, Miss Night,"  he responded after a short moment, his face flushed bright red.

"Good,"  I stated simply and smiled.  After a moment, I continued, "Because, if you violate the chastity rule, I will punish your cock until you wished you no longer had it." His hard swallow was audible in the quiet office.

"Now then, your assignments are on your desk up front.  Ask any questions you need to get the job done. "  I waved him away with my hand and opened a file on my desk.   I heard the door open and close and I got back to my work.

The day progressed fairly smoothly, with aaron coming in a couple of times, but otherwise he was catching on well.   Time to raise the bar.  "aaron!"  I called out, and quickly the door opened.  He almost stumbled in the heels as he made his way quickly over.

"Yes, Miss Night?" he asked, as he on the other side of my desk.

"Go down to the cantina and get me a coffee.  Three cream, two sugar."  I placed the order and looked back down at the notes in front of me.

He was still standing there a moment later when I looked up again.  The look on his face was priceless.  "Go.  Now,"  I said, raising an eyebrow and watching him until he left and closed the door behind him. There should only be about a dozen people down there.

Separating the sluts from the subs, one of my favorite games.  I smiled and went back to my work while I waited.

End of Part V

100 Word Confessions

100 word stories. Yes, that's it. 100 words! Lady Summer will post a topic and you will write a story using 100 words or less.

Check out this website for clarification. These stories are tight and sweet. Let's try it!

We'll read the first group of 100 word stories on July 20! This isn't a contest.

First topic:  CRY

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Story: Happy Anniversary by Casey

Beginning of the story:

There was something that she was barely a whisper but his ear begged for understanding. He tried to remember.

The grass swayed over his head. He looked straight up. The clouds seemed to make formations that he might have known.

He pulled a stalk and chewed on it. The sun warmed him and he sensed he was the only person for miles. Just him, the grass, and the blue blue sky. He heard a tractor way in the distance but it was like a dream he had had...somnolent and passing.

He got lost in a reverie....

His mind drifted back, back along the well worn path of memories, hopes, and dreams that they had shared over the many years they were together. A slow smile spread across his face as he recalled meeting her for the first time face to face, how nervous he'd been while driving to the airport to pick her up. A soft chuckle rose in his throat as he remembered how amused she was at his blushes and stammering speech when he greeted her.

The plan had been simple, she was to visit him for a week, then return home, where he was to visit in turn, but it didn't quite work out that way. After that week of bliss spent together, they couldn't stand to be apart, so, being the devoted boy he was, he packed up his belongings, resigned from his  job, let his family know, and moved half way across the country, just to be at her boot, where he belonged.

That journey began the years of togetherness, the years of devoted service from him, and the years of loving care and control from her. Her friends, mentors, colleagues, and peers all welcomed him and were all stunned at the smooth, seamless way he fit into her life, taking over all the small details that annoyed her. After the first year together, neither of them knew how they had existed without the other for so long.

As he rested back on the grass, he turned his head to the left, admiring the large, rambling farm house in the distance, the place they called home together. With a deep, content sigh he turned his head to the right, one large hand reaching out, sliding under hers as she rested on the grass next to him. As she turned her head to look at him, a bright smile lit his face and eyes, the look of love and pure devotion only she got to see. He lifted himself from the bed of grass, propping up on one elbow as he leaned down, nuzzling softly at her graying hair, whispering the words in return that she had caressed his ear with a short time ago and adding his own, "Happy twentieth anniversary, my Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to be yours for such a long and glorious time."

Summer Story by Lady Eva

Roman Reverie

He got lost in a reverie....

Rome in July.  It was hot and noisy, packed with slightly annoyed, well heeled locals and open mouthed, gobsmacked tourists. He came to join the throngs, splitting off to see the Eternal City while his traveling companions went on to the southern beaches for relief from the heat.

It's not the best month to see Rome. Herds of tourists spill endlessly like cattle from the old city's nooks and crannies. Shouts and laughs clink and clank out in every language imaginable. They jostle to throw coins in the Trevi fountain or pose with the sweaty locals who dress up as gladiators in front of the Coliseum. But this is always part of visiting a city like Rome.  You have to ignore the frenetic noise, enter a sort of hypnotic state, and let the city speak.  So he walked around Piazza Navona rather dreamily that night, smiling and pleased with himself for being so adventurous.  He had that euphoric feeling one only has when traveling, when you can leave yourself behind. "Anything could happen", he thought.

A soft purple sky draped down behind the ancient buildings. It was warm, even at 11 pm, and the Piazza was filled with music and twinkling lights. African vendors smiled at you with aggressive cheerfulness and held out handfuls of braided bracelets.  Packs of women in summer dresses struck poses at cafe tables, holding small glasses of bad wine. And the men, some Italian, some Armenian, or Albanian, circled the square like hunters looking for a conquest. Maybe to pick a pocket or to find a girl to seduce.  Their lazy, confident smiles boasted of frequent success.

None of this dance interested the young man. He was here for art and beauty and culture! The finer things.  At 22 he was heavily inclined towards romantic thoughts. He fancied himself a literary type adventurer like Keats or Byron as he admired the Egyptian obelisk at the centre of Bernini's fountain. He paused a moment and considered writing down his thoughts in the small, still empty travel journal with the artful tie closure that sat in his backpack. Perhaps he would sit at one of those cafe tables and strike up a chat with a woman if the wine wasn't too expensive. His eyes lazily moved over the crowd to find a spot. It was then that he finally noticed her.

She was seated in the centre of the square having her caricature done by a fat, loud man, who was smoking with one hand and sketching with another. The man was reassuring her of her beauty as he explained that his drawing would be a joke and not to be taken seriously. The woman smiled at the man indulgently.  It was easy to see she was not at all bothered.  In fact, she was barely paying attention. She had been watching the young man with the backpack the whole time.

This story is a beginning, a revisiting of a past life made by a much older man who since had discovered who he was and where he was meant to be.  He was no longer that romantic adventurer who met his love, his life, his mistress in the Piazza Navona in Rome one summer evening when he was 22. Together they had traveled far away from that square, to many other ancient cities, and finally to a small house in the Scottish countryside. He lay in the field outside of that house now while she sat inside, contemplating whether or not she'd have him prepare pasta for supper. Those two people in the square were like long lost ancestors looking out from faded photos. He remembered them with fondness, trying to piece out how they had evolved in to the people they were now.  It had started with that smile, then a whispered line he had to ask her to repeat as he knelt down on one knee to better hear.  "Have you ever been owned?" she asked. He didn't know what she meant. He hadn't even known he wanted it until she had explained it. And once she had, he knew he would want nothing less, and moreover, with no one else but her.

She was calling. It was time to prepare supper. It would be pasta tonight after all, she had decided. With olives. He got up, brushed the grass off and went to her.

Summer Story by Deman

Beginning of the story:

There was something that she was barely a whisper but his ear begged for understanding. He tried to remember.

The grass swayed over his head. He looked straight up. The clouds seemed to make formations that he might have known.

He pulled a stalk and chewed on it. The sun warmed him and he sensed he was the only person for miles. Just him, the grass,
and the blue blue sky. He heard a tractor way in the distance but it was like a dream he had had...somnolent and passing.

He got lost in a reverie.... and then realized he didn't know what day is was. The grass tasted good, but his mouth felt clean. Running his hands across a cheeks, they were smooth. He felt cleaner than he had ever remembered. Looking down, he was wearing work clothes, farm clothes. His were never laundered but never really CLEAN. everything was still old, his, but mended and cared for. What the hell happened? His watch and phone were missing, though his wallet was still in his pocket. Listening to the rumble of the tractor and the buzzing of the insects he closed his eye and tried to remember. SHIT, what was his name!! Fumbling for the wallet and opening it with shaky hands, the money was still there, but screw that. There, the driver's license, Deman, Deman Moonbean. How could i forget my own name? It isn't like i haven't be kidded about it everyday of my life. Breathe, focus. I remember what things are, a wallet, money, grass, bees, a tractor. I was fixing a tractor. When? The sun and the breeze feel good, i get up and walk towards the trees at the end of the field. There should be a road there, maybe catch a ride. That stops me. Something happened on a road, by the tractor. An accident? Noooo, i'm not injured, the clothes are not bloody. Chewing on the grass and walking to the road. From the tractor. THINK!!!

There was a car. I was working on the tractor and there was a car on the road… and… the horn started beeping. Chewing on the grass, like now, walking toward the car. Yes, the hood was up. Grabbing a flashlight and a pair of water pump pliers and a screwdriver. Heading toward the car with the hood up. Wearing bib coverall, a tee shirt, work boots a hat and long sleeve shirt to keep the sun off. Two ladies are standing next to the car. They are dressed oddly. Like from an old movie, or a movie about earlier times. Both are very attractive and then i realize i am such a mess. Stupid thoughts, i mean i am working in a field, but still. I walk up and ask them if the need assistance, crap, i even took my hat off. For some reason they made me nervous. They were wearing High Heels, tight skirts, and i think one was wearing a corset ~blushes~ that is why i was nervous. i would of bet they knew they made me hard.

The car was overheating, i was going to get water… then? walking, watching the grasshopper jumping out of the way of my boots, then, the one in the corset said there was water and antifreeze in the trunk. The car was from the fifties too. An Olds' Holiday 88. Trunk was huge, and empty. What the hell. She opened the trunk, nothing in but the spare, then… pain, and cold. She stabbed me in the ass with something. I went to turn around, but the world was spinning at a different speed than me. Like magic, She is whisper something and cradling my head, then She kissed me hard. The whole tongue in the mouth thing. Some crazy chick stabs me in the ass with a needle? As i am passing out She kisses me, what did i do?? i kissed Her back ~blushes and walks~ ~kicks a rock~ Thinking She dumped me in the trunk. i think i was tied somehow, but there were blankets or cushion or something. i woke up…. where?

Listening to the bugs, no more tractor. Must be like two in the afternoon. getting too hot. i woke up, feeling good. i was clean and was being rubbed with some oil. it was very nice and relaxing. as i went to turn to see who was behind me, i couldn't. i was on a weird massage table. i don't know how, but i was tied to it. my face was actually cradled in a hole in the was very comfortable, except for not being able to move. ~blushes~ no, it was comfortable because i couldn't move. The oiled hands knew what they were doing. There was a second hole in the table, and it wasn't for my head. Oiled hands running down my back, between my ass cheeks and poking me ~blushes~ never mind. THEN, a nail across the bottom of my foot. There was no doubt i was awake.

"Ms. Q., he is awake." She called and didn't stop rubbing my back and ass and between the cheeks making my whole body blush. somewhere a million miles away heard the hypnotic sounds of high heels on hard floors approaching. i don't know if it was intentional, but the Woman massaging me was sliding Her hand between my ass cheeks in time with the clicking. i know it isn't possible, but i could feel Her smiling.

"That is enough teasing him for now Susan, we do not want him cumming. Deman, good day. As you have heard, I am Ms. Q. I have in my service several Ladies. We train men to fulfill a niche in society. We have been watching you for sometime. you have qualities the I feel can be developed than would enable you to be of some value. Do you understand?" sweating and listening to the Lady, no, i didn't understand. "DEMAN do you understand?" SWAT the pain was incredible. "When Ms. Q. ask a question Deman, you are to answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge." purred Susan. trying to catch my breath i utter "no." SWAT my ass that felt so good minutes ago was on fire. "Deman, a complete answer and address Her as Ms. Q. don't forget. politeness counts" i swear Miss Susan's voice what getting breathy, like She was having sex. "no Miss Q., i do not understand" i feel the tip of something tracing the welts. "that was very good Deman" cooed the voice. "thank You Miss Susan" i blurted out. i felt soft lips actually kiss the welts, "very good Deman" i sighed and blushed" "Miss Q. I do think he has potential." Miss Susan sounds like someOne showing Her pet learned a new trick. "Yes Susan, when I read his file I had hoped there would be something to work with." A hand goes into my hair and grabs it, forcing my head to one side as a mouth and teeth attack my throat. i yelp, but the lips and the tongue sooth the sharpness of the teeth and i feel myself melting into Her kiss. "No, Deman, I know you don't understand, even after the training, you most likely never will. In three days time you will be released. No, we are not letting you go. We have a group of Ladies that like to hunt. The DoD, no Deman, not the department of defense, The Daughters of Diana. Do you know who Diana is Deman?" great, a friggin' mythology qui SWAT SWAT SWAT "yes, yes Ms. Q. She is the Goddess of the Moon" "Very Very good Deman" cooed Miss Susan as She licked my back and rubbed more oil on my ass ~shivers and blushes~ trying not to get hard, trying HARD not to get hard. "She is also the Goddess of the Hunt Deman" Her hands and Her tongue as as soft and smooth as the cane is hard. "Ms. Q. he tastes like that salty licorice, so yummy." "Yes Susan, but as with Deman, we too must do work before we can enjoy our play, so, to continue. Deman, this is going to be cruel, but life is. Miss Susan is going to have you for the rest of today. How well you do will be a reflection on Miss Susan personally. She does not like to be embarrassed or humiliated in front of, for lack of a better term, Her Sisters. Do you understand Deman?" "YES Ms. Q." i blurt out. SWAT i can feel tears in the corners of my eyes. "sweetie, that was very good, but it was a lie. you don't understand, but you will." whispered Miss Susan, Her lips brushing my ear. this is so fuck up. She hits me and then licks me and i can hardly keep from cumming. "So" Ms. Q. continues, "Miss Susan is going to brand you. It isn't a big brand, it is actually very well done. The symbol is that of the Greek Goddess Artemis of which Diana is the Roman equivalent. The brand is a waxing moon with an arrow across as if notched. For the brand to look good, the pet, you Damen, must stay still. I think you will do your best, won't you?" "yes Ms. Q." i whisper. She leans down and kisses my head. It sends shivers down my body. "I know you will Deman, and it isn't because of the fear of pain, it is desire."

As Ms. Q walks aways the echoes of Her heel clicks in my ears and the memory of how my body twitched as Her nails ran down my back makes time stand still. How long have they been watching me. How can they make my body respond so quickly. i realize i hear water running and Miss Susan humming cheerily. i still really have no idea what They look like, but in my minds eye They are beautiful… SNAP OUT OF IT… ~shivers~ i am fantasizing about Women that want to brand and hunt me, i so need help. "sweetie, I need to wash the oil off so the brand looks pretty. I would tell you it will not hurt much, but two things. One, it would be a lie, and two, this is making Me so wet, here taste" and with that i see a hand with beautiful fingers glide past my face and into my mouth and i just start sucking and licking as She bites my shoulder and runs a cloth across the skin of my right ass and hip. i feel my whole body blush. "honey, you know you are not going to cum, but know this, I think if you hold still and try, I think your screams will bring me ecstasy. If you are good and try AND the brand comes out pretty, you will have more to taste. Wouldn't you like that." As She pull Her fingers out of my mouth, i realize that i cannot answer, i just mew. As i await the sting of cane She says "I know you are scared baby, it is going to hurt, but you will do well, won't you" Still unable to talk, i just gasp for air and nod. She strokes my back and walks away. Through the opening of the massage table i see Her place a brazier on the floor. The coals are red white hot and even from three feet away i can feel the heat. i have seen this done to cattle. they don't like it. i would pee if i wasn't so dehydrated from sweating. She holds up the cool iron for me to see. "Pretty, isn't it?" Still unable to talk i just nod and for some reason i kiss the branding iron. i feel Miss Susan's hand on my back and She is trembling. "Damen honey, you are the first one to do that. It wasn't a big one, but did you feel me cum?" She puts the iron on the coals and i get to watch it heat. As it does the brazier is framed by Miss Susan's high heeled shoes, snug blue jeans encasing long legs. i feel Her leaning over me kissing and licking me between my shoulder blades, Her hands cupping my ass cheeks. i loose track of time and the next thing i notice is i am missing the weight of Miss Susan along my back. She is stroking my hair and whispering " Damen sweetie, it is time. this is going to hurt … a lot. Make Me proud sweetie" i could only nod and mew and whimper. This is so bizarre, Miss Susan was going to brand me and wanted me to be still to make Her proud. i felt myself blushing because part of me didn't want to disappoint Her. i see Her move away and i am left looking into the red hot coals and there is a big empty spot where the branding iron use to be. i feel Her taking the towel and drying off the sweat from my skin. "Ok baby, here we go" i feel Her weight pinning down my already bound thighs, i take a few deep breaths and exhale completely. For a spit second all i feel is pressure and i think it is a prank, then the pain comes. If there were any air left in my lungs i would be screaming, but first i have to remember how to inhale. i might have peed on the floor but i have no idea. by the time i get air in my lungs it is done, but the pain and the smell are just coming. the screaming is so loud it makes me forget to puke. i heard a hiss and them Miss Susan is running Her hands up and down my back. "It's done baby, relax. Let me see how well you did for me." i think i was crying, i don't remember. i just tried to calm down. After a few minutes or maybe a week my body was still. Miss Susan spent a long time examining the brand, then She started caressing my ass and kissing it. i was blushing and i think i was smiling. i felt something gooey and cooling go on and though it still hurt, it felt better. Miss Susan walked back to the head of the table and to my shock, She dropped down and sat on the floor so She could look up at my face though the hole my head was cradled. She was smiling up at me. She was angelic. Miss Susan was radiant. Her hand came up and wiped moisture from my face. She licked it off Her fingers. "Damen, your tears taste so good to me." Looking down, i see Miss Susan's pants are wet, like She had a accident. Noticing where i am looking Miss Susan undoes Her belt and opens the top of Her jeans. Her hand slide inside. "Yes Damen sweetie, this is Your fault. The brand might be the best i had ever done. you were screaming so you didn't hear mine." Removing her hand, Her fingers are dripping wet. She raises them to my mouth and i part my lips as She pushes the fingers inside. i close my eyes and start sucking Her fingers clean and i start really crying. She doesn't say anything or move and just waits for me to finish. somewhere in my head i know i am crying not because of the pain, but because i am happy? when i get out of this a shrink is going to write a book about me. i don't tell Her, but when i open my eyes, She is smiling and looking right at me. She knows and i blush. "baby, now comes the part that you will not understand." Miss Susan giggles. "Right, like any of this makes sense to you". "The good news is you did so well so far it went rather quickly, and believe it or not, relatively painlessly. The bad news, for you, is that I now have to cane you until it is time for you to get some food and go to sleep. Tomorrow you spend the day with My Sisters." Once again the sound of boots retreating and then coming back. i hear swishing noises. "Yes Damen, that is the sound of the cane going through the air. I LOVE doing this. you know that Your responses so far have pleased me, the taste of me is proof, no. The proof is in the pudding" She giggles and it should like Tinker-belle flirting. "Here is something to help you get through this." i hear the sound of liquid being shaken in a bottle and think it is more lotion for the pain. Instead of my back and ass, Miss Susan reaches under the table to the other opening. Lube. ~blushes~ "oh fuck" i gasp. "Excuse me" said Miss Susan, though i can hear the smile in Her words. She stops. "My my Deman, that didn't take long. I have to be careful because you aren't allowed to what Damen?" SWAT ~mews~ "i am not allowed to cum Miss Susan" "Correct" She licks my back. Slowly She starts caning my ass and shoulders and legs and feet. When i feel like i cannot hold the screams in any longer, She know and She stops. She lick my back, kisses every where the cane has hit. Then She starts again. Each round seems longer. She stops, pulls my hair and bites my neck and i almost pass out. "Very Good Deman" She croons, "you are done for the night." She grabs my hair and turns my head so She can look me in the eye. Do you know how long i have been caning You sweetie?" ~blushes~ "no Miss Susan, i don't" ~shivers~ thinking i can't take much more. it can't really be over. "A little more than three hours. you are so stripped and red, but no cuts." Miss Susan still looks beautiful, but like She just worked out. Sweaty and Her hair was damp. "I would so like to keep going, but rules are rules. Ms. Q. say I have to share you with my Sisters until the hunt. After the hunt, well we will see…."

to be continued....

Summer Story by Lady Teegan

There was something that she was barely a whisper but his ear begged for understanding. He tried to remember.

The grass swayed over his head. He looked straight up. The clouds seemed to make formations that he might have known.

He pulled a stalk and chewed on it. The sun warmed him and he sensed he was the only person for miles. Just him, the grass, and the blue blue sky. He heard a tractor way in the distance but it was like a dream he had had...somnolent and passing.

He got lost in a reverie....

He was an average size boy, sun kissed skin from working on the farm.  His shirt was open, beads of sweat rolling down his skin.  Amidst his disassociation he lost track of his surroundings and drifted to sleep.

His mind wandering in his dream state, his unconscious still trying to push forward the whispers of her words.  He sees her in his dream standing there; "No no, this is all wrong, why are you so tall".  He stirs feeling uncomfortable, "the angle is all wrong". He watches her lips, leaning into her words, "Please I cannot hear you, what did you say"?

She smiles at him patting his head.  A sound distracts him and disturbs his vision, he wrinkles his brow confused, feeling her slip away.  In between sleep and awake he feels distressed, his vision of her dissipating.  "WAIT!!! Please don't go!"

His eyes slowly open, startled as he sees her towering over him.  Her feet on each side of him, uncomfortably resting to the side of his ribs.  He tries to sit up, but she quickly puts her heel into his chest, "I'm not going any where boy" she laughs, "and neither are you".

"It looks as though you were having quite a dream there, your crinkled face made me happy in my heart.  Tell me boy what were you dreaming about?"  he rolled his eyes at her,  "I do NOT want to talk about it"  she dug her heel into his chest and looked at him scornfully almost taking pleasure in his obstinate behavior, his pain stricken face making the little hairs on the back of her neck tingle.  

"tisk tisk, that is not the correct answer now is it?" he responds with a defeated tone in his voice "No Mistress, I'm sorry"  She studies his face easing the heel out of his chest, she squats down straddling his belly, "Tell me, what troubles you today?".  He breaks eye contact and appears unable to speak.  "Well, perhaps you need some motivation!"

He looks back up at her, half mopey half curious.  She claps her hands together and rubs them quickly leaning back, a hand resting on both of his knees.  She begins to move her hands up his legs at a painfully slow, and teasingly way.  She stops just below his sweet spot, looking at him with her mischievous smile.  She keeps one hand on his thigh at all times bringing the other to pull her skirt above her hips revealing her well groomed pantieless pussy.  She smiles as his breathing is constricted, squirming beneath her as she is placing more weight on his belly.  "Is this what you want?"  she asked him in a low seductive voice.  He lets out a long, deep, wanting sigh "yes Mistress."  She moves her hand between his thighs and begins to massage his hardened cock.

She stops for a moment tapping her bottom lip.. she speaks to him in a candid manner while continuing to massage his cock hidden by his jeans.  She unfastens his button and and unzips his pants slipping her hand inside gripping it firmly as she pulls it from its constraints.   "It seems we have a problem here"  he looks at her bewildered, and in his lustful state only manages to speak a singular word "Miss?"

She releases his cock and sits up straight across his belly pulling her skirt down.  "Well slut, you never answered my question.  So your cock is going to get a little sun until you choose to answer me."  "Oh dear, did you remember your sunscreen today? This could end badly for you.." her voice inflections would mimic that of sarcastic, but he knew she was serious.  her eyes widened as excitement filled her voice "I have never seen a cock peel from a sunburn before!".  she claps her hands amused at the horror on his face.  "Oh!! One more thing, a tiny detail you need to know..."She pulled a small bottle that was tucked between her breasts out, and held it in front of his face.  "Go ahead, read the bottle aloud".   She wiggled and smiled as he squinted from the glare of the sun,  he stuttered a bit  "Accelerate - T-t-tanning Lotion".  "The boy can read!!!" she said with glee.  "And I will be lubing you up here shortly if you do not answer me, you have 3 minutes and just think your cock has been cooking for 5 already"

he feels trapped under her gaze, petrified unable to move, speak, feeling as though his heart will crawl out of his chest and explode.  He thinks to himself "This nutty woman is going to tan my cock, and I'm going to let her because I am too afraid to admit I cannot remember her words" she hums in a maniacal tone "Pressure pushing down on me, Pressing down on you no man ask for."

"Mistress please!!" he begs as she continues the taunting tune bouncing lightly while he struggles with his ambiguous feelings.  "What, you want the lotion now? As you wish!"  she squeezes some into her hand taking a deep breath "I do love the smell of coconuts"  

"NO!! Please Mistress, no I beg you not to do it".  She winks at him smiling knowing his turmoil she reaches around with her hand full of lotion and begins to jerk him off slowly. "mmm now we must not forget to bake your nuts!  Such a delicacy they will be"  He whimpers a weak Mistress, 20% no and 80% wanting her hand to continue to working his cock.  "It seems as though you want your cock to fry...I shall add a little more lotion to make sure the head is good and covered, I don't want any of your bits to be missed".  He moans at the sensation, though silk was being grazed across his skin. She slaps his cock bringing him out of his pleasure spot, "I'm beginning to think you do not care about your cock.  Releasing his cock letting it flop in the wind, she leans onto his chest, her lips by his ear sucking his lobe briefly giving it a bite "you do know this little weenie roast will not stop me from using your cock how I please my dear."

His eyes welled up with tears, shame filled tears for having forgotten her precious words.  He choked on his words as he plead with her "Please Mistress, I could not remember your words from the other day, I swear to you that was all!  Please don't fry my cock".  She smiles,  her lips still by his ear, feeling his tears kiss her cheek.   "aww, now there's a good boy right there."  placing her hand around his throat she squeezes collecting his tears with her soft kisses.  She sighs releasing his neck, "A boy only tells the truth when his cock is on the line, we shall have to work on that."  he nods

"Lucky for you, I lathered your cock with sunscreen, SUCKAH."  She stands up taking his hands pulling him up.  "Put it away, we are leaving"  He tucks his still swollen, humiliated cock back into his pants bouncing a bit as he pulls his zipper up.  She pats him softly between his legs  "Come, we're leaving" he takes a deep breath, following her.  They stopped in front of a parked tractor, a blanket covering the attachment.  "What's that?" he asked inquisitively, she ignores his question.  "Strip",  he does as he's told folding his items neatly.  She lifts up one part of the blanket, revealing a door.  "In you go" he looks at her his shoulders dipping with a heavy sigh, knowing now what it is.  She smiles at his agony, slapping his pasty white ass, while he crawls into the cage.   She rips the blanket from the top, just like in the movies where the waiter yanks the table cloth and all of the items remain in place.  She hops in the driver seat grinning ear to hear belting out a tune: "HE thinks my tractor's sexyyyyyyyyyyyy, it really turns him on".
The End

Summer Story by Sylver

Beginning of the story:

There was something that she was barely a whisper but his ear begged for understanding. He tried to remember.

The grass swayed over his head. He looked straight up. The clouds seemed to make formations that he might have known.

He pulled a stalk and chewed on it. The sun warmed him and he sensed he was the only person for miles. Just him, the grass, and the blue blue sky. He heard a tractor way in the distance but it was like a dream he had had...somnolent and passing.

He got lost in a reverie....

It was three years after the war ended. The war had changed the world and left it's scars everywhere. After all was said and done there were only maybe twelve major cities that survived. The world had become polluted so much that everyone had to retreat under domes to survive. He was a scholar, or journeyman, who visited cities and did research, focusing on new energy sources to run machinery. Thats why he first came to this town. It was said that a merchant family owned a mine with odd crystals within it. It was his job to broker a deal with the family to study the crystals to see if they could be useful.

Travel was somewhat limited, and with the condition of the world, it took some time to get from one dome to the other. He spent three months traveling from his home city to this one. Upon reaching the city he was to meet with his contact and find a place to stay. That wasn't how it happened though. As he exited the bus he saw his name on a board held by a man, his contact. He made his way to him and was told they were heading from there straight to the merchants estate. He had little time as a suit was pushed into his arms and he was rushed from the station, his bags tossed on a carriage. From there he hastily dressed, splashing water in his face and trying to make himself look presentable.

It was not long before they pulled up in front of the house. Upon entering he was taken to the meeting room. His eyes darted around as he tried to take in his surroundings. A well furnished room with wood that had a dark brown gleaming finish. Bookshelves stuffed with books and a desk with a candle lit the area. The chair behind the desk turned and a elderly lady sat before them, her elbows pressed to the desk as she leaned forward. The light showed her silvery strands. Off in the corner was another younger lady with similar features, perhaps a daughter.?

The elder of the two spoke in a soft but firm voice. "Welcome to my home Mr. Jones I do hope your journey was pleasant."  He broke his gaze from the lady in the corner upon hearing the woman before him speak.

"Yes, well as pleasant as you might have expected M'lady. It is a pleasure to meet you. I do apologize for my attire. I had thought I may have time enough to clean up before our meeting."

"That is alright Mr. Jones. This is my daughter Julie.  She will be taking over the family business in the next few years." She motioned over to the woman in the corner, and his eyes followed her gesture. He felt as if he could stare at her for hours.

He managed to bring himself to look away back to Julie's mother as she continued. "I have read over the proposal that your people sent me, and I find it acceptable, However I do have a few conditions. One, you will room here and work for my house, two you will serve as tutor and companion to my daughter, though I suspect you will have no objections to that..... And all communications go through the house in regards to the crystals."

He of course agreed to these terms as there was little reason not to, and a contract had been drafted and signed that night. It was during this signing that he first heard Julie whisper those words that he could barley hear. He was given that week to situate himself within the house and see to the construction of the research area he would need.

The next week he began his work. Each day he would report to the kitchen and bring the Lady Julie her breakfast. She would wake and dress before morning tutoring. Then after that he'd report to his lab to research the crystals, collecting data. Then there was another tutoring session before dinner. It went like this for the first few months.

Then one day things changed slightly. Madam Susan, Julies mother, decided that it was time to hand the house over to her daughter and move to her vacation house. This did take some by surprise but it seems that everybody agreed it was for the best. He remembered that day well because it was that day he was told of the change in attire he would be expected to wear to attend the new lady of the house. He could only blink when it was brought to his attention. It was part of his contract however that the Lady Julie could make such changes at any time she desired. He found himself moved to the room which was adjoined to Lady Julies and he was given a vest and thong to wear.

That first day he appeared before her wearing the vest and thong, and had added pants. He found just how serious she was about it. She had made him remove the pants while laughing lightly at him. He had grown fond of the Lady up to this point but still felt embarrassed by how he was dressed. He stammered through that mornings session. The following night he reported to the room and stripped down to the clothing he was allowed. He could see her smile lightly and give a soft giggle. This, though still embarrassing, gave him some measure of comfort that it pleased her.

"I'm glad you've accepted the new.....uniform," she said with a giggle and motioned for him to come closer as she sat on a sofa. He was about to sit in a chair when she shook her head. She had placed a cushion on the floor beside the sofa and that was where she pointed.

He blushed slightly, seeing her motion. She was wearing a nightgown that fitted well to her curves and as he approached, kneeling down to settle on the cushion, he heard her voice softly, "I'd like to hear more about your travels to get here tonight," she said as she began to play with his hair. This began to be a ritual, the tutoring in the morning, and then the stories he told her at night. As time passed they grew closer and he enjoyed the feeling of her gaze as he served her in a more intimate manner. She was twenty one and he only three years older than him.

Another few months had passed in his time here and his research was baring fruit. He had managed to make a sustainable power source from the crystals. It would take almost a year before it was fully perfected and ready for a test. During that time the soft petting had turned into slow teases, soft kisses, and joy at seeing her every day. The time they spent together made him want to continue. She had started giving him more instructions, and though confused, he would obey her request. It was simple things such as fetching her things, fixing her food, reading her stories, brushing her hair. She took these times to lightly touch and tease him.

About a month ago though these touches and instructions turned even more intimate. Running fingers over his thong and caressing his ass, whispering into his ear. One night he sat at her feet and she tugged his head back kissing his lips before releasing him. She seen the fire that was in his eyes. It was then that she had told him not to touch. "I don't want you to get any pleasure except what I give you," she said. It was so sudden or perhaps not. He couldn't help but laugh a little but agreed. After all, he was kept so busy with his work and serving her there was no time for anyone else. He didn't mind that at all since he found himself falling for the lovely lady. He wanted to please her and continue to be in her service.

Upon agreeing to this, she began to tease him more. A foot would slide up under him as he tried to keep focus on reading. He felt her foot bouncing and rubbing along his thong and he breathed a bit heavily. Even with the soft touches and small scratches, he never tried to push himself on her though her teasing had continued to make him want. He could feel the desire growing deep within him. One night she had gripped his hair and pulled his face up against her sex. He could smell her through those silk panties. How he wanted her. But she pushed him back and grinned telling him to get a shower.

Perhaps all that teasing she was doing had led him to this day. Today he woke and went to speak with her. She was sitting in the study and smiled as he entered and knelt beside her as normal. He felt her hand through his hair and kissed his lips softly "You'll have today off." she said lightly as she leaned in "and you have to answer my question today. When you return you must tell me." She whispered the question again so lightly it tingled on his ear and he arched my head trying to catch it. But she pulled away and went back to work.

He thought and thought on what she had asked, til finally the words came to him. And he heard her clearly. "Will you be mine?"  He had the answer with out thinking and pushed himself from the ground taking up his pack and went straight away to the house. He found her there sitting with a box at the desk. She was tapping it as if she had been waiting there all day. As he approached she looked up and offered a sweet smile even as he knelt down.

"You're late," she said in a teasing manor.

He looked up, drinking in the image of her when his lips parted and he said, "Yes."

Summer Story by Doc

There was something that she was barely a whisper but his ear begged for
understanding. He tried to remember.

The grass swayed over his head. He looked straight up. The clouds seemed to make
formations that he might have known.

He pulled a stalk and chewed on it. The sun warmed him and he sensed he was the only
person for miles. Just him, the grass, and the blue blue sky. He heard a tractor way in
the distance but it was like a dream he had had...somnolent and passing.

He got lost in a reverie....


He remembered.  He always remembered, but this memory was bittersweet.

That day, as today, it was a woman.  For a second he wondered if that word -- woman --
was appropriate.  Were they both 'just kids'?  He decided no, they had been, even then,
a man and a woman.

When Sharon picked him up in her car, he knew they were going on a picnic.  He also knew
that he was most likely to be part of the day's repast.  She was omnivorous.  He was
hers, if only because she found him satisfying.

Sharon was a bit chunky.  He liked that.  She was blonde.  He loved that.  She found him
 attractive (he guessed) though she never would say that.  She was a practical person,
back attending college to 'get ahead'.  He was clueless; she knew where she was going.
He was along for the ride.

The open field she found, along a country road, ended up a high hill in dark woods.  He
hauled the picnic basket. She picked the spot.  Of course it was perfect, overlooking
the dappled hills of rural Western Pennsylvania.  He was a stranger in a strange land
here; she knew the countryside and every lane and pond and farm and field as only a
native could.

He put out the blanket (hers) and they ate, chatting. The grass swayed around them.
Above, the clouds were puffy.  He lay on his back, gazing at the castles in the air,
back-lit by sun against the blue sky.  He heard a distant dog barking.

As always, she let him know as they finished that it was time for dessert.  He never
knew if he was dessert, or if she was.  They kissed. They touched.  Time floated by. The
wine dulled their senses.  The breeze rustled the leaves of the nearby trees.

He wasn't sure when he noticed the air had a chill.  He took his attention from Sharon's
bare breasts, removing his hands from their busy work further down.  The light changed.
He looked up.  The puffy white clouds has turned gray.  The wind was damp and cold.  He
looked at her, for any signal.  She gazed up and then pulled him down again.  She wanted
more.  He had work to do.  She wasn't going to let him divert her attention from her
satisfaction.  He resumed.

It might have been five minutes.... it might have been 20 minutes later... when the
first icy raindrops hit.  This time she spoke and told him to gather up the remains of
their lunch.  As he finished, the first sheets of rain, driven by strong winds, hit.
She ran first, haphazardly putting on 'just enough' of her clothing as she went... down
the hill, though the soaked grass.  He followed as best he could.  She got to her car,
unlocked the doors, and jumped in first.  He dove into the passenger seat afterwards.

And she made it clear that -- soaked and wet and cold -- she was still intent on getting
him to pleasure her.  He performed.  It made him feel good to do that.  Frozen to the
bone from the frigid rain, they had melted in each others' sodden arms.  The smell of
sex permeated the car.

They finished what they had started.  And she drove him back, depositing him in front of
his college dorm, then disappearing down the road and off the campus.  He followed her
vehicle until it disappeared from sight.

That day was special.  It overcame the day she had accepted the advances of a supposed
friend and the two of them fucked while he stood, upset, outside the locked door.  It
made up for her abruptness when, a year later, he'd taken a bus to her town only to see
her and she'd made it very clear that she had 'moved on' and spent perhaps 15 minutes
with him -- in the bus terminal.  That afternoon justified her love of teasing him for
hours, bringing him to the edge of orgasm just to amuse herself -- and then to 'test
him' by seeing how far he would spurt when she finally decided it was time to let him
have his -- after she had enjoyed orgasm after orgasm.

One thing remained that left him angry, even on this day as he chewed on a stalk of
grass, lying in the swaying grass, enjoying the clouds at play.  It was simply that she
had escaped from his life and he'd never seen her again.  Worse, he had no way to find
her.  He wanted to ask a simple question: "Did I mean anything at all to you?"  He knew
she would always tell the truth.  Worse, he knew she would probably say, "Not really.  I
was just horny and you were fun.  That's all you ever meant to me."

If she'd said that he would have said, "Well, I'm glad I was useful to you in at ?
least some small way." For him that was his essence tied up in a bundle.  He would never get a chance to tell her that.

Summer Stories...

Below are our Summer Stories contributions. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

She Opened His Eyes by Anonymous

How She made me Hers

When I tped to this place, where people meet, I was not prepared on what was to come. I wasn't in this BDSM thing. And certainly I was not submissive. Give me a break, we are all adult people, and kids get the hell out of SL!
I looked around, listened to open chat, watched people. Drama here, a private conversation there, many people were just quiet, probably doing something else at home, whilst SL was running on their computers.
An IM popped up. A friendly domme told me, She liked my unusual avatar. A lot of smiles went back and forth. Her profile just mentioned that She was exploring and making friends, having fun here in SL.

She asked questions, which made me think, She might know me. Every question She asked hit a point in me. Then She mentioned, She loves dancing. My time was short that day, so I invited Her for a dance some days later. My time was filled with searching for the very best place, that SL had to offer. I wanted to bring Her at a place, where She went 'wow', spent my first Lindens for a suit. Then again, as if She'd know me personally She asked more questions. I told Her things, that I kept private even of my family in RL. The dance was exciting, I felt like on a cloud with Her. The little emotes, the teasing, Her smiles. A lot of smiles.

She asked about my interests. That brought me in a conflict, I must admit, since I've spent quiet some time in free sex places, filled my inventory with all sorts of freebies. And that was about it of me and my interests so far. She invited me to Her place, a lovely small house on a tiny plot. My chin dropped literally, when I've seen how perfect and with how much love this place was made by Her. We didn't just have sex together, She took me when She wanted. The way She wanted. Always polite, nice, smiling. But clearly not discussing what my ideas about intimacy and lust were.

Then, later, when I came to Her place, She became different. She wasn't going to the couch, but sat on a single chair. Still very friendly, but quiet. Now usually dressed in a lovely summer dress (which suited Her perfectly well), where She was wearing mostly jeans and a fashion shirt before. She often looked in my eyes, said nothing, just smiled. I can't remember how it happened. Suddenly I found myself rushing through my inventory, seeking for that freebie animation 'kneel' that I thought to have picked up somewhere. I felt like dropping down on my knees as She sat in Her chair. This reflected very much how I felt in RL in front of my computer. But I didn't.

My fantasies went rogue. My daydreams were about how it would feel to be on Her collar. But She didn't even mention such a thing.

I felt rejection. I was so drawn to this woman, was so willing to be lead by Her gentle strong kind. And She didn't respond. Was I wrong? Drawn into a behavior, that seemed reasonable and appropriate to me, and maybe She didn't even want me with Her? I ran.

Four days later, She IMed me, why I would not call Her, like She had expected. I wasn't even aware that it was always me who IMed and said hello. It became just natural. She caught me right when I was frustrated, disappointed and didn't know what to do. Back to the start, back to sex places. What more could I expect from this SL..

She told me to come to Her. Now!
I did.

When I rezzed, She had a wooden pole placed in Her room. She told me to open my inventory and to attach those cuffs, that She gave me. While I did that, She told me, that She feels hurt and disappointed. She said also, maybe She'd waited too long. Then She sent me on the pole, naked, just with my cuffs. My eyes were directed to the floor, She spoke in short sentences and very calm to me. She told me how She felt about me, and how much She was astonished and disappointed. My head dropped down, I could not look in Her eyes. I was so ashamed about myself. And She was obviously not willing to just kick my ass and send me away.

I couldn't believe that I've got another chance. I cried. For some time, I couldn't type.
She told me to look in Her eyes. But I couldn't. She said it again. Finally I looked up, my eyes full of tears. She just said: "Don't do that again. I love you. So don't do that again." Me, tight up at the pole, crying like a hurt puppy, She, softly stroking me, talking calm to me, told me that She loved me, despite of what I've done. This moment is burned in my memory.

The next day She collared me. And I called the first time in my life a woman 'my Mistress'.
Never has a person affected my life like She did. One of the most precious gifts that She made me was to initiate and nurture confidence. And years later this gift was the only light that helped me for the time, when it got dark in my life.

Bless You, Mistress!
You are loved!

Her Heart Is Breaking by Anonymous

My best friend is dying.
Every day i watch her get a little smaller, do a little less.
my heart breaks.
she is all i have left.
i love her more than anyone i know.
i met her after my husbands accident, she was my anti-depressant. grantee to make u smile.
if i could rename her i'd call her joy.
the only times in my life i felt joy was when we were together.
 for the last year and a half ive done everything i could possible do for her.
i told her she owes me another 10 yrs.
i begged her not to leave me.
when all her blood work and test results came back good we believed we beat the odds.
i took her to have some new tumors removed.
but when they did an ultrasound before the op they saw a huge mass, previously hidden
the doctor told me to take her home and let her die in peace, he said mayb 2-3 weeks, a month?
my heart breaks.
she was there when i lost my daughter, she kept me alive.
she was there when my fiance was diagnosed with lung cancer and i lost him too.
she was there in the background when i tried to lose my self in sl unable to cope in rl any more
and now im losing her.
that's my secret.
my heart is breaking.
i haunt this place, my friend's head asleep on chest...typing with one hand, the feel of her light body wasting away
listening to music, discussions, banter and more.
a shadow, a dom that disappears into the chair she sits
once  outgoing, outrageous, comedian,
now introvert, conservative, sad.
my heart is breaking.

The End Of Alice by Anonymous

Watching Pete/Alice being fucked in both holes had made Mistress Angela and Mistress Janice horny and sounds of furious lovemaking could now be heard coming
from the couch. The pain and humiliation was devastating as Pete/Alice stood on hands and knees sucking a man's cock while being fucked up the ass by another at the same time his wife made love to another woman. Something snapped in
Pete/Alice's mind, pushing him a good deal further towards accepting his status as a slave. This would not be happening unless he somehow deserved it.When Master Anthony had cum, he switched places with Master Richard so that
Master Richard now fucked his ass again while Master Anthony had his cock licked clean and received a blow job. Both masters had by now had more than one orgasm
so this time they fucked Pete/Alice for what seemed like ages, their huge, hard cocks pounding both his holes.

When they finally came and he had swallowed Master Anthony's jism, Pete/Alice collapsed on the floor completely spent from the pain and humiliation. As he lay there, he could feel the cum running out of his abused ass, adding further to his humiliation. He heard footsteps and saw Mistress Angela's high-heeled boots in front of his face. Her voice came down from above his head: "Get your lazy
slave ass off the floor and stand up," she commanded. Pete/Alice was almost broken and the last thing he wanted was to give Mistress Angela an excuse to
punish him again, so he obediently stood up. Wasting no time, she tied his arms with the arm-binder and reapplied the ball-gag. Then she led him out of the room, thanking Master Richard and Master Anthony for their help on the way out. She led him back to the dungeon and another session in proper walking and posture training. He tried hard to obey, but the pain from his abused ass made him waddle strangely and Mistress Angela had to whip him into shape before he was able to perform somewhat satisfactorily. After training for hours she led him to his feeding dildo in the wall and while he ate she gave him another round of hormone shots. Finally she locked him in the cage and left him to rest. This had been the worst day of his life, even worse than the day before. He hated sucking cock and he hated being fucked up the ass, but he found himself becoming ever
more the slave, unable to do anything but obey. He even found himself responding to the name Alice. He cried himself to sleep.

The next day proved to be an exact repetition of the day before, with a few exceptions. As he woke up he felt an unusual tightness in the skin across his chest and when he looked down he saw the unmistakable first signs of a pair of
tiny tits. He almost panicked at this and Mistress Angela had to whip him soundly to focus him on his new training.
His balled up genitals provided him with yet another humiliating surprise. After his morning feeding from the dildo and the series of horrible enemas, he had to pee quite urgently and from behind his gag he tried to make Mistress Angela understand this. Upon hearing his helpless gurgling and seeing him make desperate facial expressions, Mistress Angela feigned a complete lack of
comprehension: "What is it you useless sissy-slut? Speak up!" She kept this up until he finally gave up and pissed on himself. Because of the compression of his genitals, urinating was very hard and when he finally managed to squeeze it out, the urine sprayed in all directions. Mistress Angela laughed a great deal at this before punishing him for pissing on the floor. "Looks like you will have to pee sitting down, just like bitch should do," she said. She washed his legs and rubbed his skin with the cream, which made his skin softer, before administering his hormone shots. Then training began. First walking and posture, then cock sucking and ass fucking before finishing with some more walking and
posture training. He was locked in his cage after eating and promptly fell asleep.

For four weeks this was the routine: eating and morning enemas followed by hormone shots. Then training: walking, posture and sex training with minor variations, before being locked in his cage after eating. The amount of food he was given had been greatly increased. He was now force-fed
every evening, swallowing a great deal of the fatty, semen-like substance. The reason for this was soon apparent as he began to grow not only tits, but also
developed the beginnings of a nicely rounded ass. The training was intense and although he didn't feel feminine yet, he had to fight not to think of himself as Alice instead of Pete.
Every three days his clothes were changed and he was washed all over, before being redressed and re-tied. As he was washed his cock was released as well. While he hung by his wrists from the ceiling, Mistress Angela would play with it
for a long time, bringing him close to cuming before pulling away, always holding him on the edge. After playing with him in this way, his genitals were balled up inside the metal-mesh pouch and locked away. The teasing combined with the effects of the hormones made sure that after the fourth day he was in a state of perpetual sexual excitement, always horny, never getting any release.His corset gradually reduced his waist to sixteen inches and his high-heels had
increased in height to six-inches. Walking in an ultra-sexy manner soon became second nature.

My First Time Part 2 by Goliath

After that encounter at the store I drove home as fast as my car could take me and when I got there I throw my coat to the side and barely notice the surprised and alarmed cries of the cat.  Rushing to the phone picking it up only then did I stop and think. “Wait I should not call to soon. I mean I just talked to her an hour ago….I’ll wait a few hours or maybe a day.” Five minutes later I was calling her, It rang three or four times before she picked it up. When she answered I gulped and could barely speak
Lady:  “Hello?”

Me: “Hello Miss…its me the guy from the store.”

Lady: “Oh hello there boy. You certainty  called quick.”

Me: “Yeah sorry about that Miss. Guess maybe I am a bit too excited. I just wanted to…Well talk more I guess.” Nervous laughter
Lady:  Giggle “No worries boy no worries at all.”

Me: “So ahh I was wondering if you would like to meet up and….ah well you know….stuff.”

Lady: Laughter. “And Stuff ahh? Hmmmm well maybe we can at that. Do you know the inn at 420 redwood drive?”
Me: “Yes Miss,”

Lady: “Good be there in two hours, room 12……And Boy be at your best.”

And With that she hanged up. Which is most likely a good thing as by that time I could not talk anyone. At best I could barely manage a high pitched squeal. I put down the phone with a lump in my thought and a lump in my pants….which reminded me I have to get changed after what happened at the story. Over the next hour I showed shaved and spent the longest I every have in my life trying to figure out what to wear. After that I hoped in the car and drove to the moter inn.  I was more excited than I ever has been in my life. I did not know what the protocol was, I was so confused that I stopped and picked up a dozen roses not sure if such things were called for in something like this?
I got to the motor inn in time I got out of the car and walked up to room 12. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was already breathing heavy. I knocked on the door and a few moments later the door opened. There she stood. She was still wearing what she was at the store. But even more beautiful and sext then I remember however. I did not know what to say all I could manage is to hold up the flowers in front of me. She smiled and giggled.

Lady: “Thank you that’s sweet. Why don’t you come in?” She moved aside.

Me: “Thanks Miss” I said walking to the room.

Lady: “Sit down on the bed and take your clothes off.”

Me: Gulp “ Well That’s what I came for but that was fast”

Lady: Giggle “Sit down and take your clothes off I’ll be back in a few minutes”

As I sat on the bed she walked in to the bathroom and shut the door. I got undressed but kept my underwear and sat on the bed for what seemed like ages.  Finally the bathroom door open and there she stood and oh my fucking god.  Her hair was pulled back in to a tight ponytail, Her lips were a deep red, She wear a red latex corset and black knee high boots and latex high gloves. My jaw dropped and my underwear raised like a tent.  The only sound I could manage was a gargling sound.

Lady:  “I told you to get the fuck undressed and lay down”
A bit shocked at the angry tone of her voice I took off my underwear was revealed my throbbing cock. And I laid down on the bed.

Lady:  Good boy at least you learn fast. That’s a trait that will serve you well if your smart.”

As she walk towards me I saw she was carrying something. Hand cuffs it looked like .

Lady: “Raise your hands boy, to the top of the bed.”

Me: “Yes Miss”

She cuffed my hands to the head board. The excitant was building in me. I could bearly hold myself back. If she so much as looked at my cock I would have cummed right then and there most likely.

Lady: “Well boy before we even think about anything to do with your realise we need to make sure I am pleased first.”
Me: Sorry Miss?

Without saying another word she climbed up on to my face and sat on it.

Lady: “Now boy lick and eat that pussy. Stick your tongue out damn it and lick!”

With that she was riding my face like a person would a horse. I had no idea what I was doing so I just sticked my tongue out and curved it a bit. I could not believe it after all this time it was finally happening. She groaned and the occasional “Yes” and “oh god yes: Passed her lips. Her breathing and groans came faster and faster until she came. It was unlike anything I had tasted before. I do not really know how to describe it. Groaning and swearing her breathing became more normal. She lifted herself up a bit and looked down hat my drenched face.

Lady: “Well boy that wasn’t bad for a first try. You could have done better but nice try I guess…….Ok I guess you have been a good boy.”

She lowered her face to mine. “You ready boy?”
I nodded my head.

Lady: ” You better be.” And with that she gave me a deep long kiss, And I came yet again..

The Game - In World 1st Day by Anonymous

I woke to find myself sitting in my chair in a dimly lit corridor. I felt odd, a bit light headed as I stood up and my hand pressed to my forehead. I walked slowly down the hall towards a door at the far end. I could not imagine why I woke here. Something happened after I hit the accept button. I should be playing the game not walking down a hallway in some god forsaken place. I reached the door and opened it slowly, the light coming through as I stepped into an odd room.

I shielded my eyes for a moment till they grew used to the light. Lowering my hand I could see that this was a girls room. Stuffed animals on a shelf. A light blue princess type bed with four posters. I thought I remembered seeing this before, it looked like a room Mel had shown me some time ago. I heard a faint click and turned to where the doorway was. It had vanished now. There was just a sky blue wall. Turning to gaze about the room I noticed someone sitting on the other side playing with what looked to be an almost see through slider or touch pad computer. Where was I?

As I stepped forward I heard a voice, Mel's voice. "Welcome home my girl."

I looked around to see who else was here besides us. Though nobody else could be seen.  "Who are you talking to Mel? Where are we?" I felt relieved when I first heard my voice.

"Your home my girl, where would you be? And I'm talking to you." Mel answered, and I arched a brow walking closer to her while all the while scanning the room.

"Then don't call me your girl, this isn't my ho..." I went silent as my voice had begun to crack and alter while I was speaking. I could see Mel more clearly now. Her fingers were running over a few sliders as I was speaking  "What's happening to my voice?" It was higher, and sounded more like a girls voice now.

"But you are my girl Alex. No that won't do. I'll have to think on that...Kayla, Alice, Sandra. Hmm...don't want it to be too close to your male name. .After all, you need to know that you gave up that part. Kara will work for now," Mel said while smiling at me.

The board in front of Mel vanished and she stood up to walk towards me. "Mel, this isn't funny, whats going on!" I asked in my new voice as she approached me and reached out to take my hand and pull me across the room. She was taller then me some how. I noticed that as she took me towards the mirror. My eyes were on her fully.

"Why Kara look how lovely you are my girl! And you chose this all on your own. " I looked at her, then into the mirror. and saw a nude lady standing in the mirror holding Mel's hand. I paused and gulped lightly. I could feel Mel's hand, the warmth of it. The coolness of the wood floor beneath my feet. The soft breeze that blew in the room. I saw the wisps of auburn strands dancing at my shoulder. This was what had happened, this was my character. I the game - that much seemed to snap into place finally.

I gulped and stared at myself. I had sun kissed smooth skin. I ran fingers along my cheek and finally turned to look at Mel hearing when I heard her speaking again.  " I see you finally got it. You should have really read the material I told you to. But I suppose you just thought to toss it aside being "standard". Now look what you've gotten yourself into Kara."

"Can't I change the look and gender Mel?" I asked confused, as My eyes gazed back into the mirror. I felt Mel's fingers stroking against my thigh and I jumped slightly. The view of my body and the feel of Mel's fingers caused a feeling to run through my body. I quickly turned away and moved slightly back, still confused and a bit frightened at the depth of this "game".

I could see the smile crossing her lips as she spoke. "Sure i could, but first come take a look at this. Come on," she said as she took my hand and took me back in front of the mirror. She guided me to my knees in front of it. She ran her fingers through my hair, and I looked into the mirror at her and my body at her feet. I could feel a slight dampness between my thighs and I breathed a little faster. "This is what you chose after all. I'll help you explore it. She stroked my hair and then her finger ran over my shoulder. I gave a soft sound and shivered. "Just relax now. You'll be just fine, lean back here. " I was watching the image in the mirror and listening to her voice. As I leaned back My hands went to lay flat on the floor. She had me scoot back a little and I could feel my back resting against the bed. I felt the flush on my cheeks and looked away from the mirror.

"Mel I didn't know this or I wouldn't have." I spoke softly and shivered as I felt her fingers run over my cheek and down across my shoulder.

"I think you would have Kara, and you should accept it. Theres no running, no changing. This is what you chose." She took a pair of cuffs and I felt her cuffing my wrist to rings in the floor I had just noticed. My ankles bound apart I could see the mirror though I tried to keep my eyes averted.  I could see every bit of my female body. Though my knees tried to close they didn't stay so for long. Mel had an answer for that as well. Binding them to rings to hold them apart she then slide up beside me again and kissed my neck.

"Look at what you are kara. You'll be begging for it and feeling it soon enough," her fingers caressed along my leg, and then up my thigh just softly teasing my skin "Shhh... no talking now kara, only when I ask you a question" She had that sweet but evil smile again as her fingers continued the light tease over my skin. I could do nothing but watch her in the mirror. Watch how close she came to my new pussy.  I could feel her lips against my skin, the soft breath over my neck. I began to breath a bit heavier. I could feel every bit. I tried to remain silent. My body squirmed in the bindings.

This felt so real. Was this the reality i chose? I couldn't say which was the truth at the moment. My mind was clouded by the new feelings that began to grow - the desire, the need. I could feel her lips caress my nipple. Her tongue running around it and my head falling back slightly to give a moan as she took a small bite to it. My nipples became hard at her teasing. I could feel her fingers slide along my slit, and my eyes opened to gaze as she ran her nail up and down. I tried to fight it the urges as my hips lifted to press towards her hand. "Thats it my girl, doesn't that feel good?"

I couldn't hold back the moan as my lips parted, body arching aching and feeling the want. I couldn't believe how turned on i was hearing my new voice speaking out. "Y..yes Mel," I answered as my body squirmed. I could feel the liquid leaking from me and her finger sliding along my slit. I saw her finger press slightly further in and blushed hard as my hips pressed up wantonly.

"It's Mistress to you my girl," She corrected me. I was about to protest as her lips pressed to my breast sucking softly and I was cut off by a moan. Her finger slid slowly into me. Oh how that felt.  I could feel her finger inside of me. Oh god it was inside of me, how.? The thought turned over in my head. I was not a guy here, I was a girl, her girl. I tried to fight it but all I could do was moan and press to the touch wantonly.

She looked at me with a wicked grin. Her finger slid slowly in and out of my depths. I cried out and moaned again as my hips lifted up again. "Good Kara, you are my girl aren't you now?" I tried to fight with the words but they slid past my lips. "Ye..yess Mistress." I couldn't have said it. Her finger working in me..oh god it's inside of me. It was so good and as she pulled out and slipped away from me. My breath was coming in pants as I gazed up to her standing there over me.  I could only think of the desire to feel her back inside me. "Wh...what now?" I asked as my body burned under her gaze. She just smiled at me, Her gaze drinking in the effects her touch had on me. "Do you want more my girl? If so say it tell me about it."

I squirmed and whimpered softly. It was an uncontrollable burning the desire for her. I breathed slowly licking my lips. My heart was racing. I looked into the mirror and felt even hotter. "Please Me..I mean Mistress," I looked down. I couldn't believe how the need was being drawn out of me. "Say it," she insisted

"Please touch me more, I am your girl, please," I begged softly, my chest lifting and falling as she watched.

She smiled and leaned down close to my ear. "I have big plans for you my girl. But I think this is enough for now. I want you to feel the burn and need for awhile." She kissed my lips and pulled back. I felt dizzy and passed out.