Saturday, June 26, 2010

Descent Into Slavery - Lethal Monday

Descent into slavery...the First meeting

The cold February wind cut through my windbreaker like a knife. My Body shivered as i hurried from my car to the Airport entrance. I did have heavier coats but she had already told me that unless it was cold enough to induce frost bite, that i would meet her in a short sleeve shirt and a windbreaker. Though i didn't understand why, i knew after months and months of tough, sometimes cruel and degrading training from her, that i must obey. Questioning her or saying can't or won't to her was simply out of the question. On this cold day my Mistress was arriving at the airport for her planned vacation and today, finally, i would get to be her RL in person slave for the next week. She said wear the windbreaker and who was i to argue? I watched the people coming out of the international terminal with increasing nervousness and excitement. Part of me was listening for the click of high heels, watching for the leather clad woman emerging larger than life, even a whip dangling off her hip! My pulse raced, sweat started forming on my forehead...Where was She!!?? And then, i saw her. We made eye contact and my knees turned to jelly. Right in the middle of the terminal i fell to them, She was still thirty meters away and she quickly motioned with her eyes for me to get up which i did.. She was in her very comfortable for travelling tennis shoes, her sweat pants and a World Cup 2010 champion jersey. And, much more than if she had been dressed in the heels and the leather, she was truly larger than life. I knew at that very second that none of the Stereotypical Dom stuff applied anymore. I knew that it was now real. No more fantasy. She was my owner and i her slave. I was a slave to Her, not to the heels and the leather. But to the Woman, with a smile that said "i own your arse". She immediately had me lift her three bags off the trolley and we begin walking away. I tried mumbling something about being sorry for falling to my knees and being a bit embarrassed but she quickly and effortlessly shut me down with a finger to my mouth "shhhhh my slave. I assure you before i leave this week, You will know the true meaning of losing control of yourself in public and of embarrassment" She smiled again "I promise".
With that my Mistress led us out of the airport with a purposeful stride, me trying hard to keep up with her heavy bags. A cold blast hit us square in the face but did not faze my Mistress at all. The chills i felt this time though had nothing to do with the wind. My week to prove myself worthy of being my Mistresses real slave had started and my body was now trembling. The week had just begun.

To be continued...:) Thank you for listening.

First Time Confession - Syl

The first time i felt my submission fully....i was talking with this Mistress online for a few years now. Discussing and planning for the future. We had talked about meeting several times. It was more a house meeting...between a group of friends into the lifestyle. It was set in vegas. i had paid for my hotel room and a ticket to go. saved money so that could enjoy ourselves. Though upon the day I got to vegas i was told she couldn't make it. It was rather disappointing to be sure. I felt sad and betrayed to a point but understood. I was able to begin to spend time with some friends. A Master and his girl. We had fun travelling around seeing sights...I won't forget what happened next..I was settled in a room while the others had left for a bit. I wondered what to do. It was late and the last thing i expected to happen did. The Mistress whom i was chatting with was brought into the room. It was a shock to my senses. i didn't know what to do or how to react as i slipped to my knees and moved over to her..kneeling before her.

We spent a lot of time exploring going out to clubs and enjoying vegas...we shared a room that night. I was allowed to give her a massage as my fingers caressed over her and soothed her..time passed and was not she relaxed and i grew closer feeling heat build within me at the feel of her skin, she parted her thighs and my lips slide down...caressing against her heat upon her command. my tongue softly licking and kissing gently her hand holding me down there pulling me against her folds as I gave her pleasure. I was not allowed to cum or touch myself, but my heart raced as my tongue brought her to her release and cleaned her slowly. It was our last night together in vegas. the next morning before we left we stood in my room me kneeling down before her offering myself to her...taking her collar upon that day...and before going home was bowed over with flogger in hand and my back turned red...and then a three tail used across that leaving small whelps across my flesh.

Though i was not allowed to cum till i returned home for that entire trip and the collar did not fully work out...that time was my first realm submission in real life.

Confession - Silk Arcana

Love in Steel

This is not easy for me to give a shape to the vastness of the feelings that fill and consume me..ones that shape and define here is the depths of my feelings and the profound truth thereof.

What does my slavery mean to me..All !!..Everything !!....i chose Your collar i begged for Your is not so much that i want the collar but rather that i need the collar..need it as much as the air, to breathe..need it with a fierce and pure passion.

When i write this i weep and i rage..weeping for the joy that Your collar,... that being owned by my Mistress brings, me with every heartbeat of every moment of every day..

without a collar i would feel naked and abandoned..if i had no collar i think that i would have to tie a rope around my neck just to get thru the day

i rage because i do not have the ability to tell A/any what it means to me..i search and search but have only stupid words..spilling forth from me..clumsy and dull as bricks.

Within me dwells the summation of all that i have ever been ,,many voices clamouring to be heard..crowding at my throat..desperate to speak....Their spirits move powerfully within me

singer..poet..fool...they are the path that has lead me here ..their time has come and gone and i banish them one and all ...

Then i start to strip off the layers of masks..layers that we all wear, the forms and positions that we take to show who and what we are ..the rules of greeting and protocol that we use..the thin and outward manifestations of what we ........i..... feel by one,
onion skins like i peel them away to reveal a new layer under the skin...

..and i cannot give a name to this except it is a i wear to protect myself from myself..some things are not meant to be known are for ones much wiser and gifted with better words than i to tell You the story...

There are layer after layer of masks..and the names and purposes of them have no meaning no relevance...i strip these useless, fear driven masks away until at last i come to what lies beneath..

the typist.

that poor, pale, hidden echo of me, who tries to put the words in my mouth...and often times he does....but not this time.

that fool that walked on to Chat for all the wrong reasons..looking for a cheap dom.. a dirty little thrill..never knowing.... never knowing what he would find in the final ending time .

first the friendship of Masters/Mistress and slaves...then the first encounters with a Mistress who wanted me..and my pretty mouthings...which were so good..i believed them myself
............i was a fool for a damn awful long time my Mistress

and night..i knew.....what i wanted..knew Whose' collar i wanted to bear. i knew that rainy night..when You put Your feet under me to warm them and then had me "table" to use as your footstool..i was bound to be Yours..

but that was still the typiest.

So i take off that mask as well..and God!'s not easy !..the kiss of hot iron and whip are kinder and less painful...but i do it anyway..i endure..i give this to You as well...bear this pain both as an act of submission and as an explanation of what my slavery means to me.

i stand revealed before You and bares the boys naked soul to Your eyes

Because i have nothing i can give you nothing and i so WANT to give You something ..everything ! keenly ache with that desire...the only thing that i can give You is what is in my heart and soul..because You own them utterly..

but still i do not have the words...just the thoughts and actions.

My thoughts lurch back and forth like a drunkard trying to stay on the path.

i have said this before and i say it again...i am no more that a glove upon
Your is You that fills me me volition and meaning,..i exist only for You and for Your pleasure and Your direction.

That sweet steel which tenderly embraces and hold a mercy that You let me have...wearing Your collar i have meaning and worth and i touch it all the time...feeling the words cut into my beloved collar...wondering how i came to be so lucky..

rambling i cannot tell You how i feel only move blindly forward in a
fevered dream of feelings..i love my slavery..wanting nothing more than to be ever at your feet in submission...not even makes me so happy to just kneel where You have been or to wait for You..kneeling
there..Your slave..and nothing more than that..Your slave..but Oh! how
great a thing that is to me..!

Sometimes i want to belly on the ground and kiss Your footprints as
they are tracked in the soft dust ..i don't love my is
too pale a word to say what i feel...i howl inside with my need to be
a slave... and to say what it means to me

This is the best i can do to write what my slavery means to me.. all
of this joy this glory that burns white hot in me.

and these stupid, futile words..are no more than a single grain of sand
on a lone beach, of all the beaches, in all the worlds. when compared
to what i feel about being a slave.

No one will ever take Your collar from me..the only way it will be taken
is when they chop my cold dead hands off it.

Confession - Gusto

"Danny, put on your tuxedo. I'm having a party and I want
you to look a bit fancy." I quickly changed, and stood before my Miss
hoping for approval. "Very good, Danny, but you look too much the host,
don't you think?" I stammered my agreement and she handed me a package,
saying, "Wear these." I quickly obeyed, and appeared once more before
her. "Much better. The jacket, shirt and tie still look fine, but you're
so much cuter in your black miniskirt. BTW, those are called "fuck me"
heels, and they look very sexy with your lacy stockings and garter
belt. You're the perfect hostess now, except for one thing. Wear this."
I obeyed, and when I next saw myself, I was wearing a
pretty red flower in my hair. I felt deeply ashamed, and also very
excited. "Thank you so much, Miss Rachel."

As instructed, I prepared two tables with pristine white tablecloths, each with six
glasses which I had polished to sparkle. The guests began to arrive,
each Miss with her boy and a bottle of wine. Each boy also brought a
bottle, with his Miss's name written on the label. The Miss's
put their wine on one table, and the boys were instructed to place their
bottles on the other table. Miss then sent me to fetch "my" bottle which
had "Miss Rachel" written across the label. She told me I would be
serving at the boy's table.

Miss expertly uncorked and ordered the wine on her table according to
type and sweetness for the tasting. I had no idea how to order my table,
and the bottles were loosely corked, so I simply waited, nervous and
embarrassed by my outfit and the giggling comments from the Miss's,
who seemed in very high spirits, even before the wine was served.

She poured some wine into her glass, and instructed me to open "my"
bottle, the one labelled "Miss Rachel" and pour a sample for myself.

She smiled, saying, "For those of you new to tasting, it's really
very simple. I will demonstrate with my pretty co-hostess," flipping
my skirt up to laughter from all.

"For the ladies, our first selection is a wonderful Pinot Noir. Announce
your first selection, Danny."

I copied her, trying to please. "For the boys, our first selection is
from my very own Miss, the amazing Miss Rachel."

Miss continued, "First, hold your glass up to the light and check the
colour and clarity. Mine is a ruby red, almost like Danny's flower, but a
bit darker. Danny, describe the colour of your......beverage."

"Deep golden yellow, Miss."

Miss nodded, smiled her wicked smile, and said, "Next, swirl the wine
in the glass to bring out the aromas. Then put your nose in close and
breathe the wine deeply." Following her lead, I swirled my drink round
and round the glass, then put my nose in the glass and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmm, Danny, mine is berry, with just a hint of vanilla. Describe yours."

"Sharp and pungent, Miss, very powerful. My eyes are watering."

Miss giggled and smirked at the same time. "Now, take a taste, just a
little at first, and swirl it around your mouth. Hold it for a moment,
and then swallow. Mmmm, mine's slightly peppery, with a tiny
aftertaste of oak."

Miss grinned at me, saying, "Danny?"

I took a sip, swirling it round and round to bring out all of its
flavour, then swallowed.

"Salty and warm, Mistress, almost body temperature."

I saw the warning in her eyes. "Is that all, Danny?"

"Delicious, Miss, there is nothing I'd rather drink. Thank you, Miss."

And so the ladies tasted all the wines, thoughtfully appraising each.
I served the boys, reading the name of the Miss aloud, and we tasted
each. We boys were expected to extravagantly praise each of our samples ,
which never failed to amuse the ladies, especially the Miss we were tasting.

"Now it's time to mingle and discuss, and I don't want a drop
left over. Boys! Listen to me! Your one and only topic for tonight is
the tasting you just enjoyed. I want to hear specific comments to each Miss
about her wonderful flavour and how thrilled you were to taste her. And if you're
very, very lucky, you may inspire a Miss to refill your glass right here
and now, as I'm going to do with the lovely Danny now. Come Danny, and
bring your glass."

At the Post Office - Alexith

This confession is based on an email I wrote to my Mistress, a week or two ago. It tells the true story of one of the most embarrassing and yet strangely liberating experiences of my subby life.

I had two missions that day. Firstly, Mistress wished me to purchase an extremely frilly pair of panties, with matching bra and stockings. Secondly, I needed to pick up a parcel from the local post office, which I suspected was an extremely large collection of sex toys. When I woke up that morning I knew I might be in for a bumpy ride. I didn’t appreciate HOW bumpy though...

I got up early, and made my way to the supermarket. Oddly enough, in the small Pacific Island country where I live, the easiest place to buy clothes is in one of the large supermarkets. I figured that getting it done early would be easier because it would be nice and quiet.

After spending some time thinking about what would please Mistress i casually (perhaps a bit too casually, i may have theatrically whistled) selected a black lacy pair of panties with a matching bra, with purple frilly edging. i had no idea what would fit me, but i decided to go with the largest size available of both. Camouflage and deception are crucial components of any heist or caper, and this mission was no exception. I threw a couple of socks and boxers into my trolley. Phew, the perfect crime.

The thigh high stockings were a little harder though because two local shop ladies were right there watching. i kept thinking "i could be buying this for a girlfriend. Act natural!" but i’m sure they sensed my shiftiness. I glanced over out of the corner of my eye to be greeted with two broad mischievous grins. My eyes flicked back down. I gritted my teeth and selected a black, slutty pair of stockings and skulked the hell out of there. OK that was embarrassing! But this mission was coming to a close. My dignity was almost intact and i only had one stage to get through. The check out.

Suddenly i became painfully aware that i was surrounded by women. Women behind me. Women in front of me. I knew that soon an extremely lacy pair of stockings, as well as skimpy bra and panties would be out in the open for all to see. I felt my face getting hot and panic was beginning to set in. But then, technology came into play. I whipped out the trusty iphone, and studiously avoided eye contact pretending to be suddenly absorbed in an in-depth messenger conversation. I felt my heartbeat slowing down. I glanced up just long enough to see a little glimmer in the eye of the checkout lady. A spring in my step, i left the supermarket feeling fairly cool, calm and almost collected.

I couldn’t resist taking a quick glance at my new lacy acquisitions. “Mistress will be pleased” i thought to myself. But then I remembered I had two missions that day. I walked to the post office with a sense of foreboding.

With a flutter in the pit of my stomach i walked into the belly of the beast of French bureaucracy: the Post Office. I couldn’t be sure if the parcel i was collecting was the giant box of incriminating subby sex toys or not. For all i knew it could be a birthday card from my mum, or something equally innocent. Fidgeting with my car keys, heart pounding in my chest, i waited at the desk while the assistant went into the back room to collect the parcel.

I should explain two things here. Firstly this parcel i had been waiting on was not just for one or two small sex toys. This was the mother load of sex toy shipments. Item after evil item had gone onto my wish list at Mistresses instruction. We are talking about a miniature arsenal of sex toys here. Secondly, the post office system where I live is seriously invasive. Parcels can and often are opened on the spot by customs officials. Both these realities were dancing around in my anxious mind while i waited.

Finally, after an eternity of expectation, the assistant came back, carrying out a seriously BIG box, all taped up and ... oh .. my ... god... i knew instantly that it was the sex toys. Nothing else coming to me would be that big and imposing. Operation Buttplug was on, and i felt a rush of adrenaline like a punch in the gut. Suddenly everything was in slow motion.

The customs official, who looked for all the world like Inspector Cluseau from the Pink Panther, beckoned me over and my heart started to beat fast. Looking me over (perhaps noticing my shiftiness) he asked me in broken English about the contents and value of the box. James Bond instincts kicked in, and I said, thinking on my feet, "novelty party gifts for a bachelor party" (which i am sure completely baffled him as he only spoke a little English). Again hoping to placate him i told him the value was around 250 US (which is inflated). I figured that he would be happy to charge tax on such a high amount. He looked me over, and I thought for a moment that I was in the clear. He cleared his throat ....
“do you have an invoice Monsieur?”

My heart dropped. I told him i hadn't.

He then nonchalantly proceeded to take a stanley knife and before I could react he simply sliced the box open. No permission sought. He was on a mission for that invoice. My mouth opened but no sounds came.. i couldn’t think of a single thing to stop him. I was flooded with relief for a moment when he pulled what looked like an invoice from the top of the box (the items inside still concealed), but he passed it to me saying it was no good as it was just an item list. I was still looking at the list in front of me, (inflatable butt plug, nipple clamps, vibrator, fleshlight) when i heard the tearing sound of him cutting further along the tape, opening up one whole side of the box.

Reluctantly i slowly looked up. The box was completely open and there ... in upbeat vibrant colour was a diagram of a large and extremely frightening looking butt plug, complete with tube and bulb attachment. I just about died! In GIANT writing on a red background i saw “INFLATABLE DELUXE WONDER PLUG”. No tricky use of my iphone could save me now. Inspector Cluseau had the evidence of my deviant subbishness right in front of him.... weakly i tried to grin as I prayed for a sudden sinkhole to swallow me up into the ground.

This is how i would describe his reaction.

Firstly he visibly jumped, reeling backward a little as though the butt plug had bitten him. In a strangled voice he simply said "OK" before very deliberately and rapidly taping the box shut.
Mortified i watched in silence as he slowly drew his hands to his chest and wiped them on his shirt. I swear, it was as though he had just been handling dog shit. He exuded disgust mingled with surprise. We made eye contact, for one second and the whole reality of what had just happened was exchanged between us. The whole universe was Me, Cluseau and a deluxe vibrating butt plug.

Finally.. FINALLY. he gave me my ticket (pushing it across the desk rather than handing it to me) to go and pick the item up from the front desk (got to love French bureaucracy).

I suppose all of the above reaction took about 7 seconds, but it seemed an eternity to me. i didn’t know where to look and what to say and what to think, as i mutely took my ticket and waited in line to pick up my box.

It was a chilly day by Noumean standards that day, and when i finally made it out into the street, big scary box clasped in my perspiring hands, the cool air was like this wave of relief washing over me. i realised that my body was hot all over. i felt totally humiliated, but slowly i grinned and then started to laugh.

How hilarious!

I suddenly realised i didn’t care one jot what they thought of me. My heart was still pounding but it was a happy alive feeling, and i was chuckling to myself as i walked back to my car.

I drove home grinning to myself.

The Domme Cherry - Anon


The Domme Cherry

It's undeniable the sensations that course through a Domme's body the first time she successfully and sturdily ties (or handcuffs) her sub down, watching the nervous trust in his eyes as she lets the future events of the evening play through her head in perfect quality, better than any DVD could capture. My partner was a boyfriend, quite open-minded and willing to try something different, very brave as well seeing as I had no real idea what I was doing. I borrowed the "essential" aides for a friend who was also a Domme: a whip, riding crop, ball gag, all of which had been almost ritualistically cleaned. My gaze on him was shaky and I wasn't sure if I was capable of willingly initiating pain upon him, but I could see his confidence in me within his eyes, his longing and I suppose even a silent craving for it. He adjusted his bound body once more and my supposition was proved correct as I let my eyes roam over his body, so unabashedly excited and his chest shining lightly from sweat in the dark, humid southern evening. I let my fingers play slowly along the whip, smirking at him deviously, curving glossy lips coyly as the energy built up deep inside. I could feel who I was becoming , understanding that -I- had the power and he could do not but stare at my leather corset, mashing my breasts together shamelessly and down to my ungodly high heels, with which my ankles were quite weak, and that night it was made quite clear to me I could never make it as a stripper.

I began to twirl the whip, smacking it on the ground until I decently understood how I needed to snap my wrist and these were the moments were I envisioned myself as a goddess of pain, one who would make the oh-so-naughty boy on my bed cringe and plunge in an ecstatic realm between pleasure and pain. My dainty fingers wrapped around the handle of the whip, winding up as I began to bring it down to his body, breathless in the moments before and expecting a grandiose explosion, sort of like a superhero's transformation from normal daytime worker to Superman. My eyes widened in anticipation right before the leather whip met skin, listening for the crack........only to hear a nearly inaudible pat. I sighed, feeling a little defeat, there went my dreams of being "Lady Sadist" in my own erotic comic book. I thought for a second and looked back into the tempting, non-descript duffle book of naughty borrowings and brandished something I knew I could actually control: the riding crop. Something about it felt much more natural than the whip, perhaps the fact it wouldn't go completely wonky if my wrist was turned 5 degrees to the right.

Between turning around, looking into his eyes and then noticing his toes curl, I knew I had made the right decision. Something about me changed that very second, my legs were stronger to walk on, my hips flowed side to side effortlessly and a controlled fire lit inside me as I teased the crop along my lips, leaving a sticky film of sparkly peach gloss. I let the riding crop tease up his leg, glistening spots harshly kissed along his inner thigh, small red spots that glittered sweetly. I rolled him onto his left side, thankful I used bungee cords with just enough give for just such a rolling occasion. I tested his cute, toned bottom with the crop, softly touching it to the unabused skin, the skin I knew was about to get quite red and swollen. My aim was true this time as the crop smacked loudly against his clenching bottom, sending him into bucking frenzy but my own feelings barely made me aware of his. A distinct, quite memorable, shiver raced up my back, catching my breath securely within my throat and giving me a momentary pleasure that felt similar to edging. Throughout that night, I explored with him new ways to make him cry out and gasp, as well as delving into the delicate art of bringing a man to fruition by administering some tough love. It was that night I knew my Domme cherry had been popped and I absolutely loved it.

Confession - Anonymous


I have a boy who works for me in RL and one day I asked him very directly to attend a meeting for me, and he said yes Miss. There was something about the way he held my glance that made me think......"I wonder...?"Since then there is little hints that make me realise he is submissive, he occasionally can be heard talking about fetish nights and looks timid when I approach. But he works for me, I am his boss. It would expose me if I am wrong, but he excites me and he is so strong and tall what a man to have at my feet.If I make my move I will confess to you all

Travelling Alone - Zaira

I stood in the queue for check in still half asleep, passport and information clasped in one hand, as the other dragged my bag behind me. It was a silly time of the morning, the time only meant for when you have not yet been to bed, not for waking up and I yawned into the back of my hand as I shifted impatiently from foot to foot. What to wear when travelling is always an issue, you never know who you will meet at the airport but at the same time hours and hours on a plane, into a different climate is a tricky call for anyone. I had changed this outfit in my head perhaps 5 or 6 times the day before and as the line snaked slowly forward I found myself wishing that I had both pre booked my seat rather than wondering how many in front were taking the better seats and leaving me in between two people I didn’t really want to be between, and that I had gone with one of the other outfits. The light summer shorts skimmed my somewhat milky thighs, top which was fitted and rose in strings over my shoulders and flat pump shoes, all of which left me shivering so early, even with the jacket on my arm.

The line seemed to be taking forever to move, some issue at the desk was not speeding it up and like all good British people, the comments and mutters were drifting around me about staff levels as I struggled to waken my sleepy body enough to already be in public. As I was approaching the desk I was vaguely aware of someone standing closer than usual behind me in the queue and I pulled my bag a little closer. When the woman at the desk called me forward, she asked at one point if we were travelling together I glanced over my shoulder, as though to check who it was even though I knew I was travelling alone and I shook my head, no we were not together. After many safety questions I was asked to select a seat, window, as it turns out the plane was not to be full and there were plenty still to choose from, at least that had been worth getting up so early for. I still had the feeling the woman behind was watching my every move and I tried to be faster at the desk, and get away.

I spent the next few hours wandering around the airport, browsing in the shops I would spend nothing in. Now and then the feeling of being watched returned, like someone who knew me was there and I glanced around, never really seeing anyone. A few times I noticed the woman who had stood close. I wondered where she was travelling too, and tried to guess from what she was wearing. I enjoyed to people watch and airports are good for this, many coming and going for all sorts of reasons, some travelling in the most casual clothing they can find and some dressed like they are ready for dinner, a club or the beach already. What she wore didn’t really help, crisp linen pants cut off just below the knee, a light, brightly coloured top which rose around her shoulders snugly and fasted behind her neck, below her hair, and wedged sandals. She carried a small bag, not a travel bag but more of a fashionable handbag, the sort you could fit half your belongings into and still have space for more.

As I sat on the edge of a cold metal chair, my toes bounced my knee up and down.. my eyes darting to the screens and back around me every couple of minutes. I noticed her two or three times more in the airport as she moved around the same group of shops I had already done so. She looked up as she left one, coming towards me and I looked away quickly, flushing as I had been caught watching her, I couldn't help but admit she was beautiful. I pulled my knees up and waited until the flight number was called when I grabbed my bag, jacket and headed for the gate. As I waited I became aware that once more, the same woman was behind me.. a few people away as I looked around, trying to appear aimless. She was on the same flight, going where I was going and I fidgeted from one foot to the other. Moving forward we were grouped as to where our seats were on the plane, and as we moved around the tunnel she was slightly in front of me. I glanced along the line of the back of her calves and found myself blushing once more. She was uniquely intriguing and for a second I wondered at my luck as to sitting near her, rather than some man who wanted to make small talk for the next 10 hours.

It was the first time I had travelled so far alone, and I wasn’t sure where exactly my seat was as I went up the wrong side of the plane, and back down the other, against the flow of people also boarding the plane. I held the boarding card, seat number in my hand and watched as she placed her bag over the same row and moved in to let me past. It took a moment before I realised and stammered embarrassingly, "I’m just in there, at the window." She looked up, watching me as I reached up to push my bag into the overhead for takeoff, feeling totally flustered as the edge of my top rose from the band of my shorts, was it me or my imagination that her hand brushed my hip as she stood, my arms still pushing at the bag, I stepped to the side and slipped in awkwardly past her. That look made my stomach turn and I was suddenly unaware of the chill I had felt in the airport and struggled to remove the jacket from my arms before I pulled at the seat belt. All the while she sat on the aisle seat, watching me. I wondered, waiting with interest to see who would take the empty seat between us. As they pulled closed the doors and secured them, I realised it would stay empty and I leaned back on my chair glad of the extra space.

As the crew rattled though the safety announcement I drifted in and out of attention, leaning over and watching out the window. Flying fascinates me though I am not sure why, it is at the same time mind numbingly dull. There is something about watching the way the planes move on the ground, the slow but determined, how they can only go forwards on their own but need help to go backwards.. the thrilling rush when at the edge of a runway the acceleration starts and you are sucked back into your chair, you are going now if you like it or not as the plane rips along the runway, followed by the slight flip of your stomach as it leaves the ground, rising higher and higher until it steadies and the pressure gradually returns to normal. Though all of this I leaned forward, at times till my nose was almost touching the window, watching the ground get further and further way, everything getting smaller till crisp white clouds whipped past the windows.

As I once more leaned back I let out a breath, the end of the excitement until landing I thought, and between now and then were many hours of level flying. As seat belts clicked off I turned my attention more inwards to the plane. I realised that she had nothing in front of her, nothing on the chair beside, but was watching the window as intently as I had been, had she been trying to look out, or had she been looking at something else, at me? I smiled slightly to her, she still had not spoken as I removed my belt and slipped down in the chair a little. I wanted my bag, but for now would wait until she moved, I did not want another embarrassing display as I had put on trying to get the bag in the overhead in the first place. I continued to watch nothing in particular within the plane, the crew starting to move around the front, the people across flicking on headphones, movies, opening books and as the drinks started to come around I thought it was time to get my bag and I shifted, standing slightly hunched over at my chair. “I’m sorry, excuse me,” I said softly, my voice seemed unusually quiet and timid and I wasn’t totally sure why. The look I received from her, told me I would not be putting the bag up and down during the flight as her eyes seemed to pierce my body, I swallowed hard and instead of getting my bag down straight away I moved swiftly in the direction of the toilets.

To be continued

Confession - Miss Eva

Things got a little racey at last night's X Rated Ball and we started talking about favourite toys, favourite positions, and all sorts of other sexy things. One of the things I admitted, is how much I love boy's asses. I love plugs, vibes, strapons, and anything else that can be used to tease and play with a boy in that way.

Another thing I admitted, is that as a Domme, I love blowjobs and rimming, and adore the idea of tying up a boy and teasing him . Does that seem very 'Domme'? Maybe not. But being a Domme is all about doing what pleases you. There is something intoxicating about driving someone wild, pushing them beyond their control. I've never been one to be squeamish when playing with someone I care about. Yeah, people have to have showers, an enema for ass play is always recommended, but when someone is clean and ready to play, there are no limits where my hands, tongue, and mind will take me. I will put no limits on what I 'should' or 'shouldn't' do as a Domme. I'll do what I want. And I don't care who knows.

Shush - Tab Loon


Finally silence. I hesitate to say much now. Last night, on screen, we are dancing under a tree in the moonlight by the sea, a blanket nearby. In RL I am kneeling beneath my computer, stroking, twisting and slapping my cock and balls, listening for her voice, saying “yes Miss,” saying it a lot, so much it feels false, but becomes a sort of chant, a mantra. “shush,” she says again when I start to speak. I am mesmerized, caught, and present… I am a worm, a slut worm. I am trying not to agree, to say something and my brain, which is always at a crossroads, leaps to some point or question and off it goes …and then “shush,” she says containing me, holding me with her voice and clearing, steadily clearing a space within me that I need, building silence, and not knowing truly, I am sure, how incredibly grateful a boy half way around the world could be for “Shush.” But always back to my worm hood. I want to cum. No. Not tonight. I am an out of control worm and controlled by my worm and follow my worm, it runs my life, ”Shush,” she says. And then she asks, “So who are you?” She smirks and waits. And I wait and sink, for a moment, into the wait. I have nothing to say and there is this lovely emptiness. (she’d caged my brain.) Thank you Miss.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Zoo - shyguy Nootan

Aroused as a Tiny

Yesterday was the Dominion Zoo event, which turned out to be a most wonderful event for everyone involved. Ero did an amazing job of setting things up, organizing the subs, and enlisting in Dommes to be tour guides. I was commanded by Mistress to attend the event, and of course participate as a zoo animal. Of course I do everything Mistress asks of me, and this seemed like a pretty easy task, and a very enjoyable one.

A couple of days before the event after Mistress logged for the evening I went to the store and purchased my tiny av, the one that was requested of me. I took it home, and kept it in the box until the day of the event.

When the day came, I changed into my ferocious tiny av, and we made our way to the zoo. I had an incredible set, and although by myself found myself to have a most wonderful time. What even made it more enjoyable for me was the fact that my Mistress was assiged as the tour guide for my exhibit.

As the event started I did my thing, I roared, joked with the tourists, and of course listened to every command by my tour guide, which was so easy to do because of course it was my Mistress.

Mistress began making a few cracks to her visitors, and made some comments like he likes meat, beefstick, and is a true meat eater. I am not really sure what she meant by that, but I think I have a bit of an idea which might be a sign of things to come for me in the future.

Now, Mistress has me on quite a regimented system of informing her when I become aroused in rl. I am to tell her, and when she gives permission I am allowed to touch myself, just once. As she continued to make comments like those mentioned above, and by the sheer presence of her guarding my exhibit, I found myself to be very aroused. I looked down in rl, and saw that I had become completely hard, just by the mere fact that I was sitting here in this little tiny av, with a very powerful woman guarding me and watching over me.

Being the very obedient boy that I am, I informed my Mistress of my "state of arousal" and then proceeded do touch myself as she always instructs. It was a most incredible feeling of submission, arousal, and complete devotion to the most amazing woman I have ever met.
Later in the day I sat back and reflected on what made me so aroused during the event today. I have come up with the following:

- I was ordered to do something, really had no choice, and although it was fun, it was still the fact that I had to do this which turned me on so wonderfully.
- The playful, subtle, yet very meaningful comments by my tour guide really drove me wild. She is so playful, yet very cunning and deliberate in her words and actions.
- The view from my "perch". Seeing Mistress in a skirt always arouses me and reminds me of how lucky I am to be chosen as her boy.
-Her comments like "i am going to make you stay like this", and "yer soooo cute" also excited me in a very powerful way.

I hereby confess to being totally turned on and aroused by having to participate in the zoo event at The Dominion.

Written by shyguy Nootan

Better than Football

I yawned and glanced across at my husband, Joe. He was sitting with a beer in his hand, eyes glued to the match on the TV and a smile on his face. He was happy, I wasn‘t. I was bored, bored with the routine of daily living and the dullness of our sex life.

Staring at his profile I noticed with envy the length of his eyelashes. He was still a good-looking guy.

He suddenly realised I was staring at him and asked, “Something wrong honey?”

“I was just thinking what a pretty girl you’d make“, I joked.

The colour drained from his face and he stared at me. “What do you mean?“ he stammered. I smiled as I noticed not only worry but excitement in his voice. Suddenly, I knew.

“Turn off that television and get upstairs.” I said harshly.

His eyes were fixed on my face as his clicked the TV off. His face was fearful, as if he knew what was about to happen.

“Get undressed.” I ordered. He started to tremble. I laughed as I saw his hard cock bounce up as he took off his underpants. He looked at me ashamed and fearful.

“Well my little whore, why so excited?” I jeered at him.

He looked as if he were about to burst into tears and whispered, “I don’t know”. I slapped him hard across the face.

Opening a drawer I pulled out a pair of my panties, a garter belt and stockings and threw them in his face. “Put those on”, I ordered.

He looked at me with beseeching eyes.

“Do it.” I shouted at him.

His hands shook as his pulled on the panties, which were far too small to contain his hard cock. I started to laugh.

“Please don’t, don’t’ laugh at me.” he begged.

“Get that garter belt and those stockings on.” I ordered, laughing even more.
He fumbled trying to fit the belt around his waist. “I can’t, I can’t, it’s too small” He looked at me terrified at what my reaction might be.

“Well seems you’re a chunky kind of gal, Josie, we’ll just have to buy you your own girlie clothes, hmmm?” I mocked him.

He stared at me speechless, tears running down his face and the tip of his cock wet with pre-cum.

“Well let’s see if I do have anything that will fit you, Josie” I said, reaching into my bedside drawer and taking out my vibrator.

“No, please, no” he begged, his eyes fixed on the vibrator.

“Lie face down on that bed, now”. I ordered him.

He looked at me terrified, but did as he was told. I pulled down the panties and slapped his butt hard several times. His body twitched with each blow from my hand as he whimpered into the pillow.

“As you’ve been such an obedient girl, I’ve greased the vibrator for you. Say “thank you” nicely to me.” I ordered him.

“Thank you.” he said, his voice quivering with misery.

I roughly pushed his legs apart and pressed the tip of the vibrator to his tight butt hole, slowly pushing it in. His body shuddered with pleasure and he let out a low moan.

“Rather be watching the football, would you Josie?” I teased as I continued to move the vibrator in and out of his body.

His orgasm was his reply.

Saturday nights would never again be boring for me, not with the plans I had for Josie.


Fantasy Pet - Lethal

The Permanent Pet.....Long ago i lost my identity as a person. I have not had contact with those i knew in a previous life for years. I think i heard once about some kind of third world war that happened and i remember there being commotion here a few years ago about the Cubs actually won a world series. The only reason i remember that is because i showed a look of disbelief and was promptly locked in a small cellar for a month with only a bucket for a toilet and scraps and my water being mixed in a bowl and passed through to me once a day, if she was in a good mood.But...i digress

I know i once had a name and a screen name, It was rich or robert or ralph or something and my screen name was something really dazzling like Killer or Lethal or deadly...something like that. But it doesn't matter. I now answer only to Pet or boy or whatever Mistress deigns to call me at the moment. i know when i am being addressed. I do vaguely remember how i got myself to this state. Or, better said, how Miss Cosette got me to this state of being.

i had served her faithfully for years on line and one day she told me that she desired to meet me in real life and have me be her Rl pet for a week. Everything had lined up to where it would work for both of us and needless to say i jumped at it. It wasn't long after getting there though that the story took its turn...Mistress decided she loved having a personal pet around and figured out a way to make it work. For a while i was that quiet office assistant from Texas who had moved to Chicago and lucked into a job and a home. But "trips" away from the office became longer and longer until one day i never returned. The truth was that as Mistresses success grew so did her Home and eventually, the area towards the back, that to the rest of the world was an unused section of the house probably for storage or guest bedrooms or servants quarters, became my personal cage. She trained me on how to be productive for her when she was gone. And besides work, i also was given very specific times, when no one was around, to make sure her house is immaculate. God help me when its not. But the best times, for me, are at night. After she gets home, on certain nights, Mistress brings me out of the cage, leashes me, and allows me to crawl around behind her all night curling up at her feet.

My regime, as set forth by her, includes working out alot so Mistress has a very well groomed and in shape pet at all times. On these nights, she generally, when its time for bed, leads me into her bedroom, my face never more than 6 inches from her heavenly ass. What happens next is always completely up to her mood and whims at the moment. Many times i am leashed to the foot of her bed and am forced to sleep in one of the positions she has trained me to do so. Other times, when she has that gleam in her perfect eyes, i am used as her sex slave to satisfy her every desire. It is in any way.

She sometimes jams the base of a dildo in my mouth and rides my face taunting me about how much bigger and more pleasurable it is than my cock, she sometimes forces me to use my tongue until is is raw, licking and licking and licking and it had better be with just as much passion and fire at the end as it is at the first. There are times also she feels like getting her flogger out and reminding me, with deep red welts over my tattoos, piercings, and brands that she has over the years inflicted on me, that she is the power and i am here for not only her pleasure but to suffer for her as well when she deems fit.

And there are gentler times as well, She allows me to kiss her, and caress her and massage her body and sometimes she even kisses me back. I have to say a word about the body modifications she has done. The tattoos and brands i was forced to get for her long ago ensured that my loyalty would forever more be to Her. A large C Branded into my left ass Cheek and a Large F branded into my right ass Cheek. Tattoos like the one that says Miss Cosette's whore on my chest and Property of Cosette on my cock (yes the letters are small and it was excruciating as i had to stay fully hard for that but my memory of that is her laughing and laughing as my tears were flowing and the tattoo artist asking me more than once if i was sure i could handle this...She just threw another hundred at the guy and said that Yes, i was sure and of course the tattoo continued.)
Anyways, back to the story...My life as her pet is complete. The rest of the world does not matter. I am in darkness but it is light for me. Mistress Cosette owns my body, my heart and my soul. I will finish with one more thing about those nights i am allowed to sleep at the base of her bed, or in it if the whim strikes her. And that is the morning. i have been very well trained on what is expected of me in the mornings.

When she stirs, she had better open her eyes to find me kneeled with my head down and either my hands behind my back, or during summer time, fanning her gently. God help my soul if She ever awakens to find me still asleep. I have felt the stomps and kicks before and it has been years since i have made that grievous mistake. She generally sits up when she awakens and it is just the snap of her fingers to which i spring into action. i kiss her feet and greet her and wish her good morning. Sometimes she will wiggle her toes which are my cue to kiss each individual toe and, when she desires, suck gently on her toes. i am then usually instructed on what she wants next. Sometimes it is to make her breakfast, sometimes to kneel outside her shower with my eyes down and arms outstretched holding her towels and very rarely but if the mood strikes her, it is to actually be able to bathe her in the shower...Yes, those days are heaven for me. Washing my owners hair and back and breasts and stomach and ass and.....My God, my hands quiver so bad at the thought of those mornings that i can not even continue to type my story out.

And I think with that...lost in my dream world about my Mistress...i will end. Thank You for listening :)

Aunt Floe - Michme

Aunt Floe Visits by MichMe Sandalwood

After finish serving my Mistress her breakfast and cleaning the dishes, she calls me to her sitting room. I’m naked as normal, except for my collar, fuzzy pink slippers, and pink socks. Miss likes when I move about with my cock bouncing off my leg or stomach, depending on the state of arousal she has me in. Her normal state for my cock is bone hard against my stomach. The slippers are a luxury but because I’ve such bad circulation my feet get cold and that is all I feel. This will warms them so my feet do not distract me from what she wishes me to feel. The pink also keeps me embarrassed and excited when I have to answer the door or when she has visitors.

Entering Miss’s sitting room I see her sitting in her favorite chair still in her bath robe. I kneel before her smiling up as she finishes a cup of coffee.

“Pet put your head on my lap” she coos at me.

As I bend forward she opens her robe to reveal she is still naked. She is a slim lady for five foot ten. Her red hair is pulled tight to her head in a single braid down her back. Her breasts are full with only a little sag, but for a woman in her forties she is very sexy. She has the most wonderful nipples I’ve ever seen or had the honor of tasting. Her are like Farrah Fawcett’s nipples, with small areola and bulbous hard nipples. The texture and taste is like nothing I have seen. She is every inch a beautiful goddess that I love to serve. I inch forward and lay my head on her lap with my nose against her pubic hair, her red pubic hair, looking up at Miss, and smiling. This is a place I like to be just a quick turn and I can be licking her sex. That taste of her, which turns me into a Jell-O, is my dream of service to her.

Then it hits me as I breathe in slowly. Miss has had a visit from “Aunt Floe”.

Miss sees this in my eyes and confirms this to me “Yes Pet my monthly started last night, yours will start now.” It’s the same speech I get every month and here we go again. “If I have to go through these pains of cramps, so shall you, pet. I’m sorry but this month is going to be a hard cramping for me” She pauses “and you pet.”

With that she pulls back the cloth covering the side table. It reveals a large enema bag
Fat to excess
“Raise your ass for me pet” she firmly commands.

Slowly I raise her target but keep my head in her lap, turning to give her the best access I can. She reaches for the nozzle, adds a little lubrication and shoves unceremoniously up my ass.

Then she opens the valve to let the liquid flow into me. She runs her fingers thru my hair, teasing me as the bag empties. Turning circles in my locks as I feel myself expand. It takes a bit of time to empty, and she lifts the bag to check how much has gone into me. But when empty she lets me rest a bit and get used to the new feelings I have, then she tells me to clench my hole tight. She shows me a medium butt plug well greased to replace the nozzle. She also shows me a vibrating egg that is also greased. With just a little effort she pulls the nozzle from my butt. I clench so hard hoping not to let any escape me. She finally shoves the egg, smiling so wicked, and follows it with the butt plug. The controller for the egg will be tapped to my back for her to use.

“Pet you need only one simple small thing more to please me” she pauses to let it sink in and says firmly “A red butt.”

“A very red butt to match how I feel”

With that she reaches over me and starts spanking my ass. It starts normal but by the time the clock strikes 30 minutes later my butt is very red, my lip is bruised from biting them and tears run down her legs. Happy with my color she starts the egg. It feels and sounds funny when it bounces off the end of the butt plug. She hopes that the egg will speed my cramping and make if feel more like hers. I know Miss will leave me this way for a long time as she feels bad herself. In the past when she changes her tampon, she will also change my enema and lets me rest a bit. I will have to wait and see if that is her wish this time.

“Come pet time for your daily task.” She spreads her legs, scoots forward in her chair and wraps her legs around my head resting her feet on my back. I know to dive onto her sexy pussy and make her cum to please my Miss. This time of the month does make her horny so I may spend many hours here, licking her to orgasm after orgasm to please My Miss. I will be teasing her clit with my tongue circling it slowly along with long slow flat tongue licking of her from her ass hole to her clit. I will take all she has to offer me, with giving her pleasure as my only reward.
Oh… no…. I feel my cramping start as I try to please my Miss.

That damn Aunt and her visits I think to myself.

Confession - Anon Domme

Domme’s Confession.

I am a well known Domme who considers The Dominion her Femdom home in SL, and this is my confession:

When I first came to the Dominion I didn’t like it. Not at all.

There were a few reasons – those of you who were here in the early days might remember that the conversation area was laid out very differently back then. You had to approach it from the side, and it gave me an unwelcoming first impression, as if it was purposefully trying to keep people out. Also, my first introduction to the D included some Dommes who I could only describe as “poor quality”. I witnessed a new boy – and by that I mean a person who was new to SL - being cruelly tortured – and no, this wasn’t a pre-agreed public humiliation – this was the non-consensual “tearing of a new one”. I know this because I spoke to him in IM and had to spend a bit of time consoling him after the way he was treated by these other lowlife dommes. I gave the poor soul some lm’s for some other femdoms I frequented, told him he’d receive a better welcome in one of those and sent him on his way.

I stayed a while to observe, and unfortunately nothing improved. I was not made to feel welcome, subs were not made to feel welcome, and it felt to me as though this was the home of a closed clique who didn’t want to welcome any new people. I left, thinking “This place won’t last long” and didn’t return for a while.

A time later, however, I had to return to Dominion – and I was pleased to see that the convo area had been redesigned. It was now the rough semi-circle that we all know and love and it opened onto the lawn area, which gave a much more welcoming and lighter feel to the place. I dealt with my business, and stayed for a while to see if anything else had changed from my first experience.

I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, always open to new information and to having my mind changed by it where this is warranted. This time I was warmly welcomed, and chatted to some very nice women – and in what was a little used medium in SL at the time – Voice! It made a real difference to how I perceived the Dominion, and even though subs were treated more strictly than I had experienced in a lot of other SL femdoms, this time it seemed more in line with SSC/RACK and felt much more interesting.

I was intrigued.

Up to this point I had never met the Dominion’s owner – Evangeline Eames, and I wasn’t a member of the group. In fact, following my first experience I remember thinking “The cheek of that woman to ask for 250L to join her precious group of cliqued wannabes”. There was no way I was going to hand over my hard earned lindens to be part of THAT group!

But as I mentioned I was intrigued, and so I swallowed my pride, handed over my 250L, got my “Dominion Mistress” tag and also got voice verified by one of the staff members who was there at the time. I issued a silent challenge to The Dominion – “Ok then, change my mind – prove yourself to me”.

And she did.

I explored the sim, now that I could get access to the members only areas, I read about the hierarchy and social structure in the community and was interested to hear about the website and blog that had just been set up. I began to realise that the sim was beautifully built with elegant lines and sophisticated colours that appealed strongly to my own style. I loved the social structure – that sort of hierarchy really appeals to me, and I began slowly to think that this might actually be a place that could be attractive to me – but I was still cynical and pushed that thought aside, keeping the challenge firmly in my mind.

I went along to my first event – Trials and Punishments. I don’t really know what I expected from this, probably something poorly run and with the aim of degrading the poor subbies even further without their consent [based, I’m sure, on the slight chip that still resided on my shoulder from my early experiences]. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The set was meticulously put together, and Eva Eames and the two Judges [there were two in those days, but I can’t remember who the second Lady Judge was] ran the whole event with a professionalism I had rarely seen in SL. It was a riot! I can honestly say that I laughed so much there were tears falling from my eyes as I sat looking at the screen. I was impressed, and believe me, that is not so easily done.

I found myself hanging out in the D more and more. And I found myself comparing Dominion with other femdoms that I also spent time in. More and more, Dominion was coming out on top in my estimation. Eventually I decided to make a larger commitment and applied to become a Lady of the Dominion. I was genuinely delighted when my application was accepted, and I wore the tag with pride [a lot more so than when I first wore the Dominion Mistress with a slight contempt and distain!].

The Dominion has gone from strength to strength in the intervening time – the Fetish sim gives us great shopping options, the Art Gallery for us to explore our artistic sides, great new events – both serious and fun, Dominion on Fetlife, FemDom magazine, style blog and the list goes on and on.

So my confession is this: I have changed from a Dominion-cynic, to a Dominion-o-phile. I have had more fun and challenge in Dominion than in any other SL femdom I have visited.

This is a true and honest confession, not requested or encouraged by any staff member or any other person with a vested interest in promoting the Dominion. I issued a silent challenge to the D and she came through for me with aplomb. I look forward to seeing what treats lie ahead in the future and in continuing to be a part of the Dominion Family.

Confessions of a service Engineer - Chapter 1

Confessions of a service Engineer Chapter 1

After a hectic and stressful life as a laptop repair man in London I decided to move to the sleepy southwest corner of the United Kingdom, a quieter life and a stress free environment, tree’s birds and the serene beauty of the Devon countryside, hmmm a wonderful new quiet life, a picture of purity....oh how wrong was I going to be.

With this new life comes a new job and responsibilities, Mr. Edwards my job agency contact gave me the usual interview questions, remembering back to that day, remembering Mr. Edwards examining my curriculum vital with the keen eye of Sherlock Holmes, asking me about my life my experiences, asking the question one would normally expect in such interviews, but something just felt slightly odd about this job, something that just did not feel right, I start to remember the interview word for word.

‘Would you consider yourself as an open minded individual’, Mr Edwards suddenly asked, I look at him my eyes narrowing slightly, ‘yes, I would say so...why do you ask?’

‘Well you see some of the customers of this particular engineering job are let’s say a little domineering, sadly the last engineer only lasted about a week and handed in his resignation’.

I look at Mr Edwards with a slight confused look, ‘domineering...well I think I can handle a few bossy customers and I really can’t see any problems here to be honest’, ‘ that’s good to hear’ Mr Edwards smiles holding out his hand and we shake, ‘in that case Marcus I’ll give you a shot’.

Mr. Edwards writes down an address and details, ‘okay then, if you would be at this address tomorrow morning by 09:00 this will be your first job, hmm let’s call it your second interview, and if you pass that you have the job’, he smiles at me holding out the card, I take it giving Mr. Edwards another look, ‘thank you, thank you very much sir, you won’t regret this’, I then get this sudden feeling of he might not regret it but will I kind of feelings.


I bring the car to a halt looking over at the lovely cottage then back at the address on the card, this must be it, getting out of the car and taking in the beauty of this sleepy looking village, the church bell chiming as I knock at the door.Moments later the front door opens by a rosy cheeked Lady in her Late 50’s wearing a spot print dress, ‘oh you must be the new boy from the Agency, I’m Mrs. Scott, please come on in I don’t bite’, she smiles standing to one side, taken slightly by surprised being called a boy I hesitate for a moment before smiling back and I walk in, looking around at the immaculate prim and proper room as Mrs. Scott closes the door and follows me inside.

Mrs Scott looks at me for a few moments making me feel slightly uncomfortable, she points to the table where the laptop I’ve come to fix is, ‘there’s your laptop and I don’t want you sitting, please remain standing so I can fully inspect you, understand?’, ‘ err yes Mrs Scott I reply’.‘That’s Miss Scott if you please and I need to go and fetch a few things, I will return shortly’.

‘Yes Miss Scott’, I instinctively reply, but still reeling by what just happened, inspect me?, what’s going on here, I take out my trusty Phillips screwdriver and start to remove the screen cover, as I undo the first few screws I start to look around again as my nerves start to build, everything seems okay but then I notice the riding crops, slightly odd looking, but many places in the country will have them, but not many that have multiple lashes with rose buds on each end and another with a leather hand shape at the end, the more I kept looking the more items and objects I spot, a picture of a guy flat to the ground with someone’s stiletto heel pressing down upon his head.

I realize then I’ve stopped working and my cock is rock hard with arousal rather than limp with dread, I don’t totally understand what I’m feeling but I keep looking at all these items and I’m filled with excitement rather than fear, at that very moment Miss Scott walks back in smiling with a tray covered with a cloth and sets it down on a nearby table.‘Now how are we doing dear’ she says as she walks up behind me, now stand still dear I want to check you over, oh my god what’s happening here I think to myself then half shaking as I feel Miss Scott’s hands on my trousers undoing the buttons and then pulling them down around my ankles, ‘Oh I was right you are a dirty little whore aren’t you’ she says as I feel her hand stroke my now very hard cock, but for some reason I just stand there still working on the laptop as this women I’ve never met before undress’s me, I then feel my boxer shorts being pulled down to join my trousers.
‘Oh very nice well formed cheeks you have, very firm, nicely toned legs, rather too much hair so you will need to be shaved down there as the ladies much prefer a cleanly shaved boy, yes yes your much better than that other male who was sent round, and although I sense you don’t have much training you do seem to be liking what’s happening here, don’t you boy?’ ‘Yes Miss Scott’ I reply in a somewhat unsteady tone, ‘well that’s a good boy, now continue working I need to check another area’.

I take a peek over my shoulder as Miss Scott walks back to the tray and removes the cover picking up a pair of marigold gloves and putting them on, next she picks up a bottle of lube squirting a good amount upon her hands, I quickly look back at the now disassembled laptop and I continue to replaced the new screen as I hear Miss Scott return this time standing closer to me.
‘Now no matter what happens I want you to continue working, understand me boy?’ ‘err Yes Miss Scott’ I reply, ‘good boy’ she says grabbing hold of my stiff cock, now if you cum boy you’re not getting this back, Understand? ‘Yes! Miss Scott’ I gasp out as Miss Scott starts to stroke me, then with a wince of pain I feel Miss Scott’s other well oiled hand slip up inbetween my arse cheeks and push a finger deeply into my virgin anus as her other hand starts to pumps harder upon my cock, my hands now start to shake as I let out a moan Miss Scott then pushes another finger into my tight arse as her other hand thrusts down upon my cock harder still and gripping me painfully.

Miss Scott continues to push deeper into my arse and starts pumping me quicker, My hands are now shaking so much tiny screws are flying all over the table the screen falls out of the frame and I drop the Phillips head screw driver, it bounces upon the table as my body shudders, ‘I’m going to cum! Miss Scott’ I cry out, Miss Scott stops immediately and steps back regarding me and the dishevelled laptop, panting heavily as I feel my body slowly calm down as she steps away my cock twitching slightly and the sensation fades, my mind cries out to cum and a subtle feeling of distress come over me being denied, ‘well Boy! You’re a slut but I don’t think you’re much of an engineer’, Miss Scott jeers at me, ‘now stay there and don’t move’ she says as she walks back to the tray and picks up another two object and returns, ‘now boy you will need to get use to wearing a butt plug while visiting the Ladies, if you’re not you will be punished’, I start to say something but find myself unable to as the plug is pushed into my now very well oiled and prepared arse, I let out another gasp as it slips into place making me feel very strange inside, ‘You may take this out in two hours and not a minute before’ she says, ‘yes Miss’, ‘also you will wear this while at home and visiting the Ladies’, she shows me a leather collar with “the Property of the Family” printed upon it, Miss Scott places it around my neck and fastens it, then stands back and admires it, ‘yes very lovely, I think you will do well here’, I suddenly feel myself blush as she regards me not as a man but as an object a peice of property, this sensation is soon followed by a warm feeling and I realized I’m excited about this.

‘Now boy, dress and fix my damn laptop’, she says with a stern voice and walks back to the table, taking off the gloves and dropping them onto the tray and taking it all back to the back room, I Hurriedly pull up my boxer shorts and trousers and continues to fix the laptop, as I move I feel the plug snugly fixed within my arse and my mind now a complete jumble of emotions still trying to process what’s just happened, a few minutes later I have the laptop back together again, and tested successfully just as Miss Scott returns.‘Oh good that looks much better, now here my card you will find a web address and you are to register your details, and you will find a set of rules, a contract will arrive in the post in a few days and you will sign it and return it as soon as possible’, ‘Yes Miss Scott’ I reply, ‘good boy, now be off with you, you will be summoned in a few days’.Miss Scott takes me to the door and walks me to my car as I get in I spot the reverend walk out of the church as he spots Miss Scott and me he takes out a silver hip flask looking disgusted at us and takes a large drink, ‘oh don’t worry about him my boy he always has a gulp of holy water whenever he sees me with one of my boys’, she laughs and closes my car door.

I start the engine still a little shocked from my experience of the last hour, ‘oh and my boy, welcome to the family’, ‘thank you Miss Scott’, she smiles after me as I drive off, my new collar firmly around my neck and a plug up my arse, I start to wonder what else waits for me with my new job and new life.

End of part chapter 1.

Confession - Irish Bayn

Confession: My first multiple Domme sessionby Irish Bayn.

It was a great night; I had prepared Mistress a delicious meal and kept her wine glass full. She was in a great mood and joked the entire evening, not as strict as she would normally have been however I put that down to the wine and enjoyed the relative freedom I was being afforded.

At around 9pm I had finished cleaning up after the meal and had reported to the living room and lay on the carpet as was her preferred location for me. Mistress glanced at my sister slave saying “you may retire for the evening” and she left the room – I wouldn’t see her again that night.

I was asked to stand facing the wall, my hands behind my head. I was stripped and blindfolded.

Mistress marched me to the bathroom and had me shower and shave my body completely.

As I dried myself and applied the aftershave and body lotions which Mistress preferred I heard a number of arrivals at the door, I was confused and I worried, not knowing who this was or what they wanted – the overwhelming sense of vulnerability was striking – but the trust and love for your mistress over rides all.

Mistress returned to the bathroom and inspected me; this was a lot more thorough than usual, she stood me in various poses and stretches to ensure the quality of my grooming work.

Mistress was satisfied and she issued me with specific instructions.

I was to be blindfolded, gagged and have restraints attached to my ankles and wrists. Mistress explained that she was aware of my limits and would ensure they were respected.

How many Dommes which were present, I will never know. What the looked like and who they were I will never know. But what I do know was that having my entire body used by Superior Ladies in such a way and hear so much laughter and pleasure was the greatest thrill of a lifetime.

I was called a “slut” all night. I was my Mistress's slut and I was so proud of it,

Owenahincha, and what happened there

Owenahincha, and what happened there:

The strand at Owenahincha is strewn with large rock formations, volcanic, I would guess by the shape of them. There's a little village across the road from the sea-side, quiet sort of place, particularly at night.

It was a spring night I went there with a young lady of my acquaintance. Being a good Catholic boy, of course, I was a bit backward with the girls, but this one seemed to fancy me. She was very clear about wanting to take a drive with me "off someplace private," she said as she tugged at my tie. Father's car was mine for the long evening ahead and we drove west from Gally Head along the coast road.

"Come, let's walk," she said with a glint in her eye. I parked the car next to the little shop that sold sweets and we crossed the road toward the water. No one was about. The air was chill, and the water too cold for swimming, certainly at that hour.

On our left as we walked toward the sea was a long string of rocks that would hide us from any prying eyes in the village. She took my hand and led me there, sat down on the sand and pulled me down next to her.

We did your basic snogging, to start off, she, now I think of it, leading the way. She pushed me down on the sand and straddled me, grinding her hips against me until I was near blind with lust.
"I'll bet you'd love to touch me, wouldn't you?? she breathed into my ear, hotly.

"Oh, Jaysus, would I!" I replied, reaching for her breasts.

She grabbed my wrists and forced my hands back and up above my head.

"Well, you can't. I'll make sure of that," said she. She reached into the bag she'd brought along with her and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She clapped one on my right wrist and hoisted herself up and turned me face down in the sand, pulling my left arm behind me and fastening the other cuff.

She rolled me over onto my back again and leaned close to my face. "I'll be the one doing the touching."

She unbuttoned my shirt and I could hear her breath hissing out of her. Her hands found my nipples and she grabbed them and twisted. I cried out and she put her palm over my mouth and said, "Not a sound, boy! Do you understand me?"

I nodded.

She undid my belt and pulled my trousers down, reaching for my fully erect manhood. She siezed in her hand and groaned fiercely as she stroked it"

"Do you want me? Do you want to shove this in me?"

I nodded vigourously, looking into her eyes.

She slid down my body and held her mouth inches from my cock, breathing hot breaths on it.
"Not yet. Not yet. Me first."

She reached up under her skirt and pulled down her knickers, which she threw into the sea, then straddled my face.

"Make me scream. Lick me, Lick me!"

Her hands dug into my hair as her hips rocked back and forth on my face in faster and faster rhythm. Her voice, softly moaning at first began to grow louder and more frantic. Soon she was crying out like some sort of wounded animal until with a final shudder she screamed "Yes, yes, yes!"

Her cries echoed among the rocks and were answered with, "Here now! What the hell's all that noise?"

She giggled, rolled me over and freed my hands. I hastily pulled my trousers back up from my ankles and we ran toward the snack shop and the waiting car.

I drove her home to her father's house in Bandon with her hand between my legs all the way. I nearly ran off the road three times when she squeezed.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my face to hers and ran her tongue across my lips.
"I can taste myself on your mouth."

She got out of the car and ran to the door of her cottage.

I sat for ten full minutes before I put the care in gear and drove home.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fantasy - anon

I wake up early is still dark outside and shower then after making the bed and ensuring the room is cean & tidy i follow my Mistress instructions of applying light make up before slipping into a tight corset and panties and my maids outfit ..finshed off with a pair of sheer stockings and high heels

I make my way down stairs and proceed to go about my chore's ..tidying up ..filling the dishwasher..wiping sides mopping & hoovering the floors and finaly finish off the dusting ..just in time to comply with Mistress's instructions

Then making Mistress her breakfast of Toast & coffee and heading back upstaris ..entering the room just as Mistress's alarm begins to chime ...smiling and wishing Mistress good morning before placing the tray at her lap as she sits up ...then kneeling besides the bed while she partakes her breakfast

I then help Mistress to dress keeping my nerv's in check for what i know is about to happen ....i recieve the look from Mistress and i know what to do ...heading back to the play room and laying myself face down on the bench while Mistress quikly and skillfully hogties me and leaves me there while she goes and inspects how well i have performed my tasks

after laying there for what seems an eterity but in reality is not that long ..only the time it takes Mistress to make herself another coffe and wander around the house.

Finaly Mistress returns ..i had half dozed and did not hear her enter the room my first knowledge of her presence is a resounding slap followed by a sharp sting as my asscheek begins to burn ..followed by her soft voice at my ear .." day dreaming were we my little slut "

i look up briefly to see she is without smile ..but am almost cruel looking grin and she shakes her head slowly tuting ..." my little slut has been lazy hasnt she " she says which point i begin to panick retracing all my steps in my mind wondering to what she is refering to..not able to think of anything i had forgotten ..looking back to her seeing her stood with her arms folded and tapping her foot impatiently

No Mistress i protest ..did everything that was ordered ...swallowing hard ...only to hear the reply .." insolence aswell ..this will not do "

she then unties me and orders me to strip ..i comply promptly for fear of angering her more ..still trying to figure out what was done wrong she orders me to the bench .." move your ass bitch " she says quite coldly .."if dealing with you makes me late for work you will surly regret it"
I bend over the bench nervously legs trembling as she moves to collect something from the shelf and then moves behind me ..i swallow hard.ok she says ...i will deal with your faults in turn ...firstly ..the dishwasher was set 10 degrees to high ..remember the rules she finishes with as i feel as sharp sting as the paddle connects with my ass cheek ..1 i yelp ..2 yelped through gritted teeth as the blow lands on my inner thigh..counting each blow untill Mistress has compleating all 6 eye's red and my ass and thighs burning.

she then walks away again and quinkly returns ordering me to stand and place my arms behind my back ..wich i do quikly ....then feeling cuffs being tightly strapped around my wrists and locked together and then upper arms just above the elbow then my shoulders are forced back as she pulls the tether of the uppers cuffs together and loking it in place ...she then applys the ankle cuffs ..with such a short chain walking is made akward this i am used to as it was her regular aplied items ..thinking all was done i turn around ..only to be promtly slapped across the face as Mistress's scolded ..."did i say i was finished i did not turn around and bend over slut " eye's widening

I do as instructed she continues ....your second error ...when you dust do behind the pictures on the shelf not just the front " could i have made such a stupid mistake ..and also thinking Mistress never normaly checks ..when a cold glob of greese or cream suddenly contacts my ass and Mistress works it in ..this is not unkown so i brace myself for the expected ass plug ..only to my myself gasping knee's almost buckling as a huge dildo is forced into me ..feeling my ass stretched ..the sudden pain making me yell out ....there she says ...a good 8 inches of thick rubber should help you remember to dust everywhere in future she buckles a harness around my waist between my thighs and up between my asscheeks to hold the monster in place ..stand up and open your mouth my little slut she orders

i do as instructed what looks and feels like a small dildo is forced between my lips ..filling my mouth almost making me gag as she fastens the buckles tightly behind my head ...there you go my little cock sucker she says with a malicious grin

now follow me she orders ..i nod and hobble along behind her as we head downstairs ...watching her from behind ..thinking how can such a beautiful woman be so cruel .....we enter the back room wich is used maily for storage excpet for the upright cage in the corner ..then Mistress locks an unessaserly wide and thick collar around my neck ..and stand back to look at me ...she twists her lips and tilts her head looking at me and says ..hmmm something is missing ..i stare back blankly ...there was nothing else Mistress could do ..or so i thought as the grin returns to her lips and she dissapears ..returning with a leather strap witch she promtly buckles around my knee's holding them tight together ..and stading back once more ....ok into the cage she says ....i hobble towards it the best i can ...move your ass slut ..or do you want me to attach another tether from your wrists to your ankles know i find an upright hogtie amusing ...i try to protest ..but unable to mouth any words due to the rubber cock in my mouth ..only some muffled mumblings coming out ..i make it into the cage Mistress ..makes good on her threat and attaches the other teather anyway.....stood there half standing practicly unable to move ..she chuckles ..and that tether if for not moving the magazine from under the couch eye's blink ...Mistress alwasy has her magazin in her room ...then realizing it was put there on purpose to catch me out ..sighing and looking to the floor as Mistress closes and locks the cage door ...maybe you will learn your lesson as next time i wont be so nice with you

she then looks to her watch and her eye's widen .." damn it've made me late for work now " she growls ..i'll deal with you later she snaps before leaving the room ..a few minuets later i hear the front door slam ...and am left alone with my thoughts contemplait her return.............

Fun on a Friday evening - anon

I was on a party. A beautiful woman was surrounded by other men who spoke with her and made her laugh, her hand always was with a drink, if was empty someone served one promptly. But when I go out the party she looks me deeply. I left the party and wait beside my car she cames near and told me to take her home. It was a beautiful house, huge. She invites me to come in and poured me a glass of rum and told me:- Drink it … but on your knees- Her eyes was full of fire and sparks and I felt compelled to get on my knees. Take my drink on silent and she look all the time to a window, nor to me. When I drink all the glass, she takes my drink and dropped a bit on her shoes. She said: -Pick it up off the floor … if you want something from me…if not, you can go. My mind told me : Go away, but my body forced me to stay, the excitement was too much to deny. I bent down and licked the drops of her shoes. I lifted my eyes and she said: ..." other day will be better… and we'll see". I couldn’t drive, I needed 15 minutes to take the control of me… but her voice was a repetitive music on my head – *Other day…. and we´ll see."

Bookstore confession - Wheels Crazyboi

I was in a bookstore last Monday. I was shopping with my niece, nephew, and mother. We went there because my niece is an avid book reader going through book after book of the latest vampire book she can find. I was just looking with her and after seeing all the books she was showing me I got the idea hmmm a book for my Mistress would make a great lil surprise for her. So I left her to look for a nice and juicy book that my Mistress could enjoy. I went straight back to the romance section to see what I could find. I was looking for a hot Mistress-sub romance, a long story she could really get into and perhaps get some ideas to use on me in the process. After going about blind trying to turn my head and look at all the titles on the binds and pulling a few out to only to end up dropping them, I had had enough and went to ask for a lil help. Now I couldn’t say hey mom can you give me a hand over here? Well I could of but I didn’t really want to give away to my mother that I was into being a submissive, though I doubt she would really care all that much. Instead I went up to the front where two ladies were checking out customers.

There was one older and one far younger. I really didn’t who helped me, I just want a hot book for my Mistress. I sat in line for a bit and grew tired of waiting rather quick because I knew my neice would be done shortly. I saw and opening when the younger of the two looked not busy so I got over there as quick as I could. She was on the end of the counter so it worked even better. I got as close as I could and as she asked, “hi, how can I help you.” I said yes I was wondering if you could help me look for a book. As she was pulling up a search page on her computer I said, I’m looking for a femdom book. She said, “what”? I told her femdom, f-e-m-d-o-m and she typed it in. and nothing came up. I thought to myself, damn! Then asked I asked her if she could type in Mistresses. Bingo, a bunch came up. But when she read off the categories there were not any in romance or non-fiction. She read off some titles and two sparked my interest because I knew my Mistress might like them. She printed them out and I scooted back thinking she was coming out to help me find them when she said, “as soon as I finish up with her.” I looked back and there older lady behind me who I thought had check out already. By now the kids were done and ready to go and asking me if I was ready and I told them not yet the lady is going to help me find a book.

Finally she was done and I followed her back to look at the books and after reading the jackets they were not what I was really wanting. They were more about the mistresses the royal family had than a Mistress-sub relationship but recommended a book called, “Sex with the Queen”, its good she said with a smile. I smiled back as I read the jacket, but still not what I was after. I told her thank you very much for her help but I’ll look on the net to see what I can find. She said, “no problem hun have a great day” and we all headed home.

As soon as I got in the door I went to my laptop to log on sl. The Ladies of the Diminion for sure would have more than a few suggestions on a book I could get for my Mistress. Before I asked in group chat I wanted to make sure my Mistress wasn’t on and she wasn’t but on my friends list was someone I was sure could help. Ahhh Miss Destiny is on. I had to smile to myself as I typed the IM. Right away Miss Destiny knew of a perfect book and gave me the link to Amazon to get it for her. I ordered it right away and I thanked Miss Destiny over and over and once again Miss Destiny thank you. And that’s the end of a funny and interesting day at the bookstore.

Hello my boy - anon Domme

An Evening Begins: Confession from an Anonymous Domme.

It was about 5pm when I pulled into his driveway. It was early autumn and the first shadows of the evening were fading the colour from the day as I turned the key to cut the ignition. I had been driving for over an hour to get there, and as I pulled on the handle to open the car door, I could feel my pulse quicken in anticipation of the weekend ahead.

During my drive, I had been entertaining myself by texting instructions to him, and I smiled as I opened the car door and got out – knowing that he was waiting in there and would be able to hear what was going on outside. He would have heard the car pull into the drive, the sound of the car door opening and closing, the click of my heels on the ground as I walked around the car, the rattle and slam of a second door opening and closing, followed by the click of my heels punctuating the whirr of the wheels of my small suitcase as they came closer and closer to his front door. I knew the effect all of this would be having on him and how he would have to restrain himself from coming to help me with my bag in order to comply with the directions he had received. In my mind’s eye I imagined him – naked and kneeling in wait for me. I knew his heart would be beating faster, just as mine was and I knew that his excitement in seeing me would be tumescently obvious the moment I laid eyes on him.

I walked with deliberate slowness to the door, stopping outside for a moment. His front door was plain glass and gave a full view into his hall when it wasn’t obscured by its usual cream-coloured tulle curtain. As per my instructions, this curtain had been pulled aside to show the narrow hallway to anyone who happened to pass by. And there he was – my beautiful boy – naked, blindfolded and kneeling, as instructed, on the tiled floor of his hallway. I sighed a soft, almost silent sigh, and smiled to myself in appreciation of my property as I laid my hand on the front door handle.

As I had ordered, the door was unlocked and my smile broadened as the door opened silently inwards in time for me to hear him inhale sharply and see him turn his unseeing eyes towards the sharp clack of my heels on the tiled floor as I stepped inside. I closed the door, and quietly pulled the curtain across, leaving my case just inside the door.

I stood facing him, not moving, not saying anything – just drinking him in, observing his form: kneeling with legs apart to show his cock and balls to advantage, his hands clasped behind his neck giving a proud arch to his back and presenting his body – my property – to me in a way that I loved beyond description. I stood silently, testing his resolve and his obedience. He had been told that he could not move, or speak until he was instructed to by me. That is, except for the one thing that he always had to do. I stood for what felt for an eternity. In fact, seeing as this is a confession, I confess that I had to count slowly backwards from 10 in my head in order to keep myself from moving too quickly to him. My hands yearned to be on his flesh, my fingernails craved his skin but more than this, my heart coveted his obedience, his submission and to watch him in his compliance of my commands.

He trembled. Part excitement, part anticipation, part fear of not knowing what was ahead of him – I knew all of this and I loved it! When my count was done I took a breath as I stepped forward the two steps that separated us. Two small steps was all it was – close enough for him to be able to smell my perfume, maybe even to be able to sense my body heat – but it may as well have been a gaping, yawing chasm from where he knelt. I closed the chasm and stood looking down at him.

“Hello My boy” I murmured throatily.

At my voice, his hands moved down from his presentation position to the floor in front of his knees. This hands fumbled blindly outwards along the floor until they came in contact with my shoe. He placed his hands steadily on my shoe and leaned forward to press his lips against my toes. He kissed my foot in his customary greeting and turned his head to lay his cheek against my instep.

“Hello My Mistress” he breathed “I’m so glad you’re here”.

“Kneel up my pet” I instructed, and I placed my hands on his head as he came back to a more upright position. Slowly, I brushed a lock of slightly damp hair back from his face and then peeled back his blindfold and tossed it on the floor, allowing his eyes a moment to adjust to the light.

“You’ve done well so far” I observed as I clipped my leash to the D-ring at the front of his collar and began to walk away from the hall leading him, crawling on all fours behind me. ”But I have a lot planned for you this evening, my sweet, so we’d best get started. ”

The End.....for now?

Confessions of an SL Photographer - anon

Confessions of an SL Photographer

I've been coming to Confessions since it started, I love listening to the true stories and fantasies of my friends, but I've never actually written anything myself. I'm a pretty private person - and a tad shy - so sharing like this does not come naturally to me. However, Zarita has been badgering me to write something and who can say no to her?

So here's a little something. I'm sure it's not the most scandalous or sexiest thing you'll hear tonight, but it's all true and it's all me....

It started off as a routine photoshoot for Femdom Magazine about a year ago. Eva had asked me to do some generic Femdommy poses to accompany an article, so I called upon a good friend who was one of my regular male models. He brought a 'vanilla' female friend with him to pose too. I dragged along a random boy from Dominion to make up a foursome and went about setting up some poses.

I had recently bought some sexy poses that involved the boys sitting on chairs with their hands tied behind their backs. One pose had the woman standing behind the chair with her arms wrapped round the boy's neck and the other hand the woman facing the boy with one leg propped on his thigh.

I paired up with the random boy and put my friend with his friend. I faffed about trying different angles while everyone chatting amongst themselves. As I worked, I began to wish that I had paired us the other way round. I had done it this way so that the woman I had never met before didn't have to get in an intimate pose with a boy she had never met, but I started to feel a little pang of jealousy and wished it was MY heel pressing into my friend's thigh.

I had known this boy for about 6 or 7 months and we had always just been flirty friends. I had thought about the idea of collaring him once or twice, but it never seemed the right time and, truth be told, our relationship was really more vanilla pals than Domme and sub. But seeing him there with another woman stirred some strong feelings in me. So I decided to take the only course of action available: have a glass of wine.

Buoyed up a little, I suggested we mix the poses up a bit, so the pairings were reversed. The photographer's prerogative. We swapped round and I found myself leaning down on him, the toe of my leather boots tantalisingly close to his crotch. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep both hands on the keyboard. Reminding myself I had a job to do, I tried to focus on the task in hand.

Once I had all the shots I needed, I thanked my models for their time and bid them farewell. My friend stuck around as I dismantled the set and we chatted about the photos. He told me he was really glad when I swapped the models round so that I was paired with him. I had suspected as much, but it gave me a little flutter to think that his mind was working in the same way as mine. I wasn’t quite sure what to say or do next; I’ve never been one for making the first move, so I was secretly pleased when he asked if I would mind taking some “risqué shots” of us together. I played it cool and said, what the hell, let’s try a few things.

We tried a pose that had him lying on his back with me leaning down on him in a predatory way. I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused. I tried to tell myself I was being ridiculous. We were just two sets of pixels so why was I getting so worked up? I was wearing some sexy red and black lingerie; he was wearing nothing. He had a great AV and I knew from his voice and his RL pic that he was attractive in real life too. So perhaps it wasn’t so silly after all. I gave up on the idea of taking pictures and moved my left hand down inside my underwear.

As I began to gently stroke myself, my concentration was broken by some text in the chat box: “You could throw a strap-on on top of that outfit”. Things were taking an unexpected turn. The idea of dominating him with a strap on, even virtually, was almost too much for me. I had to catch my breath and think what to do. I told him the only strap on I had in my inventory was a tacky pink freebie. I didn’t really want to kill the mood by going of shopping, so I ‘IMed’ my good pal, Destiny Teardrop, the one person I could guarantee would have a strap-on or two to spare. I was right and within seconds I had a slightly used, but with one careful owner, strap-on in my inventory, and then on my person.

Being on top of him like that really turned me on. My D/s experience in RL is pretty limited so this was a new sensation for me. Even though we were just a pair of ridiculously good looking avatars and I’d always said ‘pixel sex’ did nothing for me, I felt we had a real connection and the power I was holding over him was thrilling. To be on top of him in one world while I pleasured myself in another was a surreal, intoxicating and literally orgasmic experience.

I’ll leave most of what happened next to your imagination, suffice to say we were both pretty satisfied when it was over and I felt we had shared something special.

Once we had both come back down to earth, we spent a long time chatting about ‘us’, how we had met, when we had first noticed each other and whether or not there had been an instant attraction (there had). We talked about our desires and our turn ons, and I opened up in a way I’ve never done with anyone in SL before. We also talked about where we would go from here. I was adamant that I did not want a serious relationship in SL with anyone, and my friendship with him was too important to risk with any relationship drama. I'm a self-confessed commitment-phobe and quite happy that way and he's not the type to be tied down - metaphorically speaking at least! So we agreed to play it by ear and not get in over our heads.
We continued in this way for several months: friendship and flirtation. Other boys have come and gone, I had the odd trial collar here and there, but this boy remained a constant in my second life.

I don’t see him so much these days as he doesn’t come to Dominion anymore, for various reasons (the main one being he did something extremely stupid). This makes me sad as he remains one of my best friends in SL. I miss seeing him so frequently and I regret that I can’t share some of the fantastic experiences I have here with him. However, we still chat all the time and make the effort to see each other when time zones permit.

And of course, I also have some great photos as a memento of that special night.