Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Professional Session with a Domme By Alex Daytona

The time frame was the early 1990s, so meeting a Domme was not as easy as it is today. A sub had to buy a fetish magazine and ?
consult the personal ads inside.

To get right to the point, after much effort, i found a Domme and set up an appointment via the telephone.

She made the appointment a week in advance and gave me the following instructions:

1. No masturbation

2. Bring flowers and a bottle of champagne

She was a very pretty lady, with a lovely smile. Her dungeon was an addition to her home. It had two rooms, a bathroom, and a ?
working kitchen, and all the equipment a lady of her profession required.

After putting the champagne in the refrigerator and sharing some small talk, she ordred me to strip and stand in the middle of her ?

Needless to say, i was very erect and leaking copious amounts of precum.

"you haven't jerked off since we spoke, have you boy?" she asked.

Her voice was perfect. i was trembling like a deer in the headlights.

Then suddenly her phone rang, which caused my knees to shake even more.

She calmly answered her phone and described in great detail my appearance to the caller.

i guess as far as professional sessions go, this one was routine. She cuffed me, flogged me, and put a medium sized butt plug inside ?

Near the end of the session, she opened the champagne and poured two glasses. She gave me my glass and told me to jerk off into it.

She sipped her drink, watching intently as i came like i had never cum before.

"Now, boy. Let's sit down and enjoy our champagne and tell me what you thought of our session." Her voice was so sweet and she could ?
barely hide a slight giggle as i drank my champagne, trying not to look at the contents.

"you know how you can tell a good champagne, alex?" she asked. "Look at the size of the bubbles, alex. The smaller the bubbles, the ?
better the champagne."

She was forcing me to look at all my nasty issue floating in my glass.

"This is good champagne, alex. Don't you think?" she asked. i was so overwhelmed at the time that all i could do was nod my head and ?

Confession By Silk

i met Her on gor.. and for many years i heeled behind Her. Always
learning always growing...not just as the broad shouldered boy atella.. but as the typist...The more She asked the deeper by submission grew and the more profound my Love became..

The life of the kajuris, the male slave, on gor is a hard one.. universal hated, strictly limited in scope and action.. but it did not matter to me.. i was Her's and wore with burring pride and overwhelming joy... Her collar..

There were always problems. .. Friends.. the most lofty of Ubra's and Ubra's.. to the lowest of kettle slaves.. could not understand why i obyed Her in all instances and with such devotion.

"your making it hard on yourself:.. they would refrain in endless choruses. .." life would be so much easier if you would just Do what X.. wants."...and those people, who Mistress had allowed me to be friends with outside of gor... one by one they dropped away..some chiding me for the path i followed.. till at last, my Messenger list was empty..and only She remainded...So in a way.. it was as full as i could wish it...

Life. role play.. was never easy. i think the hardest thing to do is to be a Free Woman on gor. Always being 2nd guessed, Their property never respected. The Analogy is, having a neighbor and The think to themselves that Your car could do with a new paint job in a different color.. or that they want to go shopping.. and then just taking it and driving to the store..having it redone.. and then not understanding why the free Woman would be upset.

In the end.. it came down to a choice for me. Perfect, complete and instance obedience.. or suffer the Wrath of the Thwarted.. in the end it was no choice as all.

The place was as meaninglessly as the time of day, for this story. It probably was not hard for those that wished me ill, to get me in trouble. an unannounced rule change.. a whisper dropped in an all too willing ear.. no.. not that i am being disrespectful.. .. unless the truth is came one day, to the point where i thought that a Free Man was going to kill me and then toss a copper coin to my Mistress as compensation. i was
on Message taking to Her.. i knew that i was doomed.. so there was no reason to try and live.. but to die well.. to die for Her.

i begged.. i begged as i have never begged before.. except for Her
collar.. that SHE would be the One that killed me.. it i was no longer to be Her's.. then i wanted Her hand to the one.. the poem i had written, came to mind.


i yearn

yearn for the embrace
Of your steel
It's sweetness
and tender mercy


i yearn

For Your Touch
i bare my back
To You

For the Touch of the whip
Or the hand that holds the whip
It matters not which..


Let it be Your hand Mistress
Your hand Mistress

Your hand only

She did not ant to do it, saying that She thought i would hate Her for it. Looking back i am not certain that i should have asked so much from Her.
Looking back.. it was the best that i could do.

She told the Free man that SHE would take care of dealing with HER property.. She stood over me and drew the sharpened blade.
and when She had slain me.. and my numb lips, tried to form the words.. " I love You..".. when i was gone.. she wiped Her blade clean in my glossy black hair... turned and walked away with never a backward glance....

She was so Magnificent.. so proud and honorable... I loved Her so
much at that mommnet..yes.. it was "only" Role play.. but W/we are what we pretend to be

Midterm Exam By Scherzo

“Miko and Robert will be next”, Miss Grey announced, standing with one arm resting on the fireplace mantle of her spacious living room and the other holding the bamboo rod she was rarely seen without, as if it were a cane for support.

Twelve pairs of eyes - classmates arranged in a semi-circle around the room - turned toward the two next up to give their classroom demonstration. Those who had already presented, much more relaxed than the ones still awaiting their turn. Not only was the midterm exam no small part of their overall class grade, no one wanted the embarrassment of performing poorly in front of their classmates, or worse, their instructor. And of course, their was the prize.

Miko got up from her classroom chair with her class-issued maple paddle in hand, released the lock on Robert’s cage, and strode over to a similarly styled chair in the middle of the semi-circle with the confidence of someone who had studied and practiced thoroughly for the exam - which she had. Not that she wasn’t nervous. She and everyone else in the room knew how important projecting an air of confidence was, much like the forced smiles of satisfaction gymnasts display at the end of their routines. Miko took the center seat, laid her paddle on the floor, pressed down her pleated skirt with both hands, and with a quick slap of hand against thigh, sharply called out, “Come!”.

Robert of course knew that to be his cue. He nudged open the unlocked cage door with his forehead and crawled out onto the dark hardwood floor. With all the confidence he could muster, he too made his way to the center stage. Although crawling naked for all to see, he couldn’t completely hide the shame he still felt. It was hard not to reflect that only six weeks back he and his classmates - a few of them already gone - showed up for Miss Grey’s seminar on behavioral coaching with little idea of what was to be in store for them. Robert made a point of sitting next to a shy looking attractive girl of, he later found out, Filipino descent. She was maybe five years younger than him, in her late-twenties he guessed, and had brought with her a spiral notebook and two pens. None of which it had occurred to him to bring along. As they made small talk before the seminar began and then again before they all left for the day, Robert felt Miko loosening up a little, even if she courteously but quickly shot-down his suggestion of coffee afterward. She was clearly there to learn the lessons Miss Grey had to teach with as little distraction as possible. And so they left with a cheerful ‘See you next week!’ exchange, as two new classmates on fully equal terms. Robert was surprised to find himself curiously intrigued by Miko’s studious demeanor, quite different than his own not so studious one.

As Robert crawled on, he couldn’t help but glance at his brothers and sisters - as over time he came to think of them - who remained locked in cages on the floor beside their seated partners, or ‘Givers’, as Miss Grey designated the seated classmates. In fact, one full class was devoted to all that that term implied in their roles as Givers of punishment, encouragement, discipline, and strength (PEDS was the acronym by which they were first taught to remember this). Although they were all competing to be the best in the class, the ones not chosen to be a Giver banded together as best they could to show their support for one another. After all, there were few others they could share their experiences with, and fewer still who would understand the torrid mix of emotions that filled them every time they took their place across their Giver’s lap. Off to the left Diane, the middle-aged divorcee who came looking to get on with her life, squatted obediently in her cage as her Giver, a young man about Robert’s age, had instructed her. Directly ahead of him George, a senior exec at a local telecom firm, leaned to one side of his cage to rest as close as possible to his Giver, a girl who had been struggling with her college studies prior to coming here. And off to the right, Robert noticed Steven, a mid-twenties slacker, sitting peacefully with head on hands in front him, feeling secure beside the sweet elderly woman who held the key to his cage and occasionally popped Steven a snack treat of some sort between the bars above him. Three other pairings - each chosen by Miss Grey for reasons that only she fully understood (and no one questioned) - completed the semi-circle, but Robert refocused on the matters at hand.

There he was, in the center of the room on all fours, facing Miko’s – his Giver’s – bare legs. Robert recalled how he had seen boxers touch gloves before a bout in a show of mutual respect before what transpires, as he pressed his lips against each of Miko’s sneakers one time each and then looked up at her expectantly. ‘OK, not quite mutual’, he thought – Robert caught himself from smiling at the comparison.

Miss Grey walked out to the center of the room with them, and with a quick twirl of her ever-present bamboo rod, signaled for them to begin. Miko patted her skirt twice to indicate she was ready for Robert to take his place. Without hesitation, he pulled the upper half of his body across her lap so that his fingers and toes just touched the floor on either side of her, and braced himself for what he was to endure over the next fifteen minutes. Miko lifted his head with a tug on his hair so that they were eye to eye, faces just a few inches apart, and gave him the quick instruction or encouragement – he wasn’t sure – to ‘do well’. With that, she let go of his head and started gently rubbing his bottom with her palm, mixing in light, purposeful slaps.

As Miko started in on the demonstration she recalled the notes she took in their second class about the importance of warming up the bottom’s, well, bottom. It served two distinct purposes:

One, it calmed him or her down. Anyone put in that position was bound to be nervous, and this let them know that everything would be ok. She in fact admired their courage for placing their trust in someone about to strike them repeatedly, and at that moment - as she always did at the start - felt the rush of having someone so completely place their trust in her. This was a responsibility she didn’t dare take lightly.

Two, it warmed the bottom, making it less sensitive to the blows against it that were to follow. Although nothing would ever make them unpainful, at least someone properly warmed-up wouldn’t flinch or squirm so much. Nothing aggravated her more than when the person lying there couldn’t control themselves in her lap, throwing off her own practiced rhythm of well-thought out discipline. Several students were tossed out of the class for that very reason, no matter how much considerate warming-up they received.

Miko knew it was time to begin the transition to the firm, rhythmic spanking that would bring pain, pleasure, and arousal to the man draped across her lap. All natural bottoms experienced some combination of the three, in an ongoing battle for attention. With Robert, she knew that the acute pain he felt at the outset eventually gave way to pleasure and arousal, only to return at specific moments of her choosing. She knew that he was indeed ready for the transition by the warmth of his bottom. Of course, the coloring was an indicator as well, but temperature was the best guide with Robert. Miko was particularly proud of this discovery on her part as it meant that she had the confidence to move beyond following Miss Grey’s lessons strictly as they were taught, and like a good chef or artist, exercise judgment and creativity in her work.

“Whap!” Pause. “Whap! Whap!” Pause. “Whap”. …

As Robert felt the Giver’s small, forceful cupped palms strike his bottom (yes, he was now in the zone where he no longer thought of the girl administering his spanking as ‘Miko’, but as the ‘Giver’), he began to move in a rhythm that matched her own. An intricate call and response between the two of them, he liked to think of it. Only the calls hurt like hell sometimes. But this evening Robert, grateful for the proper warm-up he received, was handling the initial rush of pain well. Twice he let out small yelps, but that was permitted, and even encouraged, as long as they didn’t disrupt the Giver. It was understood that a bottom’s responses could take varied forms. It was a natural part of their profile as a bottom.

As the blows gradually increased in intensity, Robert managed the stinging pain at point of impact by imagining it spread throughout his body until there was nothing left, just as he had been taught. In contrast to the warm-up period that subdued him into submissiveness with the delicate touch of his Giver’s soft hands, Robert was now experiencing the full-on adrenaline rush of riding out the pain being administered blow by blow. And as he did so, he felt the familiar stirring of arousal. Part of that stirring was him experiencing unlikely sensations as pleasure. But that was only the beginning. Knowing that he was handling the experience calmly as he had been taught – something he believed few others to be capable of – instilled in him a kind of confidence that translated into sexual excitement. And most importantly, he felt the stirring for the girl who’s lap he laid across – the Giver’s warm and comforting lap. He knew the pride she felt in pushing him to endure punishments that were once far beyond his threshold. This was the fruit of her hard efforts spent training him, and he badly didn’t want to disappoint her. This desire not to disappoint her – to please her – excited him further yet.

The striking stopped. More gentle rubbing of his now quite sore and reddened bottom followed. The gentle stroking down the back of his head and neck he felt reminded him of the way he learned to pet a cat. If only he could master the trick of purring.

Miko picked up the maple paddle by the chair and quickly caught Robert’s faltering attention with a few quick strikes. She reacted quickly to his unexpected sideways turn in an attempt to avoid the next blow by reaching out with her free arm across the lower part of his back so she could firmly clasp his outer-thigh and hold him in place. Even though Robert was held in place in this manner, he continued to struggle, so Miko instinctively applied the remedial lessons she was taught. She ceased the paddling, told the struggling man to relax –both as an encouragement and command – and gave him a few soothing strokes before continuing with the paddling. She was pleased that her techniques worked, as Robert regained his composure. But there was one more step. He needed to be beaten with additional severity to punish him for faltering. Robert groaned loudly when she did this, but didn’t flinch and even thanked her in the midst of the groans. This made Miko smile. She knew how much he wanted to please her and couldn’t help but show his gratitude for her on the spot training to improve him. His arousal was also evident, which also pleased her.

“Well done, you may stop now”, Miss Grey directed several minutes later. She stooped over to closely inspect Robert’s bottom and then poked at it in various spots with her rod.

“That’s a delightful shade of red on both cheeks”, she said speaking only to Miko. “You clearly have learned your subject’s physiological responses well. There’s a slight asymmetry in the coloration probably due to his loss of control there for a few moments, but that can be readily fixed.”

With that, Miss Grey struck precisely on the spot that had been a slightly lighter shade of red with her rod. Robert let out a howl. The classroom erupted in laughter, but sure enough, symmetry was achieved.

“Miko, I’m giving you a 95 on your midterm, and Robert -” This was the first time Miss Grey was addressing him. She bent down on one knee and lifted his head by the chin so that his moist eyes could meet her gaze. “Robert, I’m giving you a 90 – we’ll still need to work on keeping your composure before moving on to the next level. But very good grades for both of you. I’ll meet with you both next week to discuss specific areas of improvement.” But for now, I want to give you the reward you’ve both earned.

Miss Grey walked back to the mantle and returned with a long and narrow pink box. Everyone knew what was inside. They were the first pair that evening to earn a collar and leash. Miko, who had been softly rubbing Robert’s bottom all this time and occasionally whispering comforting words to him, thanked Miss Grey and took the box. Their classmates applauded.

“You may dismount now,” Miss Grey directed, speaking to Robert for the second time that evening. He lifted himself off of Miko’s lap (yes, he thought of her as Miko again), kneeled before her, and once again kissed each of her shoes. He couldn’t begin to explain the warmth and love he felt for her right then.

As Miko placed his new collar in place around his neck and attached the leash to the hole in front, she smiled, patted his head, and offered to take him out for that long-overdue cup of coffee.

Confession By Bosk

In the 15th spring of my life I headed to Tulsa, Ok to do a four week military candidate course. I ompleted the course with no problems, however I did realize the military was not for me. My father o the other hand was over joyed at my completion. My return home day just happen to be my 15th birthday, and what a birthday it happen to be.

My father owned several bars and he had me stay in uniform and we went bar hopping so he
could show me off, of course everyone knew me, I usually sit in his car or on the back steps, getting free drinks while dad did his thing, this time however I was inside and at the bar. I had a few drinks the buzz already starting to kick in when my dad started talking to a strange lady.
She was a striking looking woman, tall with dark hair and the most amazing eyes I had ever
seen. I had caught her eyes over my dads shoulders, turning red for some reason I looked down towards the ground. My god she had the hottest looking leather boots I had only seen in a magazine.

Their conversation was quickly over with, with the noise level and their low voices I barely
caught any part of it. She departed and we went back to drinking, finishing up the one we had and moved to another one of his bars. A couple there and we went to his last one, his favorite. A quick meal was enjoyed and he asked me how I was enjoying my birthday. It was then he informed me “Time to get your nubbin shaved” .

I followed my dad to the small house on the lot, used usually if he was to drunk to make it home
or the occasional out of town guest. At the door he told me happy birthday and returned to the bar. I looked at the door, hesitant about entering. My dad was a known prankster and might have put a sheep or anything inside. I finally stepped inside.

There inside leaning against the counter was the lady from earlier. I was dumbfounded and my
entire being was beat red as I closed the door. I could not even speak I was so embarrassed yet so turned on. I was a virgin and my sexual knowledge came from looking at some magazines that had been left by a renter. They where men slaves worshiping women. When she asked me “What would you like?” my reply was simply “To be your sex slave.”

I was shown to my knees there and watched as she stripped down to boots, thigh highs on a
garter, a waist type corset. She opened a few drawers until finding a mixing spoon and some flat
wooden flat looking device, later learning it was to cut dough and such. Off to the bedroom she went having me to crawl behind her.

The next two hours where the best two hours of my entire life to date. I was instructed on
worshiping her and experienced the constant light beating, tapping, stroking of those instruments she had carried in there. I will not bother with the most intimate details. At the end of the session she told me that I would make some Mistress an excellent toy someday. If I was red before this happen, I was scarlet then.

I never saw the lady again, and only spoke to my dad about her once, he told me her name was
Cherry and lived a couple hours away. I wonder why it is now I long to be at such a place again.

Total By Tuckamore

Smelling. Her smell. Musty. A little sweet, a little sour. Swirling around him. Her smell everywhere. In the air, on his body. Pervasive. Penetrating. Not his nostrils, but his body.

Vertigo. Also swirling. He felt himself spinning. His entire body, swirling in the sensations. His feet were not on the ground. His body was horizontal. He was dizzy with it all. He had been spun through the maelstrom of sweet pain and been lost in her control.

Everything melded. The smell of her sex, and his. The memories. The knitting needle. That was the strongest. Her lips on his manhood. Making it rise, making it swell. The tips of her fingers, first on his balls, teasing. Then on his nipples until he was ready to burst.

The knitting needle. Slowly. Painfullyl? (He didn't know.) Reamed slowly, carefully into his cock. Too big really. But the skill with which she did it. His own precum lubricating. The tickling, the deep, painful kisses as she bit his tongue, bit his nipples. His erection was enormous, the pain, the power and control, only adding to it. Slowly she penetrated. Removing it. Touching her own wetness and rubbing the needle. Again inserting. Over and over, becoming easier. Gradually penetrating to his depths, stopping as the needle reached the base of his throbbing cock.

His arms had been carefully bound behind him. Beautifully bound. Starting at the elbows. Wrapped. Smooth, soft rope. Artfully done. No knots. Seamless. From the elbows to the wrists. The ropes were around his neck, coiled to the post behind him. Smoothly, gently applied. Tight, holding him motionless, but causing no pain or discomfort. He was on his knees.

Now the ropes were wrapped around his torso. His erect cock and the protruding needle were bound to his stomach. All the while she played him. Caresssing. Talking softly. Her sweet voice hypnotizing him. His balls caressed. His nipples first bitten, then kissed. His lips bleeding. His tongue swelling. Every part of him was throbbing. He felt no pain. Everything was absorbed in the euphoria.

He felt his prostate urging, his balls exploding. The semen flowing to the base of his penis where it met the tip of the needle.

He screamed. She reached down, as she was biting his lower lip and squeezed his balls. Twisting.

He came deep into himself. He felt the warmth of his semen warm his belly. He felt it quiver. He felt everything spasm, his buttocks clench, his hips rise to receive himself. She laughed. Again. And she came. And the smell started.

She kicked him viciously. Then released the ropes from around his neck. She left.

He slumped to the floor.

The swirling started. He did not know where he was. But it was the penetrating smell of her, of him, that made him swirl. Made the vertigo. Spinning and black. Dizzy. Spinning faster and faster. He felt the blackness descending. He felt the horror of it. Now he was screaming for real. No more doubt about whether it was pain or pleasure. It was pure psychic pain. She had left him.

Swirling. Darkness. He knew it would end. It always did.

"I've never seen anyone bound like this," the medical examiner said, looking at the still erect cock and the needle, the first traces of semen seeping out. "Jesus, that must have been painful."

"Any witnesses?"

"That little stump of a lady over there swears he was just wandering on the roof and as he came near the edge, this lady in black ran and grabbed at him and they both fell. He looks like he's probably better off. But her? WOW! What a waste."

A Letter To My Mistress`s Pussy By Anonymous

I dream of you, think of you during the day and the middle of the night. To kneel and have you in front of my face, the scent of you drives me crazy with lust and passion. My lips moisten taking in more of your smell and my cock begins to throb as i long to taste you. I lean forward as i feel the heat of you on my face, closer and closer. My nose presses against your warm skin feeling your juices begin to coat the tip as it slides up and down you making me breathe in more of you before i can reach my tongue out to taste you. I feel pressure on the back of my head as if i needed anymore encouragement to take in more of you. My tongue finally allowed to taste you as the pressure builds on the back of my head. Slow caresses of my tongue between your folds as i moan enjoying your sweet juices. I make my tongue soft as i draw slow circles over you until i get over your hardness and as i close my lips tightly around you and left out a long purrrr sending volt after volt of electricity throughout you, pulling with my lips wanting more. I let out a gasp to breathe before the pressure on the back of my head tells me i'm not the least bit done, not that i ever want this to end. My tongue and lips begin their sucking around your the hardness of you as my nose is pressed even harder against your soft skin. I live to worship you, to have my mouth yours to use as you see fit. Pressing my forehead above you taking another breath then lightly teasing your hardness with my teeth. The affect has the pressure on my head pushed harder against you and then lower as my tongue slides between your wet lips. I hunger for more as my tongue slides deeper, moaning as i taste you. i can feel you clinch my tongue seeking my reward, pushing my tongue in and out as my mouth is pressed tighter to you forcing my face to you. I can feel your last clinch on my tongue and i'm rewarded with a gush of your sweet juices. i'm held tightly against you swallowing all as the waves flow through you. Beyond happy i pleased you and feeling the tight pressure behind my head subside i simply look up and smile proudly.

I Have A Task For You By Anonymous

I have a task for you

“I have a task for you to tomorrow, pet.”

I wondered what the task may be … I had come to love performing tasks for my Mistress, yet I knew that I had not always enjoyed them.

“Tomorrow, I want you to wear a plug for me all day.” “Yes Miss” was my reply, although I knew that the next day, that was not going to be easy. Tomorrow I had to visit a client, and drive to the meeting, collecting a colleague on the way! I would not be able to get to a bathroom easily, especially when I was on the road! I would have to hide this task from my colleague AND from my clients.

When I was travelling I stopped for a few minutes and was able to send an email to my Mistress, confirming that I was obeying Her instructions. Soon after, I collected my colleague, and from then I could not let on that anything was amiss! I was already starting to become sore … and now I was no longer able to make any expression of that discomfort.

When I arrived that the meeting with the client, I found a way to suggest that I should remain standing – that seemed to ease the pain some – and I don’t think that anyone noticed. During the course of the meeting I had to excuse myself three times to visit the bathroom and try and “re-adjust” so that the discomfort … no … the pain, could become bearable.

I survived the meeting, and (so far as I know) my predicament I was not discovered. I left, and drove my colleague home, and then started the long journey to my home. Seated, unable to move much, and on a motorway, unable to stop … the infernal plug started to become so very painful that I was really struggling to cope and considered pulling over to re-adjust, but decided that it would not be so great to be caught in such a condition by the authorities, so I endured, and continued home. I found myself unable to prevent myself from crying as I arrived home – it had become SO painful.

I was so very very … ermmm … VERY relieved to get home so I could remove the plug (very briefly) and try and find a more comfortable “fitting”.

In conclusion, despite the discomfort, I was so very happy that I had been obedient, and that I had endured so much pain for my Mistress.

Oink By Anonymous

Miss IMed me in skype to inform me that my presence was required. She said that Lady Eva wanted
'my sorry ass' at Dominion night court in ten minutes. I've learned the hard way that
disappointing my Miss or Lady Eva is not a smart thing to do. It's landed my keys in the dead-
letter office more than once.

With great haste I made alternate arrangements regarding a previous commitment and got 'my sorry
ass' into Second Life. Miss had DJ commitments and would not be attending.

I rarely go anywhere in SL without Miss, so when I arrived in dominion naked and alone, I felt a
mixture of dread and excitement.

I made my way to the prisoner's cage, found an availble spot, and set 'my sorry ass' down.

I had never attended Dominion trials before, but I had a good idea what happened there. I sat
waiting to appear before Lady Eva. When I got oriented, got my ears turned on I heard a
familiar voice and it was not Lady Eva's. THen it struck me... I would not be appearing before
Lady Eva. This evening's Judgery was LADY VIOLET!

I have the utmost respect for all the ladies of the Dominion and hold them in the highest
regard. I must say however that Lady Violet scares the piss out of me... and not just a little
dribble of piss. More like, racehorse piss... no wait... Racehorse after a barrell of Redbull ?

I am happy to report that I survived. Her judgery was firm and fair, but did not much care for
my 'oink'. My miss has directed me to enroll in an "oink improvement program". I have not
found one yet. But I am hopeful.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Confessions Of A Shopaholid By Madison

Hello Ladies and subs of the Dominion, my name is Madison Grayman, and I am, yes brace yourself, a shopping whore!

Second life shopping is my crack and I love to look my best. If I see something cute I typically will buy it. Now mind you I do look for value and quality. Don’t get me started on Truth Hair. That place could make my life simpler and just sale me a subscription where they just send me hair as it comes out. My inventory is full of items I may have only worn once or even never. I have loads from Apple May and NyteNday. Great staple item stores. I must admit I need to do a better job of shopping at the Dominion Mall as that is one way to support the vendors that support the Dominion. Recently I started to widen my fashion experience and started exploring the Dominion fashion blog. Oh my, that really got me in trouble as I started to go explore the stores of the mete-verse that had been reviewed on the blog. Wow, with a resource like the blog no avi should ever look like they need to be on the “people of Wal-Mart” website.

Second life is where I get to be Madison and look the way I want to look. But it’s not all about some ruggedly handsome middle-aged guy living his dream of being a cute girl in this amazing place we call SL. And just on a side note, I use the term ruggedly handsome loosely. I find so much pleasure looking my best for my Miss. I want to be the most adorable cute sub girl for Her. Looking for the girl next door and not to Domme is my rule of thumb. All Misses deserve subs who take pride in their appearance especially how easy it is. Besides looking my best I like to know where good shops are and good sales so that if Lady Jem or any other Lady ask, I’m able to help. If I see something that I think my Miss or one of my Miss Friends might like, I often take a snapshot, get the landmark, and put them in a note card to let them know I was thinking about them. It’s a little way to serve.

So yes I am a shopping whore and I am proud of it.


Confessions Of An Anal Slut Anonymous

I have a confession to make... You see I like anal sex, actually I really like anal sex and I also enjoy dressing up in women's clothing. Through no small amount of odd fortune I have four male friends who share the same passion. The problem is all of us are "straight", out of all of us I am the only one who is officially kinky, the other guys are still stuck somewhere in the closet. The closet for us is in Eric’s House, a nice little place in west Philadelphia, actually he calls it his basement but it is the same thing… the answer to this problem, of how to get more anal sex, came after a late night of drinking and playing poker...

If we all dressed up in drag and had anal sex then it wouldn't be gay would it? It was such a brilliant idea that we were shocked we hadn’t thought of it earlier and at 3AM after downing a bottle of bourbon it was the most logical thing in the world.

The only problem was, how do we do the deed? We couldn’t just walk up to each other and have anal sex because that would be... gay. The solution might have eluded us forever had a very drunken Eric (soon to be known as Tabitha) not knocked over the empty bottle of bourbon. The neck fell across the table and pointed directly at me. In a stroke of inspiration, I crossed over to Eric and kissed him on the lips. He stood there is stunned silence for a moment as the realization overcame intoxication, a silly kid’s game would be our path to anal heaven.

The fact that none of us backed out of the agreement when we sobered up was amazing, and to our credit we went through with it a week later. Looking back I don't know what was more humorous... seeing five straight guys try to apply each other’s makeup or watching us lurch around while we tried to get used to wearing heels for the firs time. Actually the funniest part was watching us scurry around Tabitha's House trying to find something we could use as lube... we had forgotten that all important part of anal sex... So the first foray into our spin-the-bottle-night was an awkward love fest of bottle dick sucking and rough hand jobs.

The second get together a month later it was a much better, this time Tabitha, as our host had provided what can only be described as a bucket of lube. Confident and looking a little better in our feminine attire we settled down for a raucous evening. Once the bottle landed on you, it meant you had to get anally fucked by the person it landed on. For the most part this was ok, we all had nice med to small size cocks that fit very well into the anus, all of us except for Chloe. Her dick was huge and we cringed when it came near our asses. Still the night was good and we realized how much we loved jerking ourselves off while we were getting fucked.

The third gathering brought something new to the group, chastity. As the only actually "kinky" member of the group I had long been involved with BDSM. I am a member of the Dominion and as of a couple weeks ago under the protection of Miss X. Miss X let me know very early on that my cock was now hers and I was expected to wear a chastity device unless she commanded otherwise.

It was at this third meeting when I lifted up my dress and showed, the guys the chastity device that I had to wear. They snickered and laughed and I blushed for the first time in years. Chloe even had the balls to say that my CB was the most ridiculous thing she had ever seen, to which I replied by holding up the mirror from my compact and letting Chloe get a good look at herself with red lipstick, dangly hooker earrings, and a full beard.
I explained to the ladies that my Mistress wanted me to wear the CB and she had along had full rights to my body. The" ladies" laughed at my humiliation and said that since I had brought my Mistress with me to the game then I could spin first. What I didn’t know is that they had rigged the bottle and I was the only one a the table who was surprised by who the bottle landed on.
Dread filled my ass and I clenched as I saw Chloe scoop out a handful of lube and began spreading of over his huge cock. Surprisingly the initial pain of having his huge cock slide in me was only slightly worse that I was expecting. Once the initial shock of having her enter me wore off I bent over and moaned in pleasure as her rub her way through me.

Reflexively I reached down for my own penis to jerk off only to feel the hard denial of plastic. I remember a cry of anguish escaping from my lips. I could almost feel Miss X’s hands on me, laughing at my plight. I moved my fingers up my lacy stockings and cradled my balls. However no sooner had I held them than the realization poured over me, they were not my balls anymore. As I stood there, bent over being fucked by a " woman" with a 10 inch cock I knew the truth, even though we were oceans away, I was Miss X's little ass slut and I was hers to use, humiliate, and claim as she saw fit. As my moans of ecstasy and anguish filled the basement I could almost hear her laughing across the ocean.

Measuring By Zaira

One of the most influential movies I watched, was the stage show Rent. The story follows a group of friends though one year. It contains life, death, love, drugs, illness.. all the things life throws at us all. The theme song which opens the show asks "How do you measure a year"

This is my 2010, my year.

525600 minutes
12 months
4 key relationships
1 heart break
1 learning curve
1 teacher
1 Mistress
1 avatar created, and forgotten
4 months in gor
8 months in the dominion
about 10 different second life viewers
1 meeting to see a dominant Lady in an undisclosed city
1 trip to America
3 American cities - Houston, Austin, Atlanta
1 pride parade
1 friend from school bumped into during pride week
3.. or maybe 4 public play sessions
3 leg waxes
2 bikini waxes
1 fake tan session
1 sister, married off
10 confessions
6 second life friends, met in the flesh
2 memorable trips to Dublin
2 failed trips to Dublin, thanks to snow
1 new favourite toy .. the magic wand..
365 sunrises
1 visit to a fetish night, my first
1 corset bought, my first
30 croppings from Mistress and..
10 from Miss Destiny
A blur of ruler delivered spankings
1 kiss observed and then repeated, between two other Ladies
1 fabulous weekend
1 experience of sub drop
Countless tears
Countless tissues
10 toes which I now adore and could kiss all night
6 hair colourings
2 punishments
1 new pass time taken up
3 belly dances, preformed on stage
1 night which was simply perfect
1 birthday dance
1 Christmas
Lots of new shoes
A handful of new, close, wonderful friends whom I would be lost without
1 collar
1 owner
525600 minutes
1 life changing year

In 2010 my life totally changed. At the start of 2010 people put me in the "never been with a woman in real" or the "never submitted in real" groups. I have been pushed to my limits, and at times well beyond my comfort zone. I had no idea at the start of 2010 how many things, often unseen to the majority of my family and friends, would change and develop for me over the year.

All I can say is 2011 has a lot to live up to!

The Discovery Lady Nuala

She was definitely the kind of girl who got a guy's attention and she knew it: a bit short, small firm tits, tiny waist, and dirty blonde hair that fell over her face a lot while she spoke, prompting her to draw the silky strands back with her neatly manicured fingers, plucking them off her full, shiny wet lips. She worked as a receptionist in his mom's office, and every time he went to visit his mom, she'd tease him. She'd finger the buttons on her blouse, right between her breasts, drawing his attention to where she wanted it, or bend over the desk to reach for the phone, letting the short, tight skirt rise up over the back of her thighs, often deliberately looking over her shoulder at him, just to make sure he was looking. And he was. She loved the affect she had on him--the power. He definitely had the potential to be exactly what she needed, she thought. A target...

He was one of those nerdy guys--shorter than average, tightly cropped curly hair, round face, a little stocky, with a slight squeak to his voice that made him seem less than manly. He was a bit of a know-it-all, using an arrogant tone, often trying to order her around. When he came to visit his mother, she teased him for it, making him wait until she finished some menial task before she'd press the intercom button. "Mrs. Thomas, your son is here," she said smirking at him.

It was around 6 pm, and everyone else had cleared the office but her. The doors were locked and she laughed to herself as she saw him wrestling with the handle outside. Turning the deadbolt, she let him in, swinging the door wide and turning, her long straight hair swaying as she walked back to her desk, deliberately strutting. His eyes were drawn to her ass as it wiggled side-to-side, until she turned suddenly, lifting herself playfully onto the desk, her legs swinging as she leaned forward to meet his lowered gaze, smiling widely, knowing right where it had been. She pulled at the long strand of her hair that had fallen over her nose, pushing the tip of her tongue out to meet it. "You're mom's not here," she said, her eyes glinting "So I guess that mean's you're here to take me out for a drink?"

He laughed nervously. She knew she had him. She slid off the desk, bending over to grab her purse across the desk, again looking over her shoulder to catch him as his eyes poured over her body. She was hopeful that he'd be the right type for what she had in mind, but there was one thing she had to be sure of before she could truly know.

They'd had several drinks in at the bar. As they left, she closed in on him. She deliberately swiveled around after he'd opened the car door for her, instead of climbing into the passenger's seat, as he'd expected. She stepped forward, guiding his hand off the door handle and slamming it shut behind her. As she looked him directly in the eye, she reached forward, grasping his belt buckle, stepping sideways a few paces, guiding him. Her hand sought the handle to the rear door, and as she flung it open, she pushed him into the back seat and straddled his lap.

She needed to be sure. She reached for the bulge, and squeezing with her palm, she sighed with feigned disappointment and genuine relief. *Small*, just as she'd hoped. He pulled her forward, kissing her passionately. She made quick work of his belt and zipper, thrusting her hand down into his briefs, and curling her fingers easily around his tiny shaft. It really didn't take more than a few strokes... She thought to herself, how perfect he was... completely inadequate to please her in any way, except as a target for her humilation. And little did he know, but she had loads of it in store for him.

"Well that was quick" she said, wrinkling her nose at him. She giggled a bit as she pulled her sticky hand out of her his pants. She held it up to his face. "Lick it off," she demanded. His face froze and he shook his head. "It's only fair. It is your mess...and on my pretty little hand," she said in a pouty voice. She waited, her hand held steady as the cum dribbled down over her palm . Her face became serious, her voice lowering. "Do it," she commanded, pushing her hand to his lips.

He remembered doing it as if he were watching somebody else do it, his tongue slowly slipping out of his mouth to lap at her delicate palm, gagging on the taste and texture of his own cum. He couldn't believe he was doing it, but he did, and he wasn't sure why. He was always in control of himself.

But she knew why. And he was perfect... just perfect for what she had in mind.

They were quiet in the car as he drove her home. She didn't let him come in, and she wouldn't give him her number, either. Not now, anyway. He knew where to find her, and she knew that he'd be back for more.

Copyright Nuala MacMoragh, January 21, 2011, all rights reserved.

Meet The Kinkstones Anonymous

“Wilma!” hollered a naked and spread eagle Fred Kinkstone from his basement at 301 Cobblestone Way. “I’m cold! Can I at least get a loincloth?”

Wilma Kinkstone descended the stairs slowly in her form fitting saber tooth tiger-skin jumpsuit, her tiny ankles and wrists almost non-existent. In place of her trademark Rockymoto pearls was a wide tyranosaurus-hide collar, adorned with shimmering sand dollars.

In the background, Bruce Springstone's Quarry Days played softly on the Octopod.

“Now Fred,” Wilma said sternly in her familiar nasal voice. “Do I have to strap a giant rock gag into that big yap of yours?”

“No Wilma.”

Wilma leaned in and grabbed a big chunk of Fred’s hair attempting to pull his head back, a very difficult thing to do to a large man with no discernible neck.

“I’m sorry,” squeaked Fred. “MISS Wilma.”

“That’s better,” Wilma replied.

The red haired seductress examined the small snapping turtles that were clamped shut on each of Fred’s nipples, flicking each several times with an instigating finger.

(“Does yours taste like Wilma's piss?” one of the turtles quipped to the other. The companion turtle nodded, bobbing up and down.)

Wilma sauntered casually atop her 5 inch triceratops heels towards a large anthracite cabinet hidden in the shadows of the darkened basement. Swinging the double doors open, Wilma examined the contents. Hanging helplessly on the large St. Sandstone’s cross, Fred craned his indiscernible neck trying to see what might be in store for him.

Wilma stepped aside momentarily, just enough so that Fred could see the outline of several sharp, sleek implements. Wilma reached into the cabinet and confidently selected one of the objects.

As Wilma started her return walk, Fred saw that she was wielding a long rigid Pain-Stork, a devious and pointy beak at one end, the other end boasting a set of moving talons. She pointed the beak threateningly at Fred’s belly.

(“Oh brother,” said the stork as an aside. “I could be delivering cute giggly babies right right now, BUT NOOOO, I had to be a Stork-trooper! Me and my big pointy mouth.”)

Wilma prepared to give Fred a good firm jab when she was halted by a familiar voice.

“Hey Freddy Boy, you home?” called neighbor Barney Rugburn, a fireplug of a man.

“Uh… We’re busy Barn,” shouted Fred.

“Oh ok Fred. I thought you might like to try out my new pteradactyl hedgeclippers,” Barney replied.

Placing her hand over Fred's big yap, Wilma called out, “Barney, you have pteradactyl hedgeclippers with you?”

“I sure do.”

Wilma shot Fred a wicked look. Forming a megaphone around her mouth with her hands she shouted, "We're downstairs!"

…to be continued.

Ghost Mistress Anonymous

The sun beat down on the over heated metal of the old car.
Heat haze rose from the sheet metal in waves as time slowed down.
The dusty smell of new mown hay was strong.
Mixed with the astringent scent of fresh cut wood.
The smell was intoxicating.
There was also the smell of heated cloth, and the acrid smell of burnt insulation.
All over lain with the drifting teasing taint of gasoline.
I sat slumped forward in the old two tone green machine.
Totally relaxed, eyes closed, breathing long slow breaths thru my slack mouth.
There was no pain, there was no.....awareness.
Only me....and the heat....and the smells.
Then....the sounds.....oh the sounds....the soft sensual sounds.
Bird somewhere trilling, chirping....pipping as if nothing unusual had happened.
and the tic, swish, tictic of field grasses tapping against metal.
A creaking, a low groan of stressed wood,
it was a symphony...a low....on going... intricate weave of sounds leading my attention this way and that.
I could have lain there forever in that moment.
I wanted to lay there.....and drift.
It was calm....and warm...... and almost pleasant.
But.....the memories seeped in.
The shock of waking up,...I had fallen asleep at the wheel.... the decision....the oh so bad decision.
The wheels locking up, the tires skidding and screaming.
The crunch of gravel, the snap and slap of branches.
The roller coaster thrill and terror, then blackness.
And now.......the drifting....and the memories.......
OHHHH!!....WHERE IS SHE?! Where is she?
She was next to me....holding my hand.
Humming along with the radio.
Where is she ....where...ahhhhh!.....I can't see her!
That was months ago.....many long...agonizing....months ago.
She visits me now.....during the long sleepless nights.
She tells me...its alright.
She doesn't blame me.
When the pain......yes..the pain eventually followed
when the pain was finally gone..... the physical pain...
When the therapists had done all they could do.
Life went on.....and then the real pain....the pain of loss began.
The nights of racking sobs began, the tears that could not stop.
but life went on.
I survived, I went back to work, I did.....normal things.
I shopped, I ate......I hid inside myself.
and then the nights.
The longing began, the memories of before that day returned.
The songs on the radio that reminded me of her.
The smell of the coffee she brewed in the morning...I loved it..I hated it.
I lost sleep, I lost weight........I everything. cold...rainy night.
I lay in my dark bedroom, surrounded by layers of pillows.
Drifting in thoughts of her, the scent of her....still imagined on my pillows.
Thats when she came to me.....unseen.....
Whispered in my ear.......blew lightly on my cheek.
Sighed against my lips that she would always be with me.
That she would be there whenever I needed her.
That we would always be together.
I slept.
I woke the next morning, long scratches on my sides....legs.
light bruises on my thighs.
Satisfaction deep.....inside of me.
She had forgiven me.
MISTRESS........ was back.

Trials Confession Microcosm

Distinguished Ladies of the Dominion,

Where to begin. Reasons and excuses of course will not help me now. Instead I will prostrate myself before all of you, in attempts to appeal to what little pity I've earned, if any at all. My actions leading to the trial were reprehensible. In my newfound comfort and resulting excitement of existing in the courtyard, I failed to keep in mind how much I desired to show my respect, not for the thrill that would consequently follow, but for the sake of pleasing and admiring those who reside here. The uncompromising manner of the Esteemed ladies of The Dominion creates an atomsphere unmatched in all of Second Life, that I'm honored to experience in any form.

Like anyone else I've struggled with my identity at times, and who knows what I'll conclude tomorrow, but submission, like my fetish for latex are the only constant means of inspiration I can rely upon. How I choose to experience them is all that shifts over time. I'm hopeful that The Dominion can also be one of those constants. I am comfortable here, and wish to only express that comfort in service. I'm sorry to those I offended. I do not want to misrepresent myself, nor those who call this their home. As Lady Zarita said as she locked me away before trial, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions;" I can only hope that at least my intentions were clear, being that condemnation may be sweetly. unavoidable.

I underestimated the sanctity and sincerity between all of you, and made a mockery of those who welcomed me even as a strange, quiet, cross-dressing fool, more concerned with his appearance than the connectivity he claimed to seek. I debased potential bonds that could have defined me for the better. Please forgive me, Everyone.

The Icecream Anonymous

This story may not be the sexiest or the hottest, but it was my first sexual kind of dominant sexual experience. I was 17 years old I lost my virginity three months before. I was with my parents on summer holidays. We went to a tropical island and for me was totally exciting. I was a party animal already at that time, and every night I would leave my parents at the hotel and would go out hunting. It was pretty easy, I would go to a pub, get a drink, dance few minutes in the dance floor and *zap* Gotcha!
But that night was different. I decided to sit and eat an icecream, since I was at the beach swimming all day and I was totally hungry. It was midnight but the place was full. I was sitting there when I noticed two guys sitting at the other side of the Ice cream Shop. I crossed a couple of looks with one of them and I smiled shyly. He smiled back to me while he kept talking with his friend. They were talking about soccer, of course, while they keep pointing to some kind of soccer magazine over the table. We kept changing smiles for a while and then I decided that was time for me to go to the club. I could feel that night would be different.
I stood up and I went to pay to the cash register... I could feel their eyes on me, on my tall white vinyl boots and my cute innocent white short dress, mixing innocence with sensuality... I always loved that.
He waved to me while I was leaving... I waved back shyly. I keep walking direction to the club and I felt they were following me. For one moment I was a really freaked out, they seemed older than me, maybe 23 or 24 years, very strong and... sexy!
I arrived at the club. I went directly to the dance floor and I started to dance.
I turned back and there they both were, dancing just across the dance floor. I made a sign to join me and they came closer to me, we danced and enjoyed the music for a while. At that point I was really nervous. I went to the bar and asked for a tequila, and they joined me. We started to *talk* or kinda, since they were dutch and my first language is not english, but after one hour we were having some laughs... blame the tequila maybe. One thing led to another and suddenly one of them asked me to dance, so I agreed. We went to the dance floor and we started to dance... and I looked at the other guy sitting there alone watching us so I made a gesture with my finger to the other guy sitting to join us.
In that moment is when it all started. I guided the hands of the guy behind me around my waist and made him approach to me while I passed my arms over the shoulders of the guy in front. We closed our eyes and we let the music guide our movements, pretty hot music I have to recall! I could feel the breath of both guys on my skin while I was pressing both against me, grabbing their clothing closer. Some people were staring us, but I really did not care a crap about them.
We kept dancing about one hour more, teasing, kissing, laughing, it was just perfect.
The kisses were getting more and more intense, first one... then the other, turning, teasing, bitting, a bit wilder... our bodies were demanding more so we talked about going to the beach near the club. All was a rush, the two amazing men, the *who knows* what will happen... I am not sure if that was the first time they did it but what was coming seemed that was new for them.
We found a nice spot, we could hear the music from the club and the waves from the ocean, it was perfect. We started to undress one each other, very lovingly, sweetly even. Kissing caressing... maybe they did not want to scare me, then I started to move more wildly, grabbing their hairs, feeling all those new sensations I started to get more in the mood, suddenly my hands were guiding them, the two boys together, they looked at me and then they hesitated a bit. After that I kissed one and while I was kissing the other he joined the three of us... We enjoyed of each other during all night long... When the sun rise up we were exhausted. We refreshed ourselves in the ocean and went for breakfast. We laughed very much about what we did, since some parts of the night were surprising.
I was leaving two days after this so we just had time to meet one more time. We shared some letters till we forgot each other I suppose. But I will never forget that night.

After that, I felt a bit weird for a while since I shared my experience with my best friend and she got all angry and disgusted with me. Just took time to notice that not everybody has the same way to enjoy their sexuality, and mine was not the same as hers.

An Undelivered Letter By Violet Darkstone

Dear X,

I wonder if you know how beautiful you are to me. Certainly the people around us don't see it, but then, they don't know the depth of our connection. All they see is the humiliation.. the degradation that I force you to endure... and I know that some of them wonder if you have any self-respect at all. I know that you do. I know that you are a talented, confident man.. and it is your confidence that allows you to emerse yourself in your embarrasment, to wallow in the thrill of your own humiliation, and come out the other end of it undamaged... unscathed.

I know that there are those who think you are weak... a doormat... because you let me walk all over you... because I never allow you to refuse me anything.. no matter how uncomfortable, how painful, or how humiliating it might be to you. But what they don't know is that you are the strongest man that I know.. and that it is this strength that allows you to surrender yourself so completely to me. That allows you to lose yourself in your service to me. That allows you to never say no to me, even when some part of you really wants to. Yes, X, I see the depth of your submission and it takes my breath away.

I know that there are those who have seen us play who wonder how you can endure the pain that I put you through. I know, because I have heard their whispers at play parties we have attended. They wonder how you could let me go so far and how you can possibly withstand the suffering I force you to endure, much less enjoy it. But what they fail to recognize is the depth of your trust in me. And it is this trust, this bond that links us together, that allows you to fall into that torrid, erotic place inside of yourself, where pain and pleasure live as one single thing. It is this trust that allows you to suffer so completely for me, to bleed for me.. to experience my sadism and to ride the waves of your own masochism without having to think or to worry about your own saftey. You know without asking that you are always safe in my hands.

Yes, X, I see your self confidence and your humility, your inner strength and the depth of your submission, your trust in me and the beauty of your suffering... and it is all these things make me want to possess you so completely.. that inspire me to push you further mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually each and every time that you are at my feet.. and at my mercy. And it all these things that allow me to lose myself in the experience of owning you, of humiliating you, of delivering exquisite pain to your flesh until we are both ready to collapse from exhaustion.

Yes, X.. you are beautiful to me in ways that others may never understand completely, but then, they'll never know you like I do.


the end

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toni's Confession

I arrive for an appointment with you Mistress .

Mistress - ''Have you been a good boy Toni?''
Me - ''Yes Mistress''
Mistress- ''You refrained from orgasms as I instructed?''
Me- ''Err....yes Mistress''
Mistress- ''Why don't I believe you.......get undressed!''

I move slowly with a certain amount of guilt.

Mistress- ''Hurry up!''

I strip down to my waist.

Mistress- ''...and the rest''

I undo my belt and allow my trousers to fall to the ground.

Mistress- ''..and your knickers!''

I slip my thumbs into the waist band and pull my pants off.

Mistress- ''Bend over the armchair!''

I do as you instruct.

Mistress- ''Feet apart!''

You use your feet to kick against my the inside of my ankles to hasten the parting of my legs.

You grab my smooth balls.

Mistress- ''They are empty. You have been wanking to a finish haven't you?!''

Me- ''Yes Mistress''

Mistress- '' I told you that I wanted your ball sac full when you called today. It is empty! I told you to wank and not cum didn't I?''

Me- ''Yes Mistress''

Mistress- ''Right then, I will have to fill them up''

You put your hand between my legs and grab my cock. You pull it back between my legs and push a nylon cockring over the head and pull it down to the base of my cock.

Mistress- ''Stay where you are!''

You pick up my trouser belt and use it to whack my ass.

Mistress- ''Apologise, on each stroke of the belt''

Me-''I apologise Mistress''

You give me twelve stokes of the belt and each time I apologise.

You see my cock is hardening, being excited by the punishment session.

Mistress- ''I knew that the ring would have to go on before I punished you. I just knew that your cock would react Now I will ask my slut to assist me.

Mistress- ''Lucy, come in here.''

A small youngish girl about 20years, comes into the room.

Mistress- ''Toni, stay where you are. Lucy sit on the floor and raise your face and suck his cock.''

Lucy does as you ask and it is not very long before I am cumming. Nothing erupts from my cock as the cockring is stopping ejaculation.

Mistress- ''Do it again and again Lucy. I want that ballsac full. I will ensure that you are rewarded Lucy''

Lucy works hard with her mouth and tongue and I cum four times, but nothing erupts, all the cum is retained.

Mistress- ''Have a rest Lucy. Toni stand up straight!''

I do as you instruct.

Mistress- ''Wank yourself Toni! You have been wanking despite me telling you not to so now's your chance to do it again.''

I wank my cock which is permanently hard due to the cockring.

My hand starts off slowly and increases speed until my cock is jerking hard, again dry.

Mistress- ''See Lucy, how the ring works. His balls are gradually filling up. Wank again Toni''

I use my fingers again, starting slowly with a loose grip and gradually increase speed again. Lucy's hand has slid up under her skirt as she becomes turned on by the sight of my hard cock being wanked. Her hand is inside her knickers rubbing her clitty hood.

I cum again and my hand slows right down to ensure that the climax continues as long as possible.

Mistress- ''Lucy, sit in the armchair, remove your dress and knickers''

Lucy does as she is instructed.

Mistress- ''Toni, kneel in front of Lucy on all fours''

I do as you ask

Mistress- '' Lucy, legs over the arms of the chair please''

She does as asked and her pussy opens up in front of my face.

Mistress- ''I think you owe Lucy a favour don't you Toni, go on suck her pussy''

I do as you order me to. You stand behind me and grab my balls again.

Mistress- ''Good, they're nearly full now, thats down to Lucy, so make sure you suck her clit and use your tongue on her pussy lips''

Lucy places her hands behind my head and pulls my mouth into her cunt. Her body shakes and an orgasm goes through her body.

Mistress- ''Right now Toni now I have to decide how to make you cum after I have taken off the cockring, but first I will reward Lucy for her hard work.''

Mistress- '' Lucy' put on a nice blouse and your shortest skirt. Nothing else. But before you do that, bring me a chastity belt and a French Maids outfit.''

Lucy does as you say. You take the chastity belt.

Mistress- '' Stand up straight Toni''

You strap the belt tightly around my waist. From behind me you reach through between my legs and pull my shaven cock backwards.
You then reach through and pull the chastity pouch through and make sure my cock and smooth balls are tightly contained within it. You take the end of the chasity pouch and lock it onto the belt. It is like a thong with a pouch but much stronger.

Mistress- '' Dress him in the uniform Lucy'' She does as you say and I stand in front of you.

Mistress- '' I want those balls still to be full when I return Toni, so no messing with them, as if you could!''

Toni - ''Yes Mistress''

Mistress- '' Come on Lucy. I may ask you to fuck any of my friends we meet at the restaurant and that's why you are wearing very brief clothing, quick access is vital!''

Mistress- '' Toni, I want you to wash the dishes and hoover the house whilst we are away.''

Toni- ''Yes Mistress''

You and Lucy leave. I do as you say and get my chores done to please you.

The door opens.

''Where is the Mistress?, I've come to see her''. It's your boyfriend Nick.

Toni-''She has just left for a meal with Lucy'' In fact you have been gone over three hours, but I don't want Mister Nick hanging around waiting for you. I hope he will go.

Mister Nick-'' Your Mistress has been having fun with you hasn't she?'' He looks my outfit up and down and makes a grab for my cock.'' She has you in a chastity belt eh?''

Toni-'' Yes Mister Nick''

He pushes me over back of the armchair and lifts the back of the outfit. He tries to move the belt ''Even your slut pussy is tightly covered''

Just as well I thought, sounds like he wants to fuck me.

He grabs my hair and pulls me off the armchair, takes me round the front of it and throws me back into a sitting position.

Mister Nick-''We'll just have to do it another way slut''

He kneels on the arms of the chair so his waist is in front of me. He undoes his trousers and unzips his fly. A huge cock springs out and he aims it at my mouth. He pushes it against my lips and forces them apart.

''Suck'' says Mister Nick. I have no option but to do as he says. He fucks my mouth and his big cock nearly suffocates me. After several minutes I feel him start jerking and he empties his balls into my mouth.

''Swallow'' he says ''and don't spill anything''

I nearly choke but continue sucking him until every drop has been sucked out of him and swallowed.

He removes his cock and does up his trousers.

'' Don't tell your Mistress will you slut, otherwise you will be sorry.

Toni- ''No Mister Nick''

He leaves, I shall no doubt be in trouble for telling him you had just left and suitably punished when you find out.

You both arrive back only fifteen minutes later.

Mistress- '' Let me see how the chastity belt has worked. Ah yes, still there but I see you have been messing about with it. That was Mister Nicks fault of course but I don't say anything.

You unlock it and grab my balls again.

Mistress- '' Ah good, still nice and full, bend over the chair Toni'' I do as you ask and you lift up my french maid's outfit. Lucy appears wearing a strapon dildo.

Mistress- '' Do as I told you at dinner Lucy''

Lucy '' yes Mistress''

She has a bottle of oil and pours a small amount at the base of my spine. It runs down to my ass. She stops some and inserts one finger. She pushes in and out so more oil lubricates my asshole. She gradually inserts more fingers and soon there are four of her fingers fucking my ass.

Mistress- '' Now fuck him Lucy''

Lucy places the head of the dildo against my ass. There is no more gentle foreplay and she rams it in as far as she can. She fucks my ass, thrusting in and out as fast as she can.

Soon I have a hardon again

Mistress- '' There Lucy I said that his cock would harden when his ass is fucked.

Toni- ''Please let me cum Mistress. I need to cum so much. My balls ache''

I reach down to grab my smooth hardon and start wanking. You slap my wrist away.

Mistress- '' I will decide when and how Toni''

Toni-'' Yes Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress.''

Mistress- '' Follow me, both of you''

Lucy follows you up the stairs and I follow on behind her. we are soon in one of your spare bedrooms, which has a certain amount of bondage equipment.

Mistress- '' Undress Lucy'' Lucy does as you ask. ''Now lie on the bed''

Lucy is naked on the bed and you gesture to her to open her legs slightly.

Mistress- '' Now Toni, I want you to fuck her''

I don't need a second invitation and I slide my cock into her tight pussy. I think it won't be long before I cum, but you have other ideas and you grabb my balls and restrict my movement. I am only moving slightly in and out of her. My balls were already full and now there is no more room for more cum.

Mistress- '' Nice and full now aren't they Toni?

Toni- ''Yes Mistress''

You can feel that I will cum soon so you pull back my balls and my cock withdraws from Lucy.

Mistress- '' Not yet Toni''

You are still squeezing my balls and I kneel between Lucy's legs. Your other hand starts wanking me. You hold my cock tight and wank it fast and hard. Soon I feel an orgasm coming that won't be able to stop. You keep wanking me and I orgasm long and intense. My cum shoots all over Lucy. You keep slowly wanking me, ensuring every drop has been drained from my balls.

You release my balls and push your hand towards my mouth.

Mistress- '' First, clean my hand'' I do as you say and lick your hand and fingers until they are completely clean.

Mistress- '' Now clean up Lucy''

You push my head onto Lucy's chest and I lick her tits and nipples to clean her. I then slide further down over her stomach ensuring every drop is removed. Then down onto her pussy which is very wet anyway. i lick outside her pussy and inside her pussy lips.

Lucy '' Mistress, some has dripped down to my ass''

Mistress- '' Lift your legs Lucy, higher so your knees touch your nipples.''

Lucy complies exposing her pussy and ass to us both.

Mistress- '' lick her ass clean Toni''

I do as you say and soon every drop has been totally removed.

Mistress- '' Now Toni, downstairs''

I walk downstairs naked.

Mistress- '' I will contact you when I want you to visit me again and don't cum in the meantime''

Toni- ''No Mistress''

You open the door and push me outside naked. You throw my clothes at me and close the door........

Pulse By Siofra Macalroy


On the floor base thumping
moving the floor under me
i can’t stop myself
falling into the crowd
bodies pulling closer together
north and south poles clasping
slowly moving to the beat
picking up the energy of the music
my body sways entranced
and eyes locks onto yours
i can feel our poles drawing
almost slamming us together
the beat pulsating between
close against you
i hear your breath against my body
in and out aginst the rhythm
sending pulsing chills along my spine
the song dies down
and we pull apart
for now...

Confession By Jettis Ulrich

I am a pathetic useless slutty sub boy who thinks to much about his cock. In my fantasies, i pay the price.

i fantasize about being overwhelmed by several women ... sexy, smart and strong women, who begin by flirting with me and teasing me a bit. Before long, i begin to realize that there is more going on. They give each other knowing glances as they laugh at me and make faces, indicating how stupid i am. They pretend at first to be interested in me, which excites me but makes me nervous. Then i notice that they laugh at the things i say that aren't funny ... and they start getting closer to me.

Before long, they invite me to follow them. I get nervous and ask where, but they don't answer. When I slow down, they grab me by the arms and guide me forcefully to their car.

I'm pushed inside, belted in, and then i realize i'm surrounded and helpless. They begin calling me names, smacking me in the face, and humiliating me. one plugs my nose and the other opens my jaw and spits in my mouth. They tell me to swallow it.

The third gets a collar and fastens it to my neck. Then she cuffs my hands behind my back.

The car stops and I'm taken out of the car and brought into a dungeon. I'm strapped to a cross, they rip my pants and leave me there half naked....

to be continued ..

Impromptu Confess By Heather Steampunk

I confess ..

This is not story, it's not a poem. This, I confess, is a big thank you to a certain submissive friend of mine.
I confess, that never at all my time at the Dominion, I have met another submissive who I have became so close with as this girl.
I call her my twin. You call her Zaira.

When I first met Zaira, I was a bit dumbstruck. We got thrown together and got told to get along. I instantly thought, "Oh boy, we'll never get along." Little did I know, that we actually would get along very nicely. Over the past 6 months, we had a major breakdown, but I'm truly glad that our bond got restored. I am very glad that she lets me call her my twin. She has helped me numerous times, gives me advice, yells at me and orders me around, but always with the best intentions.

It is nice to have her in my life.

So this is short, but straight from the heart.

Thank you for being in my life Zaira, I could not wish for a better twin in this world.
I know you put up with a lot of my bullshit and sometimes I return the favor, * wink wink nudge nudge *, but through everything, we mostly laugh, brat around and share a connection, which is important to me.

I truly hope I may get to go to your lepricon party, it would be nice to say these words to you in person.
But in the meantime, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for straightening my thoughts, when I get lost. Thank you ... for being my twin.

I Miss Clubbing By Siofra Macalroy

Frustrations of the poor.

I have been a part of this lifestyle since i was eighteen. I ran around trying so many things. I also had money i could just blow on myself, no responsibilities. Back then i could just toss 100 bucks at the sexy satin corset to go over my favorite black lace dress. No I'm not an exhibitionist, i just love teasing people. one of the more Minor Sadistic traits i have.

With this economy its not the same, i have been unemployed close to 7 months now. Its made me depressed to the point where i have just neglected myself. I find myself asking sometime, why can't i have more control of my life.

Today i was browsing at corsets i know i cannot buy, reminiscing of days i would go to the club and dance for hours. Partially cause out of the corner of my right eye there was someone being strapped up to the cross. If it were a boy his shirt would be removed so all those lovely licks of the lashed could be seen by anyone passing by. the girls well they were close to naked anyways, only black electric tape covering their nipples.

I still remember the moan of one of there girls as she pleaded to have it ripped off. Naturally there wouldn't be as much pain as she has been dancing with me most of the night. and the clubs rarely kept out bodies cool.

Me and my friends would also play pass the sub. Leash would be passed and the submissive, usually a boy would be dragged around., teased, spanked, sometimes told to knee on the dance floor just so they could glimpse under our skirts. I personally liked the ones who enjoyed being bitten. my favorite spot was always the back shoulder area, and the inner thigh.

So yes I'm depressed, but i think these memories have also help to keep me motivated. I look forward now to the day when me and my boyfriend go to the club, and "encourage" him to pick a girl offering "suggestions" just sate my voyeuristic hunger.

What Does It Feel Like By Destiny Teardrop

'What Does it Feel Like?' by Destiny Teardrop - January 15th 2011

'What does it feel like?' you ask. You wonder if it feels as good as sub space? (laugh). Well, I can only imagine what sub space feels like, but.I can tell you this though, it feels like nothing else on earth, it feels amazin. It feels urgent, powerful, strong, exciting, intense. It feels right.

When you moan and whimper, when I hear you cry, your voice breaking in my ear as you reach desperation point. When you can barely whisper, 'Please Mistress' or when you loudly scream 'Please can I stop?!' as you edge, knowing that you you don't want to stop, it's the last thing you want, but you have to beg to stop rather than risk my wrath by disobeying my command not to cum. I love the paradox, the cruelty of that.

I love it when I allow you to get your breath back for a moment and I comment how you can't be that desperate to cum because you begged to stop, and you groan, and start to say 'B....but..' as I 'Ssssshh' you with my finger and laugh.

One day, I decide that it might be fun to have you entertain me with your bodily fluids. You are commanded to drink two litres of water. You don't ask why, you do as you are told. We laugh and chat as you are reminded by me to drink up.

You ask permission to go pee, I refuse. You whimper but answer 'yes Mistress, thank you Mistress'.
'Drink more' I firmly state.

'Mistress, I need to piss, quite badly now'. 'Be quiet and drink'.

I continue to chat about idle things, music, the weather, my shopping requirements etc. You engage in conversation with me quite easily, but I can hear a little tension growing in your voice.

'Mistess, can I please sit on a chair now? My knees hurt'. I sigh, 'yes, get up and stop whining and drink!'. You thank me profusely and swallow more of the cold water until the final mouthful is drunk.

'Mistress, I am really having problems now, I am desperate, please may I go to the toilet?' you beg, your voice sounding quite pathetic as your urgency grows.

I chuckle, 'Well my boy, I have a deal to strike with you! You are very lucky, I am feeling generous'.
'Yes Mistress?' you ask hopefully.

'Do you want to cum, my boy?'.' Oh God, yes please...please let me cum, Mistress, I need to so much it's been weeks, Mistress'.

'Well, you know that I only ever have you cum if it's to please me and I have decided that I want to have some fun with your cum!" I pause. "You may cum once you have pissed yourself."

I let the words hang in the air as the meaning of what I have said to you sinks in.

'Mistress, I ...' you stutter. 'You want me to piss myself here on the floor?'

'Are you deaf as well as stupid? You want to pee don't you, boy?'

You nod and lower your eyes, 'yes my Mistess....'

'Then do it, kneel on the floor, feel that hot steaming piss splash over your legs'

'Oh God' you moan as you kneel down, looking at up me. I laugh and bend down to pat your cheek. 'Maybe my boy needs to wear diapers, hmm?'

'Do it..NOW' I command. You nod and whisper 'yes Mistress' . I watch as your face flushes and you groan with a mixture of relief and shame as your hot yellow pee pools around your knees, spreading a large puddle all over the marble floor. Your eyes are full of tears now as you whimper softly.

'You disgusting pig. You animal' I spit at you. 'What are you? TELL ME!' I roar. 'I'm a disgusting pig, an animal, Mistress' you sob.

"You will clean that mess up in just a few moments. Now, for the second part of the deal, get rubbing and get to the edge.'

I watch as you frantically rub your already semi-hard cock, your hand jerking rapidly back and forth as you hurry to get closer to the point of no return. 'Look at you, you are pathetic, kneeling there in your own piss. Look at what's become of you!' I jeer at you, laughing. Feeling my own arousal peaking as I humilate you further and further. I feel it now, strongly, deeply, in my chest, my power is immense, overwhelming. At this moment, you would do anything for me, you are shameless, without a care, you just need to do as you are told, to feel my power, my control.

'You're kneeling in pungent, stinking piss, cold, piss now.....' I continue to mock you as your breathing becomes more rapid. 'You may beg to cum and if I command you to cum, you will cum all over the floor, mixing your cum with your piss and the MOMENT you have cum you will get on all fours and drink it all up. Or you can stop right now....' I laugh as I offer you a way out, knowing that your need to cum will over-ride your abhorrence at the thought of cleaning up your own piss and cum from the cold, hard, dirty floor with your tongue.

For a moment, you pause, groaning with frustration, your mind torn between your need to cum and your revulsion and what you have been commanded to do. 'Decide, NOW' I declare 'Please may I cum, my Mistress?' you gasp, as you continue to rub your engorged cock, precum very evidently glistening on the tip.

I stay silent. You keep rubbing, 'Mistress....??...Please....' you pant. I love this moment. This is MY moment of full and total control. I smile, revelling in my domination over you. My clitoris throbs and I know that later I will masturbate and cum hard remembering this moment.

'CUM NOW' I state firmly and within seconds you shoot hot, sticky semen onto the floor. I hear you cry out in ecstasy, your face screwed up, your mouth open. 'CLEAN IT , NOW!' I loudly declare, 'don't you DARE wallow in your own pleasure', You immediately bend down and begin lapping at the piss/cum mixture.

I laugh, loud, hard as you gag, coughing and spluttering, repelled and revulsed as you clean the floor.
'Don't miss a drop, my dirty, piss/cum drinking, bitch' I chuckle. You groan, but don't dare to stop as you lap away like some dehydrated beast in the desert who has just found a pool of water.

Some minutes later, the floor is relatively clean of your emissions.

'Kneel up' I command.

You kneel, hands behind your back, head lowered.

'Look at me'
You look up, your eyes full of utter love and devotion.

'How do you feel?' I ask.

'Used, exhausted, disgusting, wonderful, totally and completely owned, my Mistress, thank you. I adore you' you whisper.

You ask what it feels like? It feels as if the world is mine. I feel as I am invincible. I feel as if I've found my place. It feels like ME.

Confession By Tora Maven

I don’t know how long it has been but it has felt like hours. Kneeling on a cold cement floor, naked except for the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, completely in the dark. My muscles twitch as fatigue of staying in one position for so long starts to take its toll but I dare not move. I was warned that I would suffer the consequences if I did and something in the tone of Her voice told me that She was not joking.
I hold my breath as I hear the lock unlatch and the door swings open, flooding my cell with light. My first instinct is to raise my arm and cover my eyes but I remember my instructions and stay perfectly still. I keep my eyes to the floor as they adjust to the light and a pair of black leather boots comes into my view as She stands before me. I can feel Her eyes burning into me, studying me, making sure I have not moved.

“Take him.” She drawls and instantly a shiver of fear dances along my spine, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I cower before Her, terrified of what that means as I become aware of the presence of two other men standing behind Her. They move quickly, taking me by my arms and lifting me easily to my feet. I am thankful that they are keeping me upright as the pain of pins and needles flood my legs and my muscles awake.

Wordlessly, She turns on Her heel and walks out of the cell. I can hear the sound of Her heels on the stone floor as my heart seems to beat in tempo to that rapid tattoo. My escorts drag me along, following Her down a short corridor and into a large darkened room filled with odd pieces of equipment and furniture. I am careful to make sure my glances around are discrete and as I catch a glimpse a table laid out with all kinds of tools and toys, I regret my curiosity. A new flash of fear making me shiver.

My escorts stop in the middle of the room but do not let me go. They stand wordlessly, staring forward, waiting for instruction. A scary thought flashes in my mind; it occurs to me that they would probably kill me without a second thought if She commanded it. A sense of awe fills me and I risk a glimpse of Her.

“Leave us.” She commands, Her back to me. My escorts force me to my knees and then exit wordlessly. I immediately bow my head, fearful of what would happen if She caught me watching Her. Her boots come into focus again and one foot taps lightly before She leans down to me, Her lips brushing against one of my ears as She purrs, “If you play with Me, We play for keeps. So here is your chance. I will give you to the count of three to decide whether you are staying or whether you will be Mine. If you wish to stay, I want you to lift your head and look at Me.”

My heart thunders in my ears. I am sweating now. I am terrified but I am not leaving. I know this is a test that I must pass. No time to think as I hear Her count from one to three. Moving slow, I must answer. I raise my head and look into Her eyes. She smiles and I feel cold metal brush against my neck as She snaps a collar into place. “Mine.” She purrs and instantly the fear is gone and I wonder what I was so afraid of.

I let out a deep breath and Her smile turns predatory, almost like She can read my thoughts. “Rise Mine.” She commands and I obey. She latches a leash to my collar, and tugs me to follow Her to a wall where I notice rings embedded in the brick.

“Stand facing the wall Mine.” She demands before moving to be behind me. She leans against me, pressing into me so that I am pressed against the wall. She quickly secures my cuffs to the metals rings. Her lips brush against one of my ears as She purrs, “Close your eyes, it sometimes helps.”

As the pain surges through me, my life flashes before my eyes and I wonder if I will ever see another sunrise. But it is too late now to worry about the value of my life. I have already made my choice: Her.