Saturday, August 27, 2011

Impromptu Anonymous Confessions

We liked it so much last week, we did it again! Here's the anonymous, impromptu Confessions from August 28, 2011.

How can i

How do you ask a question when the answer is always the same
Your mind it knows the outcome but still you ask again
The ifs and buts the whens and whys all gather up and make you cry

To me the question never changes the miss her command it never wavers
for me the love the care the adoration
cannot be for me in my situation

The out come i know is the same time and time for me
So i stand and look and play this game
in cyber space and real it is always the same

All you are and all you see is all your life who you will ever be


I am at a crossroads

Left or Right

Forward or Back

I look at the options, at each road

I look down the road I just came

I can not go back, I can continue straight on it


I knew forward

Forward was good

Will the road stay the same?

Forward.. the sign says "Roadworks" and I know it will not be smooth if I just continue in what I have been doing

I can turn left..

Left is pulling me

Left looks good

Right .. Right has a corner and I can not see what is there

Right is unknown

Left is fairly unknown also, but at least I can see a little more there

I sit in the middle, in the very middle of the crossroads

It is a decision for some other day

I know of a Mistress who is very interested in a sub who is not as he appears. My dilemma is whether to tell her or let her find out for herself.

There are bigger tragedies in life than you.

That's what I tell myself as I take your elbow and guide you to the back of my mind.
A book that won't be finished and an end to music everywhere.

'Pain travels in both directions', I tell myself. 'You climbed up on that pedastal. It was you who took the magic out of the world and proved the omens wrong.'

Yes, yes. But still. A love like those Easter eggs old women blow the yokes out of and paint.

And now, only a smooth stone in my pocket that I absentmindedly roll between my fingers as I walk. Silent, finished.

A touch of skin soft and slippery,
With the hint of hint of sweat.
We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets,
As the wind flowed from the window above us.
Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance,
To abandon all of our uncertainties.
You began your work on my lips,
Probing gently as if drawing sex,
From a deep well of longing and need.
Then heated tongues met in the midst,
Of hot and quickening breath.
And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts.
Then intoxicated with those spirits,
Our clothes found resting place on the floor.
Piece by piece,
Until there were no hiding places,
For the two glistening and wanting bodies.
Hunger revealed in this hot moment.
Then skin meshed with skin,
As the floor became the stage.
You moved atop of me easily,
And lowered yourself gently.
Kissing me as I was filled with you.
As a gasp broke the kiss,
Your hands stroked the stray strands,
Away from my forehead, then became entangled.
Our slow rhythm gave way,
To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion,
As I arched my body for your comfort,
And you threw me into ecstasy,
With the strength of your blows.
You left me screaming and soaked,
In oblivion again and again,
As you growled my name from the back of your throat,
And our bodies both demanded more,
Each giving to the other,
High on the fluids of foreign substance.
I grasped, then released you,
Grasped then released you,
In effort to relieve you of your control.
The taste of your skin between my lips,
Was like no other.
To hear your cry of mercy,
When my teeth met your warm skin,
Was more breathtaking than you knew.
Yet I still released the control to you.
As you wound your hands in my hair,
And pulled until the flesh on my neck was taut,
You moved with one final and breaking blow,
Forcing our way to the peaks of bliss,
Leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries.
I welcomed the weight of you to crush me,
As you collapsed on top of me,
Still hot and burning,
And I glowing like an ember,
Casting a welcome light,
Should you seek my gifts again.

I enjoyed hamming it up on stage today during the battle of the bands.

Is stuck in an odd situation. I care deeply for my D/s partner but lack the real life chemistry and attraction. I'm at odds on what do next.

I shall leave a confession, however it will become very obvious who this is so I will not both signing it as "anonymous"

Today was especially hard.

I was confronted by a boy who had come across my profile. We got talking and he seemed interesting...."Worthy of my time" as one would put it. It was not long before I insisted on a face to face, as I was shopping and prefered to speak in Local.

Upon his arrival, he blurted out that he was not at all attracted to Black women. Ouch! I was an impasse. Do I chestize him for having a preference? Do I scold him for wasting my time and not looking closely at my photo? Do I change my profile to say "Black person" and be more defined my skin than my essence?

All I know is that it hurt to get such a slap in my no less. I wonder if this was a rare situation...if this was a bold sub able to speak his mind...if he is alone or if I am.

Sounds more like a vent than a confession.

When Words Fail..Text Might Help by Lady Zarita

"The way of love is not
a subtle argument.

The door there
is devastation.

Birds make great sky-circles
of their freedom.
How do they learn it?

They fall, and falling,
they're given wings."
— Rumi

Whilst I have played with subs in rl, and had a part time sub in a different State who would visit sporadically, I have never fully collared anyone before offline. Alex was "it".. he was Mine.. after a year and a half of tumultuousness online, one separation and a hell of a lot of grovelling on his part to come back.. finally we met in person 4 months ago. When we met.. it all just *fitted*.. we were like two peas in a pod. Admittedly a Dominant pea and a somewhat submissive pleading pea..but notheless that kind of symetry and synergy was just *there*. We laughed , we played, we talked, we ate, we bowled, we walked, we went to theatre and watched tv and yes even cried sometimes.. all the time it seemed to me on each of his visits we became closer and closer.. that a point of *no return* was reached by me.. I fell in love with not only the boy but the man . I wanted him near me, I wanted to have him all the time..and we were working towards that. Everything seemed perfect.. maybe it was too perfect..that I so desperately wanted this to work, I didnt see the cracks.

Then the fast from what I thought was the tighest of a mess of tattered threads strewn with seeming ease all over the floor of my heart. He wasn't so sure anymore...he wanted different things. Communication broke down and it seemed we fell through the rabbit hole.. nothing was as it seemed.. it was a whole new world. Confusion set in. I did not have my bearings in this new landscape as all previous landmarks no longer existed. I did know I couldn't do it this way and that there would be worse to come , so I did the only thing I felt I could do to control this downward spiral and save myself from more pain .. I let him go. .. better one swift blow than death by a thousand cuts was my reasoning. I suddenly did not have my boy anymore.. did not have the person I felt had engraved a place not only in my heart but on my very essence . Cutting off my right hand might have been less painful.

I wanted to blame him and still there are whispering tendrils of that .. the anger part of the grieving process is still smouldering in the embers of what was a beautiful and powerful bond. What I do know is that I have my own responsibility . Do you blame someone for changing their mind? Do you blame them for your own sense of rejection? Do you blame them for the trust you see lying in the gutter? Do you blame them for your grief that seems to drag through the days and nights like a cold shadow? Ultimately and, as much as you might want to, you cannot. It only disempowers you and denigrates what you did share. Sometimes, You have to stand in the hurt and the pain and accept it as you accepted the love and happiness. You have to welcome it in and allow it to burn and wash you clean with waves so big they sometimes threaten to drag you down so deep you feel you will suffocate....but breathe you must and breathe you do.

I have learned in the most painful of ways that when you really feel that depth of connection.. , that as much as you might *own* someone, they also *own* you. The D/s paradigm works both ways. They will always be a part of you. As one of my favourite writers Jeanette Winterson said in one of her books "there is no true love that does not pierce the heart and soul". As much as they give, you give. I gave everything I could ... and I don't regret it ...even though it hurts like hell. My path now is a little blurred and uncertain and I know it would be very easy for me to slip into safe jaded cynicism .. and whilst that might provide the protection for now that I need to heal as the waves are still so rough .. I know I cannot stay there for too long.. the path must be travelled.



Passion Of The Darkmoon by Eroyan

Passion of the Dark Moon
By: Eroyan Barmy

“Come; be seated before the glowing embers of my dying fire.” The old woman spoke to her grandchild. The old woman sat in her wooden rocker, which creaked with age like her bones do moving about the cottage.

Her grandchild ever in love with her grandmother’s stories hurried to sit before the fire. Gazing into his grandmothers eyes, he listened with all his heart and soul.

“Now my dear one, you must promise me something.”

“Yes anything, grandmother.”

“You are eight-teen now, its time to become a man, and it is time I told you the tale that we have passed down since before even I was born. You must promise that after you hear it you will tell your grandchildren as well.”

“I do promise grandmother.”

“Wait until you have heard it dear one. Then make your promise, for this is a tale of a Dark Moon and passions of which only men and women can know. It is the history of your ancestors.”

“I will Grandmother.” And with that he listened quietly and tried to still his excitement.

For a moment the fire dimmed and then seemed to brighten. As grandmother’s rocking became methodical and rhythmic. The grandchild began to sway softly to the sound, as his grandmother after a time began to speak. Her voice was soothing and old with age, then as the images of her tale began to flow over him it changed to a voice of youth and strength.

“So it was in the days of Ogre King that our tale begins. On the edge of the land of fire, rose a dark tower that shimmered in the night, like a star that had fallen to the world below. It was the home of a powerful and cruel woman…”

The grandchild’s vision swam for a moment between his Grandmother, darkness, then light and back again.

“Mistress is in a foul mood tonight it seems.” Culler said to his mate.

“What makes you say that?” His mate replied.

“She has had that slave of hers bound up in her private room again. Left him there for almost all day it seems.” Culler said.

“That is not unusual you know our Mistress enjoys such pastimes.”

“Yes but it isn’t one of the lowly ones, though I reckon he doesn’t really know how much our Mistress fancies him.” Culler stated, then feeling an itch under his wing, he slid his black beak under and scratched at the itch. For you see Ravens terrible hate itching.

“You don’t mean…” Culler’s mate flapped her wings in surprise.

Nodding his head to his mate Culler said, “Yes! Yes! She has had Justin bound up there all day.”

“Oh my, she is in a foul mood.” With that Culler’s mate turned her black eyes up toward the top of the tower.

The tower gleamed in the darkness as the lava of the land of fire slowly rolled around it. The obsidian, of which it was made, reflected the glow and seemed to pulse and writhe as if alive. It was as sharp and deadly as the Lady of the tower herself. Not many worked for her free. In fact perhaps you could say only Culler and his mate were really free. They could come and go as they pleased but even they seemed to be enthralled with her, for they would only stay away a short time before they returned, eager to be at her side.

The rest were a few privileged slaves that had proven themselves useful. Some for guards and others for professions the tower needed. The rest were lowly workers, men and women brought to her for her pleasure or needs, by others seeking her favor.

She claimed no allegiance to any but her own. But if one wanted to forge the weapons of greatness, they sought her out, for she and she alone held the Dark Moon. It only obeyed her, as it had every other Mistress of the Obsidian tower throughout the ages. No one but the Lady knew what the Dark Moon was, for the ritual was always done in private. But the weapons it forged were horrible in their power and strength.

It was because of this, she was never trifled with by men or beasts. They knew all too well that every nation would turn against the one that dared tried to take the power for itself. The Lady cared not which side was which, but that they only brought the tribute she deserved. She had her passions when not being courted by nations or gifts. She loved to cause pain, it made her passions rise. So many times she had picked the most handsome or beautiful women from the slaves and kept them near her to please her. Sometimes she beat them, sometimes she took them, sometimes she just left them bound and whimpering in her throne room so she could drink in their helplessness.

Tonight it was Justin. Culler and his mate knew, better than probably her Lady herself, knew that she fancied him above all others. Justin was a handsome man who had grown strong and hard in the work of the forges of the tower. The Mistress had noticed him one day and took him from his work up into the tower proper.

Over and over, when she was in a mood, she would summon him to her. Drinking in the sounds of her whip upon his flesh, how his strong body jerked in the bonds she carefully placed him in. He would rarely scream for he was use to the pleasures of his Lady. But would cry in passion at the love she would give him in such hard ways.

She collected his tears and kept them with her. It grew so that she would even have him at her feet when she greeted visitors begging a favor from her. Tonight Justin had been summoned and before he could barely greet his Mistress. She had him stripped and bound tightly to on the floor of her chambers. Then had walked into the Chamber of the Dark Moon, there she had been for most of the day, while Justin writhed on the floor helpless.

He was thirsty, and his muscle ached as they bunched and strained at the ropes that held him tightly. The wind was not so hot up this high, but it provided no comfort to his body when it blew in from the window. He did all he could to keep his mind off himself. This was the love his Mistress could give and he worshiped her for it. He did not curse her cruelty or whine about freedom as the other slaves did. He had never known the passion or caring as someone outside the tower before. Why should he expect it, if he had freedom it would be any different? In the service of the Dark Lady, he may endure pain, suffering, humiliation, but he knew caring when he saw it. She tended to his wounds afterwards, made sure he was well before sending him back to his pen. She did the same for the others. He never could understand why they didn’t see it.

Justin’s eyes gazed at the small vials of tears, glinting by the firelight. Each one collected from her pets and looked after by herself. She would never allow anyone to touch them but her. It was then he heard the sounds from the Chamber of the Dark Moon. He turned and the wall seemed to melt away and the Mistress of the tower emerged.

Justin’s breath caught in his throat and he watched her. Her skin was a beautiful pale that was offset by the flame of her hair. Her heels clicked sharply as she emerged from the Chamber. She had been forging he could tell, for her hair was damp and softly matted to her forehead. Her skin glistened a bit from the strain but that only heighted her beauty. Her boots were laced firmly to her knees and the breeches of her pants hugged her hips. The short vest of leather that wrapped itself around her chest like a lover, only teased Justin into passion.

He blushed as she dropped her gaze to him, he could feel his cock twitching, as he fought to control it. She smiled and Justin about lost his mind. In this dark place, that smile was like an angel of the gods drifting down for a moment. Then the soft laughter and smirk of his predicament came ringing to his ears, making him shiver in delight.

“Ohhh, my poor boy.” She purred at him, as she came near.

“Good Evening Mistress Jolene.” Justin said, keeping his eyes on her boot.

She laughed softly and slid her boot closer to his lips. Obediently he placed a soft kiss upon the leather, could smell her scent and it made him shiver again.

“Watch,” she said.

Justin looked up and watched Mistress Jolene move to the table with the vials of tears. She took what looked like a ring from her side and laid it on the table. Gently she took a vial of tears from the holder and held it up.

She spoke to herself but definitely for him to hear. “Justin’s tears, mmmmm, just what I need.”

With that Justin watched as she opened the vial and poured the contents onto the ring. In an instant it flashed and steamed as if red hot. Justin watched amazed his Lady had shown him the purpose of the tears; she leaned over and blew softly along the ring. It shaped itself and formed into a shiny ring of black.

Turning back toward Justin, she picked up the ring and he could tell now it was a collar. A collar forged by the Dark Moon. She leaned down and helped him up to kneel still bound and purred at him.

“You have suffered today for a reason.”

“Yes my Lady,” Justin replied.

“It is so you do not forget your place and what has made you strong. Now I have shown you a secret that many have died trying to find out.”

Justin gulped and looked up into his Lady’s eyes trembling.

“You I claim as my own, for I do fancy you Justin above all others.”

She showed him the ring of black, the ring of the Dark Moon. It was solid and showed no hinges or welds, it seemed only big enough to fit about his neck, but how she was to get it on Justin had no clue.

“I give you the ring of the Dark Moon, Justin. All you have to do is accept it and become completely…mine.”

Justin could not breathe, and was overwhelmed at the trust Mistress Jolene was showing him. To be the personal slave of the Mistress of the Obsidian Tower, to wear the Ring of the Dark Moon, he had heard it had only happened once before.

He nodded and finally said, “I give all that I am to you, I accept.”

Her smile made him melt again as she nodded and through whatever magic the ring possessed it slid around his neck and fit perfectly. She kissed him then, hard and passionately. Justin hardly remembers the torture, the pleasures she took with him that night. All he remembered... was he was hers, the Ring of the Dark Moon about his neck, and her.

He was excused from duties that day due to only getting back to his pen early the next morning. Culler told him later he had never seen Mistress in such a passion with him before. Culler’s mate told Justin that she thought the Lady was practically smitten. Justin didn’t care he was his Lady’s and would be forever.
To be continued…

My Happy Place by Ty

It's 12:30pm on an August Wednesday. I'm looking out the window of my airplane, and nothing has changed for the last hour. We haven't moved an inch since we rolled away from the gate. I can see that gate in fact. It's now filled with another plane, and those passengers are free to bath in the air conditioning of the terminal if they wish. This packed plane of passengers is taking on the role of a breakfast sausage link cooking on the tarmac griddle.
I'm already going to miss my connection and at least the first afternoon on the beach drinking. If it were a business trip I probably wouldn't mind so much, but I'm missing my valuable vacation. The guy next to me keeps talking to me. I'm a bit amused that he hasn't noticed that I haven't responded to him in over 15 minutes. Maybe I'll time how long it takes him to figure it out.

" You know this isn't so bad stuck on the runway. It used to take weeks to cross the country in a covered wagon." (covered wagon folk would have shot this guy along the trail) "I'm originally from Missouri. You know most wagon trains started out from St. Louis. Lewis and Clark......." (this guy is the reason we can't carry guns on the plane. I'd almost rather be hijacked than tortured to death in this heat listening to Americana trivia.)

Finally, I interrupt him. "Would you like a piece of gum? My dentist was telling me it's good for your mouth." (hint hint... I'm not sure which is worse his breath or his body odor). He thwarts me like a true nemesis though.
"Oh! I'd love a piece. You know I'm best friends with my dentist. Carl’s his name. We go fishing all the time. He says fish oil is amazing for your health. Fish oil comes in capsules now..............”

I slump a little turn and look out the window at the hot asphalt and air conditioned terminal once again. I feel my chest tighten. This sensation in my chest triggers a thought in my head though. A thought of a much better place I’d rather be. I let my mind wander towards it. The blah blah fish blah in my ear is fading. The tightening in my chest starts to feel more like a pressure across my shoulders. My arms feel pinned back. My hips flexed up rigid.
The image in my mind starts to focus. I am prone on my back along a bench or pole. My feet and arms are pulled down and bound almost as if I am the bench. My chest and hips pointed up. Across my chest and shoulders sits my beautiful Mistress. She is half smiling half serious. She is looking at me concerned and amused. I start to struggle a little, but the restraints and her position keep me locked secure. Her skirt is bunched up just under my chin. Finally she speaks as I drift further into this scene.

"Calm down boy. You're not going anywhere. You don't need to move. You are right where I want you. Now, settle down and enjoy it." Her words are immediately relaxing because they are non optional. I do as I'm instructed, and the tension starts to ebb. My eyes brighten as I actually enjoy the feel of her weight on my chest. With a satisfied little smile she lifts the hem of her skirt and drapes it over my head as she inches forward up my chest. "Now lick me like I like it, and maybe I'll reach back and show my appreciation." I hear her purrs immediately as I get serious about my vacation.

I'm jostled back into my reality as the plane lurches forward finally towards takeoff. Again this flight has been disappointing. Maybe I'll have to visit the tiny lavatory in mid-flight and revisit my happy place.

"....... and Carl's wife Marge makes her own greeting cards. She sells them through friends and family. I could show you some of her designs. Save you a trip to the mall.........."
Ty Oddfellow

Owned Part 1 By Lady Tora

I awoke with a start; fear surging through me, making my hear beat wildly. Where was I? What am I doing here? I looked around frantically in the dark trying to get my bearings. Slowly my mind began to work and focus. I begin to list the things I did know. I was in a darkened room, lying on a cot. I was naked except for this piece of metal around my neck. A collar. With that single phrase, everything came flooding back. I knew exactly where I was and why I was there. I belonged to Her. I was waiting in my cell for Her to need or want me. Like a dog listening for something moving in the bush, I lifted my head and focused on trying to hear Her familiar heel clicks on the stone floor outside my cell.

There was movement in the hall but it didn't sound like Her. I slipped from my cot and knelled on the cold floor as instructed anyways. Last thing I needed was to anger Her for not obeying. I held my breath and kept my eyes lowered to the floor as I heard the lock on my door being disengaged. Light flooded the room for a moment before it was mostly blocked by a large form casting a shadow over me. It was not Her like I hoped. Fear surged through me once again making me sweat despite the chill of the room. Who was this and what did he or she want? The form moved into my cell and was quickly followed by another equally large one. I tried to swallow but my mouth had gone dry. What did they want with me? What was going to happen? My mind raced with questions and possible answers. Each one worse than the other, scaring me more and more. Was She tired of me? Was I being released and sent on my way?

The forms that I now recognized as Her constant bodyguards moved toward me and between the two of them, easily lifted me by my arms and started to carry me out of the cell. I opened my mouth to protest and demand to know what was going on but something in the look on their faces told me it was a waste of time and probably would end up with me being in a whole world of trouble and pain. They carried me down the hall toward the room I knew as the dungeon and I almost sighed in relief when it looked like they were going to take me there. I had to suppress a gasp of surprise and fear when they turned away and headed down a hallway I had never been down before. As we ventured further and further, noise that I could not immediately make out could be heard. As we got more and more toward the end of the hall, I was able to figure out it was voices; a man and a woman. I could now see an open door at the end of the hall where no doubt the noise was coming from. Curiosity was starting to win over my fear.

I listened intently and it soon became apparent that the female voice was Her but I was not prepared for what that voice was doing. My eyes went wide, trying to make sense of what I was hearing. Pleasure. The noises She was making were ones of pleasure. My eyes went even wider when the male voice gave a responding low moan of pleasure and not pain as I would have expected. I looked up at my companions to see if I could read from their faces what was going on but they were stone still and offering no hints as always.

We stopped at the open door and my escorts forced me to kneel and wait. From this spot I could see partly into the room which has become fairly obvious is a bedroom. I could make out two figures on a large bed and it took me a moment to realize that I was not really looking into the room but instead seeing a reflection of the room. I was looking at a wall that was one big mirror. I watched fascinated, trying to reconcile the sounds I was hearing and the image in the mirror. Her naked back and ass rose and fell rhythmically as it occurred to me that She was straddling a lucky man, riding him for Her pleasure. I knew I shouldn't watch this imitate exchange but I could not lower my eyes or turn away. Her movement and the sound of Her voice keep my attention.

I continued to watch as She fucked the unknown man, growling on occasion that he belonged to Her... that he was Her slut to use for Her pleasure... that he was to stay hard and not to cum... that he was nothing but a sex toy for Her pleasure and Her pleasure alone. I could feel my face flush with not only embarrassment at witnessing this scene but also because I was highly aroused, imagining myself as that boy. Oh the honour of being used like that. I marveled at the other slave's control. I don't think I could do it and I could hear the strain of trying to hold back in his voice each time he answered Her with, "Yes Mistress".

She growled and cried out as her movements became more erratic. It was obvious She was about to climax. My eyes stayed glued to the mirror as Her back arched, Her head threw back and everything seemed to stand still for a moment. Even though I could not see Her face, I could just imagine how magnificent She looked. How I would have loved to witness this moment with being able to see Her face. I wondered if the pleasure was visible on it or if She was always that controlled that you could not see it. And just as quickly as the moment happened, it was over. I watched as She unceremoniously moved off Her partner. When he gave a corresponding groan at being left so hard and unsatisfied, She quickly slapped his face, reminding him harshly that he was only there for Her pleasure, not ever his.

She moved away from the bed, picked up a dark silk robe and slipped into it but did not secure the tie at the waist. Instead it hung open and offered glimpses of Her body as She moved. She sat at a vanity and began to brush Her hair before She drawled, "Bring him in and take this one away now." My face heated again in embarrassment at Her knowing that I just witnessed her exchange with the other slave. My escorts immediately lifted me into the room and secured my collar to a chain attached to the floor. I immediately kneeled and put my hands on the back of my neck as I have been instructed to do always in her presence. I kept my eyes on the ground as I heard the guards undo the other slave from the bed and drag him out of the room.

To be continued....

A Poem by Wheels

I love being a Dominion liaison, and enjoy the pay.
Even when Miss Eva and the Ladies just say obey!
I love Mistress, she is the best and Ladies and all the rest.
I love Dominion and its wonderful location, I hate to leave even for vacation.
i love the furniture on which I cannot sit, even when my knees hurt a bit.
I think job is really swell, I love to help and hope I do it well.
But now for Lady Zarita who does confessions and so much for us,
Just please Lady Zarita, don’t run over me when you drive your big yellow bus.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Impromptu Anonymous Confessions

Below are a series of impromptu confessions offered anonymously at the August 20th Confessions Event.

Night wrapped it's arms with warm caress and gentle kiss,
releasing my restless limbs.
And dreaming left me damp with stinging desire satiated by your body.
If dreams were vats of grape filled gold then I have drunk until my skin takes on their bloom,
Dawn woke me with her fingers tracing spirals down my back,
Know it is you with me, a presence I carry deep in my soul,
sun stroked spheres that dreaming turns to liquid love.
Feel you enfold me and starving eyes devour my naked frame.
offer you my soft breasts for my gratification, unconditionally, irrevocably.

We're wandering down a path in the sun, its a nice day. He's a step behind me as I always lead. The path winds around nice gardens and there are a few other out and about enjoying the day like us. As the sun is out He's shirtless and I look back at him takin in his fine form allowing a smile to play across my face. He notices and looks to the ground with a small grin as well. I offer him my hand and he takes it without question and i lead him off the path and inot the bushes..

We're hidden in amoung the tress, bushes and flowers, the path is 5 steps from us but we're hidden enough to be alone. I don't say a word and point to the ground, he immediatly drops top his knees. I place a finger on my lips to indicate no noise and he smiles and nods understanding me perfectly. I lower down to meet him and begin to unbutton his shorts hes begun to get hard already... my hands work quickly and its not llong before my boy is nude in front of me in the bushes...

I push his chest and he lays down, the bushes breaking under his weight and stickin into him. We never say a word, but grin stupidly. I straddle him and rub myself on his ever hardening cock... as I'm wearing a skirt and g-string, I don't need to undress... I expertly slide my g-string to the side and let him enter me...

We exit the bushes like nothing has happened laughing and enjoying the sunny day

A nice quickie ;p

In the darkness...

Naked, spread-eagled,
staked to the ground with
metal tent stakes...

Lightning flashes
behind the blindfold....

Thunder rumbles.

I hear her footsteps fade away.

Silence in the darkness.

Heart pounding.

Cock throbbing.

Breath coming faster.




In the darkness.

I confess I suffer from a sever case of word vomit.
I say too much.
I think too much.
I say what I think too much.

"It's a gift to allow yourself to be so vulnerable" people tell me.

Is it though? is it really?
...I often feel like my insides are being torn apart...

It's really kind of funny how I tend to torture myself more than anyone else has ever had the ability to do.

I can take physical pain rather well, dare I say I prefer it. At least I know that the bruises will fade, the wounds will heal. I can watch them heal.

I confess I suffer from a sever case of word vomit.
I say too much.
I think too much.
I say what I think too much.

"It's a gift to allow yourself to be so vulnerable" people tell me.

Is it though? is it really?
...I often feel like my insides are being torn apart...

It's really kind of funny how I tend to torture myself more than anyone else has ever had the ability to do.

I can take physical pain rather well, dare I say I prefer it. At least I know that the bruises will fade, the wounds will heal. I can watch them heal.

i love being bound and gagged as much as i do enjoy doing the binding, becvause as soon as i tie someone, i want to join the if there are 2 playpartners are there and we always play SSC as well as i don't ever leave my bound playpartner, both here in SL and in RL

I am madly in love with someone who doesn't want me.

I'm considering taking on another boy but no one knows about it, including my own sub.

In rl I spend time every day in my garden. i kiss my flower buds and caress the
stems and leaves. I whisper to all my plants. Some of them know me. Some can reply. A few are cold, distant or non-responsive.

They're all very different, even plants of the same variety.

I love to help my Mistress with the laundry. My favorite part is the folding of the panties (when Mistress allows). My job is to keep them color coordinated and in the proper place based on the day of the week. I love folding the sexy silky ones, it is almost inhibriating. Sometimes I get lost in a big basket of panties. What could be a very menial job becomes exhilirating. The soft fabric on my fingertips...sometimes I will smell them to get the full effect...mmmmmmmmmm

I confess that sometimes I just can't be bothered.

I want to scream at some, and slap others.

I wish I didn't care about them. I wish you meant nothing.

I want to ignore you.

I confess that I really don't want to share my confessions tonight. So they will continue to form in my mind.

Nice dommes finish first.

At least, for me, nice dommes finish first. There is a place for all the rough bluster and posturing, but most often it leave me flat, wondering if they are trying to convince their audience, or themselves.

But a nice domme has a strength, and a confidence that I am drawn to. She is easiest to be vulnerable with. Her cruelty is in a pleasure delayed, her company. Sharing laughter until our cheeks hurt stain my cheeks with a blush more pleasing then that of angry humiliation.

I worship the nice domme, her strength, her confidence. I don't fear her punishment, but I am terrified of her dissapointment. Her lips, when granted, are sweeter then any boot, her caress grabs my attention more sharply then any whip.

When I please her, this nice domme, I feel like I pleased a person who feels me, hears me, connects with me. Her intimacy is a treasure, not rough prison sex, and I arch against her nails as much as I shrink from harsh, empty criticism.

(As requested Lady Evangeline, here is my confession!)

Forgive me Miss for I have sinned.
It has been one hour since my last confession.

Within that Hour I have;

I have swam in a Dommes pool without permission and clogged her pool filter.
I have helped myself to her beer, which I enjoyed while sitting on her pool chaise lounge.
I have chewed the following items; one pair of boots from Bax Boots, one pair of high heeled sandles from Eva footwear and one black leather clutch purse.
I have taken and hidden one Dominion Police Uniform and One cheerleading outfit.
I have chewed the legs of several Dominion Couches.
I have hunted, killed and consumed two Dominion Rabbits.

That's all I have done Miss, but after all it was only one hour.

I am heartily sorry for these my misdoings.

Am I forgiven and exhonerated now Miss?

A Fantasy by Soren

A Fantasy
By Soren Outlander
Completed on assignment from Miss Susannah Clary

"And what makes you think you can wear clothes around here?"

The door had opened without my hearing it and she walked in on me. Quick as a whip came a torrent of guilt, as if I had done everything everything wrong (I had, of course). It had been about three months since I started this little once a week assignment at her apartment and not once had she come home. Obviously something was different on this particular Tuesday afternoon.

On hearing her voice I went to my knees and left everything I was doing on the kitchen table. The response almost involuntary by now.

"What is all that fabric still doing on my property?"

Without saying a word, I began unbuttoning my shirt feeling like the word "guilty" was written all over everything inside me. I kind of had to awkwardly lie down to remove my pants, which I'm sure she enjoyed. She immediately collected everything and swatted my bare backside. "Go ahead and continue now until I come back." She knew I couldn't stay very long. We had scheduled this weekly task to fall between two of my standing appointments. I enjoy hers better but my workday also makes demands.

I stood back up and resumed my task, only a little concerned that all my clothes had disappeared from the room a scant twenty minutes before I had to leave for my work meeting. In no time at all the clicking of heels and that tingle along the lower vertebrae told me my Mistress was returning. "Kneel and face me when I enter a room, boy." I turned and lowered myself to the floor once more. (Not many understand that a D/s lifestyle comes with aerobic advantages. )

In any case, there, dangling before my lowered gaze was a long length of thin leather cord. I had seen this particular notion before and knew well the intent. Mistress sat in one of her padded oak kitchen chairs: snappy skirt, aforementioned heels, one leg crossed over the other in that maddening manner that she adopts.

"Allright, stand over here," she indicated a spot before the chair.
"Hands behind your back."
I rose again and stood in the appointed spot wherein Mistress proceeded to meticulously apply that dangley oddment to my loins. With an expertise born of unquenchable passion, she wound it round and round and round, forming specially choreographed circlings of my achy, naked cock and balls. Separating, confining, and constricting all at once, and drawing unheeded gasps and helplessly ejaculated noises from her subject.

A "There," concluded her work (with just a hint of pleasure). "That you'll wear until you're back here tonight." With that she held the delicate package she'd made in one hand and proceeded to slap it with the other - causing sudden unintelligible feelings that nearly doubled me over, squirting noise again from my mouth. "Don't you ever...EVER....wear clothes in this house. Is that absolutely crystal?"
Another harsh slap and I was on the floor - this time gasping for air. "Is that clear?"

The "Yes, Ma'am." from my lips were sounds more intended than actual at that point. My stricken brain eventually sorted out sounds of a faucet running, a glass filling with water. It also made out an infinitely gentler voice say, "Back on your knees when you can, Soren dear." The refrigerator door opened and closed, a few kitchen counter items rearranged themselves. Somehow during this I had managed to climb all the way back to my knees, my efforts rewarded by the sight of her black heels stepping into my oh so submissive view of cold linoleum.

After a moment, I heard the water glass set down on the table and saw the hem of her skirt rise out of view. "Now. I've been wearing these all day, Soren, and I want fresh ones." I looked up to see a somewhat mischievous smile and that beguiling look from her brown eyes that still turns my insides into puddles of want.

This part, at least, was well rehearsed and brought a well welcomed, comforting intimacy. Reaching up, I gently slid my thumbs between her flesh and that silky, coveted treat. Then sifting through every single molecule of air for her scent, I slowly drew Mistress' dirty panties past her sex and then down, down her delicious legs until they eventually became a kind of tawdry, decorative setting around her slave-polished heels.

I waited as first one foot, then the other stepped out and held completely still, a kneeling slave statue stretching used cream colored panties (per ritual). Eventually she shattered the spell with, "I'll have the blue ones now, Soren."

Suddenly I'm standing again at the kitchen table mindlessly lifting Mistress' choice from the ordered piles of freshly laundered underthings that consume the best part of any Tuesday. On the floor again I stretch them wide for her and my film runs in reverse with black heels stepping back into garment gaps, the panties sliding up, up, up delicious legs, passing over her sex as slow as humanly possible, until finally coming to rest. A coverlet for my dreams. After a moment's attention to the proper placement of elastics, Mistress drops her skirt back into place.

"Very good, Soren. That's coming along. Now. Your clothes and things are in your drawer upstairs, where they belong. You may put them on AFTER you put my things away properly."

She then took the dirty panties from the table and wadded them up. "Open wide," was all she had to say. My jaw dropped open and she pushed her dirty, morning panties into my mouth. "Those you'll wash by hand before you leave, boy."

She then gathered up her purse and sunglasses and briskly headed for the front door. "Oh and Soren, be on your best behavior tonight. After this little incident you might find that cock tied to the bedpost again."

Through the dirty, wadded fabric in my mouth came a "Yes, Ma'am." (It's all I ever really need to say.)

Confession by Lady Persephone

We have known each other for three years, our flirting intense but lacking any physical consummation, this is due to a discrepancy in our sexual proclivities , both of us are dominant by nature. Then one day he made a mistake, he challenged me - if I could bind him he would submit to me for one night. I love a challenge and I’d lied of course, pretended I would act honourable and stick to him boot licking and kissing my slippery succulent cunt. We met up to watch a performance at the theatre and as usual that silent powerful sexual tension between us was palpable. Bodies grazing against each other as our eyes followed the action on stage. Little did he know I was staging my own little performance with him in the lead role suspended from the beam in my bathroom.

In my bathroom he realises he is bound, awakening from his dreamlike state, not knowing who helped me get him there, just snatches delivered by his senses , his body pulled, dragged and scrapped in and out of a taxi and up the narrow stairs.
Stretched tall against the wall; the bare Victorian beam a reminder of how the house has been transformed over time, and how it now supports him, a perfect height to pit muscle against sinew. His feet are flat on the floor, just, no more. He cannot quite understand how he got there, just a dim memory of a beautiful woman, the theatre, a meal, a drink , and then a vague sense of being in a place where reality meets insanity. He had been promised that a fantasy of his would be made real but he tries to remember what that fantasy was, as it certainly did not involve this cold clinical bathroom with its shelves of lotions and potions.

I enter the bathroom disturbing his concentration on his painful limbs. I have removed my cocktail dress and slipped into my silk robe, its black and gold rustling sensuously over my nakedness. I move towards the sink and turn the cold tap on; reach for my toothbrush . He watches me silently as I clean my teeth, the buzzing echoing around the room.

Then I turn, my brush still buzzing and move towards him. I hold it to the base of his throat where it beats its rapid pulse on his. I press it so the motor struggles, pull it away, press again. I move it over his neck, run it along his tensed shoulder. Form my lips into a cupids bow as if to kiss him but place my brush on his lower lip and push it against his teeth , his eyes darken with frustration, he wants control and I will give him none.

I stand back, look him in the eye, lean in and place the brush to his right nipple, he curses me and squirms, the sensation revealing his vulnerability. His desire dilates his pupils and anger and arousal fight for the upper hand. I am so near yet untouchable, taunt him in a voice low and husky with passion. I return the brush to his nipple bring my lips to the other suckling firmly, he yelps in pleasure and dismay that his body can betray him this way.

As I return the toothbrush to its place he tells me I won’t get away with this, but I remind him it is he who is bound not I. The mild sedative I slipped into his drink has worn off and his eyes burn with ready to be delivered retribution.

I take my time taunting him, silly things that enrage him further, I gel his hair adding clips and bows; he looks ridiculous. He writhes and swears with an eloquence that is truly impressive. He kicks out trying to keep me at bay, but his arms ache unbearably , muscles knotted. I note that his long skinny shaft topped by its well shaped circumcised head inflates and deflates like some leaky party balloon that is being blown up only to go flaccid again.

He has the audacity to try and bargain with me, let him down and he won’t demand payback, I laugh, I am not that naïve!

I tease him some more, spray him with cold water, lather him up with my shower cream ( vanilla scented ironically ) rinse it off. Shave his pubic hair- very badly. Get his phone and hold it in front of his face, locate his mother’s number ready to hit the call button. He calls me insane and the bitch queen from hell.
I say I will release him when he has sung a sea shanty and I scrub his “decks” as he does with my back brush.

I have decided there will be no “sex” , the sort where body slides over body in panting, pounding animal lust, because I have slaked my interest in his body. Three years of gut wrenching lust washed away in one night in my bathroom.

Awkward Silence by Gia

I've exhausted all my words,
Left only with letters unsent.


Broken up and shoved in notebooks...
Hidden in closets...
Hidden from her eyes...
Eyes too big for their frames,
Stale with time.

Her back to my front,
My front to her back,
My face in her hair...
Lavender and shampoo
Scents of time well spent.

And the lingering stench of words unspoken...

And I'm lying here broken
Between a woman and a life
Will it be the pills or the knife?

Some end to this...
Life spent indecisive and afraid;
Life spent hiding under the covers...
Tucked away from their eyes,
Eyes too small for their frames
Beady and squinting...

A life I'm too afraid to live...
So I lie here broken
Into tiny pieces...

One for my mother
One for the strife,
One for every other,
And every other for the knife...

My tiny piece to cut out the life
I need.

Each scar, a road I've travelled,
Hidden in my sleeves...
Dragging the blade.
Watching it bleed...

Because I've exhausted all my words,
Left only with letters unspent.

I stand here.

Vanilla By Lady Rubi


I toss in the softness and warmth of my bed, my eyelids weigh too much and I just swirl in between the sheets ... 10 more minutes.

The splash of water from the shower can be heard and I smile, that sound so familiar, followed by the delicious aroma of fresh, clean skin helps me to wake up ... 5 more minutes.

The muffled sound of his footsteps on the floor of the room moving quietly to avoid waking me up, so nice and considerate.
Of course, after he left exhausted last night is the least he can do.

He sits on the edge of the bed and waits for me to finish waking up, He’d heard me purring between the sheets.
I stretch my arm and caress the fresh soft skin of his bare thigh, I point out his side of the bed and he settles down beside me, I slip over his chest. It feels so good.

"Vanilla" I mutter.

A key to give permission to do as he pleases in bed, I'm comfortable in his arms, and I will not even lift a finger.
It's funny, he does not like hearing that word but has no other choice to take over and guess what I want. I can feel his doubts, his confusion. What will he do?
I take advantage of his hesitation and I slip down to his groin, my eyelids are still closed and I have no energy to move, but I want him and that won’t stop me.
I feel his fingers glide through my hair and my shoulders, gently massaging, twisting a strand between his fingers.
My chin rests on the mound of his crotch; the towel against my face feels rough. I remove it.
I love ... to feel him naked, clean, with his dark hair still wet, and by then his erection is visible. I caress his cock, my eyelids closed yet, an idea comes to mind. I doubt a bit, I have no energy, I will not move, but I wish ...

He did not move; waiting for my next move, my fingers gently stroking his erection, I guide his cock into my mouth. That dilemma.
Do not want to move yet.

Yet my lips close around the hard shaft. I assure my position in bed, lying on my side. And languidly slipped my tongue over the tip of his cock.
He groans and contracts the muscles of his abdomen. And he waits ...
I do not move, do not open my eyes, do not give indications of anything, I just lie there, playing with the tip in my mouth. He is confused; he does not know if I will get it all the way in or if I'm just provoking. Too passive for me is unusual.

My lips are not enough, my tongue is not enough. My teeth on the other hand ...

I settle firmly the tip of his penis with my teeth, my jaw clenched, and no contact with my tongue or my lips now. Only my teeth.
I hear him moan, trying to retract, I lock a little more my bite, I do not let him go now that I've taste him. He is still, no eye contact only the strong bite, my mouth open and my teeth on the silky, hard tip of his member.
He tries to move but can’t, every move he makes cause me to grip it harder.

"Vanilla, Mistress?" He asks as he gasps.

I nod and finally, I look at his face.

And then he pushes hard, his member into my mouth, scratching against my sharp teeth, slowly, seeking to feel the wetness of my tongue caressing the tip of his penis eagerly without loosening my jaw pressure on his shaft.

He moans and groans out loud when he withdraws his cock of my mouth, just a little at a time, leaving skin scratched, red, tender and wet. He breathes deeply and decides to push his penis again in my mouth. The scratched and sore skin has a salty taste. He keeps pushing slowly to feel the depth of my mouth and throat, I settle to breathe well while his body sweats and contracts with every inch that runs through my teeth. I can feel his cock still hard and the taste of pre cum is diluted with my saliva, this time my lips close in the skin hurt and my tongue licks the hard rod going out.
Once again, he is taking command of the depth and speed; I'm just lying there, enjoying it and holding it while he penetrates my mouth again and again...

Cawfee - A True Story by Anonymous

A random IM bearing a delightful suprise popped up one night and a coffee date was made with a new friend at the local bookstore in my town. Getting ready, I wondered what my fellow Domme would be like. I had met other virtual friends before real life and wasn't nervous and well, it was a public place so if she showed up with her flogger things would be interesting indeed.

After arranging details on the phone, I stood waiting outside scanning the parking lot. I recognized the lovely woman walking to the entrance immediately and waved. We hugged like old friends and entered, standing in line to get our beverages and chatting. Sitting down the conversation flowed easily about family and mutual friends. Then, as always, it wandered over into our virtual lives.

She suddenly said: "He'd rather whack off on skype more than anything..".

I laughed and glanced over as a young asian man looked up from his laptop with a startled expression in our direction. I shrugged as if to say: "Yea skype, I know right?" and turned my attention back to my friend.

The conversation continued: "his cock is so huge..."

A lady in her 60's, the epitome of a bible study teacher, looked over at us scowling wearing her best church lady mask. I glared back, the unspoken: "yea, she said cock, what of it? Jesus had one."

A couple hours later we hugged our goodbyes and I whistled a tune while trying to find the car I loose in every parking lot. I ruminated on how something can seem completely normal to two people and to others it would be shocking. But in the back of my mind I knew that little asian boy was downloading skype and church lady was googling "cock".

Suggested Dominion Constitutional Amendments By Erique

# Dominion Constitutional Amendments
Protects, for Dominant Women only, the freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as the right to assemble and petition the Ladies of the Dominion.
Protects the right for a Domme to bear arms, including floggers, whips, crops, paddles, and bows and arrows generally and specifically during slave hunts, but prohibits any submissive and any griefer from bearing arms.
Allows the forced drawing and quartering of submissives at any time whatsoever, whether there is a war or not.
Allows unreasonable searches and seizures of submissive owned property and sims and sets out requirements for search warrants based with or without probable cause.
Sets out rules for indictment by any Lady of the Dominion, grand jury and eminent domain, eliminates the right on the part of any submissive to due process, and requires self-incrimination and double jeopardy.
Mandates that all submissives will have speedy and certain public trials, including the rights to be notified of the accusations, to uselessly confront the accuser, to obtain witnesses should any be stupid enough to come forth (good luck with that; see, infra, 20th Amendment hereto) and to retain incompetent counsel.
Provides for the right to trial by Her Judgery, in all cases, according to whatever rules come to mind.
Encourages excessive fines and excessive bail, as well as cruel and deliciously unusual punishment, including, without limitation, by hanging, guillotine, or by having to wear humiliating signs and clothing.
Asserts the existence of unenumerated secret rights retained by the Women of the Dominion, subject to change at any time.
Expands the powers of the Ladies of the Dominion to those that they wish to exercise at the time
Provides that no submissive shall have immunity even if they have a real life including out-of-state submissives and slaves and foreigners even if living in SL 24/7. Lays the foundation for Imperial Femdom.
Appoints Miss Eva, Miss Zarita and Miss Destiny among many Others as important Ladies.
Establishes submission, slavery and other forms of voluntary and involuntary servitude, as worthy causes.
Deleted as irrelevant.
Denies submissive and slave suffrage without regard to race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
Allows the Ladies of the Dominion to exact fees and taxes as a condition of entrance into the sim.
Allows the Ladies of the Dominion to select their own leaders any which way they want.
Establishes Prohibition of alcohol (Repealed by Twenty-first Amendment).
Reiterates Domme suffrage.
Fixes the dates of Trials known as the "good luck subbie amendment".
Repeals the Eighteenth Amendment known as the "lets party amendment".
Provides that any Lady can be a leader for however long She wants
Makes sure that no submissive shall have a say in anything unless otherwise asked to pipe up and even then refer to the 20th Amendment, supra.
Allows for the revocation of all rights for bad behavior.
Deleted as irrelevant.
Establishes the official age at which Avitars shall be banned
Deleted as irrelevant.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Married Part 2 By Alistair

I woke the next day refreshed and smiling. Although I still had to keep looking at this device on my cock to remind myself that it was all very real. I was about to take a shower and head to work when I realized I needed to call in sick. Melissa wanted to take me shopping. Shopping for what, though? I quickly found my cell and called in to work, leaving a message for my boss that I had some personal things to deal with today. No sooner had I tossed my phone on the bed when it beeped with a text message. It was Melissa:

“Hello, my love. Please remember to call in sick to work. Don’t bother taking a shower or shaving or eating any breakfast yet. I will be there in ten minutes. Unlock the front door and be waiting for me naked and on your knees.”

My head was again in fog. I was still being told what to do like I was some sort of slave. What’s more, I was doing it all without complaint. And here I was again, kneeling at my front door waiting for Melissa to arrive.

She walked in, pausing with the door wide open. My mind immediately panicked that one of my neighbors would see me there like this. She walked in, stepping to one side, allowing the outside world to see in even more. I felt myself fidget as though trying to hide behind something. What the hell was I thinking? Where was I going to hide? She seemed to be watching me struggle with the realization of my exposure. She had the most devious smile on her face as she slowly closed the door, watching me take a deep breath in relief.

Melissa didn’t speak for a few minutes. She just stood there; walked slowly around me and then told me to take her bag and follow her. Once again, I did what she said without asking. How did I become so docile? She walked straight in my bedroom, paused and looked around, clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth a few times and simply sighed.

“We’ll deal with this later. Put the bag on the chair.” She said, pointing off to one side. “Go get us two more chairs,“ she directed.

I returned with two chairs from the dining room and set them down where she pointed. She sat in one. I was about to sit in the other when she stopped me, pointing to the floor at her feet. I knelt down at her feet. She leaned forward, guiding my arms above my head and directing me to cross them at the wrists. Using the toe of her boot, she pushed my knees apart and then directed me to sit up straight, instead of sitting back on my heels.
She began to fondle my caged cock with her right hand while using her left to push my chin up and out of the way. I couldn’t see a thing she was doing, but I could feel it. She checked the lock, then fidgeted with how the cage was configured on me. Finally, she pulled at few of the genital hairs and told me all that would have to go. She reached into her bag and pulled out bag of throw-away razors and a bottle of shaving cream. She set them beside me, but said nothing.

Again she reached into her bag. She pulled out four shackles and some rope. She rose, taking some of the rope with her. She was doing something to the bed behind me. I didn’t dare look. She motioned for me to move the chair I was in to a specific spot and motioned for me to kneel in front of it like it were some kind of confessional. She attached two of the shackles to my ankles and I could feel her tying the rope to them. She then added the shackled to my wrists and motioned for me to wrap my arms around the seat of the chair. She proceeded to connect them together. She placed the other chair between my spread legs and moved the chair with her bag on it right beside me.

Upon sitting on the chair between my legs, she began to speak, finally. “I know things are happening fast for you right now, my love. But this part of our relationship must, by necessity, move quickly. I’ve taken my time in preparing you for this. However, at this point in our relationship, things must move a bit more rapidly. I know you’ve been a good boy and have not masturbated in a very, very long time. And I am very proud of you for that. It truly showed me how much you love me. But, a man must, unfortunately, for his health’s sake, have some release on occasion. You’re not yet prepared to be allowed to enjoy cumming. But you do need some release. “

At this point, I felt something very cold against my anus. Melissa began rubbing some sort of ointment all over me. Before I could get used to the coldness, I was alerted to her finger beginning to probe my hole. Yet, she kept speaking to me as though she were doing nothing that would ever shock my mind.

“There are other ways to help you get the necessary release without unnecessarily permitting you to enjoy it,” she said, adding a second finger to my opening. She continued, “I have a nice little…something…that will assist in helping release what’s in those very full balls of yours. All you have to do is sit there and breathe for me. Can you do that?”

I was so confused and overwhelmed by what was happening, what I was allowing to happen, that I didn’t respond to her question. I jumped with more shock as she smacked my ass.

“ I said, ‘can you do that?’”

“Y-yess…yes, I’m sorry.”

Another smack! “I told you to call me ‘Mistress’.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy. “

After she removed her fingers, I heard some sounds but couldn’t see what she was doing. Moments after the sounds stopped, one of her hands rested onto my lower back as she began to press something against my opening. It felt like she was trying to shove a Mac truck up my ass. I screamed out and pulled against the chair. She paused, holding the Mac truck partially inside me and smacked my ass again. I knew what that was for. I said I would breathe and sit still. So I breathed and tried to relax. I think I counted all eighteen wheels of that Mack truck as she drove them inside me. As she paused, holding Mac completely inside, she began to wiggle it back and forth. OMG, the feeling of the tip rubbing against my prostate was more than I could bear. I could literally feel my semen begin to trickle up the length of my urethra. I was hugging the chair in such a way that I could see that Melissa had placed a plate on the floor underneath me and that it was beginning to fill with my white liquid.

She continued to do this for several minutes before slowly pulling Mac out of me with a pop. She smacked my ass once more, declaring me sufficiently relieved. After untying me, I thought I would just collapse on the floor, but she wasn’t done, apparently. She tapped me on the hip and pointed to the plate with all my cum on it. I knew what she wanted me to do and couldn’t believe that I was once again doing it, without so much as a whimper of complaint. While I lapped it all up she smacked my ass several more times reminding me of how kind she was for even thinking about my well being. She suggested that I would never ever be so ungrateful again for her kindness.

I thanked her several times between licks of the plate. I couldn’t finish that plate fast enough. I thanked her one final time when I was done. When I was finished she had me stand, unlocked my cage and handed it to me. She told me to go shower and shave all the hair off of my cock and balls.

In the shower, it took me several minutes before I could even think of moving. I just stood there in shock and in pain. It took me quite awhile to shave and shower. By the time I returned to the bedroom, I saw that she had been going through my closet. Half my clothes were thrown onto the floor into a pile. She had done the same with the clothes in my dresser. I stood there naked, looking like a dope with my mouth open at what she had done.

“Don’t worry, darling. I left the good clothes for you to wear to work in the closet. Those you will throw out,” she said, pointing to pile on the floor. “You won’t be needing them anymore. We’ll get you new stuff today. There’s what you’ll wear for our shopping trip.” She said, nodding her head toward some clothes hanging over one of the chairs. “Tomorrow, you’ll move the rest of your good clothes to the first bedroom down the hall. This will be my room. We’ll need to have it painted and re-decorated, of course.”

She looked at me, realizing I was terrified at the implications. “Oh, don’t worry, darling. You’ll be sleeping in here with me most nights. But I do have some ‘friends’ who would rather you not be in here when they are ‘entertaining’ me. Now get dressed. And bag up all these clothes. We’ll dump them on our way to the mall.”

I began to get dressed..but was stopped short immediately when I couldn’t find any underwear. I turned to look at her. She was waiting for me to notice that. “You’ll go commando today, since we’re throwing out all your underwear. But don’t worry, our first stop will be Victoria’s Secret.” She smiled and reminded me to put the cage back on before getting dressed, then walked out of the room.

Incandesent By Lady Persephone


waiting alone
separated by stars
light years

galaxies spawned
expanding legion
bright orbs

swarming symphony
spiral arms
atom bound

quantum cadence
celestial heartbeat
star clad

our cyberspace
dark matter revealed
My collared

carbon based life
animated by love
earth bound

Scream by Dash Gibbs

Once a week, he stopped by the ice cream shop. He tried to keep the days consistent, it didn't always work. Wednesday was the day he might see her.

It's the same thing, same as it can be after three times: she walks in, orders (the first time it was Sherbet, she kept saying "Sherbet" over and over, the next time it as mint chocolate chip, the last time was mint chocolate chip, so good it must have been a repeat).

And he stares but tries not to stare. She's beyond cute. It's pretty, but with some kind of...something else. It's not that she's inelegant, she's just… bouncy. She moves, she bobs, she weaves. Sometimes it might be gliding but that could be the sugar rush turning into brain freeze. And her heels…
He missed Wednesday. Thursday he went anyway. Mostly for her, but the August special was really good.

The line spilled outside. Summer heat and humidity and six more days of projected heat and humidity causes some lines at the ice cream shop. Making his way through the line, he got a stool at the front window.

She wasn't there. Ice cream fills in for many things, but doesn't make up for the lack of a stolen glance. Or really long stare. …those heels…

"I've seen you here before," she said. He turned his head, she was beside him. She must have been in line behind him, or off to the side or…

"I don't know you could avoid ice cream on a day like today," she said. He smiled.

"…yeah, it's just too hot to move, much less move without ice cream," he said.

They laughed. "What did you go with today?" she said.

"Ah, I went classic: vanilla," he said.

"You didn't strike me as too 'vanilla,' she said. "I thought 'That guy, he's at least combining some flavors. On a really dangerous day he probably gets nuts AND sprinkles,'" she said.

He laughed. "Thursdays I don't have to jump out of too many planes. What did you get?" he said, pointing to her cone.

"I went with mint chocolate chip. I've gotten it the last few times I've stopped in, I try to go with what I want, and right now I want this," she said.

"You've got some on you," she said. He laughed. Wiping his finger on a napkin, he said "You would think I'm new to things melting."

"Really? Like ice cream? Hearts? Hot embers held against you?" she said.

"Ha, yes, all those things…"

She extend her finger, frowning. "I've got mint chocolate chip where it's not supposed to be. Get it off."

He laughed.

She tilted her head, smiling. "Get it off," she said. "Now."

He stared down at her finger, then looked back up to her, puzzled. Leaning forward, he took a napkin from the napkin holder.

"Hm-mm. No," she said, wagging her finger. "No napkin."

He looked at his rolled up shirt sleeved, and laughed. She shook her head.

She extended her finger towards him. "Get. It. Off."

He swallowed. His chest expanded, his face went flush. Leaning forward, he paused, looking around the shop. Everyone seemed caught up in their lives, caught up in a moment. He looked back at her finger.

Leaning forward, he brought his mouth closer to her finger. She smiled.

"Lips," she said.

He hesitated. She turned her head, raising both eyebrows. He looked down at her finger again, the small drops of ice cream sliding down from her finger to meet her palm.

Puckering his lips, he met her finger. He pressed his lips with little pressure, tasting mint. She smiled. "Good boy." Flush, he shifted on the stool a little, adjusting his shirt at the waist.

Careful not to touch his tongue to her finger, he worked around the drip, taking the mint chocolate chip ice cream into his mouth, mixing it with the traces of vanilla.

He brought his head back. She held up her finger. "Clean," she said, rotating the finger. He let out a breath. Ice cream does not immediately cool things down, lesson learned.

She leaned in, her head facing just over his shoulder. "If I see you again, you'll have to be a little faster to do what you're asked," she said.

She gave his shoulder a quick pat, smiled, and walked towards the door. He turned to see her go, wiped his forehead, and glanced down at her heels.

Helpless by Leasha

In the darkenss,

Stting alone under the old oak tree , no sound from my lips, the beating of my heart quietly tammed, shrouded from the silence by my warm embracing arms. surrounded by silent leaves scattering around my feet.

Alone with only my mind for company i drift into a luscious day dream........

Its a warm Thursday afternoon,( nothing ever happens on a Thursday,) the sunlight streams threw the gap in my golden curtains, casting dancing shadows onto the place where i lie. basking in the golden glow i stir awkerdly sitting up against the plush pillows. Birds twitter back and forth past my window, singing about the glorious morning.

The harsh beeping of my alarm clock signals the begining of the day, rousing with a reluctance the warmth and kindness of my bed calling me back., " just 5 more minuites" i call to the harsh beeping reaching out to bash the button, my hand slips, not quite reaching, in my dazed morning state i reach out again...but whats this...the clock is jus there, but my hand cannot reach, sitting bolt upright the covers fal from my body. i look to the mirrior infrot of the bed.." who are you" i struggle to speak, my hands bound to the bed, " was this you" i cry. The woman stairs ayt me.

Her body perfect, tall with a slender wasist, elegent stockings held to her upper thigh by a satan belt, matching black satan panties contrast against her pale skin. she stands taller than I with long golden hair cascading over her shoulders hiding from veiw her full, pert breasts. she flicks her hair back, red lipstick curling into a smile, she turns from me,

Strugling on the bed, i relasie my body was completly nakkied my breasts ecposed to this woman, i shreik trying to cover. alright so im not as impressivly built as this woman but im by no means an ugly duckling, my large breasts hang free, with each tug on the restraints suprisingly my niupples grow hard. i try to move my feet, felling them looser i turn, but alas no..i am bound tight,

The woman returns wearing my silk nightgown shrouding her figure from my veiw she wispers in a commanding tone" be still", somthing in my tummy stirs, with all my will i keep wriggling, she laughs, just stands there laughing at me as i pull. "be stil mine" she wispers... be still mine what does she mean, my mind whirls, how did this woman get in, how did she set me in this position and what right does she have to claim me as her's?

i silently resound my fight, sitting back against the pillows i can do nothing but watch. watch this shouded beauty using my things as her's. " wonderful girl" dare she i am a woman not a girl i keep silent as she wanders around the bed, in a quick pull my covers are gone, lying nakkied against the sheets, my thighs spread wide for the world too see, i blush profusly, trying depiratly to close my legs. but still she only smiles to me watching my futile attempts.

stiring in my tummy a feeling of helplessness spreads to between my thighs, now i aint gonna lie, damn she was hot...and she knew it. flaunting her curves as she surved me bound tight, her eyes glanced down to my cunt, she giggled, my eyes followed hers, oh my what a site awaited my eyes, i was more than a little damp, i blused an even darker shade of red, how can this woman se emy like this. my lips felt my teeth biting into them as i looked away, " dont turn from me" i heard her say in an audiable wisper i turned back to the woman, she had crossed the room, and was kneeling between my thighs barly an inch sperated our bodies, i flused even more, not from embaressment, but from desire, i wanted this woman, and i couldnt hide it, i knew she could see that i wanted her. a deep coursing shame filled my body, tied her laid bare like a bitch in heat craving this mysterious woman.

without a word her lips touch to mine, linguring for only for a heartbeat, she leans to my ear, her breasts straining against the silken material of my nightgoen, craving to break free, they touch to my own hard nipples, straining nipples, " Mine"she clasps somthing around my neck, as her teeth nibble upon my neck, i sigh in releif at the touch, her lips tracing down my collar bone, leaving a trail across my chest, she kisses and nibbles my chest, i can do nothing bu t watch as this woman uses me for her gratification.

furth she trails, nibbling and licking my body, i squirm with pleasure my body betraying my desires helpless to fight against such a commanding woman. the silken robe falls from her shoulders revealing her nakked body, with an add on, in the few moments the woman was out of sight she had adorned an instrument of pleasure and fear, i gaspsed " what!!" as i saw her disguarding the robe completly. she prsied my thighs open, tracing her shape nails along the golden wet skin between my pussy lips. i couldnt resist..deep longing moans escaped my lips, as she moved closer to my clit, her fingers exploring my folds with expert touch.her lips clench around my clit, sending waves of pleasure coursing threw my already heighted body, with a laugh, she kneels up, i see her in all her glory kneeling before me, her giant dildo covering her pussy...... i wait watching with baited breath for that wonderful moment, will she.. will she i murmer to myself over and over,

The lady bends, her breasts falling forwards with each wriggle of her body her breasts jiggle against he rbody, she there so close, so close, i can feel the tip of the cock against my pussy lips.....

Crack!!.....the thunder awakens me from my dream the world no longer silent, looking up i see the figure of a woman looming in the distance...with a glimmering smile, i run into the rain.........

The D Girls Club Part 2 by Heather

Part two:

The girls all screamed, except for Leasha, whose sounds sounded a little more like: 'Weeeeeeeeee!!!'.

"Everyone okay?" Zaira asked as she did a head count. Six girls muttered a 'yes' back.

"Okay, whose not okay?" Zaira asked again.

"I am." Heather said.

"Me too." Axelle whispered.

"Oh for fuck's sake, shut up! I want to know who is not okay, there were seven of us before Axelle pressed that button. Who is missing?"

Zaira looked around carefully. They were surrounded by darkness. They didn't fall far, maybe a meter or three. Although it could have been 80 centimers, in the dark everything is relative.

"I think Madison is missing twinnie."

"Just wonderful." Zaira muttered.

"So now what? How the hell does one end up missing if we just fall and where exactly are we?"

Two bright lights appeared next to Leasha, which lit up her face, which seemed to be even paler than usual.

"Sorry girls. Emma IM'ed me, when we were upstairs, asking where we all were and I took her teleport by accident. But, we found you and teleported back to you all."

"Hi girls!" Emma said cheerfully.

"That is just wonderful Madi, since we cannot teleport out of here, only in. Did you happen to see where you teleported to, before you hit the stupid button?" Gia sounded aggitated.

"Not exactly."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud scary voice echoed through whatever space they were in.

"Great, it's BDTYM."

"So Eva sent in her little helpers did she? You were not suppose to find this room. I had a quest all set out for her."

"Well, that's fucking wonderful, but she ain't here and we are, so stop being a little fucktard and tell us where the stupid statue is." Heather yelled back.

"My oh my, don't we have a little attitude!" BDTYM laughed. "You still have about two hours to find the statue."

"Two? Are you insane, you gave us 48 hours." Eroyan barked.

"I gave you 48, you broke the rules, now I give you two. That's how it works, deal with it." BDTYM laughed again, which turned into an insane giggle and the voice was gone.

"Ehm, where the hell are we and what are we doing here?" Emma asked.

"Short version. Statue's gone missing, Lady Eva didn't want to go find it, so we are. BDTYM claims to have stolen it."

"Who..." But Emma got interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

"And no, we do not know who BDTYM is." Zaira stated firmly.

"Try to look for a lightswitch."

The girls are crawled around, muttering how gross the ground felt on their fingers.

"I found something!" Axelle yelled.

"I don't know if you should touch anything, ever again Axe." Gia said as she crawled towards the sound of Axelle's voice.

"Very funny, it's not like things can get any worse."

Axelle brought her hand back up the switch and took a deep breath as she flipped it.

"Oh my god." Zaira gasped as she held her hand before her eyes to shield off the blinding light that was now in the room.

"What the fuck is this?"

Heather grinned as she looked at Madi. "Such curse words coming from you Madi! I'm digging it!"

"I know what this is." Eroyan said as her face lit up. "It's riddle heaven. Or well riddle hell, depending on how good you are with them. The rules are simple. If you unlock the correst answers, you'll be moved towards another room, if you answer falsely, well.. let's not go into that!" Eroyan grinned.

"How about we do get into it." Zaira sighed.

"Ok, once you get an answer wrong, two things can happen. You will either be moved back to the previous room, which is not so bad."

The girls were all silent, waiting on what was to come next.

"The other option, is slightly more sadistic. Spares and arrows will fly across the room as it slowly fills up with water. Obviously you will have to dodge the arrows, swim like a shark and try to find another exit. Which usually isn't there."

"Call me stupid, but isn't it easier to just find the exit immediately then, before we all end up dead?" Emma said.

"What's the fun in that," Ero laughed, "Let's play!" Before the other girls could stop her, Ero pressed the play button and a futuristic screen appeared.

"Welcome to Riddle Ride. You will be presented with five questions. You have one minute to answer each question. Should you answer correctly, you will move on to the next room, answer wrong... Dodge and swim! Let the games begin!"

Zaira nudged Heather with her elbow, "Have you ever heard of this game?" Heather shook her head.

"Don't you think it is weird, Eroyan knows so much about it? What if she is BDTYM?"

Heather had no time to answer as the first riddle appeared before them.

"What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?"

"Great, we're fucked." Leasha said as she fell down to the floor.

Axelle grinned. "No, we're not." She stood up straighter and said in a firm tone: "The letter 'M' comes once in a minute, and twice in a moment. Or well it appears in there.

"Well done girly!" Eroyan clapped.

"Your answer is correct. Your second riddle should appear before you now, Axelle you are no longer allowed to answer any of the following four questions."

"Wonderful. We're going to die." Leasha almost burst to tears.

"I have a little house in which I live all alone. It has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall."

"Careful Axelle, you cannot answer this one." Eroyan said as she turned around to see who was going to answer this riddle.

"Eroyan, how come you know so much about this game?" Madi asked but her eyes grew bigger as the timer showed 10 seconds left on the clock.

"A chicken in an egg!" Gia yelled as loudly as possible.

"Your answer is correct. Axelle and Gia are no longer allowed to play to following three questions."

"Eroyan?" Zaira looked at her, but Eroyan just grinned as the next riddle appeared before them.

"What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?"

"Your name." Zaira said as everyone turned to look at her. She laughed.

"Well it is true!"

"You answer is correct. Axelle, Gia and Zaira are no longer allowed to play.

"Eroyan, I want a damn answer now!" Emma screamed.

"It is simple girls. I made this game. Isn't it wonderful! Oh .. but I am not BDTYM. Genius idea, I should have thought of it. But I am not and neither do I know where the exit is in this room."

"Sadistic little biatch!" Heather whispered.

"You know it girl!" Eroyan laughed.

"When one does not know what it is, then it is something; but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing."

"A riddle." Eroyan said with a cheeky grin.

"Your answer is correct. Final questions. Should you get this one correct, you may move on to the next room."

"George and Mildred lay on the floor dead without wounds.
The only clues were...
A puddle of water beneath them,
broken glass, and an open window.
How did they die?"

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Heather muttered.

"Sadly, this answer is incorrect."

The girls' looks grew in horror.

"Well done Heather, kill us all why don't you!" Leasha pushed Heather out of the way, but came to a halt as the walls began to close in on them. They panicked.

"Girls, you should know, this is not part of my game. This is not how it is suppose to go down, it is wicked, but I think someone changed my game!" Eroyan yelled as she began to uselesly trying to push the walls back as arrows flew around their ears.

"G-g-girls! Look there!" Madi whimpered.

Axelle, Gia, Emma, Eroyan, Heather, Leasha and Zaira all turned around to see what Madi was looking at and all of them grew pale at the sight of water pouring through the walls.

To be continued.

Waiting by Anonymous

I wish to have this read anonymously.

Every night I kneel bashfully in the court yard patiently waiting for you to arrive. Before I arrive, I nervously prepare myself to insure you will not be disappointed in my presentation, not that I need to because your compliments have always been fluent. Why? So that I can capture one ounce of your generous kindness, to respect the friendship you've offered me, and honor the kind ways in which you treat me.

To me being a sub is not about following the rules, but rather to know you so well that the words never have to be spoken in the first place, to love my Miss with every beat of my heart, and to be a loyal servant to her happiness.

And so I wait, carefully observing and learning more and more about you every day and every night. Once and just once you allowed me to kneel beside you and I was so over joyed, words cannot even express the feelings that entangled every nerve of my body.

And so I wait, for the next time you again privilege me with your kindness. The kindness I've come to know and yearn.

And so I wait, for the hope that one day you arrive and say "I pick you"

Even if this day never comes know that you have been a true friend. I will always love you for this and certainly never forget.

I finish this as I clear the tears of happiness writing this has brought me, and roll my head to my shoulders in a gesture of relief that it has been said.

Sweet dreams my Miss.

Red by Dondas

Red By Dondas

My tyres screech as I hit the brakes hard. My mind was still on the football match I had just played, and on my freshly acquired scratches and bruises. I had almost driven past my destination. I pull into the corner of the stores car park and slink inside past the automatic opening doors.

It looks nothing like I expected. It’s sleek, clean and inviting. Well laid out. I look at the time. It’s almost time for me to phone her. I make myself familiar with the stores layout. I have a general idea of what she wants me to get. Then time is finally right, so I dial her number.

As she answers, I hear a soft, sleepy moan, and I clearly picture her snuggled there under her duvet. In her gentle, seductive voice she exhales “Hello my boy”. I immediately melt at the sound of her voice and reply with a submissive tone “Good morning my Mistress”. I tell her where I am, and hear her gasp in excitement. She takes a moment to fan herself, and even over the phone, I can hear her nipples ping.

Once the excitement of my whereabouts settles, Miss Persephone asks me to look for the first item on the list. I look to see the sex shop assistant glance over at me. She looks a little curious as I head over to the cock rings with a phone to my ear. There is quite a choice, but my Mistress allows me the lipstick red one that will take the remote controlled vibrator. Next, I am told to look at the nipple clamps. My Mistress is curious to know if they have some that will fit under her breast pump cone, but there is nothing suitable. Last item for me to look at is the strap ons. As I browse the many different types, the shop assistant seems to find a reason to be within earshot. I’m sure she can hear me describe the vibrating strap on, and answer questions over the phone with “yes Mistress”. My Mistress then tells me it’s time to come home, so I finalise my shopping and make the journey to her side.

Before too long, I am kneeling naked by her mahogany bed. She silently reaches out with her slender arm for my shopping bag, and I catch a glimpse of her pure, pale breasts as her duvet slips back. She glances into the plain paper bag and grins. I’m not sure whether it’s the cold air, or what she has seen in the bag that has made her nipples erect, but when she sees me looking, I’m told in no uncertain terms to turn and face the other way. I hear the contents unwrap, then the familiar sound of her toy bag unzipping, then the clink of cuffs as my pulse races. No words are needed. Like Pavlov’s dog, I extend my wrists behind my back, and feel her steely constraints close. After a few moments, I hear the lube bottle pop open, and then feel a nudge in the centre of my back. I bend forwards silently and feel her tender finger smear the cold lube around my anus. I inhale deeply as she pushes my small silicone butt plug to its depth and I begin to turn my head to look at her. A deafening “No” echoes through the wall papered Victorian styled room, so return my gaze to the carpeted floor by my knees. The next sound makes my eyes widen. I look to the side and see the shiny black vase on her dressing table. I can just make out her form in the reflection when I hear her gasp as the first nipple clamp is attached. I hear the chain clink, and a louder gasp as she attaches the one with the sticky clasp. The sound of her breath makes a light whistle between her teeth as she inhales deeply and catches her breath. I hear her tongue lap at her lips, and feel her eyes burn on my back in the deafening silence that follows.

I have no idea how long we sit there in the silence, but dare not move. I keep my breaths shallow as I kneel. I know she is looking for a reason to hurt me. She is like a tiger waiting to pounce and I can almost hear her snarl from her perch on the bed. Finally this Mexican stand-off ends with her taking a deep breath and I’m relieved to hear her pleased tone whisper “here boy”. I turn my head slowly to see her holding my new cock ring above her chest, and she points to her belly.

Clumsily, I straddle her torso. I am unable to steady myself with my hands cuffed and her soft mattress not giving much assistance to balance. I avoid eye contact as I settle my buttocks against her stomach. She waves the bright red cock ring near her face and a grin spreads across my lips as my eyes meet hers. “You excite me boy” she says with a devilish tone. I bite my lip as her eyes go from the cock ring to my hard throbbing cock, but my eyes are drawn to her pink, clamped nipples and the gold chain that connects them. She leans forward and gives my knob a single lick before looking into my eyes and raising her eyebrows for emphasis to say “you may not cum”. Then with two hands, my Mistress stretches my new cock ring down over my shaft. A soft moan escapes my lips, and I press down a little on her firm belly to feel my butt plug wriggle inside me. Her tongue strokes teasingly over her lips as she lifts her gold chain and hooks it over my cock. The switch is flicked and my cock ring buzzes to life. My breath shudders from between my lips as the words “you may not cum” echo in my head. My body writhes, and as my hips tilt back, I see the chains to my Mistress’s nipples tighten. Her hands reach to my hips and she lets out a “Oh fuck” as the vibrations from my cock ring travel to her nipples. I think the same and close my eyes to avoid the erotic pleasure in front of me to the thought of cumming, but open them again suddenly as I feel the stinging slap of my Mistress’s hand on my face. “Eyes open boy” she snarls.

Her body writhes as my vibrating cock pulls on her chain and I begin to wonder how I won’t cum all over her chest. Fuck. I whisper willingly “please Miss, may I have the chain wrapped around my cock?” Her voice has hit that husky stage and she eyes me curiously as she calculates my intention before saying firmly “yes Boy”. She flicks it around effortlessly, and notices the pain I offer her as I feel it dig tightly into my hard shaft. The shortened chain, tugs harder on her nipples as I move from left to right. I know from her movements and moans that the vibrations please her and she is enjoying our shared pain. I want my pain to hurt more for her. I slowly wriggle my body up along hers and feel the thin chain cut deep into my shaft as it pulls back on my retracted foreskin. The pain allows me to turn my attention where it should be, and I watch her body intently, and listen to her sounds as I reach back with my cuffed hands and caress my nail up along her inner thigh. Her body moves in a way to let me know this is the right thing to do. As I reach deeper, I feel the chain tighten more around my knob, and glance down to notice the deep shade of purple it has turned which almost now matches her nipples. I roll my hips back, grinding my plug into her abdomen as I reach where her body leads me. I know I am just a vibrating, moving sex toy to her. I keep reading her movements until she reaches the point beyond satisfaction. Her body stills and her eyes meet mine. I can see the look of euphoria in her eyes then a smile drifts across her face. She unwraps the chain from around my still hard cock, and then she moans huskily, “That was hot boy”. I grin sheepishly as I look down towards my knee and don’t notice her hand until she has a handful of my hair and pulls me harshly down next to her. We giggle together like naughty school kids, and then she whispers three words in my ear. Well, four. But the last word is “Boy”.