Monday, September 20, 2010

Gor Confession - silk

Miss Zarita. here are two efforts, i hope that at least one pleases You.

The Gorean one might be a bit too bloody so i wrote a second one.
It is not my intent that both would be read tonight. One is a replacement

for the other.. as needed or wanted.

NOTE : Enlarge the NC slighly to better read Miss

Side Note. Mistress and i continue , happily on Gor to this day.

2 of 2


My Love Is Gorean

by annon

My love came to me on Gor. I met Her one rainy night in the far and
cold North. I served Her and by the end of the serve I was at Her
booted feet, begging like the wind for Her not to dismiss me and let
me stay there the rest of the night.

She allowed it and within a fortnight put me in Her collar of unyielding

The restless tides of Gorean life, of Mistress and slave washed U/us
back and forth over the years. Sometimes W/we sailed them,the fresh
salt breeze in O/our faces. Sometimes W/we were at their mercy but
always O/our love grew and flourished, as my submission deepened.

She was never harsh to me but always i knew that i was Her slave and
that would never change.My fantasy of being stripped naked and sold
in on a public auction block, dissolved, quicker than the morning dew. ?
I knew that She would never sell me.. or even gift me to Another ... nor
did i ever wish it .

W/we, that is to say ,The Players, came to an accord. As Gor is harsh
and unfair it might be possible that i would be taken from Her collar.
If that ever looked likely to happen, She would kill me first..

Role play Gor is full if plots and petty scheming . I knew that envious
eyes were cast upon my stalwart form . i never realized how devious
the plans were .... how strong thwarted Passions are.

One night, it seemed that the Ubar was ready to do something to me.
On Messenger i begged Mistress to end my life. That i did not want to
live a life without being Her slave. She did not want to, saying that i
would hate Her for it.. nor.. fool that i was.. did i realize what i was
asking of Her her to do.. and the emotional toll on Her...

She stood up to the Ubar.. no small thing for a Free Woman on Gor..

She slit my throat .

Stood over me as i bleed out.

Wiped the bloody blade on my curly black hair. Sheathed Her knife
and strode away.. with never a back wards glance ...The greatest of
Gorean Women that i have ever seen.

God i Love Her


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