Monday, December 14, 2009


Submited by: Kris Serenity

His prey paused and so did he. Casually he waited as to not spook what he intended to kill. His prey was hesitant, unsure of its actions, fear taking over for rational, erratic movement replacing purposeful direction, escape routes replaced with dead ends. After much deliberation the prey played out his final move. A move of desperation. This was the moment he had waited for. The intricate dance of the hunt was coming to its conclusion. The fatal miscalculation acted upon, with the final dance step taken he pounced and ripped the throat out of his prey.

There would be much celebration over his kill. A fine feast followed by toasts to be drunk and congratulatory handshakes to go around. To the victor goes the spoils and the spoils were plentiful. This bloodless killing done with a simple handshake. An outgunned opponent in the daily battle for survival in the world of business. I am animal.

He swiped his security card across the scanner and pressed penthouse on the elevator panel. Soon he would be home after a long day. Making himself a drink he moved out to the balcony overlooking the city. The lights of which shined like tiny jewels in a artificially lit canvas. He could hear the movement of the city as it softly wafted up to him in a hushed murmur from the street below. The comings and goings of people and motor vehicles making a slow deep hum that waned as the night got old, but never completely went silent. He watched over the city much like a bird of prey might watch over a valley from its high perched nest. Always looking for the next meal the next hunt. Putting down his drink he spread his arms as though he intended to take flight. I am animal.

Looking in the mirror he moved his hand up to the small loop that hung around his neck. Nothing more than a simple piece of cheap leather, but it held the three symbols of his life. Running his hand across these three talismans he thought of her. Always of her, for she had given him these three symbols, these reminders of his past, his tribulations and his present.

The first symbol the head of a beast with horns made of razor sharp steel. A beast to define his past self. If he needed a reminder he only need squeeze it between the palm of his hand. The piercing horns a painful reminder of his past. The blood running through his fingers a reminder of the pain he inflicted on others.

The next a key made of five segmented parts. Each part given to him by her over time. He remembered her words to him as clearly as the day they were spoken. " I can put you in no restraints, no chains, no cage that would be more binding, more restrictive, more confining to you than the ones you have put yourself in" she had said to him. "You are your own prisoner and your own jailer" she continued. "If you are willing to take my guidance in all things, I am willing to help you find your key, but until you free yourself I can never accept you." He had tearfully taken her up on her offer and through her guidance he had found the key and was no longer a involuntary prisoner to himself, but a willing prisoner to her.

The third symbol a clear crystal heart hollow in the middle. It's contents giving it a reddish black hue. A drop of her blood a drop of his. A symbol of two whole beings becoming one. A symbol of her acceptance of him. A fragile reminder of their bond, which must be treated with care and love lest it shatter into a million pieces. He would protect these things with his life. I am animal.

The engines on the jet were just jumping to life when his limo pulled up to the secluded tarmac. No waiting in ticket lines to check baggage or security lines with clueless people who couldn't understand why they needed to take their shoes off. Those days were long past. As he moved up the gangway to the jets door the pilot waved to him from the cockpit and gave the thumbs up meaning they should be in the air within minutes. Taking his seat he stared out the window and thought of her. Nothing but her.

In the back of his mind he heard a door behind him open, but he paid it no attention. An instant later her perfume came to him like a rushing wave crashing on the beach. His heart began to race as he turned towards the back of the plane and dropped to his knees. He could feel his face becoming flush with the heat of his beating heart. There she stood the woman who haunted his every waking moment. Whose life he would lay down for her merely if she asked. "Mistress" he stammered in a choked up voice as he bowed toward the ground. "I've decided to join you on your trip today" she said in a matter a fact way.
In her hand she held a small remote control and as she pushed one of its buttons a small hitching post shaped like the letter T appeared from the floor of the plane. At the end of each side were cuffs attached to chains. Another button on the remote produced a collar from the floor several feet in front of the post. It was also attached to a chain however, this chain seemed to disappear back into the floor of the plane. She knelt and picked up the collar. "Come here." she commanded. I am animal.

Now naked he was locked in the collar and cuffs the chains hanging loose so he could comfortably sit on the floor, they had spent much of the flight in conversation. When the conversation came to a natural lull she reached out her foot putting her stiletto heel in front of his face. He could smell the mixture of her perfume and the leather of her shoe. It was a scent he found intoxicating. Her feet were perfect in shape and size with her slender toes ending in manicured nails of red perfection. She playfully moved the shoe forward and back under his nose finally stopping with her toes next to his mouth. He breathed in deeply becoming drunk from the aroma when he heard her simple request. "Worship me."

Gently I kissed each of her toes, tracing their shape with my tongue darting it in between each toe. Bathing her foot as though washing away the dust of the road from a long travel. Moving to the top of her foot I repeated this process lovingly washing her feet with the only things available to me, my mouth and tongue. then moving to the instep of her foot, I gingerly traced it's curvature hoping to find the middle ground of pleasure and tickling. when she relaxed back into the chair I had the clue that I had found that middle ground. After spending several minutes on each foot her next command came to me, "Higher" she said.
Her calves are those of a runners, long , lean, strong and the epitome of feminine. Their athletic strength offset by the smooth silk feeling of her sweet, sweet skin. Moving my mouth from her ankle to the bottom of her knee I repeated the process I had used on her foot, bathing her, cleaning her, worshipping her. My hands massaged the back of her calves. Trying to release the tension from a long journey. Losing myself in her pleasure. "Higher" once more came her command.

I move my hands to the back of her knees, massaging them between my fingers. again repeating the bathing of her with my tongue and mouth. Kissing and licking only the lower half of her thighs no farther than halfway up her thigh. My hands moving from her thighs to the back of her knees to her ankles and back in a long winding massage.

"Higher" came her words in a deep whisper. Moving closer to her I begin bathing her inner thigh moving ever closer to her center. A new scent now mixing with her perfume. the scent of her arousal rushing through my nostrils like cocaine to an addict. A deep hard pounding rush of current electrifying each cell of my body. Driving my desire to please her in any way possible. Alternating between quick and slow strokes of my tongue on her thigh I move up and as close to her wetness as possible stopping to feel her heat, to breathe in her intoxicating drug, but pausing only briefly before moving slowly back down, back up, back down, back up. Forever, if it is her pleasure.

Suddenly grabbing my hair with both hands she pulls me to her center to her sweet hot wetness. My body is overcome with the desire to pleasure her. Her hands hold me tightly to her as she begins to rub herself on my face. Pulling my head harder into her, causing me to lose my breath. Frantically pulling back to breath she relents and allows me room only to pull me right back into her. Wanting to please her I use my mouth and tongue in a fever of passion only resisting when my lungs scream for air. Once again allowed to breath only to be pulled back into her. Her movements becoming more wild a groan escapes her lips as she floods my mouth with her sweet orgasm. Her pleasure driving me blindly forward. I am Animal.

His face stings from the slapping of her hand. "I told you to stop boy" she says through seething lips. Her hand slapping his face once more. "Perhaps you still have a bit of beast in you" she says accusingly.
"No Mistree"....her hand slapping his face once again. "I didn't tell you, you could fucking talk" she seethes.
He looks towards the floor her gaze burning through him. Suddenly the chain on his collar begins to retract into the floor pulling his head down until it touches the floor of the plane. Then with another push of a button on the remote his hands are pulled back towards the hitching post. Back and slightly away from his body. Leaving him on his knees head on the floor and arms behind him.
She stands up and walks to the bedroom in the back of the plane. He can only see her heels and feet as she walks from his position.

After a brief moment she comes back out of the bedroom, still he can only see her heels and feet, but now he also notices the ends of the cat o nine tails that she must be holding in her hand. He feels the impact of the whip on his back before he hears their tell tale whistling in the air.

"So, still the little beast I found so many years ago are you?" she accuses him, but he does not answer. "Still looking for conquests in the bedroom as well as the boardroom beast?" she questions him, but still he does not answer.
He feels the whip crack on his back again. Then before he has recovered he lets out a loud grunt as her foot slams into his rib cage.
Now the whip on his back again feeling as though it is ripping the flesh from his body.
"You are the same beast I found many years ago aren't you?" the whip slamming into his back again, "Answer me beast!" she screams.
"No Mistress I am not the same beast you found.... no that is not me Mistress." He pleads.
"Oh I remember that beast!" she exclaimed, "so use to conquest in the boardroom and the bedroom. Jumping from one whores bed to another, their meaning to you nothing once the conquest was complete. Nothing more than a womanizing, undisciplined beast. Always the fuckee and never the fucked! " she extolled putting extra emphasis on the last word.
He could feel her heel on his sore ribs from where she struck him previously. gently she slid it across his sore ribs, then suddenly pulling back as to strike. Breathing in deeply he braced for the impact, but it did not come. "Anticipation of what might happen is almost as potent as it actually happening hmmm beast?" she mockingly said. As his body relaxed he felt the full blow of her foot to his ribs causing him to gasp for air.
"Do you remember when you finally became the fucked beastie?" she quizzed him. He did not answer. "I think sometimes we all need reminders don't you think." she rhetorically asked. He did not answer.
He could sense her moving closer to him as he braced himself once again, but this time he only felt a soft thumping on his back. "Yes, we all need reminders." she said coyly. Instantly he knew what was making the soft thumping on his back.

She moved behind him. He could see her shoes from between his legs they were facing him. She gently placed her hands on his ass rubbing each cheek as though kneading a loaf of bread. " hmmm", she moaned, "my big mean beast." as the last of her words trailed off he felt her slam the strap on into him, no warning, no gentle easing in, just an all out attack. His groan was loud, guttural, the pain of the sudden penetration shot through his body like fire, his hands clenched, his teeth gnashed as she mercilessly pounded him.

In a few moments the initial pain had subsided, but her fucking was relentless, vengeful in its harshness. "Were you thinking about your next conquest while fucking them?" she groaned more than questioned. "Did you want to leave them whimpering in their beds violated and sore, you fucking beast!" she seethed. He did not answer.

Breaking the moment was the voice of the pilot on the intercom "15 minutes until we land."

The announcement only caused her to increase her frenetic fucking of him, again using the whip on his back as she drove into him over and over. " Are you a beast boy?" she shouted. he did not answer. Slamming into him she screamed. "Answer me" "No, Mistress I am not the beast you once knew." he screamed

" hmmm, perhaps your are not." she said in a barely audible voice. Her pounding became softer and soon stopped all together. Pulling away from him, she gave him one sharp slap on each cheek of his bottom. He could hear her removing the strap on and dropping it to the floor. She then walked back around to the front of him and sat down. Straddling his head with her legs.

She slid forward until his head was within a short distance of her crotch. " Can you smell that beast?" she whispered. "Yes, Mistress." he replied. " Does it drive you mad with desire beast? "Yes, Mistress, it makes me ache for you." "Do you want to taste me while you relieve yourself beast?" " Yes, Mistress." he pleaded. She pushed a button on the remote allowing his head to come up slightly from the floor. grabbing his head she pulled it up so he could see her eyes. "Not fucking pet!" she exclaimed with a innocent grin on her face.

Standing up she walked back towards the bedroom while pushing another button on the remote. He heard the click of the collar and the cuffs as they opened and dropped from him. He slumped to the floor free from his bondage. I am Animal.

Once the plane was on the ground he showered and dressed for the meeting that he had come here for. His shirt set off a new set of pain on his back where the welts had formed from the whip.
As he was making his way to the exit of the plane, she emerged from the bedroom once again. She had changed clothes and her beautiful face had a sweet iridescent glow. He could not help but be memorized by her beauty.
she walked to him wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him to her in a passionate kiss.
After a long moment she pulled his head back and looked softly into his eyes the harshness of minutes before gone.
She said to him in a low voice " I've decided to take the plane and go shopping overseas for some new clothes, so I and the plane will not be here when you return." He did not say anything, but the disappointment on his face must have been quite evident. "Don't pout, my little wild animal" she tweaked his nose. " After all you have some hunting to do this afternoon and If your hunt goes well perhaps you can come hunt for me." she said with a wicked smile. Then holding up her panties to his nose she said with a sweet grin " perhaps these will give you the scent you need to track me down..Happy hunting pet." and with that she walked to the front of the plane to make flight arrangements with the pilot.

Standing on the gangway of the plane his focus clear, his hunger voracious, his desire driving him like a pack of starving wolves. breathing in the frosty fall breeze he could sense the blood of his prey on the air. The time of the hunt was here. The intricate dance of death and life. I am her fucking animal....


Submitted by: Anonymous submissive

When they'd first met, he had sensed something extraordinary about her, and now he'd found his excuse to visit her: some made up pretext, some excuse, some reason. When she answered the door, she seem unsurprised at his arrival. Looking him up and down, she asked him what he wanted.

"To see you," he offered.


He mumbled some words of admiration, and she looked him over again, unimpressed.

"And you want me to let you inside?" she asked.

He looked at her eagerly. After some consideration, she asked him to wait, closing the door. She returned shortly with a think red ribbon in her hands.

"I don't know you well enough to trust you, so if you want to come in, your hands will have to be bound with this."

He knew she was capable of unexpected things, but this was a real surprise. His senses told him to leave now: but there was an irresistable curiosity there. He had to get to know her a little better, and this was the deal on offer. And what harm could possibly come of it? Nodding, he held out his wrists. She grinned, and asked him to turn around: she wanted to tie them behind his back. He turned, and she quickly began to bind his wrists with the ribbon. As she tied the knot, he tried to look round at her, and shook his head, laughing to himself at the situation. He tried to pull his arms apart, but the binding was strong.

"Come." she said, turning and going inside. He followed, and she pushed the door closed behind them.

They entered a large, comfortable room, and she gestured for him to sit in the armchair, while she sat opposite. He obeyed.

"So what is it you want to know?"

"I want you to teach me about domination."

She laughed. He tried to explain himself further, that he was serious, that he knew what he was doing, that he really wanted her to help him. Listening, she produced a second ribbon.

"Are you willing for this to be bound around your feet?"

Suddenly, he felt very uncertain, and protested.

"Then our conversation is over," she said.

"Wait..." Many thoughts entered his mind. The choice, however, was clear. He could leave now, and forever not know what might have happened, or he could take a step forward. She started at him, awaiting his response. Looking up at her, he stared into her peircing eyes, and nodded... "Yes".

Again she smiled, and she pointed to the floor where she required him to place his feet. Stretching out his legs before him for her to bind, she began wrapping the ribbon around his ankles, securely, tightly, again and again looping it round, and finally tying a knot.

"There, " she said, "nice and tight."

He nodded.

"Now, I can have some fun with you."

He peered up at her, his heart beginning to race. What the hell was going to happen now?

"Wait... I'm not sure..." he began to say.

"Get on the floor, please."

He wriggled down off his seat onto the floor in front of her, lying on his front, his hands tied behind his back, his legs firmly bound.

"How do you like being tied up for me, hmmm?" She ruffled his hair. He did not know how to respond. He was not sure what the hell we was doing.

"I don't know..." he offered, illiciting a chuckle from her.

"Well, its time to find out, isn't it?" she said, sweetly, and began to loosen his clothes: first his shirt, then his pants.

"We'll have to get these things off you, pet, won't we, somehow?"

He looked up at her, not knowing what to say.

She produced a large pair of scissors, and without hesitation, began to cut away.

"Wait.. what are you doing?" he protested.

"What's the matter, pet, are you attached to your clothes?"

"Yes!" he cried, heart still racing, suddenly becoming very uncertain about his predicament.

She shook her head, tutting.

"Naughty boy. What on earth made a toy of mine would be allowed to keep his pants on?"

Cutting away she pulled off each garment one by one, until only his cotton shorts wear left. She paused, then ran the tips of her fingernails down his back,and up again. She smiled and sighed softly. Her touch felt excuisite, and he exhaled sharply. She then cut into his pants, and pulled them off him roughly. He felt his nakedness in the still air of the room. She ran a finger down the crack of his ass, then down each leg. He felt his cock begin to harden.

He could take it no more. "Stop, please, I've had enough. Untie me, I've changed my mind."

"What's that pet?"

"I want to leave. I've changed my mind."

"Awww... are you sure, pet?"


She began to caress his back with one hand, gently running it along his skin with the palm of her hand, up to his shoulders, across, and down... sliding it underneath him, towards his cock. She ever so gently caressed it with just the tips of her fingers, so softly... it got harder still.

He shook his head. "No.. I don't like this.." He closed his eyes as she caressed him more. She then stood back, standing up in front of him, as he lay, face down, naked on the floor, trying to look up at her, his hard cock pressed up now against the carpet beneath him.

"Untie me now please," he said.

"Are you certain that's what you want?"

His mind was racing. To leave now seemed unbearable.

"I don't know..." he mumbled... "I don't know what I want."

"Poor thing," she said. "Look, here's what is going to happen. You see these?" She pointed down to her black stiletto heeled shoes, and put one foot out towards his chin resting on the carpet. "My shoes. I want you to lick them clean thoroughly. If you can do a good enough job, I'll untie you witout any hesitation, and you will be free to go."

He tried to raise his eyes up to see her, and arching his neck, even in his bound position, admired the curves of her form standing there in front of him, looking down, bright red lips smiling. He waited for her to finish.

"But if I am not satisfied..."


"I'm going to fuck you like a whore."

He gasped... "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean."

She was holding now a strap on dildo.

"You know what this is, don't you, pet.." she said softly, and ran it down along his spine over his ass, teasing his cheeks apart with its tip gently. "I'd like to fuck you, " she whispered, leaning softly into his ear.

His heart leapt. "You can't..."

"Shut up, and get on with it."

With that, she pulled off each shoe, and pushed them into his face with her toe, stepping away barefoot and disappearing.

He was left alone now, naked, tied, only him and the shoes before him. He looked at them: they seemed clean, what could he possibly do to make them clearer? This situation was ridiculous, surely she was not serious. Yet he felt deep down that she was entirely serious. Frightened, he looked around the room for some form of escape... there was nothing. He could see nothing else to do, but begin to run his tongue along the shoes.

Pressing his tongue against it, he followed the curved contours of the shoe, lapping against it. He had always admired the shape of ladies shoes immensely, and these were a particularly fine specimin. He pulled himself forward a little, and turned on his side to attend to them more thoroughly. Pulling his knees up, he turned back, his naked ass arched in the air, fully exposed, the red ribbons binding his arms and legs, running his tongue tenderly along each shoe. He became absorbed in his task, his cock, now semi-hard, showing his feelings more clearly than his words.

When he had finished, he rested his chin on the ground again, still kneeling now, awaiting her return. After some time, he heard her footsteps as she padded towards him.

"Good boy. Are you all done?"


"Yes, what?"

A pause. "Yes, Miss."

"Good, pet."

She picked up the shoes, and began to examine them.

"Mmmm. Not bad..." she muttered, turning them over and over in her hands, looking for marks. He waited, silently, his heart racing.


"What, Miss?"

"What is this?"


"This." She thrust one shoe before his eyes, and he tried to focus.

"I can't see anything."

"Its filthy. Look at it. You did this on purpose, didn't you, you little slut? You *want* me to fuck you, don't you?"

"No, no I don't!"

"You call me 'Miss', slut! God, if I'd known you were such a whore, I would have fucked you the second you came in the door."


But she was not listening. She took the ball gag she had brought with her, and passing it over his head, pushed it into his mouth and began to fasten it. He tried to cry out in protestation, but his cries were now muffled by the gag.

"Ok fucktoy, now I'm going to give you what you so very obviously want," she said, strapping the dildo on, placing her hands on his the sides of his waist. "I bet you like it hard, don't you, slut?"

He shook his head as he felt the tip of the dildo begin to enter. He cried out, and she gently pushed it in. "There, there, little slut... you're mine now, to be fucked in whatever way I please." She began to push it thrust now, her penetration entering deeply inside him. He arched his back to ease the passage of the cock into him, his face pressed into the carpet, the salva amassing in his mouth as she rode him firm and hard.

"You like it, don't you my slut."

"Mmmmm" came the garbled response, his cock now hard as a rock, his naked body being used for nothing but her pleasure and satisfaction.

"You like being my little fucktoy!"

"Yeefff" he stammered, the dildo building in him a climax like he had never felt before. He yielded to her completely as she road him firm and hard, her hands pressing down his head into the carpet, checking again and again his cock to ensure he was completely aroused. His muffled cries could not disguise he obvious excitement that overwhelmed him. Encouraged, she fucked him hard until he cried a muffled cry of exctasy.

"Good boy..." she whispered, sliding the dildo out, releasing her grip on him. His whole body loosened has he relaxed. He rolled onto his side, his cock still hard, and he tried to mumble some words of gratitude through the gag.

"Quiet, pet," she said, stroking his hair. She lay down beside him and pressed herself against him. She kissed his neck gently and began to remove his gag. He coughed and spat, breathing heavily. She reached down to check his cock was still hard. It was.

"Now pet, do you still want to leave, or do you want to stay and learn more?"

He did not hesitate in his reply. "I want to stay, Mistress."

A boy wonders...

Submitted by: Anonymous submissive

As long as I remember, from a pretty young age, getting spanked fascinated me. My parents never really spanked me, or used any physical punishment for that matter. So where did that fascination come from?
In my teens and twenties, I couldn't get rid of of it and started reading about it on the internet, totally ashamed of my feelings, but still too curious to deny them.
My shame slowly turned into acceptance and I enjoyed the fact that through the internet I could secretly read about it and chat about it with other people who had the same fascination. I never thought about it as a part of BDSM and I never really thought about more BDSM practices.
Then I started playing SL and soon I found BDSM Sims, spanking sims, femdom sims. At first it was pure in a roleplay form, a game to me. But with my first real SL D/s relationship that involved rl rules and restrictions, it soon became more real, obviously.
I started to discover what real D/s was about and my fascination soon grew far further than just getting spanked.
Now, being in SL for 1,5 year I learned a lot of things and experienced lots of different things, mostly sl play, some extending into rl.
But, and here's my main confession or, more what I wonder myself these days.
Having never experienced any rl D/s play (where the Dominant is right there with me), could I do it?
In real life, among friends, I am a strong person, I do my own thing, am stubborn, people dont need to tell me what to do, I might even be slightly dominant in my friendships.
Could I give up that control in a real life, live, D/s play?
Could I just let go and let Her have Her way with me?
Wouldnt I freak? get angry? run? even if at first I wanted that play myself? I wonder and I guess until the day it actually happens, I will never know for sure.
But maybe that doesnt matter, cause mannnnnn, I'm getting more fascinated day.


Submitted by: Anonymous submissive

I have been involved with a Mistress in a long distance relationship since day 1, an ocean separates us and the time difference can be a killer at times.

It’s always been my dream to be able to kneel at her feet in the real world and to inhale her fragrance, see the sparkle in her eye and to touch the lady I have fallen in love with and to feel her touch upon my body.

I have not told her that I am looking at a new employer that has its roots in her country and would require me to travel there at times for business. I am nervous about discussing this with her as the details are very vague at this time and I am worried that if the opportunity did happen to allow us to finally see each other would the magic die, would it change what we have.

I hear about people who have virtual relationships that finally grows into the Real World, some flourish as others die a quiet death. Is it worth the gamble to risk it all? Could I change my life to finally worship this lady as I have only dreamt about trusting that it could be returned.

I don’t know if this will be my reality, or only another dream to be chased.


Submitted by: Anonymous Domme

Ok, I admit it. I'm jealous. I'm a Domme and I'm jealous. Jealous over the stupidest thing - a boy. He is owned by a good friend no less. A boy I like very much and want. More than like and more than want. Yes, this is crazy. Yes, it's against everything I know as a Domme and the ethics I hold, but there you have it. It's out in the open.

I have tried very hard not to feel this way, but it's been a losing battle. Every time I see him, I get this primal whirl in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to pounce on him and drag him away under my boot and control. I imagine stripping him down, shackling him, having him totally at my mercy driving him deeper under my lash as I fuck him senseless. I imagine having him raped. I imagine dancing with him as my wounds heal on his body and giving him feathersoft kisses as he shudders.

I have to walk away.

I've tried hard to act cool and totally nonplussed about anything he does. His Mistress may tell me a story about him and I nod and smile with cool calm Dommeness as if I couldn't care. However, deep inside I'm churning, wishing it was me. Wishing I was the One. If he or she knew, I know it would be the end of our friendship and I certainly don't want that.

So, I hide it and pretend nothing could be further from my mind. Am I a bad Domme or a good friend? I'll let you decide.

The Third Day

Submitted by: Fred07 Collas

The gavel came down and i found myself sold to Miss Crissy for a period of 24 hours. The auction had been starting when i arrived at The Dominion and offering myself for sale was not premeditated.

i looked for my owner from the auction block; there She was, second from the end off to my left. Approaching with a combination of nervous anticipation and curiosity, slave met Mistress for the first time. Miss Crissy chose the following Saturday as the start of the 24 hours of service She had purchased but rather than dismissing me as I would have quessed, She spent several hours that day and the next getting to know me.

Day three, I came home earlier than normal, hoping to see Her online. During the day I had thoughts of Her from time to time, enjoying the sense of Her control after years without a Mistress in my life. W/we talked for several hours until She said it was time to leave. With that, She took me to a dungeon and instructed that the steel cock ring and leather strap that are part of my rl toy inventory be put on. Restrained and exposed in both lives, She slowly examined me touching chest, abdomen, buttocks and spreading my cheeks, my anus. This took some time eventually just the tip of Her finger traced a line along my scrotum between the testicles. Her touch was feather light and my cock responded. Already hard from Her other touching, a bubble of pre-cum formed. She saw this and massaged this into the cockhead before inserting Her digit in my mouth.

Having fed me, Her attention finally went back to my cock; Her fingers encircled the shaft that was already twitching with anticipation. She gently stroked its length easily taking me to the edge and laughing gently as my breathing increased in pace as i fought the desire welling within me. The moment passed as She removed Her hand. Emotions were mixed, Her touch immediately missed but i was relieved that i had not disappointed by losing control.

Released from Her restraints, i was instructed to have dinner and then to kneel naked in front of a full length mirror and to stroke my cock just as She had done. Doing as instructed, i sensed Her presence. Looking in the mirror seeing my image as She would if present I felt both embarrassment for my position but also sexual tension that She had built in me.

Stroking faster as She had instructed, “holding nothing back”, i brought myself back to the edge and kept there as long as i could. The final part of Her instructions were that I should release and at that moment, with pleasure embracing my whole body in the orgasm, to say out loud, “thank You Miss Crissy!”.

That was Day Three and i look forward to many more.

Discoman & Panzerboy City at War: Episode 2

Submitted by: Eroyan Barmy

“Disco Inferno”

It had been a horrible mess for a few days, with the whole city seeming to erupt in the underworld vacuum left by our capture of Garlak and his cronies. In order to help the Dominion Police more effectively, Panzer and I had split up to cover more ground. I wasn’t a bit surprised to hear Gentleman Caller and the mysterious Lady Huntress had entered the south side of town as well to help with the chaos. Every time I turned around there was someone in trouble or a place being robbed or worse. Leading the cuffed thug to one of Dominion’s finest cop cars I nodded to the officer there as I put him in the back.

“Good work Disco-Man we were worried we lost him out the back when Jenkins got pinned down by gunfire. Thought we were going to lose Jenkins to.” She said.

“You’re welcome Officer, I’m just glad I could help” I replied.

Turning I started heading for my motorbike, Panzer was using The Lady our main vehicle. I couldn’t help but smile, Jenkins was being attended for a gunshot wound to his shoulder but I could see the concern on the Lady Officer’s face. She really cared for that one and that kind of thing always made me smile and think about my own Lady T. Straddling the bike I grinned to myself about how beautiful she was and how I loved to give her control. I reached for the radio to call into Cockbeater my other brother along with Panzer who belongs to Lady T when the news crew arrived.

Groaning to myself I moved to crank up the bike. I didn’t want to do anymore interviews today. The media were having a field day with stories about the war in the city and I had been asked enough idiotic questions by reporters for the past day or so already. The news crew was piling out of the van as I roared the engine to my bike. Already running my way yelling my name I spun the bike around and took off down the street away from them.

Sadly it is usually when you feel the safest that the worst goes wrong. I made it about halfway down the street to check in with Cockbeater, to see if Panzer needed my help with his trouble or where to go next. Just as I passed the Old Gruter Street Theater it exploded into flames.

“Holy Crap!” I cried.

Struggling from the heat and flames shooting outward from the front of the building I barely got control of the bike, to have at least a somewhat managed sliding crash into a lamp post as opposed to just making myself a human pancake against the wall.

Standing up and ripping off my helmet I looked at the theater. It was burning and fast. I started running toward it praying it was closed. Please let it be closed I prayed. That when I saw the first coughing and soot covered person stagger out of the front.

“Oh God,” running up to the man, well teenager I helped him to lay down a bit away from the flames. “Are you alright? Take it easy son take it easy.”

Police were running my way down the street as was the news crew and I could hear fire department sirens getting closer.

The teen wasn’t much older than maybe fourteen or so. Coughing he grabbed my arm. “Please! My little sister and brother are still in there!”

“Where were they?”

“They were running up to the balcony when the whole place just went up I cried out for them. I got to go get them!” He struggled to rise up and it took a bit for me to wrestle him back down.

“I will get them you stay here!” I left him with Officer Jenkins who despite being shot had run to help. I darted through the people running towards and away from the inferno.

Stopping only a moment at the smoke filled lobby door I took a deep breath and rushed inside. Searching through the smoke and flames I yelled for people stumbling about to get out and shoved a few to the door. Looking for the stairs and finding what I didn’t want to find. The stairs were a complete mess. Shredded even and basically nonexistent anymore I looked up to try and jump to the balcony but it was in flames. I was more scared for the little ones than myself but I had to find them or what was left of them no matter what. Helping those I could I carried those who weren’t able to move out one by one.

Covered in soot and coughing from the smoke it was only a few min before I was joined by firemen who took over getting people out. They grabbed me and pulled to get me out but I shook them off violently.

“I can’t leave there are still two small children in here!” I yelled above the roar of the fire.

“Disco-Man we will get them you’ve done enough! You have to get out, you have no oxygen gear!” The fireman yelled back as the hoses began to spray the roof and other buildings and water began to rain down around us.

“I promised!” Then without bothering for a reply took off into the main theater section.

Dodging a falling timber I clambered over seats and yelled for anyone that could hear me. Nearly getting taken out by a section of the roof collapsing I realized the old building couldn’t stand this, it was going to come down. I had minutes if even that.

Jumping over a row of flaming seats I looked up. The theater balcony wasn’t that bad but if the roof was starting to give it wouldn’t be long before the balcony went. Yelling desperately for anyone through the haze I searched for the children, then I saw a puff of white smoke. Different from the rest of the black rolling smoke filling the area I ran to that side of the theater and leapt up grabbing hold of the curtain on the wall, paying it was strong enough to hold me. I scrabbled up it and felt it give. As it did I heard the crying of a little one and without thinking, leapt out into space grabbing the edge of the balcony rail just barely, as the curtain ripped. As it fell away I struggled to pull myself up over the railing. Looking up as I got my leg over, I saw a small girl with a fire extinguisher standing protectively in front of her smaller brother. The fire was like some wild beast trying to get at her. She was keeping it at bay for now.

Running over and taking it from her I used it on another angry lick of flame from the doorway and turned to them.

“Alright little ones, it’s alright we have to leave now.” I told them

Through their whimpers the little girl said strongly. “My older brother said I’m not suppose to talk to strangers and not to go anywhere without him!” She gave me such a defiant look that I couldn’t help but grin at her resolve.

The little boy piped up then. “But sis this is Disco Man he’s not a stranger.”

“And your brother asked me to come get you he is outside waiting on you.” I told her as I fired another shot at the fire.

“We’ll okay, I am supposed to protect my little brother, so you just take us outside and that’s it Mister Disco-man.” She then looked at me very sternly and said “No funny business!”

I really did laugh then thinking I had seen Lady T use that look with me and my brothers many times.
“Yes Ma’am, No funny business” I replied.

Helping the children down to the balcony edge I looked down and saw we still had a pretty clear path to the side emergency exit. The curtain I used to climb up had ripped and was hanging down too far to grab. So we made our way to the other side of the balcony to make use of the other one. Holding the little girls hand and the boy in my arms, just as we got close to the other side, the balcony shook. Another large chunk of ceiling collapsed and the balcony dropped a good foot. Pillars supporting the balcony broke through the floor and scared the hell out of the kids. Not to mention scaring the hell out of me. I could feel the balcony rolling under my feet and the fire sensing blood seem to rage even hotter and louder. We didn’t have much time at all. The only good news was we were closer to the floor. I told the children to trust me and carefully put them on my back telling them to hold on tight. Grabbing the curtain I prayed it would hold us long enough and swung out on it. Painfully slow to not lose the children I slide carefully down it even as I watch the flames finally reach the curtains and the fire erupted along it as if to try to prevent its prey from escaping.

The curtain gave way about a foot from the floor and we dropped, I made sure to twist so I landed first. Already having, a bad time breathing as it was I coughed violently from having to gulp what little air there was as I got up and luckily with only a few bruises the children were fine. Picking the children up, I ran towards the side exit.

We were surrounded by fire, I had no trouble seeing now as every wall was in flames. The roar was deafening and the heat was unbearable. I held the children close to me doing my best to keep them calm as the balcony finally crashed to the floor behind us. Leaping over another burning timber the exit was just ahead and it was a race between the fire and me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see it running along the floor in my direction toward the door. It was so fast I almost stopped to watch it. So beautiful and terrible a thing is fire and can mesmerize the best of us. But I poured on the speed. I swear the fire screamed at me as I hit the exit door and felt the flames lick at my back and feet as if grabbing for me.

Panting and coughing even harder due to the cleaner air, I keep running. The roaring of the fire was being replaced by the rumble of falling brick and timbers. The light of the street was just ahead as once again I was being chased this time by the dust and rubble falling off the theater as it was collapsing. Exhausted to no end I put everything into it and made it to the street just as the pressure from the building falling, kicked me out into the street and the inferno roared in glee and shot into the air happily feeding on the old theater’s bones. Twisting my body again I held the children to my chest as I landed again into the street panting.

I was surrounded firemen and police and medics in an instant. The children still whimpering where being looked at by medics as was I. I looked up in time to see the teenager hugging them tightly and the little boy yelling about being saved by me. I laid back down panting and breathing clean air a medic gave me from a tank. Officer Jenkins had to come over and tell everyone to back off from me so I could get some air in peace without people running over congratulating me and calling me a hero. I smiled thankfully at him as he tipped his hat and smiled at me.

I breathed deeply thinking I really needed a bath as I got my lungs clean when I felt a little hand take mine. Looking over it was the little girl.

“Thank you, Mister Disco for saving us.” She said sweetly even covered in soot and her hair all a mess.

“You are welcome Little Miss.”

Then she kissed my cheek and ran back to her brothers. I laid down for a just a little longer before sitting up. When I did the street erupted into cheers. Blinking I looked around and it seemed the whole neighborhood had been watching. Blushing I waved which was met by another cheer. Standing up one of the medics told me I needed to rest and take it easy. But I shook my head as I picked up my bike from the lamp post where I had left it and put my helmet on.

No a bath would have to wait till later.

The Pencil - Part One

Submitted by: Rearden Gearz

Part 1

I arrive home at around 6pm like I normally do. Looking around my girlfriend hasn’t gotten home, which is odd she is normally home before me, sitting on the couch or making us dinner. I change out of my work clothes and into an old t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts then go park my butt on the couch, flicking on the TV. A few moments later I hear the front door to our small 2 bedroom home open and close as she arrives. I can’t help a smile on my face as I think of her and I lean back on the couch looking to the entrance always happy to see her. No sooner had I relaxed there is a call from the front door “get in here BOY!” I am little surprised and my smile turns to a grin, “oooohhh some one wants to play tonight” I think to myself.

I climb off the couch and walk to the front door, my eyes roam over her, she’s wearing a pair of high heel black boots a tight forming slinky skirt that flares out right below her knees and comes a little above her flat stomach it gives a perfect view of the roundness of her delicious butt. Her red and yellow colorful, sleeveless blouse is tucked into the top of her skirt that cuts conservatively along the tops of her breasts. Her dark brown African skin glows and just screams to be touched by my large hands, my eyes make their way to her dark brown eyes and I smirk a wee bit smugly “humph, I don’t see any boys here” flexing my rather strong muscles and deepening my voice “only this big strong man” I say chuckling. She can’t help but laugh, like a song that always uplifts my heart, she points at my chest and grins “shut your lips” she orders “and strip now BOY!”

I blink feeling my manhood start to rise in my shorts and I do as I’m told, pulling the t-shirt over my head and dropping my shorts and grey boxer briefs to the floor stepping out of them standing before her in the nude. I feel her appraising eyes run over the length of my 6’ body and I instinctively tighten my pecs and suck in my gut. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week so I have muscles but my love of fast food and beer definitely leaves a little paunch. She steps towards me, setting a brown paper bag on the floor and reaches out with one hand giving my paunch a little squeeze and leaning up to kiss me. I crane my head down (cause she is at least a foot shorter them me) and kiss her back lovingly. Her other hand comes up to grab me under my chin and she whispers to me “mmmm this is so cute mine”. I can’t help but blush, which is something I rarely do and stammer a little. Knowing she loves my little imperfections always fills my heart with love for her and makes me putty in her hands, even though I’ll never admit it.

She takes her purse and her keys and hands them to me, “put those away and go get your collar, boy” she demands. I’m a little taken back by her order, we normally talk and spend a little time together before playing and when I put the collar on, she is Mistress and I am completely owned by her. I swallow and nod taking the items and turning away and receiving a hard spank on my ass as I go to place her purse in the nook and her keys on the key ring. I walk into the bedroom and take out the leather collar with the steel ring that hinges in the back, the small padlock and the attaching leash and return to her. She takes the items from me and snaps her fingers pointing to the floor at her feet. I move slowly down to my knees and lift up my head, not hesitating she slips the collar around my neck, tightening the belt and placing the padlock in the O-rings locking it tight with a loud click (when we went to get a collar she made it clear she wanted something she could lock on, something I could not get out of). Pausing a moment she slides her thumb over the white stitching that reads “Amina’s Pet” right under my chin and I can’t help a gentle moan as a drop of pre-cum hits the hard tiles between her feet. “Now my pet, you took an awful long time to get your collar and you were smug with me, you will be punished for this” she says in a sultry voice. I can tell she is getting very turned on and I look down at the tops of her boots “I… I… I’m sorry” I mutter. Pulling her hand back she slaps my cheek hard and grabs me under my chin angrily snarling “you are sorry WHAT slut?”

Taken aback from the sudden pain I cry out “I’m sorry my Mistress!” Tisking her tongue “oh my my my you are in such trouble pet, so much trouble.” Grinning now she takes a blind fold from her bag and places it around my head covering my eyes, attaches the leash and gives it a tug “come mine” she orders and leads me blind into the bedroom. I stumble behind her hoping she doesn’t lead me into a wall.

She leads me to the bedroom closet door and spins me around so my back is to it. We have leather arm restraints attached to the top of the closet door and he lifts each of my hands up and straps them into place. She then gets the spreader bar and kicks the inside of my ankles making me spread them and attaches my ankles to the device so I can’t close my legs. I instinctively struggle at the binds, shuffling slightly and rattling against the wooden door, but they hold nicely and I hitch my breath realizing I am totally at her mercy now. She watches me struggle and giggles her cute little giggle, placing a hand on my chest, whispering “shush mine, you’ll have plenty of time to struggle soon enough”

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest with worry and excitement, my manhood stands out firm and strong, pre-cum now coating the tip as it bobs lightly with the beat of my heart. I turn my head from side to side trying to see something but the blindfold keeps me in utter darkness. I hear her walk away and move about in the Master bathroom collecting items and running water. I strain my ears and my curiosity runs wild, I call out “my Mistress what are you doing?” I get no reply and she soon returns, patting my cheek “no one said you could talk did they? You are going to wish you had been good” she says in a sing song way and I really start to get worried.

I soon feel thin cold metal moving along the base of my manhood and under my balls, realizing it’s a pair of scissors. I tense up thinking of the pain if she just nicked me and the insides of my thighs quiver slightly, forcing myself to relax she soon wipes my testicles with a warm washcloth and starts to apply shaving cream. Moving a disposable razor over my balls, under them and around the base of my manhood she removes all my hair leaving a trimmed bush at the top. I shiver and feel the cool air of the room blow over my now completely unprotected balls and they start to pull into me.

I feel her breath on them, like stream from a kettle, and the tip of her tongue touches them right on the base and she slowly runs it up my balls making a wet line along center. I let out a moan. Her tongue feels so hot and so wonderful, I almost collapse when she pulls it back, whimpering slightly. She giggles at my reaction “just couldn’t help myself mmmm they just look so yummy, pet” I nod and even if I was allowed to talk I probably couldn’t.

She then rubs a thick lotion that smells of lilac into them and around my manhood to protect from razor burns and ingrown hairs. Her hands are soft and warm I can’t help but moan yet again. I turn my head towards her wishing I could see her right now and run my tongue over my lips moistening them. She lets go of my balls and soon I feel a leather strap wrapped around them, my eyes widen behind my blind fold knowing exactly what that is and what it is used for and I let out another whimper preparing myself for any weights she might attach to the parachute ball stretcher she just placed on me but she just lets the chains dangle freely and I relax slightly.

She steps away from me; I hear a shuffling of clothes, turning my head trying to find her I soon feel the soft silk of her panties being rubbed over my face, into my nose. The scent of her starts to really drive me crazy. I love eating her out right after work or first thing in the morning when her scent is at its strongest, but her panties smell more pungent then I have ever smelled and they overpower my senses, I feel my cock sway and if she just touches it I might explode right then and there.

“Open your mouth pet” she orders and I open it quickly. She stuffs the panties deep into my mouth until they are fully in. Patting my cheek a couple of times, “Do those taste good?” she coos in my ear “I’m sure they do, I’ve worn them for 3 days straight, preparing for tonight… oh yes my pet I’ve planned tonight all out and you are in so much trouble” she laughs wildly. I suck and chew at the scented panties. “now don’t you let a bit of those panties out of your mouth and I better not see any drool, you’ll suck every bit of me out of them and swallow, understand me my pet?” I nod not opening my lips and sucking madly at her panties

She giggles and I feel her lips and her breath slowly trace down the center of my chest to the tip of my manhood. The tip of her tongue slips out and she teases it, I moan and squirm relishing every soft touch on my swollen sensitive parts. Her lips wrap around my head and she sucks on it lightly for what seems like hours. I mumble from behind her panties “I want you so badly”. As soon as I say that her lips leave my head I feel a sudden incredibly painful jolt on my balls, I thrash on my binds and open my mouth to cry out, sending half the saliva soaked panties out to cover my chin with gooey wetness. While she was teasing the tip of my cock she had attached heavy weights to my balls and had dropped them.

I focus hard on pulling the panties back into my mouth; chewing and gnawing craning my head and slurping them back, knowing she had just told me not to do what I had just done. She just laughed as I hear her rise up “oh you are going to beg and plead, I’m going to punish you; you are such a bad bad pet”. I squirm and almost mew in my throat keeping my lips tightly pressed together ready for anything else not wanting to disappoint her again. I feel her fingers on my nipples and she plucks at them tugging and yanking soon to be replaced by a hard pinch of metal clamps, these clamps must be new, the ones we normally use are never this painful, she tugs on them making the clamps bite down even harder on the sensitive flesh.

Hands in fists, all my muscles tight and quivering I stand there before her. The blindfold intensifying the pain all over my body as the clamps sway with my movements, the sharp pain in my balls now replaced with a slow, dull, constant ache from the weights. Pressing her body against me she gives me a kiss on the cheek and speaks in my ear “well I’m going to take a shower, get into something more comfortable and get something to eat, you just try and relax I’ll be back in a few”

Dominion Christmas Parody

Submitted by: Heart Himmel

With thanks to Clement Moore

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the sim
not a person was stirring, not even on whim.
The stockings were hung by the fireplace with care
and those with that fetish could only just stare.

The subbies and slaves were all snug in their cells,
and the Ladies and Mistresses had quieted their bells.
Miss Eva in her nightie and Maz in his thong,
had curled up together right were they belong.

When outside the castle there arose such a noise,
that Lady Zarita's voice thundered just one word ... BOYS !!!
Out through the doorway Hoffie flew like a flash
and Maz tried to follow but suddenly crashed.

The moon on the breasts of the Ladies below
gave the boys a wierd feeling and sort of a glow.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a rotten old sleigh and some mangey reindeer.

With a sexy young driver so stunningly dressed
I knew then and there I sure was impressed.
More rapid than fireflies her coursers they came
and she whistled and shouted and called them by name.

"Now Greggie, now Maddox, now David and Loth!
On Epi, on Ero, on Jono, on Roc!
To the top of the castle, to the top of the mall
now dash away, dash away, dash away ALL !"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
So up to the parapets the coursers they flew
with the sleigh full of butt plugs and some floggers too.

And then in a twinkling, I heard lots of racket
like hooves only louder or a whip when you crack it.
As I lowered my head and looked at the ground
down the chimney she slid corset bound.

She was dressed all in leather, from her head to her feet
and it accented her backside, she really looked neat.
A huge bag of toys, she held in her hand
and she looked like a sadist, oh my, how grand.

Her eyes how they sparkled, her nipples like cherries
her cheeks were quite firm, her nose like a berry
her soft little lips were drawn up like a bow
and her hair was as soft as a new fallen snow.

A cigarette holder held tight in her teeth
the smoke rings encircled her head like a wreath.
She had a nice face and a nice flat tummy
and when she laughed it sounded so yummy.

Not chubby or plump, she had just the right curves
and I covered my eyes so I didn't perv.
A wink of her eye and a tilt of her head
soon told me I had lots to dread.

She spoke not a word but her eyes said it all
she filled all the stockings, the boys got a gag ball.
The laying a finger against her lip
with a smile and a nod up the chimney did slip.

She sprang into her sleigh, to her slaves gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard her exclaim, as she drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

A Trip Home - Part One

Submitted by: Maisy Dollinger, recapping a recent RL event.

It was an early winter morning and I was on my way to the old stomping ground to visit and stay with some close friends and play friends. Up to a year ago I used to be invited to teach to small groups of kinksters selected by Lady Selena. Lady Selena is one of my oldest friends within my world of kink. She weighs about 22 stone and has bright pink hair. An incredible latex wearing Domme, and she has the most amazing boys, devoted, handsome, educated and articulate little sluts.

She knew that I have not wanted to teach until my boy was in a good place to take part. He has always been my boy prop in my lessons and no other could replace him. Occasionally we may invite other boys but that is when more than one is needed. You see a year ago G had two strokes in his sleep and today I am thankful everyday that he is back at my feet, my side and serving me just as deliciously as he ever had done before. These recent days G was in great spirits and we had talked about accepting Lady Selena's next invitation with some excitement.

When the invitation came Selena and I chatted for a couple of hours on the telephone, discussing what we could share in a safe environment. We discussed who she would invite, what experience they had, how she had met them. Selena meets people from all walks of life and you are never sure who she will be there. Not everyone is strictly into Femdom, there have been Masters and even some curious vanilla folks too. After a lot of discussion and debate the topic for Winter 2009 was set......sounding and violet wands......I was thrilled and excited. Selena also informed me she would be holding a mini Rubber Ball on the Thursday evening.

For the week leading up to the trip G had been preparing the equipment and making sure we had everything we needed, making lists and visiting stores to pick up supplies. He spent hours shining and preparing the latex and packing carefully the travel bags and making everything was just how I needed it....stress free!!!

We travel heavy when we go away, even if it's for one night.......I like to be prepared, and I can never predict my mood. It also depends on the possibilities of the accommodation we have.....are there beams, poles, what type of bed, is it a strong desk, can I use the shower rail and so you see I need to be prepared.

We arrived in London around 11am, and I needed a double espresso to kick-start me, G had to stick to caffeine free, poor slut. I needed him pure and receptive. A friend was meeting us at the station, which was good as I needed to continue my slut's preparation.

Earlier that morning G had shaved himself completely, chest, legs, balls, and underarms and he had woken me ready to be inspected. My slut looked very pleasing, shy and timid ..... stood their naked and shaven, his skin glistened with in trepidation as he knew what was to come, he placed a pot of tea on my bedside table and knelt at my feet.

I spoke one word as I took my tea "Stroke"

G knows this command very well and he knows it is a sign for him to spread his legs wide and pull his balls to the floor tightly as he masturbates. For me this is the only way to wake up, like listening to a musical masterpiece. During any moment when I like to be quiet and thoughtful, maybe chosing my dress for the day......the sound of Mine stroking is fulfilling and makes my heart sing with joy. His soft breathing getting deeper and his skin glowing, the blood clearly rushing though him as his excitement grew. He stayed there stroking as I gave out instruction on the clothes I would wear and the shoes he would clean for me.

"Enough for now slut" I left the bed and went to shower. When done, there were warm towels waiting and the clothes and shoes I wanted were laid out ready for me. Smiling to myself, I praised my boy and told him how wonderful it was going to be over the next few days to spend some time with him and our friends. Before leaving I placed a steel plug in his arse, the plug has a ring which I attached a thin cold chain which lead to his collar. Always lovely to give a tug on when in vanilla surroundings through his clothing......

It was a cold wet and grey day. We stood outside the train station laughing as I warmed my hands on the double espresso in a paper cup. We were waiting for my friend to arrive and we looked just like any other couple visiting London that day. After about 5 minutes Carl arrived. Carl is a good submissive boy who cleans for Selena and he is a great friend too. G opened the door and I got in the car and he came and sat next to me on the back seat, I was glad to be in the warm, Carl was chatting about his recent trip to turkey, until I told him to button it and told G to drop his trousers. G looked at me a flash of arousal in his eyes, I love that look and it makes my pussy twitch every time I see it. I straddled G on the back seat with his cock firmly gripped in my hands and reminded him over and over again that there will be many women looking at my cock today but that it was MINE and only I control it. He nodded and said softly "Yes my love, it's only ever Yours"

I unmounted G, smiling at his erect cock, not even stroked but covered in precum. I will let him release himself when we get to Selena's as I make my introductions to the group. I hope they are a good bunch......

There were only 5 Ladies there, and I am pleased to say I knew them all, I think Selena played this for G and I, these were all women who had kept in touch with us since G was ill and been a support through the year, so I think you can say Selena got me there under slightly false pretences. We laughed and I had explained how much precum my slut was leaking in the car here, at which moment the ladies cooed and teased G. Selena had set up a room for play and it was simple, with some soft furnishings and one leather covered cross. I called G over who knelt in front of all the Ladies, he made comments on everyone's shoes and offered to clean them all for them if they would be kind enough to let him. G is a heel worshipper and is very skilled at taking care of any footwear in any condition.

I ordered G to get naked and within moments he was naked at my feet, I tugged the thin chain and heard his slight moan to my cunts delight. The Ladies were quizzing him over his submission and challenging him, I find it fun to watch him squirm, my slut loves to be taunted and teased by an audience.

"Stroke" I ordered as he continued to be teased by my taunting friends, he got to the edge very fast, begging and whining ..... needing to be released, the precum oozing all over his thick hard dick head. Selena asked me quickly if we would need Carl to come clean, and I smiled and agreed.

"Carl, get your cute arse in here right NOW!!!" Selena ordered "there is a cock which needs cleaning and it's about to explode on my rug.......and you don't want to be sucking cum off of that for the next week"

Carl rushed into the room and quickly got to work on licking G's dickhead. "Stop stroking my cock slut" I told G ....... " Carl is here now. He is here to finish you off and clean you for the ladies"

Carl is a petite man, but with strong handsome features, he sucks cock deep and will clean anything which needs it, shoes, floor, cocks and cunts. He does it to please his Lady and anyone in her company. G's eyes looked wasted knowing he was on the edge, I bent down and whispered in his ear "Release now"

He shot his cum to the back of Carl's throat, you could see Carl swallow fast trying not to spill a drop. The thought of sucking the rug for a week clearly was a motivator for doing such a good cleaning job on G. Carl sat up and I loved to see G's thick cum coat his mouth. Selena told Carl he had done well and to continue cleaning G. We left the boys to it and took tea which had just arrived. It was lovely to catch up with my friends like this, some of us had not seen each other for a year. Taking tea with the sound of two horny sluts cleaning up behind is also a joy in life.

Selena said she had some more people coming but can we just do the sounding today because of her little surprise taking up time.

Within twenty minutes 2 couples had arrived and G was clean and bound to a small bench which had been bought in. Most of the lesson was spent discussing how sounds work, and the precautions you need to take before even considering it. The importance of hygiene cannot be emphasized enough here. G had prepared a handout for everyone with some tips on successful sounding. I never find the lesson that kinky because I am so conscious of the audience taking in the right information to be able to be safe, avoid infections, scarring etc. Although G enjoys being used this way, and it is one of his kinks. After the teaching part was done it was time for the demonstration. I use a set of Hegar sounds I like these the most, they are completely smooth and they were the first I had used 15 years ago and still my trusted set to this day. G had wrapped them carefully in some sterile gauze and had packed some syringes and gloves ready to be used, I unwrapped a syringe and filled it with lube. Wearing some sterile gloves I took G's cock in my hand talking to him all the time, telling him what I will do to him and how he is to breath and stay in control with me. I take the lube filled syringe in my right hand and gripping his cock in my left, squeezing his dickhead open, I let the lube drip.....drop by drop into his shaft. He moans in delight feeling the cold lube filling him and a couple of people ask if they can come closer, I nod and continue being focussed on my slut and my cock . For teaching I use a slimmer sound but G has been known to be able to take the 18mm sound which is a beautiful sight. But I keep that sight for my own personal pleasure. The sounding went on for about 30 minutes and we had a Q and A session to follow. It was fun to do this again and I am already thinking about what to do in spring time.

G went off to shower and catch up with Carl and Lady Selena's other boys who had all arrived home. Selena runs a wonderful house, she has a cleaner - Carl, her cook - Tom, slut - Tim....oh and I always confuse Tim and Tom .....and Rob her maid and assistant. It was now around 7pm and I said to Selena that I should go to the hotel and freshen up before dinner, but she insisted we stayed there, she called out to Rob and instructed him to make up the guest room and run me a bath, she said I could use Rob for any chores I needed. Selena is a loving woman and so very warm and caring, it was good to be there and I know that tonight is not over, Dinner at Selena's is never without pleasure of a sordid nature.

While I was waiting for my bath we chatted about the year and the transformation in G, and she commented on some ideas to mark the occasion of a year passing which he will not forget in a hurry.

The guest room was pretty, well decorated with strategically placed hooks and eyelets hidden in furniture and on the walls, Rob left the room with a list of chores I had given him just as Gary was arriving laughing. It's good to see my boy happy this way. I got undressed and went to soak, G sat with me and we discussed how lovely it was to see all our old friends and to replay the lesson..... G was hard again and smiling proudly. I told G that he would not touch his cock until I tell him to, he nodded, saying "of course Mistress, I'm just so happy today"

I bathed and dressed, and we all congregated in the kitchen where Tom was cooking, naked apart from 2 hot pink oven gloves. Selena was on one of the breakfast bar stools and we got one of the boys to open some wine. Now we can relax a little, it was lovely to catch up. Toms thighs bore some fading welts from a cane, it was like a faded ladder climbing up his legs and that gave me an idea for G.

We decided to eat in the kitchen and let the boys eat at our feet, it was wonderful to be served and listen to the boys conversation, occasionally checking with Selena and I for approval. Rob cooked excellent steak and we retired to the lounge to drink coffee, the boys all had chores to do and Selena and I continued to talk about how we could mark the year passing in style for G and I. We had decided to mark the months, weeks, days and year differently.

My deviant plan was as follows 12 cane welts, 6 up each leg, one for each month. 52 strokes with a weighted flogger, one for each week. 365 cock pumps in his arse......courtesy of Lady Selena's boys, one for each day. And one orgasm in my cunt to mark the year.

But we needed to wait till dinner had been digested a little, so we played some warm up games sharing kinks and getting all horny, Carl had been cleaning precum and pussy for about an hour when I decided it was time.

I told G to meet me in the playroom, naked and on his knees in front of the cross. Selena ordered her boys to fetch everything we required. The boys were all a little surprised by this, I think they assumed the games would continue in the lounge.

I went to the play room and leant down and kissed G tenderly, telling him how happy I am and how lucky he is......I lifted him up and secured him with his chest against the cross, his beautiful arse exposed. G seemed nervous now and I reached between his legs and felt his engorged cock......nervous and very aroused.

I asked Tim and Rob to warm up G's body massaging his thighs and arse cheeks.

"I have asked Lady Selena to help us celebrate the year passing my slut and each month, week, day and year will be marked in its own special way " I walked to the back of the cross so I could see my slut and assure him that this was a wonderful thing, then she struck him and his eye shut hard and his body jolted in the shackles that held him. Water filled his eyes and he told me that he loved me. His endorphins had kicked in by the 12th strike and I placed a kiss on his forehead and came to see what treat Selena had left my boy. 12 very pronounced clear raised lines a perfect symmetry of lines leading to his arse.

His body was coated in a sheen of perspiration and he looked wonderful. He is mine.

I took my place behind my boy, stroking my fingers over his spine, caressing his soft skin and telling him softly that he will now feel 52 strokes, one for each week, I used a weighted flogger, which was beautifully crafted with a handle curved to the shape of your hand which was warm to hold, the tails were soft but would deliver a delicious sting. After each stroke G counted and thanked begging for the next one......"one, thank you Mistress, your slut deserves more"......."two, thank you Mistress, your slut deserves more".......and so it went on until 52 had been reached.

Unshackling the slut from the cross and clipping his cuffs together in front of his body I pulled him close. I whispered in his ear " the boys are now going to take turns filling your arse with their cocks until you have been pumped 365 times, one for each day, and you will not cum, do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress" G whimpered.

I instructed G to learn over the table so that Lady Selena and I could watch his face and see his cock during his treat. G obeyed and placed his shackled wrists on the table and bent over his legs spread. His cock was swollen and twitching.

Tim was first up and Rob had taken on the task of counting each pump. No boy was permitted to cum. Each of them were so horny now and when they knew of their involvement they were instantly hard and begging Lady Selena to touch themselves. Tim pumped to 33 and had to withdraw.......Carl got so horny watching and only made 11....44 in total. I think all these boys are desperate to cum. Selena and I coaxed the boys on and we started touching our pussy's to tease them and asking them how wonderful it would be for each of them to fill my boy and have Carl clean up......Tom took over and completed 27.......Tim again........11 this time, 82 in total. Eventually my boy was blissfully pumped 365 times and I pulled him close and let him rest on his side, wasted, horny, hot and beautiful. I caressed each welt and raised part of skin. Selena kissed my cheek goodnight and left me with G, taking her panting horny boys with her.

G and I layed there for a while and then I told him there was one thing missing from my plan and that was the single thing to mark the year. For about an hour we caressed and kissed, G is my slut, my slave, my lover and so much more. I told him how thankful I am that we can share everything we have and still remain so focused. I pulled my self up and undressed perching on the small table and pulling G to his knees, I unshackled him and ordered him to fuck me hard..........

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sensual Domination

An actual play session interactively written by: Syriana Paine and her boy, Maddox Kaestner
(verb tenses adapted and names replaced with pronouns to be more story like for the reading)

It had been a particularly long night and she was feeling a bit fragile. Her boy made a cheeky comment about stroking her ego, and that made her grin in delight. She took him home after work for the night and called him over behind her.

He grinned and slid in behind Her, leaning in to kiss Her, sliding his tongue over Her lips playfully before whispering, "So You gonna let me stroke that, errr 'ego' of Yours, my Mistress?"

She smirked playfully at her naughty boy, as she covered his hand with hers, dragging it down her belly, just over her tiny panties, knowing her wetness had soaked through...'Well, you have been a rather good boy today, haven't you?'

He grinned ever so close to Her lips, feeling Her pull his hand closer to his desire, the tips of his fingers rubbing gently across the wetness, teasing, feeling Her body responding to him, "MMmm yes, my Mistress, a very good boy."

She shuddered gently, feeling him toy with her, thinking to herself she should have known his hands wouldnt stay still....she debated a moment on chastizing him, but decided to make him suffer instead....'Ooo, mmmmm yes a good boy, that's hungry I can stroke it, outside my panties.....and no licking your fingers......' She smirked.

The boy sighed as he realized She was now taunting him, his manhood hardening between them, the bulge of his shorts pressed against her ass. He nodded and answers, "Yes, my Mistress.", obediently, though he longed to taste Her. He slid his fingers along the outside of Her panties, feeling the moistness increasing, and he slowly applied more pressure, the tip of his finger targeting Her clit, circling it, flicking at it, before pressing firmly against it.

She trembled at his touch, almost cursing him for knowing how to get to her so quickly, she reached into her little stash for a tiny blade and ever so gently cut off his shorts, then down the front of her dress, shimmying jsut a bit so it slid off her, now leaving all that's between them her thigh boots and tiny little thong

He curiously eyed the glint of metal as he saw the blade in her hand. His muscles tensed as she precisely cut away at his shorts, the excitement of the danger felt in the moment causing his cock to harden even more. He felt his shorts pool at his feet, as her dress joined them. He kept his hand in place, firmly rubbing Her sex, knowing it was driving Her crazy, with his hard cock pressed against Her bare ass.

She moaned through their impassioned kiss, pulling at his hair, her hips grinding back into him, able to feel his hard cock shoved down her crack, trapped there, unable to move, she teased him back.

He moaned and grunted as he felt his cock trapped against Her ass, straining to grow harder between them as she pressed back against it. His hand never stopped it's motion, his fingers working over and over her clit, sliding down further, teasing the entrance of her pussy, lightly pulling at the cloth of her panties, wanting to remove them, but not daring to, as she ordered him.

She growled louder, her hunger fueled by his throbbing cock, deciding she could make this torture much sweeter, she turned, never breaking their kiss, facing him now as her leg wraps up around him, she began to roll her hips over him, pressing into him almost painfully, as her stone felt clit sent frenzied pulses of pleasure through her with each movement she made.

He groaned as she turned, their lips still pressed against each other, feeling her legs straddling his hard throbbing manhod. He moaned louder, needfully, as She toyed with him, knowing She was enjoying his torture for Her pleasure. He too, secretly enjoyed it, though perhaps not as much as a secret as he hoped it was. He kissed Her deeply, harder, wanting more, needing more, with pure desire for Her.

She growled louder into their kiss as her body began to rock harder against him, god how she wanted that cock inside her, but she was careful not to let him know that just yet. She pulled back a moment, her eyes full with lust and desire for him, her back arched, she pressed in further, grinding her clit on the hard ridges of his cock, 'God you feel good, my little slut, so FUCKING good'

The boy nearly panted as She continued to tease him, taunting him, such sweet torture it was to feel Her rocking against his swollen cock. Her words driving him, pushing his desire, his hips pressed into Her instinctively. He moaned and gruffly answered, "Ohhh godd, so do You, my Mistress."

She rocked her body harder against him, letting his tip get dangerously close to inside her, all of her body screaming at her for not letting him side her just yet. Reaching over she pulled at his padlock on his nipple, twisting it a bit, wanting to confuse his senses just a little.

He groaned as he felt his cock ever so close to Her entrance, trying in vain to push into Her, wanting to feel Her tight pussy wrapped around his aching cock. He clenched his jaw and winced as She twisted the padlock attached to his nipple, his body tensed as the pain shot through him. "Nghhhh shit..." he grunted.

She laughed a dark sound hearing his pain, 'What's the matter WHORE, you didn't like that? You wanted something different? Maybe you want to set the pace here?' She teased him knowing he knew she'd never allow that....she stepped back a bit and open handedly smacked his face, 'Poor little SLUT, lay down, NOW!' she yelled at him and stood over him, but not before slipping out of her thong. She laid in front of him pressing her ass so close to him, her pussy coating his cock thoroughly, knowing how easily it could slip in. She growled, 'Don't you DARE put that little cock inside me, you hear me bitch boy?' She began writhing and caressing him, tenderly, further confusing his senses.

He gasped as She spok to him so harshly, then startled as he felt the sharp slap to his face, though shocked by the strike, he moaned with the pleasure of the sting. He quickly obeyed, hearing Her tone, moaning as he felt Her pressed against him, his cock slick with Her juices, wanting so desperately to sink his cock deep inside Her. he felt his face flush to match the handprint on his cheek as She teased him about his cock, he moaned again as he was driven deeper into his submission to Her.

She‧ took his hand and slid it up and down her slick body, over her breasts, cupping them, teasing his cock further with her ass, unsure how much longer she herself could take it, rolling over on her tummy, 'Kiss my back, be close, but don't let that LITTLE cock inside me' she growled at him. After a moment she rolled him on his back and began grinding harder, slower...... so close to his tip..... 'You want to be inside dont you little bitch boy..... to use that LITTLE cock to try and please me, is that it, WHORE?'

He quickly slid over Her as ordered his hands explored, caressed, gripped, groped, wanting to feel all of Her. his lips moved over Her body, kissing, licking, tasting Her sweet skin. He felt Her push him onto his back and straddle him, his desire so close, as She moved Her pussy to the tip of his engorged cock. He panted his desires, "Yes please, my Mistress, please let me put my cock inside You.....please...." he begged, not daring to lift his hips, though it was killing him to refrain.

Her lip curled into a grin at him, her eyes squinted in a pseudo disgusted look, 'that LITTLE cock is supposed to please me? You really think?' With that she took him fully inside her, gripping his cock as tightly as she could, causing herself to feel pain from it even as the length of his shaft consumes her. His cock wasnt little at all, but she loved how teasing him drove him to push harder to please her. She kept him at the hilt, raking her nails down his chest, held so tightly he couldn't move his pulsating member, 'Well then, you fucking disgusting whore, PLEASE ME!' with that she slapped his face once on each side of his cheek.

He gasped as She lowered Herself onto his cock, Her words ringing in his ears. He moaned loudly as he felt Her so tight around his cock, nearly pushing him over the edge immediately. He wanted to thrust inside Her, knowing he was close to his release before She ever allowed him to enter Her. He grunted as he felt Her nails dragging across his flesh, leaving the desired red marks in their wake. As She spoke again, he felt the stinging slaps to his face, "Arghhhh..." he cried as he began to show Her he can please Her he started to thrust his cock inside Her, hard and steady, knowing he couldn't hold out much longer, but wanting to please Her, he struggled to maintain.

She moaned out loudly, riding him hard, knowing he was close, wanting to push him harder, 'Is that all you've got SLUT? I bet you cant even fuck for long, your cock is USELESS for fucking, that's why you GET FUCKED more than you're allowed to fuck. Go ahead, cum then, HARD and deep inside, and then..... you're gonna lick and suck it all out of me until I cum..... you like the taste of boy cum these days anyways, so you should be craving it.... go on, DO IT....... cum for me!'

He plunged his cock quickly in and out of her tight pussy, wanting to hold back, needing to prove himself, but knowing he'd lost that battle. Her tauntings and humiliating words pushed him over the edge. He stiffened as his cock swole and suddenly exploded inside Her, filling Her with his hot seed. "ARGhhhh fuckkkkk...." he panted and grunted as his cock released the last of his cum. He fell back, spent, but knowing he had another job to do, and with that he grinned and awaited his Mistress to allow him his guilty pleasure.

She cried out feeling him fill her up, almost sending her over herself, she fought like hell to stop it, laughing instead...... shaking her head, 'Just as I thought, useless boy' She stood up, grabbed him by the hair and drug him over to her, 'Now, you better eat this pussy like it's the last time you ever get to and don't miss ONE drop of cum, yours OR mine.'

He sighed as she teased him, wincing painfully as She drug him by his hair. He listened to his instruction, and pressed his face firmly between Her spread legs, his tongue extending to slide over Her dripping wet lips. he tasted her juices as well as his own cum, which dripped from Her, his stomach churning slightly as he still found it difficult to wrap around his head the thought of him licking up and drinking his own cum, or that of any man for that matter. But for his Mistress he would nearly do anything. He busily lapped at her pussy, sucking at Her hard clit, pushing his head against her grindings, his breath nearly taken as he buried his tongue inside Her, sucking noises filling the air as he silently plead for Her to fill his mouth with Her cum.

Overcome and ready, she screamed out riding his face uncontrollably as her platformed boot drug up and own his back, she grabbed a fist full of hair and pushed him in deeper. His hunger for her consuming him, her body released, screaming out loudly, wave after wave of pleasured shudders coarsing through her.

After a few moments of panting and trying to collect herself, she spoke softly to him, 'what a good boy, My good boy, come with me..... let me wrap you up.'

Welcome Home

Submitted by: Ravanys Lavendel

Dear Syriana,

It has been almost two months and four days since my last confession.

I have overcome tremendous adversity in life. I have sailed to distant lands, captured minds and hearts, enslaved poor, young men to serve my whim throughout my life, and generally have done many amazing things that I can't even begin to mention here, not the least of which for fear that it may incriminate a few noteworthy and famous - albeit married - gentlemen of reputation. Now, however, I have been tasked with what I had feared could be the insurmountable.

I have had to take a day job.

Dressed like a common laborer in (*wretched, disgusted sound here*) hospital scrubs.... with the mandatory color of.... WISTERIA... I am now part of what this Corporate Catholic Culture considers "their healthcare team." In trying to find ways that I might exercise my dominance at work, I became excited thinking I might get to bring a few physicians to their knees, tease some unsuspecting orderly, and generally attempt to sexually harass the weak as I saw fit in my new reign of queendom.

Then I found out the ugly truth. I wasn't really going to see anyone like that. I was going to be pretty much locked up in a room with about 12 other ladies, most of whom were about fifty seven years of age. With only occasional visits from the IT guy.

And everyone knows that IT guys do not look you in the eye, so they are immune to my supernatural charms.

(deep sigh).

In times like these, I pull deep from the well of sisterhood to find strength. I miss my friends at Dominion so much, and I am so exhausted when I come home from this draining probationary period at the hospital only to fall asleep after I've finished my other work here at home. And so, I will leave you with this parting conversation. The end of my confession that my job is not exciting, sexy, or fun. I don't even get to flirt.

"Oh, this is lovely. What a beautiful design."

"No, no, Miss. We aren't *here*. We're down in the basement. This is just where the physicians do their dictation."

"Ahh, okay. Great! Well, you lead."

*long pause, footsteps*

"Oh my. This is down into the bowels of the building isn't it?"

"It is."

"It hasn't been updated in some time it looks like. That looks like a very old design, but neatly kept. Very well built. That stonework is just amazing. Beautiful in its own way."

"Well, I'll tell you a little secret. Did you know what our wing was back in 1924, when they opened?"

"No, what?"

"It was the Convent."

So there you have it, my friends. Welcome home, Sister Ravanys.

Discoman & Panzerboy City at War: Episode 1

Submitted by: Eroyan Barmy

“I will survive”

All day the t.v. had been broadcasting that people in the south side should stay in their homes and not venture out. That the situation would soon be under control and not to panic but to simply remain out of the way of the Dominion Police that was attempting to restore order. As I looked at my wife and two children I wasn’t so sure. First a couple of weeks ago there is this huge fight out in the fields and some crazy nut named Garlak that was trying to take over everything gets thwarted or something. But now I’m not so sure things are better. The whole south side of the City of Dominion erupted into gang warfare yesterday and it’s like living in a demilitarized zone or something. Even know as I barricade our apartment door, and hold my wife and children as we watch the news showing Disco-man taking out some thugs, I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t worse now.

With most of the worst gang leaders captured or dead that was with the nut Garlak it seems every gang in Dominion was attempting to gain control over the city. Some gangs split and were fighting each other others trying to run people off and some where just fighting to fight. The whole south side was under siege from inside and outside. Surrounded by police and even the Dominion National Guard had been called out. It had been non-stop and I just kept doing my best to tell my family we would be alright.

The hero’s of Dominion were running all over the place trying to save as many as they could we had already watched several news casts of Disco-man, Panzer-boy, Gentleman Caller and even reports of this shadowy figure only known as Huntress saving citizens as best as they could. But it would still take time before things were under control.

I was a simple man I didn’t even own a gun thou some might have said that was foolish for where I lived but if I could afford a gun I wouldn’t be living in the south side. There were good people here it is just that there are bad people too and they liked to get together and blackmail rape steal even enslave people. My family wasn’t one of the kind that went for the whole control thing we were traditional. Husband my beautiful wife and children married for twelve glorious years so far and I went to work every day and did my best for them. Now it seems as I looked at my six year old that “Daddy will have to protect the family”.

Yes Daddy would keep them safe no matter what it took. My wife comforted the children as got up and went to our bedroom and got my baseball bat and set it by the couch and I settled down and put my eight year old on my lap.

“Will a hero save us daddy?” My eight year old asked.

“Yes sweetie it won’t be long now and one of the hero’s will be here and take us out of danger. But they are busy with people who are being hurt. So we have to just stay together and wait our turn.”

“Oh I hope its Panzer-Boy that saves us Daddy.” My six year old said.

“Why is that?”

“Cause I wanna ask him if he will let me try on his helmet.” He replied.

We couldn’t help it my wife and I smiled and my eight year old laughed. Suddenly in the middle of all this peril we were a stronger family laughing about what we would ask hero’s if we actually met them.
As they talked I was drawn back to the t.v. reporting that the police had moved past 38th avenue heading towards the 40th block district. I sighed a bit and felt a little better the cops were only about three blocks away now and if they kept taking back blocks and streets they should be here in a few hours.

I laughed at my daughter saying she wanted to dress as huntress for Halloween and I told her maybe when she was a little older. I’m not sure I wanted my daughter running around trick or treating in tight leather or latex.

Then the window broke out and my wife and I pushed the children to the floor as stray bullets sprang through the window into the ceiling a few of our neighbor’s screamed as they hit other windows.

“Oh God Harold!” my wife said “they are shooting at us!”

“Easy Linda easy.” Noticing that the bullets had stopped coming in.

Slowly I got up and crept to the window and looked out. Down on the street gunfire was still sporadic but I saw a tricked out caddy roaring down the street and swinging around the corner packed full of Bullet Eaters. Bullet Eaters are the kind of gang that even gave gangs a bad name. They lived to do nothing but create chaos. Seems they were just enjoying the mayhem buy roaring up and down the streets unloading on everything.

I closed the curtains and after a little maneuvering got a mattress over the broken window. Then helping my family back up we decided to sit on the floor. Well what we told the children was we were going to have a picnic in the house. We laid out a blanket and my wife made sandwiches and we sat around the t.v. listening to the news and stories. A more detailed story was coming up about Disco-Man and a recent act of heroism he had done at the old movie theater on 37th street. Calming the children enough to pay attention they finally got into watching one of their hero’s in action as a news crew was right there when it happened.

I looked at my wife and smiled at her she smiled by trying to be as strong as I was. But I know she didn’t have to pretend she was tough she married me didn’t she. That thought only made me smile more as my children cheered at the report. I heard a breaking sound down on the street and got up to look.

My heart leapt into my throat the metal bars locked by the manager in our build was being torn off its hinges by four large men all flying gang colors. They would be in the building soon after they broke the door down. I hoped someone in our building had a gun and could fight them off. Or secretly where the hell were the Bullet Eaters when you could use a well timed drive by.

I turned around and my children were still watching the news report. My wife looked at me concerned. I just told her it was alright nothing to worry about. But she knew I was lying as I sat down and put the bat across my knees so I could watch the door. But to her credit she didn’t say anything and just held her babies in her arms.

Yes my dear child Daddy will protect you no matter what it takes. I let me eyes drift between the door and T.V. Waiting and hoping a hero would come.

Sweet Torture

Submitted by: Coco Firanelli

My mantoy arrived looking really hot. My gentle giant... all 6"4 of him dressed in black with stylish italian black shoes. He was ordered to strip and then got down on his knees to greet and worship his Goddess before he followed Me into the bedroom on all fours where he was greeted Goddess style. We lost ourselves in time as he was teased mercilessly and I took My pleasure... I almost forgot we had a play date to attend. It was a surprise...

So we arrived unfashionably late to a scene My Domme friend was hosting with her two female submissives. We missed some of the action. Apparently one of the girls was a pain slut and had been beaten harshly then fucked with a fuck machine even more harshly by the looks of it. The two girls were naked. The one who was beaten was proudly displaying her marks clearly and happily in subspace. Mine was ordered to strip while My Domme friend and I stepped aside and had a little discussion. I explained My toy was being trained for obedience and endurance. Convienantly Her other girl was a slut who was being trained to be a cumbucket service whore. It was perfect! We both went back out and I allowed My friend to inspect him. 'You certainly find them big', She said as She gave his cock a tug.

My friend informed Her slut she was being given an opportunity. The slut already had her eyes fixed on the only cock in the room. I was told she had been absolutely dying for cock. This might be more than she bargained for. My friend said... 'go to him, on your knees, and suck the cum out of his cock in 10 minutes or else.' With that She slapped the girl's ass. As the girl got down on her knees before him... I instructed Mine firmly 'you had better not cum or else'.

What an absolute delight! We both looked at the clock.

He stood there naked and hard seemingly confident. Indeed he was a big show off. But he had already been taken to the edge several times this night. This would be interesting.

But as the slut knelt before him and began doing her work My slave started going limp! I was appalled. What kind of a whore was this girl? It appeared she couldn't take very much of My slave or was unwilling. What was going on? The girl complained her mouth was sore. My friend berated her and instructed her to do a better job. Then She ordered Her other girl to rim him from behind to add to his tension. I was thrilled! And by the looks of My toy this most certainly did the trick! I could see his jaw tighten, his face redden. The slut was making slurping and gagging sounds, you could tell she'd need much more practice. The one rimming My slave was really getting in to it tho. My friend informed Me she loved to do this. I could tell. She would barely even look up when spoken too. She used her fingers to spread his cheeks and had her entire face in there. I love to see such enthusiasm!

Time was up! My slave did not cum but he did struggle and entertain us with resistant grunting noises and pained facial expressions. The girls both got beatings. It was a reward for the rim loving painslut but not so much for the other one. We all sat around for a little enjoying each other, lounging and sipping our drinks. The fuck machine was like a conversation piece. My slave by this time was quite proud of himself at My feet, quiet and clearly beaming... despite his sore balls. He probably thought I was done with him for the night. Not even close! We then went home... and there I finished what I started.

Maybe I'll share that next confession...