Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally - Heather Steampunk

After speaking to Her for more than six months online, She decides it is time we take this to the real world. Her instruction card is short but simple: come to the hotel I have been telling you about, eleven p.m. Sharp. Wear something comfortable. 

I smile as I read Her note and pack my stuff. The hotel is not far away from where I am, and thinking about what may happen tonight gives me goosebumps. With my baggy jeans and my favorite shirt on I walk towards the hotel. I get nervous as the hotel sign shows up and walk a little slower. I gasp as I suddenly feel a hand covering my mouth and a arm around my waist. Just when I am about to scream, (alien abduction fear) I hear a  voice whispering in my ear “you are not gonna scream are you?” My knees get weak as I hear that voice so close now, the voice I have been aching for, the person I wanted to meet in real life. The one person I would surrender for, real life. A smile spreads upon my face and I shake my head. I hear Her chuckle as she speaks to me “Still as shy as ever, are you? The arm around my waist pulls me closer to her. “Close your eyes.” I do as she commands me too, too afraid that if I not do it, this will all turn out to be some cheesy daydream. The grip around my waist loosens and I chuckle a little as I feel the blindfold being put into place. “Such a shame isn't it? I get to enjoy the pleasure of watching you, and you my dear, will beg me before you can take the blindfold off.” Hearing Her so close, actually feeling Her touch, makes me melt and I nod to Her. 

She takes me by the hand, and I hear Her check in. The man at the counter must have had a strange look upon his face because I heard Her hiss “NONE of your business, boy.” He replies politely and She guides me away from him. I hear a door unlock and She pushes me into the room. The door closes with a heavy sound and it makes me swallow hard. If She would not have spoken to me at all, I would have felt like I was being locked away at some dark dungeon, alone, forever. But She is with me, finally. She didn't ran away, She is still standing there, no doubt in my head that Her eyes are all over my body, watching me, undressing me with Her eyes. 

Not sure what to do or say, I drop to my knees, with my hands behind my back. “Good girl, but I want you to stand. For now, you will be no good on your knees.” I do as She pleases and stand up. “Are you ever going to speak sweetheart? You can you know, I don't bite .. for now.” I grin and shake my head. “No?” She pulls me closer towards her and runs her fingers through my hair “If you are not gonna talk, how will I ever know what you want?” I gasps as I feel Her face closer to mine, hearing Her breath makes me so weak. She has complete control over me and She knows it. For a brief moment I can feel Her lips brushing mine, and then .. it stops. “Now tell me, what do you want?” I lower my head and with a husky voice whisper to Her “You, I want You” Even more softly  I add “Badly.” I swear I can see a smile on Her lips, in my head at least. “Now, that is a good girl and a very good answer.” A soft moan escapes my throat as Her lips slide over mine, a tingling sensation overwhelms me and I feel Her tongue licking my lips. My lips slowly part, so incredible ready for Her to explore my mouth. Her tongue enters my mouth, searching for mine, as soon as our tongues make contact She stops it and gently sucks on the tip of my tongue. Her hands beneath my shirt, scratching Her fingernails down my back. I gasps and at the same time Her tongue, plays with mine. Deep, passionate kisses. Kisses I have longed to feel for over six months. Kisses I have ached for, for so long. I pout as She pulls back “Such a needy little slut you are.” Her hands pull my shirt up and over my head. She chuckles “good god girl, you were blessed!” I smile and She pushes me onto the bed. I can hear Her getting on the bed as well, hovering above my body, close enough to feel Her heat, but She is not touching me. I growl, I need Her so much, I want Her so close. I growl hard when out of nowhere Her tongue flicks over my nipple. 

And.... that was it for now. I totally forgot I had to write this, so maybe it is part 1 .. I do not know! 

Oh and I might as well confess that it is me, Heather. And that the fantasy is real, very real. And hopefully, 4 months from now, it is just a reality. If You'd all excuse me now, I am gonna hide in a corner!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doctor's Visit - Anonymous

I woke and sat up in my bed. My head was throbbing like I had been out the night before, and my neck was aching. This seemed like the perfect excuse he needed to go and see the beautiful Doctor he met a few months ago.

He goes to the bathroom showers and shaves to try and look as good as he can, though he still feels terrible. He gathers his things and heads over to the medical practice. As he parks the car he looks up at the window desperate to catch a glimpes of her. But no such luck. As he reported to the reception, he was told to sit down and the Doctor shouldn't me more than 15mins.

I sit there patiently. Suddenly I start to worry. What happens if I get excited when she is examining me, what happens if she thinks I am a pervert. The thoughts continue along this line until the Doctor leans out of her door and calls my name. I head over to the room quietly, nervously. She asks me to sit on the bed and tell her what the problem is. Having described my issue to her, and it sounding so weak as if i was just hung over, sha places her hand on my neck and begins to probe. Her cool hands sending shivers down his body. He can't help himself, as she leans into him and he can see down her top, his cock begins to grow. The tent in his pants become very obvious but he dares not move his hands to try and make it more obvious. She makes a few "hmmms" and then tells me to stand. As I rise I watch her eyes hoping they don't look down. Without warning she says "Drop you pants please, since you are here might as well do a full check up". I drop my pants nervously and suddenly my cock springs out and bounces in the air. She didn't seem surprised she jsut carefully placed her cool hands on my balls and said "Cough". I caugh almost insulted that she doesn't seem to have made any comment about my erection. My cock twiches and my balls rise up with excitement. She tells me to turn around and lean on the bed. My eyes open wide. "Really I don't think this is necessary" i say quickly. She reaches between my legs and pulls back hard on my boner. "Oh yes it is" she says. Suddenly I feel a cool liquid pressed up against my anus, i try to remain tensed fearful of what was about to happen. Her fingers begin to rub and almost tease softly at the opening, trying to coax my anus open. Suddenly I feel two latex covered fingers slide knuckle deep into my ass. Her hand grasping tightly around my cock pulling down slowly milking me. Within seconds my body is shuddering and shaking as my balls begin to empty. She lifts up a cup of my cum and says "hmm I will have this sent to the lab for analysis. You can pull your pants back up."

Confused and shaking I dress again and look at her. "Right here is a prescription this should clear your headache." With that she sent me on my way, but there was a hint of a grin on her face as I cought the reflection of her face as I walked out the door. I went back to my car and sat there feeling used and strangely happy. This could be the begining of a beautiful relationship he thinks.

Just To See You - Ravanys Lavendel

“Just let me hear you breathe,” I said, knowing he didn't have the privacy to speak in the microphone.  He had been edging for me for the last half-hour.  Just talking casually, the plug slid deep inside, filling him up.  When I would give him the command, he would take his cock in hand and begin stroking for him, listening to my voice as I urged him on, encouraging him.  His breathing would become labored, his breath sucked in, and the beginnings of a groan he'd have to stifle before cutting it off sharply so no one in his house could hear.  I could almost feel the last bit of ecstasy leave his body as he gave out his long, last sigh, that rush of breath, ending his orgasm.  

I sat back in my chair, pushing it away from the desk and just looked at his avatar, standing there.  I felt that familiar surge of want build inside me as my fingers rose up to the screen, pressing just lightly against it.  I whispered, “Mine... You are so Mine... God... I want to touch you.”  I sucked in my bottom lip, closing my eyes and silently resolved something desperate... something intense.  

He had given me his address months ago and told me I could come anytime to visit, but I'd never done it.  It was so far... we'd talked about it, but never solidified everything.  The fantasy was that.. a fantasy.  What if we didn't click offline?  What if we weren't attracted.  What if...

Well, it didn't matter anymore.  I needed to see him, if only just to see him. Just to breathe the same breath he did.  I slid into my car as soon as we got offline, saying goodnight, drove to the gas station, and grabbed a cup of coffee.  I couldn't wait a moment longer.  The whole way there, I could feel his skin beneath my fingers... his cologne... I could taste it.  I could see that look in his eye.  This time, it wouldn't be a picture.  I stayed wet the entire time, my sex throbbing between my legs, in a constant state of arousal.  I hadn't brought any toys with me... no implements of torture... no latex or leather.  No whip.  It was just me, in my car, with one single purpose in mind.

7:45 a.m.  I pulled into the gas station and waited.  Here was where he stopped every morning for his coffee.  I knew the make and model of his car, and I sat, nervous butterflies in my stomach, hardly believing I was actually here.  He only lived 2 miles east, and down the road.  I smiled to myself and looked in the rear-view mirror, checking my face again. I adjusted my sunglasses, wearing the same clothes I had worn since the night before, listening to him orgasm for me.  It was just a few moments before I saw him drive up.  My whole body became carnivoric in that moment, wanting nothing more than to run to him, to devour him.  But no...  I couldn't do it.  I reached for the aluminum door, my fingers trembling, and walked to the back of the store, giving a smile and a nod to the attendant.  My fingers slid over one of the maps, and I held it open.  

And then there he was.  Oh my God.  Mine.  The man who belonged to me, who had faithfully done everything I'd asked him to for so many months.  He'd tortured his cock and balls for me.  He'd stretched his limits for me.  I'd heard him cum with my name on his lips so many times, each one exquisite and beautiful, driven over and over to the extremes of his abilities.  And oh, how I had fallen in love with him every time he'd done it for me.  Here he was.  I pulled the map down just slightly, watching the way he moved as he walked towards the coffee machine.  “Hey Brent!” he said, walking past the attendant whom he obviously knew.  That voice... here it was.  My thighs tightened in response, his voice always eliciting that response of ownership, of arousal, and possessiveness within me.  It was all I could do not to command him to me right at that moment.  He had no idea it was me.  That I was just standing there watching him.  

I walked closer, my heels clicking against the floor just a step... and then another... and then another.... He was wearing a light blue shirt and a darker blue tie, a black leather belt, his trousers, and black leather dress shoes.  He'd cut himself shaving... I could see the effect on his neck, just a nick.  My mouth watered, wanting to taste his skin, the blood beneath it... right there on the surface.  I fluttered my eyes closed, my vision hazy.

I walked a little bit closer, my fingers wrapping around the handle to the glass refrigerator door housing all of the cold drinks and opened it.  I sighed, watching him through the fog on the glass, his hand working and finishing up, putting the lid on his coffee after stirring it.  I grabbed a bottled water from the door and walked behind him as he stood at the counter.  He was right in front of me.  My body was directly behind him, and I could feel the heat from his body.  It almost brought me to tears, how close he was... and I was getting exactly what I wanted.  I leaned forward just slightly, breathing in his scent, careful not to make any noise, drinking in that moment.  My sex throbbed and ached.  I was drenched in arousal, in the excitement of the moment as I watched him finish paying, and then walking towards the door.  As he opened the door, leaving, and as I finished paying, I said, “Thank you...” to the attendant.  He stopped for a moment.  I could see him pause, not looking back, and then shrugging it off, walking back to his car.

My heart thudded in my chest as I walked to my car, watching him drive off.  All the way back, I wore a grin that would not fade.  For hours, the excitement wouldn't wear off.  I walked in the door, took a shower and changed, and sat down at my desk, logging on.  It wasn't very long before he messaged me, to which I replied, “Good evening, Mine.  It is a shame you cut your neck this morning while shaving.  And I adored that blue shirt and dark blue tie you had on...  If you had only stayed a moment longer, after you heard the sound of my voice, I might have taken you there, on that counter at the gas station, and let Brent watch....”

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Daily Ritual - Anonymous

He logs on and immediately checks his Friend List to see if She is online. As the realisation sets in that Her name is greyed out and She is not online his heart sinks. There is nothing else on his mind but Her, it doesn’t matter that his list is full of other people online, the only person he wants to talk to is Her. He sits there alone quietly sorting his inventory out the way in which he has done so many times before, every so often checking his Friend List to make sure he hasn’t missed Her log on. Each time the excited flurry to click on the tab fades away and he goes back to his inventory. She is constantly on his mind, desperate to see Her, desperate to hear Her, desperate just to be in Her presence. The presence that makes him feel so loved and so safe.

Finally Her name pops up at the bottom of his screen and his heart skips a beat. An hour or more may have passed, but that no longer matters. He immediately for the last time rushes to his List and brings up the IM window. As his fingers begin to whir away on the keyboard, starting with the usual greeting moving onto how Her day was etc. his mind begins to race with endless possibilities and outcomes to today’s encounter. But before he can think another thought he is kneeling at Her feet. Looking up in admiration, his eyes locked onto Hers never wanting to leave her side again.

As Her eyes seem to look deep inside him, down to his soul, all of his thoughts fly out the window and are replaced with an inner calm and happiness. He watches anxiously as he sees Her hand reach to Her side and pull out a long chain leash. He begins to fidget slightly and bounce with excitement as Her hand moves towards him. The leash clips firmly into place, the familiar sound causing him to smile from ear to ear. For him now the day has truly begun. He is ready to take on the world and it doesn’t matter where or what they do now, just as long as he is connected to Her in mind and leash.

Just as he thinks the day couldn’t start any better, Her voice rings out over his speakers “Come on... let’s go and sit at Dominion”. As Her body silhouettes against the sun through the window and the voice he loves so dearly says his name, he has but a second to allow his excitement to run through his mind before being teleported. As they arrive at the edge of the circle a feeling of pride takes over, ready to be displayed at Her feet. He can’t help but beam with happiness, as he cosies up close to Her feet. He thinks to himself "This is the life".

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Fantasy - Anonymous

I have a secret. There is some information that has been entrusted to me that must not fall into the wrong hands.  I didn't want to be a carrier of such information, but here I am, and there is nothing I can do about that now.  I must not allow this information fall into the wrong hands; the result would be catastrophic - a matter of national security.

I think back on recent events and my mind lingers on all of the ways in which I would not be in my present predicament.  Unfortunately, none of that helps, none of the "if only" ideas that flit through my mind can change the future that now faces me for certain.

I head the "click, click, click" of the officers' boots as they draw nearer.  "Probably one of those guards that takes pleasure in breaking evey bone in my body" I thought as I huddled in a corner of my dark cell.

The door is swung open, and to my surprise, there stands the most beautiful Lady I can remember seeing.  My eyes are struggling to focus on the vision before me, having become used to the darkness that has been my constant companion for what seems like months, but is probably only a few weeks.  The "click, click" was from the stilettos that cause the Lady to stand several inches higher then the men who follow closely behind, and cause Her legs to be presented in a most attractive manner.

"Bring him to my rooms" She says to the guards that hover just behind Her shoulder; they rush to obey the Lady's words and I am quickly brought to my feet and pushed in no gentle manner out of the cell and along the damp stone walled corridor.  "I have a small matter to discuss with THIS one" She says.

I find myself thrust into a sumptious room with some intriguingly padded furniture adorning both the floor and the walls.  I am thrown into a seat and my arms are stretched behind me; I hear and feel the click, click of the shackles that immobilise them at the wrists and elbows. My ankles are treated to the same fate, and my thighs too.  I feel a band tightened around my waist, and I soon find that I am unable to move a limb.  

The Lady soon enters, and I quickly protest my innocence "I don't know anything" I plead.  Why are You holding me like this?"

the Lady says nothing, but a playful smile runs across Her lips as She glances over to me, and to the feeble protests I have made.  She picks up a short length of leather from the desk - one that seems to have a ball attached to the middle.  Quickly She places the ball into my mouth and snaps shut the clasp at the back of my head.  I find that the ball forces my jaws apart, and that the best I can now muster is "mmpphh, mmpphh".  

"The next words that you speak will be words that I want to hear; understand?" She whispers seductively into my ear, the mixture of a harsh tone and a breathless whisper causing my mind to start to become confused.  Oh if I had only agreed to tell ... if I had only realised what was to become of me, if only I knew then what I know now, I would eagerly and cheerfully have told Her everything She wanted to know.  

Next, She collected a blade from the desk - a finely honed scalpel - and approached me.  She tucked the scalpel into the breast pocket of my shirt, and started to talk to me.  Although I was listening, I was trying to shut out the sound of Her voice - "no fear of being able to hypnotise me" I thought.  As she spoke, She took the scalpel, and slowly sliced off every button of my shirt ... and then hooked the blade under my waistband, and proceeded to slice through the now crumpled and shabby material of my ridiculously expensive dress pants.  

Her words were not erotic; She was telling me that I was going to tell Her everything that She wanted to know.  It was the WAY that She said them, that was so erotic.  She punctuated Her sentances with the scalpel, as it sliced the buttons ... She adorned Her verbs with tear after tear in the pants, until I was not only naked, but I was also aroused.  I desperately tried to think of something - anything - that would prevent my arousal from showing, yet She seemed a practiced expert in Her art, and soon had my cock standing full and hard, throbbing as if awaiting a flag to be affixed.  

"You will regret denying that You have any knowledge to share, little man" She whispered.  "I will not allow you to utter another word until you are a gibbering wreck, deperate to do ANYTHING that I ask you to do.  You will remember this day for the rest of your life."  

So saying, Her darkly painted fingernails dropped to my still throbbing manhood, and started to scratch just gently along the taught flesh.  I remember that Her moist lips were poised just out of reach of mine, slightly parted as She continued to whisper quietly, moving slowly across my field of vision from one ear to the other.  I found myself getting increasingly aroused, despite my best efforts to avoid such an outcome.  My cock was responding to Her touch in counterpoint to the way my mind had resisted the interrogations over the previous weeks and months.  

My breathing started to quicken, and I tried desperately not to whimper as She drew me closer and closer to the edge ... Her touch getting slower and slower - maddeningly slower - as I got closer, until I was hovering just a touch away from exploding, and She smiled and moved back from my bound and helpless body.

I heard Her heels click away behind me and the sound of the door to Her rooms opening and then closing again as She walked away from the first of what was to become countless visits from the Lady that now had me in Her completed control.  How I long for the chance to go back and fail at the interrogation - to confess during the weeks of beating.  At least then I could have had a life - broken as I was.  Now, I don't have a life of my own; I am a plaything, a toy, expected to serve the most awesome Lady that I have ever met.

It was at that moment that I realised that I longed for no such freedom.  I had now found the real me, the me that had lurked hidden by the conventions of society, the part of me that had been supressed by years of conforming.  Now I was actually entirely fulfilled; I reaslied that I was made complete only at the feet of the Lady that had become my only reason for living.  I listened eagerly for the next "click, click" of Her heels as She approached once more, and I longed for the next opportunity to serve Her, the Lady that had become my Mistress.