Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lost and Found - Layla

Ten hours a day, here you would find me with boys around my feet.
Listening to instructions and obeying my every command

Then one day a boy arrived, so pure, so fragile, so sweet.
He was shy, but eloquent and had the face of an angel
I was instantly captured by his perfection

I put him under consideration, spend days and nights testing his loyalty
Until finally he had no more tests to pass, i made him Mine,
It was the happiest day of my life.

He was my setting sun and my brightest star, he made my life complete.
Until one day, I logged on to find a message of love and joy and then of fear.
He talked of the darkness, and how it had come for him and how he was unable to resist it

So without conversation, no chance for me to save him.
He was gone, taken by the dark.
And I was left alone, without my guiding light.
Everywhere I looked was a painful memory, all the faces reminded me of him
I had to escape, had to get out.
I had to leave the one place I found true happiness.
The place that now caused me pain and suffering.

I packed up my home, deleted my friends, I told the ones I cared for most.
And I turned out the light on SL not knowing when I would return.

I needed to find myself, to venture outside, into the harsh reality of day,
My search was relentless, it took two months to find the woman I once was
And now I am restored, whole once more, my faith has returned and so has my heel
I have much to teach and still lots to learn,
So be careful what you say and be impeccable in what you do because I am back, and I am watching you.

By Layla Beningborough
Please ask those Boys and Ladies that have known me to please add me to their friends list, I will not be in SL as much as I used to be, but I would like to keep in touch.


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