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Pussy Venom: Baited, Caught & Enslaved by Gunther

Pussy Venom
Baited, Caught & Enslaved

I was a free man in his 40’s until my life got turned upside-down by a group of wealthy, dominant, strong women.
I was looking for some extra work and was browsing the adds, when a saw an one saying “Wanted Houseboy”!
 It said it was for a mansion where only women were invited as Guests.
The women were  looking for a boy to do some household chores and other stuff.
The Person I needed to call was a Miss Eva.
I typed in the phone number and a very gentle voice spoke.  It was Miss Eva. She said she had to meet me in person in order to see if I was any good for the job as they were looking for the perfect applicant.
So I made an appointment next Monday. If I was approved I would begin right away. The weekend was long and I was eager to prove my worth for the position.
Finally Monday came and I drove a bit nervously to the address I had been given.
As I turned into the street there was this long and high wall and then a huge gate with the address number.  A plate said “PV Inc. “
I pushed the button on the gate post and Miss Eva’s voice came on “I’ll open the gate, drive up to the Mansion I’ll meet you there”!  As I advanced up the driveway, I noticed how big the property was and then the huge mansion came into sight.
A lady was waiting; she looked gorgeous, wearing a white blouse and a tight leather pencil skirt , plus black high heels. Her smile was mesmerizing to say the least.
As I stepped from out of the car and walked towards the elegant women I said:  “Greetings Miss Eva, I’m Erik”!
Miss Eva looked me over from head to toe without saying a word.  She then said “Let's go inside to the lounge area so we can talk”!
As I followed her in, I noticed how luxurious everything was.  It was stylish with black marble floors, red walls and gold framed paintings.
A bit weirdly, each painting depicted a lady in a very dominant pose with her name at the base picked out in gold lettering.
As Miss Eva sat down she indicated for me to sit in the seat next to her.
Miss Eva spoke:
“So you are willing to work here”!?  “You realize, you will do all sorts of things in and around the mansion”?
I answered:
“Oh, yes Miss Eva”! I replied nervous and eager to get the job.
Miss Eva said:
“Mostly you will do the dishes, clean tables, get the bed laundry done”!  “Maybe, you can do some yard work, or set out pool towels on the chairs and make sure the bar is stocked with drinks”!  “I don’t see why you can’t start immediately, by trimming the hedges around the pool area”!  “When you’re done you can come and find me in the house”!
“There shouldn’t be any Ladies present as I have an event later this day planned “.
I stood up and went straight to the poolside where I found a toolbox with all the tools I needed for the hedges.  It took me a few hours to trim them and I would swear every now and then  Miss Eva ,on occasion, would be looking at me through a window.
When I was done I went inside looking for Miss Eva. I couldn’t find her downstairs so I went up the long stairs. Then I heard a noise coming from one of the rooms.  As I walked closer the door was slightly open and I peaked in.
Here was this gorgeous blond woman on the bed.  She was wearing a pink lingerie set and I noticed that her hand was clearly in her panties. I was mesmerized by her beauty and the sexual lust on her face. She clearly did not see me as she was in her own zone.
I went on to look for Miss Eva, but I could not find her.  Maybe she had popped out for a while.
I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, when I noticed on the counter there was a note.
It said “Erik, I want you to do some laundry”. “Gather all the bed sheets from the rooms and clean. Then make sure all beds are made up again”!
“Btw my younger sister arrived earlier so be careful to knock first before you walk into the rooms”!
I did as I was told knocked on every door and gathered the bed sheets.
When I came to the door where previously the woman was the door was still open. Although I didn’t hear anyone, I knocked and went in. No one was there.  As I removed the bed sheets the pink lingerie dropped to the floor.
It was clearly still wet from her juices.
I felt naughty and picked them up slowly looking them over and then brought them closer to my face. I could smell her scent. It smelled so good, and the bra cups still felt warm.
Suddenly I heard a yell!
“What the Fuck are you doing pervert”!!!!
I turned to face the door to see Miss Eva and the woman I saw before both looking angrily at me. Fear ran through me, I was caught sniffing these panties and fondling them.
Miss Eva and the other women both rushed to me grabbing my arms, holding  up the hand that was clutching  the pink panties and bra.  Miss Eva shouted:  “Well you perv explain yourself”?!!!!!
I…..euh IIIi was all I could get out of my mouth.
Her sister then responded. “I saw him perving me while I was in my bed earlier. I figured he was watching me but it seems all he wanted was my pink panties and bra”!!!
She had this wicked grin on her face when she looked at Miss Eva.
Miss Eva spoke:
“Well boy…, are you some kind of sissy”?
“You like to wearing panties and bras don’t you”!!!!
“Get those fucking clothes off, you deserve a punishment”!
I was still in shock from being caught, barely able to move when Miss Eva took a pair of scissors from the vanity and started to cut away my clothes. I protested but the women gave me a knee to the groin.
 Miss Eva “Lisa hold this little perv while I throw these rags in the trashcan”!
The women grabbed my arms tightly behind my back.
There I stood naked being held by one woman all naked trying to hide my cock between my legs.
Miss Eva spoke again:
“Bend the little faggot over the end of the bed Lisa”!
Lisa pushed me toward the bed and I fell over.
No sooner had I fallen forward she sat on my back facing my backside.
Miss Eva snarled:  “I’m going give you a spanking you won’t forget sissy”! “Perving my sister like that then trying to steal her dirty underwear to wear yourself”!
I tried to protest but Lisa took the pink panties and forced them into my mouth.
Then it happened slap, slap, slap, slap….. The pain shot through my ass cheeks as I yelled in the dirty panties.
I could taste Lisa’s juices as my saliva mixed into the panties.
Miss Eva picked up a camera from somewhere and started filming my red ass as Lisa kept slapping it hard.
Lisa shouted:  “You owe me sissy boy, you owe me big time”! “Tell the camera you’re a sissy slut and you like to wear pink panties or I’ll spank your ass till it’s all bloody and throw you into the streets”!
By now I was crying, my ass felt on fire and I was powerless; all I could do was comply.
I whined:  “I’m a sissy slut and I like to wear pink panties”!
Lisa stopped spanking me and let her nails stroke my sore red cheeks.  She said: “From now on you will call me Miss Lisa, and you will do whatever the ladies here say”!
“Yes Miss Lisa” was all I could whimper out of my mouth.
Miss Lisa looked at Miss Eva with a grin on her face then winked.
Both Ladies knew a new victim was in the firm grip of the Pussy Venom club.
Miss Eva stood up and said “Bring the little pansy with you to the play room”! Miss Lisa twisted my arm and forced me down the hall, down the stairs, then to a basement I never seen before.
The door was solid steel.
When she opened it she pushed me forward and I fell to the ground. By the time I could stand up again I heard Miss Lisa lock the door behind her.

Miss Lisa growled: “Get moving bitch, down the hall to the right”! I trembled as I feared what was awaiting me, but I followed the instructions, attempting to avoid another kick to the groin or worse.
As I turned right I saw a room with Miss Eva standing in it , I froze like a statue..
A dungeon a real dungeon, I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked around as cuffs were place on my arms and feet. Then a shock collar was attached placed about my neck.
Miss Eva pointed to a table with a paper on it and shouted at me “Sign it bitch now”!!!!
I made the mistake to talk and ask what it was.
Zap zap zap I fell to my knees as Miss Eva switched the remote on.
I cried out! “Miss Eva, please stooopppppp”!  Miss Eva snarled “Shut the fuck up and sign the paper you fucking shit or I’ll whip you “!
I crawled the best I could to the table and signed the paper without even knowing what it was.
Miss Eva said to Lisa:  “Lisa would you please sign it as my witness and lawyer”!
Miss Lisa walked to the table and pushed me with her foot, smack in the middle of my ass, laughing as she did.
Then she signed the paper.  Miss Lisa snorted:  “There loser, now you truly belong to us as property to do with as we see fit”!

Part 2
Pussy Venom intensified.
Miss Eva grabbed me by the ears and forcefully guided me to what looked like a gyro chair.
But this one was different; in the fact it had restrained to totally immobilize the “patient”.
As both women secured me all I could do was watch. Then Miss Eva flipped me with the chair and folded away the part near my ass which was now totally exposed.
Miss Lisa “Now then you pathetic piece of shit you were staring at me for at least 12 minutes “!
“So guess what going happen” which was more of a statement then a question.
“Eleven women are going to fuck your pansy pussy, starting with a small one to the biggest”!  “When all have fucked and stretched you out, I’m going make sure your pansy pussy is going to remain that way with the biggest strap-on of all”!
“You stole twelve minutes of my private pleasure; I’m going to share 11 strap-on moments of pleasure with my sisters”! At that moment I wanted to cry out for help but Miss Eva standing behind me, waiting. She quickly put a ball gag in my mouth and secured it.
Miss Eva said “Scream all you want sissy boy, this room is sound secure and the land is surrounded by a huge garden area”!
Then the ladies left me alone, I don’t know how long it was but my mind raced on the recent events.
Why did I peak in on Miss Lisa, why did I enter the room and picked up the pink panties and bra.
The words pervert ran through my mind and I felt guilty.
No I didn't deserve this! I tried with all my force fighting the restraints but there was no escape.
The more I was fighting the restraints the weaker I got.
Then the door was unlocked and Miss Eva and Miss Lisa followed by ten other women came in.
All covered in Leather.
To my horror I noticed the strapons on each lady, not to mention Miss Lisa’s was huge she would tear me apart.
I struggled with all my might and screaming in the ball gag.
Miss Lisa spoke “Oh look, the sissy loser can’t wait to begin”!
She walked over and whispered in my ear “We are filming this sissy boy, so struggle all you want “! “It makes it more fun for us”! Then she kissed my forehead leaving her red lipstick smudges.
Miss Eva had the smallest strap on and came over then took some lube and smeared it all over the cock then roughly inserted a finger in my ass and started to lube it up. She placed the head near my ass and pushed just the tip inside without retreating.
The pain shooting in me as my virgin ass gave in to the forced object was nothing for what was to come. She grabbed my legs and in one stroke went full in.
Miss Eva said:  “Get the point now loser, there’s no going back! She roughly fucked my ass for how long I did not know.
When she was done the next women stepped up with the bigger one and invaded me just as ruthlessly as Miss Eva. I was screaming trying to get out of my restraints.
But each woman pounded me with great delight and pleasure calling me names and degrading me.
One even grabbed my balls and pulled on them as she went deep into me over and over.
The pain in my balls made me scream in agony. When it Miss Lisa’s turn, she slowly walked toward me like a tiger, the huge dong dangling.  Miss Lisa reiterated: “Time to get that sissy ass pussy opened to no return”! “Are you ready my little bitch”!
By this time my ass was already so stretched and sore.  It was most certainly a gaping hole.
She applied lots of lubricant to the dong then applied more to my ass. She then put the head of the dong in place and slowly worked the head in. The pain and stretching was bigger than any other of the previous ladies.
As she pushed I kept praying and begging her to stop, but she had fire in her eyes, determined to do what she wanted.
When the head popped in I did something I didn’t expect. Somehow there was a vibrating device in this dong that send ripples down there making my ass relax a bit as she worked the dong very slowly inside me.
To my horror my cock started to spring alive and harden.
Miss Lisa shouted “Oh look, the little bitch likes her ass pussy filled”!
I was so humiliated my body was betraying me. I don’t know how deep she was but she was starting to fuck me slowly as my cock hardened even more and was standing now.
Miss Lisa screamed “That’s it bitch show everyone what a little pansy slut you are”!  “I’m going to fuck your sorry ass till you cum allover yourself and the camera captures it”!
“I’ll send a copy to every person on your cell phone list for free and sell the tape in every adult store world wide”!
She started fucking me a bit faster and teasingly stroking the sensitive part of my cock.
I felt how my body was creeping closer to an orgasm. Suddenly jets of cum landed all over my body as all went black for me.
Miss Lisa giggled: “He fainted; I fucked the little pansy senseless”!  All the ladies laughed.
Miss Eva came over as Lisa retracted the dong. “Now we can get to work on the bitch”!

Part 3
I woke up staring at a ceiling, unable to move. My groin was hurting but I couldn’t move my hands or look. I was still feeling woozy when Miss Lisa came in and sat down on the chair next to the bed.
Miss Lisa said:  “Hey there sweetie”! “I was worried about you”!  She had grin on her face.

“Where am I”? I say, rolling my eyes to see around, as my head is strapped secure. Miss Lisa “You’re still at the mansion sweetie”! “You’re just in the medical room.”

“Why am I in the medical room”?
Miss Lisa “Well you kind of fainted from my strap on and your excitement sweetie”! “We had to do some alterations to you so you will be a good little sissy boy”!
My fear must have been apparent for Miss Lisa “What……what did you do to me”!
Miss Lisa smiled:  “Oh silly me I was so worried about you I forgot all about it.”
She released my head so I could move it and then bent to the ground to pick something up.
“Well Erika meet Erik”! She had this huge grin on her face as she places a jar on the tray next to her. I look over and see a jar with liquid in and something in it floating.
I focus my eyes and I see two testicles in there.
“No….. No you didn’t nooooo”!..I cry I scream and tears flow.
Miss Lisa purred: “there there sweetie.”  “We removed your testicles and replaced them with fake ones a bit smaller”! “One of them is capable of shocking you.” “The other, when activated, releases venom in your body that will give you a very painful death”!
She pointed: “See this gold bracelet on my arm with PV on it?
“The letters are actually buttons, P for Pleasure…..euh my pleasure that is and your pain”!
“And V of course is for Venom!”
I shrieked: “You can’t do this to me”!!!!!!!
Miss Lisa replied: “But I can, the contract you signed allows me to do whatever I wish”! “I think it’s time for another shot of your medicine today”!
She picked up a syringe and injected something into me. I cried:  “What’s that, what you are giving to me”!
Miss Lisa replied:  “Oww don’t worry sweetie, it’s just some female hormones so you’ll get nice little titties”! “After all you wore looking at mine and everyone else here, so we decided you should have a pair of your own.”
She continued: “They’ll fill out your dresses better anyway my sweet sissy Erika”!

I moaned: “But I don’t…..”! Miss Lisa interrupted him: “Shhh, in a few hours we’ll let you up and we will dress you. Then we’ll go out”!
She walked out and left me crying.
A few hours later Miss Lisa comes in dressed like a porn star. “Time to get dressed sweetie”!
“And look we're going be dressed just the same”! Again she had that wicked grin on her.
Two more ladies came in and started to release me from the bed. They helped me up and I’m completely naked feeling embarrassed.
I look down and my cock and balls seems so small. Then I realize all my body hair has been removed.
I ask: “Just how long have I been out”?
Miss Lisa replied:  “not long just a few days to let you heal sweetie”!
I was given hot pink panties and had to put them on. The silk on my legs felt soft as it slid up.
The bra I was helped with and felt weird but not as weird as what came next.
One of the ladies took a fake breast and applied something to the back then slid it into the bra cup and repeated the procedure for the other.
The next thing on was a garter belt in the matching color then the bra and panties. Then came bright yellow stockings. The ladies made sure they wore perfectly put on.
I was given a tube top which was very tight in front to my horror. I swallowed since it was unlike Miss Lisa’s one.
Then I was to get in 3” heels which had the same look like Miss Lisa. A wig matching the Miss Lisa’s color was put on my head and makeup applied.
Then Miss Lisa and the two ladies guided me to the car outside. The breeze on my legs made me feel very vulnerable, not to mention going outside dressed like this was very humiliating. Fear ran through me.
Sitting in the back between these ladies I was thankful no one from the outside could really see me!
As we drove I could see we wore going to a more shady area of the city.

Part 4
The switchover.

We stopped at a crossroad  as Miss Lisa turned towards the two ladies and me.
Miss Lisa said: “Summer you and Dahlia take this sniffling sorry assed Sissy to the back door.  Carla will be waiting for you to open up and get her in the special room.”
“I’ll go to the front and draw some customers in”!
Miss Summer looked at Dahlia then at me. She reached for something in a bag. It was a leash and collar.
She said: “We both know we don’t need this faggot, but as we walk on the streets I want everyone to see you’re a slut slave”!
She put it around my neck and yanked it hard. As I was led across the street I could see people staring.
To my horror Miss Dahlia slapped my ass hard and said loudly for everyone to hear “Walk faster sissybitchy”!
I heard laughter and lowered my head in shame as I tried to walk in the heels faster. As we came to the back door of this adult store, Miss Summer knocked .
The door opened. Miss Carla greeted my two escorts and then looked at me.
“Is this the pathetic pervert”?
Miss Summer replied “That she is, she’s our entertainment for today”! Miss Carla led us to a room that was pretty dark. She switched on a monitor.
It showed the store area and I could see all sorts of men browsing porn movies, and sex toys. Some couples wore also there.
When Miss Lisa came in through the front door, she was acting real slutty walking by men tracing her finger over their shoulder or caressing their butts.
Then she turned around and announced “I’m going to the glory hole.” “Who wants me”? Who  is brave enough to put his throbbing big cock in my mouth or ass?”
She then turned and passed out of view. I could see men following.
Miss Lisa came into the room we were in and locked the door and switched on the light.
That’s when I could see the hole in the wall and two buttons on it. A green one and a red one.
She pushed the green one then turned to me.
Miss Lisa spoke in a very stern and strict voice:  “Now listen to me my sissy bitch”!
“You're going to be doing all the sucking and fucking like a good little slut”!
“These guys pay money for having some pleasure from me”!
“And your little faggot sissy holes are going give it”!
I looked up at her, begging her not to do this. “Please Miss Lisa, please don’t make me do this”!
Miss Lisa just reached down to her PV bracelet and pressed the P. The pain shot through my body like hell.
The ladies were laughing hard at me as I balled in pain on the floor.
When Miss Lisa pressed it again it stopped.
Miss Lisa “Well, you piece of shit are you going to do as I TELL you or do I need to give you another lesson?”
My eyes teared and I tried to plead once more for mercy. Again she pushed without mercy on the button and the pain shot through my body.
When Miss Lisa switched it off, Miss Summer yanked my collar for me to kneel upright.
She grabbed my chin and said “You better do as your told Bitch or by God I’ll fuck your ass in that store for all to see!” The fury in her eyes made me believe she would.  I looked at Miss Lisa and Miss Dahlia and both had that same look that scared the hell out of me.
I said “I…Apologies Miss’s”!
“I will do as you Command”!
When I looked at the hole a cock was already there, white and semi hard.
Miss Dahlia scolded at my “Get to it you filthy cocksucker”! With trembling hand I grabbed the cock.
I guess it wasn’t fast enough because Miss Lisa pushed my face against the cock.
Miss Lisa “Get that filthy dick in your sissy whore mouth now”!!!!!
I opened my mouth and slowly licked the cock first.  Miss Summer said “Lick around his cockhead bitch nice and slow. Make it all wet like a good little slut!”
I did as told and that seemed to get a reaction out of the guy as he grew harder.
Miss Lisa pushed me and said:  “wrap you sissy lips around it and gently suck on the tip”!
I did as told feeling utterly degraded and humiliated not to mention disgusted.
But I also feared the pain more and being fucked in public.
They kept on instructing me on how to suck his cock. Soon I was sucking and bobbing my head on his cock. His meat slid into my mouth over and over.
Then it surprised me and jet of cum shot into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I reacted and released the cock out of my mouth as jets spurted over my face over and over.
The Ladies laughed as Miss Dahlia said “Look at that sissy cumwhore”!
Miss Lisa grinned and ordered me to clean his cock. As the cock disappeared into the black hole not soon after another bigger one came through.
I could smell the urine on his cock it smelled foul and unwashed.
Miss Summer shouted:  “Get to it cock whore, suck it off!”
As I went closer I did what I just learned from them and tasted the urine on the guys cock.
I felt so disgusted and so degraded but I knew if I refused,  I would be dragged into the store and suffer far worse.
I was sucking on his cock I heard Miss Lisa make pictures and talk to the other ladies whispering.
As the guy started cumming I wanted to back off again but I felt a hand push on the back of my head making the cock hit my throat. I gagged as the ladies laughed and spunk came down my chin.
Not soon as the guy left  another poked through the hole.
Miss Lisa said: “Turn around bitch, your pussy is up”!
I looked at her and she was stroking the bracelet again. I quickly did as asked and stood up.
Miss Summer ripped the panties of me. My last barrier of defense was gone.
Miss Dahlia shouted at me “Back up bitch and spread those sissy cheeks”!
As I did I could feel the cock head touch my left butt cheek so I adjusted.
Miss Lisa grabbed a latex glove and applied some lube to the glove she then came closer and lubed my ass.  She whispered to me “Time to become a real sissy girl”!
“Time to be fucked by a real cock sweetie”!
She grabbed the shaft and guided it to my ass. As the pressure increased could feel my ass give in then with a bit of pain the head popped in.
It wasn’t as big as the strap ons used on me by the ladies but it still caused discomfort and pain.
I was standing there for a moment when Miss Summer pushed on the sides of my hips and I was impaled in one stroke on his cock. I gasped for air as the pain shot in me .
I felt full like I needed to go to the toilet.
Miss Summer  “Start fucking that dick whore, work that ass”!
I slowly began fucking the cock as it pounded into me over and over.  I felt sick.
Miss Dahlia said to me “Rotate your hips a bit as you fuck him sissy bitch”!
I did as instructed and soon felt his cock grow even bigger.
Then I felt the cum rushing through his shaft and the heat in my ass as he exploded deep into me.
Miss Lisa saw my reaction and said  “That’s a good girly, now your my little sissy whore aren’t you slut”?!
I looked at her feeling used and humiliated beyond anything. But all that came out of my cum drenched mouth was “Yes Miss Lisa”!
I had to do 3 more cocks up my ass when they said to stand and twirl around for them.
That’s when Miss Carla came in and said “I filmed it all, the back and the front of the wall to the 3 ladies with me”!
“I’m going to edit it to a movie tape “Sissyslut Erika at the Glory hole!”
The Ladies all started laughing when Miss Summer said something I did not expect.
Miss Summer “Now it’s time for the main event, let’s show these perv’s who they really fucked.”
With that my skirt in the back was lifted and hands were cuffed to the back. My ass was dripping and leaking cum now and my face was all sticky as well.
Miss Lisa yanked forcefully on the leash and I had to follow followed by Miss Carla, Miss Dahlia and Miss Summer singing  “I’m a sissy girl in a bitchy world”!
As I was dragged into the store I could see people looking at me in disgust and laughter and I could see clearly which men used me as their faces looked all puzzled then anger.
To my utter humiliation, Miss Lisa made me twirl around in the middle of the store then dragged me out through the front door. Some Ladies passing by from the near clothing store started laughing at my expense and snapping pictures with their cell phones.
Miss Lisa, Miss Summer, and Miss Dahlia thanked Miss Carla and we walked to the car .
The ladies said I was filthy and had to go in the back trunk.
As they closed it the emotions ran through me and I cried all the way back.

To be continued…..