Tuesday, February 19, 2019

If by Anonymous

If I had not a boy you would be mine.
If I had not promised him
If I had not met him first
If I had not swore monogamy
You would be mine.

If I could trust you
If I could believe in you
If I could see beyond the tales
If I could touch you real life
You would be mine

But he is safe
But He is love
But He is subservient
But He is peace
But He adores
You cant be mine.

My Mistress by Anonymous

My Mistress
You bring so much light into my often dull and dark life. I spend every minute waiting to be with you and in you company even although we have never spent much time at all one to one. You are so intelligent and funny and I really enjoy your style of dominance.
I would love to be able to tell you that I feel this way. That I dream of serving you in whatever way you deem fit but I know I am not good enough. I hear the other boys flirt with you and I just cant do that. I don’t know how to. I fear I would bore you. I would hate to bore you.
So I kneel here from afar basking in all your light until the darkness returns.

Trials Confession by Cam

I had a long day on Thursday - up early for work and home late after a full day. So it wasn't surprising that I fell asleep on the sofa.  Mistress had told me I wasn't required for Trials.  I'd wrongly assumed this meant she didn't need me until Skype time.  I'd got comfy on the sofa, catching up on Gold Rush, and dropped off.  I woke to Mistress messaging me angrily, telling me to get my ass into SL.

Oops. Fouled up again, and I'd been doing so well - feeling in a very subby and needy mood as I'd been in chastity for something like two weeks.  It would probably be more like four after this little slip up.  Nevertheless, I rushed to Her virtual side and started listening in to Miss Eva berating some other sub for being guilty of whatever trumped-up charge the poor soul had been fitted up with.

Then it was...my turn? I almost didn't believe it when Her Judgery called my name.  Oh well, this'll be some little thing, I thought, still a bit confused and sleepy.  I'll stay in text as I usually do and be forced to wear a funny avatar for a week, and that'll be th...voice?!  Miss Eva is demanding I voice?!  I quickly turn on my mic and start to stammer out answers - totally discombobulated, as Mistress would correctly call it when we spoke about it after.

My disbelief had turned to shock and was now turning to horror.  Getting naked - even off-camera, felt very exposing...then getting myself hard in front of everyone.  While I tried to focus on Mistress (She To Whom My Camera Is Turned), to compound my confusion and general going-to-pieces-in-subland-ness I called Miss Eva "Mistress". Ohhhhhh crap was I in for it now.  This was a "Miss Lidsa" moment.

Fortunately, Miss Eva just laughed that one off.  But I was to start slapping my balls now.  Something only Mistress has ever told me to do and never in front of everyone else.  So open and vulnerable, exposed.  I did as I was told, totally giddy with my denial and the total mindfuck Mistress and Miss Eva had cooked up for everyone else's delight.

But it was soon over, and Lance's turn (again!) to go up before Miss Eva.  Relief washed over me, but I still felt I needed to be punished more.  A good thrashing would've done, but Mistress knew better and took me to Skype to bring me back down before bed.

So from anger, to a thoroughly immersive play session, to loving aftercare.

That's why I love Mistress.  I'm such a lucky boy.

Traveler by Anonymous

Traveler, wandering the world. All I want, is for you to want me. It was never so hard as it is now, to be without. I want to serve you and give you everything I can but ...Traveler, wandering the world.

I see you here and there and I ache for you to see me, to talk to me, to call me over and ignore me....I'm right here Miss...Traveler, wandering the world.

Your spot in my heart is always empty Miss but you make my heart full. I would belong to you if you took me, but i cant let you, I would lose you...Traveler, Wandering the world.

I'll always be there, but hardly ever here....Your Traveler Miss, wandering the world.

A Valentine's Dilemma by Anonymous

A Valentines Dilemma
Do I buy you roses, the deepest blood hue?
Or would you take the thorns and rip my skin in anger?
Do I buy you the richest dark chocolates?
Or would you melt them in a bain-marie and scorch me?
Do I buy you the most coveted designer perfume ?
Or would you laugh and spray it in my eyes?
Do I buy you a 2 week holiday to Jamaica ?
Or would you go without me and tell me about all the men you were going to fuck?
Do I buy you a red corvette?
Or would you tie me up and drive over me a few times ?
Do I buy you Chanel earrings?
Or would you pierce my cock with them and make me wear them everyday?
Do I buy you the latest wide screen television?
Or would you drop it on me from a great height?
It is safer to buy you nothing at all
Or would you beat me up and shit on me for being such a greedy cunt?
Please Mistress when you say nothing at all do you mean it or not?

Starshine by Mark

It had been tough. No use denying it to himself. In a universe where women held all the power, for a guy to get onto a passenger starship without a ticket had been harder than he had imagined. He had felt their imperious gazes on him every time he passed one of the female security guards. But he had done it! Though if he had known how tough it was going to get, he might have stayed at home on Alteres 4. No use dreaming about that. The femme-cops there had his number. He had a sheet as long as the Chief of Police’s bullwhip.
‘May she rot in hell’ he thought, as the old whipmarks pulled taut across his shoulders.
It had seemed easy. Go down to one of the starship’s recreation areas, get one of these bimbos drunk and hide out in her cabin until Earth-dock. And it had worked like a dream. The cutey in the satin minidress met his eyes as soon as he strolled into the bar. They drank drink for drink. Though, funnily enough, it was him who began to feel woozy after that very first drink. Probably out of practice. Eventually, she helped him along to his cabin. He could not remember the walk down the passageways – that was funny too, now he thought about it.
But it was when they got there. If only he could forget all that too. The cuffs, the cane, the whip,  the nipple clamps, the dildos ….
‘Stop thinking about that crap’ he told himself, ‘You made it!’
After the beating and the fucking, when she had fallen asleep, he cautiously opened his eyes from pretend slumber, and scanned the cabin. That was when he had seen it. The ship’s low-level night-time lighting just made it sparkle even more. He had stolen a lot of women’s jewellery. He knew the market. But he had never seen a piece quite like this one. Shaped like a star, it was, and encrusted in what looked like diamonds. He eased himself into a sitting position on the bed, then immediately thought better of it as the previous night’s dildos made their effect known. He stifled a groan, got up, tiptoed across the room, and grabbed the sparkler. Picking up his clothes, he eased out of the door and slunk off to find a dark corner, like a rat in a sewer.
Eventually the trip was over. Earth was in sight, and the ship was ablaze with activity. He smuggled himself into a disembarkation line and tried to look innocent. The wait seemed to take forever but, eventually, he was face to face with one of the female security staff. She eyed him stonily.
‘Anything to declare’, she asked?
‘Only my winning personality’, he smiled back at her.
Her gaze hardened.
‘OK smart Alec, into the scanner’, she said.
Shit. He had to admit, he had not thought of being scanned. But the chick in the black uniform hadn’t looked too impressed with his opening gag.
‘Typical femme cop’, he thought to himself, ‘they have no sense of humour’.
He met her gaze again, felt the old familiar chills in the pit of his stomach, and meekly stepped into the scanning suite.
Then all hell broke loose. Sirens whined, women ran everywhere, mostly towards him. He flinched, but where could he go? There was one door in and out. The female security guards burst into the scanning suite and whipped him to the ground.
The stony-faced bitch sauntered in and looked down at him.
‘You are hereby arrested for theft’, she said, holding the sparkler out for him to see.
‘No. no’, he said, ‘that is a family heirloom!’
She smiled cruelly at him.
‘Don’t you know that no man can ever possess one of these?’ she said, as she dragged him onto the passenger concourse.
He gawped.
‘Honest to God, I won that in a card game from a guy who is a real close friend!’
The stony faced bitch laughed again.
‘You’re a liar, and this is stolen’.
He felt the room swim around him.
‘But how can you possibly know’, he whimpered.
A familiar voice grated behind him.
‘Because, you stupid fuckwit, that is my Marshal’s Badge! I am a Marshall in the Women’s Interstellar Force for the Suppression of Men. No man is ever going to wear one of these.’
He spun around to see Her standing before him. She snatched the badge from his hands and pinned it to the jacket of the uniform she now wore. He eyed her in a daze, from the sharp, spike-heel boots, up her stocking-clad legs, beyond her miniskirt to the uniform jacket where the badge now glistened brightly, then, finally, his eyes met her gaze.
‘Cuff him’, she said to the women security officers who now encircled him, grinning like wolves.
‘Take him to the cells. When I am finished, he is all yours.’
As he was dragged off, he could hear the whoops of delight behind him, and the female guard on either side of him whispering awful things into his ears. Then he was thrown into the cell, the automatic door closed, and all he could hear was the frantic beat of his own heart.

Missing by Anonymous

My day
I really miss a lady in my life, a lady who wants to own me, who sees me.
One that cares for me.
Begging, I know you exists there somewhere, please let me find you and let to know you.
Better to be a shelf of hard titanium, with sharp elbows?
Is it greed and shame that are the driving forces on Earth?

The Munch by Lady Karrie

The Munch

I saw her as soon as I walked in. She was standing in the corner of the public bar – some frothy pink cocktail in her hand. She was fidgeting nervously with the canary yellow umbrella – I waited until  I caught her eye and then I winked.
Her reaction – a girlish giggle and a lowering of her eyes – told me all I needed to know.

I had known her online for about a year or so - I was nervous – sweaty hands and a need to rush to the toilet every few minutes. This was a big deal to me! I had grown fond of her quiet aura and wanted to make a good impression at this munch. Noone else here knew who I was so I took the name sticker and wrote Steve the pig. I wondered if she would recognize me. I had always been quiet at events. Sometimes I even put on a false accent so that people wouldn’t ask me to speak.

I bought her another of her cocktails and she thanked me in a offhand manner. It might have been shyness but one never knows. I hoped that she was interested in me – I was in her!! You meet a lot of these women around Femdom sites you know. They just cant get a man any other way! They aren’t even dominant – they don’t have a dominant bone in their body. They were probably bullied all their lives too! Most of them just hated men or wanted someone to fit the bill for their pathetic online shopping or bingo games! And this one – Jenna – was ripe for the picking. I mean come on what kind of Domme drinks pink frothy cocktails.  A few more of these though and shed be on her knees sucking my pulsating cock.

I noticed her as I approached the bar. She looked much more stunning than her geeky avator, Maybe the avator was to put submissives off her – keep them away. They all had this fantasy idea of what a Domme looked like you know. All leather and severe cut jet black hair. Think Morticia Addams and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Jenna however looked stunning in jeans and a green velvet top - her red hair hanging loose over her shoulders. I would have approached her right then - maybe asked if she wanted another one of those pink cocktails but there was some other guy stood chatting to her. I would have to wait.

She was hanging on to every word I uttered. It is easy you know to hook a Domme. Most submissive men are all longing and wistful looks, None of them have my confidence – my swagger. The Dommes like that you know. They think they are getting a real man not some gayboy.
Not that Jenna was a Domme – she was too girly giggles and soft looks from under her lashes. She was basking in my attention. She would be mine. Another Domme switched to my masculinity. I cant wait to see my cum ruin her face.

Jenna believed in fairytales and happy ever after – she had told him that she even kept her Christmas tree up in her hallway all year round. She sang often at Dominion events and hosted some of the less popular events. Jenna deserved the very best of life and I  hope that I will be the one to support her in her journey. I took a sip of my Jack Daniels and Coke and continued to wait for the sleezy guy to leave her alone.

I was getting tired of all this courting. At times I was forgetting to be subservient and a cocky rude answer was escaping my lips. I had to reign that in. I had to make her believe that I was the shy needy submissive that worshipped her. Otherwise those pink shiny lips wouldn’t be around my cock later and my hands wouldn’t be all over those tits.

It had taken a lot of soul searching to realise who I was and who I wanted to be to a woman who would inspire and accept ownership but I had lacked courage to see it through. I glanced over to the bar  I was becoming increasingly nervous. The sleazy guy now had his hand resting  on Jennas knee. I was  quite shocked that she hadn’t swept it away. We had spoken of our dreams and she had let me into her secret self. I felt honoured at the trust she gave me and couldn’t wait until our own first touch.

If this bitch didn’t hurry up and take me upstairs to the private play room then I was going to dump her fat arse and move onto the next foolish Domme. There was one right to the left of me and her mascara would look good running down her face whilst my cock gagged her.

I will give it maybe 10 more minutes then if Mr Sleazy doesnt depart I will just barge in between them both and ask her if she would like to chat. Surely it would be okay to do that. She didn’t quite look sober. Will she be mad at me I do that. Should I just stay here and continue to wait.

I take her hand and lead her upstairs to the private play cell -  well we would have been still sat there at that bar talking  crap with all the leather clad weirdos staring us at if I hadn’t. There was one guy in particular that had been staring over all night! Fucking loser! Him and his tweed blazer! Gayboy!  Now to fuck this bitch good!

Jenna sways as she climbs the stairway, at one point she stumbled on the frayed carpet - the guy is almost dragging her upstairs. I know that room from a previous visit and  it is an extreme space – limits are ignored, normal rules dont  apply.
I hope Jenna knows what she is doing. Well it is not my problem.
I stand up and leave the bar.

I took a slither of ice and run it along my forehead, it is humid and stuffy in this room. Pete the bartender always makes  sure I have a bucket of ice up here. He also makes sure that alcohol is never in my cocktails.

 A steel fan blows my hair away from my face and I look down once more.

James handcuffed and horrified is kneeling to the side of me his stupid big eyes pleading, snot running all down his face, mouth prised open – waiting.

I move the knife slightly closer to  his throat.

Steve is standing naked  stroking his cock to my instructions inching it closer and closer to james mouth.

I have known Steve for almost a year. This is his first test of obedience – I had left the door open for him as planned last week. He is serving  me well.

As for James. Well what a little cocksucker and his night of humiliation has just began.