Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Confession by Matti

 My name is Micael, I m 26 yers old and I was hitchhiking to Portugal with a friend of mine, when we got stranded somewhere between France and Spain. Standing on the ramp to the motorway, the few cars who took to the ramp were mostly occupied  by German families, filled with air mattresses, snorkels and sunburned kids. It was already past noon by now and we had been standing here since the crack of dawn. I noticed how my arms and face also got burnt by the sun, no shade just heat. We ran out of things to say hours ago. I was thinking, I m tooo old for this shit - I should just be sitting on an easyJet or train, as i was cursing my nostalgic friend who talked me into this idea. Why would anyone take us? Flies buzz, the sun shined. A honk. We both looked up and saw a car on the other side of the street. My mate jumped up and full of hope  - ran over to talk. He leaned down to the window. I made out the driver and at least one girl on the back seat. My friend came back, explaining that they were going to a town half way to our destination, but only had one spare seat. We argued back and forth and I told him to go with them and that we would meet in Lisbon. I already sketched out my plan to pack and walk to the train station. He looked at me making sure it really was okay and I reassured him, giving him a hug and waving him off: ‘I ll be fine! Don’t worry! I watched them drive up the ramp and walked back to my backpack... 

I'm woken. Woken by a jolt. I must have nodded out…I tilt my head, but see nothing. I' m in the boot of a car. I hear the engine roar. Past events come in flashes. I remember the road.

 A bottle green Range Rover. A young couple. The woman was driving. I recall happily entering their car. They were both Spanish, she introduced herself as Maria and her partner on the passenger seat as Julio. I remember looking at her bare legs from the back seat as she pushed down the gas pedal. I remember her red nails as her fingers wrapped around the gear stick, her long hazelnut coloured hair blown by the wind coming through her open window. I remember her eyes catching mine in the rear view mirror as I was oggling her. 

She said she would bring me to the next bigger town, there I could catch the intercity train. I remember feeling so lucky. Lucky that I was on my way and lucky to spend the next two hours sitting here on these luxurious leather seats flirting and chatting. I remember stretches of desert outside. Small empty villages and me thinking what on earth must one have done to end up living here? 

It's dark. I try to lift my arm to touch my head. I can’t. It s hot and I m sweating. My hands hurt a little as the rope Julio tied me with rubs against my wrists behind my back. I realise that I must sound crazy - but I wilfully agreed to this…or did I? I feel dizzy, my thoughts jump and race….Yes, I stepped into the boot of Maria s Range Rover deliberately. Well, she did push me in at the end and slammed it shut, me being frightened a little that I might have angered her somehow. 

How did it come to this?  Let me  try explain. 

As I lay uncomfortably in the car boot, weary of the next bump on what must be my grovel road, behold, I am thinking back.

Two hours into our drive Maria had slowed and stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. Julio disappeared, probably to take a piss behind some shrubs. I got out as well and watched Maria stretch her long beautiful arms over her head. She smiled at me. After complementing me on my adventurous spirit she asked me out of the blue if I ever had random sex with a stranger. 

I was perplexed, fixating on her beautiful red lips, trying to read her dark brown eyes. Before I could answer she came up close and ran her nails down over my sunburnt shoulder as I bit my lip, being very turned on. I winced and wondered about Julio when she shot again out of the blue asking with her low silky voice: “Are you a masochist? You seem to be reacting in a very unexpected manner to my touch.” She smiled at me. It was this devious smile of hers combined with her incredible voice which must have cast a...psycho-sexual spell on me.

 All I could do was nod and smile back sheepishly before I gathered myself trying to respond in style. Just when I was about to start, she cut me short and walked around her car, her black ankle boots grinding into the dusty earth as she opened the boot. I followed her with my eyes. She beckoned me over. I glanced inside the boot, there was a blanket, a dog bed…ropes. It looked very cleaned up and new. I looked back towards her trying to process what I saw, when she reached inside the boot and grabbed the rope with her right hand. Slowly, Maria walked up close to me and stepped on my right foot with her left. She wrapped her hand around my waist and pulled me close. She placed a kiss on my cheek and brought her lips very close to my ear.

The desert wind blew warmth across my chest. She whispered, her smooth voice teasing my ear drum: “ You can choose to be taken to my house, if you so wished. If…you felt adventurous.” She smiled at me, her big, soft lips so close. Or…she could just drop me off at the train station…"It really is not far anymore from here now, just a 15 minute drive." 

I swallowed hard, feeling her hand still resting on my hip as I became aware of my bulge squeezing desperately inside my pants. I looked up, catching a breeze in the late afternoon sun. Julio had reappeared without me noticing. Maria stretched out her arm to her side, holding out the rope without averting her eyes from mine. Without words, Julio came up to take it from her and walked behind me. 

Has Julio ever said a word, I wonder? Why was he so quiet? 

I kept looking at Maria, yearning to hear her voice again as I felt Julio take my arms and pull them behind my back slowly. I could have resisted. Maria smiled at me and came closer again, approving of my decision. I felt like putty. I wanted Marias approval and I loved her attention. As Julio expertly tied my hands behind my back, Maria slowly unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to brush my nipples. I let out a moan, embarrassed and capitulating inside me, feeling a deep turmoil within my chest, I felt immediate relief as I breathed out. Maria smiled at me triumphantly and squeezed my nipples harder, and harder as I groaned out loud and jumped back in surprise, when I realised that Julio has finished tying me and even though I twisted and turned,  I was unable to free my arms. Maria laughed at me, her voice a mix of excitement and pity, perhaps. 

I turned to her, as the pain ebbed away from my nipples. My heart jumped in my chest as she guided me towards the boot, her hand pushing me softly from behind. Her smell and touch so close. She asked me again, “So - I take it you want to come with us, little boy? “ I looked at her and nodded. Maria looked at me, almost insulted: “ Is that how you answer me? A silent nod?” 

Immediately I felt the urge to say “Yes”. “Yes Maria.” She looked at me silently - her dark eyes piercing deeply inside my soul. “ I ….I …want to come with you” I stammered, as I stood wiggling before her, my fingers fumbled behind my back. Maria broke into a faint smile and suddenly, without warning, slapped her palm across my cheek, throwing her head back excitedly as I stumbled sideways to find Julio steady me. I shivered a little. She looked at me imploringly. “ You gonna cry now ? Like a little baby?” She pouted her lips in mock pity as she stretched out her finger towards the tip of my nose. 

As I grappled with my pride, she took my arm and shoved me in the boot of her car. I looked up at her sparkling eyes as the lid closed over me, shrouding me in darkness. I heard their steps as they walked away to open the car doors. I felt my heart beat hard. My head spun, my cheek burnt and my sunburnt shoulders rubbed against the rough blanket.

Suddenly I heard steps again. Maria. She opened the boot briskly and leaned over me holding something in her hand. Did she seem annoyed with me? I tried to read her mood as I helplessly stared at her, feeling very exposed and vulnerable, with my hands tied behind me and my shirt half off my body, laying twisted on my side. Slowly Maria grabbed my hair, shoved a rubber penis gag in my mouth and tightened it behind my head. I mumbled and whimpered as my eyes tried to catch hers. She stood back and looked at me, seemingly satisfied with herself as I wiggled before her. “ Now you can ponder in silence for the remainder of our trip how you want to answer like a grown up - adding after a moments silence “Should I decide to ask you something again, little boy.“ She giggled as she closed the lid, slammed the lid shut, leaving me filled and alone and at her mercy, with the image of her foot pressing down on the gas pedal, burnt on my mind as she accelerated, delivering her willful bounty to her hidden realm. 

Early Self Bondage by Anonymous

 Once again he was alone. His parents would leave in the morning and come home late in the afternoon.

This was his favorite part. The house all to himself. He could be as experimental as he wanted to be.

First thing he would do was making sure the windows and curtains were closed and doors were locked.

Next thing was getting naked and deciding what he could use this time in his ongoing self discovery into bondage and pain and orgasm.

He liked to feel abducted and taken against his will, so he liked to find ways to feel almost completely helpless to the best of his abilities.

He laid out his collection of leather belts which he had punched extra holes in for the measurements he needed, some rope which he had already cut, some clothes pins from the balcony where they used to sun dry their clothes, a big role of Saran Wrap, his latex boxers some safety scissors and one of his swim hats which he had set aside just for these occasions. He was in the swim team, and he loved the rubbery, stretching and air tightness of the hat.

Carefully and slowly he started to put on the boxers. They were snug and his leg's hair would sometimes get pulled by the latex causing him to gasp for air from between his teeth. Sometimes the latex would roll and grab bunch of his hair and yank them out resulting in him cussing to the earth and the skyes.

But he loved the way latex would stick to him so tight and how it felt against his member. How it smelled before and after mixing with human sweat. How he loved to sweat and suffer in latex.

He made sure to point his penis downward as he pulled the boxers up for what he had in mind.

Next step would be the legs. He tied one belt around both of his ankles. He ran a piece of rope between his ankles, underneath and above the belt making it tighter and more secure. His ankles were now separated by the rope but restricted by the belt. There was no way he could get out of this without his hands.

Next came on the clothespins. He usually likes them a little tighter than they were, so he would wrap rubber bands around the tips but not today.

Now came the fun part. Standing in their the middle of his room he wrapped the Saran Wrap one time around his ankles loosely just above the belt and as soon as it stuck to itself, he started to pull and wrap, pull and wrap.  Sometimes he would hold the roll still and turn his body. With every layer added, his mummification suit was getting tighter and tougher. Once he was up to his crotch, he tucked his member between his legs, closed his thighs, and he went on about wrapping his front and butt. Once he know that the wrap would not roll down he decided that he had to cut the wrap and go to the kitchen because he was getting very thirsty.

Hopping like a bunny he made his way to the kitchen. He made sure to land on his tiptoes to quiet his impact so the people who used to live below him would not hear anything.

Bringing a glass of water back to his room was not an easy task without spilling a decent amount on the rugs.

The pain of the clothes pins was starting increase to the point that sometimes they were totally getting his attention.

After positioning himself where he liked, he started to get on with wrapping his upper body.

He could feel a bit of sweat and Premium In his latex prison because his member would slide, ever so restrictively and try to get hard which was very frustrating in the predicament that he was in.

Sometimes it was really hard to hand himself the role of saran wrap from behind. Sometimes it would fall and break. Sometimes it would stick to the role itself, and he had to go back on the roll to figure out where it went wrong.

Right before reaching his chest he made sure to hold the clothespins down pulling firmly on his nipples as he wrapped layers after layers over his sensitive chest.

He stopped just right under his armpits above his pecks and just to make sure that the wrap would not roll down, he tied a belt around himself two inches underneath where he had stopped wrapping.

He was totally a mermaid at this point trying to move his hips to get some friction but all to no avail. The pain of the pins would sometimes send twitches to his cock that he wanted to rub so bad!

He wondered if pencil skirts felt somewhat similar!

He grabbed his specially measured belt and tied it where it would create a very small loop just enough for one of his hands to get in and once at the wrist, he would force his second hand into the loop creating and decent tight bind. But this time he wanted his hands behind his back.

He folded a pillow and held it in the middle of his bed 

He positioned the swim hat at the head of the bed where his head would be and slowly laid with his pelvic on the pillow which would make his ass raised in the air with his face down. He put the swim hat on his face instead of his head stretching it under his chin and over his head.He had made small holes in it for some air but when he inhaled the mask would crunch up and hug his face making breathing difficult. But he knew how to get the desired effects since he has done this many times before.

Putting his hand behind his back he tried So hard to get his second hand into the loop but the loop was pretty tight. His arm muscles were starting to ache and get sore. he was getting really frustrated. All of this for nothing!? Gathering all of his thoughts and energy he decided to give it one last push with all he had and sure enough he was able to complete his handy work. He relaxed his muscles and just lied there trying to catch his breath through the mask slowly coming to the realization that he was really tied up! He even tested his hands and was impressed with amount of helplessness he felt, but he did not want to test them with all he had to keep the mood going just in case he would come undone.

After catching his breath he started humping the pillow which was providing a bit more of a pointy surface for the pressure he desperately desired against his cock.

Half an hour passed and he was a mess. His hair all wet from the sweat, inside his hat was the same and the smell of rubber and sweat was driving him insane. His cock was as hard as it could get between his thighs, but he still hadn’t been able to cum and the pain was getting unbearable on his nipples. He started to really struggle on his bed throwing a tantrum as the pins squeezed his nipples harder and harder, but he couldn’t do anything about it and that fact was turning him on even more! he started to moan and whimper as the pillow slipped from underneath him. He just laid there almost crying.

One moment he was like ” I’m gonna fuck you so hard” trying top push himself over the edge and the next he was crying like a bitch begging his imaginary Mistress to let him cum, defeated by his tiered muscles.

After hours of struggling he gave up and with the help of the sweat that was formed around his wrists, he slipped out of his belt. And started untying himself and cutting the Saran Wrap. He was weak and his body muscles were super sore. He could barely stand yet the feel of the fresh air which felt cold on his now exposed and wet skin felt soothing.

Time to eat something and start to hide the evidence...

Lady Peregrine's Confession re: Love & Sex

 Peregrine's confession - Jan 2021

I’ve heard some people say that a Domme shouldn’t fall in love with her sub. I’ve heard other people say that penile/vaginal penetration should not be part of a Domme/sub relationship. I’m here to admit that I’m guilty of both, proudly guilty. 

I fell in love with Cam so quickly that it was alarming and our relationship has always included penile/vaginal penetration. I love being in love with and having sex with my boy. I can’t imagine where our relationship would be now if I weren’t in love with him and if we didn’t make love, have sex, fuck, couple, etc on a regular basis. We’ve managed to pull off eight years together, so I must be doing something right, right?

It may come as a surprise to you that when I do engage in sexual intercourse with Cam, it is extremely rare that I’m on top and yet, I am alway in control. I decide when, where, how. I decide whether he’ll enjoy it or if I’ll cause him mild, moderate, or severe pain during it. I decide whether he climaxes. I decide whether to punish him for enjoying it. Often we have sex in which I cum and he doesn’t. 

Over the years, he has learned to never ask for an orgasm. The look in his eyes may be desperate and pleading, but he would never verbalize a request to orgasm because he knows that is not his right. He understands that sex is not about him. Sex is entirely about me. He has learned to take his pleasure from my orgasms and understands that his orgasms are for my pleasure or amusement. Any enjoyment he may receive from his own orgasms is secondary. In fact, sometimes I punish him for enjoying it. 

What we engage in is devotional sex. Sex for us is about him providing me complete and total access to his body to be used in whatever way suits me in that moment. Sex for us is about my pleasure, my orgasm, and never about his. Sex for him is a service to me.

For a lot of people, even outside of the femdom world, it is important that the woman cums first. Generally, this is because the man is physically incapable of maintaining an erection after cumming, but also because his interest in sex quickly dissapates after his orgasm and his desire to close his eyes and sleep often overwhelms him. Although I do cum before him almost every time, I also often insist that he provide me with an orgasm AFTER he cums as well, assuming that he’s lucky enough to cum at all. Sometimes he does this with his mouth or fingers. Sometimes I stuff a viagra down his throat and make him do it with his cock again. Sex does end when his selfish needs are satiated. Sex ends when MINE are.

In the early years, Cam did struggle with this. His desire abated. His physical ability slackened. His submissiveness slipped. After years of training, that is no longer the case. For him, sex does not end until *I* say it ends, regardless of whether or when he cums. 

Since the beginning of humanity, sex has been focused on the male orgasm. In Second Life, I often find adult furniture that features blowjobs under the “sex” menu and cunnilingus under the foreplay menu. Indeed, Cam once made the same mistake of defining a woman’s pleasure as foreplay while a man’s climax defined sex. I assure you that I’ve never let him forget that, nor have I ever let him believe that again. 

In my sex life, sex is focused on MY orgasm, on the female orgasm. It is his job to provide his body for the purpose of my orgasm. It is his job to control his own pleasure and keep himself from cumming unless I expressly permit it. I can’t tell you how many years it’s been since he’s cum without being directly instructed to cum, nor can I tell you how many years it’s been since he was allowed an orgasm when I wasn’t with him in person or watching in skype to enjoy it myself. 

I guess that my point here is… don’t listen to what other people say is and is not part of a femdom relationship. Ladies. Make your own rules. Set your own expectations and requirements. Don’t let others dictate them. If you fall in love, embrace it. If you crave intercourse, go for it.

As a side note, I’m planning to have Cam give a talk about devotional sex at some point, so watching the blog and notices for that.

As another side note to Meldoran… Don’t assume this means you’ll get to fuck me *wink*

A Vanilla Confession by Anonymous

 Anonymous confession

When i first met her, it was clear to me, she was dominant. She liked teasing me, and making me uncomfortable, and she clearly held the power in our relationship.

But kink? BDSM? Not for her. She didn't relate to it, and any experiments we tried with roleplay (she was a natural, she seemed to revel in it!) that involved me being submissive, or humiliated, always made her feel like she had less respect for me. So we agreed to keep it out of our relationship.

Our relationship is now a 20-year marriage, with kids. Every few years, she seems to do a temporary 180, surprises me with sudden kinky acts for a night or two, and then goes back to her vanilla state, leaving me confused and empty, but grateful. 

This week, it happened again - for the first time in almost two years. This time, it was more physical than emotional/mental. It was sexual, it was exciting, and it was very unexpected.

We were sitting watching a movie, on one of our covid "Date nights". We were drinking, hanging out, chatting, and i suppose flirting a bit. That's when she started poking at me, teasing me, literally tweaking my nipples a bit and pinching me. She knew how reactive i was - i was an easy target.

She moved her hand down between my legs, and started teasing me over my jeans. This isn't something she normally does. Foreplay outside of the bedroom is an incredible rarity. At first i thought she was toying with me, and pushed her away lightly, but she kept at it and i realized i'd be better off to go with the flow.

Next, the zipper came undone, as did the pants. She moved herself closer, and slid her other hand down the back of my underwear. I was shocked to feel her hand make its way to my ass, then felt a finger tease and then penetrate my oh-so-rarely-used asshole.

Now she was fucking me up the ass, harder and faster, with one hand, and stroking me with the other. She stopped stroking, moved her hand to mine, and brought it to my cock, motioning me to stroke myself. I did so - rock hard, dizzy and disoriented.

She released her hand, brought it to my balls, and gave them a smack! Playful at first, then harder and harder. I was flailing, balls aching, cock hard, ass getting fucked really hard (i don't think she knew how hard!). I never could have imagined this was ever a possibility.

I moaned, i panted, i gasped, i kept having to let go because i didn't want to cum - and a couple of times i almost did. She would have killed me if i had, so i was glad i managed to control myself (this time). I've had some problems in the past.

From there, she took me upstairs to the bedroom. More surprises. She bent over the bed, pulling down her tight pants, exposing her sexy round ass and panties. Seeing her like that made me even more excited and more desperate to please her. I dropped to my knees, and she slid her panties off. she pushed back into my face with her ass, grinding her pussy into my mouth. I was in heaven! i don't ever remember feeling so blessed or lucky.

That's when she took my hands, first bringing them to her breasts, then moving them up to her ass. I knew she loved ass massages, so i began squeezing her cheeks, but she stopped me. She moved my hand, and guided my finger into her asshole. So now i was fucking her ass with my finger while she ground into my face, tasting her, smelling her .... it was the best.

I'm happy to say that after a few more acts, i did make her cum. That was SO important, so i was glad i managed to do my job. 

Of course, she's never mentioned it since and i imagine it might never happen again. But wow - what a great moment in 2021 that was for me :)

Morning Ritual by Rorke


It had only been about about four or so hours, he reflected, since finishing his final task and turning in for some much needed sleep. But the loud buzzer inside his 'cell' (as the small space with a toilet and wash station with a mat on the floor couldn't be called a room) signaled in no uncertain terms it was 07:30 and time to begin his day.

Groaning into the ball gag with his stuffed cheeks hindering his breath as his stiff joints slowly respond and unfold while he rolls off the mat. Gingerly, as much as the humbler painfully pulling his balls back through his legs will allow, he kneels up and arranges the thin blanket neatly before crawling carefully thorough the small door.

Casting a glance to his left at her riding boots gleaming from his efforts four hours previously and ready for her later and then turning his attention to the main room where her two dogs both cocking their heads in expectation. Sighing into his gag as even her dogs are of a higher status than he.

Once the dogs are let out, he busies himself with making her coffee, strong and black with the cup filled to three quarters, how she always takes it. The aroma of the harsh liquid reaching his nostrils and mixing with the scent of her still on him. Carefully taking it on a tray with the latest copy of Femdom Times and crouch walking up the stairs.

His heartbeat quickening upon seeing her door slightly ajar, a sign he can enter, closed doors means he is not needed. Pushing through said door as she stirs awake and sits up with a smile at him while he sets the tray down and presents her coffee and paper.

Holding stock still with eyes lowered, not daring to steal a glance at her stunning beauty while she sips her coffee. Her heavenly voice reaches his ears, "Are you enjoying My stockings, boy?", she enquires as he nods eagerly with the stocking gag still in place.

An age seems to pass as she reads her paper before finally she speaks again, "Okay boy, go and do something useful now....fuck off!"

You Made Me by Anonymous

 The whip sliced through his flesh like a carving knife.

Thrashing his skin, relentlessly, solid crack, after crack.

"That's what you get for making Me love you," She thought angrily.

Her eyes burned through welling tears of frustration. 

Thwack! Swish! Crack! Woosh!

Over and over she lashed out at him.  He was no longer human.  Just a lump of flesh trapped on Her cross.  His blood spilling from each welt that She drew from his body.

"I hate you," She whispered.

She paused, allowing him to silently suffer.  Gagged, bound, unable to respond.  

He could only take what She offered.

And he took it.

She resumed Her strikes.  She continued for what seemed like days.

She wasn't expecting him to survive it.  And if he did, would She?

"I love you," She whispered.

Crack! Thwack! Swish! Snap!

The lines blurred together now, like the smearing finger paints from a child's masterpiece. 

No clear distinction of skillful whip wielding, but rather, a smattering of passionate throes, painfully played out upon a mortal mass of man.

"I want you dead, gone, freed from this suffering."

He couldn't respond.

A pool of blood darkened the floor beneath his spread legs.  His pale, perfect body quivering, helplessly.

Finally, she laid Her whip down.

He could hear Her heels clicking on the tiled floor.

She walked over to a nearby table and picked up a canister of sea salt.  Moving nearer, she liberally shook it over his shredded skin, as if flavoring a pot roast.

Unbearable, muffled wails of pain erupted from his tethered frame.  Tears streamed down his beautiful face.  He loved Her too.

She took no pleasure in it, not as She normally would.

She felt completely numb inside.

"This is all your fault," She muttered.  And She would never forgive him for that.

As She left him there, in the darkness, she placed a record on a worn out turntable.  The scratchy sounds of the vinyl, gritty and raw, piped through tiny speakers as Patsy Cline crooned...

(( Listen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB5rlL8vDAo&ab_channel=PatsyClineFan1 ))

♫ You made me love you

I didn't want to do it

I didn't want to do it

You made me want you

And all the time you knew it

I guess you always knew it

You made me happy sometimes

Sometimes you made me glad

But there were times dear

You made me feel so bad

You made me sigh for

I didn't wanna tell you

I didn't want to tell you

I want some lovin' that's true

Yes, I do, indeed I do

You know I do

Gimme, gimme, gimme, what I cry for

You know you got the brand of kisses

That I'd die for

You know you made me love you

You made me sigh for

I didn't want to tell you

I didn't wanna tell you

I want some lovin' that's true

Yes, I do, indeed I do

You know I do

Gimme, gimme, gimme, what I cry for

You know you got the brand of kisses

That I'd die for

You know you made me love you ♫


Breeding Him by Cam Inventor-Jules


She looks up from her book, smiles at the two naked boys before her, and carefully places the bookmark between the open pages of the book before softly closing it and setting it down on the table beside her.  With a fluidity of movement, both deliberate and graceful, she moves her hand to her jotter and picks it up, crossing her legs so that she may lean on her leg as she writes.  She pulls the pen, a Cath Kidston pen with a print of London landmarks on it, from the white spiral binding of the jotter and uncaps it; the faint popping sound of the cap as it creates a tiny vacuum filling the silent air.  She jots some words on the paper and rips it away from the binding with a flourish, a zipping noise again breaking the silence.  Small motes of paper dust dance in a sunbeam.

With the paper folded, she leans forward towards her older, longer-owned boy.  She rests her hand upon her thigh and flicks the paper towards him between her fingers.  Saying nothing, with no words needed between them, the naked, caged and collared boy reaches up and gently grips the paper.  "Thank you, Mistress," he murmurs, prompting her to release it.

The boy reads for a few seconds, then drops his head.  "Yes Mistress," he intones and stands, bows slightly and turns to leave the room, leaving the first boy wondering what commands she wrote on the paper.  His eyes follow the movement of her first leaving the room, almost as a reflex, a primitive reaction to movement.  The feel of her glassy, disapproving stare burning the side of his face causes him to snap back and revert his attention to her delicate, painted toenails.

A short amount of time passes, and in the next room the first boy can be heard huffing and puffing.  Something heavy and metallic being moved;  half lifted, half dragged across the floor.

"Mind my floorboards, idiot!" she scowls, calling loudly into the other room. A muffled, "yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress" can be heard and the noises of moving equipment stop, to be replaced with increased huffing and straining noises.  The first boy returns to the room, awkwardly carrying a large metal frame with leather straps attached, and a khaki cotton messenger bag flapping at his thigh, the cotton strap laced from his shoulder and down across his hairy chest.

He reaches the floor just behind the first boy and, with care such as would be taken with a fragile piece of china, places the frame on the floor.  He leans on it a moment, flexing his muscles and rubbing the end of his foot where he clearly bashed himself with it.

"Clumsy boy," she mutters.  Turning to her second, she points at the frame. "That's for you."

He looks up at her, not recognising the purpose of the device, but understanding clearly that it is meant for restraint.  He gulps, and nods. "Yes, Mistress" he squeaks, uncertain.  He's still an anal virgin but Mistress had made it clear that the day he is deflowered and bred would be coming.  That he wouldn't get a choice when, where, how, or with whom.  In trepidation he turns to the device, clambering aboard into an all-fours position.  He rests his neck on a large semicircular section, and places his arms and legs on padded rests clearly designed for the purpose.  The first boy hands his Mistress the bag and then turns to the device. Working quickly, he locks the second boy's neck in place before restraining his arms and legs.  The boy restrained starts to visibly tremble, but knows his has no choice about this - it is her will and her way; he recently agree to give himself to her completely and now must learn all the new degradations which she chooses to inflict upon him.

Mistress now pours a glass of water and reaches into the bag.  Grinning at her boys, she pulls out a small packet.  It crinkles and pops as she removes a small blue pill from its plastic and foil cell. She holds it up for the restrained boy to see.  The first boy kneels down, opens his mouth and holds his tongue out for her.  She places the pill on his tongue, in a show for the second boy, offering him the glass of water and feeling her clit throb as he takes the drug down with the cool liquid.

He turns around now, with his cock cage still on.  Both boys and their Mistress knowing that will have to come off soon.  She reaches into the bag and pulls out a black leather tube, straps hanging everywhere from it.  The first boy puts his hands behind his back and patiently waits as she slips the armbinder onto him, buckling every strap and checking it is secure, adoring his little grunts as she pulls and pushes him about, before she wordlessly taps him on the shoulder to bid him to turn again to face her.

This is the moment she has waited for.  The anticipation intense now, as she lifts the chain around her neck over her head and takes the key hanging on it between her perfect fingers.  He swoons as he feels the heat of her fingers between the bars of his cage; she and the other boy are the only ones to ever touch his manhood now; that's what the armbinder is for - his cock is no longer his.  It is hers to control and she makes sure that remains the case.

The padlock clicks and she twists the hasp to remove it, letting the cage slide off his cock and allowing it to start to stiffen.  She strokes it, slowly at first, but moving in long, twisting strokes to make sure he's as Viagra-hard as possible.  Right at the last, she squirts a good quantity of cold lube over his cock and rubs it briskly in, before wiping the excess off on his chest hair.

He walks round to the front of the device, kneeling before the bound boy to show him the thick, rock-hard cock, bulging with veins, pushing it within inches of his face. "Ready?" he asks.   Before the boy can answer, Mistress responds for him, "the bitch is ready. Just get on with it."

The boy struggles to his feet and heads to the other end of the device, where the bound boy's ass is presented.  The boy looks up at her as she leans back and lifts her leg onto the arm of her chair, exposing her pussy as she begins to rub her clit the moment her first boy enters the other.  The bound boy cries out in pain as the thick cock studs him, ripping his cunt apart.

The bull boy slides in as carefully as he can, with his arms tied behind his back, squeezing into the boy in the breeding rack, until the boy's cunt gives way and he can penetrate fully. He rams his cock in until his thighs meet those of his ride.  The second boy has finally lost his anal virginity.  He flushes red with shame.

The bitch in the rack grunts and squeals as he starts to get fucked harder, the bull now ploughing into his ass.  It hurts, but also feels good - that thick cock, stroking his prostate.  He's always been a leaker and been proud of that, but now feels shame as he is driven to leave a little puddle of pre-cum on the floor as it drips out of his cock.  The bull desperately wants to grab the bitch, Mistress can tell that by the way he's thrusting Fortunately, the rack stays put with their combined weight upon it, giving him enough purchase to pound as hard as he can.

"Not too quickly," She chastises.  "We want him properly bred; this is not a quickie."  She leans back, stroking herself as she watches.  The boy in the rack twists his head to look up at her.  "Enjoying losing your virginity, slut?" she asks, breathlessly, as she fingers her clit furiously.

He grunts in response.  He feels so owned and used, the shame crashing over him - every word of hers a barb.  Now he can never say he hasn't experienced what it really means to be fucked.  As she reaches the edge, her bull responds too, getting closer and closer.

She orgasms, her entire body spasming and writhing in the chair - one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever experienced.  Her bull knows instinctively what she wants and waits, holding himself back by thrusting just a little less roughly into the breeding slut's cunt.  He keeps gently rocking in and out of the boy's ass, carefully watching his Mistress until she manages to open her eyes once more.  "Good boy," she purrs, nodding to let him know the time is right.

He pounds into his conquest, once, twice, three times, hard.  He grunts as his cock spasms and he feels that hot cum rising up from his balls and ejaculating into the other boy's ass as his cock twitches reflexively.  The other boy just grows redder, struggling a little in the rack's bonds, but now totally resigned to his fate.  The bull pulls out, still dripping semen from his thick, hard cock.  Their Mistress picks up a buttplug from the table and leans forwards, pressing it against the slut's hole to stopper it.  "That should keep that cum inside you," she smiles.  She pats his ass, before indicating to the bull that he should present himself for cleaning to the slut.

The slut winces at the still-stiff cock, dripping with cum.  But it has been trained to take it, as a cuckslave it has cleaned the bull many times. Reluctantly, it opens wide and sucks the cum off the bull. "Mmm," she chuckles, "just the first of many loads you'll be taking today - on your first day!" She leans on the bull, as if holding him like a trophy. "Look! Still hard.  It is amazing what those tiny pills can do.  And by the end of the day, he'll be completely dry as he cums inside you."

The Beginning...

Distance by Lady Lisa

 Distance by Lisa


Hello stranger!

How are you?

Long time,

Keeping well?

Me too.


when we had it all?






Whispered promises

of forever.


In a shell

of invincibility.




Nostalgic memories

of a distant past,

now lost,

destroyed by 3,000 miles.

Glistening tears

on aging skin,

A familiar warmth

A clutch of memories

then a smile.

Gotta go

Oh ok Miss

Nice to catch up

Take care,

You too.


Mon Capitaine 3 by Meldoran

 Mon Capitaine – 3 - by Meldoran

As I said last time, Lady Mary sent me to the kitchen, ordering me to prepare dinner. She had not asked me for anything in particular, but the refrigerator and the pantry were sufficiently stocked; therefore, I decided on a puréed soup of leek and potato and an omelet with ricotta cheese and rocket, served with a salad of fennel and orange.

Lady Mary didn't show up until it was time for dinner, and I'm sure that was no accident.  In my opinion, She knew that the mental work was wearing on me: to ponder over these new sensations, to let them enter totally into me and make Her victory more pleasant, I am sure this was Her plan.

Anyway, I set the table, making sure that everything was perfect. I found everything I needed to set an elegant but not ostentatious table, that would reflect my care and my desire to make her happy. Yes, because that's what always gnawed at me. I felt that was the reason I was there, but it was also what, little by little, began to be the most important aspect for me as well. Despite everything.

Just before dinner time, Lady Mary appeared through the kitchen door, and, with a silvery laugh, said to me, "Dinner is to be served at 9 p.m. Fifteen minutes before. I want a Prosecco in the living room. Chilled just right, of course." And she disappeared.

At the requested time, I showed up in the living room, bringing a tray with a well-chilled Prosecco, already poured in a crystal flûte. I had not found anything else to accompany the wine, but I was sure she did not want anything else. I approached the armchair where Lady Mary was comfortably seated, and I could not help noticing she had changed her dress. She was wearing a black skirt, not short, which allowed a glimpse of her legs up to the knee, sheathed in dark stockings. On her feet, a pair of shoes with high but not too high heels, black, not shiny, very elegant. She then wore a cream-colored shirt, which highlighted her femininity, and which was enriched by a beautiful brooch depicting, for what I could understand, a whip. Receiving no specific instructions, I approached and knelt by the chair, offering the tray and telling her, "Your Prosecco, Lady Mary."

She looked at me, visibly satisfied: "Well, I see that kneeling in front of me comes naturally to you and you don't need me to remind you" She took the glass, observing its contents in transparency and telling me: "Well, you don't think I invite you here and leave you high and dry, do you? In fact, I'd say we should toast our meeting. The first of a long series of meetings." I think she noticed my puzzled look and continued, "No, no, don't let it go to your head. You'll have Prosecco, but you won't have a glass." So saying, she took, from a small table right next to the armchair, a small metal bowl, shiny and clean. She poured some wine from Her glass into it, whispering in my ear "Don't say I'm not a hospitable person: I'm even depriving myself of MY Prosecco to toast with you!"

At this point, she placed the bowl on the floor, next to her shoes, and, not caring about my astonished look, she said to me: "A toast to our meeting, may it be the harbinger of many pleasant moments!" and she put her hand in my hair, gently pushing me towards the bowl. The tremendous thing is that I did not object, until my mouth was just barely over the wine in the bowl. "Here's to you, slut!" and She sipped the cold wine at the same time that I, with my tongue, began lapping it, just like a dog.

"Well then, mon Capitaine, what do you think? It seems to me that we are on the right track, don't you agree?"; and at my silence, She tapped my cheek with her shoe, saying, "Come on, it is not good manners not to answer a toast." "Here's to you, Lady Mary."

"Good, good. And now, don't move." She put the flûte down on the tray, stood up, and walked behind me, I couldn't see her, and I won't hide the fact that it made me quite nervous. As if she had read my mind, she said, "Don't worry, mon Capitaine. I just have to do something that will be useful to me later."

So saying, she reached down and took hold, quite violently, of my member (which was dramatically hard) and my balls. "All this good stuff, we need to keep a tight rein on it, quite literally." As she spoke, I moaned. I could feel her tying it all up with a rope, not so tight that it could hurt, but securing the string to the base of my cock and balls.

When She was done (the operation lasted a few minutes) she stood up, evidently satisfied with the result, and headed towards the kitchen, making a sign to follow her, obviously on all fours. I obeyed and crawled behind her.

Once in the kitchen, Lady Mary observed that everything was at the right place and sat down comfortably on the chair that was positioned in front of the set table. Without waiting for her nod, I went to the stove and heated up the puréed soup. In the meantime, I took the plate on which I had laid some figs with Parma ham and I approached her, asking permission to serve her the appetizer. Which I must say was particularly appreciated. I passed then to pour the puréed soup, serving it with some croutons I had prepared in no time.

As she was observing, Lady Mary motioned me to get on all fours next to Her. "It's obvious that you need to eat something too, but not figs or leeks. No. On the contrary, given your current position, I was thinking of a nice box of dog food, how about that? What I used for my dog is of the best quality, it will be just fine for you. Take it, it's in the fridge. Put a few spoonful in the bowl here."

I obeyed, putting some of that slop in the bowl at Her feet. I rearranged myself on all fours, waiting for Her nod, which came immediately. "I eat figs, you dog food. I think it's perfect, don't you? " But clearly it wasn't perfect enough, because I saw Her get up, bring herself behind me again, and attach a new rope to the one she had previously tied to my balls; she fastened the other end to the handle of a cupboard, figuring it all out so that I couldn't completely bring myself close to Her chair, near which was still my bowl.

"Come now, you know you are hungry, and I don't want to be a bad host. Enjoy this first-rate pate" I finally realized what she had in mind. Reaching into the bowl was not impossible, but it required an intense effort that reflected in an extreme strain on my poor balls. I began to moan for the pain that was becoming more and more intense, to which she replied with an amused laugh: "Come on, mon Capitaine, show me what you are made of. In the boat you're certainly accustomed to lines under tension...let's see how you do when it's your balls that are under tension..."

I felt humbled and challenged at the same time. I had to succeed, even though the distances were calculated to cause me a very intense, almost unbearable pain. Nevertheless, I managed to finish that obscene meal, with its intolerable taste, although the taste was the least of my problems at that moment.

"That's my mutt. Very good indeed. And now, your reward." With that said, she moved the now-empty bowl with one foot and placed the foot itself on the ground, close to my face. Her tone had suddenly changed, becoming icy and sharp "Kiss my shoe. Lick the toe of it. Now, slut" I moved closer with my body but realized that actually Her shoes were a little further away from the bowl. All planned so that I would suffer even more. "Come on, beast. Honor your Mistress. Win your prize through your suffering. The more you suffer, the sweeter the prize will be."

I honestly didn't think I would succeed. With lucid sadism, at the moment when I seemed to reach my goal, she would push it away just enough to fill me with frustration and a promise of more pain. But I succeeded (of course, only when she agreed that I could) and began licking her shoe with such a fervor that I could hardly recognize myself. But what was happening to me? Half-naked, on all fours, licking the shoes of a woman I could very well have kept at bay. The same thought must have crossed her mind because at the same time she said to me "You realize what you are doing, right? You're licking my shoes, with your balls howling in pain, when you could just as easily be asserting your masculinity and playing with me in other ways. Slut."

Her words amplified that sense of sublime submission that had been always inside me, but of which I had never been aware. But licking her shoes didn't last long. With a well-aimed kick, though not painful, she pushed me away, saying "Follow me, to the bedroom".

I confess that, although I had no idea what she had in mind, I didn't hesitate for a single moment to follow her, which was not simple, since I kept moving like a beast, on all fours. The room was upstairs, and it wasn't that easy.

The room was spacious, with a fairly large bed and elegant furniture limited to the essentials. Attached was a bathroom with a shower.

She sat down on the bed and with slow, seductive movements began to undress. "But… isn't it going to hurt to be so aroused all this time? We have to see to that..." The light in her eyes did not promise anything good, it was a mixture of lucid sadism, not immune, however, to a certain sweetness. She was making me a succubus, I can't use any other word, and we both understood that we were completely aware of it. "Get me my slippers, out there, under the chair, and bring them here; then put my shoes back where they belong. With your mouth, slut."

I tried to imagine the scene as if I were an outside observer, me pacing the room, on all fours, with Her shoes between my lips.  This scene, instead of horrifying me, excited me even more and made her look more patently amused and wicked at the same time.

When the operation was over, during which she had removed her clothes and put on a silk dressing gown that was absolutely sublime and fit her like a charm, she continued "Really, we must do something about your erection. In one way or another." As she spoke, she had taken my member and began to caress it, which for a moment made me hopeful about how she was going to provide for my erection. She was provoking me, mercilessly, making me moan with a skill that I had rarely ever experienced (and I must say, I was hardly a novice). But my hope was destined to be unfulfilled.

Suddenly, She squeezed both my member and my balls with such violence that it caused me excruciating pain and an involuntary desperate scream.  "Shhh, the neighbors might hear you...and what might they think? But I have to take care of it, I told you, since you can't control yourself..." and while she was talking she began to slap my member with repeated blows, not even bothering to hit me with her fingernails, which had the effect, along with the pain that didn't seem to fade, of almost completely reducing my erection.

I thought I was crazy to put up with this; and I thought so, even more, when she took a box from a drawer in the nightstand and revealed its contents: a metal contraption, resembling a medieval torture device, that I had never seen before. "I don't suppose you know what that is. It will be your companion throughout the weekend and will serve to keep your member politely in place" After which, without further ado, she reached over and forcefully introduced the 'thing' onto my member (actually it was the contrary…my member was squeezed to get into that thing), locking it with a padlock. "Now, even though you'll be horny as a beast, you won't be able to get hard, and indeed your excitement will cost you pain. Can't you tell I'm really good and let you discover new things?"

Her words resonated within me, as if I were in a trance, plucking strings that until then I didn't even know existed. That instrument on my penis humiliated me, it hurt me, but I didn't oppose, on the contrary, I wanted in my heart to show her even more how low I could go. But she wasn't done, evidently: from the same drawer she took a plug of significant proportions, and without any preamble or precaution, she shoved it firmly into my ass, locking it with a pair of leather strings that she fastened tightly. "That's my bitch. Yes. Slut. But MINE. You belong to me, mon Capitaine. I want to drive you crazy, I want you to no longer be able to distinguish between night and day, between right and wrong, between true and false. I want you to no longer have a will, to sink little by little into an abyss of degradation and annihilation. For me to be your unreachable, ruthless Goddess of vengeance. Welcome to your nightmare of depraved submission, slut."