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Why I Know God Is A Woman by Anonymous

Why I know God is a Woman

It's how the universe is still wet with color,
how Galileo swooned like some voyeur
when scanning the rippled labia of stars..
echoing God's vulva again and again,
like puffs of galaxy waves as she birthed
the universe.

And though the universe has grown cold
as a world in perpetual Winter from
Persephone's absence...there are still these echoes,
these wet tremors to remember, like when
she hovered and pistoned down
and up upon me...allowing me to enter in
as a Roman spear into the side of Christ,
and in ecstatic agony, she whispered,
"Darling, consider the lilies...."
My love, my God, I do--

the last remaining prayer
still painted on my lips.


Vagina by Dark


That small intimate part of a woman, that every straight man desires.
The smell, the feeling.......... the taste!
As a submissive male, the scent of a wet pussy alone drive me crazy, let alone getting
the divine pleasure of tasting it.
There is nothing quite like gently parting Her vaginal lips, pressing my face firmly against
Her wet, cunt, locating the clitoris with my tongue, and bringing Her to a screaming
orgasm. But this of course, is IF I am lucky enough to have earned this.

To bring Her pleasure, is my forte, it is my purpose, my very reason for being, to hear Her
moan, to know She is closely reaching ecstasy, as I am pleasuring Her clitoris,
flicking it gently with my tongue, bringing Her to that ever approaching orgasm. Is my goal.


Her Lips by Dondas

I put my lips to hers
her skin is so soft
her lips are so full and kissable
her lips graze across my cheek
and send goose bumps down my spine
I kiss her again
my tongue caresses her lips
then dips further into her cunt


Cunt by Alchibiades

Can a man ever crave for the touch of a his Mistress's lips more than I?
To touch them lightly with my finger like caressing the petals of a rose.
I could wile away the breezy summer evenings laying in them.
And in the bitter winter evenings cuddled between them.
I could sleep in their scent and dream of you whispering my name.
They frame your cunt with velvet and crown your clit with satin.
I could kiss them a thousand times and think of a thousand different reasons why I should.


1st Dominion Week by Rasamas

Rasamus—My first Dominion week

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone I have spoken with over the last week and helped me settle in at the Dominion. This is the biggest impression I am left with so far, a very welcoming place with lots of nice/interesting personalities to chat too.
I have found Dominion a fair, but very firm place. I quickly learned what as a submissive is and is not acceptable. I think rules are very clear and if they are not followed, there is always a lady/Mistress there to point out where you went wrong.
I think that the different events each week can really make you think you are missing out if you can’t get online for an evening!! This is a good thing of course; variety is good in some respects.
The number of subs at the Dominion, as with real life, often seems to outweigh the number of Ladies/Mistresses. I have sometimes found that subs are fighting for attention at times. Maybe I am wrong with this and as I haven’t been around that long, I wonder what the other subs think.
It is fun. That is the main thing. When I log into SL, I look at having 100% fun, so far I have found that at the Dominion.
There were two discussions I sat in on this week. Usually in SL I get very bored very quickly with these kinds of things and their topics. However, this time around I found myself sat there engaged and joining in with the discussions.
I enjoy the use of voice in SL, but I also find that text has certain advantages and can be used really well in particular situations eg a group environment. Dominion does this perfectly. Nobody seems to talk over each other and text is used really well to address people in local chat. I like that, a lot.
Lastly, the reason for writing this was being arrested on two accounts this week. The first being I tried to cheer Miss Lisa up over our countries footballing loss. I didn’t really agree with the arrest and even tried to bribe her with sweets, which was probably a bad thing right? Nonetheless, I of course took my punishment with grace and will now be found dressed as a cheerleader for a period. The second account of punishment, well, that seems to have been forgotten. All I am saying is, I love you Kylie <3
Nice to meet you all and say hello if you get chance.


I Love The Dominioni Because by Casey

I love the Dominion because...a confession by Casey

I love the Dominion because here I've found a place where I am accepted for myself, welcomed warmly, and learning more and more every day. I've found friends here, women and men that are so helpful and patient with my newness and crashiness.

I love the Dominion because there are times here when it's serious and educational, and times when I laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes. In just my first week here I've picked up so much and I'm so grateful for it. I've had my own moments of fear and doubt, but the people that I'm coming to trust have eased those fears and made me want to stay, learn, and grow as a submissive.

In particular I want to thank Miss Zarita for taking time to help me in so many ways this week, from my lack of wardrobe and need for new hair, to helping ease my doubts and fears. She is a lovely lady and has been very kind to me, despite the fact that I've crashed her with my misguided powers.

I want to thank you all for the welcome I've gotten. I hope to learn and grow as a submissive and someday make a lady proud to call me her boy.

And this is why I love the Dominion.


Me As A Toilet PIg by Toilet

I am in a confined space, very warm and full of scents. I must wait, my life is only waiting for her. She will come, She always comes. I dont know her face. Only her voice and lovely bottom, And that is of course enough for a toilet pig as me. When she opens the toilet door, my eyes hurt because of the light. And then is all black again. Some times she lights the red lamp, sometimes she does not. I am lucky maybe sometimes  as she opens the lid, and i can see her lovely buttocks. Like a languid animal she places herself comfortable.
So lovely and natural. First she farts and I take the lovely and intimate scent in my nostrils. I inhale deep i cant help craving this deepest  intimacy...


Subbie Football by Matt

I logged on to sl as normal, straight to The Dominion; the place i always go and the place that has become my sl home.  It hadn't been very busy recently but there was a few in today.  I said my respectful pleasantries and took my place in the the bucket.  Not the most aesthetic of avatars but it has its benefits.  With no front or back you are always facing the Ladies and already being on the floor there is no need to open up the kneeling animation when you arrive.  But it has one major drawback, the Ladies like to kick you around the courtyard for amusement.  It is very funny...and after a few kicks i settled down to chatting to the Ladies and subs present.

To my delight Lady Cimmerian was present.  She has been a big help to me over the last few weeks and when she asked how I was I told her that I was great and had enjoyed a sneaky afternoon off that day.  Quite rightfully Lady Cimmerian was not amused at my laziness and told me I deserved a spanking with the leather paddle I own.  5 hard smacks on each cheek later...and 10 “Thank you Lady Cimmerian” and I had a blushing pink butt to take a picture of and show Lady Cimmerian and the other Ladies and subs present.

As I now settled down to chat with Lady Cimmerian, the picture displayed on my profile was causing amusement for those present.  Lady Nattasha had now arrived and enjoyed the colour of my butt so I was very fortunately given the opportunity to spank myself again, nice and hard, for the entertainment of Lady Nattasha who had missed the first installment.  Blushing a slightly deeper colour now, the new picture was equally was my gasps with each strike of the paddle as I caught my breath to thank Lady Cimmerian and Lady Nattasha for each stroke.

I got the feeling that the Ladies sensed blood in the water and before I knew it the game of subbie football had been invented.  The Ladies would use the bucket as the football ... kicking me around the courtyard but with each kick I would give a nice hard spank to myself and thank the Lady who had honoured me with that kick.  Lady Cimmerian, The Dominion football team Captain was joined by Lady Nattasha and the team’s new signing Lady Joicelyne who I had the great pleasure of meeting for the first time.  Lady Cimmerian took the kickoff and the first Thwack! Thank you Lady Cimmerian was heard.

With this being the first game of the season The Ladies were a little rusty at first, lots of effort but a few runs straight past me without a kick.  Frustrating for the Ladies but had the effect of “teasing” me as I readied myself for the smack...only to be given a reprieve for a second.  Before long The Ladies were stringing together lovely passing moves which resulted in a rapid Thwack, Thwack,Thwack, Thwack as I was struggling to keep up with the game.  Lady Cimmerian sensed it was time for a change and the Ladies took halftime.  As the Ladies rehydrated (not sure if wine will catch on as the preferred half time beverage) I conducted my halftime activities...tying my balls up nice and tight with a shoelace and taking a picture for the Ladies.  20 minutes later and halftime was over...back to the second half.

The game resumed and the crowd now seemed at capacity in the stands...The Dominion team obviously keen to put the result beyond doubt set off at a frenetic pace.  Substitutes were made although I don't think the referee had a full grip of the game as when a substitute comes in someone else should take the bench...i of course respected the official’s decision and got on with the game, The Dominion team now swelling in size.  The style of play changed from time to time as the game developed...paddle on butt, hand on inner thigh, hand on butt, paddle on inner thigh...always taking me to the gasps of pain skillfully interpreted to decide when a switch in play was required.  Lady Joicelyne was determined that the team was going to win and it turns out She is the team’s free kick specialist.  The game had obviously degenerated into a physical contest and every few minutes a free kick was awarded.  A slight pause in play before i heard those words...”matt, this is going to be a hard one...I want you to make sure you spank yourself really hard!”.  each one of those took my breath away as I hit myself as hard as I possibly could.  The odd “oooohhhh that was a good one!” and a little giggle was extra encouragement to push through this difficult part of the match and was a lovely reward for my performance.

The game was not without its difficulties...a couple wayward shots ended straight up in the stands much to the amusement of the crowd...a hard slap to the inner thigh resulted in a hard slap to my balls a couple times as I showed I had very poor aim.  The gasp for breath...moans of pain...and that sick feeling in your stomach meant that a quick injury time out was taken each time before we quickly resumed play.

By now the result was beyond doubt, The Ladies had achieved a resounding victory and the post match handshakes were made.  As I retired to the changing rooms with a pair of bright red butt cheeks and a pair of equally sore inner thighs I was lucky to get the physio to apply some tiger balm to butt and thigh.  The physio was slightly haphazard with his application which resulted in a fair amount going on my balls as I tied them up again during the post game stretching!  The physio was concerned that I needed some post game treatment but was disappointed that no ice was available.  More refreshments were taken as we all moved to the Arabian nights bar and I was ordered to freeze some ice for later.

As I danced the night away with the Team Captain the hours flew by as I enjoyed the great conversation.  The thoughtful treatment from the physio was now paying dividends as I was on fire!  But very responsibly Lady Cimmerian had not forgotten my need to ice after such a hard game and a number of cubes were used in a most unorthodox way to help my recovery!

A late night after such a great game.  I woke the next day recovered but with some very nicely bruised inner thighs and one big question...was that a friendly...or the first game of a long and arduous season....


Blessed by Anonymous

I regard myself as blessed.

Childhood was bathed in warm family surroundings and regular attendance at Sacred Heart Catholic church. I think idyllic would describe it most accurately. Intelligent enough not to suffer academic trauma at school and a group of girlfriends that remain friends, for the most part, even twenty years later.

I became aware I wasn’t “singing from the same hymn sheet”  when friends started dating and I had no interest whatsoever. Boys left me cold and even when I accepted a one off date I felt myself shy away as he moved in for a goodnight kiss. I made believe I wasn’t ready for dating and became the teen agony aunt for friends and friends of friends and was always a part of a large group with my position secure and well defined.  By the time I was sixteen I declared that I would “save” myself until my wedding night, but the reality was I didn’t know what I was saving myself for.

The next two years saw me bury myself in books, study hard, achieve high grades, and eventually get accepted at a renowned red brick university to study English Literature. Did I ever think of sex? Of course I did and convinced myself that the heat I felt when looking at certain women was normal for any teenage girl.

 Virginity was a scarce commodity by the time I moved into the college hall and I clung to mine as if I was drowning.
I did indulge myself by masturbating  twice a week whether I needed to or not, it prevented too many unwanted images spilling into my brain. I submerged myself in University life, joined societies, debated, acted, sang, played in the orchestra. I filled every moment in an attempt to stop “those” thoughts.  Of course I failed as I am very human and I suspect I only allowed myself to fall in love as the person was not in a position to reciprocate my affections. Pure carnal lust  heated my blood and her mind was the perfect place to discharge the powerful urges that ripped and tore at my body. We all fall for our university professors, don’t we?
Professor C-M became my teacher, friend, icon and eventually, after a number of years, my Mistress. I am not, and cannot, go into the details of how it all transpired. It was so natural to sit at her feet on long winter nights discussing the finer points of an obscure novel. At first it was with a group of students, later the numbers dwindled until only I remained. The moments when we touched  as I passed her a glass of Chablis or she moved her body on the damask covered chaise filled  my every need. In my head I called her my Venus of Willendorf, I told her some years later of this nickname and it almost bought a tear to her eye.

After graduating we finally spoke of our love, what I thought was so complex was in practice  pure and simple. I needed to worship her, tend to her every whim, be hers for whatever purpose she had in mind.Then there was sex, the honour of pleasing her, the way she kept me naked at every opportunity. How with words and touch she could create the burgeoning blooming state that ended in sweat drenched ecstasy.

I will not divulge any more intimate details, you will need to imagine how every second on my life is filled with obedience and all the delicious things that entails.

                    Th End

Note:   Venus of Willendorf    is a buxom goddess figure estimated to be over 24 thousand years old


Dominance by Lady Susannah


Many are capable,
some excel
at public play.

Flogging and
whipping and
humiliating and
their submissives
in public.

Full of bravado;
a sense
of performance.

The audience -  both
appreciative and
slightly afraid -
claps and murmurs

Says THIS!
is how dominance is done
this way,
or perhaps,
this way,
but always


I am incapable
of such
public displays.
I watch
and listen,

Consequently, I am called
a pushover,
a prude!

A select few know the truth
of my dominance,
of my power and control
that is deeply

I will get under your skin
all your vows to yourself
to remain separate,

I do not need toys;
and chains
and ropes,
to bind your soul
to mine.


A stance,
a glance,
words whispered
in hothot breath
in your ear,

words that travel
and make your most

and twitch.

Words that coil
and twist;
embedding themselves
in the innermost
of your brain.

A glance,
a stance.
I will
consume you.
All of you.


Keep you offguard
falling -
and being caught.
Only to be tossed again
into chaos
of mind
of heart
of throbbing

and need.

my dominance
is not for public display.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Impromptu Confessions June 23rd, 2012

I got to live out a long-standing fantasy this week.

And now I'm hooked.

I want more!


I'm thinking about quitting Second Life.  When do you know you've had enough?


I collared a boy who I liked a lot and thought it would be fun to own him.  It has been one of the best decisions i ha ve made here and I confess ... I love my boy something I didn't expect to happen ... and I can't imagine being without him


"STRIP"......................... and get inside I was told loudly, as my heart starts beating wildly.......

as I peaked out of the prison cell .......omg    there are 25 ladies out heart is pounding, I hope I don't blow a vessel...................a few minutes later my name is called.....................i jump in my chair .......i begin to shake and my mouse tries to find the podium, people are yelling at me!!!.......holly fuck....where do I look, what do I say......I click and  sit on that podium, THAT PODIUM and I .....................omg......................and it starts......................whew!!!!.


There's this boy that turns me on
He's hot and I want him
He WILL be mine
I want to run my nails over his skin and make him cum for me and me only


well. I have something to admit. I was at a dance and ready to go, but wanted to keep listening to Pams stream so opened box to get the stream details, but instead of Crtl V, hit ctrl Z and changed the stream to porn.. oops. So sorry. 
What happens in confessions stays in confessions?


I love the Dominion, the courtyard where i often have my coffee and watch the boys on knees in the morning just before heading to work that makes my morning a good one

The Ladies are friendly and the boys are polite and most of them got manners.. i always feel welcome here like other sims..


The street is almost empty, except for one man, he leans against the lamppost the rain a shield for his face. He is there every night I dont know why. I always look, wonder, imagine why he waits.

One foggy winters night I arrive home late, stop at the place he waits. Window open , the cold air pouring in, I ask if he's OK, he turns to face me. "I have waited for this moment he replies" and sinks to his knees


My First Mistress...

As I met my Mistress almost one year ago. We spent many days with introductions as it would seem. She taught me the eddicate of how to greet and kneel infront of her looking in no other direction.

One night as we went to the Velvet Thorn sim, I sat in front of her and stayed focused on her. My eyes following every curve of her body as I continued sit in silence. 

I started to think, this is going to be a slow night. Very quiet. Then all of a sudden she kicked her shoe off and wiggled her toe into my crotch. She described how she liked to feel my cock on the tip of her toe. She admitted stated how she loved how she could control it in RL. 

"I asked her, what do you mean Mistress?" She then told me, "I know how your cock is hard in real life boy!" As I sat infront of my PC wondering how the heck she knew, I took the drawstring of my pajamas and tied my cock with it. "I was fearful that she would get angry, but part of me knew it was her control of the huge throbbing member that got it that way to begin with." To my surprise she asked to see a photo of it. "I took my webcam, which was built into the screen and struggled to tilt the screen not being able to see what the PC was taking a photo of. " I was new to SL at the time but I managed to send her a copy of the photo with my drawstring wrapped around my shaft and underneath my head."

What happened after that... well was history...

Thanks for hearing my story Mistress of the Dominion.

And thanks Miss Zarita for reading this.

Knickers by Karma

Knickers by Karma Lefevre

i had been ordered to strip apart from my underpants , kneel, and wait for my Miss. my clothes were neatly folded and i waited , the cold stone floor sending a chill through my body which seeped up through my knees and feet. All my senses were on super alert, ears straining to hear the clack of Her killer heels , nose sensitive to Her distinctive perfume. i shifted uncomfortably ,my emotions in turmoil between great excitement and great fear. Even though i was cold i could feel sweat beading on my forehead.

The room i was in was small and had no furniture. The only adornment was a photograph in stark black and white showing a leather clad Miss standing upright ,riding crop in Her hand with a submissive boy prostrated before Her with  his ass in the air. It  bore the marks of a thorough thrashing. The Miss wore an expression which only a Domme can,  amusement, sternness ,superiority and caring all in one. i swallowed hard thinking of the boy and the Miss and remembered i had been told to kneel facing this direction so that i was looking straight at the photograph and with my back to the door so that i could not see who entered the room.

i have never been a good waiter ! it seemed like an eternity since i had stripped.. With each passing second i was becoming more anxious and excited, the feelings of longing and dreading replacing each other as i fought the urge to stroke my swollen, hard cock.

Oh God! i can hear Her. The metallic clack of Her heels in the corridor. She is still a ways off , but the footsteps are becoming louder as She approaches. They stop. I swallow hard , She is right outside the door. The door does not open immediately ,and i lower my head and stifle a little moan as Miss keeps me on tenderhooks a while longer.

The door opens and i start , holding my breath at the thought of what awaits. i sense my Miss's presence , because She has not entered the room and i cannot see Her. .She remains silent. I hear a rustle , is it paper ? Then i feel Her breath on the back of my neck which sends an involuntary shiver racing through me. i feel something being slid over my head covering my eyes and face and i inhale my Miss's gorgeous scent. Inwardly i groan for Miss has placed a pair of Her knickers  over my face , and i am sure She has placed them in such a manner that i gain maximum scent as i kneel.

Nothing has been said and i am still aware of Her behind me , no doubt smiling at my predicament. Her scent combined with Her closeness and my humiliation causing my engorged cock to dance as yet more blood is pumped into it..

I hear her moving  and i again hold my breath, the silence broken as the door slams shut and i again hear Her heels , but this time moving away from my room. i lower my head to my chest and sob audibly , my deep inhale after the sob filling my nostrils with Her delicate scent.

i shift position trying to ease the cold and numbness in my knees, and i long to stroke my cock because of the thoughts and desires Miss has evoked in me by Her brief visit, i know it is forbidden and goodness knows Miss may have a camera in here. Instead my tongue moves over my lips and then beyond , licking the soft flimsy material of the knickers  that She has so strategically placed.

Again time moves interminably slowly , cold seeping deep into my bones as i kneel on the stone floor. i think perhaps Miss has forgotten me altogether and has gone out for the day or has fallen asleep. Would She do that ? i am not sure . These negatives thoughts are dispelled by the now familiar sound of Her footfall in the corridor outside. My breath comes quicker now , fast shallow breathing as i listen intently to Her approach.

The door swings open slowly , and again i sense my Miss. I hear a soft chuckle , no doubt, because She surveys Her sub kneeling before Her . She whispers ''Pants off boy'' in that melodic sexy voice. and i hurry to comply, pulling them down to my ankles and stepping out . I knew She did not mean the  other pants which were now moving in and out in time with my breath each inhale making the soft material fit tightly over my mouth and nose.

i kneel again , feeling the warm glow of a blush as my cock betrays the power my Miss has over me .''Stand up and face me boy'' She commands in a tone sharper and more strident than She had used for the previous command. My eyes strain to see through the knickers  but i can only see the red material and light. Satin? , i think to myself and get a fast mental picture of Miss wearing them.

Swish ! The hissing noise fills the room for a milli - second  and i double over in pain. Miss has used a riding crop on the tip of my cock., i struggle to speak as the sharp pain  over rides everything else like it had a direct line to the pain centre in my brain ''ttthank You , Miss '' i stammer , know that to cradle my injured cock in my hands would result in another stroke. I hear Her soft chuckle as a leash is attached to my collar and i am roughly jerked from the room.

As we enter the corridor Miss pulls Her knickers off my face and puts them in Her pocket.
''All fours boy '' says Miss as She set off at a brisk pace with me doing my best to keep up on my hands and knees  and also  to  stop the leash from jerking on my collar. As i crawled as fast as i could along behind Her  i couldn't help but notice the delicious swell of Her buttocks and the way Her hips swung as She walked.

Soon we entered a doorway which took us to a dimly lit room. As She stopped and turned to face me i adopted the kneel position , back straight and hands clasped behind my back. Miss took a set of handcuffs from Her belt and stood behind me. I felt Her hands run over my ass before She give it a swift stinging slap . i grimaced nad gasped at the shock. Then the handcuffs were securely fastened to each  of my wrists. '' Tight?'' She whispers . ''Yes Miss'' i reply.  ''Good'' says Miss with a hint of cruelty in Her voice.

''Look around you , boy'' She said. I did. In the dim glow of a few candles set on each wall , i could just make out various shapes and had to study to be sure what they were

OMG , i was in a dungeon. My eyes now sharp through. adrenaline could see a whipping bench, St Andrews Cross, a rack , various ropes and chains, whips floggers ,canes , paddles and tawses. there were also evil looking devices  for what they could be used i had no idea  . i glanced up at Miss and She smiled sweetly back at me .

''Leg spreaders , don't You think , boy ?'' she asked in that lioness voice of Hers which was so sexy but also held a dangerous edge . Unable to speak i nodded in assent.''Well get them, boy'' she commanded. i knew it would be useless to ask where in the room they might be , so i set off to search. As i passed Miss i heard the swish as the crop came down hard across my ass.  ''Yow'' i yelled and moved a lot faster towards where i though the spreaders may be stored . Sure enough there amongst a lot of chains , hoods and gags were a set of spreaders that would keep my legs wide for Miss. They consisted of a stout wooden pole with leather anklets with buckles connected to the pole by a very short strong chain. I tugged at the leather with my teeth , trying to free the spreaders. From behind me i could hear a soft chuckle from Miss ''Hurry , boy'' She siad. i tugged and pulled but could not free the spreader . I sensed rather than heard Her behind me and heard the now familiar swish as the crop fell. This time there were two heavy strokes , one across each buttock. I shuddered with the pain and a yelp escaped my lips . Pushing me aside , Miss lifted the spreader and deftly attached it to my ankles.

'' Bench boy'' she whispered. I struggle , hands cuffed behind me , legs wide, in my keeling walk , the few yards to the whipping bench. ''Over'' She comanded. i positioned myself chest on the soft leather  , knees on the narrow wooden step , uncomfortable due to my knees being closer together than my ankles my hand still tightly cuffed behind me .

Nothing happened for what seemed like an age, then i heard Miss moving around the room. From my position i could see nothing but heard Her sort through various items , whilst She hummed softly to Herself.. i heard Her cross the room to where i knelt over the whipping bench , helpless , afraid and extremely excited .

Something large and heavy thumped down onto the leather beside my head making me jump. i turned to look. It was a strap on  , but not one like i had ever seen before  - this was huge ! It was at least  4'' in circumference and 10'' long.

Miss laughed. '' What do you think , boy?'' i knew She did not expect an answer. She went on ''' You , boy, are a little slut and you are going to love me fucking you hard with my stapon. But before you get that pleasure , you have been very bad, and have annoyed me when i was busy. So 12 fast hard strokes with the came first should make you nice and ready ''  At that i heard Her test the cane .Swishing it through the air . It made a vicious howl as it cut the air and i swallowed hard as i thought of what it would do to my ass.

i thought about begging for mercy but knew that i deserved this punishment and once Miss has decided on something that is it .i knew Miss was doing what was best for me. i held my breath and noticed that once again my cock had risen unbidden to stand to attention.

The words '' Count boy'' were follow by a number of rapid cane strokes . So fast and furious i had no chance to count them. i felt the sting and then the pain spread like wildfire and cried out '' Fuck !! '' and tried to bite the leather where my head rested.

Silence. Interminable silence. Then Miss spoke softly '' I did not hear you count boy , and you know i disapprove of profanity. 15 strokes and you will count each one''

i sobbed quietly, my ass i was sure was already exhibiting weals from the previous strokes. Swish , again the fire burning through the fibre of my being , Miss had laid on the first stroke with all Her might ,and held the cane on my arse where it had landed. i tried to control my breathing thinking of the further 14 strokes to follow .''one Miss'' Swish  ''two Miss '' ''Please mercy , Miss'' Swish 'OMG ' ''three , Miss '''''

Mercifully Miss kept a steady rthymn as She beat me , but as each stroke seemed heavier than the last so my yells of pain became ever louder. ''15, Miss, thank You ''

My head buried in the soft leather i cried , huge tears rolling down my cheek , as i though of how i had annoyed my Miss and how She had humiliated me in such a painful way , yet no more than i deserved.

I felt Her hand on my ass , though this time there was some healing salve on her fingers which She coated my ass in, gently spreading it along the weals cooling them to a dull ache, Suddenly Her finger moved down the crack of my ass and Her finger pushed into my anus. The salve was obviously a lubricant and Her finger worked in and out slowly coated me on the inside and around the rim, i felt more being applied liberally then more fingers spreading my tight hole as they worked in and out. Now i could hear squelshing and my breathing quickened  as i moved my hips in time with Her fingers , enjoying the sensation , my muscle gripping tightly each time She withdrew.

Another earthy chuckle. '' You are a slut boy' . even more fingers seemed to be pushed deep inside me and i moaned as my ass stretched wide to accommodate them ,the squelching noise was embarrassing and i knew i was blushing deeply..

The huge strapon was lifted from beside my head , where it had remained as a reminder throughout my ordeal and i heard Miss stepping into and adjusting the harness. ''Open wide'' she chuckled as i felt the head nudge my anus. Amazingly one push and the full length shot inside me , filling me , stretching me . i gasped loudly. ''Breathe boy'' Miss said as slowly She worked the huge cock in and out of my ass. '' Tell me you like it boy. Your Miss fucking you'' ''OOOOOoooooooh yes Miss '' Now with the lube and Miss's expertise  i was on the verge of orgasm , or at least what felt like it , my breath ragged and moans issuing from my lips at each thrust ''Enough slut''  Miss withdrew the weapon and carefully wiped its length on my ass cheeks, '' You boy have more to do for my amusement'' she said , with a wicked grin lighting up Her face.

''Stand'' i stood and watched her sway slowly across the room. Her red leather full length skirt moulded to Her hips and ass, the slit showing Her shapely leg as She moved. A red satin bra top accentuating Her full breasts. i gasped , surely the panties that had covered my face were the match of the bra. My mouth went dry and once again despite my widened ass and stinging cheeks i felt my cock stirring to hardness.

She sat in Her throne chair and looked at me quizically, then laughed softly. '' You have worked it out Karma, i was wearing those panties with this outfit all morning and thinking of punishing you.Now i want You to cum for me boy'' '' Get over here''

I struggled ungainly with the spreaders to the front of Her throne and knelt . '' Stroke ,boy'' i need no further invitation and wrapped my fingers around my cock , stroking as ordered running my thumb over the tip as i did so. ''Cum for me now , boy'' Oh God as soon as Miss said those words i exploded shooting high in the air my body racked with spasms as i had the most intense and prolonged orgasm.

''Thank You , Miss '', i  panted. A slow smile spread across Miss's face and She stood and ruffled my hair and walked from the room , leaving me with my thoughts.

Skype For Beginners by Lady Summer

Skype for Beginners
He begged me. He whined. He cajoled. He wanted to cum on Skype for me. I know it had been a while but I was not moved. Tease and denial are useful tools when a sub acts up. Besides, it had only been a week. Not long enough for my taste. He needed to experience the heaviness in his balls, the irritating perpetual woody, the yearning for an explosion. He needed to know who owned him.
I considered, then relented. “Turn on Skype, hairy bitch” I said. I could almost hear him scrabble for the mouse. The familiar bleating of a Skype call came immediately. His slyly smiling face lit up the screen. He looked over his shoulder, briefly.
You’re dressed, boy? Strip. His face grows red but he backs up and disrobes. Omg he’s wearing his Hammer pants again! Off they go.
He stands and I snicker, looking at his already snarky erection. His hands involuntarily move down and begin to tug and massage his balls, seemingly unknowingly. Hands off, boy, I say. He stops.
I ponder for a moment…what to do? Do I allow him to just jerk that juicy cock or shall we play? I do know that it seems to grow an inch longer when I have him slap it, back and forth, hard. It looks like a waterwand seeking a verdant hotspring.
Slap your cock boy. Why mince words? He begins to slap his cock. First he hesitates, and then becomes firmer. It swings and protests. He is breathy when he thanks me. Other hand, boy. He favors his right hand. He slaps it around with the other hand. Before my eyes it grows and expands, twitching and inflamed.  He sways his hips and groans.  The other hand wanders to tug his balls again.
Ok stop, slut, I say. I am running out of time. Sit in your chair and spread your legs. He plops down and opens his legs like the whore that he is one on each side of the camera. Start stroking, I say. His hands quickly oblige. My finger poises over the Skype camera button, ready for that special snapshot.
His hand furiously jerks his cock, blurring the screen. His voice is ragged as he describes his sub fantasies to me. Don’t stop talking, slut, I say. I am amazed at how much abuse his dick can take. He grips it like a joystick, pounding and pulling. I’m fascinated. His thigh muscles jump and quiver as he works it.
It doesn’t take long. He starts begging again. “May I cum, may I cum?” he says. I check my watch. Go ahead boy, I whisper.
He struggles and grimaces, the grip on his cock never wavering. It’s time, I say. Spray it all over yourself you dirty little homo. That last humiliation sends him over the edge. He grunts and spews, twitching and moaning, legs spread, in total obedience. I watch as he goes limp, cum matted in the landscape of a chest.
He is mine.

Me A Madam? Heck Yes! By Lady Nattasha

For the longest time I been thinking about being on top.. I was a sub, I had a Master who I adored but I felt he was losing his grip on me. One day I told him about my fantasy to be on top to dominate a boy the way he did to me, my Master laughed at me and his reaction surprised me, threw me of a little. I  got sweaty palms waiting for him to respond but he just looked at me and shook his head. Then he speaks,

“my girl I  been waiting for this moment with delight and sadness,"
 “I could sense you were getting stronger each day and I was losing the control over you, it pains me to see you go but I got no other choice then to release you."

 My jaw dropped as this were definitely not what I expected to hear. I felt a bit sad to see my collar go but at the same time totally excited to try my wings as a Mistress.  I went online every day for weeks talking to a boy who called him self sub0. I found out the 0 stands for new, he had no experience and it was perfect for me, he wouldn’t expect anything. As time went by we started to text each other, he was  really sweet and eager to meet in person.

I kept him hanging on awhile and then one day I texted him.. “tonight boy!”.. he instantly replied “Yes Madam!”
 Everything was set, I was  nervous but I bet he was even more, I meet him at the spot we agreed on, I gave him a hug I had promised him a kiss but didn’t feel like it now. I felt very confident standing in front of him he  was nervous, I could see it by his hands trembling. I put a blindfold on him and whispered in his ear to trust me, he nodded, he  trusts me with his life. I lead him to my car, helping him get in, my heart is pounding, my heels  smacking  the ground as I walk I feel strong and  confident. The drive is only a few minutes and doesn't  give him enough time to think too much or to feel: but I don’t care, he is here and he is mine.
I get out of the car and go to his side: it’s still cold, the winter has its grasp on mother nature, new snow is covering the ground. I help him out and tell him to turn against the car and to place hands behind his back. He is shivering, a combination of freezing, excitement and expectation. I put handcuffs on him and I feel him tremble, I don’t care, I go to the back of the car and take out a blanket, walk back to him and place it on the ground in front of him. I leave him standing there in the early evening cold , blindfolded and cuffed, hands behind his back, I back up and admire my work so far I feel exited like a kid at Christmas seeing him. I return to him making sure he hears my heels loud and clear. I stand close to him whispering in his ear as to what my surprise for him is this evening.

He is a good boy, nodding not spoken unless spoken too and he never forgets to say Madam. I tell him to be a good boy and make me proud, he twitches hearing  heels on the icy ground, I grinned to myself wishing I could be in his head to find out what he was thinking.. …I tell him a little slut is on her way that the training is in cock sucking and since he been a good  boy I thought he would be a good test object for her. The girl approaches saying “hi,” I see my boy tense but I don’t care, I order the girl on her knees in front of my little boy, she is a good one well trained by her owner. She lowers herself and keeps her eyes on the ground. I order her to  take my boys cock in her mouth and after a while she will discover he is quite large and that will be a problem for her, I know my boy wants me to suck him but he is not worthy of his Madams lovely mouth.

I notice my boy is quiet, she is doing a good job on him, this make me annoyed and I tell him to moan: still silent, I tell him if he doesn’t  moan loud enough I will whip the girl. A few minutes later my whip cracks  on the girls ass and my boy quickly learns to make more notice. Good boy I tell him, he nods afraid of ruining the moment and to cause more pain to the girl.
The slut is sucking good and hard and long  but my boy doesn’t cum, I give her a few more minutes and then tell her to stop.  I tell her to get up and leave us. I can feel my boys fear cutting trough the atmosphere as I stand really close to him my lips inches from his, his lip tremble I notice he is craving a kiss from me but I don’t care he does not deserve it yet.

I ask him if he think I’m happy with him, he replies trembling “I hope so Madam,”
 I ask him again in a harsher tone and he  trembles whispering no Madam.. “Of course I’m not!” Grabbing the boy’s hair.. I take off his blindfold,
“I get a slut to give you pleasure and you cant even fill her mouth with cum” I yell at him ,
 I see him feeling smaller,
“ turn around !! hurry boy.. I get my flogger and let it work on his ass, soon it has a nice red glow to it, I pull his pants up uncuff him, take him to his car and leave him with a simple kiss

Confession Of A Non Poly Domme by Lady Gabrielle

Confessions from a Non-Poly Domme with Four Subs (also known as "What the Hell Was I Thinking?") by Gabrielle Rhapsody

"How did I end up with four submissives," you might wonder?  I ask myself that very question everyday.  More often when they're all on at the same time, jostling for position at my feet.  How did a Domme, of a non-poly mind-set, become, over time, the Carol Brady of the Dominion?  Very good question.  It, of course, started with Garth who was, and remains, one of a kind.  I'm sure you all are grateful they broke the mold when they made him.  I knew he was destined to be mine the moment I met him and, over time, as our affection for one another grew, so did the assurity that we were meant for one another.  That was a year and a half ago and there's never been one regret.  Well... okay... maybe I do question my sanity a little everytime he opens his mouth and spouts out some inane, random, off the wall comment... and, yes, he is a mess.  But he's my mess and I love him with all my heart.  Garth will forever be my number one boy and my love.

Then came Dorsel.  When I first noticed him, he was a non-speaking, non-hearing skunk, running around the courtyard with a Titler over his head that could be changed every half hour or so.  He was being punished, yet again, for some offense; most likely just being 'Dorsel.'  I amused myself by changing his Titler to read:  'Registered Sex Offender,' or 'My other avi is an attractive one,' or 'My name is Pepe Le Pew.'   The last name stuck with me as I still call him 'Pepe.'  Dorsel has always been a good sport and I liked that he didn't take himself too seriously.  He was the antithesis of Garth, having a very low-key, subtle sense of humor.   Over much time and a lot of ups and downs, he, too, became mine.  It worked very well because his times in SL were starkly different than Garths.   Dorsel often logged out just as Garth arrived.   It was a perfect arrangment.

Then Michael happened.  Michael.... what can I say about this sweet, devoted boy?  I first noticed him when he had a different avatar named Stevo.  He was quiet, polite, yet funny and seemed so sincere.   He seemed to know much about me, yet, what did I know about this boy?  Already having two subs, I knew I was in no danger of collaring another boy so it seemed safe enough to chat with him and get to know him better.  I was honest with him about my intentions, which was 'there were no intentions.'  He acknowledged this fact wistfully but always finished our conservations with, "I can dream about you owning me someday."  I was amused and touched, and though he always remained special to me, I tried not to encourage him.  A real life situation came up and Stevo left SL permanately, or so I thought.  We still kept in touch through FetLife a bit, but I figured he was gone from SL for good.  When several months passed, he came back as Michael,  and he was more determined than ever to win my collar in spite of the tremendous odds against him.  It was not an easy battle for him but he remained faithful and true through it all and when he finally earned my title, he was as grateful as any boy I've ever seen.

Now there were three.

For me, Madi has always just..... been.  It seems I've known her forever and we have always been friends.  She was able to put up with Garth's bratty nature and always gave back as good as she got.  She always amused me and became my 'go-to' girl whenever I needed help with anything, be it Internet or SL issues, building, photography, or advice on fashion.  She has been there, done that, seen  it all, and will go back to do it all again.  I'd always hear the newest Dominion gossip from Madi and she loved ratting out Garth.  I came to depend on her for so much regardless of whether she was owned or not.  I went through a lot with Madi as she struggled to find her place at the Dominion, with her current owner, and in her own real life.  We rejoiced together when there was good news and consoled each other when the new was sad.  She was my friend.   During the 'Anything Goes' Auction for the Dominion Anniversary, I wanted to give something back to Eva for everything she does, so I went up on the Auction Block.  There's always a certain amount of fear for anyone put in that position for Ladies and submissive alike, and it's not so much as who you will end up with but ... will anyone bid at all?  Madi made sure that didn't happen to me.  While, thankfully, others did bid, Madi was determined to win, and win she did.  That week, she outdid herself on being my 'go-to' girl.  She's always tried to anticipate my needs and offer helpful suggestions for clothes, landmarks, interesting hunts to go on, and even finding the items in the hunts before anyone else could start looking.  She did all those things and more.  How could I let her go at the end of my auction week?  She was far too valuable and I knew a good thing when I had it.  And I still do.

Now there are four.

So if you see me in the courtyard and I am not answering in local or I seem a bit distracted... it's because I AM!  I'm not intentionally being rude.  I am busy untangling leashes to collars and trying to remember who's being punished for which offense.  I'm busy in four IM's trying to carry on some semblance of a coherant conversation.

And subs:  if I kick you across the courtyard for no apparent reason other than you got too close to me, take no offense.  It is a knee jerk reaction to taking on a fifth sub... and I simply can't remember anymore initials for grabbing collars.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are You Ready by Lady Siofra

Are you Ready?

Closer you eyes
listen my whispered breath
the heat of my passion
that caresses against your ear
are you still frozen with fear?
Or are you on fire
Have i stoked your embers?

Does it help
That my fingers wrap
against your shoulders squeezing
maybe i should press against your back
so the soft flesh of my breast
pillows the your stiff back
Am i being cruel?

Here we go
yes tilt your head ever so
I can feel you shiver
your anticipating my next action
thinking ahead of perverted thoughts
another shiver because i said so
are you ready?

I know you are
I can hear you suck in
holding it waiting
am i going to tease you with words
No i think not
not tonight my pet

Tonight i claim you
I claim you with
My arms
My words
My eyes
and finally for you to remember
With my teeth against you skin

Enjoy the faint bruise

A Story From A Third World by Anonymous

A story from a third world

We decided to meet, and this time it was for real, a real life meeting.
She said she wanted to meet me on a cafe.
It was the first week of our vacations, I was so glad to be on the way doing something so early on my vacation.
I arrived at the cafe, and entered. The cafe was full with people, it was afternoon. I scanned the
rooms, and found her sitting by herself, smiling as she saw me. She was looking just as I imagined, as I had seen her before.
She had her cut jeans on her. Strapped high heels, stockings, and a white shirt on.
She waved as she saw me enter. I walked over to her and sat down on a chair close to her.
I looked at her and then she silently, with a gesture, order to me sit closer to her.
I smiled and moved the chair closer.

As I finally sat down talked for some minutes and I went to order a coffee for myself.
As I came back with my coffee I could see the joy in her eyes.

- So how long is your vacation, how many days do you have free?
- Almost one month, it will be great to relax from work.
She did nod
- Yes, it is always good with summer breaks. Breaks away from work.
- Yes it is, a way to refuel the batteries.
- So you traveled all the way here, happy to see me again?
- Yes, and I like to be here. It feels right.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am. I look forward to get to know you even more.
She smiled again.
- Well, we hope for the best, don’t we?
- Yes Miss

I continued to drink my coffee. The discussion went for almost one hour about vanilla stuff, work,
training and so on.
After a while she opened a pet-bottle with mineral water, I could hear the air escaping from it.
She took a zip from it.
- “Taste the water in this bottle”, she said
I took a zip and. It tasted good.
- “ Do you like it?”, she asked me.
- Yes,it is good water.
- “Now, I want you to keep the water in the mouth, keep it there, and I want you to feel it.

I took another zip of it and kept it in my mouth. Felt the carbon bubbles against my teeth..
-” Is the water good?” , she asked.
I looked at her, and swallowed it.
-” Yes, it is good. Miss.”
-” I told you to keep the water in your mouth, didnt I?”
- “Yes, you wanted me to keep the water in the mouth.”
- “Yes, that is right”
- So, why dont you do as I tell you?  I think there need to be some changes.
She handed over the bottle again, and I took another zip.
- So boy, does it taste good?
As I tried to the mouth, and realized I could not. Had to keep the mouth shut.
I tried to answer,
- Now I want you to keep the water there until I tell you spit it out, she whispered.
  I will do all the talking, and you will keep silent, even if spoken to. The water is just to remind
you of it. Do you understand?

I signaled with a nod that I had understood her, and smiled in a satisfied way.

-”I have ordered a taxi, and we will catch the cap right now and drive to my place. I will do all the talking.”

We collected our things, and walked out the entrance. The cab was already there waiting for us.
We entered the cab, and she took out some sun glasses from her handbag.
- “Boy, here are your glasses, don’t leave them laying around,everywhere, dont loose them again.”
I put on the sun glasses, and the sight was pitch black, she had painted the glasses on the inside.
I realized I was now gagged by water, and blindfolded with normal sunglasses, without
anyone around knowing, and I liked it.
- Boy, I want you to have those on today at the party. It will be a surprise as we arrive.
I nodded, and wondered what party she talked about.

She ordered the taxi do drive forward, and we rolled up to the nearest intersection. I heard her looking through her handbag, and suddenly I heard music from headphones. A second later she put them on me. I could only hear music now, it was her favorite music.
The taxi drove through the streets and I tried to figure out with heading we were traveling, bu the turns, but soon I was lost. I felt her touching my side.  She tickled me a little, and I had hard time to keep the water in my mouth. I smiled.
After a 20 minute drive the taxi stopped, and I realized we had reached thea place.
She pulled my arm, and I came out of the cab.
I could feel the pavement, and hear the taxi drive away.
She took of the headphones. I heard her voice. And it was all silent around us.
-” Listen. Do you hear how silent it is? I nodded in an understanding.”
- “You can spit out the water now boy”
I spitted out the water, and heard it fall to the ground.
- “Yes, I is very silent here, I hear the bird song Is it the summer cabin?
I could only hear a car drive away in the distance.
- “We are at a place I have rented. Now I will lead you to the main building, and there you can talk if you wish. I want you to keep the glasses on until I tell you. I want to show you a surprise. Promise not to take the glasses off.”
- “I promise not to take them off  Miss,”
She lead me on the pavement, and I heard her giggle a little.
- “Watch the steps, she said and lead me up some stairs.”
I  heard the sound of keys and  a key enter a lock, and how she unlock the door.
 She lead me in to the hallway, and then down a staircase
 -” Boy, soon you can take the glasses off, just some minutes.”
 Before you take your the glasses I want to give you a big welcome hug. Ok?
 - “Yes Miss, I said and smiled.”
 I felt her hug me tight,  I could hear her voice whispering in my ears.
 -” Relax , ....  relax”
 - “Yes Miss”
- “Now  I will lead you to a chair, and you will sit down.”
-  “Yes Miss”
 -” Good boy, she said the a soft voice.”
 I felt the chair in front of me, and she pulled my shoulders and turned me around.
 - “Please have a seat”
 - “Yes Miss”
  Felt the chair and sat down on it.
  - Now  sit and relax.  I will put on some music boy.”
I realized she teased me, and could  heard her high heels on wooden floor, and how light she was in her steps. Suddenly she but on some soft music.
  - “I want to surprise you boy, keep your patience. “
Heard her walking back to me. She leaned forward and softly planted a kiss on my lips.
Suddenly I felt her put her hand close to the zipper of my jeans
- “Shhh.. keep still”
I felt her undo the button, and unzip the pants.
My cock reacted immediately to her treatment,
- “You are like this .. don't dare deny it “
- “Yes Miss”
-” I felt her hand around my waits and her hands following my belt. I could feel her pulling it out from the pants. “
At the same tie I heard a click.. and a soft pressure against my crouch....
Seconds later I felt metal against, and how cuffs were closed around my wrists..
-” Shhhh... relax boy...”
- “What is this miss?”
- "Shh.. I want to surprise you.. trust me... ", she whispered
I  calmed down..
-"Now open your mouth.."
She put a soft pressure against my cheeks, I opened my mouth and I felt a gag being shoveled into my mouth. Now I tried to unsit, but felt a belt restricting me from doing so.
She pulled my hair, and secured the gag around my head. , it was a gag harness, I felt the straps being tightened around my head.
-"Now boy you are almost home"
She felt ropes around by ankles and my legs being tied together and then pulled under, and tied, to the chair.
-”So now the taken the first step”, she said.
- “You are home, and you are secured. I need to go, but  I will be back in
some hours, then we will take a discussion about your limits.
During the time I am away I want you to think about your BDSM interests, and the time you want to spend with me. Is that understood?”
- “Yes Miss,” I mumbled through the gag.
- Now I need to prepare food for tonight. My parents are coming by for dinner, and you will stay right here, and you will like it don't you?
- I was confused and nodded in answer.
- “Don't dare neglect it. As I come back I will have an interview with you. You are safe here. You are in my care now, and you don't need to worry. Attached to the left armrest you find a button, press that if  it is urgent. Don't you dare to misuse it.”
- I nodded in understanding.
- This will now be our home, and I will take care of you. We will start your training, but there is no     actual hurry. You will be formed after my deeds. Is that understood?
I garbled a " Yes, through the gag"

She walked to the doorway and slammed the door shut. I felt secured, trapped, and aroused.

Several hours passed and I tugged and squirmed in the chair, it was robust, I was pinned to it.
There was several questions that arose in my head.
- Where am I
- How does the house look like?
-How will I be trained?
-When will she be back?

Sissy Husband Story by Stella

by Stella

My wife was out of town visiting her mother. She was not due

back for several days, so I thought.

Not expecting her for several days, I had taken to being in

full drag while around the house, both day and night. At night I

would go to bed with my wig and full makeup still on; usually

wearing a teddi, garter and sheer stockings. Some nights I would go

to bed in a tightly boned and laced corset. Before I went to sleep

every night I would lubricate my favorite vibrator and screw myself

while masturbating and fantasizing that I was being sexually taken

by my "husband". Oh, I was so lonely for a man to share my bed with

me; to treat me as a real woman.

During the day I would dress fully in panties and matching bra,

supple bra pads, matching full slip, garters and sheer nylon

stockings, coordinated blouses and skirts. I would always be

meticulously made up, including my nails and eyes. My wig would be

carefully coiffured, flowing to my shoulders. Around my neck was a

pretty pearl necklace. I wore several fashionable women's rings on

my fingers. I loved so being fully dressed. Whenever I would pass

by a mirror while doing my household chores, I would see the image

of a beautiful and lonely woman. At times I could almost feel a

vagina encased in the crotch of my silken panties. A vagina empty

and longing for the fullness of a hard and thrusting male member.

One afternoon I sat in the living room fully dressed reading a

good novel. I was wearing my stereo headphones and listening to a

beautiful classical CD. Suddenly, I detected movement. There,

standing before me was my wife and a handsome man who I had never

seen before.

I was mortified! I took off my headphones and my wife had a

sly grin on her face. She said, "Well, look here. It's my

husband, the girl." She wouldn't give me a chance to say anything

at all. She continued, "You must have really enjoyed yourself

while you thought I was out of town. Well I wasn't out of town. I

was staying at Raymond's house." She put her arm inside of the

man's arm and said, "Sissy-girl husband of mine, meet Raymond

DuMont. Raymond is, and has been for a long time, my lover!" I was

getting ready to divorce you to be with Raymond full-time, but first

you are going to see Raymond make love to me. You are going to see

how a real man satisfies his woman. It might help you avoid the

mistake I made when you go out in the world to seek your male lover!"

I couldn't believe all this was happening to me. But, Mary's

verbal abuse not only caused me anguish, I could feel my clitoris

becoming aroused in my panties. Suddenly, Mr. DuMont grabbed me and

forced me to follow him and my wife into the bedroom. Mary took off

all of her clothes; she was so beautiful and had such a shapely body

that I had often envied. Then she seductively undressed Raymond.

He was so tall, virile and handsome. It was easy to understand why

Mary had fallen for him. His penis was handsome, huge and well

formed. It was also rock hard. My beautiful and sexy Mary laid on

the bed spread-eagle and cried out, "Oh, Raymond, darling! Fuck me!

Let's show this sissy-girl how a real man satisfies a real woman!"

And, I couldn't believe my eyes. Raymond mounted MY wife and she

eagerly accepted his rigid penis into her obviously moist and ready

vagina. She had never been ready like that for me. Raymond reached

toward me with his powerful arm and pulled me to the bed.

He said, "Okay, sissy girl, you get your face down where you can

see how a real man screws your wife!" I didn't need any encouragement

or force to comply. I had often fantasized about my wife having

intercourse with another man. I put my face near my wife's buttocks.

Raymond began to screw her slowly at first. With each thrust of his

rigid penis into her vagina she would moan with delight. She NEVER did

that with me. Raymond then began to alternate between screwing her cunt

faster, then slower. Mary cried out softly, "Oh, Raymond! I love IT

darling! Do me! Do me!" Suddenly, as Raymond paused in his thrusting,

I was overcome by a compelling desire to kiss his balls and penis. My

tongue was darting about his scrotum and cockshaft. I began to lick at

my wife's vaginal lips in an attempt to find his cockhead, buried deep

inside my wife's vagina.

Raymond pulled me away and said, "Stay right here! You'll get

what you want in a moment!" Then, he proceeded to fuck Mary faster and

faster. She wrapped her legs tightly about him; her arms were tightly

around his back. His manly chest pressed against her beautiful breasts

as the pace of his fucking became primal and animalistic. Mary moved

her ass rapidly in response to Raymond's rapid fucking. She NEVER did

that with me. She cried out, "Oh, Raymond darling! I'm COMING!" And

she screamed with what was surely a genuine orgasm. Something I had

never experienced with her. Raymond kept on fucking Mary without

hesitation. I would have come long since had it been me. Suddenly Mary

arched her ass off the sheets and cried out, "Oh God, Raymond darling!

I'm COMING AGAIN!" He kept fucking my wife faster and faster and she

came two more times before he quickened his pace to short strokes and he

cried out, "Oh, Mary darling! TAKE MY FUCKING CUM!" And he drove

those final short strokes home as Mary cried out, "Oh, FUCK! FUCK!

Raymond darling, Oh! Oh! Oh! Eeeeiiii!! This is my best orgasm yet!

Oh, Ray, darling! Your cum feels so, so good!"

They embraced quietly; his penis still inside her vagina. After a

few moments she said softy, "Darling, give the sissy 'her' due."

Raymond pulled his glistening, still rigid penis out of my wife's wet

vulva, and said to me, "Suck the semen off my cock, you sissy-queer!"

I eagerly complied and soon found Raymond fucking my face. I could

taste my wife as well as Raymond as I sucked his penis clean. My wife

laughed and said, "Look at my queer girl-husband take my lover's dick!

I hope you don't like that as much as me, Raymond, darling." Raymond

replied, "Not a chance, sweetheart!" He suddenly took his penis out of

my mouth and told me to lie on my knees on the bed and eat the semen out

of my wife's vagina. As I complied and began to eat Mary's pussy I felt

Raymond lift my skirt and slip and take down my panties. I felt his

cockhead pressing against my sissy-girl "pussy". He said, "Relax,

sissy bitch and take my dick!" I relaxed and Raymond slowly entered me

as I rested my mouth against my wife's vaginal lips.

Once Raymond was fully inside me, I squirmed my buttocks and moaned

softly, "Oh, Raymond! Please screw me like you just screwed my wife."

And, he complied and began the steady and heavenly rhythm of male-female

coitus with me. As I took Raymond's delightful screwing, I resumed

eating his semen out of my wife's vagina. I also tongued her clitoris

and caused her to moan.

I took my now-throbbing and rigid dickette into

my hand and proceeded to masturbate as Raymond fucked my brains out.

Suddenly he moaned and I could feel his short strokes pounding my

buttocks. I quickened the tonguing of my wife's clitoris and the pumping

of my dickette. As Raymond cried out, "Oh FUCK! FUCK! Sissy bitch, take

my CUM!" As my ass was flooded with Raymond's ejaculation he slapped my

asscheeks! Mary moaned and had another orgasm from the effects of my

tongue as I came in my pumping hand, my sissy cum splattering harmlessly

onto the bedsheets.

Edging by Anonymous

This is my account of edging for the lovely Miss Elora.

In my head i pictured myself entering the D. The room was very full yet my eyes were drawn to only one. The woman who had left me transfixed. With one motion she called me over and i did not even need to be told i just fell to my knees and looked up at her; her beautiful face full of life and vibrancy, and I saw a smile grow on her face.

I was mesmerized by her pure beauty; she is perfect and amazing all that is alluring and sexy. In my head i felt myself looking at all her wondrous curves. She beckoned me even closer and i took in her wondrous scent. I was enchanted, the room had now disappeared; to me nothing else mattered but the woman in front of me.

She lifted her skirt and told me i must satisfy her but i am not allowed to cum. My cock had become rock hard. I began to stroke as i pictured placing my face between her folds tasting her divine nectar. i felt a heat inside, pure arousal, i began to go faster, timing my licks with the stroking. I felt like i was getting close until i heard, "you cannot cum without permission". The pleasure had built but i continued to lick,  my stroking stopped - my attention focused on the task at hand i continued licking lapping and tasting.

All my nerves intensified due to pleasure. My stroking began again - stroking faster, feeling it build. i felt my Miss's thighs tighten around my head. i continued going faster,  building my pleasure as well as hers. She told me to stop stroking. i grunted wanting so badly to cum. She reached down and tilted my head up telling me to focus on her clit. i did so as i gently nibbled teased and massaged it in my mouth.

i was told to stroke; my balls began to ache and yet i was told not to cum. I tried to do mind over matter and was told to stop. I was not sure at this point if any eyes were on me but it didn't matter. My Miss was my goal and pleasing her was the objective. The arousal came back as i was told to stroke. i felt like i was going to burst when i was told to stop for the fourth time.

I growled like an animal, yet i focused on her clit. i felt her press her hand on the back of my head. i was smothered and i felt her stand up and was told to sit on my back. She once again sat on my face, taking my cock in her hand. i went back to licking.  i felt close. i felt she sensed this because she grabbed on tight.

i yelped but i continued to lick. My body was aching from pleasure. She began stroking and it was so expertly done, i dug deep inside trying not to cum. She stopped and i felt my tongue going ever deeper. She was close i could feel it, She pressesd further on my tongue. i was close too and the next lick brought her to ecstasy. As she came she began stroking me for the seventh time.

i lapped her juices, tasting her sweetly on my lips. I smiled and craved release but for the seventh time she stopped, got up, and cleaned me. Faith she is pleased with me. i was exhausted yet i waited for instruction. She was pleased but i was not allowed to release. I was allowed to lay in her embrace and i felt at ease.

the room started to come back, however i felt myself succumb to exhaustion and relax in my Miss's arms knowing i pleased her.

My Fantasy by Matt

my Fantasy by Matt for Miss Persephone.

i had been serving Mistress for quite sometime online.  It had begun slowly at first, online chat...getting to know each other.  I had instantly felt a connection with Mistress and quickly grew to trust Her.  my service to Her quickly moved to completing tasks for Her, providing proof before beginning to serve Her by webcam.  i didn’t always succeed in everything i was required to do but i loved that Mistress was firm, strict but understanding.  i had learned quickly that failure met with punishment and when i made Her happy i was rewarded; although making Her happy was all the reward i needed.

i had now been living with some standing rules for a few months; my body was kept hair free at all times, i wore only female underwear and when home i wore female clothes only...i had developed quite a wardrobe, not very respectable but well stocked.  i had learned to apply makeup in the way Mistress prefers and had been working hard on my techniques with the various realistic toys i had purchased on Mistress’ orders.  Mistress was happy that her slutification of me was progressing nicely and She was really enjoying my latest rule, wearing a cb6000 for her.  i had always been a horny sissy but with release only possible when Mistress allowed, my sexual urges had gone into overdrive, exactly as Mistress had planned.

As i stepped off the train i felt butterflies in my stomach; my first meeting in real life with Mistress was moments away.  It was a huge step for me but one i had been looking forward to for so long.  As i exited the station there She was, i stopped in my tracks.  Mistress always made me feel like a nervous teenager and seeing her in the flesh made me tremble.  i walked up to her trying to be confident ...”Hello Miss, you look beautiful” i managed to say, my voice breaking with the nerves.  Mistress laughed “Whose a nervous little girl then?” She replied before turning and walking to the taxi rank.  i followed a few steps behind until we were at the first cab.  Mistress stopped at the car and i stopped behind her, my nerves getting the better of me, unsure as what to do for a moment before i realised my mistake and quickly opened the door for her.  Scurrying around to the other side i cursed myself for failing so quickly and got into the cab as Mistress gave the driver her address.

As we drove out of the town and towards her house Mistress turned to me...”Have you waxed this morning as instructed?” Mistress asked in a loud voice, the driver looked up in the mirror and smirked at my uneasy reaction.  “Yes Mistress i replied nervously” ...”Good because I have a lovely new outfit ready for you at home slut, you are going to look like such a hot filthy little tart and it really would be a shame to spoil the look with poor personal administration.”  i blushed bright red, feeling like i wanted to leap out of the taxi as the driver adjusted the mirror so he could see my face.  “And you havent used your emergency key to unlock that lil sissy dicklette have you candi?”  Mistress asked as she toyed with the key hanging around her neck.  i didn’t know which made me more embarrassed, hearing my sissy name in front of the taxi driver or having him know my dicklette was locked away. “No Miss” i replied quietly...”I didn’t hear that candi” Mistress replied obviously enjoying my discomfort...”No Miss it has been locked away since you allowed me release 2 weeks ago”...”What has candi?”...”my little sissy dicklette Miss”.  It was all too much for the driver who burst out laughing.  Mistress had had her fun and talk returned to more normal subjects for the last 5 mins of the journey.  Things like how was my journey, how had work been and other vanilla topics, much to the disappointment of the driver.  As we arrived i quickly paid the driver telling him to keep the change...anything to get out of the cab as quickly as i could.

As we entered Mistress’ house i quickly responded to her instructions.  my nerves were now overcome by my burning desire to please her.  i stripped, knelt and then followed on all fours as she gave me a tour of her place.  The final room was her spare room, i entered behind her and knelt facing the bed.  “slut, shower in the en-suite here, apply your makeup, perfume and jewelry as you have learned.  your outfit is in the box on the bed.  i will expect you downstairs in the lounge in 45 minutes fully prepared.  No need to crawl downstairs...walking will show off the outfit better”...”Yes Mistress” i replied.  With that she turned and left, closing the door behind her.  i quickly went to the bathroom and began my preparation.

40 minutes had passed as i looked into the full length mirror at myself.  A blonde shoulder length wig, big hoop ear rings and heavy slutty makeup looked back at me from a face hardly recognisable from how i looked 6 months ago.  As i looked down the black fishnet stockings, hot pink micro mini skirt, and animal print tight top were complimented by a pair of clear stripper heels.  It all screamed hooker and the big fake breast forms gave me the figure to match.  The final piece was the heavily lubed plug gently stretching my sissy pussy.

i began the short trip downstairs...struggling in the heels, much higher than what i was used to and the plug was not helping my walking technique.  Oddly, the door to the lounge was closed, i knocked...”Come in slut”.  i walked in and saw Mistress standing in the middle of the room looking more amazing than ever; thigh length boots and a large strapon were all she wore with a small leather paddle in her hand.  i was speechless. “Right you little tart, enough gawping, lets see if you have perfected your technique with all that practice at home.”  i dropped to my knees in front of her and knew exactly what was required.  i gave her the most enthusiastic wet sloppy blowjob i could manage...gagging as she pulled my face on to the cock.  i lost myself in my task, Mistress giggled “Looks like you are the filthy little cock whore i thought you were...and i worried that i might need this paddle for encouragement...hahahaha”.  Mistress pushed me away...looking down at her slut, lipstick smeared, mascara runied.  “On your back slut, spread your legs, time for Me to pop your cherry!”  i quickly adopted the position as Mistress pulled out the plug.  She knelt between my legs...leaning forward and positioning the head of her big rubber cock at my tight hole.  Looking right into my eyes, i nervously looked down “Look me in the eye slut, i want to see your face as i take you for the first time”  i looked up...into her eyes knowing i was hers completely for now and evermore.  She had taken my soul and  as she forced the big cock inside me...slowly but firmly...all the way to the base as i let out a scream and she took my cherry.

A couple hours had passed since my deflowering.  Mistress had taken me roughly, she had used me hard and i was grateful for the time to recover.  We had spent the time talking, me knelt at her feet as She sipped a glass of wine.  It was now 6pm and i wondered what Mistress meant when she said “Go get cleaned up now slut, have a little rest then refresh your makeup and fix your back down here at 8pm ... you have a big night tonight.”  i knew better than to ask what She meant, if Mistress wanted me to know what was in store for me now, then she would tell me now.

It was now 8pm and i was once again knocking at the lounge door.  The command “Come in whore” was given as the loud music coming from Mistress' stereo stopped.  In i walked to be greeted by my smiling Mistress looking amazingly beautiful in an expensive designer dress.  Once again she took my breath away but it was the others in the room that made me freeze in my tracks.  Mistress smiled “Don’t be shy candi, these men are my friends”  i felt the the gaze from the 4 men in the room burning into me...i didn't know what to say...i blushed and looked down.  “She looks like a nervous little thing” one of the men remarked to Mistress. "i hope she knows how to suck cock properly"...  “Dont worry i guarantee she will be worth the £20 you each paid me...wont you candi?”  “Yes Mistress” i replied....”Yes what slut?”  ...”Yes Mistress i will be a good lil whore and make sure i give good blow jobs.”  ... “Good girl candi...GREAT blowjobs will be a start but they get much more than that for their £20."  Everyone laughed as i blushed a deep red.  "Repeat customers are very important for any new startup business candi and these nice men will be your lets get this party started shall we?...”

Final Episode by Rolf

Dear reader,

this is the fourth and final episode in my story recounting a RL experience I had some years ago with Madame Katarina,a mistress who bought me at a slave auction in Sweden. The previous three episodes are available on the Dominion blog, where Miss Eva has kindly published them.

                Kissing boots

The Austrian customs official, a young blond man, eyed Madame Katarina nervously as he asked her to open the tube she was carrying strapped on her shoulder. There was something about this woman that unsettled and fascinated him in equal measure. He admired her long black hair and dark eyes but her deep, commanding voice stirred something in him that he seemed unable to define.

"You want to have a look?" Katarina, having just arrived at Vienna airport on a flight from Stockholm, removed the cap and spilled out a selection of whips and canes and floggers on the desk in front of the official.

He gulped and didn't know where to look. Katarina took full advantage of the situation. "Have you been a good boy?" she asked him in English. "If not, maybe you need a good whipping?"

The young man blushed and uttered something inaudible and the awkward scene was already drawing attention from other customs officials and arriving passengers. He hastily collected the whips, canes and floggers, there were about a dozen of them, and put them back into the tube.

Avoiding Katarina's penetrating gaze, he waved her away, resisting the temptation to open her suitcase as well.

Madame was entertaining me with this hilarious story in the sports car on the way home from the airport and we both had a good laugh. It was great to see her again and my heart had skipped a beat as she came through customs, suitcase in hand, and the tube with its naughty contents slung over her shoulder. I had moved to Vienna to start my new job a month ago and we had exchanged many emails and talked on the phone in the meantime and now, in September, she had finally joined me in the Austrian capital, two months after we first met.

I poured a bath, opening the brass taps and lit a candle in the bathroom of my luxury flat. Katarina entered, naked with a glass of champagne in her hand. This looked promising and I went to the kitchen to cook dinner, Dover sole with a butter and Chardonnay sauce, asparagus and Basmati rice. I have cooked for as long as I remember and doing it, lovingly, for a woman is a great pleasure for me.

Having drained and exhausted me in the night, Katarina rose early, demanded breakfast and said she wanted to go for a walk. It was a sunny Sunday morning and I submitted accordingly.

We had been walking through the Erste Bezirk, the medieval first district of Vienna, for two hours when Madame wanted to return home to my flat. I obeyed of course but realised in an instance I was probaby lost. The cobble stone streets of old Vienna have been built over the centuries without a master plan, but simply as another need arose and it is a maze of squares, back alleys, cul-de-sacs and so on.

I am not trying to make an excuse here but I simply wasn't sure how to take us home again on foot. I had a look on my well-thumbed map and Katarina realised I must be lost.

"Can you find the way home?" She gave me an impatient look.

"Sure," I said with the stubbornness of a man who can't admit he is wrong. "Look, if I am lost I will kiss your boots!"

I was so sure of myself, unfortunately.

Madame, who was wearing black leather boots, smiled but after a few minutes it became clear to her that I was indeed lost. "Kneel Rolf. Kiss my boots! Now!"

I was suddenly uncomfortable. "But, Madame, you know I can't stand public humiliation! You can't force me."

She walked up close. "Are you talking back at me?"

I mumbled a thousand excuses and begged her not to force me to do it in public.

Relenting, Madame led me round the corner, away from the crowd, and gave me an ultimatum: I would kiss her boots in private, here in this backyard, but face a whipping when we came home. Or, I'd kiss her boots in front of all the tourists in the main street but be spared punishment at home.

The choice was easy for me. I kissed her boots quickly in the backyard and then we caught a taxi home where Madame undressed me and tied me to the bedposts, blindfolded me and gave me a good whipping on my bottom and back. Yes, it hurt and she stopped momentarily to take a photo of me in my compromised position with my own camera, a photo I've still got.

She had taught me a lesson - again.

Visiting my office one morning, Katarina, dressed in black leather, became the centre of attention among my colleagues, both male and female. She spoke to a few of them and over dinner that night she confided in me a fantasy. "I wish I could be a supervisor at your office," she said. "I would patrol the desks, whip in hand, and discipline anyone who was lazy or disobeyed me in any way."

I gave her a long look. "You'd be surprised how many of my colleagues would do their best to misbehave to catch your attention. No work would be done so it should probably remain a fantasy of yours Madame."

Madame Katarina and I spent weekends and evenings together, at home or going to blues clubs and Mozart concerts, but after a few weeks it became clear that she was not happy in Vienna. She did not speak German and missed her friends in Stockholm and I simply could not give her what she wanted. Perhaps we had rushed into this relationship too quickly. She had kept her flat in Stockholm.

I was distraught of course because I loved her, she was my dream come true, but everything has a beginning and an end and I booked her flight back to Stockholm as autumn set in.

I drove her to the airport. Waiting for her flight to be announced, we had a drink at Vienna airport.

"Be a good boy now," Madame Katarina said, without conviction.

"I promise to be a good boy," I replied, going through the motions as well now I knew it was over.

We met each other's gaze and managed to avert our eyes before  truth could be seen by either of us. Yes, it was over, but we found it difficult to admit because we had had such a good time together, albeit briefly.

A speaker called out that her flight was due for boarding. We hugged and I smelled her perfume. I caught a final glimpse of Katarina as she hurried towards customs, her whips in the tube, long dark hair flowing.

I got into my car, acutely aware I was alone again, and the scent of her perfume lingered on the passenger seat as a reminder of my failure to persuade her to stay. I revved the V6 engine hard out of frustration, slipped a blues into the CD player and drove home in the night.

Rolf Hultcrantz

Switching by Anonymous

Switching by anon

She had never felt confused, bewildered or unsure of herself , that is until now. Her fingers crumbled the dark fertile soil  where the daffodil bulbs would lie, dormant until the spring.
How she wished her thoughts and feelings would remain dormant, stay buried and hidden away from the world.

She had always chosen submissive men as her boyfriends, initially unaware that’s what she was doing, later, by the very nature of her friendship groups doing it openly and confidently. She sighed as those memories tumbled to the forefront of her mind, it was all so easy then.

She had attempted to dissect her life to find the point that things had changed but nothing stood out as a defining point that she could cling to for comfort. Initially she thought her lack of enthusiasm for domination was due to being jaded, too many weekend parties of pain and excess, too often referred to as “Mistress” by men who would return to the office on Monday morning and hide their many kinks behind the accepted mode of maleness and vanilla marriage.

She stared into the shallow hole before her wishing momentarily it would swallow her up. Kneeling back on her haunches she remembered clearly the moment of spoken change, an acknowledgement  of what was happening deep in the hidden recesses of her mind.

Conferences were the bane of her life, endless talk, often to no advancement in either thoughts or actions, a time to squander dollar after dollar on interactions that could easily be achieved through other methods. Then a scant two months ago she had met “her”, even her name made the air shimmer when spoken, Niamh, the name dripped off the tongue like melted caramel ice cream. Their talk was of work, moved on to world affairs and eventually towards sex with the almost smell of it hanging in the air. She had opened her mouth several times to announce to Niamh her predilection for submissives, mostly male but not exclusively so. But, the next comment Niamh made  changed her life forever.

Niamh, she whispered the name to the plump bulbs nestled on the earth. Niamh had uttered the words that shattered her known world into a million shards. With 100% assurance Niamh  had told her she knew she enjoyed submission. She could have laughed, denied it, instead she cried. The dam burst, creating a deluge that washed away the earth beneath her feet. For a couple of weeks after that conference she had stayed hidden away, turning each particle of her life over and over.

She covered the bulbs with the moist soil patting it gently over their nippled heads. Just for now she is living a double life, dominant in her usual lifestyle but week by week sinking deeper and deeper into the beauty of submission at Niamh’s feet. She glows with self understanding, the years of dominating subs the best education for understanding how she can be an excellent sub herself. Of course there will be times when the whip and paddle demand attention from her hand and with her Mistress’s permission she will scratch that itch.

The Journey by Dorian

The Journey,   By Dorian

Along the way,
it is hard,
it is not always pleasant,
like a hallmark card.

It takes a toll,
and leaves a scar on your soul.

But one mustn't fret,
because you can bet

one day soon,
you will swoon.

A Lady will come around,
and your heart will pound.

She will make you quiver and shake,
and offer wisdom, for you to take.

Obedience, is what you give,
and through this, you will live.

The journey is long, and worth the wait,
Don't give up, loathe or hate.

The Journey will stop, on a dime,
and you will smile, it is your time.

Fate by Dark

Fate by Dark.

Fate, what is it, does it exist, or is it just something people want to believe in when something good happens?
When the auction was approaching and I lost both my voice and ears, I could not participate.. and fate was the last thing on my mind, at that point I
was starting to believe in curses.

But as the Auctioned ended and the days went on, Miss Fallen had begun talking to me more and more. We had initially started talking over my voice problem
and She spent hours in IM with me trying to figure out what could be wrong. But now we were going to sims together to just sit and talk, have a laugh
and enjoy each others company, we began speaking on Skype and spending more time in each others presence. The following weekend approached, and I had gone away
with friends for 3 days, we were texting each other, and staying in contact, but we were merely friends, I held no expectations as to what would develop
as I wasn't even sure myself what I was looking for, but when Miss Fallen asked me not to go up for auction the following week, I couldn't help but smile.

I wasn't sure She was interested in me, but I knew we both enjoyed each others company. And when She confirmed it, I realised that the feeling was very much
reciprocated, and we began talking even more and I couldn't of felt happier. On the day of trials I had a urge of bravery and decided to go up, I had just
finished and went and knelt by Miss Fallen, when She told me there was a tag for me in Her group, it was official, She had offered me a consideration collar!

I smiled, not really knowing what to say, it was a little unexpected at that moment, but it was received with a open heart, I knew I wanted it, I thanked Her
and changed the tag proudly.

So does fate exist, I believe so! if my voice had not had the issue on that fateful day, I would of done the auction and possibly never spoke to Miss Fallen.

So weather fate does exist, or fate doesn't exist, I am thankful that my voice was out, every cloud has a silver lining, and Miss Fallen has kindly
giving me mine!

Thank You Miss Fallen!

Trials by Matt

As i knelt naked in the cell, my mind racing through the things that could happen to me on trial made the nerves kick in more.  Not long before the trial would begin, Ladies have already started looking into the cell to see the shameful offenders that have been arrested this week.

i get an IM from my defence attorney.  She seems nice, helpful and it reassures me that someone will be on my side but it doesn't help my nerves.  I ask when my case will be called and find out that it will be pot luck.  i look around in the cell, its full and i wonder if they are all as nervous as me.

The first case is called...i wait for my name...its not me.  i try to relax for a few minutes while the case is heard.  The defence attorney is very eloquent and tries hard but in vain.  Guilty and the punishment is delivered.

The next case...i wait for my name...its not me.  i try to relax but realise that defendant is not present, he must have skipped name is called.  i quickly move forward hoping to get the infamous grey mat (not the purple spot) bit correct.  Miraculously i do, amazed i have actually got something in sl correct!  my joy is short lived however as the Ladies start to mock my cock on display to the crowd.  i look up to see Miss Lisa...the honorable judge for today as she wipes her feet on my body.

My charges, crimes against fashion.  It’s an open and shut case, i do look terrible in the marilyn outfit.  I plead guilty and hope to receive mercy from the court.  i try to explain myself but just start digging a hole for myself...i shut up and look to my defence attorney knowing her eloquent arguments should help me...

What happened to the eloquent attorney?  A ping pong ball happened.  i have to laugh but know that my odds just got longer!  She argues valiantly and entertainingly (after all thats far more important) but then i hear that sentence...”and matt only wore the outfit because he has said he will wear anything to please the Ladies of The Dominion”  Anything? my defence attorney just threw me under the bus.  i laugh and ask her why in im...and i get the reply “lol”.

i brace myself for what is coming and kneel in front of Her Judgery.  i look up, my fate in the power of Miss Lisa and hear the words “guilty”.  i was actually expecting my punishment and had completely forgotten a judgement was required.  i expect the worst...and soon it arrives in my inventory...a female clown outfit.  As i unpack it and put it on i wonder if i will be arrested for crimes against fashion again...surely repeat offenders are dealt with harshly.

i scurry off to the back of the court thankful for the mercy of Her Judgery and resolve to be a better citizen sub of The Dominion in the future.