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Impromptu confessions Nov 24, 2012: First Times

When I was in kindergarten we had a special day when we were all allowed to bring a toy from home to share. I brought a homemade rifle that belong to a brother. It was the stock of an old rifle with a broomstick for a barrel. A boy named Davey took a shine to what I first thought was me but then I realized..he just liked the rifle.  I spent the rest of play time chasing him around the playground and when I caught him I wrestled the rifle away and never had anything else to do with him.  Maybe that moment was the first blossoming of my life as a domme.


my first time involved a candle and her birthday.
How was I know to know the first time I stuck something up my arse it would break?
Thank god for the wick



I was edging him on voice, in Skype, late at night. Both of us naked in our beds, hundreds of miles apart, whispering hot hot words in each other's ear.

Except this time I told him to keep his hands above his head and didn't allow him to touch his cock.

I began, in exquisite detail, to describe exactly what I'd do to his cock if I was there in his bed or he in mine.

His moans became louder and his whispered "yes, please"s became more and more incoherent.

I asked if he was close to the edge....

He said something about not sure he could hold it back....

...a tone of utter incredulity in his voice .....

I continued somewhat mercilessly, my own breath coming faster as his sounds and the idea of my voice making him so hard was turning me on beyond belief....

...suddenly and without warning....

...he came! Apologizing and saying "no no no" the entire time.

I laughed, amazed and blown away.

It was a first for me and a first for him - he had no idea that was going to happen and felt badly.

It may have been a first, but it wasn't the last time we played that particular game.  Learning to control him with just my

~ Susannah


The first time I watched him shave we met in a hotel and he smelled like spice cake afterwards because of the shaving cream he had used.  I remember him scraping off that five o'clock shadow with his razor as he smiled at me in the mirror, his eyes reflecting the bathroom light with a mischievous glint as he wiggled his as when I reached out to pinch it.  Afterwards... he turned down the bed and I slipped under the covers and he asked if he could join me.  I touched the side of his jaw, which was still faintly blue with the shadow of beard and kissed him before pulling him in beside me so that he could rest his head next to my breast.


About a year and a half ago a friend of mine had me read "Story of O" because I was bored and kind of lost. I think he was hoping that I'd identify with O, actually I know he was because he was a bit disappointed when I said i identified most with Steven, even though I thought the book as a whole was ridiculous. anyway, that book opened up a whole new way for thinking for me and i read anything and everything I could get my hands on about BDSM And D/s. after a week of reading I burst into tears. I found where I belonged and finally realized why nothign ever worked before. I realized that I am not damaged or broken, I'm just a bit different and that's ok. I never looked back. 

Nej xue


first time... it was christmas..i had been with my Her for 2 months...we went away and alone for the holiday...we woke in a cottage in Wales out side was snow and folds of land, the bed was lovely like the land and big.
we had talked all night knowing more of each other, then much passion then we slept... in the morning...she gave me my present in bed..i was a collection of ropes..i looked at her and she said "for you"


The first time I heard your voice, I read a somewhat sad somewhat mysterious breadcrumb commentary left for the masses in your profile. The first time we exchanged banter you piqued my curiosity and made me notice you. The first time I heard you speak it struck me how adorably nervous you were and how that made me swell. The first time I heard you say my name it melted me in ways I wonder if I'll ever recover from. The first time I heard you say the words I equally longed for and feared... I fell.


By Dalia:

The first time I got to play with a female was incredible.  All the soft bits, the bumpy bits.  The smooth skin turning pink.  The gasps and moans.  Her body but mine.  I knew where to bring her pleasure.  I did.  Small flogger over her clit to nipples and back again.  Her orgasmic scream my release, so softly she fell for me, sigh, long hair draping over her eyes, I tenderly push it away and kiss her full ips.  Thank you.


The first time i experienced Anal 

I was curious to try but had never experienced Anal, after meeting my lovely Miss it wasn't long before i placed my very first order of toys, this included a butt plug, 

I was so nervous at what it may feel like yet so unbelievably excited. Two days passed and my delivery arrived, i text my Miss to let her know and that swiftly followed by a picture of the plug in my hand to show the size.

my Miss would soon finish work and get home, i didn't know when i would be using it, but the next thing i knew, i was told to put lube on the plug. 

The nervous excitement was racing through my body as i was then told to gently insert.the plug into my quivering hole.

I'd never felt a feeling like it, my cock stood to a level of attention it has never been at before and i was close after being instructed to stroke just seconds later.

This was a recent, new experience and i look forward to experiencing this level of ecstasy in the future.


The first time I bent a boy over a desk and eased my strap on into that eager ass .... my breath caught in the back of my throat, my heart beat a little faster .... and when he moaned in such a delicious way .... my pussy juices trickled slowly down my legs ... and I knew he was going to be cleaning them up with his tongue  ... his "thank you Mistress" uttered in that breathless voice as I fucked him hard ..... that first time was not last time it was not maybe the best time but the first thrill of taking a boy in that way will always be a hot wonderful memory


The Interplay at My Feet by Lady Danika

The Interplay at My Feet
by Danika Stonesoul

I am not a foot fetish-ist... I don't think.

I don't have a thing for high heels or boots... though I love running shoes... in all colors. I have gray pairs and pink pairs and a brown pair and a black pair with rhinestones.

But there is something about my sub at my feet that turns me on.  Maybe its the subtle power exchange.  There is no force to it... but the interplay as Jordan lays cheek ever so tentatively against my inner thigh and looks up for approval as his hand slips down, subconsciously (pun intended) against my instep is fantastic.

It makes my heart race.

And it makes me wet.

I want to reach out and touch the top of his head, stroke his cheek and kiss his jaw, his lips and whisper, "Mine" in selfish tones so that those who are watching know I'm possessive.

It's not about my feet really.  It's about Jordan looking up at me with that playful spark in his eyes, that dancing mischief, as we walk the tightrope of power exchange.

Now, on the other hand, when I reach out with my fingers and he kisses my knuckles? There is definitely a hand fetish involved.

But that -- is another story.

My Game by Lady Wycked

I didn’t even have to wonder where he had snuck off to, I knew just where to find him. There was no question what he’d be doing. I knew I would find him lying across the bed with that blasted PSP in his hand.

It was as much my fault as anyone’s. After all, I hadn’t said anything about restricting his gaming habits, only his masturbation habits. It was almost amusing how his need to kill (video game kills) was proportionate to days without an orgasm.

He was a stoic, quiet, nondemanding pet. One who had yet to find that place inside where it was ok to ask for something for himself. I knew that, and sometimes that was as satisfying as sex. Sometimes, like today, I wanted more.

It was quite a few years since I had begun unabashedly denying his cock access to my mouth. Blow jobs were now something to be earned, negotiated or bargained with. I on the other hand rarely had any kind of sex that didn’t include him brining me off at least once with his mouth.

Even though he was a gaming freak, he was no stranger to the requirements I placed on attention to me, and he instantly lowered his game when I walked in the room. “Get naked”, I say. Without a word he stands and undresses, his cock stirring before it's even free of his shorts. “Lay back down”, I say as soon as he’s completely naked and still.

As he lies back down on the bed I climb onto the bed next to him. “We’re going to play a game”, I tell him, “one of my games”. His cock is twitching already, and god how I love that. I can already feel my pussy getting slick and swollen. Handing him his PSP I say,

“I am going to suck your cock while you complete this mission, you will be playing to win the entire time. If you beat the mission in the 15 minutes provided and on the first attempt, I will allow you to cum while in my mouth and I won’t make you swallow it. If you get killed blowjob is over and your pants go back on - and you are denied as many weeks as mins you have remaining on the clock. If you cum before winning/completing the mission - you will be denied as many weeks as mins you have remaining on the clock PLUS you have to open your mouth while I spit it into your mouth and you must swallow it. That, and you don’t get your PSP during your denial period. There is to be no touching me, and of course NO cumming unless I say otherwise, unless you think you wanna find out what you taste like firsthand. If you feel like you are going to cum, you may request a pause, but each time I grant you a pause you will receive 5 slaps to the cock and/or balls. Any questions, or are you ready to begin?”.

Before he could answer, “yes”, I had sucked his throbbing cock into my warm wet mouth. Sliding up and down on it, slurping and moaning, I was making all the noises that said, “there is nothing in the world I’d rather be doing than sucking your cock.” I could hear his breath catching and out of the corner of my watering eyes, I could see his toes curling. Another thing I noticed was he wasn’t yelling at the game anymore, although he was still playing.

“Oh fuck baby,” he hissed, “oh shit, I need to pause”, he continued. As he paused his game I held his cock out of the way with one hand and used the other to deliver the five swats, as promised. “One”, I said as he gasped and jerked retreating as far into the mattress as possible. “Two, three, four”, said I slapping quickly. “”Fuck!”, he cried, as I announced the fifth, final, and by far the most forceful blow yet.

“Awwww poor baby, I bet that hurt. You know you don’t HAVE to pause.”, I snicker. “Awww look, I think it’s time for our game to start again, mr happy is trying to hide”, I said pointing to his softening prick. “I want you to announce when you are at 10 minutes remaining, slut”, I said, he loves it when I call him names.

“I’m actually at eight and a quarter minutes remaining Mistress”, he struggles to say as my mouth had returned to it work, this time starting with the balls. “Oooooh, good boy”, I cooed, spitting a puddle of drool into my hands while briefly meeting his eyes over his game. “I had no idea you had made it that far already”, I giggled as I grabbed his twitching boner with my dripping wet hand and starting jacking it fast and furiously. Sucking his left testicle in my mouth I had to giggle as he started whimpering and squirming. He adored when I’d handle my cock roughly, like it was just an object. Like HE was just an object. My giggling must have caused a pleasurable vibration because he very quickly called out, “PAUSE! Please Mistress, pause”.

I felt my pussy clench and throb inside my panties. “Mistress”. I remember not that long ago when he’d chide and joke about not being one of my “internet jerk off boys”, I’d laugh. See, I already knew he was MY #1 jerk off boy, I also knew he’d soon recognize that fact too. I giggled sinisterly, “you know strokie, this time is gonna hurt even worse”. As I dragged my fingernails lightly across the taunt pink flesh I matter of factly told him, “not only because you’ve already taken 5 slaps, but also the skin is nice and wet with spit”. “Or at least it is now”, I state having just spit all over his balls. He moaned and squirmed. “This time I want you to count them”, I continued, “and after each number, I want you to thank me aloud.”

I absolutely love the way his cock got harder on the first slap, began to soften around the third, but when I giggled, moaned, and licked my hand before delivering the final slap, his cock was rigid again and reaching upwards to meet the slap. “I knew you were just a little fucking painslut, look how fucking hard my cock is boy”, I command.

“Oh fuck me, 5! Thank you Mistress”, he gasped. He really was starting to sweat and squirm at this point. His butt grinding into the bed underneath it, his hips rolling back and forth, but it was pointless, there was no where to go.

I looked up at him across his bobbing cock and smiled. Nodding towards his game I once again returned to my game grinning around a mouthful of cock as he groaned. I felt his cock swelling and growing even harder in response to my impatient mouth. See, I was enjoying toying with him, but it's in my nature to be extremely competitive, and I liked to win.

As I worked with renewed focus I heard my boy struggling with the two challenges he was facing. The obvious challenge of not losing his game, and the more pressing challenge of not losing his load and therefore losing my game too. I giggled around his cock as I felt him bucking upwards into my mouth knowing it would be over soon.

"Fuck NO - I just died!", he shouts. "I was SO close, I only had 1:59 minutes left", he hissed setting his PSP down on the bed in disgust. I smile as I toss his shorts at him, "maybe next time my little loser", I say on my way out of the room. Leaving him hard and frustrated I giggled, "oh and boy, just because you can't cum for two weeks doesn't mean I won't be fucking my cock".

"Yes Mistress", he groaned, "as you wish".

The Court Of Miss Persephone by Anonymous

In the Court of Miss Persephone

The Whips they Crack. The Slaves they Dance ,and It's such a Lively scene
As many a Submissive. Is Caught in a Trance. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

Her Ropes and Chains, hold Victims tight. Its a Wild and Darkened Dream.
All are just Her Toys of Pain and Pleasure. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

Her kneeling Conquests Dare not Move. As Permission has not been Deemed
They Stand so Still like Statues of granite .In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

As Daylight Fades the Dungeon Comes Alive. The Torture makes many Scream.
She cranks the Rack Wheels,but just for a Stretch. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

Her Slaves they Dance to the Tune of Her Whip. The Cell walls echo the Screams.
Where Battered Bodies pay the Toll. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

Then the morning Light reveals the Sights. That only the Night has Seen.
Still all Her Playthings have no Regrets.In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

So unruly Slaves best Beware, and walk the Path Serene
Or you may be alone for life, and never visit . In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

With Discipline and Chastity Belts. She Controls them all so Keen.
Far Pleasure is only a Mistress' Right. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.

So submissives please do heed  and never Primp and Preen.
You  will be honoured if you learn your Place. In the Court of the Miss Persephone.


Confession by Dave

It is very important that here in the Dominion that I do things right. This reflects on my Mistress if i do not do it correctly. I must respect cultural differences in all things that I do or say. My Mistress is the most important thing to me and i have to make sure that by my actions and words  do not bring any disrespect on her in any way shape or form. It is the most important I not only obey my Mistress but also that i please her in all things. When I fail it is right and proper that my Mistress punishes me as she sees fit. I must be polite to all in the Dominion and thus making my Mistress proud.  It is with great honour I serve my Mistress and I thank her for showing me my place.

It is very important that I respect all cultures in the Dominion. This reflects on my Mistress if I do not comply with this directive. I must listen and reflect on the things I say so they give no insult to anyone.  It is my duty to do these things so my Mistress will be proud of me. I am her servant and should know and keep my place in all things. I must me polite and respectful to all. If I do not comply its is my Mistress right to punish me as she sees fit.

Dominion Alphabet: B Is For Blushing

Dominion Alphabet Confessions - B. is for Blushing.

"Come back to my place." It wasn't a question, nor a firm request, but I happily obliged. She walked me through her house, though I must admit, I don't remember much of it, I was much too in awe to be in her company. "Let's sit." She sat down on the couch and rested her chin on her knees as I knelt on the floor, unsure of what to say or even if I had to kneel. I wasn't going to ask. "Are you regretting this yet?" I smiled. "No way!" I said. "Good. I have had my eyes on you for a long time." It was a very casual sentence, maybe to a bystander it wouldn't mean a thing, but to me, it was the first time I could feel my face gaining warmth as a red flush spread on my face. I was blushing, hard.

I did not speak much, but she did. I loved, and still love, hearing her voice. The way she spoke with passion for silly things made me smile. I fell quicker for her than I ever had expected. She had asked me about it, and I told her it would take time. I had not lied, I just had not expected it to take so little time.

"Talk to me." It was the one sentence I dreaded more than anything else. I do not like to talk, I became shy, but did as she asked. She laughed in all the appropriate places and made me talk for more hours than I can remember. It is easy talking to her, it feels natural.

"Ask me questions." I did. Twenty of them. Four categories. Some more daring than others. She answered them, very detailed, her voice was the first thing that made my walls a bit thinner, her answers were what made them crumble to the ground and her personality replaced my walls with comfort and safety.

"So, what excites you." Roadblock. I didn't know and I did not know what to tell her. I did not expect her to ask me the questions I asked her not long ago. I felt myself blushing more, while thinking about the answer. The moreI blushed, the shyer I became, but she wouldn't let me dissapear into the background. She made me talk, and I did.

"Are you blushing?" She sounded very amused. I nodded, which she couldn't see. "Yes.." I half whispered while grinning. She calls me out on it, when I blush and it only makes me blush more. When I'm with her, I blush a lot, it's not something I accustomed to. It makes me warm and makes me feel like I have a fever, it makes me feel like I know what people mean when they talk about subspace. Blushing is my subspace and my Mistress has mastered the skill of making me blush time and time again. She likes it, and in all fairness, so do I.

B was for blushing. Until next week, when C will be for Caring.

Anonymous Confession

Sweet one
the muses blessed you
then the sirens sunk your ship
throw a leg over my bow
While I decide if you sink or swim.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dominion Confessions Alphabet

Dominion Confessions Alphabet

A is for Avatar because anal just doesn't do it for me.

I am often amazed by how ugly avatars are. Mostly they are of the male species, with their long, black biker hair that seems to date back from 2005. Obviously the Dominion male subs all look extremely handsome as most of them have had make-overs by their Dommes.

But the female avi's.. they more than often are ridiculously pretty. From their toes to their hair.. they seem to have it covered. Avatars are beautiful. Just like hers.

Her lips are full, bright red, perfectly centered in her gorgeous face. Her lips are kissable, granted I am more often distracted by her eyes. They are bright blue, like the ocean, and just like the ocean is dangerous, so are her eyes, I could drown in them, not to mention her eyelashes. They are full, making me even more aware of the power of her eyes, even in a virtual world.

Her hair is long, curly and can change color whenever she so desires. Darker hair means her eyes pop out more, and when they do, it is almost as if her eyes turn green.

There is beauty in SL. We find it in many different ways, shapes and forms. The alphabet has twenty-six letters, meaning with the A covered, I got 25 more stories to write, all centered around her, it is Femdom after all.

I want to tell you a story. If it so pleases you. In twenty-six parts. A was for avatar. Till next week, when B will be for blushing.


Anonymous sub.

Toyed With by Lance

Toyed With
by Lance Ducatillon

"Stand here slut." She said as She pointed to a spot on the floor in front of Her.

Her smile ran from ear to ear and as i approached She said, "I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on You slut. YOU ARE MINE."

Oddly, i was not nervous. It felt like i was floating towards Her guided by Her smile. Next i heard, "Hands down at Your side, take a small step forward."

i did as directed and felt Her place Her hand on my shoulder as if starting to wipe me down with a towel except Her hand paused and held in place a sheet of thin plastic. Then i heard it unwrapping from the spindle, crinkly and whiny as the thin strip of saran wrap started making it's way along my back just at the top of my shoulders. She moved around my side slowly but deliberately, if not a bit restricted by the tightness of the furniture. She moved to my front-side and i started to feel the wrap as it stuck to my skin. i felt a chill yet already the warmth was building where the wrap gripped my back and shoulders.

She smiled with delight as She passed and after the first wrap was in place She began to move quicker. She took the wrap down my shoulders, around my back several times stopping just above my nipples. The wrap was tight enough to force my pierced nipples out, taught against the draft. She cut the wrap and started another strand just below my nipples. This strand caught my arms just above the elbows, pulling them tightly against my side. She quickly moved down my body and back up several times stopping just at my wrists. i could move my hands but all i could do was a lame clap against my outer thighs.

Next came my legs. i was told to turn to my right and lead to the edge of the bed. The wrap started again just above my knees forcing them tightly together. Mistress laughed as She took one hand and pulled Her balls out from between my thighs forcing them to the front, exposed. She went around my legs to just below Her exposed balls and cock.

When She was satisfied She pushed me back onto the bed, not harshly, more in a matter of fact, knock a slut off it's balance kinda way. i was able to bend at the waist and knees and was able to sit on the bed. The next thing i knew my legs were being pushed up over my head as i fell backwards onto the bed. When they were straight She quickly wrapped my calves from below my knees to my ankles. Again, i could wiggle my feet but do nothing else with them.

She told me to move towards the head of the bed. Like a human sized inch worm i raised my knees, dug my heels into the edge of the bed and slid myself into position. She, and my Lady, laughed at the sight. i blushed beet red, i could feel it. The wrap was a new sensation against my skin. i could already feel the thin layer of warmth and sweat building beneath it. The folds of the sheets against my skin felt cool but it was only skin deep. The cool air ran across my front-side causing a similar sensation of wet, warm and coolness all at once.

Her face appeared above me, the smile even wider, wickeder even. "You are mine."

SLAP! Instantly i doubled up as the exposed cock was struck. i jumped more from the suddenness of it rather than the pain. Laughter erupted from my Lady and Mistress.

i felt Her as She started at the base of Her cock and wrapped the rope tightly towards the head. As She wrapped Mistress asked my Lady if She had ever seen a helicopter to which my Lady no. Mistress said that She was about to see one and then She stood quickly and pulled the end of the rope. This caused Her cock to spin violently around and inflicted enough of a pain to make this slut moan and jerk around as much as the wrap would allow.

Instantly laughter erupted. Mistress turned around, straddled me and lay herself across me. Her warmth was so intense. i longed for it from that point on. Her touch was warmth.

Her smile appeared above my face again as She put a blindfold around my head, covering me in darkness. Now i was lost in sensation. The smells, the sounds, the feeling of wet, warm, restraint, against my skin suddenly became my whole existence. This was my world, my entire world. and i let myself surrender to it, to Her voice, to Her command.

i felt the rope as She put it around Her balls. i felt it tighten just above them as She wrapped it, tight. i felt the pressure as the rope was forced behind and then between my balls several times. i am left alone for a short bit. i hear Mistress and my Lady moving about the room, laughing, conversing. Almost as if i do not exist.

SLAP! From nowhere Her cock was forcibly bounced off my abdomen. Again more laughter. Now slut, I am going to perform a sounding on this cock of mine. my mind raced. Mistress had talked of cock sounding before and this cock had never felt that sensation. Would it hurt? Would it matter that it did?

i feel Her fingers on my cock and the coldness of the lubricant. Next She grabs Her cock and i feel the cold steel begin to penetrate. Sliding in. i begin to moan. The sensation is unbelievable. It is as though i am edging toward an orgasm but slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

i began to drift off, not to sleep, not out of consciousness, i began to drift into subspace. Nothing exists except the sensations my Mistress wishes to give to me and the sound of Her voice. i hear Her say how much i am loving this. i hear my Lady agree. i moan incoherently, drifting. i hear Mistress as She says She is going to try a bigger sound. i feel a rush as if to orgasm as the sound is removed but, as soon as it is out i am left wanting, panting on what feels like the very edge of orgasm yet unable to cum.

The next sound begins to penetrate and i am swept back up, building, lost in the sensation, building to orgasm, always building now. Mistress tells me what a slut i am. Mistress tells me i'm such a slut that Her cock is sucking the sound into it of its own accord. She tells me She has never seen that before. The sound felt three feet long as it penetrated ever deeper. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, i rush to explode as the sound is pulled from the depth of Mistress' cock. Again, and just as quickly as it is removed i am left panting, right on the verge but not allowed to cum.

Mistress controls this body now. For hours it seems that She brought me to the edge of orgasm only to deny it. Just as i would get close my nipples would get bit, or a slap would land on tender, exposed skin. i remember what felt like a cane being used on the bottoms of my feet. It felt like a fencing sword would lash out at me, stinging my thigh, my nipple, the head of Mistress' cock.

Next came the sound i was not expecting. The hum of electricity coursing through the air. ZZZZZZZZtttttt ZZZZZZZZttttt.... ughhhhhhhh, as the sting found my nipple ring. Electricity soared through my nipple from the inside out. i winced and withered on the bed my moans lost in the laughter of my Mistress. Then the electric touched my neck. Ummmmmm, i melted. It felt like a kiss, intensified with spark, lingering along my neck trailing towards my collar bone.

i remember my Lady excusing Herself as She retired for the night. Still the torment came. She found ways to tickle me i never knew existed. i am not a ticklish person but, She found the spots, deep in my thighs and armpits. Tickles that hurt through the uncontrollable laughter.

At some point i remember being cut from the wrapping. The cold air rushing in to relieve my moist skin of its warmth. The sensation was like stepping out of a sauna. Then the cold towel hit my skin and i spiraled. Not only had i stepped out of a sauna, i was tossed into the coolness of a swimming pool. Every inch of my skin was a nerve ending releasing itself. A body wide yawn of rejuvenation. i began to float, to hover above the bed. At one point i remember asking if this slut could use the restroom and was allowed.

When i returned, i was tied. First my arms and hands were tied into what i can only describe as a prayer position. my wrists were tied tightly together and lashed to the collar around my neck. my elbows were bent and my forearms were bound to my upper arms. Next my legs were bound. i don't remember how they were tied only that was positioned the way Mistress wanted me positioned. She clawed at my chest and bit my earlobes the devil within growling from between Her heavenly lips. i know not how long i was toyed with but, eventually i was untied.

 A charlie horse cut into my calf as Mistress was working the ropes loose, the pain jolted me but strangely it was arousing. i remember laughing as the i tried to fight the pain. Finally i was able to lay out. i collapsed into the bed.

Mistress laid Her body on top me, allowing me to take Her weight. Her warmth was heaven, Her weight was grounding me. Without them, without Her i would have floated away, lost. She cuddled and caressed me and i slowly returned, i could feel the bed beneath me again. She told me it was bedtime and lead me away. i glided across the room to the doorway. i remember smiling at Her boy, i had forgotten anyone else existed. He smiled and said something to me, i know not what it was now.

i stumbled to my bed and crawled in beside my Lady wrapping myself around Her, feeling Her warmth when i hear, "Hello puppy, i hope You're not expecting to sleep so quickly."

"Your Lady needs licked, You can begin now." She said as She pushed Her puppy's head between Her wet thighs. Her scent betrayed Her desires.

Impromptu Confessions!

There once were two boys from Dundee
Who screwed every girl they could see
But one girl was clever
She chained them together
and now their as gay as can be!


at work in my new job i was asked to deliver a package to a woman up stairs.  I walked up all happy and cheerful, said, good morning to her.  And she tore strips off me.  she verbally humiliated me in front of a room full of her colleagues....abusive - yes.  Wrong in the work place - yes.  but after my embarrassment subsided it turned me on.


Blatantly provocative she lay on the sand, one hand shading her eyes.
She had tossed and turned all day the frequent visits to the North Sea rollers keeping her skin cool under the unusual heat.
He had not moved.
Could not move.
Only his head stuck out of the sand.
His only liquid refreshment her concentrated pee delivered in gushes from her  luscious pink cunt.
The sand lay heavy on his body and hours of immobility had robbed him of time and place.
Exquisite perfection that nothing could rival....ever

My First BDSM Party by Anonymous

My first BDSM party
by Anonymous
I arrived a bit late, and as I entered the door keeper, a lady,  shut the door close and locked it with a big old and rusty pad lock.  I undressed to my jeans and T-shirt and entered the main room where everyone was disco dancing, it was a soft sort of yoga music that filled the air and almost everyone were dressed in a kinky way. Some in corsets, heels, fishnets, suits, and with different sort of makeup. I was there in my jeans and a white T-shirt. It was not proper way to dress for the occasion, but I was not a alone. A Domme, known as a fetish model, were dressed in a jeans skirt, and a top. It was the Domme that I ate lunch with the same day, as we were assigned a lunch partner by the course leaders, all pre-planned I think.
During that lunch we discussed vanilla topics,  and touched some bdsm kinks,  but I was careful not to share personal information since we did not know each other.

I joined the dance floor and did as the others, floating with the music.
After a while the music stream stopped and we all sat down in a circle on mattresses that were placed out on the floor. The two leaders introduced us to the way the party was going to proceed, and the said that it will proceed as a wish session, where all 14 nearby can have one wish fulfilled by the others present in the room, of course in a safe and consent manner.
We were also instructed to use the earlier taught safe words, if we felt for it; those were red, yellow, green.

As it was my turn to describe my wish,
I said, “I would like to feel how it feels to be leashed by a collar,  and on leash for the rest of the evening.”

Then the leader responded and said, “In this room there are plenty of people, one here will do that and hold that leash.
And the leader turned to me asked me, “Is there a specific person in this person you prefer to fulfill this wish for you?”.
“I would like it to be the lady I had lunch with earlier today”,  I responded
“Then I want you to ask her if she like to do it”, the course leader said.
I  turned to towards the woman that sat close to me, that I ate lunch with.
“Would you like to do it?”, I asked her
“Of course I like to do it”, she said and stroke my cheek.

Then she stood up and walked to a chair that had a candle stand next to it.
Then with a gesture she ordered me to come to her, and kneel.
I did as told and walked up close and knelt in nadu pose in front of her.
“Take off your jeans and T-shirt.”,  she said.
“Yes Miss”, I responded and giggled.
“Do not giggle, why do you giggle, I am serious”, she said.
“Sorry Miss, this is so new to me“, I responded
“Just take off your clothes, and do not giggle.”, she said in a harsh tone.

I did slide off my t-shirt, and the jeans.
“Can I leave my shorts on?”, I asked her.
“Yes you can”, she answered.
She sat on a chair and I was kneeling close to it.
She leaned forward started to slide a collar over my head down to my neck, it was a half strangle dog leather collar, with a golden chain to complete the its circle.
As it was around my neck she attached the carbine hook of the leather leash to the collar, and pulled it tight. I could feel the collar tighten around the neck.
“Now I will teach you some slave poses before I start to train you”
“Yes Miss”, I responded.
“The kneeling pose you have know, we call it #1”,  it s the pose known as nadu.
“Yes Miss”, I responded.
“Stand on all four, like a dog”, she commanded me.
“Yes Miss”, I responded.
“This pose we will call number 2”, she said.
“Yes Miss, this is pose 2”, I answered. The pose was the crawl pose, standing on all four.
“Stretch out your arms in front of you as far as you can”, she said.
I stretched out my arms, and far as I could, with my palms facing the floor.
“Good boy, this pose we call number 3”, she said.
“Yes Miss”,  I responded. The pose is known as obeisance.

“1” she sad and I moved to kneel pose.
“ …. good boy, your learn fast”, she said
“Thank you Miss”,
“Now I will punish you because you giggled earlier”, she said and looked at me.
“Yes Miss”, I responded.
“I will hit you 10 times with a paddle, and I want you to count every single one of them, understood?”,
“Yes Miss”, I responded.

Then she stood up from the chair and walked up behind me, holding the leash stretched.

“2, … down with your lower back”, she said and raised her voice and placed her palm my lower back and pushed it down.

I lowered my lower back, and as I got my lower back bent she took away her hand.

Then she walked to the corner of the room, and picked up a paddle and came back.
“Now get ready for your punishment”,  she said.
“Yes Miss”, I said and waited for the first hit.
She hit me with the paddle, and it hit me right between the buttocks, and quite low. I could feel my ballocks moving.
“One 1 thank you Miss.”. This one hit me low on the right ass cheek.
“Two, Miss, thank you.”,
“3..4  Miss, Thank you.”,
“5, Thank you Miss”
“6, Thank you Miss”
“Do you cheat little prick, now you did count wrong”, she said.
“Miss, did I, I am confused Miss, what number were we on?”, I responded.
“It was four”, she said
“Was it miss?     ….Yes, Miss, I am sorry Miss.”
“5, Thank you Miss”
“6, Thank you Miss”
“7 …”
“ouch... 8, Thank you Miss”
“9. Thank you Miss”
“10, Thank you Miss”,

“Well done”, she said and caressed my butt.
“Thank you Miss”, I responded.
“Now since you did count wrong I will punish you for that.”, she said.
“Yes Miss”
“Now just stand still”, she said.
I kept standing on my all fours and looked down on the ground, and I started to realized how focused I was on this, as I did not pay attention on the audience around me. Did not realize I was watched my others.
Suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my skin between my shoulders, and up to my right shoulder.
“Ouch...”, I moaned a bit.
I felt it all over my back, and arched my back as I thought it would burn less. I realized it was candle wax, from the candle stand near the chair, and it came as a total surprise to me.
“Lol”, I heard from people in the room
Then I felt more candle wax on my back, and this time it was much more, burning down into my skin.
“Ouch... ahh...”  and I my arms started to shake with my arms
Then it cooled down, and another set of wax drops fell on my back, now on my lower back.
“Ouch...” and my arms shook even more.  I though of saying the word because I was worried about burning my skin, but relaxed because I had read that it is safe, and do not leave burning marks.
She continued to pour candle wax over the skin, and after some time stopped to shake. I felt how the wax was attaching  to the skin as it cooled down.
“Now you been so good so I will allow you to kiss my feet”, she said and sat down in the chair.
“Yes Miss”, I responded.
“#3”, Obeisance
“Yes Miss”, I stretched out my hand and went into obeisance pose. Then placed her both her feet between my arms, and moved them to my mouth and I kissed them. I could taste her salty skin.
Then she placed the other feet there and I kissed caressed it as well.
I licked her toes, upper feet, and ankles, and held on after the other in my hand.
“Well done”, she said stood up and was leading me back to the corner of the room in the leash that was attached to the collar.
The people nearby had found it very professional and sweet, and that  the Domme did it so well.
The party continued with other wishes, and as it was over I was unleashed and took the collar off.

It was a nice experience, and I can say that SL had prepared me quite a bit for this real life experience.


Letter To Dominion by Jeannie

Dear Misses, Ladies, slaves and the sub of Dominon FemDom,
this is my third time that I participate in the event "Femdom Confession."
The first time I attended, I did not say anything because I did not understand what it was, the title said it all... but I have never had the possibility to share emotions, secrets, poems, in front of so many people, the thing that struck me: no judges, no criticism.
Although I did not understand much in voice but It happened to hear some tremor in the sound of the voice, sometimes perceive the sensation that someone was even crying, I found it so exciting that I could not hold back tears in my eyes ...
I always put huge walls in front of my emotions and people, for fear of unpleasant surprises and we all know no one likes to receive any nasty surprises.
But that night I was reminded of the best days I spent in my second life.
I remembered a person who believed in me until the end.
I remembered that it's no use making scorched earth around.
So the second time I attended I wanted to share a poem for me so "intimate", which I dedicated to my first ex - Mistress in real life.
Today I am here not to share a poem or a secret, but there is no better time to dedicate, to each of you present and absent, this letter.
Maybe it's a bit early for this dedication ...
Seven months ago, I never imagined to be here at the Dominion to share all this.
For me it was a land with a name that instilled fear ... I was passing through, but I never lingered, because I had an extreme hardship because of communication ability.
I was wrong.
A person today would be proud of me if She knew where I spend most of the time of my second life, knowing that I closed a huge door of my past and continue to go on my way.
When I took the courage to try to spend more time at the Dominion, the first feeling was that I felt no loneliness or emptiness inside me, I did not expect to be accepted, welcomed ... despite my enormous difficulties.
Another fear I had when I communicated to some of my friends where I spent my time in sl, someone asked me, "and from when you speak English? ...." or here I was done brainwashed "Jeannie... be careful, be a good girl, there are very strict Ruling... don't do shits... Italians are not welcome..." a fear that has faded with the passing of days, if a person know how to behave politely she do it even if without recommendations ... but I was always excited from the phrase "the Dominants there are very strict" and what I've always tried, in part it is a need.
I felt in the sisterhood between the Mistresses and brotherhood among the slaves, sending security and serenity.
All the people who have helped me to this day I have always thanked in private, sometimes exceeding the emotions (when there is one person that I like i tell what I feel directly, always with a bit of embarrassment  ^_^).
It 'happened I can give the impressione that I want to try with all Miss, mine is not a hit on all, it's just that when I see a Miss that fascinates me, it strikes me, I can not stop myself, I go to charge, to create a minimum of bond, because I care and I want to keep the balance, I am very fond of friendship.
One thing that I didn't expected from myself, was my first arrest, it was already embarrassing not be successful in boot camp because I did not understand from where took the hud, despite of many indications.
If I were in another land or bdsm FemDom, I would never put naked without clothes in the first row in front of an audience of Misses and sub males, for me it is the most humiliating thing that exists, even if it is only my Avatar, I have always fought against this form of umiliation for me ... (The few times I found myself naked in front of all, there were more than five people ^ _ ^ and it was not me to undress, but forced by rlv functions controlled by the Mars Ring by my Domme).
I was comfortable (not to be naked, in RL my face was as red as a tomato when I approached the process), but I was put in a comfortable and secure position...
One thing that I found very beautiful from the group was the attitude of some subs, it was great, thanks to them I felt part of something.
I did not expected all these surprises, shares thoughts, outbursts and requests for help.

In conclusion I want to thank especially Miss Evangeline for giving me this opportunity to be "born again," Miss Dalia for the wonderful Italian support and very comforting, Miss Mo her sympathy and her italins jokes left in me always a sincere smile every day, Lady Miss Veronica one of the first with whom I shared good times and tied once, Miss Zarita  Miss Gabrielle, Miss Jolie, Miss Summer, Miss Nej, Lady Miyanu that i know them recently, but from accusations, send tp instead of request of friendship and make "permission" in a wrong way, we had very fun moments, Miss Tika for giving me a great honor to use her voice to the reading of my poetry and all the Misses and Ladies of the Dominion that it is an honor to know and see them at work in allowing me to learn some from the discussions about their experiences, each of them is an exceptional person.
I thank all the subs, I'm glad to be with you :).
I love you all sincerely.

Dominion Right Of Passage by Xavier

Dominion Right of passage (excise the pun)

As the new guy it was stated
I was to be bent over and humiliated
I was stripped naked and my ass received  pinches
while being told to stroke my 4 inches
I was lubed up, gagged and told to not to cum
while having dildos and salami shoved up my bum (ass)
I was teased to the edge and then drawn back
with a pencil i was told give my 4 inches a whack
When over I was left sore and frustrated and very much publicly humiliated

Blackmail by Lady Danika

by Danika Stonesoul

"This is blackmail," he said.

"I know," she said.

He nodded. But she noticed he didn't protest as he yawned and laughed and told everyone he was going to take his date home and call it a night.

He opened her door for her and they drove silently back to the corner where he had picked her up. From there she gave him directions to her house. She noticed that his hands shook on the steering wheel. "Don't worry," she said quietly. "Just be a good boy and everything will be okay."

He pulled up in front of her home. She felt mildly embarrassed about the little apartment but then stopped herself. It was clean and well decorated. It wasn't much but it was hers and she covered the bills. He turned off the ignition and put his hands back on the wheel. "Now what?"

"Come around and let me out of the car. We go in."

He did as she said and they walked up the path together. She let him guide her step so that she didn't fall in her heels on the uneven ground and he opened the front door for her. At the entrance she pulled one of her scarves off the hall tree and twisted it lightly in her hands before going to sit at the kitchen table. He sat down beside her and she shook her head. "No. Make coffee. There's decaf in the freezer. The coffee maker is on the counter." She pointed.

He nodded but got up and did as he was told. She continued to move the scarf in her hands. It was red and black, thin and gossamer but still a very sturdy material. He moved about the kitchen, pouring water from the decanter into the coffee maker and measuring out the grounds. When it was brewed, he looked for cups and she pointed to the cabinet above the sink. He brought her a steaming mug and then pulled a chair out. She shook her head again and he pushed the chair back in. She heard him sigh. "On your knees," she said. And she looked pointedly to the floor.

"In these slacks?"

She nodded. "And you may call me 'Miss'"

He groaned, but complied. She sipped her coffee delicately from the heavy porcelain mug before looking down at him. "Take off my shoes and set them to the side."

"Yes, Miss."

He did so, delicately, slipping the stilettos off her feet. His hands slid along her stockinged arches with a soft caress before he released her feet and she sit them to rest on his thighs when he was done. She saw his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed hard.

Jane shifted in her seat. She lifted her left hand and slipped the tip of her index finger into her mouth and nipped the end of her black leather glove between her teeth before tugging. She followed suit with each of the other fingers to loosen the glove and then peeled it slowly down her wrist and off her hand. She watched her face as he did so and he blinked.

Then off with the other glove.

She absently sucked on the end of her ring finger.

Gregory's looked up at her and opened his mouth but before he could say anything Jane just shook her head and rested her feet on his thighs. "You do realize that you made two mistakes..." He shook his head softly. "Mmhmm... " she said. "First, you hired an escort as your date... and second, you didn't check my references."

He nodded and his eyes bulged a little. She cracked a grin at him. "Oh, don't worry, I'm not an axe murderer or anything."

She leaned over and unbuttoned his shirt, flicking the buttons open one at a time in a line down his chest before she let the long nail on her index finger trail down his sternum and then smoothed the shirt over his shoulders. He shuddered.

"Hold out your hands, palms up and wrists together."

He balled his hands into white knuckled fists at his side and she heard him grind his teeth together. She tilted her head to the side and looked at him steadily. He held up his hands and opened them. She lifted the scarf and carefully wrapped it round itself onto his wrists into a shackle knot. All those lessons her brothers had ignored in boy scouts when she'd been paying attention had paid off after all.

He looked around the little dining area. Her make up was still scattered on the table and in her rush, she'd left a few dishes in the sink. "So this is your home?" he said.

She nodded quietly, intent on checking the knots before pushing his arms up and over his head so that his wrists were at the back of his neck. "There..." she said, finally satisfied, "keep your hands behind your head."

He sighed. "Are you really serious about this? I could have you arrested."

She blinked, amused, and pinched his cheek playfully. "If you did, the scandal would likely cost you your job." She lifted her hands and spread them reading the imaginary headline. "C.E.O Gregory Magne hires Escort for Benefit Ball." She nodded to herself and him both. "Nope. That won't do at all. You'll just have to be a good boy and play along."

She lifted her leg and let it rest on his shoulder. She saw him raise one eyebrow. "Don't even think about looking up my skirt, Gregory." He looked away discretely and she began peeling down her pantyhose, first one leg and then the other. "Now open your mouth."

He groaned but did as he was told. She wadded the pantyhose into a small ball which went into his open mouth and distended his lips. He looked up at her plaintively and she smiled, leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Now, isn't this a fun little game?"

He shook his head vigorously but did not spit out the pantyhose.

Jane stood up and went to the closet.  Over the past couple of years she had amassed a small set of toys that she kept in a shoe box in the coat closet.  Gregory watched her warily as she pulled down the box from the top shelf and brought it to the table.  He mumbled against the gag and she ignored him.

Jane opened the box delicately, lifting the lid with the tips of her fingers as if it were an expensive gift, smiling to herself and then setting the lid aside. Gregory tried to sit up on his haunches to see inside, but she pressed the flat of her palm on his shoulder and forced him back to his knees.  With his hands still tied behind his head he lost his balance and nearly fell over, teetering like a weeble wobble before regaining his equilibrium. "Just be patient," she said. "I'll show you everything... when I'm good and ready."

She pulled out the clothes pins first... wooden ones and laid them on the table one at a time in a neat row.  There were twelve of them.  She looked at Gregory and smiled again.  "These are good for more than drying clothes you know."

She slid her stockinged foot further up his thigh, pressing her toes against his obvious erection and he ducked his head, his cheeks flushing crimson.  "Well it's evident someone wants to play with all these toys..." she said.

Greg shook his head again.  Jane tutted loudly.  "Every time you shake your head -- when you don't really mean it -- I'm going to use one of these --" And she held up one of the clothespins next to his nose.  He looked at it so intently his eyes nearly crossed.  "What do you think of that?"

His eyes widened and started to shake his head... then he nodded, slowly, instead. Jane grinned and pinched open the end of the clothespin and reached out to clamp it gently on his right nipple.  She saw his eyes close and he groaned against the gag, but his hands remained steady behind his head.  She leaned up against his side and whispered in his ear.  "Do you like that?"

He started to shake his head... stopped... then began to nod slowly... then moaned in utter desperation at the predicament.  It didn't matter what he answered.  She decided if there were to be more clothespins.  Not him.

He opened his eyes and looked at her face.  Jane tilted her head and looked back.  His body slackened suddenly and his legs relaxed, his kneel widening.  She saw the evidence of his arousal hard against the fly of his slacks and he rocked back with it.  She nodded slightly, reached forward with another clothespin and pinched it onto the neglected and waiting nipple.  His eyes closed and she leaned down to kiss his eyelids... letting her lips press against the fluttering lashes.

Jane leaned back and looked at Gregory's now rapt face.  He was suddenly a man transformed.  She had an abrupt recollection of her brother when they were children.  It was just after Christmas and he had opened his gift from Santa... a new race car he had been wanting for months.  Gregory had that look on his face.  Jane smiles and traced a line down his temple with the pad of her finger to his lower lips where the gag still extended his mouth just slightly.  He opened his eyes and they were slightly glazed.

She reached down and and gently removed the clothespins.  He blinked as the blood rushed back to his nipples and managed a gasp even with the pantyhose in his mouth.  Her foot continued to move against the fly of his expensive slacks.

"Don't you wish you were naked for me?" she said casually.

He nodded, watching her face.

"If I let you talk will you be a good boy?"

He nodded again.

She reached down and helped him lose the pantyhose gag.  He coughed violently for a minute and swallowed hard.  "Thank you, Miss," he said.

Jane smiled.  "Tell me what you want."

He swallowed hard again and she saw his fingers curl into tight fists behind his head where they were still bound.  She knew he was exerting self control.  If he really wanted, he could bring his hands forward and the game would be up.  "To be naked for you, Miss."

She smiled and leaned forward, and let her tongue flick out against the seam of his lips.  He pressed them together and she licked the slim line as if it were the seal of an envelope that she could open with a delicate touch.  He shivered and his mouth opened slightly.  She laughed and pulled away.  "No," she said simply. "It's about what I want."

He groaned and the sound was guttural. "Yes, Miss."

She smiled.  "Now you're learning."

Jane slid her fingers down his naked chest, and her nails caught lightly in the soft mat of chest hair as she trailed her index finger down to the dark shadow above his waistband.  He kept his eyes down and his bound hands behind his head like he'd been instructed.  She leaned in and softly kissed the corner of his mouth.  His lips were soft and yielding but he didn't move, made no effort to push against her or demand.  "Good boy," she whispered." And she felt her breath flutter against his lips between their mouths.

She let her tongue flick out and touch the seem of his lips.  He shuddered. It seemed to be becoming a practiced motion with him.  "Please, Miss..."

She sat back a moment and looked at him. "What is it?"

"Don't toy with me, Miss..."

Jane reached forward and plucked off the clothespins from Gregory's nipples.  "Who said I was playing games? This is all very serious..."  He flinched as each clothespin was removed and she hid a soft smile.

"Of Course, Miss."

Jane tapped one of the clothespins absently against her lower lip and looked at him thoughtfully. "Had you planned on asking me for sex?"

She saw him blanch and he shook his head violently.  "No, Miss.  Truly.  I hadn't..."

She believed him.  "A man of your stature could have any woman on your elbow. Why an escort."

He flushed red in his sudden and apparent embarrassment and his neck stayed white and it was an odd mixture of colors as his face turned mottled.  "Because... that's just it, Miss." He said quietly. "I could have any woman and they'd all want the same. With an escort I thought I could pay for the night and no strings attached..." he looked away quickly.

Jane nodded and remembered quietly how he had looked up at her with glassy eyes as she'd teased his nipples to hardness with the clothespins.  She remembered the dinner... and the dance... and leading him on the floor.  She smiled as she looked down. He'd kneeled rather easily. "Look... no charge for the evening."  She reached behind his head and took a hold of his hands.  "Let me untie your knots for you.

He looked at her curiously.  "Miss... wait."

Jane shook her head and looked at him, her face softening. "No... there are no strings attached. You can go. We are even."  She tugged the knots loose on his hands and the scarf fell away between them.  She felt suddenly guilty. Gregory Magne was a man trapped in more ways than one. She felt sorry for him.

"Miss?"  His voice had gone quiet, subdued.  She looked at him and saw that his face was contorted in indecision and confusion and even... rejection?  He looked down at his unbound hands and frowned, then he looked back up at her. He shook his head slightly and put his wrists back together and then slid his hand back over his head as if they were still bound. He cleared his throat.  "Then I won't pay you... Miss. But let me stay.  Please."

She arched a brow and his lower lip quivered.  She reached for his face and she touched the stubble on his jaw.  Her hand smoothed down the side of his neck and rested against his collar bone before encircling his neck so that her palm rested against his Adam's apple where his pulse beat against her skin. She nodded. "You can stay..." she whispered.

Repurposing by Casey

Repurposing by Casey Wildmist

Not long after my Mistress took me under her protection we were talking about sex and play. She had asked me before if I had any toys and I told her no. During the course of the conversation we were having I mentioned my strap on and her reply was, "I thought you didn't have any toys?"

After thinking for a moment I replied, "I don't Miss, just my strap on, what I use for having intercourse, since I don't have the real thing yet." She laughed low and asked me to describe it. I gave her the dimensions of the strap on, 6 inches long, 3 inches around, made of cyberskin, a very nice one that an ex girlfriend had picked out when we went shopping for a new one. After hearing the description of the toy, she said, "Well, I think that toy is going to be repurposed." My brilliant reply was, "Huh?"

After she finished laughing, Mistress slowly explained to me, in detail, the plans she had for my strap on, that I would soon be using it on myself, to fill my ass for her. I stammered a bit, "But Miss, it's.....big" Again she laughed, "Should've thought of that when you bought it, boy." After stammering a bit more I started looking at the toy with interest, wondering how it would feel to have it buried in my ass, on all fours and being fucked by her.

I didn't have to wonder long. A few days later, after playing with me for a bit, Mistress ordered me to get on the floor, on all fours, to lube my ass and the strap on, then to slide it in. Taking my time I slid the dildo into my ass, amazed at the sensations coursing through my body, unable to stop the moans and squirming of my hips. After I had it all the way in, Mistress ordered me to slowly fuck my ass, to be the slut for her that she knows I am. Those words almost drove me over the edge right then and there, but I kept my control knowing it would make her happy.

After a bit of fucking my own ass slowly for my Mistress I couldn't help but beg to cum. She tormented me a bit longer, but finally allowed me to cum and it was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Impromptu Confessions 10/11/12

There once was a lady named Alice
who used a dynamite stick as a phallus
they found her vagina in South Carolina
and part of her anus in Dallas

at work in my new job i was asked to deliver a package to a woman up stairs.  I walked up all happy and cheerful, said, good morning to her.  And she tore strips off me.  she verbally humiliated me in front of a room full of her colleagues....abusive - yes.  Wrong in the work place - yes.  but after my embarrassment subsided it turned me on.

I watch.  I listen.
I hear the trembling in your voice,
as I speak softly in your ear.
Your body listens.
You weak and sated,
I smile, relaxed.
My endorphins, my body
riding your crest and beyond.


I really wanted the new Confessions Bar to have new couches. With better poses that don't try to kill you.


i confess id rather kneel than sit on the provided seats Miss


I went to a pro domme once in my life. She was a lady from Lebanon visiting Cairo during the war on Lebanon in 2006. I first knew her on the internet...from a web site called Collarme. My first visit was ok....foot worship for about 15 minutes but that was it. She fallen in love with me. After that she refused to dominate me. Our relationship developed into a friendship but no Domme/Sub relationship.


I crave him - his skin, his touch, his arms, his whimpers and moans. Grabbing his leash in my hand is sheer joy, a wonder I can't get over. The lusty way he begs for more - "please my Mistress, please" makes me drip with need. The marks across his body draw me in, my eyes fixated on the beautiful way they puff up and turn varying shades of red, giving me a heady sense of power. He is Mine - heart, mind and body. He is the only one I need and the only one I want. I crave him.


Blatently provocative she lay on the sand, one hand shading her eyes.
She had tossed and turned all day the frequent visits to the North Sea rollers keeping her skin cool under the unusual heat.
He had not moved.
Could not move.
Only his head stuck out of the sand.
His only liquid refreshment her concentrated pee delivered in gushes from her  luscious pink cunt.
The sand lay heavy on his body and hours of immobility had robbed him of time and place.
Exquisite perfection that nothing could rival....ever


Once was a lady named Summer.
As cool as a green cucumber
as silky as the color of  burnt umber.

When she's a drill sarge, the subs
stand up straight.
When she's leading confessions,
the dommes  thnk she's great.


I etched my name on his buttocks with a butter knife, it bruised him so easily.
I buttered my toast with the knife and sat on his buttocks to eat it.
I placed the knife between his buttocks and wiped it clean the hairs matting together.
I pushed the handle down his cock until he whimpered and dribbled fluid over my fingers.
I spread that fluid over another slice of toast and finger fed it to his lips.
Lunch the way I like it


Under the blanket of the starry sky, I long for your fingertips on my skin. 
And then I lost my writing mojo because my Mistress just told me she could masturbate to me reading the phonebook!!!!!

A Mad Domme's Birthday by Lady Majik

                                              A Mad Domme's Birthday Party                                                

By ɱǻɉȋҟ    

The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Lillian was the first guest to arrive with Her usual entourage of three.  Just behind Her was a tall beautiful specimen of a man wearing nicely creased black slacks with matching jacket and a bow-tie.  No shirt.  His chest was bare of hair, his waist narrow with well defined muscles.  He was introduced to Me as “Jake the Butler” said Lill “and he is My gift to you for the evening”.

My home had been transformed the previously day.  Any equipment that we could get a hold of as well as some things rigged up for the festivities.  We had music, dancing and a somewhat reluctant birthday cake.  My live in sub, Wann, was to be My cake.  My favorite cake is strawberry shortcake.  The fridge was stocked with two dozen cans of spray-on whipped cream and a large stock of frozen berries.  Also three of my other subs attended.

As the guests from two of my favorite munch groups arrived, Jake took their wraps and hung them neatly in the coat closet.  He made and passed the drinks and snacks to all the guests.

Everyone took seats and were passes non alcoholic drinks for the play party.  The reason for non-alcoholic drinks is I have a strict rule for safe, sane and consensual play.  I know that when people get drunk they tend to disregard the “safe, sane” part of it.

I had three bedrooms and the basement set up with different playing fields.

I didn't know everyone and assumed that the ones I was unfamiliar with were the plus one of my known guests.  However there was one person whom, after I asked around, it seemed no one knew.  It turned out that this one was crashing the party.  I asked him why he crashed.  He responded that he saw people coming in with outrageous clothing on and was curious.
“Curious?”  I questioned.  “Just how curious?”
“I've heard of BDSM but never experienced it.”
“So, you want an experience do you?” I said in a threatening manner.  “Be careful what you wish for boy!”  I then asked Mistress V and Master D to put a paper bag over his head and set him up in the basement knowing they could take care of him.  The plan was to tie him the the cross, keeping the bag over his head and make him wait until we all went to the basement for gift giving.  The whole time making him wait in the dark allowing his imagination run wild as he listened to the sounds of the play party.

After the initial discussions, everyone getting to know each others kinks (mind you I invited two munch groups so not everyone knew each other) Master D introduced a new toy he created.  This was several sized Styrofoam balls with thumb tacks glued head down to the balls.  He then covered them with fabric, with the sharp points poking through.  So the games rules were as follows:  For female subs they had to push the balls across the room using their breasts, the male subs had to use their cocks.  We pitted the females together and had a race to see who could get to the end of the course first.  Ditto with the male subs.  Needless to say their Doms/Dommes had to wipe the bloody pricks down with rubbing alcohol making them squeal even more.
Once the race was finished everyone went to the different rooms to play with their partners.  I didn't get to witness all of this as I was busy with my own three boys.  Needless to say a good time was had by all.  I had whip marks on the bedroom ceiling for several months until I had it painted again!

Play went on like this for about two hours, everyone making quite a racket, giving the poor crasher in the basement a lot to think about.

My butler for the evening was never far from my side, passing me my toys when asked for and dutifully lighting my cigarettes or becoming a chair, stool or ashtray as the case warranted.  About once an hour he traveled among my guests with drink and snack trays.

The time came to put out my birthday cake.  Now Wann and I had been together for about 6 months.  Although, he would accompany me to munches and play parties, he and I had never played in public.  He was rather shaken when I told him of my plan for my cake.  He was very nervous and I truly think he thought I would use another for this part.  But I was in high spirits that evening and was determined that he take his place upon the table.
“Please Mistress” he begged “let me at least keep my underwear on!” almost in tears at this point.  He had been fidgeting all evening and only I knew why.
“Get yourself naked and get on that table!” I demanded.  Meekly, he obeyed.

Meanwhile, Viv was gathering the guests from the various rooms and handed each FemDomme a can of whipped cream.  I retrieved the strawberries from the freezer and the shortcakes from the fridge.  I covered him with a layer of shortcake and spread the icy cold strawberries over the cake layer.  As the berry juice seeped between the cracks of the cake he visibly began shaking.
“Now don't you wiggle Wann or this will take longer then necessary!” I scolded him.  “But Mistress it's cold!” he replied with a meaningful glance towards his crotch.
“Oh ho ho!” laughing at his discomfiture.  “Don't you worry about that!  It'll get warmed up soon enough!” watching as his face went completely white then beet red within an instant of each other.  I tried very hard to keep a stern expression on my face while laughing hard on the inside.  You see, he didn't know the full extent of my plan.

“Ladies” I spoke loudly to gain the attention of the gathering crowd.  “Are you armed?”  I asked.
“Yes!”  they all replied waving their cans in the air shaking them and making their way to the table.  I took another can from Viv.  The table was placed in the center of the room so we could all find a spot at each edge.  When we were all assembled in our places I began to count, “One.......,” his eyes closed, “Two.......” his lips, firmly closed, whitened, “Three!” I shouted and white creamy foam squirted from over a dozen cans all over the berries, his face, crotch, legs and arms.  It came from all directions!  It got on the walls, carpet and each other as we all excitedly “decorated” the cake.

The room exploded with the sounds of cheering on from the other males in the house and fem subs.  I had a brief thought for the party crasher tied firmly to the St Andrews cross in the basement wondering what was going through his mind at that moment.

Once the whipped cream was gone and no part of Wann's body was left uncovered Viv quickly placed some candles into the cake.  Wann's eyes widened as the lit and sparking candles were placed in the cake. “Hey” he began protesting but my mouth reached his before he could say another word.  I kissed him deeply as my tongue wrestled with his.  As I lifted my head I whispered in his ear “Now comes the fun part!”

Very quickly, I made a wish and attempted to blow out the trick candles.  The cakes began to slide off Wann as his body, heated with embarrassment, began melting the berries and cream.
“OK Ladies!” I announced “Lets eat cake!”
With that announcement we all dropped our heads and began eating the berries, cake and cream directly off of Wann's body.  No forks, plates or napkins.  I had placed myself by his crotch, as the other Ladies licked, tickled and nibbled the rest of his body, I went to work on his cock and balls, nibbling his inner thighs and sucked his small shriveled cock into my mouth, feeling it gradually fill my mouth as I tickled his balls.  When he was his full length I began to suck the cream from his balls and between his butt cheeks.

Meanwhile my butler was serving a pre-made strawberry shortcake to the rest of the guests.

End of Part One

Anonymous Confession

It's been months since she put him in the cellar,
it has not always been like that, they lived together for few years and their marriage became BDSM free
the daily life routine make it somewhat dissapeared, only sometimes during a short foreplay there was an evidence of how they have met
Both of them came to the conclusion that if it's not real they could not really enjoy it anyway, then, almost at the same time each became addicted to porn.
One day he realised something, she had an affair with another man, what hurted the most was that it was about love and not BDSM.
He was joking one day about putting him in a cellar and brining the other man in to the house. When they have done fighting they have started to play with the thought..
One day, she put him in the cellar and brought her lover in. And he stayed there for a couple of days.
It was a hard blow to live with, but it was exciting at the same time, so it happened again and again for longer periods of time.
At that point, she didn't want him to be a part of her new life, she wanted to limit his existance to the cell. so when he was brought out he was blindfolded, chained and leashed.
He will never see the house where he lived again.
After a few months, she decided he would not be out of the cell again, there were many items of torture there so he would be kept busy, while she lived a full life with her new lover.
She couldn't believe he would ever agreed to it. But at that point, there was nothing he could do anymore.
She locked the heavy door after putting him in until the next time. Looking at the door from outside she thought he will never get to see the other side of the door ever again.
She was so happy with her new life that had both BDSM in full power and a new exciting lover. Without him knowing, she used her own blood to write of the door the words she would never let her former partner and now live in slave hear or read
"Thank you".

Spring by Jeannie

Dance over me
on my groaning chest
that invokes Her
Offer me the flowers of Your steps
while they bloom
over my adoring mouth,
let me dock my lips,
wet of dreams.
Feeds on me,
of my glances
who seek You in the dark,
suck my soul
and slide Her whip
over my heart,
allows it to open
in a soft caress
and I wrap
tying to You,
in a sweet slavery.
Taste my flesh,
my body that bends,
give me the rest
of the fresh shadow
of Your feet
and I drink from
with the flavor
of Her soft toes
that fill my breath
hungry of Her
Let the Spring
hover in my soul,
to rise again,
kneeling at Her feet,
that can heat them and adoring
with the embrace of my devotion.
Annihilate myself,
in sacred and profane ritual
of desire above me.
And that my love slides
on Your body
like caresses
over silk sheets.
Subdued and conquered,
subservient, grateful,
my pleasure
that blends with Yours
the sweet nectar
that bathes the flower of
Her thighs.

A Feeling by Anonymous

A feeling

A feeling like this,
words can't explain.
To love someone so much,
that it drives me insane.

I've never felt it before,
my heart feels so complete.
I've never been so in love.
Then when I am kneeling at your feet.

The way you control my orgasms,
so sweetly in the night.
The way look into my mind,
it's never felt so right.

I love the way you bind me,
like you'll never let me go.
I love to feel your control and power
as you spank me hard and cane me slow.

I've never felt this way,
the way I do with you.
To love some one so much,
that no one else will do.

You make me feel so happy,
I can not help but smile.
I hope one day to again be with you,
you make my life worth while

Whispers by Emma

I open up my mouth but no words can i speak
thoughts racing through my brain is it truth they seek
are my fears ungrounded, is my shame unknown
in the slow passage of time oh how my fears have grown
dare i open up my heart let  true feelings out the door
just to see my hopes and dreams laying crushed upon the floor
so stop right now  my darling let me whisper in your ear
these arnt just words ive found to tell, so you alone must hear
the greatest gift i give to you its power to control
for in the words ive spoken is the gateway to my sole.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simple Things Done Well.

When the first kiss comes --- pressed gently to her shoulder -- she curls even more tightly into herself. Hugging her pillow into her chest and her middle, riding the edge of the bed; she has retreated.

A hand pushes her heavy hair, slightly damp from the unremembered struggles of her dreams, off her neck and the second kiss settles there. He tastes the salt on her skin. Her tension always gathers -- confounded knots -- in her shoulders and he begins to undo them with his tongue, his teeth, his kisses. Nipping lightly, licking gently, kissing softly. He feels her resistance as his hands and thumbs join in the assault. Kneading with thumbs, stroking with his palms - the outer surface of tension in her muscles beginning to flatten out as he moves deeper into the tissue.

He's kissing his away across her shoulders now as his thumbs press between the vertebrae. A forearm passes across her front as he embraces her from behind, fitting their bodies together, two spoons in the tangle of sheets. He holds her quietly this way, breathing in the scent of her hair, occasionally nibbling on the ticklish place behind her ear lobe until he feels the first rumble of a chuckle and knows she is starting to come back to him. He tucks his other arm under her body - her breast overflowing his hand until he feels her spine begin to unwind and press back into his body. The tension returns when his hand drifts down to stroke the curve of her tummy, but he's adoring her. These  places on her body make her the queen she is , so at times like this he lingers there -- stroking or kissing away the doubt. Building sensations that are like a lover whispering "you are beautiful to me" across her skin. When she relaxes into him again, his hand drifts lower - her hands have now crept up to hold the arm that's circling her shoulders -- and he traces the unseen scar across her heart and her abdomen. A silvery snake where the skin has no sensation, but it is part of her history, so he pauses there. Then his hand moves lower, to tease the crease where her thighs meet the V of her sex. Stroking across her upper thigh muscles, scraping his fingernails lightly across her skin until she shudders. Pulling gently on the hair. Kissing her neck.

It is a slow and hypnotic dark dance that he plays out on her skin -- hand stroking below, mouth teasing above. She shifts her weight and languidly begins to lift a knee, a wordless invitation to her boy for more intimacy, her bottom pushing against his pelvis -- soft seeking hard. He smiles against her neck. Although her moods sometimes confound him and he knows that he is and always will be her boy. He believes that these long, lingering, tender mornings when he pauses at her perfection both push his boundaries and smooth away his imagined hurts. With each caress, each kiss, he gilds her body in armor - shoring up her defenses. He ignores her parted thighs and the softness of her arse and gently disengages. Pulling his arms away, he presses a kiss to the tendon of her neck and whispers the first word of the day, "Mistress".

He slides from the bed and tucks the quilt around her back to fill the warm space he's just vacated.

Just as she's beginning to drift back to sleep, the smell of hot tea wafts up the stairs. She hears the click of the mug against the top of the nightstand. This simple act unloosens yet another knot in her shoulder. The bed dips as he slides back in. Skin to skin, his thigh seeking hers, he fits himself to her back, but instead of spooning in, begins to kiss her shoulder until she allows him more and she begins to turn onto her back. He rolls with her, angling his body over hers, settling his weight fully upon her, pressing her deep into the pillows. He strokes her face... kissing the lids of her eyes and wiping his own tear as her skin makes him cry. Kissing the bridge of her nose, her cheek bones, her brow bones, her temples. Kissing her forehead, the sides of her face, the tip of her nose, the corners of her mouth, her chin. Such a lucky boy to be allowed to worship her this way. He doubts his worthiness to serve but she smiles to him. Her breathing is getting deeper and he coaxes the hint of a moan from her when he presses kisses into the hollow at the base of her neck, and then drags his tongue up her neck, nibbling the tendon, tracing the patterns of her freckles with his mouth.

His hands are in her hair when he finally settles his lips against the part of her own, tugging gently on the bottom lip with his teeth, stroking the bow of her upper lip with his finger tips. Kissing, licking, biting...until her body softens even more and he feels her become boneless beneath him. SHe takes his hand and places s a fingertip into her mouth which she suckles gently, as he begins to move lower down her body. Her breasts are exquisitely sensitive and on lazy mornings like this - he seems to tease for hours. Kissing her armpits, the undersides of her breasts. Using his hands to push them together... letting them slide apart so that he can kiss her breast bone… feeling their abundance... nipples peeking between his parted fingers. He is truly worshipping at his Goddess's temple.

Suddenly a new sensation and she cracks open her eyes to see him watching her, poised over a breast, the last summer rose from the garden between his fingers. She smiles and closes her eyes again as he begins to stroke the velvety softness of the petals against her breast. The deep pink of the rose a darker cousin to the colour of her areola and nipple. When her breathing is ragged and he can see her body needing to be touched, adored - her breast trembling, puckered, and pushed up towards him, he takes her in his mouth - sucking her deeply in. Swirling his tongue around the hard nub, drawing her against the room of his mouth. She is gasping now as he crushes the rose against her skin, pushing both breasts together so that he can move from crest to crest with ease. Worshipping  her body, worshipping her. The scent of the rose mingles with the tea and the spice of her desire. She cannot come with these sensations alone, but she feels the tug of his lips against her breast arrowing down through her belly and straight to her core. The dampness between her legs began when he was kissing her neck and she feels drenched now - not wanting him to stop what he is doing, but hungry for more.

The warm roughness of a washcloth between her legs catches her off guard. He moves lower and bathes her - his tongue playing with her belly button and the swell of her tummy as the washcloth removes the stickiness of the night. He follows it and presses a gentle kiss to her labia before kissing his way down her thigh - smoothing the knot of blood vessels on her left thigh, lighting upon the scar on her knee, teasing a bruise on her calf. Each imperfection, perfect in its own way. to the boy. He kneels at her feet and begins to massage them, pressing his thumbs firmly into the arches - pulling on each toe. This is a different level of pleasure - not erotic, but sublime, and as he watches her body, he imagines the last of his sadness is trickling off the edges of the bed to fall between the cracks in the floorboards. Her sighs releasing the vestiges of his doubt and breathing him in.

As she likes he parts her thigh and lays himself between them - one of her legs draped over his shoulder, the other resting on the bed, knee slightly bent. He opens her to him - parting her legs, inhaling deeply her scent,  preparing to worship her in the manner she demands. As her hands creep up to her breasts, he begins. Parting her with his fingers, licking from her entrance to her clit and back again. Rubbing his cheeks against her thighs; her essence on his chin, his lips, the tip of his nose. Sliding a finger in, his tongue. Stroking her thighs, her stomach, her naval, all of her with his wandering hand as his mouth continues to kiss, coax and suckle. Building her to climax, but backing off at the last minute to begin again. Savouring the repeated pleasure to worship his Mistress again and again. It drives him mindless with sensation, knowing he is pleasing her again and again until she's gasping, but still he holds off. she demands that he does.

In the moment that she scoots down the bed, hooking her hands under his arms to pull him up her body, then twisting them both and turning him under her, he feels the satisfaction of knowing he has given her what she needed - in a different way than she thought she wanted, but in a way uniquely himself. Settling his head into the pillows, leaning her arms against the headboard, resting her head there and straddling his face. Grinding herself against his mouth, milking the sensation, until she comes with a shuddering cry -- faith restored in herself -- his passion an act of worship, a benediction -


In  the darkness of the dominion night
I saw her by the tree
Kneeling  I froze by the sight
She was looking at me
The summer's heat became a chill
This angel of death at her kill

My heart skipped with the fright
Blinked my eyes to better see
Glanced back with all my might
Parted she my company
My chest was quickly pounding still
The angel of death at her kill

I did rise and take flight
The fear made me to flee
From darkness into light
and into her captivity

Home by Dondas

Home by Dondas

That feeling of belonging. Total control. Waking up knowing I'm owned. Being woken up in the middle of my night, because she can. Because she loves me. Knowing that every breath I take is for her. Each plan that I make, doesn't feel right unless it's for her.

My past has been a lead up in preparation to meeting the Lady of my dreams, and now that I've met her, the rest of my life will be in serving her to the best of my ability, and in making myself a better man to support her, up where she belongs.

I am the vase. She is the rose. Kneeling at her feet is home.


A kinky course
I was attending a course with 14 other kinksters, in a variety of ages from 24 to 70 years old, two couples, both experienced people and inexperienced ones. The topic of the course was bdsm and energy flow.
In one part of the course we were divided into groups, with five people in my group.
My group  consisted of me, two girls, and two other men.  One of the girls was a Domme and a front figure in national femdom, the other one was an older lady, around 70 years old, that been a sub all her life.
One member wanted to stand in the center, and we others stand around her, and catch her as she began to fall.
After a while she wanted us all to lift her from the ground, and make her sort of float through the air.
This was performed, and you can say she really floated between us, she was very relaxed and enjoyed the moment.
When it was my turn I said I wanted to be tied up either in a strappado or hogtie by the group, and when  that was done to me  I could practise  using the green, yellow, and red words that we had trained on earlier that day. My idea with this was to get some experience being tied up and  in restraints.
The group walked out of the room, and came back one minute later.
The Domme ordered me to kneel on a mattress put my arms behind my back, and so I did.
My arms were tied in a u-shape and secured with a rope harness around my chest.
Suddenly she pushed me sideways me on to a mattress and everything became more hectic.
By instinct I tried to catch the fall with my arms, but they were secured behind my back, it was an odd feeling.
All of them now lay down on me and held me down,
     I did struggle with my legs, and this was  exciting for everyone.
 Since I  struggled I was  pinched on the inner thigh and this made me straighten out  my legs,
  Then my ankles were quickly secured  by a rope. I felt the ankles being tied tight together, so tight that it almost did really hurt me.
My ankles were hoisted into a hogtie,  they had me tied up as a nice package.
As I tried to struggled and squirmed  one of them put a leg between my thighs so I could not roll to the side, and the Domme placed her foot on my head and pressed it to the ground,  I became very still.
The older lady was standing on my back, and did some trampling.
 I could feel her walk on my back.

 Then I felt a hand  paddling my buttocks, maybe five times, I did not count it, but it was rather intense
 Then everything became silent, and suddenly I felt a whip hitting my boxer shorts, it was a riding crop. I felt its signature of sharp pain,
     and I also felt some lashes over my back.
The intense pain from the whip dug into my skin, it became more itense
"Yellow", I said.
And it stopped.
Then the Dominant lady knelt before me and told me to breath slowly, think of how I feel.
Then she placed a foot on my head, and pressed my head down into the mattress.
 Eight minutes had passed and I was released from the ropes in less then 20 seconds.
I was nice experience, and I thanked my group and a shibari model that was present In the room said it was a great show.


Anonymous Confession

Anonymous - due to my uber shyness :P

When i had learnt about being submissive, and my thanks to the Dominion.

When i was younger I experienced many occasions of uncertainty in that i wasn't sure as to what/who i was and felt things that alot of my friends hadn't seemingly felt or talked about, but i didn't know what this meant for "me" until fairly recently.

Certain signs had shown up to me in the past, Things such as:

1.) The way i acted around Ladies, wanting to please them in      a respectful way.
2.) How i had acted in a submissive way on many occasions.

And many more.

My friends were always bragging about sexual conquests, and i honestly wondered why it was that i never shared the same feelings as they do towards Woman, was i weird?

I have had many interests in my life as i'm sure we all have in that, you don't pursue the interest for whatever the reason may be.

But the interest i had in Femdom was different. I'm not saying i could foresee the future and knew that it was me before at least knowing a few details about BDSM and especially Femdom, But something really clicked upon the "discovery"

I had often fantasized about Femdom scenarios in many shapes and forms before beginning to look into the lifestyle, and just under a year ago i stumbled across Second Life

The reason for coming to Second Life was just purely as a further way of socialising and i was genuinely curious to see what it was about,

I can't explain how lucky i feel to have come across The Dominion, it has been a complete gateway to open my mind and realize many of the feelings i have thought and experienced for many years in a way that i wasn't viewed as "strange" or "different".

I had begun my first relationship just over 6 months ago, which ended in a pretty bad way just over a month or so ago now and i honestly feel that i have learnt a great deal from it, although looking back i shouldn't have put myself through the experience so early on if i'd have listened to the advice given at the time.

But during my first relationship experience, despite the bad ending i felt indescribable feelings and really began to "know" that this was who i am, what i craved. The craving to please a Mistress by doing whatever it takes.

I can confidently say that nothing gives me more pleasure then completely submitting to a Woman whom respects herself, handing over all control, giving my mind, body and soul to the right Mistress, the feeling of pure bliss when hearing words such as "Good boy" after doing something pleasing.

It is an absolute honor and great privilege to be sat listening to Everybody here. The combined wealth of knowledge and experience from many perspectives, couldn't be found anywhere else.

I am so excited to grow and develop as a submissive, and look forward to the future in the hope that one day i can make a Mistress very happy and very proud.

Thank you to A/all at The Dominion, i can't imagine life without you!