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An Exquisite Corpse: The Haunted Femdom

Note: This writing is a collaborative work orchestrated by Lady Nej and produced by the writers as outlined below.  Each writer was given the last line written by the previous participant.  The end result is a surrealist confection.  Enjoy!

An Exquisite Corpse
The Haunted Femdom, pt 1
by: Tika, Rebs, Tyche, Axelle, Sillien, Kevin, Lauren and Eva
Edited by Nej

It was a dark and stormy night. In the dim light of the moon, which at times shone from behind a cloud, one could catch a glimpse of the remains of the once magnificent Dominion Castle - now lying in ruins. Only the distant hooting of the owls' and Chattel's grunting and snoring from the pit was heard with the wind. Everyone was asleep -- except a few sub's who had been forgotten in jail cells under the rubble and a pair of Dommes still discussing whether it was acceptable to have a washable floor in the courtyard. Nothing was unusual that night until suddenly ... a ghostly figure in black carrying a whip in one hand and a dildo in the other appeared before me.  She called out in a raspy voice, "Where's my boy?  Who took my boy?"  Her eyes barreled down on me. And the whip cracked and the dildo began to gyrate and buzz ominously.

She loved that show - this  Julia Child of torture!  She grinned, her milky skin framed by piles of dark hair secured by the clenched toes of live bats.  Suddenly, thunder and lightening pierced the quiet darkness outside the castle.  The room blackened.  With no cable she'd go nuts.  "I know"!   Wearing her signature purple leather, candle casting dancing shadows , she tiptoed up to the turret where the object of her passion lay.   She forced the handle of a bloodied whip between the teeth of her shackled  victim muffling his screams .  He would not hope that someone might hear and rescue him.

The edges of his vision began to blur and darkness soon followed. He dipped in and out of consciousness for the next several hours, before clarity returned. He saw nothing, but heard his tormentors voice. "Everything has a price my dear", she crooned delicately. It was followed by the distinct sound of flesh meeting flesh and a soft whimper. There was a yelp as the tell tale sound of heels clicking the floor echoed in the room. But there was another sound he could not quite place, it seemed to be the muffle of struggle and the dragging of weight. His darkened vision became more black, and he realized how close she now stood, this time with another victim in tow.

He should have felt terrified. His heart should have been crushed in the grip of insurmountable fear. Instead he felt...aroused? What the fuck? Seriously?? There’s a dangerous woman within spitting distance and he’s rock hard? I mean, what the hell is wrong with him? Danger is walking right towards and all he can think of is how sexy she looks in a belly shirt with a knife in her hand? That’s it. I’m done. Oh look. She’s noticed him. She’s giggling as she approaches, a grin spreading across her face from ear to ear.

As she looks down at his naked body laying on the bed. He is blindfolded, gagged and cuffed in four point restraints, spread eagle.  His cock strains inside the plastic chastity device. She reaches for the candle burning brightly on the night stand, and her words cut him like a knife, "I hope you enjoy pain, my boy".  She lifts the candle inches above his cock, steadying her hand so the hot wax lands on his balls. She tilts the candle and slowly the wax pours over his caged cock and balls.  He tries to scream but the sounds are muffled by the gag.

"Oh god, this is so wrong; what a witch." As if she could read his thoughts a creepy cackle escapes her dark red  stained lips. "You are such a pretty thing," she whispers. The room goes dark and quiet, he hears her heels click loudly then fading away, the calm before all hell breaks loose. Why was this happening? He struggles the ropes cutting and burning into his wrist, its so utterly useless. "Fuck it, she can do whatever she wants to me."

Her dark, toffee-coated voice dripped into my ears gripped me.  I felt myself fall under her, those round, sticky sweet words slithering into my veins and swallowing my will whole.  She bid me to remove my clothes and lie down on an absurdly archaic-looking stone slab in the center of the room.  I lifted the thin shirt over my head and felt a shiver -- a thousand tiny spiders scattering up my spine.  She had positioned herself behind me.  I hadn't seen her move; rather I felt the air around me shift, like a curtain parting.  I closed my eyes tightly, realizing the futility of resisting such a woman .  As she softly dabbed the tips of her fingers against the small of my back, I had the distinct and unwelcome impression that she was preparing for some kind of attack.  But it was too late.  All my armor had fallen away with my clothes.  I tensed myself, and blindly felt behind me for the stone. The cruel, cold slate met my fingers and I closed my eyes and leaned back.

The Biker Part 1 by Connor

He tilted his head back...downing yet another shot with his brothers...ridding his throat of the road dust  ..back in their bar once he sets the shot glass down his eye caught a figure walking through the door..he turned his head hair ..tits out to there and legs up to her sweet ass....he growled a bit inside as he looked beyond her seeing an independent come through the door....the new biker looked at the bar seeing  me and my brothers...his eyes flashed wide then he leaned into the woman and whispered something ...I chuckled ....the pussy, i bet he wanted to run....the woman dismissed him....a flash of disgust in her made me shiver, damn I love when a woman does that...he is nothing to her. She was dressed in new leather..the smell was heady and hot...damn i wanted her...she strolled into our bar as if she'd just bought it...looked us up and down as she passed...i looked at my brothers but they hadn't noticed...i shook my head, idiots..i looked back and she was standing in front of me  hands on hips...looking up at me with a stern disgusted look on her face...i looked back...a chill running through me....fuck me she is scary...i loved it...i tried to toughen up...."hey sexy...what ya need? i winked at her...and started to say more and she quickly stepped into me..her hand grabbing my balls through my jeans....she tightened her grip as i reach up to push her away..her steely glare unwavering...i lowered my hands and tried to man brothers were watching now...they didn't see her grip on me...i heard a murmur.. i knew they thought I was going to have her in the back room shortly..i smiled to keep up the facade...she knew she had me..and wasn't worried if anyone knew it...i looked into her eyes...begging her with mine to spare me....she smiled wickedly...she knew what i am ...she knew it from the beginning,  the bitch....her grip loosened and she nodded at the taps behind the bar... then went and sat she went to a table she looked at the one she had come in with...then abruptly stopped...faced him and closed her fist...i saw it but he didn't....i chuckled...he looked at me ...never seeing it come ..she slammed him hard in the middle of his face.....he fell back on his ass...his nose a bloody mess...she screamed at him....fuck off bitch..I'm tired of you and your whining....he scrambled up and tried to look tough but failed miserably...she actually flexed at him and he turned and ran...we all laughed...she ignored us and sat down...i nodded at the bartender ...Shiner Bock...she passed me two and i went to the woman's table...i set one down in front of her and pulled a chair out to sit on...she reached out her foot and hooked the chair rung....pulling it back in, shaking her head 'no' slowly....she spoke quietly without looking up...I'll be ready had best be ready as well....i nodded and quickly downed my beer...looked over at my brothers....guys I'm out...stay off....or else..I headed out the bar and jumped on my bike...i kicked it over and it rumbled to life..squeezing the tank with my thighs i wondered if she bites...i looked back through the window and she was sitting there drinking her beer....sipping slowly...painfully slowly.....

Stranger In A Strange Land by Doc

                                                                    Stranger in a strange land

Rick woke up thinking of women and his situation.  Two quotes came to mind.  The one was Steve Jobs oft-quoted statement that “It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."  The second was “Economics is the study of mankind’s unlimited wants and the limited means to supply them.”

He felt trapped in a well.  His ladies might have unlimited wants, but so many of them didn’t know what they were.  His well was dark.  He needed a light – or a woman who knew her wants.  Tougher than it sounded.  Like finding a beech tree in a pine forest.

Rick rolled over, placing his hand on Janet’s butt.  She was pretending to be asleep – or perhaps just at that subliminal border between dream and wakefulness.  In the dark they melded.  She was not the one to discuss this issue with.  Again – stuck in his well.

Rick thought of Sharon.  Was she a glimmer of hope, or another false sunrise?

It always started well.  Then, gradually, as one satisfied each of his lovers’ wants and needs they became passive.  Satisfied.  Comfortable.  Ships without rudders floating aimlessly in quiet seas.
Rick wanted to be challenged.  It would seem easy, but in a world focused on comfort, it was hard to find women who pushed him or pulled him, with their eyes focused on distant horizons, impatient to ‘get going’.

He decided to get up.  He set the timer on his iPad.  Five minutes and thirty seconds once his coffee pot started up.  His life was going by in an inexorable stream of seconds.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.

He again thought of Sharon.  Would she task him today, or would he check his email to find a void?  He wasn't hopeful.  Perhaps Danielle? Some woman out there must find his unique capabilities a match for her wants.  Yes, like searching for a beech tree in a forest of pines.

He looked at his inbox (two minutes and 12 seconds until his coffee was made).  Nothing but spam.

Curious how corporations with nothing to offer kept telling him to buy things.  Curious how political factions kept pestering him to become angry about something – and to send them money.  Where were the ladies?  Organizations had needs but not women?  Bizarre!

“Unlimited wants”?  Ha!  Maybe it was only him who had unlimited wants – mostly an enormous desire to explore the mad world.  He looked down at his latest issue of Science magazine.  It wasn't the answer, but it was close.

And Rick then thought of Ariel.  Hope faded.  She’d seemed so promising but a flash in the pan; one email and never a second one.  Once he’d done one task, she’d fled.
Rick decided to go back to bed and dream some more.  Next to sweet, boring Janet.  But just then the alarm on his iPad sounded, breaking his reverie.  His coffee was ready.  Another day loomed like a dark specter before him.

Maybe Joanne? Probably not, he glumly thought as he tested the coffee to see if it was strong enough….

Confession by Russell

I had 7 hours to drive and think about the upcoming visit with my Mistress Dalia. Over the hours I allowed my memory to wander back the 3 months I have known this incredible lady. I wondered about what made Lady Dalia purchase me at the auction, what was it that allowed all this to happen.  I considered all the things that had happened to earn this privilege, change of career closer to her. Those hours of talks on Skype learning each other. A change of career had moved me closer to her. Instead of 12 hours it was now close to seven hours to make this trip.

We had many discussions on what we would do and what type of expectations we had when we finally met. Driving through upstate New York, looking at the mountains and valleys as the odometer steadily clicked away I found myself becoming anxious, nervous, excited, and experiencing many other emotions and feelings that defy me to describe them.  Across Canadian customs I went and knew I was hour away from the condo that I had only seen in a small view of the webcam and the lady who I ached to see in person.

I inhaled a few cigarettes -- more from nerves than to soothe the habit.  Finally seeing the address of Mistresses’ residence I turned into the visitor parking lot and took a quick inventory of myself, making sure I was presentable.  I then walked into the lobby and pushed the intercom button to announce myself.

I was buzzed through the security door and quickly found the up elevator.. I walked out of it and stopped actually trying to build up my nerve as I stepped around the corner and saw Mistress, framed in her doorway, with a wide smile on her face.

I don’t know if my heart raced or just stopped for that moment but it was a memory that is burned into my memory.  I hope it never fades. Walking into her house -- as Mistress closed the door behind us -- we turned face to face looking at each other and then giving each other a hug that caused me to tremble. So many hours of imagining what this real hug would feel like was instantly trumped as I melted into Mistress’ arms.  I hoped the hug would never end.

It has always been hard for me to express my feelings, and at times I forget to say how special my Mistress is to me.  So, before I go any further with this story I want the world to know what my Mistress means to me and what I think of her.

My Mistress is longed for and cherished.
My Mistress is the very definition of peace and tranquility.
My Mistress is  as powerful as a tempest when she sees the need to be.
My Mistress is passionate; passionate about her life, passionate about her work and passionate about her Dominance.
My Mistress is a teacher to me, a guide , as she directs her wishes.
My Mistress is all these and so much more and most of all, I love my Mistress.

And I never want to see her unhappy or hurting.

I have written several drafts of my visit to see my Mistress, but I would need hours to tell all of our experiences. I hope I can pick out a few that represent what the visit to my Mistress meant to me and what Mistress means to me.

Mistress let me know over our time that she is very much into hockey, often having the game playing as we spoke on Skype. I asked Mistress if she would care to attend a local hockey game on Friday night, the day I arrived, and was not surprised to have her say yes.
We sat two rows back from the boards near mid-ice and watched as the players slammed into each other -- and watched the occasional fight that broke out. I will confess a secret to this audience. I was watching my Mistress more than I was watching the game. I watched her facial reactions, her expressions, and her body reactions.  I was taking in every detail of her presence.

We shared our first taste of a chicken burger ( a local delicacy of the Ice Arena ) and we had a beer to wash it down. I laughed as we picked out some bags from the vendor.  Seeing Mistress smiling was infectious. Capping my first night in the city, Mistress drove us home and we talked into the night and watched a documentary that Mistress starred in.  Finally the long day caught hold of this boy and I started dozing off.
I know that this may not sound like a wild and erotic visit so far but knowing that Mistress and I could have a wonderful evening without kink was important.

Our Saturday started with me heading off to the corner store to get some milk for our morning coffee.  Our plans to go to Toronto and explore a bit were placed on a back burner as the morning slipped by us. Mistress decided that we would go out and see what the downtown  had to offer. We at first sat down and had a beautiful brunch at a sidewalk eatery, enjoying the cool, sunny morning. This was a time during which both of us were able to have some good conversation and relax around each other. Learning even more about my Mistress and her work just caused me to swell up with pride and wonder and be in awe of how much she has achieved.

We walked along the sidewalk and Mistress steered us into a local fetish shop, This shop was not a sleazy place, but rather a very upscale and beautiful turn of the century building. It featured vaulted ceilings, large wood mold trimming and was just filled with every type of clothes and shoes a lady could want for a night out on the town -- or at the dungeon. I followed Mistress closely through the store as she examined clothes.  Then Mistress made her way down to the basement where the more extreme type of play things were found.

Speaking only for myself,  I felt like I was in a Disney theme park. This was a turning point for my visit, this was the first time I was able to see how seriously Mistress took this lifestyle. Her expert hands appraising whips, floggers….She directed me to bend over so that she could test the tools on flesh. We discussed many things as we wandered the shelves: CBT, electro-play, needle play, and on an on.   I found myself lowering my eyes out of respect for Mistress as we talked. Mistress was a force of her own in this environment.

The next thing that happened left me numb. Mistress had been speaking with the owner of the store and as we were window shopping the owner was finishing a beautiful Collar made of stainless steel rings woven into a intricate and beautiful pattern.

I hope I am remembering this correctly because the world was spinning for this boy. My Beautiful Mistress took the collar and we went into a sitting room with a mirror. I knelt before the mirror as Mistress took the collar and draped it around my neck. Mistress then bent over and in my ear she asked if I would wear her collar.  I closed my eyes and said “yes; your boy would love nothing more”.

I needed to make another decision: if the collar was to be joined by a padlock, or to be permanently fastened by using the rings of the collar. Looking at my Mistress I made the decision that I wanted the collar to be fastened permanently,  I am doing a poor job of expressing exactly how special and irreplaceable Mistress is in my life now, how almost every decision I make in the day has her influence upon it.
The collar has been in place since that day. I wear it at work and to bed. It is hers and I am hers along with it. I hope and pray that our relationship is and will be as strong as the bonds that fasten this collar.

Pirate Femdom Part 2 by BBDuncan

Red Handed Jill watched her First Mate with complete satisfaction at the job she did preparing her unwilling victim for his demonstration. As the speedo was stripped from his body Jill snickered at the tiny dick she saw.

Green Eyed Sue commanded another Lady to get "The Bag"! A large brown valise was handed up from the pirates' boat and was passed to Sue, who chuckled as she opened the valise and presented the open duffel for her victim to see. The volunteer's eyes opened wide as he saw the contents: a wide array of toys that he might come to very intimate terms with.

Reaching into the bag Sue pulled out a huge butt plug and lube. "I think this is just perfect for our up tight volunteer." she snickered. "He needs to have his mind opened up. So I'll put this in a spot that is sure to influence his mind." She laughed heartily. Then she applied a small amount of lube to the plug and beckoned a lady from the pleasure craft over.

"What a lovely Lady you are!  Come here." said Sue, "What's your name? Do you know this.... 'thing'?". The new Lady shuddered and stammered "I am Clarissa, and yyyes Miss...  he is my husband.".

Sue asked "Tell me, does he treat you well Clarissa?"

"Usually Miss." a shaken Clarissa stated.

"Call me Sue, Clarissa. You will be one of us soon and then will come to understand the true power of being a woman." Sue glanced at the woman, knowing that she would soon find her true calling as a strong woman.

"Does your husband like anal sex Clarissa?" Sue asked "and do you?" (already reading the signs that this scum liked a lot of things that weak men do.)

"Yes Miss, he does -- but I don't." said the new woman.  "I see, Clarissa. In time you will learn that he is really a weak man that prefers to be dominated but is afraid because of how he would be treated by his friends."

"You leave my wife out of this..."said Clarissa's husband.  He screamed as the whip strikes him again.

Sue grabbed his balls and looked him in the eye.  "You are really afraid, aren't you worm? No need to answer." she said as she noticed out of the corner of her eye that his cock had started to harden under the threat of being dominated by his wife.

"See Clarissa, he gets hard at the thought of being dommed by you."  chuckled Sue -- along with the rest of the Pirates. "Now all you need to do is what we teach you.   I promise you this:  your life will change greatly for the better."

Clarissa took a deep breath and noticed all the signs of arousal in her husband. She felt free.  She felt empowered to control her own life and she decided to teach her husband the way a man should really behave around his wife. Unbidden she reached for the butt plug and made sure there was just enough lube on it. She parted her husbands ass -- and pushed the plug into his tight anus. The man muffled a scream, as his cock instantly got hard.

Further emboldened, Clarissa grabbed a big cock-shaped dildo from the bag. She walked around in front of her husband. "You also are always demanding that I suck your pathetic cock too, don't you, dear?" she asked harshly, quickly mastering her toy.

"Yes dear, but please be kind to me.  Remember all the good things I do for you." pleaded her husband cravenly. "Don't I provide a good home and role model to our kids?"

"Ha!" mocks Clarissa, "Yes, I suppose you do help with raising the kids...whenever you decide to come home.  And yes your income HELPS make our lives comfortable...but I work as hard as you do.  Then I am "expected" to do all the household work, too!  To drive the kids around, and also all the 'fun things' you want to do in the bedroom.  Oh, and then if something isn't right I get the blame for it."

"It's gonna change now dear. Do you understand?"

A whip cracked nearby; the worm cringed and he said merely "Yes, 'dear'."

Further emboldened Clarissa sneered.  She then said "You will call me Mistress or Ma'am from now on!  Is that clear, 'dear'?"

"Yes Ma'am." said her husband, opening his mouth and greedily sucking the 'cock' he was offered  He licked it like he wanted his own to be treated.

"Now," says the new Mistress, "you will suck this cock just like you want me to suck your cock all the time." She looked down and was surprised to find her husband's cock harder than she had ever seen it.  It was twitching furiously as pre-cum leaked from it more effusively than she could ever recall.

"Don't you dare cum!" she ordered. "You have always cum whenever YOU wanted.  Well, no more, dear! Your climax is in my hands from now on!  Is that clear?"

The newly sub husband gulped, released the 'cock' from his mouth, and said, "Yes Mistress!" He was struggling mightily to control his impending orgasm. He realized he was more turned on than he had ever been before.  He went back to sucking the 'cock' his new Mistress had offered him.

"And now I am going to punish you for the neglect I got in bed last night!  You came in, stripped, slid your tiny cock inside me and then came -- without any amount of concern as to whether I came or not! No!  You merely said a quick 'That was good, dear; thank you' -- and then went to sleep."

Sue, I don't know how to handle a whip, but will you make sure his ass is striped and red for me please?"

Sue said, "I can, Clarissa, but perhaps you already know how to use this."  Sue handed a paddle to the new Domme.

Clarissa grabbed the paddle gleefully and said, "Indeed I do Sue! Thank you!"

"Bob (referring to her new toy), you will count each spank calling out the number followed by Ma'am!   Is that clear?"  She removed the cock from his mouth as she spoke to him.

"Yes Ma'am." he said with trepidation.

End Part 2

Femdom Poetry by Anonymous

My soul is tethered
And through that I am released
Submit to freedom

Dropping to her feet
I stand taller on my knees
Than when I use my feet

Silent Devotion
To tend to every need
Is my true per pose

My obedience
Never from fear or from pain
Just for her smile

The snap of whips
the blood that drips
soft fingertips
that's what she means to me

Tightening ropes
deviant hopes
sudden gropes
That's what she means to me

Pain and fear
A waiting ear
Warmth so near
That's what she means to me

Sexual frustration
Yearning temptation
loving adoration
that's what she means to me

Stern correction
strong protection
guidance and direction
That's what she means to me

All of the control
My heart and soul
'til death takes it's toll
That's what she means to me.

Fantasy by Lady Cherry

With a bored-face expression she moved the book to the side. The narrowly printed pages had caused her eyes to get tired. After less than a minute the door bell rang. Glancing at her watch she got up and walked to the entrance door of her apartment. When she opened the door she saw the man she had expected. He was dressed with a neat shirt and a tie. Before she let him enter, she took a close look at his jacket and his perfectly polished, spotless shoes.

As he nervously walked past her she was certain that he could smell her perfume. A hint of vanilla, slightly sweetish yet discreet.
Without much noise the door was closed. She locked it, dropped the key into her pocket and turned away from the door.

"Well, my dear...“, she said, thus ending the uneasy silence which had developed, “...nice to see you again.”

"Good afternoon, most beautiful Mistress of all“, he replied with a firm voice, facing her.

Apparently she was pleased with his way of greeting her. She walked towards him, grabbed his tie with a firm grip and walked him into the bathroom, only a few steps away. The last few sunbeams of the day were shining through the curtain which had been closed in order to prevent anyone from peeking in.

Matching her meticulous personality the entire bathroom had been tiled in white. Over the sink there was a simple mirror; underneath a wooden shelf had been affixed.

To his left there was the toilet, also white ceramic. Two white fluffy carpets lay on the floor, inviting bare feet to sink themselves into them.

The bath tub was located underneath the window. On its edge a small plant had been placed. A small basket of stainless steel hung next to the taps. Inside the basket he saw a sponge, a piece of soap and a brush. Towels were only to be found on a hook at the side of the toilet box.

He gulped when she pushed him further into the room and demanded: "Get undressed, sweetie, but very slowly“. As she had ordered, he unhurriedly got out of his clothes, one after the other, layer after layer, and pushed them aside with his foot. During this process he felt her glance on his back. No patch on his body escaped her eyes. Smirking, she walked by him, incidentally touching his arm.

He held his breath as she sat on the edge of the bath tub and opened the tap. She just sat there and turned to him. Her usually hard and strict face expression appeared to have somewhat relaxed and was difficult to analyze. The water steadily plashed into the tub and continued to fill it until she closed the tap without saying a word.
By this point he had become extremely aroused. His cock was hard like a rock and he blushed strongly when she just looked at it very briefly and got up.  

 "Yes, Madam?“ he said, almost automatically; he looked at her with a puzzled facial expression.

 "Get in!“ she said without warning, pointing at the tub with her slim hands.

When he didn’t move but kept staring at her, she walked towards him and spat him into his face. "Well, now you have a good reason to get washed“.  

At this point her arrogance was very obvious. Unsurprised by her relentlessness he obeyed by stepping towards the tub and entering it.

She turned her back on him. With sparkling eyes she silently counted to three and burst out laughing when she heard him jump up and swear. "The water is icy cold, you beast!“ he moaned and furiously looked at her back.

"But of course“ she said mischievously and sat on the toilet cover. "And now do what i have told you! Wash yourself! And if you dare do complain again, you will really get to know me!“

He knew about her pleasure: watching him overcome his inner resistance and making him go through painful experiences which made him suffer -- for her. Therefore he hurriedly sat down in the icy bath.

Every single hair on his body stuck out and his cock began to twitch, partly from the cold, partly from pleasure. His balls shrunk and hung close to his body. Suddenly the cold water pinched into his skin like needles. Breathing became difficult. She heard how all his breaths rattled audibly and she moved her long black hair out of her face. After he had sat there motionlessly for a sufficiently long time, she got up again and sat at the edge of the bath tub. She would not let him get away without the instructed washing and since he made no efforts in this direction, she decided to do it for him. Her hands scooped water and slowly pured it over his head. His face grimaced strongly and he heard her laughter close to him. Then she dipped the sponge deeply into the water and washed his face which she had spat at earlier. He began to shiver strongly.  She laughed again. Her laughter accompanied him through the pain and drew his attention away from his fear. Cold water on his head and face, totally at the mercy of  this woman.  These could even scare a mature banker like him.

Now she turned to his lap. First she rubbed his cock with the sponge, then she grabbed it with her hands and massaged it. Because of the cold water it rapidly turned from erect to saggy and back. But she did not stop for some time and to him it seemed to last for hours. Suddenly her eyes winked and she let  warm water enter he tub. Once the overall temperature had become pleasant, she turned to his cock again. She milked him faster and faster, took a firm grip as if  she owned all of it; she simply took possession.  

Soon, a deep moaning filled the room and he closed his eyes. Her hands cupped his pulsating cock and almost made him reach his climax, but whenever he was about to cum, she slowed down, patted his balls and pinched his hardened nipples. She knew exactly which buttons she had to push in order to control his body.

His pelvis twitched up and down, and he became so desperate that he attempted to fuck eagerly into her hands (which she continued to withdraw from him). At one point she let him continue for her own amusement.  She watched him move his prick rapidly into her hand, back and forth. Her fingers grasped his weenie possessively and very tightly.

Just before he was able to cum, she let go, jumped to her feet and then hit him hard in his face. Not quite knowing what had happened , he opened his eyes widely. He only came to his senses when she grabbed his shoulders, pulled him out of the tub and threw him on to one of her carpets.  

He looked up into her face which clearly showed her lust. He was absolutely certain that now she would take what belonged to her. She stood above him with her legs spread.  She grabbed a nearby length of rope. Skilfully and quickly she tied his wrists to the pipes of the sink. She wanted to make absolutely sure that he had no chance of escaping, and even more importantly he should feel that she owned him.
Next she unbuttoned her white blouse and opened her bra. Her soft and sturdy breasts slipped out heavily.  He was able to catch a glimpse of her nipples; they were hard and erect.

After she stripped off her leather pants from her voluptuous buttocks and casually dropped them on the floor, her aroused cunt, the cunt of his dreams, shimmered before him. Actually, it was not her bosom or her pussy which drove him crazy, but the implicitness of how she stripped and acted out her fantasies. Very slowly, as if in slow motion, she hunkered down and made his wildly twitching cock slip into her. Inch by inch he was made to feel her. She moaned long and hard when his glans parted her labia; she began to ride him.

Every time that his hard cock disappeared inside her, her breasts shook with the same rhythm, and it was very obvious how much she was enjoying every movement. Finally, she held herself up behind her back and and violently pushed herself up and down. He belonged to her only, and she only looked after her own satisfaction.

He felt hot and cold at the same time. All he could do was to breathe hard, look up to her and moan deep-throatedly.

She gasped for air. Her entire body was trembling. She reared up, spread her legs widely and circled her clit with her thumb until she came -- over him -- with a shameless loud groan.  Her cunt sucked up his cock (which was pulsating uncontrollably) and he panted like an animal, eager for release. Her look, directly into his eyes, signaled to him that he was now allowed to cum as well. He out-poured into her, with an uncontrolled loud groan.

When he opened his eyes after climaxing, she was already standing next to his head. He only saw the high heels of her pumps. As quickly as she had tied him up, she untied him and instructed him: "Get up and get dressed, you piece of dirt. You will slip into your suit as you are“.

She enjoyed watching him pull on his trousers as he was, sweating all over, his hair wet. He got dressed without saying a word and looked at her several times, amorously. After he had closed the final button of his shirt she gave him his jacket. She urged him out of the apartment allowing him one last look at her naked body.

Then she locked her main entrance door and walked back to her armchair, smiling.

He belonged to her and that was a good thing.

Beginning by SebRose


It felt unseasonably warm as I stepped out of the taxi on that winter evening.  The air was cold but my body was being warmed by the sense of anticipation.  I thought about  what was about to take place as I made the short walk to the hotel.

We had planned this night for some time.  At last, it had arrived.  My mouth was dry, my heart was racing, but I also was aware of a strange opposing emotion.  A sort of calm.  A sense of knowing that this was exactly where I was meant to be at this precise time in my life.

I walked past the hotel front desk and into the elevator, selecting the floor in accordance with her instructions.  This was to be no sleazy tryst, we had booked a suite in this elegant hotel.  I knew I wouldn't be the first to arrive, that she would already be upstairs waiting.  I wondered if I'd be the last to arrive.  As it turned out, I was.

My nervousness amplified as I knocked on the door and waited for an answer.  He opened the door and looked almost as scared as I imagined I must have.  We exchanged smiles and greetings and he ushered me into the interior hallway.  He was so familiar to me in certain ways, the possessor of the mind I had grown to admire and crave connection with, yet such a stranger to me in others, not having ever shared the same physical space with him.

I walked through into a second area, a sort of lounge, where she was seated.  She grinned and patted the sofa next to her.  Even in that simple act, she displayed the same charisma and effortless dominance I had grown to know and admire from a distance.

Our arrangement was simple but it was a situation I had never previously imagined until I had jokingly suggested it.  As soon as those words had been spoken, the scenario grew a life of its own.  It became an obsession and turning it into reality became a necessity, for all of us.  Each of us knew our role.  Each of us knew she would be in control of what unfolded.

We chatted a little to remove some of the tension that hung in the air but I think we knew that it was best not to delay too long.  Some of that tension would be a force for good - it added to the excitement.

She began by instructing us to head into a room off to the left.  I led the way and he followed.   It was a spacious wet room, complete with dual shower heads.  Once she arrived, we were told to strip naked.  I exchanged glances with him as we both tried not to be the first to reveal ourselves.  We laughed as we both removed our sweaters almost in slow-motion and the mood changed.  The rest of our clothes were removed without hesitation, which was just as well because she began drumming her fingers on the wall to hurry us both along.

As I stood there naked, facing his also naked body, I felt a shiver move through my body.  Uncertainty flooded over me and I had the urge to grab my discarded clothes and make for the exit.  Then she spoke and everything altered.

"Turn to face me boys.  Let me inspect you both," she said, her voice firm but gentle at the same time.

I knew then that this was right.  As I faced her, I knew that I wanted to submit to her will.  That I wanted to explore his body but only in accordance with her wishes.  The perfection of the situation hit me and I became aware of my dick stiffening slightly.  I was aware of her eyes scanning our bodies slowly and, as she licked her lips, I felt myself stiffen more.  None of us had even touched yet but already I felt nerve endings all over my body explode into hyper-awareness.

She told us to shower.  Initially, he and I maintained distance between us but then her instructions came thick and fast.  We were told to wash specific areas of each other's bodies.  As I rubbed the soap over his back and down onto his buttocks, I again became aware of how much I wanted all of this.  The unfamiliarity I had with his body was eased by the fact that she was in control.  By willingly giving up my own control, I was more able to lose myself in the experience.

As we washed each other, it was difficult to avoid turning it into sexual contact.  She was very clear though.  We were only to wash each other.  No kissing and we were not to touch each other's dicks.  His was as hard as mine by this stage and her instructions for us not to touch were every bit as delicious as they were frustrating.

She leaned against the wall as he and I dried ourselves after the shower.  Her eyes narrowed slightly as she took in our every move, making sure that we complied with her commands.

What happened next took me by surprise.  She said she'd be right back and we should wait where we were.  When she returned, she had a bag in her hand.  She opened it to reveal two collars, the dark leather and steel loops catching the lights from the room as she moved toward us.

"Kneel boys," she instructed.

We lowered ourselves.  Him onto one knee, me onto both of mine.  As she fastened the collar around my neck, a feeling of bliss engulfed me.  I was hers.  Perhaps it would last a lifetime, perhaps only for that night, perhaps only for the next hour.  It didn't matter though.  Right at that moment, I was hers.  And he was hers too.  We. Were. Hers.

Once our collars were secured, she put her hand back into the bag and grinned at us as she removed a link chain.  The chain was fastened over a loop on his collar and then onto mine too.  It was a long chain, and would afford us a lot of movement.  But still - he and I were now unquestionably linked by our submission to her.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Anniversary Confessions 10/19/13

Tonight's Anniversary Confessions were answers to a set of impromptu questions. Everyone had a choice to answer anonymously if desired.  Below are the questions and the responses, some credited, some anonymous.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact?

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?

3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.)

4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness.

5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for some reason? What do you miss about them?

6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet.


1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact?

The most interesting person that I have met that is new is probably Miss Fawna, because she was on Glee and I want the ins- and outs, but I really don't know her well enough to ask :P I'm just curious! Who is the one who has made the biggest impact? Without a doubt Lady Eva, she knows why.

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?

I believe I've burst into tears several times when reading one of my confessions to the point others had to finish them. As to why .. it was about my ex Mistress who stopped logging in without telling me and that kinda hurt big time.

3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.)

Anything involving Miss Z.

4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness.

Someone in SL helped me get out of a abusive relationship in RL. Without her, I wouldn't be able to write this. I owe her my life. 

5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for some reason? What do you miss about them?

I miss Lady Cimmerian. She was funny and sweet and we were close. 

6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet. 

I'd put the 25.000 in a world trip part two with my twin, whom I love and adore to pieces. We need more RL hugs. 


 1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact?

Sub Lisa, she has taught me new things. I think she is a good friend.
Also Lady Crimmerian, have not seen her in a while.

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?
No, I seldom cry.  Sometimes I wish I could cry.

 3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.)
One of the sillies things here at the D was when we had the slave hunt where the subs were ponies. Ponies for everyone.
Also then subs dressed as trees and tped in to a discussion.

4. . Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness..
I think it happens every day. But a Lady here at the Dominion that really guides me. It feels like she want me to grow as a submissive, sort of hinds and not direct orders. She notices me.

I wounder there sub Jade is. Have not seen her in a while. I also wounder where

6. ou have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet.
I think it be used by renting a hunting cabin somewhere where the Lady  keeps and trains me to make me hers. Being held there, and trained, As the renting time is out fantasy I am unlined in the life as D/s, and got a locked collar around my neck.


Lady Tika:

1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact? - Tam 

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why? - when we vere told that Bella died

3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.) - when we all rezzed a "fuck his head" anim and we fucked each other all the way up to the confession room, in a long row

 4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness. - I meet a lot of kindness here but Raffi is always helpfull, friendly and kind, so i will name her.

5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for any reason? - I miss Lisa (Destiny , though she is still around every now and then

6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet. - I would love to go to Eli's homeland... Kerala in India, with him. I would love to see the culture and everything in that fantastic country


Lady Crissy

1.   aarman.   He and I share a spiritual practice, and he teaches as well, so we have had some great conversations about that. 

2.   Yes, but generally its been when someone is privately sharing a very personal struggle that is so hard, so I won't elaborate any more than that.

3.  The tearing down of the castle came to mind first!  The vehicles running in and up the walls, the helicopter overhead, people firing missles into it and running in with bombs!

4.  In general, I was most touched when so many Ladies came to the Dinner Party event I did this past year during the Women's Leadership series.  I was so glad to see so many of you!  

5.  I miss Medussa.  Such a beautiful person, so smart, so sexy, so much fun. :)

6.  I would love to meet Grace McDonnough . She is a FANTASTIC SL singer.  I would arrange a retreat and concert for me, My boys and my favorite people to enjoy!  



Lady Susannah:

1. Sillien - He was a breath of fresh air, and has remained a steadfast support and companion. He's allowed me to be me and it's simply been effortless and enjoyable having him at my feet. Meeting him in person and experiencing a poly situation with zero jealousy was a huge thing for me - and he was a huge reason why that worked. He never fails to make me smile, even when my day's been crappy.

2. I was only close to tears once - when Eva held that big airing of the grievances at a Sunday discussion.

4. There are too many to list. Mostly behind-the-scenes support via IM - letting me know they agreed with me or supported me or thought I'd handled something well. Those little things mean a lot.

5. Lisa (Destiny) - her passion, especially for things like Vagina Monologues was inspiring.

6. I would fly sillien and myself to China and go on an expedition to meet his panda cousins in the wild. And I'd also buy more rope and do a bit of outdoor bondage deep in the forest - but I'd make sure the pandas didn't see - wouldn't want to scar them.


Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact?

I've truly been intrigued by Karrie, she seems to have come in and fit right in with everyone. She's incredibly feisty and I LOVE that! When she speaks, I perk up and take notice. 

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?

From sorrow and joy. Parting with a loved one, sharing intimate things with certain members, and just let the emotions come as I'm touched by words or actions. 

3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.)

During one version of trials we went through it with a medical theme, I was examined by Her Judgery Destiny teardrop, the things she was pulling out of my nooks and crannies had me in stitches. 

4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness.

Owen has, and continues to be one of the kindest individuals to me. In moments where I needed words, because I had none he would speak. And when he could not, his proximity to my own space was enough. Thank you for that. 

5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for any reason?

I would have said Eloise, but she's making her way back, and am I oh so glad that little fact!

6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet.

If i said whom, I would give it away and where's the fun in that. Suffice it to say the money would be spent on getting from place to place. There are many a thing I've yet to see and I'd like to see it all with this person. 


1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact?

Fawna and Karrie, they bring a great energy!  


2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?

Happy tears yes... from laughing too much... too many times!  


3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter?

Pamala shenanigans never fail to have Me in stitches.


4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness.

Yes My Sistah put pretty flowers outside the door on My land that goes up to sky places.  Now every time I land, I land amidst her flowers.  It's a gift that keeps on giving.  I smile everytime.


5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for any reason?

I miss the old Zarita shenanigans! 


6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet.

I would fly Raffi out to Japan for tea.



2. broke into tears a couple times, by accident, while discussing some happy time from past.

3. the Pink Wedding and the non-wedding-wedding

4. Joie, who is not a friend, has twice done remarkably kind things for me, way out of the ordinary.

5. Rubi and Jade - both were close friends.

6. I am going to arrange a showing of Redina's art work in
a large US city and pay for a glamorous reception with the art world's creme de le creme attending, at a pretigious hotel's roof top terrace with amazing views and sterling service.


1. Who is the most interesting person you've met who is new to the Dominion this year? Who is the one who has made the biggest impact? : 

Probably Owen, he might only be new in avatar only, but has added a lot to the sim as a sub.

2. Have you ever been in tears when you are on the sim, and if so, would you share why?
Yes. During the Vagina Monologues. Very powerful issues at work there.

3. What is the silliest, most ridiculous, funniest thing you've ever seen at the Dominion? Something that made you wild with laughter? (If there's been one at all.)

A lot of what goes on at Improverts makes me laugh my butt off.

4. Did anyone do anything particularly kind for you at the Dominion? Can you tell us about that. Something that stands out in your mind as a kindness.

Casey. He's always there to help if you need a hand. That sub has a heart of gold.

5. Who do you miss, who doesn't come around anymore for any reason?

Miss Lisa. She's a very bright woman and I do miss her.

 6. You have $25,000 dollars. Not lindens. Dollars. You have to arrange a fantasy meeting with someone from Second Life. You pick the location and the circumstances. You must spend every dime. Can't pocket any of it. Pick one person, even if it's not the "only" person you want to meet.

Ms. Susannah


1. Owen, Fawna, Eva and Mo
2.  Yes , listening to some of the stories at some of the discussions primarily.
3. Lots of things but especially . the late night crap we get up to like the dancing or the auctions which are great fun
4, Yes many have but the most significant have been the friendships and support
5.  Not been here long enough but I missed Mo when she was gone afk for a bit and actually ive missed Summer too as she hasnt been on much , i think the different styles of dominance is what makes the D special and real 

6. Kane , a private villa in the Maldives for a month.


3.  Garth as Mayor of the D, the yard and the best part, the decapitations, Loved them, totally hilarious.

6.  I would fly to meet up with Tika, I'd rent rooms in a hotel and fly in all the interesting subs for a grand get together


1. I have met Steven who is a brilliant person and has a wonderful outlook on his life. 

2. Of course. I have had a hard time. And sometimes I make it hard for myself!

3. I was at auctions and this boy on the block had his voice on. We heard his wife or someone come up (rl) and shriek in voice and slap him. I almost fell out. Never laughed so hard. 

4. Yes. I have not forgotten my mentor Busty. And of course Eva has been so fantabulous. I love her!

5. I miss Z. I don't see her very often.

6. I would totally meet Kirby and so we would talk about his tales. Maybe we would meet in Bali. We would sit on the beach and talk about 9/11.


Lady Zaira

I haven't been around as much this year, so haven't met many of the new people. 

I've been in tears so many times on the sim I've lost count. Usually for negative reasons, how someone was speaking to me, treating me or being pushed into an event I didn't want to be part of. The odd time positives connected to new relationships. But also at times totally unconnected reasons, something that was going on in life that maybe means I should not have been here but this was the safe place I came to for comfort in those times. 

Some of the songs that Pam has created have been amazingly funny. In particular the ones with the cheer event a couple of years ago. 

A Lady I didn't really know, who I didn't really like sent me a note one time with comforting words during a rough week I was having which they'd heard about from someone else. It was so out of the blue it will always stay with me. 

I miss a lot of people as I'm not around so often. When I am here Eloise, Maisy, Sue would be some of the ladies I missed. Gia I miss lots. 

I would buy myself and Heather a round the world ticket. We would go to all the places we want to see and visit all the people we love taking in as many gay bars and fetish clubs as possible until the money ran out. 


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Storm Of Silence by Anonymous

                Storm of Silence

There are many different types of storms some are mild some are fierce. Some are loud and some not so much. They have one thing in common, there is potential danger in each one. The danger may be small or substantial, but it is always there. There are many kinds of storms: storms that blow hot and storms that blow cold. Some storms are a whirlwind of tremendous destructiveness. Some storms are merely a welcome sign that a change of seasons is happening. Tumultuous winds, ferocious thunder and dangerous lightning accompany many storms and bring about enormous destruction. Tornadic forces and hurricane destruction wreak havoc on and sometimes take peoples lives. They destroy things that people cherish. The items can be replaced; people cannot. People die all the time.  It is not something that can be prevented, and it is the ultimate end for us all. We seldom have a say in when or how -- and storms contribute to the myriad number of ways this happens. All these statements are true about storms.

During the times in which we live, we almost always get warning about every approaching storm save one, and that is the one kind of storm which rises above all others in destructive capability. It is the storm of silence. Silence, that dreaded evil that changes people and causes havoc in our minds, our hearts and our souls. Silence oft times self-imposed and frequently Imposed upon us by others. The silences of fear, of manipulation, and of deception. The storm that causes doubt, insecurity, and recklessness of purpose. It is so very dangerous because It is stealthy and secretive until its effects have manifested themselves and the stark realization of damage done is known.

The science of nature's storms is an intense study but it yields lifesaving results. The science of silent storms is much more nebulous, for silence brings about more silence. People can realize when silence is affecting others, but people are afraid to say anything because "What if I am wrong, and have misread the signs?".

With nature's storms, alarms frequently sound even if they are wrong because "Why risk the chance that they may be right; saving people is the goal."

With silent storms people say "Why risk making a fool of myself and alert someone?" People say "If I am wrong I will be Judged a fool." They never pursue the possibility that they may be right -- and that they could save another life! Silence says "Silence is best". And we all pay attention to silence....

The time has come to say "I will alert someone to the silent storm they may be encountering. It is better to appear a fool to save a life than to remain silent, since silence destroys someone." Take the risk -- for not risking will make you feel the fool if you were right -- and could have helped. Other's opinions should never matter when a person's life can be made better with a little warning! Take the risk. Only if alarms are sounded will the silent storm -- if not completely averted -- at the least cause less damage to a person's heart, mind and soul.

It is worth the risk.

Standing In The Corner by Doc

He stood in the corner, naked – mostly.  In his mouth a red ball gag.  On his cock a Steelheart cage.  He was facing the wall as he had been told to by Janice.

The women were chatting.  His job was unclear.  He didn’t know why Janice wanted him in the living room, doing time out in the corner.  He didn’t know of any offense he might have given.  The ball gag was a measure she used to let him know it was time for him to think and not to interact with her – or any other woman.  The cock restraint (he suspected) was mostly so she could wear the tiny key on a gold chain around her ankle.  She liked body jewelry.  She had lots of it.  He liked it too, though she really didn’t care if he did.  She wore it to please herself.
He didn’t know why she didn’t close off his ears.  Obviously she wanted him to hear the chatter or he would have been sent off to another room – or a closet.

So he stood, quietly, still.  And during pauses in the conversation he could hear the grandmother clock in the corner ticking.  It was out of his field of vision, so he didn’t know when it would chime.  It would chime when it was time.   One more thing that he’d only know when it happened.

He was time traveling again.  In his mind he was going back.  In reality he was moving forward, hopping from minute to minute, more smoothly than the clock’s minute hand (which jerked forward with every passing moment) but inexorably.

Was he wasting his time?

Hard to say…. He didn’t think so.  She wanted him standing in the corner while she had her girlfriends over.  She obviously wanted them to see him.  Beyond that, he was ignorant of her motivations.  She was a mystery.

Most of his life was a black box.  His job was simply to perform as instructed.

She put the ball gag in.  He submitted.

She put the cock restraint on him.  He submitted.

She told him, ‘Stand in the corner and don’t move!’  He obeyed.

His function was to do as she wished.

He was essentially an example of her power and his submission to her whims.  He suspected that was why she put him on display when her friends visited.

After they left he knew she would be excited and would use him for her sexual release.  He would not be let out of his cage.  It wasn't about him.  It was about her.  It was about what she wanted.

He continued to stare at the wall.

The clock chimed the hour.  He could hear the chatter as the ladies talked behind him.  Their words were irrelevant.  His job was to wait.  He could hear the clock ticking….

Pirate Femdom Part 1 by Duncan

It is a lazy day on the sunny Caribbean. The 10 passengers on the small pleasure boat are awakened by the owner and captain of the boat -- with a start.  It seems a small boat full of lovely lady pirates has decided to take his vessel and make it their own. As the Ladies close  in on their prey they assail  it with taunts and gunfire which rattle above the heads of the crew and passengers.

Fearing for his life and the safety of his passengers the cowardly captain abruptly surrenders. The five Ladies heave to and pull against the boat. "I am Red-Handed Jill" says the leader of this band of pirates, "and I claim this boat for the FPoC."

"Who is the ex-captain of this boat?" she cries. The craven little captain says in a voice sooo meek "I am, your Ladyness."

Red Handed Jill notices other ladies among the passengers and decides to let them know their fate. "Ladies on this yacht fear not!  We are here to restore you to the position that was truly intended for the women of this world!"

The first mate of the pirates snickers at some of the expressions of the male scum on deck. Jill notices, "Tell these vermin who you are and what their fate will be!" she says to her First Mate.

"I am Green Eyed Sue and all you cowardly little wimps will become the servants for our Ladyhood." speaks the First Mate.

One of the male passengers rises and decides he's not going to take this from these pirates. "You, and I use the word facetiously, ladies, are nothing more than deluded female scum....." He screams as Sue pulls her whip from her belt and strikes him furiously with three quick strokes, the last of which wraps around his hands as he tries to defend himself.

"I see we have a volunteer among us that chooses to play his role teaching you other scum what happens to those that fail to give good service to your superiors." says Jill. "Strip this thing and bind him to the mast naked." orders Jill to her crew. The man is quickly stripped and tied to a pole on the ship his fat ass sticking out for whatever punishment the righteous Ladies decide to dole out.

End Part 1

In The Other Room by Anonymous

He crawled to her. Her legs were spread wide. Some men saw this as an opening for them. A woman giving it up to them, aching to be pounded. It meant something different with these two. It meant "crawl your sorry ass over here and lick. Now!" The carpet scraped against his knees as he took small movements towards her, approaching as quickly as the cuffs would allow. Once there he rested his chin on the edge of her seat and waited, just as she liked it.

She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him in. It started with him dragging his tongue up her slit, softly. Gently. “That’s right, bitch. Give me head, just like that.” The sound of the TV in the living room disappeared as her legs closed in around his ears. The tip of his tongue started flicking faster, every so often grazing the little clit at the top. Her fingers clenched on his head, tugging at his hair as she began to squirm and bite her lip.

Then he put his lips on her clit and started to suck, making his Mistress moan. Without warning, she leaned over and grabbed him by the shoulders, forcing him to the floor on his back. Before he could even gasp she was mounting his face, rubbing her pussy into his mouth. She was facing his body, and grabbed onto his cock and balls. At first it was a couple of slaps to his nuts, his yelps of pain muted. Then she squeezed the sack. She starting slapping his cock around. Finally, she thought it only proper that she give her boy a 69. She bent over and took his rock hard cock in her mouth.

And then she started biting down on it. Grazing her teeth against it.... All while crushing his balls in her fist.... He knew the only way to make the pain go away was to do his job, and he licked and slurped and sucked until she started gasping. And moaning. And as the moaning grew louder the clenching grew tighter, but this was the only way out. It wouldn’t end until she shuddered and dug her nails into his sack -- and came all over his pretty little face, gasping for air as she let go.

She undid his cuffs and laid down on her bed. “I need to get fucked.” He knew what that mean and quickly put on his clothes. He stepped into the living room and simply said, “Mistress is ready.” The gentlemen stood up and walked into the bedroom without even acknowledging the slave. His cock wasn't going to be slapped and scraped and squeezed.  No, it was not going to be inside of Mistress. Now it was the boy’s turn to watch TV and pretend not to hear what was going on in the other room.

I'm Home Dear by Doc

                    I’m home, dear….
As he walked in the door, Joanne pointed to the floor in front of him.  She was on the phone, a glass of red wine on the end table beside the sofa.  He dropped.  She grinned, still talking.

“Yes, he just got home…” “No, I don’t let him.” “Of course he does!” “In your dreams, girl!” “Nope!”  And so on.  She was obviously talking to her best (only?) friend Brenda.  Definitely not to her mom!

Bill shifted his weight from one knee to the other.  It had been a long day.  He was tired and irritable and sick of stop and go traffic.  He stared at the glass of wine.

Joanne snapped her fingers, pointing behind herself toward the kitchen.   Bill rose (happy to rise) and followed the pointing finger.  On the counter he found a dish piled high with Ritz crackers surrounding a large piece of Emmenthaler (Em-in-taller)cheese.   He carefully carried the plate to the living room, placing it on the end table adjacent to the glass of wine, now half empty.  He noticed the bottle was on the coffee table.  Then turning back toward Joanne he noticed she was frowning and now had her thumb inverted, pointing to the carpet.  Bill dropped, a bit embarrassed that he’d missed his cue when he’d allowed his gaze to rest on the bottle.

“He does OK.”  “Yes, he’s right in front of me.”  “Never!” “I’ll bet you would, you bitch”.  She laughed.  Joanne was always laughing.  He liked that.  She made him happy.  Maybe he was fucked, but what the heck.  He seemed to be making her happy.  He knew he tried.

“Someday I might, girlfriend.” “Yes, I know.  Me too.” “It is getting late.”  “Alright.  Later!”

Joanne hung the phone up.  “Do you know who that was?”  He nodded.

“She has a new sugar daddy, Bill.  I’m so happy for her.”

Bill nodded again.

“He’s much kinkier than you are. “  She paused. “He’s just right for Brenda, but I’m sure glad I don’t need to cope with anyone like him in MY life!”  Joanne looked directly into Bill’s eyes.  She looked away just long enough to cut a thick slice of (Em-in-taller) Emmenthaler, place it on a cracker, pop it into her mouth, and then to finish the glass of wine.

“I want more, Bill.” He jumped up, carefully embraced the bottle and carefully poured Joanne another glass of wine.  The label read ‘Merlot’.  Bill didn’t drink much, but he had drunk Merlot and it was nice.  He knew he knew shit about wine.  It didn’t matter.  Joanne didn’t like him drinking – except on the rare occasions that she had intercourse with Bill.  Most of the time she used him for his tongue.  Then she called him ‘my little lap dog’.  She was referring to the verb ‘lap’, not the noun.

“Bill, your attention is elsewhere, isn't it?”  He nodded.   She smirked.  “It’s OK,” she said.  “Dream away….” Another pause.  “What was I talking about…. Oh…. Brenda’s new acquisition.”
Bill knew not to speak unless asked for an opinion.  Joanne had not asked.

“She’s such a selfish cunt, Bill.  I love her.  I think she’s so hot!  I’ve learned a lot from her about manipulation, you know…. “She looked at Bill, quietly kneeling before her.  “But you know about manipulative bitches don’t you, Bill.”  She laughed.  He nodded.

“Oh, I sent out for pizza for dinner tonight.  Brenda’s coming over with her new boyfriend.  I ordered an extra-large.”  Joanne gazed at Bill.

“Bill, do you know I love you?”  Bill, a bit puzzled, nodded, not very sure what he was nodding in agreement to.

Joanne then laughed out loud. “You don’t have a clue, do you, love.  You have no idea!”

Bill agreed.  He had no idea what she was thinking.


I Wish I Could Bruise Easily by Tigger

Arriving at Miss K's I got out of my motorbike clothes and and made my way into the lounge, thinking this was going to be another day of fun.  I was sooo wrong! What I experienced was FAR from another day at Miss K's.

I was encountered by a dancing pole and a splitter bar, allowing me to get a cup of tea and have a little relaxation before play.  I sat down and had many things run through my head -- especially what play was going to happen. Slowly i got undressed and stood in front of the pole as Mistress tied my hands above my head and tightly against the pole.  She then moved down to my legs and -- with the cuffs on my ankles -- she placed a spreader bar.

My legs were now wide apart, unable to move; my body was tied to the pole and my wrists were immobilized. Growing increasingly excited, Mistress began to warm my ass cheeks up.  Taking a crop she began to tap lightly on my ass. Getting harder.... Mistress switched between toys using canes, crops and that fuckin' pin wheel! My ass was getting more and more painful. She then tapped my balls with the crop -- watching my cock getting bigger.

A new toy was brought out: a long loop of string accompanied by 10-14 pegs. I didn't count them.  I was concentrating on the pinching pain they delivered to my nipples and balls. One by one they were added and, with the string in her hand, Miss K tugged.  Feeling all the pegs pull at once was painful but not as painful as the next bit! Mistress took some carribeeners and used them as weights, dropping them from my balls down the string.   It was extremely painful.  I took three weights before I buckled and they fell off.   Mistress knew this hurt; it wasn't the good pain I had been feeling. Pulling the pegs off Mistress got some lube.  She started the pain pleasure feeling on my cock. I cannot explain how much I like this -- and hate it at the same time. Getting closer and closer to coming, I pled with Mistress who then rejected my pleas and told me I would have to wait a while before being able to cum.

Taking my wrists down and removing the spreader bar I was allowed a break for five minutes as Miss K had a cigarette.  She was giving my ass a little rest as needed. Placing the cuffs on my wrists and tying them behind my back, the spreader bar was put between my legs. Again Mistress started to inflict pain on my ass.

"I want bruises on your ass today, boy!"

At that moment I wished I could bruise a lot easier than I do.   I knew Miss k would have to work very hard to get my ass to bruise.  Play time was over and Mistress got to work. With no warning I received a spank from the new crop.  It was quite painful, each cheek receiving the same amount of pain to ensure that an even bruise would form. She continued relentlessly. I was on the edge of shouting, turning purple and pink.  Miss K decided on a picture. The phone rang and I felt slightly relieved although I wasn't for long.  Mistress took the cane and carried on spanking me whilst on the phone. I had to be quiet. Taking my cock in her hand I was massaged softly; I was getting hard and close again -- and then with the cane Mistress started to whip the inside of my legs and below my ass.

Taking lubricant Mistress poured it over the head of my cock and and got to work with getting my body to wriggle and sending me into subspace, the head of my cock feeling all sorts of sensations.  The pleasure was taking over.  The pain!  I was getting close again.

Miss K then got a condom and placed it over my cock, continuing with the pleasure.  I was going to be allowed to cum.  Closer and closer!  I could feel the cum building up and my cock stiffening.  My legs went weak and they buckled as I came into the condom, my body shaking with pleasure.

Removing the ropes Mistress got me down and I sat on the sofa for five minutes. My special treat was now here! I was told to sit on a small chair in front of the sofa.  A blindfold was placed over my eyes. She sat down in front of me and taking my hand she placed two of my fingers inside her pussy.

"Make me cum!" Mistress ordered me. I started to move my two finger inside Miss K and I could feel how wet She was.  Faster and harder my fingers moved inside.  Moaning and hips thrusting Miss K was getting closer and closer.  Faster and faster I penetrated Her pussy.  Then --  with the sexiest sound I have ever heard -- Miss K came.

--- >Thank you My Mistress -- and Happy Birthday! xxx <---

Hamster Wheels by Anonymous

Title:: Hamster wheels
By Anonymous
I am stuck in a hamster wheel
Looks around, and see others that run in them as well,
spinning faster and faster,
    some is slacking and rolls over by the wheel,
Some wheels are too small to those in it,
some are just with too big inertia and friction to those in it,
    squeaks as it turns..
Some wheels look more comfortable,
    I want such one.
In my dream I long for a special wheel,
    a wheel controlled by an owner.
Would I dare  to jump over to such one?
If I could slow this one down,
    with some help, yes
and how to, which tiny feet, run over to the other wheel,
    and sync in.
Stuck in hamster wheels
Are we really?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ode To Fetlife by Lady Dalia

Ode to FetLife by Dalia Fermi

Dear Miss,

I've been searching for you for so long.  Although we have never met I feel like I have known you forever, and I hope you feel the same.  I'm tired of shallow encounters.  I want to be able to talk to you after.  I want to know your name. I might even give you my cell number.

Your profile probably has something about not writing to you about what I want you to do for me.  I want you to know I fully understand.  It's all about you.  Your heels, thigh high boots or stiletto shoes, red toe-nailed soft feet, silken thighs encased in stay-ups, your soft mound of curls, firm round ass cheeks,  lush pale breasts tipped with hard, dusky nipples and your long hair.

I am not like other guys.  I want to serve.  I live to be of service.  I want you to use me, non-stop, all day and all night long.  Stroke me, fuck me, peg me as much as you want.  I beg to be rewarded after that with the pleasure of licking you dry.  I am insatiable in my service and I hope you don't mind me saying, but am very good at it.  I'd be happy to teach you what I know.  In fact, I have my own dungeon equipment and anytime you want to let your hair down and stop role playing, I'd love to show you how it's done.

I'll be waiting for your replay to make plans to meet.  I sure we can find something that works for me.  I want you to know I am a generous sub and will make sure that I spoil you enough with presents to keep you coming back. If that doesn't work I am sure we can find some other arrangement.


Your humble slave X

The Assistant-Part XII-Sealing The Deal by Lady Crissy

[Note:  In our last part of the series, Miss Night had aaron flat on his back on a table in her office. She was allowing him to stroke for what he thought was a reward for being dedicated to his new role.  However, Miss Night begins to get to the real reason she has him like this, and she confronts him about being squeamish about some of his assigned tasks just as the last part ended.....]

"I'm sorry Miss Night.  I was having some troubles with a few things, and.."  aaron managed to stammer out before I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth firmly.   The slut never stopped stroking though, laying on his back on the table, his hand kept moving.

"However, its not christopher's role to push you, aaron, only instruct you, per my orders.  So, *I* will push you a bit,"  I said, smiling sweetly down at him.  My tone changed to be much harsher, "Stroke faster,"  I ordered and removed my hand.   I watched aaron's eyes, now a bit less blissful, maybe even a bit concerned.   He was, nonetheless, getting close.  I could tell by the flush on his face, the parted lips, the incessant cock drippage.

'On the upside, christopher tells me the yoga is going very well.  That makes me happy."  I said, smiling again.  I watched aaron try to smile back, although it came out looking more like a  grimace of worry on his face.   "All the way to the edge, slut!" I barked, as I picked up and snapped on some latex gloves I took out of the bag on the table.  "I also hear that you are a greedy ass slut,"  I informed him, watching him. aaron shuddered, and I watched him take his hand away from his cock, being careful not to cum.

"Oh, god, yes Miss,"  he breathed, his eyes intent on me.  "Is that a bad thing, MIss?"  aaron asked, his voice quivering.

"Oh, no aaron.  Not at all,"  I answered in a calm voice, smoothing the gloves over my hands.  'You see...if its something I can use to torment you... then its all good. "

"Halsana, aaron.  Now!"  I barked and watched as his sex addled brain processed the request as quick as it could, and he adjusted his position to fit my order.  Head and shoulders remaining on the table, his back vertically straight, ass up, legs hanging down so his ankles almost touched his forehead.   I smacked his ass and felt him shudder again, a panicked squeal escaping him.  "Back straight!"  I ordered.   I watched him readjust and get a better form of the pose.  

I leaned down closer to his face and whispered, "Still so close, aren't you, slut?"

"Yes, Miss Night,"  he replied.   I almost sounded like a sob,

I walked to his side and slowly undid one of the nipple clamps, hearing him yelp and hiss.  I ignored him being a wimp and looped the clamp with the long chain over his shins and reattached it to the same nipple as he shrieked.  I tightened both of the clamps then for good measure, hearing aaron cry out softly.

"Oh god!"  the slut gasped

"Better not change position now, aaron.  I wouldn't recommend it,"  I advised in a sing song voice.    I walked back down to the far end and pulled a small bottle of lube from the bag, squirting a bit of it on his very exposed hole, listening to him hiss from the sensation of the cool gel meeting his skin.  I watched his legs move a bit, heard him yelp as the chain tugged on the clamps and watched him try to still himself to avoid the pain.   I saw him begin to tremble a little and heard him whimper..

"Tsk.  You need more practice, slut.  What did I tell you?"  I said, clicking my tongue in disappointment.

I put the tip of a gloved finger against his hole and circled the rim of it.  I felt him stiffen and heard a sharp intake of breath, watched him struggle to relax. The excitement however, made him tremble more and I could see a sheen of sweat on his skin.

"Tuck your hands under your body, aaron,"  I instructed plainly. "I don't want to have to beat you for interfering with my fun."   I heard a whimper and watched him do as I told him.

I pressed my fingertip into his asshole and heard him let out a strangled moan as he struggled not to move.  

"Oh god, yes Miss, please!"  he begged as I slid the tip in deeper.  I began sliding my finger in and out slowly.  He was still tight, but his hole was very eager and clenching around my fingertip.  I laughed.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god,"  aaron repeated over and over as his trembling increased.

"Feel good, aaron?"  I mused, smiling as I pulled my finger out and teased around the rim again.

"Oh yes, yes Miss," he chanted, so close to cumming I bet he could taste it.

"Oh, look at that," I said, feigning surprise, and leaned to the side to examine the slut's quivering cock. I sighed dramatically.   "Well we have to stop, I'm afraid.  I've been told you see....that you have some objection to facials..."  I let my voice trail off.  I heard aaron begin breathing fast.   "Is that right?"  I asked wistfully and went back to playing around his puckered hole with the lube and my fingertip.

"Oh god, please let me cum Miss," he begged, his voice strained, whiny and pathetic.

"Just so we have it clear,"  I said, sliding my finger back in very, very slowly.  "You've changed your mind?"  I asked, lifting an eyebrow.

I saw as his legs begin trembling and he bit his lip, face red.  When he spoke it was in this panicked high voice that made me grin.  "I was wrong Miss Night. I'm sorry MIss!"  aaron managed to squeak out.

"Now that's much better.  But just so its clear....Tell me you want it," I said, stopping.  aaron let out a strangled squeal as I paused, my finger deep in his ass.

"I want it, I want a facial, Miss!  Please Miss Night!"  he screeched, his legs trembling hard and barely in check.

Another sigh just for dramatic effect.  "Very well.  Who am I to hold you back from expanding your limits, slut."

I took a step to the side of the table and put my forearm down on the backs of his leg, pressing down before plunging my finger in and out of his hole deep and quick.  I finger fucked him until he screamed and his cock burst, covering his face and neck with cum.  It took some time, and it was oh so perfect.

I chuckled and stopped fingering his ass, sliding my finger out quickly. I reaching over to undo the nipple clamps quickly one by one with an evil grin, which led to more screaming and another orgasm.  And of course, more of a cum shower for aaron.

When at last his body was done spasming, I let the pressure off his legs and watched him unfold slowly with some hissing as blood flowed back to its usual spots.  I simply looked down at the slut lying there, panting, covered in his own jizz.  I snapped the gloves off and tossed them onto his stomach.

"I hope you don't think I'm cleaning up any of your mess, slut,"  I said, moving to the washroom.  "Clean up and meet me in the conference room,"  I said over my shoulder.  I paused in my walking, but did not turn around.   "Oh and next time, aaron, maybe you will understand that I know what is good and best for you," I said before leaving the room to set up some space for after care.  

Don't be so shocked.  *chuckle*

End of Part XII

Slave Auction by Pesto

As I arrived At the Dominion Femdom, I could see many Mistress's and Lady's awaiting the arrival of the slaves who were about to be sold at auction.
I felt the chill of excitement run through my body as I was given a stand to be bound to, I realized that I was going to be given to a stranger and be made to do things I may not have experienced in the past. This made me very hot and my hands began to sweat, 10 minutes before the auction was due to begin I removed my clothes and proceeded to Bind myself to the stand. As I hang there, my naked body free from clothes. I could see the Ladies observing what was on offer. The event was about to begin.

I was fourth in line for the auction, the first person went up to the stand surrounded by women, he was interrogated. I could tell by his voice he was nervous and shy, He came unprepared.

The second person went up to the stage, with his voice not working very well he was immediately savaged by the Women for his lack of voice, it was like watching a seal being tossed around by killer whales, he was sold and quietly removed himself from the podium.

The third person made his way to the podium, he immediately began to talk on voice, he was British, experienced and had made preparations for the auction, he had a song ready and an emote.The Women of the Dominion began to ask questions and he answered with ease. I was proud of him for having the balls god gave him and being a man.

My turn, as I was called to the podium I could feel a hot flush shroud my body, my face a subtle shade of red, I could her the Women talking amongst themselves. I made it to the podium and chose my pose. The Auctioneer began by reading my application I was shaking anxiously anticipating the questions. I was asked what do i do and I was stuck for words!
I managed to get through the questioning and was asked to sing a song, I sung a song and they enjoyed it, a weight was lifted off my body, but then realizing what I was doing I immediately felt my heart in my throat, who will Buy me and will my emote be good enough??
As the auction came to a close I was informed that a Mistress had won me and I was a present for her friend. What was going to happen to me?

The End.

Mistress' Laughter by Casey

Mistress' Laughter
Casey Wildmist

I've always had the belief that if you're in a relationship with someone, you should be able to laugh with them, and one of the things I love the most about my Mistress is her laughter. Being able to make her laugh after a long day at work gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. Having silly, fun times together, where we're both laughing so hard we're crying, out of breath, and your face hurts afterwards mean so much to me. Sitting quietly in a skype call with her while she works on a project, hearing the soft chuckles of amusement, then being told what provoked them makes me grin and chuckle as well.

But the laugh that I love the most, the one that weakens my knees and fills me with pure joy is that husky, sensual laugh she has when she's playing with me. The one that comes out when I'm moaning and begging her to hurt me more, when she's turned me into an incoherent puddle of slut. THAT is the laugh I'm so fortunate to hear and I give her my all just to hear it, over and over again.

Her Eyes by Praxis

Her Eyes.

She looks at him.
Eyes agleam.
no question.
Her Eyes.

No secrets.
Her Eyes.

One word.
small matter,
Her eyes.

Arousing desire,
The world.
Good Boy.
Her Eyes.

Eve Of Demolition Dawn by Rebs

Eve of Demolition Dawn
by Rebelpoet Resident.

He woke as he always did with the morning sun as it just began to light the room through the windows. He rose from his over-sized cushioned dog basket he slept in.  Rising with a long full bodies stretch that always made his neck crack a little, he ambled over to the window and drew the curtains.  Then, in the dark he tiptoed out of Mistresses’ room leaving the door slightly ajar.

Once he got to the bathroom, he did his business and took his shower.  The toothbrush moved vigorously as he brushed his teeth while showering.  When he was done with the shower he toweled off and then used Nair to remove any body hair from his chest, armpits, and genital area.  He used to then stand in front of the full length mirror and look at any fresh marks or bruising and smile brightly remembering the play.  There was no need to do that this morning though he admitted to himself.

Next he made his way down the stairs to the living room and over to the door.  He slipped on the robe hanging by the door.  Then went out onto the front lawn.  He retrieved the paper and keeping it in its plastic set it aside.  The next duty was to water the roses.  It was really just a matter of turning the handles for the sprinkler system on.  With a slight hiss, thy all turned on.   This was usually the time for reflection, but, today he meditated.  He watched the ground go from hard to soft and dark and little puddles of water formed.  Ten minutes on the dot he turned them off.

He studied the blooms and walked over to the metal tool chest and pulled out some snipers. Decisions had been made as which rose. He put on the wading boots after cursing himself for not getting the rose before watering.  With an angled cut he sniped a white rose that was just starting to bloom.

The paper and rose were brought inside.  The robe came off and he hung it back on the rack beside the door.   He saw the red rose on the dinner table that had been cut in full bloom, and was now horribly wilted.  He started to throw it away but left it today and placed his white, budding, rose next to it
After a bit, he dropped down on all fours.  It took him a little while to get the paper into his mouth.  Where once he would have bounded up the stairs, today, the pace was slow.  He made his way to Mistress’ room and nudged the door he left open and he skittered to the bed and then knelt so he was able to move right against the bed and dropped the paper.  He turned around then and exposed his ass.  If Mistress stuck in the butt-plug made to look like a tail, then it would be puppy play this morning.  Of course she didn’t so he made his way down the stairs.

The rest of the day was keeping up the house.  There was always a thin layer of dust.  The house was both a reflection of his devotion and of Mistress.  So he had always been fastidious about keeping the place in proper order.  Though he left a small ball of crumpled paper on the coffee table .  Breakfast was served and brought to bed.  He only ate after waiting to see if she had left any morsels on the plate.  Today, he ended up having to clean the whole plate.
Once the house was in order he sat on the floor and turned on the television.  He then un-crumpled the notes on the coffee table.  They were actually an eviction notice and was coupled with and a notice of demolition.   He did the math and looked at the date and then burst into wild, wailing tears.  The emotions swirled from love, to anger to despair, and overwhelming sadness..  He looked at everything and knew he should pack up his belongings tonight.  There weren’t that many to pack so he started to get ready.  Halfway up the stars he burst into wailing and turned around again.   The next moment he was angrily walking to the play room.  ‘She will come back’ he thought to himself.

In the play room his face changed to one of determination.  He got up and chained himself to the wall. Mistress was the only one that had the key.  She was the only one that could free him.  He shouted, “Mistress, come back.  I’m not leaving your service unless released.”  He knew now is was just a matter of waiting until dawn when the demotion would begin.