Saturday, June 28, 2014

French Maids & Lipstick by Matthew

French Maids

Frilly lace of white on black
Ruby lips with sultry pout
Efficiently you do not lack
Needs fulfilled without a doubt
Cleaning things you have a knack
Hoovering ‘till it’s all out
Musty scent mixed with lilac
Aura of one so devout
It grieves me to have to pack
Desiring she who made me shout
Sensing need will drive me back.


Laminates of every color and hue.
In hard smooth tubes that are a pleasure to bear.
Protecting flesh so soft and so true.
Succulent treasures, encased with care.
Textures coaxing, will passion ensue?
Inviting to taste, if you would dare.
Caution crumbles, willpower’s through.
Kissing her lips, she does ensnare.

by matthew t cody

St. Andrews Cross by Anonymous


St. Andrews cross
wanting, waiting, begging,
raised hands,
    high hopes,
    futile attempts,
    as destiny  reached future ahead.
Roads to the North, East,  South, and West.
Cold wind heading from North West,
    chill atmosphere,
    seasons head,.
    cryptic space for many..
South winds,
    a hot burning breeze,
   blooms and flowers indeed,
   gentle touch,
    a whisper,
    to blindfolded eyes.
Far North East with a long travel,
     a language not understood,
     enter land by traits,
     sacrifice for tale.
North West with determination,
    with a road, that meets the humble,
    East something unknown,    
    an golden embracement?
Pulls the ropes,
    entangled by a cross,
     an archipelago of lighthouse,
     fills a flapping sails,
     or work by whips and flogs,
     sailing off with safe bounded hands,
     pushed ahead,
     winds and gusts of a Goddess.,
     a guiding star,
     with candles dancing in the air,
      a roar,
      in a safely home of calm and tough water

Living Fountain by Serf

the Living Fountain

Here is a story that makes a good listen,
a tale of a sub on his most humiliating mission.
A task so laughable to anyone but him...
A task transforming the serf to nothing but a piece of trim!
You may wonder what that last statement means...
well, i'll tell You that it will exceed Your most decadent dreams.
Think of a pathetic man actually craving the worst of luck
and think of that man so degraded that he would wish he just remained a cuck.
And think of a Woman so magnificent to inspire so much lust
that a man degrades himself for Her every whim and must.

W/we will call that Heroine by a name known as Mystical
and for Her slave it starts on a evening that he would say was anxiety's pinnacle
and it is here that W/we see the sub and the start of the story,
he is summoned to fulfill Her most perverted glory!
he arrives at the door as a total nervous wreck
knowing full well that on line tonight would be his own neck.
he crawls over the threshold into the Vixen's house
where Miss Myst lords over him like a cat to a scared mouse.
he quickly shuffles to Her on his hands and knees
and in a begging whimper he simply says the word: "Please..."

"Oh, I will use you tonight. Don't worry about that!
Now you must meet my friends, Robert and Matt!"
In a dramatic gesture Miss Myst pulled back a curtain,
With heart pounding he knew now that his fate was certain.
The two men stood grinning like a pair of demented and dangerous fools
wimpy lambs on any other but here they were like prancing bulls.
Those menacing toros looked at him with hungry eyes;
instinctively, he grasped onto Miss Myst's magnificent thighs.
The victim breathed in Her glorious and elegant odor
as Her hand clasped his trembling shoulder.
She spoke again with a laugh in Her voice:
"You have a few options and to you I kindly give the choice
but always know that this slave comes with ties
and to enjoy my special property will come with a price!"

"Of course!" the men cry out in a drunken reply,
The sub looks terrified with a look that says "Why?"
and Miss Myst looks at him with a widening smirk on Her lips
while the men ogle his mouth and the back end of his hips.
"Well, boys, what will be your snack?
Is it the front?" Holding his face and then slaps his bum: "Or the back?"
"Both of us want to take it first..." says one holding onto his chin,
"it is too bad that it does not have a twin."
Everyone laughs except, of course, the slave-boy
for today he fully realized that he was nothing but a toy.

"Take him both in the arse and in the mouth and fill in his holes
and cum in his face, cum on his chest and cum in his nose..."
Ms Myst said with all confidence as She continued:
"He is here to see that I am always amused.
Both of you work him and work him at the same time
cum in his mouth and in his arse... he will be fine!
It's all funny to me and that is what he is for, he is so lost....
Now I it is time for a decision and I will make a cost!'
So the men agreed that one would rape my face.
the other would take the sub's ass causing his full disgrace.
And Miss Myst named Her price and if You want to know the score,
She further humiliated Her serf by making him a 5 dollar whore!

What lesson can a pathetic pet learn from this tale of woe?
Could it be the teaching of a man losing his ego and his soul?
Or could it be that the man will finally understand the power of a Woman with Mirth and Malice
Her presence and control alone is the universe's palace?
One thing he can not ever forget to discern,
is that on that night Ms Myst made him a fountain of sperm,
A ornament for Her amusement and spectacle for Her profitable return.

The Captive Part VI by Lady Crissy

The Captive - Part VI

I could hear his excited breathing, see he was sweating, and I smiled, pulling out the knife again and opening it.   It was quite a sharp knife, and I wanted him to know it.  I carefully touched a fingertip to it and hissed, quickly putting the fingertip in My mouth, miming that I was sucking on the injured tip.  I watched his eyes follow the knife.   "So you will want to be very still now", I said, placing the knife close to his chest, then cutting down the front of his sweat stained shirt. I opened it all the way down, and ran My other hand over his bare skin. He was warm, his heart beating fast.  Taking a nipple between My fingers, I pinched it hard, twisting and pulling it. I held it very tightly, then let it go quickly, laughing at the whimper I heard behind his gag.

I moved close so that our bodies were touching, and with a wicked smile, I squatted down and cut up the sides of his shorts, making sure the dull side of the cool blade slid over his skin as I did so, enjoying the tremble I felt as his response. I cut up the side to his waist, the set to the other side and did the same, taking My time.  At the last cut the shorts fell to the ground at his feet, and I stood again and took a couple of steps back, still holding the blade in front of Me.  A louder whimper came from behind the gag as he stood, bound in front of Me, only his boxer briefs left.   I watched him carefully as I caressed the blade carefully, studying My prey.

I stepped forward again after a few moments and ran a finger over the fabric of his underwear to outline the bulge, feeling the hard flesh twitch and the wet spot increase, creating a much darker stain against the light grey of the fabric.  I caressed the head of My prey's cock gently with My fingertip through the fabric and pulled back to tease when his hips pressed forward to the touch.  I waited until he understood and was still again, then leaned down, and with My lips very close, I breathed My hot breath onto the same spot I had been teasing.  The noises behind the gag made Me think he might faint, and I laughed.

"Such a dirty little whore you are, My captive.  So eager to get used and abused, aren't you?"   My fingers reached through the fly in his briefs and pulled out the weeping cock, leaving it standing and hard sticking out of his underwear.   He moaned, and I felt his body go taut from My touch.  When the first slap of my palm met his cock, his eyes flew wide and his hips rocked.  I was pleased to see the sweat break out on his skin and show Me all the signs he was close to the edge already. His moan was pure ecstasy, and I loved that he enjoyed the sweet pain as much as I loved giving it.  I would make sure to enjoy it.

I slapped his cock again, not very hard.  I never needed to, to get the result I wanted. Again... again..each slap bringing him closer and closer to losing control. His cock began dripping even more, and the shuddering was delicious to watch, especially how it covered his whole body, from head to toe.  The feel of his hard cock against My palm was something I never tired of.  The heat coming off the reddening and already filled and stretched skin made it warm.  It was a cozy type warm, the kind of warmth that made Me want to do it over and over and never let him release.

At just the right point, I stopped and smiled sweetly.  He and I both knew relief was a long ways off. I took what was Mine in My hand and squeezed it firmly.  I folded the knife and put it away with the other while still holding his cock.  I undid the buckle to the gag and slipped it off.  He was breathing a bit hard, but I wanted to hear the pretty noises that I knew would just get sweeter as I continued.  My thumb began massaging the sensitive head of one of My favorite toys.  I used the wetness to tease him further. How I loved it when he provided me with even more means to torment.

He opened his mouth and I put a finger to his lips firmly.  "Ah, ah...," I started, tapping the tip of his cock with a finger after I relaxed his grip.  "Im usually more generous with My boy, but you are simply My captive.  You don't deserve it, and will have to earn it."

Message In A Bottle by Skylog

He looked into the mirror and saw himself behind a table, an untouched plate in front of him. He had tried to eat, but he could not swallow, something in his throat stopped him.

He stared into the mirror for a while, before he hastily stood and walked out of the cabin door.  He hurried to the deck of the ship he had boarded just a few hours earlier. When he reached the deck he took long firm steps and walked toward the railing of the port.  He gazed in the direction from which the ship had come. If any followed his glance they would have seen a seagull circling, and if the person looked even deeper into the fog below the bird, they would have seen a cliff and might have figured out, it was this point the man steered at. He didn't blink, he just stood there and watched this last trace of land vanish in the horizon. If there were any spectators to this scene, it might have seemed that this lasted forever, but he felt very differently, for he felt it was only a brief moment and he wished that he could stop time, just to get an extra last glance of the place he loved.

He leaned forward over the railing, so that the mist from the sea hit his face and small salty drops appeared under his eyes. A person seeing these drops, that slowly slid down his cheeks would think that it was water from the sea, but a more trained observer, or a person with insight in the mentality of a silent man, would see that he had wet eyes and a single drop on his cheek was bigger than the others. A chemical analysis would  prove, that this single drop had another origin than the cold and dark water below him. He blinked a few times and closed his eyes.

He didn't want to go away and leave this area, for he had for a long time felt that he belonged here and the land had felt like the place that he could call home. Lately he had felt that he was not needed here, he had felt how his age had affected him, and these arguments had lead to the conclusion that it was best he left while he could still find a place where he could feel he had made a difference. He would never tell this to a living soul, since he sensed that the woman would laugh at him, offering him a biscuit to dry his wet eyes. He felt foolish since only a man would think and act like he did.

His eyes laughed, since he saw the irony in his actions and he nodded before he turned around, and in a few long steps, entered his cabin.  He searched the bag on the bed, which he had hauled to the table with an envelope and a pen in his hand. He placed the envelope hard on the table and used the pen to write a few words. He closed his eyes while he rolled the paper.

He held the rolled paper in one hand and grabbed a bottle of wine from the table that had been a part of his last meal.  He pulled the cork out as he ran toward the railing, pouring the red wine out on the deck. The red wine had streamed behind him, like a storm of passion. He shook the bottle hard leaving only a small trace of the grapes that had been stored there. The word "HA!" had left his lips, as he stopped shaking the bottle and he quickly pushed the envelope inside the bottle. He grabbed the cork and pushed it back into the bottle and said to himself: It is nearly symbolic, an empty envelope posted in a bottle on a stormy sea, with only a small hope that it ever will reach the person it is intended for.  If it by magic did, he had forgotten to write his name. He stopped and his face turned red. He had thrown the bottle as far away from the boat he could, like he was disgusted and mumbled. "I also forgot to write her name,  and I realize she is gone with a sea between us.

He narrowed his eyes and located the bottle floating on top of the waves. He felt an urgent need to shout to it, that it was drifting the wrong direction. Instead he shouted, "Send her my love and tell her, I will ..."   He never finished the sentence since there was so many things he wanted to say, and felt with sadness, that words shouted was way were too late.  He mumbled, "Why are simple things so complicated? Why can you hurt a person and it is not even visible?  Why do we suffer in silence and with no visible traces? Why are the stars most bright, when you are the darkest places?"  Even though he was sad, he laughed, and looked up in the sky and continued.  "Why does that damn fog hide the stars? Why are stars so bright, even they are so far away?  I am still close to a star in my life and I can't see a single trace of light. This proves that the darkest place is inside your own mind, where the stars in your life shine bright."

He turned around and walked back to his cabin like a man who had been hit by enormous sorrow, his steps were slow and mechanical.  His last words on the deck, "Please forgive me, I was foolish.", which was a quote from a book.

Diana The Huntress by Doc

by Doc Nolan

He thought of her as Diana the Huntress.  He had looked up Diana online and had found this:  “Diana was the goddess of the hunt… associated with wild animals and woodland… having the power to talk to and control animals.”  He had smiled at that.  “Diana is worshiped at a festival on August 13th.  Oak groves are especially sacred to her.” He smiled more broadly yet.

He was thinking of places other than oak groves.  He was wondering if she looked at him as a wild animal – to be tamed. Probably.

Last night had been a turning point.  After stalking him, she had closed in, artfully maneuvering him into a corner.  He had fallen into her traps.  He was prey and he knew it.  What he hadn't fully realized was that this Diana carried no bow and arrow (she subbed that job out to Cupid).  She simply set snares, watching as her dazzled prey – staring– became caught.  She had smiled last night.  That was one of the three images engraved in his mind.  Another was her form, beckoning.  The last were her simple sentences which started, “I want….”    

 “I want you to pull my skirt up.”  He had and had been a bit surprised to see she wore nothing underneath.

“I want you to pleasure me.”  At that she had tugged on the leash, pulling him forward. “Now!”  Her voice had become firmer – more insistent – more certain and demanding.  He had simply said, “Yes!”

He did his job well, licking and probing, nuzzling and nibbling – gently.  It was as he did this that he felt a sharp pain across his buttocks.  He did not need to stop or slow to know it was fine.  He accepted her whims.  She hadn't been kidding (he realized now) when she’d said, “I’ll keep a yardstick handy.  As a motivator.”  He decided it wasn't the right moment to explain that he did not need to be motivated.  He kept going.

She bucked.  He hung in.  She pushed against his face; he provided her a place against which to press.  She moaned.  He could barely hear her as her legs clamped his head, both ears muffled.  Everything was distant except obligation.  His job was to pleasure her.

Finally she released him.  His face was damp.  No, truth to be told it was wet.  She tugged on the leash.

“Not bad for a first time,” she said.  She was chuckling.  He felt uncomfortable; was she saying it had been good for her, or that it had simply been adequate?  She peered into his face, and then added, “You show promise.  I definitely plan many repeat performances.”  His cock twitched at the word ‘performances’.  She was objectifying him, telling him he was a trick pony.  He liked the idea – a lot.  Her trick pony!  She planned to use and train and teach and make him more and more her toy.  He didn't want the words to come into his mind – but they did.  “Human equivalent of a Hitachi Magic Wand – but programmable!”  She hadn't said that.  He wasn't sure if he should ever admit to having put those words in her mouth.  His fantasies and turn-ons were most likely not hers.  “We are two universes,” he thought.  Then she spoke.

“I want … [again those words!].  I want you to cum for me.”  He knew that she knew what would do the trick – when she was ready – so he just nodded and said, “You know me, Miss.”

She grinned and replied, “Yes, I do!”  She pulled the leash harder, now yanking him atop her as she lay back.  “Lube up and then – inside.”  She wasn't discussing anything.  He was being told what to do.

“Do you want me on top now, Miss?”  He asked fully knowing it might be the last time he should be so direct.

“Yes… for now.  Later on I will roll you over and be on top.  As you should know, I like control.”  He nodded.  He knew that.  It was the reason he’d asked.  She added, “For now, I want you doing the work and as for me… ‘ she tugged the leash, “I’ll let you know when and if you can cum.  Or not.”  She giggled.

“Or not?” he echoed.

“Or not!”  I want you to know that if I let you cum it’s all my choice.  I might feel you need it.  I might decide I really don’t care if you need it.  You won’t know in advance – that much I can guarantee you!”  She laughed. “Now, please, shut the fuck up and start humping, boy.  You have 20 minutes.”

He began slowly (as always) but as his cock got harder, she began to use what he’d told her about himself weeks before. (She remembered?!) Her fingernails pinched his male nipples and he felt his member suddenly harden quite a bit more.  He wondered if she had noticed.

She said, “Yes, pinching these babies *does* improve your performance.” He thrust again and again into her.  His pace was quickening.  She teased him, saying “Yes, I definitely am going to have you buy some nipple clamps.  I can see how using them on you will benefit me – a lot.”  He had no idea if she was very excited or only somewhat so.  He knew he should care more but he was focusing on his own pleasure now – and she seemed intent on building it.  “Fuck me, boy-toy!  Fuck me!”  Her words were deliberate and manipulative and hot.  She was playing with his mind.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

The world began to melt away.  He was looking down at her breasts, noting the erect nipples.  A passing thought:  ‘Look up her; my face is up here’.  He tossed that silly mantra aside.  She wanted him to look at her naked form.  She didn't give a damn if he looked at her face or her boobs or her crotch.  He wanted him excited.  She wanted him hot.  She wanted what she wanted and what she wanted now was a male getting off on her – both literally and figuratively.

He came.  It was a pulsing, long series of feelings emanating from the very root of his cock and exploding upwards.  He felt the rush of blood filling his lips and his palms and the soles of his feet.  He felt his ears reddening.  He heard the pounding of his heart.  He inhaled and the simple breathing was another kind of pleasure atop all the others.  He collapsed and then gently rolled off of her. He realized that she had never insisted on mounting and riding him.  That was a passing thought.

He spoke.  “That was awesome.”  It was the best he could muster from his fuzzy mind.
She smiled (again).  “Well, you certainly did enjoy yourself!”

He nodded.

Her face then took on a slightly serious aspect. “Do you know why I let you fuck me today?”  Weakly, he shook his head.  The truth was that he never understood what women said or did.  It was all a mystery to him.

She stared into his eyes and said, “I am capturing you and this was a good first start to putting you into my cage.”  He didn't know if she meant that literally or metaphorically.  At this point he didn't care.

As he lay there, his eyes wandered beyond her naked form, all curvy and sweaty and nice.  It rested on a bookshelf on the other side of the room.  On it was a statue.  It was a woman carrying a bow.  For a brief second he wondered.  Then he knew.  It was a statue of the goddess Diana.  She was hunting.

The Party Part 1 by Lady Lobbie

The light flickered to life blinding him, and he rapidly blinks his eyes, trying to get accustomed to the sudden brightness now filling the room.  He had been gazing into the darkness for hours waiting for his Mistress to awaken.  Spending a night in his cage, he was a very lucky boy.  Before he got his sight back she was kicking the cage, the sudden loud noise making him jump.

“I hope you are not sleeping in,” She asks, kicking the cage with each word. “No Mistress, I’ve been awake for a little while. Waiting for you to come and tell me what I am to do to please you today,” he replies as she slowly comes in to focus and his eyes grow accustomed to the light. She has a tight pair of jeans on which show off her sexy ass as she bends over digging in one of his drawers.

He wonders what she is going to have him wear and what will be his task for the day. He feels his cock stiffen as  he watches her ass sway, damned early morning rise.  She is not helping, she knows how sexy he finds her ass. He closes his eyes and gulps trying to control his cock.  He hears the key in the lock on the cage sliding in and the click as its unlocked. The door swings open and he crawls out and over to his Mistress' feet.  He wraps his arms around her keeping his hands away from her ass, knowing that if he gets hard again he will be caged up.

“I want you to go shower, shave down there as well,  then I've laid your outfit on the bed.  I want you to put it on and come down to the living room. Don’t take too long as we have guests arriving soon,” She tells him. He nods, “Yes Mistress, how long do I have?” He inquires he wants to make sure he’s in time for her “An hour is more than enough time for you to get ready.” He nods and makes his way to the bathroom.

“Fuck.” He mutters under his breath he had spent way too much time in the shower, but the warm water on his aching body after a night in the cage always did make him a little sore.  Her ass shaking like that was wow, but he had to hurry.  He still needed to get dressed, and he was worried that she had picked some of her favorite outfits with buckles that could be tricky for him to get in to.

He walked in to his room and on the bed was a small black G-string, a bow tie, and matching cuffs.  He smiles.  He did love his butler's outfit. He did so love serving his Mistress, and by the sounds down stairs there were guests. He quickly dries himself and gets dressed.  He looks in the mirror and grins.  He has a good feeling about today.

He makes his way down to the lounge and taps on the door. She opens it a fraction, and steps out. “You are just in time,” she says with a smile. She pulls out a blindfold and wraps it around his eyes. “I hope you know you way around like this.” He nods, “Yes Mistress.” He hears the door open and the sound of the guests fills his ears and notices the smells of the catering.   When he steps in to the room it falls silent. He feels every eye on him he swallows hard

“Over here,” He hears her voice from the center of the room. He makes his way to her, minding the chairs and tables he knows are in his path.

to be continued

Like The Flick Of A Switch by Anonymous

Not auditory, but physical silence.
Not even the infinitesimal lightness of a sweat drop.
Every invisible hair weightless in suspence.
Sleeping in antici-

Patience, is what he needed to learn.
The skill to wait
An agonizing eternity
awaiting just a single touch
The lightest sign.

His eyes affixed
Watching the statue-esque keeper of his desire
The article which so holds his attention
Fills him with the motivation
Holds back the quivers

So long making little noises,
Soft whimpers
Strenuous whispers
Strangled groans
Swallowed cries for attention

Every heart beat animated in his flesh
The soft bounce
She watched it twitch and throw sticky droplets
Weeping from the eye
In desperation.

Slowly creeping
A fingertip extended
The touch of permission
Millimeters from the surface

She held back the grin
Tasted the power
Extended the isolation
Prolonged the torment
Exacted her will

With a simple motion
The slow deliberate bending of her wrist
Fingertip pressing to the purpleness
Instantaneous eruption
Permission received.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Steampunk ^ Tears by Mathew

Steam Punk

Society takes an alternative direction.
Time revolves on Victorian arts.
Engineering on close inspection,
An exploded view of cultures parts.
Mechanisms crafted approach perfection.
Paradigm shift of machineries hearts.
Underlying power in this Hiss-Storical  projection.
Necessities costs are clouds when she starts.
Kinetic energy derived from the vapors injection.


Teeming from the face to floor,
Earnings for Her physical chore.
Atonement can’t be paid in cash,
Rectified with cane and lash,
Submitting to whom i do adore.

by matthew t cody

Decisions by Doc

He was nervous.  It was almost fear, but not quite ‘over the border’.  She had made demands on him that meant it was now time to make decisions.  Decisions.  He hated that word.  It meant decoding what was most important, and that word was really the root of his problem.  He had learned that ‘important’ was something women told him -- and that it meant ‘I want’.

He really didn’t have that many wants himself.  Worse, what he really wanted was a smile from a lady – that special kind of smile that meant ‘I win!’  He didn’t really care much about winning… Well, not about winning in the sense of victory or defeat.  His only real idea of winning was winning approval.  If she smiled or showed delight, he really didn’t care if she thought he had lost.  Irrelevant.  The main thing was to perform to specification.

He was a toy.  He needed to be a very fun toy.  That was ‘job one’.

Decisions threw him.  He had to imagine what she would like with insufficient data.  (She had said, “You decide!” but refused to tell him what decision she would like him to make.)  On reflection he realized that if she told him how to decide, it wouldn’t really be a decision.  Catch-22!

He liked decisive.  It made things clear.  Sometimes there were problems… usually if he doubted he could meet the standards she set, or even be successful at accomplishing something she wanted.  That was horrible:  the sense of inadequacy.  Worse, she would yell.  He hated it when she was unhappy.  Some men (apparently) liked to provoke wrath.  To him that sounded nuts.  His job wasn’t to make women upset; it was to make them smile and giggle and gloat and grin and … he ran out of words.

Now he was stuck.  Again.

She wanted him to do things that scared him.  If he couldn’t perform it might be better to admit it now.  Then again, maybe it wouldn’t.  She’d be angry either way, but being upfront now wouldn’t get her as furious as failure later.  His decision was made.  Now the problem was timing.  He needed to find a good time and place to give her the bad news.

Being her sub was not an easy job.  It was a balancing act.  It involved judgment, skill and a degree of sensitivity that he knew that he lacked.  It meant doing things that would bring down storm clouds and pelting hail.  There were days he wondered why he hadn’t been fired.  But he rationalized that ‘if she decides I’m more trouble than I’m worth, she’ll tell me to get lost.’  So far she kept him around.  Actions speak louder than words.

He decided to tell her about his limit today.  In fact this morning.  The idea of waiting was worse than just speaking up.

He hated decisions, but the time was here.  He hadn’t made the decision.  It had made itself.  It was simply there – staring him in the face.  The next step was much easier.  Action.

He picked up the phone for what promised to be a very challenging conversation….

Feet & Adoration by Mathew


Finely boned and nails of red
Enticing me to kneel and start
Eagerly I bow my head
To kiss your toes and heat your heart


Alone all day I think of you,
Dreaming what the future brings.
Obsessing over some issue,
Remembering those intense lashings.
Aching joints and black and blue,
Thinking of the cane that stings.
Intensely craving some taboo,
Of flogger thuds and a wand that sings.
Neck devices are like wedding rings.

The Students by Anonymous

There is more than learning for high school students. Definitely more. I should know, I tutor them.
My job is to lead them, to not let their focus swift away from having fun while learning. I can lead them, because I observe.

One group I tutor is now a couple, Severine and Fabio. They started up in the same group, because they struggled in the same topic.

While Severine is doing a great job with alot of structure and continuous work without mistakes, Fabio dares more. He is lazy, so he always is looking for easier way to learn a topic. Severine is not lazy. She is very engaged in the work, she wants to have good results. Her steady, very grounded way brings her steady, good results. But not more. Fabio on the other hand is wild, always looking for other ways, exploring, not frightened to make mistakes. She often explains to him, why something is or is not working, after he took off and just followed his guts. Then his eyes hang on her lips, as if he listens but doesn't. Often when she finishes explaining, he still stares at her lips.

And then there is this other level, where they connect. When he is going wild with learning topics again, there is that caring look in Severine. That little smile, that encouraging body language. Then when he explains why he did the exercise how he did, she just looks in his eyes. And smiles. He needs that smile. One time when she was not there, he was a mess, struggling, aimless. When she smiles at him, he scores and produces results.

When the lesson is over, they both pack their stuff, he waiting for her. She always lets him wait. Then she takes him by the hand and takes over. Her presence is undeniable. And he follows her willingly. With their 18 years, she is a woman. He still is a boy. When they make fun, he never catches her. But she always gets him, he has no chance but to surrender. And he does, sometimes resisting until she lures him in, mostly on the spot. And very few times, she lets him win.

Between lessons I have sometimes the time for a cigarette, or even for a walk. Last week I went for a walk through the town and saw them in front of a fast food restaurant. I had to smile when I saw her feeding him. A picture popped in my mind, a collar, a leash. And a term: female led relationship.

Maybe those two are at the beginning of a very special journey in a young society, that is open to new forms. We'll see. Maybe I can tell more about Severine and Fabio in some time. I would love to.

The Captive Part V by Lady Crissy

The Captive - Part V

"Good boy.. Now, if you don't come along cooperatively...." I began, holding up the controller and letting fingers caress over it.  "... I will have to teach you a lesson."  I smiled sweetly and held the controller close to him. "Do you need a demonstration?"  I tilted My head and looked down at him closely and waited for an answer.  His head shook no, quick, and his wide eyes never left the controls.

"Very well," I said, and pulled out a pocket knife, pressing the button so that it opened with a snap that seemed to echo.  I leaned down and cut the ankle restraint, freeing them.  Keeping the controls in My hand the whole time, l laid the knife on his stomach and ran a hand up his thigh slowly.  He stiffened to My touch with tension and trembled.  I stopped right before I reached his crotch and smiled, hearing him whimper.

"I really should wait until we get to the camp.  It wont do for anyone to come across us and spoil My fun."  I stood and stepped to the side.  "I have the perfect spot in mind, "  I explained, picking the knife up and folding it, then putting it back into My pack.   "Up on your feet, boy, " I ordered, and watched him struggle to his feet.  I grabbed the front of his shirt and helped to pull him up.

Once standing, I moved behind him and pushed him to walk toward the east.  He began walking and I guided him verbally until we got to the right spot that I had in mind.  We hadn't seen another person the whole walk, or heard any sign of people at all.  The deeper we went, the more unlikely it became, just the way I liked it.  When we finally arrived, I had him stop.

"Lie down on your stomach, boy." I ordered.  When he complied, I bound his ankles together again.  Using another flexi restraint, I looped it through the wrist restraint and then bent his legs up to loop it through the one around his ankles, essentially a loose hogtie to make sure he didn't go anywhere.   I stood back to admire My work. "That should hold you until I get back."

I took the hike to the vehicle, arrived back fairly quickly, and began unpacking.  I noticed him trying to see around and I chuckled at the predicament he didn't yet know he was in.  I was well used to backpacking and could get quite a bit in one pack.  Lucky him. I first unpacked the long length of parachute cord and walked to the tree, looking up.  The branch I had in mind was directly above Me.  I tied My keys to one end of the cord and threw them up so they landed on the other side, the cord with it.  Removing My keys, I let the two ends dangle as I went back to the duffel bag.

Wrapped in clothing in the center of the long duffel was the spreader bar.  I pulled it free and walked with it to the tree.  I'd never noticed the stays on the bar until I began to hatch this plan, but it made Me wonder if the designer had something similar to this in mind.  Using the stays, I tied the cord ends to the bar and it hung there like a kinky trapeze like contraption.  Odd looking, but it will do the job I thought, with a soft laugh. When I turned around I could see him watching, breathing a bit quickly as a picture of my intentions began to take form in front of him.

I walked back over and picked up the leather wrist restraints from the pack.  I knelt down on him, putting  a knee on his back.  He groaned with the pressure and I pulled the knife out, snapped it open and freed his wrists.  Holding one, I put the wrist restraint on quickly, locking it closed, then the other, securing it as well.  I heard him sigh with some relief, which I was determined to reverse.  I ordered him up on to his feet and had him hop to the tree slowly.  Having him stand and lean against the tree, I locked the wrist restraints to the bar stays and pulled on them to pull the cord knots tight.   Nope, he wasn't going anywhere fast.  Not until I was done.

Breakfast/Diet and Exercise by Mathew

Breakfast/Diet and Exercise

Grinding coffee was never a toil,
The beans gave up their essential oil.
The fire turned water, to hissing steam,
That frothed the milk into clouds of cream.

The egg shells cracked, freeing their treasure,
The whisk whipped them for a certain measure.
Then poured in a pan for a scalding kiss,
The searing heat causing them to hiss.

Some shredded cheese, had played the part,
Of the way Your touch melted my heart.
Jalapeño peppers always added heat,
Like when You used the spoon to beat.

The tray was set with plates and bread,
Omelets and coffee kept You fed.
Me at Your feet, where i could steal,
A glance at You during the meal.

But now Your gone, i feel half dead.
Perhaps forever is my dread.
Missing the way You taste and  feel,
With You gone the world’s cold oatmeal.

My Happy Place by Ty

    It's 12:30pm on an hot April Monday. I'm looking out the window of my airplane, and nothing has changed for the last hour.  We haven't moved an inch since we rolled away from the gate. I can see that gate in fact. It's now filled with another plane, and those passengers are free to bath in the air conditioning of the terminal if they wish.  This packed plane of passengers is taking on the role of a breakfast sausage link cooking on the tarmac griddle.
   I'm already going to miss my connection and at least the first afternoon on the beach drinking.  If it were a business trip I probably wouldn't mind so much, but I'm missing my valuable vacation.  The guy next to me keeps talking to me. I'm a bit amused that he hasn't noticed that I haven't responded to him in over 15 minutes. Maybe I'll time how long it takes him to figure it out.

" You know this isn't so bad stuck on the runway. It used to take weeks to cross the country in a covered wagon." (covered wagon folk would have shot this guy along the trail)  "I'm originally from Missouri.  You know most wagon trains started out from St. Louis. Lewis and Clark......." (this guy is the reason we can't carry guns on the plane. I'd almost rather be hijacked than tortured to death in this heat listening to Americana trivia.)

    Finally, I interrupt him.  "Would you like a piece of gum?  My dentist was telling me it's good for your mouth." (hint hint... I'm not sure which is worse his breath or his body odor). He thwarts me like a true nemesis though.
"Oh! I'd love a piece. You know I'm best friends with my dentist. Carl’s his name. We go fishing all the time. He says fish oil is amazing for your health. Fish oil comes  in capsules now..............”

    I slump a little turn and look out the window at the hot asphalt and air conditioned terminal once again. I feel my chest tighten. This sensation in my chest triggers a thought in my head though. A thought of a much better place I’d rather be. I let my mind wander towards it. The blah blah fish blah in my ear is fading.  The tightening in my chest starts to feel more like a pressure across my shoulders. My arms feel pinned back.  My hips  flexed up rigid.  
   The image in my mind starts to focus. I am prone on my back along a bench or pole. My feet and arms are pulled down and bound almost as if I am the bench.  My chest and hips pointed up. Across my chest and shoulders sits my beautiful Mistress. She is half smiling half serious. She is looking at me concerned and amused. I start to struggle a little, but the restraints and her position keep me locked secure. Her skirt is bunched up just under my chin. Finally she speaks as I drift further into this scene.

   "Calm down boy. You're not going anywhere. You don't need to move. You are right where I want you. Now, settle down and enjoy it."  Her words are immediately relaxing because they are non optional. I do as I'm instructed, and the tension starts to ebb. My eyes brighten as I actually enjoy the feel of her weight on my chest. With a satisfied little smile she lifts the hem of her skirt and drapes it over my head as she inches forward up my chest. "Now lick me like I like it, and maybe I'll reach back and show my appreciation."  I hear her purrs immediately as I get serious about my vacation.

    I'm jostled back into my reality as the plane lurches forward finally towards takeoff. Again this flight has been disappointing. Maybe I'll have to visit the tiny lavatory in mid-flight and revisit my happy place.

"....... and Carl's wife Marge makes her own greeting cards. She sells them through friends and family. I could show you some of her designs. Save you a trip to the mall.........."
Ty Oddfellow

Fantasy Confession by Mikey

it was a cold and rainy nite.... ok bad start.....

Mistress sent me a note card of things to bring how to enter Her house and how i should be prepared.  This was after several emails and vanilla meetings in public places.

As i arrive at Her house about 5 minutes early, i sit nervously in my car running thru my emailed list of things to prep and make sure they are all done.... shave genitals and ass and 1 " around each nipple... 3 small enema's and face shaved, teeth brushed...
  all checked off ... i reread the instructions although i know them by heart for entering Her house but never can over do getting the protocol right.

I look at my watch - one minute to go,  just enough time to make it to the door and knock in proper sequence. i step up to the door, knock 3 times quick and 2 slow... then wait, head bowed, for the door to open....

The door cracks open and i see Her feet step to the door way... Her glimmering red painted toes are in black high heel pumps with very thin stiletto heels..  "Come in slave, I have been waiting."    As i go in i put my bag of toys- cuffs, gag, dildos - to the side and turn to shut the door behind me.

"You may set your clothes in the box and lock it when you are done," She tells me. "Yes Mistress," i respond and disrobe, putting my clothes into a box and shutting the lid. I hear it click, locked shut, trapping my vanilla world behind..

I then kneel and crawl to where She has sat down and kiss the top of each foot then, kneeling with my hands behind my back. She takes a collar and lays it across Her lap. She grabs me gently by my shoulder pulling me forward, placing my head in the middle of Her lovely cleavage and warns me to keep my mouth shut and remain still...  i of course do as told.   As She brings the collar up to my neck and brings the ends together, she slides the lock thru the hasp before She locks it shut.  She informs me, " While here in my house and wearing this collar, make no mistake You are mine to do with as i please. You are my slave till this collar comes off... do you understand??"  A very quick and simple "Yes Mistress" slides easily out of my mouth.  Then i hear the lock click shut.... "Good You are mine."

I am quickly led over to the saw horse spanking bench where i am fastened down by my wrists, collar and ankles. Then a final strap across my mid-section to hold me down to the bench, ensuring i am totally immobile.   Then Mistress places a blindfold over my eyes ensuring my sight is taken away from me, thus heightening my other senses. "Open," and a tap to my lips, i quickly open my mouth.  A rather large ring gag is slipped in and worked in behind my teeth really stretching my mouth wide and causing me to drool a great deal.

"Now i remember You said something to me about wanting to be forced to perform a bi experience," She says, and evil low cackle echoes through my ears.  My eyes widen behind the blindfold, my mouth tries to close and my limbs instinctively pull at their attachment points.  i remember discussing this with Her purely as fantasy talk and had no idea She would try to force this on me.  i mumble incoherently through my ring gag only eliciting more laughter from Her.  i hear chains drag on the floor and i sense body heat before me and a heady smell too,  Then my fears turn to reality as a cock head slowly slips into my mouth and I hear the words that still echo in my head.  "SUCK it bitch!"

Suddenly my tongue flicks at the growing cock head as it works its way deeper into my mouth, across my tongue and teasing my throat.  Then out of nowhere (at least to me) a hard cock pushes at my ass, and i recognize the size and cool material as a rubber dong.  I feel Mistress's body lean on my back....

"Welcome to your fantasy my boy."

Needless to say it was a wonderful time and i still go back an serve every chance i can

mikey   (submichael destiny)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The List by Doc

She had moved quickly…
He didn't remember meeting her, but she was now part of his daily life.
She hadn't asked permission.
She had just decided to be in his life.

He liked it.
Her determination, her curiosity, her disregard for his opinions.
She had just moved in.

His friends had either been unaware or – surprised.
He had opened the gates and invited her in, asking what she wanted.
She had told him.
He had folded.

There was never any invitation.
She didn’t seem to think any welcome was needed since her whims were law.
As for the others, she simply walked to the front of the line and said,
“Me first!”

It was flattering.
Being desired and chased and ordered about and wanted and used.
Not being asked.
Not being merely tolerated.

He had no idea what she wanted.
She had nodded, “No you don’t!”; she then had pulled out paper and pen and listed her desires and wants
As if writing a shopping list.
At the top the words: “What I want from you…”

She had told him to memorize the list, and… that…
He would be periodically tested and evaluated to see if he was ‘doing his job’ as she put it.
Her lists never used the word ‘please’.
They were simply bullet points.  Bare.  Spare.  Direct.


Over time, her list evolved.
She sometimes added items, and  smiled as he did others.  Then she crossed them off her list.
Finally he asked, ‘What happens when I’ve done everything on your to-do list?”
She laughed.

“It never ends, my little moth.
I am your flame, and I will burn and you will flit around me (as moths do).
I will find new uses for you.”

“For a long, long time?” he asked.
She nodded.  Then she chuckled.  Then she started laughing.  She seemed caught up in the humor.
“Oh, yes!”
“For a very, very long time!”

Anonymous Confession

I look at him and
I want to fucking hurt him so bad
I want to make him cry
I want to make him a sniveling mess
of his lost manhood
Then I will spit on him in disgust
For what he has become
For me.

Anonymous Confession 2

How Do I love you let me count the ways
As much as the collar on your neck
A circle with no end
The leash that binds you to me
An unbroken bond
The cage in which you sleep
Safely and soundly
You kneeling at my feet
Your eyes searching out my soul
But mostly I love because
You my boy are mine


Bleeding Feathers by Anonymous

I feel your nails on my skin
A barbed embrace
Tender in the sting
Warm and sharp and blushing red
Involuntary colour
Masochistic markings
You scribe your emotions into my skin
Pull yourself to me
And I to you
With tethers latched to my very being
Little cuts weep
And sweat out the sin
The Lust
The desires I hold for you
The needs I express
With every breath
I express my capture
You offer release
Draw into me
In red, liquid devotion
The wings for me to fly free
Returning home
A bird to my cage.

Bound and Bitten by Raven

Bound and Bitten by Raven Queen

The torn cover of the latest entertainment magazine lies discarded in the gutters of a busy New York street, dirt covered and barely visible, it shows the picture of the newest acting sensation to hit the streets.

Raven Queen was a typical high school student until she was discovered three years ago acting in a small town theater in a town so small you couldn't find it on the map..

Elevated from being virtually unknown to being the name on virtually everyone's lips, Raven is still living the dream, having gone from living in a one-starbucks town to the bustling streets of New York. The first pay check She received went on a the down payment to her dream house.

A Black Sedan sits parked across the street from the house of Raven Queen parked in the perfect position to have full view of the pool area of the building, the tinted windows of the car preventing anyone from seeing into the vehicle.

It was the third time in a month she had come to New York to observe her daily activities "I know your comings and goings and your times run out." she whispers as she waits in the pool house.. It was five minutes to seven. and the sunlight was filtering through the trees, causing the miniature waterfall that spilled into the pool to shimmer and sparkle.

She wondered if Raven could sense that she was in danger, did she have an uneasy feeling, perhaps a subconscious urge to skip her swim this morning? Even if she did, it wouldn't do her any good. It was much too late.

The sliding doors opened, and Raven stepped onto the patio. twenty one years old, she was infinitely more attractive than she had been even three years ago. Her body tanned and toned from her daily fitness regime, she looked good in the tiny blue bikini. Her shoulder length golden blond hair hid her pale blue eyes and framed and softened her sharp chin.

Diving into the shimmering blue water, she does her usual ten laps of the pool, not sensing that her every move is being watched. finishing her last lap, she stops to rest at the side of the pool, before climbing out and grabbing her towel. then draping it around her neck walks towards the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, she heads towards the refrigerator, and opening the door leans in to grab a bottle of water. not noticing the presence stalking towards her,

A ragged chloroform soaked cloth grasped in her right hand, she puts her arm around Raven's neck and places the rag against her mouth, tightening her grip around her neck, forcing her to inhale the vapors. With the last thing Raven hears before everything turns dark being a seductive female voice saying "Lights out princess"

Bending over towards the now unconscious form of Raven she begins tying her hands and feet, before gagging and blindfolding her, and moving her prone body over to the couch to wait for nightfall and the cover of darkness. Looking out the window to make sure nobody would spot her and no cars were passing carries Raven over her shoulder to the waiting car and dumps her into the boot before locking it and driving away slowly so as to not attract any attention, making her way to the place where her new toy would be spending the next few months of her life.

Driving up to the gates of her private estate, she pressed the remote that opened the gates and drove up the driveway to the house making sure the gates locked behind her. Getting out of the car and making her way over to the boot, she unlocks it and reaches in pulling out the still unconscious Raven Queen, then slings her over her shoulder and unlocks the front door before carrying her into the house, locking the door behind her,  she climbs upstairs and makes her way towards the corner bedroom before dumping Raven onto the bed and securing her with ropes to the bed. checking to make sure they were tight, then leaves the bedroom and closes the door quietly.

The hours passed and Raven eventually awoke to find herself tied to a bed and the cold silk of the blindfold tight against her eyes, leaving herself in total darkness,  panicking she tries to free herself by rubbing her face against the mattress of the bed she's tied to but find herself unable to dislodge it. she attempts to free herself from the ropes that binds her to the bed, tiring herself out she finally admits defeat. Suddenly she hears the creaking of a door opening and senses a presence entering the room,

Sensing the figure walking closer towards her, she stops struggling and stays still, feeling her hair pushed away from her ears, she suddenly feels the cold breath on her cheek and hears a voice whisper in her ear  "I'm back Raven missed me?" Raven jerks in fear tries to shy away from the figure looming over her as whimpering sounds comes from her throat and she shakes her head from side to side.

Reaching into the drawer on the nightstand and picking up a syringe and vial of tranquilizer she fills the syringe and bends over the still struggling Raven, then flicking the needle tip gently plunges it into her left arm  Raven feels a slight pinprick jerks and as her consciousness starts to fade hears "It wouldn't do to have you escape, my little princess, our fun has only just begun"

Awaking in a cold sweat, Raven thinks to herself "that was a bad dream" moving to get out of bed, she finds herself still bound and gagged, feeling the cold draft of a presence next to her, she feels the gag pulled free from her mouth and her ropes loosened, and the room suddenly filling with light as the blindfold is removed, blinking quickly as her vision tries to adjust to the sudden light. she hears a woman's voice say "I will permit you to eat, and use the bathroom, and after you are finished, I am going to dial your father on my cell phone. You will tell him that you are with friends, that you're not sure what your plans are yet, and not to worry about you".

"Do you understand that Raven?"

Her answer was barely audible "yes"

"If you attempt in any way to seek help, you will regret it immensely, understand?"


"Very well"

The phone rang in the Queen household and Mr Mica Queen, Ravens father picked it up, he gasped "Raven, we've all been so worried about you, oh your mother will be happy to hear that you've called, of course I'll pass your love onto her, are you sure you're all right?"

She broke the connection "You did that very well, Raven, some stress in your voice but that's natural,, I suppose. Maybe you do have the makings of an actress."

She re-tied the gag over her mouth. "I'll be back eventually. Try to get some sleep, you have my permission to dream about me

Modern Art by Lady Saaskje

Modern Art
Saaskje Violet

"i want to paint your face," i whispered, breathless and wet.  and i do.  i want to paint your misery and hang it on my wall. your pain is my erotic artwork.

you’re so beautiful when i wound you. when you dissolve into tears. when you’re anguished.  terrified.  fighting it…and losing the battle. and you always lose the battle. i live for that climax, the peak of your torment, that moment of forfeiture, your white flag waving.

all your features run together for a moment…then shatter into pure geometry. your eyes, shadowy triangles.  your mouth, a perfect half-circle, curving downward in an exaggerated arc to meet the horizon of your chin, like a rainbow made of nothing but red.  your cheeks sliced into neat strips where tears flow, where they don’t.

i want you to sit, bound to a stool, and subject to me—my subject, my loyal…subject—while i hurt you, and paint you, and hurt you, and paint you, and hurt you.

She Came And Conquered by Lady Lobbie

She Came and I Conquered

My days were quiet and spent in thought
Then a ball of fur fell at my feet
She is kind caring and fun
She is now my kitten oh so sweet

She has filled the gap in my life
I didn’t even know was missing
She purrs and makes me happy
I’m glad it’s me she’s kissing

So soft and such a brat
How it will turn out I’m not sure
But so far life is wonderful
I for one cannot wait for more

 by Lady Lobbie

The Wanderess by Gia

The sky was turning a light shade of lavender and orange. The two colors, although beautifully different, blended into one another before dusk. I stood there as the breeze caressed my exposed, slightly bruised, flesh. My hair untamed, and the wind causing the loose strands to distort my vision.

I could taste the air, hot in my mouth just like Indian spices on my tongue. My palate dry and my entity forsaken in this moment, I quiver.

The darkness began consuming whatever sunlight lingered within the desolate sky, and stars began to show themselves in reassurance.

Flesh glistening from a day that’s no more,
And I can still feel your touch.
Powerful, yet comforting.

Stomach turning with emotion.
The mind and body are one,
As we once were.

Knees buckle,
And I collapse to the soft soil
Beneath my bare feet.

The breeze whistles,
Through the oak trees
That surround me

As if trying to tell me something.

I listen…
.Forever waiting.

Yet only stillness.

I run my fingers over my smooth legs,
Ever so gently.
….Barely touching.

I lay myself down,
And look into the infinite sky above me…
I wonder if you’re doing the same.

Cosmos communication…
Or wishful thinking.

Fireflies flutter above me,
Illuminating gold,
Winged stars within my reach.

Back arched
Pressing myself harder
Into the soil.

My dress dirty…
Yet, it doesn’t faze me.

I’ve never been one for material things.

Grasping the soil,
Between trembling fists.

My body distressed,
As I hold my breath.
My eyes clenched tight.


My lungs tighten,
As I release the stagnant air
Residing within them.

Eyes open now.

And the stars blur,
From moist eyes.

My chapped lips,
Unquenched for quite some time.
Part only long enough
For a soft
‘Where did you go?’
To escape.

The air is becoming cooler and the breeze still whispers, as the night wraps around me like a blanket. Placating my essence. My body lays limp on the calm ground, and a part of me wants to lie here forever, because I’m to worn.

I struggle for a moment, to swallow the lump in my throat. As if your hands where around my neck preventing me from doing so. A neck that is now bare, without a symbol.

The wanderess, ever wild and free, yet here I lay.
Captive only to my mind and its longing.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Confession by Madi

The Art Display
Fiction by Madison Grayman

     I arrive at my Mistress's estate a few minutes after four in the afternoon. Tonight there is to be an extravagant party and the house staff is busy preparing. They all knew my status. I was the collared property of their employer. In the absence of my Mistress I am to obey the head maid. When I walk in the door Miss Andrea, the head maid, shuffles me up the stairs to the master bedroom and hands me a sealed letter.  Then she steps from the room without a word, closing the door and locking it from the outside.

I open the letter and in my Mistress's eloquent handwriting I find my instructions for the night. I am to shower, shave completely, and then dress in the red party dress on the bed. She adds that I should place and lock the polished jewelry like shackles on my wrist and ankles. The dress would hide the ankles and the wrist looked like lovely expensive jewelry to any outsider. In addition I am to wear the bra and panties she left out as well. They too were red, but Mistress never allows me to wear panties. “What is she up to” I whisper to myself.

Once I am ready I am to wait…….

There was no clock in the room and felt like hours. I admired myself in the mirror and made sure every strand of hair was in its proper place and my make up was perfect.  Then the click. That distinctive sound of the door being unlocked. I hurry across the room to the middle of the rug. There I assum the position of inspection. Legs apart and hands behind my head. It is Mistress.

“Hello my girl” you say in a lovely tone.

I whisper “Good evening Mistress”.

“Tonight as you know is my birthday party and I will have many important people attending.” you pause as you lift up my dress to inspect what was underneath “I bet you feel strange wearing panties my girl” you say with a grin.

“A bit Mistress” I respond just as I feel you pull the front of them down for a moment.

“Nicely shaved girl…..tonight that will be most delightful….you see my girl I have something very special arranged for you….you are going to be….lets say the center of attention tonight.”

My mind is racing  as I try to figure out what your plans are for tonight. Just then you shove a leather bound ring gag into my mouth and secure the buckle with a tiny padlock.

I whimper... It will only be a few moments before I start drooling all over my pretty dress.

Then without warning you pull heavy leather sack like hood over my head and with a firm yank of the drawstrings you tighten it around my neck. Then I hear the snap of a lock to prevent me from removing it. I’m completely blind and the drool slowly collects inside the hood.

“My girl, tonight you are going to experience something you have never before experienced.  You will be safe, but you will be very vulnerable my girl. You know your safe word, but you also know our agreement, safe wording only means something else at a later date. That is all I am going to tell you, the rest you will come to on your own.”

With that your ring the bell for the maid.

“My girl, you are an object tonight and objects don't make noise”

and from that moment I know not even a whimper will be tolerated. Suddenly I feel a hand on my arm and I am lead blindly from the room, down the long hallway to the elevator. Down we go and through the house. I have no idea where I have been taken in the house.

Someone lifts me up onto something like a platform and guided into position, my head is placed into a horizontal wooden stock and secured, then my arms are stretched out and chains secure them to post on either side. The same for my ankles.

“OMG I am on display!” I say to myself.

Sometime passes and I am not sure how long I wait, but then I hear the room slowly fill with people. All I can do is stand there as the room got louder and louder. I am on display.

“Welcome everyone welcome, I want to thank you all for coming to my birthday party tonight….I have something special for you all as we enjoy the evening. As you all know I have a passion for all types of art. Tonight I present to you living art. The lovely creature you see up on the platform is my dear girl Madison.  Around her on the platform are your brushes.”

I have no idea what is at my feet.

“You will find everything you need to turn her into a living piece of art. Scissors, markers, pens, paints, clothes pens, clamps, rubber straps.” you shout out.

“Madison tonight has been instructed to be an object, if she makes noises she knows she will be punished later for please make her make noise”

There is loud playful laughter in the room.

“My rules are simple, no penetration, but you may touch, torment, pinch, spank, draw, paint, and tickle her to your hearts content...and if her clothing is in the way… have scissors. So please….make Art.”

And with that the evening began.

Slowly at first, I felt hands touching me, cupping my breast, across my belly. even pressing against my shaved mound through my dress….Then the first snip! And the skirt section of my dress was slowly cut away. I felt the warm air on my freshly shaved legs. I was so embarrassed and so thankful Mistress had allowed me panties. More touching, then I felt my dress being cut the rest of the way off….more touching, more hands, more laughter.

I was bound, gagged, hooded and wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I had multiple hands touching me, and I could start to feel pens and markers writing on me. I started to sob in my personal darkness. Then with a few more snips, the bra and panties were no more.

The evening progressed, every hand respecting my Mistress’s rules. I was never penetrated, but the clamps and clothes pens found their way to every part of my body. My nipples ached, my labia stretched under the weight of the clamps…..then suddenly silence in the room. The only sound you could hear was my soft delightful whimper under the large hood.

Then the clamps came off my sex and I screamed! and I cried….then the clothes pens came off my nipples and I screamed and cried more!

What felt like 30 minutes past and I felt my hands and ankles being released….then my head freed from the stocks...and I was lowered to my knees shaking….I felt someone wrapping their arms around me, embracing me in safety. The next thing I heard was the click of the lock holding the hood on as it was pulled from my tear stained face, the brightness blinded me for at least 30 seconds….then I realised…..there was no party.

“MMMm my girl you did sooo good” you say in a soft whisper to my ear as you take off the gag.

“Mistress, where are all the people?” I say in trembling voice

“My girl, it was only me in the room” you respond softly

“I don’t understand Mistress” I whisper.

You point to the speaker at the base of the platform “All sound effects my sweet girl, Andrea helped me play the right ones at the right time, the party you heard, just a recording.”

Holding me close, we kiss “My girl, do not think that I will not share you like that for real, I OWN you my girl.” you say tenderly, but firmly

I kiss you passionately “Yes Mistress”.

the end

Pig Poem by Anonymous

I enjoy your personality,
wish you were mine
Can't have you in reality
little, cute, bratty, fine.

I'll keep my eyes open
for perhaps an opportunity
though it may be thin
you should belong to me.

Raven in flight
dancing and music muse
when the time's right
You I will take and use.

The Captive Part IV by Lady Crissy

The Captive - Part IV

I felt, then heard the cadence of swiftly running footfalls, then the faint sound of his breathing as he ran toward the spot I had staked out.  I rested against My cover and listened closely so I could time things just right.  He was still on a full out run toward Me, that much I could hear.  One, two, three, four, his steps were coming quickly, he would be here very soon.   I smiled to Myself from the spot I had picked out of sight and waited. I I didn't have to wait very long.

I heard the skidding, the sound of someone in a dead run hitting the breaks fast. Then a frustrated "Bloody Hell!" from My boy as he saw the cherry red gag hanging from the branch dead ahead of him on the path.  The sound of his shoes on the ground was a lot like a baseball player sliding into a stolen base, and I watched as My boy barely recovered from sliding on that pretty ass of his. He switched directions quickly, I was impressed to see, and darted in another direction.

However, he hadn't taken too many steps into the new direction when I stepped out just besde him as he passed.  He couldn't have seen Me from where I had been hiding, but that was part of the plan.  Putting My hands firmly on his shoulders and using My foot and leg to bring him down firmly, he hit the ground face down.  I heard it knock the breath out of him, but I also knew from sparring in Judo that I had to move fast. Taking advantage of the wind being knocked out of him, I quickly sat on his back and grabbing his wrists firmly, pulled them back behind him, securing them together with the restraints.  I pulled them tight.

He struggled a bit under Me, pulling at his wrists, and I took advantage of his futile efforts to scoot down to sit on his legs, quickly binding his ankles tight together next.  He struggled a bit more, then laid still once he knew the chase was over, still breathing hard.   I stood up silently, and walked back to get the gag from the overhanging branch.  I caressed it in My hand and smiled at My sweet victory.

Coming back I stood over hm, waited a few moments, then knelt and took a handful of his hair to pull his head back slowly but firmly.  His eyes were wide and his face was flushed with excitement.  I could feel the heat coming off him, the exertion of the run, and the sexual heat at the realization of a lifelong kinky sexual fantasy come true.  Using My other hand I placed the red ball in his mouth.  Letting his hair go, his head sunk again, and I put both of my hands to the task of securing the straps and buckling them behind his head.

Standing again, I looked around and determined the shortest route to the site that I had envisioned to take My captive.   It was the perfect place, and not that far away.  I poked him in the side with My boot firmly.    "Not bad..."  I started.   "I almost worked up a sweat," I taunted, resting a boot on his firm ass and pressing down.  I heard him suck in his breath and moan into the gag in his mouth as his hard cock in his pants was pressed firmly to the ground.

Pulling out the last of the toys in My pouch, I fingered the collar that I had produced from it and chuckled, wondering if the maker knew how many of their collars ended up around human necks.  I only had used it once before, and being a smart boy, I wouldn't have to prove its effectiveness again.  Squatting down next to My prey, I slipped the collar around his neck, hearing him moan again.  I buckling it snugly, then stood up, satisfied.  Putting My boot under him and also using My hands, I rolled him over onto his back.

His breathing was coming quickly, sweat staining the fabric and making his shirt stick to his skin. As I watched him, I imagined the feel of his skin under My fingers, My lips, My teeth.  His excitement was even more clear as My eyes travelled slowly down him, then down to below his belt.  He was already straining against the fabric, so aroused by the chase, the capture.  His eyes got a bit wider as he watched Me, just a bit fearful, as I knew he would be.  As he should be.

Lastly, I pulled out the controller for the shock collar.  It was a simple enough device. Small, easy to use and very effective.   As he registered what I had pulled out, I could feel the spike in his energy, the "oh shit" response now kicking in.  I swung a leg over him, and straddled him, looking down at him and grinding Myself into him slowly but firmly. I felt his body shudder with pleasure even though his fear, or maybe even because of it.  I stopped and held up the controller in front of his handsome face.

"Now My prey. I think you know what this is..."   I watched him eye the controller, then Me, then the controller and shake his head vigorously. I leaned down and smoothed his hair gently and laughed.  Now we're getting somewhere, I thought, with a grin.

TEASE by Anonymous


Tease, please I beg you please.
Tease, make me beg on knees.
Touch, make me crave you more.
Tantalize, I'll writhe on the floor.

Tower, stand above me high.
Just your look will make me sigh.
Caress, and hear me moan.
Deny, and I'll surely groan.

Need, oh so full of need.
Still, please let me plead.
Beg from you a touch or two,
and anything you want to do...

A Drizzle Of Discovery by Velveteen

Mistress had asked me to find something, a little bit fun that I wanted to try.
I'd already gotten what I wanted.
It was a little interesting, a little unusual, not something I think she'd guess.
I hadn't gone after anything especially sexual, Not anything painful or particularly kinky.
Maybe even Mistress would like a break now and again.
I loved to be of service to Mistress, and this was right along those lines.
Warm chocolate sauce.
My mind already swam with a hundred ideas of how to use it.
I was pretty sure I had it worked out.
Pretty sure.

When my Lady arrived home, I had her tea prepared.
Mug in hand I greeted her.
After the pleasantries she asked if I had completed her task yet.
My small smile betrayed me before words had even been offered.
She didn't ask.
Not yet.
It almost disappointed me a little.
The suspense was gnawing at me.
Gazing upon her longingly, it was anticipation that rose.
Well, not only anticipation.

She drew me to the bathroom where I helped her undress.
I quickly removed my own garments before being lead into the shower.
I loved this part of my day.
I bathed my Mistress.
Soft caresses.
Devoted attention to detail.
I always tried to make sure relaxation was mixed with cleanliness.
It was our pre-scene ritual, and always settled the mind.
At least for a moment.

Once in the bedroom, my Mistress sat comfortably on the bed, I at her feet.
I was finally asked what I had chosen.
My response was met with a raised eyebrow.
"Food play?" she asked quizzically.
Warm chocolate sauce to be exact.
I did love to service my Mistress.
Her bemused smile gave me the go-ahead I needed.
I fetched it swiftly, sitting in hot water to make sure it was melted.

My Mistress instructed me on where she wanted it placed.
I was to diligently clean it off, without using anything but my tongue.
No arms for support.
Just my tongue.
At first it was simple things, like her upper arm.
I was a little clumsy, holding my arms behind my back obediently.
I kissed upon my Mistress' skin and softly lapped up the sauce.
Higher up was ok, I could balance.
But then she began to tease me.

She drew a long line up her thigh, stopping just short of that crease.
You know the crease.
The fantastic fold of flesh that one's eyes fumbled to frequent, unforgettably Infatuating.
Right there.
My eyes widened, and I leaned down.
The angle made me fumble.
Just at her knee, the first part to reach the sauce was my cheek.
A big messy smudge and my Mistress' sultry tone. "Ah ah ah, pet, that's not your tongue.
I couldn't hide the smile, my lips pursed, and I pressed my tongue to her leg.

Paying particular attention to my balance this time, I drew my tongue towards my Mistress' body.
The sticky sweet flavour mixed in my mouth.
Silken smooth sauce slipping from soft skin, sensationally seductive.
My mind misting, distracting me with images.
I felt a fingertip abruptly make contact with my forehead.
"Far enough pet."
My eyes focused in on where I was.
My tongue almost slipping into that unfathomable crease.
Nose mere millimeters form My Mistress' stomach.

I rose at Mistress' direction.
She smiled at me, smirking almost, Using her thumb to take the chocolate smear from my face.
Her other hand drew a crooked line from collar bone, through her cleavage, and down to her hip.
I bit my lip softly.
Watching with intent.
I waited patiently for her permission.
And the second I gained it.
I hungrily descended upon Mistress' hip.

Kisses first.
Soft, adoring kisses.
I felt a hand in my hair, taking a little grip and tugging a moment. "Tongue, Pet."
I tried not to laugh, It'd get me in trouble.
My tongue pressed into the contours of my Mistress' body.
Rolling down the sweet, satisfying road.
Crossing the softness of Mistress' stomach.
I could feel her tense up at the softness.
Tickling her.
I lingered a moment, like any good brat, licking slowly.

Savoring the sensation, I arched my back and leaned against my Mistress.
Rising upwards, my eyes gazing as high as they can.
Looking into the eyes that watched me.
Enjoying their half open expression.
The look of pleasure within.
Satisfaction and amusement.
I smiled unavoidably.
She smiled too, I bet I looked goofy.

My stare intensified as I delved between Mistress' breasts.
Their warmth caressed my face.
The last of the chocolate from one cheek transferred.
It was sticky.
I slowed right down, as if a reaction to that sensation.
It was a farce.
I loved being here.
I loved their feel, and wished to enjoy it for as long as I could.

As My face reached the open air, I bent my neck to follow the line.
Tracing Mistress' collar bone.
I couldn't stop smiling, so much so that my teeth grazed very lightly.
No marks, just a gentile touch.
I made an exaggerated sound as I finished the line, flicking my tongue from Mistress' skin.
When I sat back, I looked up at her, ready for the next thing.
She was laughing softly, looking at me.
And with that, I got a sharp little slap.

She took a-hold of my lower jaw and tugged me to face her.
Leaning in, nose to nose.
"That was teeth, not tongue."
I smiled, cheekily.
"Sorry Mistress."
Releasing my jaw, she gave me another soft little slap.
She did love the pinkness those caused.
She liked to tell me I was pretty in pink.
And that was never clothes.

This line was different.
Mistress drew up the inside of one thigh, above her sex, and then down over her labia.
She stared into my eyes as she drew it.
Smiling demurely.
"You remember pet. Tongue."
There was much emphasis on that last word.
"Yes Mistress."
I answered, Trying to hold back an excited laugh.

Leaning down, tongue presented, it touched to Mistress' soft inner thigh.
I lapped away diligently.
Tongue only.
Not even a hint of my lips, as much as I wished to kiss.
Drawing ever closer to the chocolate dipped rose.
My mind swam with thoughts.
Lustful hunger.

Finally making contact, I used the tip of my tongue to stiffly part Mistress' labia.
Scooping nectar and chocolate alike from between.
My instinct was to suckle.
To devour for Mistress' pleasure.
But this time I was more gentile.
Well, as gentile as you can be while using not but a tongue.
I knew my real goal, and it was not the chocolate.
I used the context to lap as hungrily as I dared.

I paused for a moment.
In the maelstrom of fervor.
Using dexterity and precision, and the tip of my tongue.
I coaxed Mistress' clit from it's hood, to cleanse it of chocolate.
Instantly, there was that hand again.
Entwined in my locks of hair.
Grasping tightly.
This time not tugging, but steering.
Holding me right at that spot.
A wordless command.

My tongue wriggled and squirmed.
Writhed and danced.
Drew patterns in Mistress' flesh.
Ancient runes and symbols, evoking pleasure.
I felt Mistress' legs wrap around my body.
Heels dig into my back as she gripped me.
Captured me.
Held me there for as long as she desired.

My eyes shut, I was lost in the service.
Chocolate mixed with the flavour of devotion.
I tasted ecstasy.
My scalp stung as waves of contractions spread throughout her body.
I felt her breaths.
I knew her pleasure.
I knew at this moment I had made the right choice.
I knew at this moment, my Mistress was pleased.

Service With A Smile by Doc

Service With a Smile

Preface:  Submission is not about kink.  It’s not even about sex necessarily.  It’s about will.  Making choices.  Deciding to make one’s own wishes subordinate to someone else's.  Obedience.  Mostly obedience in search of finding meaning and purpose by making someone else’s life better.  DONE.
Some days he found her attractive; other days he didn't.  It didn't matter.  She wanted a foot rub so he delivered.  She wanted a back-rub so he performed.  She didn't want sex, so he bit his tongue and waited.  And waited.  “My job not to reason why; my job just to do and die.”  He knew it was a reference to the horrendously unsuccessful charge of The Light Brigade during the Crimean War between the Russians on one side and the British and French on the other.  Flashes of the images of photographs of that battlefield from some book he’d read flashed into his mind’s eye.  They distracted him.  That was the point in reading history.

He had his wants and needs.  She had hers.  He could choose which to put first.  He chose hers.

Lots of times he’d be reading and think of sex.  “Not now”, was his interior answer.  He knew she would approve of him thinking ‘not now’ but he didn't utter it aloud. Aloud it sounded like pleading.  Begging.  She detested begging, probably because it implied she had an obligation – and she had obligations enough.  He didn't push things because her will was unbendable.  One might as well beg for rain or for the parting of The Red Sea.  (He didn't believe in miracles!)

So he did his jobs:  take out the garbage, wash and chop the Swiss chard, vacuum from time to time, clean the sink, wash the pots and pans.  There were always tasks to be done.  She would occasionally say, ‘I’m so glad to have you.  What would I do if you were not around?’  He never spoke the answer in his head, which was ‘You’d manage’.  It wouldn't have sounded very nice.  She liked it when he was nice.  He obliged.  His job was to agree and to do as she said (much as if he were her child).  It really didn’t matter.  Easier to go along than to fight.

He thought of the horses – thousands of horses – that died in Crimea unmourned (except possibly by their riders).   But their riders were long since gone, as were their horses.

“Honey, would you get the mail?”  “Yes, when I finish reading this chapter out of my book.”

“No”, she answered.  “I want it done now.”

He slipped a post-it into the page, rose, and headed out the door and off to the mailbox.  It was empty.

He looked at his house.  He was a very lucky man.  When he was 20 he had never dreamed he’d ever be wealthy enough to actually own a house.  The years had slipped by and – somehow – not only did he have a house, but clear title and no mortgage.  He was not the same person he was then.

Somehow he was dissatisfied.  He accepted that.  His job was to perform, not to revel in any phony ‘joy’ or ‘feeling of accomplishment’.  Tonight he would sleep in the upstairs bedroom and she would sleep in the master.  (She slept better without his snoring).  No doubt she’d want a back-rub before they went to sleep.  He’d do the right thing.

She made demands, he obeyed orders.  Just like those insane men who won glory and lost their lives in a silly charge (which would have been forgotten except for Alfred Lord Tennyson).  He wondered if he’d ever be rewarded with a poem dedicated simply to foot rubs and to back-rubs.  He doubted it.  If he wrote one himself, everyone would certainly think he was being sarcastic.  Or ironic.  Or something other than honest.  It really didn't matter anyway, though.  In 50 years all this would be gone.

He looked at his house, wondering what would stand there in 2064.  He headed back inside.

“Did we get anything?”

“No, dear.  Nothing.”

Meeting Mistress by Anonymous

“Meeting Mistress” by anonymous based on a true story, blended with a few other true stories, but with wildly distorted facts and a few bits of fantasy.

Mistress came to visit just as winter transitioned to spring. She travels internationally for work and her next client was in my city. She emailed me a few days before to inform me of her pending arrival. In the email I also found a list of items to gather and bring to her suite.

My mind raced through all the possibilities as I read the list. I ran all over town collecting the items, a few of the items were somewhat humiliating to buy. In a small travel satchel I packed rope, clamps, clothes pens, cuffs, a gag, blindfold, panties, negligee, high heels, butt plug, and an enema kit. Then I slid the brand new crop she requested into a document tube.

Mistress texted me when she, her assistant, and another member of her staff had arrived at the hotel. My instructions were to be in the parking lot no later than 4pm and to wait. Promptly at 4pm I parked my car and waited….and waited….at 4:23 my phone rang…

”hello?” I nervously said
“Room 932, 5 minutes, knock 4 times” and she hung up.

I walked into the exclusive hotel, past the clerks and into the elevator. Up to the 9th floor I went. I approached room 932 knocked 4 times….and waited….and waited….finally my Mistress opened the door, smiled, and welcomed me into her world.

For about a minute we smiled at each other and hugged, it was amazing to be in her presence, not just in second life, but now in the flesh here was my Mistress. Then she spoke softly and said “to the bedroom.” Mistress had a rather large suite with a living room and a completely separate bedroom.

“Place the bag on the bed and go to the bathroom, strip, fold your clothes neatly and return to my feet. That will be your last moment of privacy for the night.” she said firmly.

Instantly I obeyed and hurried off to the bathroom.

As I stripped and folded my clothes, my cock….I mean my Mistresses cock began to respond. In full disclosure, Mistress keeps her cock locked away in a cage with 5 rigid spikes that go across the back of the shaft. Erections can be very painful at times. Mistress finds pleasure instructing me to get hard just for the mere fact she knows it hurts like hell at times.

Naked except for the cock cage, I returned to my beautiful Mistress who gestured me to the floor. I knelt before her as she inspected the items from her list. Pleased she placed her fingers on my lips and I knew I would not be allowed to talk. She then took each of my wrist and padlocked hard leather cuffs to each of them.

“Up on the bed slut!” Mistress commanded “on your back.”

I obeyed immediately. Even though this was our first time together in person, it was so natural.

Mistress tied me spread eagle to her bed, slipped a blindfold over my eyes and started dragging her fingernails over my body and near Her cock. God it hurt, it betrayed me and responded to her torments. Then she gently pushed in a starter butt plug into me.

She leaned down and whispered “Now be a good slut and stay silent. I going to have dinner, then the rest of the evening we will have together. Not a peep from you, do you understand?”

I nodded….and with that in my darkness I heard her close the door. I tested my bonds as I laid there. It couldn't have been more than 10 minutes when the knock came at the outer door of the suite. My heart leaped as I could hear my Mistress welcoming her staff into the main room. There was business talk and laughing. Then another knock
“Room service”.

“OMG” I thought “They are having dinner in the room. here I am naked, bound, and blindfolded and dinner is being served.”

At least two hours past before her guest left  and Mistress returned. Not saying a word she checked my bonds before without warning whipped my inner thighs with her crop. I bucked wildly.  This was the real start to the evening.  Over the next 4 hours or so my Mistress whipped me, gagged me, humiliated me with an first ever in my life, had me dress up in my panties and negligee. She had me walk around in my high heels, balancing a book on my head, then to finish the night off, my Mistress removed my gag. bound my wrist behind my back, then she took off the cock cage and pushed me back down on my knees before her.

There she said “Now my slut, stroke!” Her cock was tender from enduring the hours of torment the spikes provided. I stroked slowly as my Mistress reached behind her and produced a black velvet bag. The pulled out a glass dildo and whispered “Tonight my pleasure is watching you and pushing your boundaries” and with that she pressed the tip of the glass cock to my lips “Take it in my slut” she commanded. And with that I sucked and licked her glass cock eagerly as I stroked my cock. Mistress had me take my time and brought me to the edge at least 5 times. Finally when I came she had me catch it in one of those hotel cups. And thats when the final humiliation for the night name...she stirred my cum in the cup with her glass cock and had me lick it clean...she repeated this until the cup was dry.

The evening coming to an end, my Mistress held me close, petting me and telling me how  proud I made her. Then she locked the cage back on her cock and pointed to the corner of the room. I crawled over and curled up. She graciously gave me a pillow and I slept.

When morning came, Mistress was gone already to her work meeting, she left a note, I packed my bag and crop and left.

The End