Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just My Thoughts By An Anonymous Sub


It was Friday and I was tired, the end of a long week. I wasn't even going to log in but after sitting there on the couch, flipping through the channels, I decided to log in after all.

It was a routine day at Dominion. I had been sitting in the courtyard waiting for her to show up. I loved hearing her speak. Her voice was soothing as her words penetrated my soul. she made my heart skip. but she still hadnt noticed me. perhaps if I went to the dance she would see me there and ask me to dance. before I knew it, it was Time for the Friday Bash. As soon as I landed, I looked for her, there she was, Long Black hair, beautiful blue eyes and a dress that you could practically see though.

Her nipples looked like soft warm pellets. My mouth watered at the thought of tasting them and feeling them harden in my mouth. Her body moved slow and seductively in the rhythm of the music. Her hair swayed left and right with each beat and although we are pixels I could smell her hair and parfume from across the room. She danced provocatively which was in essence her natural sensuality and it drove me nuts.

I began fantasizing about this Lovely Lady of Dominion and was hopeful she would notice me across the room. I watched but didnt dare place my camera directly on her. I could feel my cock stiffen in my jeans and my body began to warm quickly. Lust took hold of me and I found my hand rubbing my cock outside my jeans. I quickly stopped. I will save myself for her. I will serve her as needed. If she wants to own me, Bend me over, Take me, strike my ass as she sees fit. I will be hers to do as her will and I am willing to submit completely. I quickly snap out of my daze and look for her again. i try to read chat and watch her at the same time. its nearly impossible.

She never noticed me lastnight, but its not the first time. I will be here for her, waiting, and wanting. Perhaps another day. maybe an auction, or at Trials. I am hopeful.

I cant help but wonder if she was looking for a new boy. I am hopeful that one day she will notice me. until then I will wait for her, the Lady of Dominion.

Friday Night Part 2 By Anonymous Domme

Friday Night 2

She glanced behind her, as she picked up the hose and noticed her shadow growing long on the patio bricks. The days seemed to go faster in the hills than down below in the flatlands. The water faucet stuck in her hand. She applied more pressure, twisting the knob harderm until one of the cold steel bits cut into her fingers. She squirted the cold water from the hose end onto her hand, wincing as it hit her fingers.

"Pain or pleasure," she asked herself, aiming the stream of water at the thirsty pots lined up around the old wooden deck.

The roses nodded their blowsy heads in the hot afternoon breeze, accepting the water gratefully. She sometimes thought she could hear them sighing with relief, when she filled their pots to the rim with cold water.

She began at the top rim of the deck, moving slowly and methodically through the lines of pots. The steep hillside lot held little space for flower beds or grass.

Her mind drifted away as the heat beat down on her long red hair. She wondered if she should have put on some sunscreen.

She studied the freckles on the arm holding the hose.
"Does he have freckles?" She couldn't remember.

"Is he going to be late, tonight? "

He hadn't been sure what time he could arrive, citing the unpredictability of the director's shooting schedule. Sometimes the director was satisfied with a couple takes, but other scenes he shot over and over, making the actors repeat their lines, until they were not sure if they remembered them correctly anymore.

"I'll try to be there by 9, Mistress" was the best he could do.

Repeating their lines over and over.

She'd looked at his skin, touched it, studied it over and over again.
But why couldn't she recall if he had freckles on his shoulders.
A fine dusting of freckles?
Yes, no?
She pondered.

He'd finally agreed to let her cut into that fine-grained pale skin. Last week.

Her scalpel slipped into the skin so smoothly that he didn't even realize until a split second after it began to follow the line of the design she'd drawn on him. She had instructed him to match her breath. slowly breathing in and out. On an exhale, she'd inserted the knife confidently, without hesitation.

She watched the blood ooze out of the line that followed the taped blade, brilliantly red against the whiteness of his skin. She'd stared at it for a second, leaning over to smell it, before dabbing with the sterile gauze pad. It was the smell of iron, of nails, yet not earthy, a freshness in it, like green grass.

She bent over to smell one of the roses. Musky, with a hint of vanilla.

Being careful to avoid the sharp prong of the faucet handle, she turned off the water, coiled the hose and went into the house to tidy her toy bag, in preparation for another Friday night at the dungeon.

Crossroads By Anonymous


Before me stands a crossroads
One way back to who I was
One way on to who I will be
One way is familiar, easy
One way is dark, mysterious, scary

I stand at the choice between the two
And cry
I must be strong, it's what everyone expects
But no
I want guidance, a hand, to lead me down the path

I know in my heart that won't happen
This journey is mine alone to take
Will I be strong enough to walk the road alone?
The familiar path keeps calling to me,
But I know I can't grow there
I want to grow, be stronger,
Be the woman who I am meant to be

Slowly, baby step by baby step I walk down that dark, mysterious path.
There's a clearing somewhere off in the distance
But it's a long way yet.
Until I reach that, I will keep my head high,
learn when I stumble and rejoice when make much desired progress.

Cat's Story By Cats

I woke up to the dew creeping into my tent like a morning fog looking for night victims. The sun was stretching his arms over the horizon and with a yawn he broke the barrier and light flooded my tent. I sat up and yawned, reaching for the clouds, twisting my fingers wide. Smiling and rubbing my fresh face I walked down to the river, stripped off my shirt and shorts and jumped into the bubbling water. The icy water attacked my nerve endings with precision accuracy, numbing my extremities. I splashed around waking myself up. I got out and dried off with my shorts. Started a fire and made myself a coffee. hmmm excellent. Some foods just make life so wonderful as the coffee was tickling my taste buds. I packed up my tent, hid any remnants of anyone ever being here and headed with the soft wind.

It was a cloudy day, with beautiful fluffy pillows in the sky. Every time I looked up I saw something different floating by. This is an amazing place what the locals called Earth.

I began my journey walking through a beautiful purple flowered field, bees and birds chirping away like music from Mozart classicals. This is a most amazing place. My path advanced back near the snaking winding river, with babbling brooks of bubbling jumping fish feeding into the river. Frogs skipped across the water lilies.

The wind blew across the flowing fields which looked like a musical dance. Trees swayed and cracked from the old wooden stories long since told. "This will be our new paradise" I thought.

Suddenly I heard a sound, water splashing, I leaned my head towards the sound listening intently, trying to figure out what it could be. I ducked down low, and slowly crept forward toward the unknown sound. Grasses swept my face as I crawled over the soft mossy forest floor. I very slowly lifted my head and peeked towards the water.

What I saw was something I have never seen but in history picture books from my upbringing back home. It was a human body of sorts, blond colored, soft and curvaceous, It must be a female as she had breasts swaying when she moved. I watched in amazement as she washed her body and hair. Her body moving with grace as she lifted her arms up over her head allowing me a good look at her torso. Her breasts swayed and took my eyes deep into her soul. What a beautiful form these women create.

We were told all life had departed from this planet. Yet, before me was a creature of amazing beauty. I could not take my eyes off of her. I watched and stared and I began to feel like I was invading her space, but I could not leave. Where did she come from? who was she? She stretched and walked out of the water, I ducked as she looked my way. I was feeling so ashamed spying on her. after 20 seconds I peeked up and saw her looking right at me 10 feet away.....She screamed and started running, I screamed also, stood up and ran after her, yelling it's all ok, I mean no harm, I didn't even know if she spoke my language. Suddenly she tripped and I caught up to her, I was 10 feet away from her, I spoke softly to her "I mean no harm, I am an explorer" she looked puzzled at me and she said "who are you?" "I am looking for a place for my people to relocate" she sat up and I handed her my shirt, she covered herself up. She was stunningly beautiful, eyes grey, and her face was perfect, with shoulder length black hair with a few colored streaks within.

When she spoke her voice delighted the mylan sheaths within my brain. It was amazing, it was hyponic. I moved closer to her. I put my arms around her and comforted her. She was leery but after a moment she leaned into me. I held her close and tight and made her feel safe.

We chatted for hours about our worlds and lives, learning everything about each other. Love is a wonderful thing and cupid had shot his arrow. The sun broke through the clouds. Birds sang, animals rejoiced, flowers turned their petaled faces towards us. Even the river quieted down. The wind was whispering and chatting with all. The old oak trees were leaning and bending in to hear the questions we asked.

She told me her name was Eve. Lovely name and sort of goes well with my name Adam. I wonder what will happen next. She is so beautiful, I can not look away. Will this make a story someday? Only time will tell. I'm not letting her get away. She's got my heart. I laid her down on the soft grass and kissed her deeply.........

Serving Miss Zarita by Alexith

Serving Miss Zarita - 2

I lay next to my Miss, and listen to Her breathe. I gaze at her hair, her shoulders, the curve of her breast and feel overwhelmed that I’m allowed to be so close. I’m filled with a longing for Her, and feel my breath catch in my throat. I feel opened to Her, and all I can do is fall deeper and deeper into submission. I need to please Her. Every day it grows deeper.

My hands caress through Her hair a moment before they graze down and find Her shoulders. I caress and massage Her muscles, my whole body responding to the warmth of Her skin. She makes a small relaxed sound and it’s all I can do to hold back a whimper of arousal and submission. Slowly I find my way to her lower back and hips, kneading and caressing Her as Her breathing becomes yet slower and I can feel that she is drifting into and out of sleep. Time seems to slow and I have no idea how long it has been.

I realise I’ve become hard. I know that my Miss is unobtainable to me, and the frustration of that pushes me deeper and deeper into arousal. As I massage and caress my Miss I think back to a few days earlier where I had knelt nearby helplessly while She had pleasured Herself. She had whispered to me, softly and sweetly, “not for you”.
That frustration of being so close and yet so impossibly far drives me deeper and deeper into submission and I realise now that I am very hard, the frustration intense, almost unendurable.

Somehow she senses and shifts her position to gaze down at my hard cock. “What is that?” she asks, sleepily but with a silken authority that makes my heart jump. I stammer a response, and apologise but I realise I am in trouble.

“Stand up” she says coolly. “Stroke and edge, while I sleep. You had better be hard when I wake up”.

With that she rolls over and I find myself standing by Her bed, trying desperately not to groan too loudly.

I do as I am told. I gaze at Her helplessly as I stroke, arriving at the desperate edge of cumming over and over again, while She sleeps. The agony of waiting and wanting grows and each time She moves in Her sleep I find myself hoping that She will wake and finally either let me stop tormenting myself or let me cum. I watch her back, feeling ignored and owned and desperate for Her.

Finally she wakes and turns and idly grips my cock…. I groan and thrust into Her hand helplessly, looking down at Her hand and knowing that this is all I am permitted to have… I feel the edge crashing in and am just about to beg, with everything in me to please please let me cum when she releases her grip and turns Her back on me again to sleep.
I find myself bordering on tears.

Please I feel like whispering… “please Miss can I”, but I know better. Miss is sleeping, and I am to suffer ‘til she wakes.

It feels like an hour or more later when finally She wakes, and again her beautiful hand reaches out and grips Her possession. I groan in her touch and am filled with a desperate hope that I might be rewarded. I am helpless in Her hand and again shamelessly I move in her grip aching for more and taking whatever Miss deigns to give.

Again her hand moves away just as I am at the point of begging Her to please let me find completion and end this torment of arousal.
She reaches over and takes her vibe, and I watch, breathlessly, helplessly as I see her move it under the covers and a beautiful groan escape her lips. Again those words she spoke to me days earlier echo in my brain “not for you”. I want to cry in longing and desire and submission as I see the pleasure on Her face, and ache to be part of it.

“Get out” she says to me.

I groan in arousal and feel my cock pulsing in frustration and futility as I humbly walk out of Her bedroom. “Stay hard” I hear her say as I leave the room.
I listen to Miss slowly pleasuring Herself with the vibe while I stand in the room next door, cock throbbing in frustration. When I hear her cry out in pleasure I nearly explode and I move my hand away desperately fighting to retain enough control.

Finally she orders me back into the room, and I stand by Her bed, throbbing and desperate, soaking in the sight of Miss in Her afterglow. I am lost in subspace by now, and feel a tenderness and rawness and openness that I can’t contain. I’m speechless. Owned.

As she counts to 3 she finally lets me stroke. It hurts to wait… im desperate and I cry out as Miss stops at two and a half… “Please” I beg her, “please can I cum Miss please”.. over and over I plead and the 3 I crave for… I need … wont come. “Please Miss!” I am almost crying now and I feel helpless and pathetic as I wait and wait.

And then oh god the arousal just crashes in on me and I cant stop my body from convulsing… oh god nooo.. I fight and struggle but I just cummm all over the floor beside Miss’s bed. The feeling is indescribable.. the relief, the embarrassment and the panic and fear that I cant cum yet and yet I cant stop. The shame and helplessness only made it more difficult to resist.

Finally I come back to my senses and I look down shamefully at the mess I have made. I know I am in big trouble.

The amount of cum is … a lot.. and it takes me ten minutes to lick it up off the floor, all the while my stomach is in knots about my punishment.

As I rise finally Miss orders me to lie over the bed. It’s cold and I feel how bare and exposed my ass is.

The slut paddle cracks down, over and over and over. The onslaught is relentless and I end up biting down on the duvet to stop from screaming.. It’s the hardest paddling ive ever received and I find myself lost in a world of sharp stinging intense pain. Pain that feels like cold heat. Just when I think that it must surely be over the paddle lands even harder on exactly the tenderest spot, and I begin to shake.. tears are beginning to flow. I bite down and endure, just waiting for Miss to decide when my pain can stop. That helplessness is amazing, realising that I will feel what Miss wants me to feel until She is ready to stop.

Finally I’m allowed to rise and I find it hard to make eye contact with my Miss at first. I feel so ashamed, so opened, so submissive, so very owned. The reality of being owned in the flesh is so much more intense and wonderful than I had ever imagined.

Later in the day Miss says to me “I like depriving you”. Just four words, and I am rocked to my foundation. My ass burning I ponder happily how lucky a boy I am to be so fulfilled by such wonderful deprivation.

Thank You Miss Zarita.

Untitled By Gia

We’re friends at a FemDom,
You’re a boy and I’m a girl.
I’m stating the obvious here.

Did I mention we’re at a FemDom?

You’re a submissive boy and I’m a submissive girl,
Again… the obvious.
We’re both on our knee’s here.
Following the same rules,
With hopes of finding the right Mistress.

You seem nice.
We have things in common.
We’re friends.

It just so happens we live a driving distance apart.
So we combine our worlds,
Pixels turn to flesh.
But personalities change.

You’re not submissive,
You’re controlling and manipulative.

You no longer want to be just friends.

You ask me if I’m into bondage.
Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?
Of course I am.

You ask me if you could tie me up.
Again, you should know this.
I don’t let men dominate me.

You’re upset,
You call me a baby and tell me I’m just scared.
You’re right, I am.
My hearts pounding and I’m livid.
I’m scared of you and how you now speak to me.

We were supposed to be just friends.

You took my trusting nature and tainted it,
With your dark bone-chilling chuckle
You'd release every time you sensed I was uncomfortable.

You tell me I’m just too young to understand,
That I lack the proper experience,
And that you can help with that.

But I do understand,
All too well, actually.
And I do have experience.
I know men like you.
I fear them, and not in the good way.

Tears run down my face,
There’s a lump in my throat,
I can’t breathe.
and I know better than to shed tears over this.
I know better…

I feel dirty.
My skins crawling,
And no matter how hard I scrub
No matter how hot the water is
That filth still lingers.

You’re not a submissive.
You’re not a friend.
You’re not a real man.

The Monogram By Lady Eloise

Filthy excitement. Thats what I crave, that's what I employ, that's what I will contain.

I've a new boy. A fresh, unfettered uncluttered mind to warp, to shape, to fester with my own addictions, my own vicious lusts.
I have a new boy to stretch and spoil, yank and pester, mold into my ideal. The mind reels with excitement, the mind dastardly errupts with obscession.

I've sent my new conquest an envelope containing a hotel key card. He's instructed to go to the suite, light three heady scented candles, stragically placed around the room, open the balcony french doors, allow a whisper of a breeze to flicker the flames, and turn out every light. He is to lay on the bed, no shoes, no socks, no underwear, just old jeans and a t shirt. He is to wait for me, and not move.

The toll strikes, he can hear the door knob creak and slide, pop with the key card and in I saulter. He tries to speak, I tell him to "shhhhh".. to lay back on the bed, close his eyes and just breathe.
I walk over to the bed.. teeth off my leather glove and feel his heart though his chest. IT beats like a bass drum, like tachycardia set in and he might faint. I asked him if he trusts me, he took a breath and said, "Yes Mistress, but I am so excited, so nervous, so wanton." I lean in
kiss his beautiful mouth and tell him to do as I say, and there will be no fear. I pull up my skirt, pull down my panties, raise his tshirt to his collarbone and straddle him. My naughtybits sticking to his skin, I grind around a little, get my scent on him.
I take a big breath lean in and push my breath into his mouth
his eyes open, but close again as I suck out his breath, trading essence, trading our worlds in one kiss, mixing emotion along with the tension. It is like kissing underwater, feeding from each other, depending on each other.
I get off my mount, and walk to the end of the bed..
from my boot, I seize a little pair of really sharp scissors. I use the blade on the soles of his feet, I dont cut him, but he can feel the pressure against his tender skin. I saw him jerk a little, I smile and let him feel the cold surgical around his ankles. I make a small cut in the jeans... and rip the pants leg up to the pockets. I see my boy gasp, I see him breathe harder, I cut the other leg denim all the way to his cock.
A Fleshy thigh is exposed to me.... I push it flat against the bed. One of my hands finds his nipple, and it gets squeezed until it is red, pushed between my forefinger and thumb, flicked and thumped. The inner thigh is milky white, and faintly flush from nerves, I reach into my boot and find my Bard Parke pack, and retrieve a number 10, number 11 , number 15 and number 12 scaple blade, and set them out pristinely. I begin to suck on his thigh, he moans. I begin to slap his thigh, bite it, suck on it more, slap it, make it sting, make it red, make it numb, make it mine.
He moans, this boy likes a little pain, my own nipples are erect, my own sex is moist, my own heart flutters like his.
I slap his inner thigh, I look over my shoulder and notice his cock peeks above his waistband, through the holes in his jeans, and bulges without decorum. I slap his thigh again. Hard this time, I ask "My boy, is this painful? Can you feel my slap?", He answers breathlessly, "No Mistress, it hurts not, it feels numb"
With that knowledge, I get up and find the ice bucket, and find a sparking diamond of ice, remount my boy's torso and ice down that thigh. IT is pink with cold, reddish from slapping and whelped around the edges. I take my calligraphy pen and calligraph a glorious "S" on his inner thigh.. with my number ten blade, I cut into the markings, removing tiny bits of tissue, tiny bits of skin, and leaving my own personal marking.. a marking on my new boy.
He bleeds, but he bleeds for me.. I notice his eyes .. pupils dialated, cock still hard, blood seeps out slowly from his cutting..
I bend and suck the inside of his thigh. With my other instruments, I carve and adjust the mark to my pleasure and artistic intregrity, and slap it hard when I am finished. His clotting time is fast. He is healthy,
I am pleased.

I look at him, laying there, beautiful.. like a mulitated angel, head perched on the pillow. I rip the rest of his clothing from his body. Cutting the t shirt from his chest, making strips from it to tie up his cock, strips to bind and truss. I hog tie this cock, it gleems at me, candlelight bouncing off the shine. One of the strips I've cut is from his jeans. That strip I slip under his strong neck..
that strip is used to control his breath..
that strip is his new passion.
I ask him if he still trusts me, if we can continue, he said he is well part the point of stopping, he has never felt this sort of excitement before. I smile and say, are you ready to begin?
I pull the strip tight, hold it with one hand, reach around and jack him with the other hand. I edge him with one finger, my index finger, on the vein, on the slit, using pearly precum for lube.
I hear moaning, I hear labored breathing
I make his noose tighter, He smiles..
I ask him if he can breathe, he said he's never breathed like this, and please .."Miss Don't stop".. I can tell he is nearing his limit, he quit sweating, he just got calm.. with one swoop, I pull his cock binding tight and push my mouth all the way down on that cock, all the way to the end of the shaft, my eyes water, I look up
pull his neck binding a tiny bit tighter.. and I just
hold myself still
and swallow.
No motion
no movement..
His heart beats the same as mine..
his breathing slows to my rythmn
I have him..
the control
he cant move.. he can't function..
I slowly move my mouth away, sit up on his torso..
and tighten the neck a little more
take a breath
and jack him off without mercy.. towards the last two strokes, the cock is freed, jacked with oil without stopping,
This time..
to completion.
He bursts, a huge sparkling, glorious eruption of milky cum..
I take a fingerful, and write my name on his chest with it..
The strip of denim is removed from his neck.. and he is told to just rest and breathe, but he doesnt do what he is told.. he kneels and clings to my leg.. unable to speak.
I tell him.. I know it darling.. there are no words.
just my mark on the inside of your leg.. to remind you ,
you are mine, and you are loved.

Eloise Mureaux

For Heather by Lady Cera

I wonder if you know
how much I appreciate
all the little things you do...

Thank you for the way
you reach out
to hold my hand
at unexpected moments,
the way you cuddle with me at night,
the way you can make me laugh
with just a look.
The way you pick me up
when I'm feeling down,
and the way you share things
I enjoy,
even if they're not your favorites...

Today I jut wanted
to let you know
how much I appreciate
the little things...
and to thank you
for loving me
in all the special ways
you do !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seven Days In Hell By Heather

Seven days; a week. Time flies. Except when you are in the hospital.

Seven days; five IV's.

Needles don't scare me. If I could I would insert them myself, because some nurses are too stubborn to listen where they can and cannot insert the needle.

Seven days: 36 tubes of blood.

Blood doesn't scare me. I like the color of blood, how it flows, or doesn't flow when it is suppose to flow. It's like my blood is as stubborn as I am.

Hospital's don't scare me. I've been in and out of them all my life. I think I have subscription to them, but someone forgot to inform me and you don't know how to get rid of it. It keeps coming back, so you deal with it the best way you can.

It's day five, 7.30 AM. Have you ever been in a hospital, sharing a room with three men? Three snoring men? Three very loud snoring men? It's irritating and not good for your mood, especially at 7.30 AM. A lab nurse wakes me up. She smells like cigarettes, not in a good way. She makes me neaseous. "Goodmorning, I'm here to take blood before your biopsy." I freak. "Biopsy? What biopsy?" "Of your kidneys, but blood first, questions laters." She sounds like a Domme.

"I'm going to put the needle in your upper arm." I sigh. They cannot take blood there, for 25 years they have been trying, poking me, hurting me and never has a drop of blood come out of there, which is what I tell her. "I am the nurse here, I am sure I can make it work." I am too tired to fight her. It is too early, I haven't eaten or drank anything yet. I am sure the drawing of blood is going to make me dizzy, but she doesn't seem to care. Maybe she's not a Domme after all.

The needle is sharp and enters my skin with great ease. She looks with great anticipation to the tube. It's empty. No blood. I give her a 'I told you so' face, she doesn't appreciate it. She removes the needle and tries it on the upper side of my other arm. She tries a total of six times, before she is willing to listen to me. My arms looks ridiculous and she puts the needle in the skin on the top of my hand. A small red line appears and the blood slowly fills up the tube. And another. And another. Four tubes later I feel dizzy. Eight tubes later I want nothing but to have some water. She denies me the right of fluids. The more I look at her the more I think she must be a sadistic Domme. In a hospital, everything looks worse.

"I am going to cut you." I laugh. "I am not joking, I am going to cut you to see how long it takes for you to stop bleeding." I feel like I am in some kind of bad horror movie. She yanks a piece of skin out of my arm and it starts to bleed. I lay down and just wait. My cut has eight minutes to stop bleeding or they won't do the biopsy.

I close my eyes and try to think of something else. Water. Food. It doesn't work, all I can smell is her and her cigarettes. I think of my twin and smile. She's been such a great person over the last few days, calling me, talking to me, hugging me. I honest to god don't think I could have pulled through without her. I owe her. Big time.

I think of the one other person that's been there, on my little computer screen, that would allow me to chat. Her long blond curls slowly appear around her face and I can hear her voice. She comforts me, without being there. Two minutes, six more minutes to go. I don't want this biopsy. When I look at my arm and the blood pouring out of it I pass out. Just like that. Sometimes, the dream is better than the reality. I create my own virtual world, with my virtual people. Actually, just one person. The person I wish was there right beside me, taking my blood, because she would listen. She would communicate. Like a Domme and sub would do.

"How's my girl holding up?" I longed to hear that voice. I longed to see that face. I longed to hear those words. "Not too shabby Lady Cera." She sits down on the bed, her lab coat the same white color as the sheets, the only color connecting me with her, the red color of the blood. For her, my blood flows easily. To my heart, to my brain and other places.

Her hand plays with my hair, combs through it. Her touch feels good. I don't want it to stop. She brushes my cheek and traces my jaw with her index finger. "Please don't stop." She chuckles. Her thumb traces over my lower lip. Her touch is soft and caring and I cannot help but to moan softly. She slowly bends forward as she whispers in my ear: "Aren't you suppose to be to sick to moan?" I can't speak, so I just shake my head. I feel fine. She's here. It's all good. She lays down besides me, her warmth embracing me, comforting me, arousing me. Her nails trace down my neck, the soft scratching drives me insane. "Today, I'm not taking it slow. You'll do as I say. Understood?" I nod, wondering what she's aiming at. When her hands slide down my pants, I no longer have to wonder. She finds my wetness with great ease and the place I want her to touch me most. Her fingers circle my clit as my breathing gets louder, the moaning unstoppable. I shiver, quiver, shudder, I'm a wiggle worm as she adds more pressure. Blood is pumping through my veins, my cheeks are flustered and when she huskily whispers in my ear, "Cum for me my girl" I do exactly as she says.

"Congratulations, 7 minutes and 58 seconds. You will not be getting a biopsy today. This is too risky." The smelly nurse picks up her stuff and walks out of the room.

Six minutes of heaven, made the seven days in hell worthwhile.


All fantasies aside, I do want to say: it feels special to know people care about you, when you cannot log into SL. For the messages, the yahoo's, all of it, I want to sincerely say: thank you.


Misplaced & Torn By Gia

Misplaced and Torn
By: Gia Reverie

I stare in the mirror,
Wondering the reflections identity.

Knowledge and beliefs,
Entangled with;
Desire and hunger.

Every-time the scenery changes,
The faces change...
I change.

Inconsistency in my words,
In my thoughts...

Inconsistency in the walls
And the secrets embedded within them.

The product of long nights
In sweaty, tangled, blood stained sheets...

The product of even longer days,
In somber classrooms and frigid labs…

Torn between
Knowledge and beliefs
Desire and need.

Raised to be independent,
With a yearning to serve, to please.

Corsets and lab coats,
Books and ropes.

Sublimation of identity,
Fixing what isn’t broken.
Sucked into the masses.

Spit out...

When Alex Met Miss Zarita By Alexith

This is a confession about a first meeting with Miss Zarita.

I met Miss Zarita in SL over a year and a half ago, one lonely night. I tp’d into a femdom sim I had heard other subs mention, compellingly named the Dominion. I had no real expectations. I certainly had no idea my entire life would transform and that a completely amazing path would unfold. My hopes that night were far more modest. I thought that perhaps I might be allowed to sit and observe, maybe even chat a little with a domme, and hopefully just be around the lifestyle I deeply craved.

I was truly amazed and nervous when Miss Zarita started talking to me. Heart pounding in my chest, I knelt, listened, and was blown away. The following months were a blur. I came to understand so many things about myself under Miss Zarita’s guiding, transforming, kinky and evilly imaginative influence. I had intimate relations with marmalade. I learnt that denial can drive a boy to the point of insanity (in my case after the unimpressive duration of 3.5 weeks). I learnt what it felt like to truly dwell in a powerful, dominant woman’s shadow.

Many, many unforgiveable mistakes and failings on my part later, and I found myself once again at Miss Zarita’s feet in SL. My life had changed considerably, and I lived only one hour’s flight from Her. As I knelt at her feet, She shocked me, to my core, yet again by suddenly telling me that She would consent to meet with me, in the flesh.

Terror, jubilation, excitement, panic, exultation, arousal all flashed through me, and I stayed in this state of aroused submissive confusion for weeks, and felt it even as I stepped off the plane and realised that I was in Miss Zarita’s town now.

I checked in to the hotel, and restlessly waited the few hours until I was finally to meet Miss Zarita, She who had seen inside me. Who had hurt me and who had nurtured me to the point of transformation.


I’m nervous. More nervous than I ever remember feeling in my adult life. My stomach is in knots and I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.
I am sitting in a swanky bar in the heart of Melbourne, decked out in my best suit and the coolest shirt I have ever owned, which of course Miss Zarita helped me choose. (I don’t do cool without close supervision). I sip my scotch as I wait for Miss Zarita to text me, trying in vain to distract myself by listening to the vanilla folk milling about me, doing their best to seem devastatingly interesting to one another. Women preen, men strut, and it all seems so distant and remote from the kind of encounter I will soon be having. I wonder, not for the first time, if somehow my subbishness shows in my face. I hope a waitress won’t come over to me and say, ”Sorry Sweetie. No subs allowed”.

Pushing such stupid notions out of my head, I play over the rules of engagement Miss Zarita has set out for me when first we meet. I am to find a quiet, out of the way place in the bar, and when I get Her phone text that she is a few minutes away, I am to order her the best champagne they have. When finally she does arrive I am to kiss Her hand only, and then ensure that She is comfortable. Pathetically I play this sequence out in my head, over and over, so thankful to have some guidance on how I am to behave. Ashamed as I am to admit this, I also go over the “opening line” I will say to Miss Zarita, when finally She is here, in this room. I cant quite remember what it was, but rest assured it was pretty lame. Something about it being great to see Her without having to send Her a tp. Yes I know. Groan. Like I said, I need strict guidance and ideal conditions in order to achieve cool.

I find myself looking anxiously out of the window into the bustling street, my whole body tense and vibrating with the knowledge that somewhere out there Miss Zarita is getting closer, and closer.

I hold my phone, waiting for the buzz that tells me she is arriving. Checking it every few minutes, time seems excruciatingly slow and I am in a hell of thinking through how I should behave, how I should be, what I should and shouldn’t say. I am lost in my mental rehearsals, butterflies in my stomach when there’s a sudden unexpected firm tap tap tap on my shoulder .. I jump… and turn and … oh my god she is there!

How could I be so naïve to think that Miss Zarita would give me a nice predictable way of meeting with a script to follow.

I am so surprised and caught unawares that I completely forget the protocol and lean in to kiss her cheek and then stop as she sharply says NO and slaps my cheek! Arrgghh.. god god what was I supposed to do! Why didn’t I write this down on little index cards!.. I stutter an apology and finally collect myself enough to bow and kiss her hand and help her to her chair. I completely forget my clever opening line and instead say something like “You tricked me Miss! I was waiting for you to buzz me!”

Oh my god what a first meeting. From the very first instant I am off balance and entranced and a gooey mess of subby goofishness. But it was just right, somehow. That is me in SL and in RL. Eager, well intentioned, submissive and goofy as all fucking get out.

The weird thing is, strangely my discomfort put me at ease!

Sitting there gazing at this amazing, dominant, sexy woman, I realised that SL and RL were really no different in any meaningful way. We talked, we laughed and all the while I felt Her dommeish mojo radiating across the distance between us, coiling about me like a smoky serpent. More than once I glanced at the floor at Her feet and had to resist the urge to slide off my chair and find my knees at Her boots. Her air of dominance mesmerised me, and made my submissive heart ache to murmur yessssss Miss to anything She asked of me.

It was pure elation to feel that same familiar energy exist between U/us in the flesh. It was just the same only vastly more compelling, to finally see Her face as she laughed, her smirk as I squirmed, and to see Her red, red fingernails as She toyed with the glass of champagne in front of Her.

The next few days were a blur. An amazing, life changing blur. Hmm how many times have I said amazing in this confession? Oh who cares, amazing amazing amazing.

We went to dinner after drinks, and it was here that Miss Zarita started to truly toy with me. As part of my preparations for meeting Her that night, she had me place a remote controlled cock ring around my cock and balls. At the restaurant she extended Her hand and asked if I had something for Her. I knew what She meant. Heart pounding I reached into my jacket pocket and gave Her the remote control.

The meal was a torment of arousal for me, as Miss Zarita had fun playing with Her toy. “What does this one do?” She would ask me as she set the cock ring to an agonisingly sexy rhythmic throbbing. She smiled a devastating smile over Her drink as I tried to pull myself together enough to explain how it felt, trying hard not to groan so loudly that the people at the table next to us heard. The throbbing of the vibrating cock ring driving me crazy, I watched open mouthed as Miss Zarita nonchalantly placed the remote control in Her cleavage for safe keeping. I think all I managed to say was “oh my ggg….”
Not long afterward, Miss Zarita dropped something and I hurried forward to pick it up for Her, only to feel Her hand at the back of my head as I started to rise. “stay down” she commanded as I felt Her press my head to the floor. There, in a restaurant in RL, I suddenly found myself utterly humiliated and completely exposed for who I am in front of a sea of open mouthed vanilla folk. I was in subby heaven, as finally I was permitted to get up, blushing furiously, to take my seat again. Casually she dipped Her fingers into Her champagne and had me suck it off. Our dinner coming to a close, Miss Zarita reached out and pulled up my sleeve, and with her lipstick wrote in big lurid letters the word SLUT along my forearm. I sat there, feeling completely liberated, and submissive and grateful to be so branded for all the world to see. My self consciousness boiled away to vapours, I found I could just revel in being an owned submissive bitch in the presence of an amazing domme and Woman. When Miss Zarita stepped away a moment, I smiled at the waitress who sidled over to ask me if everything was alright. “Oh yes” I said … “everything is very alright”.

What a night.
I couldn’t possibly capture every single moment that passed between us in the following few days, so will have to mention just a few memorable moments.

I must mention my first paddling at Miss Zarita’s hands. Oh I have been spanked and paddled a bit before, but I now realise I had noooooo idea what it felt like to be truly paddled. On that first night Miss Zarita well and truly showed me, reddening my subby arse cheeks with her favourite “SLUT” paddle. Im not ashamed to admit, I was begging for mercy by the time Miss Zarita had paddled me to Her satisfaction. She took a picture and showed me a big welt across my ass. The word slut clearly glowed out on my tortured ass cheek. A picture is available on request :P

There were moments where I felt frustrated, denied and humiliated to the point of oblivion. Miss Zarita wanted a bath. After running it for Her she grabbed me, and shackled me hand and foot and slid a gimp mask over my head. Suddenly I was lost in darkness and all my sensation suddenly cut down to the bare minimum. Suddenly my mouth zip was opened and Miss Zarita shoved her panties into my mouth, and draped Her clothes over me. Groaning and dying to see, all I could do was kneel helplessly and listen to Her bathe, wishing I could catch just a glimpse. It was a torment of wanting and listening, confined in the leathery prison of the gimp mask.

There were also moments where I felt impossibly stupid and goofy. One night Miss had me dressed up as a maid, and I was teetering around in high heels cleaning up. I stumbled and fell over onto the glass coffee table sending the heavy table top crashing to the floor. For what seemed like an eternity, dressed as a maid, blowing my hair out of my eyes and stumbling around in my high heels I struggled to lift up the glass and put it back on the legs. All the while Miss Zarita was laughing at me hysterically while I turned redder and redder, mumbling apologies and just WISHING that never happened! By the time I got it fixed though I was laughing too, and just gave up on trying to retain any semblance of dignity. Oh and I learnt something.. high heels are hard! I don’t know how women do it. Miss Zarita frequently took great pleasure in making me feel goofy, in fact. For example, one night in a restaurant she had me sit across from her in a restaurant with my mouth open, while she aimed popcorn at my mouth. The times she missed I had to scuttle off and pick it up off the floor! I think people were watching my blushing antics as though it were cabaret.

Perhaps the most amazing moment though was near the end of our first time together, massaging Miss Zarita’s legs as She fell asleep. This was a moment that to me captured everything. Attending to Her I felt such trust flow between U/us and I felt tears in my eyes to just have the amazing privilege to be able to be there, for Her. It was so open, wonderful and fulfilling to just be Her boy, trusted and near, and there for Her pleasure. It was beautiful, and it will stay with me forever.


All good things must come to an end, and finally the cold Melbourne morning arrives where I have to jump on a plane back to a difficult life, and away from the closeness of the magical D/s bond I have felt, ever-growing, between us. It’s painful. Almost too painful to contemplate. As I am about to leave, Miss Zarita lifts my shirt, and writes with bright red lipstick in big, bold passionate letters the word “Slut”. I love seeing those letters there. In the airport on the way home I go to the bathroom and lift my shirt just so that I can see it again. To me that word there means “opened”, “obedient”, “cherished”, “submissive”, and most of all it means “owned”. It makes me happy, even as the sadness of parting so soon cuts into me.
In meeting and parting, this magic hangs in the air. I have been owned, used, humbled, cherished and enjoyed, by a Lady whom I respect, admire and revere. How unforgettably wonderful that is.



As I finish this confession about the time I first met Miss Zarita in the flesh, I am in a little unit in St Kilda. Shackles are around my wrists and ankles. I’m waiting for Miss Zarita to return. The circumstances of my life have changed a great deal. I have made some extremely difficult, but right, decisions and a completely different life suddenly spreads out before me. I’ve now visited Miss Zarita three more times, and the joys of serving Her have grown and intensified with each visit.

I am a very lucky boy, and I await the mysterious future just as I wait for Miss Zarita to return tonight: with joy, hope and a thrilling excitement too deep to express, and yes, a healthy dose of trepidation ;)

Thank You Miss Zarita.

Your Control Sets By Free By Cool Brune

Your control sets me free
my love for you is deep and true
and on my knees i beg of you.

At the dominion a boy kneeling proud
I saw you dancing twirling too
and on my knees to message i begged of you

All that evening and the next morning we spoke
my heart was held when you called me boy
To be allowed to serve you brings me such joy

A chat a laugh a chance to serve
This Lady i surely do not deserve
But Mistress is what i call her now

To gaze upon my Mistress with heartfelt thought
what power control and inspiration she brought
that i a man imperfect could ever be
A boy to a Mistress as wonderful as she.

Cool Brune

Recompense By Anonymous Domme


Laura had taken the name “Recompense” after the death of her father.
“Laura Recompense Jones”, rancher’s daughter.
It had seemed needful at the time, her loss had been great.
That had been two long years ago; she had been riding now since the last town for only a few weeks. Searching, tracking the men who had killed her father.
She approached the small town on the dusty plains from the south and now sat her sorrel stallion at the main streets eastern end.
She sat quietly, studying the waning sun, only a couple of hours til dusk.
Watched the late evening breeze stir the signs hanging from hooks in front of the usual frontier hovels, watched it roll the sparse tumbleweeds along the rutted road between the handful of buildings.
A town this size would have no law, no sheriff to oversee civility.
The inhabitants would be rough, rowdy and prone to suspicion.
Several of the businesses would be for the basics, food, fodder, farm or ranch equipment. The others would be for entertainment, to soften the hard stress of life on the blunt edges of the west.
Saloons, houses of pleasure, more saloons and mixed in would be gambling tables to relieve the patrons of the burden of any excess wealth.
Laura swung her leg over her mounts rump and slid smoothly down from her saddle.
Her split riding dress was worn soft from much use and rustled softly as she led her horse down the middle of the street.
The occasional customer looked out of the building entries and noted her passing.
Some turned to their friends to remark on the stately calm of the woman striding purposefully by. Made guesses as to her presence in there backwater retreat.
As luck would have it, after months of searching, the end came quickly.
The three men she was looking for had been described to her in minute detail many times before. But always, after they had passed through to somewhere else.
“Three fingers Pete”, tall lanky with long dark hair and a hat circled with links of small coins. He had lost one of his fingers in some long ago accident.
“Slim Hawkins”, short, round and easily 100 pounds over what his horse would have preferred. Named in reverse of his physique by the humorously inclined of his acquaintances.
And finally, Black Eyes Billy. Leader of the group. Billy had led his little band for several years in forays of questionable legality, but had not been caught in the act or with significant amounts of financial bounty on him to incite prosecution for his deeds.
Not that in his cups he would be shy about admitting his sins, but….he always insisted that proceeds from their escapades be cached elsewhere and only slightly escalated pouches of money be carried around. Though they had all been around cattle their whole life, rustling had been their main occupation for years. Stealing, running their catch across the border, selling at significant profit then moving on had become their routine.
Laura had been tracking them across state boundaries, through day and night, dust and rain all this time and on the word of a drifter in the last town she passed through, had followed the dry river bed to this clapboard shanty town.
It was in front of the third saloon she came to that she found them. Slim and Pete lounging on a bench by the swinging doors of the “Lucky Lady” Tavern.
She walked slowing, watching them from the corners of her eyes. She knew all about them by now, from the stories she had heard during her long search. That they were flunkies, henchmen…just the legs and arms of Billy’s deeds. They were thieves by profession, cowardice the central measure of their personality.
She knew also what they saw, a tall, auburn haired woman, young and innocent looking, demure in appearance and action. It was the façade that she had cultivated while searching them out.
Laura stopped in front of the men, glanced up at them as if in admiration as she wrapped her horse’s reins on the hitching post.
“Gentlemen, would one of you be able to help me, she said in a husky voice?”
“I am looking for a man.”
The two took a moment to look at each other and share a small smirk before Slim spoke up and said. “Well, I do believe we could help you with that problem little lady.”
Before he could go on, Laura said “Great!...His name is Billy…Billy something…I don’t know his last name. But, I have heard he is here in town somewhere…and I desperately need to find him.”
At this the two, sat back and studied her more carefully…Slim then leaned forward and said. “What would a pretty woman like you want with Billy?”
“Why, its simple really…I want to explain to him why I’m here….and then…ask him nicely if he’ll kneel here in front of me, she exclaimed!”
At this both Slim and Pete sat upright, then sputtered laughter as they looked at her.
“Little lady, I’d give a fifty dollar gold piece to see that myself, but….don’t go getting your hopes up on that account”, and the two continued to chuckle as they watched her.
“Well, all right…if you gentlemen can’t help me…I guess I’ll ask at the next establishment.”
As she started to turn away, Pete spoke up “No, wait…it’s been a slow night….and I’ve just got to hear Billy’s answer to your question…wait right there.”
Pete then stood, walked over and leaned into the saloon entry.
“Billy, he shouted… there’s a lady out here wants to ask you a question…might be worth a minute of your time.” He then turned away quickly and returned to his seat by Slim, grinning widely.
While she waited, Laura turned to her horse and removed the large carpetbag purse from behind the saddle.
It was only a moment before a large man stepped through the saloon doors and stood there looking down at her. His expression was irritated, and even from several feet away she could smell the whiskey.
“You the one wants me, he growled at her” Looking down from at least 6 inches above Laura’s brow. “What is it, I got a hot hand and a big stack of chips in here I need to get back to.
“Why, yes….yes, she said…I’ve got something for you here in my bag, it’s a gift from my father.” “You are Billy aren’t you….Billy of the black eyes? The Billy they talk about all up and down the towns around here?”
“Yeah, Black Eyes Billy…that’s me, what is it you got for me?”
“It’s in here somewhere; I’ll find it in just a minute.” She said as she searched inside her large satchel.
“My father wanted you to have it, it was his last wish. He’d have given it to you personally if you’d stayed around….but he say’s you were in a mighty hurry after you shot him and stole his cattle.”
“What the….said Billy as he stepped back…I don’t know what you’re talking about lady! I never shot nobody nor stole no cattle in my life, just ask Slim or Pete here.”
“OHhh…don’t worry about that Billy, this isn’t a court of law…I’m not here to press charges or anything….I’m just here for recompense, I just want to make you a proposition.”
At this Billy stepped forward and leaned over Laura, grimacing out the words…”Recompense…a Proposition…what proposition?”
Laura continued to reach in and move things around in her deep bag while saying. “Well Mr. Billy, since my fathers demise…I am now the owner of our ranch…and…well, I find myself in a bit of a plight. You see, I need some help running the ranch and taking care of all the cattle and the things that entails…….I figured….since you’re the one that left me short handed, what with shooting papa and all…maybe you might like to come back and help me get my ranch up and running again?”
At this, Black Eyes Billy coughed out a snort, “Lady, you’re nuts…get away from me!”
“Oh, it’s in here somewhere Laura whispered as she muttered…But Mr. Billy, you haven’t heard the second part of my proposal.”
“Second part…what second part, exclaimed Billy.”
“Why, just this Mr. Billy…If you won’t come back and help me run my ranch…then would you please come here and kneel in the dirt in front of me, and then apologize and ask my forgiveness for murdering my father?”
The incredulous look on Billy’s face was priceless, even Slim and Pete sat with their mouths open in disbelief at her statement.
Though, for sheer surprise it did not top their expressions in the next instant as the roar of a pistol sounded through the confines of Laura’s bag and a bullet punched through its side and into the toe of Billy’s left boot.
There was a moment of pandemonium as Billy yelled and began to hop up and down clutching his raised foot in his hands.
Slim and Pete though stunned recovered quickly and reached for the guns hanging at their sides. However, they were both surprised again at the speed with which Laura pulled the blue steel 45 from her bag and fired again.
Her first bullet tore Slims holster and gun from his side; this gave Pete just enough time to draw his weapon and start to raise it.
This was unfortunate for Pete, as her next bullet passed through the trigger guard of his gun removing the obstructing finger and forever relegating him to his new name…Two Finger Pete.
This left both Slim and Pete in a state of physical and mental shock and no longer players in the following action.
Laura next turned back to the bouncing Billy who retained just enough concentration to have noted Slim and Pete’s failure to put her down.
While still holding his injured foot with one hand he reached for his own pistol in the holster at his side.
Laura did not bother to raise her own weapon again, but simply fired it lowered from her side.
The sound of the shots had drawn the other players from the poker table inside just in time to see this bullet tear through the toe of Billy’s right boot”
At this…all thought of gunfire escaped Billy, his hand opened reflexively and his gun fell to the ground.
In fact, Billy himself remained standing only a few short moments before he too slumped kneeling to the dirt in front of Laura.
Laura leaned slightly sideways to look around the kneeling Billy to say to Slim…”I’ll take the fifty dollar gold piece now Mr. Hawkins!”
Then turning back to Billy she said, “…and now for the apology Mr. Black Eyes.”
Billy looked up at her while squirming to get in a position to remove his boots and staunch the flow of blood coming through the hole in their tips.
A look of rage came over him as he roared at her “I’ll die before I apologize to you for shooting your old man bitch!”
Laura’s expression did not change as she pulled the trigger one last time and sent the ½ ounce, slightly less than half inch wide lead pellet at 1060 feet per second between Billy’s eyes and out the back of his head into the dirt between Slim and Pete’s feet. Though she spoke softly, everyone heard Laura whisper, all right Billy, apology accepted…I forgive you.
Laura stepped over Billy’s still quivering legs to the door of the saloon and announced to the poker players standing there…”Gentlemen, I do believe I heard the recently departed Black Eyes Billy say…just before he passed on…that he would appreciate it if you would divide up his chips and continue playing without him”
There was only a momentary delay before the sound of feet could be heard shuffling quickly back into the dark of the saloon.
Laura then turned to the trembling Slim, and Pete who was wrapping his hand tightly in his kerchief.
“Now boys….I have a proposition to make to you…” she said as she pulled a second loaded pistol from her bag.
Pete was the first to hit his knees followed just a hair later by Slim and both started apologizing, and blaming the dearly departed Billy for everything they had ever done.
Laura let them drone on for a bit, then cut them off, “Yes, very good boys…and do get used to that position, in the future you will kneel each morning and before I go to bed at night and ask my forgiveness for your part in my father’s death. Now, get on your horse’s boys; we’ve a ranch to get back on its feet. You’ll work for free, sun up to sun down, you’ll work hard and you’ll never even consider leaving. Remember boys….I found you once….I can find you again, and if I have to find you again…there will be no propositions. Oh….and one other thing….In the future, you will call me “Mistress”…”Mistress Recompense”……..boys.”

Stockings Confession By Sinkbutt

Who would have thought the transformation would be so swift? Less than a week ago I could never have imagined I would be sitting at my desk, clad in fishnet, stockings, lacey panties, with a large pair of red lips drawn around my cock head.

And yet, there I was. Barely able to contain myself, leaking profusely. It was nothing short of incredible. How exactly did I get to this point? Please let me explain.

It all began on Monday when Mistress instructed me on the first of my shopping expeditions.Over the course of the day I purchased lipstick (quite ironically called "Are you red-dy"), panty liners (also rather ironically branded "Carefree") and a twin pack of panties (one bright pink and the other black). In Myer when buying the aforementioned undergarments I also had a humiliating discussion with a sales girl about the most appropriate sizing for me. I could feel myself turning bright red (matching the lipstick I had already purchased) despite my best attempts to concoct a believable story as to the reason a middle aged male would be asking if panties would fit him. I doubt she was particularly convinced they were for a fancy dress party. I bought the panties and departed Myer a blushing humiliated individual.

Tuesday was even more surreal. I had arranged my day so that I could leave early and head off to the aptly named "Sexyland" to avail myself of their lovely wares. More specifically the "Twirly Trio" butt plug kit, the Easy Elephant cockring and a pair of fishnet stockings. I would be lying to say I was not exceptionally apprehensive (and excited) as I was driving towards the shop. This fear and trepidation wasn't helped by the fact that, not only did I get slightly lost as I made my way to the store, but also further exasperated by their being another sex shop not far from my intended destination on the same road. So it was then, that I sat in my car looking at this alternate sex shop, thinking "this looks exceptionally seedy. I am not sure I can go through with this". Fortunately it was then that I noted that the car GPS was indicating that the actual sex shop I should have been going to was further up the road. I quickly started the car and proceeded to park out the front of the "real" Sexyland. It was from here I entered and things became even more confronting.

Being totally honest I really wanted to get into the place, make the purchases and get out as quickly as possible, but as I discovered, it wasn't going to be that easy. The fishnets it appeared were likely to be the simple part of the equation, however. Fortunately as soon as I entered I noted that all the fetish wear including fishnet stockings were near the entrance. My eyes quickly scanned the store trying to ascertain the possible location of all the items I was to purchase. For some reason I didn't immediately go and get these stockings, but instead walked to where I saw the cock rings were situated. I believe my rationale for this was I didn't want to be seen by the shop assistants loitering near the female attire. Laughing now as I am sure standing in front of the cockrings was far less "interesting" for them. Strange how the mind works. Fortunately the elephant cock ring was quite easy to spot, so I grabbed 'him' and walked further on into the section where all the butt plugs, vibrators, dongs and other invasive looking objects resided. It will not surprise You to hear that I was hard throughout this entire shopping trip.

This was where things got a 'little' surreal. You see, I couldn't find Mistress' butt plug item of choice - the 'twirly trio'. I walked backwards and forwards past the same 4 to 5 rows of sex toys at least 10 times and just couldn't spot it. It appeared they had every other butt plug known to man on display, except for the item I was seeking. I started to panic and wasn't exactly sure what to do. It is here I really amazed myself, and understood the massive impact Mistress has had on me. I did not wish to disappoint Her and needed to do all I could to get the items She requested. So I proceeded to move to the counter and ask about the "twirly trio". Yes I said to the male shop assistant "I can't seem to find this product, do you have it?". I thought he may look it up on the computer perhaps and find out, but instead proceeded to lead me back to where I had just been pacing back and forth and hold up various items and ask if that was the correct butt plug. It wasn't. Each time. And the entire time he was not using his 'inside voice'.

He then thought that his female shop assistant might know. So he wandered off to go and get her. They both returned and she asked all the same questions. Finally saying that she knew the one I was talking about but they didn't have it. She also appeared not to have an 'inside voice'. She then asked me if I had considered a dong and held up what appeared to be an elephants cock, removed from said animal and cast in plastic. Admittedly it might have matched the cock ring I had, but I am not sure it was suitable (for any human). I mentioned the suction cup on the bottom and she went through a couple of butt plugs that had this and how they were really good for attaching to the wall. I almost fell over. We eventually found one that I thought Mistress would be pleased with, took it and made my way back over to the fishnets area, grabbed those and went to the checkout. I really thought this experience was very close to completion. Little did I know that Sexyland ensure that each "toy" is working and try and explain how it works. Yes great customer service, but please can we do without the running commentary - "oh yes this elephant cock ring lights up, so when you have it on, turn out the lights, it will look fantastic". I hurriedly paid for the items and ran from the store.

I got in my car and drove off quickly, heart continuing to race, the carefully decorated inoffensive plastic bag hiding the toys and garments burning within. I couldn't help my eyes flicking to the packaging continually as I drove wondering what and how Mistress intended for me to use each of these items. No doubt I would find out in due course.

Confessional By Morpheus

Enters the confessional my heart racing as I kneel slowly before the Lady behind the screen

In the name of the Goddess and , High Mistress and all Mistress’s I come here to confess it has been 5 months of chastity since my last confession .

Slowly the words flow from my mouth , eyes lowered in reverence.

*I dream of feeling the inner power of slavery will one day guide me to Your door , Each moment the thoughts encapsulating my beings , as I knock softly upon the hard wooden barrier to my future waiting Your call ,from within a stern and sultry voice calls out to enter .

Moving with a confidence that is not really felt I enter and seeing Her radiant beauty fall before Her upon my knees . It had been many months to arrive at this point , Her only words were*Strip your life and past has gone wear the collar upon the table , kiss good bye to all but Me*

Feeling the energy from Her taking my soul as I knelt naked before Her , craving Her attention as the lock was secured upon my neck . Nothing else would be left in my life but devoting and focusing upon pleasing Her , nothing to be refused, for in doing so I would loose what I craved most Her Dominance and that would destroy my whole being
The detail Of course would for ever remain private for even in confession Her actions are sacred and could never be shared unless She gave permission .

Bows slowly As I look to the Lady behind the screen and listen *For your sins , your dreams you will remain in chastity for 3 months followed by 3 forced ejaculation while being taken by the Goddess phallic staff.

*Yes Goddess of course * and blushes slightly

Wondering what ever happened to three our Fathers and 3 hail Mary’s .

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Plan Part One By Lady Livin

The Plan Part One

I have left you lying naked on the bed except for three small strands of strategically placed silk. One piece not quite two inches wide is draped across your eyes. We both know you can still see through the thinly veiled silk, but it is this illusion I am after and is the truest test of your submission to me. Can you – will you trust me enough to resist your temptation to break the rules and watch my movements? The other two strands are tied one around each wrist and lightly secured to the headboard. Again, it is the illusion I am after not your actual physical restraint.

Upon leaving you alone I tell you, you had better be semi erect when I return. “Stroke you’re wee little cock and be sure to keep him nice and happy for my return.” I say. Although I don’t elaborate you know exactly what that means. I want you only partially hard, playing with yourself just enough to keep your mind on me and what I may do so that you aren’t tempted to let your mind wander, and also not fully ridged either so I can play myself in a while. You open your mouth slightly to speak and I can see you are dying to ask when I will be back but instead utter a small “yes Mistress”.

“Aren’t you even the least bit curious what my plans are my pet and when that will be?” I ask taunting you, knowing that is exactly what you do want.

“No Mistress, I am quite content to lie here waiting for you with only the thought of your return to keep me occupied, be that 5 minutes or 2 hours my Mistress.”

“Good boy, mine” I whisper in your ear and I reward you by brushing my lips faintly across yours before straightening up to leave. Then on impulse I turn and brush those lips across your cock and it jumps in response. I let out a chuckle and say “I see you won’t have any trouble getting yourself ready for me my pet.” I tiptoe across the room and softly close the door behind me.

Once downstairs, the first thing I do is turn up the thermostat for our room. A cold pet is no fun and besides I want your skin a degree or two warmer than usual for what I have in mind. Next, I check the freezer and yes those hospital ice packs I borrowed do freeze quite quickly and since they are small individually wrapped packets used for packing wounds in the OR, they remain flexible and are easy to work with.
Satisfied I run myself a hot bath and fold myself into its hot soapy water. I cannot help but smile to myself at this little play I am about to execute. Today is only Friday and I have planned a long weekend for us both. I let my mind wander over some of the finer details. The larger plan, in fact the only fixed part of the plan is that Jenny will be here at 3 pm.

Realizing I have lingered too long in my imagination and the bathtub, I reluctantly rise, step out and towel dry. I then apply lotion to my entire body with the same lotion Jenny and I both have used for years. Glancing at the clock, I decide now is a great time to begin. Taking my bag of toys I climb the stairs and head to the second bedroom since you are in ours. I imagine your breath quickening as you hear me approach. Actually, here I pause outside the door letting you anticipate my arrival. A grin crosses my lips and it is all I can do not to let out another chuckle at my secrets. I draw it out, the fun is in the little things the drawing it out and the complete and utter immersion in the moment. Taking our time with the creative license you have given me. When you gave yourself to me and I collared you, you also gave me a real live doll to play with and do with what I like.

I continue into the guest bedroom and quickly start the tape of Jenny. Once again I marvel at the planning and ingenuity. Jenny is in on it of course as well as my SL boy. This is a tape of Jenny which I had her record for me. She is of course playing with herself and her enjoyment is evident. You see, the three of us created this tape of Jenny which my SL boy edited, dubbed and looped so to the unknowing ear sounds as if there are two people getting very intimate.

With the tape running I position myself on the bed and join Jenny, in spirit if not in body. At my first touch of myself I am shocked at how moist I am already. Yes, the imagination is a wonderful thing I think as I quickly bring myself to my first orgasm. I cry out and then allow those giggles to bubble to the surface. After all this too is part of the plan, you are supposed to think I am in good company and not just alone with a tape, even if you can’t identify the other party.

I lay there letting the aftershock of my orgasm ripple through me and when I can think again I wonder what you have heard and what you are thinking and what conclusions you have drawn about my company. The thought of you wondering, imagining and deciphering has my clit instantly hard again and I let myself come again. I wonder if this is enough. I don’t want to exhaust myself but I do want to make sure you can smell me easily.
Yes, smelling me is also part of the plan. I want my pussy wet and emitting my powerful sex. I allow myself to test my odour by dipping my fingers in and bringing them to my nose. Satisfied, I get the ice from the kitchen and head back to you.

“Hi my pet, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long and I also hope I didn’t bother you being next door” I say sweetly yet with a hint of smugness daring you to ask me about my activities. I do in fact see your eyebrows arch up in a silent but definite questioning. “Welcome back, my Mistress is all you say.

I reward this good behaviour by climbing on the bed with you and straddling your chest so that my weight is supported half by you and half by my own legs. Silently I bend down and brush away the stray strands of hair now damp on your sweat beaded forehead. Good I don’t need to turn up the heat any further. I continue stroking your hair your head and your face. Petting and crooning to you. Tracing your lips softly with my fingertips; Heightening your physical senses as no doubt your hearing is already. Once satisfied I whisper the words I know you have been expecting “Stick out your tongue my boy!” As you do so I position myself just about a half inch above your protruding tongue. Instead of positioning myself on you though, I simply instruct you close your mouth again. I quickly glance upward to see a look of confusion cross your face.

“Not just yet my pet.” I say. “All in good time my boy all in good time.” I shift again and now I am ¼ inch above your mouth and nose. “Smell it my boy! Smell it” I whisper hoarsely. I take a deep breath as you do. Once again knowing I have you where I want you, sends electricity pulsing through me and directly to my core. My juices once again alive and flowing I tell you to take five deep breaths inhaling slowly holding it and then after each exhale to give me one adjective describing my wet cunt.

After the first breath, “beautiful” you say. “Yes, yes it is” I say, “but that is a given, a freebie. You can do better. Smell it again.” I instruct.

“Pure feminine beauty” you say. I nod and tell you that is a phrase not a word but I will let it slide. I reward you by reaching back and playfully stroking your cock, which is I’m delighted to see is rock hard. I only stroke maybe five or six times, yet you gasp. “Ut ut ut … not so fast my boy you must remain perfectly still and continue smelling me. If you cannot do that then I certainly cannot reward you by playing with your rock hard cock now can i?”

“No Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

I wait for you to inhale again which you do. “Uh freshly um played with my Mistress” you utter. This is of course the answer I want to hear from you but you aren’t sure if I will be angry at you for pointing out my recent play. Just as suddenly I reach out and slap you hard across the face. Shocked, you jerk under me and turn your head away. “You little slut! Listening to me and getting off on it!” I slap you again three more times. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! I feel the sting on my hand and see the reddening of your face.

“Smell me again.” I say. This goes on and on. You breathing in, in inhaling my cunt juices and me either rewarding or punishing you accordingly. I play with you too perhaps rewarding you too much for the time being edging you closer and closer to a release. Time stands still yet races forward as we play riding the waves together in a near frenzy.

Smell… smell .. smell…I whisper again and again.

Then I am brought back to the room and the present moment by the doorbell ringing. Right on schedule I think… That must be Jenny.

Part Two next week. Who is Jenny and what do they have in store for their play toy?

Consideration Note By Dondas

Days may come and go,
and seasons may change,
Some days, your whip may fall heavier then others.
Some days not at all.
Some days I may scream your name loudly,
Some days it may be just a whisper

As your grip tightens and pulls me in,
I begin taking my last breaths as a free man,
Knowing that my self control will become your control,
Knowing that my belonging will be at your heels.

The uncertainty of what you will do with me tightens my chest,
but the knowing that I can cherish you when you let me,
and make you happy with obedience
puts me at ease

You may beat me, bruise me, and abuse me
but all along,
I'll be hoping for that tender moment against your warm bosom to make it alright,
to make it worthwhile.
Even if it never comes

I will still be a man
and will still exist in your absence,
but when you call,
I will run.
when I think you'll be there,
I'll be waiting.

I will carry out your tasks to please you,
and carry your bruises as my badge of honour.
I will hold my head high with pride of being yours,
but keep it low by your side.

Please Miss,
Bind my wrists,
take my leash
I beg you to let me wear your collar.

The Brothers By Eroyan

The Brothers
By: Eroyan Barmy

Oh how bright the Darkness can be.
How, absurdly it can shine all around us.
It will swallow you whole, and spit out nothing.
It can take everything and never make a sound.

The Darkness blinds you with rage.
How. it can make you see what it wishes.
It steals your hope,
It can eat your dreams.

The Darkness loves like no other.
How. it seduces your soul in passion.
It will be a false God.
It will cause you pain.

The Darkness fears.
How insecure it will be.
It will make you run.
It will make you hide.

The Darkness cannot escape.
How, can it surrounding us all.
It is so massive.
It weighs down on us all.

The Darkness shy 's away as it grows paler.
How it must yield to its brother.
It has no choice.
It must obey.

Oh how dark the Light can be.
How absurdly it can shadow us all.
It will bring forth life, and the songs of ages.
It can give you everything, and fill the world with sound.

The Light shines down from the heavens.
How it lifts the hearts of all.
It will show you the ocean.
It will bring forth the green.

The Light follows his brother.
How soon he will yield.
It knows it must.
It knows it will return.

So the Brothers dance.
How they began no one can tell.
They know what is good and what is evil.
They are eternal.

Words by Anonymous











































Pause **Pause after reading for a few seconds**









Confession By Leasha

So here goes this is my first ever confession.

Siting across the court yard the silhouette of a tall, slender Mistress catches my eye. Her skin darker than a winter night’s sky glistens against the pale light of morning. Exquisite posture commanding everything around her the very air tingles electrically charged with her dominance.

That was the day I first set my eyes upon my Mistress. Yet here I am siting again, heart broken and alone after only 6months.

The weeks went by wonderfully, blissful even on some occasions. The sex, well, phoa, that was phenomenal, but most of all Mistress was my friend, my companion, my lover and importantly my Guardian. She cared for me nurtured me and guided me, but one day she was gone…..nothing……not a message not an IM not an email nothing at all.

Just silence, left alone to figure out what to do next.
Leasha xx

Control By Lady Persephone

The perspiration trickled in slow motion between his shoulder blades. The silence of the last hour made the air hum and sing in a menacing melody . He is bound and purposely not gagged, restrained by silken rope threaded with leather fronds which are now infused with the product of his obedience. An hour of exquisite torment for him and a heady conflagration of arousal for me. This piquant pungent aroma causes my nostrils to flare, incites my inherent nature to rise and swell, inundate all caution and responsibility. I step back from his prostrate figure an inner struggle tearing me apart; animal instinct demanding gratification, severing my duty to the bound lover before me.

I force myself to breathe deeply and his body becomes alert to the change in my demeanor. Silence is the rule today and I am aware he will obey with every fibre of his being, disobedience would be devastating for his submissive soul.
I feel his concern for me when the concern should be for himself and my lack of self control that threatens to flood my objectivity.
His eyes watch me quizzically and I allow him read the desire to plunder and violate his body written in my face. I read in his……acceptance.

I release his bindings, my whole body shaking at the intensity of the moment as its zenith passes. He holds me tight, arms enfolding me until the storm is ridden out.
Later, as he takes my coat at the function we are attending he murmurs in my ear.... I would die for you.

Working Away Part 2 By Zaira

*Saturday Morning*
Leah groaned as the first few notes of a song from her alarm drifted around her conscious then entered her mind. 5am was a ridiculous time of day for getting up she thought, as she forced open her eyes to glance at the clock, before turning over and letting the music wash away from her awareness. She sat up with a sudden start as it clicked on once more, 5.15. “Fuck,” uttered Leah as she pushed the covers from her legs and moved towards the bathroom. She now had exactly 30 minutes to get ready for the weekend ahead yet she couldn’t seem to make her body speed up. Leah jumped into the shower, vaguely aware of a nervousness in the pit of her stomach as Erin’s text message from the night before came back to her. Rubbing the smooth liquid into a lather over her chest she read the words back in her mind. On auto pilot she eased the soap over her arms and down each leg before rinsing it quickly off and climbing out. She didn’t have time to relax and dry off as she threw a couple of bottles into her bag from her make-up case and dressed.

Erin was standing leaning against a pillar in the middle of the airport entrance hall when Leah rushed in. Looking around Leah missed her at first, not used to the casual jeans on her working partner. Her natural good looks once more struck Leah as her eyes focused on Erin, absorbing how the denim clung to her thighs and were complimented by the shirt she wore over them. "Wish I had legs like that," Leah muttered to herself. A single bag, with jacket over the top sat at Erin’s feet as she turned the pages of a morning paper. Leah let out a breath and shook her head sharply. What was going on with her? Yes it had been a while since Leah dated, but Erin was.. Erin. Erin was her partner. Erin was female! Catching her breath Leah moved over towards her, and unsure of why paused and waited for Erin to notice her rather than interrupting her reading.

Erin glanced up from behind the paper. She wasn’t really reading it, more skimming the headlines and picking up phrases which caught her attention as she waited. She hated waiting on others. Catching sight of Leah beside her she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows, wondering how long she had been standing silently beside her. Erin was taken back by Leah’s appearance, and silently admired it. Leah wore a light summer dress which skimmed her pale thighs where if flared out from her waist which Erin never recalled being so intriguing to her before. Her dark hair which was usually tied back for work, fell loosely tousled over her shoulders. Erin couldn’t help but continue to take in Leah’s body from the ankle boots to her face. The movement of Erin's eyes was not lost on Leah though as it send a bolt of excitement though her body, causing her to flush into her cheeks as she smiled. Erin caught hold of herself then snapped, “You’re late, hurry up before we miss check in.” With a swift turn she moved off towards the desks, with Leah following behind her. “Equal” she muttered, furious with herself for standing there grinning. As Leah stood in the check in line behind Erin, she vowed to herself that this weekend she would let Erin know that she was not in charge of her, that they were equal.

*Saturday Afternoon*
Leah hid a yawn behind her hand as the meeting seemed to drag on. It was almost already a done deal, but papers needed signed. She knew Erin was pissed off by this, the papers could have been signed any time and posted yet they had both been sent on their weekend chasing a few loose strings. Leah observed Erin as she talked though the final few points, being just as detailed as if it were a new deal. Leah’s thoughts wandered again over Erin, she was different today. When they had landed, Leah sensed it in her. It was almost like a physical change, she would hardly recognise this woman. In fact, though she didn't like to admit it, she was almost attracted to this woman, in a regular way of course... "how friends are" she reasoned with her mind. Leah’s fingers rose and toyed with the simple drop pendent on the chain around her neck. She twisted it up and down the chain, pulling the chain over her chin then let it drop against her chest. Becoming aware of eyes on her Leah glanced up, blushing deeply as Erin’s were focused on her, holding her own captive. As Leah finally looked away and around the room she realised the others had gone and blushed deeper. Seeing the pink spread deep into Leah’s cheeks Erin laughed, unable to hold it in as she walked from the room “I’m using the bathroom before we go,” she tossed towards Leah.

Leah was left flustered. She ran her warm palms down over the edge of her dress, smoothing it over her thighs as she stood. Her eyes focused on the door to the toilets Erin was behind, a force almost calling to her, physically pulling her towards Erin.

Erin stood leaning against the sink units. The water gushed hard from the tap for a few moments before it slowed, then stopped only for her to once more lean her weight on the tap. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Leah seemed different. God, Leah seemed pretty. She searched the reflection in her eyes as she pondered over this detail, her plans for the night falling into doubt. Erin had been planning to visit a club in the evening, a women’s club… a bdsm club. But now, her mind could not seem to focus on Lauren, her casual playmate, but was filled with the simple yet pretty dress on her partner who waited outside. After one more press on the tap she dipped her hands in and pressed the coolness against the back of her neck. "You’re tired, you’ve been travelling, You haven’t seen Lauren in a while, it’s just doubts." Arguments raced though Erin’s head with insecurities she would never share with another person before turning to leave the toilets.

Leah stepped forward, moving slowly towards the toilets and felt her hand reach for the door, only to side step and pretend to be reading the notices on the board as Erin emerged.

Glancing at Leah, Erin moved past her observing how Leah fell into step to her left. Erin struggled to recall if she usually walked there. It was always where she kept Lauren leashed. No, London was playing with her head… messing with her head. Leah chattered away in her ear as they left the building, something about a picture of a bucked and a rock, and how it did not constitute good art before she touched Erin’s arm and smiled “What are you doing for dinner? Do you fancy the hotel or I have a list of recommended restaurants close by?”

Erin looked at her, her eyes focusing on Leah’s as she paused, “Yes, dinner,” she shot back before taking off down the stairs and out of the building. Leah watched as she went down, cursing under her breath as she was left wondering what she had said wrong this time.

To be continued :)

Confession About Confessions By Strahl

I'm kneeling on the floor, listening to confessions of all sorts being read aloud for all to hear when I hear a whisper, "Are you nervous" I admit to myself, yes I am a bit nervous this is my first confession I will be attending as well as the first confession I will be reading. It's not my own, an anonymous person has submitted this delightfully detailed and thought out confession of a fantasy.

Back to the whisper.. "Yes Miss, I am nervous." I answer. A soft sensual voice responds in my ear, "I want you to stroke now for me." I dutifully begin to stroke leaning back and feeling a bit of relaxation wash over me. "Stroke faster." she says. I respond moving my hand up and down faster as I listen to a confession. I realize the notecard I have has a 6 on it, and going back in my mind I begin to realize that we are on the fourth confession. As the fourth ends and the fifth confession is being read I hear "Do you have the plug ready?" I do, she asked me to ready it before confessions. "Yes Miss it is ready." I reply. "I want it in now." I grab the plug slowly and surely sliding it in until I feel the poping sensation that lets me know it is all the way. "It is in Miss." "Good" comes the reply. Just a few moments after this the fifth confession ends.

I hear Lady Cera say from the front of the room. "Ok Strahl will be reading our next confession." I tense up at these words, I am already nervous and I have no idea how I will be able to remain calm while reading this quite long confession. I find my voice, trying to gain control of it as I begin reading "It started with a Cigarette..." as I read the voice whispers to me again. "Stroke now." And I comply with the command stroking while reading this confession, beads of sweat running down my forehead as I read trying to concentrate only on the words infront of me and not the sensations of my body. I wonder to myself "Can anyone tell what is going on with me as I read this?"

Before long however the confession is finished and I lean back sighing deeply, feeling calm now that its over with. I hear Lady Cera laugh and tell the room "Very well done, and well read, and I understand that you read all of that with a plug in?" my hands tremble my shyness immediate about what I had done. "Yes Lady Cera, I did." "Well, why don't you continue?" She says to me and Lady Jade. I turn my voice on so all can hear me as Lady Jade toys with me, leading me closer and closer to the edge. "Slap your hands hard 5 times Strahl" I do as she says, and begin stroking again the tingly numbing sensation feeling quite new and interesting to me.

My moans and grunts become louder and louder as I approach release. "I think you should thank Lady Jade for all she has done for you today s you cum." A voice says somewhere in the room. I grunt in the affirmative at this command. Feeling my balls begin to tighten as Lady Jade says firmly and loudly "Cum Strahl, Cum now." I let out a loud moan my breath catching in my throat as I utter out "T-T-Thank You Lady Jaadee." A round of "Well done" is heard as I lean back relaxing and wondering to myself. "Did that really just happen?"