Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Morrocan Room by Jarrod

As I came walking into the Moroccan room, there she lay waiting for me by the hooka the soft embers glinting gently as I came closer. Slowly I kneeled down before her lowering my head as she brought her hand up to caress my cheek feeling her soft gentle touch against my skin I let out a whimper as I drew myself closer to her touch.

Watching as she took in a deep breath from the hooka the coal lighting up before it dims down, she ex-hails over me the smoke engulfing my head for a moment before her touch draws me closer and she presses a soft kiss to my lips the taste of the hooka on her tongue as our lock gets stronger and the desire grows deeper in the room, she takes my hand and places it against her breasts as if giving me unspoken permission as I start to rub in small circles a whimper of enjoyment escaping her lips this time

without warning she suddenly rips away from the kiss a sly smirk on her face as she whispers "You are done now" with that I rise to my feet and walk slowly out of the room.

Getting To Know You Game Part 2 by Anonymous

Part II

I waited a few days to call the boy.  And Im sure with being chaste it seemed a lot longer. At least I hoped so.

When I called him I got voice mail, as he was no doubt at work.  I was concise and clear in my message.  He was to leave work, pick up my house key from my receptionist (since I would be in a meeting), go to my home, fix me a martini (not that he knew how to make one, which gave me a chuckle) and wait for me to arrive home. I was clear that he was to be undressed except for what I left for him to wear which was in a package on the night stand in my bedroom.

I finished my work day, and was very much looking forward to the treat waiting at home for me.  I remembered the package I had left for him and the item inside that I had purchased last week.  Tonight would be the perfect night to see how well it fit. Not that there was much to it.  I got a nice warm feeling thinking about it on my drive home.

Turning the key in the lock, I heard a rustling inside.  When I pushed the door open and walked in, the boy was kneeling in the room, facing the door.  He was wearing the leather thong, sitting up straight, with his excitement clear.  The thong fit perfectly.  He was fit, but not thin, qualities I very much enjoyed.  His legs were toned, arms as well, but with very little body hair on his torso.  Nothing boy about him, though. He was almost Greek statue-like with his pale skin, but had no idea of his classic beauty - another tasty quality.  

He smiled brightly, sincerely open, beautiful.  He was an almost blank slate, he trusted me.  I could tell with the ease that he had slipped into my control, how little his former owner had been able to imprint on him.  I would teach him how to make me happy and he would beg for the opportunity to serve me through pain and tears and denial.  I would.. break... him.   And remake him in the image in my mind's eye.   He would become the man he was meant to be, so much more than all his peers, as his one goal would be to make me happy, at all costs.

"My, my,"  I said, walking slowly to him.  I slid a stiletto between his legs under his package and his smile changed as he swallowed and bit his lip.  When I pressed upward, he closed his eyes and a soft moan escaped him.

"Open your eyes boy, and look up at me, "  I instructed, and watched him as he lifted his face to me and noticeably shivered. His eyes were a bit wide.  I saw in them a hint of curiosity, some fear and a lot of need.  I ran my fingertips over his lips, as he parted them.

I withdrew my touch and stepped over to the couch.  Sitting down, I held up a heeled foot and motioned for the boy to take off the shoe.  He quickly scooted over on his knees and gently removed the one shoe, then the other as I presented it.

 "I'll take that martini now, boy"  I said, stretching out.  I picked up the controller as he rose up and went to the kitchen.  I turned on the receiver to my favorite Indie station that I always listened to at the end of the day.  I took a deep breath, beginning to relax as he came back into the room with a martini on a tray.  I gave him a point in my mind as I saw it had an olive in it.  He kneeled and presented it.

I took the glass from the tray and brought it to my lips.  I sipped a bit and nodded.  "Not bad at all,"  I stated simply.   "That little accomplishment means you wont be leaving on your ass quite yet."  I saw him swallow again hard.  Smart boy that knew I meant what I said.

"In my bedroom is a package on the bed.  Im sure you noticed it earlier."  I raised an eyebrow and looked at him.   He nodded.  Go and open it.  Bring me what is inside."  I watched him rise and go to the bedroom.  I heard the rusting of packaging, then a pause.  A smile met the martini glass as I sipped a bit more.

When he came back, he kneeled again, holding out the wooden paddle.  It was of medium thickness and usual in size.  His hands were trembling a bit as I took it from him.   I ran fingers down the smooth surface of it and then set it down beside me on the couch.

Snapping my fingers, I pointed to the space directly in front of me.  "Kneel.  I want to put my feet up."  He eagerly kneeled on all fours in front of me and I propped my ankles on the small of his back.   I enjoyed soft moan that ensued.   I reached down and ran the tips of my nails over the bare skin of his ass, listening to him draw in his breath sharply.  I dug my nails in and then gave his ass a smack.   What a lovely sound.  He let out a small exclamation of surprise and a moan as I leaned back to take another sip.  The "thank you, Miss" was a bit breathy.  

"Tell me about your day, boy,"  I stated, picking up the paddle and appreciating the heft of it.   I listened as he told me about his work, talking to his sister and was very focused and complete.   I liked.

When he paused, I brought the paddle down flatly on his ass.  He cried out this time.  "Oh my god,"  he breathed.    "What was that, boy?"  I asked.  "I never knew I could need this much, Miss. Everything aches."  His body shivered again, likely with the realization.

I brought the paddle down again on his ass, nice and firm. Another gulp and a shudder that I could feel under my legs. "Need is a very effective teacher.  Or didn't your former Mistress teach you that."  Another smack with the paddle and a strangled yelp was the response, followed by a whimper.   I loved this part.  The sounds of "what have I got myself into" combined with "this feels soooo good" together.

I paused a bit, sipping on my drink.  "Would you like to leave now, boy?"  I asked rhetorically.  "No Miss, not at all.  Please let me stay."  I gave him another smack, this one harder.   As if he would leave.  He did cry out, but this time it was a thank you.   Smart boy.  His body was starting to tremble.

I sipped a little of the martini and appreciated its slow descent down, taking another deep, relaxing breath, letting the remainder of the day slip away.   "The martini was a very good first try."  I stated, setting the paddle down.  I reached down and unsnapped the thong on each side until it feel away from his body.  I felt the trembling turn into a hard shudder as it dropped away.

I picked up the paddle again and rubbed it against his reddening ass.  He moaned loudly this time, openly, so needy.   I pulled the paddle back and brought it down hard, enjoying his cry of thanks.

 "You may cum'"  I stated simply, bringing the wood to his skin again.  Panicked and relieved  "thank you MIss" repeated over and over as I spanked him again with the paddle.  A scream came from im as his body went taut and shook as he released and I brought the paddle down once, twice and three times, continuing to spank until he was limp and shivering, whimpering at my feet.   His weak thank yous continued.

"Shhh.." I whispered, setting the paddle down next to me, taking a bit more of a drink, savoring it.  The boy was still panting when I set the drink down and touched his shoulder gently..  "Sit up now." I instructed and he sat up on his knees, eyes shining wide, still trying to understand.

I pulled him close and let him lay his head on my lap, noticing the boy was still very, very hard.  I stroked his hair gently and he snuggled up against me.  After a bit his breathing quieted until it was calm again.

"I've never felt this way before Miss,"  he breathed in a quiet voice after some time.

"I know, boy,"  I said, kissing the top of his head gently.

The End

Ride Sally Ride by Lady Lucie

Ride Sally Ride- A Confession by MizLucie

I entered the building where my prey worked as a secretary on the third floor. Looked down with a strained smile on my face as I passed the security desk and headed for the elevators immediately, hoping I didn't look too out of place
in my crisp black jeans, white Ramones shirt, and black leather jacket and messenger bag. Eyes forward, intent on my task, I entered the empty elevator and pressed the third floor button with a leather gloved finger.

I stepped into the office lobby and there she was- small framed blonde in tight red sweater and black wool skirt, standing by the receptionist. I approached confidently and pulled the envelope from my bag...

"Delivery for Sally X."

She reached for it with bright red lacquered nails and smiled. I smiled back, knowing she wouldn't be smiling long.

My smile turned into a wry grin as I turned and left the lobby, heading for the ladies' lounge. I waited in the lavender-scented restroom, imagining the look on her face when she opened the manila envelope containing the deliciously decadent pictures of little Sally at last weekend's dungeon... and the threat to email them to her office email list if she did not come and meet me.

As I predicted, she quickly arrived and I shoved her against the wall, my switchblade at her throat... "you and I are going to take a joy ride, little Sally, We will head out the building quietly- remember I have this..." I threatened in a
low, growly voice, sliding the knifeblade along the contours of her lovely face. "And the pics," I added, licking her cheek like a serpent tasting its prey.

I held the sharp blade in my jacket pocket poking into her side as we walked into the elevator and out to the parking lot. we found her car - 65 cherry red mustang convertible- and I grabbed her purse, fumbling for her keys. I told her, "Get in, slut, you're driving and you had better follow my every order." I maneuvered her into the driver seat pulling her hair roughly. I then pulled out a pair of stainless steel cuffs and cuffed her left hand to the steering wheel of the classic machine.

I walked quickly to the other side and hopped into the passenger side, pulling the knife out and poking her thigh, where her woolen skirt had slid up, exposing creamy white flesh. I dragged the tip of my blade over that sweet  canvas, leaving a thin crimson line of beads. "Drive!"

I gave her directions and we meandered through town. A few blocks from her workplace, I cut off her very wet schoolgirl white panties. her steering wavered a bit and a tear flowed from fear. She shuddered a mile later as I pulled a huge rabbit vibe out of my bag and inserted it into her, after carressing and stroking her pussy and thighs, getting her even more excited and wet despite herself.

As we crossed the Morrison Bridge I began to fuck her hard with the rabbit and she began moaning and begging for me to let her cum.

Damn! Just then flashing lights and siren from a motorcycle cop pulling along side us as we got to the other side of the bridge!

Sally pulled over I left the vibe in and surreptiously pulled her skirt down to cover her bits. She was shaking badly, and still cuffed to the wheel!

"Uh hello officer....."

He looked at us, beet-faced and said simply, " Um Ma'am you can't drive like that cuffed to the wheel...:"

The buzzing from the rabbit was very loud or at least it seemed so as I uncuffed her...." What's the ticket, Officer?"

Trying my best to look as innocent as possible. Trying not to giggle, I looked over at him.

"I should charge you with public indecency but um er" he was beet red and stuttering."Let's just call this reckless driving warning and um don't do it again"

He walked off with an uncomfortable limp to his bike and we burst out laughing. Oh and I took the vibe out before I drove my slave back to work before her lunch hour was over.

Morrocan Purpose by Kirby

Moroccan Purpose (Yes, another Confession forced by the courts!)

Hello America, I am Kirby Deed, and it has recently come to my attention that the Moroccan Room is not for keg parties. After scouring my little brain for it's possible true purpose, I have finally seen the light. I will never, ever use it again for my own dirty little activities.

Oh, let me count the ways:

The Moroccan Room is surely built to inspire romance. After taking a careful walk through it's sacred doors, I realized it's full potential. My first thought was that it had a harem theme to it. This is a place where a Lady could bring a stable of boys for cultural activities. They could recite poetry from the days old. Read lofty literature to their Lady, and ponder over ever nuance of the metaphors. The presence of a hookah, and warm tubs should not be a distraction. Those are merely decorations to enhance the cultural feel of the room. The soft throw pillows on the floor should be viewed as little delicate centerpieces on a well set table. They are not for lounging. The lack of indentations on the furniture is a clear sign it is for display only. This is a place where boys kneel on the hard tiled floor and a Lady towers over them with a critical eye.

I took another stroll through the room, and another purpose hit me! My eyebrow arched, as I thought about the owner of this pristine room. There is an intelligent design about the place, and I felt the answer kick me right in the gut. This room is owned by Lady Eva. The super, super model that dwells in a huge castle. What could She possibly need with extra spaces?!? The tone of Her voice pushed through my eardrums like white noise to the brain. No, this place was not meant for romance in the traditional sense. This was a facade to something much more sinister. I took a deep inhale through my nose, and that was not a new car smell. It was the smell of bleach and that purple floor cleaner they only sell in Spanish stores. "By God it is Fabulousa!". Through my careful thought process, I determined this was really a Dominion Police Force Interrogation Room! It made sense! The hookah was surely filled with some mind altering substance to relax the prisoners. Put them at ease, so they became more....cooperative. The promise of soft pillows for their aching knees. Beautiful and bright colors used cleverly to cause confusion. Then those obvious waterboarding location. How could I have been so naive!? Oh, this was a romantic room for the Ladies, but it could be the end all for some boys. I slowly backed to the doorway, and one last thought pushed into my mind before I went back home......Damn it, why haven't I been tortured yet?"


Good Boy by Mouse

I am not allowed to look up at her. My eyes are downcast. My wrists are crossed at the small of my back. My cock aches against the seam of my jeans. Goosebumps crawl across my bare back as the silence stretches.

My gaze is locked on her shoes. They're not heels. Not this woman. She is not the type to tolerate any discomfort for fashion. Or to wear anything, let's face it, for my sake.

I admit my tastes have changed since I met her six months ago. My snapshot fantasy of a latex-clad dominatrix has been slowly dismantled. Although I still have a stirring respect for that imagery, it's my soul that responds to this down-to-earth woman whose power has nothing to do with her costume.

She's wearing walking shoes, heavy and practical, and blue jeans that fit snugly to her broad thighs and hips. Her hands are shoved in her pockets as she looks down at me. And I don't allow my eyes to look any further up than this.

"Do you have to kneel?" she asks me, finally. Her voice is soft, but the question is pointed.

"No, Miss," I say quietly.

"Do you have to call me 'Miss'?" she asks in the same tone.

I close my eyes and my heart thuds in my chest. Finally, I shake my head. "No," I say, but I hear the hesitation after I answer, where I want to give her the title. The absence of the word is a loud silence in my ears.


"Because they're both just symbols," I tell her quietly, my eyes still down. I know in my heart that everything we've talked about is true. But it's hard. I hope she can hear that I really do understand.

"Kneeling is a... is a physical metaphor," I say haltingly. "Kneeling lets me use my body to tell you that I feel beneath you, in your control. And the title is the same thing. It's a... a verbal symbol, so that every statement I make reinforces that I am beneath you, in your control. But that's... that's all they are. They don't create the truth, they just reinforce it. They're just symbols. Even if I stand, even if I don't call you by anything but your name, you, you.... still own me." My voice drops to a whisper. "It's true... all... the time."

"That's right," she says. Her hand enters my line of vision. She's offering to help me to my feet. I grasp her small hand in mine and she pulls me up. She is looking up at me as I look down at her. Reflexively, I cross my wrists behind my back and stand at something like parade rest, my eyes looking out into the middle distance. This old protocol comes to me so easily that I hardly notice. But her cool hand smooths across my chest and she says, "Look at me."

I look down into her warm brown eyes. She's not smiling. I feel myself blushing faintly and I abandon the pose, standing more naturally beside her. I hope it looks casual, normal. She smiles and pushes a shirt against my bare chest. "Wear the green."

"Yes, M--" I say, then stop. No title. "I mean, sure."

She watches me as I button the shirt in front of the full-length mirror. It's not too bad. I look a little shaggy, maybe. I rub the stubble on my cheek and chin and she says, "You have nothing to worry about."

"A long weekend," I tell her, looking at her reflection in the mirror. "That's four days."

"Three nights," she agrees.

"And your parents," I add.

"You'll be fine," she says with a smile. But she can see the way I'm looking at her. Her expression changes, her tone changes, and she says, lower, "You WILL be fine. Do you understand me?"

"Yes--" Halted. The absence of the word is so loud. I know I'm blushing. But I know an order when I hear one.

"Good boy," she says.

The Initial Mistake by Anonymous


The Initial Mistake. Part 1.

Today was just like any other Monday, the same daily routines... work... and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. This was until later on that evening.

After getting home and finishing the usual Monday evening business, i logged onto our united favourite Second Life. Things were going pretty normal here too until i got an IM.

The IM stated that the Lady would "cash in the blank check" she had in her possession from a mistake i had made earlier in the week. My pulse began to speed up and seemed to settle at a pace i'd not discovered many times previously,

"You will do as your told, no questions asked" stated the Lady "i'm not here to mess around".

My focus had wandered off center during the course of the day, due to its repetitive tones from the usual Monday events, yet this - this brought it straight back in line. It was as if i was in the middle of a pitch black tunnel with a bright light shining on the Lady, my focus could not falter.

After what felt like 10 minutes, 2 hours had passed. The Lady had instructed me to ensure everything detailed from our discussion, was met. with no margin for error.

"We will continue this discussion in the near future, and i will expect that you will be ready and prepared for whatever i tell you to do for Me"

"yes Miss" i panted with excitement

"You will go to bed now, say your Good Nights."

I quickly said Good Night and logged off SL, I then began to get ready for bed, the usual routines of face wash, brush teeth, mouthwash, all before heading back to the bedroom and removing pajama bottoms. Usually i would sleep in them but for some reason i was warmer then usual at this point of the night.

As my head hit the pillow, i could feel my rock hard cock, throbbing. i slowly slid my hand under the covers and wrapped it around my shaft, gripping firmly. I then began to stroke whilst zoning my mind into the Lady and the conversation.

Hearing the Lady's voice back in my head, how she talked to me. My cock had grown to a length not yet experienced wasn't long before i began to edge, but i wanted to wank whilst having these thoughts for as long as possible.

i adjusted the pace of the strokes, slowing down slightly as i was ready to burst in order maintain a extraordinary level of excitement, stiffness and readiness. As i had been wanking now for quite some time, it suddenly hit me that i was indeed a slut.

I threw the covers up and released, my hot sticky load was everywhere and it felt better then ever. Exhausted, i stood up and went to the bathroom to clean myself off, once again throwing water on my face to combat the dripping sweat

I then crept back into bed, lay my head against the pillow and went out like a light.

The End, or is it?

First Contact by Sillien

First Contact

She was watching tv, but not really watching. She couldn’t even tell you what was on. Her eyes darted to the bedroom door every minute or so. She couldn’t stop them no matter how much she tried. It was five months now since they had first met online. They tried to work in a weekend together for the last three, but she couldn’t make it, or her couldn’t make, or both. Tonight would be the first time they met in person.

Technically they already had. She met him at O’Hare. He smiled and tried to hug her, but she put out her gloved hand to stop him. It hurt her to see him so sad at that rejection, but it had to happen. The car ride here was made in silence, too. It was so unlike the warmth the two of them usually shared that Martin was biting his lip the entire ride, wanting to ask if everything was okay but thinking the better of it.

She led him to her room in the same manner you’re brought to a bed in the ER by a nurse who would rather be anywhere else. He stripped as he was told, and noticed that she didn’t even glance at him the whole time. All she did was get the rope on the bed posts ready. He sat there, his back straight and against the headboard, as she fastened him down with those damned gloves denying him her real touch. A blindfold was slid over his eyes and a ball gag strapped to his head. Then she killed the lights and closed the door behind her.

Denise stared through the tv for about an hour before shutting it off. There was no more time for waiting, she thought, and hoped the boy might understand why she wanted it to be like this. The gloves finally came off. She walked through the bedroom door. She turned on the lights.

Her face lit up for the first time that day as she looked at what was all hers. Not a perfect body, but her body. Every inch. She sat on the bed. Her hand reached out to his chest, stopping no more than an inch from it. She took in a deep breath and finally, after these long months, pressed her palm to her submissive’s skin for the first time. Martin let out a soft moan through the gag. They both did. Her hand slid across his upper body, from breast to breast, her fingers sliding over each nipple, Not pinching, not yet. Just feeling them. Just listening to the noises coming out of him.

The hand travelled down to the boy’s belly. It was a furry belly. She leaned in, placing the side of her head against the center of his chest. The sound of his heart soothed her, every beat almost lulling her to sleep. His breathing now deeper; faster. Her eyes walked down his body and rested between his legs. His cock was starting to grow. Her fingers touched his sack, and his breathing became even more labored. She moved them up to the base, slowly, Martin moaning now, and she dragged the fingertips up the underside of his cock only to hear him practically squeal. Her fingers wrapped around it now, clutching it, starting to stroke it. Once. Twice. Three times. A fourth for good measure. And she was done with that.

His legs hadn’t been tied down because there was another thing she wanted to do. A drawer was opened and a dildo was removed. A rather generous dollop of lube was spread over it and she crawled onto the bed. A few taps in just the right spot told him to lift his rear a little. She rested the dildo just at the opening of his hole. Oh, his breathing was quickened at that. The free hand grasped his cock while the other pushed the tip in, Denise soaking in every moment of her first time truly violating this boy.

Shoving the dildo all the way inside of him. Pumping his cock. Martin breathing through his nose like a panting dog, muffled moans trying to escape his mouth. She fucked him and pumped him, cackling just a little while the slut bucked his hips to the rhythm. She listened carefully and waited. Waited for that moment when those moans were right next to each other, when the breathing was quick and so shallow. That moment when she could feel the boy was ready to erupt all over her nice clean sheets.

And she stopped. Moans were now whimpers as she let go and pulled the dildo out, setting it aside. Denise waited for a minute for him to cool down before straddling him. She unfastened the gag. She slid the blindfold off. She looked in his eyes and smiled. That was enough to make him smile too. And she leaned in, took his chin in her hand, and kissed him. Deeply. Passionately. Lovingly. She kissed him for a very long time.

She could touch this boy for the first time only once, and now she would always feel satisfied that it had happened precisely the way she wanted it to.

Falling by Lady Dalia


It's an odd feeling,
my stomach in my mouth,
my heart nearly stopping.

I look around and it is all a blur,
except for your face.

It is all I can see.
All I can touch.

How is it possible,
to fall so hard, so fast?

It doesn't seem real to me,
but I know it is.

It is all I can seem to think about,
dream about,
talk about...

It must be possible,
because it's happening.

I am falling,
and I am falling hard.

Desire by Lady Dalia


Tantalizing tease.
Slowly unwrap,
Till tangled,
Flesh meets flesh,
Soft and sinuous.
Desire bursts forth,
Slick and wet.
Our lips meet,
Your tongue touches mine,
Flames flicker on my skin.
Your teeth on my neck.
My hands,
There, every where.
Mine, I take you,
Deep inside,
My molten core.
My nails down your back.
You yield to me,
Your arms above your head.
Hands flex,
I cum.

PonyPlay Confession by Ace

                             Ponyplay Confession

    I hear a whistle come from the stables as I quickly crawl on all fours over to them.  As I enter I see my beautiful Mistress smiling big beside a table with all of our pony play equipment.  I crawl over to her as she reaches down and grabs my hair pulling me up a bit and saying “Ready to go out into public today Mine?”.
    I nod willingly as she pushes me back stripping me down quickly, she throws a latex suit at me and orders me to put it on.  I quickly do so for my Mistress sliding into it the fit very tight against my skin.  I turn around and stick my butt in the air as Mistress slams a pony anal plug into my tight ass as I grunt out in pain and pleasure.
     I wag my butt around to make sure it won’t fall out my Mistress giggling at me.  My Mistress reaches back over to the table grabbing a mask and placing my head into it.  Within an instant Mistress grabs the bit and bridle and shoves them in my mouth pulling me back giggling evilly.     “Almost ready to go my pretty pony” she says.  She grabs a leash and ties it to my collar.  Mistress then walks away and grabs a cart pulling it out, the cart being a one person cart, two wheels, and with 2 handles extending from the cart itself.  Mistress takes a seat and says, “Ok pony lets go take me to the café now!”.

    I grab the handles and pulls my Mistress out of the stable outside to the road pulling her along the sidewalk.  Everyone driving by honking at us people walking along the sidewalks all staring.  I can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed being seen in this outfit in public.
    I slow down a bit and quickly my Mistress cracks a whip against my ass “don’t slow down pony!!!”. I take my attention off the people staring and honking getting my Mistress to the café ASAP. After 15 minutes of having half the town seeing me in my pony outfit we finally arrive at the café.
    “They don’t allow animals in here hun so I got to do this.”  She reaches in the cart and grabs some hobbles to  my ankles so I can’t leave.  “See you in awhile my precious pony” she smirks and walks inside as I set on the ground next to the cart waiting.
    People giving me weird looks as they walk by I start to sweat and drool in the hot sun hoping Mistress comes back soon.  10 minutes later she finally comes out and smiles down at me “ok time to go back home that coffee was delicious”.   The End.

A Valentine To Heather

A Valentine to Heather

Valentine's Day comes
with a trail of traditional romantic love.
Some people have it,
But others have to rise above.

I asked you to be mine on that day.
Not out of pity
But something else I would say.
Romance is not a requirement when it comes to love.
No, friendship is often the tighter fitting glove.

There is a permanence in calling you friend,
and I will be yours to the end.
So, remember this sweet Heather when you rise above.
In reality,
You are never without love.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

12 Limericks From Trials by Mouse

Lady Dalia is articulate and bright.
She can be fairly dark, or quite light.
When writing her rhyme:
*Respect* at all times.
If not, don't expect her delight.

Miss Summer's voice is quite sharp.
Yet musical, quite like a harp.
But even when sweet
That can take a back seat
To the thud it can put in your heart.

Lady Fallen is an art form.
She's like an electrical storm.
Best the rhyme's nice...
because she does like her ice...
and my balls do prefer to be warm.

Lady Coco is very kind.
Until she controls your mind.
I actually don't know
how that might go...

Miss Raffi is smart as a hawk.
Powerful and sometimes quite dark.
Subs, be aware,
that when she goes there
Your mind's her amusement park.

Lady Crissy is goddess incarnate!
She told me to write that, darnit.
No gun to my head,
just a feeling of dread,
and the wisdom to get right on it.

Miss Carissa, I don't really know her.
But I suspect she thinks I'm a goer.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink?
Miss, it's not what you think!
I'm more of a catcher than thrower.

Lady Swimmy lives quite close by...
So you see how I'll try to supply
A rhyme with finesse,
made to impress...
so I don't deserve a black eye.

Miss Eshi is a glow in the haze
that would otherwise fog up our days.
We're perfectly serious
that she makes us delirious
like a glass of a fine cabernet.

Miss Holly sure can grip a shaft.
Why look at me as if I am daft?
You shouldn't laugh!
She uses a staff...
when she's playing her World of Warcraft.

Lady Gracie, I don't really know you.
I could offer a flattering ruh-view.
But I might be in danger,
since you're a nice stranger.
I don't know what you'd make me go through.

A lymeryck for Myss Wycked Kyttyn
Was requested and therefore was wrytten.
The rhyme might be sickly
but it was done quickly
To stave off, "Assume the position."

Miss Eva, we love your lucidity.
Your reason reduces stupidity.
We want more of you.
Every day, we do.
But enough with this incessant cupidity.

What Is Love by Lady Aly

What is love?

Is it feeling something so strong,
that it knocks you off your feet?

Is it wanting to do anything for that person,
that it makes you ache when you can't do it?

Is it wanting to be close to them,
and hurting when you can't be?

is it to hold them close in your arms,
and to never let go?

What is love?
Will we ever really know?

The Wolf by Lance

The Wolf
by lance ducatillon

It's been ten days, this puppy is feeling wolfish. its world has become scents. its snout has become its primary sense organ. Memories of its Lady's scent floods its primal brain, this is what stirs it. Thinking of the smell of Her neck, Her ear. The feel of Her pulse against its tongue. By the time this wolf lowers itself to Her breasts it is panting in desire. Puppy eyes of need and love look upwards while the wolf breathes deep, heavy as it tries to become the scent. His brain spins. All he can do is place tiny puppy kisses down Her belly. Its nose takes over, the wolf rages. The scent is its desire. Its reason for being.

"Easy puppy, Your Lady is tender." Suddenly the puppy regains control. It's breathing is still deep, intense yet, it places gentle puppy kisses on its Lady's mound as it inhales Her scent. Moans of pleasure rise from its Lady as hands slap it away playfully.

Following its nose back to its Lady's neck the puppy nuzzles in closely and sighs a contented sigh as a smile crawls across its face.The wolf is sated, for now.

The Getting To Know You Game Part 1 by Anonymous

Over the last few weeks, it had been a series of short meetings and outings.  Sharing ideas, the things we liked, a cup of tea, some music. All very low key, all carefully designed, but casually executed.

Up to now I had been very quiet about anything serious, getting to know this boy.  I knew it had only been months since he had been released, and he deserved a little fun.  The months leading to the end of his last relationship were hard on him, and he tried so hard to serve someone who simply wasn't compatible.

Over the weeks he had been charming, polite, funny and serious when it was needed.   He had done as he had been told, and had been the perfect accessory, he walked behind me when we were out, deferred to my decisions and allowed me to speak for us both. I could tell how much he was enjoying the attention, the ability to serve and the structure. He was a simple but lovely boy, so eager, so young, still so much not explored or exploited.

I had taken over control of his sexuality, as he was glad to hand it to someone he said he trusted since it had been troubling to him in the past.  I was happy to do so and had allowed him two opportunities to release.  I was so generous. I had not offered and he had not asked for anything more than that. A boy that knows not to bore me with his trivial perceived needs... what a gem.

Today we sat on the veranda, the umbrella sheltering me from the early afternoon sun, the boy kneeling a little way away on the floor. He watched the floor as I finished a small snack and some tea, looking up only occasionally with a small smile.  His hair was dark brown and slightly curly, his skin a bit pale, which was a delicious contrast and exceptionally nice to behold naked.

I stood after finishing my snack and motioned him closer.  He slid closer and I motioned him to rise to his feet.   Eyes still lowered, he did as he was told and I enjoyed the view of his torso and legs stretching upward in front of me.  At this moment he was more than arms reach from me and that wouldn't do.

I took a half step forward and watched as he shivered lightly, his breathing a bit quick, but quiet.  My eyes took in the slightly tensed leg muscles and stomach, as well as the noticeable erection in his shorts.  I had allowed him shorts, but no underwear, which was allowing me the current treat of a view.

He looked up briefly, but saw that my eyes had scanned his bulge.  His face went bright red and he lowered his eyes again, letting out a  nervous breath.  I took another half step, now within reach, and put out a fingertip to outline the hardness of his penis through the fabric.  I enjoyed the quick intake of breath and the twitch I felt under my touch.

"If you think I didnt notice your eyes on my legs and ass while we walked today, you would be wrong."  My fingertip caresses gently the head of his cock as I waited for a response, feeling the light dampness form in the cloth.  His voice was a little choked when he answered.

"Im so sorry, Miss", was his reply, his breathing quickening. I was enjoying the ache I was sure he was feeling... the tightening... I wondered how tight those filling balls of his were and smiled.  I moved closer and reached up to take his chin in my hand, tilting it up so that his brown eyes met mine.  My tormenting fingers on the other hand slowly unzipped his shorts and I slipped my fingers inside, wrapping them around him.  

The panic in his eyes was as delicious as the jerk in his cock as it got as hard as it could get in my hand.  He was stifling a whimper, I could tell, and it made the moment even sweeter.  It was cute that he was trying to hold some control, but it was slipping away, bit by bit.

I let my eyes remain serious, but otherwise neutral as to what I was thinking.  I leaned in and closing my eyes, kissed his full lips firmly, fully.  I kissed him long and hard as I squeezed his cock.  I could feel his wetness flow over my hand.  I broke the kiss then, and releasing his face, I slapped his cheek firmly.

He made a sound of surprise, quickly followed by a moan as I let go of his cock, his hand coming up to touch his stinging face.   The look on his face was surprise and wonder, arousal and shame.  He lowered his eyes and swallowed hard, choking with some emotion.

"Knees", was all I said next. as he quickly dropped down and sunk to the floor.  His eyes still sought the floor.  'I promise I will do better, Miss", he choked out, swallowing hard again, struggling to keep it together.  He was sure he had messed up. I was going to allow him to make it up to me.

"You've made a mess on my hand boy.  Clean it."  I presented my hand with his precum to his face and felt his warm tongue gently begin to lick and clean my hand.  The pretty pink tongue was tentative, but thorough, and moved over the whole hand, palm and back.  I admired the red mark on his cheek as he obediently lapped the mess.  I stroked his hair with my other hand and then tangled my fingers in it, suddenly holding his head still.  I heard his breath catch and a whimper come from him as he stopped licking.

I turned my hand and presented my finger to his lips, sliding it into his yielding mouth, feeling the wet warmth surround it.   "Suck it clean", I demanded, holding his head as he obeyed, very eagerly pulling it into his mouth suckling it.  I slowly withdrew it and presented the next, watching carefully and listening to the sounds as he worked.

"Much better, boy.   And yes, you WILL do better for me."  I slid the last of my fingers out of his mouth and then let go of his hair, before watching him drop his eyes to my feet.

"Yes Miss.  I will."  he said, sounding a bit sad and yet relieved.  

"You are excused for now", I said simply and took a step back.  " I will call you tomorrow.  Go and get some rest."

"Thank you Miss. "  He stood and zipped his shorts up before moving to the door, and disappearing

I then smiled, and felt a laugh bubble up before escaping my lips.

The End of Part I

Story 2 by Hans

He didn't dare move at all.  The spreader bar would not let him move much anyway as She continued with him.
    “Now we shall begin.  Do you know what we will begin with, boy?”
    “No, Mistress.”
    “How many times a day do you masturbate?  Be honest.  I will know.”
    He froze up just a bit by the tone of Her question.  He hadn't expected something this personal and embarrassing to get out right away.  He fumbled for a brief moment as his mind swam.  His arms still tied above him.  His eyes still blindfolded.  The scent of Her shampoo lingering so close to him was making it hard for him to focus.
    It was sharp and swift.  Even though it was with Her hand, She was skilled enough to know how to make it hurt.  The sting awakened his body.  The fog in his mind was instantly clear.  She didn't even say anything after the hit.  The answer just flowed.
    “Twice a day, Mistress.”
    Her chuckle made him blush.  She came closer, the silk of her robe a poor disguiser of Her womanly form pressing back behind him.  Running Her hands down his body, over his stomach and on either side of his throbbing cock.  Her whisper drove weakness to his knees.  He gripped the cuffs above him to not show it.
     “My, my...healthy boy, aren't you?”
    She gave a playful slap to his bum this time and moved around in front of him.  After having been so close...touching him, She was able to go back to a tone that was matter-of-fact.
    “Have you ever heard of orgasm control, boy?”
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    “Do you know why the word 'control' is used and not just 'denial'?”
    “No, Mistress.”
    A slight smirk crossed Her lips.  One that could not be seen through his blindfold.  She again moved closer.  Pressing Her body in front of him this time, letting his arousal brush against the silk.
    “Unfortunately, to control your mind, boys tend to need this controlled as well.  And I will have your mind, understood?”
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    “Control is used because I could make you not orgasm at all.  Or I could make you orgasm five times without stopping.”
    A gasp escaped his lips.  Involuntary.  He instantly remembered an experience from some years earlier.  A girlfriend that would not stop for a few moments after his orgasm.  The sensitivity causing mind-numbing pain.   His gasp clearly pleased Her.  Her body instantly became warmer against his.  The control She gained by causing the reaction turned Her on.  Their bodies were in balance.  Hers the control, his the controlled.
    “I take it from your reaction you know just what happens when I keep going.”
    As She spoke, she gently grazed Her hand up his entire length.  Not giving enough for pleasure, but certainly giving enough contact to get what She wanted from him...another moan.
    His moan this time came in the form of an answer.  Breathy and weighted down only by the fog returning to his mind.  A different kind of that knew he was only to answer and react for Her.
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    Her fingers twirled from his stomach all the way up to his face.  Nurturing, comforting, but only so far as to let him know he'd still suffer for Her, but She would always put him back together.
    “There. There.  Don't worry, boy.  That can only happen if you orgasm.  And you won't be doing that for at least another week, now will you?”
    “No, Mistress.”
    “And just to make sure...”
    She drew a key from a necklace.  It was still warm from it's time against her bosom.  She ran it down along his cheek and down to his thighs.
    “You're going to learn how to work very hard for this key.”  
    With that, She pulled out the device...

Paddle Shopping by Casey

Paddle Shopping
by Casey Wildmist

Mistress and I were talking on skype, as we usually do, and the subject of toys came up. We talked about the things I already had and how we both enjoyed them, but Mistress mentioned a paddle, sending a thrill through me and making me start to squirm as only she can. After browsing a few web sites, I found a local bdsm shop that had a variety of paddles, sharing the link with Mistress. There was a thin wooden one that we both liked, so the plans were made for me to purchase one.

I was downtown one day, not far from that shop, so I stopped by and walked in. It's a small place, but nice, well lit and not seedy at all. As I was browsing the selection of paddles, I couldn't find the one I'd seen online. I talked to the clerk, a friendly young gay guy, and he said that paddle was out of stock due to it's popularity and it being just after Christmas. Guess some lucky boys and girls got a nice gift.

I left that shop and drove around a bit, my mind working overtime as I tried to remember where I'd seen adult stores all through the city, hoping to find one and a paddle that would make my Mistress happy. One shop didn't have any bdsm stuff, just sex toys and tons of dvds, the next few had some things, but no good paddles. Frustration and disappointment were setting in as I went from shop to shop, searching for the elusive paddle.

At last I found one final shop. When I walked in the guy behind the counter was talking to a couple, telling them about some kind of lotion guaranteed to turn a woman on instantly....
I wandered around a bit, checking out the small bdsm section in the shop....cuffs, gags, blindfolds...paddle!! Eureka!! I found one! It's black, a leather like surface and very firm. I happily went to the counter to pay for my new toy and the guy behind it grinned as he was ringing me up, commenting that it looked like someone was going to have fun. I think my blush gave away the fact that I was going to be on the receiving end.

I'm happy to say that my Mistress is happy with the paddle I bought after my adventures in paddle shopping, but any more information than that will have to wait for another confession.

Love Letter To Dominion by Steven

The Cupid Bear's, Love Letter to the Dominion with an element of crazy.

Dear Dominion,

I want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my life, my heart, my everything. You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today.

 You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Each moment that you and I spend together is so magical that I catch myself smiling in the courtyard for no reason at all. I thought that I would never find a love as strong as ours, but now that we've found each other I know that you are the place I want to spend the rest of my life in, the place i want to grow old in,

The D, you complete me. The world is a better place to be because of you. You make me feel normal. Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted.

Just being in your presence makes me want to drop to my knees, How i long for your luscious green pastures and how the atmosphere feels whilst discussing an infinite amount of possibilities, The way the sun beams down and shines off the castle walls, warming everything in it's close proximity.

A day without you in my life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without air. I need you when I’m cold to keep me warm; I need you in the rain to keep me dry; I need you in my life to keep me happy. You make me feel wonderful. Every moment spent together is another one of my dreams coming true.

I Love You Dominion

Steven x

The Therapist by Lady Dalia

The Therapist by Dalia Fermi

My phone rang about 10am that morning.

“Miss Dalia?”


“It’s Benny. I need to see you, an emergency session.”

I sighed.  “I can squeeze you in at 4:45pm”

“But… but… you close at 5pm Ma’am”  he spluttered.

“I fail to see the problem Benny.  You seem to be under the delusion that your life and problems matter and somehow *laughs* you are more important than me.  Meet me then or not at all” I hang up the phone.

4:45pm.  4:50pm  4:58pm Benny arrives drunk at my door step.

“mish Dalia, I can explain” He said, his eyes taking in my legs and curves beneath a sweater set and fitted skirt, eyes remaining lowered, stopping at my high heels.

“You’re drunk Benny” I said letting him in.

Benny flushes, “erhm yes but…”

“You have 2 minutes.”  I start gathering up my paperwork and closing up my filing cabinet.

“Are you going to listen?” he whined.

“Stop being a child.  I can listen and work at the same time, you pathetic excuse for a man.”

“Yes Ma’am.” he paused and continued  “Well I had a dream.”

I look over at him and started shaking my head.  He flushes some more.

Benny and I had worked extensively on his delusions of masculinity and attractiveness.  Throughout our work he continually acted out his delusions with an unhealthy  obsession with me.  His dreams had been filled with visions romancing me,  having sex with me and most ludicrous, he believed in these dreams that I actually returned his misplaced affections.

“No, it was different this time!  I dreamt I was out on the street.”

I turned to look at him.  Benny was skinny in a awkward, geeky kind of way.  His hair wiry and red.  He looked at me expectantly.  I gave him a slow spreading smile.

“Benny you’ve had a breakthrough!” but still I shook a single pointing finger at him “You know the drill.  For anything of these break throughs to mean anything you have to assume a position that shows you fully understand.  Inside matching outside Benny” I said in a bit of a sing-song voice.

Benny got on all fours and I smiled kindly.  “Much better!  Tell me about the dream”

I continued to close up my office and he crawled around, following me, as he explained, “I was lying on the street not far from here.  I was drunk.”  I snorted and he blushed deeply.  “I had vomited all over myself and the sidewalk.  For some reason, I couldn’t move.”  He stopped speaking as I removed my sweater set to reveal a black satiny boned corset.

He gaped.  “Mish Dalia!  That’s not right!”  He gulped out, turning his head away slightly but could not avert his eyes.

I sighed again and then inhaled deeply, explaining as patiently as I could,” Benny you are such a disappointment.  This is simply a test.  If you really had truly realized your place as WORTHLESS in this world, you would not be reacting to my lingere.”  I slipped on a blazer, buttoned it up and looked for my pearls.

“if you’d only accept that you have no reason for existence, you would have eliminated all these internal conflicts and the pain upon rejection after rejection.  It’s only in fighting against these truths that you have a problem Benny.”

Benny looks down and nods fully abashed.  “Go on,” I prompted, grabbing my purse.

“Well that’s it” he said, as I walked to the door.

I reached out a well manicured hand to the brass door knob and paused, thinking.

“That’s it?  That is the emergency?”

Benny started to sweat now.  “yesh, Mish”

I opened the door.  “Follow me”

“But but but” he spluttered.


“But they’lll know!”

“Inside and outside, Inside and outside matching Benny.  How many times do I need to tell you Benny?” I said through gritted teeth.

Slowly he made his way through the door, outside to the front stoop of my decaying brownstone.  I make my office here so that I am closest to my loser clients.  Once an affluent area it is now filled with crackheads, whores, and their pimps.

Benny winced as his nostrils were assailed by the strong smell of urine, being closer to the ground than usual.

I lightly made my way down the steps, turning to him encouragingly. “Come along”

Benny eyed the group of men lounging in the empty lot adjacent to my building.

“Benny, nothing is going to happen that you don’t want”  I smiled and he took a deep breath and crawled.  We walked towards them and an older woman, aged by years on the street stepped forward.

“Good evening Miss Dalia!”

“Good evening Susan!  How’s business?”

“Just great!  I can’t keep up” she said rolling her eyes at the two homeless men behind her.  She laughed and revealed two missing front teeth.

Benny took in the vision of her, jaw dropping.

“I think you have another admirer here Susan”

Susan came forward raising her already tiny skirt, revealing a bald, sagging vagina, glistening with cum.

Benny started retching and made good his dream by throwing up.

I reached down, turned his face toward me and slapped him.

“Manners!  I think you need to make up for your rudeness to this hard working woman.”

Benny started crying. “Please Mish Dalia, no”

“Benny, what did I tell you about these reflexive responses?  You know they are only weak protestations echoing the bullshit lies you tell yourself about being worth something”

And we had worked hard on it.  Months of psycho drama where he learned to suck my dildo and begged to take it up the ass had lead to this day.  I beckoned to the filth crowding around.

“Drop your pants Benny”

“You can’t do this to me” he whimpered.

“Benny, I am not doing a thing to you.  You must be more accountable for your choices that have led you to this.  Now drop your pants Benny.”

With shallow, ragged breaths he did as he was told.

“Is he a fag?” The first man asked.

I considered and shrugged,  “Maybe”

As Benny’s mouth opened to scream “no” his breath was cut off with a kick to the stomach by Susan.

“Fucking’ cunt, waiting on your knees, taking my business”

The first man, excited by the violence, eagerly walked over to crouch over Benny’s ass.

“I’m not hard enough” said the second man.  I slapped Benny again, as Susan unzipped the mans pant’s and guided his dirty smelling cock to Benny’s open, panting, sobbing mouth.

As the smell hit Benny, he began gagging and retching only to be frozen by the sensation of the first man’s cock up his ass.

“Smile pretty Benny” I said, snapping a picture of him with my cell. His wide eyes looked up at me and filled with tears. “This is for when you try to slip back in denial”.

I kicked his wallet free of his sagging pants and carefully picked it up.  Removing all the cash from it, I turned to Susan.  “He’s terribly sorry to have taken all you business”.

Susan cackled, “Heeee! For that price, I’d train him myself”

Smiling sweetly at Benny, I said “No, tonight will be enough. We have developed such a close working relationship.  See you at your regular time Benny”

As I walked to the corner to catch a taxi, I could hear Susan rasping out instructions to Benny on how to be a better whore.  I relaxed.  He was in such good hands.

Anonymous Confession

I've lately begun to identify as a stepping stone Domme. I don't want that to sound as though I'm bitter or displeased even, because I'm not.

I've given a handful of boys an extremely valuable gift. The gift of *knowing*: I exist  (someone like me), that this kind of thing is real, and that they can actually "do it". And then they are confronted with the reality that they can actually be the submissive they thought maybe they could and they are suddenly forced with a choice, a decision if you will… "should I stay or should I go now". They realize they really can live life as someone's submissive, because they are - but are they really ready? They could "lose themselves" in this new role - or is it discovery? It's all so heady and confusing and scary. Maybe they should explore/fix/focus on X, Y, or Z first. It's not as if somehow I or -this- requires such a choice. But I guess for them, it does.

And because I truly want what's best for everyone, especially those I care enough to call "mine" - I let them go. With all the hopes of the best and love and support they'll allow me to give. No matter how much I struggle with the idea that "we're good together" no matter how it hurts. I let go… what choice do I have really?

So, where does this leave me?

As I said earlier, I'm not bitter nor jaded, although I'm quite certain my life has afforded me every good reason to have become so. I actively choose and work to remain open, vulnerable, and yeah, even hopeful. However, each boy I help along his way was never intended to be so transient. I've put a whole lot of myself into these intense albeit all too temporary relationships. They grow and learn about themselves in leaps and bounds with me acting as their mirror - showing them everything I see in them. They thank me for the experience and then it's time they go forward… to finish growing and learning… without me.

And I'm left behind sad, disappointed, drained, and now compounded by guilt, because I know I *should* be proud and grateful that I helped another soul along their personal path. These boys were "works in progress" that had yet to progress through their "icky things" to the point I have traveled through mine. And because I knew well before the point of emotional entanglement - the amount of personal responsibility for my sadness, disappointment, and depletion of energy is woefully not lost on me.

I have a hard time "giving up on" people. I am certain it stems from having felt abandoned when I really needed someone in my past. I've never wanted to "abandon" anyone. But you know what I had to get through and deal with my stuff on my own… no one was there to help me… and I am a strong, independent, caring person today. I needed the heat from the oven to turn me from sand to glass. I needed the pressure not relief to transform from coal to diamond. I couldn't be saved or rescued or delivered from "whatever" and neither can they.

I cannot save, rescue, or deliver anyone except *maybe* myself. And I have walked through MY personal hell(s), so I don't have to keep repeating *that* journey by choosing partners still in the process of slaying their own demons. I deserve someone who is at least as "ready" as I am - don't we all?

So, wow, with writing my confession I've given myself a huge gift, undeniable clarity of where I've been, where I am, where I want to be, and what road while definitely scenic will not get me there directly and without great cost. Thank you for hearing my confession and helping me progress a little further on my journey.

Confession by BBDuncan

It was a lazy day on the sunny Carribean. The 10 passengers on the small pleasure Boat were awakened by the owner and Captain of the boat with a start. It seems a small boat full of Lovely Lady Pirates has decided to take his vessel and make it their own. As the Ladies close in on their prey they assail it with taunts and gunfire which rattles above the heads of the crew and passengers.

Fearing for his life and the safety of his passengers the cowardly Captain abruptly surrenders. The 5 ladies heave to and pull against the boat. "I am Red-Handed Jill" says the leader of this band of Pirates, "and I claim this boat for the FPoC."

"Who is the Ex-Captain of this boat?" she cries. The craven little Captain says in a voice soo meek "I am, your Ladiness."

Red Handed Jill notice other ladies among the passengers and decides to let them know their fate. "Ladies on this yacht fear not we are here to restore you to the position that was truly intended for the women of this world."

The first mate of the Pirates sniggers at some of the expressions of the male scum on deck. Jill notices, "Tell these vermin who you are and what their fate will be>"She says to her First Mate. "I am Green Eyed Sue and all you cowardly little wimps will become the servants for our Ladyhood." Speaks the First Mate.

One of the male passengers rises and decides he's not going to take this from these pirates. "You, and I use the word facetiously, ladies, are nothing more than deluded female scum....." and he screams as Sue pulls her whip from her belt and strikes him furiously with 3 quick strokes the last of which wraps around his hands as he tries to defend himself.

"I see we have a volunteer among us that chooses to play his role teaching you other scum what happens to those that fail to give good service to your superiors." says Jill. "Strip this thing and bind him to the mast naked." orders Jill to her crew. The man is quickly stripped and tied to a pole on the ship his fat ass sticking out for whatever punishment the righteous Ladies decide to dole out.

End Part 1

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Impromptu Confessions Feb 2, 2013

Sometimes, there's a reason that unwritten rules aren't written.

Sometimes, it's because it shouldn't be a rule.

Sometimes, it's because it shouldn't have to be a 'rule'.


I am falling in love with the most wonderful person.


I've finally found the happiness and contentment that's been missing all my life. She loves and accepts me for who I am, and encourages me to be a better person every day. I feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof kneeling at her feet. I know I'm a better man for being her boy.


*snort snooore snort* I loved listening to you sleep, I wished I was there holding you in my arms, snoring along with you.


Confession by Heather

It took one notecard to establish a connection.

It took one eight hour conversation to find what I had lost within me.

It took one weekend for my smile to appear every time your name popped up in my window.

It took one week of holding back nothing. Pouring my heart out and listen to your story.

It took one month for me to realize how much I wanted to be yours.

It took two months before I was, undoubtedly, yours.

It took three months for the walls to crumble down.

It took four months to completely destroy my faith in you.

I feel as if I gave you a part of me, that now lingers in nothingness.

I feel as if I trusted you, way before I even truly knew I could.

I feel as if a part of me is missing and I cannot phantom the words to describe what it is.

I feel as if I have no right to be angry, no right to be disappointed and no right to be hurt.

But I am. You shook me to my very core. You said yourself, we had only just begun. We would take our time.

I feel like every time I gather up the courage to go down this road, there are roadblocks preventing me from exploring what lays ahead.

I know I will wait, because I want an answer.

I want to know that my faith in you, was not a mistake.

I want to know that my trust in you has not been breached.

I want to know that you still want me.

Because right now, at this very moment, I feel unwanted and used. I have been there too many times. I cannot go down that road again.

There are people who say that Second Life is just a game. If that is true, why does it feel as if with every passing day, my heart gets torn to shreds a little bit more? People are clueless.

Because if Second Life is a game, I think I just lost.

Wonder Boy and Mistress Electric Go To Target

They were sitting at the table, eating breakfast.  He was eating a bowl of healthy bran cereal and watching her dunk a cake donut into her second cup of coffee.  He read all the health articles on Google Reader and prided himself on his regiment. And he told her so. He began by reciting the sugars in your average donut and the detrimental effects to your system of eating too much sugar, especially to a woman her age.  He continued talking, quite pleased with himself, when he noticed it: the trigger.  One moment she was there, looking at him patiently, thoughtfully chewing. The next, the air changed, her eyes darkened, and he knew it had… triggered.  He spoke more rapidly, backtracking, trying to find the spot where he went wrong, but knew, deep in his heart, that there was no going back.  He continued to babble until she put her hand over his mouth and said: "Get dressed. I need to go to Target."

Then he was pushing the cart behind her through Target, maintaining a distance of two feet, as she had told him to do.  He concentrated intently on the back of her head. The cake donut was stuffed in his mouth. He was trying hard not to salivate or swallow, his face on fire knowing he was being stared at, feeling people give him a second look.  Some even had tried to be funny: “Hey, that must be a nice donut you got there."  To which she would stop and reply: “Why, yes, it is a nice donut I have there, thank you very much for noticing."  The look of puzzlement and confusion would have made him laugh under normal circumstances, but, since meeting her, nothing was normal.  She didn't have to tell him not to eat the donut or remove it from his mouth; he was smart enough to figure that part out.  Why he hadn't been smart enough to not get himself in this predicament to begin with was something he'd have to work out later.

She was reading the back of shampoo bottles, trying to remember which one would give her cancer, when her brow arched, hearing a soft "plop.”  She turned, looked down, and blinked.  On the floor was half a cake donut.  Slowly her eyes moved upwards ‘til they met the boy's.  The look of terror and dismay written on his face was pleasing. She dropped the bottle of shampoo in the cart and simply said: "Eat it.”  He chewed and swallowed the donut remaining in his mouth, and looked at her.  She shook her head, and looked down.  He sighed, bent over, picked up the other half off the floor. With a grimace, he shoved it in his mouth and ate it.

They were at a party.  She was wearing leather pants, the highest, sharpest pair of heels he had ever seen, and those damn pieces of electrical tape over her nipples.  He wanted to rip them off with his teeth.  He was standing in the kitchen naked while she rummaged in a Target shopping bag.  She was saying that everyone was supposed to bring a dish to eat and she needed to get hers ready.

"Do be a good girl and get the serving plate ready for me."  The girl she was speaking to nodded and reached for him, wrapping her hand around his cock and stroking it.  She was smiling at him, her eyes twinkling, and he wondered what this had to do with serving platters. She was pretty, soft in all the right places.  He didn't need much help. He was hard immediately.  He didn't understand any of this until he felt the first Ettenman's chocolate donut slide down the length of his cock.  A second and third one followed quickly.

She stood back and admired her handiwork.  Smacking him on the ass, hard, she ordered him through the door.

"Go see if anyone is hungry, boy, and those donuts had better not fall on the floor."

He walked through the doorway, and wanted to die.  The room was crowded.  A few looked at him as he walked around, one man shaking his head no and telling him to move along.  He heard a "Stop!"  He stopped, and,  moving in front of him, were two men.  One was dressed in some sort of leather cat suit, with high heeled leather boots with neon pink lacings.  The other had on a pair of leather hot pants and combat boots.  The first nudged the smaller man and said:  "Get Daddy a donut. I’m hungry.”  He blinked, not understanding why the smaller man was kneeling until he saw that his hands were handcuffed behind his back.....

He could hear her laughter from across the room.

Story by Hans

He had been led into the room and undressed an hour earlier by a female assistant.  The only glimpse of his surroundings was that which he stole before the blindfold was placed over his eyes.  The calming feeling of the satin to his skin was the only thing offsetting the nervousness in his body.  He knew he was in Her play area, but he didn't know the plan for the evening.  He removed what clothing he had on and was strung up.  Hands above head and spread out to the sides.  He wasn't going anywhere.  He heard the assistant below him applying the spreader bar and leaving quietly.  Before turning out the light, she couldn't help but quip, “Don't go anywhere.”

    It was a half hour later that he heard the next sound.  He couldn't see the light turned on, but he could feel the energy as She entered the room.  Her shoes hitting the cold ground.  Were they heels?  Boots?  Those were the thoughts racing through his mind before he got that first whiff of her.  Her shampoo...he had only seen her once before, but he had the picture of her hair burned in his mind.  Full and flowing, much like the dress She wore that first night.  He knew instantly where he belonged.  She came close behind him, grazing Her frame against his bare body, “Have you enjoyed your stay so far, Hans?”
    He nodded quickly, involuntarily, “Yes, Mistress.”  
    She parted her lips to speak, the subtle noise her moist lips made sent a tremor down his spine.  Still pressed to him, she could feel it.  “Oh my, someone either must be very nervous or very excited.”
    “Both, Mistress.”
    “Do you know why you're here?”
    “You said you wished to begin my training.”
    She nodded and moved around in front of him.  Trailing Her gloved hand around his waist to the front.  Watching him squirm just a little against the spreader.  He was clearly getting more excited being there.  A throbbing becoming noticeable.
    “You're going to learn to control that.  No one gave you permission for that.”
    “Yes, Mistress.  I'm sorry.  It's just my first time with you.”
    Cupping his chin a little as She pulled it to level with Her eyes.  He couldn't see through the blindfold, but he could still feel Her gaze.
    “Do you know why I picked you out of the many that messaged Me?”
    “No, Mistress.”
    He could hear Her weight shift from one side to the a single click of Her heel, “I picked you because you said you wanted to be said you wanted to please.”
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    “Do you know what it takes to please Me?”
    “No, Mistress.”
    “I require a certain type of slave.  I require someone who understands that they are for my pleasure first and foremost.  That they get their pleasure only through the full pleasure of Me.  But it's much more than that.”
    “Like what, Mistress?”
    “Your body for instance.  It's all well and good for your mind to learn to obey.  But your body will as well.”
    “How, Mistress?”
    “I will train you.  I don't just want control over what you can control...what you can say or do.  I want control over that which you have no control.  I will make it so even your involuntary responses are because of me.  Everything you feel...experience...all those electrons of data that pass through your brain will be because of Me, understood?”
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    “You'll react the way I wish when you're touched.  You'll know what certainly touches mean...tones mean.  You, too, will learn how to read My body language as well.  That's how I get pleasure...that's how I get pleased.  Do you understand?”
    “Yes, Mistress.”
    “Good boy.  Then we will start.”

To be continued.

Out Of The Ordinary by Sillien

This story is dedicated to Ms. Susannah Clary,
Who has extended her hand to me,
And allowed me to accompany her for a time.
I am humbled to be allowed to be with her.

Every weekday Simon would get a text telling him to unlock the door and await Mistress' arrival. Sometimes he would be there for five minutes. Others as much as thirty. He would kneel there, hands behind his back, eyes gazing down at the floor in front of him. Every second would be filled with the expectation of seeing her again.

Eventually the doorknob would twist. She would enter the foyer, close the door behind her, and walk into his field of vision. He would be allowed a few moments to gaze on her heels before a finger would slip under his chin and lift his head up. Mistress would smile, and so would he.

She would point to her heels and say "You may kiss them, pet." He would smile a little more and bend over to worship his mistress' shoes with deep and tender kisses. A snap of her fingers a minute later was his signal to kneel up again. "Come get me out of these clothes." She walked to the bedroom with him following behind where he would help her slip into something more comfortable. This usually just meant sweatpants, or shorts when the weather was warmer, but it was a ritual that he looked forward to every day.

This day was a little different. The text came much later than it usually did. There had been no mention of dinner earlier, so he assumed that she was bringing something, though she would often tell him if that was the case. Most curious.

The doorknob turned. Her heels clicked on the tiles. She closed the door behind her and stood in front of him as she usually did. This time, though, she began digging through her purse. The boy tended to have a very expressive face, and he was struggling to not show his confusion at this diversion from the usual routine.

The rustling stopped, and she dropped it right in front of him. It hit the tile with a plop. He knew what it was. It took him a moment to accept it. They had talked about this many times. Talked about how much it turned them on. Talked about how it would happen one day. When he woke up this morning Simon did not imagine that this would be the day he would be staring at a used condom pulled from his mistress' purse.

Usually he was given permission to kiss her heels when she walked in. Today she tapped her foot on the tile and commanded him with just the word "Kiss." Simon bent over and placed his lips on the toe of her shoe. His chin hovered less than an inch from the condom. Every now and again it scraped against it. He smell the two of them. There was no question that this had been inside his mistress. Her scent was unmistakable to him.

A typical day would have him down here for a minute. Two at the most. He had been doing this for five. If he had been allowed to look up, he would have been terrified by the most wicked grin he had ever seen on her face. His submission meant even more to her right now. Him knowing what she had just done. Knowing that she had taken another man to bed, and dropped proof of it right in front of his face. Flaunting it. Telling him that yes, she can and will do that, and he will still kneel before her and worship at her feet.

"Stop," she ordered, and he knelt up. "Take off my coat," she said, and he stood up and complied. "Come," and she walked into the bedroom with him close behind. She stretched her arms out, signaling him to slip off her suit jacket. Then her blouse. Her skirt and all the rest. She lifted her feet up one at a time and he knelt down and slid her heels off. Stripped of all but her stockings, she strolled over to her reading chair in the corner of the room.

She sank into the chair and stretched her feet out, curling them upwards. A snap of her fingers and a point was enough to tell Simon to get on his knees. His lips pressed against the balls of her feet, and she folded her hands behind her head and sighed. The sight of him lovingly kissing at the bottoms of her stockinged feet made her grin. The kisses were as tender as they had always been. Perhaps even deeper than before. This time he could steal a glance at her face. That smile...she knew. She knew that she could do this to him. Lay with another man. Come back home. Have him yearning to submit to her. That wicked, teasing smile. She knew he belonged to her.

After a few minutes of that she pulled away and spread her legs, tapping a finger on her pussy lips. Simon leaned in. It had probably been an hour, no more than two, since another man had been inside her. He began kissing his mistress' lips. Softly at first. His mind snapped back to the condom on the floor. The used condom, glistening on the outside with her juices, filled on the inside with her lover’s. The kisses became longer. Slower. His tongue slid up and down, massaging her. He thought of that cock, pumping in and out of her, and how tired she might be down here. That cock, thrusting. Filling and stretching her. Oh, this poor, tired pussy. He worked his tongue in. Softly. Barely pressing as he eased against her walls. Walls that had just recently been parted in the throes of passion. His desire to please this woman and submit to her was as great as it had ever been.

She laid a hand on the top of his head. Pulled him in. Wanting more. Her thighs closed in around his head. Her foot brushed against his fully erect cock, the nylon sliding over that sensitive skin. Simon's tongue started to move faster. His lips pressing up against her pussy’s. Her hips starting to gyrate. She whispered one command to him.”


His fingers wrapped around his cock. With each lap of his tongue he stroked. The thought of that other man thrusting only helped push him further. Now both of her hands were on his head. Her hands and thighs were like a vice pressing in on him as her hips moved. She bit her lip. Gasps escaped her. The tip of his tongue found her clit and started rubbing it. His lips starting sucking on it. Gasps turned into little yelps, with moans sprinkled in here and there. His own passion reached the edge, moaning himself right into mistress’ pussy. He was so close to erupting, right then and there.

Right until she whispered, “Stop.”

His hand dropped immediately, his passion denied. Doing that to him right now had her screaming...writhing...cumming all over his face. She kept his head there as her panting died down, rubbing her hands over his head. “Get into my bed,” she said. She let herself cool down for just a minute before sliding in next to him. Putting her arm around him and clutching him to her, the big spoon to his little spoon. Simon turned his head around to see her smiling again, but not that grin she had before. No, this smile was warm. It was loving. She slid her hand over his cheek, brought her lips to meet his, and they lay there kissing for a very long while before the couple fell asleep.

The End

I Feel So Pretty by Kirby

I Feel Pretty...Oh So Fucking Pretty (my story to satisfy punishment)

Saturday morning, and my Hello Kitty alarm clock burst into a melodic greeting to start my day. Two size thirteens hit the floor, and I gave Kitty a slap on the head to silence her invitation. My hands reached for the sky as I stretched out the sleep. The pointer on my hand pressed the silver power button on my way to the bathroom, and the music began. "Good morning you hot piece of man meat!", it was my standard greeting to myself in the mirror. Time to brush my teeth, and as I did, a nice beat came over the stereo. My hip started to cock to the side...left and right. A Night at the Roxbury had nothing on me.

I finished up my hygienic duties, and perused my closet for the threads of the day, but what to wear? "Gosh, I feel especially pretty today.", and my eyes landed on the perfect ensemble. Yes! My yellow dress. It was so beautiful, and showed off my legs to boot. Oh yes, this was a yellow dress day. Quickly, I slipped it on and instantly felt like a million bucks. No, it wasn't couture, but it was freaking YELLOW. How could that be wrong? I checked my profile to ensure I didn't need to add some spanks, but all was looking good. I went to add some plaid boxers underneath, but hesitated. To my Hello Kitty clock I said "I have such a great idea Kitty! I will go commando in my beautiful dress and hang out at the subway. Yes, right next to the hot dog vendor. Surely nothing could go wrong. I have the best ideas EVER!".

I could never describe the freedom of freeballin in my yellow dress. It was liberating. My feet were dancing instead of walking. I sang out my words as I greeted those I passed. Everyone was looking at me. They were SO jealous. I just knew it. The destination was reached, but I would not go down the stairs. That lighting was no good to show off the brilliance of my attire. Nope, I was staying above ground next to Habib the hot dog vendor. He kept pushing his cart away, but that was simply due to his insecurity about being so close to my beauty. I worked my corner like a two dollar hooker with ambition. I greeted folks as they headed down the stairs with a prom queen wave, and a chirpy voice. However, they ignored me! Couldn't they see how pretty and awesome I am? Were they all gripped by the green monster of jealousy in my presence?

I needed to be noticed. Just one word that would validate my pretty existence. Was it so much to ask? My mood was crashing. The only thing I could think to do was drop by the Chin Hinko Bath House. For $50 they would tell me anything I wanted to hear. I was nearing the sidewalk, and soon froze in place as I felt the hot rush of air lifting my beautiful dress like parachute. My knees went together, and hands tried to force the dress down. Everyone stopped and stared at me. Finally! I blew kisses to them all and even got my photo taken by tourists. Validation finally happened for me. I know I held that pose for at least five minutes. It could have gone longer, but there was a very menacing man in uniform coming towards me. Thank goodness I wore my Nikes. My feet sprinted back home where I would survive my own beauty for another day. Who knew what tomorrow would bring?

Famous Last Words by Kirby

Famous Last Words

(This story is to meet our group punishment)

We were just kneeling around, as subs do. The Ladies were occupied with deep conversations. They all seemed so enlightened, and just could not be bothered with the boys. Being the good boys that we are, there was no way we could allow boredom to slip in. The Ladies looked so content in each other's company. I just knew they wouldn't notice. I turned to steven and jarrod and said "I have an idea." Steven said "Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?". Jarrod filled in the missing link, "Boys night out!". It had to be done.

We slipped out to go don our finest clothing. It was a night for a seedy bar and being in the company of vanilla women. It was a time that briefly our egos could come out to play. This was going to be super cool. We were twitterpated with excitement for the night. Jarrod said, "We are so cool and nice. The women will be all over us! I think I will find me a brunette.". Steven chirped, "We can poll shark them too with our mad pocket skills. Just think of all the money and girls we can get.". I nodded excitedly, "Hells yeah, and I am totally gonna booze it up and then grab some ass. Girls love that shit.". Yes, the further we got away the more the evil Lollygagger curse took us over. We did not even realize that is was creeping into us.

Back at the Dominion, the Ladies were so, so deep into the topic of Quantitative Domination and the side effects of FemDom Radiation. Lady Eva cocked up and eyebrow as She looked around. She noticed something was missing. It was distracting to Her, but She could not put Her finger on it.

The three wise men had arrived at the old Liquor and Leave Bar. They tossed the door open and a dramatic fog followed them inside. Jarrod was adjusting himself like a gangsta. Steven licked his fingertips and smoothed out his eyebrows like a pimp. I squeezed some extra hold gel into my hand and ran a fresh layer of hair gel into my hair like.....well like I always do. We were dressed to kill, and in unison we did the pretty boy swag right into a gaggle of chicks. Steven had pocketed Miss Fallen's official Dominion American Express and started ordering drinks for the whole bar. Jarrod hopped up on the pool table and started gyrating. He was using the ole' Magic Mike to seduce the vanilla girls. I stripped off my shirt to tempt the girls into cheap feels and offered kisses for $1 each. We were drunk in our egos and the finest vodka.

Lady Eva sprang up mid discussion and shouted "Sound the alarms!". Oh yes, Her super powers were great. There was no mistaking the tell tale sign of nausea. When that hit, the Lollygagger was attacking their property.  Miss Fres called out "Suit up Ladies!". Miss Fallen was receiving the bank fraud alert for the credit card usage on Her cell phone, so they knew were the attack was going down. Pussy Venom to the rescue! They cranked up their Harley and put a few Bondage Ranch boys in the bitch seat as bait.

Meanwhile, back at the Liquor and Leave Bar, the boys were in all sorts of compromising positions. Jarrod was lying across several girl's laps and being fed bar peanuts. Steven was grinding into his dance partner while smacking her ass. His British hoots and hollers were driving the girls crazy with lust. My pants were unzipped, and a botox lipped beauty was on her way down. The Dominion was just a faded memory. A sudden crash through the door stopped the whole bar from activity. More than a dozen women in purple leather jackets and mirrored aviators had crashed through the front wall. We were too deep in our egos to bother too much. We did not even recognize the Ladies. All I heard was was Jarrod grumble "Female drivers, pshhhh.". We tried to go back to our dirty little activities, but the ray beams from the Ladies aviators had the girls frozen. We rose up in anger. I shouted "Hey! I was just about to get my knob polished by this trick!". Steven kept trying to smack dat ass, but his hand was repelled with a shock. "This is not fair! I need my ass smackery!" he cried out. Jarrod's mouth struggled like a fish out of water, "Food! I need food and ball tickling! I'm dying!". We were so consumed with our lust and debauchery that we had not realized the Ladies were now amongst us. They fired angry words at us. Lady Eva growled out "Useless." Miss Fallen snarled "Pathetic wastes." Miss Fres gritted Her teeth, "Disgusting.". Miss Summer was scribbling on a notepad, and the Judgery stepped up quickly pounding Her gavel on each boy's head. I remember just before blacking out, that the realization hit. It was the Dommes of the Dominion. They were the mysterious, and often misunderstood heroic Pussy Venom!

When we came to, we found ourselves bent over that pool table with asses bared. I could see it in the other boys faces. The familiarity coming back to us. The Ladies barked orders of not to cum as we took it up the ass. They were using the fabled Anti-Lollygagger Dildo guns on us. Every thrust made it feel as if a mass was being forced up our throats. The other Ladies cheered and hurled insults at us. All at once, we got our relief, but not in the form of an orgasm. That mass in our throats came up and each of us spewed up a big pile of bullshit. It evaporated quickly and I swear I heard a little voice call out "Damn you Pussy Venom! Foiled again!". Our asses were freed, and we each dropped to our knees in gratitude. We sang out, "Oh thank You Pussy Venom for saving us from the evil clutches of our egos! Please, please take us back to the Dominion!". Our leashes were promptly attached, and we were led back to the rides. We got in the bitch seats quite contently, and were taken home. Oh, they did hose us off. The stink of tramps was washed off. We joined the Lady Heroes for a courtyard discussion and we sparkled like we were brand new. The conversation got deep and Jarrod whispered, "Hey, I got an idea..."

Dominion Story by Soul

I looked around me... nothing but grassland and her tent could be see in the dim light of the evening. I stood shivering as the drizzle continued to envelope me making the thin material of the bra and panty set I adorned go opaque.... I felt helpless standing there, not knowing what exactly I was to be doing. “find a rock and sit on it” were my orders... None of the rocks I could make out in the gloomy surroundings were even close to resembling chairs.. I wandered round, trying to block out the muffled sounds coming from the tent. The tent I had erected single handedly as my Mistress and her man had sat in the car listening to music and laughing with each other. Oh for the warmth and coziness of that car now, but I already knew it was to be locked and I wouldn’t dare try to get in it even if it wasn’t. I stumbled around, more to try to keep warm than for any specific purpose... it didn’t seem as if there would be a rock I could sit on around here and although I knew I would be punished if I didn’t obey her every word, I felt disheartened, my heart at its lowest ebb. Since the moment I married my love, I knew my life would never be the same and indeed that proved correct and after being rather quickly turned into her toy, her slave, I at least felt that I was somewhere in my life that I belonged. I knew my place and was content and grateful to be by her side. Then,... a succession of lovers, all big men, strong and well endowed, I had no choice but to accept that this was my new life.  At the end of the night, I knew I would either be in her arms, by her feet or at least on the floor close to her beautiful statuesque body.
But now this camping trip. Oh, it sounded wonderful when she told me about it. I packed the bags and prepared for it eagerly. Only to find that I was to ride gagged and bound in the back seat as her new lover drove us out into the middle of nowhere... When we got to our destination, I was freed and told to put the tent up. I really should have known when she asked if I was sweating, I was going to be in trouble. One of those questions she is so good at, whatever I said would backfire, but I replied “Yes Mistress, I am working as hard and fast as I can for you” To which I was the told to strip to my undies as she didn’t want me to overheat...... I heard them both laugh then, his loud guffaws grating on me as I worked on hitting the pegs in place.
Suddenly my musings were disturbed as from nowhere I saw bright light... I looked around, the tent now illuminated. I see shadows silouetted against the fabric. I see my Mistresses busty form in an embrace... I sigh, then I notice something... between where I stood and the tent was a grassy patch, I had seen it earlier but not taken notice of it. Now I look and I see something there within the grass... I move towards it and the tent and discover a large flat rock, glistening with the wetness of the rain which wouldn’t cease.  The rock! Well at least I could do as I was instructed. I moved nearer and found to my surprise this wasn’t just any rock. It appeared to be formed in a way that sitting was only really possible in one direction, spikes coming out of it around the outside meant that facing the tent was my only option.
I sat...... and watched... at first saddened by the images in front of me. The rock close enough to the tent for me also to hear every word, every laugh...... every moan.... and finally every scream of delight my wife and Mistress uttered. Of course, by this time I was so turned on, even if I deep down resented it, I was trapped not only by her, but also my own desires. My little cock pressed hard against the confines of the chastity device as I watched mesmerised...
“PERVERT!!” those sometimes soft silky tones of my Mistress suddenly sounding shrill... “come in here and clean this mess out of me..... then you may sleep in the car if you do a good job” I blink, knocking droplets of rain from my lashes, and practically run to the tent,  my heart once again joyous, knowing I am loved and cherished and I eagerly pull the tent curtain aside to do my duty. Smiling to myself thinking the world is a wonderful place