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Spontaneous Confessions 24/11/14

Q: How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

A: I've always been prone to taking charge and leading my peers. Always. Within the context of BDSM, a submissive use to follow me around like a puppy dog. At the time, I always thought of him as a friend. One day he said to me, "You're a Domme and you don't even know it!" Thus began my curiosity and journey into what many call, The Lifestyle.

- Promises Paine

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

I realized when I was four and I wanted everything and made sure everyone knew.  I had them at my beck and call.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

How did I realize I was submissive? Well... I guess you could say it was more of an underlying trait. I've always enjoyed pleasing people. I've always enjoyed seeing others gain pleasure from work that I have done, or favors that I have performed, or just... my presence. Entering into the D/s world was sort of an "Oh shit, there's a word for this!?" kind of deal. It lead to a whole new world of discoveries about things I can enjoy doing for another or enduring for another.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

There was never an "ah ha!" moment.  Over the last few years I just started to explore D/s and just naturally found my way.  Like a leaf floating down a stream.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

The idea that I was submissive came gradually as I realized my sex life was subject to the whims, desires, wants and needs of women. Honestly, I've been attracted to strong women most of my life (though not sexually) because all the women in my life (mother, aunts, etc) were strong Italian and Irish-American women who didn't put up with any BS from men.  The sexualization part started with my first college girlfriend (Sharon) who was heavily into tease and denial.  Any sex I got over my youth was at the whim of my partners; it was 'out of my control'.  As I began to visit topless clubs in my 30's, it was obvious that the ladies decided who they'd spend time with -- not me.  --- Anyway, as the twig is bent so grows the tree.  And nothing has changed over the years.  Man proposes; woman disposes.

How did you realize you were Dominant or Submissive?

It is perhaps one of the questions that I find difficult to answer. I did consider myself to be Dominant for a major part of my life. During later years, I realized that I wasn't so much of a Dominant and that what I perceived to be my Dominance was in fact a result of social conditioning. This made me look for experiences in the other side and it started bit by bit. That is all I can say.

Confessions by Lady Paine

This morning on my way to make coffee, I paused to watch the sunrise from my patio. The sky was a vibrant Caribbean blue and the clouds were wispy thin stretched across the horizon bright like pink cotton candy. The tree in front of my balcony was black against the glow of the sunrise smiling behind it. All was silent and still, the way I love it. A lone hummingbird flew into the dark tree, hopped around briefly then flew away. In this moment, I thought of you.

- Promises Paine

Trials Confession by Dez

[My Trial punishment was to contain two writings. First, a poem about fur. Second, a confession about how much i enjoy The D's court system.  I combined these two into a slightly bigger story.  Here it goes -- all for nothing].

The door opened, She walked in the room casually; I was kneeling in front of the bed, facing the door that She had just entered. She wore a full-length fox-fur, buttoned up. I sat there naked. She took Her time as She walked closer to the bed. I sat there in position as She had told me to half a hour earlier. "Get ready, assume your position, and eyes straight at the door." That is what Her text message had told me to do. She started to unbutton Her coat; I kept my eyes to the door but, for a brief moment, i saw Her. She looked stunning and the fur looked beautiful in the dim light As She walked past me i only felt the breeze of the coat as she opened it. Intentionally or not, the fur just barely touched my shoulder. I swallowed, and i felt my body tense. She opened both of the closet doors.  Behind them was a rack full of different kind of coats and above them a shelf with different toys. She ran her hand through the coats, i wanted to turn and dive in the closet with Her but my body couldn't move.  All i heard were the sounds of the hangers moving and turning. Her footsteps came closer and stopped; then i felt the fur on my back on both sides. She stood behind me and bowed down. The soft fur trailed down my back, and i closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation. As a blindfold was pulled over my eyes, i felt the sleeve of the coat run down along my face.  It hit my shoulder. I started to breath more deeply and I felt the fur slide down on my shoulder. A squeeze of my nipple made me grunt, and my nipple started to feel more painful. A smile formed on Her face. The fur moved up my shoulders and it then disappeared completely from my body. I moved up and backwards and then i felt Her tug on my collar. My body was not putting up any resistance. She guided me to the bed and she tied me up spread eagle. She ran Her hand up my chest, Her fur touching me again. I started to breath more deeply as She trailed Her finger down to my pelvis area. I let out a soft moan as I felt the run of Her finger. She smiled and she started to dig Her finger first into my upper leg and then up to my belly button.  It moved from left to right over my stomach and back, then moved up to my nipples. I grunted and I bucked my hips up. I breathed heavily. The pain from Her nail and the soft fur sensation right after it made me very horny. She clamped one of my nipples between Her fingers and twisted it. She smiled to see my reaction.  "Boy, I am feeling in a wicked mood!" After a short pause She ran Her fur over my nipple.  A moan from my side followed . She continued.  "I want you to tell me a poem -- a poem about fur!". A quick "Yes, Mistress!" followed from my lips. I took a short moment to think of what to say next. As She lay down next to me, I started:

    "Fur, when i see you passing by, all other thoughts start to fly
    Your looks are luxe and divine, what else can i define"

I felt Her hand again, rubbing the fur over my body, guiding it over my arms and down my chest, and up along my neck. I continued.

    "Your beauty draws me closer, i just want to take you to discloser
    So i could able to wear you, it makes me envious like blue"

She moved the fur down over my legs; i moaned softly as i felt the fur  briefly making contact with my balls. After that i had a hard time staying focused.

    "To feel your warmth and softness, even it if was just finesse
    Oh beautiful beautiful fur, when we finally touch you make me purr"

She then trailed the fur up and down my cock three times. I started to purr softly. She giggled.  "You really do purr." She then pulled the fur away from me, got off the bed, and grabbed a whip from the shelf. She swung the whip, testing it. "Boy! Now!" I heard how serious She was about this from the tone of Her voice. I started to feel my bindings for the first time as i tugged upon them. She continued.  "I will give you once chance to come clean to me." I panicked, since i had done nothing wrong. Nothing that i could think of, anyway. She swung the whip again in the air. The bindings really got a hold of me as i struggled harder; I was completely at Her mercy. "Just confess it to me, boy." As She grabbed my cock with a hard, firm grip I felt my body tense up. It grew more painful as She squeezed harder and harder. My mouth opened but no words came out. Then, out of nowhere, a slap! i started to feel a stinging on my inner leg which got warm and red. Then again I felt this on my other leg. I bit my lip to hold in my screams. She let go of my cock and pulled off the blindfold. "Does this clear your mind, boy?"

My eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. I swallowed as i saw Her officer's outfit. "Yes, Mistress; yes it does, Mistress.  I do confess." I then said, whimpering, "I secretly enjoy the Dominion Court System so very much. From being locked up in the cages naked to the trial itself to the punishments. I love the joy it gives the Ladies as they watch me being led to the Judge and being told the horrible things that i have done. I like the public votes that always seem, with cheering, to find that i am guilty even as I plead and beg 'Have mercy on me!' But those outfits Mistress! The killing attire of the officers is what is 'the cherry on the cake' for me."

She spoke.  "Boy, oh boy -- I had a hunch from watching you there. A dozen roses for you. Do you understand why, boy?". I knew my fate had been decided.  In a weak and defeated tone I replied:"...because i did not tell You of the secret pleasure i get out of the Trials at the Dominion, Mistress." After a brief nod She then started to cover my body with twelve whip marks.  I counted them and and I felt my body burn from each of the twelve. She gently started to rub the sleeve of Her coat over the spots that She had whipped.

"I forgive you, boy".

The end

Sisyphus, 2014 by Doc

                        by Doc Nolan

“What’s up, Sisyphus?” said Diana, out for a hunt.
“Just rolling along like always,” said Sisyphus as he started -- pushing his stone up the mountain for the umpteenth time.  “You keeping control of your critters?” he asked Diana.

She nodded with a smile and then asked, “Would you like some company?”

“Sure!  Rolling this rock up to the top of this mountain gets old after a few hundred years…. So what’s the news from Mount Olympus?  Has Zeus been screwing around and getting into trouble with Hera same as always?”

“You sure don’t keep up with the latest, Sisyphus!  The gods and goddesses all left there ages and ages ago.  Mount Olympus has been bought and they’re putting a Disney park up there for tourists.   You really need to stop with the rock-rolling and catch up!”

Sisyphus grunted. “I wasn’t given the option, Goddess.  Besides, this sure beats what Tantalus got for his sentence, from what I’ve heard.”  Diana gave him a squirrelly look.  “You mean being locked up in chastity forever?”  She paused. “Oh, you mean the ‘cover story’.  Ah!  He never really had to stand in the water and watch it recede every time he had to take a drink.  They prettied up that myth.” She paused.  “Aphrodite told me the real story.  He was hanging around Hera and someone reported him. Zap.  Off to his eternal punishment:  being sent to the Island of Lesbos with his dick in a sling sitting in a puddle of water”.

Diana chuckled.  “I guess he’ll be a good boy there.”

Sisyphus was getting a bit bored – but the news about Mount Olympus was enough to keep him asking questions.  “So…. Diana.  Uh, do you think that now that the gods and goddesses are globe-trotting, I might get a break doing my time?  Do you think?”

Diana grinned.  “Well….. I might check for you.”  She thought a second.  “I think they’re living outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, now.  Some place called the San Fernando Valley.  I might have that backwards.  I could ask when I go over there next week”

“Are they still a party crowd or have they settled down?”  he asked.

Diana laughed out loud.  “The gods and goddesses quieting down?  You have been away too long!  Hey, they are as wild as ever.  They love it over there! The gods like the babes, and all the goddesses have rich boyfriends.  Lots of them are now in the porn business!”

Sisyphus, pushing hard against his rock, had by now rolled it about a hundred meters up the mountain . He dreaded having it roll back before its time.  He’d been told “up to the top and only then is it to roll down!”  He finally asked, “What is porn?”

Then Aphrodite laughed and asked,  “Wanna screw, Sisyphus?  Or would you rather watch me get laid?”  She lifted up her robes.

“What about both?”  he said, his eyes riveted on her nakedness.

“No way!   Keep rolling your stones, dreamer!  But to answer your question, you ignoramus: porn is a lot like being in a theatron except that the actors aren’t all guys.  The ladies are ‘active’, too.”  She grinned. “The gods and goddesses always have liked both screwing and watching.  Now we ladies get to have our fun, too!”

Sisyphus stared.  “It sure doesn’t sound much like Mount Olympus in the old days!”

Diana nodded.  “Yeah, it’s better. … Oh, you asked about getting your sentence commuted before.  You don’t like rolling this rock up the mountain?  Or watching it roll down again and then having to roll it up again – over and over – forever?”

“What do YOU think?”  Sisyphus wondered about Diana sometimes!

Diana ignored his question.   “Maybe I could get you to trade places with Tantalus.  He’s really boring and – if you were locked up in chastity instead of him – I bet you could attract a real following.   I’d come by and tease you for sure!”

“You would?”  Sisyphus figured being unable to have sex for all eternity couldn’t be worse than having to roll a stupid rock up a mountain forever!  “What do I need to do?”

“Ah”, said Diana.  “I thought you’d never ask!  I have quite a long list of ways you could please me!  Oh… I forgot to mention one thing that ties into that..... ”

“What’s that?”

“Well, if you take Tantalus’s place, your mouth will be totally free.  I’m sure we could get Aphrodite to teach you her favorite techniques for having you eat pussy.  I think you'd be good at that.  And hunting wild boar gets old sometimes.  Would you like that, Sisyphus?”

He grinned.  “Yep”.

Diana replied, “Don’t go anywhere.  I’ll be back next week.  I’m going to call in some favors from the gods (and the goddesses).  I’m sure I can work something out for you.”  Sisyphus liked her attitude.

As Diana walked away, Sisyphus stared at her butt. “No more rock for me!  I’m gonna be eating pussy for all eternity,” he said.  He began to chuckle.  Then he stopped, wondering if that would get boring, too, after a few hundred years…..

He shrugged his shoulders.  “I’ll worry about that, later!”

Regeneration by Niki

The figure in the smoke coughed and looked around in confusion through the haze and dark, alarms sounding and lights flashing. Some of those lights were red. Ignoring the rest, flashing red lights usually meant something bad was happening. Or has happened. Or will happen.  Chronology was sometimes a hard thing to understand, especially in here.

"In here," the figure thought, recognition sparking. They searched through the haze of memory and smoke for the exit, stumbling towards it as if they were relearning to control their limbs. Gasping and coughing, they reached the door and lurched through, arms and legs moving the right way as much by coincidence as by intent.

The figure emerged, momentarily blinded by the sun, and turned to see smoke escaping from the blue box. "Something’s not quite right," they thought, taking an awkward walk around the box, which was only a few paces per side. “Of course," they exclaimed, puncuating with a snap of the fingers, "bigger on the inside! And why shouldn’t it be?” Memory began to flood back, a jumble of images and sensations, deeds great and small, enemies and companions.

The change had happened unexpectedly, there hadn’t been any time to prepare. The circumstances were a blank, as if the memory had simply been erased. One moment they were one way. The next moment, they were another. The intervening events gone, like pages torn from a book.

“Well now, let’s see if we can get this sorted,” they said, as if talking to an audience. That no one else was there didn’t seem to matter. “Hmmm, it’s just not working quite right” they said taking a few more experimental steps, arms and legs going where they should now. “It’s not the clothes, though they don’t fit right,” they said, shaking their head at the previous one’s fashion sense. “No, it’s almost as if something… is… missing.”

Realization dawned. “THAT explains it,” they said, reaching down to check. “Of course my gait will be thrown off without those bits bouncing around down there,” hands continuing the exploration. “Yes... hips, hipper, body curvier. Ah, there’s heart two, and heart one…” Heart one forgotten, she looked down, newly formed breasts straining the fabric of her shirt. “Well, it’s about bloody time,” the Doctor said, and collapsed.

Confession by Anonymous

The snow had been falling for hours, so thickly that I couldn't see through the windshield of the car.  When I saw the headlights coming toward me on the road, I swerved and went into a skid.  I felt the car slip off the road and slide down an embankment.  That's when I lost consciousness.

When I came to, I assumed I was in a hospital and I looked around for a nurse or doctor or something.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself in what looked like a basement room with walls of stone lit by dim fixtures on the wall.  I tried to rise, and found that I'd been chained to the bed on which I'd awoken.

A wash of light suggested that a door above and behind me had been opened and I heard the sound of footsteps descending a short flight of stairs.

A tall woman with cascading red hair approached me.  She was clad in shiny black latex from head to toe and a mask covered her eyes.

"I see you're feeling better.  Good.  I'm sure you have many questions and they will all be answered in time.  For the moment, I will tell you that I found your car and you in it and had them both brought to me here.  I am in need of a new plaything and you will be it."

"Let me out of here!  What do you think you're doing?", I shouted.

"No one will hear you, so save your breath.  You are mine.  You will do as you are told and I will do as I wish.  For example.."

I watched her walk across the room to a table in a darkened corner.  She came back with a strip of cloth in one hand and what appeared to be a many-tailed whip in the other.  She wrapped the cloth around my head, covering my eyes and tied it with brutal swiftness behind my head.

"Now, we begin," she said.

I felt the leather of the whip slide teasingly over the skin of my chest, my groin, my legs.

Then, the first of many blows began to fall

Chores by Doc

He had been in sales for years and was very used to hearing, “Yeah, right.  But what have you done for me lately?”  It was, however, a bit novel to hear that phrase from Judy.  She was usually very happy with him, but he’d made the mistake of saying ‘but…’.   He wondered if he should bring up the past, but went ahead anyway.  (He was feeling experimental and daring and curious).

She added, “Just because you got laid last week doesn't mean you’re entitled, you know….”  She hadn't added anything else.  He let the silence envelope them both.  Neither she nor he had any desire to break the tension.
She spoke first – after several minutes and after finishing her coffee.

“So… what HAVE you done for me lately?”  He wondered if she expected a response.  Was this a rhetorical question, or did she expect him to speak?  He resolved the question with one of his own.

“Do you want me to answer that, Miss?”

“Fuck, no.  Just shut up.  I’m going to make a list of your chores for today.  While I’m doing that, get into the kitchen and wash and dry the dishes.  Oh, and put them away.  And after you finish that, there’s a load of clothes to be put in the washer.  Follow the directions on the detergent package – and no ‘extra’ soap.  Just do what they tell you to do on the label.  You got that?”

“Yes, Miss.”  He left.  She had a yellow legal pad and a Sharpie (her favorite writing tool) in hand.
After he finished with his tasks, he decided to go to his office to study.  Class in three days, but ‘don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do immediately if not sooner’.  He didn't like the indefinite ‘what you can do today’.  That left far too much discretion – and opportunity to procrastinate.
He wasn’t a believer, but he believed in sin.  Disobedience was one of the cardinal sins.

An hour later, she called him to the living room.  “There! Read it!”  He picked up the pad, which had been thrown on the floor.   (She liked to watch him pick things up from the floor as she stood – or sat – over him.  It was one of her quirks.)

He immediately noticed that she had put together seven pages with the word “continued” at the bottom of each page.  At the top of each page was a day of the week.

“You have outdone yourself, Miss.”

“Yes.  I decided to keep you busy.  Oh, and after you finish skimming my assignments, I want you to take some magnets and put all seven sheets on the refrigerator door.  I don’t want any ‘I forgot’ excuses.” She paused.  “Can you read?”  This was – he knew – a rhetorical question and he knew better than to say ‘yes’.  That would have been judged ‘being a smart ass’ and being a smart ass was not one of her compliments!

As he reviewed the list, he breathed a sigh of relief.  She had included, “Study….”on each page, with the added words “… for a minimum of three hours a day, broken into three hourly blocs.”  She liked the fact that he took his classes seriously.

Looking further, he noted his ‘bedroom duties’ were included.  They didn't leave much to the imagination.  Also she had listed all the jobs she hated to do: vacuum, iron, dust, and so on.  She spoke up.

“Do you have any problems with this?”

“No, Miss!”

“Good….. and now, if you’ll look at the first day, you’ll note that I’ve put down: ‘Cunnilingus, 45 minutes or until told to stop.’  You’ll notice there’s nothing there about intercourse.  Any problem with that?”

“No, Miss.”

“Good…. Now I know why I keep you around.  And as for cunnilingus, I’m in the mood.”  She paused.  “You know how horny it makes me bossing you around.”

He nodded.

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Strip and get to work!”  She paused again.  “Did you finish all the dishes and put the clothes in the washer?”  He nodded.

“Good.  I hate doing that crap.  Start licking.”

Living Fountain by Serf

Here is a story that makes a good listen,
a tale of a sub on his most humiliating mission.
A task so laughable to anyone but him...
A task transforming the serf to nothing but a piece of trim!
You may wonder what that last statement means...
well, i'll tell You that it will exceed Your most decadent dreams.
Think of a pathetic man actually craving the worst of luck
and think of that man so degraded that he would wish he just remained a cuck.
And think of a Woman so magnificent to inspire so much lust
that a man degrades himself for Her every whim and must.

W/we will call that Heroine by a name known as Mystical
and for Her slave it starts on a evening that he would say was anxiety's pinnacle
and it is here that W/we see the sub and the start of the story,
he is summoned to fulfill Her most perverted glory!
he arrives at the door as a total nervous wreck
knowing full well that on line tonight would be his own neck.
he crawls over the threshold into the Vixen's house
where Miss Myst lords over him like a cat to a scared mouse.
he quickly shuffles to Her on his hands and knees
and in a begging whimper he simply says the word: "Please..."

"Oh, I will use you tonight. Don't worry about that!
Now you must meet my friends, Robert and Matt!"
In a dramatic gesture Miss Myst pulled back a curtain,
With heart pounding he knew now that his fate was certain.
The two men stood grinning like a pair of demented and dangerous fools
wimpy lambs on any other but here they were like prancing bulls.
Those menacing toros looked at him with hungry eyes;
instinctively, he grasped onto Miss Myst's magnificent thighs.
The victim breathed in Her glorious and elegant odor
as Her hand clasped his trembling shoulder.
She spoke again with a laugh in Her voice:
"You have a few options and to you I kindly give the choice
but always know that this slave comes with ties
and to enjoy my special property will come with a price!"

"Of course!" the men cry out in a drunken reply,
The sub looks terrified with a look that says "Why?"
and Miss Myst looks at him with a widening smirk on Her lips
while the men ogle his mouth and the back end of his hips.
"Well, boys, what will be your snack?
Is it the front?" Holding his face and then slaps his bum: "Or the back?"
"Both of us want to take it first..." says one holding onto his chin,
"it is too bad that it does not have a twin."
Everyone laughs except, of course, the slave-boy
for today he fully realized that he was nothing but a toy.

"Take him both in the arse and in the mouth and fill in his holes
and cum in his face, cum on his chest and cum in his nose..."
Callie said with all confidence as She continued:
"He is here to see that I am always amused.
Both of you work him and work him at the same time
cum in his mouth and in his arse... he will be fine!
It's all funny to me and that is what he is for, he is so lost....
Now I it is time for a decision and I will make a cost!'
So the men agreed that one would rape my face.
the other would take the sub's ass causing his full disgrace.
AndMiss Myst named Her price and if You want to know the score,
She further humiliated Her serf by making him a 5 dollar whore!

What lesson can a pathetic pet learn from this tale of woe?
Could it be the teaching of a man losing his ego and his soul?
Or could it be that the man will finally understand the power of a Woman with Mirth and Malice
Her presence and control alone is the universe's palace?
One thing he can not ever forget to discern,
is that on that night Callie made him a fountain of sperm,
A ornament for Her amusement and spectacle for Her profitable return.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Impromptu Confessions 11/15/14

There was this one time at the Dominion I will never forget.......

I wasn't looking to connect with anyone here.  A friend asked me to come to the courtyard to meet someone, and we ended up hitting it off.  It's turned into the beginning of a wonderful, and hopefully long lasting adventure.

I recall the time when Garth won the "run the D for a day" auction lot, it was a bit ago but I recall tping in and laughing so much during that time. He had the place in such a mess, I was shocked Eva didn't have a panic attack. It was a fun day for those with the sense of humor to enjoy it!

I entered the D/s scene as a submissive when I was only just turned 17, having graduated high school early and gone on to college. I was from a small rural baptist community and when I discovered kink, I was instantly enamored, but I'd never seen a "Dominant Woman" before because of my background and so I did not really understand or know that they existed.

After many misadventures in SL, I was "cornered" by several female submissive at a Sim and given a landmark to the Dominion. They told me, "You're not a sub, go there instead." I came to the Dominion on an alt just to see it... terrified and nervous. I suppose mostly of what I might discover about myself.

I will never forget that first visit- how right it felt- how it was just and instant 'fit'. I have never looked back...

Last winter I walked far out onto the ice  -- hundred of meters from The Courtyard -- and, in the dark,  watched fireworks in the black sky -- as I IM'd with my former mistress and best friend forever in both RL and SL.  The music was soft.  It took me back to my childhood in many, many ways.  It felt very very real !  I can see the whole vision in my mind's eye as I write these words.

A long time submissive friend IM'd me while we were all sitting around the Courtyard.  He IM'd me to tell me I looked beautiful and begged to be allowed to worship me by being beneath the beautiful shoes I was wearing.
I made him work for it, yes I did.

                                                                       ... I'll never forget it.

Kinky Confession by Lady Persephone


Lazily I counted on my fingers the kinks I had explored, some I went on to repeat time and again, others a titillation tasted and put aside.

Let's stick to the pure sexual stuff, start with water sports, it's one of my all time favourites . It's not just the act itself, intimate and thrilling. It's the sounds of my piss as it descends and crashes against the body. The way it can make a boy gulp and choke, filling his ears and  nose with the pungent odor. Oh yes, the odor when certain foods and drinks have been devoured and imbibed, knowing that as they wend their way through your body the final destination is on a face. Not always a face, nothing is sweeter than fucking an arse before withdrawing and then pissing into the open anal cavity. You may have guessed that I'm partial to piss play.

Bondage, well I don't over enjoy the slow tie you up with rope stuff, I love the clipping  cuffs onto chains.  Being prepared in a Lego brick D/s sort of way, building solid inescapable situations. I need to know that you know you cannot escape, that turns me on. I know that caning an immobile body makes my belly ache with passion and I am never quite 100% sure I'll stick to your hard limits as they are not mine.  A few times I have overstepped another's hard limits, it breaks the bond of trust and D/s health and safety regulations. A warning  will have been issued but overwhelming need blinds us to potential disaster.

That was two of my kinks - if you want to know more of them I will need ten IMs asking me to continue.

That Wasn't So Bad by Anonymous

i sit here in my silence wondering, waiting, and hoping. I have been a good girl; I did everything She asked me to. And yet still i sit cross legged on the floor looking up at Her begging Her silently with my eyes. She slowly flips the page of Her book and occasionally peeks at me from the corner of Her secretive blue eyes and a knowing smirk can be seen in the creases. Even if i couldn’t see Her beautiful mouth i would know it was there. i start to fidget a little rocking softly back and forth feeling the nakedness of my pussy touching the soft carpet. The fibers rough and soft. In a way the feeling reminds me of Her hands when they are cupping me. It feels familiar and i softly sigh.

She clears her throat and the sound alone places goose bumps along my flesh. “Come here baby” She says. i look up eyes so wide and i try not to smile but it spreads across my face anyway. “Yes Ma'am” i stretch my legs out wide and crawl up onto my knees and make my way to Her. As i approach She slowly but deliberately takes the time to place the book mark carefully in Her book and set it next to Her on the nightstand. She gently places her hands in her lap and watches me as i crawl towards Her; i go slowly because the tease is part of our game that we both enjoy. i arrive at the edge of the bed and look up at Her my blue eyes trying to look as innocent as possible, but the longing in me is palpable. She reaches down and strokes the top of my head and runs the backside of Her hand down my face, I almost suffer under Her touch, knowing that She won’t give me what I want until She is ready. This denial has been so very hard for me. “What do you want baby?” At this i can’t help but smile like the Cheshire Cat and in turn She smiles back at me. “Well before I allow you to please me with that eager mouth of yours I’m going to do as I please. Do you understand?” i nod a resounding yes and sit back on my haunches and place my hands behind my back. i look down and wait.

She stands up and reaches for the drawer next to the bed and starts to pull out the rope, i try my best to keep my head down and sit still but i can already feel the wetness between my thighs that Her voice alone caused start to become more intense, the throbbing ache inside knowing what is about to come makes me gasp sharply. She comes around behind me and starts tying my hands with slow methodic movements that would seem more suited to a skilled surgeon. She pushes me down roughly after my hands are tied and strokes the back of my hair, down my neck, down my back, cups my ass for a brief moment. Her hands always feel almost electrified when they touch my bare skin. Before i even know it i feel the sharp sting of Her hand contacting with my ass. First one cheek and then the other back and forth in a rhythmic pattern almost as if She is a playing a symphony just for us. i try to be silent and not make a sound but a squeal escapes my throat and rides on along my tongue and escapes my barely parted lips as the smacks get more intense. The feeling is soothing and ecstasy at the same time. i never want Her to stop and as that thought crosses my mind She moves Her hand down and cups my pussy and a chuckle rolls out of Her “Eager are we girl?” I almost feel shame at my soaking wet pussy giving me away, but i know She wants me just like this and i want nothing more than to get my reward so i stay quiet. i hear the sound of Her grabbing the strap on and my eyes widen with anticipation.

i squeeze them shut defying my body’s natural reaction and hike my ass up just slightly. This time the laugh is more of a guffaw than anything and i stifle a giggle, She leans over me and whispers in my ear “I’m going to fuck you in this tight ass of yours and you are going to be a good girl so you can get what you want, understood?” i squeeze my eyes tighter closed and nod softly. I feel Her back away from me and grasp my hips and pull me towards Her. She grabs the bottle of lube from the nightstand and i can feel the warmth of the liquid slide down my crack and against my ass and the waiting hole that has never been used. She guides my hips and i feel Her slowly slide the tip against me rubbing my pussy juice with Her cock right up against my waiting virgin asshole. i grit my teeth and wait for it wondering if it will be like i always thought and dreaded. Before the thought can fully come into my mind She slams into my pussy and starts to fuck me like only She knows how, i moan and buck back against Her forcing Her deeper inside me the aching inside me is anguish. She grabs a hold of my ass digging Her nails into my flesh and leans over and bites the nape of my neck hard, i cry out a little, i can’t help it. “No baby I get what I want not you” She says as She agonizingly withdraws from my now beyond soaking wet pussy and then swiftly She shoves Her cock inside my ass. It’s so full, i had been a good girl and cleaned it just like She asked and i was astounded at the feeling of being filled so fast and the pain being pain but then not pain?? She slowly withdrew from the first initial stroke and i let out a sigh and a gasp at the same time. my eyes opened and i waited, it seemed an eternity. As soon as i had let my mind process the pain but not the feeling She slides Her glorious cock into me again and this time the fullness was even less and the vigor behind the thrust not so shocking as She started moving in and out of my slippery asshole at an excruciating slow pace, eyes wide open i realized that my body loves this i could feel my pussy throbbing and the tension in it building with each drive of Her cock into me, overwhelming me. The sensation was different than when She fucks my tight pussy for this was an even tighter hole and She was panting behind me and as i heard those noises coming from Her i couldn’t help it my body took over and i begged Her to fuck me harder, deeper, faster, whatever would make Her happy and satisfied. Regardless of what i had been telling my body all day she betrayed me and was begging to cum, the feeling of being so full was almost too much to bear. Then She stopped!!i turned around knowing this could ruin my chances at my reward, but i didn’t care. When i strained my neck around to look at Her, She was sitting back on Her thighs and stroking that beautiful cock with a glorious smirk crossing Her face. My lips parted. She grabbed my ass and spun me around and my face was right in front of my prize. She looked down at me and winked “what a good little girl you were, now you can lick My cock clean of you baby”.

I looked up and opened my mouth and winked back at Her as I slowly lowered my mouth onto Her taking it all the way to the back of my throat. A heavy moan escaped me and I came right then, knowing full well that I would be punished for not asking permission to release Her orgasm, i didn’t care I came and came as I sucked Her dry and as I finally lifted my mouth off of Her with not a spot missed i said “now that wasn’t so bad was it (in Her tone of voice) and giggled.

Get Your Ass Out Of Bed

“Get  your ass out of bed, Jimmy!  I want coffee”

He jumped off of the mat on which he was sleeping.  He slept as always at the foot of Christy’s queen-size bed.  It was after six.  He ran to the stairs and started making the large pot.  Since Jane was in the bed with Janice, he knew they’d want plenty.  Plenty of coffee.  Plenty of each other.  He hadn’t asked, but he knew they’d want two cups each.  Coffee that is.  It wasn’t the first time Jane had spent the night fucking his Boss Lady.  It wouldn’t be the last.  He heard Jane’s voice drifting into the kitchen as he ground the beans.

“You fucking bitch!  How did you get that man-whore for yourself when I can’t even get a maid to show up every week.”  He heard his mistress’s chuckle and then her answer, “Maybe your maids aren’t into you, Jane.  He’s soooo totally into being my ‘handy’ man.”  Jimmy, now measuring the ground coffee into the pot, didn’t hear any response so he knew what was most likely going on.  They were both big flirts.  It was their form of foreplay.  One of several, that is.

By the time he got to the bedroom with four slices of buttered bread, two cups of steaming coffee (one au lait) and the marmalade jar, Jan and Janice were into a heavy round of rubbing, stroking, and fondling.  His mistress looked up and gestured to the night stand.  Jane paused for a second and said, smirking, “Do you have a twin brother, jerkwad?”  He knew it was a rhetorical question and let it pass.

Janice giggled.  “Leave him alone, Jane.  He is my loyal and devoted servant!  Aren’t you – jerkwad?”  “Yes, Miss!”  Jane roared with laughter.  “God, you are nasty, girlfriend.”  His mistress simply nodded, grinned and said, “Oh, for sure!  And you love it!” 
As Jimmy left the room, he got one final order.  It was Jane, rather than Janice, so he waited to be sure his Boss Lady wouldn’t countermand the command.  She didn’t.  Jane said, “Bring the shocker back here, Jimmy!”

He knew what she meant.  It had been Jane’s suggestion originally.  Evil woman.  She had carefully described the way a remotely controlled dog collar could be adapted to be fixed to a man’s privates.  He’d been there – mute – weeks ago, as Janice repeated asked questions.  “And what kind of strap do you use?”  “How far away does it reach?”  “I might want to use him the same night; will this affect him for long?”  She’d asked a lot of other questions.  The end result was the same.  He’d been told to do all the actual work – and the two of them had tested their ingenious tool on him last weekend.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, he’d disliked the pain of the shocker – but nonetheless gotten hard.  He was kinda into being used cruelly.  They both knew he was a masochist (up to a point).   

Now he was fucked.  (Well, not literally…. They loved teasing him a lot, but he was more a crash dummy than anything fuckable most of the time).  In any event, they decided the shock collar was to now be part of their fun.

When Jimmy got back to the bedroom, he had had the sense to strap the ‘thing’ to his ‘thing’.  
“Hey, look,” said Jane.  “He is already ready for us.”  She grabbed the control from Jimmy’s grasp and said to him, “What setting, Jimmy?”  He replied, “Uh, five?”
“Noooo…. Guess again. “ 

He said, “Six?” Jane giggled, turning to Janice.  “What do you think, girlfriend?”  Janice glanced at Jimmy.  “Jane, you fucking choose!”  She and Jimmy knew the setting Jane would pick.  Yes.  Max. Nine. 

Jane handed the control to his mistress.  “You’re in control, Janice!  More or less.  The more you mess with him, the more fun I intend to have with you.”  Jimmy’s fate was sealed.

He spent over two hours in intermittent agony.  Every time he was recovering, Jane would smirk and simply say to Janice, “Feeling horny?  Do you want some more?”  As Janice nodded, Jimmy would scream.  Janice wasn’t about to let Jane stop pleasuring her. 

A Sonnet of Most Earnest Contrition by Argosian

A note from Esskah Stonesoul (esskah):

Upon discovering that My Argosian claimed to not know how to beg, I decided to teach him... trial by fire! Or in this case... trial by post!

In other words... he was posted, with a promise of no release... until he could offer a proper beg. Considering he is an avid roleplayer on my Sim with me... this was a punishment most dire!

The next morning, he produced the following Sonnet in request for release from his predicament.  I admit... I was moved to tears (of laughter).

(And yes, he earned his freedom.)


A Sonnet of Most Earnest Contrition
by Argosian (alakyrr)

Alas! From woeful waffling gripes,
A quandary finds me fettered, dour
And on my face, imprints of stripes
From sleeping on Your hardwood floor!

What plaintive words could sway Your heart?
What piteous pleas would change Your mind?
Unaccustomed to this perilous art,
Has verse deserted me in kind?

And so by morning light awaked,
i do so beg Thee on bended knee
That You might find Your ire slaked
And from this lonely pole untie me.

For all of my most guarded treasures
my love is Yours beyond all measure.

Decision Time by Anonymous

Decision time for Mistress  

Mistress was running late. Bill had dinner ready and was keeping it warm for her. He had made a shepherds pie for her, one of her favorites. Finally he heard her open the door and come in. She was a little flushed and had a wicked grin on her face.

"Hello mine." she said. "I have a surprise for you, and even a treat if you earn it."

His head lifted up and he almost grinned. Treats were rare for him and earning them meant he was going to have a difficult task first.

"First things first, what have you made for dinner, it smells yummy." She pondered aloud.

"I made Shepherds pie for you Milady, your favorite." he replied.

"Mmmmm I love you mine. I shall eat it in the dining room." she grinned happily. She was very happy to have him here tonight. He was turning into a great pet, learning her needs and wants and mostly doing it without many stumbles, she was beginning to think she finally found a diamond in the rough. Tonight was going to be his biggest challenge. One of her favorite sights was of her sub sucking off a big cock. This test was where most of her other subs had failed, unable to get past the masculine ego and fear. She hoped this one would be the one that would prove himself. He had passed all her other tests very well, and if this one should go well she had decided to offer him a full collar.

Bill was worried, he knew she meant to really challenge him tonight. How was she going to do it would it be painful? would it be mean? Would he be able to endure it? So many questions to answer. He decided he would try to ignore the questions in his head.. He heard her finish her dinner and asked "Would you like some more Mistress or perhaps a glass of Sherry?"

Ahhh Sherry she thought what a perfect choice to watch him perform for her tonight. "Yes boy Sherry, I'll have it in the"

He heard her command and poured a glass of sherry for her taking it to her. " Here you go Mistress. Will there be anything else?"

She smiled a wicked smile at him. "Yes mine. Tonight you have a special chore I need you to do. My bull is coming over tonight and I need you to perform a special service for me."

His thoughts went in a wide variety of ways. When she is with her bull he normally is asked to do nothing but lick her pussy and give her an orgasm or two getting her ready for him and then listen to how he pleases her with his big cock. What could she possibly want him to do besides please her orally? "A chore Mistress? What do you need done Mistress?"

She smiles her winsome smile. Now she'll discover whether he even has a chance. "Tonight I need you to show special reverence to my bull and show respect to him in a very specific way. Tonight I expect you to service his cock with your mouth and show how special it is for pleasing Mistress so beautifully." Now she thought the moment of truth.

He wasn't certain he heard her right. He thought she said he was supposed to give a Blowjob to her bull. "Pardon Mistress, do you want me to give your bull a blowjob?"

She smiled, he didn't flat out refuse, that's a start. "No pet I want you to love me by giving pleasure to the cock that serves me so well with your mouth, that serves me so well." She leans forward to see the reaction.

He is a bit stunned. He never bargained on this. He searched his feelings, can he do that? All his life he was told it was evil to do, especially for him to do, not in so many words, but the message got through very well. He thought about it for a few seconds, aware that her eyes were on him, her thoughts were about him and his answer. She was so very marvelous. She treated him with respect he had seldom felt, even as she used him. Could he really break down those old strong feelings.. How much is he willing to give her. He felt he was at a boundary. Can he push this boundary will it break him?

She watches carefully, she can see he is struggling and realizes she has hit a difficult boundary for him. What will he decide?

A dozen thoughts go through his mind. The most obvious thought is a question. How much will he do for her. She is such a lovely Lady. He tells himself at least twice a day every day how much she means to him and how lucky he is to serve her. He comes to a decision. "Yes Mistress I will show the reverence to his cock that he deserves for pleasing you so much."

Her inner self jumps with joy, but she knows he has just passed the first test. It has happened before where her pet would say yes and then decide at the last minute he can't do it. She hopes this one can.

"Very good mine. Now go fix my bath and prepare for his arrival." she orders.

He goes to start the water, a little apprehensive, yet a little excited too. He stops short, recognizing he is excited. He feels his small cock getting a little hard inside his cage and winces a bit as it gets stopped by the boundaries of it's metal walls. He resumes his task and puts it out of his mind for the time being. The water ready he helps her get undressed and into the tub. Then washes her completely using her favorite soaps. He helps her out of the tub and wraps her in a big soft warm towel drying her body completely.. He follows her to the bed and knows what's next.

 "Mine prepare my pussy for him." as she spreads her legs opening herself up for his tongue, fingers and lips.

 He begins by kissing her feet, trailing long slow kisses between licking and sucking on her soft skin. Finally he reaches her treasured spot. He plants kisses on her soft lips before he begins by sliding his tongue between her lips slowly drawing it from her opening to her clit. He swirls his tongue across her clit then slides it back to her opening. He dips his tongue inside to taste her warm juices and savor her scent. Then he lightly sucks on her soft lips using his tongue to stimulate them. He releases them and begins to let his tongue dance upon her clit in the way she loves. He slides one finger tentatively inside her knowing she doesn't always want penetration but tonight she sucks him in and moans loudly. Hearing her moan he slides a second well trimmed finger inside her and begins to stroke her inner walls while teasing her clit.

He reaches for and finds her g-spot and is rewarded with another moan as he strokes it while he loves her clit with his tongue. Matching the rhythm, pace and pressure he has learned over his time with her. He can tell he is on the right pace as she begins to moan constantly. His tongue dances across her clit in rhythm with his fingers stroking her inner walls. He feels her climax building smells her fragrance and notices the increased wetness. He works hard for her climax and is rewarded as she spurts her juices this time in orgasmic bliss moaning and bucking. He keeps licking as she cums again his tongue lavishing her clit fingers stroking her g spot. She bucks again and climaxes once more before he slows down to see if she is finished his tongue still licking but more tentatively not to make her too sensitive. She settles down and he smiles. He stops licking but stays close if she should tell him to continue.

"Ohhh god that was amazing tonight mine. You have done well so far.' she praises. She looks at the clock and sees it is almost time for him to arrive. "Help me with my robe and go get him a drink ready now." she orders.

He helps her with her robe and goes to mix his drink. He just finished the drink when the bell rings and he goes to let her bull in.

Her bull smiles at him "Thank you cuck." he says in a friendly tone.

Bill was a little surprised at the warmth tonight in her bull's tone. "I wonder if she told her bull what was planned." he thought.

"She is in the study sir. Please follow me."

When they arrived it suddenly hit Bill that the time of challenge was really here. "Oh god." he thought. "What shall I do? Can I do this?" His stomach began to flutter a bit but at the same time he noticed he was getting a little aroused again.

She told Sam, her bull, to get undressed as she had a treat for him tonight. She loved watching him get undressed his hard lean body and his big cock slowly being unveiled just for her. She was getting so aroused by what she hoped would happen tonight.

Sam removed his clothes seductively for her, he loved her body and he worshiped the time he had with her. He left his sexy briefs for last for her and toyfully played with it before he removed it for her his semi erect cock bobbing for her to see.

"Bill come here." she commanded. "See how big his cock is? It is mine and gives me such pleasure. Show me how much you wish to please me. Show me your reverence to this tool that gives me such pleasure."

"Yes Mistress." he speaks quietly. Bill moves over to Sam and kneels beside him . His big cock inches away from his mouth. He slowly reaches out for it and tentatively touches the first cock other than his he has touched. His mind is racing "Omg I am going to suck a cock." he thinks. slowly he moves his mouth to the giant head and gives it an experimental kiss. It is soft and warm he discovers. He opens his lips and carefully guides the head to them. It presses against them and he opens wider feeling the head slide inside his mouth. His first thought is to gag but he breathes through the instinct and holds the head in his mouth resting on his tongue. He is surprised when he notices his cock is rock hard inside it's tiny cage so hard it hurts.

He carefully slides his tongue over the mushroom head. "Watch your teeth." he hears his Mistress say. He pays close attention to his teeth opening wider so as not to touch it with them. He slides his tongue around the head and is rewarded with a moan from Sam. Boldly he decides to try sucking on it. He sucks and Sam moans again. The cock in his mouth starts to harden as he feels it get bigger.

He feels Sam grab his head and slide it further in his mouth. Bill relaxes and lets it happen. Then on instinct he begins to move his head up and down on this hard cock. his tongue massaging the underside as it slides in and out. Sam starts to moan and Bill feels liquid leaking from the head...precum he thinks. "I hope Mistress doesn't want him to cum in my mouth." he thought. He  lets the cock slide out of his mouth and looks at Mistress for approval. He absentmindedly finds himself stroking the length of Sam's cock.

Mistress smiles at her boy and says "Very good far. You have showed good reverence tonight. But you have tasted his cum mixed with my pussy juice before and not shrunk away from it so tonight you will let him cum in your hot mouth and taste it straight from him. Do you understand?"

She waits for what seems like forever as her cuck weighed his options. "Yes Mistress." he said as he realized there was no option. He loved her and would do anything for her.

He opened his mouth and this time really began to treat this cock like he imagined he would like to have his cock sucked. He slid his tongue all around the head and began to slide it in and out of his mouth sucking hard then soft. His tongue caressing the soft underside. Then he puts the head inside a little way and finds the sweet spot just below the soft head underneath and begins to lick it. teasing it loving it. He hears Sam's moans of pleasure and feels the urgency as his cock starts to twitch.

Bill knows it will be soon as he feels the spongy head grow larger in his mouth and feels Sam's legs begin to shake.

Sam shouts "Oh god ohhhh fuck."

Bills feels the head expand and then feels a shot of warm liquid spurt out of the head onto his tongue and hitting the roof of his mouth. It spasms and spurts as Sam moans. His hot seed spilling and splashing in Bill's mouth. Then twice more it spurts before oozing the rest onto his tongue.

Bill was startled at first when it happened then was concentrating on not spilling any as he was sure Mistress would disapprove of him if he did. He decided at the moment to just swallow the seed spilling into his mouth the taste so salty and so hot. He looks at his Mistress the softening cock still in his mouth and was rewarded with the sight of Mistress in the throes of a violent orgasm. He releases Sam's cock and see's Sam smiling too.

When Mistress finished her orgasm Bill meekly asks "did I do well Mistress?"

She smiles at him and says, "yes but I think you can do better next time."

The end

Kisses by Lady Crissy

by Crissy Viper

The first kiss, on his nipple,
tongue darting to flick.

The second kiss, on his neck,
teeth biting down.

The third kiss, on his ass,
nipping and pulling at the flesh there.

The fourth kiss, on My cock,
licking lips first to moisten.

The fifth kiss, with a smile on my face, on his lips,
possessing with passion and pressure.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Dream by Riddick

["For confessions from My bitch. Enjoy!" -- Esskah Stonesoul (esskah)


    Before I start I must state that I am an avid Walking Dead fan and that I watch the show often. I have seen all the episodes, and I sometimes I will daydream about what it would be like to have that kind of freedom in a changed world where human being are not suppressed by 'wolf pack' governments constantly trying to enforce their ideals on the people around them- a world that isn't ruled by greed. Much of the time my daydreams turn to Femdom, a subject in which I am even more of a fan. It is my belief that the following dream resulted from this desire for such a world.


    Tucking the hem of my pants into my boots, I pulled the zippers up on the sides of the boots and I fastened the leather straps holding the boots securely around my calves. Standing up from the bed on which I had been sitting, I inspected myself. I was dressed fully in dark black clothing (as was the norm during my occasional nighttime supply-runs). I also wore tight fitting cargo pants and a cotton undershirt covered with a rip-stop bud jacket to protect again the frigid air, as well as leather mid-calf-length, standard-issue army boots.

   I stood, speaking idly to the woman in the room with me as she fastened my double holster around my waist.  The holster held two black 9 mm handguns and a few spare clips. I studied the woman as she helped me prepare for my outing. She was a bit shorter than me with a soft vulnerable face, dark-flowing shoulder-length hair, and sparkling green eyes.  These were covered by thin, brown, oval-shaped glasses. She was an attractive woman, and it bothered me a bit that I didn't know her name or who she was -- but I knew she was supposed to be there with me.

    Finally, I strapped my freshly sharpened knife into the twist-hold scabbard which was securely fastened to the leather strap on the front of my jacket. Strolling past the kitchen I popped a warm muffin into my mouth and I accepted the lunch bag that the woman held out to me. She kissed me on the cheek, softly, and wished me luck as she tucked my supply list into one of my pants' pockets. As I walked out what I thought was the front door, I could hear her saying that she would have a meal prepared for my return. I was a bit confused after walking out the door,  because I was standing at the bottom of a long staircase.  I immediately began to climb it only to find another door at its end. Upon exiting this second door I found myself standing in an open field deep in a woods on level ground.  I realized I had just left a hidden underground bunker where I must have been living. Locking this upper door behind me, I started, at a brisk pace, through the forest in the direction of a mountain I could see in the distance, now only a dark smudge against the night sky.

    It seemed as if it were only an instant that I walked through the woods, enjoying the night air, before I was standing on a hill looking down upon an abandoned town. I quickly made my way down to it and I started to loot the buildings for any supplies that might become useful. There were other persons nearby, but I paid them no mind as they seemed not to notice me. It wasn't until I was rummaging through some random canned goods in the old general store that had its front wall torn off that I found myself surrounded. I didn't notice anyone at first as I was focused on my task. When I saw boots step into my view, I looked up to see a young woman standing before me. She was blonde and short, at about my shoulder height. She was pretty, though a little rough around the edges. I guessed that her roughness was due to current living conditions. I stood and looked around and I then noticed that she was not alone. There were several other women close around. "The food is spoiled; you shouldn't eat it," I said in warning, thinking they were hungry. As I turned to try to make my way from the store, I was attacked from behind and I was pushed to the ground.

    "We aren't here for the food," someone whispered into my ear as I felt my hands pulled behind my back. I struggled to get up, but as the woman on my back was light  I was able to easily lift her. Reaching around behind me I grasped her with one hand. Before I could pull her off of me, I was pushed back into the pavement by the extra weight of her friends as they joined in to help her.

    I felt the cold steel of handcuffs as they were locked around my wrists. "Who are you?" I demanded.  I didn't get an answer.  I was abruptly yanked up from the floor to stand; they crowded around. I made an attempt to run, only to find my feet had been bound in much the same manner as my hands.  The difference was that I could move my feet a little, just enough to take small, shuffling steps.
    "You will do," said the blonde as she began unbuckling my pants and dropping my zipper. My weapons were quickly taken from me and a knife was produced.  They began to use it to cut through my jacket and shirt rendering this clothing useless.  Both were tossed aside as scraps. It wasn't long before I was completely nude and before all my belongings had been taken from me. I felt a rope being tied around my cock. I noticed my guns were now strapped around the waist of a fierce-looking, dark-haired woman.  She was inspecting her new possessions, smiling. "Come on girls! We have to hurry if we want to get back before the gates are locked!" said the blonde as she smirked.  She then yanked hard on a makeshift leash that she had fastened around my tightly-bound cock.

    It seemed as if the walk to wherever they were taking me took a century. These strange women seemed to take fiendish delight in tormenting me the whole way, slapping me hard on my ass with bamboo canes that they had pulled up from the side of the road after we had left the small abandoned town. Occasionally a cane would flash in front of my face before slapping my cock and sending waves of pain through my groin.  The pain caused me to stop and double over. This didn't help me though, since it only prompted an increased assault on my backside and thighs by the canes, and then a hard yank on my leash.  These just sent a fresh wave of pain through my balls. Then I was forced to stand and begin to move again. Various taunts were tossed in my direction but I wasn't particularly listening; I was more focused on how I might get back to my hidden underground home. The hike was utterly humiliating, and the journey seemed endless; I thought it would never be over. After an excruciatingly long time we finally strolled up to an enormous set of iron doors set into a very tall stone wall where more women (who I guessed to be guards) called down from above before opening the gates to admit us.

    "You're going to be our new maggot."
    "I'm going to make you my new bitch."
    "Move, slave! We don't have all day!"
    "I hope you like eating ass!"

    The taunts continued unceasingly after we entered and as we crossed the courtyard of what appeared to have been a prison, now transformed into a community home. I saw other men outside going about doing various tasks as the women surrounding them lashed them with canes and yelled an unending stream of abusive words designed to make them work faster. Some of the men were tending vegetable gardens.  Some were cleaning livestock.  Yet others walked back and forth toward several small buildings carrying various items for storage in them. I watched for a time until my view was cut short when the small group of women forced me to enter a doorway into the largest of the buildings. I was pulled through a maze of corridors until I was finally brought into what obviously used to be a prison block but which had now had been made into sleeping quarters for the inhabitants. Red drapes and curtains had been hung everywhere.  This gave the enormous area the feel of a sultan's harem.  In the center of these sleeping quarters sat a large throne- and on this throne sat an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

    I studied her as she slipped from the throne upon seeing us enter. She was tall, perhaps even a bit taller than me. Her hair was tied up at the back of her head with just a few stray strands strategically flowing out to the sides. Her skin was tanned, contrasting with her fierce light-blue eyes.  She gazed steadily at me and her hips swayed as she walked in my direction.  I could tell she had a delicious figure under her loose, warm robes. She stopped just inches before me, glaring at me without the slightest fear.

    "Hello.  We have been watching you for a while. You are no longer free. You are owned now.  You are my slave. Do you understand?" she asked me.

    "I'm not a slave. My name is..." I started to say before I was slapped hard enough to knock me to my knees.

    "Your name is 'bitch' from now on and you are a slave. Today you will be claimed." As she said this she held up a leather collar with a heavy lock hanging from it. "Prepare him," she said to the other women.

    I was pulled to one side hard, my cock aching when the tight leash around it was yanked.  I was dragged to a black table where my leash was tied to a steel loop in the floor. I was then was forced to bend over; they strapped to the leather top of the table with what looked like leather belts attached to the table's edges. I felt the canes across various parts of my body, intended to force me into place. A couple of the women applied their canes to the insides of my thighs, stinging them badly until I realized they wanted my legs parted so they could be bound to the legs of the table. I was helpless and unable to move as the dark-haired woman approached me. Obviously she had some kind of authority over the others;  they all obeyed her commands. She had by now removed her garments and she now stood dressed only in two items: a tight red leather corset that left her ample breasts exposed to my view and a large strap-on fastened around her waist. I opened my mouth to protest, only to feel a gag forced between my teeth at that exact moment -- effectively muting me. I watched her until she walked around behind me, out of my field of vision.  Three of her women could still be seen before me.  They removed their clothing and tossed their various garments onto the floor nearby.

    Without warning a series of loud, painful strokes from what felt like a leather back-strap began to fall across my back, my ass, and the backs of my thighs. I screamed in agony into the gag to no avail as they continued to lash me until my skin was red and burning.  I felt as if I had walked through fire. My eyes were wide with fear as one of the women picked up a large roll of duct tape and joined her superior behind me. I first felt my burning ass cheeks pulled wide apart and then I felt tape applied to them, stretching to and fixed on my hips. It was humiliating in the extreme.  I knew my hole was completely exposed to this strange woman who was in command.  I knew what she was going to do. "Mercy..." I tried to say but my word was muffled by the stiff ball in my mouth. The blonde who I had first laid eyes on noticed I was trying to speak and she removed the gag. I was told to repeat what I had said and I did so. "Mercy! Please, let me go!" I said, but this just aroused the women to laughter and more prodding.

    After I made my ineffective plea I felt pressure on my forbidden hole which was quickly stretched open as the strap-on was forced deep into my ass. I grimaced in pain as the woman-in-charge's hips slammed into my already raw and punished ass cheeks, causing the burning to increase. She pulled back and slammed into me again and again and again, beginning a rhythm that she obviously decided she liked.  She continued to fuck me with her toy. One of the women nearby then crawled up to first straddle the table before me and then to present her ass to me.  She grabbed me by the hair, and forced my face between her cheeks. She then uttered a short command.  I obeyed her immediately slipping my tongue up into her tight hole.  I heard her moan in sheer pleasure as my tongue pressed into her ass...

Life In Pineville by Doc

“Louise?  Oh, she’s out with her regular boyfriend!”  Click.

That had ended the chapter called ‘Louise’ in his life.  She’d seemed perfect.   Unattainable.  A model.  His. It had all been an illusion.  She was using him.

Unfortunately, ‘love’ is stupid, and Will didn't realize that half a loaf is better than none.  So he ended up with none.

Will met Cherokee in a topless club right there in Pineville that same week.  He’d poured out his soul to her and she’d been very sympathetic.  Why not?  His pathos sure beat having guys hit on her.  She made sure he had drinks – and paid for hers.  He was basically a nice guy, she thought.

He wasn't about to fall in love again, but --- Cherokee had a nice figure, paid attention to him, stroked his neck and his forearm, and seemed to really feel sorry for his situation.

They made a pair made in Hell.  She found him easy to handle.  He found her attractive.  It was a recipe for bad outcomes.

Eventually she found ways to keep him docile.  He found himself getting sexually excited every time he thought of her.  Like two moths circling a common flame, searching for heat, they began to lose focus.  She began to really like the guy.  He started to find her not only a cute babe, but to see her as a friend.  They seem doomed.

Rescue came from unexpected quarters.   In a small town things happen like that.

Cherokee was at a party when she met Louise and – after a short discussion – they inadvertently discovered they had both been dating the same guy (though at different times).   They began to compare notes.

Not long after, Will ran into Louise’s older sister at Walmart.  (She had a part-time job there).    As things tend to happen, Will looked at her tits, then her butt, and then – his mind took off.  He could see his old girlfriend in her older sister.  He approached her, introduced himself, and then explained the situation.  “Oh, you dated Louise?  Interesting!”   Will suspected ‘older sister’ was trying to fit him into her younger sister’s (complicated) love life.

As it turned out, everything eventually sorted out and everyone lived happily (though only a fool would ever assume ‘forever after’!).

Louise decided to become Cherokee’s lover – without ever telling her about her out-of-town boyfriend.  (She eventually dumped Cherokee to marry him).  Cherokee decided she was tired of being Will’s friend and told him that she’d found someone  else (without mentioning it wasn’t a guy).   She and Louise were lovers until Louise dumped her, just as she had done to Will.

Will kept dating ‘older sister’ (whose name turned out to be Janet).  They eventually married, too.

And so, Will ended up being the brother-in-law of his ex (Louise) and her ‘mystery boyfriend’ – now husband.  Also he could have, but decided never to, tell his brother-in-law that Louise had been two-timing him with a lesbian topless dancer.  As for Cherokee, she eventually married a ‘client’ and talked him into buying a club in town.  She took great delight in seeing both Will and his brother-in-law in the club, and fixing them up with really kinky ‘out-of-town’ girls.

Oh, and Will’s wife (and Louise’s older sister)?  She got tired of Will and seduced Cherokee just for the hell of it.  She eventually got Cherokee to get a divorce and they lived a very placid lesbian life together.

And everyone in Pineville lived happily ever after.  (If you believe that shit, I’d love to introduce you to a very attractive and very sweet lady …. Ha ha ha ha).

Goodbye Mistress by Anonymous

Goodbye my Mistress,
I will go
You said I am released.

but Those few words are not enough,
to say goodbye for me.

I need to first say thank You.
For all the good there was.
All the joy that I will miss.
I'm sure I will be lost.

I would have to count my blessings.
I had the chance to serve.
Someone I loved as much as You
A Mistress I deserved.

Then just as I would say goodbye,
I'd get up off my knees
Turn around and walk away,
With pride for what i'd been.


Wounded, Broken, Doubting by Daxie

I sit alone thinking about the path laid out before me.  It’s a familiar path, seen over and over again like walking lost in a forest, each tree looking exactly like the others.  Have I been here before? Have my choices been all moot points or is this a new path yet to be traveled? The feeling of being alone and lost is not new to me; in fact some would say it is rather familiar and comforting in ways.

Going through the SL life as if it were RL, I put my heart into my actions and relationships.  I used to trust easily and to care about being trusted.  I feel that this has broken over the last few months.  It is something I know I need to fix inside me but I'm unsure how to do it.  I’ve met some wonderful people some of whom I've had the honor to call Domme.  But these wonderful women have also been cause of pain.

I’ve had three SL relationships.  Each of the three have had common threads.  Each lasted around 6 weeks.  All three broke off for reasons out of my control.

I don’t know what is worse, being released when -- from their point of view -- I was a great submissive, or if I actually had been an asshat and that was the reason for my dismissal.   I jokingly said to one of my submissive friends, "Maybe I’m going about this whole SL submission thing all wrong."  And to that she laughed and said “Daxie, there isn't a mean or impolite bone in your body”  To which I then said “Maybe I need to go out on the MP to find one.”

The last two Dommes I’ve had left SL altogether -- partly on my accord.  They said their feelings were of "becoming too attached", and that though we were looking for RL/SL crossover, they found it painful to have to say 'good night'.

What course of action is there for me?  Is there one?  Is it me?

So here I stand alone, again looking down the D/s path wondering.  Is there a point to walking further down this path or will my path be a retread of the same thing? I’m wounded right now, and -- like many wounded animals -- I have a "fight al"l mentality.  I act out in ways I know I shouldn't; many times I feel I can’t stop it.  It does me no good. I know it. Any witnesses, especially those that know me, must think they are watching a different person.  And maybe my past is changing me more than I want to admit.

I am broken, a fixer-upper so to speak. (Luckily I’m cheap, ha ha).  I don’t do well with pity, which is why I keep to myself and do not let others in.  I’ve heard and heard many discussions/ and read many profiles where most Dommes want a sub with something to offer: skills, talents, mental security and confidence. Skills and talents? Well, I’ll let others see and speak on those.  Mental security and confidence? Few and far between.

Doubting, I’m currently highly cautious regards all 'positivity'.  I'm not sure if or when it is genuine or if or when it is just 'common courtesy.'

I write this not looking for kudos, nor for people to say “hang in there, you’ll find one”, etc etc.  This is a confession --my mind -- self-serving and very therapeutic for me.  Even if no one cares, at least I wrote it and sent it.

Carl Had Been Dating by Doc

Carl had been dating Julie for most of the summer.  When he’d broken up with Veronica by mutual agreement, he’d asked her one favor.  As a generally nice girl she’d felt obligated to Carl and, though she was doubtful, had figured she owed him.  This was how he’d met Julie.

He’d simply asked his ex-girlfriend, “Since I’ve always treated you with respect and since this breakup is your idea and not mine, would you help fix me up with someone that you think would suit me?”  She’d initially resisted, but – since he was basically a nice guy (and inconveniently just “there”) she decided to find someone ‘just right’ for him.

When Carl went out with Julie for the first time, he wondered.  Finally he asked, “How do you know Veronica – and how well?”

“Oh, she and I both are in the same math class, but I don’t think she knows me very well.  Actually she asked me how to get you fixed up with someone and we got to chatting then.”

“Oh, said Carl.

“You know the reason she broke up with you, don’t you, Carl?”

He shook his head.  “Nope”.  At that, Julie just chuckled.

“She wanted to get laid, and after Jimmy – the quarterback on the varsity team – made a move on her, she decided to trade up.”  Julie had then looked at Carl’s face.  He was devastated.  Obviously Veronica had never been very open with poor, pathetic Carl.  “Anyway, I told your ex that I would make things easy for her.  I told her I’d take you on.  As a challenge.”

Carl was still in shock.  He’d always wanted to ‘do it’ with Veronica, but he’d never dared even show any interest in her.  He’d figured she was a nice girl and would be shocked and repulsed if she knew he wanted more than just a peck on the cheek and a hug at the end of a date.  He was barely listening to Julie.

Julie noticed his inattention.  Her gaze roamed over him, however and she made a decision.   “You didn't know, Carl?” she cooed.


“Carl, you and Veronica were never right for each other, you know.”  She then lied.  A big whopper! “Carl, I’ve had my eyes on you for a long time!” (Actually she had barely noticed either Veronica or Carl.  They both might have been furniture for all she’d cared.)

“Me?” he asked.

“Yep! Oh – and Carl – I really find you attractive!”  This wasn't quite a lie.  He was no better or worse than most of the other guys in class, but he did have one thing going for him.  She was (pretty) sure that she could get him to do whatever she wanted him to do.  Few of the guys were as passive as Carl.  That was his attraction.

Julie had then decided to put Carl to the test. “Carl, if I let you see my breasts, will you do my math homework?”  He had vigorously nodded.  Julie knew this was the guy for her!

Unlike lots of juniors, she never broke her promises.  From math homework, she gradually got him to most of the rest of her homework.  Then – since he had an ancient wreck of a car – she figured out how to make him into her personal chauffeur.  And then out to some really nice restaurants.  Julie was no dummy.

It was only at the end of the summer, with Carl now trained to take care of her sexual, personal, and school needs that she made some ‘adjustments’.  Kenny was a college freshman.  Time to dump Carl.  She broke the news to him gently, “Carl, I have a friend of mine who would be ‘just right’ for you.”

Carl never found out that the lady Julie had picked was a very ambitious sophomore.

“Hey, if you handle this guy just right you can get him to do your homework, be your chauffeur,  take you out to nice restaurants, and be your sex slave.  Are you interested?”  Alexandra nodded with an enormous grin on her face.  “Oh, and when you come over to my house this weekend, plan on spending the entire morning in bed with me and Kenny.

“Wow!  Cool!” were the only words Alexandra could manage. Except for “I owe you big time!”

Acceptance by Doc

“I’m leaving you.”

He nodded.

“Well, don’t you have anything to say?”

“Just that we both knew this was coming.  I think we’ve said almost everything else that has had to be said…. More times than were necessary.”  He wasn't sure he’d needed to add the last comment, but he was so very tired of re-plowing the same field endlessly.  He wanted her to know he didn't think talk was needed.

“You are worthless.”

He’d expected some comment like that, too.  He didn't agree, but it was pointless saying so.  He kept quiet.


“Well, what?”

She glared and then stomped out of the room.  He’d expected that, too.  She hated it when she made a comment and he simply refused to say anything.  He wasn't sure why she felt he needed to say anything.  It was all a bit pointless, anyway.  She’d said she was leaving and that was that.  End story.

John decided to call his old girlfriend Ellen.  Ellen and he had been friends for many years.  She thought he was an ass too, but they both agreed to disagree on that and not to bring it up.  He really didn't care much how she felt about him.  He liked her even if she had some strange ideas.  He wasn't sure why.
As to why she didn't walk off, too, he had no idea.  “You’d have to ask her,” he once told someone who’d asked what Ellen saw in him.  He doubted they had followed through on the suggestion.  Few bothered following up on anything, especially his suggestions.  It was fine.  Everyone on his or her own course through life.  Atoms bouncing against each other, like O2 molecules in a balloon.

The phone rang before John got a chance to get to the phone.  It was Ellen.

“I hear she has finally decided to move up to something – and someone – more her style,” Ellen said.


“So how do you feel?”

“Dunno.  I really don’t feel much of anything.  I knew she’d eventually leave.  I just wondered how it would play out.  I’m going to be out of town this weekend, so I assume she’ll have her stuff out on Saturday or Sunday.”

“Where are you going this weekend?” Ellen asked.

“I’m going up to the cabin.  I want to be alone and read and with all the shit going on here, I just need to get away.”

“I want to go with you, John.”  She didn't add anything else to that.  John wondered what she wanted.

“What for?” he asked.

“I want to get laid, and you’re now available.  Besides, you need someone to make your life miserable.  I think I can fill that bill.”
“Yeah, now that she’s gone I guess I’m fair game.  Sure.  It’s up to you.  Whatever.”

“John, do you know what you’re getting into?” she asked.


“Don’t you care?”

“Actually, no.  I don’t.  I guess you have your reasons, and when you decide to tell me what they are, you will.”

There was a pause before she calmly said, “It’s simple, you fucking moron.  I just like having a puppet in my life.  Someone who serves me.  Someone who will take my crap and not whine.  Someone who is pathetic and servile and who doesn't object when I feel like taking out my frustrations on someone I really don’t give a shit about.  Someone like you.”

John just said, “OK.”

Ellen volunteered, “Do you know what your real attraction is, John?”


“You really don’t give a crap.”

Ellen hung up.  John went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.  He realized the pot would probably not be there on Monday morning.  He stuck a post-it on the refrigerator.  “Buy new coffee pot!”

He was walking away from the fridge when he thought of something else.  He scribbled underneath the coffee pot note “Take condoms to cabin” and “Pick Vonnegut paperback to take to cabin”.

He then said, very quietly, “That Ellen sure isn't shy!”

Ode To The Boobies by Leasha

Ode to the boobies
Pale or pink, Pert or tear
Boobies, boobies, they are everywhere
Less than a handful, more than a handful
Boobies, boobies, plenty to share

Jiggling up, jiggling down,
Boobies, boobies, let me go to town
Chomping here an chomping there
Boobies, boobies, nom nom where?

Tease them softly, Nibble them rough
Chew them harshly, scratch them off
Boobies, boobies, always there
Boobies, boobies, they’re everywhere

Bound or free, Waxed or flogged
Pegged or scratched, tight and locked
So give them a squeeze, or tickle them soft
Boobies, boobies, don’t throw them off

Boobies, boobies there’s nothing better
Boobies, boobies I love them forever.

One Summer Night 2014 by Rock

The warm breeze on his naked body makes him shiver.  He kneels, silently, his mind focused on the inky black of the blindfold, the sound of wind dancing through the trees, and the feel of soft grass beneath his knees.  His ears strain to hear the sound of footsteps; even the slightest sound makes his body twitch in anticipation.  He does not know what to expect.

He squirms, wishing he knew where She is, fearing that She has abandoned him to nature.  Will She return for him?  Has he displeased Her?

Every noise makes him jerk.  He shivers, both from fear itself and from the arousal that the fear within him creates.  He does not understand how he can be so afraid and yet so turned on at the same time.  His mind wanders, playing a hundred different scenes in his head.

Will She allow him to be touched, fondled and  tormented by others?  Will they speak to him, or will they remain silent and unknown?  Will they be kind, and hurt him beautifully, or will they be mercilessly gentle -- keeping him on the edge of passion, teasing him, yet not letting him climax?  He imagines the feeling of many hands on his body, stroking, pinching, and slapping.

He is jerked to his feet and is forced painfully against  the rough bark of a tree; he is held there by strong arms.  His hands are bound tightly around the trunk.  His head is jerked back, his hair tight in someone's grasp as another hand slaps his face.  A warm, almost pleasant sting burns in his cheeks as first one, then the other is slapped, and then caressed gently by cool, sensual fingers.  He is punched and prodded, tickled and scratched, as his mind drifts further and further away.

He feels his heart pounding in his chest.  His arousal hardens his clit and telltale moisture glistens between his thighs.  Sudden frustration invades his calmness as he becomes painfully aware of his biological body.  He feels trapped within the confines of female flesh.  If only he had the body that was trapped within his soul.

Pushing these thoughts away, he slips again into his fantasies.  Now he is kneeling, pumping his erect cock as his Mistress whips him for Her pleasure.  She commands him to work his dick harder, and he groans as he obeys, his mind reeling as he fights for control of his body, knowing that  he must not orgasm, that this pleasure is not his to enjoy without permission.

He is to keep himself on edge, so that She may enjoy the sight of his arousal and discomfort as She mercilessly wields Her whip upon the strong flesh of his chest.  Moaning, he grits his teeth against the petals of pain that explode across his skin again and again.  He cries out as a particularly hard crack of the whip lands directly on his sensitive nipple.

A twig snaps somewhere in the distance, forcing his mind back into reality.  The night is getting cooler, making his body erupt with goosebumps.  He moans behind his gag, and he whimpers softly as his limbs cramp in their bondage.  He tosses his head, stretching the muscles in his neck; his shoulders roll back and forth as he tries to ease the tension in his arms. Sighing contentedly, he settles back on his heels, and a small smile shows on his lips as more pictures form in his mind.

He kneels before his Mistress; his thighs spread wide as he leans down and gently kisses and caresses Her boots.  He darts his tongue across the cool, soft boot leather; a low moan is trapped in his throat as he lovingly shows his devotion.  He covers Her boots with kisses.  He writhes as Her hand runs deftly through his hair -- as they brush the strands away from his eyes.  His mouth moves even more eagerly; he licks until the leather glistens in the moonlight.

Lying on his back, he nuzzles her five-inch heels, and he runs his tongue up and down their length before taking them into his mouth.  He guides each down his throat, moving his lips up and down the shafts; he face-fucks each boot vigorously.

The air about him stirs; a summer storm blows in on the wind.  His body freezes, having lost all sense of time; he had not expected the wind which now gusts more powerfully about him.  A dull sense of panic floods over him, his heart pounding in his ears, and his body listening with nervous sweat as more images race through his mind, now turning to darker things.

He is thrown against a wall, Her knee thrusts into his groin, Her hand, around his throat, makes it hard for him to breath.  His eyes open wide as he gazes into Her face, seeing that stern, cruel look in Her eyes that tells him that this scene will not be an easy one.  It will be a lesson in endurance, in absolute obedience and in pain.

The whipping is relentless and takes him to the edge of what he believes he can endure.  It is for Her pleasure, and he takes it for Her; wanting to please Her and make Her proud of him.  He begs Her to gag him, to give him something to bite on to smother the cries he cannot keep within him; he is denied. She is reveling in his discomfort, his agony, and in the sweet tears rolling down his cheeks.

A soft hand brushes across his cheek, bringing the boy back to the present.  She gently removes his blindfold and gag, and he sees that the early light of dawn is just breaking on the horizon.  He has spent the whole of this summer night bound in the moonlight with his thoughts.

He is sensitive to the slightest touch, and he is eager to show Her how happy he is to see Her.  The night of silence, broken only by images of Her in his mind, has given him focus.  He is ready for whatever is to come; he is ready for whatever pleasure She has planned for Her amusement.

Unclipping his restraints, She motions for him to crawl behind Her.  He follows silently as She leads him back to the fireside. Other women are already there, seated around the fire, their submissives meekly at their feet.  A feeling of reverence falls on the group as the boy is led forward.

Kneeling quietly where he is told to kneel, his Mistress stands before him.  He shivers and looks up into Her eyes as she unclips the collar from Her belt.  "Do you still wish to be mine?" She asks him.

"Yes Mistress," he whispers, his voice hoarse and dry from the long hours in the gag.

"Do you accept this collar, and the meaning behind it?" Her voice flows between them, piercing deep into the boy's ears, sending shivers down his spine.

"With all my heart Mistress," he replies, emotion choking his voice, causing it to tremble with every word spoken. "Please allow me to be Your boy, Mistress" he begs, his eyes fervent with longing.

She smiles softly, locks the collar around his neck and brushes the tears from his cheek.  "You are Mine," she whispers, pulling him into a gentle embrace before grasping him roughly by the hair and forcing his lips down to rest upon Her boot.

What Do You Want by Doc

When a domme asks, “What do you want….?” I feel an impulse to say “I want to scream in frustration!”  But I restrain myself.

And I think.

What does a dog want when you throw a stick onto a pond and he jumps in to return it to you – and why do you throw it to him?

When a small baby smiles at you and you smile back at it, what did it want – and why did you smile back at that tiny face?

A frowning store clerk yesterday seemed grimly determined to stack a pile of merchandise.  What did she want to achieve? And why did you say, “Wow.  They sure keep you busy, don’t they?”?

When an old friend sends you a birthday card do you think, “I wonder what she wants?”

When the sun rises on a cold morning and sends its rays onto your skin, warming you and making you feel good, do you ask of the sun, “What do you want?”  Does the sun answer?

Sometimes we haggle over a purchase.  Bid and ask.  Sale or regular price.  “Why are you selling this if it’s so good?”

The marketplace where people gloat if they ‘get one over on you’ – or if you ‘get one over on them’.

Is sex a marketplace?  Do dogs haggle?  Do babies bargain?  Does the sun withhold for freebies?  Does a domme put one over on dogs and babies and the sun?  Does a son or daughter refuse to visit aging parents unless they do something in return?

Sometimes a simple question reveals more than the answer.

The words, “What do you want?” or “I want” sometimes tell you more than any words that follow.  The questions carry their own answers.