Saturday, September 29, 2012

Confessions Limericks by Bebop

There once was a Lady named Wycked
Whose shows would sell out all the tickets
She'd tease and torment
All the boys to the edge
But too far and they'd have to lick it

There once was a Liaison named Heather
Even tempered and light as a feather
The new subs she'd greet
Get them off their feet
And ogle the ladies in leather!

There once was a Lady named Sarrian
The type all the guys dream of marryin'
But when she goes shopping
The guys are all hopping
For her bags they'll end up carryin'

There once was a sub named Tyson
Who often has odd avatars on
He'll dig his own grave
More foolish than brave
He'll stay out of trouble with a gag on

There once was a Lady named Lisa
If you're super lucky she'll meet ya
But you'd better have class
Don't be a cheap ass
And take her for more than a pizza

There once was a sub named Dark
Who's always good fun, a real lark
He reads at confessions
About his obsessions
He'd like to be a kidnappers mark

There once was a lady named Summer
From whom naughty subs did a runner
She'd herd them to boot-camp
To trample and stamp
Twice as hard if they're a bad punner

There once was a sub named Kevin
Exclaimation marks he is lovin'
They show up in the chat
From sunday to sat
He just loves this here life he is livin'!!!!!!!!!!!

There once was a Lady named Joie
Always dressed classy, not showy
But if you get her mad
She'll say "tap tap tap"
And a bruise you will have, blue and glowy

There once was a sub named Axelle
And at defense in trials she excels
Though rarely she's sober
By the time court is over
They're all guilty by Her Judgery's gavel

There once was a Lady named Eva
Who causes the boys to have Fever
She arrests all the subs
Until the jail's full up
You could say she's a real eager beaver!

Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strapon Part 2 by Gunther

They could hear Jim cry and plead from the trunk for mercy.
Miss Carol winked to Miss Christie and a evil grin formed on both their faces.
As if they anticipated his behavior all along.
As they stopped on a parking lot it was well into the night.
Miss Carol popped the car trunk from the button inside the car and shouted at Jim to get he sorry naked ass out.
Jims will was broken now as he crawled out of the cars trunk naked and crouched in the dark behind the car.
Jim “Please Miss Carol, Miss Christie forgive me”!
“Please don’t leave me like this out here”!
Miss Christie “Forget it bitch”!
“You wont listen and obey us, then your useless”!
“There’s a diner on the other side of the car park, go there if you like”!
Jim “ Please Miss let me back in”!
“I beg you I’ll do anything for you please, don’t do this to me”!
“I’m sorry, please forgive me”!
Miss Carol “Your worth means nothing bitch”!
“You showed us we cant trust you”!
Jim “Please Miss, give me another change, I’ll do anything to make this up to you”!
Miss Christie “You will do anything we say”?!
Jim “Yes Miss please, anything you say I’ll do”!
Miss Carol “You’ll have to be punished for this behavior bitch”!
“This is your last chance”!
Jim “Yes Mistress, please punish me but give me another chance”!
Both Miss Christie and Miss Carol knew they had him now.
Miss Christie “Stand at the front of the car bitch”!
“I want see if you’re sincere about you going to follow order”!
Jim “Please Mistress, the people in the diner will see me naked “!
Miss Carol “No they won’t, its complete dark here”!
“So get your sorry ass to the front of the car if you really mean it”!
Jim scared like hell and freezing  did as told and went standing at the front of the car his hands covering his cock.
Jim “Now can I get back into the car Mistress”? he pleaded.
That’s when Miss Christie honked the car horn.
The people in the diner started to look outside to Jims terror.
He wanted to hide but Miss Carol said to remain there.
To his shame she switched on the cars lights and he now was in plain view naked to the people in the diner witch you could hear laughter coming from.
Jim remained at the front of the car totally humiliated by his exposure pleading to be let back into the car.
Miss Carol opened her window for a moment and tossed a bag out of it in the direction of Jim then closed it again.
Miss Carol “Put every item in the bag one bitch”, “be sure to remain in the light for all to see what a bad bitch you’ve been”!
Jim quickly took the bag and opened it.
His face went pale white.
He saw black lace garter and matching bra and stockings.
Two huge fake boobs and a Maids uniform.
Miss Christie “Put those one Bitch or else”!
She switched the engine back on.
Jim quickly did as he was told and put everything on.
He realized quickly the maid outfit wouldn’t cover his ass or cock as the skirt was so tiny.
Miss Carol opened the window again and tossed him a pair of heels witch had an ankle lock.
Miss Carol “these too slut and lock them secure to your feet”!
Jim did as he was told, then again asked “please Mistress may I get back into the car”!
Miss Christie “Two things to remember bitch”!
“The first word “Creamy”, that means you’ll get on your knees and give a blowjob to anyone saying that”!
“The second, “Black”, means you’ll bend over and offer your ass”!
“Is that understood”?
Jim quickly replied yes Mistress hoping they would let him in the car.
That’s when Miss Christie backed up and drove to the dinner leaving Jim there in his maids outfit.
They stepped out the Car locked it and went into the diner.
Jim was in terror.
Did they really expect him to go in there.
He felt totally humiliated, scared and controlled.
He hesitatingly started walking towards the diner.
Slowly and almost falling over as he had those heels on it took him a while.
He went to the door and opened it witch the light blinded him for a moment and flashes from cell phone cameras went off.
As his eyes adjusted he could see the faces of people there.
All the women from work were there, as was the waitress he used to pinch her ass when he came here on lunch breaks.
But also some biker men who were cheering and making cat calls to him.
The waitress came to him and shouted “Ah the help has arrived”, ”here let me put your name tag on”!
She pinned the name tag on his maid uniform that said “Prissy “Jim” Jill”.
Then said “Hi Prissy, thank for helping out were packed today”!
Then she pinched his ass cheeks saying “Got to have some color on those cheeks you know”!
“Then said get to work prissy” and laughed as she went back to the counter.
Jim looked at the room when one of the bikers said “Come here bitch, I’ll have a creamy one”!
Jim looked around to see Miss Christie and Miss Carol, but they ignored him and were acting like they were having a conversation at their table.
Biker grabbed his arm and pulled him closer “I said, I’ll have a creamy one”! with a stern voice.
Jim was scared and went to his knees in front of the biker and unzipped his pants.
The cock sprang out.
You could hear the women from his work say “Omg he’s going to do it”!
Biker slapped him in the face “get to it bitch, I wanna get serviced”!
Jim could see both his Mistresses wouldn’t give him any mercy and this biker could kill him instantly.
Reluctantly he took the cock in his mouth and started to suck on him.
Another series of flashes went off and catcalls made.
Suddenly as he was giving the bj he heard his boss say “I want a black one Prissy”!
She came forward wearing a strapon.
Jim stood in a bent position as the lady in question kicked his legs to part.
He could feel his ass being lubed up roughly and the strapon being placed at his back entrée.
Boss “One black, coming up”!
With that she thrusts the dong into his ass making him yell a bit on the cock in his mouth from the initial pain.
Slap, slap his ass got spanked as she started fucking him hard and without mercy.
The biker shot his load in his mouth and he swallowed most of it .
As he left he said “ you got some hidden skills there fucktoy ”!
He went to the waitress and paid her well.
His view was blocked as another took his place asking for a creamy one.
The night went on till the early morning and everyone had a chance at his ass or mouth.
Every time paying the waitress for the service he did.
When he was done his body felt sore used and abused.
His face and dress was covered with cum and his ass was dark red from pounding and spankings.
Miss Carol and Miss Christie came to him.
Miss Christie “I hope you learned your lesson prissy”!
Jim looked at Miss Christie and Miss Carol “Yes Mistress’s, please make it stop”!
“I’ll obey from now on and do everything you tell me”!
 Miss Carol knew his will was totally broken now and she could mold him into a obedient slave.
Miss Carol “Here now prissy let us help you to the car”!
“Your punishment is over”!
“When we get home, we’ll make you a nice bowl of soup and then off to bed with you”!
“Tomorrow we starts on a new slate and a new life for you”!
Both women helped him to the car and drove home.
They undressed him tossed the outfit in the waist bin and cleaned him.
They even feed him the soup before helping him to bed.
The next day they let him rest till the evening.
Jim was now very submissive and followed every order to the letter without hesitation.
He even found pleasure in serving the women on any desire.
All three had gone on a better life.
The end.

In The Dog House by Ashley

Sigh, I've  been  left  in the  stocks again.

I hate  this  shit, I'm naked and  im freezing. The lights  are out. It is dark apart from the full moon shining through the window, projecting the shape of the window on the floor in front of my face. The slightly damp floor is reflecting the moonlight into my face, making it impossible to  sleep through this torture.

I hear  something moving  behind me in the water. I cant see what is back there but I think its a rat or some kind of similar animal. Whatever, if it comes near me I'm going to stamp on the little fucking thing.
The tap behind me is dripping, maybe that's the reason for the wet floor. Oh my god,  it is so annoying.

I hear the rat, or what I think is a rat , moving  closer. I feel it on my foot, however, it does not feel furry, its more smooth like skin. Could it be some type of lizard? Either way, it got too close. I lift my foot and slam  it down on whatever it is.

I heard a woman's voice yell "Argh" and then felt a hand slap me hard on the  back of my head which  slams my chin into the wooden frame of the stocks.  A bare foot  moves into the light on the floor, it's a woman's  foot with nicely painted red toenails. I close my eyes in despair as I realize that it's not a rat or a lizard, that it is in fact, Mistress. And she is not at all happy that I have just stomped on the sexy foot that I love to worship. Oh im in even more trouble now.

As I stand there my legs tiring, I feel the sharp sting right away across both of my arse cheeks, not  once, not twice, ten fucking times. Mistress leathered my arse as hard as  she could with the cane. I wish I could say they were fairy taps, but fuck me! It  hurt so much, it brought tiers to my eyes. I was all apologetic and  was saying over and over again just how incredibly sorry I was.

Mistress didn't want to hear it, she  stuffed my  mouth with underwear and put a hood over my head. She then taped up my mouth, I can only assume that was to stop me from spitting out the underwear.
Unfortunately, it  wasn't  her panties, it was my own boxer shorts from the dirty washing pile.

Mistress left me shortly after and limped out the huge gate at the other side of the dungeon.

.............TO BE CONTINUED..............

Confession by Heather

Her instructions were clear. I was to go to sex shop, buy two vibrators, a paddle and a blindfold. I had to be there at 5.30 PM right before closing times, as she knew I hate going to these shops and she figured right before closing time it would be fairly quiet. To her this was more amusing then to me as less people meant all the more attention to what I was doing there.

Walking to the shop I was nervous and fiddled around some with a cigarette and walked past the shop about three times, not wanting to go inside. I was certain everyone walking down the street knew I was going to go in there and buy the stuff I was told to buy.

By the fourth time I was walking past the shop, my phone bleeped. "Get in there! Stop pacing around!" I gulped, wondering how she knew I was pacing, but then again she knows me and she knows how hestitant I am. I texted an exclamationmark back and went inside.

"Hi there!" Oh god. Please no conversation! I muttered a hello back and tried to hide behind a display. "Are you looking for anything special?" I could feel myself getting red and blushing fiercly. "No, not really, just looking." I answered back and thought to myself that my Lady would not be happy with me lying to the saleswoman. "Alright, let me know if you need help." I thanked her and walked around the shop.

I gasped as I saw everything that was on display. Every dildo that I passed I wondered how anyone would be able to shove that up their vagina or ass and shuddered at the thought. My phone bleeped again, "How are you getting along?" I texted something back about the huge dildo's and how it freaked me out and I instantly got a text back saying to stop being distracted and get a move on with it.

I walked over to the vibrator section and my eye instantly fell onto a black/pink vibrator that looked sort of like a microphone and saw the word "turbo" on it. I grabbed it, thinking that if it had turbo powers I'm sure it would do the job.

Five minutes later I had found a paddle, another vibrator that resembled a cock a little too much to my liking and a black blindfold. I texted my Lady that I was all set and got ready to pay. I was wondering how I could make it out of the shop as quickly as possible, when I got a text back saying, "Good girl, I have one more task for you." I was scared to read on, but did anyway. "Buy a red/black corset, make sure to try it on, those things are too expensive, to buy and not being able to return it later if it doesn't fit.

I found one that sort of resembled a black and red one when I realised I had no idea where the changing room was. Good grief I had to go and ask. It was my worst nightmare come true. I coughed and cleared my throat a few times and asked the sales lady if it was ok if I tried on the corset and where the changing room was. "Right in the back on the left side, past the curtains, you can leave your other items right here, I will keep them aside for you." She winked at me and I wanted to dissapear in the ground.

I walked past the curtains and found three changing rooms. I went into the last one, cursed the fact that there was no door, just a curtain that seperated me from the world and stripped off my top and bra. Wrapping the corset around me I tried attaching all the pins into the holes, but wasn't very succesful. I took a deep, deep breath and tried again, failed again and a "goddamned" escaped my mouth.

"Are you swearing, my girl?" I froze. Did I accidentally call her? I grabbed my phone, but no call was going on. "Are you not going to answer me?" I wondered if I had gone insane. She was in another country. There is an ocean between us. There was no way that she was here. At this store. At this hour. Right? A hand grabbed the curtain and pulled it aside. "Hello, my girl!" In front of me stood my Lady in all her glory. In the flesh. Like, right there. All I could say was, "Hi!" She grinned. "Explanation later. Corset now." I nodded.

"Turn around, arms up." I did as she asked and turned around. She grabbed the corset and wrapped it around me, and attached the pins into the holes faster than I expected. "Are you in shock, my girl?" I nodded again, still fairly unable to speak. "That looks pretty, how does it feel?" "As if ten horses have been trambling my chest." She laughed. "Oh, so you can speak!" I chuckled.

"Well, if it is that tight, how about you take it off?" She sat down on the little bench in the dressing room. I grinned. "A show in the sex shop, huh? I'm still a little in shock that you are actually here." I took a deep breath and tried to undo the pins from the holes, but like before failed miserable. "This thing doesn't like me." She motioned me closer with her finger. I took a step forward and she unhooked the top pins, exposing my breasts. "Those are my boobs, don't you forget it." She stood up and pushed me against the wall. She leaned in closer and whispered into my ear "Let's get this show on the road shall we?"

End of part one.

The Advertisement by Sonnic

The Advertisement by Sonnic Acoustic

I yawn and stretch after waking up from a pleasant night's sleep, i go to the bathroom, then to the kitchen and make a hot cup of coffee before making my way to the living room where i switch on my laptop and light a cigarette like i do every morning. After waking up a bit i put on my clothes and walk to the local shops to pick up a newspaper. I get back home and sit back down In my chair and open the news paper to page 3, a smile spreads across my face. After reading for a while i reach the back pages where an advertisement gets my attention. "Strict female in need of an assistant" I sit back in my chair and ponder the idea, trying to imagine being her assistant. and wondering what being an assistant would entail. I've spoken to Dommes online but never in real life and the idea fascinated me. I pick up my phone to ring the number attached, just as i get through i lose my nerve and hang up. "Stupid idea anyway" I whisper to my self and throw the newspaper on the sofa and log into sl.

Several hours pass, i have totally forgotten about the advertisement by this time. Suddenly my mobile phone rings,i pick it up not recognizing the number. "Hmm who could this be?" I answer the phone. "Hello" I say in an enthusiastic tone like i always do when saying hello. "Hello dear" a women replied. "Oh hey" i reply back and ask how can i help her. "You rang earlier dear?" I did? i scratch my head then it dawns on me. "O-oh yes, the advertisement in the paper" i suddenly become nervous and stutter. "Sorry i hung up, i-i ju-just". " Shhh", she whispered, "calm down it's ok love. The offer of being my assistant is still available, if you want it? and something tells me you do." She giggled, instantly putting me at ease. "Y-yes i do, what will i have to do?". It dawns on me that this is becoming very real and i start having a funny feeling in my belly. "Well first i will need some personal details, i will send you an application form by e-mail, just fill it in and send it back ok?" She spoke softly and confidently. I tell her my e-mail address. "Yes Miss, i mean oops, i mean, sorry i didn't catch your name? "She giggled once more" Miss is perfectly fine for now boy, see you soon." She hangs up the phone. "Holy fucking shit, this is crazy" I say out loud.and swivel in my chair thinking about her, thinking of what an assistant means. I log in my e-mail and look in the inbox where the application awaits me. It takes me an hour to fill in the long application, then i send it back to her.

One week goes by, two weeks then three with out hearing from her, i figure she got an assistant and i didn't think about it again. Untill the fourth week, my phone rings. "It's her" I think to my self and answer. "Hello Miss" I simply say "Hello boy, i have sent you an e-mail, be at the address i have sent you by 8pm tonight." Before i could respond she hangs up the phone. "Shit shit fucking shit" I get all nervous and walk in circles in my living room. "oh my fucking god, fuck it" I log in my e-mail and write down the address, then i have a quick bath and put on clean clothes and phone for a taxi. 20 minutes later the taxi arrives, i tell him where to go and off on our travels we go. All the way on my journey i can't help but think what is in store for me, am i being paranoid? I question my self and begin to regret answering the advertisment.

After a lengthy drive i arrive at my destination, i pay the driver and get out the car, watching him drive off. I look around to see big houses lined down the street and expensive cars parked. I reach in my pocket looking at the peice of paper to make sure i got the right number of the house. "Number 101" it read, i notice the house across the street and open the big gates, i shut the gates behind me and walk down the long driveway to the front door, where i notice a box and an envelope on the door mat saying "READ THIS, BOY" I know the envelope is for me and i open it to read. "The door is open, In the box contains a gag and a blind fold put them both on securely and tightly then open the door and shut it behind you. I then want you to walk in a straight line, holding out your left hand against the wall as you do so untill you reach another door, open it and take four steps in, take off your clothes then kneel and wait for my instructions."A massive pannic sets in, half of me wants to leg it and get back home, the other half is intrigued and some what excited about the unknown. I gulp and take a deep breath and do as im told. I kneel there naked, in the dark and in silence.

After what felt like an eternity, i hear the clicking noises of her heels coming from outside the door, i hear her opening then shutting it behind her. She takes three steps towards me and i feel my self start to shake, im scared of the unknown. "Hello boy" She giggled and reached for my hands, tying them securely behind my back. "What a pretty sight we have here" She whispered in my ear, before pushing into my back with her high heels, sending me falling onto my stomach. I begin to cry under the blind fold and i try to speak, but all you can here is a mumble. "There there boy, welcome to your new life" She kicks my legs together and hog ties me, i am totally helpless and i begin to sob more. "What have i done?" I think to my self as i feel my ass cheeks being carressed with some kind of lotion. She slides a dildo in my ass and turns on the vibrator. I moan through my throat, still crying at the same time. "You are my little bitch from now on, and don't worry no one will come looking for you, i have phoned your mother and a couple of your friends, saying you will be taking a little break for a while."Suddenly I feel a stockinged foot on the back of my head pressing down, holding my face firmly to the floor. "I cry some more, my blind fold soaking wet with tears as i hear her laughing sadistically. "With each breath you grow weaker and fall deeper under my spell." She whispered in my ear before standing tall, turning on her heel. "See you tomorrow slave, for day two of your training, sweet dreams now. "I hear her open and shut the door behind me as i cry my self to sleep!" TO BE CONTINUED

My Road To Submission by Patrick

My Road to  submission :Patrick Turquoise

Well there was a thread in fetlife "Struggling with your submission:The why" by Miss Eva. I had posted a remark in it, from which Mistress Nej and Lady Gabrielle had expressed interest in my story and how I got to where I am in my life and accepting my submissiveness. So that it might help someone else, and like what I am going to  do turn down a request from my Mistress?  So of course I said sure why not, but writing isn't one of my strong suits so hope everyone bears with me as I go along. Ok here we go for better or worse.

Thought I would start with some back ground, I grew up with five sisters perhaps that had something to do with how I turned out, I was the only boy.My mom died when I was a baby ,so was basically raised by my older sisters,  there were three older and two younger. By the time I was 14 the older ones had already moved out so was me and just my two younger sisters. When I reached 17 and a senior in high school I moved out of the house, me and my biological father had a falling out.

After I graduated high school I took the summer off and in the February of the next year joined the Marine Corps ooohra! I ended up doing six years, it wasn't so bad was just like a 9 to 5 job this was in the early 80's. After that basically went about life doing mostly factory jobs.

Now to the good stuff, I found bdsm and D/s late in my life. I had a girlfriend use a strapon once on me and it was like a light went on in my head. After it happened the feeling was holy cow! My Body was all tingly and my head was like hot damn. So that is what has been missing all this time from my life. This was around age 40. That was as far as she took it once in while using the strapon. In the end the relationship didn't last long. Looking back after that on all the other relationships I had always seemed they were missing something. which I will get to later in the story.

I like to research new interests so googled strapons and came across  some Femdom clips and right away gravitated toward the sub in them wishing to be them. This is how I feed my hunger for the most part for years watching Femdom clips and wishing one day to be a submissive.

It just grew in my heart that is what I wanted to be it was easy for me to accept,it is just part of my nature i guess. Priapus had said  in the thread that  I am someone who is comfortable in is own skin. He was pretty right on about that,plus at the age I was at really didn't care much what people thought. If I was at a different age perhaps I might have struggled with it,but being older I believe it made it easier.  I live by a motto of sorts as long as it makes you happy and not hurting anyone why not. You only have one life to live,make it as happy as you can.Life is hard enough.

From this grew a fascination with hypnosis, found it by accident from youtube. Looking up Femdom of course. In the search  category there  happened to be some erotic hypnosis videos. Well decided to check them out and was blown away by them. Was thinking to my self wouldn't it be way cool to be the most submissive I could  be. That add to my curiosity so did another search.

Found out all I could, joined this one hypnosis forum hypnotize me. They helped a lot,there were a lot of hypnotist on there and they were very happy to answer any question I had. While on there I found a  hypnotist that had her own webpage.  Went there liked what I saw so joined her forum. Found out I have one of those brains that just loves hypnosis.  Well the Lady ended up opening a store here in SL, Many came on to talk to use it as a chat room so to speak.

Well I went out exploring, my first search was castles. Found them and so much more for under castles search was dungeon and was hell yes! Was like a kid in a candy shop. From the dungeons I found the bdsm sims and from hell yes it went to Oh boy! Oh boy!. The store closed only after 3months,everyone else left SL.But what keep me here was knowing it had bdsm. The city I live in really doesn't have much of a scene and also I am  bit disabled too.So it was like way cool that I could at least be able to do it in SL.

One day I was doing a search for a place that would allow men to be prey too, there was this sim called the village. Were they only allowed men to hunt and women be prey. I figured this being SL there had to be a sim that allowed men to be prey.  Sure enough I was right found The Dominion under the search because of the hunt I suppose. Its been around a year and half, and its been the best year and half of my life.

From the first night I was there I knew I found the place for me,it was like it was meant to be.You see I was getting tired of playing in the bdsm sims and was wishing for something more real. Someone had told me that I should look into some Femdom sims.  So imagine my surprise when I landed.  I was like in shangri la.

That first night Lady Joie and Lady Zarita were in the courtyard, we made some small talk Lady Joie found out i was new to the sim and asked me if I would mind taking some instruction on edging. I was like whats that? Have to remember I was pretty new at bdsm and really no experience. Well she made  announcement in group that there was going to be a show in the courtyard and guess I was the main attraction as it were.

There was about 4 to 6 other Ladies that showed up. Lady Joie proceed to instruct me. It was my first real experience with a Domme. And to hear the fun in her voice when she was telling me what to do made my heart sing, it was like another light bulb went off I guess. Well  after she had her fun with me she stopped me before I came. At first was like aww dang was running through my head, then was like ok I know what has been missing all my life. Almost like I had an epiphany moment.

I  stuck around of course, learned a lot in my year and half.Guess Dommes really don't go to the grocery store in leather, high heal boots and carrying a whip, go figure but that's how the media portraits them. And one of the many things I have learned here is it isn't about the dress of the Lady but about her that makes her a Dominant or not.  It is thanks to the Ladies and subs of The Dominion that I have come this far with their help. I thrive here, this place feels like home to me, I can be the most me I can be here.So as you can see I never really struggled with my submission. The only thing I struggled a bit was telling friends and family. Here is the funny part though when I told them they didn't at all seemed that surprised. Maybe they already kind of knew, maybe so did most of my girlfriends don't really know. But do know I act no differently when being me or being submissive I am the same person it is a part of me and who I am. Why hide it ,your only denying who you are and that isn't any good at all.

 The best part  of my journey into submission is that the road I have traveled has led me to my darling Mistress Nej Xue.

Lesson 1 by Anonymous


you undress and put your collar on, hanging the short
leash from the ring on the front. Your cock is now aching and throbbing
f as you kneel to wait you long to stroke it, seek some relief. But you know it's
no longer your cock, and you must have my permission to touch it in that
way, so you suffer the pain with a slight smile curving your lips.

I don't keep you waiting long and a sigh of relief leaves
you as you hear my car in the drive. You watch the door expectantly,
smiling in welcome as it opens. I return the smile as I walk in, pulling
someone else along behind me with the leash in my hand. Your eyes widen
as you look from her to me and back again. Her blonde hair in contrast
with my dark, slenderness a contrast to my curves, and her completely
submissive presence the opposite of my dominant one. Without any
instruction she drops the trenchcoat revealing her naked body to us
both, I watch your eyes run up and down her body, lingering on her small
breasts, the pierced nipples.

Dropping her leash I walk over to you and slap your face hard. "Eyes on
the floor slut."

"Yes Mistress, sorry." you stammer, lowering your eyes obediently.

"You like her don't you slave?" I ask softly, and not knowing what
answer will please me you hesitate a moment too long, and I slap you
again. "Answer me."

"Yes, yes Mistress, she's very pretty."

Turning back to her I point at the floor beside you. "Kneel slave."

She moves quickly to do my bidding, a well trained little whore without
a doubt. Kneeling there next to you she looks so tiny and vulnerable,
her eyes on the floor, and a thrill races through me knowing that she is
also completely at my mercy for this evening.

"You want to fuck her don't you pet?"

"If it's what you wish Mistress." you answer softly, causing me to sigh
heavily, walking closer to you as I do.

"That's not what I asked you slave, I know whether or not I want you to
fuck her." Grabbing your chin I force you to tip your head back, and
your eyes meet mine because you know this is what I want. "I want to
know if you want to fuck her, now answer me."

"Yes Mistress." no hesitation this time and I smile at you, fingers
stroking your jaw, then moving back into your hair, slowly caressing,
making you shiver in response.

"Yes Mistress what...." I ask, encouraging you to say it, licking my
lips seductively.

"Yes Mistress I want to fuck her.... please." you whisper back to me,
voice almost desperate as I move even closer, your eyes heavy lidded
with desire.

"You'll have to convince me you want it badly enough, I'm not going to
just give it to you." my tone teasing as I move my foot between your
legs, rubbing against your cock and balls with my stockinged leg, making
you moan and shudder, laughing softly at you. "Undress me slave." I
order, moving back slightly.

"Yes Mistress." your hands shake as you reach around me to unbutton my
skirt, letting it fall to the floor around my feet, taking it away when
I step out of it. Your eyes meet mine briefly before you begin to
unbutton my blouse, I shrug out of it, and I'm left standing in front of
you in a white corset with garters, stockings and high heels, nothing
else. I watch as your eyes linger on my naked pussy for a moment before
dropping back to the floor.

I turn away, walking across the room slowly toward the hallway "Come
slaves." not looking to see if you both follow as I go into the
playroom, not needing to. The spare bedroom at the end of the hall has
been decorated by me, for my pleasure. A queen size four poster bed with
only a sheet, no blankets, a wooden sawhorse sitting in a corner, and
hooks in the ceiling with chains hanging from them in various places.
The only other furniture is a straight backed wooden chair and the
cherry armoire which holds all my tools and instruments of torture.

I unlock it, pulling out a pair of leather wrist restraints, turning to
you. Like the dutiful slave you are, you hold out your hands to me,
allowing me to lock the restraints on. Then I hook you to a set of the
chains, hands above your head, facing the bed.

I walk around you slowly, trailing my long fingernails over your chest,
then your back, finally sliding down over your ass, making you tremble
with longing. I turn to the female slave where she waits patiently by
the door, eyes downcast. "Get on the bed slut." I tell her, and she
moves quickly to do so, lying on her back. "Spread your legs, show my
pet your wet cunt, Now!"

She obeys, spreading her legs wide, reaching down to spread her lips
too, showing you her wet pink hole, swollen with need. I hear you moan
softly and turn to you with a wicked smile, looking down at your hard
cock, almost purple now, a drip of precum glistening at it's tip.

"She has a pretty pink pussy doesn't she slave?" I ask you, moving
closer, reaching out to caress your chest.

"Oh yes Mistress, she does." you answer, voice sounding pained.

"I'll let you taste it later, you'll love it." I whisper, hand sliding
lower, over your stomach, and I feel your breath catch as you wait,
hoping for a more intimate caress. "And if you're very good, I might
even let you fuck it with my cock, maybe." my hand closing around the
very thing I'm talking about, making you groan loudly.

"I'll be good Mistress, I swear it."

"You'd better be." I warn, giving you a last squeeze before moving
away, walking over to the armoire again, taking some things out and
walking over to the nightstand by the bed where I put them down. "Sit up
slut." I say to her and she obeys silently, sitting crosslegged facing
me, head hanging down, blonde hair partially covering her face.

"This one doesn't say much, she's been very well trained." I say to
you, playing with two wide rubber bands, stretching them as you watch.
"She loves pain though, don't you whore?"

"Yes Mistress." she answers, her voice a husky whisper.

"Does she belong to you also Mistress?" you ask, a touch of jealousy in
your voice.

"No, her Master is an old dear friend of mine, she's just on loan to me
for as long as I care to use her." her breasts are the perfect size for
me to wrap the rubber band around, it squeezes her just enough to make
the blood throb in them, not so much as to cut off her circulation. She
sighs softly as I then pull on both her nipple rings, twisting them,
reaching for something else from the nightstand. Twin weights on
alligator hooks that I hang from the rings, pulling her nipples down,
and now she moans at the intense sensation.

"Her best talent though is sucking cock. I've seen her suck three men
off in less than ten minutes, she loves it." turning I smile at you
wickedly. "Of course they were all doms who didn't need permission to
cum. I'm more interested in seeing how long you can hold out with your
cock in her mouth, knowing you'll be punished when you do cum." my
fingers tangle in her hair, pulling her off the bed to stand, giving her
a rough shove in your direction. "Suck my slave's cock whore."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bebop's Tail Of The Enchanted Snail Shell

Once upon a time in a magical land called The Dominion, there was a handsome pirate. Beloved by all and as smart, funny, witty, clever, intelligent, attractive as he was modest! One day, while going about his pirating, pillaging and whatnot, he came across a magical talisman, said to turn the voice of he who holds into gold, able to sing the most incredible ballads and songs that would make the heart soar upon hearing it.

Hearing of the amazingly ruggedly handsome pirate's new acquisition, the wicked witch decided that she would hear this magical song, to bottle the power within it and use it in her nefarious concoctions and spells. She came upon the incredibly manly pirate in the courtyard of the royal Dominion castle, where he was casing the joint for some piracy or other.

"Yon pirate, I would have from you a song so sweet as to incur diabetes in the general population!" she declared!

"Nay, for 'tis a power I must use only for good, or for awesome! There is no telling the dark designs you hold for this magic!" the heroic pirate stated calmly.

The witch was infuriated at this defiance from the pirate. "If your power you'll not share, then I shall curse thee!" she declared, raising her arms in the air and reciting the ancient runes of the Marketplace. From the heavens descended a mytical box that, upon touching the handsome pirate, transformed him into a pink and blue snail.

"As a snail you shall be, until you come to sing for me! Aahhhh hahahahahahaha!" The witch cackled as she vanished into the aether.

"Aww cabbage patch kids.." the pirate-snail said, realising this would put a serious hold on his plans to pillage the castle. In order to hide from further wrath of the Witch, the pirate-snail sought refuge among 7 vertically challenged individuals: Darky, Heathery, Rolfy, Tysony, Vortexy, Saniyany and phil.

One day while they were out mining, and the pirate-snail was redecorating his shell, he met a fair maiden he had known in his past, the days before his life or piracy on the shores of SL. Yes, they had been simpler times and she had been a wonderful Mistress to him. It had been a sad day when she had been forced to leave, and unleashed him upon the world, but there had been little choice. There was a dragon to slay and it would occupy all of her time.

Even as a snail, she recognised him immediately! "My poor poor boy, what ill fate hast befallen you?" she asked as she stroked his shell and toyed with his feathered hat.

The pirate-snail explained the entire story, mournfully. The fair maiden (she is fair, honest, just ask her) kept a straight face and promised she would break the witches curse. There was a magical collar that she had found in her journeys that would render the wearer immune to all magic other than hers.

As the collar was locked around the eyestalks, a magical cloud engulfed the pirate-snail!  When it cleared the shell was gone, the slime vanished! Although her magic had transformed him into a shape and vision pleasing to her, and so he was no longer a pirate, he could finally scratch that itch on his nose that he had been unable to reach for four months.

The witch, hearing of this thwarting of her curse, railed at the heavens and cursed the world around her. But then she realised she had a spell that would allow her to publish the autobiography of the pirate-snail-normal boy. So everyone lived happily ever after!

An Unexpected Surprise by Dark

An unexpected surprise

It was a night as black as the shadow that followed me, trailing behind like a lost puppy, searching
for its owner. I always took this route home, it was a more dangerous part of town, but this way was
quicker, I had not long got off work, and just wanted to get home, relax, take a bath, and go to sleep.
But someone else had other plans, we had discussed many of my secret fantasies online, and She had
said that She would fulfil them, In Her own time, and how She wanted to fulfil them.

I suppose really I should go back in the story a little, She was my Mistress, I use the term was"
as we are no longer together, we parted ways 3 weeks ago, why? I am not sure, I am not really sure
of anything any more, I did still think about Her, as we had been speaking and camming to each other,
for the past year. I thought our relationship was perfect, we shared our darkest fantasies, we
grew together, and learnt from each other, but all good things come to an end, and so did this.

Anyway, back to the present, something didn't feel right, had I forgotten something, I was quite
forgetful, and always leaving things at work, or forgetting to switch things off, maybe that was it
I bet a left a light on, yes! fuck it, who cares, im not going back now, I don't pay their fucking
electric bill. But I would soon wish I had gone back, maybe my forgetful streak could have been my
1 saving grace, a sort of destiny, that I had ignored deep in the back of my mind. But as the
thundering blow struck the back of my head and everything turned from dark, to complete blackness
the light ironically would have saved me from the dark.

I am not sure how long it had been, where I was, or who was there, as I began to regain consciousness,
My head was pounding, like a thousand headaches all rolled up into one giant migraine. I lifted my
arm to hold my head, but something stopped me, I panicked, huh, what the fuck is going on, both my
arms were strapped down, my legs were too, and even my torso, yes I was turned on by bondage, but
put into a scenario I had no idea about, ad taking by this much surprise, arousal was the last thing
on my mind, I realised I couldn't see, I realised I couldn't speak, I could feel the gag that filled
my mouth completely, inflatable? no too soft... cloth? maybe, my mind raced, and rushed through
infinite scenarios.


My heart hit my throat "oh shit, someone is here" I thought, I heard footsteps getting louder and louder
until they just stopped, they were near me, I bet they were watching me, fucking pervert! ironic,
I always thought of myself as a pervert, but I would never just kidnap someone off the street, that's
just fucking crazy. All of a sudden a sharp pain ran through my body, causing me to jerk, and pull
tightly against the restraints.

"Remember me" a voice I would never forget said, it was Her! the thought never even crossed my mind.
We had spoke about kidnapping, and She knew it was a fantasy of mine, but I honestly never thought She
would make it a reality.

"I bet you never thought you would see me again, oops sorry, I mean hear me, as you don't see much
of anything do you" Her voice was serious, no element of a joke, or what I thought was Her normal
fun loving attitude. "Now, I did tell you I would take you as my 24/7 before, but we both knew you
were too pathetic to handle it, so..... I thought I would take matters into my own hands, and make it

I gave up, the restraints wouldn't budge, the gag and blindfold were strapped on tight, and I had no
will to resist Her in this state.

"The sensory deprivation hood", She explained "is quite thick isn't it, I will remove it now and then,
as apart from my needs, what more do you need to concentrate on. Now as time moves on, we have you
as the most perfect, submissive sissy boy imaginable, catering to my every whim, and believe me,
what you saw of me online, wasn't a shadow of the serving, suffering, and torment that will penetrate
you here"

I swallowed hard, and breathed deeply, the small holes in the hood, were hard, but not impossible
to breath through.

"Enjoying the taste of my panties are you bitch" She whispered softly in my ear, I made sure they were
damp first, don't want you dying of dehydration do we She laughed.

"Now, I am going to go and leave you with some time to think, I will be back in the morning, sleep
well, if it doesn't keep you awake of course"

I didn't even have time to think of what would be keeping me awake, as the short sharp electric jolts
penetrated my ass. Electric dildo? you have to be shitting me, I thought. Then I felt the warm sensation flood the front of whatever I was wearing, now I had pissed myself too!

I heard Her laughing as She walked away, and slammed the door closed, leaving me alone, scared, wet and in pain.

This was one fucked up day, and I had a feeling things would only get worse.

A Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strap On by Gunther

A Taste Of My Girlfriend's Strapon

When Jim awoke the next day his ass felt sore from the pounding at his work.
His mind went to what was decided, for him to become the office bitch.
He felt so humiliated, and wondered how could he ever face them again.
But then he also was aroused by all of it, he was in conflict by his own perverted mind.
How far would they take him down this humiliating road.
Jim focused back at making breakfast for Miss Carol and Miss Christie.
He went to the bedroom, gently knocked on the door.
A soft murmur saying come in.
Jim went in his jaw dropped, when he saw both women naked.
Miss Christie on top of Miss Carol who was clearly wearing a strapon.
The dildo deep inside Miss Christie’s pussy, she lay motionless clearly exhausted from a night of fun with Miss Carol.
He placed the tray on the nightstand next to the bed.
Then crawled to the corner and went into position as he was taught.
After a while he could hear them eat and talk.
Sometimes he even could hear them kiss.
Miss Carol said, "crawl over here bitch boy and kneel in front of us".
Jim did as he was told.
Miss Carol “because you did so well yesterday, you are allowed to cum today”!
Miss Christie “Yes boy, come here so I can take off that cage”!
Miss Christie takes her key then makes Jim stand in front of them.
She unlocks the small lock and takes the cage off making sure she brushed her hand against his cock witch stir’s to life.
“Kneel down and spread your legs” Miss Carols said
Jim did as he’s told.
Miss Carol “Get to it wanker”!
“Show us what a pathetic worm you got there”!
Miss Christie “That’s it bitch, stroke that silly thing”!
Jim starts stroking his cock as told watching these two naked women in front of him mock him how silly and pathetic he looks every now and then they stroke their feet against the tip as he hardens more.
Miss Carol “Now remember wanker, you ask for permission to cum”!
“Is that understood bitch”!!
Jim stammers out breathing heavy “Yes Miss”!
After a few minutes of teasing Jim is getting close.
Jim “Please Miss’s may I cum, please I beg you please, I’m so close”!
Miss Carol “Not yet you pathetic little shit”!
“You can hold out longer can’t you”!
Miss Christie “Yes Pencil dick, you have to last longer than this, if you ever going to earn the reward of licking Miss Carol’s nipples like this” (Miss Christie, teasingly licks and sucks on Miss Carol’s nipple)
This sends Jim over in a powerful uncontrol orgasm.
Spurt after spur he shoots his load as it lands on the feet of the women.
Miss Carol “You pathetic little shit ewww”!
Miss Christie “You filthy animal, lick your fucking filth of our feet, now “!
Jim is scared and his face red and licks quickly the cum of Miss Christie’s feet then licks Miss Carol’s feet.
As he finishes Miss Carol kicks him with her foot sending him backwards.
Miss Carol “You fucking worthless, pathetic bitch”!
“You disobeyed us and had the nerve to spray your filthy cum allover our feet”!
She grabs the back of his hair and yanks him onto all fours painfully and starts to spank him hard.
Miss Carol “You will obey us, you fucking worthless bitch”!
Jim is crying in pain his ass already bright red from the hard spanking.
Then she orders him to put the cage back on and hands him the lock to lock it.
Jim is so scared he does what he’s told.
Miss Christie “Get your fucking ass in the corner while we shower our self clean”!
“Don’t you dare to move out of it bitch”!
While in the shower Miss Christie and Miss Carol are talking and grinning.
Miss Christie “Told you he’d loose it”!
Miss Carol “You see the look on his face, that was all worth it”!
Miss Christie “I cant wait for tonight”!
Miss Carol “Oh, its all set up”!
“I wonder if he’ll go through with it”!

Miss Christie “It’s not like he’s going have any choice” she smirks.
Miss Carol “ we better set him on his chores, so we can go shopping for the outfit needed”!
“Get over here, filthy bitch”! Miss Christie barked from the bathroom.
Jim quickly crawled to the bathroom.
Miss Carol “Dry us off with those towels bitch”!
“And you better not get any dirty idea’s”!
Jim quickly got a fresh towel and started to dry off Miss Carol.
When he was done with both women, he was told to lick Miss Carols ass while she was doing her makeup and listing the chores for the day for him.
He was also told he couldn’t eat until they were back from their shopping and was granted permission to do so.
As the Lady’s got dressed and left, Jim sat there for a moment.
Thinking on how his life had changed.
He used to be the “Man”, the one laughing with people.
The one calling the shots and now he was reduced to a slave and bitch to all the people he used to pick on.
He finally stood up and started to clean the bathroom.
But in his mind the last rebellion thought’s were forming.
His male ego was fighting back and he stopped working and doing his chores.
He was going to show them, his mind was telling.
The entire day he was watching tv, making a mess around the house leaving bag of chips and other food on various places.
Plainly ignoring all the orders given to him.
The late evening came and he heard a car stop and the key to the front going into the lock of the front door.
As the women walked in they were still in a happy mood until they saw how the house looked.
Both of them wore shocked saying “What the hell, that little shit”!!
Miss Carol “Get over here you filthy pig”!
Jim was on the couch watching football shouting back to her “Fuck you bitch”!
And went back to watching the game.
Both women now furious stormed to where he was .
Miss Christie took her remote out of the purse she had and pushed a button on it.
Jim fell of the couch to the floor like he was tazered.
Miss Carol “What was that you fucking piece of shit”!
Jim was shaking on the floor from the shock send by the collar but he still had defiance in him.
Jim “I.. I said fuck you Bbbitcht”!
Now Miss Carol pushed a button on her remote witch gave Jim an even more painfull shock.
Jim was on the floor shaking for the shocks as he started to lose bladder control and pee’d on himself.
He couldn’t move.
Miss Christie “You pathetic little shit”!
“You still haven’t learned your place yet have you”!
Miss Carol “Still think you’re the man in the house”!
She kicked him mildly in the balls giving Jim a wakeup call.
Miss Christie “If you’re a man stand up and face us like Man then”!
(She knew full well it would be impossible to stand as the tazer did its effect)
Miss Carol “No, not standing up”, “Guess your not a man after all, are you bitch”!
“Look at yourself, on the floor naked and you pee’d all over yourself”!
Miss Christie “You were doing so good and disgrace us and our home with such bad behavior”!
“Your out of the house bitch, that’s it I’m done with you”!
Both women were shouting at him as they dragged him naked to the cars trunk and put him in there.
Then they both got into the car and drove off.....

More next week.

Confession A6

A 6’s Confession:
I want to confess that I am heavily dreaming of being caged long time or kept in a cell lately. Don’t know where that comes from actrually but I’d love to be held like this by  a strict but caring Lady. Maybe the ladies could give an impression on how they are feeling about keeping a Sub in such a way at their power.

Crushed Nuts by Anonymous

I've been asked to write a short confession by Miss Persephone, so here goes even though I'm not entirely sure what to write. Theme is carnival and flying trapeze.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the story, a lack of time and personal carnival fantasies made it so :)

Imagine the lady, on the flying trapeze, she's not like any other lady.. she's got a secret fantasy, something she likes to share, but something she does not like anyone to know...

Her fantasy is there in plain view for them all, her fantasy is her life, it's her livelihood, in a sense.        
She flies through the air, graceful and agile. Flipping and turning, reaching for the next thrill, would she make it?

She always did of course, her partner caught her every time.. Now this was, part of her fantasy, as they preformed in plain sight, what nobody knew was what their relation was.
Her partner, the strong man, the manly man, was fully submitted to the woman on the flying trapeze.

Her fantasy, what they shared, was simple yet not, as she flipped off the trapeze, plummeting towards the ground, he was there to catch her, each time, one of her feet crushed his nuts.

The crowd applauded and cheered, while he whimpers and whines. she loves the attention, In her mind each applaud each cheering sound was a tribute to his now crushed nuts.

Real Confession by Anonymous

I wonder if I am meant to be a sub, or rather sub for a Mistress, Master or whoever owns me at that point.

I wonder this because as a sub nothing I do seems to please people even though I try, I try but I also make myself miserable doing it as well. Is this supposed to happen? I often wonder this for myself and what it is it mean to be a true submissive, is it when one doesn't question if he is one or not anymore?

I know a submissive is supposed to be there for Mistress, whoever Mistress is... but if a Mistress tells a sub to open up and a sub does so and gets grief for it.. does that mean the sub shouldn't do what the Mistress asks?

Sometimes I wonder how one can please someone if and when you try to do something to please the Mistress or other person and get freaked out on in the long run.

My real confession is this.. I have doubt's as a submissive... broken I guess half the time I do not know what to do to please the other person because at times when I try I end up displeasing the Mistress I have at the time.

So again I ask... am I meant to be a sub... I try but yet I fail.. every time...  this broken shell of a person has no use for anyone if he cant please anyone instead only anger them and get angry in return. Do does it mean I am not a submissive, or a poor one at that if I have these doubts?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Impromptu Confessions 9/15/12

Every time I have a coffee, my Mistress makes me dunk my balls into it when it's 1/2 full and cool enough!

There once was a sub girl named Heather
Who wore a black collar of leather
She wandered alone
And hoped to be owned
Til Lady Jem knocked her down with a feather!


Miss Z! <3

Bye! Bleep!


I've never sought out a sub but there is one I like. I still refuse to message him. I wait.


i desperately want to be with my Mistress in real life, but we live so far apart i fear it wont work. i would give up so much for Her that i pray it does work out.


I must confess that the time Im having in SL right now is the happiest Ive ever been. Ive got what I need and who I need in my life.

Without these people here at the Dominion, my D/s relationships and friendships it would not be worth it.


I never know what to write for these things. 


I love your music Miss, and i have became very very kinky latly and considering doing things i never thought i'd do!!!!!!!


I love the detail
The way his hair drapes over his eye.
Beautiful hands that hold my breasts
With care, love and such intense passion
I can barely draw a breath.
If I had one wish he'd caress  them until 
I have no more life in me.


I secretly desire to be used and abused by my miss.  She is much to kind.


It's great to see Zarita wearing mesh at last, but I did notice no alpha layer!


It only takes a moment by Dark

It only takes a moment to to think it all through,
it only takes a moment to know that its true,
It only takes a moment to know you belong
It only takes a moment for things to move on.

From talking to consideration, consideration to collar
From barely making a sound, to making a hollar
Always take time, things can need prolonging
But it It only takes a moment to feel true belonging.


I stopped looking for the right person to compliment my life. So often I see couples in the courtyard and long for that kind of relationship, but when I hope and put myself out there, I find only heartache and disappointment. I don't want to give up hope because that is not in my personality however I have very little  left. Maybe one day it will happen but until then I will continue to love life and live with passion.

my poem for that moment I do long for 

My thoughts of you show my world a moment of joy,
What it could be should I let go of my inhibitions and doubts.
The shadow of my former life hovers over, at times reminding me In a flash this can all disappear,
In a heartbeat fade away.
Should I bury myself within my memories or face this moment from which I cannot hide?
A beauty so rare, so delicate burning brightly within my soul.
I long for your touch,Your lips caressing my skin.Your body pressed against me Your gaze holding mine.
The moment is precious, a beautiful thought I will hold onto, giving it a chance to wash over my heart.   


As I sat on the bbq, slowly roasting for my captors after having been shot several times and stepping on a land mine the first thoughts that came to mind were shock and horror.

I've always pursued relationships with dominant women, but this had me wondering just exactly what I had managed to get myself into.

The concepts were so abhorrant to begin with, the scene was surreal and I found myself trying to reconcile these things, and still wanting to believe these were decent good hearted people.

It seemed a lot darker and harsher than anything I thought of as femdom in the past.

Slowly I began to notice a crowd had drawn, and people were laughing, making jokes and socializing.

Being new to SL it dawned on me to see these things more abstractly, to see it as a safe outlet for concepts of hunt and capture that even I have had.

What seemed harsh at first turned out to be a lot of fun, and it seems there might be a place for me here after all.

It turned out to be a lot of fun!


I've been trying to live as vanilla but I just can't!
It feels so good be under control of a beautiful and powerful Mistress!


I have a secret crush on Zarita.


who is so glad that the true and false game on fetlife was posted?


There once was a boy named chatbat
Who lived in "America's Hat"
Many Ladies did bid
On the cute kid
Then in front of Miss Ephany he sat


I am in love. I am. Jeg elsker dig. I do not know what others think of me, but I do. I do. I do.


There once was a limerick war
And I wonder whos keeping the score
Susannah's was sweet, and quite hard to beat
So forget it, im not writing more!

Making Him Yours by Lady Karma

Making him Yours

Is there a time, when your hearts with desire,
when teasing him so, your playing with fire,
You know that in his mind, its more then a flame
and this your doing to him, is more then a game

You take his hair, and yank it right back
To give his ass, a sudden hard whack
holding him tight, as your strap-on slides in
making him yours, its time to begin.

Your hunger is hard, and as it takes flight
For days you have imagined, taking him tonight
pushing in hard, going in deep,
A moment of pleasure, you're longing to keep.

As passion runs high, and as you take flight
Deeper and harder, you push it just right
To get what you want, your orgasm to glow
and he will cum hard for you, you know

So once it is done, his arse is sore
dripping and breathless, lying on the floor
You smirk with delight, and pleasure you see
You look thinking yes .. that boy belongs to Me

By Lady Karma Darkfold

Confession Of A Submissive Man by Kevin

Thoughts of a New Submissive Male

For years I have hidden these  desires.. Thoughts played out in my dreams and behind closed doors,… Self-inflicted play with toys, clamps, a pretend partner, her faceless demands controlling my imagination..
How can this be?

 I am a military man, a law enforcement officer; I can’t have these unmanly desires?  These feelings of submission……. it isn't right!

I have to know why I am this way, Why I feel this way, who am I?  Where do I find the answers to these questions?

I can’t take it anymore, I turn to the Internet, I look for other men who might be like me… Oh My God there are a lot of us, I feel somewhat  at ease with my feelings, I dive deeper into the topic,  I see that I fall into the category of a Submissive male…

Wow!! There are women, who love these men.. A Mistress,  oh wait what is BDSM? What is a female lead relationship?  What is a D/s relationship?    Man, I have a lot to read about and to learn.

Holly fuck,  a Mistress is a women who will guide a sub, teach a sub…  Am I into BDSM? Do I want a D/s relationship?  Is this where I am meant to be?  Is this my life?

I have to meet others,  my Internet search finds tons of porn sites, wow did she really just stick a metal rod down his cock?  Fuck I am hard watching this!  OMG she has him tied up and she is hitting him so hard on his ass, my cock grows harder!   Ok focus, I need to find a Mistress….

Fetlife, what is this? Damn! Look at all the Subs, Doms, Switches!!!   How does this work? I have to make an on line profile, ok I can do that…

 I fill out the questions to set up my profile.

What name should I use?  Will it be clever enough to get the attention of a female dom?

 DO I put a face picture? OMG I am so nervous, my hands are sweaty……., fuck it, no guts no glory…

I make the profile, then I spend the next few weeks searching, leaving messages , checking to see if I get a response daily!

Damn no responses…

Check the next day,  Oh  there’s a response, she lives close, oh wait she wants money and a cuckold, I don’t think that’s me…. Look up what a cuckold is. Wow!!!  That’s hot but really not for me….

Ok now where was that video of that Miss locking her boy in a chastity device?  Here is is, damn that’s hot..  Ok I am ordering a CB6000, maybe I just need to find a key holder…

Back to fetlife.

I look for female dom’s in the local area,  Hmmm, here’s one,  she says she is just looking for friends and lives the life style when she can, maybe she would be willing to chat with me…  

Damn, what do I write?

How can I get this lady to respond to me?

There are so many submissive males on this site, surely she has a sub, or at least gets a ton of messages from subs,

How am I gonna stand above the rest?

Be nice, be respectful, tell her who you are and how much you long to serve a Miss in real life!  That should do it!!  No screw that, just be nice, be yourself, and say hello! Let her know you just want a key holder… that will work!!!

Two days go by and no answer, fuck!!!!!!   oh well maybe it is my purpose to have these feelings and desires and not to share them with any one…..

The next day, I have an answer from her!!!  She liked my post, she said it was nice and very polite, she wants to talk more!!!!! Holly shit is this real… Ok slow down, be cautious, how do you know she isn’t a dude or some crazy lady…. Ok answer her,  say thanks for replying, ask her how her day is, most of all don’t seem desperate.

A few days go by, she asks me if I know what Second Life is,  well I have no clue, so she shows me how to make an account and log in, she also wants me on Skype,  Damn doesn’t she know I wanna meet in real life  not some fucking computer game, , ok slow down, do as she wants…

WOW! Second life and a place called the Dominion, hmmm fuck this place has a lot of rules!  Ok play along, we start chatting daily in SL, oh shit she wants to meet in person!!!! Hell Yes!!!!!!

The day of the meeting,  a park, in our town.  It's only like 4 miles from my house, damn do we live that close to each other?  As I pull up I see her, sitting on a bench, damn she is tiny!  I tower over her, wow, what a beautiful face, OMG she has a smile to match…. We embrace with a hug, she ask me how I am doing,  why am I so nervous,  we walk to a bench and talk for about an hour…   It was mainly “surface” questions, how old are ya, have you ever played in real life ect…..

As I leave another hug and a huge smile, I think to myself as I get in the car, she is a DOM?  How can that be, she looks like a school teacher, so innocent and refined.  I wonder if she will be on 2nd life tonight!

OMG she is here, she says she loved our meeting and would like to see me again!!!!  Oh I am soooo liking this, she wants to talk about kinks and she is giving me task, she wants to know what I think a sub is?  She wants to know a lot about me… Is this a red flag?  I am a bit worried, but damn she is sooo hot!!!!  Role with it, feel her out, she is feeling me out… Ask her questions,

She wants to meet again this time she wants me to pick the place, she wants it to be a different park, ok the one by my house, at 1pm Saturday!!!!!  

I show up, she liked my answers about what a sub is, and what giving up control is, and what I thought about power exchange..  We embrace again!! Her smile makes me melt, I still cant believe this pretty little lady is a DOMME!!!  We walk to a isolated place in the park, she sits on bench, I look at her she raises an eye brow, I ask her if I can sit, she says, “no why don’t you kneel in front of me”  WHAT?" Was what came to mind, but I did what she said and kneeled in front of her, I felt a bit embarrassed here, we are in public, I really don’t know her and I am kneeling before her,

She smiles down at me, she says, “hands behind your back boy”.. Of course I do as I am told, she smiles at me and ask how I am feeling, I tell her I feel ok, and she reaches up with her hand and pinches my right nipple, OMG my eyes roll back in my head as she apply more pressure, I cant believe this is happening!!!!  My cock try’s to get hard,, but the CB 6000 prevents that, the pain of the cage along with her pinching my nipple is over whelming, my breathing is heavy,  I feel the pebbles from the ground I am kneeling on digging into my knees, so much pain and pleasure at the same time, I open my eyes slightly she is smiling as she moves her hand from one nipple to the next, I fall forward leaning against her, she whispers in my ear “Good Boy”

That was five months ago, now I am owned by this Miss, and live to please her.  Every time we are together she takes me to new highs and I serve her to the fullest.

Pinnochio by Anonymous Domme

by Anonymous Domme

"I want to be a real boy," he jests, "like Pinocchio."

We both laugh at the joke but we also both know it's serious.  We've talked before about meeting outside of second life.  The thought is tantalizing... intriguing... frightening. We've talked about it before and decided the risk is too great at this time in our lives. But we both still joke about it.

That is until the night he says, "I have business meetings near you this month, Mistress..."

It's suddenly not so funny.  He would by flying in less than two hours from my home and staying in a town where I had once lived.  There would be layovers, time between, nights in hotels...  I find myself caught breathless, then we both come to our senses. "Don't tell me when."

"Yes, Mistress..."

But a few days later he has to admit his schedule to me as he won't be logging in to second life and I will worry.  He tells me the dates and it's easy to figure out where he will be. I sigh heavily.  I know it's going to bother me.  But he can't cancel.

The morning his plane lands, I'm restless, upset.  I can't sit still. Finally I get in my car and start driving. I hit the border of the state and keep going until I feel I've put enough distance between us and then look for a hotel.  I don't bother with anything expensive or even particularly nice, but I have my laptop, and it has Internet and a pool.

I settle into the room and set up my laptop.  It's late and he pings me on my messenger. "I'm out of meetings, Mistress. Trying to decide where to get dinner."

"What kind of food do you want?" I had once lived there after all.

"I'm thinking Mexican... there is this place across the street, Mistress."

The type flashed across the screen.  I knew suddenly he'd lied.  Unless it was a recent addition to the town, that restaurant did not exist where he had told me he would be.  I typed the name in Google maps.  There was only one of them. It was not a chain restaurant  "Fuck..." I said.  I typed, "Where are you?"

He typed back my home town.

"I don't think so."  I sent him a copy of the link for the restaurant.  The messenger got suddenly quiet.  I waited.

He types back. "I needed to put space between us.  Meetings were over so I drove..."

I laugh. It's incredibly ironic.  We are less than 30 miles apart.  "Come see me."

There is another pause on the messenger.  Then: "No, Mistress."

He had never told me no before.  I am furious and hurt.  I don't wait for an explanation. I don't want one. I shut the computer down and go for a hot shower.  I cry, hard... and, feeling totally rejected, decide I will end the relationship... Tomorrow.

I sleep fitfully... refusing to answer his calls or texts or pings, knowing he is sleeping in a hotel less than half an hour away.

The next day I'm still fuming.  When he calls that afternoon, I finally answer.  I've not checked out of the hotel yet, still too upset to go home.  I open my mouth and before I can say anything he says, "Mistress, I'm almost there... what's your room number?"

I'm stunned... and suddenly incredibly excited.  My Pinocchio is on his way...

I brush my teeth and straighten my shirt. I hadn't counted on this meeting so I'm not dressed as I would have liked... just jeans, sneakers and a green blouse, but that's okay.  He knocks and my heart is in my throat.

When he walks in the door he's a bigger man than I expected.   Taller, broader, well built.. and I slide easily into his arms.  The top of my head comes just to his armpit... until he slides to his knees on the floor and rests his cheek against my thighs.  We just fit and I touch the top of his head, lean over and kiss his hair.  He sighs contentedly and says, "We're real..."

Satin Sheets by Lady Danika

Why Cotton Sheets are Sexier
By Danika Stonesoul

I don't like satin sheets.  You sort of slide around on them and when they get wet from sex, instead of the moisture absorbing, it sits on top like snot.

No.  Give me good old fashioned quality high thread count Egyptian cotton anytime. Preferably in wine or chocolate colors.  And let me lay back on it in the heat of summer as it cools my skin.

I like the smell of cotton sheets when they come fresh out of the dryer.  Especially if they've had a dryer sheet thrown in so there is no static.  And then, stretch them out, over the bed, like a lover spread eagle with his arms and legs thrown wide, uninhibited.

Cotton sheets are the way to go, I tell you.  And even if you do have sex on them, the lingering smell of musk is a good one... like the warm scent of the inside of a seashell...

...and you stick your tongue out and lick your partners ear and when you do he laughs and the sheets forgive you, springing away from your touch.

Forget satin.  Save that for a stripper's thong.

Temp Thing by Heather

Sometimes I want to be like them. I want to know what it is like. I want to know how it feels. I am curious and scared. So I build walls. I build walls so I do not have to find out. My walls are not built on a strong foundation, but my walls are solid. They don't tumble easily.

I observe and watch. I watch the little finger motioning them over. The playful interaction. I watch them screw it up time and time again. I watch them be successful and be happy. It makes me smile, it makes me cringe with jealousy.

I want what they have, but I am scared to act like them. I'm too scared to open myself up all the way. I am scared of being hurt, I'm scared of the past repeating itself, I'm beyond scared of being replaced, by a boy.

I have male friends. Something I have not always had. It was something I did not want. But, I have found, over time, I can learn from them. I have learned they can be trusted. I have learned they are worth the relentless teasing. I have found fantastic male friends.

Sometimes I see cracks in my walls. I can see it happening. Even at this moment and it scares me to death. She is kind, warm hearted and she is right there with open arms.

A certain sim owner once said to me, "When you stop looking, that's when it will happen. I have no doubts about that." She was right. As usual. A certain very protective Confession host told me to go into the temp program with an open mind. And I did.

I wrote this last week during the temp program. I felt it was too personal to say all those words out loud. It still feels like that. It feels scary. It feels vulnerable. But it makes it worthwhile because of her.

Going in to the temp program I never ever expected it to end up in this result. I never thought my walls would crumble as fast as they did. It makes me cautious and happy at the same time.

That may seem like a paradox. But it makes perfect sense to me. Because in a way, she makes perfect sense to me. She's got a wicked sense of humor and she put up with me for quite some time. She got bonus points for that pretty quickly. She's awoken a part of me I thought was gone long ago. There's many nice things I could say about her. But for now, I'll keep at this.

I'm under her consideration. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Lady Jem.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Impromptu Confessions 9/8/12

My confession is that sometimes during confessions I tell My slave to get naked and then get under My desk.


Miss Summer is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!


There once was a maid-boy named phil
Who really could be quite a pill
He had a cute duster
But couldn't quite muster
The courage to surrender his will.


My Mistress is my world,
my every waking desire,
my world wrapped up into one amazing Lady.

She is the reason I sign in,
She is the reason I sign out
She is the meaning of life as near as I know it.

She makes my heart beat
She makes my heart stop
She is my every desire, She is all that I need.

Without Her I am nothing
No reason to breath
I need my Mistress more than you would ever believe!


My Mistress and i are getting married very soon :)


My belly quivers as I wait for him.  He logs on and the quiver spreads like a warm stream through my body, rushing.  My heart beats fast and I exhale. A knowing smile spreads over my lips "Hello" Never will you know how deep you run in me.


i sobbed
i moaned
sliding the butt plug in and out of my own ass

i tired
i stopped

"Dont you dare stop" She said
"Keep going... faster...

and so i gave...
every moan,
every sob,
every whimper...

They were for Her.


Perhaps in the quiet moments, 
As I bleed away my time.. 
So many things beyond my grasp, 
That I know will not be mine.

I had dreams and more, 
To comfort me... 
Suported by my youth, 
But now, those dreams lie shattered 
Ruined by lifes truth. 

I had always been an optimist, 
(My means of holding on). 
It helped to ease my worries 
And confirmed my right to run.

But now, my Sun is setting, 
I'm in late afternoon... 
With my life condensed, 
To just one day, 
The morning went too soon. 

As I sit here now in silence, 
In a room so all alone.. 
The winds of age are calling... 
And they chill me to the bone.

However one thing keeps me
Alive and oh so free that is the promise of  
submission to her eternally.


Ace's Confession from last night (yes you can tell them who wrote it and yes it really did happen last night)

My Mistress tells me that I need to practice riding a cock better as she doesnt feel that I'm doing well enough with my prostate massager.  I go and grab my 7" dildo out and lube it up along with my ass and slowly work it into me very slowly riding it getting my slutty ass used to it.  i push the head in then take it out over and over before taking it out and puttting lube onto it again.  i push half of it in for my Mistress moaning lightly.  she orders me onto all fours my head on the bed as i work all 7" into my ass and let it stay inside me.  My Mistress loved it and i felt like such a dirty little whore during and after, but was happy to please my Mistress.


Being part of the D saved me from my dull life

i met a boy and another and another

all seem so  good and nice then they did 

180 and disapered out of my life

I was heartbroken and about to leave sl

but a boy were standing by me trough all of them

He is now mine and my confession is i love him with all my heart

and thanx him for helping me and to stay in sl and the D


She is kind
She has a funny mind
She's also beautiful
and my time with her is wonderful

so Lady Jem
you're a true gem
She's very flirty
However, today can we NOT stay up past seven thirty!


Windy's Confession

My Confession on Why it is important to remember Ladies Names:

The facts:

Several nights ago Miss Karyn opened Her HUD that featured poses in the nature of an animation that would convert a submissive into a chair which would support Her and could be adjusted into a number of shapes that would provide Her with a variety comfortable poses. MIss Karyn spent an uncustomary amount of time working with the submissive in an effort to overcome and override the submissive’s existing animations that prevented the HUD from operating as designed. After pausing in frustration then returning to continue to fix the remaining operational issues attributed to the submissive, MIss Karyn was finally able to relax and enjoy to a limited extent the pleasures that the chair was designed to deliver.

Miss Siuvhne, observing the proceedings in the form of a pixie/fairy resting on the shoulders of a different submissive, was so amused by the HUD that She sought it out to try the next day.  

Nearly 24 hours later, the submissive, who shall remain nameless because he is too embarrassed to reveal his identity, engaged in this shameful conversation:

" [21:45] Siuvhne Fitzclansai (siuvhne.foodiboo): i got the toy that was used on you windswept... the hud that .. i forget who it was ... used to sit on you.  i liked it so much.

[21:46] Windswept (windswept.jiminy): oh that's nice MIss...let me think and try to remember

[21:46] Siuvhne Fitzclansai (siuvhne.foodiboo) stays up too late

[21:46] Windswept (windswept.jiminy): was She Miss Karyn?

[21:46] Siuvhne Fitzclansai (siuvhne.foodiboo): perhaps.  i can't believe YOU didn't pay attention to that.   she was sitting on YOU after all...and had far more patience with you than i would have
i would have poked you in the eye and made you go sit back down

[21:47] Windswept (windswept.jiminy): i know...but it was late at night

[21:47] Siuvhne Fitzclansai (siuvhne.foodiboo): no excuses windswept

[21:48] Windswept (windswept.jiminy): true MIss, no excuses.

[21:48] Siuvhne Fitzclansai (siuvhne.foodiboo): if a lady determines she is going to honor you with her presence you damn well better remember her fucking NAME.  ahem  /rant

Windswept (windswept.jiminy) yes MIss Siuvhne  "

As luck would have it, a few minutes later Miss Karyn arrived, was informed of the conversation that preceded Her arrival and in response She calmly and with appropriate resolve, directed the errant submissive (who has requested anonymity) to prepare a presentation on "How and Why it is Important to Remember Ladies' Names".

I respectfully beg Your indulgence in imagining an image.  If You please, close Your eyes and behold the image of a beautiful bouquet of flowers of all colors, sizes, textures and descriptions.  In the center of the bouquet is majestic iris and think of it as "poise".  Next to iris appears an orchid displaying its moistened petaled splendor and think of it as character.  As Your eyes re-focus and rest again this time on the bloom of a chrysanthemum, think of its many tips as experiences of many sorts at different times in countless places. After more wandering, Your eyes land on the rose..with dew on its soft and fragile outer petals...and think of this as dreams or love. Your eyes pan the bouquet and you spot carnations, tulips, baby's breath, violets, lilies and many many others.  There lies a flower for demeanor, and another flower for  personality., interests, desires, ambitions hopes and priorities and on and on and so on.  
The fragrance of the bouquet surrounds the flowers the same way that strong warm arms would wrap the shivering body of a lost and frightened kitten.  Those wondrous and beautiful flowers each bound and melded together as one by an invisible magic the sum having its own delicious aura, its own divine beauty and its own heavenly scent.

What would one name this bundle of light
that appeared so quickly before me that night?

From the far side of the room the light drew me near,
and in a moment Her name became clear.

my heart is on fire 'cause I need to be share’n
the name of this Angel....the lovely Miss Karyn.

Whats in a name?
They are all just the same!

But when the Confession was due
i found the opposite was true

To remind me of this....all i need do
is think of MIss Karyn and Her accomplice Miss Siuh

Thank You for helping me to understand better that a Domme's  name is very personal thing that embraces everything that She is.  And to us submissives, a Domme is everything to us and to forget Her name is to forget everything we adore.

   --- anonymous sub passing through Dominion one day  (still anonymous 'cause he's so embarrassed)

The Cry by Lady Dalia

you cry out.
I see you in My mind's eye,
Sob after sob, warring within.

Holding on.
Holding back.
Do you think I do not know?

Salt, tears and sweat,
Flow for Me.
More I demand.

"i want, i will give" you say,
The sweet promise
Around your neck.

And yet you struggle
with surrender.
me, identity, self.

So contained are you,
as if to keep from melting away.

But I wait for you,
Till my soul calls,
And you respond.

I reach in whispering,
"I want, I will give, I will take"
That sweet promise around your neck.

You cry out, again,
The truth washes over you.


Crap! by Heather

I hadn't been to the bar in years. I thought I had to grow up and be a proper adult. I thought it meant study hard and no fun. I soon learned I needed fun in order to be a proper adult.

I soon found a spot near the bar and ordered a rum with the waitress who looked like she needed a lesson on how to apply make-up. I watched her walk away with her hips swaying from left to right as if she was hoolahooping.

I was about to lit a cigarette when a 18 year old nerd pointed towards the no smoking sign. Fantastic.

"Having a rough night?" I looked to my left and nodded. "I know where you can smoke, follow me." I followed the brunette through a back door and down some steps. "What is this place, it's freezing here!" She laughed. "So I see!"

I didn't need to look to know what she meant. "Emily." I said as I held out my hand. She grabbed it and turned my palm up. "Hm, let's see if I can figure this out. Oh I'm Chris. Short for Christina. But please, call me Christina and I will have to push you down the stairs." I chuckled. "Chris it is."

"I am really crap at hand reading, so bare with me. You're a lesbian though." She laughed. "That's just my gay-dar shouting at me, your palms don't say anything about your sexual preference." I tried to take out a cigarette out of my pack with the hand I had left, but was quite unsuccesful. "Here, let me help you with that." She took out a cigarette and stuck it between my lips. "Much better, thank you. Now what does my palm tell you?"

"You're a sassy little thing. Again observation, not skill."

She traced her index finger along the lines on my palm. The room became a little warmer. I silently cursed myself. "You have been through a lot. But then again, everyone has, so you'll never know if that is skill or pure guessing on my side."

I grinned. "I'm starting to think you really are crap at this!" She playfully hit my shoulder. "That's not very nice of you!"

I wiggled my eyebrows. "So, what else? When will I die?" She gasped. "Die? Well, hopefully not for another eighty years! But let's see. Hmm, well according to this line, first you're going to suffer. But you know, that can be interpreted in many, many ways. I mean I could tie you up and I could make you suffer."

I was speechless for a few moment and then was even more flabbergasted when I heard, "Okay" come out of my mouth. She laughed and threw away my cigarette. "I can't tie you up in here. However, I can do this." She grabbed both of my hands and pulled them behind my back as she pushed me against the wall, strategically placing her knee between my legs. Her mouth was near my ear quicker than I realized what was going on. "I can't read palms. But I can read you. I see your every desire." A soft moan escaped my throat.

"Maybe I should make you wait. Do you like to beg?" I shook my head. "Hmm, too bad because I do like it." She released my hands but I could not move them, as tight as she had me pinned against the wall. Her finger traced down my jaw, over my lips as I caught it between my teeth. "You are a sassy thing!" I released her finger as her mouth moved closer to mine. "I bet your lips are soft. You're a good kisser. Again, observation."

The moment her lips touched mine I thought I'd melt into a puddle.

A loud banging on the door interrupted my perfect little bubble. "What's going on down there?!" And as I saw her ran up the stairs, all I could mutter under my breath was, "Crap!"

Meeting Him by Lady Nattasha

When we meet in person

It started as a joke no money to go to the states or for you to go to sweden so Dalia decided we meet in paris..about middle between us, we laughed it off but kept talking about it, it will take a while to get there but im a very patience Lady and i know you make it worth the wait.. i prepare my bagage and buys a collar to offer you hoping you accept it. I am nervous when the plane lift and the flight is awefully long a dull, i cant stop thinking about the past time we spend on sl camming and voicing, its been magical, rocky, argues alot of compromisse but we made it and soon i get to kiss you for real.
The idea makes me shivers. I been saving for this trip and booked a nice svuit nothing but the best when i finally get to meet you.

You arrive in the late afternoon and i see you in distance how you look around to find me, i enjoy to watch you nervous almost in panic, did i not arrive yet?, did i change my mind?.I stand there silently observing you,  measure you then our eyes meet and you smile so bright it melts my heart, you look so cute standing there with your backpack . I walk towards you smiling, you tell me i look beautiful, i answer with confidence "i know,"come along mine" During the ride to the hotel i watch you in silence, pinching myself making sure im not dreaming, evil plans on what to do to you appear in my head and i grin to myself when i visualize one scene after the other, We arrive to hotel room and i invite you in. Once inside you bend over to untie your shoes and all i can think off is how delicious it will be to spank you right there.

I show you around quickly, stays a little longer then necessary in bedroom, then we sit down in what i guess would be the living room, we drink and talk, the whole time im looking at you. You are nervous and it looks like you tremble, you are exited not knowing what to expect from me. My mind is working overtime, i smiled inside thinking in a short period of time you will worship me, love me and be depending on me, i jump up from the couch " more to drink?" You look at me, all you do is nod at me, i smile take your glas and go to the minibar.
I return to you and place my hand on your thigh and smiles.

You tremble, trying so hard to relax, your eyes are looking up and down my body, im dressed casually not to provocative in tight jeans a open top showing my cleavage. Many males find me sexy, im not in a models body but i ooze of sensuality and my authority and strong will shines trough, with that and my curvy body i can get almost anyone i want and mold him to my will. It might take time to get him where i want but i already have you exactly were i want you.

I place my hand under your chin, turns your head towards me you are looking at me with big eyes, some difficulty to look into my eyes.
"So  now that you are here... what should i do to you?"
You answer is "anything you wish my Mistress"
My eyes meet yours i smile, a gentle smile, your lips tremble and you smile back.
"Do you trust me?
You answer with broken voice "Yes my Mistress" your heart is pounding i can see it on your neck
i say "good boy! " and kiss you directly on your lips, i can feel your reaction all the way trough your body, i kiss your earlobes, neck, your lips again, my hands caressing slowly til i hear your breathing quicken, i stop and look down at your crotch. A good bulge is showed in your pants, your cock seem hard and wants to escape its prison.

I snap a collar around your neck and put the leash on the coffee table, my eyes never leave yours, i kiss you again, softly then more demanding, my tongue caress your lips, then forcefully parts them, finding your tongue deep in your mouth. When you are panting i stop, i hook the leash make you down on all fours and takes you for a walk, i pull the leash to guide you where to go. get the paddle out of your luggage mine.. you obey imediatly and i smiles when putting it in your mouth like a dog bone. walks back into the living room, i stop and walk behind you, holding your head up by the leash. Touching your body outside of your clothes, wanting to feel every inch of you,  you are so triggering my buttons, in my mind i throw my self at you, but i resist my urges and tell you to stand. "stand and strip mine"
Without any hesitation you do as i wish, i dont need any cuffs or ropes you are under my spell and very deep in your submission to me.

I snap my fingers and point to the floor, you kneel immediately, i chuckle and  places a heel on your chest making you fall on your back on the floor, you eyes at me, trembles, anxious, exited,fear. "Are you horny? are you boy? Answer me now!"
" Yes my Mistress. very much yes"

to be continued.....