Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tease and Denial

Submitted anonymously by a submissive at the Dominion

The weekend had been crazy, a dreadful vinilla encounter made me realise I could never go back to an ordinary sex life. I even went to see a prostitute in the city to experience some kink just to get my self confidence back, getting my ass kicked by a black haired skinny Latex Dominatrix is expensive, I can only afford it went i'm not in debt. It was hot on the surface but not doubt it was about the money.

I was on good form again afterward and enthusiastic about accepting myself as a submissive and continuing my life that way so the next day I called into a fairly extreme femdom club I knew called the Dominion, not the type of place your going to meet a human rights lawyer but if your ready to submit to some lifestyle Dommes it's the place to go... if your not.. well you can FXXK OFF.

The Club is in the grounds of an old castle and all men have to kneel, they are strict on that. I stummbled on my way in and ended up kneeling at the feet off a beautiful Domme friend of mine that I hadnt seen in months. She smiled down at me as I looked up in fear afraid of getting a kick in the nuts, She patted me on the head and ordered me to strip. When i took off my clothes I revealled that I was wearing womens underwear, I had forgotten about that, even thinking it was normal just going around in my own kinky world.

I blushed as the Dommes and subs sniggere, Miss M, whom i hadnt seen for months was taking a liking to me filling me in on Her recent adventures and asking me about mine, She told me to kneel a little bit further away from Her, just enough to let me know who was in charge. My submissive side responded really well to Her and She spoke to me about Her specific tastes and disires, how She liked to feminize men, how it was a handy tool for controling them. She started to tease me telling me how she would like to put me in a pair of high heels which were just a little too tight and have me squat over a dildo attached to the floor with nipple clamp on. I love hearing Domme fantasies its a delacasy to be let into a fantasy and my head was spinning when She invited me back to Her home.

She was slim with long dark hair, a pretty face, she was relaxed confident and in control. "Come on in doll" she said as she brought me to Her room, why don't you put these on she said handing me a pair of black fishnets, "leave on your lacy black top princess but take of you panties for me she said as She poured herself a glass of wine, She took a seat watching me.

She trew me a cock ring to wear, I looked down at my cock which was fat and swollen and had been at different stages of arousal all evening. Seconds later my cock was swelling uncomfortably and getting darker from the cock ring contricting the blood flow, She didnt care, laughs at me and smiling to herself. She threw me a mediem bum plug telling me to lube it up and push it into my ass, I didnt get it in first time but on the second try it went all the way in, She had me kneel there pulling it out and pushing it back in for a while as I got really submissive and started to shake. When She was satisfied She threw a dildo to where I was kneeling on the floor telling me to push it in. She encouraged me telling me to stroke my cock and bring myself close to orgasm. She told me to put my ass on the floor will the dildo in it and hump up and down while i stroke my cock for Her entertainment, I was kneeling there dressed in black fishnets lacy frilly black nighty and humping a dildo whilst stroking my cock for this Dominant Goddess whom I would have done anything for, I begged her to let me cum and she teased me.. she had me say please Miss, may this slut cum for You and She counted down from three, I kept humpin the dildo, 2 please Miss, may this slut cum for You, 1 please Miss may this slut come for you


Submitted anonymously by a submissive at the Dominion

Walking through the hall of the large house, my mind wondering around. Thoughts of what was to come when we reached the end of the hall and moved into the room with the door closed. My Feet so heavy it felt I could not take another step, My will the only thing that makes me continue.

Her hand moves to my shoulder, strong and warm against the bare flesh of my shoulder. My eyes staying ahead of me as we travel, The hall seeming so long this night. My words had caused this, my actions had caused such things. Tonight I would pay dearly for such freedom of my tongue.

So close to me she is now, right behind me, the sounds of her heels hitting the floor and flooding my mind with each step. The sounds telling me of the tense and upset mood. Heavy breaths behind my neck, I could feel the pain of what had happened in them, the hair on my arms and neck stand up, slight little bumps gracing my skin.

The door, The dark door, my body in front of it. Only needed is my hand to lift and turn the handle, such a hard thing to do. Fighting within myself to do as I should or to run beg plea. The warm hand squeezed my shoulder, somewhat comforting in it's grasp, but I knew what would happen when I had spoken my mind so freely. When I stood up for what I believed in.
My hand lifted and felt the cold metal of the knob, slowly it turns with a small cry, the door creaking open as blackness hit my eyes. My will caring my feet forward into the coldness of the black as the door closes behind me. The feeling of the person behind me gone now, I turn and see nothing, She was gone, No touch, no voice just the door. Alone in the darkness My thoughts lost in my head, The punishment more then I thought.

Standing in the darkness just inside the closed door, nothing seen in the pitch blackness. Alone in my thoughts knowing what I had done. My body tense, pain in my body not from the physical. Wanting to break out of the room and disappear from it all, to forget it, but knowing I could not run from such, it would haunt me for much longer then I knew. A light begins to come into view across the room, My eyes drawn to it a voice speaks with it calm and soothing sound. My mind instantly being drawn, my feet moving cautiously towards it. The light growing, taking a form as one I knew, but not one I was all that close to. Not alone, someone there to hear my fears worries and faults and not judging me.

The room now bright and my eyes drawn to one as I now knew I did not have to go through this alone, that there was someone who cared, someone who was comforting and reassured me of what had happened. Someone to clear my thoughts and to watch over me with no strings attached. The times will be slow and rough, but now not lonely and as cold as the path would be if left in the darkness after my actions.

Discoman & Panzerboy City at War: Episode 6

Submitted by Eroyan Barmy


My wife held our babies close to her and moved them to the hallway. The news was carrying on about a scene in the park found that morning were several members of a crime cartel had been found killed and one seemed to be drained of blood. As they whispered of the works of Huntress, I tightened my grip on the bat in my lap.

Linda my wife, and my two children where now hunkered down in entrance to the hallway. The four gang members had forced their way into our building and the sounds of doors breaking and people yelling had gotten slowly and methodically louder over the past few hours.

They were heading this way on our floor now before I told Linda to move the children. I watched the door and waited praying that they would pass us by. That they would not be interested in my little home that they would have more important places to steal from.

“Harold…” my wife whispered.

“Stay calm Linda, and no matter what protect the children. You should take them into the bedroom and lock the door.” I said.

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me just take the kids, lock the door and don’t come out.”

I heard her get up and move the children. I never spared a look I remembered my family smiling and laughing already today. I would take it to my grave happily if I could protect them. I did not have to see their concerned faces. Daddy will protect you my darlings. Have no fear of that.
I heard movement behind me and turned just a bit from the door. Linda was standing there and I sighed a bit.

“What are you doing my love?” I hissed at her.

“I can’t leave you.” She said softly.

“Where are the children?”

“In the bedroom, under the bed, I locked the door. They are frightened.”

“They are not the only ones. I want you out of the way my love. I know I cannot make you leave. But don’t get yourself hurt.”

She moved behind and slightly to my side as I inhaled deeply hearing heavy footfalls outside our door stop and rough voices speaking to each other.

“I don’t get it whole freaking apartment building and so far barely anything of value.”

“Well if you had brought the truck idiot we could be putting some televisions in the back to sell.”

“Hey fuck you man, Chester’s the one that said let’s just keep it low key and rob money and jewelry from them.”

“Both of you shut the hell up! Rick… kick that door in and let’s hope at least this poor son of a bitch has got some money stashed away.”

I tensed and my heart was racing I could see shadows moving on the underside of the door. My palms were sweating and I could hear my wife’s breathing getting rapid. This is it I thought do or die time. The crashing of wood and a door slamming back against its frame made me jump almost clear out of the chair I was seated in. Instinctively I shut my eyes from flying debris expecting to get pelted with pieces of wood.

When I opened my eyes our door was still intact. I inhaled deeply and realized they had busted into our neighbors apartment across the hall. I heard glass breaking and things being dumped all over as they rushed in and searched for thing. That god I knew our neighbor wasn’t home. He was a single fellow nice enough really that worked the late shift at the harbor. He had gotten stuck outside the area when the City of Dominion shut down the whole south side. When all the trouble started, he had gotten through to us briefly to say he was stuck at work and if we would to feed his fish this afternoon. It was one of the last calls that got to us before many of the phone lines went down.
I breathed deeply and continued to pray they would find what they wanted and just leave. Just go, I wasn’t a brave man though I wouldn’t let anything happen to my family but I didn’t want to have to face four gang members with nothing but a bat.

I held my wife’s hand tightly as we listened to them tear that young man’s apartment apart. We heard the rough laughter and curses they flew at each other. We waited… it seemed like eternity just waiting listening praying.

“Is there nothing in the whole damn building that’s worth anything!” one of the gang members screamed. It sounded like the one they called Chester.

I moved, somehow I knew what was going to happen and protected my wife. Just as our door kicked inward slamming against our wall and shattering a vase my wife loved into a million pieces. Without thinking I came up swinging and cold cocked the first guy in, sending him sprawling back into the hallway. Amid the curses and tumbling bodies I was up and grabbed our door and shut it bracing myself against the door to hold it shut.

My wife to her credit did not cry out or scream she simply ran to the closet and got the hammer out of my work-belt and found a few old nails I had dropped in there. Running back to be I felt the gang members beat on our door. I strained as I held them back as my wife did her best to beat a few nails into the door. But I knew it wasn’t going to be enough.

They were screaming for blood. Someone defied them and that sent them into a rage. Not to mention I probably at least cracked the first guys jaw. Wordlessly I held the door and my wife was able to get a few nails into the door and door jamb to ease the pressure on me a bit. I braced myself ready to stay there forever if needed. I said one small prayer that had been voiced by my children earlier that day. Lord please let a hero save us.

The door rocked violently and I heard one of the nails pop out and had to scoot bad into place. They were ramming the door with something large and hard. Again and again it beat into our door and I scrambled to try and keep myself braced against it. My wife still, holding the hammer, started to weep and I heard the door frame cracking a bit as the wood gave way slowly.
I looked to her and her at me and she nodded. No words had to be spoken she knew what I was saying. I love you with all my heart. We are going to have to fight. If I should die, know that I give all and everything to you willingly.

I moved and the door exploded inward again. The heavy couch from my neighbor was a makeshift battering ram for them. A second later they poured into out apartment. I swung and missed at the first one again. Bringing my bat back around for another swing. My wife got a good hit on one of the guy’s hands as he was trying to climb over the couch into the room. I gut checked one and was about to crack his head open when I heard my wife scream. Spinning around I saw one of the guys had my wife down and holding a knife to her neck.

Screaming in a blind red rage I rushed forward only to get clocked in the head by a heavy boot and down I went. Two of them held me down and they kicked the bat away. The third one kicked me hard and I could see the bruise on his jaw and the blood on his lips from where I had knocked out a few of his teeth. I grinned even as I groaned and gasped for air from the kicks and punches that landed on me.

I looked to my wife she was still alive and weeping as she watched them beat me. I didn’t care; Beat me damn you beat the hell out of me. But don’t touch my family. And if you do you better kill me now or you will never get away from me. Those words ran through my mind over and over and to be honest I didn’t feel the pain.

“Well…seems there was something of value after all.”

“Chester, what are you thinking?”

“Oh I’m thinking we have a little fun with hammer girl here and make batman there watch.”

They laughed and I found the energy to struggle free and lunge at the man on my wife. I was quickly grabbed and pinned back and my wife held still as that dirty son of a bitch put his hands all over her. I could see the look in her eyes. They might take her body but they wouldn’t be taking her. I struggled like a wild animal it took all the strength of the one that had me just to keep me still as they began to grope and molest my wife…my love.

It happened so fast I don’t know if I was seeing things or just my vision was that blurred. Two men appeared at our door. At first I thought it was more friends of the intruders. The first one was on the man at my wife in a heartbeat. Jerking this Chester up and throwing him across the room with a crash. One of the intruders swung around at the other only to get blocked and a punch landed to him I know that had to break the rest of his teeth in his mouth.

Exhaustion caught up with me as I was dropped weak to the floor and listened to the battle around me. As these two men rushed in and saved not only myself but my family. Things broke curses sounded. It was all dull to my ears as I looked into my wife’s eyes and she into mine. I heard gunshots loud and violent in my apartment. I wasn’t sure who shot who or even if I got shot. My wife crawled to me and we held hands and then the world was black.

Voices….gentle reassuring… I know that voice. I heard “Daddy” and opened my eyes. I was on a gurney. I looked around and there was a medic checking an I.V. on my arm. I tried to move and groaned in pain.

“Take it easy now Sir.” The medic told me, “You’ve had a nasty hit on the head and I don’t want you moving around too much.”

“Listen to him Harold; you can be awfully stubborn sometimes.”

I turned and looked into the eyes of my smiling wife and children. I cannot relate how suddenly the world went from dark to complete and utter light. It was as if God shone down around me at that moment in all his glory. I wept in joy.

“Linda…” I wanted to shout but could only manage a whisper.

We both held each other and wept and my children giggled as they always do when mom and dad get all mushy as they call it. I reached out and hugged the treasures in my life tight to me and my children sniffled a bit and whispered I love you.

“Guess what dad!” My boy said a little too loudly.

“What son?”
“I got to meet Panzer Boy!”

“You did?” I looked around and then noticed my son had this crazy helmet on his head.

Two men approached us then and I looked into the faces of people I had never met. The large muscular man known as Panzer Boy and the lanky one known as Disco Man, two people I thought I would never meet beyond a television screen. I attempted to sit up and Disco held me down.

“No Sir you take it easy. Panzer just needed to get his helmet back. We have a few more stops to make today.” Disco man said.

“I want to thank you for rescuing my family and me.” I stammered out.

“Oh well if you want to thank the people that saved you. Let me go get them.”

I watched Panzer pat my son on the head and tell my daughter that no he didn’t know Huntress’s phone number but he would try and let her know next time he saw her to stop by. He moved over to a large van we all knew was their vehicle called “The Lady” and got in. About that time Disco Man returned and nodded to me. Then stepped aside and moved to join Panzer in their van.

I looked up and into the faces of the heroes who saved my family and me. And with gratitude I thanked them both.

To this day we send cards to Officer Jimmy69 Oh and Officer Epicyclic Gears. They had heard the noise and were apart of advance police scouting into areas before the job of reclaiming the area was to be undertaken. They disobeyed orders, to patrol and get out without stopping, by rushing in without backup and taking on the intruders in my home. They saved more than likely my life and my family. Heroes don’t have to be special or well equipped. They are normal people who decide to not let bad things happen, to believe in justice and truth. They stand up when all others sit down.

They told me once after a few Christmases had gone by that they still remembered Disco Man and Panzer words to them that day. They were happy to see they were not the only hero’s in the City of Dominion.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At some point, you have to stop running...

Submitted by Heather Steampunk

I know some of You have already heard the beginning, but I would like my Mistress to hear it as well, so please bear with me, it's only a few sentencs ...

As I walk toward the motel I wonder if having two Mistresses is wise. When they are not together everything is fine, but when they get together, I am screwed. But then again, I love being screwed! Sort off …

I walk up the stairs to the second floor and take a deep breath as I stand in front of door number 29. I do not need to check my messages, it was number 29. It is burned into my memory and I will never forget it. Tonight, I get time with both of my Mistresses. Tonight … is the scariest night of my life.

I back away from the door; I am not ready to knock on it yet. I am scared. I have no idea what it will be like. When I am alone with Mistress Brigid we laugh a lot. We like to make jokes, we like to gossip about friends and we like to play. When I am with Her, I am 100% myself. There is no one on this earth I feel more comfortable around with than Mistress Brigid. I trust Her with my life, I gave Her my life, She is the very air that I breathe.

When I am alone with Mistress Loni I am always scared. Afraid of what She will do, afraid of what She will say. I get to spend more time with Her Wife, then She does. When they are together, I make sure I am not around. I run. I am too scared I will interrupt Their time together. I like to play around with Mistress Loni, and often we misunderstand each other. I end up running, She ends up yelling at me.

Tonight, I cannot do what I always do, I cannot run. I have to knock on that door and face them both. I check my watch and my hearts starts beating in my chest as I hear a voice calling from behind the door, louder than it should be “I wonder if Heather realizes she is already ten minutes late?” My eyes grow bigger. I am late. What a great way to make an impression. I take a step forward and knock on the door. The squeaking door startles me. “Hello baby girl.” I smile as I hear the voice of Mistress Brigid. “Hello my Mistress.” I look around the room, trying to locate my other Mistress, but I don’t see Her. “Your other Mistress is not here little one. But She will be, She is just shopping a bit, She will be back in about an hour.” I smile and feel my body relax. “If She is not here then who were You talking to?” I chuckle and shake my head. “I saw you standing outside, probably thinking about how you want to run away, so I made the choice for you.” She smiles as she cubs my chin with her hand and softly presses Her lips on mine. She takes me by the hand as She walks towards the bedroom. I listen to Her as She tells me where I can put my stuff and tells me to go take a shower.

The shower relaxes me, and I am getting more and more confident that tonight is going to be a good night.

When I get out of the shower and am dressed I walk towards the living room. I gasp as I see my Mistresses sitting on the couch. They are hugging and kissing. I stand there for what feels an hour before Mistress Loni stands up and turns towards me. “Enjoyed that show Heather?” I feel ashamed and blush, then I do what I always do … I run.

I am halfway down the corridor when I hear Mistress Loni yelling loud “goddamned Heather!” I freeze, too scared to take another step. I cannot even swallow as I hear a door being slammed and quick footsteps approaching me. I do not dare to turn around, I take a glance, second floor, it’s not that far down, if She throws me I might survive with only a broken leg. “Heather, turn around now.” I do as She asks and slowly turn around until my eyes spot Her feet. “You are almost standing in gum, Mistress” I speak softly as I spot the chewing gum near to Her feet. She chuckles “Thank you, Heather” and takes a step forward. “Had I not told you to stop running from me? Why did you run Heather?” She does not wait for an answer; instead she stands behind me and pushes me towards the door, which is closed now.

“Knock on it Heather, just like you did before.” Her tone is firm but She does not sound angry, it surprises me, so I knock. Mistress Brigid opens the door. She raises her eyebrow at me and I wonder if they have switched roles. Mistress Loni seems to be the gentle one now and my heartbeat goes up a notch when I look down and see Mistress Brigid tapping her foot. I messed up. This is the end. It must be. They are dumping me right here and now. All these thoughts run through when I suddenly hear Mistress Loni speak: “Look who I found outside on the corridor, Brig.” The look on Mistress Brigid’s face changes into a big grin. Mistress Loni pushes me through the door, towards the couch.

“Sit.” I do as She asks. I pull my legs up and rest my chin on my knees, my arms around my legs. It is safety for me. It will protect me for what is coming next, at least for a little while. “I am not angry that you ran, but I am disappointed. You and I need to learn how to talk. We do not do it enough.” As She speaks to me, Mistress Brigid sits down next to me on the couch and smiles as Her fingers slowly run through my hair. It relaxes me and She knows it.
Mistress Loni speaks to me for a long time and the more She speaks, the more I start to trust Her, the more I start to believe that what She says, really is true. I have doubted it for the longest time. But I cannot do that anymore. I need to have faith and I need to know that She only wants to best for me. When I feel calm enough I slide off the couch and sit on my knees in front of Her. She cups my chin and makes me look up, as She leans down Her lips softly brush mine for a brief second and then She pulls away again. “Do you trust me, Heather?” Her eyes lock on mine and I can feel the words coming out of my mouth without thinking about it. “Yes Mistress.” She smiles. “Do you trust Brigid, Heather?” Now I smile. “Yes, I do Mistress.” She looks at Mistress Brigid who now stands next to Her. “What do You think Brig, do You think she is ready?” My eyebrow raises as I wonder what They are talking about. Mistress Brigid chuckles. “She is more than ready.” I have learned not to ask questions, I have learned to trust Them both. Even though in my brain the questions are still there, I have learned not to speak them aloud. I have learned not to question them. I have learned that They love me.

Mistress Loni takes me by the hand as She helps me stand up. She guides me into a different room and I gasp. In the middle of the room I see the cross. Mistress Brigid walks up to me and places the cuffs around my wrists and ankles. “You know what to do, little one.” I am nervous as hell, but yes, I know what to do. No running, no hiding, trust is the word of the day, so I walk towards the cross and Mistress Brigid hooks me up.

She walks back to Mistress Loni and again They kiss. I do not look away, even if I wanted to run now, They made that quite impossible for me right now. When they stop, Mistress Loni walks up to me and She grins. “Now Heather, did you enjoy that little show.” I cannot help it, I have to smile, laugh, giggle even, because yes, I did enjoy that and it is exactly what I tell her. “Yes my Mistress, I did.” She smiles and simultaneously They say: “Good girl.”
Mistress Brigid walks up to me and runs Her hands over my body, over my clothes. Her fingers will like they are charged with electricity. Goosebumps appear all over my body and I bite my lip, too afraid to make a noise. “What do You think Brig, think we should untie her and get those clothes off?” Mistress Brigid grunts and shakes Her head. She walks away and puts something in Mistress Loni’s hands, I stretch my neck as far as possible, but I cannot see what it is. “Use this,” Mistress Brigid says. Her wife laughs and nods. “I like the way You think.” Mistress Brigid has something in Her hands as well and when She orders me to close my eyes I know exactly what it is. When the blindfold slips over my head, I calm down strangely enough. If I cannot see what happens, maybe I won’t be as scared.

I gasps as I feel something very cold being pressed into my cheek. “Guess what Heather, you will not be wearing this outfit again, because I am going to cut right through it and not even ask you for permission.” I smile and nod. Mistress Loni likes knifes, I knew that. “I will ask you one more time and I am going to ask you another question. One: do you trust me and two: do you remember your safe word?” I grin as I softly say: “yes and yes”. I hear an approval sound coming from Her mouth and the blade finds its way down my neck, my chest to shirt. I tremble as I hear the cutting sound of the knife and the shirt ripping apart. She is not doing it as slow as I had expected. Within an instant the shirt falls to the ground, leaving my bra exposed and I feel my checks getting redder every second. “Very nice, little one,” I hear Mistress Brigid say as Her fingers trail down between my breasts and lower to my stomach. Her lips follow Her fingers and a soft moan escapes from my throat.

It must have taken Mistress Loni all together about ten minutes to tear up all my clothes and I am glad I cannot see their looks as They look at the naked body in front of Them. Suddenly I feel hot breath slowly entering my ear as Mistress Brigid whispers: “Are you ok My girl?” I swallow, my Mistress is so incredibly sexy and Her voice mesmerizes me and I huskily whispers: “yes Mistress.” She nibbles on my earlobe as Her nails scratch down my tummy, I love it when She does that and I am getting more wet than I thought was possible. Mistress Loni suddenly out of nowhere presses Her lips on mine and as I feel Her tongue entering my mouth I gasp when at the same time She puts nipple clamps on my nipples. I did not see that one coming. It feels so good.

As time passes by I cannot even tell which fingers belong to whom, it feels like they are everywhere. If someone would have said that there were fifty people touching me I would have believed it. But, it wasn’t fifty people, it was my Mistresses. It was the both of them, at the same time. And even though I did run, I am extremely grateful that they thought I was worthy enough to chase after. I am glad they did. I would not want to be anywhere else right now or ever.
I wrote this for both of my Mistresses. I need them to know how lucky I feel that I have them. I need them to know how much I love them. I need them both to know that I trust them with my heart, my soul and yeah my body as well. With my Mistresses I have won the lottery.
I know that most of the time I am the worst girl ever. I throw tantrums, I bitch, I do not give You the respect You deserve at all times. You already know that I am scared, and that it makes me insecure. But Mistress Brigid, and I only say this to You right now, cause Mistress Loni is not here, I do respect You. I love You so very much, I love that You haven’t left me nor ever will. I love how You calm me down, I love how You are always there for me. I just love You, to keep it short and simple.
Thank You for all You have done for me. Thank You for letting me come and stay with You. I can’t wait to be there, and show You that I really can be a good girl.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand to everyone listening, sorry if this wasn’t really the confession You were all waiting for, I’ll try to make it hot lesbian sex next time *wiggles brow and chuckles.*

Friday, February 19, 2010

At my feet...

Submitted anonymously by a Domme at the Dominion

As I look down, I feel an electricity start in my feet and move fiercely through me. It's almost unbalancing. The strength and aura of your being resonate so fluidly throughout the room. Both submission and Dominance are gifts given specially to one another, carefully chosen. Yours an intoxicating pleasure, addictive...igniting my Dominance to levels only few have ever achieved.

My hand reaches down, a single nail tracing along your jawl line, pointed at your chin. Pressuredly, pressing in, I smile, watching your intent not to move, only embrace what you are given. Up to your lips, with the pad of my index finger, tracing around them as my eyes narrow and focus more, stopping just at the center of them. A long pause, waiting to see what you will do, again you stay still, but I can see that hunger in your eyes, the almost pleading way you look up at me. I remove my finger, and place it to my own lips, extending my tongue, slowly licking around it before placing it back at your lips, pressing just inside them. "Taste" I say quietly and relish in the ravenous way you devour every drop of fluid there.

"Very good, my boy" is all I say as my hand slips down to my side, our eyes locked, yours glimmering with that look of pride, almost exploding with pure joy at the simpliest of words to you. For moments we go on like this, not another verbal word shared between us, but many unspoken as our bond grows, becomes more solid with each second that passes.

It's time to leave for the night, soon you'll be in your bed, and I in mine, but the experience shared will go with us both. Only a few moments in time, stolen, but powerful enough to last until next we meet and get to share again.

Journey of Submission Part IV

Submitted by Nicolae Parx

Her words echoed in his head. 'And I'm only beginning with you," flowed through him as she loosed her grip and deposited his body on the thick carpet. Sensations of loneliness and quiet desperation filled him as Roxana extricated herself from what had been an indescribably close interaction.
Nicolae sank into an abyss of isolation and he craved the physical and emotional comfort she had just wrested almost violently from him. With no reserve of strength to decipher her intentions, he felt his body fall ignominiously to the carpet and his ears barely hear her walk to the chair. Following her with his dulled and tired senses, Nicolae felt the lack of Roxana's presence more than he felt his own exhaustion.

The only word to describe this new feeling to him that made any sense was isolation. And he didn't like it one bit.
Her words were as sudden as they were comforting. "Come here," were the only two syllables she uttered.
Gathering the remnants of his strength, Nicolae managed to pull himself to his elbows and knees and with extreme effort, dragged his body across the thick carpet to a place at her feet. Knowing he had no hope of lifting himself to the chair without her help, he knelt on all fours with his face at the toes of her black boots and waited for her strong arms to assist him. As he knelt there, a mass of molten flesh waiting for direction, Roxana pressed the toes of her boots a mere inch toward him and made the silent offer, Nicolae's head swam with possibility.
And questions.
He was used to being in complete control of his own destiny and at this very moment, Nicolae had no experience being in a physical or mental place where he was unsure of what was expected of him or how he was going to respond to a situation. It was new for him.
He felt fear that was also new to him.
Existing in a dimension where the laws of the physics that he knew like he knew his own name seemed not to apply was alien to Nicolae's experience. He saw the toes of her boots and he was certain that if he lifted his eyes, he would also drink in the heady smell of leather all the way to her knees. Trying desperately to remember what she was wearing without looking up for a reminder, all Nicolae could recall was that her skirt had a long slit from her ankles upward. Somehow, he remembered that it was blue.
But his eyes saw only the black of the toes of her leather boots and in the fading sunshine, the colors were discernable only from their contrast against the taupe carpet under her feet. The same carpet, he realized immediately, on which he was now naked and kneeling.
An incredible series of possibilities and events rushed through his field of vision and he struggled to sort them out. Visions of stories he had read, images of pictures he had seen, and likenesses of chats he had typed swam upstream through his otherwise empty mind. Focusing on the floor in front of his eyes, Nicolae saw black - - leather - - boots. And suddenly he knew what he must do.
All Nicolae could smell was the taste of leather on his tongue. As his lips drank in the fragrance he had yearned for all those years, he felt an awkward giddiness fill his brain with images that would become tomorrow's memories that would be burned into his mind.
It took all his willpower not to allow himself the luxury of being in and out of the experience at the same time. Too often when he was almost fully involved in whatever task was at hand, he found himself drifting above it and observing the events unfold as if he were both a spectator and participant simultaneously. Having that dual perspective helped Nicolae so often to make sure his strategy for any situation was both accurate and effective; however, this case was markedly different.
For the first time in his life, he was on his knees with a woman who wanted him there.
The only thing his body felt was enduring the wonderfully painful effort taxing his jaw and the smooth glide of his tongue across the supple leather of her black boots. Yet a yearning developed deep inside him that propelled him dangerously toward the out-of-body experiences he knew all too well but did not want at this moment. Nicolae struggled with himself, his thoughts, his willpower and his overpowering need to be on his knees tasting the boots that greeted his tongue. Instead of existing in genuine submission, Nicolae battled with his greatest enemy: his own mind.
His intellect told him that being in this spot was the physical culmination of his mental desires; however, the reality of his body's position hadn't yet sunk in - at least not fully. Forcing his lips to work harder on the leather as if to achieve his goals with dazzling effort, Nicolae lapped at her boots with newfound energy and heartfelt passion. The tips of the black leather boots glistened from his genuine exertion and his tongue offered her only more. It was his singular goal - to offer her more than she asked for and more than he felt he was capable of giving.
As Roxana relaxed comfortably in the soft chair and viewed the top of his head working so hard to please her, Nicolae was determined to make her feel the depth of his need. Even
though his jaw ached and his tongue bordered on numbness, he worked his lips more desperately so she could feel the potency of his passion.
For once, he neither cared what he looked like nor worried about a woman's reaction to his years of silent desperation. Instead, he threw himself into his labor more deeply and increased the expression of ardor with each stroke of his tongue. Nothing could measure the speed with which a cacophony of images darted like outtakes through the screen inside his head and Nicolae fought to gain control over the projection before it distracted him from his authentic reality that was his physical need. He didn't "want." He suffered only "need."
Almost imperceptibly, he felt the toe of her boot move deeper into his mouth and his body tensed momentarily with a mixture of emotions. Why did she move her foot toward his lips? Wasn't she satisfied? Had he not shown her how real his needs was? Behind all of his self-recrimination, he felt an uneasy sense of impending disapproval and his body stiffened from a wash of self-doubt that once again permeated his ever-present thoughts.
With a renewed sense of urgency, he raised his hips, pressed his face more intently against the black leather and drove into the task with greater enthusiasm. The flashes of misgiving that he had known for so many years began to metamorphose into an odd sort of honor she bestowed upon him. After all, she hadn't kicked him away yet and he clung to that lack of rejection with a peculiar sort of hope that his own desire for nothing more than to be exactly where he was and doing exactly what he was doing was to her liking and met with her approval.
Roxana must be able to feel his honesty and passion, he figured quickly in a strange sort of mental evaluation from his knees. As the words tumbled through his head, he stressed each word individually until he settled on the magical 'must' of the words. She MUST, Nicolae decided, feel his legitimacy. Only with that understanding could he achieve the goal that had for so long eluded his grasp. He believed that he finally understood what was required of him and he gathered all of his years of suppressed strength to accomplish it.
With his hands clinging firmly to the thick carpet's nap, he drove his entire soul into the tip of her boot and began tasting its heady fragrance as if it were new. Instead of merely tasting leather with his lips, Nicolae finally felt his entire mouth filled with the passion of giving Roxana what she wanted. As he did, incredibly strong emotions washed over him and filled his soul.
No longer tasting mere leather, Nicolae's senses overflowed with an amazing mixture of feelings that were unique to him. Unable either to put them into words or to have the strength even to try, he allowed the emotions to pervade his arms and legs and saturate his soul. Even though physical exhaustion should have nagged at his efforts, he felt inexplicably strong.
He felt new.
Nicolae's neck propelled harder and deeper and forced his mouth, lips and tongue forcefully against her boots as his body demanded that he taste higher and higher toward her ankle and then to her calf. Sucking almost religiously, he circled every inch of the black leather with enthusiasm that dipped into the realm of crazed ardor. As he continued his journey, Nicolae succumbed to the reality of his need to make her know his passion and felt, for the first time he could recall, really free.
As if his being had been wrapped up inside an invisible shell of disapproval throughout everyone of his forty years, Nicolae fought to break free of any vestigial shreds of selfimposed spiritual slavery. His cheek touched the leather and sent waves of energy through his thrusting body yet he ignored the personal rhythm to which his body was now dancing. Rubbing his face, eyes, nose and forehead against leather wet with his own worship, Nicolae yearned only for the strength to make her really know his dedication and touch his heartfelt commitment to providing her pleasure.
The perfect balance was within his grasp, but Nicolae longed for an equilibrium that still eluded him. Figuring that working harder and faster would achieve his goal, he pressed himself fully into her boot and suffered a moment of selfdoubt that he would never achieve his single-minded goal: to *make* Roxana know the depth of his passion. The ache in his jaw wouldn't subside and his lips and tongue felt his mouth offer only more.
His soul was exhausted.
And then he was struck by lightning.

An unexpected set of fingers ran gently through his sweaty hair and electrified his drained spirit. Nicolae felt a new and overpowering emotion course through him and his spent soul recharged. It was as if a sudden charge of almost religious importance had struck him and caused his skin to be electrified with a perfect steadiness of devotion, dedication and commitment.
He had no mental words to describe the magical moment nor did he feel the need to seek any. Too ecstatic from the almost-spiritual experience that flowed through him to be aware of anything other than the warmth of her absentminded caress, Nicolae felt the completion of his lifelong yearnings in that simple touch. Although he had no words for it at that time, he knew what he felt.
Acceptance. Approval.
Nicolae was instantaneously converted from one substance into another and evolved from a singular person into one who had closed the space between himself and another by offering honesty and having it returned with simple acceptance. The transubstantiation was as enormous as it was diminutive. Nicolae suddenly owned the experience and for the first time he could recall, felt like he owned himself.

There is no submission, he learned instantaneously, without mutuality. For that brief sacred moment, Nicolae understood that his gift of submission could not be experienced without the concomitant validation that came only from one who cherished his offering with passion equal to the manner in which he gave it. And he realized that he never wanted to offer that gift again unless he knew his partner would return nothing more - or less - than clear-cut but sacred appreciation of him and his sincerity.

With a burst of newfound strength drawn from the power of the grace of that moment, Nicolae drove his face into her boot with a zeal that was unmatched in any of his prior experiences or dreams. And he watched in perfect happiness and thorough fulfillment as she rocked in her chair with an overpowering climax that stunned both of them with its ferocity and purity. Too exhausted to speak, she drew his head into her lap and stroked his hair and face as he smiled quietly and waited to learn what else he could do to make her happy because she was, for that moment, simply someone who genuinely cared.
By now, the summer sun drew perfect circles on the ocean's surface and Nicolae sensed that evening was falling. Feeling no need to turn his head and peek at the sunshine from the warm comfort of Roxana's lap where her hands rested on his perspiring head and fingered his damp hair, he rested in her strong and welcome grip. He was happy in that place, content and calm in her forceful presence.

It was Roxana's shifting in the chair that refocused his attention on his own reality.

"Well, now that you've gotten that out of your system," she began with a laugh and Nicolae's ears picked up a new lilt in her voice that was unfamiliar to him from their long late night chats and less-frequent telephone calls, "rest for a few minutes while I gather up a few things." As she relaxed her grip on his head and guided him gently to the floor, Nicolae was certain he heard her sigh.

Even in his fatigue, Nicolae knew what a happy sigh sounded like and his heart was glad that his actions could induce that expression of pleasure in her. What tore at his soul was the desire and compelling need to do it again.

Recognizing that Roxana was right - - that his body needed rest - - Nicolae succumbed once again to the comfort of the carpet against his skin and gave himself to the floor's strength. He breathed even and deeply and literally felt the air he inhaled touch parts of him that had never been open enough to be touched before.

It was dark when he awoke from whatever nap his body forced him to take. Nicolae felt the smooth silk of satin quilting against his skin and struggled unsuccessfully to focus his eyes. Where the days are crystal clear on the Pacific Ocean, the nights must be incredibly black, he figured in his postsleep fog. The satin quilt bespoke her caring attitude and Nicolae was struck once again by Roxana's thoughtful consideration.

He was warm, invigorated and totally sightless.

It didn't him long to realize the tightness around his eyes and head was intentional. Having never worn a blindfold, he was unaccustomed to just how completely it could block his vision and remove from him a sense of where he was in relation to everything around him. The sense that overwhelmed him was fear.

With no bearings to relate his position, Nicolae began to extricate himself from the quilt's comfort and rise to his hands and knees and begin the sightless exploration that she

must have intended for him. It never occurred to him to remove the blindfold. Obviously, Roxana wanted it there and that was all the reason he needed. Crawling was safer than walking, he figured, and Nicolae considered for a moment that his naked crawling body presented a probably amusing image for whoever was observing him.

That is, if there was anybody watching.

The thought of being absolutely alone, naked, crawling and blind began to terrify him as he crept tentatively. Unsure of which way was which, Nicolae moved carefully in all directions at once and managed merely to turn in a small circle. Only the warm spot on the carpet was any sort of reference point for him to triangulate where he started.

The problem was that he didn't know where he was.

His sightlessness was disconcerting on several levels but they all led to the same conclusion: he felt vulnerable and was getting a little angry at the game Roxana seemed to be playing with him. As he twisted and turned, fearful of running into furniture or a wall, Nicolae risked only small movements. As a dancer, he was used to huge movement and wide spaces. The incongruity of his present situation was overwhelming and he felt his breathing quicken and the inhaled air, which had so recently touched him so powerfully, was barely reaching his lungs.

Even though the breeze he felt on his naked skin was warm, Nicolae felt a creeping discomfort swell in his body. Unused to that physical feeling of anxiety, he began to sweat. Soon he was dripping perspiration throughout his skin and apprehension filled his brain. He could focus on only one question.

Where was she?

She had to be there, he knew in his heart, but he could not find her and his lack of power to locate her, touch her, feel her strength or enjoy her comfort drained his recent aroused emotions from him quickly. He wanted her again, to be in her power - - to be handled skillfully and rewarded for his efforts. Suddenly, all his thoughts were replaced by a single need: to find Roxana.

The incoming ocean breezes had all but dissipated her fragrance from the room and Nicolae was unable at that moment to recall her. Her aroma was missing, her strength had vanished, her physical closeness had evaporated and her gentle touch had been ripped from him. Fear rose inside him as he began to be terrified that he would be unable to recapture the all-consuming emotions he cherished while tasting her boots and fulfilling one of his life's fantasies.

Tears welled in his eyes under the blindfold and short but violent sobs wracked his chest. An uninvited moan of despair escaped his lips. Desperate beyond reason, Nicolae dropped his head to the carpet and gave in to the weeping that came from deep inside his soul.

Her voice broke his abject solitude.

"Kneel for me," she spoke in an unemotional voice that seemed to expect his compliance.
Exhilarated to find her once again, Nicolae accepted her instruction and fulfilled her anticipation.

He inhaled her fragrance as she approached. Stepping behind him, Roxana quickly applied leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and in a surprisingly deft manner, hooked the two sets of cuffs together. Forced to bend backwards slightly and arch his back, Nicolae felt himself even more exposed and defenseless to whatever she had in mind. Even though he trusted her and wanted her with quiet desperation, he felt a gnawing sense of fear invade his heart.
Reviewing his day in mere mental seconds, Nicolae tried to figure out how he had come to be where he was: naked, kneeling, shackled, and totally blind.
The suddenness of her fingers touching his chest snapped his thoughts back to reality. Eager to feel her warmth and closeness, he succumbed to her both mentally and physically before he felt her fingers take his nipples and press hard. The sudden throbbing across his chest rushed through him and he yelped without thinking.
Had he not been sightless, he would have seen her smile.
Her fingers pulled at his nipples incessantly, and he struggled to stay upright against her assault. As she drew him toward her, he felt his body fight both to give in to whatever she wanted and also to not fall over in abject embarrassment. When she drew him up, he fought to comply. As her fingers pulled first to one side then another, Nicolae grimaced and silently concentrated on simply remaining erect and on his knees while following the direction her fingers moved him.
Her silence deafened him. Finally, her voice broke through the mist of confusion that had settled inside his mind.
"You're a good boy," she spoke appreciatively and filled his heart. "You are my sweet boy," she concluded and fell silent again.
It was enough for him. Her words encouraged him, filled him, and gave him the solace he needed to reaffirm that he was giving her what she wanted. Although he could not name what that intangible gift was, he knew that she was taking it with approval and appreciation and that filled him with satisfaction and urged him to give her more.
Her fingers suddenly became significantly tighter and Nicolae realized from the feel of cold metal that clips had been applied to his nipples. Excruciating pain filled his senses and he battled merely to withstand it. With equal abruptness, the warm thoughts of her acceptance of his gift were replaced with the bitter reality of torture she inflicted on him. Roxana's ability to move him between those two realms shifted him from comfort to agony in mere seconds.
"Open your lips," she instructed and without considering why, Nicolae obeyed.
Pressing his head toward his chest, she placed a chain between his lips. "Don't let it slip and don't let it fall from your mouth," she ordered harshly yet petted his damp hair.
Nicolae knew that if he accomplished nothing else that day, he would not allow the chain to move or drop. That was his only goal; it had become his clear focus. All thoughts of reality evaporated and his full awareness coalesced on the cold taste of metal chain between his lips. Ignoring the pain from the nipple clips, he concentrated on his lips, teeth, and tongue and the task of keeping the chain exactly where Roxana had placed it.
"Let's see how good a boy you can be," she spoke a little more softly. "And let's see how you enjoy suffering for me."
Nicolae heard the words but did not comprehend them. His entire being - - his soul, his mind, and his body - - were fully involved with the chain between his lips. Roxana's smile broadened as she watched him accept her direction without trying to predict her next move. Stroking his hair once more, she petted him as if he were a toy. Then her hands moved toward his stiff shaft.
When he felt her fingers touch his hard skin, Nicolae groaned audibly but never heard the noise his own voice made. Because his concentration was fully involved in holding the chain carefully in his mouth, the sounds of his own voice escaped his perception. Roxana drank in his passion and made it her own.
With one hand still on his erect organ, she pushed his head up and backward and forced a louder wail to escape his throat as the chain drew his incarcerated nipples to a new and more intense level of agony. His noise was music to her, as his suffering became her symphony.
"You are my very sweet boy," she hissed in his ear and suddenly Nicolae felt the pain's intensity lessen as his body began to enjoy her soothing voice and disregard everything else that affected him. "My very sweet boy," she whispered and in that magical moment, Nicolae felt a strong urge to endure even more pain for her so that she would whisper those words he required directly into his ear and heart.
Her voice: it was his only focus. Somehow, Nicolae knew that he would bear anything she could do to him if only she would speak those words one more time.
Roxana recognized his new understanding moments before Nicolae began to come to terms with it, and she reveled in the ideas that filled her head. Moving his head up and down, she gave him intermittent moments of agony and relief and listened to his rhythmic grunts with joy.
The more he gave her, the more she needed.
Her fingers applied yet another device to his vulnerable body and with precision, Roxana attached two weights to the parachute that now encircled his testicles. Watching him understand what she had done was a joyful experience for her to witness. His face metamorphosed from complete acceptance to newfound terror and Nicolae's passion for more was suddenly replaced by cold reality.
Placing the toe of her boot in the parachute's chain and pressing gently downward, she drew yet another - - and louder - - wail of agony from his throat. Building a tempo
by drawing a hand full of light brown hair and moving his head up and down in a cadence that was drawn directly from her needs, Roxana was filled with Nicolae's moans and suffering groans. When she stopped for brief moments and whispered encouragement into his ear, his face softened from a grimace of agony into an almost angelic simplicity.
He was touching something deep inside her as she touched his fear. She knew that fear and used it.
Removing her hand from his head and her foot from his chains, Roxana left him alone, kneeling and suffering as she contemplated her next move.
Nicolae felt his skin try to explode as she withdrew and he felt bitter loneliness. Finding her again, suffering for her, and being touched by her were the only needs he had. No matter what she did to him, he needed her and that realization, coupled with the knowledge that he would be forced to leave her soon, terrified him.
He had no choice as tears filled his eyes and overflowed the blindfold. Crying from a combination of fear, terror and joy, Nicolae fell into heaving sobs that seemed to come from the depths of his soul. There was no comfort that could assuage his fear or comfort his pain. The multiple levels of agony he experienced were incomprehensible next to the single source of joy that he had known. Losing either or both was unfathomable.

Yet it was his reality.

Nicolae cursed the darkness that was inflicted upon him as well as the terrifying mixture of emotions that caused him an indefinable fusion of jumbled pain and pleasure. As the line between them softened, one became the other and soon they were indistinguishable. Afraid to want more of either because he was unable to differentiate which was which, Nicolae allowed himself to fall deeper and deeper into resignation. Unable to figure a way out of his wanting and needing, he simply existed, kneeling and bound, on the thick carpet.

And he waited, testy and silent.

Roxana watched his emotions surge, rise and fall until she was sure that Nicolae had used up his seeming never-ending supply of logic and defense. Sipping sparkling water and allowing the lemon wedge to stimulate her lips, she simply observed him run through the obstacle course of touching what was really inside himself. What he had to learn, she knew from experience, was a lesson only he could teach himself and only he could learn from himself.

He had come to her with questions and he would soon receive answers different from he expected when he boarded the plane yesterday.

When the agony and joy both disappeared from his face, she removed the parachute, caressed his balls quickly, and then took off the clips that were torturing his nipples. She knew what their removal would do to him, and as he screamed, she rubbed his aching chest gently. Within seconds of recognizing her touch, Roxana watched the combination of joy and agony return to his face, with one replacing the other as she alternated between removing a clip and gentle

rubbing. All the while, she whispered to him.

"You've been such a good boy," she murmured. "Such a sweet boy," she added.

Inside Nicolae, waves of bliss interchanged with ecstasy as he heard her voice and felt her fingers touch his tortured skin. Yet his mind remembered his desperation from mere minutes before and confusion once again filled his head with trepidation. How could he exist, he asked himself silently, without her? And how could he exist, he asked while remembering the sheer torture she inflicted, with her?

He was in the state of confusion in which Roxana wanted him. And it was time.

Pulling him to his feet, she snapped a leash around his cock and balls and led him fairly quickly on a swift walk around the room and then headed toward her goal. The French doors, open to allow the breeze and ocean scent into her home, would serve another of her purposes. Pushing away the sheer curtains, Roxana exposed the secreted hardware and began attaching the naked, panting and very confused visitor securely to the eyebolts that were driven carefully into the wall studs she specified when the addition was done.

Nicolae offered no resistance, partially from his complete fatigue and partially from his gut-level need to continue giving her whatever of him she wanted. His head was filled with burning questions and his body was suffering from meeting the reality of having what he wanted. Whatever she could do to him, he figured silently, paled against what he had just done to himself.

Within a few minutes, Roxana bound Nicolae artfully by his ankles and wrists to four separate eyebolts. With a few adjustments that she made noiselessly, his extremities were pulled taut. His reality proved that the total of his desires was markedly different from the sum of its parts. Even though his thoughts were in a whirlpool of confusion, his body was positioned in the perfect posture of submission.

Roxana's task was to bring Nicolae's incessant logic, his finely tuned attention, and his body together.

Removing his blindfold was an odd combination of pain and pleasure that stunned Nicolae with its intensity. Blinking repeatedly to focus his vision and clear his eyes, he fought to rekindle his visual memory of Roxana. He searched for her with blurred watery eyes and explored the surroundings for her face to comfort his troubled head. As if allowing him to see also opened up his other senses, Nicolae inhaled her fragrance alongside that of the salty ocean air.

Without warning, a stern smack was delivered to his fully exposed ass. Nicolae's mouth and lips betrayed him and he yelped from both surprise and pain. Behind him, Roxana smiled. And then she swatted his tight ass again. The crack of the artfully wielded cane sang through the air before delivering its blow on his virgin skin. Forcing another lyrical shriek of surprise from his lips, she continued her assault on his backside to a silent count of ten.

Ten strokes always made her point.

Stepping in front of his semi-suspended body, Roxana watched his wet face smile as she entered his field of vision. She knew he was flitting between suffering and pleasure with every experience she gave him. Observing him shift from screaming in pain to smiling in relief filled her with the joy that only new discovery could bring.

Roxana wondered how long he could hold out before learning the lesson she was bringing to him. The fun for her was always in the duration.

It was time. She set upon him in earnest.

Replacing the cane with a short flogger, Roxana danced the strands against his skin that glistened in the moonlight and kissed every inch of him with gentle strokes. Listening to him groan and watching him shudder made her feel more alive than she had in months. As he tried to dodge the impending blow with his body sturdily affixed to unyielding bolts, he performed a new dance for her; one he had never been driven to perform before.

Only the dance that emanates from the soul has meaning.

Attacking him next with a short strap, she violated his inner thighs and moved dangerously close to his still stiff cock yet never touched it with the hard leather. Nicolae watched her hand with sheer concentration as if his intent stare alone could impede the strap's landing on his shaft or balls. His level of attentiveness on her hand and the strap within it was pure passion of want and Roxana inched closer to his genitals.

Nicolae had managed to suspend his disbelief in that series of swats she placed so close to but never upon his cock. He knew that she would never injure him but he was simultaneously filled with the dread that her hand could slip and his agony would overtake whatever control he still managed to exercise over his growing fear.

Then she reached for a long whip and the remnants of his restraint fled. Nicolae howled with fear and the sounds that he emitted echoed over the ocean and dissipated soundlessly into the blue water. Simply petrified to his core, Nicolae was unable to contain it any longer and shrieked long and hard before succumbing to exhaustion. She had yet to raise the whip.

Hanging from his wrist cuffs and anchored by his ankle restraints, he was empty of feeling, of fear, of joy, of emotion save for one. Inexplicably, he wanted to give this to her. He simply had no idea what 'this' was. Tears of exhaustion flowed down his face and sobs wracked his body. Beyond confused, Nicolae could not figure out what this woman wanted of him and, after shedding his last ounce of logic, he gave in to the not knowing and resigned himself to suffering whatever Roxana insisted upon inflicting.

His body shuddered and his erect cock danced with a sudden vibration. Lifting his head and staring straight ahead into the black nothingness of the dark ocean, he felt frightened to his core yet oddly free.


Her voice was clear. "Suffer for me, sweet boy," she cooed and his soul, wrung out from the experiences of this most unusual day, drank in each syllable like a dry sponge absorbing water. It filled him, enlarged him, and made him complete.

Walking behind him, as if to torture him yet once more by removing herself from his sight, she lifted the whip. Her expert skill made it crack but never landed the blow on his naked back.

His face never moved. He didn't shiver or shudder or try to evade its bite. Nicolae stood on solid feet and held on with strong arms in acceptance of her requirement for him, whatever the form in which it was expressed. Whether the whip landed on his back or missed completely didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Only the omnipresent need for her pleasure and satisfaction with him became his benchmarks.

Roxana cracked the whip again and Nicolae didn't flinch. A third crack and a third stoic response to the fearful sound convinced her that he had learned and accepted the lesson that mere words could never impart.

He learned what his meaning was. And what it was called.

Surrender. Greater than submission, more elevated than want, more powerful than need, deeper than desire and more profound than any conversation, chat or phone call, Nicolae had touched his submission and surrendered to it and to her in authenticity.

And it seemed so clear to him. It was what he had been built for - - why he was put on the earth. Her voice, her approval, and her appreciation were the only things that mattered. The whip, still gripped in her fist, meant nothing. It was there merely to endure to achieve a higher purpose.

Roxana walked around him and studied his confident form.

"My sweet boy," she said as she rested her palm on his cheek, "you understand." It wasn't a question or a lesson. Roxana's words were a simple statement of fact.

Shrinking from his reverie and re-entering the world of reality, Nicolae managed to nod in agreement. More pleased than she had been in months, Roxana whispered warmth into his ear and began to help him rejoin the real world. With slow encouragement, she drew him mentally into the room, the carpet, the warm ocean breeze and the single chair into which she hoped he would soon fall.

Roxana unhooked his ankles first, but Nicolae never moved. Even when she released his wrists, he stood tall with his arms raised, as if in victory over an unseen and unknown but conquered foe. Dropping the whip and taking his neck in her arms, she guided him into the room, back to the place where he could be shielded and protected while he recovered from his arduous experience of happiness and bliss. They sat together, his face on her neck, his sound of his breathing punctuating the silence. Her fingers dropped to his still hard shaft and stroked it gently. He responded immediately to her touch.

As she helped him feel the reality of touch and the pleasure of friendship, Roxana asked him the single important question one more time.

"Where do you want to go?" she inquired gently.
Nicolae's lips moved against her neck as words began to form.

"Where I was," he stated simply and added, "Where I am."
Her fingers were wet with his juices and slid along him with ease. Suddenly, he burst into her hand with a violent full body shudder, and growled softly against her neck. For an eternity, his lips filled her skin with the vibrations of his relief. Kissing his wet hair and damp eyes, Roxana held him tightly and knew that he understood.


Submitted by Launfal Moorsider

What can I give,you ask?
What can I offer?
I know it's not all about me, I just need a reminder once in a while.
And I don't care what anyone says, I'm not an attention whore dammit!
But what I have to give is:
A faithful heart to my Mistress: I've never strayed from you even though it seems like you're pushing me away, this one is like the cat you fed once, he's never going away
Patience: not trying to get her attention because I know that she has all of us in her keeping, and will wait to come when called
Quietly waiting at her side, not butting in, just hoping that she will brush my cheek with her hand or mess with my hair.
Courage: Yes, I will guard you and defend you and our family even if it means losing my life. My will belongs to you and I will fight no matter what the odds
Tenderness: Mistress has a lot of stress, she has so much to deal with, lie down my lady, let me rub your feet until you feel that you can float upon them again, there, now moving to your neck and shoulders, let's get all of that tension out, feels the tense worried muscles, like knots on a rope, just breathe deeply my Mistress, get some oxygen in there.
And my beloved slave sisters (I have 2), I'm always watching out for you and if anyone gives you a hard time I WILL KICK THERE ASS INTO THE NEXT COUNTY!!!


Submitted anonymously by a submissive of the Dominion

I only had one more week to wait, and I would be able to complete my assignment. One more week and the years of training and preparation would be fulfilled.

One more week and I would have my target in my sights, and a single high velocity bullet would bring the most powerful man in the world to a … timely … end.

I had become accustomed to spending my early evening at a nice Irish bar not far from where I had been living for the last few months. This particular evening I noticed a rather attractive Lady sitting at the bar not far from my usual table. During the course of the evening I tried not to let my surreptitious glances become too obvious and my squirming in my seat be too evident, but She was lovely – my, was She lovely.

The following evening I was at the bar just a little earlier than usual, hoping to see the Lady again. I glanced up to the door as every visitor arrived, and I was beginning to wonder if I would see the Lady again. I was about to abandon any hope for that evening, when She walked through the door. I was not quick enough to hide the broad smile play quickly across my lips at the pleasure of seeing Her arrive, and I hope that She didn’t notice. The gentle welcoming smile that she sent in my direction suggested that She had seen. I blushed gently, and I found my cock starting to respond involuntarily.

As She settled Herself down at the bar I found myself getting to my feet, and despite my better judgement I walked over to the bar to order a refill. While I was there I could not help but notice Her lovely perfume, very distinctive - although I didn’t recognise the make I would know that perfume again for sure.

I ordered my pint and shyly looked over to the Lady. “… and whatever the Lady is having” I concluded in placing my order with the barman. Thanking me for the drink, She suggested that we move back over to my table and in a sultry sexy voice suggested that I could perhaps be permitted to chat with Her for a little while. A curious turn of phrase I thought, but I got to sit near Her and chat for a while, so I wasn’t too concerned.

It seemed that we had only just started chatting and my pint was hardly touched, when She excused Herself and said that She would have to leave. Before leaving however, She asked if I was likely to be there the following day, to which I (rather too eagerly) indicated that I would be. My arousal from sitting so close to such a beautiful Lady would have been too evident if I tried to leave, so I slowly finished my drink and then left for home.

The next evening I had Her drink already ordered and waiting for Her when She arrived at the bar. She entered the room and glanced around, not looking in my direction, yet started walking towards my table without having looked my way. She just KNEW that I would be there, waiting for Her, and I suspected that She might also know that my cock grew harder with each step that She took in my direction.

When She came to sit down at the table Her perfume filled my nostrils and I gazed up to Her as She stood by the chair next to mine. I swallowed hard and then quickly jumped to my feet pulling the chair out to allow Her to sit, which She did. As She sat She turned Her head and looked directly at the tent now formed in my pants, and let Her gaze linger there as a slow smile formed on Her lips, before She looked up to my face which was a deep shade of red now.

She took one sip of Her drink, and said “I think that you should follow me” in Her sweet sexy voice, and I didn’t hesitate, nor did I even give another thought to the drinks that we left behind. She made a quick exit from the bar room, and I had to quickly collect my coat from the rack, then hurry after Her. As I exited I didn’t see Her since She had turned a corner, but I heard the click, click, of Her heels so scurried after the sound. I caught up with Her, yet She didn’t appear to notice me at all, and merely continued on Her way, with me following like an obedient puppy.

When we arrived at Her apartment She opened the door and motioned for me to go into a side room, which I quickly did. The artwork in this room was all very erotic, and it simply heightened my now all too evident arousal, so I tried to sit in such a way as to conceal my swelling erection. When She entered the room, She had removed Her coat, and was wearing quite a revealing outfit, and motioned for me to stand. “I wanted to thank you for your kindness in buying me a drink yesterday” She said in Her sultry tone. As She motioned for me to stand, I blushed as my arousal was too evident, and moaned softly as She placed Her warm slender arms around my neck, and placed a delicate kiss on the end of my nose.

“I want you to go upstairs and enter the room to the right of the hallway there, remove your socks and shoes, and wait for me” She instructed in Her authoritative tone. I did exactly as instructed and went to the room, noticing that there was an exquisite four poster bed and a wooden chair in the room. A few minutes later She entered the room, and gave me a lovely smile. Sitting on the bed She motioned for me to come over to Her side, and She wrapped Her arms around my waist. Placing another kiss on my belt, She slipped Her fingers under the belt buckle and unfastened it, as She slid Her fingers up along my torso. My moans were increasing in volume as my cock was by now rock hard and attempting to escape the confines of my clothing, which the Lady was now helping me with!

My cock sprung throbbing into the coolness of the room as She lowered my pants and boxers to the floor, and I felt Her warm breath caress it’s length as I felt some precum forming on the tip. She stood then to slip my shirt from my quivering torso and placed it neatly to one side with my pants, leaving me quite naked and horny. She started kissing my thigh, then skirting my eager cock continued up my torso leaving glistening lip marks from Her lip gloss all the way up my skin, until She found my neck, and gently took my earlobe between Her lips, and then gave the tip of my ear a little nip. That was when my knees started to give way, and She pressed me back gently onto the bed.

I fell back eagerly, and quite unable to respond in any other manner. I laid back onto the bed as She continued to run Her hands over my skin and kiss my neck, and then felt Her fingers entwined in Hers as She held them over my head. I was in heaven and hornier than I could ever remember, so I didn’t struggle as She wrapped my wrists in something warm and tight. She seemed to want me to lie quite still as She started kissing down my body, and I was panting heavily as She pressed Her lips just to the side of my cock, and then moaned loudly as She touched my balls with the tip of Her tongue. Kisses found their way down my thighs and soon She had placed a kiss on each of my toes.

I felt Her wrap each of my ankles in something warm and tight, and tried not to squirm as She continued to caress my skin – I had never been so turned on as I was right then, I was moaning and squirming and writhing on the top of Her bed. I was so wrapped up in my arousal I didn’t notice Her flick a switch on the side of the bed, and it was only when I felt my wrists and ankles being pulled to the sides of the bed that I wondered what was happening. I was being slowly pulled into the centre of the bed, and in moments found myself spread-eagled on the soft covers.

I started to tug on the shackles as they tightened, and soon I found that I was stretched out, just as I found Her face coming into my view, with a sneering grin starting to cross Her face. “Comfy, pet” She asked as I looked through the aroused mist that fogged my gaze. “You are going to get accustomed to the ceiling in this room over then next few days – just until your assignment is found to have been missed. Then I’ll reset the alarm that I disabled earlier and it will inform the authorities know that this building appears to have had a break in. I expect that you will not have to serve too long, certainly not more than a few years for breaking into the senator’s holiday home. Enjoy your short stay, bye for now.”

The Trial

Submitted by chattel Losee

for everybody else it is a game, for chattel - it isn't. it has been a whiner and now it's time for its punishment.
The court room is full, Miss Evangeline is reading the disclaimer, that this is for fun and should be taken lightly. She doesn't think about an insignificance exception, The beast.
The RL beast starts to shiver, all the boys that are put on trial wait in their places as he's inserted to a cage.
Beast mind starts to race, not knowing how long it will be when the Ladies will have enough of him and send him to bed.

When it's chattel turn to stand for trial it seems that the atmosphere changes. The boys lawyer does not seem to notice and tries to pull a joke as an excuse for chattel deeds. That seem to make matters allot worse for chattel.

when chattel tries to be expressive he's accused with being a whiner
and when he is silent he's a sleeper or spoiled. it seems that whatever he does he just can't make it right. but is it for real? is he such a loser? can he not become better even if he tried? or maybe it's just a part of the mind fucking game that is played on him. chattel feels he's trying very hard. when he doesn't it is noticeable and corrected immediately. chattel fears his punishments very much so he really tries. perhaps he doesn't try hard enough. Perhaps by definition it can never be enough.
The thought causes chattel a strong feeling of frustration. chattel is confused by whole of this penetrating so deeply into him and moving him genuinely.

All along the trial of chattel crowd is raging, chattel is being called names, laughed at and humiliated by crowd, judges are given original ideas of how he should be punished. Almost every time. The beast is shaking in RL, feeling so inferior.

The humiliated beast is in a state of shock and fear. At this point beast mind becomes numb, the technical lag ads to his confusion and he misses the verdict.

When his senses come back to him he finds himself back in the cell.
Feeling very submissive and very excited to this real evidence of his being so pathetic and laughable.

chattel fear and owe to his better fills him with desire to be useful. to become better for the next time. he likes his treatment harsh as it is, but also feel frustrated when his effort is not being appreciate. But would appreciation be good for him or maybe a turn off. chattel tries to focus just on himself, to concentrate at what he would like it to be like exactly, what would be most ideal for him. chattel can't tell anymore what he wants exactly. And what does he really need? The Superior Ladies know better than him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Becoming Hers

Submitted by Heather Steampunk

I never really liked going to bars. The music is always too loud to have a decent conversation with anyone. Tonight was no different, some girl was yelling in my ear but I couldn’t make out what she was blabbing about. So I just nodded occasionally to her and pretended to be interested. I was a bit shocked when she screamed in my ear and I looked at her. What the hell do you want? She gestured with her hands; I assumed she was asking if I wanted something to drink. I just nodded, hoping that she would be smart enough to figure out on her own what I wanted and needed. No coke, no water, I needed alcohol to make this an interesting evening. I watched her walking towards the bar and a fake smile spread across my face when she held up a coke. Rule number 1, no more blondes. When she returned she handed me the coke, I don’t think she even noticed the look I gave her.

I excused myself as I handed her the coke and motioned towards the bathroom. I didn’t even care if she watched me going in the opposite direction. I opened the door and stood outside, finding my cigarettes. As I lighted my cigarette I looked around me and sighed. This was going to be a long evening. I only came along to please my friend Christi. Earlier that evening when she called she promised she wouldn’t leave me behind and it would be a girl’s night out. But as usual she flirted with some girl and was on the dance floor now.

A light tap on my shoulder startled me and I turned around. “You look like you could use a real drink” the unknown woman said as she handed me vodka. I smiled and took the drink from her. “Thanks” was all that I managed to say. “My pleasure, I was amused with the scene inside. I guess some blondes will never learn hm?” She chuckled lightly and pointed to my cigarette. “Think I may borrow one from you? I left mine inside and I do not really feel like going back in there now.” I didn’t speak and held out my package for her. As she reached for a cigarette I couldn’t help but stare at her hands, they were slender and well manicured. “If it isn’t too much to ask ... could you light it as well?” Her eyes captured mine and I blushed, cursing myself for not having any manners. “Of course”, I said as I lit her cigarette. She extended her hand to me “I’m Brigid.” A light smile spread across my face, “Heather”, was all I said.

We stood in silence for a while, just enjoying our cigarettes and the fresh air outside. We started talking about nothing in particular. She was a few years older than me but she knew how to keep my attention. After what seemed like only a few minutes she had to go. When I checked my watch I was surprised to see that three hours had passed. We said our goodbyes and I went home.
The next morning Christi called. “Where the hell did you go?!” She sounded agitated but she wasn’t really, she probably felt guilty that she left me alone. “I went home after I saw you finding a target for the evening.” “Well she was a dumb slut, but at least I was entertained for a little while. I am going back tomorrow and you are coming with, it is about time you find a new obsession.” I sighed, Christi always did this to me, dragging me along to places I really did not want to go, but it was hard to tell her no, she was good friend and when she did spend time with me we had a hell lot of fun. So I agreed to meet het at the bar at 10 the next evening.

Brigid hadn’t crossed my mind until I set foot in the bar again. The blonde was there again but luckily she didn’t see me. I felt no need to explain to her why I had disappeared the other night. I ordered a beer and sat down at a table and after about ten minutes Christi came walking in. My eyebrow raised, Christi wasn’t alone. I sighed, thinking this would be another one of those nights. Christi introduced her friend to me and winked. I rolled my eyes. Leave it up to Christi to set me up with another blonde. I tried to pay attention to their conversation, but Christi and her friend seemed to hit it off better with just the two of them. I leaned in closer to Christi and told her I was going to get another drink.

I stood at the bar for a while being ignored by the bartender when the blonde from yesterday came walking towards me. “You are a fucking cunt.” She obviously had too much whiskey. “Why is that,” I asked her, not really interested in the answer. “You left me here alone, I had to pay for your drinks and you just fucking left me here.” She pointed her finger towards me, trying to impress me. I reached into my pocket and found a five dollar bill; I grabbed her hand and gave her the five dollars. “Here, that should be enough for the coke, now go be drunk somewhere else.” I said but she didn’t seem to be impressed at all. I wasn’t really impressed with her either and I chuckled as I thought ‘we do have something in common!’

I felt a warm hand slip around my waist and I heard a dark husky voice whisper in my ear: “she giving you any trouble?” For some reason her whispering voice was louder than the music that was playing and my heart skipped a beat. I smiled knowing it was Brigid standing behind me. I leaned my head back and said: “She is just a little drunk, nothing I cannot handle.” Her grip on my wait tightened and she leaned over the bar. The bartender came immediately and before I knew it I had the beer in my hands I had been waiting for. The blonde was still yelling at me so I decided to just ignore her. I turned around to face Brigid and I swallowed hard. Yesterday I didn’t really notice her, but today it was hard to not notice her. Her red locks curled around her shoulders and she wore a black dress. My eyes wondered over her body and I licked my lips without realizing it. She chuckled and brushed her finger over my lips as she leaned in closer as she whispered in my ear “How about a dance little one?” My throat felt dry instantly and my heart started beating faster as I heard those words: little one. I just nodded and she took me by the hand as she guided me to the dance floor.

Her arms slipped around my neck as a slow song started to play. Her body pressed against mine and I wrapped my arms around her waist. For a brief moment I closed my eyes and I could smell her perfume. We danced for a while without speaking. Our dance got slower and slower and I could feel her press into me. Her hands trailed down my back and I felt the shivers down my spine. I didn’t dare to look up to her. Her mouth moved closer to mine and at that moment I wanted nothing more but to taste those full gorgeous lips. I leaned in closer but she pulled away. I was disappointed and lowered my head again. Her fingers lifted up my chin and her eyes were piercing through my soul as she slowly said: “All in good time Heather.”

I couldn’t speak to her; she had me mesmerized so I just nodded to her. I don’t know how many minutes or hours went by when she whispered in my ear: “You are coming home with me right now and I am not even going to ask you for permission.” My heart started beating in my chest and I could feel my clit throbbing. I didn’t care about giving her permission; I wanted to go with her. She grabbed my hand and took me to her car, we drove in silence for about twenty minutes and then she guided me up the stairs to her house.

“Sit,” she ordered me and I sat down in a chair. She sat on the couch across me and just looked at me. I felt excited and uncomfortable at the same time. We must have sat there for thirty minutes in silence when she spoke in soft tone. “If I would ask you to come here and sit by me on the floor, would you do it Heather?” Her eyes captivated me, they spoke of trust and even though I did not knew her that long or that well, I trusted her. So I did what she asked and I started walking towards her. As I wanted to sit down she cleared her throat, “I do mean on your knees Heather.” There was no question this time and her tone got more serious as she added a “now” to it. I did as she asked and got on my knees. She smiled down at me as I looked up to her curiously. “Heather, there are several ways to sit on your knees. One is with your legs closed, that means you are taken and only interested in conversation. The other one ….” She paused and lifted my chin. “The other one is with your legs spread, it means that you are available in anyway. Do you understand this?” I didn’t answer her but I spread my legs wishing I hadn’t worn a skirt. I was sure if she wanted to look she could see my soaked panties. A smile spread on her face, “good girl.”

I felt shy in her presence. I felt like a completely different person as a thousand questions went through my head. Is she … am I …? Even in my head I didn’t dare to finish those questions so I decided to go with the flow. At least I would be entertained for a while, or I would entertain her, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at the moment.

‘Do you always listen this well little one?” I laughed and immediately regretted it when a firm look spread on her face. “If you think this is all a joke you may get up right now and leave.” I felt guilty and lowered my head. “Now, if you can take this serious, you may answer me now.” I spoke softly not wanting to disappoint her. “I am not known for listening well, I might even be a brat, but I guess I can listen well.” I hesitantly added: “to you.” She grimaced. “Good answer.” Her hands stroke lightly through my hair and I felt butterflies doing a little dance in my stomach. Out of the blue she slapped me across the face and without thinking about it I thanked her. My god, what the hell am I doing? “Well, well, well, look at that. She knows how to react properly. You have no idea how much that pleases me.” I swallowed, I never did this before but it excited me and I felt ashamed, a light blush spread across my cheeks. “Let me tell you something about me Heather, I think you have earned that.” She spoke in a soft tone telling me about her being a Mistress. I listened intensely to her not wanting to miss one word that she spoke. “From now on I want you to refer to me as Miss; do you think you can do that little one?” I nodded and huskily added: “yes Miss.”

We sat in silence and once in a while she would stroke her hand through my hair. “Stay right here and do not move,” she said as she stood up. She was gone for about five minutes when she came back and stood in the door post. “Stand up and follow me.” I did as she asked and followed her into a room and my eyes grew big as I saw what kind of room we were in. “You like?” She asked as she saw my face. “I am not sure yet Miss.” I answered as honestly as I could. “Oh but you do, you are just not ready to admit it yet.” I looked at her and said nothing. “Come here and spread your arms.” I looked to where she pointed and I saw a cross in the middle of the room. I hesitantly stood in front of the cross and spread my arms. Two cuffs were placed around my hands. “Spread you legs.” Again I did as she demanded and I spread my legs. Two cuffs were placed around my ankles as well. I swallowed hard and she stroked my cheek. “I will not do anything you do not want me to do. Do you trust me?” I looked her straight in the eyes and nodded. “Good girl,” was all she said as she grabbed something from a wall I couldn’t see. “Now pay attention because this is important, when you feel like I am doing something that goes completely against your own will I want you to say the word ‘red’. This will tell me I am taking it too far. Do you understand that?” I nodded, unable to speak.

She moved closer to me and pulled my head back. She chuckled and pressed her body into mine. My breathing fastened as her tongue traced my neck up to my jaw. “You like that hm?” I groaned, wanting more and I felt my clit pulsating as she sucked on my earlobe. Her hand moved between my breasts over my clothing and my nipples hardened at her touch. “You do like this, I am pleased.” Her teeth sank in my earlobe and she bit softly while her hand found my hard nipple and she pinched it between her thumbs and index finger. A soft moan escaped my throat and I pressed against her body. “Look at me Heather.” I did as she asked and gasped as I saw what she was hiding in her hand. “Remember you have your safe word.” I tried to speak but I lost all control over it so I just nodded. In her hand she held nipple clamps. Her hands started to unbutton my shirt until my bra and breasts were exposed to her. Her fingertip traced along my cleavage and she moaned approvingly. “Very nice little one, very nice.” I bit on my lip as she unhooked the bra and I chuckled as she grunted. “I guess I chained you up a little too early.” She unhooked me and removed the shirt and bra from me leaving me fully exposed in front of her. I spread my arms again and she smiled.”You are getting the hang of this, very good.” When I was hooked up again she lowered her mouth and I gasped as she blew hot breath on my nipple, making it even more hardened. Her lips closed around my nipple and I could feel her tongue flicking over it. A deep moan left my mouth as she sucked on the nipple and continued to do the same to the other one.

Her head moved up to mine and she bit on my lower lip as she pinched one nipple and rolled it between her fingers. I wanted to have her mouth on me so badly and I opened my mouth a little. “Patient, girl, be patient.” She put the nipple clamp on one nipple first and it hurt, but it felt so good. She continued to the same to the other nipple and she looked up. “You ok?” I smiled and answered” yes Miss.” She walked away after she checked the clamps were attached firmly and she returned with a leather whip. It wasn’t a long whip, but it had several leather straps. She let it slide through her hands and I swallowed hard. That looks like it is going to hurt. She stepped closer as she continues to let the whip slide through her hand. She flicked it once letting me get acquainted with the sound. “Are you ready little one?” I just nodded to her and closed my eyes. I heard the menacing sound of the whip sweeping through the air and it was followed by a sharp sound. The leather hit against my nipple and I felt pain. It wasn’t the excruciating pain that I had expected but it still hurt like hell and a ‘motherfucker’ escaped my mouth. She smiled and said: “I will forgive you for that one, since you have never done this before, but I do not want to hear that again, understood.” I nodded and added: “yes Miss.” With elegance she let it sweep through the air again and it hit my other nipple. Soon she had a rhythm and slowly but hard enough it cracked against my nipple one at a time. I could feel myself getting drenched and I moaned louder. My heart was beating in my throat and I held my breath. “Breath little one, I don’t want you to pass out on me, such shame that would be.” I inhaled sharply as one of the clamps fell off when she continued lashing the whip. “Hm, I guess that wasn’t attached properly, let’s try that again.” She attached carefully and the back of hand stroke against my cheek. Her mouth moved closer to mine and I could feel her hot breath against my lips. Her tongue traced my lips and she slowly entered my mouth. When I tried to catch her tongue she pulled back.
She laughed and made a sound with her tongue. “Want me that badly, hm?” A loud “yes” came from my mouth and I was surprised. I really did want her badly. She tucked on the nipple clamps and I moaned long. Her hands moved lower, tracing my belly until she reached my skirt. She unzipped it and it fell down on the ground. I blushed hard, soon she was going to find out how wet she made me and I was not sure if that was even allowed. She whistled. “Just exactly how much are you enjoying this?” She chuckled and stroke over my panties once with her fingers. She took a step back again and got a different toy. It was a flogger. She let it run through her fingers again and grinned evilly. She flogged it against my chest, my breasts and lower to my stomach. Each lash felt so good and it made me wetter than I thought I could possible get. “You are taking this quite well and such a beautiful body you have, I am so very pleased with you.” I smiled at her and she threw the flogger away. Again she moved closer and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. She licked my throat and I was sure she would feel my raging heartbeat. Her hand scratched down my stomach leaving red welts behind that made me wiggle. She pulled at the panties until they fell down as well. I gasped as I felt her finger running through my wet folds and I couldn’t tell if she moaned or if I did. She circled my clit so ever slowly and I grunted. I wanted her to fuck me, touch me and own me. I wanted to cum for her and I wasn’t sure how long I could stand it before exploding. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue explored mine and I offered her my tongue. I trembled as we kissed, or as she kissed me, her tongue danced with mine and when I least expected it her fingers entered me. I gasped for air and started moaning uncontrollable. “You are going to cum when I tell you and not a second before that.” It wasn’t a question and I obeyed her. She bends her knees a little as she let go of my mouth pulling on the nipple clamps and they came off. The pleasure was indescribable as she covered my nipple with her mouth and sucked hard on it. I thought I would cum right then and there as I felt her thumbs rub over my clit, her fingers moving in and out of me. She let go of one nipple and sucked on the other, gripping it with her teeth and pulling on it slowly. My clit was throbbing and I begged her to let me cum, thrusting her fingers in and out of me she began rubbing my clit faster. I could hardly stand on my legs and tilted my head back. “Fuck yes,” I moaned and then she stopped and she pulled her fingers out of me.

“You may cum, but you will cum the way I desire you to cum.” She licked down my stomach and I gasped as I realized what she was about to do. She sat down in front of me on her knees, legs spread and she moaned loudly. I trembled when I felt her tongue going through my welt folds and her fingers moved back in me. Slamming hard into me her tongue flicked over my clit. She sucked my clit as hard as she could into her mouth and I was bucking my hips against her mouth and hands. “Cum little one.” She didn’t have to ask again. I let out an exasperated moan as my clit exploded as she continued to lick me, her fingers still moving in and out of me. Slowly she removed her fingers out of me and I collapsed forward. “Good girl,” was all she said as she unchained me. She guided me to the bed and lay me down. We both panted and her hand ran through my hair. As I could feel myself being exhausted from what just happened and drifting off in a deep sleep, I heard her say: “you will make an excellent pet.”