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Impromptu Confessions 9/28/13

26 Spankings

It is time, the spankings.
The first, for the first year of life.
Same for the second, third... forth
The fifth, extra hard,
you have been alive for half a decade.
Six, Seven, Eight,
Growing up, sometimes you have been a bad boy
Nine...Ten, up to a decade!
Elven, twelve, thirteen,
they come fast, hard.
Fourteen, fifteen sixteen!
We are getting close,
Seventeen, you beg me to go faster,
Eighteen, nineteen, slow, careful
Twenty, and nice pink cheeks
Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three,
hard, fast, and you scream and laugh
Twenty-Four, and two more to go!
Twenty-Five, how old you are now!
And Twenty-Six, for one more year to go.

  Happy birthday My Boy!


I'm fucking horny.


There once was a puppy named kel
It's really kelvin but oh well
Kel's easier to rhyme
And I didn't have time
To write something great that would sell


Had a really nice dream about my boy the other night, it was pretty hot. I think we should start using sounds soon!


Today I am reminded how life is really short, whether you live 1 day or 100 years, it is fleeting. Hug those around you a bit more, make time to be there for them. Give and spread love wherever you can. Make your mark on this world, and make it count! So in my attempt at doing just that, I want  one person in this room to know I will forever love him. He brings my life so much light, laughter and love. His squeals of pain make my heart sing, his smile makes me melt and his beautiful submission makes me proud. We will figure things out in our time and our way, but until then, I look forward to each new day because he is a part of it.

And to the rest of you, you each have impacted me in some way, whether it be big of small, and I am proud to call you my friends.


Laughter is sexy.

And my boy makes me laugh every day.  He's so bright, so witty, and knows me so well.

It brightens my day, relieves my stress, and makes me love and want him even more.

I never knew that humor would be so much a part if my D/s.  So much a gift of renewal that my boy gives me.  Being long distance, it is his way of taking care of me, and I love him for it.


Time is the friend to show who and what is right.
As things grow time sort out good from bad, and fantasy from needs and deeds.

Summer Time by Chattel

With the first signs of autumn - Summer came back to me.

It has been a long draining heat, the sun was beating hard. But I was cold and there was no summer.

Nowdays the wind is blowing in the twilight again, and my Summer is back.

Her image dancing ever so slowly. The sun sets behind her on the beach as she seems to defy space and time.

How can I let her go, I think to myself as she smiles to me. As if hearing my thoughts she puts her finger to her lips - hushing me, reassuring.

Her soothing voice whispers in my ear - "Relax my baby, everything is going to be fine. We are together - again".

Winter is coming... I feel the chills.
And It's summer time.

Help me, help me, help me sail away,
Well give me two good reasons why I oughta stay.
Cause I love to live so pleasantly,
Live this life of luxury,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
In the summertime
In the summertime
In the summertime

This is How Car Accidents Happen by Lady Danika

"This is How Car Accidents Happen"
by Danika Stonesoul Wolfe

"This is how car accidents happen you know..." he said

She laughed.  They were both wearing seat belts, but she'd reached across the center of the seat to push the tips of her fingers against the fly of his jeans and traced the bulge under the denim.  "Keep your eye on the road, Pet."

He stared ahead, both hands on the wheel.  She reached for the button on his jeans, flicked it, then pressed her nail against the rivet and tugged until it popped and she used that hand to slide the zipper down... down... the blue material peeling away like a second skin.

Her nails were long, curved and strong and she tapped the enamel of one against the bulge of his briefs. He blinked and groaned. "Eyes ahead," she reminded him, before reaching through the small flap in the soft material to draw out his cock, the straining member coming to attention when she did so.  She curled her long fingers over his shaft and tugged, the silken skin sliding easily against her palm and reddening, engorging.  She watched him as he clenched his jaw, his lower lip trembling slightly as he strained with the effort to keep his hands on the wheel and the car straight.

It was mid day and traffic was slow. They passed an intersection and a semi truck towered in the lane to the right of them. She gave the driver a wink as he looked down from the cab.  He was older and bearded yet she saw him blush, and turn to face forward, eyes ahead on traffic. She laughed, a lyric, gleeful sound and turned back to HER driver, thrusting his cock a little more firmly into her cupped palm which was now slickened with his pre-cum.

The zipper of his jeans grate against her wrist and she leaned slightly toward him to ease the tension in her arm, squeezing his shaft a little harder than necessary. He let out a breathy moan and tapped the break. "The road," she reminds him, chuckling.  He nodded, but his groans continued as she worked him and his knuckles were white now on the steering wheel.

He cleared his throat and she smiled, watching his jaw twitch again.  She tugged with her hand.  His shaft was hard, the muscle tensed and pulsing in her hand and she brushed her thumb over the ridged tip before sliding her hand down again until it hit the thresh-hold of his jeans fabric.  "Mistress..." His breathy plea was met with a low moan of her own and she licked her lip. And then he spoke again. "I don't have a change of clothes... Please, Mistress... not here."

She leaned to the side, the seatbelt cutting into her left breast and pushed down harder, slicking her hand and pressing upwards again, her hand thrusts increasing in tempo until he raised his hips upward despite the restraining belt and she had to remind him sharply again. "The road."  But they had slowed down now... and cars were passing them, a few honking and he groaned, his eyelids fluttering. "Mistress, Please... not here..."  She shook her head though she didn't think he was watching her.

"Cum for me." It was a command... and she pushed him, brought him to the edge and he was riding up, his foot hitting the gas in alternate pumping thrusts as her hand pumped his cock and HIS hands gripped the wheel in white knuckled protest.  And when he came it was hard... and he spasmed and she directed it up and onto his stomach and shirt and he strained to keep his eyes open and the car straight and when he was done and limp she wiped her hand on his jean's leg with a grin. "You can zip up."  He blushed and did so as they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where they had reservations.

Is It Happy by Doc

                                        Is It Happy?

“Brenda,” said Joanne, I’d like you to meet my newest acquisition.  I refer to him as ‘It’.  “Say hello to Brenda!”  She gave It a tug on its leash.  It was down on all fours (well, knees and hands, so ‘almost’….).

“Hello, Brenda,” It said, gazing up at her crotch.  Brenda smiled.  She didn’t mind.  It was on a leash for Pete sake!

“Having fun down there?” Brenda said with a grin.  She winked at Joanne.  She then spoke to her, ignoring It.  “So where did you get this one, Joanne?  The pet shop?”

“More or less…. He’s actually on loan from Claire.  Her regular guy from out of town is here for the week so she asked me if I’d help her out and get It out of her hair so she can concentrate on important things – like Bill.”  Joanne looked down at It, smiling.  “It has worked out very well.  I’m thinking of asking Claire if she’d let me keep it for another week.”

Brenda spoke. “She works way too hard.  I bet she’ll could use a vacation after having Bill over for the week.  On top of her regular job, too!”

Joanne nodded.  “I’m betting on that.”

“So what does It do?” asked Brenda.  “Is it trained?”

“Well, Claire told me It was, but she isn't very demanding.  You know Claire…. Off in a million directions leaving loose ends hanging on every project she undertakes…..”  Joanne paused. “I love Claire, but … well, you know.”  Brenda knew exactly.

“I think we need to work on It’s training, Joanne,” said Brenda hesitantly.  Joanne giggled and then broke into laughter.  “Oh, yes!  That why I asked you over today, in fact.”  Joanne paused, glancing down at It.  “You haven’t noticed, have you, Brenda.”

“Huh?” She peered down at It.  At first she was confused.  Then she spotted the joke.  “Oh, my, god.  You didn’t fit him up with one of THOSE, did you?”  Joanne nodded.

They both broke into laughter.  It moved slightly.  Joanne spoke first.  “I didn’t like that little movement – one little bit!  What about you, Brenda?”  She handed a small black box with buttons on it to her best friend.
“Oh, I didn’t either!”  She grinned.

Then she asked a question that had been playing around the corners of her mind.  “Joanne, why me?  Why are you letting me help train It?”

Joanee took both of Brenda’s hands in hers and then – looking briefly over her shoulder at It – replied.  “Easy!  It is into sadistic females and you were the best qualified.”

At this Brenda looked down at it, dialed the box setting up to nine, and hit the button.  It let out a yelp and jumped.  “Oh, my…. You’re right Joanne!  It needs someone like me to help you train It.

Brenda then hit the button once, twice, three times… four times… five times.  Joanne grinned.  “A whole week, Joanne!  A whole fucking WEEK!”

She looked down at It, shaking and sweating.  “What do you say, It?”

It replied instantly, “Thank you, Miss!”

Kevin's Confession

Given the task to reflect over the past year on my submission to Miss Bambi came as a welcome treat. However, as I put thought to paper I realized this is easier said than done.   For those that do not know we have been together well over a year and as with any relationship there have been ups and downs.

Reflecting back on our first meet, seeing her for the first time was nerve racking and exciting. As she sat at the picnic table,  with me walking towards her, she rose from the table and I could not believe how tiny this lady was.   Her smile out shined the sun! As we embraced with a hug, her sent was intoxicating, she smelled as if she had showered in a meadow of flowers.  Since that day she has brought my submission full circle.

Miss Bambi, for the most part is a sadist, and her ability to keep this bratty boy in a constant state of submission has at times tried her every nerve.  As a submissive who has NEVER had a Mistress before, my enthusiasm and excitement continues to this day to be a source of good and PAIN for me and her as well. In the beginning,  I was often accused of topping from the bottom, and found myself scratching my head, asking myself, WTF, “I am just really wanting to please her”. However, as time has gone by and our D/s relationship grows, I have learned very well what topping from the bottom is.  Reflecting back I see how I would drop hints or even go as far as saying what I WANT…

As I reflect on this past year I cannot help but think of the many occasions when we have played. This takes me back to the second time we met, it was at a local park, again the smile and the embraces sent me to a place in my head where she could have said just about anything and I would have done it no questions asked.  As we walked toward an area at the back of the park, out of view from the public, we found a park bench.  She sat on the bench, as I started to sit, she looked at me, there was no smile, the look pierced me in a way I didn’t understand, the following words still ring in my ears.. Boy what are you doing? On your knees here in front of me…  As I did my best to apologize , she instructed me, hands behind your back boy, now straighten up…. Good boy… How does that feel?  I was unsure what to say or even  think.    I think I mumbled something to the effect of” it is fine”… Again her look now with a little grin as if, she was thinking… Really? Fine? , as she corrected me,  saying “it is fine Miss”….. Yes of course… It is fine Miss….. What was I thinking…. You dumbass she is a Domme, address her the right way… Thinking to myself, shit what is the right way, will it always be Miss, mistress, oh shit do I ask her? Do I wait for the next command?  My anxiety was relieved when she said, from now it will always be Miss….  OMG can she read my mind???

As I said before Miss is a sadist and loves seeing me struggle either in a scene or even with task she gives.  I have found that this gives her great enjoyment and I learned early on in my submission to her,  that I in fact also love pain Looking back I see how she has nurtured that kink in me, she started off very slow testing my limits of pain and I found that I am very much a pain slut, as she puts it. Humiliation is a great sense of enjoyment for her as well. However, this confession isn’t about kink, it isn’t about scenes, it is a task of reflection in my submission to her and how far it has come.

My submission has grown and continues to be a work in progress, I often hear subs in second life come to the court yard and say they will do ANYTHING to serve a Miss.  I found myself early on thinking in SL and even today thinking…., HOW in the hell can that even be possible over a computer.  However, I can relate to the fantasy of 24/7 service to a Mistress.  Being a real life service submissive to Miss Bambi, I have learned that I do long for 24/7 service and this has been a struggle for me.

We are RL, however our relationship is a bit different and for reason I won’t state here cannot be 24/7….. We see each other as often as possible and I still melt every time we are together.  In her presence I find myself dropping into sub mode.. Some might ask what the hell  is he saying, what I am saying is there is a balancing act for me as a submissive. Serving her needs and everyday life has proven to be a struggle for me and I know at times for her.

Here’s an example:

I was excited about a task Miss had given me, but while doing the task something switched in my head and I felt anger and I was struggling with this task……, I couldn’t get a hold of her and freaked the fuck out.  When we did talk the next day I blamed her and was very mad at her… to the point that I no longer wanted to be with her….  This rough patch for us was about communication, Miss didn’t understand what was going on, and honestly I didn’t either…. This is the point where I realized that IN real life D/s other things come up and there will be times I WILL just have to wait.,.,.. I still struggle a bit with this even today… However, after a period of time we worked through it…  I have come to the conclusion it was all about communication.  For me I have to know that I can Communicate with my Miss when I feel I need to, however, it doesn’t mean she will always have the time for me when I think I need it…. But I do know she will address any issue I have when the time is right….

One of the biggest and most important aspects  is learning her moods, tones, and looks. Knowing when I can be proactive in making her life easier and stress free has been the toughest part of being her submissive. Knowing when to be passive and shut up is the hardest thing for me, in that I am so excited when we are together, taking the initiative in doing something can be just as bad as not doing anything at all.  So reflecting back over the year, I have learned her likes and dislikes, and with all that being said we click very well, however, I still struggle with knowing what she wants or what to do from time to time.

Reflecting back to my comment about submissive saying they would do ANYTHING to serve a Miss…..  I do have limits and Miss respects those limits even though she continues to push them, and I do struggle when she does, but what makes this D/s relationship so hot is, she nurtures my submission and I have learned that she will always allow me to discuss my struggles with her.  So with that being said, I would literally do anything she wants…… Why do I say this, because I have come to love her and trust her like no other person I have ever encountered in my life….   Keep in mind this is RL and not a fantasy….

Miss Bambi has and continues to be the only Domme I have ever served.  So there have been many firsts for me and for her.  I remember the first time, she had me in panties,  we had an afternoon together and she was relieving some much need stress.  She had just finished fucking my ass with a strap on and told me to stand and walk over to her dresser and open the top draw.  She had me remove a pair of satin baby blue panties, I remember thinking WTF, I am not putting these on, and as I turned toward her, she had  this evil grin on her face…… I have learned what that grin means!!! I dropped right back down to subbie mode…. Her words cut me like a knife, I had always told her I do not want to be a girl nor do I find it hot to be dressed like one.  She says to me in that very low but seductive voice…., ok boy put them on, I gave a bit of protest and she says, oh Kevin you know you want to do it… I was very surprised at what I said next……. “Yes Miss”, the silk panties did feel soft and nice in my hands, I felt my cock growing very stiff as I leaned down and lifted my leg, Sliding my foot through the opening, then the other pulling the panties  up over my now very ridged cock…., Miss was laying on the bed, smiling ear to ear, as the fabric touch my cock I couldn’t think straight,  there was no protest.  Miss said, "now turn and look in the mirror Kevin," as I did, her hands came around from behind me, running lightly over my now staining cock.. The next words again cut me like a knife….. Miss said… Ohhh  you look so pretty in your panties….than she says,  see you make a pretty girl…. I felt myself dropping further and further as she spoke her hands rubbing my cock, and saying ohhh kevin, this isn’t a cock right now it is your clitty, now come lay with me my sexy girl…..  looking back on that day,  I see how  she  mentally got inside my head and took over…..  I know the panties and the words are NOT about me being a girl, but about me giving up control, total power exchange… OMG it is sooo hot!!!!!! Today when I am told to wear the panties, it is a welcome treat!!!

I am her submissive and will obey her, I will stop everything I am doing to ensure she is taken care of or do as she says.  In my reflection of my submission to her, I realize she controls me and I give up control willingly….     Miss has recently told me I am ready for a deeper level of submission, and even though I am unsure what that is, I am more than willing to take the next step … Why? Because I am hers both mentally and physically.  

The Assistant Part XI - The Pet Project by Lady Crissy

{Note:  In our previous stories with Miss Night hired aaron as her Assistant, and has been teaching him "the ropes." The Lady had assigned a fellow sub, Christopher, to "mentor" poor aaron in the things that Miss Night likes....}

I had decided that today would be the day that aaron would show me what he had learned from his time with Christopher.  The subtle changes that I had seen were encouraging, but as the saying goes, the proof is in the testing.  Or was that tasting?  No matter.   Being better eye candy was all well and good, but I had other plans in store.

As I passed by aaron's desk on my way in, I paused briefly to look at the slut, who was quickly typing away at the computer until I walked up.  He stood when I came close and greeted me. " Good Morning, Miss Night, " he said and smiled brightly, his fresh light red lipstick glistening.  I looked him over in silence and nodded my approval.

"Make sure all your tasks are completed by 3pm today, slut.  Today is your lucky day,"  I paused to see his reaction go from cheerful to nervous in a half second.  "I plan to let you demonstrate to me that you aren't a total waste of my time. "  With that said, I smiled and watched his face go a bit pale.  I smacked his cheek lightly with my hand, and turned to leave, commenting as I walked away  "What a lucky boy you are!"  I walked into my office and closed the door behind me.

The morning came and went.  I had a quick lunch in the building and I dove back into it.  I was just looking over some information on a secure document server I used for contract negotiations.  It saved a lot of time to do the rewrites and post them here.  It was encouraging to see that my colleagues on the other side were beginning to see things my way.   The way it should be.

I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 245p already, so I logged out of the server and languidly stretched in my chair.  I reached into the desk drawer then, and pulled out a satchel, laying it on the desk. I ran fingers over the soft leather of the bag and smiled.  When the knock came, I was contemplating a simple, but fun bit of a lesson for aaron.   Well... fun for me of course.

I called out for aaron to come in and watched him approach and stand on the other side of the desk, his pretty tweed skirt and white cotton blouse looking very professional.  I saw him glance at the satchel on the desk and see him look away. as I noticed and quirked an eyebrow his way.

"I bet that leather stachel has you thinking all sorts of thoughts, doesn't it, boy?"  I asked as I stood and walked over to stand next to him.  "Especially since I already tipped you that I would be testing you."

He stammered an answer, "Yes Miss Night.  Very."  I could tell his mouth was dry and heard him try to swallow despite it.

I walked past him and to the small closet, opening it.  I took a large case that was leaning against the wall inside the closet out, carried it out, and set it in the middle of the office floor.  I unlocked the case and began unfolding it, setting it up very quickly and adjusting it to just the right height.  I smoothed the cloth cover on it and turned toward aaron.

"Undress and lie on the table, on your back."  I instructed, and watched as aaron undressed.  "Everything, slut," I clarified firmly, and watched him pause before continuing to disrobe until he was naked.  "Move, slut."  I barked and watched him scramble to the table, climb on it and lie down quickly.

I took my time, standing at the edge of the table to look him over.  I could see the results of his exercise routines, and was pleased with what I saw.  New definition and firmness.   That meant more resiliency and endurance, of which he would need both.  "I do hope you have been diligent at doing ALL your exercises," I stated, my eyes traveling over him.  'It could mean the difference between experiencing an amount of pain you will enjoy..... or a level you would rather not experience."  I paused and smiled as I continued, "I will enjoy it either way, however."

I saw him shudder before he responded. "Yes, Miss Night, I have been practicing."

"We'll see," I said as I moved to the desk to gather the satchel and bring it back to the table.  I smirked, glancing at his almost hard cock.  I leaned down so my lips were close to his ear. "I bet your want to touch yourself really, really bad," I said, drawing out the words in a slow sensual whisper.  I watched his cock jump at my words and I chuckled then, standing back up straight. "As. If."  I said, chuckling.

I paused then and looked pensive, feigning reconsideration of the topic at hand... so to speak.  I started walking slowly around the table, letting my fingertips trace along the edge of the table as I went.  I could see aaron breaking out in a sweat, trying not follow me with his eyes.  I paused at the head of the table behind him before speaking softly, "I might be willing to let you stroke...."  I let the words linger in the air, knowing the slut was hanging on each word with hope.

'Yes, Miss Night?"  aaron inquired, perking up.

"As long as you don't cum.... "  I continued, my tone wistful.  "I could possibly see my way to allowing it as a reward for doing your exercises...."

"That is very kind of you, Miss Night,"  aaron responded quickly, trying to turn around to see me.  He was so hopeful, I almost laughed out loud. When he licked his lips I had to turn away and silently chortle.

"Ok, slut, "  I said, turning back to him, all business again. 'You may stroke to the edge, but not cum. Very slowly now, boy."

I watched his hand move to his cock and squeeze it, a look of pleasure filled his pretty face.  His pretty red lips parted in pure lust.  Wordless, whorish anticipation.  How naive.   "Begin,"  I said matter of factly and watched him begin to stroke.

The moaning started almost instantly, and I rolled my eyes.  I knew it wouldn't take any time at all, so it was time to move to the next step in my lesson plan.  I reached for the bag and took out a set of clover clamps, swiftly moving to put one on each nipple as aaron moaned even more deeply, his hand never stopping. I made sure the clamps were secure, but not too tight, and pooled the long chain between them on his chest.  I watched his cock begin to dribble precum on his stomach and I scoffed. Messy boys.

aaron began to close his eyes in his bliss, lost in the feeling, until I smacked his face hard to correct him.  His eyes flew open and he let out a startled shriek, pausing.  "Never close your eyes in my presence unless I tell you to,"  I admonished.

"Yes, Miss, I'm so sorry,"  he responded.

"You may begin again,"  I stated simply and watched him get to it.  "Besides aaron, we have something to discuss, and I want to know you are lucid."

"Yes, Miss Night?"  he asked, his voice breathy in his excitement.  It was low and unsteady.  .

'Christopher tells me you are a bit squeamish... "  I began, walking around the table to look at him eye to eye and tilted my head to look at the slut.

We would see about that.

End of Part XI

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Bridge by Lady Danika

by Danika Stonesoul

He drove down in the four by four following along the roughly strewn path and stopped at the curve of the bottom of a hill. "Here?" he asked.  He thought he recognized the small pond she'd described.  It certainly had cat tails, and sure enough there was a large dead tree stump jutting out of the water that looked like a dead man.

She turned to him in the seat and nodded. "We locals call the pond 'Dead Man's Float'."  She pointed to the small wooden bridge that hovered over the footpath and small stream that meandered into the pond's outer edge.  "That's 'Fuck You Bridge'..."

He looked at her with an arched brow as if to ask if she were serious.

She laughed and it was brilliant. All straight white teeth and a beautiful dipping Cupid's bow above full curved lips. She didn't have to wear lipstick... her mouth was a natural sort of blush that contrasted against her Cherokee skin. "Yes, I'm serious. Come on."

She pulled the handle of the door and pushed it open. The old red Ford protested loudly and she stepped out.  She'd worn hiking boots and jeans and a loose red flannel shirt... but somehow it did not take away from her natural exotic look and her ebony hair fell down her back in straight strands.  He followed quickly and they made their way across the field to the bridge.

She knelt down and began tracing her fingers against the carvings in the wood of the bridge.  He leaned over and canted his head to the side, then finally got down on his haunches to read. "So many names..." he remarked. "What are they all for?"

"It's a tradition."  She remarked, grinning.

She stood, brushed off her jeans with the palms of her hands and moved forward against him suddenly and with a catlike grace.  He swallowed thickly and his Adam's apple bobbed against the taut skin of his throat. He thought suddenly to try to change her mind about whatever she was doing and licked his dry lips. "What's the tradition?"

She shrugged, her breasts bobbing in with her shoulders underneath the fabric of her shirt and she backed him up against the side of the bridge. He felt the rough hewn boards bite into his back and arched a brow at her. He was city born and bred and had come down for a tour and to hunt for arrowheads. The locals had said that Twinny TwoFeathers was the best for touring the countryside with and so he'd paid her small fee and rented an old beat up truck at the reservation.  He was beginning to wonder what all the tour involved, though.

She gave him a shove and chuckled. "Don't look so worried, City Boy. Come on, let's go down by the stream."

She reached for his hand and it took him by surprise. She had long fingers and they led into beautiful nails. They were un-manicured, but she was healthy and so the nails were hard and long and curved and the skin was slightly blue underneath.  It was a lovely effect and he caught himself staring at her fingers a moment, transfixed, before he allowed her to tug him off the length of the bridge and toward the sloping bank of the creek.

Twinny picked her way in front of him, releasing his hand as quickly as she had taken it. "This is the right time of year for finding." She said. "The floods have washed the silt up on the sides and over the land... leaving behind many artifacts... look carefully.  But remember you can't just take things with you. It goes to the reservation."

He nodded, watching her hips sway with the cadence of her steps and when she stopped, he stopped too and they both knelt down next to the reeds by the bank where stones had appeared after the water had returned to its banks.  She began pushing her fingers into the mud and there was a faint sucking sound as she tugged out a small piece of flint with a flicker of a grin. She passed the small arrow head to him. "Your first," she said.

He caught it, mud and all and wiped the small arrowhead clean on his jeans before looking at it. "It's small."

She nodded. "That's why you have to look close. Most of them are."

"Can I keep it?"

She laughed, full and rich and throaty and he glanced in her direction in time to see her use one of those long-fingered hands to flip her hair over her shoulder. "If you keep it, Uncle John will sell you up river to the white circus and you'll end up scooping elephant dung the rest of your life."

It was another local joke. He knew this.  He'd heard it at the gas station.  Those who took things off the reservation illegally got sold to the circus up river to work as shit scoopers because they were lower than dung in the eyes of the Osage Cherokee Natives, but he had hoped that she would not say anything if he pocketed the small arrowhead. He looked at it plaintively and she quirked a brow. "You didn't even find that one yourself, urban cowboy," she said. "I found it for you."

And suddenly, again, she was standing in front of him, only a whisper of wind between her hips and his stomach and he was disconcerted, looking down at her upturned face.  What game was she playing at? Or did she do this with all the tourists? He swallowed thickly and took a step back and she matched him, the thick mud underneath them sucking at their shoes as they pulled their feet up and suddenly the stream was behind him and he had no where else to go. She grinned, reached up and placed her hands, palms flat, against his chest. "I could just... shove," She said.

He nodded but then thought to answer. "But why would you?"

There was the faintest ghost of a grin on her face and he wondered if it were men that she hated or just the men she had designated as Urban Cowboys.

She laughed... lyrical and loud and remarked, "To watch you sputter like a fish on the bank when you came up and to see the other men's faces when we got to the bridge house and told them that little Twinny TwoFeathers pushed you in the stream."  But she did step back, giving him enough of a hairsbreadths room so that he could sidestep her, relieved, and head for the bank.

He headed straight for the bridge and crouched down next to the names. He noticed now that they were carved deeply, as if someone had used a knife. Twinny was still at the stream and he looked toward her. She cast a long lean shadow in the evening sun and her native ebony hair fell over her shoulder and glinted darkly in the dying light.  He traced his finger into one of the names. It was both a first and a last and there was nothing else anywhere on the bridge.... no other symbols or words. Just names... row after row of them.

He flipped out his pen knife and pushed it against a clear space in the wood and began carving the straight back line of a solid letter "D" when suddenly the light he'd been working in was blocked out as she stood behind him and her shadow stretched over him like a shroud. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

He dropped the pen knife in his startlement and stuttered. "I thought... you said... tradition... you said it was tradition... was going to carve my name here too..."  He leaned over to retrieve his pen knife where it had fallen to his right side and suddenly her boot came down on it as well as on three of his fingers and he heard the knuckle crack. It wasn't bone breaking... but it was that un-nerving crack of tissue readjusting when you pop your knuckles.

"Like hell you are," she said.

He tried to pull his fingers out from under her boot and the petite native woman stepped down harder, crushing them into the boards of the bridge.

"Now see here," he started. "Get your boot off my fingers. I was just doing what you said."  He looked up and saw that her face was dark and angry.

She shook her head. "Those names... those are our dead. They are the young.  The government gave us this reservation but they still regulate everything. They won't let us bury our dead the way we want so we started carving the names on this bridge... it got its name from that."  She sighed. "It's a sort of way of saying 'Fuck You' to the government. Understand?"

"Oh."  He felt suddenly foolish and small and very sorry.  He relaxed his hand and when he did so, she lifted her boot up, leaned over and handed him the pen knife. "I'm sorry," he said. It was not enough... he knew this. But it was all he had to offer.

Story Part One by Anonymous

He knew the room well, as he step in, he liked to take thing slow, so even he could burst in want to see her, he was aware over, that this way meeting was more for his joy then hers. He looked around and found saw the bell standing at the floor, he saw blindfold besides it and a package.
He step over to it and sit slowly down, the package interested him, he fingers touched it slowly, then he remembered who he was and kneeled, he mumble sorry, I forgot *he gasp like an invisible hand had flicked his nipples, his eyes he had a good idea, what was in the package and thought, so today is today. He said low, that could be nice Mistress, they had talked about it for a while, he felt a little stupid over, talking to a person who was not present, but ... He smiles shy - he had never asked, if she watched him and could hear him when he came. He found his phone and looked after the SMS, he knew was there, his hearth pounded as he opened the message, he was so excited, his hearth pounded faster than if he had run, he was reminding himself, that he had decided to come in better shape this year, he giggle, you are always so damn practical and started to read. You see the blindfold, use it, he thought damn, he really long to see her, he could never be tired of watching her lips, they could so much, he could read the slightest change in her thoughts. The SMS continued, you can shall guess what is in the package, if you are right, I will - a Lady have the right to change her mind, undress and you are late, he protested for he had come in time - but then he read, you are late because you have spend your time in the room as a dreamer, - he laughed warm, he liked she knew him so well, he closed his eyes and counted to 30, just to make sure she was right, he read the last of the message, he started to undress as he did, he typed the word Strap-on in a message.
He stand naked and spread his legs, so his legs was at both side of the package, he felt like something was in his ass, like the plug below him was pressed inside him. He hold the bell firm as he tightened the blindfold, he ring the bell.
For a moment he forgot to breath, the moment was so intense, he knew he could hear the door open and he could hear her step trough the room toward him. I always tried to figure, if she was content by the way she walked. His senses blindfolded was sharp, he could nearly hear the air touch his neck, the time was passing slow he felt, but he was aware how seconds could feel like minutes, he shifted the weight on his legs, he was worried, he could not stand so slow, he knew, he should not think so much, but he swear over that thought, since now he had a thought more to deal with.
He jumped a little like he felt 2 hands land at his ass, he hit the wall light surprised as he was, a hand was on his shoulder moments after, he tried to get in balance, he knew her hand would guide him. She leaned close to his ear, and said slow - like a Cat, so my caught mouse, can't you greet me?
Oh yes Dear, mean Oh Dear - he tried to save, that he had called her the wrong name. Welcome My Mistress, so in the dark, all Lady's are cats? Sorry I failed. It annoyed him, but he felt comfort in, that she had trained her dogs, but normally she just let then be dogs, and he was a man and she often said while she spin her eyes, dogs are so much easier to train and I never beat those - she would maybe say 10 while she fetched her German dog whip.
Her finger trailed his cuffs on his hands, he felt how she kissed his collar light. And cuffs on feet to, my favorite waist of training, are they as I want?
Yes off course My Mistress, he liked to please her, he really striped to do that, he was aware "off course" was not the brightest word to use, since he often had failed in comply simple tasks like this. He was a little relieved, when he felt her glide over his shoulders, that feeling lasted nearly a moment, to her hand spank his inner thigh very easy, he swear inside, why did he tell her, what he had done to other woman standing like this? Why did he tell all his wicked secrets, he knew they will hit him again and again - had they only been a boomerang, they had only stroke once. He narrow his lips as he widen his legs as much he could, he knew, you can always do better when you spread your legs for a Dom, he felt how her hand pressed against his ass and she help him to get on his toes with the pressure, he felt fix as he stand there, time stand still, he could not move, he felt the pressure ease and he felt 2 light spank at his ass, he like the balance in equality - he was a firm believer in, that one side of the body shall not envy the other.
Find the table sweet, she said and prepare yourself. He turn slowly around, he was for a moment tempted to stumble light into her, he liked the feeling of her, he knew, she was aware of that and it would make her a little annoyed. Yes with pleasure, thank you very much My Lady. He step trough the room, he was walking slow, he pictured in his head, how she would watched him, with a look in her eyes, like a poker player with a winning hand, she was looking forward to play. He found the table in first try, he had never climbed a table like this and not blindfolded, he used some try to find his place at the table, he fought not to ask for help and guidance, he had an order, he did his best to for fill it, he wanted it right, but there was so many ways. At the end, he laid at the table, he was surprised how comfy it was. Thank you Mistress, I am on place on the table, he tried to get information about how complete this task was this way.
He felt how there was placed 2 thing at his stomach, he felt wood and metal on his skin, he was sure to it was pegs, he liked those some places and feared them other. It is good to be prepared, don't you agree, she didn't wait for his answer, so tell me, are you the main course or the dessert? He had not seen that question come, he was not satisfied to be only one part of her meal, so he answered an apple.
She spanked his inner thigh with a hand light, he tried to spread his legs, it was like his mind not would let him. He fought and slowly he get his legs spread and lifted. She said if apple is a symbol of wisdom, you didn't give a wise answer, I gave you two options and you gave a third. He felt how one of pegs was taken and started to circle at his skin, like it was a spoon in a cup of tea. He had nearly told her, that life was a bitch and then you morn loud, but he found it most wise to remain a silent victim, so he said low, Yes Mistress.
You improve, that please me she said, I know, that you have a remark, she laughed sweet, he loved her sweet laughter, he felt special over he could please her by obey her - he decided to try even harder, to please her and follow all the rules, he so often fail doing, he felt how she took his hand and drag his food and hands near each other, he felt how she locked cuffs on his food on his left side to the hand at his left side, he felt how she walked around the table, he let a finger rest light between his 2 nipples as she walked around, he was grateful for this, for he liked to feel the touch from his Mistress, else he could be unhappy feeling alone. She did the same to the other side, He could barely move, she spanked his inner thighs light, he spread as commanded his legs, her hands grab his foot and she moved very gentle his feet away from each other.
His focus was her, nothing else existed, except a little fear, that he could lay like this for long, but as she knew his thoughts, she took his hands and placed them open facing up, she placed something in his hands, it felt like a key in each hand, she closed his hands light. Will you look after these 2 for me, and if you drop them, you will never get to know, what I have plan for you, nod if you have understand, he nodded fast, so fast he nodded more than once, it confused him, since she had said nod, not nodded, he hoped she knew why.

End of Part One

Pussy Venom Rides Again Part 2 by Gunther

Pussy Venom Rides again part 2.

They let Mike rest a bit on the wooden horse.
Miss Summer walked up to Mike very slowly, letting him take in her predator aura he now was fully aware of.
He braced his muscles, fearing she might hurt him again or worse take him again.
But Miss Summer, slowly traced her hand over his back, almost admiring his flesh all helpless and at her will.
Miss Summer “Relax, boy”!
“Are you going to behave properly now”?
Mike still bound and weakened from the ordeal softly spoke “Yes, yes Miss Summer”!
Miss Summer got a light smile on her face, witch Mike was unaware off as she was standing behind him.
Miss Summer “Very well, in a moment Miss Laura will come and dress you in your uniform”!
“Obey her every word, and things will go smoothly”!
“Fail in her instructions, and you will know pain beyond anything you ever experienced”!
Mike got a chill over his spine and said “Yes Miss Summer, I will obey”!
Again Miss Summer seemed happy with his response.
Miss Summer “But first, I’m going to put this special collar on you”!
“It works with this tiny remote, if I press the red button it will tighten the collar”!
“Needles to say, you wont be able to breath”!
“The green button will revert the collar to its previous state and allow you to breath”!
“Any member here that is handling you will have that remote, so better behave Bitch boy”!
Mike again replied “Yes Miss Summer”!
“Now, I’m going to blindfold you”, “do not remove it unless permission is given”!
Miss Summer blindfolded Mike, then let a finger slide over his sore ass.
Mike jumped in his restraints
Miss Summer “I just love a boy that is sensible”, “don’t worry were going to take good care of you”!
“And make all your dark fantasies you told us come true”!
Mike’s mind raced, wishing he’d remember what he told them.
He heard foot steps coming up to him.
Miss Summer “Get him ready for the trip”!
“Here’s the remote, he knows how it works”!
Then he heard Miss Summer walk away.
Miss Laura “So boy, we got some dressing up to do, don’t we”!
Mike just responded with “Yes Miss Laura”!
Miss Laura undid his bonds and helped him of the horse .
Making him stand straight.
He could feel her hands on his chest then they left.
Miss Laura then said “Lift up your right leg a little”!
And so he did, he could feel something slide over his leg.
Miss Laura “Down”, “ and then the other”!
So Mike did as told and again felt something very soft slide up his other leg , then placed his foot on the ground.
He could feel Miss Laura pull it all the way up .
Strangely enough she pushed aside his cock, letting the fabric next to his balls and inner tigh.
Then she did it the other way.
Mike realized it must have bin some kind of crotch less garment.
Again she told him to do the same process, al do this time he could feel leather sleeves slide up his leg.
But his crotch and ass seemed to be bare and figured she put on him leather chaps.
Miss Laura “Bend by the waist bitch and spread a little your legs”!
Mike followed the instructed and he felt a butt plug being inserted in his ass.
He was glad it was either well lubed or his ass could easily take it.
Next she helped him in some kind of leather jacket.
She helped him sit down on the horse and put him some sandals on.
Only when he rested his ankle on them he could feel something hard pressing under his ankle making it hard to put his weight on and forcing him back on his toes.
He heard a soft giggle and then Miss Laura said “Good boy, you’re learning well”!
Miss Laura then hooked a leash to his collar and guided him towards the rest of the women.
Who in their amusement wore cat whistling and cheering the work Miss Laura had done to the embarrassment of Mike.
Miss Summer was already on her bike when Miss Laura guided him to her.
Miss Summer “Your riding bitch with me, Bitch boy”!
He was helped by Miss Laura on the back of the bike, he could feel Miss Summers ass cheeks against his cock and he started to get erect.
Miss Summer “Oh no you don’t, dammit bitch I thought you’d have more control”!
The women around her started laughing.
Miss Summer “Laura, put him a chastity device on quickly”!
Miss Laura quickly got a steel chastity device and grab his balls painfully witch made his cock go flaccid again.
She slid the device on and locked it.
Miss Laura “Here’s the key Summer”!
Miss Summer took the key and slid it into her bra.
Miss Summer “Let’s ride girls, I want to be in town early, for the demonstration”!
“Better hold on Bitch Boy, unless you want to fall off”!
As Miss Summer drove off he felt the motion and the butt plug digging deeper into his ass.
It made Mike hold on tighter to Miss Summers waist, who shouted to him laughing “Hahaha, I knew you’d like me bitch”!
As they drove in traffic he could hear shouts and honks from cars.
Words like, faggit, sissy from the men.
Even some College girls they passed cheered “Hey, Bitch boy nice cheeks” or “Love your little ass jewel bitch”!
Of course Mike’s head was bright red from the humiliation, but he was thankful he was blindfolded and spared from the faces and looks.
Blissful unaware of what is to come.
When they arrived he was led into a corridor and then a room.
Mike could hear chatter from various women in the other room.
Miss Summer walked to the other room followed by Miss Eva.
Miss Summer “Greetings ladies and welcome “!
“Everyone here responded to our add and has the desire to take more control over their lazy spouse”!
“Here you will learn some easy ways, to have your husband, boyfriends to what you desire and behave in a proper manner”!
“In a few moments we will bring out one of our recent subject, you will no doubt recognize him as one of your own”!
“He has bin in our care only a few days, but he’s conditioned already to be a good practice for you ladies to tone your skills on”!
“You can purchase this collar and remote, from us “, “this will aid you in making them more obedient and attention AL”!
With that Mike was being led out into the room.
The OMG and laughter filled the room to the embarrassment of Mike  who still was blindfolded.
Miss Summer “As you see this boy is effectively turned into an obedient little bitch”!
Miss Eva took Mikes blindfold off, the light briefly blinding him.
Then to his horror he saw allot of women from his town all laughing , smirking and some even cat whistling.
He wanted to cover his caged cock but his hands wore cuffed behind his back.
All he could do was try to hide it between his legs which only made the women laugh more.
Miss Eve forced him to turn around , showing the women the butt plug in his ass .
She slapped it hard and Mike responded like he was trained “One, Thank you Miss Eva”!
One of the ladies spoke up….
Women “And we can practice on him”!
Miss Summer “Of course you can, that’s why the little bitch is here”!
“If you like to test our other product, the P.V. Strapon just tell me”!
END of Part 2

Kaleidoscope by Anonymous


He closed his eyes as he rowed – on a machine in the gym.  Images flowed.  They were a comfort:  much better than the realities around him in LA Fitness.

“I want you to wash the dishes and then you need to put them away and after that, don’t forget you’re going to stop at the post office before you go to the gym… and while you’re there, I need a bottle of milk which you can buy at….”  The words continued.  He was flying over them.  At some point he’d ask they all be written down on a piece of paper.  He knew that wouldn’t go over very big, but it beat getting chewed out for forgetting something.  “You don’t listen!”  Those were the pillars in his earthbound world.  Those words: “You don’t listen.”  Actually he did, but as they flew past he wasn't able to record them properly.  The recording device in his head had overflowed.  Buffer issue.

Then again, maybe a simple lack of interest in gray words flying past like dead leaves in the wind on a November morning.

Now he was safe.  The list was on his car’s dashboard (on a three by five notecard).  He was floating in his reverie at the gym.  With closed eyes he could be anywhere.  In fact he was now flying about in time as if he were logged into Second Life, freed from gravity.  Freed from the fact that if one falls off a cliff in Real Life one dies, but in SL one doesn't.

“Hello”.  Those words were from outside his skull.    He opened his eyes.  It was a woman.  “How much longer will you be on the rowing machine?”  She didn’t seem upset; just curious.  He looked down at the display.  It read 47:28.  “About 13 more minutes”, he replied.  He knew he wasn't being exact, but he was tired of exactitude.
She smiled at him.

“Now what the fuck is that all about,” he wondered.  He closed his eyes again.  She broke into his attempt to go back to dreaming and seeing visions and feeling very little except the breath through his opened mouth.  “How long do you work out?”, she asked.  He thought, “What difference is it to you?” but he was polite.  “It depends,” he replied.  He thought of adding, “… usually a couple of hours”, but it seemed kinda pointless to tell her.  She had her world; he had his.

He suddenly remembered that he had to be sure to stop and get that bottle of milk.  Bottle?  It struck him that they hadn't bottled milk in decades; it came in cardboard boxes now.  He opened his eyes again.  The woman was still there.

“You take this really seriously, don’t you?”, she said.  “I take most things pretty seriously,” he replied.

“You don’t remember me, do you… ,“she then said.

He looked at her breasts (nice), and then at her hips and crotch (better).  “Uh, I’m sorry, I don’t,” he said.  He really didn’t know what to add.

Her smile disappeared.  “Well, when you do remember, let me know.”  She paused.  “My name is Courtney.”  She walked away.

It was after he’d bought the milk and was driving home that he remembered where he knew her from.  “Ah, Courtney,” he thought.   He felt like kicking himself.  He wondered if she’d ever return and resume where they had left off almost three years ago.  Back then she had made him an offer ‘he couldn’t refuse’ -- and he had refused it.
He hadn't meant for her to disappear forever back then.  He had been willing to do as she’d demanded; it was just not the right time.  Since he never saw her again -- back then – logically enough, she never repeated her offer.

He knew she wouldn’t approach him again at the gym now either.  It didn’t really matter.  He was already owned, lock-stock-and-barrel.

He looked at the card on the dashboard of his car.  Damn!  He’d almost forgotten!  “Check my mail at the post office!  Don’t forget!”  Yes, that’s what it said.

Forgetting was something he did a lot.  He wished he was back on the rowing machine, with his eyes closed.  Life was simpler when you just had one job in front of you.

He wondered what Courtney was doing right now.  It was best he not know.  She was probably writing down a list of ‘things to do’ for her current ‘love’, cursing under her breath because he didn’t listen and was always forgetting what she told him to do.  Some things are constant.

Korma'am by Steven

Korma'am by Steven

It was just like any normal winter evening as the clock struck 6:00, He had closed the curtains and blinds as it had become dark outside already before ensuring there was sufficient lighting. It was time for his shower so he checked his phone for the time, knowing that his Mistress would only be 30 minutes away and then jumped in to make himself look and smell good for Her.

She had been messaging him throughout the day with some not so subtle hints that he may be in for a treat or two this evening. She was feeling the pressure of her high profile job this week with many difficult decisions to make. For some people this would take over their lives exhausting them until the pressure was off., But not Her. This level of intensity caused her sex drive to soar and as a result he had to be on the ball more so then normal.

He dried himself off, placed his collar back around his neck and took his place on the mat near the door way. He was naked as required and eagerly awaiting her imminent return.

He heard the car pull up into the long driveway and instantly smiled with excitement, his posture was perfect. She didn't want her first vision of home to be that of a slouching boy. The key entered the door and his eyes were firmly fixed on the floor ahead of him.

"Hello Mistress" he said in a calm but confident tone, trying to regulate his own excitement.

"Hello Mine, its good to see you. Be a good boy and get my bags from the car."

He rushed out to the car and lifted out her laptop case and two grocery bags. As he returned she gave him that telling smile before firmly smacking his now freezing cold ass.

"Good boy, I'll have a cuppa thank you"

 He just knew how to make the perfect brew, The way she liked it. Earl Grey, the exact amount of milk and sugar. He placed the cup of golden nectar on the breakfast bar and she sat to rest her feet. He stood affirmative with his hands behind his back awaiting his next order.

"I believe a parcel should have arrived for me today Mine, where is it?"

"Yes Mistress" he answered with a swift reply

"Well...... Fetch it then boy."

He went up to the bedroom and took the parcel from Her bed before returning and placing it on the Breakfast bar. She opened it and it wasn't exactly as he had first thought when taking receipt of the parcel earlier in the day.

"This is called a Belan, and its used predominantly by the Indian population for making Chapati's to go alongside many dishes."

She takes the Belan (a 30CM long and 4.5 Inches wide) from the wrapping and places it in her left hand before tapping it into her right hand repeatedly.

"Bend over the desk Mine, and spread your legs wide."

He does as told within seconds and rests his head on the table top watching as She covers the Belan with Ghee.

She then teases his pristine hole with the rounded end of the Belan before softly pushing it inside of him. He groans with intense pleasure as the belan slides inside his slutty hole with ease,  5cm - 10cm - 15cm - 20cm.. She digs her nails into his upper back and drags them to his lower whilst moaning softly.

After a few minutes of fucking she removes the Belan and orders him to make the Chicken Korma with Vegetables, using the ingredients in the two grocery bags from earlier. He was to ensure they had enough chapati's to accompany the meal but was ordered to make sure the Belan was not washed.

....... An hour passed and he began to arrange the placemats, cutlery and plates on the dining table in readiness for their Indian infused dinner.

"Dinner is served Mistress" he said before pulling out Her chair and taking his place on the floor until given permission to sit.

She came to the table and brought her handbag along with her which was unusual as it usually had its own special place in the hallway.

"Good Boy, you may take a seat" She patted the chair next to her before opening her handbag, pulling out a packet of supermarket pre-packed chapati's.

"I bought these pre-packed chapati's as there is no way in hell that i will be eating the ones made with that Belan, Mine"

She burst out laughing before ordering him to eat up. He wouldn't disappoint his Mistress and ate up whilst trying to hold a smiling, pleasant face.

After dinner had finished, He had cleaned away and washed up before taking place in front of Her as she sat in the luxurious leather sofa. The heat from the fireplace nearby warmed him throughout...

The End.

View From The Pit by Chattel

In the last year and a half, since I was put in the pit. I haven't been able to really see the castle anymore. The view from the pit only allowed clear sky between the bars.
(Of course I could pan the camera, but that doesn't count, oh yes, I also was allowed out for events and basically whenever I wanted, but that doesn't count too)

However, all alone in the pit, in the afternoons, as the sun was settings, I could see the cast of the spiky castle shadow crawling down along the wall, then over the pit floor, then climbing on the other wall, and then escaping out of it. Like I could only imagine. leaving me all alone again in the darkness.

Having no way to measure the time in the pit (except for looking at the viewer clock, but that doesn't count) I learned to deduct the hour of the day by the position of the castle shadow in my cell.

I longed to this daily visit of the castle. The only visit I got sometimes. The castle never forgotten or skipped a day.

I remember in the early days of the Dominion subs had to log in and out only to and from locked underground cells that were placed in the castle basement. From that place they would have to wait for a Lady to take them out, Before logging out they had to be returned locked back in the same fashion. (now days people complain about mere kneeling...) . This custom didn't last long, it was tedious for everyone involved. and tedious seemed to be the castle itself.

Some days later, I remember Miss Evangeline showing me around the castle in person I could later on guide newcomers to the Dominion. I felt as as if I was in an intelligence test, in which of course I failed miserably.

I remember struggling to find my way in it many times, I was often disorientated, remembering it had many more rooms than I knew how to get into or find.

I remember secret teleporters to places only Ladies were allowed to, unless they took subs along with them. I only saw this once on that day Miss Evangeline showed it to me.

With time it seems to have gotten older. Standing alone in the corner, not decorated for theme events. taken for granted and put to shame. It seemed oversized and clumsy. Not up to speed, not evolving or challenging in any way. I felt the castle and I were having a lot in common.

I could only imagine how much it would cost to rent it, comparing it's huge number of prims to my simple but not very cheap pit, the rent should have been in millions. But I guess that what matters is often the location and not the size. The castle, was physically out of chat range, while I was mentally outside the range as well.

Just being there for so long, casting its silent shadow. turned it over time to some kind of a mascot. Something that you know everyone will be better of without, but you don't find it in your heart to get rid of it. That little sympathy that it got was all that was needed for it to continue to exist.

But, Life in the Dominion is quickly evolving. Old is being replaced by new, new Ladies bring different cultures, customs, colors smells, tastes and new sensations to it. Nothing can stand still here for very long.

So one day I was shocked to find a new courtyard replacing the old, they pavement I used clean so many times wasn't there as well. and with it the pit I was put in was gone., it was too a relic from the past - and was crushed as a piece of garbage that refused to evolve under the wheel of progress. It is not fashionable not to be mesh anymore, real estate persons say.

Outside in the open air I stood, overwhelmed, but now I could see the castle again. An old semi-imaginary friend that an a lonely outcast would create in his mind to get by.

There we were, but I knew that it wouldn't be for long now. I looked at the castle, and I felt as if the castle was casting a darker, bitter shadow  back down at me.

We are all just passing visitors. By the time you read this, the castle is already gone. except for some relics are spread amongst you, kept close to your hearts.

There was the courtyard, the castle, and somewhere in this line of changes I learned that in I'll be going too.  "We'll put in a new place, I was told", but for now it's too much of a bother to think about, so I'm still around. a prim in a mesh world.

Location is everything - that's what real estate persons say.

Wherever you are now, and wherever I'll end up being. I'll always remember you. The Dominion Castle.

Goodbye, Friend.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Impromptu Confessions 9/15/13

There is a teetering with you, sometimes I want nothing more than to watch as your skin turns crimson and other times I want to curl up with you and cuddle close.


There is a boy whom I am interested in but I don't like to push. I think he would do well....
Don't know what to do! I don't chase boys. I mean, never.


I've Loved you since the moment we met, And as each day goes by my Love for you grows and blossoms into a something amazing, something magnificent. I never knew I could feel this way about someone, to want to be yours and only yours for the rest of my life. This feeling is terrifying and intoxicating at the same time, I never want to lose this feeling.


A Pedestrian Fetish

Where does the foot fetish come from? The desire to kneel there and press one's lips against a Lady's sole? Or to drag the tongue along the side of her Louboutins? High heels, wedge heels, no heels at all. It's a part of the body that never fails to get my attention. At times I've done it in real life and tears came to my eyes. And I'm left wondering of Ladies actually get anything at all out of having it done. That last part makes me sad: to think that such passion goes unrequited.

kiss, kiss


I love to have my pussy sucked.


i still worry that i am not enough sometimes, but i'm okay with that. finally.


i never expected things to work out this way, never expected to love you like this. surely there have been those before, and perhaps there will be others to come, but in this moment with you i've no desire for either. i feel found too.


I’m writing this anonymously to just try and clear the remorse I feel over what turned out to be a very bad turn of events while temporarily owned after being auctioned off to a Lady. I just sigh in frustration over the whole thing.  I ended up lying to the Lady because I had made a faulty conclusion about the nature of sl and had lied to myself about what I really wanted.  I’m learning that lies you tell yourself transfer and become clear, when you try to be honest to someone else and it’s not until you hear it come out of your lips that you realize what you were thinking or deluding yourself with isn’t the truth.  But this  probably isn’t going to make sense with the specifics.  I am going to start with my intentions for the period after the auction and how that view has changed.
I was expecting to be bought for my period of service and after maybe continue to serve her in sl if all worked out.  At the time I did have an alt in a complex relationship.  It had started as a sl d/s relationship but fell away from that over time.  Mostly because we were hardly speaking.  The problem that again I didn’t understand completely was that I resented her because we could never go real life with her real life entanglements.  She was married and had a kid.  And I had gotten in the relationship hoping that my love for her would be enough to sublimate my yearn for a real life.  And when it didn’t, I became resentful, and she was sensitive and picked up that I was spending less time with her.   So she spent less time with me and we fed on that.  Somewhere along the line I stopped calling her Mistress and she stopped insisting on it and I was no longer taking real life instructions.

I had hurt the Lady is was in the relationship with before by pushing her aside when I got the chance, or what I thought was the chance, at real life.  I knew it wasn’t fair to her to keep doing this to her.  So I figured if I changed my thinking, I could satisfy my longings.  So decide she was my rl and thought that by calling her that, it would be so  But I still longed to serve a Mistress.   And had resigned myself that second life was the best I could do, until; brave enough to go out into the real world and look.   Thus, I entered the auction.

Things progressed nicely.  Until I had logged in to talk to my former Mistress.  We got locking in an argument.  I had told her before hand my plan.  But she still needed reassurance.  In my want to tell the Lady who bought me everything, I  im’d her and asked for a break and then started the crazy conversation that sounded like I was equivocating.  “Are you owned now?”

Though I had not called her Mistress in months, the alt I was on still wore her collar, so I said, “Sort of”  And thus began the whirling conversation.  I told her that my former Mistress was my real life, because I had assumed she was busy in real life.  She told me I had jumped to conclusions.  And my heart leapt.  Literally leapt and I went out of my mind.  The thing I had wanted most was possible!  It became blurry as I contradicted myself left and right, realizing that though I called her real life it wasn’t so.    That what I wanted was in front of me.  But it was too late I looked like a lying player.  And the remainder of my auction time we spent apart.

Miss, I’m sorry I equivocated and lied.  But it was my desire to be honest with.

A Lost Love by Joracus

A Lost Love, By Joracus(Auragazm)

Her name was, "Rebecca," although I had noticed close friends call her, "Becca." We went to the same college together, and even had casual, yet awkward, conversation before the start of the some classes we shared. I wouldn't call us friends, even though I tried my hardest to find common interests. We could be called acquaintances at best. She was so beautiful; a head full of flowing red hair, soft smooth skin, a nice sized chest, and well defined hips, they complimented her figure well.

I tried so many times to work up the courage to ask to join her for lunch, or ask her to a movie, even just for a cup of coffee. Although, each and every time I found a bit of courage to finally go up to her, I would feel my knees get weak, my heart pound in my chest, and beads of sweat run down my forehead. I could already hear her rejecting me... when did I turn into such a coward? I would stand there for a moment, a dumbfounded look on my face, and then walk away without a word. I hated myself for being so stupid, and lived day after day just watching her from afar.

I would see her everyday, when we passed each other on our way to classes, or in the classes that we had together. I had noticed the way her face lit up when she was happy, the way her nose scrunched up when she found something distasteful, the way her eyebrows would raise slightly when she found something interesting. I noticed all of these things, and yet I felt she would never notice me.

She would never have noticed a guy like me, someone so plain and average. She could of had anyone she wanted. Her boyfriend did not deserve her. I knew his type, the typical 'frat boy,' who partied all night while she would study hard and alone in her dorm room. The kind of guy that wouldn't even think twice about cheating on her. The kind of guy who thought his life was his one and only priority. He didn't care about what she had to say, he didn't even hold her hand as they walked around campus. I wish she could of seen that she deserved so much better, I wish I could have told her that she deserved so much better.

How do you admire someone from afar for so long, and still be unable to come to terms with it? How do you take a chance when you know the odds are against you? I could sit for ages and just watch her. Catching small whiffs of her perfume from across the classroom, while I stole glances and pretended to look busy when someone caught my gaze. Why was it so hard? Even after all of the pep-talks I gave myself, it was still so hard.

Fall came, and as the leaves started changing color, I too decided it was time for a change. I could no longer sit on the idly by and watch her be mistreated, taken advantage of, and go unloved. Around lunchtime I went to her favorite lunch spot, but she was wasn’t there. I went to the library, and still no such luck. I went to our usual classes, and her seat was empty. Where could she have gone?

My days were dull and meaningless without her to admire, classes went on forever, my mind was wrecked with worry, I felt as if I was going to fall apart and whither away like the leaves on the trees. Where could she have gone? Those first few days were long and uneventful, but then a week went by...and then a month, she was gone and I had lost my chance forever.

I'll remember you for who you were. I'll remember the way your face lit up when you were happy, the way your nose scrunched when you found something distasteful, the way your eyebrows would raise slightly when you found something interesting. I'll think back and remember the days where you sat alone in your dorm room and studied alone, and I should have been there knocking on your door. I'll go back and remember how I should have told you how I felt. I'll remember how I should have told you how beautiful you were everyday. I'll remember to bring flowers to where you now lay, and I'll remember how much I loved you, and I'll remember how you never knew.


Authenticity In The Woods by Doc

Authenticity in the Woods

Bill put his backpack on and headed down the path from his home – his ‘wood tent’ as he referred to it a bit sarcastically.  His act was both real and symbolic.  In short it was meaningful.

He was tired of the fear, the trivia, the pettiness and the polite bullshit.  He was a bit anxious, but he was used to coping with that annoyance.  Action, any action, quieted the ‘monkey in his head’.  The rhythm of his pace and the slow unrolling of passing scenes were his clock, even better than the numbers rolling through his mind when he worked out at the gym.

Karen was waiting at the bend past the pond, sitting on a log staring at beavers swimming in the water.

  “Hiya,” he said.  She looked up, smiled, and simply gestured at a nearby log.  He sat down.  She said nothing, turning her gaze back at the water.  The sunlight spotted the water with dark blobs.

He sat, waiting for her.  The minutes ticked by.  Finally she rose and smiled reassuringly at him.  “Let’s go,” she said.  Her voice made him feel light; she was radiating something both mysterious and very pleasant.  He decided it was her personality.  What else could it be?
They walked in silence for a long time, her in front, him following.  He knew she wouldn’t have any problem with him staring at her, though his eyes kept returning to her backside and her rolling hips.  He was male.  She was female.  They agreed that accepting and embracing that difference was more than OK.  It was great.

Finally she paused.  “We’ll have lunch here.” The both laid their backpacks on the ground. He looked around.  The tall pines shaded the spot, a bit mysterious.  Fortunately the sky, visible straight up, was blue.  Bill hated rain, though he knew it was all part of the great cosmic wheel of necessity.

“What are you looking at, Bill?” she asked.

“The sky…”, he replied.  It was the truth.

“I want you to look at me.”  Karen took off her hiking shirt.  Bill thought, “Hmmm… sports bra.”  Then she removed that.  His gaze fixated on her nipples.  Then she pulled down her shorts.  Nothing underneath.

“You need to please me, Bill,” she stated calmly – but with a trace of a smile playing around her face.  She was wearing no makeup.  That made Bill feel good.  He was tired of bullshit.

“I know”, he replied.  “My job is to perform.”  She nodded.  He knelt down on the dirt and pine needles.  He small pebbles hurt a bit.

She spread her legs, lifted up her water bladder, and took a long, deep drink from it.  She then stared at him, directly in the eyes.

“Now, Bill.”  And he moved to satisfy her.

There was no fear, or bullshit, or trivia, or pettiness within miles and miles.  They both had needs.  Hers came first.  She was a lady and would satisfy his – after she was satisfied.  This was how they connected.  Her wishes came first; his were subordinate.

They were far from civilization.  They both liked that.  They could now be real.  

Bill performed.  He knew what she liked.

I Meet The CEO by Gananim

I was called into the Office of the Chief Executive Officer this morning.  Naturally, having never been in the August Presence, I was a trifle nervous.  I thought she’d never noticed me, as I was a mere pencil-pusher in the accounting department, but I straightened my tie and walked in as boldly as I could.
She stood behind the desk with the sunlit window at her back a dark silhouette, indistinct but commanding presence.
“Come in.” She said curtly.
I walked to a chair in front of her desk and was about to sit down when she held up her hand and shook her head slightly.
“I haven’t asked you to sit, have I?”
“No”, I said
“No, Ma’am” she said sternly.
“No, Ma’am.”
“Better.  I’ve been watching you, you caught my eye. I think you have potential.  Kneel.”
“What?”  I was shocked.
“Kneel.  It’s very simple, bend your legs and put your knees on the floor.  Now.”
I was thoroughly non-plussed but I complied.  Once I was on my knees she came around to the front of the desk and stood over me, placing her hand on my chin and tilting my face up toward hers.
“You’re very polite with your supervisor.  She’s told me all about you.  I like a polite boy.  And you’re kneeling for me.  That makes me happy.  Let’s see how far we can take this little meeting.”
She undid my tie and pulled it out of my shirt collar, placing it on the edge of her desk.
“Now, stand up and take off your clothes.’
She saw the reluctance in my eyes and slapped my face stingingly.  I struggled to my feet and began undressing hurriedly, fumblingly.  She laughed and slapped me again.
More fumbling, another slap.  Finally I managed to wrestle all my clothes off and put them on the chair.
“Turn around”
As I did so, I watched her pick up my tie.
“Hands behind your back”
I felt her bind my hands tightly.  She then spun me around and looked into my eyes, sliding her hands teasingly across my chest, down my abdomen and to my cock, which she stroked idly while speaking to me.
“I’m going to take you home with me tonight, boy, and play with you.  You’re going to be tied and whipped and used for my pleasure.  I want you to think about that all afternoon and at five o’clock you’ll come back here.”
She pulled me close to her and hissed her warm breath in my ear.  “I’m going to take you.”
She pushed me over the desk, face down and held me there with her hand firmly on my back as she kicked my ankles apart.
“Don’t move.”
She strode to her side of the desk an opened a drawer.  I raised my head to see what she was doing.  She grabbed my hair and slammed my face back onto the desk.
“I said don’t move.”
She came around and stood behind me.  She slapped my naked ass hard several times.  At one point she moaned slightly in pleasure.
“I’m going to enjoy you all night, toy.”
I felt her fingers spread my ass cheeks and then she began to probe my anus, forcing it open.
“Ooooh.  I virgin. Lucky me!”
A cool liquid was being rubbed between my cheeks and worked into my anus.  Then I felt more fingers, probing deeper, working faster.  I could sense her hips moving in the rhythm of her fingers.
The fingers came out and she told me to look at what she was holding.
“This is a butt plug.  I’m going to shove it inside you and you’re going to wear it all day to stretch you out.  I don’t want to hurt you.  Too much.”
I felt the plug roughly inserted into my lubricated ass and I cried out at the sudden stinging stretch.  She untied my hands and gave me back my tie.
“Get dressed.  Five o’clock.”
She smirked as she watched me fumble into my clothes.
“Don’t be late, boy. You’re dismissed”

If by Anonymous


if I crook my finger you'll come
if I yank your leash you'll follow
if I say kneel you'll drop
you'll do all that for Me
and yet I want more
I want you to come on your own
follow on your own
kneel from your need to do so
you, want to be commanded
I, want to be shown
it's a conundrum
it's this dance we do
and the music we could make
you can be My instrument and
I'll play you,  each note in perfect tune

perhaps My ideas  are different then all of yours
do I need to change to fit the mold?

One Summer Day Part II by Talon

    There is a animistic look in your eyes as you lean forward to take hold of my member, so exquisitely hard in your commanding vice. Leaning forward I watch as you ease back into the chair placing each leg over an arm. I almost loose my balance as you bring me to your lips and I have to grab the back of the chair to steady myself. My eyes widen as I watch you lick the outside of my bathing suit and pull it down, teasing me from back to front as if you were savoring a lollipop.

    Your tongue flicks out like a cobra circling the bulbous head while your other hand takes hold of my tight sack and pulls on it with authority. I yelp in protest but I know it will only get me more of the same as you tug again with a bit more force. Shimmering lips begin to part as they engulf the circumference of my meat, sucking on it voraciously then dragging your teeth along the rim. I shake and quiver as you lash at my throbbing cock, my knuckles turn white as I grasp the back of the chair, resisting the urge to take hold of your head and plunge it down the length of my lust.  My hips buck and thrust into you as you open your throat wide to accept me, saliva covering the long mass and drooling out the sides of your warm, enticing mouth. Your hand releases my jewels Just as I am about to cum.

    You move your hand down and between my legs as you plunge your tongue along the underside of my shaft. I can feel your breath against my skin as I look down to see you taking the full length of me. I cry out when you push your finger into my body, moving it in and out fucking me, owning me, making me yours. As if you ever had to do anything but look at me to have that acceptance and devotion.

    My breaths come quick and shallow as the walls of your mouth close around me, your tongue assaulting every electric nerve and I can't hold back any longer. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN I CUM MY LADY" I cry out with a whimpering voice. The avalanche of pleasure only being held back by a fly swatter of self control. "PLEASE MY LADY, I AM BEGGING YOU!!" I nearly scream in agony. I feel a sharp sting as you slap my tush hard, then reentering me with two fingers fast and deep.

    Pulling your head back for a brief moment you look at me sternly, as if I had given some measure of affront to you. "You WILL cum for me boy, not now, RIGHT NOW!!"
    I roar like a possessed demon as I start to trickle, then release a flood of my hot sweet nectar, gushing forth, squirting into your mouth. The chair groans in protest as I rock my body along with it while an all consuming feeling of illicit wickedness takes control of my inner being. Pressurized blasts of my seed escape into your greedy throat to take all of my tribute. Time stops for long moments as my body goes nearly into shock, your fingers pumping into me like an oil well as you stroke every salty drop from my body.

    Not wasting any time you go to the floor and motion for me to follow. I do as I am told and lay on my back. A sharp scowl rides across your tender face and you snap your fingers for me to come to you. I rise up immediately and go to you. Laying down you place your legs on my shoulders and levering yourself using the chair you thrust hard towards me. The suddenness of it makes me lurch forward to invade your temple. Silken walls clamp down and hold me tightly as your legs clench at my neck, but only for a moment do you wait. Leaning forward and pressing your legs against my chest you start to thrust at me, wanting me to fill you with my mass.

    Moving slow at first and I see the tender Lady that has taken my will as her own and I respond in kind with a languid rocking motion. You hook your finger and motion for me to come closer. As I do so I feel your nails rip down my chest as you take me into a deep hypnotic kiss. Such fury and brutality could only come from a Lady who truly knows what she wants and takes it as she needs. You pick up the pace as your body bucks faster. With each thrust I go deeper and deeper, harder and harder. You can feel me deep within your belly, touching parts of you that you thought were unreachable, but you don't care. All that matters is the pleasure that your boy is giving you. The pleasure that you take from him as it is your right to do so.

    Moaning loudly my hands go behind my neck and I hold on while you fuck me like a Shetland pony. My blue eyes watch you and the blistering sight of voracious yearning and carnivorous, mind bending passion crossing your face fuels my sinewed frame to double and re double my efforts in such perverted ways. As the sweat sprays from my body I can see the intent in your eye, the look of knowing that you have inspired me to let the raw unchecked animal out. I start to climb that hill of ecstasy making my way to the top and the point of no return and I see that we are taking that journey together, hand in hand, leash in hand.

    You move your hand and start to pinch my nipple, the pain of it brings me to a higher level of consciousness and my hand goes to your own to mimic the same motion.  I moan louder and the sound fills the room. I let go of all restraint and control over myself. I give it all to you, the one who I draw breath for. The one that, every action I take, is to please and make her existence easier in some way. And when I think that I couldn't last much longer, you look at me, searing your emerald green gaze right through me, seeing every faction of my being, my very soul. I lay bare to you as you examine that which you own.

    Lips part as all sound is nullified, there is only your voice, your soft lilting voice that I pray to all the gods and goddesses every night that I yearn to hear you call my name. "NOW"  you say with a tender look. A smile spreads over my lips and the gates of paradise erupt. I tumble over that cliff and plunge into the waters below letting the sensation washing over me sending wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure racking my body, making it shake. I feel your walls close around my cock holding it and pulsating, milking it of my seed over and over. Hands claw and rip at my body as you free fall into the well of decadent, glorious bliss.

    There is a shift in the ether around us that I cannot explain while our bodies touch, our souls touch, exchanging vows and promises that will transverse any boundary that is known. With a final thrust and a low growl you release yourself one final time. The hot liquid squirting deep inside of you rushes out and covers my quivering thighs, feeling the warmth of your nectar flowing down across my skin. Breathing hard and shaking, sweat glistening on our skin ,you stand, sliding yourself from me. Looking down at our cum trickling from your body to my chest as I collapse in a near convulsing yet blissfully satisfied heap of boy and I find that I can barely move.
    The glass of tea still sits on the table with a wet ring stain from where it had been sitting can be seen as you pick it up and take a drink with a satisfied smirk on your face. "Be sure to mend that shirt my dirty and delicious boy."
    Spinning on your spiked heel you leave me there to enjoy the moment before having to lift my exhausted frame and begin my duties.


Shame by Doppelganger Dejavu

 "You have four days" she demanded.
After forty minutes the confession was finished.
Within four hours she had read it
And within four days she was online.

He wanted her to say she loved it, that she was glad she had met a slut like him, that they would have all kinds of nasty fun together.
She didn't.
She only called him a whore.
A word that he had on a previous day been excited by, but today it felt clinical, a fact, a statement that invited only shame.

He was disappointed, shamed and completely paralyzed by ambivalence.
Is this the reality he sought? Was shaming part of the appeal?

Suddenly, as if sensing his internal struggle she spoke with a tone that commanded his attention
"Stop thinking slut and bend over"

Suddenly he realized the truth, this wasn't about him, his view wasn't even a consideration, his thoughts unimportant.
Merely byproducts of a higher being's direction, one that could be discarded or forgotten in the blink of an eye.....

  This wasn't for him, he thought, he wasn't that person, courage grew inside him and as he stared in to the lens of the cam and prepared his exit statement, he faltered, and all that came out was "Yes Miss" and he bent over and embraced his shame…..

Velvet Halls Part III by Rexro

"Velvet Halls part III - A Game."
by: Rex

Bo sat in a regal looking high-backed chair with plush velvet colored cushions, intricately etched rose-wood carvings, clawed feet and comfortable, curled arm rests; a chair that would look more appropriate in a grand medieval castle than in a simple study. She leaned back, flipping through some work documentation with Claudia kneeling at her feet. The girl tried continually to chitchat with her Mistress but was finally hushed by the woman's stern glance. The girl responded by lowering her eyes and sighing, although Bo saw this sudden change in demeanor and her stern glance softened. She set aside her paperwork and leaned downward, tucking her index finger beneath Claudia's collar, easing her upward high on her knees and drawing her close for a remarkably delicate kiss.

"Do you not see me working, Love? Do you find it so boring to sit quiet and simply keep me company?" Bo asked in her stereotypical, singsong voice. Claudia merely shook her head, those stark black bangs falling around her face which she promptly tucked back behind an ear. Bo smiled, and drew the girl up for another kiss, much less fleeting than before - and they lingered there together for a few heated moments. Claudia let her eyes flutter open when the kiss broke, a goofy grin upon her face. Just those few minutes of attention made her heart skip, her cheeks flush, and butterflies fly about in her stomach. Bo knew this, loved this, and wanted to take advantage of it as well. The woman placed a hand upon the girl's cheek, and roughly pushed her back down into place with a wicked sort of smile to replace the sincere one she wore prior. She leaned backward again in her chair, after letting loose of Claudia's collar; folding her hands on her lap. Those dark eyes, glinting with lust, perused Claudia's sparsely dressed figure.

"Let's play a game, little flower." Bo said in a haughty voice, lifting her right leg before propping a
black heel on the edge of her desk. Claudia could see beneath Bo's tweed skirt, but thought it unwise to let her eyes linger there too long, she squirmed nonetheless, even whimpered slightly as she tried to reposition herself for comfort. The ache between her legs growing by the minute.

"I want you to undress, then go put on that gift I got you, and then come back here and lay on the floor." Bo instructed, sitting there awaiting her orders to be followed. Claudia did as she was told, slipping out of her tank-top and shorts - having nothing on beneath them made it a much quicker process than usual. Bo looked somewhat shocked and shook her head.

"What a little whore..." Bo said with what seemed like distaste, if it hadn't been for the small curl upon her lip that would suggest otherwise. Claudia blushed fiercely, and left the room. She returned but a few minutes later with a pair of silver beaded clamps upon her pink, pert nipples - she then lay before Bo, completely exposed for her Mistress. The woman grinned approvingly at Claudia's nude figure, writhing there on the soft velvet colored carpet of the study.

"You seem uncomfortable, Claudia." Bo said softly, reaching beneath her skirt, she began to lightly rub
over her black lace panties. Claudia watched pitifully, her breathing steadily grew faster, and her
expression changed into one of lust and longing. "Maybe you should put your hands behind your head, just to prop yourself up, so you can see me better, darling." Bo 'suggested,' with another one of those sadistic smiles she was known for. Claudia whined, yet did as she was told, pulling her arms up and cradling her head within her hands.

"Good girl." Bo praised as she began to rub herself harder and with purpose.
"We are having fun, right my girl?" She asked with a breathless chuckle as she maneuvered herself so that she could gently slide down her panties, just enough so that Claudia could be rewarded with something of a better view of her groomed cunt. Claudia did indeed get a better view, which simply fueled the growing desires she had. She whimpered when she began to hear her Mistress breathe heavier, moaning softly as she fingered herself. All the while Claudia was made to lay still, watch and listen. The girl couldn't help but buck her hips every now and again, feeling how slick she was becoming without even having to touch for confirmation.

"Please, Mistress." Claudia groaned beneath her hurried breaths.
"Please, what?" Bo asked in much the same breathy manner.
"Please, may I touch too?" Claudia responded in a pleading tone.
"Why? Aren't you having fun playing my game?" Bo asked with a sneer.
Claudia responded with a pathetic whimper that caused Bo to chuckle and shake her head.

No, you little slut." The woman growled before slipping, not one, but two fingers inside of herself,
thrusting them in and out at an alarmingly fast pace until she was consumed with wave after wave of pleasure. Bo arched her back against the chair, and cried out a few profanities before relaxing her body against the cushion to catch her breath. The woman beckoned Claudia over to her before withdrawing her fingers and extending them out for the girl. Claudia whimpered, almost tearfully, rolling over onto her fours so that she could crawl forward.

"Are you enjoying my game, Claudia?" Bo asked before shoving her fingers into the girl's mouth, working them in and out in much the same fashion she had been just moments before.
Claudia did not respond, but greedily suckled on her Mistress's fingertips. The girl dug her nails into the carpet, gripping the shag. She had to do what she could to occupy her hands.. you know what they say about idle hands.

Bo pulled her fingers from Claudia's mouth and gave her cheek a playful slap before grabbing the girl's collar again to pull her up to her level. She kissed her again, letting her teeth graze over her bottom lip as her free hand began to roam down the girl's front, to her chest where she'd tug on the silver beads that connected the clamps. Claudia gave something of a yelp, bending forward slightly, to accommodate the pulling. Bo didn't appear to like that, and used her opposite hand to reach behind Claudia's head to grab a nice fistful of raven hair at the nape of her neck to jerk her back into place.

"Keep straight." Bo instructed in an authoritative tone.
Claudia swallowed hard and nodded, feeling her Mistress tug at the beads again, before drawing one of her
sharp, painted nails gently over her chest, belly, thighs, and lastly over her slit. Bo could read
Claudia's expressions, she could hear it in her little whimpers and whines how badly she was aching - how much agony she was in.. But that seemed to please Bo all the more. She leaned forward so that she could whisper in the girl's ear, yanking her hair a bit as her lips brushed softly over the skin of her lobe.

"My, my, look how wet you are... Such a slut." She chortled, letting her fingers graze over the girl's warm flesh before finding her clit to rub at very roughly indeed. Claudia would have doubled over, if it hadn't been for Bo's grip on her hair keeping her in place. Bo had her crying out, whimpering incessantly as she brutally had her way with her. Every time Claudia drew close to an orgasm, which did not take long at all given the circumstances, Bo would stop immediately and wait until the girl no longer trembled, no longer rocked her hips, and no longer wailed out. Once all signs of a climax were erased from Claudia's face, Bo would begin again, sending Claudia to the edge for what seemed like the dozenth time.

"Please, Mistress!" Claudia said at long last, tears of frustration welling in those bright blue eyes of hers.
"Please, what, my girl?" Bo replied with a soft smile, her fingers had come to a full-stop but loomed over the girl's sex threateningly.
"Please, may I cum, Mistress?" Claudia begged, her entire body quivering. Bo continued to smile, leaning forward to kiss the girl on the forehead and giggled.

"Yes, my little whore." She responded just before she began to viciously attack Claudia's cunt again. It only took a matter of moments before Claudia was bucking lewdly against Bo's hand and succumbing to the pleasure permitted to her. The grip on her hair was gone now, so she took that opportunity to slump forward and brace herself against the woman, her chest raising and falling at an incredibly hastened pace.

"Yes, Mistress. I like your game.." Claudia whispered shakily.
"I know you do." Bo laughed.