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Meeting Kitty Kaboom by Sylver

Meeting Kitty Kaboom

I know a lot of people may wonder how Kitty Kaboom came about. Well that is a bit of a complex and long story. I suppose it started here...

Mistress had decided to make another boy into a female doll for her amusement and explore that aspect. At the time I didn't think nothing of it as Mistress was enjoying herself and the time differences didn't let me be on a lot of time with this other boy. But as time went on and I shopped hunted, and just explored around with Mistress I'd see how Mistress enjoyed finding outfits dressing the boy up. Still it was something Mistress was exploring and she was having fun thats all i needed to know at that point. After all, femnization was on my limits list.

Time passed and Mistress would dress the other boy into different outfits. I'd work on my kitty play items and got to try them out. Mistress locking my tail and ears into place. It was a new feeling to have them locked on unable to take them off. I must admit to enjoying that. I obtained a kitty ao and started using it from time to time. Making sure Mistress enjoyed it. I would venture into the sim crawling behind Mistress. Sometimes leashed other times just to follow. This wasn't something Mistress instructed but was something a kitty would do. Still exploring a bit into the kitty play. Perhaps abit of humiliation but not a demoralizing type more a embarrassment to some degree. I mean who likes to be a kitty. Well this isn't about the kitty play, just a step along the way.

One night while going through my inventory I found i had a lot of female items. And decided to put together a test avatar. I put the skin and shape on, then found an outfit and placed that on aswell. I thought maybe Mistress would enjoy the picture...and so one or two was taken. I sent them for her to examined and wrote that if she desired I'd explore more with her.

Perhaps it was after reading more of a book that was being shared that made me think. The most important thing to me is making my Mistress happy. And i had to look what she enjoyed. Things I've heard, things i've seen, and i needed to be open to the possibilities. Over the two plus years I've been with Mistress. How i love my Mistress. I had to think over the humiliation aspect again and that brought up the femnization aspect as well. Comprising my limits and checklist again, speaking with Mistress, then redoing my checklist and limits again. This is not to say that i do this soley for Mistress, that is just the most important part. I am curious to explore more as well. Not sure how to put into words really but am sure many will understand.

I spoke with Mistress more on the desire to explore with her. She made sure that i would be comfortable doing so. We discussed my past and various aspects before deciding to explore privately. I was not ready for public yet. So it was that I had set aside some funds to make an avatar. Though Mistress didn't want me to spend funds unless was sure that it was worth it. So I put together an avatar from freebies and promo items, hunt items, and other various pieces from my inventory. Showed Mistress and asked opinions. I honestly couldn't find anything really that jumped out at me. Though I tried a few trial avatars. Though I had the desire to explore I just didn't have the image that I wanted to put forth for that. Or one that Mistress would enjoy. So I would take time to think on this.

So it was one day we was talking with the other boys of the house. Joking back and forth about a picture we had done for Stand4Love event. It was hanging up and the titles that had been chosen was the topic of discussion. There was some thoughts of my name enigma needing to be changed to demolitionist. I'd have to agree the thought did cross my mind. Though another thought came from another of our house. Suggesting that i should be kitty kaboom...why, my kitty play enjoyment and the fact i like explosives magic and other things that can blow up.

Though that isn't exactly what entered my mind at the name. I got to thinking that was a stripper's name..I mean kitty vavavoom or something. It caused me to laugh. But it also had a bit of a different aspect to it. A more punkish feel.. I told Mistress i was working on kitty kaboom and she laughed at me. Well can't blame her i laughed too. Another thing about me is that i enjoy making odd characters, designing avatars, though i have yet to build my own I do seem to have a collection of oddities. Normal is highly over rated after all. So to me project Kitty Kaboom had started. I searched my inventory for items. Skins, shapes, modifying them. Trying to get them to look right..Not to long of a neck, no the breast don't need to be THAT big, hips look good, eyes...that'll work. Ok now the hair. I looked for hair short, something like what I wore as my male avatar...after all, this was me as a girl. Slightly shorter then Mistress, but tall enough 5'7" perhaps. Then the need to change them the eyes of my male avatar are the same as my r/l self. Leaving those I went to look at the form. It looked alright to me...Next was makeup...Lipstick, eyeshadow, Perhaps abit gothy..abit punky...sensual...Oh dang the lips...i'd like to have something of a mischivious smile...not that frown. So There we was editing alittle more, I hope that I got it mischivious and alittle cute but we'll see.

Now that had makeup, eyelashes, lipstick, It was clothing. I had to look and buy a few things. Give her a few outfits. Abit of her own style of punk goth meets sensual and yet explosive. And ofcourse I looked for things Mistress may like to see her in. After all I did see what she bought for the other boy..though having my own style flare to it aswell. Who likes a copy cat after all. Once I finished I asked Mistress about an outfit and that was the first one I showed her in my new avitar form. Ofcourse making suggestions i think she was pleased with it. Though the AO was abut more defient I beleave she said. The only AO I had at the time...we quickly found another ao for her to be more girly. THough I kept the earlier one...after all Kitty Kaboom is abit of a brat at times.

She was ready to go out and shop and work with Mistress. I got more comfortable with it as time progress and I seen Mistress seemed to enjoy it alittle. That made me feel alot better. Privatly we ran around and did a few things. Changing back when i was with others. I was not ready for others to see me yet. Though that time is approaching. One of our stops was to get an outfit for fetish dance...the dance is tonight... The unvailing of Kitty to the rest of the community. I'm abit nervous. I did not think I was ready..though when Mistress said she'd like to see me in the outfit I wanted to aswell.

So this confession will continue after the fetish dance, when Kitty Kaboom makes her  first appearance. Though before I do that I perhaps need to explain something. Kitty Kaboom isn't an avatar like my monkey, death orb, jawa, or any of my other crazy forms I take from time to time. Just like Sylver, Kitty is a part of me. The me if I was more female. A pinch of chaos, a bit of gothic, some punk, alittle shy, embarrassed, sensual, curious like a kitty, explosive like a bomb, spiced to an aquired taste, tough yet vulnerable. So, I do not think of her as an avatar but part of me, she is me. With that said I hope people will accept this piece of me as I am trying to fully embrace it aswell.

I've survived the dance! It was a little surprising to say the least that not much was  said about my appearance. Then again maybe I shouldn't be suprised. Others have been  there as femboy, femnized boys and other play already on sim. But still i was  nervous and wondered what people thought. Though all in all I think it was rather  fun. And I Mistress seemed to enjoy herself. Not sure what else to say about it. So  Meet Kitty Kaboom. She may not be around all the time but she'll be about watching  waiting, sometimes blowing things up. Other times curled up with a bit of yarn  maybe...who knows. But what ever it is i look forward to exploring it with an open  mind.

My Trip To London by Ty

My leave in London
The train ride was a welcome distraction. Three months at sea was too long. He was in in dress uniform on his way to London. His suitcase was overhead. He had one event tonight with the British Naval Office which included dinner and a show. Afterwards, the rest of the week was his to relax and not be in charge of anything or anyone.
     The dinner had been fine, certainly better than sea rations. The company was formal and militarily stiff, but he was having trouble suffering thru this musical play. He'd found the bar during intermission and had resolved to sit here during the second half of the show and start his vacation a couple hours early. Just then the bell rang and the crowd filtered back into the theatre like sheep. The bar was empty now except for himself and the batman.....and a striking woman at the opposite end of the bar with her glass about empty. She looked over at him with a slight knowing smile.
      He grabbed his hat and drink and walked over. Unknowingly, he stood tall trying to make a good first appearance.
"Excuse me Miss, are you not going back in?  May I join you, and have you drink refreshed?"
"Sure, sit down sailor.  Scotch and soda. Aren't you enjoying the show?" she chimed with a Midwest accent.
He smiled brightly at her as he set his coat and hat to one side and settled in next to the woman with dark beautiful features. She had an easy refined look about her. Dark hair and dark eyes highlighted by beautiful skin and pouty red lips. His first thought of her was "wow she smells wonderful"
"Well, it turns out I like music and theatre, but together not so much. What about you?  Not heading back in?"
"mmmm.. Perhaps later. It's good, but I've seen it a few times. I helped raise money for it, so I sorta have to be here. Protect the investment." She paused as she received her drink. "So what's an American Naval Officer doing in downtown London?"
"Oh my ship is down in Portsmouth. I'm here for a formal "howdy" with the local boys tonight. Then I have a few days to myself. A much overdue break. ....And what about you?  I didn't  expect you to be American.  What do you do here in London?"
She looked at him hard for a few moments. She took sips off of her drink then sat the glass down turning her hips and body in the stool towards him.
"Here in London I'm a Domme Mistress and theatre producer. I make most of my money  back in the states, but I come here for months at a time and enjoy myself and my subs.".
She studied his face for his reaction. He obviously reacted, but she smiled to herself when she recognized the look of curiosity.
He started out slowly.
"So you have some people to do your bidding, and enjoy that?"
"Yes, essentially.  There are many British men that just crave a American woman to dominate their lives and minds.  Am I scaring you?  Sorry you bought me a drink yet?"
"Not at all!  Honestly, I spend most every day "in charge" of people and a ship and everything. It sounds like a welcome change to just not do that. Just to worry about one thing and one person. And, you're so beautiful.  I can certainly see the appeal."
Smiling, "Thank you.  You're very kind."
"Are you talking about BDSM?  Is it all about bondage and sex?"
Now grinning.  She felt she had hooked him. She just needed to get him in the boat.
"Yes there is some of that, but it's not all about that, but yes.  Remember it's about me and my moods and about the sub and how I feel about them. If I don't like them, it may just be ignoring them, but I don't have time for subs I don't enjoy..... Have you ever given over to a Mistress?  It would probably be very good for you."
Nervously chuckles.  "um no. I can't say I have. At least not knowingly. A couple woman have tried to control my life, but that was more because they were insecure bitches....sorry, I shouldn't be so crass."
Smiling wider knowing she had him.  "No! That's fine.  I understand." She paused as if letting the air fill with anticipation. "Did you say you are on leave for a few days?  How about you give yourself to me?  Be my sub until you have to go back to your ship.  I have a nice apartment over the river.  It would make a nice place to stay while you're here. If at any time you really don't enjoy wants happening, I will set you free and you may stay at my place until you have to leave no strings attached."
She raised her glass as if to cheers and agree upon the offer.  He felt like it was a take it or leave it offer.  There were to be no negotiations.
After thinking thru her words for a moment, he raised his glass too and said, "When do we start "Mistress"?"
The glasses clinked.  She finished her scotch.  "Right now boy.  Grab you hat and uniform coat.  Take this ticket and retrieve my wrap from coat check. Meet me at the front door in about five minutes.  I need to get something from backstage."
She met him a few minutes later with something wrapped in a velvet bag. He helped her on with her shawl, and held her hand as she stepped in the cab. He ran around the other side and jumped in beside her. As he hit hit the seat, she grabbed his face, pulled it to her and kissed him eagerly hard. She'd always wanted her own sailor, and he was everything a woman could want.
He returned the kiss with passion. He felt himself melting into her hot soft lips. He was immediately bound up in his pants. Three months at sea was a very long time. He was off with her for he knew not what, but he went willingly.

My First Time by Casey

My first time by Casey Wildmist

I've been learning a lot over the past couple of weeks at the wonderful instruction of Miss Crissy. It's been an eye opening experience in so many ways and it's hard to put into words all the feelings I've been having. For now I'm going to stick with one experience in particular that blew my mind and showed me what it is I'd been missing in my life.
Miss Crissy gave me a bdsm check list to fill out, which I did over the course of a few days, and one thing listed on there that made me tingle with curiosity was anal play. Of course I'd seen videos and read plenty about it, but I'd never done anything involving the "back door".
We were talking one evening when Miss Crissy gave me the instruction that when I showered next I was to lather up my fingers and explore my ass, and if it turned me on I was allowed to edge but not cum. I nervously followed her instructions and found that stroking my anus and penetrating it slowly with one finger was indeed a turn on. After reporting this to  her, Miss Crissy suggested I pick up some lube and gloves, which I did a few days later.
That evening she ordered me to get my lube and gloves which set me to squirming with anticipation. After following her directions to lube my ass up well, I slowly sild my index finger into my anus, unable to restrain the moan of pleasure. Hearing her laughter and enjoyment of my reaction just made me want more and I slowly began to fuck my ass with that single finger, kneeling on the floor and leaning against my seat. I tried to focus on pleasing Miss Crissy and making sure I was showing proper gratitude but the pleasure of the moment kept pulling my focus away. After several slow, deep breaths and slowing my strokes I was able to focus better on her voice. Narrowing my concentration to the sensations rushing through my body and her commands I kept sliding my well lubed finger in and out of my ass, surprised at the way it was turning me on. When I added the clothespins on my nipples that drove me even closer to the edge and had me shaking with the need to cum. Then I heard the wonderful words, the order to fuck my ass until I came. I pumped my finger faster and faster into my body, the sensations building quickly until I was overwhelmed with an incredible orgasm. After coming down from that high I couldn't thank Miss Crissy enough for opening my eyes to this new and incredible pleasure.
And that is my confession of my first time with anal play.

A Confession To A Lady by Anonymous

Someone mentioned the Dominion in a conversation I overheard.  I can't recall just where it was, but it piqued my interest and I thought I'd visit.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a very interesting collection of people there.

There were some people engaged in pony play at one point and you, evidently having read my profile in which I mentioned wanting to learn, asked "Well, what have you learned?"  I was, I admit, rather suprised at your interest in me.  I had rather thought I was nearly invisible, but you'd noticed somehow, and offerered to help me with my appearance and to teach me things you thought I'd need to know.   You told me that I might add you as a friend, which moved me more than I thought possible

I first knelt before you on the 16th of June, when you were kind enough to allow me to approach, and to tell me that you could protect me.

I felt protected from a great many things:  predatory dommes, my own foolish eagerness, but there was  no protection from you, no defence, no place to hide from my feelings.

There was a moment when I crossed over from being someone who admired your wisdom and appreciated your help to someone who would give himself to you utterly.   You sat in a chair, and let me kneel at your feet.  People around us were talking and joking and they all seemed to fade away when I raised my head to look up at your face.   It was as if I recognised where I belonged, where I ought to be.

I looked down at the ground, lest you discover my secret.  I was afraid, frankly, to feel so much, so intensely.  I thought "She must know!  She must see it in my face."

You fastened a leash to my collar and led me.  You showed me new worlds, taught me new things and I looked up at you growing more and more hungry for your touch, but  daring not even hint at how I wanted it.

I couldn't help but think of what it must be like to belong to you, to be yours

I have thought it often and suppressed the longing.  But never entirely.

And I ran from you, and returned to you, and ran and returned again.

I want to run no more, unless it's toward you.

There was a moment when I crossed over from being someone who admired your wisdom and appreciated your help to someone who would give himself to you utterly.

Question is do You want me?

The End by Anonymous

The End - Anonymous Lady

It wasn't easy.  Or anything even close to it.  It was hard.  I knew it was the right thing to do, and still a part of me felt like a failure.  After all the months and hours of the trial period, it was simply like something didn't take hold.

It wasn't hard in one sense.  I knew I was doing the best I could for the both of us.  It wasn't fair to him that my heart wasn't in it, when I wasn't excited to see him, wasn't even looking forward to it.

I knew what a bond could feel like.  The sweet anticipation of spending time together, they way I would wake up aroused and thinking of my sub at my feet, obeying my commands, submitting to me.

As I stood above him, explaining My decision, even then I wanted to protect him, hold him, tell him I would help him find another Mistress.  But I knew that I wouldn't be doing him any favors, so I remained clear and strong. That's what he needed from me right now - resolve, clarity.

It sucked.  Plain and simple.  I knew it would be harder for him to part, however, so I took a deep breath and did what I had to do.  For him, for me.  For a better future for the both of us.  Letting him go was the first step for him to find someone that would truly appreciate him, and free me to pursue my happiness.

He would find another Lady, and we will both be able to look on this as a lesson learned, no regrets.  At least that is my hope.  For now though, I am glad he can't see my RL tears.

The End II

Pool Confession by Anonymous

one summer day

        It was a hot sunny day and I chose to go outside and take some time in the swimming pool to cool off a bit. You, however, opted to stay inside and relax on the chaise lounge. Beads of sweat form on the glass of iced tea sitting on the end table by you. You look so peaceful as you thumb through the book I gave to you as a present. "The Book of Revelations", a scandalous novel of a man who is abducted by three women and forced into servitude. I thought you might enjoy reading of his delicious torment and imprisonment, and it brings me a sense of joy to be on my knees, head bowed with my arms stretched out with a gift of devotion to my Lady.  I can see you slowly lick your finger to turn a page from my vantage point as I do the last few laps.
    Finishing my last one I get out of the water and grab the towel draped over the pool side chair and dry off somewhat, wrapping it around my thick shoulders as I head back into the house. Opening the sliding glass window and stepping in, the cold air of the air conditioning rolls over me and I shiver as the water evaporates from my still damp skin. My buds become taunt and harden as they strain against the fabric of my towel. You glance at me from the corner of your almond shaped eyes, holding your breath for the tiniest of moments. Your gaze drops to my feet and inches up over my calves and thighs, spidering over my trim hips, and stopping at the mass of my sculpted chest. I look up to catch you spying, and a soft smile crosses my lips.
    I walk over to you and offer my hand to help you up. Rising to your feet on stacked black stiletto heels you can almost look me in the eye as your slender arms slip around me, pulling me close.  Not caring that I am wet your hand goes to my long hair and pulls me to your wet plush lips, placing a kiss so tenderly that it makes my knees shake. One of your hands slides down and rests on my rear giving it a slight squeeze. No words needed to be spoken as you move your hand from my bottom and brush it over my muscular thigh, your fingers teasing me as you play with one side of my bathing suit, the only thing between my treasure and you. You move your finger under the material playing along the length of my girth, making me gasp.
    You smile that particular smile and I know all that it entails as you slip your finger in, running it in circles around the pulsing head. I grip you with strong hands holding onto you like a drowning man as my knees grow weaker, gliding down your body to rest on my knees in front of you, your hand still firmly entrenched in my hair. "I am hungry for my boy, and I know he is hungry for me. Aren't you boy?"
    I look up as you yank on my hair to bring me to your gaze. "Yes my Lady, my hunger for you can never be slaked."
    I look in raw lust as you let your tongue slip out and trace the outline of your full pouty lips. Using my wide shoulders to brace yourself as you bring your stunning body to the floor in front of me and I can feel the heat from your sacred temple as it passes so close to my lips. You press on and move your hand back to where it was and push it down on my now very rigid steel, making me cry out a little from the pleasure/pain. Thoughts in my mind scream brutally as I want to be an intimate part of your being, to be the one that you call when you have desires, wants, needs of any kind whether it is for pleasure or not. To be so selflessly devoted to you that I would blind myself so that I could not look at another. Your image being the only one to ever be seen in my mind's eye.
    I gasp as your thumb circles the broad head of my member, slipping around it as I trickle out some nectar, making your digit glide so much easier. Eyes widen as I watch you pull your hand out. I'm breathing hard and my heart is pounding hard like a herd of boys stampeding to their Ladies in my chest. You bring your finger to your mouth and suck on it, lick your lips and liking what you taste. Easing the towel from my shoulders and toss it to the floor you bring your hand to my hair and pull me down slowly to the exposed flesh of your ample chest. As I get it down to your breasts you pull harder and my lips purse in anticipation to the taste of your body. Your grip is so strong as you maneuver my mouth to where you want it that my muscles bunch and begin to sting, but the hurt turns into pleasure.
    Having me where you want me you release a hand and cup one of the meaty swells rubbing your thumb over the thick bud as it makes itself so apparent under your silk shirt. Slender fingers take it in their grasp and pinch roughly, teasing it further. I hear a vulgar sigh rise up from your inner being as you arch your chest out in response to your wanton grip. Releasing it you push one of your mounds up and I capture one of those perfectly pink towers of flesh with my mouth, running my tongue over it through the barrier of the shirt.
    I ease my hand up and begin to tear at the garment until the buttons sail across the room. I care little of the act as I know my Lady will have me mend it later. Lunging forward I eagerly suck on your nipple flicking it with my tongue and pinching it between my pearly teeth. You rake my body with your long manicured nails, making crimson trails along my tanned flesh. I try not to cry out but I can't hold it back much longer and I moan loudly. Just the the touch of the woman that I want to serve till the end of my days alone enough to almost send me over the edge. But no, you want to prolong my suffering.
    You push me away roughly and sit on the chair again and look down at the discoloration in your skirt. Knowing what you want I kneel between your legs, unbuckling the belt and reaching around the back to unzip your burgundy skirt. The scent of your desire fills my senses as you lift up your hips for me to remove the garment. You rarely wear anything underneath as you might need me to pleasure you at any time, anywhere, and I see today was no different.
    I wrap my hand around your well toned leg and begin to stroke you gently. You shake your head and tangling your fingers in my hair, forcing my head down and prod my lips with your own to open my mouth. I slide my lips down and over your salivating mound, taking you deep in my wiling mouth as I start to suck on you. The tip of my tongue rises and falls like a flogger on a boys back along the length of your honey pot, trying to bring you to the wicked peak of physical pleasure. Moving my hand and mouth as one I start at a slow and steady pace. But I can see that it is not enough for you.
    Sucking hard and fast as you practically face fuck me with the jutting of your pelvis. Both of your hands on my head now forcing yourself harder and deeper into my willing mouth. I gag a little at first but get used to it as you continue to grind your cunny along the expanse of my face. Long slow delectable groans of delirious rhapsody fill my ears as you grunt in primal bliss, bucking your hips like an enraged mare. I can feel the veins in my cock tighten before you suddenly hold my head in a death grip over you and you explode in my mouth. The hot, salty, milky cum flows down my throat as you stream your sacred nectar, holding me there as I accept your gift. Without choice I let the thickness fill my mouth, gulping it with an eager devotion till you pull my head back.  A small trickle of syrupy juice runs down my chin and I raise my hand to catch it, bringing it to my lips, savoring the taste of my Lady's precious wine.
    There is a animalistic look in your eyes as you lean forward to take hold of my member, so exquisitely hard in your commanding vice. Leaning forward I watch as you ease back into the chair placing each leg over an arm. I almost loose my balance as you bring me to your lips and I have to grab the back of the chair to steady myself. My eyes widen as I watch you lick the outside of my bathing suit and pull it down, teasing me from back to front as if you were savoring a lollipop.
    Your tongue flicks out like a cobra circling the bulbous head while your other hand takes hold of my tight sack and pulls on it with authority. I yelp in protest but I know it will only get me more of the same as you tug again with a bit more force. Shimmering lips begin to part as they engulf the circumference of my meat, sucking on it voraciously then dragging your teeth along the rim. I shake and quiver as you lash at my throbbing cock, my knuckles turn white as I grasp the back of the chair, resisting the urge to take hold of your head and plunge it down the length of my lust.  My hips buck and thrust into you as you open your throat wide to accept me, saliva covering the long mass and drooling out the sides of your warm, enticing mouth. Your hand releases my jewels Just as I am about to cum.
    You move your hand down and between my legs as you plunge your tongue along the underside of my shaft. I can feel your breath against my skin as I look down to see you taking the full length of me. I cry out when you push your finger into my body, moving it in and out fucking me, owning me, making me yours. As if you ever had to do anything but look at me to have that acceptance and devotion.
    My breaths come quick and shallow as the walls of your mouth close around me, your tongue assaulting every electric nerve and I can't hold back any longer. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN I CUM MY LADY" I cry out with a whimpering voice. The avalanche of pleasure only being held back by a fly swatter of self control. "PLEASE MY LADY, I AM BEGGING YOU!!" I nearly scream in agony. I feel a sharp sting as you slap my tush hard, then reentering me with two fingers fast and deep.
    Pulling your head back for a brief moment you look at me sternly, as if I had given some measure of affront to you. "You WILL cum for me boy, not now, RIGHT NOW!!"
    I roar like a possessed demon as I start to trickle, then release a flood of my hot sweet nectar, gushing forth, squirting into your mouth. The chair groans in protest as I rock my body along with it while an all consuming feeling of illicit wickedness takes control of my inner being. Pressurized blasts of my seed escape into your greedy throat to take all of my tribute. Time stops for long moments as my body goes nearly into shock, your fingers pumping into me like an oil well as you stroke every salty drop from my body.
    Not wasting any time you go to the floor and motion for me to follow. I do as I am told and lay on my back. A sharp scowl rides across your tender face and you snap your fingers for me to come to you. I rise up immediately and go to you. Laying down you place your legs on my shoulders and levering yourself using the chair you thrust hard towards me. The suddenness of it makes me lurch forward to invade your temple. Silken walls clamp down and hold me tightly as your legs clench at my neck, but only for a moment do you wait. Leaning forward and pressing your legs against my chest you start to thrust at me, wanting me to fill you with my mass.
    Moving slow at first and I see the tender Lady that has taken my will as her own and I respond in kind with a languid rocking motion. You hook your finger and motion for me to come closer. As I do so I feel your nails rip down my chest as you take me into a deep hypnotic kiss. Such fury and brutality could only come from a Lady who truly knows what she wants and takes it as she needs. You pick up the pace as your body bucks faster. With each thrust I go deeper and deeper, harder and harder. You can feel me deep within your belly, touching parts of you that you thought were unreachable, but you don't care. All that matters is the pleasure that your boy is giving you. The pleasure that you take from him as it is your right to do so.
    Moaning loudly my hands go behind my neck and I hold on while you fuck me like a Shetland pony. My blue eyes watch you and the blistering sight of voracious yearning and carnivorous, mind bending passion crossing your face fuels my sinewed frame to double and re double my efforts in such perverted ways. As the sweat sprays from my body I can see the intent in your eye, the look of knowing that you have inspired me to let the raw unchecked animal out. I start to climb that hill of ecstasy making my way to the top and the point of no return and I see that we are taking that journey together, hand in hand, leash in hand.
    You move your hand and start to pinch my nipple, the pain of it brings me to a higher level of consciousness and my hand goes to your own to mimic the same motion.  I moan louder and the sound fills the room. I let go of all restraint and control over myself. I give it all to you, the one who I draw breath for. The one that, every action I take, is to please and make her existence easier in some way. And when I think that I couldn't last much longer, you look at me, searing your emerald green gaze right through me, seeing every faction of my being, my very soul. I lay bare to you as you examine that which you own.
    Lips part as all sound is nullified, there is only your voice, your soft lilting voice that I pray to all the gods and goddesses every night that I yearn to hear you call my name. "NOW"  you say with a tender look. A smile spreads over my lips and the gates of paradise erupt. I tumble over that cliff and plunge into the waters below letting the sensation washing over me sending wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure racking my body, making it shake. I feel your walls close around my cock holding it and pulsating, milking it of my seed over and over. Hands claw and rip at my body as you free fall into the well of decadent, glorious bliss.
    There is a shift in the ether around us that I cannot explain while our bodys touch, our souls touch, exchanging vows and promises that will transverse any boundary that is known. With a final thrust and a low growl you release yourself one final time. The hot liquid squirting deep inside of you rushes out and covers my quivering thighs, feeling the warmth of your nectar flowing down across my skin. Breathing hard and shaking, sweat glistening on our skin ,you stand, sliding yourself from me. Looking down at our cum trickling from your body to my chest as I collapse in a near convulsing yet blissfully satisfied heap of boy and I find that I can barely move.
    The glass of tea still sits on the table with a wet ring stain from where it had been sitting can be seen as you pick it up and take a drink with a satisfied smirk on your face. "Be sure to mend that shirt my dirty and delicious boy."
    Spinning on your spiked heel you leave me there to enjoy the moment before having to lift my exhausted frame and begin my duties.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morning Glory by Anonymous

He is waiting for her outside her door in the morning.

Kneeling. Naked. A note on a string around his neck. His eyes are cast down. The morning is cool with dampness on the concrete door step, and he shivers.

She looks down at him, puts down her handbag, black and leather, like her boots. She says nothing, but grabs the note in her hand. She recognizes the handwriting, addressed to her. Says nothing. "It reads: He is yours. He always was. You bitch." She smiles and takes that as a compliment.

He continues to look down, still shivering, but as her boot brushes up against his thigh, his breathing changes. She notices but says nothing still. But with one pull she breaks the note and string around his neck and tosses it in the nearby trash.

She bends down, still over him. Her gloved hand softly caresses his cheek, lips, ruffling his hair. But when she reaches the scruff of his neck she pulls on it sharply, forcing his head back and face up into hers.

"Home now, yes, you wandering slut?" she says without emotion.

He looks into her eyes, not daring to look away, not able to look away. "Yes, my Mistress."

She watches him for a moment.  "You will have to work for it. Starting from the very bottom. And I will likely keep you there. At the bottom, where you belong." She pauses. "Is that what you want?"

He does not hesitate. "Please."

She smiles, and kisses him, in an attack of tongue and lips and wetness. Then she pulls back, stands up, straightens her dress. She pulls out her phone, texts a brief message that she is taking a sick day from work. Puts it back into her handbag, opens her door and goes in.

"Come, slave, crawl toward your fate. That kiss will be the last you get for some time."

He follows.

She keeps her head turned to hide her wide and bright smile.

Persephone by Cedra

A confession about a fantasy from the dark side.

I imagine getting invited to a tea party with Lady Persephone and her friends. I had only just got to know Miss Persephone and was expecting a normal meeting with nothing special. While I ring at her door, dressed smartly, some thoughts cross my mind:
"Maybe I can impress her and hit on her... maybe she likes me... maybe I can make her feel comfortable and be liked by her friends also".
However, reality starts to work out differently from the moment the door is opened. Miss Persephone is dressed up in a corset, a leather skirt and long over the knee boots.
I feel my mouth get dry... and I have a hard time formulating my works.
"It's a pleasure meeting you, Miss Persephone", I stutter.
And then I get in and see her Friends- Lady Cimmerian and Lady Nattasha. They are dressed up, too.

In this very moment I get the thought that I am not here to drink tea, rather I am here as a servant...and then Miss Persephone introduces me to the Ladies:

She tells them that they now have a playtoy for amusement for their party. I get the command to undress.... and there I stand... in front of the three Ladies, fully erect.

I feel embarrassed and humiliated- but at the same time this stimulates me. And the Ladies see it and laugh at me. I feel like a toy. I get the command to stroke and they count the beat...1, 2, 1, 2....

"Stop" Miss Persephone cries; I quit and the Ladies laugh.

They tie my hands behind my back. Then, they slap my cock in a round. First just a bit... it even stimulates, but then they get more eager and hit harder, until it is soft.

Lady Nattasha gives me the command to lean myself over the table and then she starts penetrating my ass with her fingers. First one, then two...three and four. My cock is losing precum from the stimulation of my prostate. Miss Cimmerian takes it with her fingers and feeds me with it... She calls me an anal whore and all the Ladies laugh. Then they think my hole should be filled and insert a plug. It's a huge one... I know that I can't walk normally anymore.
Lady Cimmerian say that my cock should be under control. I have to turn my feet about a meter from each other and bend my knees. She ties my cock and balls... it hurts a bit...  my cock is tied down so that it can't get hard any more. She then ties a long rope around my balls... as a leash.
She sits down... and I have to stand in front of her... she pulls my leash...that hurts..
Miss Persephone takes a paddle. She starts spanking me... and Miss Cimmerian holds my leash so I can't react and alter my position. My hands are behind my cock is tied... I have a plug and I get the hits of the paddle.... Sometimes I whimper a bit.. and I have to count...I feel like a whore... after a while the Ladies have enough of my whimpering...they gag me....
Then they tie a tray to my front...and put the tea set on it and the tea party starts...
They make bad jokes about giving me tea with "milk"
... I know right now i am lucky to serve tea and the party will be not over very soon. I fear really mean and bad upcoming ideas from the dark side... while they chat for the moment and consider what they will do with me.

Scratching Through The Surface by Anonymous

Scratching through the Surface

    The night I I planned to tell you I was moving out stretched out in slow motion and intensified my apprehension.  I needed to get away, not only to shorten my commute, but to have my own space.  I dreaded telling you because I knew you depended on my portion of the bills to maintain your lifestyle.  We had made no agreements about the nature of our relationship as roommates or as anything beyond friendship.  When you pushed me to my knees as I explained my intentions, I realized something had changed.
     For years I had admired you and when we kissed under the awning during the storm, the lightning crashed and sent desire through my body in shocking splinters.  I had always wanted to relive that kiss, but never had the courage to mention it.  As I moved to the ground, I felt the same anticipation filled me.  I knelt, and stared at your boots, ashamed that I had considered leaving.  You lifted my head with one finger and penetrated my eyes with your will.
     “You are not going anywhere,” your harsh tone replaced your usual quiet voice and your eyes filled with rage.  “I have been thinking about this and now it seems I must act.  Take off your shirt.”
     With trepidation, I unbuttoned my shirt while my eyes remained locked on yours.  I was confused, I had not considered this an outcome of my explanation for wanting to leave.  I imagined how upset you would be, but never anything like this.  The tip of your fingernail pressed softly into my chest.
     “You will apologize now.  And make no sound whatsoever in between.  You are going to stay here.”
     You pressed firmly into my chest and scraped downward towards my abdomen.  I apologized as the sharp pain penetrated my being, and made the mistake of gasping.  You grabbed my chin, looked at me, and told me to be quiet; all she wanted to hear was my apology.  You scraped again, and again.  Each time, you became fiercer in your conviction and I became more malleable in my will.
     I apologized over 50 times, each time careful to utter only the sounds that signified my apology.  I could feel blood trickling down my chest and your glare never wavered.  I knew my place.  You knew my place.  You lifted my chin once more, and told me to open my mouth.  You rolled your tongue around in your mouth and as I sat with my head tilted towards you, you let forth a dollop of saliva directly into my mouth.
     “You are not going anywhere, my pet.”

Ode To Miss Janice by Mind

You certainly have met this amazingly elegant woman, walking with men on a leash while checking her iPhone. May be you have not dared to speak to this goddess, because she seems to stand so high above us all. I happened to meet her. She’s known as Miss Janice. And let me tell you something, she is even more amazing than how she naturally looks.

She’s so sharp that you know, before you open your mouth, that she will have the last word. So brilliant that the only reasonable thing to do, is hide in her shadow. So beautiful that every one should hate her, so graceful that no one does. So sophisticated. So awfully sophisticated,  that all the mesh in SL seem to have been designed for her… And talented. Have you seen her pictures ? Ones of the best images ever taken on this grid. Let’s all hope, one day, for SL eternity, we’ll also stand alive, magnified, in one of her pics.

I, Mind Carlberg, am so proud to be her friend, her devoted body and soul, her humble sub, kneeling in admiration… And smiling because, above all, our little trio, Miss Janice, Hank, and I, share a hell of fun.

My Confession by Houseboi

Greetings and well wishes all Ladies and to brothers and sisters of the chain.

The purpose of this writing is to help in making amends for a terrible mistake I made while greeting those in The Dominion courtyard. It will consist of my confession for the mistake, my apology for said mistake and my short story, describing how I came to choose my path to serve Women.

On July 7th, at 12:32 PM SLT, on entering the Dominion courtyard I did greet the Misses in text. I cammed around and still I missed one of the Misses and even went and called her boy a Miss. Then, realizing that they were all in voice, I turned on my voice and started to greet the Misses again in voice, without permission to speak in voice.

I should have known better. I had been on the sim over 24 hours and I had all the rules. I plead guilty at my trial and accepted my punishment, hoping there would be a good beating? /grin

I apologize for my transgression and hope that I can be forgiven. I promise that I will try harder and do better in the future.

I was also instructed by Her Judgery to add the story of what put me on the path to serving Women. This story is painful but I present this to you as per Her orders. I will endeavor to describe the overall experience rather than details and keep this succinct.

I first joined SL back in September of 2007. I enjoyed SL as a heavy role player for many months and met several women and had various relationships. The most fulfilling and endearing experience was with a rather dominating woman, the Queen of a Clan. I used to follow her everywhere, almost like a puppy dog wherever she went. I provided her defense and companionship and yes, I stopped a few griefers.

She was very dominate, but did not collar me, nor did we even talk about such things. Still there was a certain satisfaction in following her and carrying out her whims and I fell very hard for her. Long story short, she had to leave SL and I was left to decide what to do with the rest of my SL.

Through various events in my SL, I took up being a dominate myself. I was not Gorean, but my style was fairly close. For me, I dominated through love rather than cruelty or harshness. I have owned several women slaves in my years and loved them all and wanted only their happiness. In my way, I guess, I was serving Women who desired to be dominated by men. I took this and still take this as a serious responsibility.

During this time, I joined a RL local Dungeon and gave myself over to a wonderful Mistress, with the idea of becoming a RL Master and what better way to learn than by starting at the bottom. She was wonderful and I found out, I am a pain whore. I have a very high tolerance for pain and what she could do to my body with wool, floggers and whips was truly wondrous. I miss that more than I can put into words.

Three years ago, I met, in SL, who I thought was going to be THE one. She even moved from her home over 1,000 miles away to move in with me as my RL pet. Over the next two years we married and lived the lifestyle 24/7. I thought everything was great, but she was homesick and wrangled her way back to live with her parents. Long story short, she met a Mistress and left me.

This event put me in a state of depression for a few months and I canceled my account. When I came out of my depression, I realized what really made me happy was serving Women. I had tried to do that as a Master, but what I really wanted was to be completely dominated and owned by Women like my first SL love.

My ex had a point when she left me, and that is that besides family there is nothing more important than making Women happy, and that would make me happy.

A few days ago, I created this account and started over. I have decided that my path is that of servitude to Women, from the bottom this time. I went around to several of the more prominent Femdom sims and hung around a bit, joining their groups and such, and not until I came to The Dominion did I really feel at home. I was immediately accepted and embraced and that meant a lot to me. So, here I am.

What I hope for, is to be dominated, owned, given the chance to make Women happy and perhaps in doing so, receive the attentions I admittedly crave. I don't yet know if this will be as a group slave, or if some understanding Mistress will want me, but I am open to wherever this leads.

I thank you for your time and patience Ladies, brothers and sisters. Good afternoon.

A Trip To Vegas by Sonnic

A Trip to Vegas by Sonnic Accoustic

It was the 4th of July and it was my first trip to America, I had gone with my best mates Tony and Harry. "Alright boys, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" Tony proclaimed with joy as we made a toast with our bottles of beer.

After drinking and gambling in the casino for a couple of hours I lose sight of my mates, I search the isles of singing machines and tables full of people, but find no trace of them. I check my pants and realize I've left my mobile phone and my key in the hotel room. I shrug, figuring I'll do some exploring on my own and try to catch them later at the room.

As I walk the strip I hear loud music coming from a club, "Now this is my kind of shit", I say, recognizing the tune. I pay my way in and order a bottle of beer, throwing in a double shot of Sambuca for good measure. I down the shot and make my way to the dance floor, shaking my ass to the music. "How are you baby tired? cause you've been running around my mind all night." I ask the girl with glitter eye shadow, giving her a wink as I try to dance closer. "Fuck off loser!" she replies and gives me the middle finger.

I carry on dancing, trying to look cool before losing my nerve and return to the bar for more liquid courage. I order another beer and another double shot of Sambuca, I notice a woman standing a few feet from me at the bar, her shiny black patent leather boots catching my eye. i walk over to her trying to keep a swagger in my step, "Hey babe, is that a mirror in your pants? Cause I see myself in them later on tonight." She looks at me unimpressed and rolls her eyes. I look to the bartender and order a third Sambuca, trying to think of a better pick up line and finally settle on the old fashioned approach.

I gather my resolve and walk back up to the lady, "Good evening, can I buy you a drink?" I ask over the rim of my glass. "Much better boy, but if you want my attention, you'll have to earn it." she replied plainly and turned her back to me. In this moment I realize she's different, her honesty and bluntness having turned me on. "I like your boots Miss." I offer. She turns around with a Cheshire's grin and replies, "That's more like it boy. Are you alone?" I feel a strange sensation in my belly and answer, "Yes Miss, I am." I notice I've called her "Miss" twice, the title naturally fitting her and my feelings.

With a motion of her head she orders me to follow, putting down my beer i do as I'm told. She leads me to the back of the club where she pushes some numbers in a combination lock and opens a door, I notice a "Do Not Enter" sign displayed on the front. She turns back to look at me and I raise my eyebrow questioningly, she only smirks and draws me in. Unbeknownst to me, she leads me into an experience that will change my life forever.

I follow her down a long hall and notice a man gaged and tied to a table through an open door, panic sets in. She leads me into an empty room and turns on her heel, a smirk spreading across her face. It's dimly lit with candles and I notice the walls are padded and studded with fixtures and devices I've never seen before. "Now strip!" she orders in a voice that has become very authoritative. With a big gulp I nod and shakily pull down my pants. "Speak up boy!" She barks. "Yes Miss." I reply and instantly feel aroused while I hurry with the rest of my clothes.

"Now get on your back and open your mouth." she orders assertively. " I do as I'm told, opening my mouth wide as she walks over and places the heel of her boot in my mouth. "Suck it. Suck like the good little slut I know you want to be." I groan and wrap my lips around the heel, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it hard. My erection grows ever firmer as i feel her heel touch the back of my throat, making me gag and I try to relax. I look up into her eyes, "Enjoy sucking my heel clean you filthy boy?" she asks. i can only nod and whimper an answer to her before she reaches for a whip and smacks my firm cock with it.

"Now stand up you pathetic little arse and position yourself there." she says while pointing to a St Andrews cross. I do as I'm told and she walks over and ties my hands and feet securely to the device. I swallow my nerves in suspense and look at her curiously as she pulls out a long metal rod, my eyes widen, wondering what she plans to do with that. "Do you know what this is boy?" she asks, "No Miss, what is it?", I reply. "This is called a urethral sound, do you want to know what it's used for?" she asks. Unable to speak I nod, she glances down at my cock sadistically and says, "Well why don't i just show you instead? You'd like that wouldn't you? For me to use you and show you boy?" My breath hitches in my throat, "Please Miss", I answer her.

She comes closer and takes a tight grip on my cock, lubing the tip of it and the sound. I raises my brow and look at her, having a good idea as to what she plans to do. i begin to feel a bit woozy and my muscles constrict and she slowly glides the long metal rod in my pee hole. I look down and bite my lip hard as I watch, it going further and further. It feels uncomfortable at first, but that quickly fades away and I start to feel the pleasure of being filled up. "Do you like getting fucked you dirty little bitch?" she whispers against lips. "Yes Miss, I like getting fucked." I whimper back submissively.

Hours pass and when everything is said and done I wake up to a cold, quiet room.  The straps on my hands and feet are loose and the Miss is no where to be seen. I step off the cross and rub the back of my head and let out a deep sigh. I gather my clothes and dress quickly, make my way out of the abandoned club and back to the strip. I hail a cab and find my way back to my hotel room, to the questioning of my mates, "Sonnic where have you been!?!" Harry asks me. I think back to the nameless Miss and the metal rod and smile, "I dunno, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas mate."

Pain by Lady Persephone

Pain by Persephone

Pain, so tempting a tool in the gladiatorial arena of pleasure. I use pain to perfect passion, my passion. I of course allude to your pain and my passion, there is no other perceivable path.  Your arms embracing my silken warm body arouse me. Your head on my toes as I work at my desk make my heart beat faster, your pain  delivered by my instruments of torture make me WET. A monsoon of tropical proportions gilding my cunt and thighs in droplets of the heavenly elixir.

Pain, exquisite communication between nerve and brain, I give it to you, driving deep chasms into flesh and head, my pleasure lining the trenched edges of desire.  No respite as your eyes glaze and you dedicate your body to my whim. Sublimate your conscious state into my loving hands, pain biting deep to reach your comatose senses. Breathing deep I suck  the breath from my possession; reach for the scalpel blade. Score my name with devotion in gothic script across your torso kissing each bead of blood as it bubbles from your mortal sheath.  Scrutinizing your prone body I worship your phallus blasting it with a universe of kisses until you stir. As you draw a deep breath I swoop up your body, place my throbbing cunt atop your mouth, hold steady until I orgasm, a super nova of dominance fueled by consummate submission.

For My Miss by Anonymous

For My Miss

I know you can feel it, and I feel it too
But, serenity, for me, is found under you.
To be at your service, to bend at your whim
I never understood it, but I feel it within.

People ask if Im happy, if this was my plan?
They even say, "do you feel like a man"?
The answer is YES, but I had no plan,
just something I felt, as for me and my masculinity?
It always feels stronger with a dose of humility.

I will do as you say and do as you please.
If you were to want, I'd stay  forever on my knees
I do come to life with every command and
the rules and control of all your demands.
So  please don't hold back in having me at your heel
At That moment I am your boy
 And all that has past and has yet to happen becomes real..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shopping by Matt

i picked the sex shop that was a little bit out of the town center hoping it wouldn't be as busy.  This was going to be the location for my latest task to amuse Lady Natt and Lady Cimmerian, to buy some red stockings, red panties, red bra and a larger butt plug than the one i owned.  The Ladies had been so kind to me this week introducing me to various new experiences but this task was different...and i was so nervous but i was desparate not to disappoint the Ladies.

i parked up in town and started walking to where the shop was.  i had never been there before and was following directions on my phone.  It was so busy...530pm...everyone was leaving work or going to the shops after work...i hadn't picked a great time but i wasn't there might be quieter there.  It wasn't.  As i approached the door i was in 2 minds whether to walk past or go inside.  This was ridiculous i thought to myself, i have done a lot of things in my life that i was rightly nervous about but i am a grown man and if i was to buy stuff from a sex shop i shouldn't be in i went...and immediately became insanely embarrassed purely down to the reason i was there not because i was there.

It was a fairly big place...the first thing that confronted me were big stripper heels and strippers outfits.  i walked past them and into the area where the underwear was.  The place was empty much to my relief and that is when i saw the first Sales Lady.  She was early 20s, pretty, petite with shoulder length dark hair.  She smiled at me and said hello and i replied with a nervous hi like a teenager on his first date.  i carried on through and hit the area where the sex toys were and the second Sales Lady said hello and that i should give her a shout if i needed any help.  i replied thank you and carried on looking around.

My plan was to find everything i wanted without picking anything up, then get it all quickly, and go to the checkout.  Then as i was paying i intended to ask that question i had been ordered to...”Is this in my size?”  i started to look around for the items i had been ordered to buy.  i hunted around the slutty lingerie area trying to tell myself...its ok they probably think you are looking for your wife, but knowing in my head that my nerves were probably giving me away.  My plan was stalling, loads of slutty things but all black, white, hot pink, leopard red!

After about 15 minutes of hunting around the second Sales Lady came up to me.  She was about my age, pretty, nice figure and wearing jeans and a tight low cut black casual top with a black bra underneath and an amazing cleavage.  One of her shoulder straps had come down off her shoulder.  She was very sexy, not in a glamourous stereotypical way, but there was something about her.  “You look a bit stumped, can i help you with anything?” “i need to buy some red panties, bra and stockings” i replied...”ok, what size?” ....”my size Miss”  i don't know why i said Miss...maybe it was because at that moment doing the task for Lady Cimmerian and Lady Natt i was feeling completely submissive.  Whatever the reason i felt my face blush as bright red as the lingerie i was hoping to buy and i knew straight away from the Lady’s reaction that the significance of the word Miss had not been lost on her.  Not a big reaction and completely professional...but she knew.  “Well lets get you sorted out then shall we honey” she replied with a big smile.

She took me to a small rack next to the cash register and explained that they had hardly any red in at the moment.  i looked as she explained to me sizes and how i should stay away from anything too “minimal” as it can look a bit “untidy”.  i was so embarrassed i wanted the floor to swallow me up but she was helpful, kind and very somehow made me feel at ease enough to continue.  There was a pair of panties with ruffles and there were also lots of tiny little g strings and crotchless panties.  i asked if any had matching bras and she said they didn't have any red bras at the moment.  i replied that i had been ordered to get the complete set.  It felt quite embarrassing to say that but also strangely liberating as i for the first time effectively “come out” to a stranger as a sissy slut submissive.  She apologised for the lack of stock and after a few seconds she said “Oh i have an idea” as she started walking to the other side of the shop. i followed behind her until we got to a stand with small packets of lingerie items...each with a super sexy woman wearing it in a picture on the front.  she picked out a packet with a woman wearing a red fishnet dress...”well this is sort of stockings and...” she looked on another stand...”these red panties will look fantastic underneath, i forgot we had those.  What do you think? it’s not what you were after but will it work?” ... All i could think of was my instruction from the Ladies “if in doubt go slutty”.  “Yes it will work i replied, thank you”.  We moved to the cash register so i could pay.

As She was putting the items in the bag i suddenly remembered...the butt plug!  i didn't know what to do...should i just cut my losses and leave with the stuff i had, should i go to ann summers on the high street and hope they had one?  Sod it i thought, she knows what i am and why i am here so i said it...”i forgot Miss, i have to buy a butt plug too”  Her face lit up...”oh i know just the thing” and she darted off to the sex toys area.  At this point i was quite i had passed through the toys area earlier having a cursory look the only butt plug i saw was a massive black one bigger than my fist.  As i stood there quietly, the other sales girl rearranging things about 4ft from me, the wait seemed like an eternity but very quickly she returned with a large but thankfully a realistically sized plug in a box.  We have just got these Dorcel Ultimate Plugs in they are absolutely fantastic and they vibrate too. Its a little expensive but well worth the price.”  i would have paid £100 at this point if it brought this experience to an end.  The Lady had been extremely helpful and had done her best to put me at ease but i was still more nervous and embarrassed than i had been in a long time! “that’s fine, i will take it.”  The items were bagged up, i paid the £50.97 and summoned up the courage to say “Thank you for your help Miss” loudly enough for the other sales girl to overhear too.  “You are welcome honey, have fun” she replied with a huge smile as i walked out of the shop and out onto the street with a plain black plastic bag in my hand.  As i walked back towards the car park my butterflies started to leave and were overcome by a feeling of pride.  i had been (relatively) open about what i was with the Lady in the shop and i felt really good about that, almost empowered.  i knew that i didn't have the items exactly like i had been ordered but i had followed as best i could and hadn't shirked from the challenge.  i hoped the Ladies would be amused.

Anonymous Confession

The school

While I was riding my bicycle on my way back home after training at a nearby sport centre  I was stopped by a lady in her car.
She described herself as an undercover police who wanted to get to get information about a case.
-"Can you take a ride with me", she asked me
-"Will it take long?",
-"No, maximum one hour", she answered
I was sent to her car, and climbed in.
We drove for about 15 minutes and I asked her where we were heading.
She explained it was the shortest way to the destination.
I got confused since I know the area. Then she stopped at a bus stop along the road and walked over to the opposite side. I tried to undo the seat belt, but it was jammed. She opened the door, and I squirmed in the belt.
She showed a tazer, and  I decided to sit still.
She leaned forward and pulled something from below the passenger seat.
I could hear cuffs being closed, around my  ankles
"And now the hands", she showed the electric beam of the tazer.
I held my hans forward, and handcuffs were closed around my wrists, and then she tazered me.
After I became more conscious, we were already on the road again.
-"What is this about Miss?"
-"What is what?", she said
-"Where are we going?",
"You boy, you will meet your Mistress. We will have plenty of time to get to know each other", She
-"But how?"
-"Now keep silent", she answered.
We drove into a small village called White Spring, and along the main road was a resident house with an iron gate.
She pressed a button on the instrumental panel and the iron gate opened, and a car portal started to open,
We drove in and the car port closed behind us.
The garage port closed behind us and suddenly one other lady entered the garage from through a door.
She was dressed in a kinky police uniform,  wearing a short blue skirt, with, high heels, and black
She walked up to the passenger side, and opened the door. In her hand she had a baton and showed some baton tricks before she opened the passenger door.
-"Hi, have we ever met Miss?", I said.
-"Yup”, she answered very short.
I was confused, didn’t recognize her.
-"I don t remember you Miss, where did we meet?".
-"Boy, the most important thing is that we remember you, right?".
I turned my head and looked on the lady on the front seat. She pressed a button on the instrumental
panel, and my seat belt was released.
The lady pulled me up of the car. I heard the chains from the cuffs sliding on the car fuselage and on the concrete floor of the garage.
The lady in front of me ordered me to kneel, and I did so.
The other lady came from behind, and pulled my elbow behind by back, and cuffed them. I was not cuffed in front and in the back.
A chain was attached between the elbow cuffs and the ankle cuffs. I was now restricted to kneel.
-"Listen boy. You will spend the first time here in a cage.",
-"But why am I here?"
-"No buts here. We will teach you the basics of submission, and the proper way to behave as a slave.
  When we are done, we will release you, and you get a diploma from us."
-"A diploma?"
-"Yes, it will show what you have basic to intermediate training in submission".
-"But why me?"
_"Your Mistress has ordered this?"
-"My Mistress?  I do not have a Mistress", I answered.
-"You will meet her as well during this time. Remember, she picked you! And this time will see if you are a match.", she said
-"Strange...", I answered.
-"Nothing is strange about it. See it as a privilege, I am your trainer I am the head trainer and from now on you call me Miss Crick."
-"Yes Miss Crick",
I was lifted under the arms, on each side, and led through a doorway and down a staircase to a
waiting cage, in the shape of a box. It was placed in the center of the room. Attached to the cage was a
steel wire and a hoist, it could obviously be hoisted up from the ground.
Next was a whiteboard on wheels. I was confused about the whiteboard.
"What is that whiteboard here for"
-"Well this will be your class room", and we will keep track on your progression
-"A class room Miss Crick?"
-"We have all the school material close, and this will be both the theory room, and the room for
practical training. We will have four hours training each day, and this will take at least two weeks.
Most of the time you will spend in the cage, or chained to the post.
-"But what will I do in the cage?"
-"No worry we have books for you?"
-"Everyone needs education, and we have read books of choice. It will not be a vanilla walk, and it can over time get rough. But you will be rewarded as well, if you are not too retarded ", she said and
-"Yes Miss Crick"
-"We have hopes for you, we have observed you over time.", she said
-”You have Miss Crick?”
-”Yes we have, and your training starts tomorrow morning.”, she said, and the two ladies nodded.
The lady behind me closed a collar around my neck, and leashed it to a chain hanging from the ceiling.
A hemp bag was put over my head, which gave me very blurred vision.
“Don t worry boy, In some hours we will be back with a toothbrush and a toothpaste.
I heard the ladies exit the room, giggling.
”Here to get a slave education, ehh”,  I whispered through the gag. I thought about it and smiled.

To be continued

Be Careful Part 1 by Anonymous Sub

Tonight was going just as she'd hoped for; in fact it couldn't have gotten any

She'd spent plenty of time getting ready for this particular Saturday night,
after all it'd been a couple of weeks since she'd last had the chance to get
out. She'd splashed out on a new cut and colour for her hair, changing it from
her usual brunette to a rather striking black bob. As she swung her head, she
could she the flashes of scarlet that were hidden by beneath the surface colour.
Just like that lass from Republica, she thought.

One last look in the mirror before she left, just to check the look was all it
took to convince her that tonight was going to be a spectacular success. She was
wearing a tight, cropped top, showing plenty of midriff, the stretchy material
held her small, boyish breasts snugly without the need of a bra. Tight jeans
emphasised her tight ass, pert and as firm as a peach. The legs of those same
tight jeans hid the true height of her heels, heels that made her appear taller
than her natural 5'6".

Stopping only to grab her purse she set off. She started by checking out the
local pubs, but the night was still young, and they were relatively quiet and
empty. Disappointed, but not surprised, she moved on to the city centre clubbing
scene. Even at this early hour they were showing signs life. Perfect she

It didn't take long for the lads on the pull to start hovering round, offering
her drinks and a dance. She gave each would be suitor a knowing look before
dismissing them. These were just the lads, out early, with no staying power;
they were just looking for a quick shag against the back wall of the club, and
she was in a mood for more, much more.

As the night wore on, the crowd suitably changed, the women got younger, the men
older. As she watched, she saw her prey enter the club, along with his mates.
They took up one end of the bar, talking and drinking loudly. Even from this
distance she could hear them going on and on about the game, how they'd stuffed
the local opposition.

One of them looked her way, catching her eye. She smiled knowingly, then blushed
and looked away. She held her breath, hoping, praying, and was rewarded when she
felt someone enter her personal space. She looked up into a pair of soft brown
eyes above a generous mouth. "Hi I'm Neil" he said.

"Pleased to meet you Neil", she grinned, "I'm Becca."

She took the moment to look him over, feeling more and more pleased with what
she saw. He was tall, well over 6' she thought, and well built, large even. He
had a narrow waist atop large powerful looking thighs. He was exactly what she
was in a mood for. As she gave him the once over, she noticed that he too was
taking a surreptitious look at her, and judging by his growing grin, he too
liked what he saw.

Just as he started his no doubt tried and trusted chat up lines, she interrupted
him, "Fancy a dance?" she said, taking him by the hand and leading him onto the
already packed dance floor.

She let the beat move her body in time to the music; she was pleased to notice
that he was light on his feet, showing a surprising amount of grace for one so

During the slower numbers, she surprised him by leading the way, letting herself
snuggle against him, her hands gripping his tight buns. She didn't stop his busy
hands, in fact she positively encouraged them, and when they settled on her ass,
she let him pull her close, tilting her head for the first kiss of the night.

She wriggled her cheeks against his hands, letting her body tell him that she
was interested, very interested in him. During the course of the evening she
learnt a bit about him, not that she was really that interested in his
university life, nor in his rugby career. She managed to defected most of the
personal questions that came her way, only letting him know that she was a
student nurse.

The evening couldn't end soon enough for her. She was more than eager enough to
go, but she knew not to rush things, she wanted him to lead the way, the have
that illusion that he was in control of the night's events. As she went to the
ladies, she knew he'd rush over to his mates; he'd want them to know he'd scored
for the night. Let him have his moment, hers would be here soon enough.

When she returned, their mouths hungrily sought each other's, their tongues
probing, tasting, entwining. Her breasts were pressed tightly against his strong
chest, her groin tight against his. His hands got bolder, and she let out a low
moan to encourage him, as they slipped down her back and into her jeans. She was
watching when she saw his eyes open as he discovered that she was wearing no

She tightened her ass, squeezing his exploring fingers, and was rewarded with
the feel of his member selling against her. She rotated her hips, continuously
rubbing him up and down, helping him get as hot as she was feeling. She wasn't
faking her desire; she wanted him as badly as he probably wanted her, but
probably not in the way he intended.

Eventually they broke apart, and she breathlessly whispered "My place or yours?"
The decision was made, and they hurried off to find a taxi. On the trip back to
his digs, she sat on his lap, squeezing his cock with her checks as her mouth
sought out his. It seemed to take forever, but finally they arrived, and they
ran up the stairs to his rooms.

Once inside his rooms, he turned into the perfect gentleman, offering her a
drink, hoping to get to know her a bit better. She took the opportunity when he
had to go and relieve himself, leaving his drink unattended.

They sat entwined and talked about this and that, then she noticed that he was
suddenly having trouble keeping his eyes open; in fact he could barely keep his
head up. "Are you OK?" she asked, concern etched deeply in her voice. "Yeah,
sure?" was about all he managed before he fell deeply asleep.

It had been a bit of a struggle to get him to bed, but nurses were used to
shifting uncooperative patients. Stripping him was no problem, and by now she'd
perfected her ties. His ankles were tied together with a cable tie, pulling his
legs tight together. A cord ran from his ankles to another tie, around his
balls, causing them to swell slightly. His knees were bent and any attempt to
straighten his legs would rip at his now tender balls.

His hands were held in another tie, and then tied to the top of the bed,
immobilising him on his side. In his mouth was a studded ball gag, the harsh
points digging into his mouth and tongue. A small trickle of drool completed the
picture as it slid from his slack mouth.

She was finished with her preparations, and it was time for him to awake and
take part in the evening's fun and games. Slipping a small syringe from her
purse, she jabbed it into his arse, and pumped the antidote into his system.

She sat on the bed, watching him, and as he regained consciousness, she was
gently stroking his head, making soft reassuring sounds. A smile crept over her
face as she watched his eyes open, as his mind tried to understand what was
happening. She tried to calm him, but before she could warn him, he discovered
the link between his legs and his balls; a muted Arrg escaped the gag.

"There, there Neil," she crooned, "it'll be all OK soon."

Unemployed In Summertime by Chattel

Unemployed in summertime / Chattel Losee

There I was, sitting with my pants down, on a towel on the chair, before the computer desk. 11pm. A webcam is clipped to the desk, pointing between my feet.

Touching myself with one hand, typing with the other.. A new line appear on the chat window "don't cum yet, keep yourself very hard", "Yes Mistress". "Don't cum just yet..." "now cum". And I'm cumming.. "eat some of it now" and I obey. "Wow that was great, thank you very much, I have to go now, bye". "Bye bye - bowing down", and click. Camera disconnected.

There's one missed call on the cell phone and one unread message "I'll be there in an hour", It's from Yael, She means she'll meet me in our local pub at midnight. I wipe the cum with the towel.

I'm a student and so is she, we hang out together alot. good friends, sometimes her boyfriend joins as as well. At other times I imagine that he doesn't exist. There's nothing sexual between us. But she's most certainly the most exciting woman I've ever met. one of a kind, cute, life loving, cynical, good looking and with a great sense of humour. Though she's nice to her many admirers - we have something special since the first moment we hooked up.

One hour to go.. just enough time for another one, I think to myself.

I dress up and start looking again for a webcam partner. Soon after I get a reply message "add me, mistress_mag".
, a 2 clicks and she's there. "Hello slave", "Hello Mistress Mag".
"What toys do you have?"
"I have a crop, gags, a flogger, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, a collar, a posture, a leash, a leather harness, a but plug, a leather hood, a latex hood, a leather lockable muzzle, nipple clamps, parachute for the balls, weights".
a few seconds pass.. and then
"Good, get on cam now"
Something feels very laconic, very strict mm.
I turn on the cam, pointing on my face.
"You look awful, don't you ever train?"
"Hm I didn't have time recently Mistress Mag"
"Your face is fat and ugly, cover them up, put the latex hood on"
"Much better, now the muzzle, on top of the latex hood"
It has been some time since I wore it, and I never wore it on top of another hood. It takes me about 5 minutes to fix the leather device, two straps one that goes around my neck into a buckle and the other one on top of the head, keep the muzzle shut snugly on my face.
"How do you lock it slave?"
I show the hooks for the padlocks to the webcam.
No response.
About a minute passes in silence
"Ok, muzzle off"
I do as told a bit dissapointed.
"Ball gag on now!"
"Tighten it up, as much as it will go"
I do as I'm told, the ball gag is deep in my mouth, presses on the latex and its mouth hole"
"Good, now the leather hood,as tightly as possible. Then lock it with the muzzle"
I add the leather layer on top of the latex one. tightening up its rope.
"Oh good, mouth zipper, shut it off"
I close the zipper on the ball gag, it is completely unseen now and impossible to remove. It takes some time to align the leather hood eye holes with the latex. I can hardly read this way. have to keep my face very close to the screen and move my head alogng the text as I read.
I add the muzzle, tightening it until it is fixed, on top of the leather mask. And last come the padlocks.
"Take the rest of the clothes off, slaves don't wear clothes", "put on the dog collar on".
"Much better now, crawl away on hands and knees, point the cam to the floor, I want to see your body". Stand on fours, face to the floor and don't move for five minutes"
Something in these insturctions tells me I shouldn't ask stupid questions like how I know that 5 minutes have passed...
I crawl, assume the position, unable to see the screen. I decide to count the seconds, 1-300. I do that while holding position, it becomes painful in time and I have no idea if she's happy with what I do as I can't read the screen.
I can't move. This is certainly not the kind of Domination that I have imagined.
When I crawl back to screen I get a new message..
"You say you dream of a 24h/7 relationships, let's see if you're up for it. I have to go now, I will call you again in 5 hours. You will be naked, wearing the same head fixure you have now. Until further notice this is the way you will always await for my calls".
Video session hangs up, and I'm all alone in my leather and latex closure.
Slowly I take it off, feeling the cool wind on my face again. I rush to the toilet to wash my face when I notice the traces of ball gag straps from the sides of my mouth to the back of my head". At that moment I get another SMS - "Are you coming?!"
"2 hours in the pub, 2 hours sleep, I should wake up at least an hour earlier to be properly dressed whe she calls, I'm so lucky I lost my job today"

Hunger by Anonymous Domme

He really was beautiful, his face turned up to mine, framed by those long tresses that curled at the ends, long dark eyelashes highlighting piercing blue eyes that looked at me with such trust. His lithe body was naked as he knelt before me hands bound behind his back. “There’s a good boy” I petted him reassuringly. This was the first time he had knelt before anyone and he shook a little, nervous, not knowing was expected of him.
“Who am I boy?” I asked quietly. He looked a little bewildered, and looked as though searching for the right words. I placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head repeating “who am I?” he faltered a little before whispering “Mistress” I smiled and ran a finger along the curve of his cheek “That’s right, I am Mistress and you boy… are mine” he nodded  “Yes Mistress I am yours”
I stood still dressed in my work clothes except for my shoes which had been kicked off earlier. I pressed a stocking clad foot against his hardening cock, he gasped a little at the unexpected contact but kept still. “Is the rope cutting into your flesh boy?” I had tied it tightly, I love to see the stains it leaves around the wrists, yes he would be marked in so many ways by me before I had finished. He nodded and I pressed harder on his cock he grimaced a little but kept his position like a good slut should.
I lifted my dress so he could see what I was wearing underneath which was just a suspender belt and stockings, I had gone to work with no underwear on, something I did occasionally. I took my foot off his cock and  opened my legs a little wider his eyes of course were drawn to my pussy and who could blame him, my pussy is fucking magnificent. “Hungry boy?” I asked as I moved closer to him, so close he would have been able to breathe in my scent. He nodded eagerly and I laughed “of course you are, would you like to taste me boy” he nodded again and moved his head trying to get closer and I laughed again. “Now I didn’t say you could taste me …. I only asked if you would like to” He looked a little crestfallen “yes Mistress”  I rubbed my clit until my pussy glistened he watched every move I made … I stuck one finger inside …. Then another swirling them around coating them. I held my fingers under his nose and he breathed in slowly, then I smeared my juices across his face and he licked his lips hungrily “please Mistress” he looked at me and I laughed “don’t be greedy boy you will have plenty of time to service me”  I swear if he had a tail at that moment it would have been wagging.
I walked over and sat on the bed pulling my dress off over my head and discarding it carelessly on the floor. I sat there in my red bra, red suspender belt and black stockings and lifting one leg in the air unclipped one of the stockings and slowly rolled it to my ankles and over my foot and threw it near him. I repeated the process with my other stocking and again threw that near him. I went to my bedside table and took out a dildo, it wasn’t too small, it wasn’t too big, it was just right. His eyes widened as he watched me take the lube and moisten it “Is that for me?” he whispered “only I have never…” I stopped him with just a look “do you trust me?” I asked and was rewarded with a “yes Mistress” I carried on with what I was doing “then we will begin”
I sauntered back over to him and picked up one of my stockings, I crouched down in front of him and kissed him tasting myself as I did.. his eyes closed as he melted against me. As the kiss ended I drew back and gently stuffed the stocking in his mouth. Standing I caressed his hair and as he was closing his eyes lulled into a sense of security I pulled on it hard pulling his head down to the floor his cheek against the carpet his ass in the air. I sat on the floor next to him and parted his butt cheeks he was tense and I needed to relax him a little so with one hand I wrapped my fingers around his cock which by now was so hard it looked as though it could have erupted and started to slowly stroke him. I heard his muffled  moans as I took the dildo and rubbed  the head against the entrance to his hole, and before he had time to think I eased it into him and started to fuck him slowly as I stroked. After the initial shock of having something inserted into his ass had subsided he started to move in time with my stroking and fucking him. “My what a little slut my boy is” I laughed The stocking in his mouth did not the not completely stifle the “oh god” as I moved my hands faster “ Do you want  to come slut?” I asked already knowing the answer. He nodded his eyes closed with pleasure it was a good omen to see he had taken to be fucked in the ass so readily, and how much he was enjoying it. I could tell by how his body was tensing, his toes curling that an orgasm was on the horizon…. Well that wouldn’t do at all. I released my hand from his cock and took the dildo out of his ass and stood placing one foot on his back. His eyes had opened in confusion “you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you boy” I smiled down, a hunter looking at its prey “I’ve only just begun”

My First Confession by Hank

I confess that it is the first time.
the first time that I write about her, after it's over. it's very difficult to talk about that.
I'm not talking about a relationship, but a revelation.
I met this woman at a munch. she was there with some girlfriends, I was alone at the counter. she called me, she told me they were thirsty, they wanted beer.
so we started talking. they were very nice, nonchalant. during the conversation they told me one of them was looking a slave. for a 24/7.
in practice, it becomes a kind of specimen. they made me specific questions. They said that I passed the interview. the next day i was by her.
A week later, I moved to her home.
I could stand here and list Her tastes and fantasies, but it would be an understatement.
She has changed my way of thinking, of looking at the world.and changed me forever.
It started with a new vision of pleasure.
like maybe some of you know, I've always had a completely natural approach to the pleasure of male orgasm, sexual and immediate goal. which followed the loss of desire and the end of sexual activity.
She explained me that when pleasure is granted, it becomes routine repeats. loses the pleasure of desire and expectation components and becomes a task or duty.
She told me once that I would have learned to obey.
I had to lose control of the pleasure. to achieve a balance between my strong instincts.
with her the satisfaction of desire, the pursuit of pleasure was a gift, she gave me as a special prize, after a significant proof of submission. every day I had to show her submission. different ways in which he chose. were sometimes painful, sometimes humiliating, embarrassing at times, frustrating at times. svolgevo all the houseworks, she had sex with some friends with benefits. not me. i was her servant.
She became not only my boss, but the goddess who dispensed, handled and decided my pleasure.
I was in a constant state of excitement and frustration.
I was always unsatisfied, craved his touch.
She had the power to control my own pleasure and, in short, She had the power to control me.
She was my guide. As was the goddess Minerva who leads ulysses.
and explained to me that men have always been more sensitive perception of women as a divine being, endowed with greater intelligence and sensitivity.
The poets have always had a muse. knights, a queen.
I perceived to be subjected to a goddess.

Confession by Ashpan

I  would  like  to  tell  you  little  story  about  a  mistake  that  I  have  made  with  in the  last  48 hours, One  that  I  am  deeply  sorry  about   and  I  wish  to  apologize  to  my Mistress for  my  Mistake.

a few  days  ago  I  said  to  my  Mistress  that  I  was  getting  her  a  gift, and  My  Mistress  seemed  to  be  pleased  and  happy  that  I  wanted  to  get  this  gift  for  her.

the  gift  was  a  cock cage.

so  here  is  my  confession, The  cock  cage  arrived  about  10:00am  yesterday  morning and  i  looked  over the  device since  it  was  the  first  time  that  I  had  actually  seen  a  real  one, My  mistake  was  that  instead  of  waiting  of  my  Mistress  to  present the  cage. I  tried  to  put  on  the  cage.

I  could  not  get the  cage  on because every time  I tried  to  put  it  on  my  cock  became erect and  thus  would  not  fit  in to the  steel cage.

My Mistress  was not  happy  at  all  when  I  replied  yes Mistress to  her  question " had I tried it  on" and  didn't  want  anything  to  do  with the  cage or my  cock, and  instructed the completion  this  confession  to  me,

I  wish  to  apologize  to  my Mistress , whom  I  love  and  adore, to  my Mistress who I am  devoted to.

Mistress  I  am  very  sorry  for  my  Mistake  and  I  beg  your  forgiveness. I  have  been  selfish and  I  am  deeply ashamed  at  myself.

I  love and  worship  you  in every way, and  I  want  to  try  and  make  up  for my impatience.


Confession by Valser

The story that i’m about to tell is true and it’s dated back in the Summer of 2007 when I was 28 years old .
An old adage says that Sometimes in your life happens  exactly what you expect  to happen and At that time  I really was about to realize how this sentence could be true .
Femdom has always been on my mind , since I was very young , since I was an high school student I have always wished to be the slave of a particular kind of Woman : intelligent , classy , for some aspects sophisticated  for other simple and easy go , but during those years the chances to take to reality what I really wanted were so few;  so I have basically lived it discontinuously in time .

This is one of the reasons why I decided to join in an Italian site of Femdom  that unfortunally  does not exist anymore today .  So I started hangin around there , and it’s superfluous and needless telling that the first impact with the Ladies of site in the chatroom section was simply disastrous because of some bad mistakes I still commit sometimes .

Diana was the founding member of the site , She was the Boss there , always kind polite sometimes Tough but always respectful with everybody , I never talked to her so much because our loggin times were rarely matching , until  when  after two months in a boring and hot summer evening I decided to log in  …. the room was almost empty and suddenly  after few minutes  She logged in too .
We started chatting because she wanted to know who was that criminal who has been annoying the Ladies  in the last months . But very soon our conversation became playfully and funny and really pleasant , we stayed there chatting for hours and hours  until the late hours ,  and the more She wrote to me The more I was understanding I was talking to someone special  .
Another ancient latin adage states “ memento audere semper”  which translated into English means  : remember to dare everytime , don’t know  if it’s really true but that time I surely did so I asked her “ Miss , I really would like to hear your voice “ , those were not chatrooms streaming audio , and  we neither have something like skype or messenger so She simply  answered “ give me your phone number  “ I did it and she telephoned me after few seconds ….. It was surprising …… I answred and said “ hi Miss “  …….and she said ….. “ hi boy, so how ya doin’ ? “  I stopped for some seconds …… and I said “ Diana …….” And I laughed  …… and she laughed too …. So I went on saying  “ Diana …..your accent …. You’re not Italian right ?? “ and she said laughing  “ yes you’re right boy  I’m not Italian , I’m American  but I live in north Italy since 20 years “ . I really didn’t realize she was foreigner because she was able to write in perfect Italian .
 Well , I don’t want to pull out my tell any longer about the days that followed , we simply stayed chatting hours and talking to phone hours  and  we have understood that we were having fun together , and since  it was summer , and since we were both on vacation  she invited me for some days in north Italy .
I felt lucky , privileged and I accepted the invitation . I still remember the sms she sent on  my phone when I was leaving my city “ Have a good journey towards the new and mysterious world “ .
I went there by my car …. I went through ¾ of Italy because she lived near Austria on the border line .
When I was driving she called me a lot of times , when I was  halfway  another sms got to my phone “ the cage is ready “ …… I was like ……fuck …. An  I confess that a shake of fear went through my body and after all my intention was to stay in an Hotel near by her house  …but hell I said ….i don’t give a damn , I go there ….
After 8 hours of driving I arrived in her city and I was not tired at all …. I was exicited , and the adrenaline was high ….I was dressing a suit because I wanted to have a good impression on Her . She phoned me again an said , “ you have to wait boy , cause I’m busy at the moment “ so in that hour of suspence I took a hike in the city .
Then She arrived , phoned me again asking me “ where are you ? “
And I said “ I’m here Miss  ….but I don’t see you ….” I confess that I have thought She was fucking with me but then suddenly She appeared  ….
She came towards me smiling , ( typical American I thought , americans always smile , she had a very good smile though ) she was 45 and good looking  she kissed me and hugged me and said “ you did it boy”  and I said “ did you have any doubt Miss ? “  she laughed   …..Well , my tension vanished ,She was intelligent and the first thing she did was to be easy  to make me feel at ease and comfortable .
She was very nice , I still remember that it was impressive the way She looked like the American actress  Jamie lee Curtis  and  I told her … “ everybody says that “ she said smiling.
We had a nice dinner in a nice and no crowded restaurant , we got there by her car  because she said so , ,and I remember I wanted to drive her car but she answered that I could take a rest because it would have been the only resting  I’d have gotten for the next days  to come .
Well after that we took a walk ….suddenly she stopped and put an hand in my hair letting her hand sliding on my face …. So at that point  I had the very bad idea to approach her  touching her neck sliding my finger under her chin  but when I did that  while she was smiling and staring at me with a low and always kind voice whispered to me “ what the fuck you’re doing ? “ …… I got iced …didn’t know what to do ….so I stopped …. But she laughed at me .
After that we went to her house , and when we got inside  she asked me if I was ready to sleep in the place that she had set up for me during my stay there . It was the basement  , and you will not believe me but there was a cage there …. But there was a bed upstairs for me   .  She obviously wanted to impress me , and she did .
All in all what I can say it’s that my 7 days there  have been a  really pleasant  experience and  it was not only BDSM and FEMDOM , but also nice trips in the Area and abroad , I remember we went in Slovenia too in the capital Lubijana  , and it was there while we were sitting in  club that she confessed me how important was for her to have a slave , I was really impressed by those words and I stayed there  admiring the light and sparks in her eyes because she was convinced and very  determined , I Think that  was the first time I have understood  this is not a game , a Lot of Women take it really seriously and Diana was one of them .
There are a lot of episodes I would like to talk about , for example  that time that we stayed at home in the  evening … I was sitting at her feet when suddenly she stood up and told me to follow her , she was walking to bare feet but ordered to me to take her shoes that were on the floor next to the crouch  and follow her : I really focused my attention on that act , She got my number , and it was evident very soon  that it was the first real act to put me under pressure and starting a delicate mind  fucking that would have become more and more pressing in the days and in the future to come . I felt submitted because she didn’t asked me she ordered me . Then we got in a bedroom , she made me see her toys ,  she showed me a collar and I let her putting it around my neck  , she put an hand on my head pushing me on the floor , I tried to resist to prove her reaction , and the result was a strong slap directly in my face . She was no delicate anymore , now she had her toy at her feet under her control  , in that moment I felt I was not free , but I liked it . She showed her strength her power on me , and she literally pulled me by collar for 3 or 4 meters in front of a mirror . My head was down staring at floor but she wanted me to my self on the mirror “ Look “ she said .  Then kicked my back , tapping by her foot , “ I said , look at you boy ! “  I didn’t do that …. Don’t really know why ….. “ she became strict and so she grabs my hair strongly forcing me to look myself “ ….it wasn’t me ….. I was different …. Never seen that face before …..but it was me anyway . Yes she was powerful , she really knew human mind and  knew how to put you under pressure .
Strange to say that , but once she physically blocked my arms with a fucking aikido move , that I thought ; who the hell she is ? that time we had sex ,even though it would more correct saying that she fucked me .
Don’t want to get you bored , my story has almost finished , I will only say that after those 7 days  I went back home and after few days I got a phone call from her telling me that she was near  the place where I live to visit some friends and she invited me to her friend’s house , another Mistress .
But this is another story that I will tell you  next time if you want to  . End .