Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chattel's Moaning

[12:49] chattel Losee: Greetings Miss Destiny
[12:50] Destiny Teardrop: hello beast
[12:51] chattel Losee: may a beast be of any use to Miss Destiny?
[12:51] Destiny Teardrop: no
[12:52] chattel Losee: Miss Destiny, Miss Zarita tossed beast to the cell and told it it could only be released with the permission of a High Dominion Mistress, or tomorrow, Miss Destiny..
[12:52] Destiny Teardrop: why were you put there?
[12:53] chattel Losee: beast has been a smart ass to Miss Zarita
[12:53] Destiny Teardrop: then you can stay there
[12:55] chattel Losee: yes Miss Destiny
[12:55] chattel Losee: She said beast was blocking the seats probably to get attention, and beast replied by saying "good idea"
[12:58] chattel Losee feels it woul probably be pointless to ask the other High Mistresses
[12:58] Destiny Teardrop: DO NOT ASK
[12:58] Destiny Teardrop: I am telling you now
[12:58] Destiny Teardrop: don't you dare do that
[12:58] Destiny Teardrop: if one says no, you do not ask another
[12:59] Destiny Teardrop: you are a beast, an animal, that's how you wanted to be treated, so be not decide when you feel like it that you will complain, now stop moaning and stay there.
[12:59] chattel Losee: yes Miss Destiny
[13:00] chattel Losee is Offline
[13:02] chattel Losee is Online
[13:09] chattel Losee is Offline

The Ladies Prayer

The Ladies Prayer

Our Ladies, who are in The Dominion
Goddess is Your name
Your Dominion come
Your will be done
On SLAs it is in the Dominion
Give us this day, our daily edge
And punish our sins as you punish those noobs who sin against you
Lead us further into temptation
and deliver us from switching
For Yours is The Dominion
The Power and the glory
Forever and ever


The New Boy - Miss Maggie

A new boy requested permission to IM me in the courtyard. He was bronzed and beautiful, poignant and polite, never missing an opportunity to address me as Miss....and with an eagerness to please that was refreshing....but yet with a hint of desperation. I asked him why and he admitted to being discouraged, searching for the perfect Mistress for a month without success. He then referred to me as "my Miss" and I patiently took the time to explain to the pup that I am not HIS Miss......and that it would be good for him to explore and play, to be involved in a few scenes, .before rushing into a collar with a complete stranger. "Scene, Miss?" he asked.......I nodded yes. He said " I am not familiar with what a scene is, Miss....." and I had to laugh. After questioning the boy further and a lengthy conversation , it seemed that he was truthful. He was approaching me with no RL or SL experience whatsoever. I explained SS&C to the boy, offering to show him what a scene is.....and he happily agreed. He understood after our conversation that the play can end at any moment , if he said the word. I felt honored to be the eager pups first experience and I told him so.

I commanded the boy to follow me, leading him away to a favorite location. He was instructed to remove his pants, both in SL and RL. The boy was in voice, a nice deep and throaty voice, with an accent....and I do so love an accent. He did as instructed, jumping onto the rack eagerly. I could not control my surprise and laughter when the pup has not even grown a cock yet.....and here I am laughing my ass off. I can feel his embarrassment , his humility pleases me . I retrieve a penis from my toy folder and instruct him in putting it on, trying to stifle my laugh, yet not succeeding. I tell the boy to make sure and make it a nice size and to match the color, as there is no bigger turn off than a cock that doesn't match. The boy does well with this task and produces a nice cock.

Which now brings us to the good part, where my fun began..... I pull out my paddle and tell the boy I am pleased with his cock. After a hard yet rewarding spank to his round, bronzed ass..... he moaned . I reminded him that he forgot to say thank you, so he replied with earnest "thank You Miss!!" I then took the paddle........and ran it up and down the length of his cock, teasing him. I could hear his excitement, as he has been stroking as I have instructed him to do since the play began . I slapped his cock with the paddle....and the boy slaps his cock with his hand. I hear a gasp of air escape from him and I tell him he is such a good boy for following instructions so well..... and he thanks me again....this time with no prompting needed. I am pleased.....thinking what a fast learner the pup is. I continue, now poking at his balls with the paddle......and I instructed him to grab them and squeeze hard. He does so... and I smile as he gasps louder this time.....and I praise him. At this point, I stood behind the boy and reach around in front of him to stroke his cock , taking my paddle and running it up his ass crack and he moans loudly and I am excited, as I love hearing nothing other than a sincere, unscripted moan....but then the boy commits his unforgiveable sin. " Oh Miss, do that again!!!!! " comes out of the mouth of the inexperienced young pup. "Excuse me? Get down now and put your pants back on. I am finished with you " I say with complete surprise. He complies.....and asks"have I displeased you Miss?" in his whiny, yet sexy accent. I firmly explained that he would not be allowed to tell me, or any of the ladies what to do, that it simply isnt tolerated. The boy apologized. I told him to remove his cock and under no circumstances was he EVER to touch it in public, that it is commpletely unacceptable to see a boy fiddle with his bits in open chat....without being instructed to do so . "May I IM you later tody, Miss?" he questioned, his voice saddled with disappointment. "No, now run and go play... " was my reply. In a quiet, timid voice I hear " Miss, may I please ask one more question?" and I listened intently, as I could hear distress in the young pups voice "Will I ever be allowed to see you again, Miss?" I replied compassionately, " Perhaps, when you learn how to listen." It is my belief that this boy with time, will make an excellent pet for the right Mistress.

My name is Miss Maggie and this is not my fantasy, it is my confession.

The Journey Pt IV - David Lorefield

The Journey - by David Lorefield
Pt 4 (final) – Blood and Fire

I finally arrived at Miss Eva’s castle with only a hint remaining of the ill humour I’d been feeling since crossing the bridge. The walk had calmed me somewhat and I could now look forward to the return trip and seeing my Mistress once again. I missed Her every time I was parted from Her. She had become my whole purpose and like my only wish, my only worth was being in Her service.

I knocked firmly on the door and could hear the sound echo through the halls beyond. After a short time the door opened and there was Gregie, Miss Eva’s faithful servant. I had seen Gregie a few times now and we’d become firm friends.

“Hello David” he said cheerfully. “My Mistress is waiting for you in the library. Come through.”
I smiled, and followed Gregie through the large entrance hall and up the stairs. He led me into a smallish room lined with shelves on which there were hundreds of tomes similar to the one I was carrying. On one side of the room was a low table with a reading lamp and beside it in a large padded chair sat Miss Eva. Gregie and I both knelt, he with his knees apart and mine together, as I knew to be the correct way. Miss Eva’s voice rang around the room like a bell.

“David – welcome to my home. I see you have the book from Your Mistress. Bring it here, please.”

“Greetings Miss Eva” I replied. “Here it is.”

I shuffled forward and presented the book with my hands out and my head bowed. Miss Eva took the book from me and I shuffled back again. She examined the book carefully and looked at me, smiling.

“Good boy. Tell me – weren’t you tempted to look inside? A book of power could teach you many things.” She looked straight in my eyes, seeking my response on more than one level.

“No, Miss Eva. I had been warned that I would be destroyed by it if I were to look.”

Miss Eva laughed, throwing Her head back. She regained Her composure and smiled at me again.

“Destiny has a wicked sense of humour sometimes. Its only ward is to protect it from the ravages of time and weather. Still, it shows you can be trusted. I have something to give to your Mistress - a gift for Her friendship and support. Carry it well and return safely.”

She held out Her hand, clenched around something small. I shuffled forward once again and cupped my hands to catch the object. Miss Eva dropped it onto my awaiting hands and I looked. It was a small pendant on a fine gold chain. The pendant was in the shape of a teardrop, curled around and pierced through, like those forming part of the design on the book cover. I closed my fist gently around it, bowed and moved back once more.

“Go now, David. It’s getting late and it’ll be dark before you get home.”

I nodded, “Thank You and farewell Miss Eva. Bye Gregie.”Gregie and I rose, bowed and left the room. When we got to the front door, I looked out and could see that it was beginning to get dark already. The sky was full of menacing clouds and I felt spots of rain on my cheek. Gregie handed me a cloak and waved me off as I headed down the path towards home.

The rain got steadily worse all the way to the bridge. The wind rose and lashed water into my face like shards of glass. IT was difficult to see where I was treading and the journey was taking twice as long as it should have done. By the time I was crossing the water, the storm was reaching full force. The water was a boiling cauldron and no reflections looked back at me this time. I stepped off the bridge and hurried into the trees hoping the forest would give me some shelter.

The struggle against the storm had made me very weary and my legs began to feel like lead each time I took another step. I needed a short rest to recover my strength and continue. The last vestiges of daylight had already disappeared and in the cold, damp wood, darkness surrounded me like a black shroud. I fell to the ground exhausted under a large oak tree and sat with my back to the trunk, cloak pulled over my head, seeking a little rest and shelter. I was about to close my eyes when I heard the crack of a twig under a boot and the voices of men approaching. I could see a faint light coming from the direction of the forest path so I scampered around to the back of the tree and crouched low behind the scrub and ferns.

The men stepped forward and I could see enough by their light to tell they were not from the Dominion. Under their fine, ornate cloaks, they wore robes of the finest silk with intricate designs embroidered into them. They wore fine harnesses around their waists and over their shoulders from which hung crafted swords and knives. Gorean Masters, I guessed. What were they doing here?

I moved to get a better look but my foot fell heavily on some twigs and a loud crack eported through the trees. The men turned in my direction and I panicked. I jumped up and began to run through the trees into the forest. They gave chase, shouting and cursing as they ran through the trees, gaining on me with every step/ Suddenly, one shouted and I heard a faint whistling sound before something struck me hard on the back of the head. I raised my hand and felt warm blood as I fell to the ground and faded out of consciousness.
Lights swirled in my head and pain drummed inside my skull. In the maelstrom of patterns I could see my Mistress, calling to me with words I couldn’t understand. I could see books dancing in blue fire and golden teardrops swimming menacingly in crystal clear water. I saw a house, strangely shaped, on the edge of a field, with lights blazing from its windows. I saw men chasing me with swords of blood red steel and shields of black glass, then darkness again.
Light and patterns began to stream into my eyes. As they opened more fully, I saw trees around me. The ground was damp. Dawn was breaking and the rain had stopped. The strange angle of my vision told me I was lying on the ground. As I tried to move, my head screamed in pain. I got up slowly and raising my hand to my head, I could feel blood oozing from a painful wound behind my left ear. I looked down and saw a broken branch at my feet smeared red with my blood. Looking around I could see the remains of a fire in the small clearing. A rough circle of grey ash was all that remained. I tried to recall what had happened the night before and remembered coming out to investigate the strange blue light in the woods. Yes – there had been a strange blue light and a disk of black glass. And I had fallen….where? I tried to recall and the memories were fading like dreams in the morning.

Miss Destiny, Dominion – was it all a dream? Had I been hit on the head by the breaking branch and dreamt the whole thing? Just then, there was a cold breath of wind through the trees and I felt a chill on my neck. I raised my hand to see what it was and felt a cold hard band of metal around my neck. I looked down once again at the place where I’d fallen and saw a glittering shape. I bent down and picked it up holding it in the growing light.

It was a golden chain holding a golden teardrop. ……

As each day passes, I carry on with my life, working, relaxing, seeing my friends. I smile and joke but inside I am crying out. It was real, not just a dream. Nothing is the same for me now. Miss Destiny is gone, along with Miss Eva, Gregie and my other friends. No longer do I have a Mistress to serve and I feel incomplete. Will I ever be whole again? I wear the collar under my shirt and the pendant I carry with me everywhere, in the hope that one day I’ll see another strange light, another obsidian disk, and I will fall into Dominion once again. When that day comes, I will be ready.

The End……..?


As we headed down to street level, I couldn’t help but think about Miko’s boy lying bound and motionless on her cold hardwood floor.

“Do you think it’s safe to leave someone tied alone in such a predicament for so long?” I asked.
“Hell no,” she said, “But we’re not going to be long. We’ll get something from the deli downstairs and bring it right back up,”

Relieved to hear the news, I began to breathe a little easier. I had visions of leaving the boy for hours and being an accessory to murder.

“Trust me,” she said. “He is enjoying himself immensely up there all alone. And the best part is… it will show!

After a quick stop for some take out soup, we returned to the darkened apartment. Miko hit a switch that turned on a blinding bank of photography spots. They warmed the room instantly with their power, yanking the boy out the relative safety of darkness and thrusting him into total exposure.

“Ahh lookie,” said Miko in a deep playful way.

She crouched down and wrapped her hand around the boy’s fat and fully erect cock.
“I see you didn’t miss us, did you? You liked being alone. You like Mistress Miko keeping you hidden a way all for herself,” she taunted.

If the victim could have moved a muscle I’m sure he would have nodded yes, but only an undecipherable sound came from the knotted ball.

Miko picked up her camera, and began to make some adjustments. Without raising her eyes from the task at hand she said, “You know boy, I AM going to keep you here forever. You’re never going to leave this room. I will keep you here naked and tied up as my plaything 24 hours a day.”

The boy’s breathing became noticeably deeper and faster. The cock, once simply standing at attention now indeed looked like Manhattan granite… whatever that is.

Miko brought the camera to her face and started clicking away and moving around the room.
“You like the sound of that, don’t you boy? Being mine forever?”

Miko walked about the room commandingly, shutter clicking, flashing devilish smiles my way. She was doing what any good photographer does… engaging her subject. Taking him where SHE wanted him to be.

Miko paused for a moment and did something unexpected. She picked up the boy’s jeans and shirt which had been laying across a high back chair nearby and began rifling through the pockets. She took out a wallet, a cell phone and some folded cash.

Once she was done examining the clothes she crossed the room and tossed the bundled up shirt and pants into what appeared to be a dormant fire place. I thought this was a cute bluff.
With the flip of a nearby switch, the fireplace started to click and then was enveloped by a huge whoosh of flames. The boy’s clothes caught fire and were incinerated in a matter of minutes.
“You thought I was fucking with your head boy, didn’t you?”

With that, Miko opened the boy’s wallet, haphazardly started pulling out the contents and throwing it on the floor. Credit cards, cash, ID cards and photo’s went sliding in every direction and were strewn about the room.

“You are going to LOVE your new life!” she exclaimed loudly.

She crouched near the boy and fixed her gaze upon on the Manhattan granite. It was now a lovely shade of blue with a shiny dew drop dangling off the tip.

Miko turned to me and silently mouthed the words ‘Watch this!’

She grabbed the boys balls and began to squeeze. He tried to twist and squirm, but nothing about Miko’s expert shibari tie allowed for movement.

She began to tug harder on his sack.

“These are mine now boy. All mine,” she said threateningly.

She reached for the boy’s cell phone which was still lying on the floor and flipped it open. And with the boys balls in one hand and his cellphone in the other she said in a mean, sing-song voice, “Let’s call your wife. I will introduce myself and tell her you are not coming home. Then I’ll send her a few of these photos. Let her see how happy you are.”

Like a caterpillar wriggling in a chrysalis, the boy began to writhe and emitting the most blood curdling sound. Miko did a cute little hop out of the way, knowing what would happen next.
The Manhattan granite started shooting thick molten cum in every direction. The bundled boy bucked and shuddered as his seed landed on his photos and credit cards strewn about the floor. Miko never even touched his cock, but she held his ball sack firm.

After the eruption of the Manhattan granite subsided, Miko said matter-of-factly, “You’re gonna clean up this entire fucking mess boy. Hell knows I’m not going to touch it.”

Of course Miko knew the right 3 or 4 knots to undo that quickly transitioned the boy from ‘a taught motionless boy’, to simply ‘a helplessly bound boy’

She rose from her crouching position and walked gingerly in my direction across the goopy disaster on the floor.

Miko flipped her hair back while wiping her hands on a paper towel and asked, “You have great cheekbones. You should model for me.”

To be continued…

Confession - Tora Maven

I don’t know how long it has been but it has felt like hours. Kneeling on a cold cement floor, naked except for the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, completely in the dark. My muscles twitch as fatigue of staying in one position for so long starts to take its toll but I dare not move. I was warned that I would suffer the consequences if I did and something in the tone of Her voice told me that She was not joking. I hold my breath as I hear the lock unlatch and the door swings open, flooding my cell with light. My first instinct is to raise my arm and cover my eyes but I remember my instructions and stay perfectly still. I keep my eyes to the floor as they adjust to the light and a pair of black leather boots comes into my view as She stands before me. I can feel Her eyes burning into me, studying me, making sure I have not moved.

“Take him.” She drawls and instantly a shiver of fear dances along my spine, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I cower before Her, terrified of what that means as I become aware of the presence of two other men standing behind Her. They move quickly, taking me by my arms and lifting me easily to my feet. I am thankful that they are keeping me upright as the pain of pins and needles flood my legs and my muscles awake.

Wordlessly, She turns on Her heel and walks out of the cell. I can hear the sound of Her heels on the stone floor as my heart seems to beat in tempo to that rapid tattoo. My escorts drag me along, following Her down a short corridor and into a large darkened room filled with odd pieces of equipment and furniture. I am careful to make sure my glances around are discrete and as I catch a glimpse a table laid out with all kinds of tools and toys, I regret my curiosity. A new flash of fear making me shiver.

My escorts stop in the middle of the room but do not let me go. They stand wordlessly, staring forward, waiting for instruction. A scary thought flashes in my mind; it occurs to me that they would probably kill me without a second thought if She commanded it. A sense of awe fills me and I risk a glimpse of Her.

“Leave us.” She commands, Her back to me. My escorts force me to my knees and then exit wordlessly. I immediately bow my head, fearful of what would happen if She caught me watching Her. Her boots come into focus again and one foot taps lightly before She leans down to me, Her lips brushing against one of my ears as She purrs, “If you play with Me, We play for keeps. So here is your chance. I will give you to the count of three to decide whether you are staying or whether you will be Mine. If you wish to stay, I want you to lift your head and look at Me.”

My heart thunders in my ears. I am sweating now. I am terrified but I am not leaving. I know this is a test that I must pass. No time to think as I hear Her count from one to three. Moving slow, I must answer. I raise my head and look into Her eyes. She smiles and I feel cold metal brush against my neck as She snaps a collar into place. “Mine.” She purrs and instantly the fear is gone and I wonder what I was so afraid of.

I let out a deep breath and Her smile turns predatory, almost like She can read my thoughts. “Rise Mine.” She commands and I obey. She latches a leash to my collar, and tugs me to follow Her to a wall where I notice rings embedded in the brick. “Stand facing the wall Mine.” She demands before moving to be behind me. She leans against me, pressing into me so that I am pressed against the wall. She quickly secures my cuffs to the metals rings. Her lips brush against one of my ears as She purrs, “Close your eyes, it sometimes helps.”

As the pain surges through me, my life flashes before my eyes and I wonder if I will ever see another sunrise. But it is too late now to worry about the value of my life. I have already made my choice: Her.

True Life Confession - Miss Destiny Teardrop

We have many sorts of stories/poems/fantasies etc at Confessions, but not many REAL true confessions...this is one that I kept quiet about the past few days, but which I feel I need to confess to you now, so here goes...
A few days ago, I was alone at home and feeling kinda horny, as you do. I am not often completely alone in the house so can't always make as much noise as I'd like to, so given this opportunity I decided to get out my favourite vibrator - the Platinum Rabbit with clitoral situmulator - quite a big beast, but it does the job well, loudly and quickly, especially when on full speed! I got comfy in my living room, with my laptop, and had a look at some of the Femdom Media X porn that I saw linked on the Dominon blog.
So, there I was, in my robe having just got out of the bath, thrusting the vibe in and out, full speed ahead, occasionally stopping the thrusts to press it firmly against my throbbing clit....I was watching a spanking clip, breathing quite heavily, getting close to cumming...when suddenly, I heard the front door open and my son called out, 'Mum!'. I hastly turned the vibe off, shoved it into my handbag and quickly wrapped my robe back around me, my face must have been flushed and I know my pulse was racing! Anyhow, all was well, my son seemd none the wiser and I, although unsatisfied, was not discovered! Later that night, when I was in bed, I quietly finished the job with my fingers; not as intense but better than nothing!
The next day I got up and went to work, I pulled into the school car park and turned off the engine, I picked up my handbag and opened it to look for my diary - staring me in the face was my large vibrator, still a little sticky too! I realised immediately that I couldn't take it into school, what if some kid looked in my bag? Or imagine if it fell out mid-Shakespeare? I took it out and put it in the glove box of my car and went in to work. 'Phew' I thought....'that was a close one..imagine if I had forgotten it was there?'. I chuckled to myself at the thought.
Later that day, I phoned my local garage as my car was due for a service and MOT. I live in a small village of a few hundred people and there is only one mechanic, Terry, who runs a small business, he also still delivers attended service fuel. He's like the last bastion of old style petrol station attendants and does very reasonable work on all the villagers cars. Everyone knows Terry, he can be trusted, we are all on first name terms. So, good ole Terry told me he could fit me at 4.15pm that day - I was so pleased as that was perfect timing for me, I could leave work a little earlier, drop my car off then walk home, it's only round the corner.
So, there I was at the garage, at 4.10pm. I handed over the keys and Terry told me to pop back in an hour when all would be done. 'Great' thought I and headed home for a nice cup of tea while Terry worked on my car. After an hour, I went back to the garage, Terry was his usual smiling and welcoming self, in fact, he was even friendlier than usual, there was something of a glint in his eye, I'm sure. I was relieved to hear that my car passed the MOT. Terry handed me the certificate and my keys, I paid the bill and drove home.
Later that night, I remembered my vibrator and where I had left it.....I went to my car, opened the glove compartment and there it was, right on top of my service record book.........which I took out, opened and read the date of my last service....May 26th 2010, just the day before. I don't know if I can ever look Terry in the face again, but I am sure I will have to very soon and no doubt that glint in his eye will be there for some time to come!

Morning Tea with Miss - Michme Sandalwood

Morning Tea with Miss

This is not a normal morning as I rise for I plan to see Miss at her work this morning. She’s unaware of my plan this morning other than I will see her. We have for the first time come out of the closet, so to speak, that she’s now open with our true relationship. She has told her office that she keeps a boy, me. She has told them that she’s the top and I’m the bottom in our relationship. They have all met us as a so called normal couple before. This is going to be and interesting day. It is a small office of mostly ladies. I seem to have this excitement in my heart today, and this hard-on that will not go away.

This is going to be an interesting day.

I prepare myself with a shower, shave and baby powder as my Miss likes. Socks, pants, belt, shoes and my Miss’s collar are all I wear. The pants are extremely tight when I kneel. My butt feels so encased in them as I stuff my still hard cock and zip up. Even that brief caress on it gives me a shiver and smile.

This is going to be an interesting day.

Going to the kitchen I prepare the warmer box and the items I will place in it. This takes me a bit of time but all is ready. I place a light jacket on my frame and head for the car and town. The chill in the air give me a shiver as I start off. This is not an easy drive with a hard cock and now hard nipples rubbing the coat. Turning on music may make me think of other things, I hope but can’t tune my feelings down. I know the music will not relax my excited state.

This is going to be an interesting day.

Some fifteen minutes later I pull into her parking lot. The blush is taking over my body as I stop and park the car. Collecting all I will need for this day, I go to the door of her office. Taking a very big deep breath, gathering all that I can summon to do this, I open the door. Blushing I enter her office and quickly find her desk where she is seated.

Slowly I knee by her side, lower my eyes to the floor, as I have done for a long time in private. Removing my coat I lay it to the side and begin my task. My chest is pounding so hard, hands shaking, and my body is red as red can be. This is exciting and terrifying to feel this way. This is the edge.

Without saying a word she notes I have arrived by running her fingers through my hair. She caresses my head and neck with her fingers, lightly tapping her collar with her nail. She smiles softly at the shiver and goose bumps she is giving me. She returns to typing on her keyboard, with this little touch my excitement grows and I try to focus on my task.

This is now my very interesting day.

I open the warmer and remover a bone china tea pot, tea strainer, and tin of tea. Opening the strainer then tea tin I select tea leafs, folding them into the strainer closing it again. Placing the strainer in the pot I remove the thermos of hot water to add to the pot and let it steep.

I hear movement behind me, giggling, and soft whispers from her coworkers as they stand watching us. This brings my skin to a blush and hard cock back to life. I try to focus on my task but Miss has other plans as she move her foot to rest on my hard cock. She’s showing these girls of the power she has over this boy of hers, as she turns little circles on my cock. Continuing as best I can, I pull a warm plate from the bag and the bag of English muffin. Breaking the muffin in two, opening a nice jar of strawberry jam, I spread it on each muffin half. I place the plate and a cloth napkin on her desk. Removing a warm tea cup and saucer I place them on the desk with cream and a spoon. I can’t help but hear these ladies behind me whispering, it excites me so much more. They are whispering, giggling, gasping, what I can’t hear I can only imagine for the longest of time. I sneak a peak at these two ladies and see them gazing my way. If I had hairs on my neck they would be standing on end. One is biting her lip and the other has a look that will melt ice. My blush is complete as they continue talking and giggle at me. I do wish I could hear them. No on second thought maybe I don’t want to know. I return to my task as best I can with Miss rubbing my hard cock.

I know Miss heard or saw something as she reaches into her pocket and pulls a leash that she attaches to my collar. She returns to her keyboard with the little dings of E-mails arriving.
The message is loud and clear that I belong to Miss. I hear them gasp, snicker and hurry to there desk or is the bathroom. Miss laughs a little on this and pats my head. I can only imagine what things look like with me kneeling at her side and her E-mails greeting her with “you have mail.” But I do think they are so very envious of Miss. With me on her favorite leash that is so delicate. This is a silver chain that is so very thin that if I move to quick I will break it. As I have broken it before and been punished for it.

My task is complete as I pour her tea into the tea cup. Still she is rubbing my hard cock.
With this done I lower my frame, cuddle her legs and rest my head on her toes. She runs her fingers through my hair as I lower myself, raising my blush of excitement. Still my heart is beating so fast and hard. It’s so hard to think or do anything.

I hear moans of ecstasy coming from the bathroom. This person is not hiding what she feels from the office. My Miss’s E-mails are arriving so fast now and she is laughing so much as she types. The office is a buzz with talk just at the whisper level.

“Pet, you did a very nice thing this morning” she coos between her laughing. Taking the muffins and savoring every bit so slow. She adds her milk to the tea and sips it. “You are a wonder pet. I’m enjoying this surprises you gave me. Your warmth around my feet is very comfortable and welcome on this cool day and I wish you to stay as you are now. Enjoy the sounds of the office as these people are getting such a thrill form seeing you this way, as I am.” She shifts in her chair placing her fingers under her skirt for a long sensual touch.

This brings a warm secure feeling to me that we are out in the open now. Blushing as I am, with the excitement of this day. To know that one can be as one wishes to be. To serve a person as my Miss and feel the joy that she can share me with others outside the community. This is so on the edge of reality. But this has worn me out that I’m falling asleep on her feet as she replies to the E-mails. She replies to those many E-mails of us and what we are doing in life.

Maybe more to continue:

MichMe Sandalwood

This is a fantasy that will never be seen in real life.
But one can dream.

Dreamt a Dream - Russel Applemore

I dreamt a dream that shook me.I woke up scared and wondering what demons I had hidden in me waiting to be unleashed ready to rip a chunk from my soul. The walls I had built were no protection last night as I laid inches from my beautiful wife, that small distance a endless abyss as I struggled to touch her, to feel her, use her as my anchor to drag myself back from the horror that tormented me.Again I was crawling into that twisted and torn car lying on its roof on the freeway. The rain washing down over my body, dripping down from my helmet into my face. The sounds of fire Trucks their engines and sirens screaming into the black night. Flashing lights adding to the cacophony of confusion as there strobes caused a eerie shadow to the nightmare before me. Dragging myself through the tight spaces, broken glass crunching beneath my body, my focus on her contorted face as she screamed out for help. Her tortured wails ripping into my ears causing my heart to race and the adrenaline to surge through my veins making time slow down as if I was in a slow motion movie. Seeing her broken and twisted body knowing even then I would be the last face she would see on this earth. I automatically go into a practiced routine as the protocols cycle through my mind trying to keep her alive for the next few minutes. My crew starts to rip into the car ripping and cutting metal, the machines they use causing the metal beneath me to vibrate as it is torn away, trying to make room in the crumpled wreck. Some days even our best efforts will not be enough, Some days technology and advanced medicine cant put them back together again and all I can do is hold her cold hand and whisper comforting words into her ear as her life drains away and the sound of her silence deafens me. Silence that shakes me to my soul. I lay my head against my arm and close my eyes to block out the sight of her blood flowing down and mixing with the water that has pooled around us, soaking into my clothing staining them. Every time I looked into my locker I saw those stains and I could taste the bile bubbling up into my throat, burning and making me rethink my decision if I once again wanted subject myself to the never ending torment.I hide this behind a tough façade; make crude jokes to deflect away when these feelings threaten to surface. There were no jokes last night as I trembled and remembered, the sheets beneath me soaked from my nightmare …I wonder how many other nightmares may still be there waiting for me to be weak.

I Wonder - Anonymous

Sometimes when you are not here I wonder..

How your day is going?If you sleep well? Did you have coffee for breakfast?
Do you have a second life fix first thing like I do?

I wonderWhat you enjoy in your spare time?
Do you prefer skirts or pants?Dark or Blond?Day or Night?

I wonder How your heels would sound as they approached me on the floor
How your eyes would feel glancing over.. examining my body
How you would take hold of me.. hair.. wrist.. neck
If you would be pleased

I wonder What it would be like to be under your control
What you like and what you don't like
How long before I would hear those dreadful words "I am not pleased"
What it would be like to be yours

I wonderIf you wonder any of these things too

Friday, May 28, 2010

Confession - Reese

Once again Im thrown into an almost dizzying task asked my my mistress. I never feel I am doing enough for her...but her calls to me seem to make me feverish and horny all at the same time. We have certain schedule thats not really in stone...which makes me relish everytime Im sent for. Sometimes in the evening, sometimes on a weekend afternoon, but she knows what drives me while I'm on SL with my phone at themiddle of a pretty busy afternoon, I get a "Hello, I see you". And i instantly sit up in my chair..pulling my phone close to me...and waiting in baited the texts come in. No matter her mood, nor her brightness in her matter what type of day work has in store.....I know my day just got better 10 fold. Without the barrage of explicit detail she shares with me, in an instant I feel cared for..appreciated...controlled and intensely horny.Tasked with how it makes me feel, i feel i cheat many of you that have not have the honor of hearing her and her words of mind explosive describe the fortune I have with her cannot be done in a mere few paragraphs

First Pony Boy Experience - Daniel Ash

First Ponyboy Experience
Last weekend I experienced being a ponyboy for the first time. I'm not talking about Second Life, I mean for real.
A few months ago I expressed my interest in this type of play to my real life owner, Caretta. I've long been entranced by the idea, ever since experiencing the Beauty series and reading about Tristan's adventures as a pony. Ma'am began to acquire tack, long before we had any idea how or when we'd be able to explore this kink. Turns out our local female domination group here planned a 'Spring Derby' day specifically to showcase pony play and that event happened last weekend. I was one of the ponies.
I wasn't sure what to expect going in. There was a demo for beginners that kicked off the event and this was extremely helpful, not just for the ponies but for everyone else. My tack included a full pony harness, a bridle (complete with feathered top), cuffs on my wrists, biceps and thighs, a leather thong, boots with horseshoes affixed to the bottom, furry sleeves over my calfs and of course a long flowing pony tail. (photos of the ensemble can be seen on fetlife) I don't think I've ever worn quite a complicated outfit before, yet still felt really exposed.
The day was hot, over 90 degrees. After the demo and on through the afternoon was a free period where people could explore pony play. There was a large yard/pasture that was private and several people had brought carts to pull. I actually gave cart rides three times. I learned a lot, and for those who have never explored this type of play, it's not really what you may think.
There's all kinds of pony play out there. Some explore it as a form of BDSM play. Others try to get into the head space of an equine. They're not one and the same. For example, as a form of BDSM play, one would cause pain to the pony, whip them and so on. A real horse will not at all enjoy this, and someone in a true pony head space will not either. It's not about sadism and masochism and subspace and abasement. It's about dehumanization and becoming something…less complicated, but strong and proud.
I would say I was in and out of the pony head space all day. At times I was talking normally to people, other times I was not talking at all and reacting as a pony would. When I was a pony, things that bother me a lot as a normal submissive didn't bother me at all. I'm naturally shy and don't react well to compliments. But when people would compliment Caretta on her beautiful pony, I was able to just ignore the entire exchange. People wanted photos with me. Sometimes these were complete strangers. It didn't embarrass me because it wasn't *me* they wanted a photo with, but the pony. Does that make sense? I'm not sure.
I became something simpler. It felt freeing. I didn't have to care what people thought of me. I didn't have any human troubles or worries. The only thing people expected of me was to eat the treats they offered and to do what they wanted. I became a thing, a horse. Something to be handled, but not treated as an equal, and not something that could understand a lot. It put me into a calm place, free from emotional stress and worry.
The tack helped put me there, but the people around me solidified the experience. It's because they treated me like a pony than I became one. I'm not sure everyone truly understands how important this is. If you try to talk to a ponyboy or girl as you would a human, you'll probably go a long way towards breaking him or her out of head space.
In my time in Second Life, I've been a virtual ponyboy. I've put on the gear and been in a stable and given rides. But I never really understood it. Not like I do now. There's no comparison to putting on real tack, being a pony in a real outdoor setting and interacting with real people and pulling a real cart. It's so completely different. And so few understand the importance of the trainer (dominant), their role in helping to achieve the head space and to shape the experience. They help get you there, they decide what to do with you, and they take you back down afterwards. They also hold the treats (very important!)
Maybe the entire thing sounds kind of foolish. Maybe it doesn't make sense. I think a lot of people felt that way before going to the derby to witness the pony play first hand. From the conversations I've had with people who went…they get it now. They understand it. So do I. I really believe this is one of those things that has to be seen…to be touched…to truly understand it.
There's no going back for me now. Something's different inside me, it's like something snapped into place. The entire experience just felt…right. And I can't wait to do it again.
Daniel Ash :Miss Zarita's brat

Bound - David Lorefield

my feet are bound by ropes of silken thread.i have no need to stand or walk for thee.
Upon my knees, my place beside Your bedIn case of any wish or need You see.
my hands are bound by chains of solid steelbehind my back, in my submission true.
my mind is on You all the time i kneel,Adoring all You say and all You do.
The silver collar round my neck keeps holdO'er any selfish or unworthy thought.
Your leash restrains, to lead me through the cold,Dark places, where. with You i fear for naught But strongest is the binding on my heart.A slave, forever Yours, at Your command.
A victim of Your potion-covered dart,Held tightly in the softness of Your hand

David Lorefield

Don't Tell Him - Anonymous

Don't Tell Him.

Don't tell my boy.Don't tell him I'd lay down my heart, my life for him.Don't tell him the power he holds over me.Don't tell him I need him,That I'd move continents and the stars for him.That I hold all the power is a lie.He wears my collar, holding my heart in his hands.He is mine, but I am also his. My heart is owned.Don't tell him.

Confession - Lady Miyani

By Miyani

I've dreamed of this moment for so long, my love, although we've never spoken of it. Once again, I swear you can read my mind.

I walk into the house, and you're naked, on your knees to greet me, as you always are. But this time, you are not the only one kneeling. I wait patiently, peeling off every layer of clothing, before I bend, placing a finger under your chin and raising your eyes to mine, and I ask "What is this, darling? What have you brought me?" Even though it's already so clear.

For a moment, we both stare at the nude, motionless form on the floor, until I command, "Up, new boy. Let me look at you." He rises obediently, gracefully but without pretension, and fixes his eyes on the floorboards. He bites gently at his bottom lip, betraying his nervousness, as my eyes take in small, delicate features and a shock of black hair falling over his face, almost obscuring his bright green eyes. Slowly, I circle him, running my hand across the back of his shoulders, down his side, and across his smooth, tight stomach. Glancing down, I see his cock twitch, already responding to my touch. I smile, ignoring his response, and turn to you, my boy. "Oh, well done, love. You know me so well."

You murmur "Thank you, Mistress," as I take each of you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom. Releasing you for the moment, I bring the new boy to the corner of the room, pushing him down onto a chair. "Wait," I whisper, leaning in so that my order is a breath against his lips, my tongue flicking out to caress the corners of his mouth. He nods, mutely, his breath quickening, and I chuckle as I move back towards you.

I lead you to the bed and lay you down, your head towards me, hanging off the edge of the mattress. I let you see me step into my harness and rub the length of my cock, then I step forward and, taking a scarf from the bedpost, blindfold you. My fingers trace your mouth, already open and straining towards me, as I press forward to bring the head of my strap-on within reach of your questing lips. I advance, ever so slowly, as your lips close around me and you begin to suckle. I hear a gasp from the corner and look over, the new boy's eyes meeting mine as I begin to thrust gently into your mouth. His look is pleading, and I beckon him over to stand beside me. I grab his cock, already throbbing, and squeeze with all my strength, twisting to pull him closer to me. He comes forward and I invade his mouth with my tongue, gnawing and worrying at his lips, until I taste the slightest hint of blood. I hear you moan, my cock sliding in and out of your throat, and I shudder with pleasure. Pulling back, I withdraw and reach out to grab the new boy by the back of the neck, shoving him into my place. I guide his cock into your mouth, and I can feel you startle, not expecting to taste real, live boyflesh. But you lap at him with passion, pulling him completely into your mouth, and I watch you hungrily.

Sliding behind the new boy, my cock still wet with your spit, I run a finger up the crack of his ass and press gently at his asshole. He's tight, but obviously no virgin, as it begins to open under my finger. I push further, sliding my finger inside him, and the stimulation of my hand and your mouth combine to make him moan aloud.

Not able to wait any longer, I press the head of my strap-on against the new boy's asshole, and push my way in. He's not ready, far from it, but from the way you writhe and moan, I can tell that the pain is making his cock twitch. Slowly, I slide further in, until I'm buried in him, and begin to find a rhythm, thrusting gently in and out. As his head falls back, my mouth finds the side of his neck and bites down, hard, making him cry out, but he never pulls away. I hear him whisper, barely audible, "Please, Miss, may I..."

I thrust harder, pressing him forward into your mouth, and see you swallow reflexively as he invades your throat. "What, boy? What is it you want to do?"

He whimpers as he replies, "Please, Miss, let me cum. Please."

I reach forward and caress your throat, feeling from the outside as his cock moves in and out of you. I place my fingers at the sides of your neck and press down, obstructing your carotid arteries just as I lean forward with all my weight, forcing his cock into your airway, depriving you of breath. "Now, boy! Cum now!" He obeys beautifully, and I can see his cock pulsing even through your throat. You suck at him for as long as you can, but lack of air and blood makes you feel faint, and I feel your muscles relax as you begin to drift away. I release the pressure on your neck, and pull the new boy back, leaving only the head of his cock in your mouth, and you revive quickly. "Thank you," you whisper, although it's barely intelligible.

"Very good, new boy," I mutter as I ease my cock out of his ass. "Very good indeed." Leaving him for a moment, I unbuckle my harness and drop my strap-on to the floor, stepping out of it and moving to your side. I quickly remove your blindfold and smile down at you, as you come blinking into the light. Leaning down, I kiss you, long and soft, tasting him on your lips. "Well done, my love."

I give both of you long, appraising looks, and can't help but smile at what I see. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I slide back, resting against the cushions on the headboard and spread my thighs. Beckoning you to lie between my legs, as I gesture for the new boy to place his mouth at my breast, I sigh, happy, and allow you to begin.

This is my fantasy. This is my confession.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blindfolded Gagged Confession - Torben Diener

My Mistress said, I would like it. She said I should be there at 8pm, on time, an wait for the car. Which promptly arrived. As one of the doors in the font opened, I entered, didn't look to the front seat und put a blindfold over my eyes, as i was instructed beforehand.

The car stopped and I was ordered to take off the blindfold by a beautiful young female voice. The driver was an attractive young Lady in her lates twenties. She told me to follow her into the building, a big elegant mansion apparently somewhere outside of town. Several cars were parked in the drive way. Inside I had to follow into a sideroom. On a chair, I found black heavy leather cuffs for wrists and ankles and a mask, made of thick black rubber. "Undress and put that on" she said and left me. I didn't dare to do anything but to obey. I took my cloths off and fixed the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. The feeling of these restraints alone got me excited. Then I took the mask. It had just slits where the eyes sit and a big round hole instead of a mouth. I looked at it. From the inside the hole consisted of a short thick tube to bite on. I would have to put this into my mouth if I wanted to wear this mask, and there was no question, I woul wear it. I put the mask over my head, took the short piece of tube into my mouth and closed the mask with th zipper at the back. My mouth now was wide open and I couldnt close it anymore. Using the chain that was also provided to connect the two wrist cuffs, I fixed my hands behind my back. Prepared inthis way - and excited as I was - I knocked with my forehead on the door on the other side of the room which was opened immediately. Through the slits I could make out a whole group of people - a small party. Nobody seemed to pay attention, everyone was lost in conversation, or... towards the back of the room i saw the young Lady, my driver, and in front of her, on all her fours, naked, another young male, bound, ... and being fucked from two women with strap-ons. Also towards the back, another boy was tight to a cross, receiving a spanking with a paddle. His moans becoming louder and louder. Suddenly, I feel how two strong hands take me, pull me towards the middle of the room and force me down on the floor. Now, I am kneeling there, restrained and naked. It seems that I will be the new playtoy for these people now, ready to be used by everyone... I feel a crop placed between my thighs. I am ordered to open my legs... and i follow immediately. I feel a hand at my buttocks, and some cool wet gel prubbed into the gap between them. Then I can see another women wallking towards me, wearing a big strap-on, in black, but shaped like a real cock. A strong hand grabs my head, pulling my hair, holding it in place, while the woman with the strap-on gets closer and closer. I can close my mout, it is kept wide open by the mask. I can't or withdraw as the big black fake cock enters my mouth and the women in front of me starts fucking it, deep and fast...


Mistress Poem - Hylarks Swordthain

Too great a Mistress too good for me,
Are my thoughts when first we meet.
I now find myself smiling happily,
When I am kneeling at your feet.

My path to You has been long,
Fraught with many turns gone wrong.
But time and fate have made me yours,
For you to make my submission strong.

Happy and content now just to be Yours,
Under your firm but loving care.
My submission and obedience I give to you,
In a relationship we both share.

A gentle guide and strict teacher,
Both these things you are.
But for me you will always be,
My brightest light and guiding star.

Beautiful and confident as you appear to be,
A role model for all to cherish and admire.
Your submissive I take pride in being,
Your collar and control I deeply desire.

To serve and please you with all I am,
My gift I freely give to thee.
I pray Mistress you accept this gift,
my submission to you sets me free.

Thank you never seems to be enough,
To show my gratitude and admiring heart.
For all you give and all you are,
I give myself to you and pray we never part.

The Journey Pt 3 - David Lorefield

The Journey

Pt 3 – Clouded Reflections

Sunlight dances on the grass as the warm, gentle breeze stirs the branches above me. Butterflies cavort across the meadow, bumble bees gather in their harvest and songbirds carouse in their lofty nests. I kneel naked on my blanket with my eyes closed thinking of my Mistress and awaiting Her return so that I may continue my training.

My Mistress is always busy. She is a Woman of high status here at the Dominion and often has to deal with important affairs. Of course, I understand this. After these months of service, (- how many now? Five? Ten? -) I know that I can’t expect to have Her attention all the time. I am just grateful to have it when She grants it to me. As the shadow of a cloud veils the sun, the sudden coolness brings a though to my mind.

“Months? Has it been months or just weeks? Or maybe only days…”. The sun reappears but the shadow remains in my head, an anomaly like blue fire and black glass. Slowly, the feeling subsides as the warmth of the sun seeps into my skin once more.

I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see my Mistress walking purposefully towards me. I turn to face Her approaching form and bow my head to the ground in greeting, my bare bottom raised in supplication. My eyes turned down, I see only Her feet in front of me. I stretch forward to kiss them gently and catch the scent of Her perfume, the musk of desire, the promise of forbidden fruit. I shiver as She leans down and places one hand softly on the back of my head.

“Kneel up, my boy.” She commands in a firm but assuring tone. “I have an errand for you to perform.”

I rise to an upright kneeling position with my hands behind my back, as I have been taught, and see that my Mistress is holding a small book, beautifully bound in red leather with a gold and silver filigree symbol inlaid on the cover. A circle with three inter-twining teardrops contained within it, each with a smaller circle of black onyx like a hole. As I stared at the symbol, it seemed to shift and swirl as if the circle was spinning and the shapes within it were re-forming themselves. Unnerved, I lifted my eyes and looked up at my Mistress.

“You must take this book to Eva. She requires it for a new Lady who has just arrived at the Dominion. As the weather is good, you may walk the path through the wood and over the bridge. Eva will be expecting you.”

I nod politely and offer my hand to take the book. “Yes, my Mistress.” I reply, wondering if the book would squirm in my hand as much as it appeared to do in my eyes. My Mistress spoke again.

“Be warned. On no account must you open this book or attempt to read it. The power binding this book will consume you, if you disobey. The wards protecting it will scatter you to the four winds.” Gently, She added, “I would hate to see that happen to you, my precious boy”.

I smiled to myself, revelling in this moment when I knew how much my Mistress cared for me. She gave me permission to rise and dress myself. I jumped up and after pulling on my clothes I set off. The walk from home to Miss Eva’s castle would take me an hour. Not a long journey but knew that I should hurry. I crossed the meadow and came to the wood on the other side. I followed a well trodden path so I knew I’d not get lost. It was just after midday so the heat was becoming uncomfortable. I was glad to reach the shade of the trees and focused on the sound of the leaves rustling and the birds calling out their warnings. I continued along the path until the trees began to thin and I saw the bridge. The river ran through the woods, encircling my Mistress’s domain. In truth, it was more like a Iake, a moat forming the boundary between Miss Eva’s land and that of my Mistress. The waters were deep, dark and were said to contain dangerous beasts. I approached the bridge with caution, as always. My Mistress and I often used the path to walk to Miss Eva’s and had crossed the bridges many times. She’d warned me of the low sides and how easy it was to fall into those treacherous waters. I strode out onto the bridge and got to halfway when my curiosity took hold of me. I felt the urge to look over the side and despite my common sense calling out “Stop!” I knelt down at the low parapet and looked over.

The waters churned wildly as if some great force was stirring up a maelstrom in the depths. Then, the water seemed to calm and the surface flattened. In the stillness, i saw a face appear on the surface of the water -my reflection, but different. Instead of the clean lines of my face, the clarity of my own features, I could see the face of a man with blemished skin, unkempt, thinning hair and wearing spectacles. As I moved my head, he moved his to mirror my movement. I poked out my tongue and he returned the gesture. The face was familiar to me. Memories pushed hard against the doors in my mind, begging for freedom. “I know you” I said to myself. “You’re like me.” A twig snapped loudly behind me in the wood as some wild animal ran for cover. The sound brought me back to myself and I quickly rose and hurried off in the direction of Miss Eva’s castle. The rest of the journey was uneventful but I couldn’t shrug off the dark clouds that were rolling over the me, threatening as a thunderstorm.

To be continued…..

Confession of an Anonymous Domme in New York

A true life confession from an anonymous SL Domme

People ask me why I would never leave New York City. Here’s an example of why: For 3 years I had no idea that my rather unremarkable Korean office colleague Annie, spent her nights and weekends entertaining clients as professional dominatrix Mistress Miko. That just doesn’t happen living in Dayton, or Arlington, or in either of the Portlands. Ok maybe New Orleans or Minneapolis, but the weather in those cities is hell on my hair.

It was only after a discussion about what to do when visiting San Francisco that we discovered our mutual interest in D/s. I’m sure you can imagine how that discussion went.

Upon visiting her website that evening I discovered that she is also a photographer, and specializes in photographing her other specialty, Shibari. One gallery on her site is plastered with fabulous black and white photographs of twisted naked bodies held motionless by miles of rope.

The day after visiting Miko’s site, I remarked how beautiful and intriguing I found the photos. I inquired as to whether her subjects were clients or models and if she gave lessons or held workshops. She said yes to all of the above. This segued into a story about a male client she was seeing that weekend who enjoyed being tied and photographed, but was reluctant to let her exhibit the photos.

She invited me to a Saturday session she would be having with this client, indicating that he would enjoy my presence and I would learn something about her art. I reluctantly agreed thinking this was headed in the direction of a Penthouse forum letter, but at the time I was unattached and bored, so I figured what the heck.

I dressed down in sneakers and jeans with the intent of disappearing into the background as an observer. The studio was in a nondescript grey stone building. I pressed the button labeled MMP studios and was buzzed in, by Miko I presume.

After a five story ride on a casket sized elevator, the doors open to reveal a dark hallway with one green door labeled MMP. As I proceeded out of the elevator, the unmistakable clicking and clanging of a New York City apartment door being unlocked reverberated through the space.

A shaft of light escaped through the opening door to reveal a stranger, or so I thought. It was cute little Annie, almost unrecognizable in leather pants, a black t-shirt, studded collar, and her hair up in a messy bun. She squealed with delight as I reached the door.

As I entered the room I noticed the client was already there, standing naked among a sea of rope coils resembling a mine field. Annie… or rather Mistress Miko kissed my cheek, took my coat and from that point on, was all business.

I leaned on a recessed bookshelf off to the side and watched the goings on. With great agility, speed and precision, Miko spun a sinister web of rope around her client, hoisting and connecting wrists and ankles to various other parts of the body. Soon the boy looked like a doomed victim of a soulless spider.

She stepped away from the contorted figure, brushed her hair aside and took a big swig of water from a nearby bottle. She picked up a formidable, professional looking camera and began to pace around her victim.

“This is no good,” Miko said in a voice I had never heard from her before. “He’s not sweating. I need him to be COMPLETELY drenched in sweat for this to work.”

A moan came from within the motionless web.

“I’m STARVING,” she said. “Let’s get some lunch!”

-- to be continued.

Dream of Maylea - Talon

It is a warm Spring day as Lady Maylea relaxes upon her favorite sofa. The sweet smell of honeysuckle mixed with rose petals soothes her. Nearby a bee flits from flower to flower, happy to find so many blossoms waiting for his visit and the comforting rhythm of the waves finds it way to her ears. As the warm breeze gently coming in from the ocean blows through her hair, like light fingers of some unseen servant, Lady Maylea closes her eyes. She is home.

She senses that her Talon is not far and she calls to him. Instantly he is before her. He kneels and looks into her eyes. She gazes down at him and sees large wings extending from his back. She crinkles her nose in curiosity and is about to ask but talon quickly moves his finger to his lips. The universal symbol for quiet. Lady Maylea cocks her head a bit and smiles... waiting to see what game the boy is playing.

Keeping his eyes on hers he slowly rises. Talon's great wings unfurl. Lady Maylea smiles at the sight. Talon leans in close and scoops her into his arms, pulling her close to his chest. It is the first time he has held the Lady. His arms so strong surrounding her. Wings begin to beat and talon leaps into the air. Up... up... they go. Higher into the sky.

Lady Maylea looks down, seeing all of her home... they soon fly up past her sky suite. Higher still until they reach the clouds. He slows as he scans the clouds. Spying what he seeks, he moves towards a small rather puffy cloud. He gently lowers the Lady down onto the cloud. She does not fall but rather finds the cloud quite solid and very soft. The willowy cloud feels like fine silk against her porcelain skin. She is nearly enveloped by the welcoming cloudy cushion.

Amazed by the cloud she smiles a sheepish grin at talon. He returns her gaze and moves behind the cloud. His powerful wings pushing the cloud, the wind so alive it excites Lady Maylea. The sun has nearly set, so close now. Talon points at the sun as it inches down. Its light soft enough now to look into. Like seeing an old friend retire to bed. Almost set now, talon gently touches Lady Maylea's shoulder just at the point of it setting. A single green ray is all that can be seen. Talon winks at her and smiles, then without words, Begins pushing the cloud further into the heavens.

The colors of the sky slowly fade to the most beautiful shade of black. The stars begin to peek through the curtain of night. Each star trying to outdo the other for brilliance. Like a sky filled with diamonds all shining for a very captive audience. Talon navigates the cloud into the heavens, moving with purpose. Cresting the Ladies field of view the silvery moon finally reveals itself. The cloud moves to the moon, so close she feels like she can touch it. She reaches her hand out and touch it she does. It glows brilliant in the sky... the surface quite smooth.. somehow familiar. A scent catches her attention... is it.. could it be? Yes. Cheese. the moon IS made of cheese. Oh how wonderful and amazing. Stories from childhood come rushing back. What else can be true she wonders.

Talon breaks off a small piece and offers it to Lady Maylea's delicate mouth. She opens her mouth slightly, looking at talon. His eyes looking back, he feeds the cheese to her. The moon... the cheese... a flavor unlike any she has ever had, yet somehow, it tastes like all of the finest cheeses all at once. She swallows it down and snuggles back into her heavenly cushion.

Talon moves the cloud off, heading towards the open heavens. The stars gaze at the Lady. Who is she they wonder. She is more brilliant then any in the heavens. The diamonds in the sky force themselves to shine brighter. Try as they might, they can not match the most beautiful diamond of all. Each star in turn bows to Lady Maylea... her light is unequaled.

Lady Maylea looks at talon, he is close, never leaving her side. His wings beating back and forth, blowing a soft wind over her body. she reaches for him, places a single finger under his chin. pulls his face down close to his. Her lips moving to taste his for the first time. Their lips so close to touching...

She awakens. Alone on her couch. the sky filled with brilliant stars. A dream, she tells herself. A wonderful dream from the most restful nap she has ever had. She stirs and sees something on the pillow next to her. Something small and red. She gently picks it up... and holds in her hands a piece of talon's heart.

Master Manipulator - An Anonymous Domme

I am a dominant woman.. serious, sensual, seductive and sexy..
some may think manipulator, I tend to agree, but lately, I've found I'm a Master Manipulator.
Master in the sense of a Dom, - and one I am determined to master.

Havent you ever glimpsed an arrogant dom, one that makes your blood boil, gives you that tendency to fast forward your thinking of how good he'd look with your collar on, under your thumb, begging you for approval. Begging your command?
Well, I've had recent incidence to enjoy my newest past time..
I call it.. "Flip a Dom."

There is something very choice in reducing a superior believing male Dom to a quivering glob of sticky cum. Making him believe he's always wanted to discover the intensity of a cock cage, or what's even more delicious, denial of that all important pop.

The finest part of the entire idea is motivating this dom.. into believing it was all his idea, and just when he finally submits, the zip cords come out, the syran wrap, the ice and violet wands, the bindfolds and pinwheels.

It is an incredible victory, as well as filthy exciting to create.

I have taken a flippant, omnipotent, egotistical know it all, living end of Master Dominate asshole, and turned him into my very own slut, dying to please me, living to moan my name, and cum on command. It is rich to hear "yes Mistress, you are sublime Mistress".. when he is used to saying.. "take that dick bitch"..
now.. he is the one hearing that line, and he is the one sucking my leather dick. Truly it is a personal and audacious "victoire"
" for me, and I can not help sit and gloat over it.

What was the little trick that I used to coax him over to my "dark side".. the delicious side B of my own personal vinyl record? It was easy, I just asked him my debaucherous starter question..
I asked him if he'd ever cum so hard he was nauseous.. he of course said, " uh no.." I said knowingly, "then boy, you need to know the ecstasy of defeat, and shake the hand who blinds you"
"sighs, I think you've never had a serious orgasm before, bless your heart"

Works every time.

A Dominion Domme.

The Sadness of Releasing a boy - Anonymous Domme

I write this confession trying to find a bit of peace inside of me, hoping that these words and thoughts will abandon my body and I would breathe again.

* I release you* I say while I sit here, watching you, thinking what is going on your mind. You keep talking and saying those words, once and again... but for me all is done.
I feel your hand slipping away from me...

Your eyes, those eyes that once looked at me and made me feel so proud of you, I can't hardly stare at them now.

And my eyes, they should be flooded in tears now... but I don't cry... I keep myself strong and serene, because I am a Domme and these things supossely don't affect us. How wrong you are...
And you say to me that you are shaking and you are crying, and I am still there sitting, keeping my self calm and trying to be logical as a Domme should do... how wrong you are...

And while you keep talking and apologizing. I just want to wake up of this dream and come back to yesterday when you were the most devoted man. What happened with that man? Who are you?

I wish I could feel nothing now. Nothing that you say has sense anymore. My mind becomes numb, be careful what you wish.

I make the last effort before to pronunce my last words* Take your things and leave.* I say cold as a rock. No tears, no hesitating, but how much hurt inside..., I feel the urge to hold you in my arms and say all will go away tomorrow... But is not going to be like that.

I know. The shadow of the doubt would be over us roaming and remembering me this same day.

I turn my eyes to the side losing yours... You take your things and you leave the rose that you put each morning in my breakfast. I see you leaving and I grab the pamlrests of my chair trying to contain my emotions. I press so hard I can feel my nails digging deep on my skin. I close my eyes and I try to breathe deep. Tears run down my face trying to wash away the pain, missing you already.

Days have passed. You are gone now, and with you all our good moments.

You left behind a rose... and the wounds of its thorns.

The Hidden Male - Michme Sandalwood

I listen to the sounds of My Mistress approaching me. “Greeting My Mistress” I say in this turtle like position as required. With every step of her heels touch the floor I hear the resounding click. You can almost hear her toe hit the floor before the heel strikes the floor. I know she leaves the floor as bare wood so I will hear her every movement when I can’t see her. I hear the movement of her clothing shuffle. I try to image what she’s wearing today. I’ve never seen her in the same outfit twice. The cloth sounds close to her skin, soft textures, something very quite. It must be expensive. I would like to see this but my head is down with my view on nothing but the wood floor.

I’m not moving a muscle as she approaches my form. She’s so near me. I can feel her gaze gliding on the back of my skin. I’m in this position for her to examine every little detail of my back. I can hear her breathe inhaling and exhaling slowly. It’s soft with no excitement or rush. She touches her fingers on my back tracing the lines of my bones beneath my skin. The first touch was so unexpected I nearly jumped as I kneel here. She moves her finger lightly from bone to the next bone following the tail she wishes. Goose bumps rise and race form every little corner of my being. She moves her fingers so slowly that the goose bumps travel up my back. I know that she has also raised a blush on my skin.

A cold point is jabbed onto my back so sharp it’s cold. Then I feel her fingers and palm on the cold and smell the aroma of oils. She rubs the oil onto my back making my skin shinny, soft and warm. Her rubbing oil on my back is something new and different. I don’t know why she’s taking this tender care for my back. Her fingers excite me so much as she rubs the oil into my flesh. She kneads my flesh with every movement. This is very relaxing. I wonder as to why she’s doing this? She applies a second coat on my flesh rubbing it into the first. My skin is now so supple to her touch.

She rises and moves away from me to her chest near the foot of the bed. I hear her insert a key to her unlock it. It opens with a squeak and she moves objects inside it. This is the trunk she keeps her toys in. Some will please me other will not so she has told me. Most have pleased my body but for one. I don’t know if this will be the one or not, but I wait with my head so close to the floor daring not to look. I hear her close and lock the trunk again. Slowly she returns to me, so very slowly she moves across the floor. My skin burns hot with excitement as she approaches me. No knowing what she’s holding in her hand. Can it be the thing I dread or something else, I can’t tell. She’s so slow to approach my kneeling form. She knows I am totally at her mercy.

Again I jump when I feel something on my back. Something is teasing my flesh that is a bit longer than a finger. The something turns into two, then three, the four on my back. They are just a light caress to my skin.

For the first time since she enters she speaks to me with a sharp voice “Pet you’ve displeased me last night flirting with other ladies instead of with me.”

I dare not contradict her as she stands over me other than to reply meekly “yes My Mistress.”

I also fear that what she holds in her hand is what I fear from the trunk. My skin turned a hot red, if it was even possible. It’s burning me with excitement and fear. She stands there so close to me. Yet I feel her distant and hard with that sharp voice still echoing in my mind.

Then I hear it, the very bad sound that I feared might be in her hand. The whoosh of her cat of nine and the tips finding my skin with an intense pain that removes the air from me.

“One, Thank you Mistress” I quickly say as the burning reaches deep within me.

Then a second whoosh I hear from her mean cat as it tears into my back with out any mercy.

“Two, Thank you My Mistress” I babble through the pain.

Feeling my world close tight into me with gray as the color I see. I hear the whoosh again followed by even greater pain on my skin.

My breath is pulled from my lungs. I struggle to say “Three, Thank you My Mistress.”

Kneeling there feeling my skin cry to me to crawl away, run, hide, turn invisible, just do something to stop the pain. You think that you are a stupid boy to kneel here, taking this.

Whoosh the cat calls my back again with more pain in new untouched areas.

Struggling to see the light from the gray I say “Four, Thank you My Mistress.” Thinking four this is only four I’ve felt on my back.

The pain cries for me to move. My training tells me to stay and take what my Mistress in giving me and thank her. Thank her My Mistress for even the air I breathe.

Whoosh the cat signs it song of misery to my back.

The light vanishes but I know I must tell her even in this dark place “Five, Thank you My Mistress.”

Searing heat is rising from my flesh. Does the tale of can you fry and egg on the sidewalk apply to my burning back? I fee the slightest of air crossing me with new pain. I feel my muscles tighten on my very bones crying not to let this happen again.

She waits such a long time then I feel her hand on my balls and dick as she squeezes them. “Excited are we pet?” she asks. After kneading them for a minute she releases them and rises.

Whoosh the cat cares not how I feel as it sings it tune of pain into my flesh.

“Six”, I whimper the word as fast as I can “Thank you My Mistress.” It seems for ever waiting, kneeling before her. She’s taking her time with this. I can’t see her but I suspect she’s smiling at my waiting for her to finish.

Whoosh the cat cries again.

My pain has returned even greater than the last time, lost in the pain I try to remember if I call out. No quick mind calls the number I scream in my head “Seven” with an intake of air “Thank you My Mistress.” Did I say it in time or will she require more.

I’m waiting so long as my back pulses. Tears from in my eyes and are pouring to the floor in front of me. Breathing is very hard now. Every breath I can’t get into me deep enough. I’m waiting so long is this the end of you anger?

Whoosh the cat cuts into my raw back again.

I’m lost in the pain, in the gray cloud calling me to go into that place that no one can find me. I scream I need to count.

“Eight, Thank you My Mistress” with the pain cloud so close to the end of me. Again I know I will have to wait. My back is pulsing with pain and feeding every inch of my mind.

Waiting hoping she has finished, but no the cat call again to my back, whoosh.

Some one is yelling in the next room I hear that and wonder who? My mind call say the number quick boy say it now. “Nine, Thank you My Mistress” I rattle out my mouth with still some one screaming near me that I do not see. Pulsing my back cries to me to do something, anything to just stop the pain. All I can to is wait and wonder.

I feel a finger on my neck, caressing my skin there. It’s something different to focus on over the cries of my back. It moves so slow on my neck and shoulders just above the angry back that I’ve. I feel it leave my back. Where it was is now cold and missing.

The finger, I think, where is that finger as I feel it push into my ass hole. She probes deep to find my prostrate and rubbing it to excite my dick to a new hard that I’ve not had in a long time. She massages it for a long time then removes her finger.

As I wait and wonder whoosh the cat calls me to the life of pain again.

So sharp this time and I hear that scream again from somewhere. Boy count I hear myself calling again. “Ten, Thank you My Mistress” I hear from some far land. Was that me did I answer the call of the cat?

Waiting a long time without anything, then I feel the lips of My Mistress on the top of my head kissing me softly. “You did well in your punishment mine” she whispers. Her soft voice in my ears is music that will make me complete. Even through the pain I smile at her soft gentle voice so near my. With her breath falling on my hair softly I know that she’s My Mistress that loves me.

Remaining in this position I then feel the cold wet of the cloth cleaning my striped back. It reduces the pain a little but I know it will be there for a long time. I know I will need to do better to please My Mistress. Every touch of the cloth gives me a cold touch, but it only last a second before the pain returns as it moves away to a new spot.

“Pet I do love you, this did hurt me to do this to you” she tells me.

She kneels before me for my visual pleasure. She sits there just looking at me for the longest of a time. Smiling softly at me and melting my soul as only she can do.

She moves away and returns with something smelling of KY jelly. She kneels behind me on my legs trapping them. I feel something press to my ass hole. Some thing wide as it pushes into me. She keeps pushing and pushing till it rest on my prostrate. She knows she has found it and start this vibrator. She moves it back and forth slowly on my poor prostrate. The feeling is so intense I know I will cum without permission. This is what she wants but will not tell me to cum. So long she teases it the pressure is building and I can’t stop it.

Whining softly I plead “please may I cum, My Mistress?” She kneads my butt as she plays some more.

“Did you ask me something pet?” She coos as she teases me.

A little more boldly I ask “Please My Sweet Loving Mistress may your pet, your property cum?”

I know she’s smiling as she reaches under me and tweaks my nipple. “Will you lick it up pet?” she laughingly asks me.

“Yes My Mistress I will clean your floor of my cum.” whispering to her as I bit my lip to not cum.

“Ok pet you may cum now” she tells me. This is all I need to release my pain and I cum and cum and cum.

I do Love My Mistress so much she’s the light of my life.

MichMe Sandalwood,

Tribute: This was a story that I was requested to write based on a picture in my then Mistress now Protector’s home Lady Cenedra Ruby.

Confession of an Anonymous Domme

Confession, I once spent an entire evening at a party reminding myself that I don't accept male pets. A boy came to me so eager. Setting himself at my heel, he never said a word, but there was something in his eyes. A yearning that was so strong it caused him to shake.

It is very rare for this to have any effect on me. Usually, I would have simple ignored him, but there was something there that I found captivating, even exciting.

It is one of the few times my personal preferences could be swayed and rarely to fill the needs of another .

I even wonder from time to time if I shouldn't have just taken the boy. But that is a fantasy confession for another day.

Confessions of a New girl - Zaira Miles

It has been, Well this is my first confession, so a life time since I last confessed..

Just over a week ago, I stepped back into sl BDSM land, a new area.. FEMDOM! It is a land I have wandered before.. many times in fact. I confess that I did not expect to return the next day, or the one after.. to still be here a week later.

I confess that I expected it to be the same old, same old.. people playing, men playing women and the "no I won't talk, don't ask"..

I found it quiet on the first day.. and the second.. the people around seemed nice.. I confess I was (and am) afraid of doing something wrong.. so much that I hid around the edge when I wanted to be told to come forward.

The tone, of the Ladies when a sub does something wrong I confess makes me tremble, makes me thankful that I have spent time making my av "pretty" and that I picked a sensible name.

I confess that when I first heard Miss Eva speak my stomach flipped, that even though I knew I had greeted Her, when she questioned it I doubted it myself and had to go back and look, just to be sure. I confess that it excited me when she examined my profile, and that I was delighted in her expression of realising that I was an actual female submissive!!

Being asked .. well, told.. that I was on trial both excited and filled me with dread.. I had no idea what trial involved and I sat fidgeting at my desk while I waited in the cell. I confess to loving how my human zaira looks.. I confess that it is hard being a tiny Tweety, even though it is cute.. for a week.

I confess if I had been a tube of lube I may have cheated.

The Ladies who wore the police outfits, I confess made me very excited.. every last one made me want to run to their feet..

I feel a little more settled now, I know if I keep my brain attached I am unlikely to do something very stupid.. I find the Misses who have spoken to me a little highly intriguing, to want to please them to find out more.. to be called to their feet in time.

I confess to getting tired of random male subs who im me and try to make me be a Miss. I confess I felt bad when a boy got in trouble for chasing Tweety, but also being kind of glad that not one, but two Miss's got involved, it made me feel safe.

I confess my stomach dropped to my toes when Miss Zarita said "I want you Zaira" only for it to be followed with "to write something" haha

After my first week at Dominion, I confess to being very excited for Tuesday to come and being human again, to getting to know a couple of Miss's a little more.. and to hoping for lots more weeks here